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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Soybean cultivar BA947474
Ethylene insensitive plants
.DELTA.4-desaturase genes and uses thereof
Compounds and methods for controlling fungi, bacteria and insects
Method for preventing damage to or rejuvenating a cellular blood component using mitochondrial enhancer
System and method for production of exact weight ground meat
Phytase enzymes, nucleic acid sequences encoding phytase enzymes and vectors and host cells incorporating same
Pyramid easel
Minimally invasive reamer
Method and apparatus for tubal occlusion
Laser system and method for treatment of biological tissues
Electrical discharge devices and techniques for medical procedures
Defect correction based on "virtual" lenslets
Method and apparatus for three dimensionally displaying eyeground and measuring coordinates thereof
Dot radial ringed placido
Device for measuring optical characteristic of eye
Density/solute monitor of multi-modalities and signal processing scheme
Pants-type disposable wearing article
Gastrointestinal sleeve device and methods for treatment of morbid obesity
Intravascular stent grafts and methods for deploying the same
Accommodating lens assembly
Back support for placing the back of a user in traction
Control of airflow to an inflatable thermal device
Exerciser device for lower legs
Methods to reduce the sensitivity of endothelially-compromised vascular smooth muscle
Process for the production of glycine enriched NaCI crystals with improved flow
Method for the synthesis of perindopril and the pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
Pyrrolidinedione substituted piperidine-phthalazones as PDE4 inhibitors
Monocyclic substituted phenyl methanones
Pharmaceutical and diagnostic compositions containing nanoparticles useful for treating targeted tissues and cells
Dried blood factor composition comprising trehalose
Interleukin-18 binding proteins, their preparation and use
Integrin-mediated drug targeting
Exendin agonist peptides
Self-assembling recombinant papillomavirus capsid proteins
Hepatitis C virus-derived peptides capable of inducing cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses
Monoclonal antibodies to hepatocyte growth factor
Method of preparing an undifferentiated cell
Methods of inducing mucosal immunity
Peptide-based conditioners and colorants for hair, skin, and nails
Alpha or beta emitters attached to fragments in radioimmunotherapy
Absorbing agents and cover layer which is impermeable to active substances and which contains channel-formers or removable protective layer of a transdermal therapeutic system
Urine receiver and urine collection processing system implementing urine receiver
Gas inflation/evacuation system and sealing system incorporating a compression sealing mechanism for guidewire assembly having occlusive device
Methods and apparatus for intraluminal deposition of hydrogels
Gastrojejunal feeding tube
Inflatable dual balloon catheter
Method for eliminating HIV in human blood and a device for treating AIDS with non-pharmacotherapy
Enzyme containing oral composition having enhanced stability
Bicycle treadmill having automatic speed and resistance adjustments
Golf products and packaging for golf products with color traveling coating
Pitching practice target
Golf glove for promoting swing accuracy
Snowboard back foot support apparatus
Cartridge radius surface
Board games with player-wearable costume components
Spelling games
Apparatus for displaying musical information without overlap
String-instrument type electronic musical instrument
Performing Operations; Transporting
Microchannel with internal fin support for catalyst or sorption medium
Methods for the production of ammonia from urea and/or biuret, and uses for NO.sub.x and/or particulate matter removal
UV photochemical option for closed cycle decomposition of hydrogen sulfide
Tethered polymer ligands
Mesoporous carbon molecular sieve and supported catalyst employing the same
Catalyst incorporation in a microreactor
Catalyst and process for selective hydrogenation
System for hydrogen generation
Micro-channel chemical concentrator
Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Production method of high strength polycrystalline ceramic spheres
Thin film forming method, optical film, polarizing film and image display method
Power drill attachment and method for using the attachment
Laser beam machine
System for welding with multiple arcs
Cart for die transportation
Methods and apparatus for electromechanically and/or electrochemically-mechanically removing conductive material from a microelectronic substrate
Eyeglass lens processing apparatus
Advanced finishing control
Gauge distribution apparatus for plastic film
Lead-free solder, and a lead-free joint
Fibrous web and a method for manufacturing a shaped article by impregnating said web with a liquid resin and a hardener therefor
Method of applying a laser beam around the circumference of a catheter
Device for connecting a multilayered web by ultrasound
Electrical cable
Multilayer body with a layer having at least one laser-sensitive material
Microporous breathable elastic films, methods of making same, and limited use or disposable product applications
In line faced marine insulation, and method of production
Fine forging method, manufacturing method of liquid ejection head, and liquid ejection head
Ink cartridge for ink-jet printer
Measurement of fluid continuity in a fluid carrying member
Printing apparatus, liquid ejecting apparatus, method of adjusting positions of liquid droplet marks, and liquid ejecting system
Ink jet head substrate having heat generating resistor and ink jet head and recording method using same
Print apparatus, method of controlling same and therefor
Slide-type writing instrument with a dry prevention unit
Planarization with reduced dishing
Isolation assembly for a vehicle suspension component
Front suspension device for automotive vehicle
Vehicle enclosure
Touch-sensitive model train controls
System and method for protecting multiplexed elements sharing a single electrical line
Hybrid drive system and method for adjusting a hybrid drive system
Removable box tarpaulin for a vehicle
Device for determining kind of load on seat, seat, and bio-signal detector
Roll-cage assembly and a motor vehicle incorporating same
Seat belt pretensioner
Power window system for vehicle
Lock release operator layout structure in vehicle
Flexible travel bag with integrated support to protect bag from wear
Steering column having variable impact-absorbing structure
Tracked drive device
Winker apparatus
Francis wheel and hydraulic machine comprising one such wheel
Integrated engine-jet pump drive unit for marine application
Outboard motor steering control system
Guidance system for radio-controlled aircraft
Rising and moving apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Method for deploying multiple spacecraft
Transfer device for cylindrical stacks of products arranged on an edge
Sheet-processing machine with a pneumatic sheet-guiding device
Valve system for the count roll of an interfolding machine
Apparatus for signaling rotation of a winch to an operator thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and system for the controlled release of chlorine dioxide gas
Amino acid derived prodrugs of propofol, compositions and uses thereof
Bronsted acidic room temperature ionic liquids each having a N-protonated lactam cation and method for preparing the same
Imidazolic compounds and use thereof as alpha-2-adrenergic receptors
Conversion of taxane molecules
Hydrolytic kinetic resolution of cyclic substrates
Camptothecin analogs and methods of preparation thereof
Aminoglycosides as antibiotics
DNA polymorphisms in sterol regulator element binding proteins
Inhibition of chronic myelogenous leukemic cell growth by liposomal-antisense oligodeoxy-nucleotides targeting to Grb2 or Crk1
Antibodies that specifically bind hedgehog-derived polypeptides
Optical material containing fluorine-containing polymer having functional group
Thiol compound, copolymer and method for producing the copolymer
Biologically absorbable coatings for implantable devices based on poly(ester amides) and methods for fabricating the same
Noncovalent functionalization of nanotubes
Water resistant permanent antistatic thermoplastic composition
Method of producing copolymer latex using for aqueous paint
Conductive resin composition and process for producing the same
Phase change inks containing bis(urea-urethane) compounds
Temporary aqueous aerosol paint composition and method for preparing the composition
Method and composition for using organic, plant-derived, oil-extracted materials in diesel fuel additives for reduced emissions
Low amounts of high molecular weight polymers for enhancing viscosity of aqueous/aqueous biphasic liquids
Proteases from gram-positive organisms
Hyphen-specific factors from Candida albicans
"Methods of using leci transcriptional activator nucleic acids"
Nucleic acids encoding the PRO1561 polypeptide
Liver tumor marker sequences
Coronavirus isolated from humans
Method of altering levels of plasmids
Plasmids and methods for construction of non-redundant, indexed, saturation, gene-disruption plant and animal libraries
Modified AAV
Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor gene, sppr
Pseudomonas avr and hop proteins, their encoding nucleic acids, and use thereof
Subtilisin variants
Protein kinase B/Akt modulators and methods for the use thereof
Practical in vitro sialylation of recombinant glycoproteins
Human E3.alpha. ubiquitin ligase family
Thermal synthesis production of steel
Cemented carbide and method of making the same
Apparatus and processes for the mass production of photovoltaic modules
Electroless plating baths for high aspect features
Methods for treating semiconductor substrates
Fixed Constructions
Latch apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vibration reduction system for a wind turbine
Hydraulic pump
Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle
Brake system for a vehicle driven by at least one hydraulic motor fed in a closed circuit
Shock absorber
Multiple speed automatic transmission for a vehicle
Electrically variable transmission arrangement with spaced-apart simple planetary gear sets
Electrically variable transmission with selective fixed ratio operation
Infinitely variable power branching transmission with two operating modes
Chain drive for an internal combustion engine
Pump cylinder seal
Quick mounting system for emergency lighting device
Marine LED lighting system and method
Compact, high-efficiency illumination system for video-imaging devices
LED light engine for backlighting a liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display and backlight module thereof
Marine craft and apparatus including electroluminescent auxiliary illumination
Method in salient-pole permanent magnet synchronous machine
Electro-optical element and method for manufacturing thereof, optical module and method for driving thereof
Mask blanks inspection tool
Buffy coat separator float system and method
Solid-state electrochemical NO.sub.x sensors
Film based addressable programmable electronic matrix articles and methods of manufacturing and using the same
Bifunctional molecules and their use in the disruption of protein-protein interactions
Measuring devices
Fuse sense circuit
Method and apparatus for measuring charge pump output current
Switched measuring system and method for measuring radiant signals
Bar code interrogation system
Apparatus with storage for measuring stray currents from subway rails and power lines
Enhanced subsurface membrane interface probe (MIP)
Self-aligning docking system for electronic device testing
Vacuum prober and vacuum probe method
Probe holder for testing of a test device
Guarded tub enclosure
Device and method for testing electronic components
Magnetic flow sensor comprising a magnetic field conductor and a hole diaphragm
Multi-channel radiometer imaging system
Method and apparatus for detection of radioactive material
Photosensitive composition and color filter
Vertical cable management system with ribcage structure
Cable splice protector
Optical transceiver module
Eyeglass with MP3 player
Color separation and synthesis systems, color separation systems and color synthesis systems, illumination optical systems, projection optical systems, and projection display devices using these systems
Outer suspension type lens shielding mask for projection apparatus
Method and apparatus for increasing effective contrast ratio and brightness yields for digital light valve image projectors
Projection type video display apparatus
Image-projecting apparatus
Marking and authenticating articles
Photosensitive resin composition, photosensitive element using the same, method for producing resist pattern, and method for producing printed wiring board
Resist for electron beam lithography and a process for producing photomasks using electron beam lithography
Robot hand
Switching regulator and method for changing output voltages thereof
Method for regulating the time constant matching in DC/DC converters
Integrated circuit device having clock signal output circuit
Optical displacement sensor and external force detecting device
Educational mathematics game
Staggered keyboard for a portable device
Aligning and mixing songs of arbitrary genres
Management technique of friction coefficient based on surface roughness, substrate for information recording medium, information recording medium and manufacture method thereof
Aligned fine particles, method for producing the same and device using the same
Cable with offset filler
Method for tuning an embedded capacitor in a multilayer circuit board
Inputting apparatus
Light emitting device
Method for manufacturing display device and manufacturing apparatus
Liquid crystal display panel and fabricating method thereof
Alternative method used to package multimedia card by transfer molding
Methods for epoxy loc die attachment
Magnetic tunnel junction sensor method
Method and apparatus for repairing shape, and method for manufacturing semiconductor device using those
Self aligned memory element and wordline
Surface planarization of thin silicon films during and after processing by the sequential lateral solidification method
Semiconductor wafer and semiconductor device provided with columnar electrodes and methods of producing the wafer and device
Pattern and fabricating method therefor, device and fabricating method therefor, electro-optical apparatus, electronic apparatus, and method for fabricating active matrix substrate
WAT process to avoid wiring defects
Method for depositing porous films
Fully silicided field effect transistors
Sidewall spacer for semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method of forming a semiconductor device and an optical device and structure thereof
Copper alloys for interconnections having improved electromigration characteristics and methods of making same
Process of cutting electronic package
Organometallic precursors for the chemical phase deposition of metal films in interconnect applications
Method of manufacturing a Schottky barrier rectifier
Roll-off reducing agent
Fabrication method for semiconductor structure in a substrate, the semiconductor structure having at least two regions that are to be patterned differently
Interconnection element for BGA housings and method for producing the same
Method of patterning a porous dielectric material
Method for attaching a semiconductor die to a substrate and heat spreader
Method for manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Strained semiconductor by wafer bonding with misorientation
Method of manufacturing an integrated circuit with multilength power transistor elements
Method for fabricating semiconductor device having high withstand voltage transistor
Method for making a semiconductor device with a metal gate electrode that is formed on an annealed high-k gate dielectric layer
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with offset sidewall structure
System to control effective series resistance of power delivery circuit
Substrate having a functionally gradient coefficient of thermal expansion
Integrated device and electronic system
Composite alignment mark scheme for multi-layers in lithography
Delay value adjusting method and semiconductor integrated circuit
Transistor having dielectric stressor elements for applying in-plane shear stress
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Luminescent device and process of manufacturing the same
Method of manufacturing group III nitride substrate and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with memory function and method of manufacture
Memory utilizing oxide-conductor nanolaminates
Bitline direction shielding to avoid cross coupling between adjacent cells for NAND flash memory
Method to construct a self aligned recess gate for DRAM access devices
GeSOI transistor with low junction current and low junction capacitance and method for making the same
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Precision floating gate reference temperature coefficient compensation circuit and method
Method for operating a fuel cell in the minimal-or partial-load region
Semiconductor switching circuit for switching the paths of a high frequency signal in a mobile communications unit
Tilted land grid array package and socket, systems, and methods
Electromechanical device having a plurality of bundles of fibers for interconnecting two planar surfaces
Multimedia outlet box
Overlay to permit delivery of telephony and mission-critical data services to hospital-wide points of care
Compact electric plug and socket combinations
Electric supply device for slide structure
Contact for a portable electronic device
Clip-on electrical conduit connector
Battery charger with protection circuitry
Electric appliance with terminal
Armature and method for manufacturing armature
Inverter control device
On-chip termination with calibrated driver strength
Discharge lamp stabilization system
Parallel arrangement for saw oscillator components
Self-bias and digitally tunable conduction angle circuits for a differential RF non-linear power amplifier employing low-voltage transistors
Self-oscillating switching amplifier
Differential amplifier circuit
Method and apparatus for low-frequency bypass in broadband RF circuitry
Amplifying apparatus with automatic level controller
Narrow bandpass filter installed on a circuit board for suppressing a high-frequency harmonic wave
Logic circuitry
Method and apparatus for memory block initialization
Analog buffers composed of thin film transistors
Low-power low-voltage multi-level variable-resistor line driver
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus
Duty cycle corrector
Circuit and method for storing data in operational, diagnostic and sleep modes
Fast-locking digital phase locked loop
Pipe heater
Organic light emitting diode display device and method of manufacturing the same
Circuit for operating high-pressure discharge lamps
Method and electrode assembly for non-equilibrium plasma treatment
Receiving slot frame with fan
Remote control unit storage device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cereal bar having a cereal piece included thereon
Woven jeans
Sun visor for lady
Fingerprint shoe sole
Shoe sole
Shoe bottom
Slider for belt adjustor
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of shoe upper
Footwear upper portion
Set of raised corner pockets for luggage
Suitcase with frontal lock assembly
Pill caddy
Music player case
Portable compact disc player case
Carrying case for a camcorder and accessories
Wallet for compact discs
Pouch for use on the wrist or ankle
Control panel
Top rail corner piece
Suitcase handle
Golf bag double strap
Protective corner strip for a suitcase
Baseball bat shaped hairbrush
Toothbrush head with stepped bristle array
Rotatable head toothbrush
Toothbrush for cleaning dentures
Vehicle seat
Collapsible swivel chair with arms
Seating device
Childs play chair
Support for sanitary goods
Towel rack with cabinet
Machinery cabinet
Spacesaver cabinet
Stackable cooling rack
Product merchandizing cooler and stand
Skate wheel display/holder
Refrigerated display cooler
Screen unit
Arched furniture
Chair seat
Slotted seat panel for a chair
Hammock frame
Mobile adapted to display multiple photographs vertically and/or horizontally off a metal arc armature
Screen frame
Shutter blind
Rectangular doormat
Handled drinking cup for children
Beverage container lid
Water jug
Ice cream container and saucer
Table grill
Ear corn cooker
Stew pot
Handle with end caps for cooking utensils
Barbecue grill and cart assembly
Modular grate arrangement for a gas cooking appliance
Quick assembly barbecue grill and cart combination
Power driven carving knife
Flat edge scoop
Can opener
Electrically heated ice cream scoop
Plunger for a teapot
Drilling hammer
Hedge trimmer
Framing hammer head
Hand tool
Combined box cutter and scissors
Cloth cutting apparatus
Scissors with locking handle
Pneumatic tool
Hose reel carrier
Universal cluster tie down strap
Caster with brake
Combination tool
Augustus door handle
Combination cable lock
Shot gun cartridge design wheel fastener
Dual pocket package for dispensing sheets
Container with thumb access
Container with pump
Combined bottle and cap
Compressed fabric article package having a wedge shape
Shrink wrapped carton for electronic component
Skull box
Pantiliner package
Dairy closure
Pouring spout arrangement
Beverage can cap
Spray cap for aerosol container
Bottle neck adapter
Portion of a clock
Electrical receptacle adapter with timer
Golf ball gauge
Customizable growth chart
Casing of a device for the measurement of distances
Casing of a device for the measurement of distances
Casing of a device for the measurement of distances
Portable analyzation device
Measurement instrument
Weather monitor
Personal weighing scale
Jewelry setting
Bracelet ends
Jewlery design
Ornamental object
Diamond or precious stone
Jewelry stone
Invisible setting for gemstones and diamonds
Combined four stone round gemstone arrangement and setting
Bird feeder-planter
Window box
Wall plate having cable/network connector on end surface
Decorative ornament
Window box
Blade of oar
Pickup truck bed accessory mount
Decorative accessory for motorcycle side bags
Tread of a tire
Tire tread
Tire tread
Tread of a tire
Automobile tire
Shoulders of a tire
Tire tread
Sidewalls of a tire
Wide tire tread
Vehicle wheel
Surface configuration of radiator grill for a vehicle
Bullet design wheel fastener with slotted base
Racing car bumper with cavities
Automobile rearview mirror
Mirror mounting assembly
Bicycle holder for vehicles
Invertible license plate frame and mounting adapter
Vehicle wheel
Automobile wheel
Battery for a handsfree mobile phone
Battery charger
Portion of a battery pack
Housing for electrical connector
Trailer wiring harness
Hinged outlet cover
Bundling and protecting device for electrical wires or tubes
Outdoor stake with sockets
Rocker switch bezel
Power strip
Electronic device enclosure
Socket connector with pin and socket type aligners
Socket connector with central power sockets
Digital video disc player
Portable MP3 music player
Message recording and playback device
Server appliance bezel
Icon for a portion of a computer screen
Television console
Mobile phone
Adaptor for telephone
Portion of a television set
Trolling motor housing
Compressor for a vehicle air conditioner
Working vehicle for agriculture
Tooth cap for construction machinery
Hood for a front engine riding mower
Decorative shielding for combine harvester
Constant temperature wine cellar
Disposable glove dispenser
Tissue box cover with contoured faces
Tissue box cover with segmented faces
PVC leatherette tissue box cover
Toothbrush holder
Toilet paper roll dispenser
Articulated handle for dental implement
Waterless bath and flea repel brush
Human Necessities
Adaptive calibration pulsed oximetry method and device
Infrared ATR glucose measurement system having an ATR with mirrored ends
Diabetes management
Method and device for detecting fault of lead in electrocardiogram system
Systems and methods for conducting electrophysiological testing using high-voltage energy pulses to stun tissue
Method for determining the baroreflex latent period and baroreflex sensitivity
Uterine activity monitor and method of the same
Microwave discrimination between malignant and benign breast tumors
Tissue characterization based on impedance images and on impedance measurements
Spectral data classification of samples
Methods and apparatus for estimating cardiac motion using projection data
Cardiac monitoring device and a rate responsive pacemaker system
Cochlear implant electrode array
Device for guiding spots for acupuncture and stimulation methods thereof
Implantable lead with mechanical and electrical selectively operable electrodes
Rate adjustable drug delivery system
Selective dorsal column stimulation in SCS, using conditioning pulses
Bi-chamber cardiac pacing system employing unipolar left heart chamber lead in combination with bipolar right chamber lead
Method and apparatus for discriminating between electromagnetic interference signals and electromedical scanning signals, particularly of cardiological implants
Solid-state multiphasic defibrillation circuit
Alternative treatment of a nonsurgically treatable intracranial occlusion
Performing Operations; Transporting
System, method and computer program product for identifying chemical compounds having desired properties
Stir-friction hot working control system
Robot apparatus, body unit and coupling unit
Injection mold mounted process control and data acquisition apparatus
Method and device to control an engraving device
Printer with improved page feed
Method for inspecting the liquid discharge condition of liquid jet head, and apparatus for inspecting liquid discharge condition
Control strategy for an internal combustion engine in a hybrid vehicle
Roadway-powered electric vehicle system having automatic guidance and demand-based dispatch features
Military vehicle having cooperative control network with distributed I/O interfacing
Self-diagnostic system for conditioned maintenance of machines operating under intermittent load
Method and arrangement for controlling activation of restraining devices in a motor vehicle
Safety arrangement in a vehicle
Anti-lock brake control device
Method to improve the automotive stability control with electronic controlled CVT's
Methods and apparatus for locomotive consist determination
Beverage dispenser including an improved electronic control system
Textiles; Paper
Method and control arrangement for controlling sheet-making process
Fixed Constructions
Method for heating the paving screed of a road finisher and electrical heating means
Device and method for determining the position of a working part
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and arrangement for detecting a changing quantity for motor vehicles
Shift control method for automatic transmission
Control system for automatic vehicle transmissions
Three-dimensional shape measurement method and apparatus and computer program product
Signal handling device
Hazard detection for a travel plan
Dynamic attitude measurement sensor and method
Map database apparatus
GPS receiver with cross-track hold
Vehicle safety running apparatus
System and method for distributed navigation service
Method and system for computer-supported determination of a route from a starting point to a destination point
Method of navigation guidance for a distributed communications system having communications nodes
Route guiding apparatus and medium
Method for checking analog sensors
Interface including fluid flow measurement for use in determining an intention of, or an effect produced by, an animate object
Fraud detection through inference
Test data processing system
Torsional vibration measuring instrument and torsional vibration measuring method
Low voltage/low power temperature sensor
Photometer system for obtaining reliable data
Defect detection via acoustic analysis
Data processing system and method included within an oscilloscope for independently testing an input signal
Interface independent test system
Computer-implemented system and method for evaluating the diagnostic state of a component
Incipient leakage current fault detection apparatus and method
Diagnostic procedure for electrical appliances
Circuit and method to prevent inadvertent test mode entry
Scalable parallel test bus and testing method
Programming mode selection with JTAG circuits
Testing IO timing in a delay locked system using separate transmit and receive loops
Synchronous semiconductor memory device capable of reducing test cost and method of testing the same
Method for registering images of a subject with a magnetic resonance system and magnetic resonance system for the implementation of the method
Multi-port device analysis apparatus and method and calibration method thereof
Method and system of remote position reporting device
Method for determination of pay saturation from seismic data
Metal detector target identification using flash phase analysis
Semiconductor device fabrication using a photomask with assist features
Quasi-continuous wave lithography apparatus and method
Developing device and image forming apparatus having a restricted developer surface level feature
Toner supply device with rotatable agitating element
Toner loading system
Developing apparatus having magnetic lower limit domain between repulsion magnetic fields
Magnet roll having an anisotropic bonded magnet portion containing rare earth-iron-nitrogen magnet powder
Print system and a sheet-processing device suitable for such a print system
Programmable controller for sequentially controlling controlled machine
Sequence control circuit
Industrial plant asset management system: apparatus and method
Systems and methods for accessing data using a cyclic publish/subscribe scheme with report by exception
Systems, methods and computer program products for electronic trading of financial instruments
Method and apparatus for reactive and deliberative configuration management
Clock selection for processing audio data
Virtual system time management system utilizing a time storage area and time converting mechanism
Method and circuit for analysis of the operation of a microcontroller using signature analysis of data and instructions
Method of monitoring disturbances apt to occur at random or in bursts
Redundancy correction ROM
Rogue packet detection and correction method for data storage device
Data processing system and method for automatic recovery from an unsuccessful boot
Highly available cluster message passing facility
Data partitioning and duplication in a distributed data processing system
Fault-tolerant java virtual machine
Switching between active-replication and active-standby for data synchronization in virtual synchrony
System and method for automated testing of electronic devices
Graphical user interface for developing test cases using a test object library
Integrated circuit device and its control method
Computer memory management system
Moderately conservative, mostly copying 2 space garbage collector in the nursery of a generational memory manager
Method and apparatus for selecting functional space in a low pin count memory device
Partitioned cache and management method for selectively caching data by type
Cache allocation policy based on speculative request history
Method for instruction extensions for a tightly coupled speculative request unit
Method and apparatus for efficient clearing of memory
Efficient memory management for channel drivers in next generation I/O system
Method and apparatus for approximated least-recently-used algorithm memory replacement
Method and apparatus for managing a storage system using snapshot copy operations with snap groups
Detecting a no-tags-free condition in a computer system having multiple outstanding transactions
World wide web access for voice mail and page
System management mode circuits, systems and methods
Direct memory access controller and method therefor
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
System resource assignment for a hot inserted device
Method of data and interrupt posting for computer devices
Buffer assignment for bridges
Medication monitoring system and apparatus
Asynchronous connections with scattering page tables for transmitting data from a producer device to a consumer device over an IEEE 1394 serial data bus
System and method for selection and retrieval of diverse types of video data on a computer network
System for generating context-sensitive hierarchically ordered document service menus
Interconnected processing nodes configurable as at least one non-uniform memory access (NUMA) data processing system
System and method of computation in a programmable logic device using virtual instructions
Concurrent patch to logical partition manager of a logically partitioned system
System and method for high speed execution of Fast Fourier Transforms utilizing SIMD instructions on a general purpose processor
Apparatus for implementing inverse discrete cosine transform in digital image processing system
Variants on low-latency convolution-smooth updating of filter response using crossfades
Document management apparatus and method, a recording medium storing a document management program, and a recording medium storing a decision-making program
Method to automatically fill entry items of documents, recording medium and system thereof
Mechanism for sharing ancillary data between a family of related functions
Process and system for tracing documents in an interlocking computer system
Method and product for performing data transfer in a computer system
File data synchronization in two computer systems
Extension of data definition language (DDL) capabilities for relational databases for applications issuing DDL statements
Method of replicating data records
Generating and implementing indexes based on criteria set forth in queries
Computer network
Optimization of joined table expressions by extended access path selection
Method and apparatus for database fault tolerance with instant transaction replication using off-the-shelf database servers and low bandwidth networks
Apparatus, program product and method for estimating the number of keys within an index key range
Apparatus for and method of disambiguation of directory listing searches utilizing multiple selectable secondary search keys
Method and system for determining the lowest cost permutation for joining relational database tables
SQL-based data reduction techniques for delivering data to analytic tools
Efficient implementation of typed view hierarchies for ORDBMS
Search engine
Enhanced searching method and apparatus for variable bit chains
Scheduler for use in a scalable, distributed, asynchronous data collection mechanism
Method and system for partitioning data into subsets of related data
Method, system and computer program product for case and character-encoding insensitive searching of international databases
Method and apparatus for creating structure indexes for a data base extender
Object-oriented multimedia [data routing system] presentation control system
Framework for representation and manipulation of record oriented data
Hierarchical query syntax for inquiring and selecting among database objects
Method and apparatus for constructing and maintaining a user knowledge profile
Methods and apparatus for concurrent speech recognition, speaker segmentation and speaker classification
System for dynamically transcoding data transmitted between computers
System, method, and computer program product for customizing channels, content, and data for mobile devices
System and method for generating and transmitting a command in response to a request for additional data and data described in the request
Bidirectional socket stimulus interface for a logic simulator
Hardware design language for the design of integrated circuits
Efficient top-down characterization method
Method and apparatus for providing visibility and control over components within a programmable logic circuit for emulation purposes
Method of extracting layout parasitics for nets of an integrated circuit using a connectivity-based approach
Method and apparatus for optimized partitioning of finite state machines synthesized from hierarchical high-level descriptions
Method for determining a storage bandwidth optimized memory organization of an essentially digital device
Integrated circuit layout designing system and power source eliminating method to be employed in the same using arranging power blocks
Semiconductor device, semiconductor device design method, semiconductor device design method recording medium, and semiconductor device design support system
Medical system organized and operating to adjust for delays associated with patients proceeding through the system
Data processing of the maize prolifera genetic sequence
Method and system for authentication and single sign on using cryptographically assured cookies in a distributed computer environment
Web site response measurement tool
Method for maximizing buffer usage on a disk drive
Single-cycle variable period buffer manager for disk controllers
Persistent volume mount points
Disk array controller, and components thereof, for use with ATA disk drives
System and method for a universal output driver
System and method for displaying data items in a ticker display pane on a client computer
Buffer memory configuration having a memory between a USB and a CPU
Method and system for a speedup of a bit multiplier
System for creating high and low speed non-algorithmic random numbers for encryption/decryption
Method and system for capturing and encoding full-screen video graphics
Dynamic error lookup handler hierarchy
Method and system for a modular scalability system
Static branch predictor using opcode of instruction preceding conditional branch
Processor performing parallel operations subject to operand register interference using operand history storage
Method and apparatus for performing prefetching at the function level
Method and system for super-fast updating and reading of content addressable memory with a bypass circuit
Flow chart-based programming method and system for object-oriented languages
Delta model processing logic representation and execution system
Method and system for automated distribution of software
System and method for detecting and reordering loading patterns
Data processor having BIOS packing compression/decompression architecture
Method and apparatus for managing boot images in a distributed data processing system
Method and apparatus for producing a sparse interference graph
Register control apparatus and method thereof for allocating memory based on a count value
Method and apparatus for handling asynchronous signals while emulating system calls
Method and system for migrating an object between a split status and a merged status
Catalog management system architecture having data table objects and logic table objects
Process and system for controlling the use of software
Controlling device access in a network
Interrupt driven isochronous task scheduler system
Method and system for replication support in a remote method invocation system
Method, apparatus, and product for leasing of group membership in a distributed system
Method of preparing and disseminating digitized geospatial data
Learning method generating small size neurons for data classification
Computer-based representations and reasoning methods for engaging users in goal-oriented conversations
Vehicle tracking and auditing system and method
Method and system for work process support using independent system and user states
Method and apparatus for group action processing between users of a collaboration system
E-mail filter and method thereof
Multicast and unicast internet protocol content distribution having a feedback mechanism for real-time and store and forward information transfer
System and method for controlling transmission of stored information to internet websites
Data processing system for the management of a differential continuous compensation plan
Method and system for qualifying consumers for trade publication subscriptions
Multipurpose processor for motion estimation, pixel processing, and general processing
Parallel computer with improved access to adjacent processor and memory elements
Map display apparatus for motor vehicle
Paperless log system and method
Distributing equipment for piece goods
Method and apparatus for priority-based jukebox queuing
Independent counting unit
VDT operation monitoring apparatus and method for monitoring
Pitch shifting apparatus and method
Voice encoding device, voice decoding device, recording medium for recording program for realizing voice encoding/decoding and mobile communication device
Methods and apparatus for fast adaptation of a band-quantized speech decoding system
Speech recognition method using confidence measure evaluation
Information apparatus for dispatching output phrase to remote terminal in response to input sound
Method and apparatus for directing an audio file to a speech recognition program that does not accept such files
Method for masking defects in a stream of audio data
Apparatus and method for providing an excitation vector
Device and method for reproduction of sounds with independently variable duration and pitch
Multiple independent intelligent pickers with dynamic routing in an automated data storage library
Frequency converter system
System and method for recording digital data on glass master recording disks
Method and apparatus for controlling the programming and erasing of flash memory
Integrated circuit memory devices and methods for generating multiple parallel bit memory test results per clock cycle
Method and apparatus for diagnosing memory using self-testing circuits
Chipset-based memory testing for hot-pluggable memory
Automatic defect classification system based variable sampling plan
Programmable delay circuit having a fine delay element selectively receives input signal and output signal of coarse delay element
Decoding apparatus, processing apparatus and methods therefor
Efficient memory addressing for convolutional interleaving
Generating reliability values for iterative decoding of block codes
Arrangement at a mobile telephone
Signal transmission circuit of a wireless telephone handset
Cellular radiotelephone base stations and methods using selected multiple diversity reception
Internetworking system and method for a global telecommunications network
Probabilistic method and system for verifying synchronization words
Deterministic method and system for verifying synchronization words
Information transfer method and device, information receiving method and device and network stations using them
System and method for implementing hybrid automatic repeat request using parity check combining
Method and apparatus for providing automatic notification
Modularly implemented event monitoring service
Architecture for communicating with and controlling separate upstream and downstream devices
Electronic apparatus
Coupling arrangement for a master-slave bus system
System for managing dynamic processing resources in a network
Efficient mobility management scheme for a wireless internet access system
Method and apparatus for broadcasting invalidation messages in a computer system
Method and system for establishing a storage area network configuration
Programmable system for processing a partitioned network infrastructure
Wireless multi-media messaging communications method and apparatus
Expansion unit for differentiating wake-up packets received in an information processing system
Codec-independent technique for modulating bandwidth in packet network
Method for mapping applications and or attributes in a distributed network environment
Method and apparatus for maintaining security in a push server
Method and system for data transformation in a computer network
Dynamic next hop routing protocol
Method and apparatus for emulating an input/output unit when transferring data over a network
Service provider application program communicating with service provider application process
Ipnet gateway
Virtual ports for data transferring of a data storage system
Methods and systems for implementing a real-time, distributed, hierarchical database using a proxiable protocol
Method and apparatus for providing internetworking service reliability
Electronic data storage apparatus, system and method
Radio communication system, control method thereof, and radio communication terminal
Mobile telephone
Apparatus and method for automatically selecting a network port for a home network station
Playback and monitoring of compressed bitstreams
Program guide display controller and television receiver
Transmission of signalling information between a central terminal and a subscriber terminal of a telecommunications system
Frequency reuse in millimeter-wave point-to-multipoint radio systems
Microprocessor and main board mounting arrangement
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