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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Helical acting snap roll flutes for corn header
Dust removal attachment for a baler and method for using same
Post-harvest treatment of fruits with an antifungal composition
Window mounted pet viewing system
Bale holder
Pet grooming tool
Fishing float or strike indicator and attachment methods
Fungicidal oximes and hydrazones
Compounds and compositions as Syk kinase inhibitors
Biocidal composition for treating water
Modified pectins, compositions and methods related thereto
Modified pectins, compositions and methods related thereto
Candy holder and candy product including the same
Foamable oil-in-water emulsified oil composition for chilled-distribution whipped creams and whipped cream
Cigar punch
Method of creating a three-dimensional image on a garment
Garment with compartments
Protective glove having segmented wrist guard
Thin-wall polymer coated articles and gloves and a method therefor
Bottom-triggering wind safety umbrella
Combination rolling cart and suitcase
Lifesaver backpack
Clip with C-shaped ligature
Pole shelf
Pressure-ulcer-prevention dynamic cushion
Convertible chair
Seating device with ergonomic armrests
Portable chair
Connector for panel members
Display stand
Server rack
Clamp assembly
Protective cover
Cooking device with a cooking surface defined by a plurality of vertically moveable members
Stovetop grilling device
Equipment for use at a carwash
Sink enclosure for bathing pets
Shower barrier apparatus with access mechanism
Shower system and apparatus
Vacuum cleaner with additional functions
Endoscopic dissector
Apparatus and method for closing an opening in a blood vessel using a permanent implant
Adhesive coated stent and insertion instrument
Systems and methods for treatment of compressed nerves
Method of acupuncture and a needle for carrying out said method
Interspinous implant, tools and methods of implanting
Tissue cooling clamps and related methods
Cervical plate locking mechanism and associated surgical method
Bipolar chondroplasty device
Compositions and methods for surface abrasion with frozen particles
Stereotactic therapy system
Fundus camera
Spinal motion measurement device
System and apparatus for rapid stereotactic breast biopsy analysis
X-ray CT scanner
Patient support apparatus and medical imaging apparatus comprising the patient support apparatus
Device and method for locating a pulp chamber in a tooth
Dual balloon gastric ring
Polymeric device for controlled release of active agents
Photochrome- or near IR dye-coupled polymeric matrices for medical articles
Specialty stents with flow control features or the like
Multiple-cam, posterior-stabilized knee prosthesis
Therapeutic heated pocket
Skin stimulator
Storage case for articles
Pyrrolopyrimidone and pyrrolopyridone inhibitors of tankyrase
Di-substituted pyridine derivatives as anticancers
Benzodioxole piperazine compounds
Cephalosporins useful as antibacterial agents
Heterocyclic compounds
Liquid pharmaceutical form of alkylphosphocholine and method for preparing same
Hydroxamic acid derivatives useful as antibacterial agents
Use of iron(III) complex compounds
Porous bioceramic composition for bone repair
Composition comprising plant extracts and essential oils
Lip balm composition
FGF21 conjugates and anti-diabetic uses thereof
Vaccinia virus protein A46 peptide and use thereof
Induction of p53 expression by neutralization of neuropilin-2 for the treatment of cancers
Tweak receptor
1 H-[1, 2, 3] triazole substituted amino acids and uses thereof
Lipoic acid pellets
Method for production of orally rapidly disintegrating tablet comprising imidafenacin as active ingredient
Device and method for gas sterilization
Medicine ejection device and controlling method thereof
Breathing mask with sticky edge
Catheter for conducting a procedure within a lumen, duct or organ of a living being
Device for actively removing a target cell from blood or lymph of a vertebrate subject
Compositions and methods for surface abrasion with frozen particles
Endoscope imaging apparatus
Portable expandable fire protection chamber
Aging-resistant aerosol generating agent and a preparation method thereof
Multi-planar resistance band exercise system
Counterbalance device for weight training
Tiltable multi-purpose variable resistance exercise gym apparatus
Cushioning mechanism of a treadmill
Foldable skateboarding fitness equipment
Training assembly
Full swing golf swing trainer
Training method and device
Board for gliding with decorative component
Ski with a connecting device for a ski binding
NVRAM management in a wagering game machine
Computer game with a target number of formations created from falling pieces in a triangular grid
Method and system for protection against a bad beat during a poker game by utilizing a bad beat cutoff percentage
Intelligent image resizing for wagering game machines
Display case for vibration powered device
Reusable pinata
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated chromatography devices and systems for monitoring analytes in real time and methods for manufacturing the same
Liquid component collecting device
Upflow reactor featuring controlled recirculation of biomass
Filter clamping system
Condensation plume mitigation system for exhaust stacks
Method and apparatus for an air filter cartridge replacement assembly
Manufacturing systems with reactor units
Ceramic membrane having a catalytic membrane-material coating
Composite membrane including coating of polyalkylene oxide and acetophenone compounds
Dental composite curing system, apparatus, and method
Metal catalyst substrate and its manufacturing method
Magnetic fluid cleaning system
Rotary atomizing head, rotary atomization coating apparatus, and rotary atomization coating method
Drywall spray gun
Paint roller with an end-surface blocking piece
Methods and apparatuses for roll-on coating
Method for stacking beams
Thermal expansion-enhanced heat sink for an electronic assembly
Method and device for casting a piston for an internal combustion engine
Abrasion resistant composition
Deburring tool
Multifunctional tactical device
Method for reconditioning a rotor of a turbomachine
Tool magazine device for a machine tool
Sanding and grinding tool having depth guide
Device for machining, in particular eroding and grinding, rotational work-pieces provided with cutting edges
Abrasive tool with flat and consistent surface topography for conditioning a CMP pad and method for making
Grinding apparatus for removing processing debris
Glass edge finishing method
Hammer with leverage No. II
Hoist system for a bicycle, including removable hoist attachment
Apparatus and method for producing barrel staves
Injection device
Lever-type mold ejection mechanism of injection molding machine
Noodle maker
System and method for producing customized items
Permeable material compacting method and apparatus
Use of a strip of an adhesive tape to reinforce cardboard packaging particularly in the region of die-cuts, and simultaneously as a tear strip for such packaging
Printable film
Intermediate layer material and composite laminate
Emergency extrication tape
Production method, workpiece and production device of three-dimensional pattern
High porosity/low permeability graphite bodies and process for the production thereof
Reflector and manufacturing method thereof
Device and method for etching a pattern
Image forming apparatus
Liquid circulation system
Optical head, control method thereof, and image forming apparatus
Multi-function printer
Apparatus for and method of driving multi-nozzle piezo-inkjet head based on digital grayscale
Printing apparatus and printing method
Functional liquid tank, method for replenishing functional liquid in droplet dicharge device, and droplet discharge device
Print device with printed surface identifying function and printing method
Method of measuring printer spatial characteristics
Offset hand proofer tool
Recording medium
Thermosensitive recording label
Spreadable food dispenser system
Cosmetic pen
Tape dispenser assembly
Cold energy storage system for vehicle
Heat exchanger having a partition member for use in a vehicular air conditioning apparatus, and a vehicular air conditioning apparatus including the heat exchanger
Motor vehicle having an electromotive unit and the power supply module thereof arranged in the vicinity of a running gear of the vehicle
Vehicle having two generators
Retrofitting a vehicle to transfer mechanical power out of an engine compartment
Hanger device for a car mat
Cargo bracing device
Pattern generator for a light fixture
Lighted bracket for mud flap weight
Cooling system for electric apparatus
Gas generator and its manufacturing process
Maintenance decision support system and method
Auxiliary step and hand hold system
Seat divider with recessed top panel and two-way viewing window
Windscreen wiper device
Automatic speed control system for manual transmission
Hub assembly for a wheelchair
Twin baby carriage
Arrangement for a front portion of a motor vehicle
Noise reduction rolling bearing for power steering
Luggage case with large folding wheels
Methods and apparatus for utilizing electrically powered vehicles
Ergonomic saddle structure
Low-profile storage apparatus for a motorcycle
Shoe holder system for bicycle saddle
Bicycle accessory storage system
Skateboard truck
Foldable scooter
Flotation control system
Unmanned aerial vehicle
Window element for a double-shell skin field of an aircraft fuselage cell
Device for sub-dividing tubular packaging into packaging units
Bag support and holding device
Box partition set
Universal cover assembly for commercial and residential propane tanks
Reclosable closure of a liquid container
Foil for providing a peel-seal valve, package comprising the foil, and method of manufacturing the foil
Foldable carrying case
Multi-tiered cupcake container
Cell phone cradle
Protective shell applicable to a handheld electric apparatus
Bags partially filled with stimuli-responsive highly absorbent superabsorbent polymers for water management and replacement of dams and canals
Belt as a traction mechanism for belt conveyors of agricultural machines
Conveyor system with pivotal flight members
Method of filling large-capacity storage silos with a fluidizable material, and arrangement therefor
Apparatus and method for loading a pack storing device
Dispenser for dispensing paper from center-feed tissue paper rolls
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for stringing a line underneath a cross member
Fifth wheel hitch removal device
Robot hand and robot
Controller and method of controlling an integrated system for dispensing and blending/mixing beverage ingredients
Infant feeding pillow
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Co-doped silicooxynitrides
Hydrocarbon synthesis and production onboard a marine system using varied feedstock
Process for the manufacture of carbon disulphide
Water treatment system
Conveyance assisting device of glass ribbon
Oxygen scavenging compositions and packaging comprising said compositions
Degradation of TATP, TNT and RDX using mechanically alloyed metals
Azolopyrimidines as inhibitors of cannabinoid 1 activity
Compositions for treating materials and methods of treating same
Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheet for glass plates
Liquid crystal photo-alignment agent and liquid crystal photo-alignment film manufactured using the same
Use of 1-alkyl-5-oxopyrrolidine-3-carboxylic esters as gas hydrate inhibitors with improved biodegradability
Biodiesel lighter fluid
Alkoxylated thiacalixarenes and the use thereof as crude oil demulsifiers
Biodiesel automatic titration system
Livestock feed from corn ethanol byproduct
Compositions comprising quat compounds and organopolysiloxanes
Bioreactor assembly for culture of photoautotrophic algae
Vector and microorganism for increasing galactose catabolism and methods therefor
Method for detecting and quantifying endogenous wheat DNA sequence
Genes for enhanced lipid metabolism for accumulation of lipids
Methods and compositions for synthesis of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
Biological synthesis of difunctional hexanes and pentanes from carbohydrate feedstocks
Agents and method for treating inflammation-related conditions and diseases
In vitro production of a cell population using feeder cells
Variants of a Bacillus strearothermophilus alpha-amylase and uses thereof
Glucoamylase variants
Multi-array, multi-specific electrochemiluminescence testing
Analytical method for FAB and FAB' molecules
Anode sled and method of assembly
Apparatus and method for crystallization of silicon
Textiles; Paper
Crimped flat wire as core of oval cord
Method for increasing thickness of non-woven fabric and apparatus for implementing the same
Laundry drum for a laundry treating machine
Apparatus for mixing a substance into a medium
Fixed Constructions
Ballast retaining structure, tool jig, and bedded track
Vibrating plate with unbalanced shafts arranged at an angle
Foundation-unit structure of structural object such as retaining wall, structure of upper and lower boundaries of retaining wall, and retaining wall
Helical rock tip
Working machine with equipment room
Odor ventilation system
Method and system of framing components and hangers used in a structural interface
Synthetic deck panel
Acoustic element and method for producing an acoustic element
Rain gutter screen assembly
Installation system for PV modules
Autoclaved aerated concrete structure components
Door tool
Rail gauge leveling tie
Field-deployable cable-splicing outdoor-shelter
Door opening mechanism with automatic adjustment of the door opening latch
Arrangement for transmitting movement between, in particular, a vehicle door catch and lock
Horizontally adjustable hinge for use with heavy insulated doors
Blocking closure of a passageway
Cutting element and a method of manufacturing a cutting element
Permeable material compacting method and apparatus
Method and system for fixing an element in a borehole
Magnetic key for operating a multi-position downhole tool
Telescoping orientation joint
Deep-water oil well spill controller and container
Wellbore cementing compositions and methods of making and using same
Control mechanism for subsurface safety valve
Production manifold accessory
Tool and method for determining formation parameter
Performance of permanently installed tubing conveyed seismic arrays using passive acoustic absorbers
Underwater drilling arrangement and method for making a bore
Downhole tool having a friction stirred surface region
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Passage wall section for an annular flow passage of an axial turbomachine with radial gap adjustment
Turbine blade with incremental serpentine cooling channels beneath a thermal skin
Hollow-cast casting with a closure device
Exhaust evacuation apparatus
Fuel performance booster
Two-wheeled motor vehicle
Methods and systems for inducing combustion dynamics
Seal ring
Internal combustion engine
Control system of internal combustion engine
Cooling fan and rotor of cooling fan
Tip-forming member for a wheel of a hydraulic machine, and wheel and hydraulic machine equipped with such a member
Vacuum pump self-diagnosis method, vacuum pump self-diagnosis system, and vacuum pump central monitoring system
Vertical centrifugal pump
Blower and air conditioner having the same
Centrifugal pump
Anchor with structured clamping section
Snap mounting clip system
Bent bearing assembly for downhole mud motor
Bearing assembly
Seal assembly for track pin joint assembly
Trigger grip
Component for a line routing system including at least one line routing device, as well as a corresponding line routing device and line routing system
Speed reduction mechanism, and motor torque transmission device including the same
Multi-stage gearbox of planetary construction
Automatic multi-speed gear system
Planetary drive system
Seal assembly and method
Device for equalizing pressure surges in closed systems, such as silos or the like
Fluid leak detection and shutdown apparatus
Grease delivery receiver and nozzle couplable without fluid pressure bleed-down and having pressurization lockout and flush face coupling
Method and device for supplying a space propulsion engine with liquid cryogenic propellants
Device for reducing deep sea off-shore oil pipe leaks and related method of use
Support frame for electronic device
LED explosion-proof light
Decorative light string with blinking lights
Light reflective structure and light panel
Angle-adjustable hand-held lamp
Self-ballasted lamp and lighting equipment
Lighting apparatus with reflector rotatably coupled to an adapter
Mechanism for the autonomous latching of coke oven chamber doors for horizontal coke oven chambers
Air convection warmer with noise reduction filter
Electronic device cooling apparatus
Incapacitating high intensity incoherent light beam
Target marking system
Firearm scope mount
Photographic aid measuring tape
Concentricity test device
Off-axis imaging for indentation instruments
Air pressure drop detecting device for cooling fan
Process for using surface strain measurements to obtain operational loads for complex structures
Measuring device
Spring testing fixture and measuring assembly thereof
Method to increase yield and reduce down time in semiconductor fabrication units by preconditioning components using sub-aperture reactive atom etch
Jig for crash test of brake pedal
Methods, systems and apparatus for detecting material defects in combustors of combustion turbine engines
Checking device for checking automotive suspension system
Integrated versatile kit for isolating components in biological samples
Gas trap
Apparatus for inspecting defects
Sensor unit and assay method of assay in utilizing attenuated total reflection
X-ray CT apparatus
Method for detecting an endogenous biomolecule
Determination of dissociation constants using piezoelectric microcantilevers
Diagnostic tests for abnormal ovarian conditions
Semiconductor apparatus and testing method
Serial communication control system
Method and device for measuring the distance and relative speed of multiple objects
Transmit-receive FM-CW radar apparatus
Wide area seabed analysis
Zoom lens and pickup apparatus
MEMS devices requiring no mechanical support
Electromagnetic radiation pulse duration control apparatus and method
LGF plate-to-plate manufacturing method and structure thereof
Photonic crystal optical circuit and method for controlling the same
Optical fiber connector assembly
Optical connecting structure
Ultra high numerical aperture optical fibers
Lens module and camera module using same
Lens barrel and image pickup apparatus
Lens module
Voice coil motor actuator
Radio frequency photonic link with differential drive to an optical resonator electro-optic modulator
Liquid crystal display device and manfacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing display panel
Flash device
Zoom ratio adjusting switch
Automatic focusing projecting device and method of automatic focusing
Substrate processing apparatus
Exposure apparatus
Camera systems, methods and units therefor
Image glossing apparatus
Image forming apparatus forming a developed image using an image carrier
Image forming method
Stepping motor control circuit, movement, and analogue electronic timepiece
Alarm watch and mechanism for displaying the alarm time
Initiating playing of data using an alarm clock
Device for the carrying out of chemical or biological reactions
Process for treating and/or forming a non-Newtonian fluid using microchannel process technology
Mounting apparatus for data storage device
Adapter configured to couple electrical component to slot in host device
Digital signage replacement module
Information processing apparatus, control apparatus therefor, and control method therefor
Method and system for controlling memory accesses to memory modules having a memory hub architecture
Transparent local and distributed memory management system
Memory tuning for garbage collection and central processing unit (CPU) utilization optimization
Printer formatter in a cable
Conference server operations
Electronic book library/bookstore system
System and method for controlling transmission of data packets over an information network
Automatically targeting and filtering shared network resources
Managing marketing offers in wagering game networks
Integrated multilingual browser
Logic circuit and method of logic circuit design
System and method for the production of goods or products
System and method for revenue sharing for multimedia sharing in social network
Methods and systems for interprocessor message exchange between devices using only write bus transactions
Handle allocation managers and methods for integated circuit search engine devices
Binding a digital license to a portable device or the like in a digital rights management (DRM) system and checking out/checking in the digital license to/from the portable device or the like
X-ray security system
Method of reading pattern image, apparatus for reading pattern image, information processing method, and program for reading pattern image
Bitmap image compressing
Use of sequential nearest neighbor clustering for instance selection in machine condition monitoring
Method and apparatus for generating standardized carbon emission reduction credits
Wireless payment mat device and method for retail environments
Computer assisted method of performing intellectual property (IP) audit optionally over network architecture
Method of facilitating participation in lotteries
Sales kiosk
Emergency reporting initiated by covert alarm locator apparatus
Door alarm system
Anti-theft ring tag
Method and arrangement for determining rotational movement
Illuminated deadbolt handle assembly
Method to sustain TCP connection
System and method for detecting a point of originality in a writing
System and method for evaluating job candidates
Hard disk drive controller, image forming apparatus and storage medium with recorded computer program
Track error measurement and recovery
Delta-sigma PLL using fractional divider from a multiphase ring oscillator
Disk drive estimating a servo zone after synchronously detecting a servo sync mark
Optical disk apparatus and data read-out control method
Optical head device and optical recording and reproducing apparatus
Thin optical disc having remote reading capability
Memory cell using spin induced switching effects
Erasing method of non-volatile memory
Test method and semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Storage device employing a flash memory
Semiconductor memory device and semiconductor device comprising the same
Semiconductor device having latency counter
Using dedicated read output path to reduce unregistered read access time for a FPGA embedded memory
Polymeric precursors for AIGS silver-containing photovoltaics
Frequency converter with fan cooling
High voltage capacitors
Slow blow fuse and electric junction box
Solid state energy photovoltaic device
Silicon germanium and germanium multigate and nanowire structures for logic and multilevel memory applications
Selenization of precursor layer containing CulnS.sub.2 nanoparticles
Growing of gallium-nitrade layer on silicon substrate
Method of cleaning and micro-etching semiconductor wafers
Methods for protecting patterned features during trench etch
Fabrication method for circuit substrate having post-fed die side power supply connections
Integrated trench MOSFET with trench Schottky rectifier
Method for manufacturing improved solar cell module
Tunable, superconducting, surface-emitting teraherz source
Organic light-emitting diode
Compound having pyridoindole ring structure having substituted pyridyl group attached thereto, and organic electroluminescence element
Electrochemical device
Cation-substituted spinel oxide and oxyfluoride cathodes for lithium ion batteries
Moisture activated battery
Power unit and cartridge, and fuel cell system comprising power unit and cartridge
Fuel cell system including an air pressure-driven ejector
Method of producing hydrogen from ammonia
Polyazole-containing composition
Cathode design
Apparatus comprising assembly jig and method for stacking fuel cells
Antenna device and wireless signal transmission device with the same
Method and system for analog beamforming in wireless communication systems
Method and system for analog beamforming in wireless communications
Electrical connector with hood
Electronic device connector
USB connector
Multi-connector power or power and signal transmission cable
Solar light pumped laser and cooling method of solar light pumped laser
Semiconductor laser device
Intracavity wavelength conversion solid-state laser generator
Laser system
Method of manufacturing a hollow waveguide
Cable management rack for telecommunication cross-connect systems
Protective cover assembly for electronics
Optically triggered electro-static discharge protection circuit
Semiconductor device and trimming method of the same
Cooling fan and method for producing a cooling fan
Register exchange network for radix-4 SOVA (Soft-Output Viterbi Algorithm)
Transcoder controlling generated codes of an output stream to a target bit rate
Integrated transceiver with envelope tracking
Integrated tracking filters for direct conversion and low-IF single conversion broadband filters
Optical fiber element and method for imparting non-reciprocity of light using the same
Link adaptation in wireless networks for throughput maximization under retransmissions
System and method for estimation and compensation of radiated feedback coupling in a high gain repeater
Universal controller and signal monitor
Providing conference data in a network communications system based on client or server information examined during a conference
Determining presence for interaction routing
Identification fragment handling
Multicast path building method and device
System and method for optimal delivery of multicast content
Method and apparatus for guaranteeing quality of service in a residential ethernet system
Wireless communication method and apparatus for performing post-detection constellation correction
Trusted time stamping storage system
Tonescales for geographically localized digital rendition of people
Image stabilization mechanism and image pickup apparatus
Remote head camera
Apparatus and method of reproducing audio/video data and additional data associated with the audio/video data
OFDMA with adaptive subcarrier-cluster configuration and selective loading
Integrated circuit for optimizing access point channel selection
X-ray diagnostic apparatus
Apparatus for mounting components on a substrate
Printed circuit board and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a printed circuit board
Electronic device with support legs
Patch panel chassis
Mounting device for chips
Electronic device and air regulation apparatus thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Immortal avian cells
Nitric oxide-scavenging system for culturing oocytes, embryos, or other cells
Antisense modulation of ARA70 expression
Antisense modulation of Her-4 expression
Regulation of hematopoietic stem cell differentiation by the use of human mesenchymal stem cells
Homologous sequence targeting in eukaryotic cells
Starch biosynthetic enzymes
Agrobacterium mediated transformation of moulds, in particular those belonging to the genus Aspergillus
Apparatus and process for arraying beads
Method and device for determining monopersulfate
Method for using an all solid-state fluorometer in industrial water system applications
Reagent transfer device
Combinatorial library of substituted statine esters and amides via a novel acid-catalyzed rearrangement
Method for fabricating ferroelectric field effect transistor having an interface insulator layer formed by a liquid precursor
Amorphous dielectric capacitors on silicon
Methods of monitoring and maintaining concentrations of selected species in solutions during semiconductor processing
Test arrangement and method for thinned flip chip IC
Method and apparatus for compensating for critical dimension variations in the production of a semiconductor wafer
Lithographic contact elements
Analyzing method and apparatus for minute foreign substances, and manufacturing methods for manufacturing semiconductor device and liquid crystal display device using the same
Non-contact method for determining the presence of a contaminant in a semiconductor device
Light-emitting diode device and method of manufacturing the same
Thin film transistor array panel and a method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device
Method of lining up micro-balls
Electro optical devices with reduced filter thinning on the edge pixel photosites and method of producing same
Method for making high-frame-rate CCD imaging devices from otherwise ordinary and inexpensive CCD devices
Quad flat pack integrated circuit package
Method of making electronic package with compressible heatsink structure
Method for making air pockets in an HDI context
Process for producing microencapsulated electroconductive filler
Method for providing a thermal path through particles embedded in a thermal cap
Flip chip chip-scale package
Method of packaging fuses
Method for underfilling semiconductor devices
Flip chip thermally enhanced ball grid array
Repairing fuse for semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Process for manufacturing patterned silicon-on-insulator layers with self-aligned trenches and resulting product
Thin film transistor and a method of manufacturing thereof
Silicon on insulator circuit structure with extra narrow field transistors and method of forming same
Polycrystal thin film forming method and forming system
Process for restricting interdiffusion in a semiconductor device with composite Si/SiGe gate
Use of crystalline SiOx barriers for Si-based resonant tunneling diodes
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing same
Method of fabricating CMOS using Si-B layer to form source/drain extension junction
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile memory and method for fabricating the same
Method for forming porous silicon dioxide insulators and related structures
Method for forming a ferroelectric capacitor under the bit line
Process of manufacturing a vertical dynamic random access memory device
Method to form hemispherical grained polysilicon
Cell design and process for making dynamic random access memory (DRAM) having one or more Gigabits of memory cells
Method of forming a capacitor and a contact plug
Method of gap filling
Process for manufacturing selection transistors for nonvolatile serial-flash, EPROM, EEPROM and flash-EEPROM memories in standard or AMG configuration
EPROM cell structure and a method for forming the EPROM cell structure
Nitride plug to reduce gate edge lifting
Nonvolatile memory cell, method of programming the same and nonvolatile memory array
Method of forming high density buried bit line flash EEPROM memory cell with a shallow trench floating gate
Method for manufacturing bit line and bit line contact
Process for fabricating a high-endurance non-volatile memory device
Flash memory and method for fabricating the same
Method of making dense SOI flash memory array structure
Electrically erasable non-volatile memory
Method of forming gate electrode with titanium polycide structure
Mos transistor with dual pocket implant
Fabrication of a field effect transistor with minimized parasitic Miller capacitance
Method of forming trench for semiconductor device isolation
Method for fabricating a salicide gate
Method for forming transistors with raised source and drains and device formed thereby
Plasma etch pre-silicide clean
Semiconductor device with outwardly tapered sidewall spacers and method for forming same
Method for fabricating MOS semiconductor device having salicide region and LDD structure
Method of forming a gate structure of a transistor by means of scalable spacer technology
Manufacture of a semiconductor device with a MOS transistor having an LDD structure using SiGe spacers
Fabrication process for a three dimensional trench emitter bipolar transistor
Two step anneal for controlling resistor tolerance
Methods of forming integrated circuitry and capacitors having a capacitor electrode having a base and a pair of walls projecting upwardly therefrom
Method of fabricating self-aligning stacked capacitor using electroplating method
Method of removing a polysilicon buffer using an etching selectivity solution
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device in a silicon body, a surface of said silicon body being provided with an alignment grating and an at least partly recessed oxide pattern
Method for dielectrically isolated deep pn-junctions in silicon substrates using deep trench sidewall predeposition technology
Method of fabricating an isolation structure in an integrated circuit
Methods for barrier layer formation
Method for fabricating an isolation trench using an auxiliary layer
Trench isolation method
Method for forming a bonded substrate containing a planar intrinsic gettering zone and substrate formed by said method
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Hydrogen annealing method and apparatus
Methods of fabricating gallium nitride microelectronic layers on silicon layers and gallium nitride microelectronic structures formed thereby
Method of producing polycrystalline silicon
Polysilicon structure and process for improving CMOS device performance
Method and device for activating semiconductor impurities
Damascene T-gate using a spacer flow
Technique for low-temperature formation of excellent silicided .alpha.-Si gate structures
Method for forming a semiconductor device
High density programmable read-only memory employing double-wall spacers
Method of forming gate electrode with titanium polycide structure
Composite planarizing dielectric layer employing high density plasma chemical vapor deposited (HDP-CVD) underlayer
Selective wafer-level testing and burn-in
Methods of forming a contact having titanium formed by chemical vapor deposition
Semiconductor dielectric structure and method for making the same
Silicon carbide stop layer in chemical mechanical polishing over metallization layers
Method of making a void-free aluminum film
Method of forming a structure upon a semiconductive substrate
Method of forming junction-leakage free metal silicide in a semiconductor wafer by amorphization of source and drain regions
Semiconductor device having silicide layers formed using a collimated metal layer
Methods of forming a contact having titanium silicide and titanium formed by chemical vapor deposition
Plasma treatment to enhance inorganic dielectric adhesion to copper
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method for fabricating high-performance submicron MOSFET with lateral asymmetric channel
Method and apparatus for plasma control
Methods for running a high density plasma etcher to achieve reduced transistor device damage
Method for removing residue from substrate processing chamber exhaust line for silicon-oxygen-carbon deposition process
Substrate handling method and apparatus, and attractive force inspection method and apparatus used therewith
Method of forming contact for semiconductor device
Method of forming a resist pattern, a method of manufacturing semiconductor device by the same method, and a device and a hot plate for forming a resist pattern
Optimized metal etch process to enable the use of aluminum plugs
Etching process of CoSi2 layers
Method for removing contaminants from a semiconductor wafer
Method for forming semiconductor dielectric layer
Method for modifying a film forming surface of a substrate on which a film is to be formed, and method for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
Method for forming a gate oxide layer
Method for forming low dielectric constant spin-on-polymer (SOP) dielectric layer
In-situ silicon nitride and silicon based oxide deposition with graded interface for damascene application
Ultra low friction carbon/carbon composites for extreme temperature applications
Nonslip member and manufacturing method of nonslip member
Stiffened lane elastic laminate and method of forming
Laminated sheet
IR and UV absorbing brown solar glasses, ophthalmic lenses
Lead-free alkali metal-free glass compositions
Strengthened, 1.7 index, glass lens
Method of producing fullerene-dispersed ceramics
Zirconium- and cerium-based mixed oxide and method of production thereof
Process for producing Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst composition
Polymerization catalysts for olefinic and styrenic monomer and polymer production method
Process for the preparation of supported polymerization catalyst systems and use thereof in the homo-and co-polymerization of unsaturated monomers
Boratabenzene cocatalyst with metallocene catalyst
Optimum external co-catalyst electron donor molar ratio in propylene polymerization
Oxygen scavenging composition with improved properties and method of using same
Oxidation catalyst and method of use
Plant growth regulators in pyrrolidone solvents
Isoxazole derivatives and their use as herbicides
Phenol ester mixture
Concentrated compositions containing agriculturally-active material
Oxide superconducting material and method of producing the same
Non-toxic, inexpensive synthetic drilling fluid
Silicone grease composition
Dispersant additive
Phosphorus-free multifunctional additives for lubricants
Metal forming lubricant with differential solid lubricants
(Meth) acrylate copolymer pour point depressants
High hydroxyl content glycerol di-esters
Lubricant compositions exhibiting improved demulse performance
Detergent composition containing a benefit agent made up of aggregated particles
Low synthetic soap bars comprising organic salts and polyalkylene glycol
Alkyldione peroxides as cleaning solutions for wafer fabs
Manual toilet bowl cleaner
Bleaching and cleaning compositions containing fragrances
Hydroxy aliphatic acidic microemulsion liquid cleaning compositions
Cleaning and disinfecting compositions with electrolytic disinfecting booster
Fabric care composition
Bleaching agent
Hydrofluoropolyether-based azeotropic or near azeotropic compositions
Use of comb polymers as soil release polymers
Higher secondary alcohol alkoxylate compound composition, method for production thereof, and detergent and emulsifier using the composition
Odorant compositions containing macrocycles and processes for manufacturing the same
Localized use of nitric oxide-adducts to prevent internal tissue damage
Composition containing pooled transferrins as an active principle for the induction of immune tolerance against antigens
Cosmetic preparations containing vertebrate proteins and having antibacterial, antimycotical and antiviral action
Protection against traumatic brain injury
Use of recombinant human uteroglobin in treatment of inflammatory and fibrotic conditions
Lytic peptides
Use of proteins extractable from animal organs for the preparation of medicaments for the treatment of pathological conditions characterized by hyperproduction of tumor necrosis factor (TNF)
Pharmaceutical composition
Phenethylamine derivatives
Depsipeptides and drugs containing the same as the active ingredient
Livestock feedlot adaptation treatment method and product
Certain methanebisphosphonic acid derivatives in fracture healing
Gene delivery by secretory gland expression
Antimutagenic compositions for treatment and prevention of photodamage to skin
Composition and method for treating cancer and immunological disorders resulting in chronic conditions
Purine nucleotide analogues, pharmaceutical compositions thereof, and methods of improving cardiac functions
Prevention of metastasis with 5-aza-2'-deoxycytidine
Cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) treatment in allergic disease
Aminosugar, glycosaminoglycan or glycosaminoglycan-like compounds, and s-adenosylmethionine composition for the protection, treatment, repair, and reduction of inflammation of connective tissue
Composition and method for treating a patient susceptible to or suffering from a cardiovascular disorder or disease
Salicylic acid derivatives and their use in cosmetic or dermatological compositions
Macrophage scavenger receptor antagonists for use in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
Opthalmic gel composition and method of treating eye infections
Carbapenem antibacterial compounds, compositions containing such compounds and methods of treatment
Amino acid derivatives and their use as thrombin inhibitors
1,4-piperazine derivatives
Phthalazinone PDE III/IV inhibitors
Oxazolidinone antibacterial agents having a thiocarbonyl functionality
Substituted triazolo-pyridazine derivatives as ligands for GABA receptors
4-indole derivatives as serotonin agonists and antagonists
Pyrazine compounds
Treatment of equine protozoal myeloencephalitis
Fungicidal trifluoromethylalkylamino-triazolopyrimidines
Fungicidal fused bicyclic pyrimidinones
Acyclic nucleoside derivatives
Sustained release hair growth composition
Cancerous metastasis inhibitors containing uracil derivatives
Alpha 1a adrenergic receptor antagonists
Dicyclanil polymorphs and hydrates and their preparation
Cholesterol biosynthesis inhibitors
Antiviral compounds
5-aryl-3-(8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]oct-3-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2(3H)-one derivatives as 5-ht4 receptor ligands
Polymorphs of a crystalline azo-bicyclo (2,2,2) octan-3-amine citrate and their pharmaceutical compositions
2-sulfamoylbenzoic acid derivatives
2-(4-hydroxypiperidino)-1-alkanol derivatives as antiischemic agents
Cyanoguanidine compounds
Amino-and mercurio-substituted 4',5'-dihydropsoralens and therapeutical uses thereof
Chronic, bolus administration of D-threo methylphenidate
Compounds containing phenyl linked to aryl or heteroaryl by an aliphatic-or heteroatom-containing linking group
Diphenyl-substituted heterocycles, processes for preparing them and their use as pharmaceutical compositions
Substituted thiazolines and their use for controlling animal pests
Combined use of pramipexole and sertraline for the treatment of depression
Heterocyclically substituted phenylglycinolamides
Stable biocidal compositions
Use of oxazolidinone derivatives as anti-penetrating agents in a cosmetic and/or dermatological composition
Parasiticidal compounds
5HT 1 receptor agonists and metoclopramide for the treatment of migraine
Substituted 2-oxo-alkanoic acid-[2-(indol-3-yl)-ethyl] amides
Amino ceramide-like compounds and therapeutic methods of use
Anti-first-pass effect compounds and citrus extract
Use of calcium intracellular store inactivators and formulations thereof as cell growth inhibitors
Tetrahydronaphthofuranone derivatives and process for producing the same
Pesticidal composition
Product and method reduce stress induced immune suppression
2-and 2,5-substituted phenylketoenols
2,2-difluoro 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid analogs and methods of use
Histidine derivatives, preparation, process, and their use as free antiradical agents
GABA and L-glutamic acid analogs for antiseizure treatment
Composition for suppressing withdrawal symptoms and craving for alcohol in alcoholics and preventing the abuse of alcohol in healthy subjects
Methods and compositions comprising R-ibuprofen
Use of aminoadamantane compounds as immunoregulators
Alph-methylbenzyl-containing thiourea inhibitors of herpes viruses containing a phenylenediamine group
Stabilized concentrates of water unstable AZA compounds and o/w miniemulsions thereof
Dialkyl ureas as calcitonin mimetics
Method for combating harmful fungi
Inhibition of angiogenesis
Preparation of a pulmonary surfactant for instillation and oral application
Method of inhibiting angiogenesis
Method for inhibiting from feeding, cockroaches
Production of methanol
Highly active Fischer-Tropsch synthesis using doped, thermally stable catalyst support
Permeable compositions and methods for their preparation
Process for the manufacture of moldings
Golf ball compositions and method of making same
Ocular lens material and process for producing the same
Liquid inks using a gel organosol
Crosslinkable waterborne dispersions of epoxidized polydiene block copolymers and amino resins
Epoxy resin composition for semiconductor encapsulation
Sulfopolymers as emulsion stabilizers with improved coagulum level
Polymeric modifying agents
Plastic wood-fiber pellets
Water-resistant, viscosity stable, alkaline corrugating adhesive composition
Rail spike retention and tie preservation mixture and method
Flame-retardant combination
Tire components having improved tear strength
Curable silicone resin composition
Heavy metal free polyvinyl chloride compound formulation for insulating thin wall automotive primary cable
Repulpable hot melt paper coating and coated product
Thermally conductive compound and semiconductor device using the same
Structural element of metal turnings in a plastic moldment
Polyamide resin composition and process for producing the same
Rubber containing short fiber reinforcement with anchoring agent and articles, including tires, having a component thereof
Pressure-resistant, sliding tetrafluoroethylene resin composition
Process for manufacturing an acrylic antislipping agent composed of small amounts of solid content
Coated golf ball
Ink jet printing compositions
Method of manufacturing fluoropolymers
Polyhydroxy polymers substituted with styryl ether groups and gels and surfaces prepared from them
Blends of polyolefin and poly(ethylene oxide) and process for making the blends
Derivatized solid sheared polymer blends and process for their preparation
Shrink film and method of making the same
Star-branched rubber thermoplastic elastomer vulcanizates
Polyolefin type resinous composition
Material for the production of building materials or shaped articles
Curable composition for top coating and articles coated therewith
Aqueous polymer dispersion, production process therefor, and aqueous release agent
Crosslinking isoprene-isobutylene rubber with alkylphenol-formaldehyde resin and hydrazide
Masterbatches having high levels of resin
Cycloolefin blends and method for solvent bonding polyolefins
Rubber composition containing hydroxyl terminated liquid polymer and tire with sidewall thereof
High volume solids fluorocarbon coatings
Cables with a halogen-free recyclable coating comprising polypropylene and an ethylene copolymer having high structural uniformity
Polymer and applications thereof
Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using the rubber composition
High-impact vinylaromatic polymer obtained from a rubber bearing a group which generates a stable free radical
Process for producing polymers by free radical polymerization and condensation reaction, and apparatus and products related thereto
Method to control increase in viscosity during aging of siloxane modified polymers
Light-absorbing polymers and application thereof to anti-reflection film
Gas phase anionic polymerization of diene elastomers
One-component adhesive
Copolyesters with minimized hydrolytic instability and crystalline absorbable copolymers thereof
Epoxy resin composition and resin-encapsulated semiconductor device
Process for polymerizing olefinic feeds under pressure
Reactor product discharge system
Polymerization of a sticky polymer in the presence of a treated carbon black
Process to produce branched polymers from ethylene feedstock
Polymerization of olefins
Ethylene polymerization process
Method of producing conjugated diene polymers
Process for the preparation of olefinic polymers using metallocene catalyst
Catalysts containing organochromium compounds and their use for polymerizing alkenes
Olefin polymerization catalyst and process for producing olefin polymers
Start-up process for gas phase production of polybutadiene
Non-aqueous, heterogeneous polymerization process and reaction product obtained thereby
Polymerization in the presence of a stable free radical and of an iniferter
Pressure sensitive adhesive sheet and use thereof
Dendritic polymers and convergent method of synthesis
Syndiotactic polypropylene copolymer and extruded polypropylene articles
Easy processing linear low density polyethylene
Amphoteric polymer dispersion
Preparation of epoxy group-bearing organopolysiloxane or organosilane
Amine-, polyol-, amide-functional siloxane copolymers and methods for their preparation
Polysilanes and process for preparation of same
Compositions of polytetramethylene ether glycols and polyoxy alkylene polyether polyols having a low degree of unsaturation
Hot melt ink jet vehicles
One-package thixotropic polyurethane resin composition
High molecular weight polyols, process for preparation and use thereof
Method of crystallizing polycarbonate prepolymer
Aromatic polycarbonate
Process for preparing poly (2,2,4,4-tetramethyl-1,3-cyclobutylene carbonate)
Phenolic compounds, polymers derived therefrom, and method
1,1-Bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3-alkylcyclohexanes, method for their preparation and polycarbonates prepared therefrom
Titanium-containing catalyst composition and processes therefor and therewith
Esterification process
Low-melting copolyester and copolyetherester hot-melt adhesives
Aromatic ester (meth)acrylate dendrimers and curable resin composition
Polymers having improved processability
Rubber composition
2,7-aryl-9-substituted fluorenes and 9-substituted fluorene oligomers and polymers
Polymerization in the presence of a .beta.-substituted nitroxide radical
Fluorene-containing polymers and compounds useful in the preparation thereof
Methods of fabrication of deaggregated electrically conductive polymers and precursors therefor
Degradation of biologically degradable polymers using enzymes
Epidermal growth factor inhibitor
Peptoid and nonpeptoid containing alpha-keto oxadiazoles as serine protease inhibitors
Expression and use of human fibroblast growth factor receptor
Rh(D)-binding proteins and magnetically activated cell sorting method for production thereof
Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase
Tissue-specific monoclonal antibodies
High affinity human antibodies and human antibodies against digoxin
Antibodies to a G protein-activated, inward rectifying KGA potassium channel
Artificial antibodies to corticosteroids prepared by molecular imprinting
Peptide tag for immunodetection and immunopurification
Production of avermectin compounds
Mad-related genes in the human
Cross-species chromosome painting
Purified plant expansion proteins and DNA encoding same
Human blood bacterium
MPROT12 polynucleotides and methods thereof
Periodic two and three dimensional nucleic acid structures
CRFG-1b, a target and marker for chronic renal failure
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding a human skeletal muscle-specific receptor
Presenilin-1 gene promoter
Promoters for swine complement inhibitors
Chain terminators, the use thereof for nucleic acid sequencing and synthesis and a method of their preparation
Methods and compositions for synthesis of labelled oligonucleotides and analogs on solid-supports
Particles having a magnetic core and outer glass layer for separating biological material
Nucleic acid extraction method
Process for the preparation of .alpha.-oxolactams
Aminothiazole derivatives useful in the preparation of .beta.-lactam antibiotics
Pharmaceutical suspension comprising nevirapine hemihydrate
Triphendioxazine compounds
Biphenyl-substituted triazines
Cyanurate compound having three oxetane ring groups and organic hardening compositions containing same
Purine inhibitors of protein kinases, G proteins and polymerases
Process for preparing 4,6-dichloro-5-fluoropyrimidine
Process of preparing [2-(1-piperazinyl)ethoxy]methyl compounds
Bicyclic amidines, process for their preparation, and their use as catalyst
Method for producing (hetero)aromatic hydroxylamines
7-azabicyclo[2.2.1]-heptane and -heptene derivatives as cholinergic receptor ligands
Synthesis of intermediate compounds for 4-adyl-5-pyrimidine imidazole substituted derivatives
Diesters of phosphoric acid 2,5-dioxo-4,4-diphenyl-imidazolidin-1-ylmethyl ester
Transition metal-catalyzed reactions based on chiral amine oxazolinyl ligands
Benzimidzolyl neuropeptide Y receptor antagonists
Pharmaceutical compounds comprising polyamines substituted with electron-affinic groups and method of application thereof
Trifluoromethyl ketone analogs as selective cPLA2 inhibitors
Method for the inhibition of ALDH-I useful in the treatment of alcohol dependence or alcohol abuse
Method for synthesizing diaryl-substituted heterocyclic compounds, including tetrahydrofurans
Process for the hydro-oxidation of olefins to olefin oxides using oxidized gold catalyst
Process for the epoxidation of diene esters
Process for preparing antiosteoporotic agents
Pharmaceutical composition containing acid addition salt of basic drug
Water-soluble salts of dodecandioic acid and pharmaceutical and nutritional compositions containing same
Process for preparation of branched fatty acids
Microbial polyunsaturated fatty acid containing oil from pasteurised biomass
Metallocenes containing aryl-substituted indenyl derivatives as ligands, process for their preparation, and their use as catalysts
Process for preparing cyclopentadienyliron (II) arene complex
Process for preparing a methylene-bridged biscyclopentadienyl compound
Oxidation catalyst and oxidation process using the same
Production of aromatic carboxylic acids and recovery of Co/Mn catalyst from ash
Silanes with hydrophilic groups, their synthesis and use as surfactants in aqueous media
Energetic nitramine-linked azoles and hydroxylammonium salts as oxidizers, initiators and gas generators
Stable compositions of water-soluble amino-and alkenyl-functional organosiloxanes, process for their preparation and their use
Isolation of trimethoxysilane from a TMS/methanol mixture
Processes for producing silicon- or germanium-containing organic compound, transition metal complex, catalyst for polymerization of .alpha.-olefin and .alpha.-olefin polymer
Process for preparing fluoroalkyl-containing organosilicon compounds, and their use
Thymol derivatives having anti-tumor activity, and anti-cancer agent comprising the same
Preparation of fluorinated compounds
Radioiodinated phospholipid ether analogs and methods of using the same
Organic solution of dialkyl peroxydicarbonate and process for producing thereof
Method for producing aliphatic alpha, omega-amino nitriles
Process for reducing .alpha.-amino ketones
Power coatings based on branched oligoesters and non-emissive uretdione polyisocyanates
Process for producing acid chlorides having polyfluoroalkyl groups
Process for preparing purified carboxylic acids
Preparation of gabapentin
Carbonylation of methanol to acetic acid with carbon monoxide flow controls
Process for preparing phenethylamines and novel chemical compounds
Method of and apparatus for decomposing wastes
Process for the preparation of six-membered ring carbocycles
Boron compounds and other compounds of group IIIa
Method for producing phosphabenzene compounds
Process for the recovery of cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol from cyclohexanone production distillation bottoms
Preparation of carbonyl compounds
Fluorine containing allylethers and higher homologs
Fluorine containing vinyl ethers
Process for preparing poly(alkylene oxide)
Process for the C-alkylation of aromatic hydroxyl compounds
Chemical composition and process
Methods for producing two-substituted glycerols having various levels of protection
Process for the preparation of polyvalent alcohols
Process for preparing 2-chloro-4-nitroalkylbenzene
Partially fluorinated polymers
Process for the manufacture of halocarbons
Process for the synthesis of 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)-bromobenzene
Functional fluid with low Brookfield Viscosity
Method of obtaining liquid fuels from polyolefine wastes
Process for selective hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds
Method for producing low bromine number fraction
Stabilization of the reagent dimethyl titanocene
Method and system for treating contaminated media
Composite dressing with separable components
Adhesive bandage with soft three-dimensional figure
Transgenic non-human mammals expressing human coagulation factor VIII and von Willebrand factor
Transgenic mouse expressing human fusin and human CD4
Lean transgenic animals
Stevia rebaudiana with altered steviol glycoside composition
Gene expression
Methods for producing genetically modified plants, genetically modified plants, plant materials and plant products produced thereby
Chimeric genes for transforming plant cells using viral promoters
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from maize
Process for producing transgenic inulin-generating plants
Nucleic acid molecules coding for debranching enzymes from potato
Molecular methods of hybrid seed production
Electric stringed musical instrument having stretchable frame body
Unitary guitar construction
Stringed musical instrument with composite body partially formed of metal or synthetic resin
Saddle for an electro-acoustic stringed instrument
Holder for guitar slide
Vessel-shaped flute with a captive cap
Trombone stable in tone color and pitch and compact valve used therein
Rattling percussion instrument
Tension member for percussion instrument
Single and double beat base pedal
String winding and trimming device
Device and method for forming waveform based on a combination of unit waveforms including loop waveform segments
Melody sound generating apparatus
Tone color setting device of electronic musical instrument
Method and apparatus for utilizing heat dissipated from an electrical device
Bilayer passivation structure for photovoltaic cells
Surface mount technology compatible EMI gasket and a method of installing an EMI gasket on a ground trace
Method and apparatus for connecting shielding ground plane of a flex cable to a grounding pad on a printed wire board
Cover for standalone chassis
Shielded bundle of electrical conductors and process for producing it
Packaging and interconnection of contact structure
Interlocked bonding pad structures and methods of fabrication therefor
Multi-component electronic devices and methods for making them
Arrangement for supplying power from a buss bar to a circuit board
Hermetically sealed current feedthrough for outdoor electrical gear
Method of connecting lead wire to shield of shielded cable and shielded cable with lead wire connected thereby
Electric cables with metallic protective sheaths
Flexible armored communication cable and method of manufacture
Method and apparatus for adjusting the coupling reactances between twisted pairs for achieving a desired level of crosstalk
Communications cable
Superconducting cable with the phase conductors connected at the ends
Aluminum stabilized superconductor with Cu and Mg
Wildlife guard for electrical insulator bushings
Terminal assembly and method of forming terminal assembly
Relocating the neutral plane in a PBGA substrate to eliminate chip crack and interfacial delamination
Electronic interconnection medium having offset electrical mesh plane
Conductive feedthrough for a ceramic body and method of fabricating same
Multiple layer electrical interface
Drying scale with moveable radiating source and a method performed by the drying scale
Coordinate detecting device for outputting coordinate data when two points are simultaneously depressed, method therefor and computer control device
Windscreen wiper drive device with a park position switch
Electric-switch toggle inhibitor
Switchable receptacle assembly having internal interlock mechanism
Terminal structure of switch
High pressure resistant, low pressure actuating sensors
Switch system operating by the MID technique
Pushbutton switch
Control element for fastening to a front panel
Revised structure for on-line switch
Specimen-container transfer apparatus
Multiple contact switch
Apparatus and methods for submerged processing of a work surface
Mold for making battery electrode
Method and apparatus for spot welding a work having a plurality of welding materials placed on top of each other by boring a hole to release vapors
Lens, semiconductor laser element, device for machining the lens and element, process for producing semiconductor laser element, optical element, and device and method for machining optical element
Filter bag assembly line and method
Laser cutting method for forming magnetic recording head sliders
Electronic device having external surface thermal feedback
Surface heating system formed by a fluid-conducting inner pipe surrounded by a heat-destructible sheathing tube structure
Electrically heated backlite assembly and method
Air-operated wax gun with removably mounted heater on hollow central tube
Glow plug and process for its manufacture
Thermal treatment system and method for maintaining integrity and ensuring sterility of surgical drapes used with surgical equipment
Burner apparatus
Device for switching an electric heater
Program control and display system for a cooking appliance
Apparatus and method for joining vehicle frame components
Device with induction heating roller with a projection between coil windings
Fixing device using induction heating
Transverse flux heating coil and method of use
System and method for providing RF power to a load
Disposable, microwaveable containers having suitable food contact compatible olfactory properties and process for their manufacture
Microwave heating rings and lids with water reservoir, cup holders and snaps
Apparatus for radiation imaging using an array of image cells
Control system to automatically dim vehicle head lamps
Solid-state image sensing device and method for manufacturing solid-state image sensing device
Fingerprint sensing device and method
Standing wave total internal reflection imaging
Method and apparatus for generating a control signal
Optical rotary encoder
Method and apparatus for optically measuring drive train backlash
Scanning optical microscope
Atomic frequency standard based on coherent state preparation
Programmed electron flux
Charging device with grid tensioning shafts
Extreme temperature radiometry and imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting insect infestation in enclosed areas
Diffusion-type NDIR gas analyzer with improved response time due to convection flow
Density detection using discrete photon counting
Gamma camera for PET and SPECT studies
Positioner for a scintillation camera detector head
Apparatuses and methods for detecting, identifying and quantitating radioactive nuclei and methods of distinguishing neutron stimulation of a radiation particle detector from gamma-ray stimulation of a detector
Method and apparatus for locating a point source of radiation in a contaminated site
Method and apparatus for passive optical dosimeter comprising caged dye molecules
Stimulable phosphor sheet having divided phosphor layer
Mirror projection system for a scanning lithographic projection apparatus, and lithographic apparatus comprising such a system
Rutherford backscattering detection for use in Ion implantation
Charged particle beam exposure apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Sensor for measuring degree of flatness
Print media and method of detecting a characteristic of a substrate of print media used in a printing device
High speed optical inspection apparatus for a large transparent flat panel using gaussian distribution analysis and method therefor
Method and device for reading out in curved form the image exposed to an imaging plate
Thin film transistor with inclined eletrode side surfaces
Visible light emitting device formed from wide band gap semiconductor doped with a rare earth element
Phosphors for light generation from light emitting semiconductors
Metal embedded passivation layer structure for microelectronic interconnect formation, customization and repair
Semiconductor device
Hetero-junction field effect transistor
Silicon-germanium heterobipolar transistor with a step-wise graded base
Programmable capacitor for an integrated circuit
Charge coupled device with nonreflective coating
Chip-based analysis device comprising electrodes with localized heating
Apparatus for measuring physical and chemical phenomena
Field effect transistor which can operate stably in millimeter wave band
Solid-state image sensor
CMOS sensor structure and manufacturing method thereof
Trench DRAM cells with self-aligned field plate
Dynamic random access memory
DRAM cell configuration and method for its production
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor storage device including short circuit avoiding structure and method of fabricating thereof
Doped silicon structure with impression image on opposing roughened surfaces
Capacitor having aluminum alloy bottom plate
Flash memory structure and method of manufacture
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and manufacturing process thereof
Trench-gate semiconductor device
Ion implantation with programmable energy, angle, and beam current
Multi-function semiconductor structure and method
TFT CMOS logic circuit having source/drain electrodes of differing spacing from the gate electrode for decreasing wiring capacitance and power consumption
Retrograde ESD protection apparatus
Integrated circuit devices including distributed and isolated dummy conductive regions
Separately optimized gate structures for n-channel and p-channel transistors in an integrated circuit
Pillar CMOS structure
CMOS semiconductor device
Semiconductor device containing local interconnection and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having junction depths for reducing short channel effect
Device with lower LDD resistance
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Producing devices having both active matrix display circuits and peripheral circuits on a same substrate
Thin film transistor and method of manufacturing same
Semiconductor laser reliability test structure and method
Semiconductor P-I-N detector
Color-selective SI detector array
3-D smart power IC
Encroachless LOCOS isolation
Semi-sacrificial diamond for air dielectric formation
Current source using merged vertical bipolar transistor based on gate induced gate leakage current
Integrated circuit having a micromagnetic device including a ferromagnetic core and method of manufacture therefor
Fuse window guard ring structure for nitride capped self aligned contact processes
Bipolar junction transistors having base electrode extensions
Shallow trench isolation using antireflection layer
Laser ablateable material
Semiconductor device including thermal neutron absorption material
Modified bus bar with Kapton tape or insulative material on LOC packaged part
Method and tool for handling micro-mechanical structures
High current capacity semiconductor device housing
Layered lead structures
Self-centering arrangement of microstructured elements
IC card and plane coil for IC card
Vertical interconnect process for silicon segments with dielectric isolation
Contact structure formed by microfabrication process
Rigid encapsulation package for semiconductor devices
Multi chip package (MCP) applicable to failure analysis mode
Integrated low cost thick film RF module
SOI bonding structure
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Metal-alloy interconnections for integrated circuits
Passivated copper line semiconductor device structure
Dual damascene arrangement for metal interconnection with low k dielectric constant materials in dielectric layers
Three-dimensional MCM, method for manufacturing the same, and storage medium storing data for the method
Semiconductor device and method of making the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Encapsulant for microelectronic devices
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having a lead portion with outer connecting terminals
Semiconductor device with a protective sheet to affix a semiconductor chip
Semiconductor package incorporating heat dispersion plate inside resin molding
Method and apparatus for providing an uninterruptible supply of electric power to a critical load
Back-up power device and applications thereof
Arrangement for frequency-selective suppression of high frequency signals
Switch operation processing apparatus and method
Safety mechanism for lamps
Switch status sensor
Apparatus and method for reducing disc flutter and disc vibration effects in a disc drive
Integrated rotary servo actuator
Mounting for a turbo-machine rotor and its use
Electromagnetic rotating machine
Flux damper for permanent magnet electric motors
Single phase three speed motor with shared windings
Winding arrangement for switched reluctance machine based internal starter generator
Microactuators including a metal layer on distal portions of an arched beam
Polymer microactuator array with macroscopic force and displacement
Surface acoustic wave device and method of designing the same
Driving apparatus of piezoelectric vibrator
Shaped piezoelectric composite transducer
Ferroelectric element and process for producing the same
Lamp base with flexible sidewall
Electron gun cathode with a metal layer having a recess
Color cathode ray tube having a shadow mask structure with curl reduced in a skirt portion thereof
Cathode ray tube with convex interior walls for added stability
Electrode gun with grid electrode having contoured apertures
Compact field emission electron gun and focus lens
Field emission displays with raised conductive features at bonding locations and methods of forming the raised conductive features
Corona resistant saddle-shaped deflection coil
Flashover control structure for field emitter displays and method of making thereof
Large-area FED apparatus and method for making same
Field emission display having a cathodoluminescent anode
Multilayer cathode for organic light-emitting device
Shadow mask, a method of manufacturing a color thin film electroluminescent display apparatus using the shadow mask, and a color thin film electroluminescent display apparatus
Display device and method therefor
Capillary electrode discharge plasma display panel device and method of fabricating the same
Plasma display panel having electromagnetic wave shielding material attached to front surface of display
Color plasma display panel with bus electrode partially contacting a transparent electrode
Plasma display panel
Energy saving backlight device
Flat type fluorescent lamp
Gas discharge lamp power supply with feed forward compensation for input voltage variations
Photopic brightness controller for fluorescent backlights
High power factor electronic ballast with low lamp current peak ratio
Light emitting diode lighting device
Automated lighting control system utilizing laser and non-laser light sources
Cathode ray tube with low dynamic correction voltage
Vehicle seat with a control device
Ultrasonic method and apparatus for automatically controlling moving doors
Intelligent suction device capable of automatically adapting the suction force according to the conditions of the surface, particularly for vacuum cleaners and the like
Navigation method and system for autonomous machines with markers defining the working area
Procedure for the digital evaluation of analogue resolver output signals
Electromagnetic alignment and scanning apparatus
Electromagnetic alignment and scanning apparatus
AC motor with reactor interposed between AC motor and power source
Control apparatus for electric vehicle
Rechargeable shoe
Bluetooth enabled mobile device charging cradle and system
System and method for assessing a capacity of a battery and power plant incorporating the same
Apparatus and method for controlling battery charging with variable current
Method for detecting minor short in cells and method for detecting cell short in cells
Method for charging a battery with maximum power tracking
Device for electrical source sharing
Supply device for power supply to an electronic unit in a semiconductor valve in a shunt-connected thyristor-switched capacitor
Bandgap reference curvature compensation circuit
Device for measuring partial discharge in gas-insulated high voltage facilities, the device having a HF sensor and UHF sensor
Method for measuring capacitance of passive device region
Inductive angle sensor having coupled oscillators with similar inductive response
Magnetic detector with a magnetoresistive element having hysteresis
Shearbar/cutterhead monitoring system with spatially separated magnet
Magnetic sensor comprising a soft magnetic thin film element
Method and apparatus for measuring bias magnetic field for controlling magnetic domain of magnetoresistive effect element
Magnetic field calibration device including housing with locator window
Electromagnetic resonator devices and systems incorporating same, resonance and imaging methods
Nuclear magnetic resonance logging with azimuthal resolution
Combined cycle power generation using controlled hydrogen peroxide decomposition
Single module pressurized fuel cell turbine generator system
Fuel cell stack
Pleated metal bipolar assembly
Sealed storage battery and method of producing same
Center point vent cover for battery
Monoblock battery assembly
Secondary battery
Electrode material and compositions including same
Hydrogen storing alloy electrode and process for producing hydrogen storage alloy electrode
Cathode active material for alkaline storage battery and cathode using the same
Lithium secondary battery
Lithium battery including storage stabilized dioxolane-containing electrolyte
Dry development process for a bi-layer resist system utilized to reduce microloading
Method of manufacturing binary phase shift mask
Use of attenuating phase-shifting mask for improved printability of clear-field patterns
Filter and process for producing same
Methods and devices having means for writing storing and erasing which comprise an active medium containing at least one spin-transition parent compound
Blocking layer with light scattering particles having coated core
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method using the toner
Process for preparing a color toner for developing an electrostatic image
Photographic paper
Near infrared absorbing film, and multi-layered panel comprising the film
Chemically amplified color resist composition
Positive acting photoresist compositions and imageable element
Radiation sensitive composition
Method of creating optimal photoresist structures used in the manufacture of metal T-gates for high-speed semiconductor devices
Resist pattern forming method using anti-reflective layer, resist pattern formed, and method of etching using resist pattern and product formed
Method for producing monolithic electronic parts
Process for modulating interferometric lithography patterns to record selected discrete patterns in photoresist
Fabrication of high density multilayer interconnect printed circuit boards
Method of manufacturing thin film magnetic head
Method for formation of patterned resist layer
Developing system for alkaline-developable lithographic printing plates with different interlayers
Photographic element with invisible indecia on oriented polymer back sheet
Silver halide elements that produce sharp images without fixing and processes for their use
Color photographic element containing improved polymeric disulfonamidophenol for scavenging oxidized developer
Inducible phosphofructokinase and the warburg effect
Biosynthetic carbohydrate-deficient transferrin references
Highly sensitive fluoroassay
Detection of metastatic cancer cells using PCTA-1
Dynamic hybridization system
Multiple sequential polynucleotide displacement reactions for signal amplification and processing
Dry biochemical assay plate and method for making the same
Polymorphism of the human GluR-5 gene and risk factor for alzheimer disease
c-myc coding region determinant-binding protein (CRD-BP) and its nucleic acid sequence
Cartilage resorption assays
Detection of cellular exposure to ethanol
Immortalized and malignant human prostatic cell lines
Methods for identifying G protein coupled receptor effectors
Method of detecting protein by immuno RNA
Analytical element for the analysis of whole blood
.beta.-type DNA polymerases
Disease conditions by measuring lysophosphatidic acid
Disintegrin metalloprotease and its use
Bacillus strain and antibiotic screening method
Bacterial vaginosis screening technique and a diagnostic kit for use therein
cDNA encoding peptidyl-glycine alpha-amidating monooxygenase (PAM)
Variant gas6 polypeptides
Compositions and methods for modulating the activity of G protein-coupled receptor kinases GPK5 and GRK6
spsA polynucleotides
Antigen presenting system and methods for activation of T-cells
Abl-interactor protein
Methods for producing a polypeptide in a Bacillus cell
Human DNA topoisomerase I .alpha.
Pseudorabies virus protein cross reference to related applications
Polynucleotides encoding natural killer cell enhancing factor C
Bacteriocins produced by ruminal bacteria
Thermostable flap endonuclease derived from hyperthermophile bacterium belonging to the genus pyrococcus
Artificial long terminal repeat vectors
System and methods for nucleic acid sequencing of single molecules by polymerase synthesis
Thermostable glucoamylase
Production of chitosan and chitin
Carbamoyl-phosphate synthetase gene of coryneform bacteria and method for producing L-arginine
Method for producing alcohols free of enantiomers
Enzymatic sulfation of biomolecules
Constitutively activated serotonin receptors
Plant aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase
Potentiating metal mediated serine protease inhibitors with cobalt or zinc ions
Stereospecific alcohol dehydrogenase isolated from Candida parapsilosis, amino acid and DNA sequences therefor, and method of preparation thereof
Recombinant microbial 3-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase a process for its production and the use thereof
.beta.-galactoside-.alpha.2, 6-sialyltransferase gene
Human diacylglycerol kinase iota
Synthetic mammalian .alpha.-n-acetylglucosaminidase and genetic sequences encoding same
Two-phase system for the production and presentation of foreign antigens in hybrid live vaccines
DS11 (KCTC 0231BP), novel Bacillus sp. strain and novel phytase produced by it
High-yield dual-buffered bacterial growth medium
Cyclosporin fermentation process
Seal for reagent flask usable by a blood analyzer
Modular support for biofiltration
Cultivating apparatus with sterilizing lamp
Recombinant poliovirus vector and method of preparing the same
Nucleotide and deduced amino acid sequences of tumor gene Int6
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Mammalian viral vectors and their uses
Isolated nucleic acid molecule encoding an esophageal cancer associated antigen
Folding protein complexes
Antibodies, production method of the antibodies, hybridomas which produce the antibodies, production method of the hybridomas and antigen proteins recognized by the antibodies
Process for simultaneous cultivation of different mammalian cells
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