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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Optical device
Method and apparatus for demodulating signals in a pulse oximetry system
Method and system for generating statistically-based medical provider utilization profiles
Signal filtering using orthogonal polynomials and removal of edge effects
Magnetic resonance tomography method and apparatus with motion correction
Smooth muscle controller
Performing Operations; Transporting
Medium with embedded information
Rollover determination apparatus for vehicles
Helmet lighting system
Method and apparatus for interferometric measurement of components with large aspect ratios
Vibration engine monitoring neural network object monitoring
System and method of measuring turn-on and turn-off times of an optoelectronic device
Optical apparatus
Consumable for laser capture microdissection
Integrated, fluorescence-detecting microanalytical system
Method for providing PVT compensation
High-speed digital multiplexer
Rate adaptation in a wireless communication system
System and method for tolerating data link faults in communications with a switch fabric
Fast flow control methods for communication networks
Semiconductor integrated circuit and test system for testing the same
GPS receiver with calibrator
FM-CW radar system
Zoom lens system and image pickup apparatus including the same
Image forming device
Fast multi-line laser confocal scanning microscope
Thin film precursor stack for MEMS manufacturing
Scanning device and method of scanning an optical beam over a surface
Vibration mirror, optical scanning device, and image forming using the same, method for making the same, and method for scanning image
Variable lens and exposure system
Projection lens for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for optical pickup capable of performing an effective polarization split
Stationary and dynamic radial transverse electric polarizer for high numerical aperture systems
Signal acquisition probing and voltage measurement systems using an electro-optical cavity
Substrate, semiconductor device, method of manufacturing substrate, and method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for connecting optical transmission module and core position detection method for optical waveguide
Light diffusing fiberoptic coupling
Multi-tube fiber optic cable and system and method for making the same
Drive apparatus, lens unit, and camera
Curing method and apparatus
Thin film panel having particular pixel electrodes overlapping particular data line portions
Image processing apparatus and method, and program and recording medium used therewith
Device for image capture and processing
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Exposure method and apparatus
Electrical connections for circuit boards on universal toner cartridges
Image forming apparatus which prevents misregistration
Image forming apparatus
Charged particles cleaning apparatus having a biased manifold
System and method for indicating a configuration of power provided over an ethernet port
Method and system of programming at least one appliance to change state upon the occurrence of a trigger event
Grounding part of hard disk against EMI and shock
Dynamic power control for reducing voltage level of graphics controller component of memory controller based on its degree of idleness
Semiconductor device including a prediction circuit to control a power status control circuit which controls the power status of a function circuit
Compressing a firmware image
Method for tagging uncorrectable errors for symmetric multiprocessors
Channel processor using reduced complexity LDPC decoder
Temperature adaptive ferro-electric memory access parameters
Method for monitoring a set of semaphore registers using a limited-width test bus
NAS with WORM function
Cache residency test instruction
System and method for memory hub-based expansion bus
Multitasking graphical user interface
Expandable slave device system
Advanced JAVA rich text format generator
Methods and systems for dynamically creating user interfaces
Third party provided transactional white-listing for filtering electronic communications
Dynamically configurable beacon intervals for wireless LAN access points
Musical scores distributing system
Flow of streaming data through multiple processing modules
Content transferring technique
Method and apparatus for forwarding traffic between locally attached networks using level 3 addressing information
Contents downloading system and method thereof
Integrating collaborative messaging into an electronic mail program
Method and system for facilitating usage of local content at client machine
Generic communications framework
Device and method to load commands in an integrated circuit card
Storage system having virtualized resource
Service provision support system
Method for managing computer system, computer executing management program, storage device, displaying device, and storage system
Site evaluation system and site evaluation program storage medium
Electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility calculating method and apparatus
Professional time tracking and reporting system
Method for inter-enterprise role-based authorization
Database retrieval apparatus, retrieval method, storage medium, and program
Multi-utility energy control and facility automation system with dashboard having a plurality of interface gateways
Method for updating and preserving data when performing a software upgrade
Method and apparatus for rule-based operations
Attitude sensing system for an automotive vehicle relative to the road
Method of modeling and sizing a heat exchanger
Weight measurement apparatus, method of eliminating noise and method of designing digital filter
Finite state dictionary and method of production thereof
Extension of formulas and formatting in an electronic spreadsheet
Definition and maintenance of a telemetry database dictionary
Method and system for matching complex customer requirements with provider solutions
Data structure managing device, data structure managing system, data structure managing method, and recorded medium where data structure managing program is stored
Method, system, and program for managing data migration
Method for modifying an integrated circuit
Automatic process and design method, system and program product
Layout method of decoupling capacitors
Evolutionary programming of configurable logic devices
Method and apparatus for profiling power performance of software applications
Optical metrology model optimization for process control
Systems and methods for transferring small lot size substrate carriers between processing tools
Determining pallet case configurations for placement by a robot
Space tool feedback by changing the displayed visual appearance of objects to be moved before deletion of displayed objects occurs
Multipurpose navigation keys for an electronic imaging device
Circuit and method for transferring low frequency signals via high frequency interface
System and method for over-clocking detection of a processor utilizing a feedback clock rate setting
Method for automatic traction control in a hybrid electric vehicle
Programmable processor and method for matched aligned and unaligned storage instructions
Software-delivered dynamic persistent data
Method of compiling bytecode to native code
Method and apparatus for accurately modeling digital signal processors
Method and system to support a trusted set of operational environments using emulated trusted hardware
System and method for the management of a multiple-resource architecture
Method for adapting the colors printed by a second printing system to the colors printed by a first printing system
Method for visualizing large volumes of multiple-attribute data without aggregation using a pixel bar chart
Image processing system, projector, image processing method, and information storage medium
Systems and methods for providing spatially-varied demosaicing
System and method for human face detection in color graphics images
Method and arrangement for microscopy
Method of inspecting a mask or reticle for detecting a defect, and mask or reticle inspection system
Method for processing an image captured by a camera
Object measuring apparatus, object measuring method, and program product
Method and apparatus for conveying image attributes
Method and system for generating input file using meta language regarding graphic data compression
Management of the flow of persons in relation to centers of crowd concentration
Resource schedule for scheduling rail way train resources
System and method for providing recommendation of goods and services based on recorded purchasing history
System and method for facilitating investment account transfers
Anonymous credit card
System and method for maintaining customer privacy
Billing method and system for collaboration solutions
System and method for contract authority
System and method for securing data through a PDA portal
Queue management system and method
Real-time rendering system and process for interactive viewpoint video
Docking station for security key
Multi-sensor fire detectors with audio sensors and systems thereof
Elimination--absorber monitoring system
Wireless wastewater system monitoring apparatus and method of use
Circuit interrupter locator device
Trainable transceiver
Customer support system
Image processing system utilizing digital watermarks in predetermined regions
Display device
Display apparatus
Liquid crystal display and apparatus of driving light source therefor
Driving circuit of liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and driving control method thereof
Pointing device for a pen locator system including low standby power electronic circuit
Data input device and method for detecting an off-surface condition by a laser speckle size characteristic
In-vehicle digital broadcast reception apparatus
Display apparatus
Psycho-physical state sensitive voice dialogue system
Combined media library cell array and storage device utilizing a media holder adapted to receive a cover for closing the holder
Staggered spin-up disable mechanism
Plastic spacer and disk clamp assembly
High HC reference layer structure for self-pinned GMR heads
Magnetic alignment marking of hard disks
Memory with storage cells biased in groups
Multiple level programming in a non-volatile memory device
Semiconductor device and method for writing data into semiconductor device
Multiple level programming in a non-volatile memory device
Non-volatile memory device with erase address register
Method for repairing hardware faults in memory chips
Testing and repair methodology for memories having redundancy
Bus twisting scheme for distributed coupling and low power
Semiconductor storage device
Memory system comprising a semiconductor memory
Semiconductor memory chip
Polymer memory cell operation
Backwards-compatible memory module
Scattered radiation grid or collimator
Magnetically actuated microelectromechanical systems actuator
Air core inductive element on printed circuit board for use in switching power conversion circuitries
Implantable medical device with a capacitor that includes stacked anode and cathode foils
Expansion device for fluid coolant/insulation in a x-ray apparatus
Antenna coupling structure for a mobile terminal
Tag-along microsensor device and method
Enhanced beam antenna
System and method for controlling antenna pattern
Frequency scanned array control system
Circuitry for protecting electronic circuits against electrostatic discharges and methods of operating the same
Surge protection device and method
Arrangement for generating a decoder clock signal
Method and system for mitigating background noise for a Sigma-Delta digital-to-analog converter
Calibration circuitry
Layered multiple description coding
Multispeed communications device
High speed serializer-deserializer
Method and system for fast context based adaptive binary arithmetic coding
Wireless telecommunications unit attachable to and detachable from an external unit
Network nodes with optical add/drop modules
Optical transmission system for high-bit-rate transmission of optical signals with the aid of dispersion compensation units
Diaphragm structure of light-sound converter
Radio communication apparatus
Telecommunications management interface system
All digital implementation of clock spectrum spreading (dither) for low power/die area
Methods and apparatus for determining transmission power levels
Partitioning of radio-frequency apparatus
Mobile communication system with moving base station
Dual mode satellite cellular telephone systems
Space-based lever arm correction in navigational systems employing spot beams
Control segment-based lever-arm correction via curve fitting for high accuracy navigation
System and method for PN encoded signal prioritization and collision mitigation
Independent contact spanning multiple access networks
Technique for implementing an admission control scheme for data flows
Processing different size packet headers for a packet-based conversational service in a mobile communications system
Controller for allocation of processor resources and related methods
Local area network of serial intelligent cells
Method and system for multicasting and broadcasting IP packet in mobile communication system, and terminal thereof
Messaging system for mobile communication
System and method for accessing node of private network
Voice-mail application on the router with no secondary storage available
Bluetooth access code assisted initial DC estimation and frame synchronization
Timing recovery device
Method and apparatus for transmitting a digital data word
I/Q demodulator and I/Q signal sampling method thereof
External correction of errors between traffic and training in a wireless communications system
Interface for facilitating facsimile transmissions via wireless communications networks
Portable information terminal, a control method for a portable information terminal, a program of a method of controlling a personal information terminal and a recording medium having recorded therein a program of a method of controlling a personal information terminal
Received signal filtering for enhanced selectivity
Dedicated short-range communication apparatus for motor vehicle
System and method for determining, storing and utilizing operating mode data of a user telecommunication terminal
Dialing using caller ID
Resetting sent information
Cellular phone capable of detecting counterfeit currency or lighting and method of the same
Mobile emergency notification system
Method and configuration for operation of an operator switching position in a telecommunications system
Method and apparatus for personalization of a public multimedia communications terminal
Method for detecting and controlling home position of image reader
Method for avoiding multiple color moires in color halftoning
Photoelectric conversion apparatus which avoids certain shading effects
Image coding method and apparatus and image decoding method and apparatus
Accurate preview for digital cameras
Image sensing apparatus, image processing apparatus and method, and image processing system
Sensor device for automatic exposure and automatic focus
Color imaging apparatus and method for generating digital component signal
Monitoring system, monitoring method, and imaging apparatus
Projector with enhanced security camcorder defeat
Motion picture playback apparatus and motion picture playback method
Data recording and reproducing apparatus and data recording and reproducing method
Digital recording apparatus and copyright protection method thereof
Method for managing recording and reproduction of multi-dubbed audio stream
Recording apparatus and method, playback apparatus and method, and recording medium therefor
Information processing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Television having a java engine and a removable device port
Method for operating a multimedia communications network
Program signal blocking system
Error resilient digital video scrambling
Block error compensating apparatus of image frame and method thereof
Image processing apparatus employing hierarchical encoding
Color imaging device and method
System and method for providing an improved standby mode for infrared data transceivers
Wireless communication devices, radio frequency identification devices, methods of forming a wireless communication device, and methods of forming a radio frequency identification device
Hierarchical electronic watermarks and method of use
Method and apparatus for wideband conferencing
Server on wireless network communicates with terminal on cellular network
Prioritized sending of data
Method, device arrangement, terminal device of a cellular network and a program application in the terminal device for giving a location-based alert
Method for processing address of short message service center in IMT-2000 asynchronous network
Hearing aid adapted for discrete operation
Over-the-ear headset
Microphone input buffer biasing circuit
Multipurpose bumper system for a data processing apparatus
Memory heat-dissipating device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Precision fail-safe electrostatic dissipating device
Interferometeric imaging with a grating based phase control optical delay line
Energy subtraction processing method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for helical image artifact reduction
Dual cardiac CT scanner
Computed tomography apparatus with shadowgram presentation
Tunable diode laser system for photodynamic therapy
Method for detecting cancer on skin of humans and mammals and arrangement for performing the method
High-energy capacitors for implantable defibrillators
Apparatus for local radiation therapy
Smoke generator and toy smoke-ring gun using same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Laser illumination arrangement for a cathode ray tube
Two-step brazed X-ray target assembly
Semiconductor wafer on which recognition marks are formed and method for sawing the wafer using the recognition marks
Image forming apparatus for forming image on free-size sheet having arbitrary size
Integrated optic beam deflectors and systems
Hybrid printer, printer mounting base and printer that is mountable on printer mounting base
Personalized electronic talking book
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Concentric electrode DC arc systems and their use in processing waste materials
Cemented lens group
Fixed Constructions
Mud pulse telemetry
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electronic device with an enhanced attachment to surface mount lamps
Front illuminator for a liquid crystal display and method of making same
Method and device for supplying an electric arc melting furnace with current
Method and apparatus for rapid range imaging
Method and system for detecting hidden edges
Birefringent interferometer
Constant volume gas cell optical phase-shifter
Fiber modulator and associated method
Rotational constructional laser
Coupled plasmon-waveguide resonance spectroscopic device and method for measuring film properties in the ultraviolet and infrared special ranges
Process inspection using full and segment waveform matching
On-line system for quantitative analysis of multi-component additives and coatings in sheet material
Detector for large wafer surfaces
Adapter for converting a switchboard case for use with a socket mounted electricity meter
Single-transmit, dual-receive sonar
Transducer shield
Method for screen display of a multidimensional data field, particularly for data supplied by a passive sonar, and system for implementing said method
Ultra-high resolution computed tomography imaging
Method and apparatus for generating sequential beams of penetrating radiation
Optical element
Telephoto lens system
Wide field-of-view imaging system using a spatial light modulator
Zoom lens system
Device and method for transforming optical beams
Transmissive display device using micro light modulator
Optical scanning module with rotatable reflection mirror for image scanning device
Programmable light beam shape altering device using programmable micromirrors
Galvano mirror unit
Optical deflection apparatus, production method and adhering method thereof
Optical path splitting element and image display apparatus using the same
Head-mounted display
Hologram screen and a method of producing the same
Pattern reading apparatus
Apparatus for generating a laser pattern on a photomask and associated methods
Apparatus for displaying an image suspended in space
Directional reflection screen and display system using the same
Interleaving optical filter
Two dimensional transform generator
Apparatus and method for producing a flat-topped filter response for diffraction grating (De) multiplexer
Wavelength division multiplexing system and method using a reconfigurable diffraction grating
High-isolation dense wavelength division multiplexer utilizing birefringent plates and non-linear interferometer
Volume holographic diffusers
Waveguide profile for large effective area
Dispersion shifted large effective area waveguide fiber
Athermalized polymer overclad integrated planar optical waveguide device and method
Device for reflecting light
Optical recirculation depolarizer and method of depolarizing light
Low slope dispersion managed waveguide
Tapered MMI coupler
Optical switch
Apparatus and method facilitating optical alignment of a bulk optical multiplexer/demultiplexer
Terminal device for an end of a fiber-optic cable
Electro-opto mechanical assembly for coupling a light source or reciever to an optical waveguide
Overload protection system for avoiding damage to optical components
Optical monitoring in optical interferometric modulators
Extruded buffer tubes comprising polyolefin resin based color concentrates for use in fiber optic cables
Reinforced buffered fiber optic ribbon cable
Apparatus and method for assembling and aligning a plurality of optical fibers
Drop cable strain relief
Conduit insert for optical fiber cable
Apparatus for driving an objective lens
Bayonet type fixing device having annular members and a zoom lens having the same
Method and apparatus for switching an optical beam in an integrated circuit die
Optical isolator
Method for producing a cell for an electrochromic mirror and an electrochromic mirror
Display device including a transparent electrode pattern covering and extending along gate & source lines
Liquid crystal display with pixel electrodes formed in a plurality of matrix-like regions and manufacturing method thereof
Optic device of high illumination reflecting type liquid crystal display
Reflector having pits and projections on a surface thereof, manufacturing method for the same, and reflection type liquid crystal display device employing the reflector
Liquid-crystal display apparatus including a backlight section using collimating plate
Photon beam generator
Compact, flexible, frequency agile parametric wavelength converter
Photoflash projection device and a method of using the device
Projection screen system
Lenticular lens sheet and rear projection screen
Image processing apparatus and audio-coded recording media
Torque assist method and apparatus for reducing photoreceptor belt slippage in a printing machine
Image forming apparatus capable of shift stacking discharged sheet bundle
Information display system and image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for setting registration in a multicolor printing machine based on a change in toner profile
Image forming apparatus forming an image by transferring each of the plurality of images formed by a plurality of image forming devices onto a transfer medium by means of transfer members
System for preventing retransfer of a toner image between an intermediate transfer member and an image bearing member
Charging device
Transfer device and image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus with image bearing member charger that reduces the amount of toner electric charge
Image forming apparatus
Digital time indicator
Power supply apparatus with unidirectional units
AC voltage detection circuit and method, charging circuit and method, chopper circuit and chopping method, chopper charging circuit and method, electronic apparatus, and timepiece
Method and system for voice transmission of a binary data sequence from a piezoelectric transducer
Portable computers with multi-platform architecture and method for manufacturing the same
Handheld electronics device having ergonomic features
Display unit and portable computer using the same
Apparatus and method for redirecting electrostatic discharge currents via an alternate path to a reference voltage node
Pocket personal computer with improved battery compartment enclosing structure
Portable electronic units including notebook computers, PDAs and battery operated units
Dual FPD and thin client
Power overload protection for a system unit
Method for controlling experimental inventory
Flash memory control method and apparatus processing system therewith
Method and circuit for loading data and reading data
Cell phase control device applicable to data of size exceeding fixed length defined in advance with respect to cell length of write pulse signal or read pulse
High-speed network switch bus
Fast lapped image transforms using lifting steps
Array board interconnect system and method
Counter logic for multiple memory configuration
System and method for user affiliation in a telephone network
Acoustic and electronic echo cancellation
Multiple beam laser marking apparatus
IC card read/write apparatus
Page allocation/deallocation procedure for a printer/copier with accessory media sheet handling apparatus
Chip card module
PC card that receives chip card
Apparatus and methods for user recognition employing behavioral passwords
Step difference detection apparatus and processing apparatus using the same
Trainable system to search for objects in images
Methods and apparatus for interactively displaying curved reformation images
Image process apparatus and method
Color space conversion with simplified interpolation
Blending colors in the presence of transparency
Method and apparatus for sharpening an image by scaling elements of a frequency-domain representation
Image data manipulation for improved image visualization and analysis
Image processing apparatus
Optical correlator assisted detection of calcifications for breast biopsy
Automated inspection of objects undergoing general affine transformation
Technique for differencing an image
Image processing apparatus and method for detecting change in image
Encoding digital signals
Adaptive vector quantization/quantizer
Progressive display during image compression
Hierarchical motion estimation with levels of varying bit width for digital video compression
Picture encoding apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for efficient conversion of DV (digital video) format encoded video data into MPEG format encoded video data by utilizing motion flag information contained in the DV data
System and method for retrieval of data from remote sensors using multiple communication channels
Enhanced learning aid
Automatic picture display position adjusting circuit and picture display apparatus using the same
System and method for encoding read-only information on storage media
Single-side engaging picker for data cartridges
Detection scheme for compact disk or digital video disk media proper installation
Optical disk apparatus for preventing damage to an optical disk
Outcast and reduction of lubricants from spindle motor by utilizing a condensation seal
Magneto-optical reproducing apparatus using magnetic wall displacement detector
Apparatus and method for detecting maximum mark lengths
Disk drive employing a voice coil motor comprising a yoke for generating a undirectional magnetic flux and a voice coil partially interacting with the undirectional magnetic flux
Contact type magnetic disk drive
Disk cartridge, door opening and closing mechanism and disk drive
Magnetic tape cassette slider lock mechanism with tapered surfaces and coil spring bias
Personal music device with a graphical display for contextual information
Method and apparatus for controlling recording medium
Method of creating and recording presentation order information management information for a rewritable recording medium
Image signal processing apparatus and method for cross-fading moving image signals
Disk drive head-select verification
Method and apparatus for detecting, logging and recovering from errors caused by multiple thermal asperities in a sector
Optimal reader/writer offsets and write fault thresholds in a disc drive
State detecting device and optical disk device
Door open-close device having translating pivot
Mechanism for preventing propagation of driving motor noise and vibration on a tape deck, and tape deck having the same
Hot swap disk drive carrier and disk drive bay
Disk drive apparatus with head arm including rigid arm base and plate spring suspension
Magnetic disk media with patterned sections
Hard disk drive magnetic head coated with low surface energy material
Thin film read head structure with improved bias magnet-to-magnetoresistive element interface and method of fabrication
Vertical force and stiffness enhanced disk drive suspension and method
Disk drive actuator arm with microactuated read/write head positioning
Method and apparatus for minimizing once per revolution positional errors in a disc drive
Control method and control device for a disk storage device
Linearity compensation for a position error signal based on repeatable and non-repeatable run out in a disk drive
Recessed slider trailing edge for reducing stiction
Semiconductor laser drive device, optical head, optical disk device and optical disk recording and reproducing method
Optical device
Multi-layered optical disk with shifted track and layer identification and method of detecting a track
Magneto-resistive random access memory
MRAM configuration
Method for driving semiconductor memory
One-time programmable memory cell in CMOS technology
DRAM circuit and its sub-word line driver
Equilibrate method for dynamic plate sensing memories
Semiconductor memory, and memory access method
Semiconductor memory device having large data I/O width and capable of speeding up data input/output and reducing power consumption
CAM Cell Circuit having decision circuit
DRAM-based CAM cell using 3T or 4T DRAM cells
Electrically erasable and programmable, non-volatile memory device
Double protection virtual ground memory circuit and column decoder
Memory array architecture
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Cascade-booted programming voltage circuit
Method and apparatus for controlling erase operations of a non-volatile memory system
Method and apparatus for detecting a tamper condition and isolating a circuit therefrom
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor storage device using redundancy method
Trap and patch system for virtual replacement of defective volatile memory cells
Semiconductor integrated circuit device capable of self-analyzing redundancy replacement adapting to capacities of plural memory circuits integrated therein
Method of improving an electrostatic discharge characteristic in a flash memory device
Memory circuit having improved sense-amplifier block and method for forming same
Multi in-line memory module and matching electronic component socket
Semiconductor memory device with reduced power consumption and stable operation in data holding state
Method for adjusting a reference current of a flash nitride read only memory (NROM) and device thereof
Semiconductor device
Data-pattern-dependent compensation technique to maintain drive strength of an output driver
Semiconductor memory device having high data input/output frequency and capable of efficiently testing circuit associated with data input/output
Method and apparatus for charge-transfer pre-sensing
Output circuit for alternating multiple bit line per column memory architecture
Semiconductor memory device and reading and writing method thereof
Core spray upper T-box to safe end attachment
Monitoring control rod element assembly position
Nuclear fuel spacer grid with dipper vanes
Multilayer optics with adjustable working wavelength
Solid electrolytic multilayer capacitor
Manufacturing method of solid electrolytic capacitor
Circuit breaker accessory reset system
Apparatus and method for increasing X-ray tube power per target thermal load
Method of producing a screen for a display device, screen for a display device produced by means of said method and display device provided with said screen
Thin film structure that may be used with an adhesion layer
Low-leakage MOS planar capacitors for use within DRAM storage cells
Power module
Heat sink clip with pressing cam
Integral heat dissipating device
Heat exchanging chassis
Multi-chip module having interconnect dies
Micro-structure capacitor
Beam automatic selection switching method in multi-beam satellite communication system and apparatus for same
Balanced wire connector
Mobile telephone with articulated cover and revolving contacts
Long band optical amplifier
Gain control and shaping of EDFAs via dual cavity gain control
Optical fiber amplifier having variable gain
Narrow band excimer or molecular fluorine laser having an output coupling interferometer
Solid state optical pumping laser with shielded laser cavity insert
L-band optical fiber amplifier
Semiconductor lasers and amplifiers with grating-induced anisotropic waveguide
Overvoltage protector
Combination meter/breaker panel enclosure with rain gutter and security system
Resetable overcurrent protection arrangement
Arc fault or ground fault detector with self-test feature
Low capacitance surge protector for high speed data transmission
Modular DC distribution system for providing flexible power conversion scalability within a power backplane between an AC source and low voltage DC outputs
Charging and discharging circuit for pulse laser
Method for reducing mains harmonics and switching losses in discontinuous-mode, switching power converters
Current zero crossing detecting circuit
Power converter control loop
DC-to-DC converting circuit
Active rectifier
Shutdown circuit for a half-bridge converter
Modulation system having on-line IQ calibration
Modulation system having on-line IQ calibration
Superregenerative circuit
Baseband equalization of quadrature-phase as well as in-phase synchrodyne results in digital radio receivers
Method and apparatus for controlling the envelope of a radio signal
Receiver system for vehicles
Sequential-acquisition, multi-band, multi-channel, matched filter
Automatic frequency tracking apparatus and method for a television signal receiving system
High-speed pulse-shape generator, pulse multiplexer
Pulse width modulation signal generator
Phase-difference detector and clock-recovery circuit using the same
Apparatus and method for expanding service area of CDMA mobile communication system
Radio circuit having a local oscillator frequency which differs from the transmit frequency or the receive frequency and mobile radio apparatus
Baseband signal converter for a wideband impulse radio receiver
Receiving method and receiver for spread spectrum signal
Spread spectrum wireless communications device
Modulation sequence synchronization methods and apparatus employing partial sequence correlation
Protection in an optical telecommunications system
Apparatus and method for high bandwidth laser-based data communication
Optical data transmitting apparatus and method
Method and arrangement for stabilizing wavelength of multi-channel optical transmission systems
Optical fiber transmission line and optical cable including the same
Multiple function bandwidth management systems
Device and method for determining PMD independent of SOP
Reduction of ASE in WDM optical ring networks
Method and apparatus for determining PCM code translations
Signal waveform equalizer apparatus
Method and apparatus for controlling transmission energy in a communication system employing orthogonal transmit diversity
Power control and rate information method for a mobile radio communication system
Spectrum spreading system
Integrated frequency translation and selectivity
Satellite transmission system with adaptive transmission loss compensation
Technique for time alignment of uplink CDMA signals
CDMA communication system and method using priority-based SIMA quality of service class
Method for providing service and rate negotiation in a mobile communication system
Apparatus and methods for including codes in audio signals
Two-phase/four-phase modulated comb-shaped spread spectrum communication system
Variable rate orthogonally coded reverse link structure
Method and apparatus for bandwidth management in a digital loop carrier system
Fiber optic synchronous digital hierarchy telecommunication network provided with a protection system shared on the network
Method and apparatus for analyzing events in a telecommunications system
Methods and linecard device for allocating multiple timeslots over digital backplane
ATM direct access line system
Adaptable bandwidth
Wireless communications system and method
System and method using polar coordinate representation for quantization and distance metric determination in an M-PSK demodulator
Termination of coded or uncoded modulation with path-oriented decoder
Channel coding and interleaving for transmission on a multicarrier system
System for dynamic adaptation of data/channel coding in wireless communications
High-penetration radiocommunication system using a compact character set
Methods and systems for forward error correction based loss recovery for interactive video transmission
Line powered DAA with single ended feedback
Network traffic monitoring system
Methods and apparatus for enhancing wireless data network telephony including a personal router in a client
Methods and apparatus for enhancing wireless data network telephony including dynamic address translation
Data processing apparatus capable of independently interrupting transmission data
Apparatus and a method for transferring a packet flow in a communication network
Capability addressable network and method therefor
Asynchronous transfer mode switch which accommodates plurality of protocols and interworking control method
Asynchronous transfer mode host adapter apparatus with ability of shared media access
High speed packet switching controller for telephone switching system
ATM device
Point-to-multipoint connection restoration
Packet forwarding apparatus and method using pipelined node address processing
Method for calculating impulse response, and receiver
Demodulator for digital communication systems
Simplified equalizer for twisted pair channel
Technique to transfer multiple data streams over a wire or wireless medium
Digital filter with adaptive coefficients
Frequency and phase estimation for MPSK signals
Method and apparatus for achieving and maintaining symbol synchronization particularly in an OFDM system
System and method for echo cancellation over asymmetric spectra
Variable rate modulator
Computer method and apparatus for modem point slicing
Methods and systems for call forwarding
Automated communications assistant for the sound-impaired
Method and apparatus for an automatic load balancing and back-up of a multi-users network
Single-source multidrop communication system
Methods of using digital modem identification information
Asymmetric modem communications system and method
Transmission line for high-frequency clock
Embedded higher order microphone
Method and apparatus for controlling a computer to implement telephone functions with a displayed telephone of variable size
Multiline telephone apparatus
Mobile radio telephone capable of recording/reproducing voice signal and method for controlling the same
Infrared wireless headset system
Communication system
Method and apparatus for transmitting control signals in a data communication system having a fully digital communication channel
Method of enhancing call processing in a number portability environment
SS7 network planning tool
Intelligent services network architecture for global calling card mobility
Client simulator and method of operation for testing PSTN-to-IP network telephone services for individual & group internet clients prior to availability of the services
Interactive voice personal and live connection telephone messaging system
Network-based system enabling image communications
Method and telephone network for switching telephone connections
Interactive voice response data transfer system and method
System and method for re-directing incoming calls
Reader controller connected to a printer controller
Digital image printing process
Digital image forming apparatus with a saddle stitching mode
Method and apparatus for allowing a walk-up copier user to interrupt a print job at a boundary
Image processing apparatus and method using image information and additional information or an additional pattern added thereto or superposed thereon
Image processing method and apparatus
Electronic watermark system
Apparatus and method for shading correction in image scanning system
Out-of-gamut color mapping strategy
HDTV video display processor
System and method for contour-based motion estimation
Method and apparatus for reducing flicker in a video image sequence
Hybrid camera
Key priority for a mix/effect bank having multiple keyers
Method and apparatus for changing automatic gain control points of digital television signals
Camcorder signal processor having superimposition capability and dual PLL
Method for locating copy protection pulses within selected video lines of a video signal
Method and system for delivering a synchronized stream of broadcast event data, live event data, and static event data over a hybrid fiber coax network
Method for coding digital moving video including gray scale shape information
Method for computational graceful degradation in an audiovisual compression system
Apparatus and method for multi-service transport multiplexing
Method and apparatus for checking the alignment of a projection television lens
Analog video chromakey mixer
Device for storing, decoding, and displaying images including automatic selection of particular digital image information
Optical buffer utilizing a cell pointer
Device and method for controlling the quality-of service in data networks
Converting device for alleviating switch congestion caused by long hold times for on-line access calls
System and method for electronically identifying connections of a cross-connect system
Architecture repartitioning to simplify outside-plant component of fiber-based access system
Distributed preconfiguration of spare capacity in closed paths for network restoration
Method and a detector unit for setting up connections in a teletransmission network
Network resource server
Flexible ANI
System for the marketing of telecommunications traffic capacity
Method for signalling connection control part message loop prevention
Method and apparatus for providing switch capability mediation in a mobile telephone system
Multi-mode radio telephone with velocity sensing mode selection
Apparatus for measuring input and output levels of base station transmitters in a mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for the detection of a reduction in capacity of a CDMA system
Neighborhood list assimilation for cell-based microsystem
Spread spectrum wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for maximizing standby time using a quick paging channel
Apparatus method and system for roamer originated automatic telecommunication conferencing and broadcasting
Method for registering the location of a mobile station after performing inter-MSC soft handoff in a cellular
Hearing aid with a directional microphone characteristic and method for producing same
Apparatus for creating 3D audio imaging over headphones using binaural synthesis including elevation
Method of generating surround sound with channels processing separately
Infrared radiation system with multiple IR radiators of different wavelength
Heater for resistive heating of a fluid, fluid-treatment apparatus incorporating such a heater, and a method of treating a fluid by resistive heating
Extreme ultraviolet based on colliding neutral beams
Durable laminated electronics assembly using epoxy preform
Electric component
Card slot door locking mechanism
System and method for a self aligning multiple card enclosure with hot plug capability
Signal and power routing apparatus and methods
Dustproof structure of communication device, using air filter having distributed dust collecting efficiency and pressure loss
Cooling arrangement for high performance electronic components
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