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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Compact lawn mower
Header flotation and lift system with dual mode operation for a plant cutting machine
Landscape device
Spray catcher apparatus and method
Light emitting fishing lure
Device and method for casting
Fishing rod fixing device
Hunting garment having an inflatable seat
Chamois for athletic shorts having relatively elastic portion and relatively inelastic portion
Adjustable locking mechanism for protective head gear
Footwear of shoe structure
Positioning mechanism for positioning means, in particular of a shoe
System and method for hardening ballet shoes
Fold-in-half table with pivotally attached leg assemblies
Adjustable work surface support
Bucket holding apparatus and associated method
Beverage machine with height-adjustable device for controlling distance between beverage recipient and outlet
Vertical rotisserie sub-assembly
Shower water conservation apparatus
Squeegee device
Device and method for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease
Apparatus and method for spectroscopic analysis of tissue to detect diabetes in an individual
Methods and apparatus for delivering a drug influencing appetite for treatment of eating disorders
Spinal restraint device
Self warming mask
Reusable personal heating system
Padded backboard coverslip
Inhalation device for transpulmonary administration
Iontophoretic drug delivery device and reservoir and method of making same
Method of controlling an implantable neural stimulator
Enhanced methods for determining iso-loudness contours for fitting cochlear implant sound processors
Implantable cardiac stimulation system providing high output far-field pacing and method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fluid filter assembly with notched case
Method and process for providing a controlled batch of micrometer-sized or nanometer-sized coal material
High turbulence mill and bi-negative pressure turbine thereof
Process for separation of phosphatic materials from coastal beach sand
Wash liquid spray nozzles for pulp mat and method to assemble nozzle
Apparatus for forming carbon nanotube film
Multiple shape changing roller unit
System for forming multi-layer films using corona treatments
Pipe-cleaning device
Die separator cylinder
Method of producing a roller thrust bearing having a plurality of rows of rollers
Portable power drill with gearbox
Hand power tool with a percussion merchanism, and as a method of operating the hand power tool
Reciprocating electric shaver
Method and apparatus for delivering barcode-to-dose labels
Golf ball marker
Constant force mechanical scribers and methods for using same in semiconductor processing applications
Apparatuses and methods for providing hybrid steering for a vehicle
Construction machinery
Collision detecting system
Vehicular tool restraint apparatus
Wake control mechanism
Floating dry dock system
Propulsion and steering mechanism for an underwater vehicle
Structural support to underwater vessels using shape memory alloys
Method of wrapping a soap bar
Carrier puck
Biodegradable bags for packing foods available in high speed production
Head for a fuel filler pipe of a vehicle
Light-weight vacuum chamber and applications thereof
Self-orienting aerosol apparatus and method of cleaning a trash can
Drink supply container having an end member supporting gas inlet and outlet valves which extend perpendicular to the end member
Systems and methods for packaging media discs
Recording medium storage package having improved rosette
Food transport system and method
Disposable oil filter wrench
Dispensing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for partial shaping of flat glass or glass-ceramic articles and apparatus for performing same
Explosively driven low-density foams and powders
Processing apparatus and lid opening/closing mechanism
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine and lint removing apparatus thereof
Washing machine combined with dryer
Fixed Constructions
Crawlspace access panel
Flooring system with grout line
Floor panels with edge connectors
Wall panel with gusseted open frame
Roofing method for self supporting roofing plate
Absorber tower metal hood to concrete shell attachment
Awning wind deflector
Method for forming a culm block
Multi-point door lock and offset extension bolt assembly
Merchandise display hook
Mobile communication terminal having a hinge-reinforcing member
Opening and closing mechanism
System for preventing crime in high traffic areas and sites using low voltage power
Frame assembly for windows or doors with removable sash
Frame assembly for window with vertically sliding sash
Excluder ring for earth-boring bit
Wellbore pipe centralizer having increased restoring force and self-sealing capability
Selectably elevatable injector for coiled tubing
Apparatus and method for delivering a conductor downhole
Wellbore system extending through a salt layer
Full bore valve for downhole use
Circulation pump for circulating downhole fluids, and characterization apparatus of downhole fluids
Vibrating downhole tool
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid operated pump
Rolling bearing, cam shaft assembly and cam shaft supporting apparatus
Sound-attenuating muffler having reduced back pressure
Sound-attenuating muffler having reduced back pressure
Cylinder air-fuel ratio controller for internal combustion engine
Radial impulse engine, pump, and compressor systems, and associated methods of operation
Hydrogen G-cycle rotary internal combustion engine
Method and system for controlling a low-voltage-powered plug for preheating a diesel engine air/fuel mixture
Spring device with capability of intermittent random energy accumulator and kinetics release trigger
Piston dust boot seal for disc brake assembly
Anchoring sleeve assembly and method of use
Piston-cylinder assembly
Gearbox module
Hydraulic control for a dual clutch transmission
Hydraulic joint articulated device and use thereof with a heat radiator
Turntable and display apparatus
Door assembly for home appliance, electric oven using the same, and method for operating electric oven
Climate control system for vehicle berths and cabs
Refrigeration unit having an audio playback device
Rapid fluid cooling system and refrigeration device having same
Phase cooling method and apparatus
Short recoil semi-automatic shotgun
Pressurized air shooting device
Process for manufacturing double barrel shotgun barrels, and the resulting double barrels
Multiple part munition
Digital ruler with low-friction sliding contact
System and method for pipeline reliability management
Three-dimensional nanoscale metrology using FIRAT probe
Industrial robot
Apparatus for measuring a mechanical quantity
Method of vehicle operation in an environment of high psychological pressure
Sensor unit
Vehicle navigation system adapted to improved system upgrade procedure
Method of achieving high color fidelity in a digital image capture device and a capture device incorporating same
Fluid dispenser member
Volume measuring device and method
Method and apparatus for determination of oscillations on a rotating blade disc of a turbine
Method for determining the operability of a pressure sensor
Torque detecting device having magnetic shield for shielding magnetic noise
Vibration measurement apparatus and method
Soot collection quantity measuring device for diesel particulate filter
Method for estimating tire force acting on rolling tire
Method for detecting the magnetic flux the rotor position and/or the rotational speed
Digital image capture and processing system employing multi-layer software-based system architecture permitting modification and/or extension of system features and functions by way of third party code plug-ins
Distributed actuation allocation for large assemblies of implementation units
Swimming pool and spa heater control system and method
Selecting a first clock signal based on a comparison between a selected first clock signal and a second clock signal
Method and apparatus for synchronous signal transmission between at least two logic or memory components
Information processing apparatus and input operation apparatus
Electronic device with plural interface ports wherein one of the interface ports is used as an assist power supply port
Communication device that performs automatic failure recovery and automatic failure recovery method
Debug information provided through tag space
Reducing the effect of simultaneous switching noise
On-disk file format for a serverless distributed file system
Methods and apparatus to manage a cache memory
Compute node to mesh interface for highly scalable parallel processing system and method of exchanging data
Software management systems and methods for automotive computing devices
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory and method of managing information in information distribution system
System supporting multiple memory modes including a burst extended data out mode
System and method for parallel primary and secondary backup reading in recovery of multiple shared database data sets
Resource sequester mechanism
Disk array system
Ring-topology based multiprocessor data access bus
Peripheral unit management system, method and program recording medium therefor
Storage device control unit and method of controlling the same
Data transfer control device
Processor with multiple-pass non-sequential packet classification feature
System for distributing objects to multiple clients
System and method for communicating information relating to a network resource
Systems and methods for connecting video conferencing to a distributed network
Systems and methods for combined browsing and searching in a document collection based on information scent
Methods and apparatus for managing network traffic using network address translation
Method for controlling a computer using an embedded unique code in the content of CD media
Method and apparatus for universally accessible command and control information in a network
Method and apparatus for configuring systems
Systems and methods for uniquely and persistently identifying networks
Techniques for actively configuring programmable circuits using external memory
Thin instant messaging proxy interface with persistent sessions
Approximate fitness functions
Charging process management system
Bill depositing/withdrawing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Extensible navigation systems
Windows resource file parameterization system and method
System, method and software for creating, maintaining, navigating or manipulating complex data objects and their data relationships
Process and system for tracking versions of field documentation data collection configurations in a complex project workflow system
Litigation-related document repository
Fast, deterministic exact match look-ups in large tables
Techniques for JEDEC file information integrity and preservation of device programming specifications
System and method for connecting to a set of phrases joining multiple schemas
Method and apparatus for accessing a database through a network
Methodology for JEDEC file repair through compression field techniques
Method of modeling of faulting and fracturing in the earth
System and method for state restoration in a diagnostic module for a high-speed microprocessor
Simulation result verification method and simulation result verification device
User interface for semiconductor evaluation device
Fault detection and classification based on calculating distances between data points
Method for enhancing depth and spatial resolution of one and two dimensional residual surfaces derived from scalar potential data
Transient fault detection system and method
Lot start agent that determines quantity and timing for lot starts
Method and apparatus for planning a manufacturing schedule using an adaptive learning process
Method and apparatus for determining product-specific error and tool drift
Device for checking the position of a spindle in a machine tool
Data processing method for a memory pack of an internet microwave oven
Method for operating an internal combustion engine
Fuel injection control apparatus for internal combustion engine and method thereof, and fuel injection valve
Lithography apparatus and method employing non-environmental variable correction
Method and system for configuring an interconnect device
Object selection using hit test tracks
Virtual display driver
Technique for effectively selecting entertainment programs in a vehicle
Methods and apparatus for eliminating instability in intelligent assist devices
Utility-based archiving
Electronic fund transfer or transaction system
High-speed/low power finite impulse response filter
System and method to dynamically select and locate server objects based on version information of the server objects
Method, system, and program for using objects in data stores during execution of a workflow
System real-time analysis tool
Method and system for automatically prioritizing and analyzing performance data for one or more, system configurations
Server application components with control over state duration
Component self-deactivation while client holds a returned reference
Method for visualizing user path through a web site and a path's associated information scent
System and method for verifying the authenticity of a check and authorizing payment thereof
Method and apparatus using digital credentials and other electronic certificates for electronic transactions
Data retrieval and report generation system for foodstuffs
Vehicle tracking driver assistance system
Multi-panel display product
Flag restraint
Device for retaining a placard within a placard holder, and methods and systems thereof
Object positioning and display in virtual environments
Waveguide phase plug
Acoustic diaphragm and method for manufacturing an acoustic diaphragm
Pitch mark determination using a fundamental frequency based adaptable filter
Speech recognition with plural confidence measures
Low bit-rate audio coding systems and methods that use expanding quantizers with arithmetic coding
Integrated speech synthesizer with an automatic identification of speaker connections and identification method used thereof
Apparatus and method for speech recognition
Apparatus for synthesizing speech sounds of a short message in a hands free kit for a mobile phone
Optical disc drive which can firmly fix its tray module within its housing
Protective cover for a data storage disc and method of use
Disk cartridge and disk drive apparatus
Disk array apparatus
Method for providing a temporary deep shunt on wafer structures for electrostatic discharge protection during processing
Content addressable memory with priority-biased error detection sequencing
Method of manufacturing build-up printed circuit board
Method for producing a microcoil
Method for the synchronization of two digital data flows with identical content
Radio communication apparatus using adaptive antenna
Wireless modem processor
Extrinsic signal to shunt an acoustic driver in a cellular telephone, pager or the like
Method and system for conducting transactions between repositories using a repository transaction protocol
Method and apparatus for providing adaptive self-synchronized dynamic address translation
Method and apparatus for operating a computer in a secure mode
System for efficiently providing coverage of a sectorized cell for common and dedicated channels utilizing beam forming and sweeping
Integrated cellular phone, digital camera, and PDA, with swivel mechanism providing access to the interface elements of each function
Apparatus for forward beamforming using feedback of multipath information and method thereof
System and method for mobile configuration
Set-top box with out-of band modem and cable modem
Diversity branch delay alignment in radio base station
Systems and methods for forming and operating a communications network
Method and controlling the selection of base stations in a cellular radio telecommunications system
Apparatus, and an associated method, for paging a mobile station operable in a radio communication system
Repetitive paging from a wireless data base station having a smart antenna system
Method for controlling paging alert tone of a mobile station in a mobile communication system
Routing header based routing in internet protocol (IP)-cellular networks
Method for determining organization parameters in a wireless communication system
Method of fabricating multilayer printed circuit board
Apparatus for assembling camera module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Metastasis models using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a marker
Solvent system for pesticide products
Antibacterial and antifungal resin composition
Water-based microemulsion of a pyrethroid
Antimicrobial composition supported on a honeycomb-shaped substrate
Antimicrobial composition containing a haloperoxidase, a hydrogen peroxide source, a halide source and an ammonium source
Pesticidal composition
Antimicrobial activity of hops extract against Clostridium botulinum, Clostridium difficile and Helicobacter pylori
Method of shaping a spherical body
Use of structurally expanded cellulose to enhance the softness and retard staling of baked products
Dough product and method for improving bread quality
Cellulose-hydrate-based food casings impregnated with liquid smoke and process for producing
Dairy product and method
Method for treatment of fluent products
Refining of vegetable oil
Chocolate or compound coating with unique texture
Preparation of coated confectionery
Patterned chocolate coatings, methods, and apparatus for preparing same
Patterned chocolate coatings, methods, and apparatus for preparing same
Method and apparatus for removing toxic substances from waste marine products
Method and device for purifying protein containing waste water
Method for producing a savory flavor base
Method for producing enzyme-modified cheese flavorings
Method for reducing body fat accumulation in livestock or poultry
Powdered sweetener composition for animal feed
Feed composition for broilers and method for breeding broilers
Sensitive substance encapsulation
Stable, optically clear compositions
Particulate natural fruit product and method of making same
Process for producing sheetable potato dough from raw potato stock
Process for preparing fruit of the plant of Solanaceae capsicum
Pharmaceutical composition containing psyllium fiber and a lipase inhibitor
Isoflavanoid formulations for oral administration
Compositions containing dipepitidyl peptidase IV and tyrosinase or phenylalaninase for reducing opioid-related symptons
Plated meal with individually frozen ingredients and method of thawing and heating
Stable preservation method of powdered soft drink preparation and powdered soft drink preparation
Apparatus and methods for making multiple, complexly patterned extrudates
Use of spray-dried and freeze-dried sugarcane leaf essence in improving taste of flavored calcium supplements, foodstuffs, beverages, chewing gum, oral care compositions and calcium supplement
Use of spray-dried and freeze-dried sugarcane leaf essence
Fastener tape material bag utilizing fastener tape material, and method of manufacturing thereof
Method, apparatus, and composition for automatically coating the human body
Fragrance sampler insert
Method for mopping and scrubbing a surface using an apparatus for pesticide elimination and surface traction treatment
Apparatus and method for separating particles from a cyclonic fluid flow
Sterilizable flexible pouch package
Device for sterilizing of instruments
Membrane system for controlled tissue regeneration in cases of diseases of the periodontium
Synthetic polyester absorbent materials
Production methods for intraocular lenses with high pull strength fixation members
Oral care compositions comprising chlorite and methods
Method of preparing pharmaceutical artemisia extract and apparatus for electrical moxibustion using the extract
Treatment of skin or mucosa inflammation by topical treatment with preparation containing dichlorobenzyl alcohol
Programmed release ambroxol--HCl dosage forms
Fine cisplatin powder and process for the production thereof
Specific magnetosome, method for the production and use thereof
Composition and method for reducing the risk of carcinogenesis
Method of cancer treatment
Method of preparing active substances from nacre, products obtained which can be used in particular as medicaments
Polycationic polymers
Use of human chorionic gonadotropin in the treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma
Conformation-specific anti-von Willebrand Factor antibodies
Utilization of Wolinella succinogenes asparaginase to treat diseases associated with asparagine dependence
Combined meningitis vaccine
Immunological combination compositions and methods
Proteins encoded by polynucleic acids isolated from a porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus and immunogenic compositions containing the same
Method of producing a vaccine which raises an immunological response against a virus causing a porcine respiratory and reproductive disease
Immuno-reactive peptide CTL epitopes of human cytomegalovirus
Compositions and methods of treatment of neoplastic diseases and hypercholesterolemia with citrus limonoids and flavonoids and tocotrienols
Pharmaceutical aerosol formulation containing a particulate medicament, a propellant and substantially free of a surfactant
Ibuprofen-containing softgels
Therapeutic composition comprising an antigen or an in vivo generator of a compound comprising an amino acid sequence
Use of Xanthomonas liquid carbohydrate fermentation product in foods
Preparation of aqueous clear solution dosage forms with bile acids
Epithelial cell targeting agent
Biodegradable high molecular weight polymeric linkers and their conjugates
Method and a system for enhanced in vivo clearance of diagnostic and/or therapeutic agents by extracorporeal depletion, and the use of said agents for said purpose
Paramagnetic 3-,8-substituted deuteroporphyrin derivatives, pharmaceutical agents that contain the latter, process for their production, and their use for MR imaging of necrosis and infarction
Use of dispersions of magneto-ionic particles as MRI contrast media
Ternary ligand complexes useful as radiopharmaceuticals
Method of establishing the optimal radiation dose
Composition for hydrophobic cosmetic products
Dental fluoride foam
Antiperspirant product and method
Photoprotective/cosmetic compositions comprising benzotriazole, bisresorcinyltriazine and benzoazolyl/benzodiazolyl sunscreens
Use of particles in the composition of cosmetic products
Cosmetic compositions
Cosmetic composition comprising pigments and an antiperspirant and use of such a composition
Hair cosmetic composition
Process for decreasing the degradation of the color of oxidation dyed keratin fibers
Use of a volatile polyfluorinated solvent as a drying accelerator in cosmetic products
Aqueous cosmetic composition comprising a sulfonated polyester and a silicone compound
Systems and methods for local delivery of an agent
Drug preparations for treating sexual dysfunction
Sterilizable paste product for topical application
Liquid/powder acid concentrate for dialysate and a method of making the same
Glucoside paucilamellar vesicles
Water insoluble polymer based sustained release formulation
Preparations of non-steroidal analgesics
Sustained release dosage form unit having latex coating and method of making the same
Hydrogels containing absorbable polyoxaamides
Pharmaceutical capsule compositions containing loratadine and psuedoephedrine
Wound dressing gel
Bodies containing superabsorber polymers, methods of producing such bodies, and the use of such bodies
Heat disinfection of a water supply
Tissue adhesive suitable for spray application
Moth and insect repellant
Systems and methods which obtain a uniform targeted volume of concentrated red blood cells in diverse donor populations
Method for recirculation washing of blood cells
Reservoir-and-filter system and method of use
Method of preventing air from becoming entrapped within a filtration device
Leukocyte eliminating filter and method for manufacturing the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus for supercritical fluid extraction
System and column for performing polynucleotide separations using liquid chromatography
Methods of drilling a bore hole and dehydrating drilling fluids
Suction tube inlet with strainer
Accumulating automatic skimmer
Method for recovering hydrocarbons from tar sands and oil shales
Ultrasonic filter regenerating apparatus and method
Pressure regulating sludge filter
Fuel circuit with protected main filter
Fluid dispensing system having independently operated pumps
Photopolymer washout fluid solvent distillation apparatus and method
Filtering apparatus
Faucet attachment for treating water
Method for preventing an obstruction from being trapped by suction to an inlet of a pool filter pump system, and lint trap cover therefor
Modular filtration system having removable filter element
Process for increasing the reactivity of sulfur compound scavenging agents
Sequential adsorptive capture and catalytic oxidation of volatile organic compounds in a reactor bed
Method for oxidizing hydrogen sulfide to elemental sulfur
Membrane filtration module and membrane filtration system
Device for purifying a fluid
Electroplating machine
Treatment of contaminated liquids with oxidizing gases and liquids
Process for the preparation of microencapsulated products having organopolysiloxane walls
Catalytic and adsorptive-processes using containers for solid granular materials
Corrugated strip for cross-corrugated packing and its use in on-board distillation columns
Process for separating a substance from a mixture
Imprint-coating synthesis of selective functionalized ordered mesoporous sorbents for separation and sensors
Catalyst that comprises a clay and an element of group VB, and its use in hydrocraking of petroleum feedstocks that contain hydrocarbon
Thermoplastic elastomer carbon monoxide/olefin copolymers
Process and apparatus for hydrodesulfurization of diesel gas oil
Microfluidic devices and systems incorporating cover layers
Method for coating a resist film
Decorative surface treatment apparatus and method
Method of masking a surface from coating with a solid maskant and coating dispenser
Composite constructions having mixed organic/inorganic layers
Coated cast part
Method for making parts from particulate ferrous material
Ferromagnetic powder for low core loss, well-bonded parts, parts made therefrom and methods for producing same
Adaptable filament deposition system and method for freeform fabrication of three-dimensional objects
Apparatus and method for electrochemically etching grooves in an outer surface of a shaft
Precision spray processes for direct write electronic components
Device and process for shaping workpieces with laser diode radiation
Method for disposing a laser blocking material on the interior of an airfoil
Installation for metal cutting provided with a cutting torch and a capacitative sensing probe
Carrier head with a multilayer retaining ring for chemical mechanical polishing
Method for opening and resin-impregnation to produce continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin composite material
Method for manufacturing a multilayer plastic pipe
Process and apparatus for making papermaking belt using fluid pressure differential
Optical fibers and processes and apparatus for making the same
Plastic molding process and products produced thereby
Method and device for manufacturing plastic-based materials in web form, such as floor and wall covering materials, and also such material manufactured by the method
Process of making a homogeneous floor covering
Process and apparatus for manufacturing biodegradable products
Process and apparatus for coinjection molding of articles having complex shape
Method and mould tools for injection moulding a plastics material part in a packaging sheet material
Method for manufacturing a film-covered article
Applicator for applying sealant onto a glass block and method of use
Propylene resin sheet for thermoforming and process for preparing it
Method and system for bonding plastic parts together
Tire retreading machine
Method of manufacturing radial tire having wound band
Apparatus and method for assembling a plastic container for food products
Embossing and laminating irregular bonding patterns
Nb-Sn compound superconducting wire precursor, method for producing the same and method for producing Nb-Sn compound superconducting wire
Flexible aromatic polymide film/metal film composite sheet
Alclad inset into grooved ingot
Ceramic laminate material
Ceramic heat barrier coating having low thermal conductivity, and process for the deposition of said coating
Decorative composite structures
Polyvinylidene fluoride coated articles from resins formable at high temperatures
Backlit display composite film
Process for producing a cover skin for the instrument panel of a motor vehicle
Film condenser and metalized film
Foam board
Low emissivity products and methods for making same
Method of forming a thermoformable polypropylene foam sheet
Method of manufacture of a planar swing grill electromagnetic ink jet printer
Writable matte article
Luminous sticker having ornamental effect
Write-on/wipe off wall covering
Intaglio three-dimensioned solid molded sculpture
Prefabricated roofing element
Soundproof heat shield member for exhaust manifold
Food packaging enclosing removable prize
Microwavable package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
High purity alkali metal chlorite and method of manufacture
Process for recovering sodium nitrite
Process for the manufacture of thiophosphoryl chloride
Wet-process technique for refining phosphoric acid
Method of fabrication of complex alkali metal hydrides
Fullerene-containing structure and process for producing the same
Production method of silicon carbide particles
Process for the preparation of sodium fluoride
Solution mining of carbonate/bicarbonate deposits to produce soda ash
High speed manufacturing process for precipitated calcium carbonate employing sequential perssure carbonation
Non-fibrous potassium titanate and method for producing the same
Method of producing bismuth layered compound
Positive active material for alkaline battery and electrode using the same
Apparatus and method for treating liquids
Method and apparatus for producing electrolyzed water
Water purification apparatus
Methods for removing selenium from a waste stream
Method for manufacturing a structure with fine ribs
Colored film, colored film-attached glass product and process for producing the product
Reflection preventing glass plate and production method thereof and coating composition for reflection preventing
Forming a silver coating on a vitreous substrate
Method for coating an article with a ladder siloxane polymer and coated article
Method of producing solid articles of clay foam to be used in building
Method for fabricating textured ceramics
Magnetic material, inductance element using the same and manufacturing method thereof
Infrared radiation emitting ceramic material
Method for producing a sized coated ceramic fiber and coated fiber
Method for manufacturing a ceramic composite material
Fast-setting latex coatings and formulations
Preparation of ceramic thin films by spray coating
Process and apparatus for inflating airbags and remediating toxic waste gases
Process for the separation of 2-aminomethylcyclopentylamine from a mixture containing hexamethyldiamine and 2-aminomethylcyclopentylamine
Diagnostic and therapeutic alkylenediamine compounds and process
Light-emitting material for organic electroluminescence device, and organic electroluminescence device for which the light-emitting material is adapted
Attenuated microorganism strains and their uses
Materials and methods for intracellular transport and their uses
Recombinant swinepox virus
Methods for treatment of multiple sclerosis using peptide analogs of human myelin basic protein
Methods of inhibiting inflammation at the site of a central nervous system injury with alphaD-specific antibodies
Process for preparing cellulose from lignin-poor cellulose-containing feed stocks
Process for the preparation of microencapsulated polymers
Highly conductive molding compounds and fuel cell bipolar plates comprising these compounds
Polymeric compositions
Composite material comprising a self-adhesive composition coating layer
Hydrosilylation reaction curable organosilxane compositions
Compositions of high density polyethylene and poly(ethylene naphthalate)
Chemically substituted chromophores and fluorophores of high solubility and their use as fluid visualizing agents
Filler for use in paper manufacture and procedure for producing a filler
Recyclable cold curing aqueous coating composition and method for recycling it
Laminating construction adhesive compositions with improved performance
Pressure sensitive adhesive for packaging photographic material
Luminescent material
Ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
Metal passivation for anode grade petroleum coke
Esterification of acidic crudes
Process for hydrodesulfurization of diesel gas oil
Refrigerator oil compositions and fluid compositions for refrigerator
Method of making candles in a water bath
Isolation of cellular material under microscopic visualization
Isolation of cellular material under microscopic visualization
Method for ex-vivo expansion of hematopoietic cells
Human nucleotide pyrophosphohydrolase-2
Purified chitinases and use thereof
Topoisomerase I
Aqueous formulation for pretanning raw hides
Pivoting device with arm and control rod
Magnetic recording medium and magnetic storage device using the same
Ultra-high strength ausaged steels with excellent cryogenic temperature toughness
Copper alloy having improved resistance to cracking due to localized stress
Method of depositing electrode material onto a piezoelectric substrate whereby the substrate is masked and the unmasked portions are cleaned by a plasma or ion beam prior to deposition
Magnetron and target producing an extended plasma region in a sputter reactor
Method and device for manufacturing a thin film and magnestic recording medium
Plasma-enhanced vacuum vapor deposition system including systems for evaporation of a solid, producing an electric arc discharge and measuring ionization and evaporation
Method of removing accumulated films from the surface of substrate holders in film deposition apparatus, and film deposition apparatus
Gate electrode connection structure by in situ chemical vapor deposition of tungsten and tungsten nitride
Grade for cast iron
Apparatus for forming laminated thin films or layers
Apparatus and method for treating a particulate material within a rotating retort
Gas distribution in deposition chambers
Vacuum exhaust system
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate processing method
Processing apparatus and processing system
Metalization of non-hermetic optical fibers
Rolling or sliding parts
Mg-Ca sacrificial anode
Process for electrochemical oxidation of an aldehyde to an ester
Electrochemical gaseous diffusion half cell
Electrolytic pot for production of aluminum using the Hall-Heroult process comprising cooling means
Microfabrication process for making microstructures having high aspect ratio
Electrode for chromium plating
Cathode contact ring for electrochemical deposition
Anode design for semiconductor deposition
Apparatus and method for electroplating tin with insoluble anodes
Metal alloy sulfate electroplating baths
Precious metal deposition composition and process
Method of and apparatus for controlling fluid flow and electric fields involved in the electroplating of substantially flat workpieces and the like and more generally controlling fluid flow in the processing of other work piece surfaces as well
Anode having separately excitable sections to compensate for non-uniform plating deposition across the surface of a wafer due to seed layer resistance
Textiles; Paper
Flattened tubular monofilament dental floss
Treated textile fabric
Wastepaper deinking method using amine or acid salt of amine in the flotation stage
Apparatus for manufacturing papers with watermarks or patterns
Paper coating apparatus and method for coating paper
Process for regulating the breaking length ratio of a manufactured paper web
Bicomponent mats of glass fibers and pulp fibers and their method of manufacture
Process for improving printing paper
Fixed Constructions
Methods for spray-on insulation for walls and floor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Honeycomb structure seal for a gas turbine and method of making same
Friction member
Vibration and shock attenuating articles and method of attenuating vibrations and shocks therewith
Fluorescent fiber optic sensor element fabricated using sol-gel processing techniques
Material for establishing solid state contact for ion selective electrodes
Gas detecting apparatus having condition monitoring means
Potentiometric sensors for analytic determination
Detection of degradation of RNA using microchannel electrophoresis
Electrochemical measuring cell for detecting hydride gases
Detecting and analyzing apparatus for positive ions and negative ions in a liquid
Water-soluble fluorescent nanocrystals
Method of making a gyricon display using magnetic latching
Method of manufacturing polarizing plate
Method of fabricating devices using an attenuated phase-shifting mask and an attenuated phase-shifting mask
Process for fabricating a projection electron lithography mask and a removable reusable cover for use therein
Method and system for improving transmission of light through photomasks
Simplified process for making an outrigger type phase shift mask
Exposure dose measuring method and exposure dose measuring mask
Partial collective mask for a charged particle beam
Air quality chamber: relative humidity and contamination controlled systems
Multilayer, temperature resistant, composite label
Manufacturing process for a magneto-resistive head accommodating a narrow gap
Magnetic tape
Magnetic recording medium method and apparatus for producing the same
Application method
Optical recording medium
Method of manufacturing a nuclear fuel pellet by recycling an irradiated oxide fuel pellet
Method of manufacturing large-grained uranium dioxide fuel pellets containing U3O8
Polymer composites for overvoltage protection
Preparation of a magnetic layer
Method of producing substantially spherical magneto-plumbite ferrite particles
Process for producing Fe-B-R based permanent magnet having a corrosion-resistant film
Ion beam processing apparatus
Inductive-coupled plasma apparatus employing shield and method for manufacturing the shield
Apparatus and method for plasma processing
Plasma filter with helical magnetic field
Negative ion filter
Apparatus for forming an electrical contact with a semiconductor substrate
Circuitry interconnection method
Method and apparatus for use in assembling electronic devices
Method to plate C4 to copper stud
Methods of forming insulating materials, and methods of forming insulating materials around a conductive component
Surface mount circuit device and solder bumping method therefor
Method of rendering a substrate selectively non-wettable chip carrier with enhanced wire bondability
Semiconductor wafer etching method
Method for transferring a microelectronic device to and from a processing chamber
Reticle adapter for a reactive ion etch system
Surface trace electrical feedthru
Thin-film of a high-temperature superconductor compound and method
Composite electrode for electrochemical devices having a metallized glass or ceramic fiber current collector
Fuel cell cascade flow system
Electrochemical cell having beaded can
Secondary battery with sealing materials coated onto electrode tabs
Battery case
Alkaline cell with improved anode
Method and apparatus for dividing a conduit into compartments
Multilayer printed circuit board, method of producing multilayer printed circuit board and resin filler
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