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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Treating neoplasms with neurotoxin
Methods and compositions for inhibiting tumorigenesis
Spirohydantoin compounds and methods for the modulation of chemokine receptor activity
Measurement of neural functionality using phase sensitive optical reflectometry
Method of registering pre-operative high field closed magnetic resonance images with intra-operative low field open interventional magnetic resonance images
Catheter imaging probe and method
Therapeutic use of resveratrol for hyperglycemia
Use of tellurium compounds for inhibition of interleukin-converting enzyme
Chroman-derived anti-androgens for treatment of androgen-mediated disorders
Substituted indole derivatives for pharmaceutical compositions for treating respiratory diseases
Compounds for inflammation and immune-related uses
Azoles as malonyl-CoA decarboxylase inhibitors useful as metabolic modulators
Vanilloid receptor ligands and their use in treatments
Substituted 2-(2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-yl)-phthalimides and 1-oxoisoindolines
Methods for treating cancer
Phosphorous containing compounds including triphenylmethylphosphonate esters for the treatment of melanoma and other cancers
Stimulation of vascularization with VEGF-B-186
Idraparinux (SanOrg34006) for treatment of venous events in patients with deep venous thrombosis
Methods and compositions for delivery of pharmaceutical agents
Colloidal suspension of nanoparticles based on an amphiphilic copolymer
In vivo synthesis of connective tissues
Rhenium-188 and rhenium-186 for treatment of tumors expressing a Na.sup.+/I.sup.- symporter
Solid dispersions comprising aphrons
Phosphatidyl oligoglycerols
Closed-loop control of cardioprotective pre-excitation pacing
Power supply monitoring for an implantable device
Methods and systems for connecting electrical leads to an implantable medical device
Wireless intravascular medical device with a double helical antenna assembly
Algorithm for the automatic determination of optimal pacing intervals
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stepped electric field detector
Method for preparing organic ligand-capped titanium dioxide nanocrystals
Solid catalysts and fuel cell employing the solid catalysts
Method of manufacturing multicomponent nanoparticles
Image forming apparatus for forming a latent image on an image carrier
Optical disk image forming apparatus and optical disk image forming method
Rubber composition for coating steel cord and tire having belt using same
Wireless sensing system
System and method for verifying fuel cap engagement
Automatic brake light safety system
LED aviation warning light with fault detection
Remote engine starting system and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and thermodynamic inhibitors of gas hydrates in water-based fluids
Process for the production of para-diethylbenzene
Process for preparing substituted biphenyls
Synthesis of bis(thio-hydrazide amide) salts
Homogenous process for the hydrogenation of carboxylic acids and derivatives thereof
Isoquinolinone potassium channel inhibitors
Nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds and process for making nitrogenous heterocyclic compounds and intermediates thereof
Pyrrolo-pyridine kinase modulators
Process for the enantiomeric enrichment of cis-8-benzyl-7,9-dioxo-2,8-diazabicyclo[4.3.0]nonane
Synthesis of sodium narcistatin and related compounds
Process for producing optically active cyclopropane compound and asymmetric copper complex for use in the same
Process for producing substituted metallocene compounds for olefin polymerization
Methods and compositions for bone marrow stem cell-derived macrophage delivery of genes for gene therapy
BTL-II nucleic acids
Adiponectin variants
Tumor suppressor gene, p47ING3
Optical film, polarizing plate and display device using the same, and manufacturing method thereof
Eraser composition for de-flakes
Coating composition based on thiol-NCO curing
Benzophenone/thioxanthone derivatives and their use in photopolymerizable compositions
Resin composition, resin cured product, and liquid discharge head
Adhesive for polarizing plate, polarizing plate, manufacturing method therefor, optical film and image display
Multicomponent lubricant composition for processing rigid vinyl chloride polymers
Low temperature curable polyurethane compositions containing uretdione groups
Process for the preparation of sulfonate and sulfonate salt capped polyarylate resins with improved flow
Cyclic alkyl substituted glycolides and polylactides therefrom
Sulfur-containing cyclic olefin resin and its production method
Curable composition
Process of making polymer blends
Cure accelerators for anaerobic curable compositions
Rubber composition for tire tread and pneumatic tire using the same
Glyphosate-N-acetyltransferase (GAT) genes
Transcription factor stress-related proteins and methods of use in plants
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with improved control system
Surface position measuring system, exposure method and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Rotary sensor with rotary sensing element and rotatable hollow magnet
Solid-state laser gyro having orthogonal counterpropagating modes
Transspectral illumination
Devices in miniature for interferometric use and fabrication thereof
Defect detection using time delay lock-in thermography (LIT) and dark field LIT
Detection device and image forming device
Infrared sensor unit and process of fabricating the same
Inspection system
Systems and methods for determining level and/or type of a fluid
Surface defect inspection method and apparatus
Systems for improving a spatial resolution of an image
Computed tomography method and apparatus for a dynamic image of a moving site
Transgenic mouse expressing arctic mutation E693G
Out-of-line measurement of a current flowing through a load
Potential measurement apparatus and image forming apparatus
Test strip reader system and method
Testing method for semiconductor device having ball-shaped external electrode
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Methods and apparatus for testing electronic circuits
Magnetic sensor with offset magnetic field
Short range radar small in size and low in power consumption and controlling method thereof
Pulse radar ranging system
Mode S secondary surveillance radar system
Method for small-scale fishing boat equipped with radar receiver to avoid ship collision and the radar receiver therefor
Methods and systems for conducting near-field source tracking
Vertical seismic profiling method utilizing seismic communication and synchronization
Resistivity measurement through metal casing using magnetic field and magnetoacoustic phenomena
Apparatus for producing nuclear spin-polarized noble gas, nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, and nuclear magnetic resonance imager
Method for reducing the coupling during reception between excitation and receive coils of a nuclear quadrupole resonance detection system
Projection objective of a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Display device having an array of spatial light modulators with integrated color filters
Light scanning apparatus that stops driving oscillation mirror when change of amplitude of oscillation mirror exceeds predetermine value
Image pickup lens and image pickup device
ND filter
Method and apparatus for treating a mating portion of a fiber optic connector
Microelectromechanical device and method utilizing nanoparticles
Thermally tunable optical dispersion compensation devices
Optical reception apparatus and controlling method thereof
Optical device and system and method for fabricating the device
System and method for display device with reinforcing substance
Liquid crystal diffraction lens element and optical head device
Liquid crystal display apparatus comprising a slide mounting bracket
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid crystal display comprising a light guiding plate comprising a protrusion and method having the same
Liquid crystal display including a bezel having sidewalls and sub-sidewalls
Backlight module and liquid crystal display using the same
Liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display with color sector backlighting
Thin film transistors substrate and liquid crystal display having the same
Terahertz optical gate
Method and apparatus for generating terahertz wave
Apparatus for and method of delivering visual image into air
Scanning exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus, image forming system, and method of controlling image forming apparatus
Sheet material discrimination apparatus, sheet material information output apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Toner density estimating method and apparatus using toner image and toner supplying method and apparatus
Image-forming apparatus and multiple sheet curl correcting sheet-receiving units
Toner cartridge, and shutter structure for the same
Image forming apparatus
Leakage prevention member and cleaning device
Cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Single day alarm clock
Method of optimizing servo controller power in two-dimensional flexure MEMS storage device
Switching regulator with an adjustable output regulator circuit and a constant output regulator circuit
Driver for a power converter and a method of driving a switch thereof
Low-voltage IC-circuit
Buffer for disk drive and disk drive assembly having the same
Mobile hard disk box
Polychromatic encoding system, method and device
Methods and systems for sharing multimedia application data by a plurality of communication devices
Portable terminal device with pointing device
Image transmitting apparatus, image transmitting method, and computer readable medium storing program for image transmission
Averaging circuit apparatus, error signal generation system and method of averaging an error signal
Image processing method and apparatus
System and method for determining physical characteristics of an unrestrained animal
Automatic optimal view determination for cardiac acquisitions
Method and system for composing a digital signature graphic appearance and specifying a document display location thereof
Image reading apparatus
Method for tracking blood vessels
System and method for automated correction of digital images
Finding images with multiple people or objects
Method for changing the dimensions of an electronically stored image
Method and apparatus for image processing
Image processing method and device
Apparatus and method for generating coded block pattern for alpha channel image and alpha channel image encoding/decoding apparatus and method using the same
Image enhancement employing partial template matching
Selection of images for image processing
Systems and methods for power efficient situation aware seismic detection and classification
Method and system for lighting control
Remote communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, wireless communication systems, wireless communication methods, radio frequency identification device communication methods, and methods of forming a remote communication device
Antenna having loop and helical structure and RFID tag using the same
Music and math teaching system
Plasma display apparatus
Load drive circuit and display device using the same
Plasma display panel comprising energy recovery circuit and driving method thereof
Driving method of a display panel
Method for driving plasma display panel
Display apparatus and display driving method for enhancing grayscale display capable of low luminance portion without increasing driving time
Plasma display device and processing method thereof
Plasma display apparatus and method of driving the same
Apparatus and method of video signal processing for matrix display apparatus
Multi-layer display device using dot field applicators
Variable volume between flexible structure and support surface
Active matrix type display device
Image display device
Color interpolation algorithm
Centralized information management based upon position information
Rotation and scaling optimization for mobile devices
Foldable music pedal
Musical instrument harness
Disk device
Storage system controlling power supply module and fan
Communications channel with programmable coupling
Disk drive comprising gray code implemented with servo bursts
Narrow track read sensor
Optical storage system
Optical head device and optical information recording or reproducing device
Method and apparatus for reproducing data of super resolution information storage medium
Recording medium with segment information thereon and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, and reproducing the recording medium
CMOS SRAM/ROM unified bit cell
Device for protecting SRAM data
Electromechanical memory, electric circuit using the same, and method of driving electromechanical memory
Flash memory device and method of testing a flash memory device
Semiconductor memory device having a floating storage bulk region capable of holding/emitting excessive majority carriers
Highly linear bootstrapped switch with improved reliability
Device for refreshing memory contents
Semiconductor memory device and write control method thereof
Apparatus and process for treating dielectric materials
Lithography system and projection method
Flame retardant wire and cable
Control of eddy currents in magnetic vias for inductors and transformers in integrated circuits
Light-emitting keyboard
Shape memory alloy wire latch actuator
Electron emission display (EED) and method of driving the same
Plasma panel comprising cement partition barriers
Plasma display apparatus omitting an exhaust unit
Plasma display panel
Filter and plasma display device
Single layer construction for ultra small devices
Radiation window with coated silicon support structure
Three-dimensional imaging using electron beam activated chemical etch
CMOS well structure and method of forming the same
Integral patterning of large features along with array using spacer mask patterning process flow
Method and system for etching a high-k dielectric material
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for processing thin metal layers
Method for depositing tungsten-containing layers by vapor deposition techniques
Fabrication method for memory device
Vertically integrated field-effect transistor having a nanostructure therein
Semiconductor package, including connected upper and lower interconnections
Audio power amplifier package
Multichip sensor
Methods and structures for interconnect passivation
Micro pin grid array with pin motion isolation
Micro universal serial bus (USB) memory package
Solid-state imaging device and method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device
Package level noise isolation
Semiconductor apparatus
Programmable switch circuit and method, method of manufacture, and devices and systems including the same
Semiconductor device equipped with semiconductor circuits composed of semiconductor elements and processes for production thereof
Solid state imaging device
Thin film transistor having an island like semiconductor layer on an insulator
AC-driven light emitting device having single active layer structure and manufacturing method thereof
Structure of a micro electro mechanical system and the manufacturing method thereof
Method for forming semiconductor contacts
Ion implantation mask and method for manufacturing same, silicon carbide semiconductor device using ion implantation mask, and method for manufacturing same
Component arrangement including a power semiconductor component having a drift control zone
Display device and method for manufacturing the same, and television receiver
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Circuit arrangement for a photovoltaic system
Structural element having a porous region at least regionally provided with a cover layer and its use as well as method for setting the thermal conductivity of a porous region
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Substrate for an organic field effect transistor, use of said substrate, method of increasing the charge carrier mobility, and organic field effect transistor (OFET)
Organic compound and organic light-emitting element
Measurement system for measuring cylinder pressure in an internal combustion engine
Organic light-emitting device
Variable power coupling device
Metamaterial having the capability of broadband left-hand guidance of electromagnetic waves
Dual band loop antenna
Single pole vertically polarized variable azimuth beamwidth antenna for wireless network
Electrical wiring block system
Optical pick-up apparatus and optical disk apparatus
Variable wavelength light source
Modular fiber-based chirped pulse amplification system
Protector for wire harness
Sealing element for sealing a strand-shaped body in an aperture of a wall
Earth leakage breaker
Superconductor component with improved electrical contact
Inverter with time counting function
Method and arrangement for controlling a switching connection between the electrical outputs of a fuel cell and an isolated electrical network
Redundant power supply system
Power supply device
Voltage-source inverter apparatus utilizing ripple voltage
Discharge circuit
Apparatus and implementation of a battery in a non volatile memory subsystem
Back-gate voltage generator circuit, four-terminal back gate switching FET, and charge and discharge protection circuit using same
Charging a portable electrical device
Brushless, windingless rotor, variable reluctance, electromechanical machines, having wound-field excitation
Power wrench
Stator, motor and record medium drive apparatus and method of fabricating stator
Direct drive for a cylinder of a converting machine
Motor having improved mounting structure
Vibration motor holding structure and vibration motor
Method for operating a converter circuit
Power supply driver circuit
Motor drive architecture for high frequency AC bus
Motor control amplifier
Electrical generator
Signal offset cancellation
Method and apparatus for determining latch position for decision-feedback equalization using single-sided eye
Elastic wave device
Low-noise, temperature-insensitive, voltage or current input, analog front end architecture
Input buffer for multiple differential I/O standards
Techniques for configuring programmable logic using on-chip nonvolatile memory
Multi-speed ring oscillator
Apparatus for distributing a signal
Receiving method and receiver
DLL circuit, semiconductor memory device using the same, and data processing system
Method and apparatus for entropy coding and decoding
Receiving circuit and receiving method
System and method for high-speed decoding and ISI compensation in a multi-pair transceiver system
Multiple processor communication circuit cards and communication devices that employ such cards
Cellular communications network optical cross-connect switching architecture
Adaptive modem
Display interface of mobile telecommunication terminal
Adaptive filter for transmit leakage signal rejection
Encoding circuit
System and method for frequency translation using an image reject mixer
Optical transceiver tester
Laser source for a passive optical network
Resource optimized live to virtual communications
Electronic apparatus, computer system, and communication control method
Local area network having multiple channel wireless access
Digital satellite receiver and method for switching among multiple receiver antennas using diversity circuitry
Power control for a digital broadcast receiving terminal
Method for using a base station to selectively utilize B and D channels to support a plurality of communications
Channelization code determination by a user equipment
Medium access control unit
Broadcasting signal receiving apparatus for providing combined channel list for digital and analog signal and control method thereof
Broadcast monitoring system and method for intelligent optimization
Passive optical network system and ranging system thereof
Method and system for multi-program clock recovery and timestamp correction
Phase-locked loop for maintaining system synchronization through packet dropout
UMTS receiver symbol synchronization
Method for detecting a signal propagation time between a mobile radio terminal and a base station
Policy calendar
Systems and methods for efficient multicast handling
Semiconductor device
Methods for marking images
Determination of the time delay and/or power of a multicarrier signal
Transcoding SMS-based streamed messages to SIP-based IP signals in wireless and wireline networks
Fault-tolerant broadcast router
Synchronization system and method
Sound packet reproducing method, sound packet reproducing apparatus, sound packet reproducing program, and recording medium
Method and apparatus for automatic verification of a zone configuration of a plurality of network switches
GMPLS control of ethernet
Ring network with variable token activation
Packet forwarding apparatus and method for multicast packets
Method of blocking network attacks using packet information and apparatus thereof
Communication device and communication method
Synchronization technique for exchanging data with a mobile device that conserves the resources of the mobile device
Error masking for data transmission using received data
PCM-based data transmission system and voice/data communication switching method
Method and apparatus for control of transmitter power consumption
Digital transmitter with data stream transformation circuitry
Mobile communication terminal and operating method thereof
Body rotation type portable terminal
Mobile communication terminal
Universal speakerphone with adaptable interface
Authentication of mobile station
RF radio and method for monitoring warning alert data
Portable cellular phone system having automatic initialization
Method and system for automated call diversion
System and method for controlling financial transactions over a wireless network
Image forming device
Image processing apparatus and method thereof
Image forming apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing apparatus administration information display method, system, program and storage medium
Method and apparatus for real time testing of DTV antenna transmitting systems in time domain under full power
Solid-state image pickup apparatus with signal charge transfer adaptive to an image shooting condition
Luminance signal processing device
Image sensing apparatus and method of controlling the same
Portable communication apparatus with camera and extended optical path
Node management system and node managing program using sensing system
Image pick-up apparatus with a shake reducing function
Optical equipment and its control method, and computer-readable storage medium
Image acquisition apparatus
Solid-state imaging device and method for driving the same
Method and apparatus for remote control of audio visual systems
Information recording method, information recording medium, and information reproducing method, wherein information is stored on a data recording portion and a management information recording portion
Digital video record/playback apparatus and playback method thereof
Method and apparatus for detecting chroma field motion in a video signal
Information access system and active-type contactless information storage device
Sounding device
Local area network having multiple channel wireless access
Method of controlling access to a communications medium
Transmitted packet replenishment system and transmitted packet replenishing method
System and method for implementing a media independent handover
Spatial puncturing apparatus, method, and system
Heating device for heating a patient's body
EL display device having pixel electrode with projecting portions and manufacturing method thereof
Display device using an organic electroluminescence device having resonant cavity
Balance coil and inverter for driving backlight
Illumination assembly with enhanced thermal conductivity
Conversion of ultra-intense infrared laser energy into relativistic particles
Apparatus and method for long-term storage of antimatter
Gas venting component mounting pad
Electronic device having holding members
Memory card with latching mechanism for hinged cover
Fixing heat dissipating unit and electronic device having fixing heat dissipating unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Metal detecting device for a crop conveyor
Inbred corn plant 90DHQ2 and seeds thereof
Soybean cultivar 61631202
Soybean cultivar 820013
Soybean cultivar 6163048123
Soybean cultivar 829638
Inbred corn line LH279
Inbred corn line LH244
Production of somatic mosaicism in mammals using a recombinatorial substrate
Transgenic organisms having tetracycline-regulated transcriptional regulatory systems
Antimicrobial polymers comprising quaternary ammonium groups, their use for making a material with antimicrobial properties and methods for preparing them
Use of flavonoid and aromatic aldehydes as pesticides
Fungicides for the control of take-all disease of plants
Fungicidal carboxamides
Oxime derivatives, hydrazone derivatives and use thereof
Carbamates and crop protection agents containing them
Insecticidal toxins from the parasitic wasp bracon hebeter
Small fast acting conveyor toaster oven
Delivery system for antimethanogenic agents
On-site environment monitoring system
Method for controlling heating current and seat heating control circuit
Timed dispenser for programmed fluid consumption
Safety device for electric cooking apparatus
Dispensing device and method for forming material
Compositions and methods for alleviating impaired mental function, memory loss and reducing recovery time in anaesthetized mammals
Inhibitors of gap junction communication
Beta-carotene therapy of individuals having abnormal immunological and serological indices, and individuals having infections and diseases causing changes therein
Use of inhaled retinoids in the prevention of cancer
Method of treating or preventing septic shock by administering a MEK inhibitor
Tri-and tetra-substituted guanidines and their use as excitatory amino acid antagonists
Para-substituted phenylene derivatives
Compounds having activity as inhibitors of cytochrome P450RAI
Inflammatory cell inhibitors
Methods of using temozolomide in the treatment of cancers
Cytotrienins, process for preparing the same and anti-tumor agent
Treatment of migraine by administration of .alpha.-lipoic acid or derivatives thereof
Therapeutic agent for intractable vasculitis
Antithrombotic diamines
Compositions and methods for the management of Crohn's disease
Combination progestin oral contraceptive regimen
Sulfate conjugates of ursodeoxycholic acid, and their beneficial use in inflammatory disorders and other applications
Method for prevention of prostate cancer
Methods for preparation and use of 1.alpha.,24(S)-dihydroxy vitamin D2
Chromium picolinate compositions and uses thereof
Chromium picolinate compositions
Compositions and methods for treating bone deficit conditions
Activating C1- secretion
Method of treating diabetic angiopathy
Aqueous laxative syrup comprising lactulose and lactitol and/or maltitol
Inhibition of UV-induced immune suppression and interleukin-10 production by cytoprotective tamarind oligosaccharides
Autocross-linked hyaluronic acid and related pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of arthropathies
Methods for treatment of sickle cell anemia
Unactivated oocytes as cytoplast recipients of quiescent and non-quiescent cell nuclei, while maintaining correct ploidy
Method of reducing an immune response to a recombinant virus
Peptides and compounds that bind to a receptor
Enhancement of oxazolidinone antibacterial agents activity by using arginine derivatives
Method for treating a human immunodeficiency virus infection
Treatment of cerebral infarction using cyclic hexapeptides
Method of preventing and treating symptoms of aging and neurodegenerative dysfunctions with relaxin
Insulin-like growth factor agonist molecules
Pharmaceutical preparations
Method of inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus using hydroxurea and a reverse transcriptase inhibitor in vivo
Pharmaceutical composition for inhibiting growth of cancers
Conjugates targeted to the interleukin-2 receptor
Vascular cell adhesion molecule (VCAM) polypeptides
Nitroaromatic compounds for the detection of hypoxia
Alkyl, azido, alkoxy, and fluoro-substituted and fused quinoxalinediones and the use thereof as glycine receptor antagonist
High molecular weight, homogeneous, branched copolymers of maleic anhydride and alkyl vinyl ether monomers
Dental adhesive and use thereof in preparing dental impression
Aerated composition, process for its manufacture and its use
Composition for external application containing a .beta.-1,6-branched-.beta.-1,3-glucan
Method of using lachrymatory agents for moisturizing the eyes
Prevention and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies
Carbamate-based cationic lipids
Antiviral liponucleosides: treatment of hepatitis B
Pharmaceutical mixture comprising a combination of a profen and other active compounds
Pharmaceutical composition
Biocompatible compositions
Process for the modification of elastomers with surface interpenetrating polymer networks and elastomers formed therefrom
Polymer emulsion and process for producing the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Defoamer process
Method for producing ethylbenzene
Methods for recovering acrylic acid
Method for selectively separating hydrocarbons
Membrane separation process for metal complex catalysts
Use of a single-stage or multistage stirrer to prepare polymers
Continuous polymerization in a non-cylindrical channel with temperature control
Industrial process for the heterogeneously catalytic gas-phase oxidation of propane to form acrolein
Catalyst for partially oxidizing unsaturated hydrocarbon
Gel-type copolymer bead and ion-exchange resins made therefrom
Heat absorbing surface coating
Sorter for agricultural products
Detecting defective peel-bearing potatoes in a random mixture of defective and acceptable peel-bearing potatoes
Method of joining metal pieces
Method and apparatus for electrical discharge machining with intermittent electrical measuring
X type electric welding machine
Laser method of scribing graphics
Method and apparatus for separating non-metallic substrates utilizing a supplemental mechanical force applicator
Method of forming blind holes in surgical needles using a diode pumped Nd-YAG laser
EDM tool holder
Polyamide release film for use in the production of molded composite products
Modular cable guide system
Electrical sleeve heater with built-in thermal sensor
Strengthened, light weight wallboard and method and apparatus for making the same
Siloxane-modified polyamideimide resin composition, adhesive film, adhesive sheet and semiconductor device
Indicating device used for a paper cassette and for indicating a remaining amount of recording papers
Liquid ejection method, head and apparatus in which an amount of liquid ejected is controlled
Ink jet recording method
Ink jet apparatus and waste liquid absorbing method
Image recording apparatus and image recording method
Printing lenticular images
Fault tolerant laser diode array
Tiled displays
Inversion carbon blacks and method for their manufacture
Rubber composition containing hydroxyl terminated polyalkylene polymer and tire with tread thereof
Tire pressure detecting system for a vehicle
Coil apparatus for a linear-motor railway system
Warning edge strip for car doors
Circuit for timed position control of device driven by a DC motor
Method and arrangement for supplying power to a motor vehicle electrical system
Vehicle occupant discrimination system and method
Resistance-monitoring arrangement
Coupling alignment warning system
Digital control of smart structures
Pole alarm system
Micro-processing method using a probe
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanocomposites formed by onium ion-intercalated clay and rigid anhydride-cured epoxy resins
Process and unit for the production of 1,2-dichloroethane
Fluorocarbon manufacturing process
Metal-ligand complex catalyzed processes
Method for separating an imine from a mixture containing an amine and an imine
Aliphatic propargylamines as cellular rescue agents
Manufacturing process of metoprolol
Process for preparing novel biologically active synthetic molecule 4-(p-methoxyphenyl)-2-amino-butane
Carboxy amphoteric surfactant complexes
Therapeutic biaryl derivatives
Process for the preparation of an enantiomer of a (1R, 4S) or (1S, 4R)-1-amino-4-(hydroxymethyl)-2-cyclopentene derivative
Aniline derivatives as calcium channel blockers
Depsipeptides containing non-natural amino acids
Intermediates useful in a process for synthesizing COX-2 inhibitors
Process for preparing 2-phenyl-3-naphthylpropionic acid derivatives
Process for production of water absorbent resin
Phenylethylamine derivatives
Preparation on an O-alkylisourea
Method for producing sulfonimide or its salt
Benzamidoaldehydes and their use as cysteine protease inhibitors
Tetrafluoroazidoaniline and method of making and using the same
Naphthol derivatives and process for producing the same
Production of amide derivatives and intermediates therefor
Alkyl ketones as potent anti-cancer agents
Total synthesis of antitumor acylfulvenes
Wasteless economic method of production of phenol and acetone
Ethynyl substituted aromatic compounds, synthesis, polymers and uses thereof
Copper-catalysed allylic oxidation using alkyl hydroperoxide
Method for the preparation of ketones
Method for stabilizing a sex pheromone compound
Process for the preparation of 2,4,4,7-tetramethyl-oct-6-en-3-one and its use as an aroma substance
Method for the recovery of formic acid
Synthesis of low-fluoride organic compounds
Branched chain fatty acids, their derivatives and use in the treatment of central nervous system disorders
Process for monomethyl acyclic hydrocarbon adsorptive separation
Process for producing .epsilon.-caprolactam
Process for the preparation of lactams from the corresponding cycloalkanone oximes
Method of producing 4-hydroxy-2-pyrrolidinone and method of purifying the same
1-(N'-(arylalkylaminoalkyl) aminoisoquinolines; a new class of dopamine receptor subtype specific ligands
Seco precursors of cyclopropylindolines and their use as prodrugs
1H-indole-3-acetamide sPLA2 inhibitors
Hydroxyindoles, their use as inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 4 and process for their preparation
Hydroxamic acids substituted by heterocycles useful for inhibition of tumor necrosis factor
Immunophilin ligands
Process for production of donepezil derivative
Arylglycinamide derivatives, methods of producing these substances and pharmaceutical compositions containing such compounds
Medical use of fluorenone derivatives for treating and preventing brain and spinal injury
Pyridone derivatives, their preparation and their use as synthesis intermediates
Oxyiminoalkanoic acid derivatives with hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic activity
Process for preparation of pyrimidine derivatives
Substituted quinazoline derivatives
Method of preparing oxoquazepam
Process and apparatus for melamine manufacture
Method of producing alkali metal salts or alkaline earth metal salts of 2,4-dichloro-6-hydroxy-s-triazine
6-phenyltetrahydro-1,3-oxazin-2-one derivative and pharmaceutical composition containing the same
Process to prepare pharmaceutical compounds
Treatment of alzheimer's disease employing inhibitors of cathepsin D
Polycyclic 2- aminothiazole systems, processes for their preparation and pharmaceuticals comprising these compounds
Retroviral protease inhibiting compounds
Certain benzothiazine dioxide endothelin antagonists and processes for their preparation
Method for the production of 3-isopropyl-1H-2, 1,3-benzothiadiazine-4 (3H)-one-2,2-dioxide
Benzothiophenes, benzofurans, and indoles useful in the treatment of insulin resistance and hyperglycemia
Method for producing nitroguanidine derivatives
Process for the preparation of simvastatin and derivatives thereof
Aminomethylation of tocopherols
Compounds for detecting phosphoric acid esters
Process for synthesis of 5-alkylbenzodioxoles
N-oxides of heterocyclic esters, amides, thioesters, and ketones
1-(aryloxyalkyl)-4-(heteroaryl) piperazines and related compounds useful as antipsychotics and analgesics
Heterocyclic substituted aniline calcium channel blockers
4-alkenyl-and 4-alkynyloxindoles
Pyrazolopyrimidinone cGMP PDE5 inhibitors for the treatment of sexual dysfunction
Chemical switching of taxo-diterpenoids between low solubility active forms and high solubility inactive forms
8-hydroxy-7-substituted quinolines as anti-viral agents
Piperazine derivatives
Cycloalkyl substituted imidazoles
5,6-0-alkylidene glucono-1(4)-lactones and derivatives, processes for their preparation and uses thereof
Heterocyclic compounds and antitumor agent containing the same as active ingredient
Bicyclic piperidine and piperazine compounds having 5-HT6 receptor affinity
1-(1,2-disubstituted piperidinyl)-4 (fused imidazole)-piperidine derivatives
Tricyclic compounds, their production and use
Muscarinic agonists and antagonists
Process for producing purine derivatives
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Carbapenem derivatives
Pyrimidine derivatives and processes for the preparation thereof
1,2,3-triazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidines as P2T receptor antagonists
Quarternary polycyclic polyammonium salts and process for their preparation
Olanzapine dihydrate D
Dipeptide derivatives as growth hormone secretagogues
Crystalline salts of a carbapenem antibiotic
Curable organopolysiloxane compositions
Enhanced synthesis of racemic metallocenes
Transition metal compounds
Process for the preparation of methylchlorosilanes
Intermediates in the synthesis of camptothecin and related compounds and synthesis thereof
Hydroxyphenyl group-containing organosilicon compound, and method for manufacturing same
Organosilicon compounds containing alkenyl groups
Method for producing aluminium salts of cyclic phosphinic acid
Preparation of phosphabenzene compounds
Photoinitiator combinations
Process for the production of 2-halo-6-aminopurine derivatives
17.beta.-aryl(arylmethyl)oxy(thio)alkyl-androstane derivatives
Nucleic acid vaccines for ehrlichia chaffeensis and methods of use
Incompatible plant and pathogen interaction related gene
Transformed wheat having improved breadmaking characteristics
Soybean homolog of seed-specific transcription activator from Phaseolus vulgaris
Peptide specificity of anti-myelin basic protein and the administration of myelin basic protein peptides to multiple sclerosis patients
P16 expression constructs and their application in cancer therapy
Protein targeting to glycogen
Human lysophosphatidic acid receptor and use thereof
Polypeptide having water channel activity and DNA sequence
Human occludin, its uses and enhancement of drug absorption using occludin inhibitors
Antisense compounds to CD14
Sequences for targeting metastatic cells
Mutant mouse containing a knockout mutation in DNA encoding an endogenous alpha 4 subunit of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Transgenic mammal having 5-HT3 transgene overexpression in the CMS
Antibodies which bind to NY-ESO-1 cancer associated proteins, and hybridomas which produce these antibodies
ErbB4 receptor-specific neuregulin related ligand antibodies and uses therefor
Method for making monoclonal antibodies and cross-reactive antibodies obtainable by the method
Reagents and methods useful for detecting diseases of the prostate
Concentrated antibody preparation
Immobilization of SH group-containing compounds in the presence of a sulfite-containing antioxidant
Thermally formed article, production process of thermally formed article, toner cartridge, and recording medium
Chitin derivatives having carboxylated lower alkyl groups as hydrophilic substituents and hydrophobic substituents, and micellar aqueous composition thereof
Solution rubbers containing hydroxyl groups
Room temperature curable hybrid silicones
Elastomers having a reduced hysteresis via interaction of polymer with silica surfaces
Process for the production of polymer
Molecular weight control in olefin polymerization
Process for polymerizing tactioselective polyolefins in condensed phase using hafnocenes
Process for producing polyisobutene using a catalytic system comprising transition metal-benzene derivative compound-methylaluminoxane
Method for forming nanocomposites
(Co)polymers by photopolymerization
Organoborane amine complex inatator systems and polymerizable compositions made therewith
Fluorescent N-alkylated acrylamide copolymers and optical pH sensors
Thermal oxidative stability of acrylic polymers
Process for preparing multi-stage polymer emulsions and multi-stage polymers formed therefrom
Production of polyethylene having improved crack and/or impact resistance
Hydrosilylation crosslinking of thermoplastic elastomer
Process for curing acrylic polymers
Polyurethane solutions terminated with amino-functional heterocyclic stoppers
Elastomeric compositions for damping
Aqueous coating composition for stoving finishes and process for the production thereof
UV absorbing polymer
Tin carboxylate catalysts for epoxy-acid coating compositions
Polyether polyol and a method for the manufacture of mouldable polyester containing said polyether polyol
Process for producing polycarbonate resin
Method for making siloxane copolycarbonates
Process for producing a polycarbonate resin
Salts of chelating agents as polymerization catalysts
Method for decoloring tetrahydrofuran polymers or copolymers
Method for the preparation of polyamic acid and polymide useful for adhesives
Polyalkoxysiloxane compounds, process for producing the same, and coating composition containing the same
Method for producing linear organopolysilexanes with .alpha., .omega., terminal Si-linked alkenyl groups or .alpha., .omega. terminal-linked hydrogen atoms
Oligomerized organopolysiloxane cocondensate, its production and its use for treatment of surfaces
Dispersibility improver for fluororesin powders, modifier for organic resins, and organic resin compositions
Hydrogenated octasilsesquioxane-vinyl group-containing copolymer and method for manufacture
Star polymers and polymeric particles in the nanometer-sized range by step growth reactions
Vinyl hyperbranched polymer with photographically useful end groups
Porous sheet
Polyolefin sheets and polyolefin coatings of substrates
Highly fluorinated ion exchange/nonfunctional polymer blends
Method for producing a diffusion barrier and polymeric article having a diffusion barrier
Thermal insulation coating for pipes
Process for the stabilization of and stabilizer mixtures for single-material recycled plastics
Bauxite flame-retardant fillers for insulators or sheathing
Conductive composite material
Fluororubber coating composition
Compound rubber compositions
Thermocurable, one-component, addition-crosslinking silicone compositions
Rubber mixtures containing trimethylopropane distillation residues
Polypropylene resin composition and injection-molded article thereof
Elastomer composition based on EPDM, and a powder transmission belt made essentially out of said elastomer
Methyl Methacrylate resin composition
Blends of polyetherimides with polyesters of 2,6-naphthalenedicarboxylic acid
Golf ball cover stocks and golf balls
Method for modifying products or half-stuffs from molding materials consisting of mixtures of thermoplastic synthetic materials
Silicone rubber compositions having high-voltage electrical insulation, sealing and repairing compounds for polymeric insulators
Inks with colored resin emulsion particles
Paint resin emulsion having weatherability
Coatings and coating compositions of a reactive group-containing polymer, a hydrazide and a silane
Light emitting device with phosphor composition
Method for manufacturing a wide band polarization film
Liquid crystal device and liquid crystal apparatus
Flame-retartant coating
Promoters from chlorella virus genes providing for expression of genes in prokaryotic and eukaryotic hosts
Method of increasing growth and yield in plants
Pathogen-induced plant promoters
Tomato gene B polynucleotides coding for lycopene cyclase
Production of syringyl lignin in gymnosperms
DNA sequences encoding fusions of DNA repair proteins and uses thereof
Antiangiogenic peptides and methods for inhibiting angiogenesis
Methods for identifying inhibitors of fungal pathogenicity
Detection of human immunodeficiency virus type 1
Electromagnetic relay
Adhesion of silicon carbide films
Textiles; Paper
Production process for producing polyurethane elastic material and elastic yarn
Aqueous dispersion type antisoiling composition
Fixed Constructions
Communications systems in a well
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for regulating a generator capable of being driven by an internal combustion engine
Ignition coil with locating projection in aperture for tower-side terminal
Rotary movement sensor equipped with means of assembly with a drive shaft designed to minimize the effects of a misalignment in the connection
Spindle motor
Reaction force isolation system for a planar motor
Lamp system for uniform semiconductor wafer heating
Reflector lamp having a reflecting section with faceted surfaces
Process for sealing the terminal-side end area of the glow tube of a glow plug and glow plugs with a seal as claimed in the process
Mounting arrangement for a cooking surface
Method and apparatus for intelligent cooking process
Space concentrator for advanced solar cells
Furnace for heat treatment of dental materials
Method and device for measuring the length of a light guide
Low cost thickness measurement method and apparatus for thin coatings
Optical sub-pixel parts inspection system
Three dimensional measurement apparatus
Three dimensional imaging system
Method of detecting defects in patterned substrates
System and method for normalizing and calibrating a sensor array
System and method for packing spatial data in an R-tree
Temperature-compensating amplification circuit and a position detecting apparatus using such amplification circuit
Apparatus and method of seismic sensing systems using fiber optics
Fuel supply indicator arrangement for a motor vehicle fuel tank
Method and apparatus for weighing a product
Sealed-cavity microstructure and microbolometer and associated fabrication methods
Fuser temperature control sensor which is insensitive to surrounding air currents
Monitoring system and method
Particle size distribution measuring apparatus
Apparatus for imaging fluorescent particles
Scanning and printing systems with color discrimination
Refraction type non-destruction measuring apparatus
Method and apparatus for imaging a sample on a device
Fluorescence filter cube for fluorescence detection and imaging
Reflection fluorometer
High speed optical inspection apparatus using Gaussian distribution analysis and method therefore
Method for sectioning a semiconductor wafer with FIB for viewing with SEM
X-ray absorbing, light reflective medium for x-ray detector array
Apparatus and methods for obtaining increased sensitivity, selectivity and dynamic range in property measurement using magnetometers
Apparatus and method for wireless gas monitoring
Enzyme-antibody complex and a method for manufacturing the same
Beam-type accelerometer
Pin block structure for mounting contact pins
Electrical contact and housing for use as an interface between a testing fixture and a device under test
High frequency probe
Electronic assembly comprising a substrate and a plurality of springable interconnection elements secured to terminals of the substrate
Oscilloscope utilizing probe with electro-optic crystal
Current detector having magnetic core for concentrating a magnetic flux near a hall-effect sensor, and power switch apparatus incorporating same
Method and apparatus for measuring voltage using electric field sensors
Method and apparatus for detecting a sinusoidal signal
Method and apparatus for testing frequency-dependent electrical circuits
Ground fault circuit interrupter miswiring prevention device
Directional short circuit detection system and method
Pico fuse open or short detector tool
Positive side support test assembly
Method and apparatus for testing circuits having different configurations with a single test fixture
Semiconductor test system
Probe station having environment control chamber with bendably extensible and retractable lateral wall assembly
Differential pulsed laser beam probing of integrated circuits
Substrate removal from a semiconductor chip structure having buried insulator (BIN)
Fault identification by voltage potential signature
Battery pack having memory
Battery-state monitoring system for a battery group
Apparatus for detecting remaining charge of battery
Magnetically coupled signal isolator
Spiral volume coil for improved radio frequency field homogeneity at high static magnetic field strength
Method for correcting and/or calibrating magnetic fields, particularly intended for magnets in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment
Temperature compensated NMR magnet and method of operation therefor
Reduced noise RF coil apparatus for MR imaging system
Spin and field echo (safe) FSE
Method and device for magnetic resonance imaging
Method for reconstructing a planar tomogram from magnetic resonance signals in an inhomogeneous magnetic fields
Method and apparatus for processing multipath reflection effects in timing systems
Enhancement of signal-detection capability of GPS systems
Air-to-air guidance system and method of operating same
Anti-collision system
Underground pipe locating system
Apparatus and method for two stage hybrid space-time adaptive processing in radar and communication systems
Moving object control system
System for processing weather information
Distance measuring apparatus
Location system combining ranging measurements from GPS and cellular networks
Digital integrator
Exposure apparatus and method of cleaning optical element of the same
Nanometer scale data storage device and associated positioning system
Elliptical cavity optical retinal display
Three dimensional display
Polarized three-demensional video display
Zoom finder
Color controllable illumination device, indicator lights, transmissive windows and color filters employing retarder stacks
Vibration and shock resistant liquid crystal display and associated methods
Wedge-shaped liquid-crystal cell having nonlinear gap
Method for aligning polymer film and method for aligning liquid crystal by using polymer aligned-film
Liquid crystal display having only one common line extending along substrate edge
Thin film transistor and display
High speed package printer
Photosensitive material exposure apparatus
Image reading apparatus with adjustable exposure
Processes for generating spherical image data sets and products made thereby
Rotary thermal desensitizer of developer for photosensitive copy sheet material
Projection exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method using the same
Exposure apparatus, output control method for energy source, laser device using the control method, and method of producing microdevice
Linear motor and stage system, and scanning exposure apparatus using the same
Exposure method and exposure apparatus using it
Projection exposure apparatus
Electromagnetic alignment and scanning apparatus
Method of controlling print registration in an electrophotographic machine
Heating roller for fixing
Image fixing apparatus with induction heating device and manufacturing method thereof
Image forming apparatus having a printhead guide mechanism
Method and apparatus for extending a resolution of a clock
Motor speed controller and gain setting method of the controller
Memory and force output management for a force feedback system
Device for digitally slaving the position of a moving part
Servo controller
Numerically controlled system and backlash compensation device for use with the system
Adaptive temperature control circuit with PWM output
Integrated start up and regulation circuit for a power supply
Ergonomic pointing device
Clock distribution circuit in an integrated circuit
Real-time battery gauge display
Hot-swap assembly for computers
Reset signal generation circuit
Programmable event limit detector for computer system power control
Power management system and current augmentation and battery charger method and apparatus for a computer peripheral
Power-supply voltage fluctuation inhibiting circuit
Direct-voltage power pack
Accelerated graphics port for multiple memory controller computer system
Circuit and method for fast parallel data strobe encoding
Interface device and method for providing enhanced cursor control with force feedback
Droplet proof keyboard for notebook computer
Scalable user interface for graphically representing hierarchical data
Method and system for aiding a user in scrolling through a document using animation, voice cues and a dockable scroll bar
Digital pressure sensitive electromagnetic pen
Coordinate input apparatus, coordinate input method and computer-readable recording medium including a coordinate input control program recorded therein
Detecting device of an encoder
Method and apparatus for image processing and display system
Method and apparatus for an N-NARY logic circuit
Computer graphics system with dual FIFO interface
Multilingual user interface for an operating system
Systems, methods and computer program products for scanning graphically represented elements
Method for mapping a text-oriented user interface to a graphics user interface by means of a class library
Method and apparatus for providing an audio visual e-mail system
Assisting controls in a windowing environment
Command entry highlight editing for a menu selection system and method
Method and apparatus in a data processing system for accessing data
Method and system for character spacing in graphics terminal emulation
Programmable oscillator using magnetoresistive memory technology
Mapping highlight colors to black-and-white textures
Radio frequency identification tag arranged for magnetically storing tag state information
Sensor cover glass with infrared filter
Video hand image computer interface
Software architecture which maintains system performance while pipelining data to an MFP and uses shared DLL
Error correction in a graphics processor
Method and apparatus for efficiently switching state in a graphics pipeline
Method and system for improving shadowing in a graphics rendering system
Method of animating an image by squiggling the edges of image features
Information processing apparatus
Tetrahedral mesh generation and recording medium storing program therefor
Image display method and image display apparatus
Hardware-efficient system for hybrid-bilinear image scaling
Efficient methodology for scaling and transferring images
Method and a system for registering vehicle fees
Vehicle-mounted unit for a toll collection system
Device for finding a position of a human
Alarm system using local data channel
Intrusion detection system using quiet signal band detection
Message repeating apparatus and method
Animal warning alarm device
Combined piezoelectric silent alarm/battery charger
Remote-controlled audio-visual alarm system for normally invisibly mounting in corner soffits of a house
Radio with silent and audible alerts
Radio with silent and audible alerts
Method of monitoring a sensor device and sensor device and analysis unit with monitoring means
Emergency vehicle signaling system
Emergency vehicle alert system
Mobile unit communication apparatus providing a relayed signal when error detected
Method of selectively changing an image on a sign and a sign with selectively changeable image display
Surface mounted LED lamp
Billboard consumption measurement system
Large field emission display (FED) made up of independently operated display sections integrated behind one common continuous large anode which displays one large image or multiple independent images
Drive method for plasma display panel
Driving apparatus for plasma display panel
Drive method, a drive circuit and a display device for liquid crystal cells
Liquid crystal display device and its drive method and the drive circuit and power supply circuit device used therein
Compensation process for a disturbed capacitive circuit and application to matrix display screens
Matrix display addressing device
Image display system
Color image signal generator and storage medium
Method and apparatus for a multi-state window
Display device, display device drive method, and electronic instrument
Storage device having plural memory banks concurrently accessible, and access method therefor
Method for reducing flicker when displaying processed digital data on video displays having a low refresh rate
Adjustable clamp assembly for fixing pedal deck to drum counterhoop
Finger plate for a stringed instrument
Guitar fulcrum
Automatic composition apparatus and method, and storage medium
Song accompaniment system
Disk rotating mechanism
Method and apparatus for unlatching an actuator
Receiver and receiving method
Circuit and method for writing to a memory disk
Write-driver circuit
Semiconductor device having a light-receiving element, optical pickup device and method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having a light-receiving element
Layout structure for dynamic random access memory
Shared PMOS sense amplifier
Nonvolatile reprogrammable interconnect cell with FN tunneling device for programming and erase
Method and apparatus for improving device matching and switching point tolerance in silicon-on-insulator cross-coupled circuits
Capacitor transimpedance amplifier ( CTIA) with shared load
Synchronous data sampling circuit
Closed magnetic field line separator
Stimulable phosphor sheet having divided phosphor layer
Electrically conducting cable containing a single conductor consisting of adjoining regions having successively smaller cross-sections
Electrical cable adapted for high-voltage applications
High current varistor
Metal oxide varistors having thermal protection
Planar winding structure and low profile magnetic component having reduced size and improved thermal properties
Planar magnetic component with transverse winding pattern
Slant winding electromagnetic coil and ignition coil for internal combustion engine using same
Chip type electronic part and method for the manufacture thereof
Rotation coil bobbin for picture tube
Photosensitive semiconductor electrode, method of manufacturing photosensitive semiconductor electrode, and photoelectric converter using photosensitive semiconductor
Lead wire strain relief connector and switch mount
Seat switch assembly including a multiple position adjustment mechanism
Power shut-off connector
Safety plug and switch device
Condition-responsive electric switch mechanism
Electrical high speed circuit breaker with explosive charges including ablative arc extinguishing material
Electromagnetic relay and process for producing the same
Delay switch with delay unit
Switch structure
Moving contact and crossbar assembly for a molded case circuit breaker
Enclosure and method of making same
Low RCS test mounts
Impregnated cathode having varying surface porosity
Impregnated cathode structure for a CRT and its manufacturing method
Color plasma display panel
Image display device having a cathode board held between front and back display cases
Shadow mask for cathode ray tube and method of manufacturing same
Field emission display with suspended focusing conductive sheet
Deflection apparatus
Field emission display devices, and methods of forming field emission display devices
Electron gun used in an electron beam exposure apparatus
Removable bombardment filament-module for electron beam projection systems
RF tuning method for an RF plasma reactor using frequency servoing and power, voltage, current or DI/DT control
Hybrid sensor pixel architecture with gate line and drive line synchronization
Mass spectrometry of solution and apparatus therefor
Display panel and method of fabricating the same
Flat light emitter
Metal matrix composite integrated lamp head
Field emission element with antireflection film
Test and alignment system for electronic display devices
Method of analyzing morphology of bulk defect and surface defect on semiconductor wafer
Array substrate, liquid crystal display device and their manufacturing method
Semiconductor device having crystalline silicon clusters
Crystal growth method for nitride semiconductor, nitride light emitting device, and method for producing the same
Metal passivating layer for III-V semiconductors, and improved gate contact for III-V-based metal-insulator-semiconductor (MIS) devices
CMOS transistor design for shared N+/P+ electrode with enhanced device performance
Semiconductor device with silicon oxynitride gate insulating film
Metallized vias with and method of fabrication
Silicon-on-insulator non-volatile random access memory device
Flash memory structure using sidewall floating gate and method for forming the same
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device including assymetrically nitrogen doped gate oxide
Thin film transistor, a method for producing the thin film transistor, and a liquid crystal display using a TFT array substrate
Planarized silicon fin device
Embedded polysilicon gate MOSFET
Structure for preventing adhesive bleed onto surfaces
Packaged semiconductor substrate
Method of producing semiconductor device and configuration thereof, and lead frame used in said method
Packaged die PCB with heat sink encapsulant
Compliant semiconductor chip assemblies and methods of making same
Intergration of low-K SiOF as inter-layer dielectric
Direct contact through hole type wafer structure
Semiconductor switching device having different carrier lifetimes between a first portion serving as a main current path and the remaining portion of the device
Isolating wall between power components
Method to form, and structure of, a dual damascene interconnect device
Method of forming transistors in a peripheral circuit of a semiconductor memory device
Five square folded-bitline DRAM cell
Process for making crosspoint memory devices with cells having a source channel which is autoaligned to the bit line and to the field oxide
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and semiconductor storage device
Semiconductor device, and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device having an SOI substrate
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor chip package using flexible circuit board with central opening
Heat transfer material for an improved die edge contacting socket
Semiconductor device with bonding anchors in build-up layers
Stacked semiconductor device including improved lead frame arrangement
Laser antifuse using gate capacitor
Vertical electrical cavity-fuse
Modifiable semiconductor circuit element
Multichip module having a stacked chip arrangement
Integrated circuit chip with features that facilitate a multi-chip module having a number of the chips
Coincident complementary clock generator for logic circuits
CMOS inverter and standard cell using the same
Solid-state imaging element
Solid state image pick-up device
Amorphous silicon active pixel sensor with rectangular readout layer in a hexagonal grid layout
Efficient inspection of light-gathering rate of microlens in solid state imaging device
Light emitting diode array
Semiconductor device with a bipolar transistor, and method of manufacturing such a device
Electrode structure of hetero-junction intertal photo-emission inreared detector
Field effect transistor with comb electrodes and via holes
Increased cycle specification for floating-gate and method of manufacture thereof
Memory cell having a reduced active area and a memory array incorporating the same
DMOS transistor having a high reliability and a method for fabricating the same
High power impatt diode
High power rectifier
High power trench-based rectifier with improved reverse breakdown characteristic
Overvoltage protection circuit
Single-layer-electrode type two-phase charge coupled device having smooth charge transfer
Self-aligned lateral DMOS with spacer drift region
Raised photodetector with recessed light responsive region
Optical semiconductor device and optical semiconductor module equipped with the same
Amorphous silicon-based thin film photovoltaic device
Photo-conductive switch having an improved semiconductor structure
InGaAsN/GaAs heterojunction for multi-junction solar cells
Photovoltaic element and solar cell module
Thermoelectric module
Ultrasonic motor
Piezoelectric resonator and piezoelectric components using the same
Stage utilizing ultrasonic motor and electronic equipment and printer utilizing the stage
Device comprising n-channel semiconductor material
Patterned light emitting diode devices
Organic electroluminescent device
Apparatus for reconditioning batteries
Polyhedral-shaped redundant coaxial switch
Microstrip resonators and coupled line bandpass filters using same
High-frequency circuit element
Wireless LAN antenna with single loop
Planar antenna device
Antenna clip for electronic components
Power amplifier load controller and method for controlling a power amplifier load
Apparatus for receiving and transmitting radio signals
Microwave transmit/receive device with light pointing and tracking system
Microwave planar array antenna
Multi-band and polarization-diversified antenna system
Antenna unit and signal switching circuit
Multibeam antenna having auxiliary antenna elements
Phased array antenna calibration system and method using array clusters
Photonics sensor array for wideband reception and processing of electromagnetic signals
Antenna for orbiting satellite
Transceiver arrangement for a smart antenna system in a mobile communication base station
Planar dual-frequency antenna and radio apparatus employing a planar antenna
Multi-mode patch antenna system and method of forming and steering a spatial null
Antenna structure
Link switch
Utility line coupling protector
Grounding bracket for electrical equipment enclosure
Plug for an appliance having a fuse
Connecting cable, communications device and communication method
Twist-on wire connector with torque limiting mechanism
GaN crystal film, a group III element nitride semiconductor wafer and a manufacturing process therefor
Insertable and retractable switching device comprising a blocking bar which prevents wrong operation
Ladder-type cable tray with power channel
System and method for suppressing fire in electrical boxes
Current level detector device for protecting a circuit against alternating current overcurrents
Breaker/starter with auto-configurable trip unit
Variable on demand energy source
Load sensor and controller/manager
Non-contact power supply system and apparatus and carrying equipment using the system
Usage counter for portable jump-starting battery unit
Apparatus for rapidly charging and reconditioning a battery
Balanced modular power management system and method
Magnet fixing structure for linear motor
Rotor stack
Dynamo-electric rotor with reduced magnetic flux leakage and with a structure permitting high efficiency assembly
Revolving magnetic field type motor
Direct gas cooled longitudinal/cross-flow rotor endwinding ventillation scheme for rotating machines with concentric coil rotors
Stator of vehicle AC generator with circumferentially offset coil ends
Stator having conductor bars and joint plates
Electrical machine with a rotor provided with amortisseur bars
Method of winding a rotating induction apparatus
Electric motor with ring rotor passing through coils
Endshield assembly with alignable bearing for an electric motor
Alternator system
Buck and boost power converters with non-pulsating input and output terminal currents
Brushless, separately-excited, variable-speed motor and AC generator/alternator with solenoid-wound, biphase AC rotor
Method and system for varying and regulating a motor speed
Switched reluctance motor
Method and apparatus for synchronizing PWM sinusoidal drive to a DC motor
Driving circuit of stepping motor
Voltage controlled oscillator including a plurality of differential amplifiers
Microwave oscillating circuit and remotely controllable "Kotatsu" using the same
Device and method for signal resampling between phase related clocks
Modulator having little parasitic coupling
Frequency-voltage conversion circuit and receiving apparatus
Signal generator with improved impedance matching characteristics
Method and apparatus for efficient signal amplification
Technique for wideband operation of power amplifiers
Calibrated quasi-autozeroed comparator systems and methods
High-frequency switch, adjustable high-frequency switch, and adjustable high-frequency power amplifier
FET balun transformer
Differential amplifier circuit
Differential amplifier
Differential-input/single-ended-output translator
Semiconductor phase shifter having high-pass signal path and low-pass signal path connected in parallel
System and method for a dual bandwidth capacitor multiplying filter
Method and arrangement for determining state information of power semiconductor
Electronic circuit provided with a neutralization device
Switching circuit
Overvoltage-tolerant interface for intergrated circuits
Voltage tolerant interface circuit
Differential, high speed, ECL to CMOS converter
High speed logic family
Semiconductor integrated circuit having I2CBUS interface
Semiconductor device
Latching comparator utilizing resonant tunneling diodes and associated method
Reduced area active above-supply and below-ground noise suppression circuits
Method and electrical circuit for regulating dead time given varying pulse repetition rates
Edge transition detection circuit with variable impedance delay elements
Complementary differential amplifier with resistive loads for wide common-mode input range
Circuit and method for reducing a propagation delay associated with a comparator and a comparator employing the same
Single event upset immune comparator
Voltage comparator
Delay element using a delay locked loop
Numerically-controlled nyquist-boundary hopping frequency synthesizer
Power-up detector for a phase-locked loop circuit
Data phase locked loop circuit
LVDS interface incorporating phase-locked loop circuitry for use in programmable logic device
Microwave/millimeter-wave injection/synchronization oscillator
Method and apparatus for acquiring wide-band pseudorandom noise encoded waveforms
Dynamic range extender apparatus, system, and method for digital image receiver system
Adjustable gain precision full wave rectifier with reduced error
Rotary encoder having a disk with a conductive pattern
Multi-output digital to analog converter
Resistor string DAC with current mode interpolation
Data acquisition system using delta-sigma analog-to-digital signal converters
D/A converter having mechanism for preventing analog signal distortion
Interface unit for serial-to-parallel conversion and/or parallel-to-serial conversion
Apparatus and method for minimizing electromagnetic interference in microcomputing systems
Mobile communication device
Method and apparatus for limiting access to signals delivered via the internet
Compressed digital-data interactive program system
Alarm detection apparatus
Programmable compensation and frequency equalization for network systems
Data conversion device
Selector device
System and method for variable gain coder-decoder
Rotational scanning image recording system having both a large format and high resolution
Programmable image processing apparatus and method
Film image reading apparatus and method
Star tracker detector having a partial memory section
High voltage generator
High-voltage power supply disabling circuit for video display
System for enhancing a video presentation
Device for imaging radiation
Television signal receiver
Universal screen guard clip
Timer-recording controller for controlling a timer-recording apparatus used to record a broadcast audio signal, a broadcast video signal, or a broadcast data signal
Apparatus and method for encoding high quality digital data in video
Automatic tuning frequency or channel number installation
Method and apparatus for transmitting and downloading setup information
Pulsed two lamp single light valve display system
System and method for the transmission of voice messages as code over a wireless messaging network
Electrically heated panel apparatus
Dispersed multicolor electroluminescent lamp and electroluminescent lamp unit employing thereof
Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp and lighting fixture
Wireless lighting control
Methods and apparatus for controlling the intensity and/or efficiency of a fluorescent lamp
Method and apparatus for compensating cooking time of microwave oven
Microwave oven with tray restraint
Instantaneous balance control scheme for ionizer
Assembly of electrode body and electrode carrier for a plasma torch
Low inductance capacitor mounting structure for capacitors of a printed circuit board
Printed wiring board, and manufacture thereof
Electronic package on metal carrier
Electromagnetic interference cover for a conduit and an electronic equipment chassis employing the same
EMI shielding ventilation structure
EMI/RFI and vibration resistant electronics enclosure
I/O shield for electronic assemblies
Laminated filter apparatus and method for reducing electromagnetic interference
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