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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar WN0913501
Soybean cultiver NE2412487
Maize hybrid X13C733
Liquid aqueous crop protection formulations
Diazoxide for the treatment of Friedreich's ataxia
Inhibitors of protein kinases
Pharmaceutical compositions of clonazepam and method of use thereof
Preparation method of MLN4924 as an E1 activating inhibitor
Compositions and methods for the treatment of somatosensory disorders
Compositions and methods for the treatment of somatosensory disorders
Two-part disinfectant system and related methods
Use of benzo-fused heterocycle sulfamide derivatives for the treatment of pain
Use of parthenolide derivatives as antileukemic and cytotoxic agents
Tricyclic indeno-pyrrole derivatives as serotonin receptor modulators
Analogs of thalidomide as potential angiogenesis inhibitors
Isotopologues of thalidomide
4-quinolinemethanols as anti-malarial agents
Methods for treating inflammatory conditions
Frequency modulated drug delivery (FMDD)
Adamantyl diamide derivatives and uses of same
Bicyclic methyl amine derivatives as sphingosine-1 phosphate receptors modulators
Compositions and methods for improving cardiovascular health
Polyglutamic acids functionalized by cationic groups and hydrophobic groups and applications thereof, in particular therapeutic applications thereof
Methods and compositions for promoting organ development
Erythropoietin: remodeling and glycoconjugation of erythropoietin
Leptin compositions and methods for treating progressive cognitive function disorders resulting from accumulation of neurofibrillary tangles and amyloid beta
Methods for the treatment or prevention of hemorrhagic conditions
Methods for treatment or prevention of diseases associated with functional disorder of regulatory T cells
Composition for reducing skin wrinkles including PDE5 inhibitor
Thiophenyl and pyrrolyl azepines as serotonin 5-HT.sub.2C receptor ligands and uses thereof
Inhibitors of diacylglycerol acyltransferase
Performing Operations; Transporting
System and method for reducing trapped energetic proton or energetic electron flux at low earth orbits
Low soluble solids acid gels and methods for making same
Hydrophilic polymer membranes
Apparatus and method for performing laser welding operations
Adhesive label and label issuing device
Braking intensity display
Light irradiation control system for vehicle lamp
Brake warning device and method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing substituted diamantanes
Amine derivative compounds for treating ophthalmic diseases and disorders
Aryloxy amine compounds and their use as sodium channel modulators
Formulations of canfosfamide and their preparation
Method of resolution of (RS)- 1,1'-BI-2-naphthol for obtaining enantiomeric pure I.E. (S)-(-)-1,1'-BI-2-naphthol and/or (R)-(+)-1,1'-BI-2-naphthol via co-crystal formation with optically active derivatives of .gamma.-amino acids
Method for producing diisocyanates by gas-phase phosgenation
Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
Precursors to fluoroalkanol-containing olefin monomers, and associated methods of synthesis and use
One pot multicomponent synthesis of some novel hydroxy stilbene derivatives with alpha, beta-carbonyl conjugation under microwave irradiation
Method for producing norbornene derivative
Paraxylene production process and apparatus
Catalyst for use in production of methacrylic acid and method for manufacturing the same
Benzimidazolium dyes and their use as fluorescent chemosensors
Process for preparing divinylarene dioxides
Method for producing oxygen-containing compound
Tripodal cyclohexane derivatives and their use as carbohydrate receptors
Process for the preparation of tetrazine derivatives
Method for preparing a metal catalyst
Blue light emitter with singlet harvesting effect for use in OLEDs and other organic-electronic devices
Process for preparing organoalkoxyhydrosilanes
Levels and/or sustainability of DNA-based gene expression
Compositions comprising signal peptide-containing proteins
Crosslinked protein nanocrystals, crosslinked protein nanoaggregates and method of preparation thereof
Resin composition, heat seal film and layered film
Process for synthesizing organic/inorganic composite
Process for the preparation of carbon black/silica/nanoclay master batch from fresh natural rubber latex
Proton-conducting membrane and its use
Silicone resin composition, encapsulating layer, reflector, and optical semiconductor device
Reed composite, manufacturing method thereof and building material using the same
Lubricating compositions for use with downhole fluids
Refining of edible oil
Detergent composition
Article for washing coloured textiles
Compositions and methods for altering alpha-and beta-tocotrienol content
Compositions and methods for altering alpha- and beta-tocotrienol content
Compositions and methods for inhibition of fucosyltransferase and xylosyltransferase expression in plants
Method of preparing an adduct
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piloting device of a missile or of a projectile
Positioning a first surface in a pre-determined position relative to a second surface
Optical measurement apparatus and optical measurement system
Production process for an interface unit and a group of such interface units
Housing of a weighing scale with a a circumferential edqe that rims the circumferential separating wall, so that when the housing is in a closed state, the circumferential edge co-acts with an inside surface of the second housing part to define a second enclosed space serving to house the electronic components
Weighing scale housing with carrier unit for electronics mounted on guiding tracts for removal from the housing, wherein the carrier also serves as a closure plate for the bottom of the pedestal opening
Photoelectric meter for stamps perforations
Optically active functional fluid markers
Method of detecting contaminant materials in food products
Switching apparatus, switching method, and electronic device
Fan speed testing system
Determining thermal interface material (TIM) thickness change
Microorganism number measurement device
Electromagnetic generating device for testing electromagnetic compatibility
Address-sharing system
Methods and apparatus for route installation acknowledgement and acknowledgement aggregation in BGP
Method and device for switching from dual stream to single stream in uplink MIMO mode
System and method for testing computer under varying environmental conditions
Testing fuse configurations in semiconductor devices
All-in-one motor assessment precision sizing system and capacitance calculator unit
Patient positioning couch and combined medical examination device with a patient positioning couch
Method for processing signals of an airborne radar with correction of the error in the radar beam pointing angle and corresponding device
Optical probe with feedback correction
Norbornene-type formate monomers and polymers and optical waveguides formed therefrom
Display device
Electronic apparatus
Electrophoresis device and electronic apparatus
SLM calibration
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Electronic device and method for providing and disarming alarm clock
Motor control apparatus and method for controlling motor
Adaptive voltage scaling using a delay line
Device and method for providing power to a microcontroller
Hard disk drive mounting device
Packet retransmission control system, method and program
Image forming apparatus, image processing system, and image processing method
Maintaining security of scanned documents
Method and module for modifying an angular pointer signal generated using three dimensional pointing, and three dimensional pointing device
Mouse with multi-configurable buttons
Mouse with detachable cover
Interactive media display
Portable electronic device including a touch-sensitive display and method of controlling same
Apparatus and method for electrostatic discharge protection
Input device for tablet computer
Print apparatus and method of controlling the apparatus and program thereof
Cloud computing system, document processing method, and storage medium in which a number of processing units is adjusted based on processing status
Image formation control apparatus, image forming system, image formation control method, and storage medium storing image formation control program
Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
Image formation apparatus and image formation system using the same
Information processing apparatus, print control method, and storage medium for selectively performing inconsistency validation process on changed print setting
Image processing system, image processing method, and program for image processing method
Network system, network system control method, and storage medium
Control for user management information in image forming apparatus
Positioning and printing of a handheld device
Method for generating orthophoto image
Projector array for multiple images
Processing of a digital mixed colour document
System and method for conveying location information via a plurality of information-sharing environments
Reusable 3D glasses embedded with RFID and RF-EAS tags for use at 3D movie theatres
Electronic device and automatic warning method thereof
Air traffic controller alerting system
Mechanism and method to implement a reader mechanism for a container-based monitor of a consumable product
Error indication circuit
Traffic signal control system, design method and special equipment
Liquid crystal display
Force sensations for haptic feedback computer interfaces
Automatic management of diagram elements
Scrolling behavior-influenced algorithm selection to facilitate adaptive scrolling
Customizable electronic musical instrument and user interface
Key press switch for electronic piano
Hierarchical control of tiered error recovery for storage devices
Magnetic head positioning and driving device including heaters and diodes
Method for copy protection
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Information storage medium, reproducing method, and recording method
Nonvolatile RAM
Magnetic devices and structures
Semiconductor device having plural penetration electrodes penetrating through semiconductor substrate and testing method thereof
Semiconductor device having plural circuit blocks operating at the same timing
Semiconductor memory device
Canister for transporting and/or storing radioactive materials conferring enhanced heat transfer
Method of manufacturing microstructure and substrate provided with the microstructure
Inductively coupled data and power transfer system and apparatus
Panel system for covering a glass or plastic surface
Conduction breaking device
Charged particle optical system, drawing apparatus, and method of manufacturing article
High sensitivity mass spectrometry systems
Method for etching polycrystalline silicon, method for manufacturing semiconductor device, and etching program
Method for crystallizing amorphous silicon thin film and method for fabricating poly crystalline thin film transistor using the same
Low temperature etching of silicon nitride structures using phosphoric acid solutions
Critical concentration in etching doped poly silicon with HF/HNO.sub.3
Method of controlling silicon oxide film thickness
Replacement gate structure for transistor with a high-K gate stack
Semiconductor wafer, semiconductor wafer manufacturing method, and electronic device
Three photomask sidewall image transfer method
Interconnect structure employing a Mn-group VIIIB alloy liner
Method to enhance charge trapping
Selective floating body SRAM cell
Structure and method of reducing electromigration cracking and extrusion effects in semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
LED device with conductive wings and tabs
LED package and LED package mounting structure
Solid-state imaging apparatus that includes a local interconnect and method for manufacturing the same
CMOS integrated circuits with bonded layers containing functional electronic devices
Semiconductor device having a buried gate type MOS transistor and method of manufacturing same
Organic light-emitting diodes having white light emission
Organic light-emitting diodes having white light emission
Organic light emitting illuminant, and device and method for the production thereof
Semiconductor device having metal posts non-overlapping with other devices and layout method of semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Power semiconductor device having a thin gate insulating film with high-k dielectric materials and method for manufacturing the same
Flash memory device and mask for fabricating the same
Scaled equivalent oxide thickness for field effect transistor devices
Solid-state imaging device, method of manufacturing solid-state imaging device, and electronic apparatus
Stacked solar cell device
Array of monolithically integrated thin film photovoltaic cells and associated methods
Nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode device
Doped lead tellurides for thermoelectric applications
Drive circuit and physical quantity measuring device
Tuning-fork type piezoelectric vibrating pieces and devices exhibiting reduced hampering of vibration
Electronic devices made with crosslinkable compounds and copolymers
Multi-band antenna
Diode laser
Protection circuit and electronic device using the same
Systems and apparatus for monitoring and selectively controlling a load in a power system
Portable charging device
Ambulatory medical device with electrical isolation from connected peripheral device
Charge and discharge system of secondary battery and method of controlling charge and discharge of secondary battery
Axially-split stator construction for electric motors
DC-DC converter and digital pulse width modulator
Dynamic frequency and pulse-width modulation of dual-mode switching power controllers in photovoltaic arrays
Control circuit of LLC resonant converter and LLC resonant converter using the same
Bridgeless boost PFC circuits and systems
Drive apparatus
Linear actuator
Techniques to improve the stress issue in cascode power amplifier design
Switching amplifier system and method for suppressing signal distortion thereof
Transformer signal coupling for flip-chip integration
Data tranmission driver, system and method
Clock diagnosis circuit
Low-noise fine-frequency tuning
Adaptive gain adjustment system
Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter
Bandpass-sampling delta-sigma demodulator
Scheduled gain control in collocated wireless receivers using forward timed signal strength predictions
Lattice coded mimo transmission method and apparatus
Determining channel configurations
Configurable pilots in a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for wireless arbiter power saving
Method and device for realizing grouping in multi-input multi-output transmission with multiple-sector coordination
Method for allocating radio resources in FDD frame
Component carrier selection method and apparatus for random access attempts in a communications network
Method and system for packet discard precedence for video transport
Subcarrier group based power control for OFDMA systems
Method and apparatus for exchanging control of a transmission opportunity
Techniques for quick access channel information loading in wireless networks
Method and apparatus for constructing very high throughput short training field sequences
Receiver with cyclic prefix determination
Selective processing of damaged packets
Fail to wire removable module for network communication link
Receiving apparatus
Ethernet LAN service enhancements
Processing architecture for passive optical network
Transmission method, reception method, and communication method
RACH-ramp-up acknowledgement
Frame relay switched data service
Flatbed scanner and method for controlling same
Sheet feeding device
Flexible image processing apparatus and method
Image processing apparatus, method, program and storage medium for determining an image area read by a reading device corresponding to an original image area
Image processing apparatus and image processing method a thinning ratio applied when an image object has a first size is smaller than a thinning ratio applied when an image object has a second size smaller than the first size
Video encoding apparatus, video decoding apparatus, and method
Method and system for image scaling detection
Information processing device, information processing method, and program
Display apparatus and recording medium for controlling playback of three-dimensional video based on detected presence of stereoscopic-viewing glasses
System and method for automatic calibration of stereo images
Solid-state imaging devices and electronic devices with short wavelength absorption film over higher wavelength photoelectric conversion portion
Solid-state imaging device applied to CMOS image sensor
Rail mount
Camera for mounting
Imaging unit and imaging device
Information processor and control method therefor
Image quality evaluation device, terminal device, image quality evaluation system, image quality evaluation method and computer-readable recording medium for storing programs
Camera module with compact sponge absorbing design
Identifying collection images with special events
8-point transform for media data coding
Method, medium, and system encoding/decoding video data using bitrate adaptive binary arithmetic coding
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Multi-participant audio/video communication with participant role indicator
Method for evaluating mechanical tests of a coating
Blemish detection sytem and method
Passive RFID system and method
Slotted cylinder acoustic transducer
Communication apparatus, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, communication system and communication method
Handover between legacy and non-legacy WiMAX networks
Confirmation of base station identification to improve handover
Method and apparatus for transmitting control information in wireless communications system that supports coordinated multi-point (CoMP) including multiple transmission points
Minimalistic LTE maintenance timing advance method
System and method for dynamic allocation of capacity on wireless networks
Method for manufacturing PTC device and system for preventing overheating of planar heaters using the same
Semiconductor device including light emitting element
LED drive circuit
Light-emitting device and lighting apparatus provided with the same
Case for housing and protecting an electronic device
Electronic device with cable
Server cabinet
High-voltage apparatus and vehicle
Cooling system for electronic device and electronic device having same
Electronic device and fan module
Expired Patents Due To Time
Seat for barber or beauty chair
Seat for barber or beauty chair
Crib frame
Telephone booth
Merchandising cabinet
Chest of drawers
Victorian furniture
Chest of drawers
Portable stand
Low-profile task bench
Foot for a table leg
Seat for barber or beauty chair
Chair armrest
Seat back for a golf car or similar vehicle
Protective net for infants cot
Hutch cabinet
Drawer panel
Slidable shelf
Front opening corner soap dish
Bath fixture
Organizer with drawers
Coffee maker
Vacuum flask
Vacuum flask
Barbecue rack
Means for making soybean milk
Set of handles for an article of cookware
Set of handles for an article of cookware
Cookware handle
Tipping drinking vessel
Dual wall designer coffee cup
Pastry container
Napkin dispenser
Refillable napkin dispenser
Refillable napkin dispenser
Universal napkin dispenser cartridge
Utensil rest
Canned food draining device
Dispenser for stick form solid edible foods
Serving stand
Pill ejector
Portable electric drill
Handheld power tool housing and handle
Screwdriver handle
Cutting rod
Retractable utility knife
Tool handle
Handle of hand tool
Five lobed puffed cereal piece
Decorative shirt
Shoe sole
Portion of a shoe
Belt having removable beverage bottles
Carrying case
Wheeled duffel
Plastic locking device for cam handle
Mounting fixture for internal arrangement of a screening device on a window
Multi hook
Display stand
Modular doll case
Jewelry box
Bread product
Bikini jeans
Shoe sole
Sole for footwear
Clog type shoe sole
Belt buckle
Pull tab of a slide fastener slider
Portion of a shoe
Element of a shoe
Denture holder
Sandal key ring
Notebook computer case
Wooden basket
Diaper bag or baby stroller basket organizer
Attache case
Set of bristles for a toothbrush
Hand-washing brush
Camouflage pattern for sheet goods
Sofa bed
Office armchair
Ganging chair
Folding bed and cabinet
King-size bed
Covered glider with table and benches
Nail table
Night stand
Vanity cabinet
Chest of drawers
Merchandise display
Corner shelf unit
Display organizer for compact discs
Compact disc holder
Interchangeable seat back laminate panel
Interchangeable seat back laminate panel
Combined armoire, headboard, mirror, and bridge
Snowman stand
Portable lap desk
Podium with eagle support
Decorative valance
Decorative valance
Food product container with closure
Travel mug and pen
Mouse shaped glass
Divided food bowl
Beverage cooler
Insulated container
Slotted spatula
Lid handle for an article of cookware
Utensil handle
Ceramic downdraft cooktop having integral, angled front face portion
Bar-be-cue grill
Handle neck
Handle for a kitchen utensil
Pepper mill
Ice tongs
Drinking straw
Lunch multi entertainment cooler
Paint bucket divider
Cork extractor
Ratcheting Lopping Shears
Handle for a precision screwdriver
Mobile tool bit
Cutting tool component
Latching S hook
Paint roller
Locking rod device
Key bow
Cam lever lock
Outside handle
Low profile cable tie
Fingernail polish bottle
Combined container and closure
Bottle for use with a pump dispenser
Perfume bottle with cap
Combined bottle and cap
Bottle with cylindrical closure
Blister package dispenser
Package design
Partitioned food service assembly
Ink cartridge box
Translucent tool card
Transparent display and storage box
Confection box
Beverage container
Blister pack
Soother packaging
Corner region of food package
Cover for a container
Flexible opening for a container
Clock with calculator and calendar
Classic clock
Watch case
Watch case
Offset watch case
Watch dial
Graphics and pinstriping gauge
Left-handed rule
Electrical test probe wedge tip
Body fat scale
Glass scale
Rain collector
Hand and telegraph key whirligig
Location-aware wireless communication appliance
Personal measuring board
Component part of a caliper
Modular measurement instrument
Processor and display module for a modular measurement instrument
Modular measurement instrument
Remote display unit for water treatment equipment to illustrate the operating status of the water treatment equipment
Handle scale
Body fat scale
Electro-mechanical scale
Landing zone command post tower
Buzzer for training animal
Heart shaped pendant
Top surface of a gemstone setting
Totem pole necklace
Wedding ring jewelry
Crown of a round facetted gemstone
Jewelry stone cluster
Potted plant platform
Novelty weather tower
Decorative bow
Wearable jewelry item
Decorative stand
Christmas tree stand
Pressure washer cart
Supermarket shopping trolley
Mechanic's utility creeper
Support and wheel structure for a golf pull-cart
Portable tool for installing chains on vehicle wheels
Wheel chock
Boat foot cushion
Helicopter drip pan
Surface configuration of a vehicle body and/or toy
Surface configuration of a motorcycle and toy
Motorcycle shock absorber cover
Electric 4-wheel wheelchair
Electric 3-wheel wheelchair
Wheel chair
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tread of a tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tire tread
Trailer hitch cover
Towing device
Set of pedals for vehicle
Vehicle brake pedal
Automotive wheel with golf club motif
Wheel cover
Vehicle-wheel front face
Ski/snow board rack gasket
Truck bed cap
Modular truck rack
Bicycle pod
Trailer hitch insert
Bumper having a radiator grill portion
Sun shield
Pair of car pillar inserts
Floor mat
Disk wheel for golf cart
Wheel for vehicles
Automotive wheel
Wheel cover
Console for van vehicles
Desktop charger
Emergency battery booster
Charger for headset
Desktop charger
Electric power supply device
Battery for a cellular telephone
Battery charger
Two outlet power center with phone/fax/modem connections
Combined power station
Cable sealing plug
Wire containment for modular connector
Outlet strip
Terminal block
Electrical plug
Electric connector
Control device
Semiconductor element
Disc player
Data recording and editing control unit
Combined amplifier and tuner
Stereophone ear plug housing
Pair of housings for bone vibrating audio transducers for a communications headset
Phonograph cartridge
Controller for electronic percussion instrument
Outdoor speaker
Speaker cabinet
Drive sled handle
Computer docking station
IC memory card
Drive sled cover
Set of keys for a computer keyboard
Window for a computer display screen
Display panel with a computer icon
Server cover
Electronic computer
Notebook computer
Portable computer
Credit card-sized personal computer with wireless communication
Electronic organizer
Computer mainframe
Controller for game machine
Computer housing
Key for computer keyboard
Compact or mini disk
Compact or mini disk
Folding computer
Portable telephone
Telephone for wire/wireless communication
Television monitor
Antenna housing
Stand for a telephone
Telematics radio bezel
Combined headphone and radio receiver
Portable telephone device
Vibrating child pager and transmitter
Pickup for optical disc player
Protective assembly
Internal combustion engine
Auto air conditioning manifold
Dirt container for bagless upright vacuum cleaner
Motor cover for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner base
Two wheel pool cleaner
Cutting insert for chip forming machining
Gripper finger
Electronic still camera with a monitor display
Electronic still camera
Electronic still camera
Microscope stand
Magnification adjusting ring for a telescope
Optical monitoring window having six wear resistant posts
Multi-pick apparatus
Racket drum
Multi-effects signal processor
Automobile steering wheel clipboard with document pocket
Paper holder
Double cartridge writing instrument
Writing instrument
Writing instrument
Writing instrument
Correction pen
Picture frame and pen holder
Magnetic educational board and easel
Candy dispensing machine
Set of heximoes
Detachable footplate for scooter
Set of road barrier and executive toy pieces
Magnetic toy car
Grandmother love doll
Controller for a game machine
Multi-function exercise machine
Exercise implement
Ball retrieving attachment
Bat with contoured grip
Putter head
Golf club iron head
Golf club sole plate
Surface configuration of a skateboard
Golf tee marker
Golf club caddy
Shower-type basketball game
Sling swivel
Hollow lipless diving lure with flow-through cavity
Insulated container for worms
Boiling chamber for water distiller
Sprinkler base
Shower head
Shower faucet
Single-handed sink fixture
Faucet handle
Faucet handle
Portable shower stall
Sink configuration having a backsplash, rim and towel bar
Two compartment dual level large soap dish
Dual level corner soap dish
Soap dish
Squeeze tube compressor and creaser
Squeeze tube compressor and creaser
Portion of a filter support
Centerpiece for filter element
Lower portion of a substance evaporator
Kitchen fan
Pivot fan
Telescopic orthodontic apparatus having distal rings
Blood glucose monitoring system
Nasal applicator
Fluid applicator
Fluid applicator
Articulated arm for holding surgical instruments
Pad for orthodontic bracket
Combined therapeutic massage pad and wrap
Child absorbent pad
Ear coupler
End cap coping for swimming pool
Combined door and handle
Rebar chair
Tool kit radio lantern
Wall sconce lighting fixture
Wall-mounted lighting fixture
Blueberry cobbler candle jar
Pink lemonade candle jar
Fruit salad candle jar
Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle
Manually operated mini-fluorescent light fixture
Track lighting fixture
Mount for track lighting fixture
Lantern resembling a lighthouse
Suspended luminaire
Ceiling lamp
Glass shade
Outdoor lantern
Wall mounted light fixture
Task light
Male condom harness
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Multi-composition stick product, such as lip balm, sun screen, deodorant, or glue stick
Hair iron
Razor handle
Bicycle helmet
Wrestling ear guard
Articulating figure for use with medical devices
Hand bag pet carrier
Horse hoof pick
Heating food mixer
Panel cremation urn
Abrasive resistant open cell seabed block
Human Necessities
Dahlia plant named `Lisa Pearl`
Nectarine tree named `Grand Sweet`
Nectarine tree named `Grand Candy`
Gelsemium sempervirens Conrop
Lycianthes plant named `Variegated Splash`
Caryopteris plant named `First Choice`
Camptotheca lowreyana tree named `Katie`
Astilbe plant named `Touch Of Pink`
Astilbe plant named `White Wings`
Maranta plant named `Beauty Kim`
Astilbe plant named `Pink Lightning`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Delistar`
Astilbe plant named `Vision In Red`
Astilbe plant named `Lollypop`
Begonia plant named `Houston Fiesta`
Nectarine tree named `Diamond June`
Mimulus plant named `Jelly Bean White`
Mimulus plant named `Jelly Bean Apricot`
Variety of petunia named `Trumpet Purple`
Dracaena plant named `Janet Craig Gomezii`
Mimulus plant named `Jelly Bean Yellow`
Peach tree `Golden Princess`
Double impatiens plant named `Coral Duet`
Hibiscus plant named `Hoosiers`
Begonia plant named `Albuquerque Midnight Sky`
Hibiscus plant named `Golden Wind`
Deodar cedar tree named `CDMTF1`
Method and device for stunning an animal for slaughter
Pasta filata-simulative cheese product and method of making
Apparatus for roasting coffee beans
Short length tapered extrusion cooking apparatus having peripheral die
Fast food lap tray
Plate for covering a drill hole in a skull cap and for fixing a cranial bone cover
Herbal compositions for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders
Anti-inflammatory formulations for inflammatory diseases
Safety needle cartridge system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Coextruded plastic film label for in-mold labeling
Apparatus for manufacturing composite tubular articles
Tire tread
Aircraft seat assembly
Method for identifying the presence and orientation of an object in a vehicle
Track link for tracked crawlers
Stretch wrapping with film severing
Neck finish for a container and a matching registering multiple thread pattern in a flexible cap for engagement on said neck finish
Packaging for fragile articles within container
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Chloride assisted hydrometallurgical extraction of metal
Fixed Constructions
Fence cap
Hinge pot
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Apparatus for detecting malfunction in evaporated fuel purge system
Solenoid controlled variable pressure injector
Axially compact small fan
Member and tube assembly
Variable air volume environmental management system including a fuzzy logic control system
Water heater with reduced localized overheating
Timing generator
Method and system for providing a library for identifying VCC to ground shorts in a circuit in a semiconductor device
System and method for generating precise position determinations
Transfer imaging system
Method for validating a signed program prior to execution time or an unsigned program at execution time
Dynamically debugging user-defined functions and stored procedures
Determining a communication schedule between processors
Method and system for transforming dynamic content for use on the internet
Net routing using basis element decomposition
Automatic placement and routing device
Automated design system for digital circuits
Method and apparatus for analyzing variations in source voltage of semiconductor device
Generalized theory of logical effort for look-up table based delay models using capacitance ratio
System and method for improving logic synthesis in logic circuits
Arranging/wiring method of semiconductor device, and semiconductor device arranging/wiring apparatus capable of preventing erroneous operation of actual device, while reducing chip size
Method for supporting the design of semiconductor integrated circuit and system using the same method
Method for analyzing circuit delays caused by capacitive coupling in digital circuits
Method of designing dummy wiring
Method for fast estimation of step response bound due to capacitance coupling for RC circuits
Object oriented printing system
Method and system for generating a compact document type definition for data interchange among software tools
Method and apparatus for annotating a computer program to facilitate subsequent processing of the program
Method for supporting parallelization of source program
Tracking loop entry and exit points in a compiler
Workflow object compiler with user interrogated information incorporated into skeleton of source code for generating executable workflow objects
Connector device
Address setting means for fire detectors
Multibit single cell memory element having tapered contact
Insulated type switching device
System for interactively distributing information services
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew