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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Hand shovel assembly
Soil treatment apparatus, a soil treatment component and a method of assembling a soil treatment apparatus
Gully assembly
Litter box enclosure assembly and method
Sanitary pet feces retrieval system
Umbrella stand
Composition for preserving platelets during photosensitization
Fungicidal compositions including hydrazone derivatives and copper
Shellfish shucking device
Snack manafacturing process
Methods for producing low cholesterol animal products using hypocholesterolemic feed supplements and products therefrom
Process of treating biomass
Composition for animal consumption
Mobility assistance retrieval system
Walking aid with support
Method and apparatus for capturing fingernail clippings
Wrist-based systems and methods to carry mobile device(s)
Wearable assembly for carrying devices
Leak-proof container for a liquid cosmetic product
Configurable enclosure for electronics components
Stackable glide rack for maximizing product selection
Convertible trivet
Electronic device holder and stand
Folding swivel chair
Modular furniture utilizing securely stacked frames
Tea steeping assembly
Tool stand suitable for tools with elongated handles and a combination tool and tool stand
Ready to assembly cabinet
Beaters with a beater head having an adjustable length
Shoe sole cleaning system and method
Suction-based tissue manipulator
Indicator for surgical stapler
Method and apparatus for anastomosis including an expandable anchor
Fracture fixation device
Spine fixation device containing set screw having double spiral form
Methods and devices to modulate the autonomic nervous system with ultrasound
Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
Ultrasound diagnosis apparatus, image processing apparatus and image processing method
Absorbent article comprising a detachable stiffening element
Implantable bottom exit port
Intervertebral spacer device
Self-heating massage stone
Frictionless molecular rotary motors
Enhanced adipose tissue
Interferon-lambda 1 polypeptides
HLA peptide therapy
Genes associated with Leishmania parasite virulence
Pili from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Minimal motifs of linear B-cell epitopes in L1 protein from human papillomavirus type 58 and their applications
Recombinant dengue virus antigen comprising the capsid protein leader sequence, full-length prM protein, and full-length E protein
Methods for treating conditions mediated by the inflammatory cytokine cascade using GAPDH inhibitors
Human monoclonal antibody that specifically binds to VCAM-1 and a composition for treating an inflammatory disease or a cancer comprising the same
Staphylococcus aureus specific antibodies and uses thereof
Microstructural protein preparations containing adsorbed biologically active substances and their application in medicine and cosmetics
Cosmetic microemulsion
Uses of rare earth elements for hair improvement
Stable chitosan hemostatic implant and methods of manufacture
Stabilised supersaturated solids of lipophilic drugs
Extended release pellet formulation containing pramipexole or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof
Vent booster
Pumping device, as for enteral feeding assembly
Wholly implantable non-natural heart for humans
Charged hydrator
Device and method for combining a treatment agent and a gel
Bone metabolism improving agent
Devices and methods for injection of media into human and animal tissue
Portable infusion pump with cannula inserter and pain reduction mechanism
Needle assembly
Composition for keratin fibres
Modified liquid trap cup and a liquid trap assembly
User-adjustable resistance mechanisms and exercise apparatuses employing the same
Portable exercise platform with resistance mechanisms
Exercise apparatus for activating the muscles
Ball retrieval sports racket
Golf club head
Golf swing snake training system
Ticket dispenser
Ski boot that can support at least part of a skier's weight and associated ski boot/ski assembly
Tool-free adjustable binding for sports board
Safety binding for ski touring
LED pinball machine graphics display
Container-popping game
Power winners processing system and method
Curved floating virtual display
Clock hand bonus game
Method and article of manufacture for making lottery selections
Inflatable pinata
Robotic construction cubes
Performing Operations; Transporting
System for preparing at least one flavorant having an aroma and taste of a predetermined form of grilling
Pipette tips for extraction, sample collection and sample cleanup and methods for their use
Method and apparatus for applying air filters
Autothermal cycle for CO.sub.2 capture
Catalyzed CO.sub.2-transport membrane on high surface area inorganic support
Diesel particulate control
Method for determining the filterability of beer
Flow distributor plate for the treatment of water by reverse osmosis
Method for treating, pressing and washing biomass
Advanced ASU and HRSG integration for improved integrated gasification combined cycle efficiency
Modular power plant unconnected to the grid
Device for separating ferromagnetic particles from a suspension
Coated stent and method of making the same
Method for reinforcing hollow glass articles
Sorting apparatus
Method for the operation of a coiling device used for coiling or uncoiling a metallic strip, and control device and coiling device therefor
Tolerance strips
Multiple mode, bi-directional universal bending apparatus
Process for making silver powder particles with small size crystallites
Spindle head structure rotatable in A/B axes
Friction stir welding tool
Machine tool, particularly a hand-held power tool
One-way ratchet wheel element
Method and system for repositioning of a flexible substrate
Press system for forming a composite article
Mold for producing molded blocks and device for producing molded blocks
Method of manufacturing mold for tire vulcanization and mold for tire vulcanization
Tire vulcanizer
Foamed member, foamed member laminate, and electric or electronic device using foamed member
Microencapsulated curing agent
Plastic product with three dimensional pattern and manufacturing method of the same
Blow mould assembly
Assembling and shaping laminate panel
Thermoforming mould with thermal insulation and associated method
Heat pressing apparatus with puncture prevention function and method for producing woody material
Imaging device and imaging device manufacturing method
Sealing film and a semiconductor device using the same
Systems and methods for bonding using microwave energy
Integrated tire section repair
Configuration for moulding a blend made of metal powder around a ceramic core
Lateral pipe lining material and lateral pipe lining method
Apparatus and method for removing a CMP pad from a platen
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus including same
Liquid ejection head
Printing control apparatus and printing control method
Desktop organizer
Apparatus for treating a stain in clothing
Ballpoint pen tip, ballpoint pen refill, ballpoint pen, and method of manufacturing ballpoint pen tip
Process for optimization of island to trench ratio in patterned media
Non-pneumatic wheel assembly and wheel, suspension and tire used therein
Pneumatic tire with tread having rib portion, sub-grooves and sipes
Device for monitoring the state of radial deformation of a tyre
Tractor-trailer tire chain installation tool
Visor with movable pivot
Control device for hybrid vehicle automatic transmission
Vehicle seat
Blast attenuation seat
Chassis structure for a motor vehicle
Method and device for holding the tailgate of a dump truck partially open
Truck bed weighting system
Cleaning machine
Occupant protection device
Heavy-duty pivot plate adjusting joint
Energy absorbing coupler
Quick-disconnect handle for lifting and dumping of wheelbarrow cart
Modular vehicle and truss support system therefor
Honeycomb-structured floor panel for a vehicle incorporating a fastener element
Spare tire anti-theft security device
Motorized wheeled chair assembly
Pontoon framing system
Shock absorbing docking spacer with fluid compression buffering
Personal flotation device
Marine vessel transmission
Rotary wing aircraft provided with an emergency undercarriage
Integrated electric motor and gear in an aircraft wheel
Decompression device and decompression system
Aircraft seat assembly structure, and fitted fuselage
Vertical round container for storing liquids, and arrangement comprising a plurality of containers
Collapsible rectangular container
Composite interlocking stopper and method of manufacture
Collapsible carton
Lid for use in ion beam assisted deposition
Device for the disposal of consumed chewing gum
Package of oral care implements and method of using the same
Poster cup
Cover for tablet computer
Protective strip and strip holders for a handle
Container-handling machine
Paper inverting device
Image recording apparatus and control method thereof
Elevator safety rescue system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for removing sulfide from alkaline washing liquids
System and apparatus for treating well flow-back and produced water or other wastewater
Hoss' 4-stage biological nutrient removal (BNR) activated sludge process for removal of total phosphate and total nitrogen to a level below 1.0 mg/l without any chemical coagulation process such as alum or ferric chloride used for phosphorous removal
Refractory vessels and methods for forming same
Induction heating
Method for producing fluorophosphate glass, glass material for press molding and optical element
Fused grains of oxides comprising Al, Ti and Mg and ceramic products comprising such grains
UV absorbers soluble in polar media
Absorption cycle utilizing ionic liquid as working fluid
Foamer/sulfur scavenger composition and methods for making and using same
Catalyst based on an amorphous material comprising silicon with a hierarchical and organized porosity, and an improved process for the treatment of hydrocarbon feeds
Fuel composition and its use
Method and device to probe a membrane by applying an in-plane electric field
Detection method and detection system
Methods for eliminating or reducing the expression of a genes in a filamentous fungal strains
Re-engineering bacteria for ethanol production
Immobilised enzymes
Reprogrammation of eukaryotic cells with engineered microvesicles
Flaviviridae mutants comprising a deletion in the capsid protein for use as vaccines
Modified tRNA containing unnatural base and use thereof
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase and beta-xylosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Polypeptides having beta-glucosidase activity and beta-xylosidase activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Method of producing filamentous fungus culture product
Ethanol production from ocean biomass
Enzymatically catalyzed method of preparing mono-acylated polyols
Methods of determining need for anti-coagulation therapy
Biomarkers for the detection of head and neck tumors
Method for analyzing cervical lymph node metastasis, and tumor marker for head and neck cancer
Inhibition of DNA polymerases to augment chemotherapeutic and antimicrobial agents
Protein scaffolds and viral particles for detecting analytes
Machine and method for machining a part by micro-electrical discharge machining
Laser-irradiated thin films having variable thickness
Method for manufacturing a group III nitride semiconductor crystal and method for manufacturing a group III nitride semiconductor substrate
Textiles; Paper
Method of manufacturing a rotor for a screening apparatus, a rotor and a turbulence element for a rotor
Fixed Constructions
Integrated paving system and method
Asphalt repair system and method
Quick connect roof clip and roof jack
Method for cooling a rotating control device
Sulfonated amphoteric surfactants for IOR
Methods of limiting or reducing the amount of oil in a sea using a fluid director
Coiled tubing orienter tool with high torque planetary gear stage design drive
Measuring gas content of unconventional reservoir rocks
Method and means for installing geothermal heat loops
Bit arrangement for a mining plough, and mining plough for plough systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine airfoil to shround attachment
Impingement plate for turbomachine components and components equipped therewith
Fan shroud with modular vane sets
Airfoil shape for turbine bucket and turbine incorporating same
Turbine assembly and method for securing a closure bucket
Method for operating a multi-step steam turbine
Caged ball and spring valve rotator
Direct fuel-injection engine
Split-cycle air hybrid V-engine
Cylindrical hydrogen fuel generator having passive tubular cells
Integrally cast block and upper crankcase
Solar panel motor oil heating system, product and method
Method of manufacturing an engine block
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Fluid turbine
Method of reducing a structural unbalance in a wind turbine rotor and device for performing the method
Shroud leakage cover
Electrokinetic pump having capacitive electrodes
Method and apparatus for actuating a valve
Conical roller cage
Hub assembly with the ratchet member movable in two directions
Electric brake device
Disc brake
Friction-plate lubricating device for automatic transmission
Rotary units, rotary mechanisms, and related applications
Overrunning isolating decoupler pulleys
Method for controlling an automatic transmission of a motor vehicle
Rotation urging mechanism and pulley device
Length-adjustable piston cylinder unit comprising a safety device
Annular elastic gasket
Protection system and method
Water cut-off valve
Unidirectional ceramic control valve structure
Valve stem connection structure of pressure reducing valve and method therefor
Flow valve
Pipe laying apparatus and method
Pipe repair device
Light system
Retractable lighting system
Modular stair unit
Illumination module and light bar used in the same
Input device with multiple layers of luminous patterns
Lighting device using light guide plate
Fuel fluidizing nozzle assembly
Portable catalytic heating system for off grid application
Optimizer for two staged refrigeration systems
Intra-condenser contaminant extractor for a vapor-compression refrigeration apparatus
Thermoelectric-enhanced, vapor-condenser facilitating immersion-cooling of electronic component(s)
Multifunctional shooting target structure
Activation unit for explosive masses or explosive bodies
Dummy for testing rack size
System and method for detecting surface perturbations
Pointer-type alarm mark structure of a micro-differential pressure gauge
Catheter die and method of fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for inspecting pinhole in synthetic resin bottle
Wind tunnel with a closed section for aeroacoustic measurements with an anechoic coating
Lead-free piezoelectric ceramic films and a method for making thereof
Microfluidic device for separating, fractionating, or preconcentrating analytes contained in an electrolyte
Electroosmotic movable device
Multiplexed lateral flow assay arrays
Applications of the binding interaction of proanthocyanidins with bacteria and bacterial components
Sensor device for measuring a direction of incident flow and evaluation device therefor
Measurement of CMOS device channel strain by X-ray diffraction
Light-source device and simulated-solar-light irradiation device provided with same
Mounting plate for mirror glass
Display device and input device with multi pattern layers
Projector holder and projector system having the same
Organometallic composition for forming a metal alloy pattern and a method of forming such a pattern using the composition
Mask and pattern forming method
Process of using an imaging element having a photoluminescent tag
Complex holograms, method of making and using complex holograms
Material, system, and method that provide indication of a breach
Enhancing insulating properties at higher temperature utilizing soft seals
Processing critical data sets in non-volatile memory
Method for interactive false checking of a product by using colored 2 dimensional bar codes and a system for performing the same
Systems and apparatus for expressing multimedia presentations corresponding to print media
Method and apparatus for a wagering game having a secondary game for modifying a primary game
Dynamic paytable for interactive games
Secured and unsecured cash transfer system and method
Apparatus and system for imaging currency bills and financial documents and method for using the same
Automatic trace analysis and comparison system for interactive learning and training systems
Displaying projector status visibly
Method and device for high density data storage
Optical recording medium
Molecular precursor methods and materials for optoelectronics
Precursors and uses for CIS and CIGS photovoltaics
Dielectric raw material, antenna device, portable phone and electromagnetic wave shielding body
Radiation imaging apparatus
Semiconductor template substrate, light-emitting device using a semiconductor template substrate, and manufacturing method therefor
Method of manufacturing magnetic memory
Gas barrier with vent ring for protecting a surface region from liquid
Self-aligned emitter-base in advanced BiCMOS technology
Scavenging metal stack for a high-K gate dielectric
Hybrid CMOS technology with nanowire devices and double gated planar devices
Lithium ion secondary battery with insulating member having a broken hollow portion and method for producing the same
Battery module and method of manufacturing the same
Battery pack and battery pack stack
Method of producing lithium ion-storing/releasing material, lithium ion-storing/releasing material, and electrode structure and energy storage device using the material
Separator plates, ion pumps, and hydrogen fuel infrastructure systems and methods for generating hydrogen
Fuel cell, method for operating fuel cell and fuel cell system
Vehicle transmission and charge device
Connector assembly
Terminal structure
High speed high density connector assembly
Safety socket
Enclosed television with improved enclosure sealing arrangement
Production of carbon nanotubes
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for a limp home mode
Mirror mounting assembly for hair grooming and styling
Method for preparing infant formula from powder with dispensing and filtering means
Method of preparing pharmaceutical Moxa extract and apparatus for electrical moxibustion using the same extract
Method and apparatus for illuminating and imaging eyes through eyeglasses using multiple sources of illumination
Subassembly for generating an optically active slit
Noninvasive medical monitoring instrument using surface emitting laser devices
Disposable pulse oximeter assembly and protective cover therefor
Method and apparatus for performing optical coherence-domain reflectometry and imaging through a scattering medium employing a power-efficient interferometer
Cardiac monitoring electrode apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for motion-free cardiac CT imaging
Method and device for estimating bone mineral content of the calcaneus
Method of manufacturing a scintillator and a scintillator layer thus manufactured
Method and apparatus for acquiring image information for energy subtraction processing
Artificial larynx
Spa control system
Method for tissue stimulation and fabrication of low polarization implantable stimulation electrode
Multi-conductor lead
System for optimized brain stimulation
Cardiac pacing to induce heart rate variability
Configurable multisite active implantable medical device
System for displaying cardiac arrhythmia data
Method and apparatus for high current electrode, transthoracic and transmyocardial impedance estimation
Method for delivering defibrillation energy
Method and apparatus for treatment of cardiac electromechanical dissociation
Interactive toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Position and/or force controlling apparatus using sliding mode decoupling control
Sheet processing apparatus with die cover formed from anti-static material and image forming process having same
Mold for molding optical element, mold structure for molding optical element, molding apparatus, optical element molded from resin material, and optical element constituted by plurality of optical surfaces
Method and apparatus for rapid freezing prototyping
Temperature compensator for faraday rotator
System and method for proofing
Printing device and recording paper control
Liquid developer refilling system of liquid electrophotographic printer and method thereof
Traction control system for motor vehicles
Vehicle longitudinal force control
Safety limiter for powered vehicles
Engine startup control device and control method
Oil pressure supply device for vehicle drive system
Apparatus and methods for ascertaining the identity of objects in a vehicle and adjusting a vehicle component based thereon
Steering wheel electronic interface
Sitting state detector
Air bag apparatus
Device for protecting a motor vehicle against use by third parties, with individual driving authorization
Braking control system for vehicle
Method and device for monitoring sensors in a vehicle
Process and device for stabilizing a vehicle depending on the speed of the vehicle
Method and apparatus for flight parameter monitoring and control
Method and apparatus for measuring thickness of coating layers on substrates using backscattering of x-rays and gamma rays
Low energy method for changing the inclinations of orbiting satellites using weak stability boundaries and a computer process for implementing same
Method and apparatus for generating orbital data
Substrate transport method and apparatus
Additional dynamic fluid level and bubble inspection for quality and process control
Micro-aligner for precisely aligning an optical fiber and an associated fabrication method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Infra red filter
Thin film magnetic recording head with treated ceramic substrate
Textiles; Paper
Synchronous SRAM having pipelined enable
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for calibrating a tool positioning mechanism on a mobile machine
Power window regulator for automobiles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Synchronization of internal combustion engine
Device for increasing heat transfer
Vacuum processing apparatus
Optical disc apparatus and method for controlling turntable rotation
Printer motion quality improvement with crowned gear drive systems
Shifting apparatus for an automatic transmission including a vehicle security system
System for the personalized automatic control of gear changes in a motor vehicle provided with servo-assisted gears
Control system for bathers with ground continuity and ground fault detection
Telescopic sight for individual weapon with automatic aiming and adjustment
Countermeasure device with air bag hover system and pressure compensated acoustic projectors
Method for accurately calibrating a constant-angle reflection-interference spectrometer (CARIS) for measuring photoresist thickness
Apparatus and method for determining vehicle wheel alignment measurements from three dimensional wheel positions and orientations
Interferometric instrument provided with an arrangement for producing a frequency shift between two interfering beam components
Interferometer having a dynamic beam steering assembly
Systems and methods for quantifying nonlinearities in interferometry systems
Optical apparatus with an illumination grid and detector grid having an array of anamorphic lenses
Navigation controller
Mobile navigation system
Route guidance system
Software upgradable dashboard
Navigation system with feature for reporting errors
Method and apparatus for navigating with correction of angular speed using azimuth detection sensor
Network-based traffic congestion notification service
Vehicle navigation system and method
Embedded fiber optic sensor
Capacitive pressure sensors or capacitive differential pressure sensors
System and method for performing computed tomography with fiber waveguides
Mobile x-ray inspection system for large objects
Method of identifying features in indexed data
Stable algorithm for estimating airdata from flush surface pressure measurements
Integrated circuit implementing internally generated commands
IC test system
High-speed decoder for a multi-pair gigabit transceiver
System and method for trellis decoding in a multi-pair transceiver system
Apparatus and method for testing programmable delays
Circuit for validating simulation models
Method and system for detecting errors within complementary logic circuits
Method of design for testability test sequence generation method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Device comprising a first and a second ferromagnetic layer separated by a non-magnetic spacer layer
Method for the operation of a diagnostic magnetic resonance apparatus
Multipath compensation for pseudorange signals
Integrated motion vision sensor
Method and apparatus for determining remote unit location using phased array antenna elements
Method for efficient manual inversion of seismic velocity information
Synchronized seismic signal acquisition method and device
Enhanced vertical resolution for logging tools using walsh-transform deconvolution
Transparent laminate and filter for use for plasma display panel using the transparent laminate
Optical system with polarization compensator
Objective optical system
Eyepiece optical system for a single lens reflex camera
Image display apparatus
Method for producing a fresnel lens on a catadioptric basis, and a fresnel lens produced using this method
Endoscopic objective lens
Optical switches using dual axis micromirrors
Beam pattern contractor and focus element, method and apparatus
Multiple wobble correction optical elements to reduce height of raster output scanning (ROS) system
Diffractive homogenizer with compensation for spatial coherence
Beam splitter/combiner module
Systems for three-dimensional viewing and projection
Electronic watch
Polarization diversity for birefingent filters
Optical device provided with correcting function for trembling of focused image
Optical reflector and laser with external cavity incorporating such a reflector
Mechanical grating device
Optical filter and method of making the same
Polarizer devices and methods for making the same
Polarizer and a production method thereof
Planar waveguides with high refractive index
Semiconductor optical component comprising a spot-size converter
Optical coupling method and optical coupling device
Semiconductor micro epi-optical components
Method and apparatus for connecting optical fibers
Apparatus and method for compensating for misalignment in reflective packages
Bulk optic interleaver
Optical wavelength multiplex transmission method and optical dispersion compensation method
Optical wavelength multiplex transmission method and optical dispersion compensation method
System and method for efficient coupling between optical elements
Fiber optic connector with optical attenuator
Optical interconnection structure for enlarging alignment tolerance
Directing and organizing lens means for a fiber optics network
Wall mounted fiber splice enclosure
Cycled fiber lock for cross-functional totally dry optical fiber loose tube cable
Optical fiber arrays
Method and device for wavelength conversion, and system including the device
Acousto-optic filter
Planar reflective light valve backplane
Resonant fabry-perot semiconductor saturable absorbers and two photon absorption power limiters
Device for pivoting an optical apparatus and a function carrier with the device, and a professional camera with a function carrier
Real image type finder optical system
Stereo photographic system
Camera shutter
Lithography using quantum entangled particles
Method for reducing particles from an electrostatic chuck and an equipment for manufacturing a semiconductor
Apparatus and method for optimizing image transfer environment in an electrophotographic system
Interactive voice controlled copier apparatus
Document sensing device for an image forming apparatus
Color image forming apparatus
Contact charging device
Operational method for an electrographic printer or copier
Developer sealing member and developing apparatus provided with the same
Enhanced phenolic developer roll sleeves
Conductive coating for charging blade in electrostatic printing processes
Development apparatus of liquid electrophotographic printer
Wet-type image forming apparatus and method
Image forming apparatus
Image apparatus having an improved intermediate transfer system
Image forming apparatus having blade cleaning device applied thereto, and process cartridge
Multi-functional fuser backup roll release mechanism
Fuser member coated with hydride release oil, methods and imaging apparatus thereof
Method for controlling a fan of an electronic photo device
Multi-level oiling device drive mechanism
Foam pad for removing electrostatically charged particles from a surface
Image forming apparatus having means for detecting amount of developer used and means for detecting failure of used developer amount detecting means
Modular electrophotographic multicolor printer
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus, process cartridge, developing device and measuring part
Method of broad band electromagnetic holographic imaging
Device for regulating the minute hand of a clock having at least a minute hand and a second hand
Electronically controlled mechanical timepiece and control method therefor
Electronic time piece with a bearing detector
Timepiece comprising a capacitive sensing device
Controllers that determine optimal tuning parameters for use in process control systems and methods of operating the same
Method of and apparatus for constructing a complex control system and the complex control system created thereby
Process control using multiple detections
Interference prediction apparatus for unmanned vehicle
Brownfields investing
Information handling system, method, and article of manufacture including integration of object security service authorization with a distributed computing environment
Privacy-enhanced database
Apparatus for generating shifted down clock signals
Time control device
Timer apparatus and computer
Shock-absorbing device for notebook computer module
Low impedance hinge for notebook computer
Device bay retention mechanism
Computer with peripheral device mounting assembly
Three bus server architecture with a legacy PCI bus and mirrored I/O PCI buses
Electronic apparatus cooling device
Universal serial bus (USB) hub having a plurality of input power sources
Method and apparatus for performing data encryption and error code correction
Manufacturing method for wireless communications devices employing potentially different versions of integrated circuits
Hardware design for majority voting, and testing and maintenance of majority voting
Data transmission circuit having cyclic redundancy check circuit and data rate control circuit
Error detective information adding equipment
Method and apparatus for restoring a computer to a clear CMOS configuration
Operating system rebooting method
Method for updating firmware of a computer peripheral device
System and method for enabling pair-pair remote copy storage volumes to mirror data in another pair of storage volumes
Method for parallel, remote administration of mirrored and alternate volume groups in a distributed data processing system
Replication tracking method and apparatus for a distributed data processing system
System and method for testing a microprocessor with an onboard test vector generator
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Apparatus for adjusting a store instruction having memory hierarchy control bits
System for tracing hardware counters utilizing programmed performance monitor to generate trace interrupt after each branch instruction or at the end of each code basic block
Memory control using memory state information for reducing access latency
Apparatus for adaptive decoding of memory addresses
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for facilitating resource management for applications having two types of program code
Duration-based memory management of complex objects
Memory system having flexible addressing and method using tag and data bus communication
Method and apparatus for supporting multiple overlapping address spaces on a shared bus
Hybrid cache/SIRO buffer system
Maximizing sequential read streams while minimizing the impact on cache and other applications
Multiprocessor system capable of circumventing write monitoring of cache memories
Method and apparatus for relaxing the FIFO ordering constraint for memory accesses in a multi-processor asynchronous cache system
Distributed shared memory multiprocessor system based on a unidirectional ring bus using a snooping scheme
Virtual cache registers with selectable width for accommodating different precision data formats
Using three-dimensional storage to make variable-length instructions appear uniform in two dimensions
Apparatus and method for operating a dual port memory cell
Method and apparatus for minimizing dcache index match aliasing using hashing in synonym/subset processing
Method and apparatus for a dedicated physically indexed copy of the data cache tag arrays
Lock mechanism
Arbitrating FIFO implementation which positions input request in a buffer according to its status
Synchronous DRAM modules including multiple clock out signals for increasing processing speed
Multi-cut system
System with logic gates having a progressive number of inputs connected to a first connection matrix receiving signals to be arbitrated from peripheral devices
System and method for direct memory access in a computer system
Bus arbiter system and method for managing communication buses
Method and apparatus for arbitrating ownership of an interface between hub agents
Method and system for multiplexing a second interface on an I2C interface
Hot-plug of PCI bus using single chip
Reinitialization circuit for a data communications interface
Memory module controlling system
Bridge for direct data storage device access
Interrupt gating method for PCI bridges
System for controlling operation of an external storage utilizing reduced number of status signals for determining ready or busy state based on status signal level
Method and apparatus for bridging a plurality of buses and handling of an exception event to provide bus isolation
Field programmable processor arrays
Method and system for providing a hardware machine function in a protected virtual machine
Object oriented translation framework method, apparatus, and program
Bootstrapping sense characterizations of occurrences of polysemous words in dictionary representations of a lexical knowledge base in computer memory
Method for improvement accuracy of decision tree based text categorization
Structured query language to IMS transaction mapper
Active properties for dynamic document management system configuration
Hotspots only interfaces to links in hypertext document pages in network display stations
System for indexing and display requested data having heterogeneous content and representation
Restoring broken links utilizing a spider process
Method and system for maintaining checkpoint values
Method and system for automatically maintaining data consistency across various databases
Method and apparatus for producing and accessing composite data
Information access
Scalable solution for image retrieval
Method, system and apparatus for authorizing access by a first user to a knowledge profile of a second user responsive to an access request from the first user
System and method for performing database queries using a stack machine
Optimized query tree
Generalized model for the exploitation of database indexes
System and method for hash loops join of data using outer join and early-out join
Process for maintaining ongoing registration for pages on a given search engine
Database system with original and public databases and data exploitation support apparatus for displaying response to inquiry of database system
Hyper media object management
Three dimensional data display method utilizing view point tracing and reduced document images
Inter-row configurability of content addressable memory
Shared web page caching at browsers for an intranet
Method and system for secure communications
Switching system data inheritance method and system
Circuit optimization system
Method of developing physical requirements for computer configuration
Ultrasound image information archiving system
System for implementing a design for six sigma process
Server verification of requesting clients
Information security analysis system
Electronic certification authentication method and system
Optical system and method for remotely manipulating interactive graphical elements on television screens and the like
Input/output data access request with assigned priority handling
Method and system for determining the data layout geometry of a disk drive
Shared device access protection
Storage control apparatus
Computer partition manipulation during imaging
Host device and picture image output device
Programmable shelf tag and method for changing and updating shelf tag information
Method and system for automatically determining whether to update a language model based upon user amendments to dictated text
First in first out memory circuit
Engagement control logic for an automatic transmission clutch with adaptive engagement feel
Compression of limited range floating point numbers
Management of data structures
Method and system for point multiplication in elliptic curve cryptosystem
Compression and decompression of elliptic curve data points
Prefetch instruction mechanism for processor
Forcing regularity into a CISC instruction set by padding instructions
Microprocessor for supporting reduction of program codes in size
Instruction set for bi-directional conversion and transfer of integer and floating point data
Microcomputer having variable bit width area for displacement and circuit for handling immediate data larger than instruction word
Instruction set and executing method of the same by microcomputer
Data processing device with mask and status bits for selecting a set of status conditions
Delayed deallocation of an arithmetic flags register
Return address predictor that uses branch instructions to track a last valid return address
Three state branch history using one bit in a branch prediction mechanism
Method and apparatus for double operand load
Method and apparatus for providing and handling traps
Method for producing a coherent view of storage network by a storage network manager using data storage device configuration obtained from data storage devices
Predicting year-2000 instruction failures
Parallel processor system for processing natural concurrencies and method therefor
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for a client-server with a client program cache
Method and apparatus for updating and synchronizing information between a client and a server
Subclassing system for computer that operates with portable-executable (PE) modules
Execution suspension and resumption in multi-tasking host adapters
Software Interface for dynamic API mapping
Method and apparatus for asynchronously calling and implementing objects
Method and apparatus for optimizing references to objects in a data processing system
Apparatus for a high performance locking facility
Deferred reconstruction of objects and remote loading in a distributed system
Collation of interrupt control devices
Process executing method and resource accessing method in computer system
Floating gate MOS transistor charge injection circuit and computation devices incorporating it
Generation of virtual combinatorial libraries of compounds
Robust random number generator
Multifunctional printing system with queue management
System for downloading fonts
IC card and its frame
Interactive method and apparatus for sorting biological specimens
Character recognition device
Method and apparatus for character recognition using stop words
Optical recording medium and apparatus of judging fake thereof
Client apparatus, image display controlling method, shared virtual space providing apparatus and method, and program providing medium
System and method for incorporating image data into electronic mail documents
Method and apparatus for a commercial network system designed to facilitate, manage and support the implementation and integration of technology systems
System, method and article of manufacture for exchanging software and configuration data over a multichannel, extensible, flexible architecture
Systems and methods for the secure transaction management and electronic rights protection
Data network security system and method
System and method for completing advertising time slot transactions
Automated interactive classified ad system for the internet
Method and apparatus for providing a personal page
Integrated inventory management system
Method of personal financial planning
Method and apparatus for detecting fraud
Digital watermarking using phase-shifted stoclustic screens
Method and arrangement for detecting a watermark using statistical characteristics of the information signal in which the watermark is embedded
Method for the reconstruction of images from measured values acquired with a CT apparatus by spiral scan and CT apparatus for the implementation of the method
Method and apparatus for rendering object oriented image data using multiple rendering states selected based on imaging operator type
Method of optimizing the filling of an editing medium with digital images of variable sizes, and with preservation of the size ratios
Method for image processing
Curves and surfaces modeling based on a cloud of points
Image detecting apparatus
Image processing system for handling depth information
Method of and apparatus for enhancing image sharpness
Processing method for an original image
Histogram generator
System and method for selection of a reference die
Locating an image of an object having a concentric profile
Computer program product for redeye detection
Method and system for real time feature based motion analysis for key frame selection from a video
Method and apparatus for depth modelling and providing depth information of moving objects
Image data coding by pattern matching
Variable length coding
Real-time evaluation of compressed picture quality within a digital video encoder
Adaptive quantization compatible with the JPEG baseline sequential mode
Video signal coding and decoding method
Method for utilizing the postal service address as an object in an object oriented environment
Recorder device, reading device and regulating device
System for monitoring vehicle efficiency and vehicle and driver performance
Method and apparatus for securing passwords and personal identification numbers
Method of judging truth of paper type and method of judging direction in which paper type is fed
Method and apparatus for controlling a coin hopper to operate with a secondary monetary exchange dispenser
Portable object reader terminal and process for self-diagnosis and supervision of same
Communication apparatus
Networked photonic signal distribution system
Information system for informing users of a public transport network about waiting times at stops in the network
Real time tertiary operation for resolving irregularities in aircraft operations
Terminal based traffic management and security surveillance system for aircraft and other commercial vehicles
Method and system for preventing reproduction of documents
Image processing apparatus and method for displaying images
Character display apparatus and method for a digital versatile disc
Portable audio recording and playback system having physically separate playback and recording units
Method of determining the voicing probability of speech signals
Method and apparatus for speech synthesis with efficient spectral smoothing
Speech recognition system that restarts recognition operation when a new speech signal is entered using a talk switch
Speech recognition and teaching apparatus able to rapidly adapt to difficult speech of children and foreign speakers
Speech recognition apparatus
Wavelet-based energy binning cepstal features for automatic speech recognition
Search and rescoring method for a speech recognition system
Product including a speech recognition device and method of generating a command lexicon for a speech recognition device
Split-vector quantization for speech signal involving out-of-sequence regrouping of sub-vectors
Method and apparatus for multi-environment speaker verification
System and method for modeling probability distribution functions of transform coefficients of encoded signal
Spectral transformation of acoustic signals
Methods for processing audio information in a multiple processor audio decoder
Re-synchronization of independently-clocked audio streams by fading-in with a fractional sample over multiple periods for sample-rate conversion
Compliant read and write head cleaner
Automatic clamping of compact discs
CD-ROM reader mechanism
Disk changer comprising spindle drive means for a holding claw
Initializing position for transporting a reproducing apparatus
Spindle motor having a taper for heat shrink clamp ring
Image pickup device
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Optical disc recording apparatus recording method, and a storage medium for storing optical disc recording program for facilitating dubbing an audio stream
Method and apparatus for acquiring a preamble signal in a hard disk drive
Method and apparatus for correcting systematic errors in timing pattern generation
Real-time compressing and decompressing apparatus for recording and reproducing multi-soundtrack voice data
Contact magnetic disk apparatus
Disk apparatus having an improved head carriage structure
Disk drive and floating head slider with means for minimizing dust accumulation thereon
Voice-coil integrated non-contacting magnetic latch for a disc drive actuator assembly
Latch and linear crash stop for a disc drive actuator arm
Disk drive cartridge door
Electronic device controller
Optical disc, recording apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
Apparatus and method for identifying the information stored on a medium
Information recording method and apparatus with additional recording function
Disk block allocation optimization methodology and applications
Image information encoding/decoding system
High density optical disk, apparatus for reproducing optical disk and method for producing optical disk master
Parametric optimization using disc drive read channel quality measurements
System and method for integrating call record information
System and method for data recording and playback
Methods and apparatus for providing information in response to telephonic requests
System for preventing crosstalk noise in a disk drive
Voltage-biasing, voltage-sensing differential preamplifier for magnetoresistive elements
Arrangement for reproducing a digital signal from a track on a magnetic record carrier having an equalizer filter in the form of a transconductance-capacitor filter
Thin film magnetic head with widening outer layer of multi-layer pole
Read head with file resettable double antiparallel (AP) pinned spin valve sensor
Thin film magnetic head having a gap layer with improved thermal conductivity
Actuator of hard disk drive having improved bobbin
Read/write positioning arm with interspaced amplifier chips
Error compensation device for a disk signal reproduction apparatus
Disc for recording information signals and disc chucking device
Optical disc device and optical disc discriminating method
Apparatus for automatically adjusting focus offset and method thereof in a disc player
Tracking control method and apparatus, recording/reproducing apparatus and optical disc
Optical head
Optical pickup device
Phase-change type optical recording medium and method of optically recording with the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Programmable resistive circuit using magnetoresistive memory technology
Reference cell configuration for a 1T/1C ferroelectric memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Circuit and method for refreshing data stored in a memory cell
Multi-generator, partial array Vt tracking system to improve array retention time
Memory device with reduced power consumption when byte-unit accessed
DRAM and data access method for DRAM
Semiconductor memory device capable of monitoring and adjusting the timing and pulse width of internal control signals
Large-capacity content addressable memory with sorted insertion
Programmable multiple word width CAM architecture
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device capable of controlling mutual timing of write voltage pulse and transfer voltage pulse
Device with embedded flash and EEPROM memories
Automatic program disturb with intelligent soft programming for flash cells
Read only memory precharging circuit and method
Masked ROM and manufacturing process therefor
Semiconductor memory device having improved row redundancy scheme and method for curing defective cell
Semiconductor memory device capable of easily determining locations of defective memory cells by selectively isolating and testing redundancy memory cell block
Semiconductor memory device including programmable output pin determining unit and method of reading the same during test mode
Semiconductor memory device
Circuit and method for detecting defects in semiconductor memory
Method and apparatus for testing memory devices
Computer memory cards using flash EEPROM integrated circuit chips and memory-controller systems
Semiconductor memory device utilizing multiple edges of a signal
Semiconductor integrated circuit, and method of controlling same
Dummy wordline circuitry
Method and apparatus for memory address decode in memory subsystems supporting a large number of memory devices
Reduced line select decoder for a memory array
Read only memory with neighboring memory blocks sharing block selection lines
Stage for charged particle microscopy system
Method of handling a nuclear reactor and an apparatus used in the handling method
In-situ self-powered monitoring of stored spent nuclear fuel
Nuclear isomers as neutron and energy sources
Two-dimensional, anti-scatter grid and collimator designs, and its motion, fabrication and assembly
X-ray examination apparatus including an X-ray filter
Rechargeable hybrid battery/supercapacitor system
Gas-insulated electrical apparatus
High thermal performance cathode via heat pipes
X-ray tube with improved temperature control
Apparatus and method for cooling a structure using boiling fluid
X-ray generating apparatus
X-ray radiator with control of the position of the electron beam focal spot on the anode
Vacuum processing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing line using the same
Heat sink attachment apparatus and method
Heat radiating member for heat generating device
Removable heat sink bumpers on a quad flat package
Multi-device heat sink assembly
Removable remote control amplifier
Embedded multi-layer ceramic capacitor in a low-temperature con-fired ceramic (LTCC) substrate
Discrete silicon capacitor
Dual-enclosure optoelectronic packages
Shielded high-TC BSCCO tapes or wires for high field applications
Method and apparatus for a cross-connect system with automatic facility information transference to a remote location
Erbium doped fiber amplifier suitable for long wavelength light signal
Optical fiber amplifier
Device with optical fibre amplifier
External mirror type wavelength tunable laser
Long-Wavelength VCSEL using buried bragg reflectors
Semiconductor laser using gallium nitride series compound semiconductor
Low voltage modular room ionization system
Portable, temporary power hookup for use at construction sites and methods
Overload protection apparatus and a speed reducer having such an apparatus
Method and apparatus for distributing alternating electrical current to motors via a direct current bus
Surge suppressor
Redundant regulated power supply system with monitoring of the backup power supply
Energy service stabilizer
Controllable circuit for providing bi-directional current to a load
Switching power supply having a low power burst mode
Active reset forward converter employing synchronous rectifiers
Switching power supply utilizing magnetically coupled series inductors
Electric power control method and circuit with controlled fadeout of power consumption
Device for operating inverter and power system
Apparatus and method for producing a plurality of output signals with fixed phase relationships therebetween
Adaptive predistortion system
Diode amplifier bypass circuit
Complex electronic component
Automatic synchronization circuit for trellis decoder
Coding network grouping data of same data type into blocks using file data structure and selecting compression for individual block base on block data type
Fully integrated all-CMOS AM transmitter with automatic antenna tuning
Audio signal processing circuit
Multi-carrier transmission system utilizing channels of different bandwidth
Chirp spread spectrum signal multiple access apparatus
Virtual locating of a fixed subscriber unit to reduce re-acquisition time
Complex despreading system
Intrasatellite wireless communication
Satellite onboard data transmission system
Distributed feedback semiconductor laser in which light intensity distributions differ in different polarization modes, and driving method therefor
Optical transmitting device
Apparatus and method for reducing impairments from nonlinear fiber effects in 1550 nanometer external modulation links
Optical fibre transmission systems
Reducing acoustic feedback with digital modulation
Transmitter/receiver having an antenna failure detection system
Apparatus and method for implementing a home network using customer-premises power lines
Closed loop transmitter with DAC sensitivity adjusted to detector nonlinearity
Forward power gain adjustment during a soft handoff operation
System and method for gaining control of individual narrowband channels using a wideband power measurement
Downstream power control in point-to-multipoint systems
Methods and apparatuses for fast power control of signals transmitted on a multiple access channel
CDMA communication apparatus and CDMA communication method
Switchable combiner/splitter
Low earth orbit distributed gateway communication system
System and method for optimization of calls based upon available satellite resources
CATV communication system, method of communication by the same, and center and terminal devices thereof
Spread spectrum communication method and system wherein data rate of data to be transmitted is changed in accordance with transmission quality
Method and apparatus employing wireless remote loopback capability for a wireless system repeater to provide end-to-end testing without a wireline connection
Apparatus for compensating for signal transit time differences of digital transmission devices
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Data processing control device and method of same
Adaptive digital clock recovery
Method for regulating TCP flow over heterogeneous networks
Featureless covert communication system
Statistically multiplexed turbo code decoder
System and method to insert timestamp information in a protocol neutral manner
Wireless communication system, fixed station device and mobile station device
Bandwidth efficient QAM on a TDM-FDM system for wireless communications
Digital modem fast retrain escape mechanism
Method and apparatus for selecting a communication data rate between mobile and base stations
Digital control channels having logical channels supporting broadcast SMS
Rate selection in adaptive data rate systems
Automatic switching system
Group sampling method for connectionless networks
Automated trap control for a distributed network management system
Method and apparatus for building network configuration database
Bandwidth reservation
Dynamic configuration of wireless networks
Network fault system
Single counter for controlling multiple finite state machines in a multi-port bridge for local area network
Adaptive universal multiple access
Ethernet card and ethernet card improvement methods
Network abnormality recovery method and system
Method and apparatus providing network communications between devices using frames with multiple formats
System performance in a data network through queue management based on ingress rate monitoring
Method and apparatus for identifying a maximum frame size to maintain delay at or below an acceptable level
Switching router and a datagram transfer system
Apparatus and method for selectively supplying a data packet to a selected network node in a buffered distributor
ATM switching system and cell control method
Data packet filter using contents addressable memory (CAM) and method
Flow control using output port buffer allocation
Method and apparatus for minimizing calculations required to construct multicast trees
Method and apparatus for routing packet data in a communications system
Method and devices for bridging data and telephone networks
Cell to frame conversion management
Host signal processor modem and telephone
Method and apparatus for digital symbol detection using medium response estimates
Radio communication system
Trellis shaping for PCM modems
Digital filter and modulator
Method of transmitting a frequency-modulated asynchronous NRZ signal
Method and device in a communication system
xDSL modem having DMT symbol boundary detection
Blind start-up of a dual mode CAP-QAM receiver
Method and arrangement for implementing IPSEC policy management using filter code
System and method for serving host computer files to one or more client computer systems
Single step network logon based on point to point protocol
Information distribution and processing system
Selecting a cost-effective bandwidth for transmitting information to an end user in a computer network
Distributed scalable device for selecting a server from a server cluster and a switched path to the selected server
Information processing apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for securing documents posted from a web resource
Authorization of services in a conditional access system
Transmission system with buffer between independently controlled data paths
Method and apparatus for transporting multimedia information over heterogeneous wide area networks
System and method for batching data between transport and link layers in a protocol stack
System and computer-implemented method for providing access to host-based screen applications using business-centric software components
Forward compatible and expandable high speed communications system and method of operation
Method and apparatus for generating encryption stream ciphers
Object-based digital signatures
Network interface unit
Wireless butt set
Communication device
Method for recording a digitized audio signal, and telephone answering machine
Method and apparatus for incoming call rejection
Telephone set, communications system, and method of setting security functions in telephone set
Low power line selection circuit for a telephone
Telephone call/voice processing system
System for transferring information from a base station to portable phones
Personal base station for integrated cellular and cordless communication system
Telephone note-taking device
Home and personal data services overlay communications system
Method and system for generating a billing record
Personal user network (closed user network) PUN/CUN
Method and system for dynamically updating rate center information
Power amplifier with feedback
Predictive bursty real-time traffic control for telecommunications switching systems
Telephone network having dual gateway interconnection architecture for handling emergency services
Cellular telecommunications systems having selectively associatable usage parameters
Video printer
Automatic paper feeder including an upper light source
Method for adjusting resolution of a scanning module
Construction of scanning or imaging arrays suitable for large documents
Internal-surface-scanning image recording apparatus
Image communication apparatus
Systems and methods for image conversion useful in the transformation of photographic pictures into templates for painting
Composite halftone screens with stochastically distributed clusters or lines
Apparatus and method for halftone hybrid screen generation
Image formation method
Image input device and method for providing scanning artifact detection
Studio camera viewfinder
Interactive cable television system with frame grabber
Decimation of a high definition video signal
Personalized time-shifted programming
Video signal transmission method superimposed information transmission method video signal output device video signal reception device and video signal recording medium
Method and system to transmit video/data signals from a device to a communications network connection card
Selectable depacketizer architecture
Method of ensuring a smooth transition between MPEG-2 transport streams
Apparatus for recording a digital video signal
Data service system, data distribution unit, data terminal, and data distribution method
Foveated image coding system and method for image bandwidth reduction
Multichannel multiplex system for transmitting and receiving coded data signals
Demultiplexer and transport decorder employing the same
Video signal encoded with additional detail information
Digital signal processor, processing method, digital signal recording/playback device and digital signal playback method
Optical space switches using multiport couplers
System and method for transmitting a user's data packets concurrently over different telephone lines between two computer networks
Calculation of quotient-based explicit rate algorithm for ABR traffic
Method and adapter device for switching switched connections between time-division-multiplex-oriented components of a communications network via an ATM communications network
Multi-cast ABR service system and method
Switched architecture access server
Method and apparatus for provisioned and dynamic quality of service in a communications network
Procedure for subscriber addressing in a cascaded V5 interface
Alarm correlation in a large communications network
Method and system for providing a work-at-home telecommunication service
System and method for delaying the ringing of a line
Method and system for providing roaming service in a telecommunications system that is partially enabled for local number portability
Method for paging high-speed subscriber by roaming reservation in radio paging switching system
Voice information service networking system
Systems and methods for delivering information to a transmitting and receiving device
Method and apparatus for establishing dynamic group communications
Radio communications system
Radio telephone hand set network restriction
Method for selecting an alternate channel in a wireless communications system
Adaptive frequency planning in a cellular network
Wireless communications network planning
Method and system for improved traffic management in wireless telecommunication systems
Process and device for managing intercellular transfers of radio communications in a cellular radio communication system by measuring virtual speeds of cellular devices
Method and system for improving the degree utilization of telecommunications channels in locally concentrated, asynchronous wireless telecommunications systems
Sectorized cell having non-redundant broadband processing unit
Methods and apparatus for interfrequency handoff in a wireless communication system
Mobile switching center for providing wireless access Ho
Acoustic quality enhancement via feedback and equalization for mobile multimedia systems
Howling detection and prevention circuit and a loudspeaker system employing the same
Multiple description transform coding of audio using optimal transforms of arbitrary dimension
Static brushes and methods of fabricating same
Ball grid array via structure
Apparatus and method for controlling information flow in a card cage having multiple backplanes
Electronic apparatus having printed circuit board module accommodated in case thereof
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