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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Enhanced communication link for patient diagnosis and treatment
ANC for BT headphones
Cardiac function management integrating cardiac contractility modulation
System and method of repairing of neural networks
Lead fixation device
Wireless communication with a medical implant
Electrical stimulation in the middle ear for treatment of hearing related disorders
Treatment of mood and/or anxiety disorders by electrical brain stimulation and/or drug infusion
Device and methods for enhanced multi-delivery of biologically active substances into an organism and to prevent local irritation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Side door collision detecting system and occupant protecting system
Electric power steering system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Direct injection spark ignition internal combustion engine, and fuel injection control method therefor
Glow plug degradation determination device
Method and system for calibrating current sensors
Electronic tracking and ranging system
Navigation system
Method for aiding the management of a flight with a view to adhering to a time constraint
Propulsion controlled aircraft computer
Trident probe groundwater exchange system
Photometrically modulated delivery of reagents
Computational method and system for modeling, analyzing, and optimizing DNA amplification and synthesis
Method for predicting whether a cancer patient will not benefit from platinum-based chemotherapy agents
System and method of selecting white gaussian noise sub-band using singular value decomposition
Method and apparatus for three dimensional dynamic measurements in water system
SPR sensor cell and SPR sensor
Easily assembled optical signal transmission device
Terminal enclosure with extractable fiber organizer tray
Optical modulation apparatus and optical modulation/integration apparatus
Imaging unit
Camera case
Image forming apparatus for controlling interval between accesses to memory in detachable unit
Apparatus and method of controlling an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and method of controlling the same
Image-forming apparatus and image forming method for regulating portion of tension roller
Fixation device and image formation apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same having a tube which penetrates through a heater and passes infrared rays to a temperature detector
System and method for testing the accuracy of real time clocks
Systems and methods for providing a neural network having an elementary network description for efficient implementation of event-triggered plasticity rules
GPS navigation system
Energy grid device commissioning method and system
Water savings system
Fan control system and method
Advanced Pstate structure with frequency computation
Semiconductor device
Automatic configuration sampling for managing configuration parameters of a computer system
Dynamic cache correction mechanism to allow constant access to addressable index
Recording and preventing crash in an appliance
Method, apparatus and computer program for processing invalid data
Proactively removing channel paths in error from a variable scope of I/O devices
System health and performance care of computing devices
System and method for acquiring basic input/output system debug codes
Assist thread analysis and debug mechanism
Virtual machine control program, virtual machine control system, and dump capturing method
Mouse motion trajectory testing system
Priority buffering for trace data in trace queue
Troubleshooting support method, and troubleshooting support apparatus
Diagnostic tool for metrology errors caused by communication activities
Method and apparatus for content management
Denial of service detection and prevention using dialog level filtering
Cost effective use of simulated storage in a storage subsystem test environment
Water marking in a data interval gap
Storage apparatus, computer system, and data migration method
Management of partial data segments in dual cache systems
Translated memory protection apparatus for an advanced microprocessor
Efficient processing of cache segment waiters
Method and system for generating a migration plan
System controller, information processing system, and access processing method
Library system, management apparatus, library apparatus, management method, and management program for managing data storage media
Decoupled application program-operating system computing architecture
System and method for using a multipath
Method and arrangement for streaming data profiling
Electronic device with bus sharing function
Device to reconfigure multi-level logic networks, method to reconfigure multi-level logic networks, device to modify logic networks, and reconfigurable multi-level logic network
System and method for automated construction of time records based on electronic messages
Image rescale based on defined characteristics
Method and apparatus for monitor and notification in a network
Content transmitting and receiving device, content transmitting and receiving method, and content transmitting and receiving program product
Method and system for I/O driven rate adaptation
Inter-domain context transfer using context transfer managers
Automated digital media content filtration based on relationship monitoring
Software and method that enables selection of one of a plurality of online service providers
Email addressee verification
Administration of access lists for femtocell service
System and method for accessing and managing mobile device metadata
Management apparatus, management apparatus control method, and storage medium
Selectively monitoring a service endpoint of an information technology system
Flexible delegation of management function for self-managing resources
Regular expression searches utilizing general purpose processors on a network interconnect
Detecting anomalous process behavior
Low traffic failback remote copy
Handling rewrites in deduplication systems using data parsers
Audio-based synchronization to media
Method and user interface for implementation of a medical examination
Content display monitor
Differential GPS corrections using virtual stations
Method and system for diagnosing the operating state of an assisted starting system of a motor vehicle
Slave mode transmit with zero delay for audio interface
Controlling the creation of process instances in workflow management systems
Cyberpersonalities in artificial reality
Secure communication device, secure communication method, and program
Efficient approaches for bounded model checking
Method for establishing machine code, the execution of which generates an optimized rolling model
Combined statistical and rule-based part-of-speech tagging for text-to-speech synthesis
Displaying changes to versioned files
Method and system for improvement of request processing
Utilizing metadata generated during XML creation to enable parallel XML processing
Utilizing metadata generated during XML creation to enable parallel XML processing
Accelerating data profiling process
Catalog performance plus
Methods, apparatus and software for analyzing the content of micro-blog messages
Managing adapter association for a data graph of data objects
Faceted search on assets packaged according to the reusable asset specification (RAS)
Map data update method and navigation apparatus
Query templates with functional template blocks
Optimizing lithographic mask for manufacturability in efficient manner
Method and system for performing optical proximity correction with process variations considerations
Frequency selection with selective voltage binning
Method and apparatus for automatically testing a railroad interlocking
Control apparatus
Comprehensive analysis of queue times in microelectronic manufacturing
Method and a system for propagating a scaling mode in a production process
Customer error screen capture
Application executing device, managing method, and program
Image forming apparatus, display screen customizing method and computer-readable storage medium
Information processing device and computer program product
Apparatus and methods for communicating with programmable devices
Multiple-resolution audio and video systems, methods of production, delivery and uses thereof
DMA-based acceleration of command push buffer between host and target devices
Transmitting a calendar event in target calendaring system format
Digital downloading jukebox system with user-tailored music management, communications, and other tools
Method for detecting a trigger to a program not actively being reviewed by the user and performing a power saving action without placing the device as a whole into a sleep state
Digital paper-enabled products and methods relating to same
Methods for efficient state transition matrix based LFSR computations
Dynamic membership management in a distributed system
Apparatus and method to sequentially deduplicate groups of files comprising the same file name but different file version numbers
Office-based notification messaging system
Input/output efficiency for online analysis processing in a relational database
Automatic contact list aliasing in a collaboration system
Multi-granularity hierarchical aggregate selection based on update, storage and response constraints
Method and system for the storage of authentication credentials
Spectral modular arithmetic method and apparatus
Minute flow rate controller with entrance throttle groove
Distinguishing circuit
Verifying programming artifacts generated from ontology artifacts or models
Assigning runtime artifacts to software components
Correcting job control language job errors
System and method for software logging
Method and system for presenting and analyzing software source code through intermediate representation
Measuring coupling between coverage tasks and use thereof
Measuring coupling between coverage tasks and use thereof
Program upgrade system and method for over the air-capable mobile terminal
Reduction of metal fill insertion time in integrated circuit design process
Determining release differences
Synchronizing processes in a computing resource by locking a resource for a process at a predicted time slot
Multilevel percolation aggregation solver for petroleum reservoir simulations
System and method for determining compatibility of bioactive agents and formulations provided therefrom
Runtime dynamic performance skew elimination
Filler metal installation position checking method and filler metal installation position checking system
Image processing device, method and program
Method and apparatus for video frame rotation
Method, program, and device for compressing a block of image data based on whether the block is monochromatic
Method for selecting an image for insertion into a document
Recruiting service graphical user interface
Systems and methods for capturing, managing, sharing, and visualising asset information of an organization
Ecosytem based application selection and replacement
Arrangement for and a method of determining damages in shareholder class action litigation
System, method, and apparatus to facilitate commerce and sales
Lowering reserve online auction method and system
System and method for automated generation of communications involving products or services
Apparatus and method for advertising in digital photo frame
Managing shipments in an order by proxy service
System and method for ETF investing
Apparatus and method for conducting a recurring auction using a participant retention mechanism
Seller categorization
Funds collection tools and techniques
Money services system
Internet billing method
Method, system, and computer program product for collaborative and integrated intellectual property management
System and method for evaluating and comparing medical treatments
Transport apparatus with computerized information and display apparatus
Computerized information and display apparatus
Contextual voice query dilation to improve spoken web searching
Signal processing apparatus, signal processing method, and computer program
Interleaving of memory repair data compression and fuse programming operations in single fusebay architecture
Accessing memory during parallel turbo decoding
Storage apparatus and fault diagnosis method
Phase grating used for X-ray phase imaging, imaging apparatus for X-ray phase contrast image using phase grating, and X-ray computed tomography system
Multi-stream maximum-likelihood demodulation based on bitwise constellation partitioning
Symbol error detection for Bluetooth basic data rate packets
Digital phase detector with zero phase offset
Non-volatile storage system compensating prior probability for low-density parity check codes
Transmission apparatus reception apparatus and communication system
System and method for signal limiting
Settings system and method for mobile device
Power WiFi device
Reconfigurable RF switch die
Fiber optic cable assembly for optical transceiver
All silicon 750NM and CMOS-based optical communication system utilizing MOD-E avalanche LEDs
Methods and apparatuses for in-phase and quadrature-phase imbalance compensation
Method, apparatus and computer program for sensing spectrum in a cognitive radio environment
Method and apparatus of transmitting data in coordinated multi-cell wireless communication system
Method and device for radio communication
Method for transmitting and updating system information in a legacy support system
Radio communication device, radio communication method, and program
Mobile communication system with moving base station
Techniques for optimal location and configuration of infrastructure relay nodes in wireless networks
Transponder pool sizing in highly dynamic translucent WDM optical networks
Multi-antenna wireless communications method and apparatus with vector perturbation with a reduced lattice
Digital broadcasting systems using parallel concatenated coding of bit-complementary bitstreams
Method for sharing secret values between sensor nodes in multi-hop wireless communication network
Methods, systems, and computer program products for authenticating an identity of a user by generating a confidence indicator of the identity of the user based on a combination of multiple authentication techniques
Mobile terminal for secure electronic transactions and secure electronic transaction system
VMM-based intrusion detection system
Methods and systems for network attack detection and prevention through redirection
Method of secure broadcasting of digital data to an authorized third party
Shock-absorbent electronic device case
Dual mode communications device and method of improving data rate thereof
Base station configuration design support system, and base station configuration design support method and program
Call processing and subscriber registration systems and methods
Radio communication apparatus and control method thereof
Cellular fuel pump, systems, and methods of fueling
Method and apparatus for routing a call to a subject matter expert via a packet network
Method and system for managing interactive communications campaign with reduced customer-to-agent connection latency
Systems and methods for providing answering services
System for interacting with an electronic program guide
Decentralized symmetric network of autonomous digital video recorders and its method of use
Augmented broadcasting stream transmission device and method, and augmented broadcasting service providing device and method
Methods and systems for distributing content over a network
Live time-shift system based on P2P technology and method thereof
Method and apparatus for content delivery
Content management server and content management method
Satellite television IP bitstream generator receiving unit
Implementing web browser in BD platform
Data reproduction apparatus and data reproduction control method
Moving-magnet electromagnetic device with planar coil
System and method for location assurance of a mobile device
Method for locating a source by multi-channel estimation of the TDOA and FDOA of its multipath components with or without AOA
Positioning request in paging messages of wireless communication systems
Managing audio during a handover in a wireless system
Method for communications between a communication device and wireless access points
System and method for service invocation and response with a communication device based on transmitted code content recognition
System and method for mediating service invocation from a communication device
Cell search method in wireless communication system
Cell barring in a cellular communication network
Text message paging and ordering system
Enhanced multiple SIM page reception
Expired Patents Due To Time
Eyelet and press machine for attachment of eyelets
Method and apparatus for inserting an insert into a cover
Universal valve core removal tool and kit
Hybrid vehicle motor alignment
Method and apparatus for breaking connection ties on a rotatable label
Method for fastening a reinforcement frame in a vehicle roof opening
Method of manufacturing self cooling beverage container
Fabrication of articles having a coating deposited through a mask
Retroreflective cube corner sheeting mold and method for making the same
Method of forming a stent
Method for the manufacture of elbows for microwave guides
Planar thin film head and method for forming a gap of a planar thin film magnetic head
Fault current fusing resistor and method
Method of manufacturing thermal head
Gripper systems for rivets and collars used in large-scale assembly operations
Combination tool for optical or electrical cables
Line charge fabrication and procedures
Method for mounting a panel-like device on a printed circuit board
Method for manufacturing cylindrical radiator
Methods of manufacturing a linear guide device and a ball screw device
Drywall tool
Hand saw having a handle including a pivoted protector for protecting a blade
Basketball court layout device and method
Laser beam direction correcting optical system for a surveying instrument
Adjustable counterbalance mechanism for a coordinate measurement machine
Combined ring sizer and gemstone measuring device
Apparatus for position measurement and a system and a method for using the same
Casting rod and reel with distance meter
Device and method for cleaning or drying workpieces
Method of spray drying
Method for protection of lithographic components from particle contamination
Multi-chamber fluidized bed-carrying classifier
Shoe sloe cushion
Mounting for a snowboard boot strap
Spike structure for sporting shoes
Relaxation sole and shoe equipped therewith
Hydraulic and electrical control systems for use with vehicle accessory units
Canvas stretching and framing device
Closet mounted ironing board
Holder for calendar display
Moving apparatus for decorating
Bi-directional album with memo area
Display plate attachable to a rear of an automobile
Retro-reflective sign
Holder for receiving a placard with indicia and method of holding
Pistol having a safety for preventing accidental firing
Personalized safety device for a hand held weapon
Shotgun mountable shell holder
Portable shooter's rest
Fish strike sensor with distinct audio alarm
Fishing rod holder
Method for producing combination fish hook and weed guard device
Composite lawn edging
Water-storing tray for plant cultivation mat and arrangement thereof
Two-part plant pot having a transparent internal plant-growing vessel
Lighted flower pot
Nursery gate with pivoted latch
Device and process for mounting cables on a drum of an automobile vehicle window raiser
Housing for automatic door mechanisms having a hinged connection
Adjustable bottom sweep for a door
Screen-to-stage and stage-to-screen seamless transition theater
Metal roof plate
Temporary gutter retainer
Swingable handrail apparatus
Self-contained, modular building systems
Human habitat structure for placement upon a non-uniform, non-level site
Expandable, mobile accommodation of activities
Horizontal arch
Van with extensible boom
Casket enclosure for use in mausoleum crypts
Manufacturing facility for production of standard size dwellings
Iron-oxide-containing one or two-component polyurethane paint for coating elastomers, its production and use
Motor-vehicle window with a structured surface in the peripheral region
Clip for a door frame system
Building front comprising elements with reduced weight
Workspace partition system
Lightweight interior moulding
Composite joinery
Method of applying tiles to a roof
Tile panel and dry execution method for wall surface using tile panels
Pre-cured caulk joint system
Concrete panel construction
Wall stud assembly for use in forming prefabricated partitions or walls
Modular panel assembly system
Mortarless brick
Construction block
Interlocking components and assembly system
Steel-framed building construction
Anchor device
Mechanical support for foam building blocks
Reinforcing member with thermally expansible structural reinforcing material and directional shelf
Hinge device for swivelling assembly of mounting elements for vehicles
Installation method for carpet underlays
Process of making products from recycled material containing plastics
Apparatus for applying TPO adhesive to a single-ply roofing membrane
Mounting plate for a partition system
Structural honeycomb panel building system
Packaging machine
Wrapping apparatus
Lawnmower reel and drive motor assembly
Dual motor drive system for electrically powered mower
Finger rollers for agricultural implements
Steel cord for radial tire
Revolution speed control method in gas turbine shutdown process
Variable premix-lean burn combustor
Convective and turbulent shear mixing injector
Removable baffle infrared suppressor
Triple oxygen sensor arrangement
Air-fuel ratio feedback control
Lean catalyst and particulate filter control
Method and apparatus for reducing pollutants
Internal combustion engine having lean NOx catalyst
Torque control scheme for low emission lean burn vehicle
Apparatus and method for determining amount of unburned fuel component adsorbed by an adsorbent in an internal combustion engine
Exhaust system for a motor vehicle engine
Toroidal hydraulic actuator
Folded guide link stirling engine
Device for controlling boost pressure in an internal combustion engine
Fluidized bed for kalina cycle power generation system
Gas turbine plant with fuel heating and turbine cooling features
Combustion chamber comprising mixing ducts with fuel injectors varying in number and cross-sectional area
Electrical system with cooling or heating
Ice bank detector
Method and system for creating and maintaining a frozen surface
Heating and cooling unit
Air conditioning system and method
Refrigerator with switching valve switching flow of refrigerant to one of refrigerant passages
Refrigerant subcooler for vapor compression refrigeration system
Solar-powered refrigeration system
Heat transfer system
H20 mist kit and method for home external condenser units
Brine cooling apparatus
Ice thermal storage type air conditioner and ice thermal storage tank
Refrigerator with enhanced freeze compartment access
Portable storage unit for game animals
Traveling bag with exterior display of interior temperature
Liquid distributor, falling film heat exchanger and absorption refrigeration
Non-drip suction accumulator, receiver and heat exchanger
High efficiency refrigeration system
Method for liquefying a stream rich in hydrocarbons
Helium recycling for optical fiber manufacturing
Process for the production of intermediate pressure oxygen
Cryogenic air separation process for producing elevated pressure gaseous oxygen
Glass melting process and apparatus with reduced emissions and refractory corrosion
Valve hamper assembly
Method of making a tubular member for optical fiber production using plasma outside vapor deposition
Radar dispersion fabrics
Print-receptive, pill-resistant, knitted fabric
Warp knitting machine with pattern
Washing machine having a device for filtering dirt in washing water
Lint filter construction
Apparatus and method for processing fabric
Device and method for compressing
Quick plastic forming of aluminum alloy sheet metal
Flow-turning device and method for producing internally geared wheels using two sets of internal toothing
Deep rolling tool mechanism with novel pin supported cage design
Method and apparatus for bending a metallic flanged member
Rolling apparatus for bars and method for rolling bars
Piercer roll exchanging apparatus for vertical piercing mill and piercer roll exchanging method
Method of producing a stamped item
Automated pipe bending machine
Process and device for producing pipes as per the UOE process
Body-necking a wall-ironed can
Method and system for predicting stabilized time duration of vapor leak detection pump strokes
Pressure vessel testing fixture
Modular engine delivery apparatus
System and method for determining oil change interval
Method for correcting the vehicle G sensor output value and for detecting G sensor failure
Apparatus for checking the condition of documents
Scanner with interior gauging head and combined dust and drive belt
Semiconductive flow proportioner
Thermosensitive flow rate sensor
Fill level measuring system
Side mount liquid level sensor with enhanced float travel
Liquid level gauge with hinged float arm
System for monitoring fluid level
Magnetic float type liquid level gauges
Generation of mechanical oscillation applicable to vibratory rate gyroscopes
Tuning fork vibratory gyro utilizing a piezoelectric transversal effect
Speed sensor having a UV-cured glue seal and a method of applying the same
Method and apparatus for in situ measurements of corrosion of submerged surfaces
Method and system for detecting the vibration signature of a safety insert fitted in a tire
Process for testing the freeze-thaw resistance of solids
Apparatus and method for synthetic phase tuning of acoustic guided waves
Adjustable acoustic mirror
Device and method for measuring dynamic torsional characteristics of a damper assembly
Micro-void detection
Device for indicating when a set value of a clamping force of a tightenable clamp is reached
Method for nondestructively measuring the stress of fabricated semiconductor chips
Friction flowmeter
Target flow meters with immersed strain gauges
Three-axis transducer body and strain gage arrangement therefor
Thin-line towed-array force measurement apparatus and method
Apparatus for drawing liquids into and expelling liquids from a pipet at variable flow rates
Automatic sampling method and facility for heterogeneous materials
Device to measure the rotational position of a steering wheel
Pumping unit lock down apparatus
Motion transforming apparatus
Torsionally compliant sprocket system for balance shaft drive
Vehicular opener device having a recessed operation lever
Brake pedal configuration
Finger lever shaped without cutting
Control device for hydrostatic apparatus
Bicycle sprocket crank
Extensible crank
Gear reducer with improved housing configuration
Single drop trimmer with limited cartridge release
Power tool
Jaw assembly
Torque wrench
Ratchet screw driver
Roller-type ratchet device for wrench
Reversible ratchet with remote reversing operating mechanism
Diesel engine injection pump timing tool
Screw with a recessed head and a driver bit engageable therewith
Hydraulic coupling for feeding fluid-driven actuators-particularly hydraulic motors, mounted on a rotating structure
Rotary knife cutter
Slitter blade locking device
Electric stringed instrument with interchangeable pickup assemblies which connect to electronic components fixed within the guitar body
Lightweight armor with a durable spall cover
Sensor assembly for a brake booster and brake booster equipped therewith
Steering apparatus
Hydraulic control system
Band controlled valve/actuator
Rodless cylinder
Piston rod guide for a piston-cylinder unit
Coffee machine
In-wall coffee maker
Brewing unit for automatic beverage dispensers
Spit basket for rotisserie oven
Turning structure of a baking equipment
Assembly for preparing hot and frothed milk
Compound type kimchi storage device
Host dispenser
Apparatus for peeling and optionally cutting vegetables
Process for glazing a material web and roller for a glazing calender
Hydraulic platen press
Illuminating and audible ink stamp
Vacuum printing apparatus and process method
Solder paste stenciling apparatus and method of use for rework
Screen printing method and holding table for plate to be printed
Spray nozzle repositioning device
Method of printing to reduce misregistration
Magneto-inductive on-command fuze and firing device
Diversionary device
Securing device for attaching a stabilizing band to air-dropped ammunition
Relating to pyrotechnic ammunition
Air bag gas inflator
Stop mechanism for power and free conveyor system
Guide rail for automatic controlled road vehicles
Power puller motor bogie
Adjustable shelving assembly
Portable table
Tree excavator and transplanter
All wheel steer variable load carrying tractor vehicle
Row cleaner suspension
Nurse adapter for air seeders
Sewing machine with trimming knives
Method of changing the density of an embroidery stitch group
Marine engine for small watercraft
Ship provided with a distortion sensor and distortion sensor arrangement for measuring the distortion of a ship
Phosphorescent marine products
Watercraft beaching device
Method for maintaining flotation using a helical turbine assembly
Anchoring device
Wind fin
Microwave chemical vapor deposition apparatus
Apparatus and method for pulsed plasma processing of a semiconductor substrate
Hog feeder with adjustable feed control gates
Wild bird feeder
Bird feeder
Remote controlled drinker system and drinker line control valve
Automatic waterbowl for pets
Odor control for animal litter
Window mounted pet portal
Positionable and expandable tube system having slotted tube segments
Pet restraint system
Steam generator
Water-tube boiler
Control system for cooling fan assembly having variable pitch blades
Rotary engine
Exhaust control valve assembly for an engine
Variable phase mechanism
Variable phase coupling
Swivel-mounted cam follower for a valve drive of an internal combustion engine
Starting apparatus for internal combustion engines
Automatic decompression valve for an internal combustion engine
Cylinder liner with oil pocket
Crankcase and method of making same
Crankcase for a combustion engine
Oil passage structure for returning oil in an engine
Direct injection gasoline engine with stratified charge combustion and homogeneous charge combustion
Induction control for direct injected engine
Engine compression braking system with integral rocker lever and reset valve
Throttle valve control system for internal combustion engine
Electronic throttle return mechanism with a two-spring and two-lever default mechanism
Electronic throttle valve control apparatus
Fuel delivery system of an internal combustion engine
Fuel feeding device
Fuel injector nozzle assembly with feedback control
Direct fuel injection using a fuel pump driven by a linear electric motor
Fuel feeder
Dual function fuel supply module
Fuel supply device for an internal combustion engine
System for preventing fuel pump air ingestion
Fuel supply method for a marine propulsion engine
Fuel vapor control apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling fuel vapor, method and apparatus for diagnosing fuel vapor control apparatus, and method and apparatus for controlling air-fuel ratio
Multiple stroke engine having fuel and vapor charges
Regenerator protector
Torsional coupling for supercharger
Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
Valve and valve control method
Model based purge system
Method and device for fuel proportioning in a gas-powered combustion engine
De-tensioning and breakdown system for a compound bow
Release mounted arrow shaft gripper
Durable bowstring and buss cable
Method for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Accessory for cutting device
Stone and tile table saw apparatus
Apparatus for reducing damage to wafer cutting blades during wafer dicing
Side burner for a grill
Barbecue device
Sensing device for stoves
Metered dose inhaler for fluticasone propionate
Mouthpiece and speaker assemblies for underwater speech
Control of delivery pressure in CPAP treatment or assisted respiration
Method for determining the volume of a tubing system and a breathing apparatus system
Continuous positive airway pressure therapy device
Gas concentrator
Vascular graft bypass
Method for percutaneous coronary artery bypass
Catheter with lumen
Hair thinning measurement device
Hair sculpting apparatus and methods
Portable device for dental hygiene
Compact dental flossing tool
Cleaning apparatus
Flame resistant, lightweight tent for use
Rotary valve
Blending system and method using an auxiliary measuring device
Method for preparing a welding fluid of constant physico-chemical characteristics with time, and a plant for its preparation
Process for controlling the level of an ammonium fluoride-containing acid solution in an acid vessel
Feedback-free fluidic oscillator and method
Method for sub-atmospheric gas delivery with backflow control
Monostable valve
Automatic leak shutoff device
Coupling devices for railway cars
Fluid flow and pressure control system and method
Check valve for use in a filler pipe for filling a fuel tank
Valve for metered introduction of volatilized fuel
Fuel tank for motorcycle
Ball valve
Exhaust processor end cap
Flexible pipe with i-shaped wire winding
Conduit in particular for sanitary and heating installation purposes
Tensioning apparatus and method for an interlaced thread
Papermaker's forming fabric
Terry fabric with relief effect and method for its manufacture
Transparent jewelry wire bender
Method for controlling bulk supply of material to integral pneumatic dispenser
Paint filling device for cartridges
Method and apparatus for draining connecting pipes between tanks
Electromechanically controlled refueling valve
Fueling nozzle, vacuum sensing means and components therefor and methods of making the same
Needle safe transfer guard
Apparatus and improved method for changing automatic transmission fluid in motor vehicles
Inflatable packing material and inflation system
Apparatus and process for liquid sample aliquotting
Device for metering a pastry product
Bottle filling assembly with a screw loader having a spatial groove
Apparatus for detecting leaks in a pressurized air conditioning or refrigeration system
Fluid-dispensing valve for a container-filling apparatus
Wood turning tool
Feed rolls with replaceable flute elements
Tire having an airtight layer with a ductile metal layer
Design pattern for a tire
Pneumatic radial tire with particular belt reinforcing layer fiber cord and particular bead filler height
Apparatus and method for preparing printing labels
Device for changing reels at paper machines
Method and apparatus for die cutting and making laminate articles
Label applying apparatus and method therefor
Device for eliminating static electricity from film of laminated sheets in laminators
Cord driving mechanism for a blind
Headrail for cut down venetian type blinds
Disconnect for powered sectional door
Device in door arrangements
Folding door for office cubicle
Method of compressing molding sand using independently controlled gas guiding pipes
Method and casting device for precision casting
Heat sink, and process and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Apparatus and method for sand core debonding and heat treating metal castings
Casting process for producing metal matrix composite
Device for casting in a mould
Heating sheet bundle for regenerative heat exchangers
Apparatus to enhance cooling of electronic device
Isothermal heat sink with converging, diverging channels
Flexible heat pipe structure and associated methods for dissipating heat in electronic apparatus
By-pass values for heat exchanger
Clad casing for laptop computers and the like
Refrigeration evaporator
Refrigerant evaporator including refrigerant passage with inner fin
Vehicular air conditioner with passenger-operated inside/outside air double flow mode
Wireless coiled tubing joint locator
Electric safety valve actuator
Swivelling device for a downhole rod pump, and method of use thereof
Roller for use in a spinner apparatus
Internal junction reinforcement and method of use
Downhole power generation
Method of obtaining improved geophysical information about earth formations
Method of distinguishing the raising and lowering of tubing and sucker rods
Selective zonal isolation within a slotted liner
Method of completing a well
Lateral branch junction for well casing
Fluid injection tubing assembly and method
Emergency well kill method
Intelligent production riser
Pack-off system
Downhole hydraulic power source
Soil core collector
Lifting device for the lower steering arms of an attaching device of a tractor
Method and arrangement for controlling rock drilling
Circulation tool
Earth-boring bit with cutter spear point hardfacing
Side cutting gage pad improving stabilization and borehole integrity
Percussive shearing drill bit
Driving force transfer system in a hybrid vehicle
Internal combustion engine control apparatus of hybrid powered vehicle
Snowmobile suspension system
Structure of pivot portion of rear swing arm
Stow-away vehicle transmission shift system
Methods for measurement, analysis and assessment of ground structure
Disposable in-the-ear monitoring instrument using a flexible earmold and casing, and method of manufacture
Track soundproofing arrangement
Gas guide element with sound-absorbent walls for blocking and damping noise spreading from it into main conduits
Methods and apparatus for interconnecting harness straps
Scaffold mountable hoist platform
Ladder stabilizer apparatus
Internal combustion engine pre-lubrication system
Ergonomically adjustable machine operator platform
Apparatus and method of determining overspeed of an elevator car
Wheel chair ratchet brake
Adjustment device
Knee pad
Headwear for team water sports
Jacket with an in-sleeve pocket
Restraining garment
Wearing apparel with mittens or gloves in the sleeves
Batting glove
Polymeric glove with thin, fluoroelastomeric coating, and method for making same
Partial, removable, reusable waistband and its holder
Trouser ornament
Activating device of a visor for motorcyclist helmets
Goggles having different degrees of stiffness
Eye wear with snap-together bridge
Protective garment
Aquatic raisable floor apparatus
Safety system at a discharge port in a pool
Door for shower enclosure
Multi-functional and transportable wash station
Splash guard
Adjustable collapsing cot
Deployable siderails for a wheeled carriage
Mattress cover
Tray caddy
Air mattress system
Air bed structure capable of alternate lying thereon on either of one's sides
Hand held motorized cleaning apparatus with linear, orbital and/or dual motion
Combined toothbrush handle and stand
Foot scrubber
Wiper device for vehicles having mechanism for lifting wiper blade with less rattling noise
Wiper arm assembly for a vehicle windshield wiper device
Supporting element for a wiper blade belonging to a windscreen wiper in a motor vehicle
Wiper blade and replacement kit for a wiper blade
Pressure pad and cylinder cleaning apparatus
Carpet extractor with headlights
Knapsack engine-driven tool
Blower air stream diverter
Door holder and stop with retaining means for holding a door shut while in a closed position
Running mechanism assembly for a sliding door
Pivot device with multiple pivotal bars for a notebook computer
Clamping assembly
Plastic holding strap with elastic locking element for locking the holding strap by engagement with bundled articles
Distributed force hose clamp
Fixing element
Closure for article of apparel and for use by a person having handicapped hands
Slide fastener
Vehicle radiator leak repair method and apparatus
Spring clip and method for making same
Buckle set on a cloth strip for a brassiere
Multi-vane method for hydroenhancing fabrics
Spin draw texturing or draw texturising machine with improved fiber bundle guidance
Air opening jet apparatus
Human Necessities
Method of setting small objects in malleable sheet material and apparatus for carrying out the method
Apparatus and method for inscribing positioning marks on a ring band based on a pattern of locating scribe holes
Electrically operated tooth-cleaning device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Tool incorporating writing mechanism
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