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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant arrangement with a holder for objects therein
Fishing device
Modular drawer system
Devices for defining and marking tissue
Method for treating a vertebral body
Gateway platform for biological monitoring and delivery of therapeutic compounds
Laser diode optical transducer assembly for non-invasive spectrophotometric blood oxygenation monitoring
Microscopic imaging apparatus and method
Intrinsically bactericidal absorbent dressing and method of fabrication
ePTFE graft-stent composite device
ACE-2 modulating compounds and methods of use thereof
Use of (R)-peniciclovir triphosphate for the manufacture of a medicament for the treatment of viral diseases
VEGF-D/VEGF-C/VEGF peptidomimetic inhibitor
Radiometal-binding peptide analogues
Polyvinyl alcohol compositions
Treating pulmonary disorders with gaseous agent causing repletion of GSNO
Methods of coating a device using anti-thrombin heparin
Fluid injection system for coronary intervention
Electromagnetic interference immune tissue invasive system
Benzoxazole derivatives and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Child activity device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Polymers for separation of biomolecules by capillary electrophoresis
Method and device for insulating electro-technical components
Use of mono- and bifunctional (per) fluoropolyether derivatives in the treatment of ceramic materials
Miter saw
Structured material and method of producing the same
Molded panels having a soft pad armrest
Scanner system
Electric generating system for automobiles and its control method
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Transgenic animals and cell lines for screening drugs effective for the treatment or prevention of Alzheimer's disease
Serine proteinase inhibitors
Coating composition
Recombinant fusion proteins to growth hormone and serum albumin
Directed differentiation of human embryonic cells
Process for scaled-up production of recombinant proteins using transgenic plant suspension cultures
Lipoprotein associated phospholipase A2, inhibitors thereof and use of the same in diagnosis and therapy
Mono- and diacylglycerol acyltransferases and methods of use thereof
Molecular detection systems utilizing reiterative oligonucleotide synthesis
Detection of RNA Sequences
Electronic transfer moieties attached to peptide nucleic acids
Method of reducing a band mark of an electroplating steel sheet
Composite materials having substrates with self-assembled colloidal crystalline patterns thereon
Fixed Constructions
Force-resisting devices and methods for structures
Apparatus for coupling a tubular member to a preexisting structure
Shot direction indicating device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controller for oil wells using a heated probe sensor
Optical measurement instrument and optical measurement method
Method for measuring bone mineral density by using X-ray image
Fiber-optic based cavity ring-down spectroscopy apparatus
Analyte sensing via acridine-based boronate biosensors
Density detection using real time discrete photon counting for fast moving targets
Small volume biosensor for continuous analyte monitoring
Method for identifying or screening agonist and antagonist to PPAR
Redox reversible bipyridyl-osmium complex conjugates
Nano-scaled dendrimer-based colorimetric biosensors
Fault recovery system and method for inverse multiplexed digital subscriber lines
Manufacturing method for optical coupler/splitter and method for adjusting optical characteristics of planar lightwave circuit device
Optical transmission module
Active matrix liquid crystal display and method of fabricating same
Lithographic printing plate
Method for controlling number of addresses in address table of switch
Virtualized striping controller
Software application environment
Method and apparatus for accessing memories having a time-variant response over a PCI bus by using two-stage DMA transfers
Printing system including different kinds of printers and a printer selecting device therefor
Databus and method for the communication of two assemblies by means of such a databus
Reordering serial data in a system with parallel processing flows
Method and system for accelerating the delivery of content in a networked environment
Method using video buffers for receiving and transferring selected display output from a computer to a portable computer over a wireless network
High performance network address processor system
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using multiple formats and multiple protocols with delegating protocol processor
Link state routing techniques
Apparatus and method of upgrading program of firmware board
System and method for provisioning broadband service in a PPPoE network using a configuration domain name
Method and configuration for determining a sequence of actions for a system which comprises statuses, whereby a status transition ensues between two statuses as a result of an action
Frequency converter
Computer assisted method for partitioning an electric circuit
Method and apparatus for using wildcards in semantic parsing
Multilingual document retrieval system
System and methods for managing digital creative works
Analog signal verification using digital signatures
Ratio-based oligonucleotide probe selection
Method and structure for supporting flow control by a SCSI initiator during the data out phase of the packetized SCSI protocol
Data processing apparatus, data processing method, and recording medium therefor
Image forming apparatus
Port trend analysis system and method for trending port burst information associated with a communications device
Method and VLSI circuits allowing to change dynamically the logical behavior
Computer system and method for fetching, decoding and executing instructions
Method for producing test patterns for testing an integrated circuit
Bandwidth booster for aging printer ASICs
Efficient coding of color images including monochrome images
Adjusting the color, brightness, and tone scale of rendered digital images
Embedding and reading imperceptible codes on objects
Correction curve generating method, image processing method, image display unit, and storage medium
Document processing method, system and medium
Image matching
Method and system for auctioning a product on a computer network
Trade finance automation system
Product trading system, product trading method, and computer program and recording medium for performing the method
Method and system for determining availability in networks
Auditory sense training method and sound processing method for auditory sense training
Electronic apparatus
Head tracker system
Computer input device providing absolute and relative positional information
Changing characteristics of a voice user interface
Hard disk drive
Recording medium for storing version information for maintaining recording and/or reproducing compatibility, and method and apparatus for managing the same
Method of fabricating and/or repairing a light emitting device
Method for producing insulated gate thin film semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device that includes selectively adding a noble gas element
Method for fabricating a semiconductor devices provided with low melting point metal bumps
Semiconductor device provided with low melting point metal bumps
Memory cell arrays
Flat actuator or sensor with internal prestress
Optical crossbar using lasing semiconductor optical amplifiers
System and method for associating a contact with a call ID
Spark plug having a welded electrode and the method of producing the same
Electrical box with recessed faceplate
Signal processing circuit
Demodulator for demodulating digital modulated signals
Method and apparatus for assigning data rate in a multichannel communication system
Coherent phase synchronous code division multiple access communications from multiple transponder platforms
Link discovery and verification using loss of light
Link connection method between communication terminals equipped with bluetooth wireless devices
Packet-based downlink level control
System and method of a stackable wireless internet protocol base station
Method for dynamic multi-level pricing for wireless communications according to quality of service
Stereo demultiplexer
In-band on-channel digital broadcasting method and system
System and method for adaptively improving voice quality throughout a communication session
Multiplexing high priority, low bandwidth information on a traditional link protocol
Fast ethernet multiport repeater
Apparatus and method for just-in-time transfer of transmit commands to a network interface
Methods and systems for dynamic conversion of objects from one format type to another format type by selectively using an intermediary format type
Method and apparatus for detecting processing stages applied to a signal
Call signaling approach to user self-provisioning on VoIP using a touch-tone interface
System, device, and method for distributing routing information in an optical virtual private network
Method and apparatus for communicating between divergent networks using media access control communications
Network switch for routing network traffic
Method and apparatus for provisioning traffic dedicated cores in a connection oriented network
Method and apparatus to configure a digital subscriber line device
Switching devices
Content provider for pull based intelligent caching system
Packet scheduler
Network-enabled, extensible metering system
VoIP over access network
Scheduling control system and switch
Method and system for customer selected direct dialed voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP)
Narrowband gain control of receiver with digital post filtering
Method for establishing a communication link
Secure encryption of data packets for transmission over unsecured networks
Digital image watermarking method
Computer and mobile communication system
Mobile application peer-to-peer security system and method
Telecommunications portal capable of interpreting messages from an external device
Method and apparatus for active latency characterization
System and method for scaling and enhancing color text images
Image sensor and image sensor integrated type active matrix type display device
Arrangements of clock line drivers
Video camera
Portable information terminal equipped with camera
System for near-simultaneous capture of multiple camera images
Electronic still camera with printer
System and method for rotatably positioning a camera or similar article about two orthogonal axes
Multi-functional image fetching module
Digital photographing apparatus having position information capability
Digital camera and imaging method
Image interpolating device, including interpolation and modification processors
Digital broadcasting receiver operative for displaying picture characters in a non-central portion of a screen
Image processing system, method for formatting recording medium, and program product
Automatic content analysis and representation of multimedia presentations
Picture processing apparatus and picture processing method
Extracting key frames from a video sequence
Method of video coding the movement of a human face from a sequence of images
Wireless access to closed embedded networks
System and method for ad hoc network access employing the distributed election of a shared transmission schedule
System and method for providing rescue channel communications between base stations in a wireless communication system
Method and system for providing access to a telecommunications network
Coincident source stereo speaker
Heat spreader and stiffener having a stiffener extension
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cutting tool and cutting insert
Triple gantry drilling system
Apparatus for making numerous holes in a tube
Friction and vertical cutting tool
Fixture for drilling pocket holes
Arrangement relating to high-speed tools
Bolt with a bolt member, a washer and a sleeve for applying forces to the bolt member and the sleeve
Bolt for connecting two parts with one another, and fastening device provided with the bolt
Blind rivet
Anchor assembly for a wall, floor or like supporting structure
Screw having a tapered thread
Screw with spiral triangular threads
High vacuum dual stage load lock and method for loading and unloading wafers using a high vacuum dual stage load lock
Sweep auger
Drum charging system
Coupler for connecting an attachment to the free end of a boom
Nut feeder for feeding nuts for resistance welding
Method for forming a cooling passage and for cooling a turbine section of a rotary machine
Method and apparatus for cooling a wall within a gas turbine engine
Device for admixing a first fluid into a second fluid
Sirocco fan having an inclined cutoff
Low noise air blower unit for inflating thermal blankets
Water turbine or water pump
Hydro-turbine runner
Molten metal impeller
Engine having resistance to particle deposits
Air supplying device
Low-noise cooling fan for electronic components and method of making the same
Internally cooled blade tip shroud
Gas turbine cooling moving blade
Striated cooling hole
Structure of a radiating fan
Device and method for detachably connecting an impeller to a pinion shaft in a high speed fluid compressor
Automatic sub-floor pumping system
Snap-acting float assembly with hysteresis
Compressor control system for air conditioner
Method and apparatus for controlling operation of a submersible pump
Enhanced suction gas management in a refrigeration compressor
Hydro elastic pump which pumps using non-rotary bladeless and valveless operations
Fitting structure for controlling valve in variable capacity compressor
Fluid pumping apparatus
Positive-displacement pump
Method for providing a jewel bearing for supporting a pump rotor shaft
Waterproof structure of washer pump
Shaftless canned rotor inline pipe pump
Vacuum pump with dust collecting function
Liquid colorant tube assembly
High-pressure fuel supply assembly
Replaceable seal having a friction fit
High viscosity product pumping method and apparatus
Plastic molding machine
Extrusion die for forming a skin on reusable construction material for concrete forms
Form for manufacturing resin mold and clamping jig for resin mold
Press system for urethane parts
Apparatus for forming a spherical dough body
Gum processing and packaging system
System for producing polymeric film
Matrix and process for the production of a package trough having an undercut
Apparatus for making a plurality of interconnected vials
Manifold system having flow control using extended valve pin
Injection molding apparatus
Reagent delivery system
Device for preventing flareup in barometric-type liquid fuel burners by preventing excessive temperature levels at removable fuel tank
Sealed gas burner electrode assembly
Method and apparatus for thermal treatment of mealy raw materials
System for handling dental elastics
Cushioned molar gear for the correction of class II and class III dental malocclusions employing improved compression coupling means
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of teeth
Dental mirror with disposable transparent cover
Dental implant component
Method for whitening teeth
Hand-held microwave intra-oral dental system
Oral burnisher
Device for heating the teeth and uses therefor
Means for filling root canals and preparation method
System for removing a defect in a tooth and insert or tool for such a system
Area weapons effect simulation system and method
System and method for automated testing of writing skill
Teaching device for science experiments
Attachment device for a glass pane at a mounting fixed to a structure
Method for initiating a helium alarm particle detector in a dry etching system prior to initiation of the etching process
Coaxial connector for printed circuit board
Connector structure
Bridge type connecting structure for terminals of computer expansion cartridge
Push pin ground
Assembly for and method of selectively grounding contacts of a connector to a rear portion of the connector
Ground apparatus for shielded cable and method of using same
Electrical connector
Flexible board electrical connector with rotatable cover
Mechanical assist cam slide device
Plug-in connection structure
Lever fitting-type connector
Connector with a pull-out mechanism employing air pressure
Configurable electrical shunt for a computer cable
Electrical connector for flat circuits
Coupling structure of structures
Zero insertion force electrical connector
Vibrator motor holder
I/O connector for a portable communications device
Latch release
Electrical connector
Device for effecting insulation-displacing connection of one or more wires and for cutting the scrap at their free end
Connector assembly having pivoting wire carrier with position detents
Electronic terminal for use on circuit boards
Power diode terminal holder mounting arrangement
Half-fitting detection connector
Electrical connector for cardiac devices
Jumper cables
Power and communications grommet
Waterproof structure for connector
Surface-mount connector with high-degree flatness
Coaxial connector
Waterproof connector
Sealing structure in a sensor having lead wires
Multiple pole connector with shield plate
Fuse bypass module for use with a fuse panel
Edge card connector for a printed circuit board
Electrical connector for automotive lamp
Utility metering transocket
Battery side-terminal adapter and Kelvin connector
Female type terminal, assembling method of female type terminal, and connector for female type terminal
Terminal having contact portion with reduced thickness
Trolling motor propulsion unit support shaft
Watercraft propulsion system
Replaceable tower support for a bearing race and drive shaft in a marine engine
Contoured paddle for water sports
Inflatable chemical foam injected buoy
Wakeboard fin
Self-acting flotation device for flotation life preservers
Apparatus and method for detecting a starting signal in an automatic facility
Manufacturing method of image forming apparatus, manufacturing apparatus of image forming apparatus, image forming apparatus, manufacturing method of panel apparatus, and manufacturing apparatus of panel apparatus
Doll with integrated book feature in doll cavity
Game call with volume control
Yo-yo having radially anchored cushions, and a string gap with a narrower innermost gap
Optimization of chemical mechanical process by detection of oxide/nitride interface using CLD system
Reference thickness endpoint techniques for polishing operations
Jig for use in sharpening cutting implement for use in wood turning
Modifying contact areas of a polishing pad to promote uniform removal rates
Process for polishing wafers of integrated circuits
Post processing for nitinol coated articles
Wafer polishing device with movable window
Fixed abrasive polishing pad
Process of dressing glass disk polishing pads using diamond-coated dressing disks
Apparatus and method for cleaning and restoring floor surfaces
Chemical planar head dampening system
Hand scaler polishing unit and hand scaler polishing apparatus
Method of machining wafer for making filmed head sliders and device for machining the same
Abrading and polishing tumbler apparatus
Device for deburring workpieces, in particular moulded parts and castings made of plastics, rubber or the like
Method for the manufacture of dental tools for the treatment of surfaces
Wafer for cleaning semiconductor device probe
Method and apparatus for cleaning animal intestines
Apparatus for gripping the legs of poultry
Apparatus for suspending poultry with the legs from a hanging conveyor
Portable fish cleaning apparatus
Operating device for a ventilation system in a vehicle
Multi-vane register, especially for a motor vehicle air conditioning system
Air circulating fan
Portable electronic device, entertainment system and method of operating the same
Competition involving slotless race track and remote controlled motorized vehicles
Game machine
Wagering system with improved communication between host computers and remote terminals
Gaming machine with unified image on multiple video displays
System and method for generating and executing insurance policies for gambling losses
Method and apparatus for controlling the cost of playing an electronic gaming device
Secure multi-site progressive jackpot system for live card games
Game device using a moving light and reflective paddle
Gaming system employing successively transmitted infra-red signals
CV-jointed shaft with two fixed joints and seperate sliding means
Hydroformed drive shaft and method of making the same
Amusement attraction with man-made tornado
Automated swinging device
Golf practicing device
Sports training system and sports video game
Golf swing training device and method
Golf club head
Solid golf ball
Dimpled golf ball and dimple distributing method
Method and apparatus for setting a golf ball and tee and for managing a golf ball on the green
Instructional device with adjustable ball-striking sleeve
Double stringed tennis racquet with grommet insert
Racket with meshed titanium reinforcement
Metal racket
Weighting system for sports balls and hitting implements
V-belt driven pulley and continuously variable transmission using the same
Power transmission apparatus for helicopter
Differential cross pin retention
Transmission for four-wheel drive vehicle
Reverse one-way torque converter clutch
Engine torque control during multiple speed changes of an automatic transmission
Engine throttle control for improved shifting
Coasting downshift control strategy for a multiple-ratio automatic transmission
Method and apparatus for adaptively controlling clutches based on engine load
Control apparatus and method for an automatic transmission of a vehicle
Exercise methods and apparatus
Apparatus for stabilizing a treadmill
Shoulder press apparatus for exercising regions of the upper body
Multiple exercise device
Exercise wheel
Tape-sealed bag and method for producing the same
Manufacture of bags
Apparatus for manufacture of a plastic bag with standup bottom wall
Separator finger apparatus
Method of imparting directional permanency of folding to sheet, and apparatus therefor
Method for in situ remediation of waste through multi-point injection
Cardiac assist system and method thereof
Hearing aid having hard mounting plate and soft body bonded thereto
Apparatus for biophilically promoting personal relaxation, for reducing physical and/or psychological personal stress and for expediting personal recovery
Endoscopic forceps stopper
Shielded illumination device for ophthalmic surgery and the like
Electronic-endoscope light quantity controlling apparatus
Surgical apparatus and method
Retractor assembly and method for surgical procedures
Ball and socket coronary stabilizer
Method and apparatus for measuring and analyzing physiological signals for active or passive control of physical and virtual spaces and the contents therein
Fetal outcome predictor and monitoring system
System and process for performing percutaneous biopsy within the breast using three-dimensional ultrasonography
Transducer motion compensation in medical diagnostic ultrasound 3-D imaging
Ultrasonic image processing apparatus for constructing three-dimensional image using volume-rendering data and surface-rendering data simultaneously
Methods and apparatus for blood speckle detection in an intravascular ultrasound imaging system
Ultrasonic visualization method and apparatus
Adaptive cancellation of ring-down artifact in IVUS imaging
Heart-function monitor apparatus
Pyro/piezo sensor
Method to determine ventilation-perfusion and ventilation-volume distributions of the lungs
Breath methylated alkane contour: a new marker of oxidative stress and disease
Internal thermometer
Guidewire replacement device with flexible intermediate section
Preformed wire guide
Apparatus for monitoring a mechanically transmitted signal based on the organs or vital functions and for processing the results
Intra-coronary radiation devices containing Ce-144 or Ru-106
Method for ultrasonic treatment of disc disease
Compression sleeve for treating lymphedema
Instrument for diagnosing and treating soft tissue abnormalities through augmented soft tissue mobilization
Repetitive pressure pulse jacket
Wound treatment apparatus with infrared absorptive wound cover
Method for producing a therapeutic system in the form of plaster
Adjustable hip joint assembly
Cervical collars
Method and apparatus for positioning a patient for radiation therapy
Meatus plug for lachrymal canal capable of being screwed
Perfusion shunt apparatus and method
Left ventricular conduit with blood vessel graft
Soft, flexible composition and method for making same
Tampon with a tampon applicator
Flow-through peritoneal dialysis systems and methods with on-line dialysis solution regeneration
Deflectable catheter with straightening element
Automatic engagement and pressure checking system for an inflation control system
Back-up retention member drainage catheter
Remote clot management
Medical fluid injector having watchdog circuit
Intracardiac drug delivery device utilizing spring-loaded mechanism
Self-blunting needle medical devices and methods of manufacture thereof
Reaccessible medical needle safety devices and methods
Pressure-responsive flow regulator and drug delivery devices employing the same
Hypodermic needle protector
Aortic cannula with tapered tip
Multiple precision dose, preservative-free medication delivery system
Suction blister sampling
Pleural cavity drainage device
Absorbent product provided in roll form
Reusable and protective underwear having improved containment properties and improved fit and construction methods thereof
Thin comfortable interlabial absorbent structure
Surgical irrigation solution and method for inhibition of pain and inflammation
Method and kit for supplying a fluid to a subcutaneous placement site
Method for delivering viscoelastic material to an eye
Catheter connector
Fluid absorber for a suction tube set
Scavenger suction device
Variable stiffness coils
Bifurcated stent delivery system having retractable sheath
Disposable light source for photothermal treatment of human tissue
Corneal aplanation device
Solid state source for generating intense light for photomedicine
Tissue remover and method
Sphincter treatment apparatus
Circumferential ablation device assembly
Systems for tissue ablation and aspiration
Methods for occlusion of the uterine arteries
Advanced coupling device using shape-memory technology
Spinal rod transverse connectors
Tibial guide
Tibial guide
Laser aiming device for performing anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery and method for using same
IOL insertion apparatus and method for using same
Sheathless delivery catheter for radially expandable intraluminal stents and stented grafts
Self-expanding stent delivery system with two sheaths
Device and method for dragging and positioning a member within a duct in a body
Stent deployment catheter with midshaft seal
Hydraulic stent deployment system
Thermal compress for appendage and method of treating appendage with thermal compress
Device and method for improved diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Surgical clips and methods for tissue approximation
Suture container
Means and method for performing an anastomosis
Connector for hollow anatomical organs
Surgical thread cutter
Closed channel retractable surgical blade device and associated method
Blade for ultrasonically assisted cutting and hemostasis
Ultrasonic clamp coagulator surgical instrument with improved blade geometry
External tissue expansion device for breast reconstruction, male pattern baldness and removal of nevi and keloids
Hand sanitizer
Articulation device for selective organ cooling apparatus
Non-thrombogenic stent jacket
Intracranial stent
Appliance to be implanted, method of collapsing the appliance to be implanted and method of using the appliance to be implanted
Appliance to be implanted, method of collapsing the appliance to be implanted and method of using the appliance to be implanted
Stent with enhanced friction
Implantable medical device having protruding surface structures for drug delivery and cover attachment
Delivery device for a medical device having a constricted region
Coating compositions
Calcification-resistant medical articles
Single suture biological tissue aortic stentless valve
Artificial cornea and implantation thereof
Voice prosthesis with biomedical sealing on the circumference
Prosthetic implants
Shaft prosthesis and set
Cement pressurizer with flange
Perorally insertable gastroesophageal anti-reflux valve prosthesis and tool for implantation thereof
Prosthetic device incorporating low ankle design
Biologically degradable leather
Enzymatic modification of the surface of a polyester fiber or article
Oxidizing composition and uses for dyeing, permanently setting or bleaching keratin fibres
Process for the preparation of a composition for the dyeing of human hair
Method of manufacturing a case for a secondary battery
Body board
Fuel oil additives and compostions
Materials for use in oils and processes for their manufacture
At least three-step molten metal decomposition process cycle
Pleated fluid filter medium blend
Soil improver composition and plant growth enhancer
Processes for preparing granular composite fertilizer compositions and products produced thereby
Silica based fertilizer and method for using the same
Molding method for powder particles
Cemented carbide cutting tool
Rare earth - iron -boron permanent magnet and method for the manufacture thereof
Corrosion-resistant alloy, preparation process and article made from the alloy
Method and apparatus for production of metal powder by atomizing
Chemical synthesis of monodisperse and magnetic alloy nanocrystal containing thin films
Method for producing reduced iron agglomerates
Process and system for separation and recovery of perfluorocompound gases
Method of treating carbon dioxide-containing gas and apparatus therefor
Device for cleaning a static precipitator
Bleed reduction agents for ink printing inks
Additive for ink jet ink
Very green-shade yellow metallized disazo pigment
Low defect density self-interstitial dominated silicon
Auxillary vacuum apparatus and method for crystal growth
Method of controllably delivering dopant by limiting the release rate of dopant from a submerged vessel
Production of epitactic GaN layers on substrates
Method for manufacturing metal oxide semiconductor transistor having raised source/drain
Semiconductor crystal, and method and apparatus of production thereof
Apparatus for applying coating materials to overlapped individual sheets
Device for uniformly moistening labels
Device for hot-dip coating metal band
Continuous processing plant for the treatment of workpieces
Cassette invertor apparatus
Substrate temperature control method and device
Powder-spraying appliance
Chemical vapor deposition trap with tapered inlet
Vented lower liner for heating exhaust gas from a single substrate reactor
Chemical vapor deposition system with reduced material deposition on chamber wall surfaces
Cleaning method
System and method for flash photolysis cleaning of a semiconductor processing chamber
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew