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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Insect proof boards
Clip machine comprising a closure lever and a process for the production of a closure lever
Composition for coating fruits vegetables and fowl eggs especially useful for organic produce
Tomato products and process for their preparation
Canopy frame particularly applicable to deck chairs, garden chairs, beach chairs and the like
Footrest mounting arrangement for an article of furniture
Ceiling panel support apparatus
Container holder
Polymer endoscopic shaft
Apparatus and methods for securing tendons or ligaments to bone
Spinal plug for a minimally invasive facet joint fusion system
Controlling beam intensity in ophthalmic illumination systems using serial rotatable shapes
Bladder-based cuff for measuring physiological parameters and method of measuring physiological parameter using same
System and method for sensing in-vivo stress and pressure
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and method for controlling the same
Waist belt for absorbent garment
Method for treatment directed to agent retention in biological tissues
Stent and catheter assembly and method for treating bifurcations
Graft attachment assembly
Instrumentation and methods for use in implanting a cervical disc replacement device
Endovascular graft device and methods for attaching components thereof
Orthotic protective device
Methods of treatment with anitbodies to a chemokine expressed in inflamed adenoid
Antibody recognizing a small subset of human hematopoietic cells
Mutated ras peptides for generation of CD8.sup.+Cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Method of producing an HIV-1 immune response
Method of producing an HIV-1 immune response
DR3 antibodies
Methods for preventing reovirus recognition for the treatment of cellular proliferative disorders
Compositions having improved soft focus effect properties
Hydroxy-oligocarboxylic esters: effects on nerve and use for cutaneous and mucocutaneous organs or sites
Personal care composition comprising hydrophobic gel
Implantable preparations
Air purifying method
Dry heat convection sterilization system
Medical devices coated with porous carbon and methods of manufacturing the same
Dialysis connector with retention and feedback features
Implant system and method for bulking tissue
Template system for multi-reservoir implantable pump
Treatment methods utilizing inflatable dual balloon catheter
Methods of administering therapeutic injections
Catheter terminus protective cover
Syringe shield
Methods for quantifying the risk of cardiac death using exercise induced heart rate variability metrics
Golf putter with an adjustable handle and a shaft that rotates about the handle and method for using the same
Rotational and retractable golf putting device
Low deflection cue
Gaming machine having a persistence-of-vision display
Saving audio source identifiers for soundtracks in a gaming system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Box filter structure
Air filtering assembly for use with oxygen concentrating equipment
Hydrocarbon emission scavenger
Degassing apparatus
Carbon nanocomposite membranes and methods for their fabrication
Process for disposal of mercaptans
Apparatus for withdrawing permeate using an immersed vertical skein of hollow fibre membranes
Device for creating hydrodynamic cavitation in fluids
Method and system for measuring water hardness
Microfluidic device
Continuous porous bed centrifuge
Method and apparatus for coating a medical device
Process for coating metal sheet, especially zinc sheet
Dishwasher and corresponding control method
Sanitary manifold system and method for hygienically dispensing fluids
Method of cleaning dishes with cleaning compositions packaged in ethoxylated polyvinylalcohol materials
Metal nanoparticle with support, continuous metal nanoparticle body, and methods for producing these
Variable thickness plate for forming variable wall thickness physical vapor deposition target
Method and apparatus for dry-in, dry-out polishing and washing of a semiconductor device
Carpenter's square securing apparatus
Parts cooler
Conductively doped resin moldable capsule and method of manufacture
Molds for fabricating stents with profiles for gripping a balloon catheter
Nitinol frame heating and setting mandrel
Stamper for magnetic recording media, method of manufacturing magnetic recording media using the same, and method of manufacturing stamper for magnetic recording media
Method of making high temperature resistant models or tools
Method of and apparatus for producing micro lens and micro lens
Solution film-forming method
Porous bioactive glass and preparation method thereof
High temperature venting bags
Disk drive housing hole seal including a conductive layer with an exposed planar surface region
Manufacturing method of laminated metal plate and laminated metal plate manufactured by the method
Work carrier and method of processing a workpiece
Internal material of sole, shoe insole and boot
Polyethylene oxide and silicone copolymers and their usage on medical devices
Method for controlling the operation of a printer connected to an automatic sheet feeder or roll paper holder
Method for evaluating color mixing, image recording method, and image recording apparatus
Inkjet nozzle with ink feed channels etched from back of wafer
Fluid ejection device with resistive element close to drive circuits
Printing apparatus
Method and apparatus for driving printer head and image formation
Ink cartridge, ink jet recording apparatus and waste-ink cartridge
Inkjet image forming apparatus including cap member
Blade engagement apparatus for image forming machines
Inkjet printer cartridge refill dispenser with plunge action
Liquid container
Printing apparatus, printing system, and printing method
Test system for an inkjet refilling station
Binder spine
High tonnage ultra light mining truck with a greater load efficiency for off-road applications that comprises a lightweight power and traction system, a steering system and a lateral suspension and tipping system for the lightweight curved dump
Seal assembly for hub flange and slinger
Pivotable vehicle roof
Sunroof apparatus for vehicle
Seat device of vehicle
Collision barrier device for projecting loads
Side airbag cushion and method of manufacture
Scraper structure for vehicle
Truck mud flap suspension
Joint unit
Rowing oar system with articulating handle
Systems and methods for rotation of objects
Workpiece transfer method, workpiece transfer system and workpiece transfer device
Wheel lift system
Sheet delivery and sheet-processing printing machine
Sheet feeding apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for preparing carbon nitride C.sub.3N.sub.4
Aluminophosphate molecular sieve, its synthesis and use
Method and apparatus for isolating the radioisotope .sup.186Rhenium
Conditioning of ion exchangers for adsorption of oxoanions
System and containers for water filtration and item sanitization
Electrophoresis apparatus
Combination membrane/biolytic filtration
Fluid bed expansion and fluidisation
Anaerobic digestion apparatus, methods for anaerobic digestion and for minimizing the use of inhibitory polymers in digestion
Sialite binary wet cement, its production method and usage method
Inorganic fibers, fiber structure and process for their production
Vascular endothelial growth factor C (VEGF-C) protein diagnostic
Cerium oxide abrasive and method of polishing substrates
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Multiple side draws during distillation in the production of base oil blends from waxy feeds
Biochip and biomolecular detection system using the same
Device and method for detecting bioelectric signals from electrophysiologically active regions in spheroids
Ligand-regulable transactivation systems, methods of use thereof, methods of detecting estrogen receptor ligands, and methods of differentiating estrogen receptor ligand agonists and antagonists
Enhancement of mammalian embryo development
Method enabling use of extracellular RNA extracted from plasma or serum to detect, monitor or evaluate cancer
Multi-allelic detection of SARS-associated coronavirus
Biosensor with inorganic-organic hybrid polymer coating
Methods and kits for separation and detection of proteins in biological samples
Molecular characteristics of non-small cell lung cancer
Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia
Tungsten comprising nanomaterials and related nanotechnology
Method of forming metallic glass
Refilling method by ion beam, instrument for fabrication and observation by ion beam, and manufacturing method of electronic device
Process for producing ZnO single crystal according to method of liquid phase growth
Textiles; Paper
Paper production with modified silica gels as microparticles
Fixed Constructions
Gabion deployment
Method and apparatus for casting concrete elements
Double door release
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary heat engine
Gasket for the cylinder head of an engine of a motor-vehicle, with a structure of polymeric nanocomposite material, having integrated sensor capability
Scroll-type refrigerant compressor having fluid flowing from gas inlet to motor winding end chamber through intermediate jacket
Thermal module with centrifugal blower and electronic assembly incorporating the same
Splice bar for connecting cable tray sections
Bearing arrangement for absorbing axial loads
Lubricated bushing
Method of sealing a joint
Height-adjustable stand
Solar powered fluorescent gazing globe
Backlight assembly and display device having the same
Support frame for electrical apparatuses
Lighting device having a cylindrical lens
Vehicle headlamp
Current supply for luminescent diodes
Light guide device and backlight module using the same
Bulk-material cooler for cooling hot material to be cooled
Temperature determination of an away-facing surface of an object
Device and method for determining multiple analytes
Induced-charge electro-osmotic microfluidic devices
Nanodevice for controlled charged particle flow and method for producing same
Test system for analyzing body fluids
Hepatitis-C virus testing
Methods of monitoring treatment of BAFF-R related disease
Bioassay unit and substrate for bioassay
Compositions and methods for detection of antibody binding to cells
Corner cube chemical-biological agent sensor
Optical transceiver with frame ground and signal ground isolated with parallel plate capacitor
Optical transceiver module and duplex fiber optic connector
Protective temple covering
Cellulose ester film, polarizing plate and liquid crystal display
Selectable lens mechanism and camera having same
Method for imaging a lithographic printing form
Multilayered resist systems using tuned polymer films as underlayers and methods of fabrication thereof
Method and device for manufacturing relief printing plate terminal for seamless printing
Charge control agent, toner and toner producing method
System and method for manufacturing dental prostheses
Cyanine compound and optical recording materials
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having an insulating protective film covering at least a portion of a tile-shaped element
Method of producing electronic component comprising electrodes and ring residues
Die attach area cut-on-fly method and apparatus
Method for manufacturing multi-junction solar cell
Method for manufacturing a crystalline silicon layer
Method for introducing impurities and apparatus for introducing impurities
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate and semiconductor device
JFET device with improved off-state leakage current and method of fabrication
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor elemental device
In-place bonding of microstructures
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Aminoanthryl derivative-substituted pyrene compound and organic light-emitting device
Electric power source
Fuel cell endplate comprising current collector plate and fuel cell incorporating same
Three dimensional battery
Microfluidic biofuel cell
Electrically conductive cellulose composite
Guanidine derivatives as cations for ambient temperature molten sales in electrochemical power sources
Gas-liquid separating device and electric power generating apparatus
Fuel cell system and apparatus for supplying mixed fuel and water to the same
Method for operating fuel cell
Electro-catalytic recharging composition
Connection arrangement and method for optical communications
Electrical connector with integrated circuit bonded thereon
Connector assembly
Daisy chain cable assembly
Electrical connector
Electrical connector assembly with heat dissipating device
Lip stick universal serial bus flash drive with deploying and retracting functionalities
Memory card connector
Socket assembly with backplane
Electrical connector with magnetic module
Compatible electrical connector
Connector keep-out apparatus and methods
Electrical connector with improved crosstalk features
Socket connector assembly having lock-down indicator preventing overstressing
Terminal and a method for inserting the terminal into a compression connector housing
Adapter for a coaxial cable
Transmission image capturing system and transmission image capturing method
Host unit case with foldable front and rear walls and lower cover for a computer
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Oxidative stabilization of collagen containing materials
Herbicidal benzoyloxy carboxylates and carboxamides
Acylsulfamoylbenzamides, crop protection compositions comprising them, and processes for their preparation
Fungicide comprising 4-methyl-6-pentyl-2H-pyran-2-one
Substituted phenyluracils
Herbicidal sulphonylamino(thio)carbonyl compounds
Modified small RNA viruses
Method for using a vegetable biomass and a screw press to carry out said method
Recombinant hexose oxidase, a method of producing same and use of such enzyme
Method and markers for prognosticating efficacy of anticancer agents
Auxiliary genes and proteins of methicillin resistant bacteria and antagonists thereof
Method for inactivating non-enveloped viral contaminants with a photosensitizer by increasing viral permeability to the photosensitizer
Synthetic media for blood components
Antigen presenting system and methods for activation of T-cells
Cytokine and hemopoietic factor endogenous production enhancer and methods of use thereof
N-methyl-d-aspartate receptor channel blockers and method for identifying such
Directed maturation of stem cells and production of programmable antigen presenting dentritic cells therefrom
Human papillomavirus vaccine formulations
Recombinant eukaryotic plasmids containing allergen-gene and use thereof for the prevention and/or treatment of allergic diseases
Combination therapy for reducing the risks associated with cardiovascular disease
Derivatives of oligosides, their process of preparation and their applications
Tetracycline repressor regulated mammalian cell transcription and viral replication switch
Method for determining the prognosis of a patient with a neurological disease
Deepithelialized skin diffusion cell system
Dried chemical compositions
Stabilized nucleic acid compositions and methods of preparation and use thereof
Method for manufacturing an implant consisting of a carrier material containing medically active agents
Performing Operations; Transporting
Catalyst for purifying exhaust gas and process for producing the same
Method of improved mixing of a varicella-infected cell culture in roller bottles
Seamless capsule for synthesizing biopolymer and method for producing the same
Methods and devices for carrying out chemical reactions
Production of spherical catalyst carrier
Process for the selective oxidation of organic compounds
Method of making activated carbon derived from pitches
Silicon carbide foam with high specific surface area and improved mechanical properties
Light-controlled electrokinetic assembly of particles near surfaces
Sealing mat for multiwell plates
Devices and methods for detecting target molecules in biological samples
Liquid transfer apparatus
Elimination of photo-induced electrochemical dissolution in chemical mechanical polishing
Real-time control of chemical-mechanical polishing processing by monitoring ionization current
Photosensitive resin composition for rapid prototyping and a process for the manufacture of 3-dimensional objects
Composite materials with highly aligned discontinuous fibers, and methods of preparation thereof
Method for making positive working printing plates from a heat mode sensitive image element
Re-transfer intermediate sheet for thermal transfer printing
Non-photosensitive, thermally imageable element having improved room light stability
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet
Heat treatment method for obtaining imagable coatings and imagable coatings
Method for making a machined silicon micro-sensor
Method for fabricating micromechanical components
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Detectable polymers and methods for detecting polymers in Aqueous systems
Anaerobic biodegradation of unsaturated, saturated, aromatic and halogenated hydrocarbons
Method for improving thickness uniformity of deposited ozone-teos silicate glass layers
Optical glass and its use
Glass composition and substrate for information recording media comprising the same
Funnel glass for a cathode ray tube
Composite solder glass, filling material for same and methods of using same
Thermal gradient resistant ceramic composite
Light-weight pottery article
Probiotic soil additive composition and method
Color photographic developer concentrate
Photographic element, compound, and process
Solid mixed oxide composition containing molybdenum, cobalt and bismuth, which is suitable for the manufacture of acrolein from propylene by a redox reaction
Methods for the solid phase synthesis of combinatorial libraries of benzimidazoles benzoxazoles benzothiazoles and derivatives thereof
Continuous process for preparing optically pure (S)-3-hydroxy-.gamma.-butyrolactone
Dialkyl-halogenophenyl-substituted ketoenols
Assay method utilizing induced luminescence
Screening methods for presqualene diphosphate analogs
Homogeneous nucleotide amplification and assay
Amplification and detection of Legionella pneumophila targeting the mip gene
Cancer diagnostic method based upon DNA methylation differences
Gene sequence and method for distinguishing cordyceps sinensis
Process for preparing peptides and N-carbamoyl-protected peptides
Nucleic acid catalysts comprising L-nucleotide analogs
Peptide substrates for HCV NS3 protease assays
Pseudorabies virus protein
Methods utilizing mutant rev genes encoding transdominant repressors of HIV replication
ABC transporter
nadE from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Insecticidal protein fragments
Thermostable flap endonuclease derived from a hyperthermophile bacterium belonging to the genus pyrococcus
Polynucleotides encoding Staphylococcus aureus FtsA polypeptide
Yeast cells having mutations in Cav1 and uses therefor
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding Smad7
PTX sensitive G proteins, the production and use thereof
Glycine transporter
Camp-responsive transcriptional enhancer binding protein
DEAH-box proteins
Epithelial protein and DNA thereof for use in early cancer detection
Recombinant preparation of calcitonin fragments and use thereof in the preparation of calcitonin and related analogs
Cell systems having specific interaction of peptide binding pairs
Insulin derivatives
Canine factor VIII gene, protein and methods of use
Method for determining status of a cancerous condition by determining antibodies to NY-ESO-1 in a patient sample
Methods for detecting fohy030
Monoclonal antibody for immunoassay of detergents and their degradation products and its use
Method of reducing tube plugging using preactivated unsupported catalysts
Antireflective polymer and method of use
Accelerator for cyanoacrylates
Hydrosoluble silane or siloxane derivative-based copolymer
Laundry detergent compositions with cyclic amine based polymers to provide appearance and integrity benefits to fabrics laundered therewith
Fluorescence energy transfer and intramolecular energy transfer in particles using novel compounds
Use of mixed-crystal pigments of the quinacridone series in electrophotographic toners and developers, powder coatings and inkjet inks
Suspended delayed borate cross-linker
Hydrate inhibition
Grease composition
Open gear lubricants
Lubrication fluids for reduced air entrainment and improved gear protection
Vapor phase low molecular weight lubricants
Fabric softening compositions containing emulsified silicone
Cleaning agent for hard surfaces based on cationic polymer soil-release compounds
Hydroxy aliphatic acidic microemulsion liquid cleaning compositions
Bull's-eye tablet
Metal and fiberglass cleaning and polishing article
Synthetic detergent bar and manufacture thereof
Detergent compositions comprising an oxygenase enzyme and cofactor to remove body soils
Biological sample treating apparatus
Inertial impact drill for cytological applications
Mammalian cell two-hybrid system
Method for sequencing both strands of a double stranded DNA in a single sequencing reaction
Identification of eukaryotic growth-related genes and promoter isolation vector and method of use
Transcription coactivators
Evolution of whole cells and organisms by recursive sequence recombination
Culturing mammalian cells in contact with cell surface proteins
Compositions and methods of making embryonic stem cells
Neuronal progenitor cells and uses thereof
Method of culturing cells in suspension using lectins
Hybrid adenovirus-AAV virus and methods of use thereof
Three dimensional structure of a ZAP tyrosine protein kinase fragment and modeling methods
Assay and reagents for identifying anti-proliferative agents
Rnc from Streptococcus pneumonia
Gene encoding human Dnase
Protein-deamidating enzyme, gene encoding the same, production process therefor, and use thereof
Random mutagenesis and amplification of nucleic acid
Method for stabilizing nitrilase activity and preserving microbial cells
Pseudomonas putida amidase polypeptide useful for the production of chiral amides and acids
Treatment for the enhancement of bacterial exopolysaccharide recovery
Quantitative method for detecting nucleotide concentration
Recombinant oleandolide polyketide synthase
Process for increasing the production of penicillin G (benzylpenicillin) in Penicillium chrysogenum by expression of the PCL gene
Apparatus and method for detecting, quantifying and characterizing microorganisms
Reporter enzyme release technology: methods of assaying for the presence of aspartic proteases and other hydrolytic enzyme activities
Quick assay method for the activity of a plant-derived, asparagine residue-specific endoprotease
Human gene sequence of the down syndrome critical region of human chromosome 21, coding for a serine-threonine protein kinase (MNB), expressed in the neuronal regions affected in down syndrome
Use of extremely thermophilic DNA-polymerases
Methods for detection of nucleic acid sequences in urine
Method for diagnosing spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 and primers therefor
Aspergillus N-myristoyl transferase genes and polyeptides and uses thereof
Simultaneous measurement of gene expression and genomic abnormalities using nucleic acid microarrays
Differential Qualitative screening
Methods and compositions for linear isothermal amplification of polynucleotide sequences, using a RNA-DNA composite primer
STR marker system for DNA fingerprinting
Methods for diagnosing sepsis
PCR primers for the rapid and specific detection of Salmonella typhimurium
Method for evaluating oligonucleotide probe sequences
Method of determining a potential of a hyperglycemic patients of developing vascular complications
Method for fabrication of ceramic tantalum nitride and improved structures based thereon
Ultrathin deposited gate dielectric formation using low-power, low-pressure PECVD for improved semiconductor device performance
Plasma etch processes
Construction of a film on a semiconductor wafer
Method for depositing high density plasma chemical vapor deposition oxide with improved topography
Method for forming a titanium dioxide layer
Method and apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor device
Composition and method for cleaning/degreasing metal surfaces, especially composites of copper and aluminum
Method of making molds for manufacturing multiple-lead microstructures
Surface planarization of high temperature superconductors
Specimen preparation by focused ion beam technique
Cell analysis methods
Electrical excitation of label substances at insulating film-coated conductors
Method for measuring pollutant formation
Method and apparatus for measurement of binding between a protein and a nucleotide
Readout method for molecular biological electronically addressable arrays
Method for the detection of cancer and premalignancy conditions thereof
Rapid methods for identifying modifiers of cellular apoptosis activity
Methods and assay kits for detecting altered mononuclear cell phenotype related to a pro-tumor immune response
Method for detecting anti-GADII antibody and method for diagnosing cancer using said detection method
Specific binding assays using methyl orange
Color developing method, enzyme immunoassay using the color developing method, and immunochromatography incorporating the enzyme immunoassay
Method of determining volume dependent hypertension via reduction in phosphorylation
Process for determining a resistance to activated protein C
Alternative G-coupled receptors associated with retroviral entry into cells, methods of identifying the same, and diagnostic and therapeutic uses thereof
Color filter
Thin film transistor-liquid crystal display and a manufacturing method thereof
Process for producing prints
Method of manufacturing silver halide photographic emulsion, silver halide photographic emulsion manufactured by the method, and method of inhibiting aggregation of the emulsion
Photographic film element containing an emulsion with green-red responsivity
Photosensitive composition and color photosensitive materials
Color photographic developer concentrate
Generic phase shift mask
Photoresist compositions with cyclic olefin polymers having lactone moiety
Chemically amplified resist
Forming a pattern of a negative photoresist
Method for forming a pattern with both logic-type and memory-type circuit
Process for manufacturing microstructured bodies
Maskless photolithography system that digitally shifts mask data responsive to alignment data
Method and device for treating two-dimensional substrates, especially silicon slices (wafers), for producing microelectronic components
Resist developer saving system using material to reduce surface tension and wet resist surface
Methods and apparatus for stripping photoresist and polymer layers from a semiconductor stack in a non-corrosive environment
Method and apparatus of developing electrophotographic master plate for printing
Black magnetic composite particles for black magnetic toner and black magnetic toner using the same
Toner for developing electrostatic images
Coated carrier
Cylindrical lenticular image and method
Optical information recording medium and manufacturing method thereof
Method of making an SRAM storage cell with N channel thin film transistor load devices
Capacitor and dielectric ceramic powder based upon a barium borate and zinc silicate dual-component sintering flux
Particle controlling method for a plasma processing chamber
Apparatus and method for polishing a semiconductor wafer in an overhanging position
Furnace for continuous, high throughput diffusion processes from various diffusion sources
Method and apparatus for depositing material upon a semiconductor wafer using a transition chamber of a multiple chamber semiconductor wafer processing system
Method of liquid treatment of microstructures comprising bendable structural members
High resolution dopant/impurity incorporation in semiconductors via a scanned atomic force probe
Process for polycrystalline silicon gates and high-K dielectric compatibility
Method of integrated circuit polishing without dishing effects
Method to improve the roughness of metal deposition on low-k material
Eliminating etching microloading effect by in situ deposition and etching
Method for enhancing adhesion of photo-resist to silicon nitride surfaces
Methods of forming carbon-containing layers
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Hydrogen passivation of chemical-mechanically polished copper-containing layers
High pressure reoxidation/anneal of high dielectric constant materials
Process for forming a silicon-germanium base of heterojunction bipolar transistor
Method and device for improved salicide resistance on polysilicon gates
Method for forming bridge free silicide
Method of forming a self-aligned silicide on a semiconductor wafer
Method for fabricating thin film at high temperature
Thermal annealing method for forming metal silicide layer
Method of increasing gate surface area for depositing silicide material
Semiconductor device and its wiring and a fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing same
Method for using CMP process in a salicide process
Method to form an L-shaped silicon nitride sidewall spacer
Method of making thin film field effect transistors
Method of using phosphorous to getter crystallization catalyst in a p-type device
JFET structure and manufacture method for low on-resistance and low voltage application
Attaching heat sinks directly to flip chips and ceramic chip carriers
Ball grid assembly with solder columns
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices having solder bumps with reduced cracks
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Self-aligned copper silicide formation for improved adhesion/electromigration
Low profile integrated circuit packages
Method and apparatus with heat treatment for stripping photoresist to eliminate post-strip photoresist extrusion defects
Manufacturing metal dip solder bumps for semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing contact pad
Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory device capable of improving isolation characteristics
Method of sidewall capping for degradation-free damascene trenches of low dielectric constant dielectric by selective liquid-phase deposition
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Dual-damascene dielectric structures and methods for making the same
Dielectric adhesion enhancement in damascene process for semiconductors
Selective slurries for the formation of conductive structures
Plasma treatment to reduce stress corrosion induced voiding of patterned metal layers
Method of fabricating a DRAM storage node on a semiconductor wafer
Method of manufacturing a cup-shape capacitor
Method for making an enlarged DRAM capacitor using an additional polysilicon plug as a center pillar
CMS coated microelectronic component and its method of manufacture
Method for improving attachment reliability of semiconductor chips and modules
Method of arranging the staggered shape bond pads layers for effectively reducing the size of a die
Method of forming and electrically connecting a vertical interdigitated metal-insulator-metal capacitor extending between interconnect layers in an integrated circuit
Method to create a copper dual damascene structure with less dishing and erosion
Integrated circuit, components thereof and manufacturing method
Formation of highly activated shallow abrupt junction by thermal budget engineering
Semiconductor power device manufacture
Non-contact method for monitoring and controlling plasma charging damage in a semiconductor device
Semiconductor processing methods and semiconductor defect detection methods
Two-dimensional scaling method for determining the overlay error and overlay process window for integrated circuits
Semiconductor processing workpiece support with sensory subsystem for detection of wafers or other semiconductor workpieces
Method to provide low dielectric constant voids between adjacent conducting lines in a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating contacts in a semiconductor device
Method for fabricating high-density and high-speed nand-type mask roms
Method for manufacturing electronic devices having HV transistors and LV transistors with salicided junctions
Poly gate process that provides a novel solution to fix poly-2 residue under poly-1 oxide for charge coupled devices
Method of fabricating a trench capacitor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for forming self-aligned code structures for semi conductor devices
Method for forming contactless MOS transistors and resulting devices, especially for use in non-volatile memory arrays
Viable memory cell formed using rapid thermal annealing
Method of manufacturing a nonvolatile memory
Method of making select gate self-aligned to floating for split gate flash memory structure
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing shallow trench isolation
Semiconductor substrate manufacturing method
Method for fabricating trench isolation and trench substrate contact
Method of forming shallow trench isolation structure
Implant method to improve characteristics of high voltage isolation and high voltage breakdown
Methods of forming trench isolation regions having stress-reducing nitride layers therein
Method of manufacturing shallow trench isolation structure
Shallow trench isolation formation with sidewall spacer
Method for manufacturing shallow trench isolation
Bulk and strained silicon on insulator using local selective oxidation
Use of an insulating spacer to prevent threshold voltage roll-off in narrow devices
Use of an oxide surface to facilitate gate break on a carrier substrate for a semiconductor device
Multichip module packaging process for known good die burn-in
Method for cooling the backside of a semiconductor device using an infrared transparent heat slug
Method of manufacturing a cooling structure of a multichip module
Method of forming integrated circuit with evaluation contacts electrically connected by forming via holes through the chip, and bonding the chip with a substrate
Hybrid frame with lead-lock tape
Formation of air gap structures for inter-metal dielectric application
Method to deposit a platinum seed layer for use in selective copper plating
Method of making a dual damascene anti-fuse with via before wire
Method of designing and structure for visual and electrical test of semiconductor devices
Method of testing and packaging a semiconductor chip
Method to increase the clear ration of capacitor silicon nitride to improve the threshold voltage uniformity
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method of manufacturing complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor photosensitive device
All-vapor processing of p-type tellurium-containing II-VI semiconductor and ohmic contacts thereof
Substrate materials
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew