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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Potato cultivar FL 2048
Defensin-encoding nucleic acid molecules derived from nicotiana alata, uses therfor and transgenic plants comprising same
Method to inhibit ethylene responses in plants
Injectable aqueous dispersions of propofol
Automated supply, load and take-away systems and related devices and methods for lengths of elongated product
Method of portioning meat
Carbon dioxide as an aid in pasteurization
Drinkable omega-3 preparation and storage stabilization
Hair styling device
Adjustable bimini bracket
Nonslip bearing arrangement
Health chair a dynamically balanced task chair
Extensible seating article and mechanism
Back construction for seating unit having inverted U-shaped frame
Seat back of automotive seat
Anchor assembly
Information presentation device
Dispenser for wet and dry interfolded sheets
LED illumination for surgical endoscopes and industrial rigid boroscopes
Multiple-use biopsy apparatus and corresponding single-use biopsy instrument
Cardiac ablation system and method for treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and transmyocardial revascularization
Tissue treatment device and method
Expandable vein ligator catheter and method of use
System and method for accessing the coronary sinus
Rapid non-invasive blood pressure measuring device
Noninvasive measurement of chemical substances
Body fluid sampler
Tissue interface device
Laser instrument for endodontic treatment
Packaging system and method for personal care absorbent articles
Neuro decompression device
Thin film intrauterine device
Warming pack with temperature uniformity and temperature stabilization
System and method for providing therapy to a portion of a body
Surgical tool and method for extracting tissue from wall of an organ
Method for treating crohn's disease
Triterpenoid derivatives
Indazole compounds useful as protein kinase inhibitors
Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition
Heterocyclic compounds and their use as PARP inhibitors
(R) and (S) isomers of substituted 2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl) phthalimides and 1-oxoisoindolines and methods of using the same
Method of inhibiting hair growth
Surfactant prevention of vaginitis and lung complications from cancer chemotherapy
Compositions and methods for treating female fertility
Apoptotic compounds
Depsipeptide and congeners thereof for use as immunosuppressants
Synthetic peptide having an ionophoric and antimicrobial activity
Osteogenic devices and methods of use thereof for repair of endochondral bone and osteochondral defects
Escape mutants of newcastle disease virus as marker vaccines
Proteolysis targeting chimeric pharmaceutical
Method for treating established spontaneous auto-immune diseases in mammals
Method for the chromatographic fractionation of plasma or serum, preparations, so obtained, and their use
Interferon immunotherapy
Recombinant adenoviral vector and method of use
Methods of screening agents for activity using teleosts
Two step hair coloring compositions delivering deeper, long-lasting color
Use of biodegradable microspheres that release an anticancer agent for treating gliobastoma
Oral administration form for pyridin-2-ylmethylsulfinyl-1H-benzimidazoles
Chewing gum and confectionery compositions with encapsulated stain removing agent compositions, and methods of making and using the same
Method and apparatus for self-draining of urine
Perilaryngeal oral airway with flexible tip guide
Method and apparatus for monitoring oxygen partial pressure in air masks
Occlusion catheter for the ascending aorta
Retrieval devices for vena cava filter
Syringe pump control systems and methods
Medical catheter assembly including a removable inner sleeve and method of using the same
Method and apparatus for quantification of cardiac wall motion asynchrony
Method and apparatus for the delivery of brachytherapy
2-phenyl-1-[4-(2-aminoethoxy)-benzyl]-indoles as estrogenic agents
Cosmetic compositions with improved thermal stability and wear
Comfort enhancer for a breathing apparatus
Elliptical exercise methods and apparatus
Golf balls including solution blended polymeric composite and method of making same
Method for making multilayer golf ball
Golf ball
Highly neutralized polymer golf ball compositions including oxa acids and methods of making same
Golf club head
Rolling or gliding sports equipment
Game machine
Intellectual building base plate assembling game device
Method and apparatus for selecting wild symbols by a player
Performing Operations; Transporting
Static device and method of making
Process and device for hydrolytically obtaining a carboxylic acid alcohol from the corresponding carboxylate
Distillation system
Selective adsorbent for nitrogen and method for separating air using the same
Hydrodynamic cavitation crystallization process
Stirring stick
Functionalized zeolite compositions and methods for their preparation and use
Spice grinder
Nozzle for use in rotational casting apparatus
Fuel injection valve
Suspended boom with gauge members
Foam, spray or atomizer nozzle
Grafting apparatus and method of using
Powder coating process with tribostatically charged fluidized bed
High pressure tube cleaning apparatus
Apparatus and process for forming plastic laminated panels
Automated packaging apparatus and method of optical elements
Method for joining workpieces using soldering alloy
Method for connecting several welding devices and corresponding welding device
Hand power tool with a pneumatic striking mechanism
Apparatus and method for distributing a polishing fluid
Carrier head with a flexible membrane
Methods of and apparatus for controlling polishing surface characteristics for chemical mechanical polishing
Methods for resist stripping and cleaning surfaces substantially free of contaminants
Control of chemical mechanical polishing pad conditioner directional velocity to improve pad life
Ice blasting apparatus and trimming method for film insert molding
Kit to form a wood splitting apparatus
Modification method of surface layer of molded resin article, and modification apparatus of surface layer of molded resin article
Ring extruder feed
Method and apparatus for fabricating a bicycle wheel hub
Protective, diffusive film and process for producing the same
High bond strength interlayer for rhenium hot gas erosion protective coatings
Durable thermal barrier coating having low thermal conductivity
Thermoplastic structures for the storing and transporting of organoleptic sensitive products
Selective PCB stiffening with preferentially oriented fibers
Method for forming thin films
Print line segmentation
Fluid injector and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible printed circuit board
Ink jet recording device
Geometry for a dual level fluid quantity sensing refillable fluid container
Systems, methods, and devices for controlling ink delivery to print heads
Color printing
Systems and methods for manipulating the airflow produced by fluid ejector carriage motion
Method of adjusting the velocity of a printhead carriage according to the temperature of the printhead
Gel-cushioned accessory for a keyboard
Security paper
Self-verifying security documents
Patterned product and its manufacturing method
Heavy duty tire
Pneumatic radial tire
Lubricants for run-flat tire systems
Heat generator
Cogeneration vehicle system utilizing a fuel cell car and a mobile unit as a component of the system
Wire and pipe-laying structure for fuel cell vehicle
Initialization of a control unit
Transfer case with controllable clutch
Automotive passenger restraint and protection apparatus
Hybrid car control apparatus
Occupant-propelled fluid powered rotary device, truck, wheeled platform, or vehicle
Seat storing structure for a vehicle
System of seats for a vehicle
Two circuit LED light bulb
Image-casting LED flashlight
Deployable rigid system for crash energy management
Airbag arrangement for a steering column or dashboard
Brake disc
Anti-lock brake system for vehicles
Digital multi-point electronic load weigh system
Hydraulic control system for vehicle
Calibration process for a servomotor
Brake booster vacuum prediction algorithm and method of use therefor
Hydraulic control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Device for distributing lubricants in grooved rails
Cart to facilitate collection, storage and distribution of folding warning lines
Power steering gearbox mechanism for a vehicle including a hydraulic fluid flow control device dependant from a speed at which the vehicle is running
Vessel propulsion system
Single pull control horn
Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use
Anticollision light for aircraft
Hanger for plastic bags and pouches
Container with primary closure and a secondary closure
Membrane activated carbonated beverage dispenser
Steerable diverter system
Container and method for transporting a syringe containing radioactive material
Sheet feeding device and recording apparatus
Medicine feeder
Reel brake mechanism for a magnetic tape apparatus
Method of manufacturing micro actuated blazed grating
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Aluminosilicate compositions, preparation and use
Waste water treatment system
Method and apparatus for enhancing wastewater treatment in lagoons
Irreversible non-steroidal antagonist compound and its use in the treatment of prostate cancer
Monofunctional polyethylene glycol aldehydes
Process for preparing optically active dihydropyrones
Synthetic molecules for labeling histidine-rich proteins
Antibiotic compounds
Halogenated calixpyrroles and uses thereof
Preparation of sulfide chain-bearing organosilicon compounds
Method for detecting Escherichia coli
Steroidal antiestrogens and antiandrogens and uses thereof
Netrin receptors
Antibodies to monocyte-colony inhibitory factor (M-CIF)
Method for the continuous production of hydrolytically broken down and possibly substituted starch, use of hydrolytically broken down starch and device for producing same
Melt processable starch composition
Photochromic polymers and methods of synthesizing same
Process for production of butyl rubber
Catalyst complexes for polymerization and co-polymerization of cyclic olefins
Methods of preparing a polymeric material composite
Structurally viscous powder clearcoat slurry free from organic solvents and external emulsifiers, method for producing the same the use thereof
Rigid-rod benzobisazole polymers incorporating naphthalene-1,5-diyl structure units
Processable thermally stable addition polyimide for composite applications
Resol-type phenol resin composition and method for curing the same
Insulating member using abrasion-resistant resin composition
Aqueous dispersions of polytetrafluoroethylene having a low amount of fluorinated surfactant
Soft gel composition of low permeability
Anhydride polymers for use as curing agents in epoxy resin-based underfill material
Composite carbon fiber material and method of making same
Dental etch solutions
Archival spray composition
Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal display element, method for manufacturing same, and method for controlling same
Fuel comprising an emulsion between water and a liquid hydrocarbon
Method for producing moulded bodies
Chlamydia trachomatis polynucleotides and vectors, recombinant host cells, DNA chips or kits containing the same
Purified and isolated platelet calcium channel nucleic acids
G-CSF and albumin fusion protein
Compositions and methods for promoting expression of nucleic acids in plants
Sporamin promoter and uses thereof
Nucleic acid encoding human tango 509
Expression modulating sequences
Method for modulating processes mediated by farnesoid activated receptors
Isolated peptides which bind to HLA-B18 molecules and uses thereof
Recombinant respiratory syncytial viruses with deleted surface glycoprotein genes and uses thereof
Method for selectively collecting N-terminal peptide fragment of protein
Phage display of intact domains at high copy number
Method of assaying the susceptibility of biofilms to anti-microbial agents
Method and apparatus for pattern identification in diploid DNA sequence data
Anti-bacterial compounds directed against pilus biogenesis, adhesion and activity; co-crystals of pilus subunits and methods of use thereof
Long oligonucleotide arrays
Dental casting alloy
Copper base alloy
Process for the fabrication of oxide films
Timing apparatus and method to selectively bias during sputtering
Reducing particle generation during sputter deposition
Thin-film solar cells and method of making
Textiles; Paper
Method for producing a catalyst support and compositions thereof
Fixed Constructions
Leveler interlocking blocks
Collapsible enclosure with interchangeable and reversible covering elements
Scent containment system for hunting blinds
Strike plate chamber for a dead bolt
Bolt lock, in particular a bolt lock for control-cabinet doors
Drill bit and cutter having insert clusters and method of manufacture
Stake puller
Proppant recovery system
Methods for controlling migration of particulates in a subterranean formation
Apparatus and method for debris in a well bore
Liquid driven downhole drilling machine
Bearing assembly for a progressive cavity pump and system for liquid lower zone disposal
Automated plunger catcher and releaser and chemical launcher for a well tubing method and apparatus
In situ thermal processing of an oil shale formation using a controlled heating rate
In situ thermal processing of a relatively impermeable formation using an open wellbore
Thermal processing of an oil shale formation to increase permeability of the formation
In situ thermal processing of a relatively permeable formation in a reducing environment
Instrumented packer
Methods and apparatus for cementing drill strings in place for one pass drilling and completion of oil and gas wells
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive shaft coupling device
Energy-cell combustion system
Combined aftercooler system with shared fans
Method of injecting a gaseous fuel into an internal combustion engine
Cylinder operation control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Fuel injection system
Method for regulating the pressure in a fuel accumulator of an internal combustion engine
Fuel dosage device
Engine control system and method
Knocking control apparatus and knocking control method for internal combustion engine
Lightning protection system for a construction, method of creating a lightning protection system and use thereof
Uni-directional impeller, and impeller and rotor assembly
Fastener for use with frangible material
Boltless retention system for a constant velocity joint
Disk brake with self-boosting
Electromagnetic friction clutch for a vehicle door
Step down gear train, more specifically for an adjusting device of a motor vehicle seat
Deflection pulley for a traction mechanism drive
Large diameter polytetrafluoroethylene or like seals
Piezo-electric actuated multi-valve manifold
Solenoid valve for fuel cell
Valve assembly with low gas level signaling and controlling function
Mechanism with a push-pull cable for operating a valve in an aircraft
Dry-sump lubrication type four-stroke cycle engine
Self contained and powered traffic signal using natural and artificial light
Image unlocking jewelry device
Lamp device for a motor vehicle illuminating gantry points
Light source unit, illumination optical device, projector, and method of manufacturing light source unit
Programmable multi-color backlight for a liquid crystal display
Illumination systems utilizing multiple wavelength light recycling
Glow plug, glow plug mounting structure, and glow plug manufacturing method
Sliding door device
Thermal processing apparatus and thermal processing method
Inkjet ink having yellow dye mixture
Temperature detecting unit and fixing apparatus
Method for measuring diffusion coefficient in conductive melts, and apparatus for measuring the same
Solid electrolyte containing insulating grains for gas sensor
Positron annihilation monitor and method for detecting hazardous materials
System and method for programmable illumination pattern generation
Methods and reagents for determining protein S
Laser dazzler matrix
Image sensing element for sensing an image formed by an image sensing lens
Photosensitive resin composition, transfer material, image forming method, color filter and producing method thereof and photomask and producing method thereof
Modularized electronic device operating status display architecture
Optical communications module, optical fiber, and optical coupling structure of optical fiber and optical communications module
Three-dimensional mounted assembly and optical transmission device
Fiber optic Christmas tree stand
Spectacles, particularly rimless drilled-lens spectables
Frame construction for eyewear having removable auxiliary lenses
Liquid crystal projector
Projector and image projection system
Photoresist based on polycondensates and having an increased resolution for use in 157 nanometer lithography
Method for measuring gap between mask and substrate of display panel
Energy activated electrographic printing process
Organic photoreceptor unit
Method and appliance for regulating the inflow of hot water to a container
Printing device, method of instructing printing, and device for instructing printing
Cash withdrawal from ATM via videophone
Electronic shelf label systems and methods
Document handling machine
Portable shopping and order fulfillment system
Bar code reader including linear sensor array and hybrid camera and bar code reader
Method for data communication between a vehicle and a remote terminal
Orientation sensing device with processor
Fingering guide displaying apparatus for musical instrument and computer program therefor
Magnetic recording media having self organized magnetic arrays
Transparent biaxially oriented polyolefin film
Emissive, high charge transport polymers
Amorphous microwire and method for manufacture thereof
Bellows for use in vacuum capacitor
Switch having resilient operating section
Contact arrangement for a vacuum switch tube
Interrupter unit for a high-voltage power switch
Lens system and image-taking apparatus having the same
Optical receiver
LED lamp assembly
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Method for revealing crystalline defects and/or stress field defects at the molecular adhesion interface of two solid materials
Low-temperature formation method for emitter tip including copper oxide nanowire or copper nanowire and display device or light source having emitter tip manufactured using the same
Semiconductor laser device and method for fabricating the same
Charge coupled device package
Pt/PGO etching process for FeRAM applications
Laser annealing method and laser annealing device
Separately strained N-channel and P-channel transistors
Method for producing magnetic memory device
Semiconductor contact structure and method of forming the same
Method of patterning surfaces while providing greater control of recess anisotropy
Method for forming multiple gate oxide thickness utilizing ashing and cleaning
Method of removing features using an improved removal process in the fabrication of a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating crystalline-dielectric thin films and devices formed using same
Method for making an island of material confined between electrodes, and application to transistors
Semiconductor device having void free contact and method for fabricating the contact
Composite intermetal dielectric structure including low-k dielectric material
Method for producing semiconductor memory devices and integrated memory device
Device and a method for forming a capacitor device
Integrated metal-insulator-metal capacitor and metal gate transistor
Vertical transistor and method of making
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Main board
High-speed electrical connector
Connection structure between bus bars and relay terminals
Mechanical lock type connecter
Terminal block and cable connector
Electrical socket
Local area network connector for use as a separator
Terminal-protective card connector
Collapsible plug
Insulation displacement electrical plug assembly and method of making plug assembly
Shielded wire harness
Streamer discharge type lightening rod capable of generating lots of ions
Cable clamp and terminal block equipped with same
Controlled flow instrument for microwave assisted chemistry with high viscosity liquids and heterogeneous mixtures
Microwave oven having a toasting cavity
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Device for trapping debris against a toolhead
Method and apparatus for controlling a hitch
Spring trip standard
Spring trip standard with positive stop
Drip irrigation emitters
Game dragging device
Deer stand with unitary welded construction
Portable big game hoist/field processing unit
High-speed capillary tube heat exchanger
Cigarette manufacturing machine
Adjustable strap
Umbrella-shaped shelter
Vented umbrella
Paperboard box
Sports equipment bag
Apparatus for applying hair highlights
Method of applying nail tips and composition
Device for height adjustment of panels
Universal book holder
Hanging closet apparatus
Safety device for drawers
Pad for seating system
Seat headrest
Support member for a chair back
Foldable chair
Adjustable bottle holding apparatus
Combined storage display and ordering merchandising unit
Handle supporting fishing rod rack
Spoon dispenser
Multiple garment hanger
Device for dispensing a flowable substance and associated container
Portable barbecue carrying apparatus
Detachable handle for vessels
Bathroom rack
Fitting adapted to be fixed on an upright wall of a bathroom
Product housing stacked body of wet tissues
Multiple roll towel dispenser
Surgical stapling apparatus
Sharps container
Device for cleaning nasal coagulator
Device for winding and unwinding lines, and apparatus equipped with such a device
Molten metal pouring timing determining apparatus and casting machine
Teeth-cleansing means
Method and apparatus for briefs with pad support panel
Tam box
Method for using a flexible transmyocardial implant
Hybrid refractive birefringent multifocal ophthalmic lenses
Mitral valve annuloplasty ring and method of implanting
Internal allotropy implement sexual aid utensil
Snoring treatment
Male condom
Multi-point mobility device
Tilt system for a powered wheelchair seat
Hinge block for the arm-rest of a wheelchair for the handicapped, and a corresponding wheelchair
Holder for a fluid recovery system
Stopper-cum-metering device for the screw closure of bottles for liquids, with syringe device for drawing up metered amounts
Medication dispensing system
Baby bottle with reinforced liquid flow tube
System for dispensing pharmaceutically active compounds
Formulations for protection of peg-interferon alpha conjugates
Method of use of monomeric insulin as a means for improving the reproducibility of inhaled insulin
Assessment of ischemic wound healing therapeutics
Zero crack-pressure, high-flow valve
Squeeze bottle aspirator
Vaporizer for inhalation and method for extraction of active ingredients from a crude natural product or other matrix
Method and arrangement in connection with ventilator
System and method for transferring information relating to an implantable medical device to a remote location
Protective system for face and respiratory protection
Dual temperature fire damper releasing system
Bounce back sports apparatus
Disc golf target
Automatic card sorter
Board game
Ticket for instant lottery game and method of playing same
Water dam game device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for separating fast settling particles from slow settling particles
Vapor-liquid contact apparatus
Municipal waste separator
Apparatus for dosed dispensing of a number of different liquid or pasty masses
Method of making supersaturated oxygenated liquid
Process and device for the dispersion of a fibrous paper material
Reinforced tube joint
Device for monitoring paper shredding action of paper shredder
Bearing apparatus for axially stressing a rotor element carried on a rotor shaft
Method for producing glass sands and system therefor
Paper sorting system
System and method for decomposing, reclaiming, and reusing waste carpet materials
Magnetic separator
Permanent magnet separator having moveable stripper plate
Flow control system for sprayer nozzles
Media dispenser
Recharge insert for cleaning, sanitizing or disinfectant fluid spray system
Variable pattern nozzle
Flamingo sprinkler
Rotor nozzle
Adjustable spraying head
Apparatus and method for spraying single or multi-component material
Apparatus for withdrawing a liquid from a closed container
Precision dispensing pump and method of dispensing
Rotationally oscillating separator with eccentric shaft mounting portions
Stepped disc screens of unequal inclination angles for conveying and grading recycling materials
Sorting apparatuses and sorting methods
Self-cleaning soldering thimble assembly
Method and apparatus for washing and drying semi-conductor devices
Gas impulse device and method of use thereof
Method for mutually connecting two tubular parts
Super pegs
Semi-solid processing to form disk drive components
Method for water-cooling hot metal slabs
Alloy pipes and methods of making same
Die casting process
Casting mold for producing a fiber-reinforced composite article by die-casting process
Rapid induction melting of metal-matrix composite materials
Systems for flow control in electroslag refining process
Method and apparatus for producing a porous metal via spray casting
Method for the production of precision castings by centrifugal casting with controlled solidification
Preventing air aspiration in slide gate plate throttling mechanisms
Plant for transferring liquid metal, method of operation, and refractories
Method for manufacturing electrode wire for electrical discharge machining apparatus
Method for bonding a tubular part in coaxial relationship with a part having a bore therein
Fluxless joining process for enriched solders
Wire bonding method
Wire bonding method
Jointer fence systems and methods
Disc brake assembly
Maching vise
Clamp suitable for use at high temperatures in a flexible tooling apparatus
Pneumatic tool with a reverse valve having an overdrive
Cv joint boot clamp tightening tool
Rotary impacting apparatus
Jackhammer carrier
Holder for socket wrench and sockets
Staple leg cutting mechanism for an electric stapler
Basket form apparatus and method of use
Method of impregnating wood with liquid
Plant for pressure casting sanitary articles
Method for producing a nozzle cartridge
Container of gabled roof type having top seal rib and top sealing device therefor
Combination mechanical/fusion pipe fitting
Pump dispenser and method for making same
Assembly drum and method for the manufacture of tires
Plastic optical devices having antireflection film and mechanism for equalizing thickness of antireflection film
Device for metering a powder
Method and apparatus for printing with different sheet feeding amounts and accuracies
Printing apparatus, control method for a printing apparatus, and recording medium for recording a control program for a printing apparatus
Duplex printer
Extension guide apparatus
Sheet discharging apparatus
Bidirectional color printmodes with semistaggered swaths to minimize hue shift and other artifacts
Ink jet recording method and apparatus
Cover for print head alignment sensor
Image forming apparatus for reducing ink particles using liquid agent or heat
Pagewidth image forming system and method
Power droop compensation for an inkjet printhead
Ink-jet recording head
Inkjet printing apparatus with ink manifold
Continuous ink jet print head with fixed position ink gutter compatible with hydrodynamic and wipe cleaning
Ink supply device and ink-jet recording head with filter and shaped flow passage
Ink cartridge for printers
Method of manufacturing an ink cartridge for use in ink-jet recorder
Print cartridge with improved back-pressure regulation
Liquid accommodating container providing negative pressure, manufacturing method for the same, ink jet cartridge having the container and ink jet recording head as a unit, and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink cartridge with overflow conduit
Ink cartridge and loading mechanism for ink cartridge
Ink jet printer cartridge manufacturing method and apparatus
Printing device for propelling printing material onto a recording medium to form images
Image forming apparatus using gates and electrodes for selectively passing toner
Tandem type of direct printing apparatus using gating apertures for supplying toner
Printing apparatus with displaceable carriage guiding member
Sheet handling unit
Method for supplying envelopes to an inserter system by way of multiple supply paths
Transfer label having ink containment layers, container comprising a transfer layer and method of washing such a container
Liquid pouring system
Two-piece hub extension
On/off road tread for a tire
Vehicle tire including sipes extending across rib
Fluid flow valve with variable flow rate
Power-assisted steering system and method with compensation of pull induced by tire pressure loss
Motorcycle tire and method of making the same
Truck hitch mounting frame
Automatic fifth wheel loading and unloading system
Non-metallic spacer for air spring assembly
Vehicle variable height adjustment assembly
Vehicle suspension system
Multi-track curve tilting vehicle
Camber angle control suspension system
Split frame for heavy trucks
Supporting structure for instrument panel of motor vehicle
Vehicle heat generator
Awning apparatus for automobiles
Holding device for shaft member
Vehicle mounted covering system
Tailgate of a motor vehicle
Collapsible panel and method for controlled collapsing thereof
Roll over valve for vehicles
Atv transmission
Working vehicle
Motor vehicle power train
Integrated flat cable connector
Ground power supply for electric vehicle with earth connection
Motor vehicle with a supporting structure of light alloy
Automotive removable power seat
Motor vehicle seat with a seat height adjustment
Extractable seat
Adjustable vehicle partition
Release mechanism for fold and flip seat assembly
Seatback for automobile
Cup holder for a vehicle
Boat trailer having aluminum adjustable bunks
Interior extension with floating corners
Water supply coupling with one-way valve for recreational vehicles
Vehicle airbag restraint system with deactivation indicator
Airbag actuating arrangement
Vehicle occupant position detector and airbag control system
Energy absorber securing structure and method
Heat-resistant airbag textile
Airbag, method of folding the latter, and device for carrying out the method
Gas bag for an airbag module, method and device for folding a gas bag
Inflatable side curtain
Airbag device with position adjusting mechanism
Retainer structure for an inflatable vehicle occupant protection device
Instrument panel having integral airbag door portion
Airbag housing with horn mechanism
Gas generator for a safety device
Tubular airbag, method of making the same and occupant protection system including the same
Passenger safety belt restraint arrangement
D-ring/roller assembly for supporting seat belt webbing in a vehicle
Belt buckle tensioner
Belt tensioner for a vehicle occupant restraint system
Tensioner for a safety belt
Shoulder anchor device
Belt winder
Vehicle with a table board
Kit for suspending toys and the like about the rear seat of a vehicle
Dual opening sliding console for use with a vehicle
Roof rail for vehicles and manufacturing process therefor
Method of retaining a minimum running clearance between a rotor and friction pads
Motor-driven brake apparatus
Positive-locking vehicular parking brake
Hydraulic operating system, particularly for a motorcycle brake and/or clutch
Braking system for a railway or tram vehicle
Brake hydraulic controller
Automotive hydraulic modulator
Barrier valve with pressure limiting function in particular for slip-controlled hydraulic brake systems of motor vehicles
Mobile train steering
Child's stroller
Leveraging transport system for tables plasterboard sheets and the like
Carriage for seating multiple children
Car seat/stroller assembly with rocker mechanism
Electrically assisted automotive power steering system
Motor mount for a go-cart
Front body structure of vehicle
Spare-tire fastening structure
Vehicle electric power assist steering system and method using H-infinity control
Power steering apparatus
Power steering apparatus
Centering device for steering valves
Hydraulic power steering with a closed center
Sprocketed idler for a track assembly
Clamping device for use in motor vehicle production lines and production line having such a clamping device
All terrain vehicle animal container
Skateboard-bicycle combination
Disc brake for a bicycle
Apparatus for locking control surfaces of stick controlled aircraft
Impellers with bladelike elements and compliant tuned transmission shafts and vehicles including same
Pressure sensitive adhesive for mounting a deicer and method for mounting thereof
Airport vehicle frame assembly used therefore
Forced air de-icing and washing system attached to the distal end of a boom
Assembly for filling canisters
Side openable can
Plastic containers with interlocking lids
Fluid dispensing valve and method of use
Integrally-formed container
Container cap with locking cover
Device for maintaining separate ingredients in liquid food products
Security closing device for a container having a lid
Paperboard carton with end wall handles
Easy to remove overwrap
Inflatable shipping device
Insulative sleeve for disposable hot drink cup
Fluid dispensers
Container for storing and discharging particulate material, in particular pulp chips
Repetitively useable container inner bag
Secondary containment and drainage system for above-ground storage tanks
Device for supporting a lid in an approximately vertical position
Convey impact linear
Method for conveying goods and device therefor
Conveyor chain
Low friction coefficient plastic conveyor chain
Idler roll wet seal
Engineering class steel conveyor chain
Storage buffer for a multi lane conveyor
Wheel chocking device and method for using the same
Method of storing and dispensing thin, flimsy objects
Dispensing apparatus
Web winding device and method
Roll winding device and method
Method and apparatus for continuous winding of a web of material
Electronically actuated turning device for transport apparatus
Arrangement for depositing sheets of a recording medium onto a stack
Mailpiece stacking system and method
Selective sheet delivery apparatus
Cylinder assembly for a folding apparatus of a rotary printing press
Cable winding housing
Information display system
Rotatable hitch for securing a lift sheave to a frame element
Counterweight for monorail hoists
Integrated balanced wire rope reeving system for cargo container handling cranes
Self tailing power winch drive
Boom articulation assembly for aerial boom sections
Mobile lifting platform
Dual-mast self-elevating platform construction
Automatic fueling system
Refueling nozzle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Silane-based coating composition
Method of removal of applied film
Apparatus and method for treating substrates
Process of pickling stainless steel
Purge tube ring removal tool
Textiles; Paper
Clothes stick apparatus
Holding and support element for irons
Heat exchanging roll
Fixed Constructions
Resilient caps for cross-ties at railway crossings
Composite faucet hose weight
Advanced touchless plumbing systems
Shower temperature and pressure control system
Process for leak proof connection of branch lines to rehabilitated sewer pipes
Wheel and tire structure
Spacer between pole and cross-arm
Sun cover apparatus
Push-push latch
Overhead door support structure and operator support members
Stiffeners for sectional overhead doors
Apparatus and method for sealing the corners of insulated glass assemblies
Beaded chain for blinds
Ladder support
Ladder support rack
Paint bucket holder
Earth-boring drill bits with enhanced formation cuttings removal features
Rotary drill bit having filling opening for the installation of cylindrical bearings
Apparatus for assisting the advancement of a work string and method
Connection arrangement for a two-piece annular body
Drill pipe protector assembly
Apparatus system and method for installing and retrieving pipe in a well
Apparatus for catching debris in a well-bore
Energy transfer systems
Bottom hole assembly with coiled tubing insert
Process for stimulation of oil wells
Taper joint well sealing packer and method
Pump systems and methods
Lubricator for underbalanced drilling
Method of oil/gas well stimulation
Dual electric submergible pumping systems for producing fluids from separate reservoirs
Method and apparatus for completing a well for producing hydrocarbons or the like
Installation for pumping a liquid/gas two-phase effluent
Producing hydrocarbons from well with underground reservoir
Establishing positions of locating field detectors and path mappings in underground boring tool applications
Device and method for enlarging a Bore
Directional boring head
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Toroidal internal combustion engine
Rotary internal combustion engine
Rotary drive engine
Rotary machine
Engine with fuel delivery system
Dual cross-flow muffler
Engine radiator having an air control hood
Fuel delivery system for a marine engine
Idle rotation speed learning control method and apparatus of an electronically controlled throttle type internal combustion engine
Vehicle control method
Method for controlling an internal combustion engine equipped with a device for recycling exhaust gases
Common-rail, fuel-injection system
Method for checking the operability of a tank-venting system of a vehicle
Method of operating an internal combustion engine such as an engine of a motor vehicle
Method of controlling an engine with a pseudo throttle position sensor value
Method and device for controlling at least one solenoid valve
Direct intake port and helical intake port for engine
Sealing assembly for a motor vehicle
Internal combustion engine piston pin lubrication
Positive shut-off metering valve with axial thread drive
Apparatus and method for controlling the motion of a solid body or fluid stream
Device for supplying an internal combustion engine of a motor vehicle with fuel
Cooled LPG fuel rail
Fuel injection valve for internal combustion engines
Bellows-type pressure responsive valve
Inflating cylinder with both inflating and air sucking effects
Damper plate and method for producing thereof
Carrier strip for fastening elements and a magazine with the carrier strip
Ball ramp inertia brake oil blocking ring
Clutch assembly
Centrifugal multiplate clutch
Hydraulic clutch which is dependent on rotation speed difference and has torque limiting
Motor vehicle with an automatically actuated clutch
Radial-mount type disk brake
Shear-damped disc brake
Wear adjusting device for disk brakes and method for controlling the device
Actuation device for machine elements having wear-induced play
Brake shoe assembly having a resistive brake lining wear sensor
System and method for determining brake lining wear using a temperature detector and a brake actuation system
Curved wave shim
Shock attenuating apparatus
Vibration insulating mount
Fluid-filled vibration damping device
Vibration isolator with a tension restraint
Wheel balance weight
Viscous shear-type damper
Ram with electronics enclosure compartment
Drive mechanism for accessory and assemblies of a reciprocating internal combustion engine
Cylinder head gasket
Gasket with annular sealing projection and groove
Gasket for sealing a refrigerant compressor
High pressure-high temperature pipe gasket
Clips useful for a mechanical seal
Brush seals for steam turbine applications
Positive biased packing ring brush seal combination
Snap open pressure relief valve
Electronic motorized zone valve
Liquid dispenser having drip preventing valve
Valve actuator apparatus
Valve stem and method of manufacturing, improved stem packing
Diaphragm regulator with removable diffuser
Diaphragm valve
Expansion flexible tube joint and assembling method thereof
Conduit support assembly
Quick connector assembly, and female member of quick connector assembly
Device for connecting two tubular pipe sections
Tube/casting connector assembly
Ramp-lock lifting device
Sound-absorbing and heat-insulating duct
Mechanical plug assembly
Fireplace ash removal system
Convection oven with circulated air filtration means
Air conditioner
Ceiling mounted apparatus for heating and cooling
Method and system for controlling a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit
Variable-air-volume diffuser actuator assembly and method
Adjustable device for opening service valves
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger, especially for gases and fluids
Molded cooling tower
Adjustable archery bow cam
Shared aperture dichroic tracker with background subtraction
Missile fin locking mechanism
Air compression type shooting device using adhesion type bullet
Temporary protective coatings for precision surfaces
Antiglare sheet for use with display of portable game machine
Projection device
Polarization beam splitter, polarization converter, and projector
Attachment of bridge and temples to eyeglass lenses
Biased eyeglass frames
Eyeglass lens with multiple optical zones having varying optical properties for enhanced visualization of different scenes in outdoor recreational activities
Image projection system
In-line venturi
Thermostatic water mixer
Computer enclosure
Information processing apparatus and its heat spreading method
Card reader having means for reducing the size of the card reader
Data card having a retractable handle
Chip card comprising an imaged-receiving layer
Card with built-in electronic part and production process thereof
Automated media storage library with variable focal length lens
Autodiscrimination and line drawing techniques for code readers
Method for authenticating signatures and memorabilia kit employing same
Methods and arrangements for a smart card wallet and uses thereof
Electronic voting system
Method and device for detecting coin
Vending data collection system
Shopping cart rental system
Cash register having sawteeth shaped circular perforator
Multi-purpose inventory tag device and method
Holder for swivelling panels or the like
Harness attachment for a guitar
Device for protecting information and/or data storage media
Retaining center of a DVD/VCD/CD box
Book-like disc casing
Method of forming interconnections on electronic modules
Clip for securing heat sink to electronic device
Substrate for semiconductor device, semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Sectional junction box
Slowly expanding gasket and method for use thereof
Color printer halftoning method
Method and apparatus for supplying electronic components
Method and apparatus for mounting electrical components that employs a compensation element
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