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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tool bar with forward folding wings
Ultrasonic humidifier for repelling insects
Vertical rodent trap
Breast exposed under garment
Protective folding case for guitar
Articulating bed and method of using the same
Folding support stand for portable electronic devices
Structure of control portion of seat height adjuster
Seat structure for vehicle
Adjusting system for moving a vehicle seat in a vehicle cabin
Back support for seating unit
Anchor structure for electronic devices
Tiles or bricks shoveling device
Wavefront characterization of corneas
Spiral cut stethoscope wrap
Tray for a walker
Skating simulation exercise device
Versatile abdominal exercise bed
Adapter with retractable springs that picks up a golf ball
Golf tee clip
Basketball backboard target
Launching device for a flying toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Degradation insert with overhang
Method of a double starwheel unit in multiple rows with a multi-hole manner, an instrument and the like
Sputter targets and methods of manufacturing same to reduce particulate emission during sputtering
Method for manufacturing composite metal material and method for manufacturing composite-metal molded article
Method and apparatus for selectively leaching portions of PDC cutters used in drill bits
Wrench assembly
Secure fastener for belts
Gutter clamp
Driving machine
Injection molding apparatus having movable yoke plate
Split mold insert and a mold incorporating same
Processing method of fine structure and processing equipment for fine structure
Drive devices and method for driving a processing machine
Ink cartridge unit with ink suspension characteristics for an inkjet printer
Universal inkjet printer device and methods
Bookbinding apparatus and image forming system
Tire installation tool
Front-wheel drive steering compensation method and system
Motorcycle fuel tank
Easy open collapsible trailer
Inner mirror attachment structure
Webbing guide mechanism
Vehicle steering systems
Adjustable resilient bicycle training wheel assembly
Modular floating construction
Gas storage container with gas absorbing or adsorbing material
Method of extracting contents from sealed flexible containers using irrigation water, device for implementing same and associated container
Air cushion vehicle bow skirt retraction system
Method for liquid dispensing using a dispense head
Textiles; Paper
Method and apparatus for crimping a multifilament thread
Apparatus and method for releasably holding fabric in place on an ironing board or the like
Fixed Constructions
Lock device of work machine
Floor panels with edge connectors
Trailer hitch receiver lock
In-store self-service ordering guide system and method
Flaming wallet and/or method of making the same
Filtercake removal
Vacuum feed supply system for drilling fluid additives
Pre-stressed annular sealant and method of creating a durable seal in a well bore annulus
Brush for a well bore casing
Sand control screen assembly and method for use of same
Process for dispersing nanocatalysts into petroleum-bearing formations
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Multi-fuel multi-injection system for an internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine with starter device
Member mounting structure
Ball bearing
Shock dampener bumper for motor-vehicles
Infinitely variable transmission
Modular surface mount manifold
Fastener clip
Rotating lamp
Street illuminating device
LED lamp with improved heat dissipating structure
Light color adjustment structure for illuminated keyboards
Connector assembly
Lamp unit
Light redirecting films having optical elements with curved surfaces
Liquid crystal display and assembly thereof
Release device with follow-through
Three-dimensional reactionary turkey target
Arrowhead with unfolding blades
Load sensor-equipped operating apparatus
Method and a device for effecting automatic centering of an annular workpiece on a rotating surface
Dispensing measurement device and method of measuring dispensing
Liquid surface detection device
Non-contact method and apparatus for hardness case depth monitoring
Pressure sensitive displacement sensor
Method of assembling an optical connector and an optical connector
Optical receptacle
Macro flash adapter
Predicting crack propagation in the shaft dovetail of a generator rotor
Method and apparatus of recording data in the optical recording medium
Fail over method for computer system
Restarting an errored object of a first class
Integrated intrusion detection system and method
Prevention of outgoing spam
Area effective cache with pseudo associative memory
System, method and computer program product for executing a cache replacement algorithm
System and method for caching
Storage system that is connected to external storage
Range code compression method and apparatus for ternary content addressable memory (CAM) devices
Semiconductor device and IC card
Method and system for digital preservation having long term error-free storage, retrieval, and interpretation of digital files
Semiconductor storage device detecting change of memory content and information processing device including semiconductor storage device detecting change of memory content
Data transfer method and data transfer device
Storage apparatus, process controller, and storage system
Preloading translation buffers
Dynamically allocating communication lanes for a plurality of input/output (`I/O`) adapter sockets in a point-to-point, serial I/O expansion subsystem of a computing system
Method for restoring system configuration information of a network attached storage
Method and apparatus for acknowledgement-based handshake mechanism for interactively training links
Systems and methods for reducing the effects of variations on the playback of streaming media
No single point of failure RAID box using SATA drives
Event notification method in wireless communications system
Systems and methods for preventing spam
Synchronized indicator light for secure connections
Network access to partial document images
Data processing apparatus and network system that outputs quality of service information to a user
Multiple resource control-advisor for management of distributed or web-based systems
Distributed services based on presence technology
Filtering approach for network system alarms based on lifecycle state
Definition system and method for web services that monitor other web services
Method and system for remote monitoring of a power supply device with user registration capability
Universal computer product hardware configuration initialization handling method and system
DHCP client/server device and method of providing DHCP server services on a network
Automatic charset detection using SIM algorithm with charset grouping
Method, system and program for creating an index
Dual source remittance processing
Method and system for presenting traffic-related information
Method and apparatus for dynamically managing vending machine inventory prices
Selecting and formatting warped text
Multi-language jump bar system and methods
Chinese input method, Chinese input device, and computer-readable medium
Word association method and apparatus
System and method for immutably cataloging electronic assets in a large-scale computer system
System and method for managing consistency among volumes based on application information
Method and a device for sterilizing downloaded files
Method and system for maintaining disk location via homeness
Enhancing node-based query languages to support common relational mapping patterns
Recording medium, method of controlling file of the recording medium, and method and apparatus for reproducing the same
Simulation of hardware and software
Determination of a bottleneck
Method and apparatus for facilitating effective and efficient optimization of short-path timing constraints
Mechanisms to control access to cryptographic keys and to attest to the approved configurations of computer platforms
Methodologies and analytics tools for identifying potential licensee markets
Configuring and organizing server security information
Methods and systems to dynamically manage performance states in a data processing system
Interface detecting circuit and interface detecting method
Method and apparatus to establish class of USB device
Dialog item interface definition object
Computer system with graphical user interface including spring-loaded enclosures
System and process for developing a voice application
Searching a document based on a customer defined metadata schemata
3-prong security/reliability/real-time distributed architecture of information handling system
Method and apparatus for booting independent operating systems in a multi-processor core integrated circuit
Systems and methods for automatically reconfiguring virtual private networks
Method and system for tracking instruction dependency in an out-of-order processor
Apparatus and method for decreasing the latency between instruction cache and a pipeline processor
Software development artifact creation tool
Register indirect access of program floating point registers by millicode
Method for monitoring a program execution using a debug logic
Method and apparatus for replicating a panoplex onto a storage medium from a master
Method for predicate promotion in a software loop
Area-efficient power switching cell
Determining intra-procedural object flow using enhanced stackmaps
Binary translation using peephole translation rules
Remote control server, center server, and system constituted them
Method and system for managing load balancing in data processing system
Multi OS configuration method and computer system
System, method and program product for optimizing usage based pricing and availability for a resource
Card recognition system for recognizing standard card and non-standard card
Device, and method for manufacturing the same
Hand held wireless reading viewer of invisible bar codes
Method and apparatus for accessing electronic data via a familiar printed medium
Indeterminate outcome management in problem management in service desk
Replenishment management system and method
Using advanced shipping notification information for supply chain process analysis
System and method for placing products or services and facilitating purchase
Apparatus for preparing client communications involving financial products and services
Retail system for selling products based on a flexible product description
Decision assistance platform configured for facilitating financial consulting services
Freight fulfillment and trading platform
Automated political risk management
System and method for validating postage
Method of transmitting electronic signature during a financial transaction
Angular corner structure that join universal foldable frame moulding lengths
"Smart" elevator system and method
Speech recognition apparatus and method
Speech recognition system and technique
Method for compression and expansion of digital audio data
Sound packet transmitting method, sound packet transmitting apparatus, sound packet transmitting program, and recording medium in which that program has been recorded
Telecommunication system, and switch, and server, and method
Card edge connector device and method
Connector with a conductive shell with an extension to stradle a circuit board
Electrical flex connector for mounting on a printed circuit board
Communication jack
Protrudable connector structure for electronic device
Detachable light assembly
Method of assembling a patch cord having a threaded connector
Male terminal having a U-shaped cross section
Encoding and error correction system for enhanced performance of legacy communications networks
Block decoding methods and apparatus
Wireless access system, method, signal, and computer program product
Modular cryptographic device providing enhanced interface protocol features and related methods
Method for transmitting encrypted user data objects
Program-display control apparatus and program-display control method
Secure device for sharing copy protection identification information, a rendering device for executing copy protected content based on the identification information, and corresponding methods
System and method for distributing DBS content to multiple receivers in the home over a single coax
Expired Patents Due To Time
Motor with symmetric braking system
Brake drum with parallel grooves
Rear brake unit for a beach buggy
Eddy current brake for automotive vehicles
Service and spring brake cylinders
Method and system for braking a vehicle
Shock absorber with acceleration sensitive damping control
Acceleration sensitive shock absorber
Air brakes for trucks
Removable wheel system
Removable large wheel assembly for luggage with small wheels
Flat cable type extension wire
Two-side adjustment drive mechanism
Adjustable bushing flange for clutch
Clutch structure
Clutch mechanism comprising a wear take-up module
Equipment loading plank
Sheet handling apparatus
Coin sorting device, commodity discharging device, and game device
Linked conveyor (sorter) for the sorting of small cargo units
Electronic component supplying apparatus
Conveying apparatus
Methods and apparatus for the automatic loading of multiple items on the same unit of a cross-belt sorting machine
Unscrambling and aligning conveyor
Sequential release control for a zoned conveyor system
Conveying system for work pieces
Vibratory conveyor
Modular power roller conveyor
Device for sorting piece goods
Reduced drag side flexing conveyor system
Method for separating packages
Golf bag having a storage compartment for a tripod leg support
Caddy for washing golf balls
Protective firearm pouch
Sharps disposal assembly having improved unwinder
Lightweight, recyclable isolation packing for delicate items
Decorative container and method for decorating a container
Inflatable packing material
Blister pack
Packaging material
Carpet sample book
Apparatus for separating trash from lint cotton
Magnetic separator apparatus and methods regarding same
Mechanical gap filter
Modular screen panel
Roller screen
Grain grader
Wet chip centrifugal separator suspension system
Dispensing carton assembly
Oral hygiene product storage system
Structure for storing rowing shells
Shelving rack
Stacking and cover arrangement for powder spray controllers
Articles, such as a nipple, a pacifier or a baby's bottle
Drink dispenser for collapsible liquid containers, and related method
Snap top, easy pouring dispensing cap
Indirectly activated closure
Tamper-evident closure having improved drainage
Tamper-indicating closure and method of manufacture
Assembly for securing and sealing a dispenser to a flanged container
Easy opening, screw cap for threaded opening type containers
Storage divider
Sport luggage
Container having separable liquid-ornament unit
Closure for a can of drink which can be opened with one hand
Container with detachable sealing cap
Nestable container with expendable closure panel covering access opening in container wall
Bottomless trash can system
Floating cooler
Apparatus and system for covering and protecting the rim of a paint can
Closure means for packaging boxes
Automatic high-speed pill counting apparatus
Article storage/dispensing device for vending machine
Vending machine
Automated product delivery apparatus for retailing products to a vehicle occupant
Method and apparatus for dispensing small amounts of liquid material
Method and device for multi-capped paste dispenser
Measuring and dispensing system for solid dry flowable materials
Self-contained high pressure pneumatic beverage dispensing system
Fluid dispenser apparatus
Device for pressing out tubes
Syrup drink supply nozzle assembly
Remotely actuable flushing system
Valve heads for soft drink bottles and the like
Discharge booster for promoting a flow of bulk material
Assembly comprising a flexible container having a dosing device and dosing device of such assembly
Method and device for dosing powdered materials
Dispenser for viscous material
Aerosol container with safety device
Fluid dispensing device
Liquid dispensing valve
Hat shaping arrangement
Buckle with detachable ball marker
Cup holder installed in vehicle
Rotatable toolbox system useful on motorized vehicles
Removable seat cover for a motorcycle
Motorcycle saddlebag lock
Suspension bicycle bag
Shared vehicle system and method with system for carrying a first vehicle with a second vehicle
Cargo platform offset angle and tie plate assembly
Automobile CD player holder
Vacuum conveyor
Surgical anastomosis apparatus and method thereof
Unit for supplying solder balls
Solder disc connection
Friction pull plug welding: top hat plug design
Low temperature solder
Press fit joint with puddle weld retention
Method for positioning the bond head in a wire bonding machine
Extended travel wire bonding machine
Solder ball placement fixtures and methods
Self-erecting container apparatus
Process and apparatus for applying a closure to a packaging material
Insulated containers and sidewalls having laterally extending flutes, and methods
Medium handling apparatus
Automated teller's machine and method thereof
Fund-raising terminal and method for accepting monetary contributions by use of an information bearing card
Electronic money safe using logical IC cards
System and method for providing a card transaction authorization fraud warning
Electronic business card device
Antiforgery security system
Optical reader exposure control apparatus comprising illumination level detection circuitry
Terminal unit in which waterproof effect is improved
Card reader with card capture clamp
Wireless communication devices and methods of forming wireless communication devices
Security image element tiling scheme
Board mounted sensor placement into a furnace duct
Communicating thermostat
Air diffusers
Non-linear potentiometer heater control
Seeping irrigation system
Spray head for use with low pressure fluid sources
Fluid delivery apparatus
Sprayer for liquids and nozzle insert
Water pistol nozzle
Structure water sprayer long tube and water pipe connector
Alignment control for long center pivot irrigation systems
Food processor
Drive mechanism for a fishing reel
Centrifugal braking device for double bearing reel
Reel body of double bearing reel
Photo film cassette
Rotational load applying mechanism for a tape recorder
Wire hoarding box
Apparatus for electric wiring
Winding machine
Device for damping oscillations of a winding bobbin in spinning, twisting or winding machines
Weed trimmer line rewinder device
Vehicle guidance system for guided missiles having adaptive trajectory bias
Precision guidance system for aircraft launched bombs
Aircraft and method for operating an aircraft
Roller drive unit
Tethered aircraft system for gathering energy from wind
Synchronized docking system
Method and apparatus for spacecraft wheel desaturation
Variable gradient control stick force feel adjustment system
Flat and planar match system between rails and fillers to railroad turnouts and crossings
Gutter hanging bracket device with rigidity augmenting U-shaped cross-sectional channel construction
Mounting angle clamp for attaching additional structures to hanging rod
Cable conduit
Wire harness mounting construction
Lockable stand
Tabletop tripod
Extension ladder supply container
Support having an adjusting device
Equipment roller/slide support
Solenoid clamp
Irrigation line and plant support
Safety tether system for air tool and air line
Restraining system for water heaters
Restraining system for water heaters
Stick tool hanger
Quick release mechanism for vehicle seating
Fishing rod holder insert
Clamp/waler bracket used with concrete forms
Valve control system
Spring returning a rotary valve with a differential planetary drive
Electrically operated flow control valve
Gate assembly for a double disk gate valve
Medical suction valve
Process for installing carpet
Energy absorbing breakaway steel guardrail post
Ornamental ring for fence
Evaporation dispenser having a control timer for timed release of a volatile substance from an evaporation chamber
Apparatus for aerating liquid in a wastewater treatment tank
Fluid regulating device for use with a hydraulic cylinder to obtain a variable shock absorbing effect
Shock absorbing support arrangement for a vibration feeder
Active vibration damping system having controller for generating pulse signal for oscillation of oscillating plate partially defining fluid chambers
Shock absorption mount
Single-turn, round wire wave spring
Spring isolator and jounce bumper for a motor vehicle suspension
Clamp clip that can be actuated with one hand
Clamping device
Table feed mechanism for machine tool
Telescopically extending and retracting device for the protection of moving machine parts
Clamp and V-block apparatus
Automatic document feeder for an image forming apparatus
Sheet processing unit
Paper sheet controlling apparatus and method of using same
Regulating vacuum hold of media in a printer
Rotary valve
Leaf transfer mechanism unit
Paper feed enhancer for printer feeder
Paper feeding apparatus for printing device
Sheet accommodating device
Sheet transport device and sheet transport method
Method of manufacturing printed products by insetting at least one subproduct into a main product and apparatus for carrying out the method
Suction gripper for transferring the trailing edge of a sheet in a turning device of a sheet-fed rotary printing machine
Vacuum control for vacuum holddown
Variable cross-section vacuum grooves in an imaging system
Controlling vacuum flow for ink-jet hard copy apparatus
Sheet diverter wedge including air discharge ports
Method and device for transferring a trailing edge of a sheet in a reversing device of a sheet-fed rotary printing machine
Table horse racing
Device and method for continuously shuffling cards
Traveling bingo player
Practical four-dimensional tic-tac-toe
Playing card war simulation game
Archery target with replaceable target section
Floor game for team building
Seal device having a flexible finger seal member
Gasket for an aerosol valve stem
Sealing system for acoustic wave touchscreens
Device for sealing a gap
Electrically conductive seal and a process for the manufacture thereof
Roll control system for a motor vehicle
Anti-lock braking system for rollerblades
In-line roller skate
Snowboard with braking maneuvering and bindings features
Portable file case holder with removable wheels and stackable compartments
All terrain riding assembly
Composite stabilizer bar link
Bicycle front fork and head tube mounting arrangement
Wheelchair accessory apparatus
Folding trailer for an all-terrain vehicle
Trailer tongue jackknife blocking device
Ski brake
Chambered driver side air bag and module attachment method
Reinforced trim cover for a vehicle seat assembly with a tear line for airbag deployment
Mounting structure for use with a head-protecting airbag body
Method for operating a vehicle occupant restraint system and a device for carrying out the method
Method for operating a compressed-gas device in a motor vehicle
Device and method for detecting the weight of an object and/or an occupant on a vehicle seat
Vehicle occupant sensing system including a distance-measuring sensor on an airbag module or steering wheel assembly
Hybrid gas generator for airbag
Arrangements and methods for inflatable device formation of inflation gas
Method and apparatus for controlling air bag deployment
Motor vehicle steering column arrangement with space-saving holder for adjustment
Frame for transporting a building structure on a wheel assembly
Height adjuster for a vehicle safety belt
Shock absorbing device for ski poles, walking sticks, crutches and similar articles
Album construction for holding and displaying greeting cards
Page holder
Resealable multiple-layer label
Semi-transparent label laminate
Security cover for objects, particularly for containers with closing device
Segmented flange including a shim
Adjustable length closet fastener and method
Exhaust manifold flange for an internal combustion engine
Transfer panel assembly and method of construction
Hose coupling
Joining and connecting element for corrugated pipes
Thread form with multifacited flanks
Fluid-tight connecting apparatus
Vehicle door locking system with separate power operated inner door and outer door locking mechanisms
Live bolt latching and releasing system
Locking arrangement for a movable vehicle body part
Mounting arrangement for crossing arm
Urn carrying device
Cleaning tool
Hole digging tool
Apparatus and method for reliably releasing wet, thin wafers
Rolling blade cup gripper
Load clamping and lifting apparatus
Device for carrying a stack of trays
Offroad search and rescue vehicle
Catering unit for motor vehicles
Reinforcement system for an automotive vehicle fender and bracket therefor
Stowable cargo restraining walled enclosure assembly and method
Vehicle seat track attachment assembly
Vehicle occupant protection system
Tonneau cover and decklid linkage and drive system
Adjustable, readily removable windshield
Wiper device for vehicle
Sun visor with vanity mirror
Pickup truck bed cover
Vehicle door protective device
Slidable room assembly
Automotive impact energy absorbing structure
Motor vehicle with safety body structure arrangement
Reinforcement structure for rear pillar of automobiles
Air vent system for door of automobile
Retractable cord mounted in sunroof channel
Foldable chair frame
Folding table and seating apparatus
Air conditionable vehicle seat
Bicycle seat
Vehicle seat having a movable safety bar
Golf cart seat cover
Removable cushion for isofix child seat
Harness/restraint system for a child car seat
Wheelchair accessible stadium seating
Adjustable lumbar support
Arching mechanism
Seat track with cam actuated locking device
Body support device for vehicles
Chair having a seat with differential front and rear support portions
Seatbelt retractor
Dump trailer
Dual wheel assembly differential
Thermal signature reduction cover for hub and wheel
Vehicle wheel simulator attaching apparatus
Axle hub assembly with removable axle shaft
Hydraulic braking system
Method and circuit configuration for controlling the braking process in a motor vehicle
Solenoid valve for a slip-regulated hydraulic brake system of a vehicle
Supply valve for a hydraulic control unit of a vehicular braking system
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling tractor/trailer vehicle systems
Vehicle braking apparatus
Method for determining the deceleration of a motor vehicle
Device for measuring longitudinal acceleration of vehicle immune to static and dynamic errors
Rail assembly with homing device and interlock
Wire manager
Enclosure, in particular cabinet, especially for electrical equipment
Storage chest with tiltable shelf
Drawer slide floating bumper detent
Drawer slide bearing retainer and guide block
Adjustable reliability parameters in ink jet printing systems
Method and device for determining the quantity of product present in a reservoir, notably that of ink present in an image forming device
Ink droplet ejecting method and apparatus
System for cooling and maintaining an inkjet print head at a constant temperature
Ink jet printing head and method for producing the same
Clean-in place system for an ink jet printhead
Apparatus and method for hue shift compensation in a bidirectional printer
Color ink jet printer
Inkjet printhead orifice plate having related orifices
Shutter based ink jet printing mechanism
Printing apparatus with focusing of toner particles
Liquid jet recording apparatus with flow channels for jetting liquid and a method for fabricating the same
Ink jet printer head actuator and manufacturing method thereof
Ink jet printer
Continuous ink jet printer with asymmetric heating drop deflection
Liquid ink cartridge with recessed fill hole and ink tank vent
Ink cartridge with spillover dam
Image recording apparatus that supplies solid ink to a recording device
Filter for an inkjet printhead
Ink jet printing apparatus with print head for improved image durability
Ink-jet textile printing ink and ink-jet printing process and instrument making use of the same
Spring clip for mounting sunglasses
Wide-angle view eyeglasses
Lens holding mechanism of front frame for spectacles
Connection structure of ear upholders for eyeglasses
Parabolic and hyperbolic aspheric eyewear
Multi-pixel microlens illumination in electronic display projector
Cooling system for a video projector
Method and system for image visualization
Eyecup assembly for a submarine periscope
Polygonal illumination reflector
Potentiometer for motorized mirror
Composite polymeric reflectors
Luminaire and display using the same
Backlight for liquid crystal displays
Illumination device and image projection apparatus comprising the device
Illuminable containers and method
Controlled fragrance dispenser for light bulb
Cellular phone capable of reading memorandum in a dark area
Decorative light tree set
Portable tool storage box
Lamp and lamp base assembly
Deflectable laser source having movable piezu elements for projecting images
Skin light exposure control methods
Light-scattering reflector
Recessed light fixture and reflector
Sealed light fixture
Vehicle Lamp System
Car cabin light device
Illuminated safety handle for opening the trunk of a vehicle from inside
Signaling lamp having led light array with removable plastic lens
Protected lamp mounting assembly for an off road work vehicle
Lighting system for light guides
Method and apparatus for mixing materials
Floating ring mixer for extruder
Method and apparatus for mixing dry powder into liquids
Bone cement mixing apparatus
Dosing device for mixing in a continuous process a flowing primary liquid with one or more added secondary liquids
Orbital watch-winding apparatus
Probe cover of tympanic thermometer
Method and apparatus for extending the life of an x-ray tube
Pour-spout closure for flexible packages and flexible packages including a pour-spout closure
Roller bearing device
Sealed bearing drill bit with dual-seal configuration and fluid-cleaning capability
Rolling bearing unit with rotational speed sensor
Roller bearing
Optical fiber tunable connector adapter
Optical fiber connector
Substrate based array connector
Optical connector housing and method for connecting optical lines
Optical transmit-receive module, optical transmit-receive coupler and optical transmit-receive system using same
Terminus body retention
Optical pickup having optical waveguide device fixed on stem with wedge-shaped device fixing member interposed and method of manufacturing the same
Electrooptical module
Method for producing an electrooptical module
Laser component with a laser array and method for manufacturing the component
Integrated circuit controlled transaction management system
Lens cover apparatus for camera
Printing system, printing control system, and printer
Dot-impact printing head control apparatus
Pin-supported and -aligned linear encoder strip for a scanning incremental printer
Writing instrument and hand tool grip
Pharmaceutical kit
Dual-purpose pen
Automatic pencil structure
Marker pen devices
Ballpoint pen stand decorated with movable funny ornament
Paint applicator system
Hinge pin and retention sleeve
Thermoset resin-fiber composites, woodworking dowels and other articles of manufacture made therefrom, and methods
Connector with intermateable holding element and plate member including elastic holding element mounting region
Quick-release connector and methods therefore
Fastening body for sheet member
Locking mechanism for telescopically adjustable extension pole
Skewable connector for metal trusses
Bi-partite sluiceway apparatus with silt removal tray components
Equipment and a method for partially drying a zone of ground containing a liquid
Submersible storage vessel system
In-well air stripping and adsorption
Removal of ground contaminents
Stabilization of arsenic-contaminated materials
Turnable tractor vehicle having fixed axle
Covering plate assembly for steel pipe piles
Eductor wand for bulk particulate materials
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew