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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Maize antimicrobial nucleic acids useful for enhancing plant resistance to pathogens
Poplar transcription factors
Cage-like microparticle complexes comprising sterols and saponins for delivery of polynucleotides
Ex vivo and in vivo expression of the thrombomodulin gene for the treatment of cardiovascular and peripheral vascular diseases
Lubricant additive to enhance staying power of male erectile function
Amorphous water-soluble calcium citrate salts and method of making and using same
Detachable aneurysm neck bridge
Steering, piercing, anchoring, distending extravascular guidewire
Zwitterionic terpolymers, method of making and use on medical devices
Heterocyclic GPR40 modulators
Nucleotide and amino acid sequences, and assays and methods of use thereof for diagnosis of cardiac disease
Solubilized CoQ-10 and carnitine
Streptococcus pneumoniae proteins and nucleic acid molecules
HIV-1 subtype isolate regulatory/accessory genes, and modification and derivatives thereof
Biomarkers for cancer sensitivity and uses thereof
Thiol compound and photosensitive composition using the same
Instrument including connector for facilitating connection onto a guide-wire without access to the ends of the guide-wire and method of use
Self-injection guide tablet
Exercise devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for removing epoxides
Water sanitazation system having safety features and removable filter
Experimental device for the study and the extrapolation of processes in a reactive simulated moving bed
Carrier, a process for preparing the carrier, an olefin epoxidation catalyst, a process for preparing the catalyst, and a process for the production of an olefin oxide, A 1,2-diol, A 1,2-diol ether, or an alkanolamine
Method of making a sintered body, a powder mixture and a sintered body
Clothing ventilation device allowing the human body to breathe, and method for producing the device
Thermal curable powder coating composition
Compounding agent for rubber vulcanization containing amine salt compound of carboxylic group-containing disulfide, method for producing the same, rubber composition containing the same and pneumatic tire using the same as rubber for belt coat and/or belt edge cush
Non-linear silicon compound, method of manufacturing oligomer probe array using the same, substrate for oligomer probe array with the same, and oligomer probe array with the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Processes for oxidation of bromides to produce bromine and catalysts useful therein
Water treatment
System for providing a chemical to a fluid
Processes for synthesis of 1,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene
Continuous preparation of alkylamines
Use of compounds and compositions for the treatment of amyloid diseases
Method for the production of cyclic ketones
Processes for production of optically active PPAR-activating compounds and intermediates for production thereof
Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
Synthetic layered silicate nanolayers
Chiral tertiary aminoalkylnaphthols
Mammalian tumor susceptibility gene products and their uses
Simplified isophthalic acid process for modifying PET
Crosslinked aromatic polymer electrolyte membrane and method for producing same
Compositions containing particles of highly fluorinated ion exchange polymer
Resin composition, cured product and optical parts
Liquid direct dye formulations
Heat exchange fluids comprising amine carboxylates
Refrigerant compositions
Biochemical analysis unit
Microparticle-based transfection and activation of dendritic cells
Alpha-amylase mutants with altered properties
Biomarkers for diagnosing schizophrenia and bipolar disorder
Method for the production of a metal membrane filter
Cytotoxic heteromeric protein combinatorial libraries
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid bed filter-dryer apparatus
Quantitative transient analysis of localized corrosion
Antibodies active against a fusion polypeptide comprising a histidine portion
Clamp-on current and voltage module for a power monitoring system
Monitoring and compensating for real time local circuit speed in an integrated circuit
Methods and apparatus for testing delay locked loops and clock skew
Contact carriers (tiles) for populating larger substrates with spring contacts
Current sensor with a magnetic structure for measuring an electrical current on an electrical conductor
System and method for testing an operating condition of LEDs on a motherboard
Doping apparatus, doping method, and method for fabricating thin film transistor
Error correction for regional and dynamic factors in communications
Adaptor for electrical connector
Method of and software for calculating a scatter estimate for tomographic scanning and system for tomographic scanning
Radiation detecting apparatus and radiographing system
Donor sheet, color filter, organic EL element and method for producing them
System and method for absorbance modulation lithography
Reflective mask blank for EUV lithography
Fan driving circuit
Quick response switching regulator and control method thereof
Stabilizing methods for current source
System and method for clock-synchronization in distributed systems
Recovery guarantees for general multi-tier applications
Load test system and method
Systems and methods for accessing reporting services
Exclusive encryption
Command authorization via RADIUS
Method for displaying controls in a system using a graphical user interface
Method, system, and apparatus for providing access to asynchronous data in a spreadsheet application program
Portable computing device communication system and method
Spell checker with arbitrary length string-to-string transformations to improve noisy channel spelling correction
Code linking system
Method and apparatus for the selection of records
Secure terminal provided with a smart card reader designed to communicate with a server via an internet network
Method and apparatus to power down unused configuration random access memory cells
Booklet page turning apparatus
Collaborative music creation
Gear rack arrangement having resiliently braced gear racks and anti-detachment means
Integrated circuit having a data processing unit and a buffer memory
Synthesis of nanofibers of polyaniline and substituted derivatives
Motor winding wire for a hydrocarbon application
Electromagnetically operated unit, in particular a clutch, brake and/or lock
Load control module
Variable shaped electron beam lithography system and method for manufacturing substrate
Intensity detector circuitry using a cascade of gain elements
Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometer
Optical semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Method of making a light emitting diode
Method for re-crystallization of layer structures by means of zone melting, a device for this purpose and use thereof
Method for forming conductive layer and substrate having the same, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Low temperature fusion bonding with high surface energy using a wet chemical treatment
Thermally decomposable spin-on bonding compositions for temporary wafer bonding
Double patterning method
Method of forming an oxide isolated metal silicon-gate JFET
Surface-stabilized semiconductor device
Method of forming metallic bump on I/O pad
Method of forming metallic bump and seal for semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Method and system of tape automated bonding
Method for fabricating optical semiconductor device
Methods for forming quad flat no-lead (QFN) packages
Semiconductor device, method for manufacturing the same, and flexible substrate for mounting semiconductor
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Method for forming an improved low power SRAM contact
Semiconductor integrated circuit for driving the address of a display device
Permutable switching network with enhanced multicasting signals routing for interconnection fabric
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of forming a semiconductor device
Assembly of ordered carbon shells on semiconducting nanomaterials
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Magnetic memory element and magnetic memory apparatus
Semiconductor device
LED device and method by which it is produced
Piezoelectric/electrostrictive membrane sensor
Power storage device
Electrochemical cell
Alternating micro-vias and throughboard vias to create PCB routing channels in BGA interconnect grid
Electrical apparatus and supporting frame for wall-mounting same
Rotating electrical machine core and rotating electrical machine
Segmented composite rotor
Magnetizing method, and motor and method of manufacturing motor
Surface-mount crystal oscillator
Agile high resolution arbitrary waveform generator with jitterless frequency stepping
Amplifier circuit
Cascode circuit
Multiband output impedance matching circuit having passive devices, amplifier including multiband input impedance matching circuit having passive devices, and amplifier including multiband input/output impedance matching circuit having passive devices
Audio power amplifier and a pre-amplifier thereof
Cascode low noise amplifier with a source coupled active inductor
Serial data receiving apparatus and electronic apparatus using same
Semiconductor device and display appliance using the semiconductor device
Level converter
Soft error robust flip-flops
Tuning of analog filters
Programmable linear trimming method and system for phase locked loop circuit calibration
Phase alignment circuit for a TDC in a DPLL
Signal adjuster
Data security system
Collusion-resistant watermarking and fingerprinting
Digital watermark data embedding method, and digital watermark data embeddability analyzing method
Video apparatus having variable OSD graphic data and a method therefor
System and method for integrating and controlling audio/video devices
LED driver circuit capable of adjusting output current
Expired Patents Due To Time
Semiconductor wafer cleaning method using a semiconductor wafer cleaning device that supports a lower surface of the wafer
Feather duster and dusting method
Can top cleaning method
Golf equipment storage device and method of using the same
R-T-B-based, permanent magnet, method for producing same, and permanent magnet-type motor and actuator comprising same
Method employing tension control and lower-cost alloy composition annealing amorphous alloys with shorter annealing time
Bainitic type rail excellent in surface fatigue damage resistance and wear resistance
Cast steel material for pressure vessels and method of making a pressure vessel by using same
Ultra-high strength ausaged steels with excellent cryogenic temperature toughness and method of making thereof
Wear-resistant quasicrystalline coating
Abradable quasicrystalline coating
Copper alloy and sliding bearing having improved seizure resistance
Copper base alloys and terminals using the same
Quality control plasma monitor for laser shock processing
Method for preparing a thermal spray powder of chromium carbide and nickel chromium
Liquid propellant
Method of producing cylindrical vibration-proofing rubber device
Method for producing a thermoplastics folder and the like by simultaneously sealing and tear/cutting the marginal edge to produced a uniform margin and the article produced thereby
Shaped multilayer ceramic transducers and method for making the same
Method of manufacturing a pipe liner bag
Method and apparatus for making a paint roller
Method for making unidirectional graphic article
Extrusion coating process for making high transparency protective and decorative films
Method for producing a composite-like information carrier
Method and apparatus for undergarment assembly
Process for production of electronic component having terminal electrode
Apparatus and method for use in the manufacture of multiple layer optical disc
Method and apparatus for monitoring plasma processing operations
Combined CMP and plasma etching wafer flattening system
Method for controlled removal of material from a solid surface
Wafer-processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing samples
Method for making dissolving pulp from paper products containing hardwood fibers
Method for continuous cooking in a single-vessel digester
Inhibition of pulp and paper yellowing using nitroxides, hydroxylamines and other coadditives
High bulk paper
Process and apparatus for detecting moisture content in a supported fibrous web
Two-wire former and method for operating the same
Method and machine for manufacturing a fibrous pulp web
Pulper with extraction plate assembly having removable inserts and method of manufacturing same
Impact angle changing shower
Steam box including a suction zone in an area of a web adjacent to edge cutter devices
Method for loading a seal of a suction roll and a sealing construction thereof
Automatic cover removal system
Barometric evaporation process and evaporator
Process for separating medium boiling substances from a mixture of low, medium and high boiling substances
Method of selectively increasing the hydrophilicity of a web
Active shield for generating a plasma for sputtering
Use of variable impedance having rotating core to control coil sputter distribution
Pre-treatment for salicide process
Sputtering method of producing and electroluminescent device with improved blue color purity
Electrolytic cells of improved fluid sealability
Diffuser with spiral opening pattern for an electroplating reactor vessel
Expanded titanium metal mesh
Holder for a mother plate
Ionized physical vapor deposition method and apparatus with magnetic bucket and concentric plasma and material source
Recessed coil for generating a plasma
Magnetron sputtering source enclosed by a mirror-finished metallic cover
Direct methanol feed fuel cell and system
Carbon monoxide gas sensor and measuring device using the same sensor
Exhaust emission sensors
Process for the multi-layered coating of substrates with electrophoretic coating material and powder coating material
Process for electrochemical treatment of concrete
High purity electrodeionization
Chip for performing an electrophoretic separation of molecules and method using same
Electroplating process for oldham ring and scroll member type compressor comprising the same
Preparation of components having a partial platinum coating thereon
Method for electrochemical fluidized bed coating of powders
Method of forming conductor pattern on wiring board
Method and apparatus for anodizing objects
Electro-chemical deposition system and method
Method of preparing a conductive polymer for electrode and method of forming an electrode
Process and electrolytic cell for producing hydrogen peroxide
Method for manufacturing high concentration ozone gas
Method for dissociating materials
Method of regulating the temperature of a sensor
Desulfurization and novel sorbents for same
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus having controller detecting function of filter
Water filter carafe
Aquarium maintenance system
Sewer basket and its support
Method of processing desulfurization absorption liquid and apparatus therefor
Backwashable filtration system
Microporous membrane filtration assembly
Apparatus for radioactive particulate filtration
Anaerobic digester system and method
System and method for treating animal waste
Process for bacterial treatment of effluents that contain at least one ether
Method for purifying carbon-containing pollution and denitrifying waste water in oxygenic medium
Treatment of effluent streams containing organic acids
Water-wettable chromatographic media for solid phase extraction
Method for recycling ferrofluid constituents used in a materials separation process
Method for recovering and separating metals from waste streams
Treatment of contaminated waste water
Optical interface detection system for centrifugal blood processing
Apparatus and process for water treatment
In-situ method to remove iron and other metals from solution in groundwater down gradient from permeable reactive barrier
Method for establishing a fluid containing size-controlled particles
Method of sanitizing water in a bathing pool
Method for treating aqueous solutions comprising acids and nitrated compounds
Method for filtering suspended materials from cooking substances
Multicolored control panel
Isotropic dry cleaning process for noble metal integrated circuit structures
Method of manufacture of high Young's modulus thermoelastic inkjet printer
Etching solution for etching porous silicon, etching method using the etching solution and method of preparing semiconductor member using the etching solution
Texture measuring method of a hard disk plate
Selective etching of silicate
Ionic conducting material having good anticorrosive properties
Phosphate ester base stocks comprising mixed n-butyl/isobutyl phosphate esters and aircraft hydraulic fluids comprising the same
Water purificant
Hardness-stabilizing percarboxylic acid solutions, a process for their preparation and their use
Low migratory photoinitiators for oxygen-scavenging compositions
Oxygen scavengers with reduced oxidation products for use in plastic films
Oxygen scavengers with reduced oxidation products for use in plastic films
Process for purifying fumes and for manufacturing an aqueous sodium chloride solution
Metal hydroxide solid solution, metal oxide solid solution and processes for their production
Process for the production of hydrogen-rich gas
Zeolite SSZ-52
Metal complexes, suitable for use in diagnosis and therapy
Diagnostic agents for pancreatic exocrine function
Porous inorganic targeted ultrasound contrast agents
Water soluble pro-drugs of propofol
Porous particles for deep lung delivery
Method for producing a suspension of hydroxylapatite
Compositions for the removal of dental plaque
Effervescent whitening dentifrice having oxygen-derived sensory signal
Hair treatment composition containing loess, artemesia, brown algae and pine juices
Hair and skin conditioning compositions
Ocular treatment using cyclosporin-A derivatives
Hematopoietic growth factor derived from T lymphocytes
Adenovirus vectors specific for cells expressing alpha-fetoprotein and methods of use thereof
Non-virulent Porphyromonas gingivalis mutant
Methods and formulations for control of pests
Method of treating huntington's disease using HNT neurons
Use of phage associated lytic enzymes for treating bacterial infections of the digestive tract
Human monoclonal antibodies to the hepatitis B surface antigen
Glycosylated humanized B-cell specific antibodies
Cryptopain vaccines, antibodies, proteins, peptides, DNA and RNA for prophylaxis, treatment and diagnosis and for detection of cryptosporidium species
Thrombopoietin: IL-3 fusion protein
Therapeutic uses of specially processed garlic for sickle cell disease
Multi-subtype FIV vaccines
Inactivated dengue virus vaccine
Attenuated auxotrophic microorganisms having a combination of non-attenuating mutations and method for making same
Methods for use of OMP26 from Haemophilus influenzae
Transfer-resistant cosmetic composition comprising a dispersion of polymer particles in a liquid fatty phase
Transfer-free cosmetic composition comprising a dispersion of non-film-forming polymer particles in a partially nonvolatile liquid fatty phase
Nail polish compositions containing acrylic polymers
Method of treating elastic materials that are provided with silica embedments
Forming channel members for ink jet printheads
Multi-layer laminated preform and method of its manufacture
Device for producing a voluminous bonded fleece, device implementing the method, and bonded fleece according to this method
Production of porous mullite bodies
Air freshener
Method for controlling myxobolus cerebralis
Antifoam compositions including lecithin and uses thereof
Assay work station
Methods for fabricating multi-component devices for molecular biological analysis and diagnostics
Fluid cell substance analysis and calibration methods
Optochemical sensor
Magnetic focusing immunosensor for the detection of pathogens
Optical sensors with reflective materials
Battery powered microprocessor controlled hand portable electronic pipette
Microplate lid
Detection and characterization of microorganisms
Antiinfective free intramammary veterinary composition
Methods and compositions for treating pulmonary disorders using optically pure (S)--salmeterol
Composition for transdermal delivery of drugs
Somatotropin compositions mixed with vitamins
Oral cyclosphorin formulations
Multilayer tablet
Controlled release tramadol
Method for coating pharmaceutical dosage forms
Solid dispersion dosage form of amorphous xanthine derivative and enteric-coating polymer
Sub-100nm biodegradable polymer spheres capable of transporting and releasing nucleic acids
Extended release acetaminophen
Pellet formulations
Composition for treating dry eye
Silver self-regulating water purification compositions and methods
Fairy ring control
Apparatus and process for in situ manufacture of essence from living, uncut plants
Herbal composition for treatment of tinea infections and method of making same
Nutraceutical composition for protection against solar radiation
Plant extract compositions, method of preparation, and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Method for the manufacture of cheese, quark and yogurt products from soybeans
Methods for producing fermented food from soymilk refuse
Tea manufacture
Process for making baked articles that retain freshness
Composition and method for coating radiation surfaces
Solder particle deposition
Paired electrical cable having improved transmission properties and method for making same
Source metal embedded in an inert material and process thereof
Method of producing oxygen sensor element
Liquid release agent composition and shim process
Laser pyrolysis particle forming method and particle forming method
Particulate surface treatment process
Coating tube plates and coolant tube
Method and apparatus for the production of thin films
Fabric softener device for in-dryer use
Method of chemical vapor deposition
Method for controlled deposition of mirror layers
Method for applying a barrier layer to a silicon based substrate
Environment exchange control for material on a wafer surface
Water-dilutable binder for "soft feel" lacquers
Spraying method for applying a porous coating to a substrate
Method for coating an electrical contact with a gel sealant
Electrically assisted synthesis of particles and film with precisely controlled characteristic
Fluoroalkylated liquid-crystal compounds, liquid-crystal compositions, and liquid-crystal display elements
Pellicle case having chemical traps
Image transfer sheet and processes thereof
Multilayer structure comprising a binder and a layer of polyketone
Cushioning product
Oxygen-absorbing component, oxygen absorbent package and oxygen-absorbing multilayered body containing same
Flexible plastic articles bearing polymeric slip coatings and having raised/recessed roughness on their surfaces
Slit protection for a tubular body
Thermoplastic shaped bodies with segments of varying rigidity
Polyester phenylenedi (oxyacetic acid) copolyester blends having improved gas barrier properties
Flexible wood fabric and method of manufacture
Strip tied label sheet
Antitheft hang tag folded and secured to conceal antitheft marker
Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape
Self-stick writing note
Floor, wall or ceiling covering
Rewritable optical information medium
Photosensitive resin composition and articles
Position-retaining material and method of manufacturing position-retaining device utilizing position-retaining material
Memo block
Process for preparing poly(trimethylene terephthalate) carpet yarn
Ozone adsorbent, ozone-adsorbing molded product, and method of making same
Honeycomb structure and its production process
Magnetic recording medium
Three-dimensional nesting-resistant sheet materials and method and apparatus for making
Information recording mediums, supporter used in the mediums, manufacture methods of the supporter, manufacturing apparatus of the supporter and stampers for producing the mediums
Electrical device, such as a plug or a connector, with nameplate, especially for hazardous locations
Plastic moulding and a process for production thereof
Shelf life indicator
Substrates for heat transfer labels
Resin-having metal foil for multilayered wiring board, process for producing the same, multilayered wiring board, and electronic device
Semiconductor device having a thermoset-containing dielectric material and methods for fabricating the same
Fluorine-containing polyfunctional (meth) acrylate, fluorine containing monomer composition, low refractivity material, and reflection reducing film
Si-SiC material and SiC fiber-reinforced Si-SiC composite material
Ceramic composite
Electrophotographic charging member
High molecular weight thermoplastic polyester resin foam
High efficiency polycrystalline phosphors and method of making same
Control of H2 and CO produced in partial oxidation process
Process for fabricating plastic optical fiber
System and method for curing a resin disposed between a top and bottom substrate with thermal management
Method for coating profecting and rigidifying a fabric made of heat-resistant fibers
Method of making a composite part using a compliant forming surface
Method and apparatus for injection molding plastic objects comprised of at least two different materials
Molded packaging method for a sensing die having a pressure sensing diaphragm
Process and apparatus for the manufacture of composite fibrous strand comprising glass fibers
Bowl bag with resealable closure means
Packaging system for ventable bags
Shrinkable bag having side edge covered with protective patch
Multicomponent food product and methods of making and using the same
Method of making plate-like frozen raw hamburger-like matter packaged by film
Method for non-fry cooking and its uses
Morinda citrifolia dietary fiber and method
Process for recovery of corn coarse fiber (pericarp)
Method for production of edible, thin molded structures which are at least partially or completely decomposable
Method and device for producing edible wafer rolls
Process for preparing pretzel chips
Sauce aid
Fused glassy particulates obtained by flame fusion
Graphite bursting disc
Process for forming silicon oxide coating on plastic material
Members with multi-layer coatings
Pressure-sensitive adhesives
Peracylated protein-based sutures and fabrics and process for making the same
Monofil bicomponent fibres of the sheath/core type
Comfortable cut-abrasion resistant fiber composition
Pneumatic tire including gas absorbing cords
Surface-crosslinking process for water-absorbent resin
Prepared ceramic powder
Support for recording sheet
Flexible graphite sheet with decreased anisotropy
Method of priming polyolefin articles for coating
Coating from which deposits are easily removed and use thereof
Antistatic polyester film and process for producing the same
Article with metallic surface layer for heat transfer augmentation and method for making
Cellular structures and processes for making such structures
Plated product having recesses and anchor portions
Single-cast, high-temperature, thin wall structures
Bond coat for a thermal barrier coating system and method therefor
Soldering of a semiconductor chip to a substrate
Gold-clad-silver-layer-containing films
III-V nitride semiconductor devices and process for the production thereof
Composite magnetic member, method of producing ferromagnetic portion of same, and method of forming non-magnetic portion of same
Magnetic recording medium
Laminate system, a process for the production thereof and use thereof
Fuel cell system capable of reducing electric power loss
Scent dispensing air fresheners
Honeycomb body of reduced thermal conductivity in the intake and outlet regions
Apparatus for converting hydrocarbon fuel into hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide
Gas-liquid contacting apparatus
Method for using a close coupled catalyst
Human Necessities
Methods of treating protozoal diseases
Deer repellent and method
Preparation of shelf stable blueberries and moist shelf stable blueberry product
Methods and compositions for enhancing palatability of pet food
Food and vitamin preparation containing the natural isomer of reduced folates
Food additive slurry or powder composition and food composition containing same and method of making
Multilayered pasta-type paste and method for producing same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process for the reclamation of calcium sulfite produced by a calcium-based FGD system
Synthesis method of spherical hollow aluminosilicate cluster
Methods and apparatus for improved fluid control utilizing a u-valve employing a bidirectional check valve
Coating process and apparatus
Reinforced cementitious boards and methods of making same
Low friction electrical terminals
Ultra-thin integral composite membrane
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ozone generating system for laundries
Method for production of sintered lithium titaniumphosphate and sintered pellets obtained by the method
Organopolysilozane compositions crosslinkable with elimination of alcohols to give elastomer
Molding compound for articles including a cellulose fiber and a method for molding the same
Metallic sheet having rust-preventive organic coating thereon, process for the production thereof and treating fluid therefor
Oxide based phosphors and processes therefor
Recombination system for the catalytic recombination of hydrogen and oxygen, forming in storage batteries, into water
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew