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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for printing using a light emissive array
Alarming system for vehicle and alarm generating method for vehicle
Intelligent vehicle apparatus and method for using the apparatus
Radio frequency identification parts verification system and method for using same
Anti-theft device in motorcycle
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wave energy conversion system
Superheated vapor generator system and method
Positioning stage device
Device and method for alignment
Multirotation type encoder
Method and apparatus for absolute figure metrology
Compensating for effects of non-isotropic gas mixtures in interferometers
Device and nondestructive method to determine subsurface micro-structure in dense materials
Circuit and method for reducing jitter in a PLL of high speed serial links
Sample supplying device for a dry particle-size distribution measuring apparatus and method
Porous thin film time-varying reflectivity analysis of samples
Radiographic imaging apparatus
Radiation image read-out apparatus and stimulating light cut filter
Integrated circuit and method for operating the integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for forwarding data in a data communications network
Built-in self test technique for programmable impedance drivers for RapidChip and ASIC drivers
Automated focusing of electron image
Beacon-on-demand radar transponder
Position location using digital audio broadcast signals
Magnetic resonance method
Apparatus and methods for induction-SFL logging
Zoom lens device
Image-taking apparatus
Microfabricated rubber microscope using soft solid immersion lenses
Enhancements to optical flat panel displays
Non-uniform light valve
Two-dimensional stepwise-controlled microstructure
Method and apparatus for improved waveplates and suppression of stray light in LCoS kernel applications
Interferometric modulation of radiation
Optical substrate and display device using the same
Filter for selectively processing optical and other signals
Image display
Light amount adjusting device, and optical device using the light amount adjusting device
Fiber management apparatus
Device and system for phase conjugate conversion and wavelength conversion
Optical fiber interferosensor, signal-processing system for optical fiber interferosensor and recording medium
Self-healing fiber Bragg grating sensor system
Fabrication of a waveguide taper through ion implantation
Planar multiple-tapped optical delay line
Optical circuit assembly and substrate assembly
Tunable optical filter
PMD compensator based on separation of principal state of polarization control and differential group delay control, and method thereof
Apparatus to transfer optical signals between a rotating part and a stationary part of a machine
Optical multi/demultiplexer, optical multi/demultiplexing method, and optical filter
Fiber collimator array
Variable electrochromic optical attenuator
Optical devices having flakes suspended in a host fluid to provide a flake/fluid system providing flakes with angularly dependent optical properties in response to an alternating current electric field due to the dielectric properties of the system
Image sensor having thin film transistor and photoelectric conversion element
LCD module connecting mechanism comprising an arm connected to a frame by inserting a hook of the arm through first and second openings formed on a lateral surface of the frame
Method of repairing pit defect and salient defect of electrode pattern
Liquid crystal display
Optical display system and optical shifter
Electrochromic rearview mirror assembly incorporating a display/signal light
Strobe light emitting apparatus and camera
Image capturing unit and image capturing device
Image forming apparatus having speed control of primary and secondary image transfers
Apparatus and method for damping a corona wire in an electrographic printer
Noise damper for wire auger
Toner replenishing device with timing control of toner replenishing device
Developer regulating member, developing device, electrophotographic image forming process cartridge, and image forming apparatus including the developer regulating member
Image forming apparatus
Fixing station and method for the uniform fixing of toner images on a carrier material with the aid of a movable covering device
Radio-corrected timepiece
Servo motor with a built-in drive circuit
Robot control apparatus and control method thereof
Digital control circuit for switching power supply with pattern generator
Regulated sleep transistor apparatus, method, and system
Method for dynamic balancing of a clock tree
Information product with a rotational mechanism
Information display apparatus
Memory device with non-variable write latency
Multifunction apparatus and method of identifying device attached thereto
Method and apparatus for automatic adjustment of printer
Information processing apparatus, information processing methods and print systems
Method of and device for image processing, and image forming device
Transconductance amplifier with substantially constant resistance and mixer using same
Resistor compensation apparatus
Printer and printer data processing method
Method and apparatus for locating objects using universal alignment targets
Method of selectively storing digital images
Method for characterizing shapes in medical images
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, MRI apparatus and recording medium
Blackening processing method and apparatus for radiation images
Method for examining foreign matters in through holes
Apparatus and method for monitoring streamed multimedia quality using digital watermark
Proprietary watermark system for secure digital media and content distribution
Image sensing apparatus with image quality mode setting and digital signal processor
Contact sensing device
JPEG packed block data structure for enhanced image processing
Image processing system
Program for processing image, recording medium of the program and method of and apparatus for processing image
Process for the automatic creation of a database of images accessible by semantic features
Method and apparatus for displaying distributed multiresolution scenes
Cordless telephone system
Non-reusable identification device
RFID material tracking method and apparatus
Apparatus for monitoring leakage of process cooling water in furnace
Methods and apparatus for producing a three-state single wire control
Communication and data entry device
Navigation device
Light emitting device
Light emitting device
Apparatus and method for preventing lock-up of LCD in mobile terminal
Display device and method of driving same
Liquid crystal display device having stabilized drive circuit
Thin-film transistor circuit and a semiconductor display using the same
Lamp drive apparatus and drive method of a notebook computer
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Text overlay for multi-dimensional construction project models
Hand manipulated data apparatus for computers and video games
Methods and apparatuses for the automated display of visual effects
Method and device for processing video pictures
Man machine interfaces and applications
Magnetic head slider and magnetic disc unit
Hard disk drive calibration method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for reducing program selection time in multi-changer of optical disk
Media editing
Magnetic disk protection mechanism, computer system comprising protection mechanism, protection method for magnetic disk, and program for protection method
Method and apparatus for generating an index location from a spin motor of a disk drive
Slider-level reader isolation measurement technique for advanced GMR heads
Magnetoresistive element and method for producing the same
Structure/method to form bottom spin valves for ultra-high density
Suppression of thermally activated magnetization fluctuations in magnetoresistive elements via spin momentum transfer
Dovetails for positive retention in an over-molded actuator
Nanometer scale data storage device and associated positioning system
Phase-change optical information recording medium, and optical information recording and reproducing apparatus and method for the same
Dynamic data restore in thyristor-based memory device
Magnetic element and magnetic element array
Ferroelectric memory device and electronic apparatus
Memory with adjustable access time
Ternary CAM bitcells
Flash memory architecture for optimizing performance of memory having multi-level memory cells
Integrated circuit for storing operating parameters
Method to produce data cell region and system region for semiconductor memory
High density non-volatile memory device
Magnetic cell and magnetic memory
Method and apparatus for controlling refresh cycles of a plural cycle refresh scheme in a dynamic memory
Semiconductor memory device
Bank command decoder in semiconductor memory device
X-address extractor and method for extracting X-address in memory device
Sample analyzer
Low resistance value resistor
Fabrication of thick film electrical components
Rotatable variable resistor with clicking mechanism
Electromagnetic actuator with controlled attraction force
Wound capacitor
Solid electrolytic capacitor and solid electrolytic capacitor device
Thin film electromagnet and switching device comprising it
Alloy type thermal fuse and wire member for a thermal fuse element
Serpentine fluorescent lamp with shaped corners providing uniform backlight illumination for displays
Electron microscope
Method and apparatus for selecting inlets of a multiple inlet FAIMS
Vehicle interior mirror system including a rain sensor
Plasma reactor and purification equipment
Integrated circuit package with low modulus layer and capacitor/interposer
Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same which reduces warpage
Power semiconductor module and method for producing it
Bonding pad for a packaged integrated circuit
Underfill integration for optical packages
Semiconductor package with integrated heat spreader attached to a thermally conductive substrate core
Method for packaging electronic modules and multiple chip packaging
Fluorinated hard mask for micropatterning of polymers
Via structure for semiconductor chip
Structure for reducing stress-induced voiding in an interconnect of integrated circuits
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same, wiring board, electronic module, and electronic instrument
Low stress semiconductor die attach
Package structure with two solder arrays
Hybrid integrated circuit device
Transistor constructions and electronic devices
High mobility tri-gate devices and methods of fabrication
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor optical device, method of forming contact in semiconductor optical device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Quantum memory and information processing method using the same
Light emitting apparatus and method for manufacturing the same
Gated lateral thyristor-based random access memory cell (GLTRAM)
Method and structure for contacting an overlying electrode for a magnetoelectronics element
Power switching device
ULSI MOS with high dielectric constant gate insulator
Image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Memory array with high temperature wiring
Light emitting device
Structure of GaN light-emitting diode
Current detection circuit and current detection method
Piezoelectric acoustic transducer
Piezoelectric thin-film element and a manufacturing method thereof
Coupler resource module
Apparatus for reducing ground effects in a folder-type communications handset device
Chip antenna
Phase-shifting cell for an antenna reflectarray
Dual band and broadband flat dipole antenna
Security tag with three dimensional antenna array made from flat stock
Fitting substrate for connection and fitting substrate for connection for use in disk array control apparatus
Electronically commutated motor operable directly from AC power network
Optical amplifier with pump light source control for Raman amplification
Method for calibrating photonic crossconnect device
Complex coupled single mode laser with dual active region
High voltage tolerant ESD design for analog and RF applications in deep submicron CMOS technologies
Hydro-electric farms
Cooling fan with electric motor
Linear motor
Hydraulic fluid dynamic bearing incorporating an asymmetric journal bearing
Charge-pump circuitry
Oscillator circuit, semiconductor device and semiconductor memory device provided with the oscillator circuit, and control method of the oscillator circuit
Viterbi decoder, method and unit therefor
Reduced complexity sliding window based equalizer
Method and apparatus for frame alignment in discrete multitone transceivers
Charge amplifier for piezoelectric pressure sensor
Low-voltage, low-power transimpedance amplifier architecture
Acoustic correction apparatus
Interlaced delay-locked loops for controlling memory-circuit timing
Equalizer and equalization method
System for, and method of, processing quadrature amplitude modulated signals
Programmable look-up tables with reduced leakage current
Dedicated crossbar and barrel shifter block on programmable logic resources
Signal generator with selectable mode control
Variable dividing circuit
Method for actuating a transistor
Programmable differential capacitance for equalization circuits
Low power and low timing jitter phase-lock loop and method
Delay equalized Z/2Z ladder for digital to analog conversion
System and method for transmitting signals in a random access channel of a radio communication system
High-pass branch of a frequency separating filter for ADSL systems
Method and apparatus for control of rate-distortion tradeoff by mode selection in video encoders
Decoding apparatus and method, and storage medium storing decoding processing program of the same
Multichannel video processing unit and method
Low complexity multiuser detector
Scaling using gain factors for use in data detection for wireless code division multiple access communication systems
Multi-channel video optical transmission system, optical transmitter and optical receiver
Bidirectional optical networks
Through-the-earth radio
Noise suppression device
Method and apparatus for pilot estimation using prediction error method
Method and apparatus for changing radio link configurations in a mobile telecommunications system with soft handover
Two-way radio communication system and two-way radio communication method
Process for re-transmitting single frequency signals and a single frequency signal repeater
Method and apparatus for transmitting data
Satellite uplink power control
Method and system for performing ranging functions in an ultrawide bandwidth system
Method and apparatus for interfacing multiple communication devices to a time division multiplexing bus
Method, system and signal for carrying overhead information in a transport network employing photonic switching nodes
Resynchronization of control and data path state for networks
Digital authentication with analog documents
Method and apparatus for frequency hopping in a spread spectrum digital cordless telephone system
Apparatus, method, and computer program for wire-speed classification and pre-processing of data packets in an ATM network
Method and apparatus for transmitting multiple signal, method and apparatus for receiving multiple signal, multiple signal transmission method and multiplexer/demultiplexer
Stateful network address translation protocol implemented over a data network
Method and device for controlling data transmission
Method and system for routing communications among computer networks
Conditionally non blocking switch of the circular-unimodal type
General self-routing mechanism for multicasting control over bit-permuting switching networks
Asynchronous transfer mode system and method to verify a connection
Layer-structured path setup method and node apparatus for implementing same
System and method for time division multiplexed switching of data using a high-speed packet switch
Enabling push technologies for mobile IP
Method and system for processing data in a server
System, method and apparatus for polling telecommunications nodes for real-time information
Method and apparatus for managing remote IP network elements through SONET network elements
Apparatus and method for calculating soft decision value input to channel decoder in a data communication system
Packet order determining method and apparatus
Methods for point compression for Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves
Method and apparatus for ring again feature for a telephone system
Method for inspecting transmission channels in a communications system having peripheral modules
Method and apparatus for bridged tap impact analysis
Method for parametrizing the greeting message of a voice mailbox
System and method for determining tariffs for real-time calls involving ported directory numbers
Method and system for billing a call that is forwarded to a prepaid subscriber's voicemail
Method, system and computer program product for providing a regional E911 network
Selective conversation recording using speech heuristics
Method and apparatus for cas-based ring limiting of FXS ports
Method and apparatus for eliminating lamp strobing in a digital input scanner
Control apparatus and method for preventing repeated signal processing in signal processing system
Red-eye filter method and apparatus
Setting operation device and electronic apparatus
Image display system, image processing apparatus, and method for displaying image data
Image sensing apparatus, method and program for distance measurement
Video signal switching apparatus and control method thereof
Broadcast receiver and system for performing copy prohibition and timed recording
Digital camera having a feature for warning a user of insufficient memory
Method for addressing a bitstream recording
Apparatus and method for adaptive motion compensated de-interlacing of video data
Wavelet based coding using motion compensated filtering based on both single and multiple reference frames
Robust data transmission using broadcast digital television signals
Worldwide television tuning system with country code based tuning
Wire harness apparatus for multi-node video camera array
Electronic endoscope for highlighting blood vessel
Automatic door assembly with video imaging device
Methods for field programming radio frequency identification devices that control remote control devices
Method for routing data in a communication system
Call processing method during termination busy state of terminal in radio intelligent network system
Automated IP multicast filtering
Efficient time-division multiplexed addressing protocol
Method for manufacturing an electroacoustical transducer comprising a membrane configuration
Microphone apparatus
In-the-ear hearing device
Fluorescent-lamp driving apparatus adopting high-frequency inverter driving method, and compact self-ballasted fluorescent lamp equipped with such fluorescent-lamp driving apparatus
Electron beam projector provided with a linear thermionic emitting cathode for electron beam heating
Multi-functional electronic device with a continuously accessible pointing device
Storage apparatus and shielding method for storage apparatus
Electronic equipment
Heat sink mounting and interface mechanism and method of assembling same
Thermal interface apparatus, systems, and fabrication methods
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Husker rolls
Straw chopper housing
Conveyor for selectively rotating bakery pans
Animal skinning rack
Automatic poultry cutting apparatus
Ice cream making apparatus and an agitator for the same
Visor light cap
Machine for applying adhesive to preset regions of products in general
Lotion applicator and enclosure
Cosmetic application training system
Soap-dispensing kitchen brush
Trim assembly for use with a flanged support post
Shield for a jack
Therapeutic device and method
Rail joint
Open top swing
Gear arrangement
Combination squeegee and radiator-fill apparatus
Endoscopic observation system
Laryngoscope with a flexible blade
Device for interconnecting vessels in a patient
Method for treating wall forming gastrointestinal tract
Method for creating valve-like mechanism in natural body passageway
Methods and apparatus for anchoring an occluding member
Vascular clip
Apparatus and methods for intraoperatively performing surgery
Medical instrument for removing tissue
Combined radio frequency and ultrasonic surgical device
Direct stick tear-away introducer and methods of use
Contained direct particle beam flow abrasion system
Cartilage repair unit
Jack for pulling a vertebral anchor
Thin profile closure cap for open ended medical implant
Orthopedic filling material and method of use thereof
Cryoprobe system
Electrosurgical generator power control circuit and method
Ep catheter
Smooth-surface rotary electrode for HF surgery
Microwave ablation catheter with loop configuration
Process and device for the treatment of atrial arrhythmia
Laser surgical device and method of its use
Guiding catheter system for ablating heart tissue
Laser assisted topical anesthetic permeation
Ophthalmic microsurgical system employing surgical module employing flash EEPROM and reprogrammable modules
Interstitial fluid methods and devices for determination of an analyte in the body
X-ray imaged implanted thermometers
Self contained ambulatory blood pressure cincture
Blood-pressure monitoring apparatus
Non-invasive estimation of arterial blood gases
Device and a method for measuring skin parameters
Male impotence diagnostic ultrasound system
Casting plate size measuring device for an orthosis
Ultrasonic diagnosis apparatus
Method and apparatus for dynamic noise reduction for doppler audio output
Miniaturized ultrasound apparatus and method
Preamplifier and protection circuit for an ultrasound catheter
Semi-automated segmentation method for 3-dimensional ultrasound
Ultrasonic tissue harmonic imaging
Purge system for flushing and disinfecting dental units
Dental prosthesis with multi-section infrastructure and method for replacement of teeth
Fitting for dental syringe
Dental bridge holder alignment mechanism
Method for producing dental replacement
Method and apparatus for simulating tooth movement for an orthodontic patient
Dental implant system and a method for its manufacture
Two-piece dental abutment with removable cuff
Resorbable implant
Apparatus and method for temporarily inserting a radioactive source in an animal body
Hearing prosthesis
Implantable device for treatment of tinnitus
Absorbent article fastening device
Intravascular filter retrieval device and method
Stent with high longitudinal flexibility
Radiopaque marker system and method of use
Prosthesis delivery
Bifurcated stent with improved side branch aperture and method of making same
Method of layering a three-coated stent using pharmacological and polymeric agents
Implantation device and a kit including the device
Radial pocket forming and insert positioning instruments, corneal marker, and method for using same
Rotatable IOL insertion apparatus and method for using same
Bone canal plug, method of making, and method of using
Interlocking spinal inserts
Methods and apparatus for stabilizing tissue
Male erectile prosthesis
Absorbent ice bag
Device for applications of selective organ cooling
Intravitreal medicine delivery
Surgical laser system microscope with separated ocular and objective lenses
Photoablative laser eye-treatment method
Thrusting rod
Body and joints massage device
Oxidizing composition and uses for dyeing, permanently setting or bleaching keratin fibres
Dye treatment solution and photodynamic therapy and method of using same
Alginate flavoring in a powdered form
Synthetic triglyceride filler material for surgically implanted prostheses
Guide wire with hydrophilically coated tip
Medical guidewire
Cardiac assist device using field controlled fluid
Rotary pump with exclusively hydrodynamically suspended impeller
Transthoracic drug delivery device
Method for low temperature thrombolysis and low temperature thrombolytic agent with selective organ temperature control
Guide catheter and guidewires for effecting rapid catheter exchange
Deflectable guiding catheter
Method for the medical treatment of the neurological system
Catheter having optimized balloon taper angle
Medical radiation treatment delivery apparatus
Medication dispensing system method
Compound delivery using impulse transients
Fluid container for use with platen pump
Needleless injector drug capsule and filling method
Safety syringe with retractable standard needles
Method and apparatus for synchronized treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
Method and apparatus for treating ventricular fibrillation using electrogram features
Ultrasonic plantar fasciitis therapy: apparatus and method
Hand-held cutting tool for cutting fiber
Exercise apparatus with elevating seat
Standup exercise apparatus
Squat exercise apparatus
Electronic exercise monitor
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Sound and light effects ball structure
Self-illuminated hop scotch game
Golf putter club
Golf putter
Golf club having a head with enlarged hosel and curved sole plate
Golf club head
Elastic swimming exercise device
Punching aid
Golfing aid
Paintball game field and method of play
Excavator play set
Length-adjustable tube, specially for ski poles or walking sticks
Jump tip apparatus for pool cues
Game machine apparatus and method with enhanced time-related display of pokemon-type characters
Shooting video game machine and shooting result presentation method
Game unit controller with handlebars
Game system and storage device readable by computer
Game or lottery with a reward validated and/or redeemed online
Hand manipulable device
Programmable toy
Building element for set of toy building blocks
Lighting apparatus for a model lighthouse
Hollow breakable object having a breakable dye absorptive coating
Performing Operations; Transporting
Machine and process for removing dissolved gasses from liquids
Vacuum receiver for separating particles in a gas flow having an inlet housing insertable and removable from an opening in a cover of the vacuum receiver
High efficiency gas scrubber using combined coalescing media and centrifugal cyclone
Centrifugal air filter
Automatic warehouse for supplying air to a clean air space
Process for adsorbing and desorbing a solvent contained in a natural gas from a dehydration process
Fluid separation process and separation system therefor
Glycol regeneration system having a pressurized reboiler to remove BTEX compounds
Integrated vibratory adapter device for providing multi-frequency oscillation of a vibratable working unit
Animal feed additive application utilizing foam
Valve disposition and configuration designed to improve color dosing response time in a process of coloring polyurethane products
Mixing impeller system having blades with slots extending essentially all the way between tip and hub ends thereof which facilitate mass transfer
Agitation apparatus with static mixer or swirler means
Refrigerating cycle or compressor having foreign matter collector
Electronic dust collector and air conditioner with electronic dust collector
Air cleaner
Centrifuge separation apparatus having a fluid handling mechanism
Semiconductor wafer manufacturing method and apparatus for an improved heat exchanger for a photoresist developer
Process for guidance, containment, treatment, and imaging in a subsurface environment utilizing ferro-fluids
Treatment of soil contaminated with hazardous residues
Apparatus for soil purification and remediation method for contaminated soil
Embossing roll cleaning apparatus
Device for hot-isostatic pressing of parts
Production of granules of reactive metals, for example magnesium and magnesium alloy
Holder blade and insert pocket opener
Quick attachment structure for drill shank
Tool driver and tools therefor
Router template guide alignment system and method
Multi-spindle lapping machine
Mirror grinding method and glass lens
Methods and apparatuses for mechanical and chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies on planarizing pads
Bearing substitute for wafer polishing arm
Substrate holder, method for polishing substrate, and method for fabricating semiconductor device
Apparatus for polishing outer periphery of workpiece
Processing machine
Substrate polishing with reduced contamination
Method for finishing spectacle lenses, and related device
Apparatus for grinding eyeglass lens
Hand-held sharpening device
Surface treating articles and method of making same
Abrasive grinding tools with hydrated and nonhalogenated inorganic grinding aids
CSP plate cutting apparatus
Liner and pin assembly for use with an apparatus for kneading or mixing materials
Segmented mold for pneumatic tires
Closed loop control of roll speeds in plastic sheet extrusion
Valve-gate bushing for gas-assisted injection molding
Stack mold
Closing unit for injection moulding machine
Electrical heater for use in a mold of an injection-molding machine
Thermoforming tool
Web clamp for thermoforming processes
Conduit-making apparatus with a variable diameter winding drum
System for delivering chopped fiberglass strands to a preform screen
Ball bat
Dust bag and method of production
Cover-platen opening mechanism
Ink ribbon, cartridge containing ink ribbon, and method of discriminating failure location from ink ribbon base film
Thermal transfer recording method and thermal transfer printer
Recording device and sheet material conveying device
Color ribbon for tipper apparatus and card-issuing system
Registration of paper in a curved paper path
Book production line
Binder assembly system employing an integral, book-like cover and adhesive channel
Versatile binder assembly with an exterior pocket(s)
Offset pen
Fountain-pen with double reservoir and plunger for filling the pen by means of suction
Solar crystal motion device
Tone wheel built in constant velocity joint
Automotive wheel bearing assembly and method for manufacturing the same
Hybrid drive for vehicles and the like
Hybrid powertrain with an integrated motor/generator
Device for the releasable fastening of seats, bench seats or other objects on the floor of a motor vehicle
Cargo ramp
Apparatus for securing objects
Side rail for flatbed trailers and trucks
Boxcar tiedown system using angled warp spikes
Exterior rear view mirror integral warning light
Motor vehicle light arrangement
Lamp housing assembly and method for assembling same
Vehicle image acquisition and display assembly
Vehicular wing mirror having a light-transmitting housing
Light tube running board lighting
Personal watercraft
Compressed-air-powered immersible prime mover providing impulse propulsion to pool cleaners, trolling boats, and scuba divers
Steam phase change waterjet drive
Exhaust arrangement for outboard motor
Boat drive with variable-pitch propeller
Refuse collection vehicle
Bottle neck alignment mechanism for an air conveyor
Splice sleeve for guide rails
Spherical object supplying apparatus
Carrier for a pneumatic tube transport system
Sheet feeding, folding and accumulating machine
Method for transferring an end of a material web
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Portable water recovery and dispensing apparatus
Burner and combustion method for heating surfaces susceptible to oxidation or reduction
Heat recovery apparatus and methods of use
Fly ash composition
Thermally conductive cementitious grout for geothermal heat pump systems
Shrinkage-reducing agent for cement compositions
Method of de-chroming and/or depleting the MgO content of steel slag
Dehydrohalogenative coupling reaction of organic halides with silanes
Golf ball
Ink composition containing at least two azo dyes
Solid phthalocyanine preparations
Jet ink composition
Ink compositions containing ultraviolet absorbers
Slurry composition and method of chemical mechanical polishing using same
Process for producing synthetic gasses
Fuel oil composition containing mixture of wax additives
Artifical firelog and firestarter chip producing apparatus and method and products produced therefrom
Enzymatic compositions and methods for producing stonewashed look on indigo-dyed denim fabric and garments
Method for operating moving hearth reducing furnace
Method of producing molten iron in duplex furnaces
Process for the production of liquid pig iron or liquid intermediate products of steel
Method for vacuum/reduced-pressure refining and facility for vacuum/reduced-pressure refining
Method for recovering gold from refractory carbonaceous ores
Dispersion strengthening by nanophase addition
Coated milling insert
Sintered alloy having superb wear resistance and process for producing the same
Three chamber load lock apparatus
Susceptor for float-zone apparatus
Insulating-containing ring-shaped heat shields for czochralski pullers
Method for forming a solid solution alloy crystal
Wafer heating device and method of controlling the same
Rapid low-temperature epitaxial growth using a hot-element assisted chemical vapor deposition process
Fixed Constructions
Device for marking delaminations and methods of use thereof
Poles and terminals equipped with connection to the ground with breaking point
Erosion control apparatus
Block with multifaceted bottom surface
Concrete finishing trowel with improved rotor assembly drive system
Tolerance-compensation device
Downhole oil-sealed bearing pack assembly
Interconnected cribbing system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary compressor
Positive displacement hydraulic unit with near-zero side clearance
Steam turbine controller having method and apparatus for providing variable frequency regulation
Integral ball bearing turbocharger rotor assembly
Method and assembly for connecting air ducts in gas turbine engines
Integral ceramic blisk assembly
Exhaust emission control for watercraft
Water jacket structure for an outboard motor
Injection system for watercraft engine
Air cleaner having a curved guide surface for airflow to an air cleaning element
Automatic engine-stop control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method and arrangement for controlling a drive unit of a motor vehicle
Radial piston pump for feeding high-pressure fuel supply
Reversible pump-turbine system
Linear compressor
Refrigerant suction structures for compressors
Variable displacement compressor having displacement controller
Pump for a cryogenic liquid and pump unit and distillation column which are equipped with such a pump
Load sharing valve and system for operating centrifugal pumps in parallel
Mechanical seal with flushing arrangement
Portable working machine provided with a centrifugal air blower
Ceiling fan
Blade mounting assembly for a ceiling fan
Axial flow fan and fan blade
Molten metal shaft and impeller bearing assembly
Pump with improved priming
Pumping-ejector unit and process therefor
Liquid-gas jet apparatus
Fastener with single-layered head
Screw tipped anchor assembly
Self-drilling, self-tapping screw for concrete blocks
Washer having stressed and unstressed strain gauges
Garment rack locking device
Tie rod end
Bearing structures for a motor rotor
Bearing assembly with housing cap and seal
Linear motion guide unit
Self-lubricating linear guide apparatus
Hydrodynamic type bearing and hydrodynamic type bearing unit
Motor having a plurality of dynamic pressure bearings
Rolling bearing
Temperature compensating carrier bearing assembly
Drive assembly with a constant velocity fixed joint and a damping element
Ball cam centering mechanism
Constant velocity plunging joint with anti-dismantling means
Dampening disk assembly with spring retaining plate
Toroidal type continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission unit
Torodial continuous variable transmission
Device for controlling an automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for providing synchronization of low to high shifts in a transfer case
Brush seal
Pipe holder apparatus
Decorative lights & method
Niche assembly for a pool and method therefor
Night lamp
Luminaire with transversely movable lamp support
Vehicle lamp fixture
Motor vehicle headlight with a transverse lamp, having an improved lamp mount
Combinable Christmas light
Interchangeable outdoor luminaire and method of assembly thereof
Planter and light assembly
Indoor luminaire assembly
Double-focus lens and vehicle lamp
Headlight assembly with angularly displaced reflector regions
Flashlight with rotatable lamp head
Light guide plate, surface light source and display using the same
Light-emitting diode display systems and methods with enhanced light intensity
Liquid fuel lamp
Transition inlet diffuser
Device for dynamic separation of two zones
Regenerator/burner system for heating a fuel-fired industrial furnace
Carbon fiber arrow and continuously winding method thereof
Air bag connector
Probed for measuring physical parameters of a fluid flow
Method for temperature measurement using dopant segregation into titanium silicide
Electronic thermometer with preheating
Thermal analyzing apparatus
Contact structure and production method thereof
Lighting system, and image display apparatus
Connector for optical fibers
Device that attaches to the boot of an optical fiber simplex connector to provide the connector with anti-snagging and/or polarity identification features
Cable connector plate and method for interconnecting ends of fiber optic cable
Mounting of an integrated optic circuit on a motherboard for the connection of optic fibers to form a miniature optical component
Electrooptical coupling component
Insulating divider and connector for hot plug adapter card slots
Computer connector that can provide both signal and power connection or only a signal connection
Method and apparatus for processing branch instructions in an instruction buffer
Chip card reading apparatus
Multi-functional communication and aggregation platform
Standard peripheral communication
Slot machine game with randomly designated special symbols
Methods for improving the effectiveness of toilet training
Talking facial display method and apparatus
Cardiac rhythm management system having multi-capacitor module
Article comprising enhanced nanotube emitter structure and process for fabricating article
Apparatus for handling and processing microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Anti-rotation ground terminal for weld nut
Two conductor split ring battery post connector
Electrical connector
Stacked modular jack assembly
Connector assembly for coaxial cables
Single-port connection and circuitry accepting both balanced and unbalanced data signals
Electrical connector
Hoodless electrical socket contact
ZIF PGA socket
IC package with quick connect feature
Half-fitting prevention connector
Mobile video device
Electrical connector with improved housing structure
Connector having waterproof structure
Sealing plug for a watertight connector and a watertight connector
Extension cord plug cover
Hermetic connection assembly
Wire spacers for connecting cables to connectors
Detachable power supply apparatus
Pigtailed scotchcast assembly
Communication cable terminating plug
Latch device for releasably locking mating electrical connectors together
Connector assembly
Electrical connector with combined shield and latch
Lever fitting-type connector
Electrical connector with circuit board ejector
Modular electrical connector with enhanced antielectromagnetic interference performance
Adapter with diversified plugs and rectifying function
Angled IDC lamp socket assembly
Contact-safe base-and-socket system for lighting fixtures
Cylindrical front access connector
Connector for coaxial cables with very fine conductors
Screwless terminal block
Electrical connector
Female to female CATV splice connector
Connector shell, connector assembly and method of fabricating same
Electrical connection box
Electrical equipment and method of assembling same
Construction of pillow
Information offering system for providing a lottery on a network
Electrical connector system with cross-talk compensation
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