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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Air seed meter with debris clearing device
Break-away finger for retracting finger auger
Foliage lifter
Pet caddy
Multipurpose leash
Fishing rod carrier and holder device
Breast shaping and lifting support garment
Methods and apparatus for decorative bra straps with multiple uses
Flexible footwear cover
Short belt for pants
Nail polish bottle holding device
Wing pocket article carrier
Wall bed assembly
Convective cushion for bedding or seating
Curtain carrier having a simplified construction
Kit for a roman shade
Mixing apparatus
Load weighting control apparatus
Sink stopper assembly
Vacuum cleaner for use in both upright form and canister form
Insertion apparatus
Modification of airways by application of cryo energy
Leakproof bottle for infant food
Cardiac disease treatment and device
Powered mobile lifting, gait training and omnidirectional rolling apparatus and method
Device and method for nipple reconstruction
Vehicle drain hole structure
Combination laryngeal mask airway with dual blocking and fluid removal features and method
Interactive step-type gymnastics practice device
Ionomer composition for golf ball and golf ball using the same
Golf ball retriever
Golf club head
Basketball training systems and methods
Freestanding athletic training apparatus and associated method
Golf swing training device
Device used as a climbing aid
Gaming machine including a matching game
System and method for providing interactive content for multiple networked users in a shared venue
Steering mechanism for a toy vehicle
Performing Operations; Transporting
Hard disk destruction apparatus and method
Gravity fill system with pressure check valve
Composite ceramic substrate for micro-fluid ejection head
Safety mechanism for a rotary hammer
Tube end milling head
Three degree of freedom parallel mechanism, multi-axis control machine tool using the mechanism and control method for the mechanism
Pin mirror cutter, and throw-away tip mounted on the pin mirror cutter
Split cable seal
Use of a distributor or diffuser in the form of a thin-walled, air-permeable heat-reactive layer for machining a workpiece
Apparatus and method for spiral polishing with electromagnetic abrasive
Conformable sanding pad
Driving tool
Hydraulic rescue tool with quick-change head
Door opening device for a handicapped person
Knife connector
Injection apparatus, semiconductor light emitting apparatus, manufacturing apparatus, and manufacturing method of semiconductor light emitting apparatus
Liquid ejection head and liquid ejection method
Dielectric film structure, piezoelectric actuator using dielectric element film structure and ink jet head
Liquid ejection head, inkjet printing apparatus and liquid ejecting method
Heater chips with silicon die bonded on silicon substrate and methods of fabricating the heater chips
Jet directionality control using printhead delivery channel
Printhead maintenance station having contact pad with sloping profile
Refill unit for refilling one of a number of ink compartments
Printhead with porous catcher
Easel display photograph album
Writing implement
Puncture resistant pneumatic tire
Swivel type hitch for all-terrain vehicles and the like
Power output apparatus and hybrid vehicle
Automobile instrument panel cover panel
Bumper apparatus with multistage energy absorbing structure
Method for damping axial shocks onto a driver's lower extremity
Slide-on inflator housing
Three-chamber adaptive side airbag
Deck board and mounting structure of deck board
Method and device for operating a drive unit
Method and device for adapting a clutch in a hybrid drive train of a vehicle
Auxiliary frame, particularly for motor vehicles
Fifth wheel coupling with inter-frame mount
Bracket assembly for a fifth wheel coupling
Collapsible axle for velocipede
Multi-position brake lever system with a converter that converts a cable actuator to a hydraulic actuator
Method of thermally insulating coaxial pipes with a particulate insulating material
Apparatus for handling tobacco bags
Wood chip soaker
Pallet and pallet support thereof
Container assembly
Foldable water tank with shielded hinges
Cosmetic box for storing multiple cosmetic items
Structure of air-packing device
Thermal insulating container for a heat generating unit of a fuel cell system
Ventilated front-opening unified pod
Shock-absorbing protection cover for a portable product
Potpourri holder
Shuttle machine for machine tool
Conveyor belt scraper
Grabber for automatically grabbing packing units
Battery-changing vehicle with cantilevered boom
Medium feed control in an image forming apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for feeding print products in a conveyed flow to a processing device
Transport device for image recording apparatus and method of correcting transport speed in transport device for image recording apparatus
Continuous feeder for paper folding machine and paper folding machine incorporating the same
Brake structure for a main shaft of a direct drive torque motor
Saddle pad having integrated plate-shaped spring device for pressure distribution and stabilization
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing a glass substrate, glass substrate manufactured by the method, and magnetic recording medium using the glass substrate
Grinding method for inorganic particulate material
Textiles; Paper
Fire retardant compositions and methods and apparatuses for making the same
Fixed Constructions
Wheeled load transfer device
Water saving device for a toilet
Residential building complex
Process for producing sound absorber and produced by the process, sound absorber and sound absorbing structure
Rain screen system
Protective shelter
Door safety device
Universal impact-hinder device
Window glass down stop stabilizer for a vehicle door
Roller blind and assembly comprising a roller blind of this type and double glazing unit
Reamer with improved hydraulics for use in a wellbore
Rotary digging and compression enlarging driller and boring method
Method and apparatus for controlling elastomer swelling in downhole applications
Apparatus and method for a hydraulic diaphragm downhole mud motor
Distributed temperature sensing in deep water subsea tree completions
Dual functional components and associated methods
Fluid level sensor
Deep water drilling with casing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bicycle thermodynamic engine
Blade tip clearance system
Variable resonation chamber valve
Metering valve assembly and method for operating a metering valve assembly
Method for controlling catalyst and filter temperatures in regeneration of a catalytic diesel particulate filter
Turbochanger system for internal combustion engine comprising two compressor stages of the radial type provided with compressor wheels having backswept blades
High flow (delta P) differential pressure EGR system with provision for both flow control and OBD monitor
Low speed valveless horizontally opposed piston rotary internal combustion engine
Systems and methods for channeling steam into turbines
Systems and methods for generating electricity from carbonaceous material with substantially no carbon dioxide emissions
Device for fastening a sequentially operated burner in a gas turbine arrangement
Two piece cast ferrous crown piston for internal combustion engine
Combining a series of more efficient engines into a unit, or modular units
Clean air duct noise silencing
Self-modulated scroll compressor with optimized built-in volume ratio
Inflatable wind turbine blade and method for forming said rotor blade
Enhanced vortex engine
Electric compressor and electric motor with a housing having a circumferential wall with thick and thin portions
Fluorescent lamp, luminaire and method for manufacturing fluorescent lamp
Radial antifriction bearing, especially single-row grooved antifriction bearing
Thrust washer to take torque converter axial loading
Bicycle hub that will not produce noise
Bicycle hub that will not drive the pedal and will not produce noise when the hub is rotated in the backward direction
Actuator for a motor vehicle with a transmission
Geared, continuously variable speed transmission
Clutch assembly with restraining plate and method for assembling a clutch assembly
Engine piston with rolling element skirt
Coupler including electrical and pneumatic interfaces
Valve for inflatable objects
Single component two-stage regulator
Integral universal coupling assembly for a fluid distribution system and method of using the same
Wiring holding unit
Line holder in an aircraft
Device for axially connecting an external pipe section to a coaxial peg or an internal pipe section that engages in said section
Outdoor light apparatus and assembly
Light source unit
Emergency preparedness lamp
Multifunction lamp
Multiple optical assembly for a LED lighting device, and red lighting device comprising such an optical assembly
Luminescent glass
Secondary air flow biasing apparatus and method for circulating fluidized bed boiler systems
Solar and wind hybrid powered air-conditioning/refrigeration, space-heating, hot water supply and electricity generation system
Control system, integrated control apparatus, and control program
Apparatus and method for calculating aiming point information
Hydrogen generation apparatus for an underwater vehicle
Ink jet recording method
Passive, remote sensor
Sealed electrode assembly for fluid measurements
Sensor mount with self-tightening device
Sheet material identifying apparatus, sheet material treating apparatus and sheet material identifying method
Simplified oil sampling assembly
Multiple layer strain gauge
High shock test apparatus
Systems and methods for angular rate and position measurement
Method for connecting tab pattern and lead wire
Wind indicator having a resistive portion parallel to fluid flow
Mobile terminal apparatus and sliding cover device
Method of illuminating a projecting imager, corresponding system and projector
Physical realization of dynamic logic using parameterized tile partitioning
Internal memory type tamper resistant microprocessor with secret protection function
Device and method for processing broadcast program related information
Keyboard arrangement
Configuring software components(merge) with transformation component using configurable and non-configurable data elements
Code analysis for selective runtime data processing
Multi-language compilation
Method and apparatus for parsing and generating configuration commands for network devices using a grammar-based framework
Software-to-hardware compiler
Tracking format of registers having multiple content formats in binary translation
Multi-threading techniques for a processor utilizing a replay queue
System and method for implementing a client side HTTP stack
Methods and execution programs for reading and displaying a two-dimensional code
Three-dimensional periodic table
Reflecting device and application thereof in backlight unit for enhancing light directivity
Curved surface forming apparatus, optical scanning apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Terminal fitting
Connector terminal and connector with the connector terminal
Manufactured round plug connector for Ethernet
Grounding connector having a flat portion and a curved contacting portion with a protrusion for connecting two printed circuit boards
Board mounted electrical connector with reinforcing device
Electrical connector having improved contacts
Electrical connector and electrical connector assembly having heat-radiating structures
Socket member
Electronic device or power strip with active clamping
Card edge connector with an ejector retained at a side wall thereof
Cable assembly with latching mechanism
Socket connector with a cam
Electrical connector having ramp arranged in passageway lifting downward-tilted contact tip
Connector with a tubular shield with double left and right sides formed from a single metal plate
Electrical connector with aligning means and assembly combination thereof
Connector including media converter
Compact stacked card edge connector assembly
Compound connector plug
PE connection for plug connectors
Method for producing a stator assembly
Method of manufacturing circuit board
Backup communication modes
Apparatus and method for controlling a camera connected to a network
Positioning of an x-ray apparatus
Method of producing a wired circuit board
Interposer and electronic device fabrication method
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Navigation method and system for autonomous machines with markers defining the working area
Sound-actuated system for encouraging good personal hygiene in toilet facilities
Advanced floor mat
Image rotating device of stomatocamera
Pressure sensitive mat with breathing tube apparatus
Apparatus and method for measuring optical characteristics of an object
Storage case for an orthodontic retainer and the like
Magnetically-coupled implantable medical devices
Apparatus and method for electrically disposing of hypodermic needle
System and method for charging a capacitor using a constant frequency current waveform
Safety system for vehicles
Image generation device and information storage medium
Image processing system
Detecting physical objects states using electromagnetic sensors
Performing Operations; Transporting
Force reflecting haptic interface
Filling level measuring device operating with microwaves, having an insert composed of a dielectric, and process for producing the dielectric
Synchronous control device
Buckle resistant thermal bend actuators
Current supply control method for line thermal head
Image forming apparatus and image forming method for improved gradation reproduction
System for rupturing microcapsules filled with a dye
Adjustable voltage finger driver
Diffractive surface pattern
Method and apparatus for identifying remote sending units in a tire pressure monitor system of a vehicle using secondary modulation of wheel rotation
Motor-controlling circuit for an optical-axis-adjusting unit of a vehicle illuminating device
Lighting system for vehicle
Single wire automotive external lighting system
Device and system for indicating rapid deceleration in vehicles
Display having a transilluminable display panel
Antenna arrangement in motor vehicles
Method of assembling a monitor on a brake actuator
Railways means anti-collision and anti-derailment safety system
Method and apparatus for position and attitude control of a satellite
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nonlinear optical borates materials useful for optical frequency conversion
Optical fiber splicing structure
Method for making marks in a transparent material by using a laser
Phosphor composition comprising an amide group-containing or urethane group-containing organic binder
Low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Liquid crystal composition, liquid crystal device, driving method thereof and liquid crystal apparatus
Electrochromic system with coupled RED-OX system and special anions
Fixed Constructions
Security spacer member for a window
Movable barrier operator
Power window device
Boring tool tracking system and method using magnetic locating signal and wire-in-pipe data
Method for logging and determining wellbore diameter by processing of progressive subsurface electromagnetic resistivity measurements
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Exhaust gas recirculation sensor
Ignition coil
Displacement sensors for servo-control actuators
Diffused light controlling optical sheet, back light device and liquid crystal display apparatus
Method of reducing backscatter through object shaping using the calculus of variations
Apparatus for analyzing multi-layer thin film stacks on semiconductors
Method and apparatus for examining test pieces
Reflectance method for evaluating the surface characteristics of opaque materials
Magnetic rotational position sensor having a peripherally interrupted outer pole piece
Method and apparatus for accurately compensating both long and short term fluctuations in the refractive index of air in an interferometer
Self calibrating scanner for scanning an image via multiple swaths
System for position and orientation determination of a point in space using scanning laser beams
Vehicle navigation system with removable positioning receiver
Wavelength measuring system
Tire Inspecting method and apparatus
Particle size analyzer based on laser diffraction method
Surface plasmon sensor for analyzing liquid sample or humid atmosphere
Surface plasmon sensor obtaining total reflection break angle based on difference from critical angle
Methods for assessing visual tasks to establish desirable lighting and viewing conditions for performance of tasks, apparatus; and, applications
Method and apparatus for applying microwaves to measure the moisture content of material
Conductivity sensor
Scanning depletion microscopy for carrier profiling
Tachogenerator for detecting the rotational speed of a rotating machine part
Test system having alignment member for aligning semiconductor components
Enhanced probe device for use in high density applications
Securement of test points in a test head
Bridge circuit for detector
Accurate battery current measurement system for a battery care unit
Single phase bi-directional electrical measurement systems and methods using ADCs
Input buffer circuit having function for detecting cable connection
Detection of bridge tap using frequency domain analysis
Apparatus for electrical testing of a substrate having a plurality of terminals
Semiconductor device testing apparatus and its calibration method
Method and apparatus for stress testing a semiconductor device using laser-induced circuit excitation
Suppressing interference in AC measurements of cells, batteries and other electrical elements
Circuit for monitoring cells of a multi-cell battery during charge
Spatially integrating fluxgate manetometer having a flexible magnetic core
Two port self-calibration for an N-port network analyzer
Integrated inertial/GPS navigation system
Method for determining reference time error and an electronic device
System for A multi-purpose portable imaging device and methods for using same
Doppler-based traffic radar system
Three-dimensional channel sounder for DTV receivers
Beam alignment system and method for an antenna
Method and apparatus for time-free processing of GPS signals
Method of locating an interfering transmitter for a satellite telecommunications system
System architecture and method for operating a medical diagnostic ultrasound system
Sensor, a method and a system for remote detection of objects
Zoom projection lens having a lens correction unit
Two stage optical system for head mounted display
Adjustable magnifying apparatus and method for viewing video or computer screens
Image display device
Head mounted display and optical system for use in HMD
Hologram-type polarized-light splitting element
Multiple viewer headset display apparatus and method with second person icon display
Process of preparing a multilayer cholesteric film I
Polarizing filter and its manufacturing method
Optical wavelength multiplex transmission method and optical dispersion compensation method
Apparatus and method for isolating a trigger circuit of a silicon-controlled rectifier
Movement correcting apparatus with shiftable image read-out area
Faraday rotation angle varying device
Color filters, sequencers and displays using color selective light modulators
Optically compensatory film, optically compensatory polarizing plate and liquid-crystal display device
Flat-panel display device in which an edge of the light guide plate is slanted to provide a vacancy in which to dispose circuitry
Liquid crystal device having spacers and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device with wide viewing angle characteristics
Active matrix display device
Liquid crystal panel and display including dichroic dye for absorbing yellow component of incident light
Liquid crystal display with internal polarizer and method of making same
Liquid crystal display unit with conductive light-shielding member having substantially the same potential as common electrode
Liquid crystal display device in which light transmitting portion is on the opposite substrate
Liquid crystal display device
System and method for efficient illumination in color projection displays
Liquid crystal display apparatus and method for lighting backlight thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Method for fabricating a liquid crystal cell
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display panel
Laser optical system
Method and apparatus for ordering photographic prints and printing apparatus for producing the same
Processing fluid spread system for an electronic photographic printer and camera and related method thereof
Rear projection screen using internal reflection
System and method for dynamically synchronizing an integral digital soundtrack with a sequence of images in motion picture media
Antistatic conductive pin mounting apparatus for a photomask
Stage device and exposure apparatus
Alignment device and lithographic apparatus comprising such a device
Method and apparatus for controlling optical-parameters in a stepper
Phase type computer hologram and optical instrument
Digitally-controlled AC voltage stabilizer
Multi-mode current-to-voltage converter
Folded PTAT current sourcing
Radio control device
Clock generation circuit generating internal clock of small variation in phase difference from external clock, and semiconductor memory device including such clock generation circuit
Image pick-up device mounting arrangement
Method and system for supporting a cathode ray tube display
Method and apparatus for displaying video data
Systems, methods and computer program products for identifying computer file characteristics that can hinder display via hand-held computing devices
Method and apparatus for placing output signals having different voltage levels on output pins of a programmable logic device
Method and apparatus for simultaneous construction of multiple data objects for image transfer
Method and system for adding application defined properties and application defined property sheet pages
User interface methodology for microprocessor device having limited user input
Integrated cordless mouse and laser pointer
Electronic equipment having input device that permits operations, including positional control in moving cursor and scrolling of document on screen
Computer input device having six degrees of freedom for controlling movement of a three-dimensional object
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Multifunction input device
Coordinate input device
Touch controlled device with pressure sensing electronic input pen
Engonomic mouse apparatus
Mouse with cushioning pads
Method and system of user interface for a computer
Single logical screen in X windows with direct hardware access to the frame buffer for 3D rendering
Background image display control system used in chat system
Hybrid product term and look-up table-based programmable logic device with improved speed and area efficiency
Programmable I/O cells with multiple drivers
Print layout device, print layout method, and storage medium
Charging system and charging method for use of battery power
Paperless accounting system for creating accurate electronic slips at high speed and including approval settlement
Pixel clustering for improved graphics throughput
Color modification on a digital nonlinear editing system
Method of visualization and graphical analysis for multidimensional functions
System and method for utilizing thresholds during a dynamic display of data relationships between static charts
Processor for geometry transformations and lighting calculations
Method and apparatus for lighting module in a graphics processor
Graphics system with programmable sample positions
Method and system for providing texture using a selected portion of a texture map
Depth painting for 3-D rendering applications
Device and method for blending true colors and fog colors to generate display colors
Region based moving image editing system and method
Apparatus and method for forming image with high image resolution from images having various dot densities
Picture size conversion method and device thereof
Information extraction apparatus and method
Maintenance/inspection support apparatus and entry/exit management apparatus
Short range wireless communication using on-board apparatus
Voice-controlled burglarproof device
System and method for identifying unsafe temperature conditions
Life safety system with energy saving visual alarm appliance and method
Motor vehicle detector
Automotive vehicle classification and identification by inductive signature
Permanent in-pavement roadway traffic sensor system
Driver's emergency alert system
Braille computer monitor
Deflection apparatus and control method thereof
Display panel test device
Light modulating devices
Method of driving a plasma screen
Method of driving plasma display panel
Display driving method and apparatus
Analog active matrix emissive display
Apparatus for producing uniform luminance in a flat-panel display backlight
Liquid crystal device and method of addressing liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal display device having a wide dynamic range driver
Apparatus and methods for low-power driving of a liquid crystal display device
Flat-panel display device, array substrate, and method for driving flat-panel display device
Switchable display devices
Multisync display device and driver
Affinitive placement by proximity in a computer-implemented graphics system
Color balancing a multicolor display
Image downscaling using peripheral vision area localization
Method and apparatus for image display processing that reduces CPU image scaling processing
Machine for automated generation of movement of chimes
Method and apparatus for generating low-noise current for MR heads
High rate runlength limited codes for 10-bit ECC symbols
Control circuit for a hard disk drive head
Semiconductor device capable of adjusting an internal power supply potential in a wide range
High voltage sense circuit for programming of programmable devices
Antifuse reroute of dies
Circuit technique for high speed low power data transfer bus
Linearized digital phase-locked loop method
Method for fabrication of high inductance inductors and related structure
Three-dimensional coil inductor
Planar magnetic device without center core leg
Superconducting conductor system
Thermostat with spring clip for accommodating out-of-round tubing
Electric contactor housing
Push-button switch with overload protection and automatic reset
Field emission cold-cathode device
Titanium silicide nitride emitters and method
Protective device for a tube on a plasma display panel
Front panel board for plasma display
Low pressure gas discharge switch
Display device and driving method thereof
Surface discharge plasma display panel having two-dimensional black stripes of specific size and shape
Broadband, inverted slot mode, coupled cavity circuit
Method of preventing junction leakage in field emission devices
Shadow mask/frame assembly for color cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube having improved main lens
Cathode ray tube glass panel
Field emission display devices with reflectors, and methods of forming field emission display devices with reflectors
Matrix-addressable display with minimum column-row overlap and maximum metal line-width
Cathode-ray tube and method of manufacturing the same
Immersed inductively--coupled plasma source
Apparatus and method for forming a high pressure plasma discharge column
Cold electrode for gas discharges
Gas discharge lamp having ferroelectric ceramic electrodes
Fluorescent lamp with auxiliary amalgam secured to single lead wire
Low-voltage cathode for scrubbing cathodoluminescent layers for field emission displays and method
Device and method for limiting the extent to which circuits in integrated circuit dice electrically load bond pads and other circuit nodes in the dice
Transition between asymmetric stripline and microstrip in cavity
Low cost, large scale RF hybrid package for simple assembly onto mixed signal printed wiring boards
Communication device with configurable module interface
Load drive circuit for an electric load
Sense amplifier configuration having a field-effect transistor having a short channel length and an adjustable threshold voltage
Data transmitter/receiver
Piezoelectric transformer with patterns for recognizing node point
Vapochromic photodiode
Circular polarizer having two waveguides formed with coaxial structure
Antennas and feed support structures having wave-guides configured to position the electronics of the antenna in a compact form
Nonreciprocal circuit device with an insulating adhesive tape on the yoke
In-glass antenna element matching
Integrated antenna ground plate and EMC shield structure
Transceiver including antenna apparatus which is compactly accommodated in body of transceiver
Compact dual diversity antenna for RF data and wireless communication devices
Dual band bowtie/meander antenna
Tensioned cord/tie-attachment of antenna reflector to inflatable radial truss support structure
Electrical connector incorporating antenna
Reflector antenna with a stator portion and a rotor portion rotatable relative to the stator
Control device for the formation of several simultaneous radar reception beams for an electronic scanning antenna
Monopole antenna for array applications
Optically controlled RF MEMS switch array for reconfigurable broadband reflective antennas
Feedthrough lens antenna and associated methods
Optical waveguide amplifier optical service channel accessor device and method of making
Stack pumped vanadate amplifier
Optical amplifiers with dispersion compensation
Raman fiber amplifier
WDM optical communication system using co-propagating Raman amplification
Arc fault circuit breaker apparatus and related methods
Combination holder and battery charger
Method of and apparatus for implementing capacity adjustment in battery pack
Vehicle battery condition monitoring system
DC-to-DC converter
High speed reference buffer
Integrated bridge inverter circuit for discharge lighting
Method of controlling an induction generator
Apparatus and method to generate braking torque in an AC drive
Wide-band/multi-band voltage controlled oscillator
Phase shifter using sine and cosine weighting functions
Multiple-voltage supply power amplifier with dynamic headroom control
Distortion-compensated amplifier device
Amplifier with bias compensation using a current mirror circuit
Controller for RF power generator with reduced cable length sensitivity
High-frequency amplifier circuit with negative impedance cancellation
High output voltage swing class AB operational amplifier output stage
Switched-capacitor, fully-differential operational amplifier with high switching frequency
Linear power control loop
Automatic gain control system and related method
Delta filter with an adaptive time window for protective relays
Circuit for automatically tuning filter circuits over process, voltage, and temperature
Adaptive radio transceiver with low noise amplification
LC filter with a coupling capacitor formed by shared first and second capacitor patterns
Receiver impedance calibration arrangements in full duplex communication systems
Longitudinally-coupled saw filter with enhanced frequency selectivity
Micro electromechanical isolator
Resistively-loaded current-mode output buffer with slew rate control
Power-on circuit and resetting method
Low-power data serializer
Semiconductor device without limitation on insert orientation on board
Interface circuit for mixed voltage I/O buffer to provide gate oxide protection
Floor plan for scalable multiple level tab oriented interconnect architecture
Programmable logic device with hierarchical interconnection resources
CMOS voltage shifter
Single event upset hardened latch circuit
High speed latch and flip-flop
Method and apparatus for identifying a waveform period
Automatic duty cycle controller for ultra high speed digital multiplexer
Method and apparatus for obtaining linear code-delay response from area-efficient delay cells
Internal clock generator generating an internal clock signal having a phase difference with respect to an external clock signal
Programmable differential delay circuit with fine delay adjustment
Noise reduction circuits
Comparator circuits
Output driver with DLL control of output driver strength
Loop filter
Adaptive frequency-hopping oscillators
Frequency synthesizer using a ratio sum topology
Voltage level detection circuit and voltage level detection method
Track/attenuate circuit and method for switched current source DAC
System and apparatus for digitally calibrating capacitors in an analog-to-digital converter using successive approximation
Method and apparatus for increasing the number of keys of a key-matrix
Highly-efficient compression data format
Free space light multibeam network bridge apparatus and methods
Opto-electronic devices for processing and transmitting RF signals based on brillouin selective sideband amplification
Optical amplifier control system
Method of equalizing gain utilizing asymmetrical loss-wavelength characteristics and optical amplifying apparatus using same
Reconfigurable automatic gain control and method for optical amplifier
Variable delay device for an optical component such as a polarization mode dispersion compensator
Method and an apparatus for amplitude equalization of a plurality of optical signals
Optical communication system and method of controlling optical communication system
Power line communication system using anti-resonance isolation and virtual earth ground signaling
Low-latency high-bandwidth TDM-WDM network area network architecture
Hierarchical multiplexer for analog array readout
Arrangement for displaying the signal statuses of a QAM-modulated signal
Broadband communication system for efficiently transmitting broadband signals
Network facsimile apparatus capable of relaying E-mail to facsimile machine
Slope control device for an electric data transmission system
Color image scanning method of a color image scanner
Integrated automatic document feeder and active transparency adapter
Communication apparatus
Facsimile telecommunications system and method
Image processor
Teleconferencing and facsimile communications system and method
Stereoscopic CG image generating apparatus and stereoscopic TV apparatus
CMOS sensor camera with on-chip image compression
Modulation of pilot tone amplitude in DTV broadcast for faster channel acquisition
Solid-state image pickup device with a separable circuit board
Image display processing apparatus and method for converting an image signal from an interlaced system to a progressive system
On screen display processor
Locking structure for picture tube and front frame body
Image transmission apparatus and method and image transmission system
Three-color imaging on each pixel for increased resolution
Tracking cathode ray tube circuit having a modulator demodulator
Asynchronous transfer mode switch utilizing optical wave division multiplexing
Methods and systems for monitoring lighting control and indicating failure
Push-pull based voltage-clamping electronic ballast
Circuit arrangement
Device for RF control
Method and apparatus for implementing a highly robust, fast, and economical five load bus topology based on bit mirroring and a well terminated transmission environment
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