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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electronic endoscope system
Imaging device and method of cleaning an illumination window of the imaging device
Rigidizable endoluminal access device
Wound retractor system
Tissue excision device with a retractable backhook
Low pressure sample collection apparatus
Surgical device for connecting soft tissue
Method and apparatus for wireplasty bone resection
Vessel occlusion clamp
System, method, and device for closing an opening
Device and method for orthopedic fracture fixation
Surgical device
Fixation devices, systems and methods for engaging tissue
Lung volume reduction devices, methods, and systems
Double threaded tissue tack
Safe simple disposable automatic blood lancet
Bone fracture fixation system
Apparatus and method for arthroscopic transhumeral rotator cuff repair
Surgical positioning assembly and related systems and methods
Pedicle based spinal stabilization with adjacent vertebral body support
Dynamic stabilization system using polyaxial screws
Pedicle screw
Methods and apparatus for performing renal neuromodulation via catheter apparatuses having inflatable balloons
Reflective non-contact ocular pulse analyzer for clinical diagnosis of eye and cerebrovascular disease
Methods and apparatus for expressing body fluid from an incision
Biological information detector and biological information measurement device
Automatic etiology sequencing system and method
Disease management system and method
Adaptive temperature sensor for breath monitoring device
Ultrasonic diagnostic device, and method for measuring intima-media thickness
Disposable absorbent articles with components having both plastic and elastic properties
Method for maintaining a fastener in a folded configuration
Multiple independent nested stent structures and methods for their preparation and deployment
Cardiac valve procedure methods and devices
Methods and apparatuses for deploying minimally-invasive heart valves
System and method for restoration of nutrient flow to nucleus pulposa
Transluminal drug delivery methods and devices
Kidney specific tumor vaccine directed against kidney tumor antigen G-250
Serene protease derivatives and uses in the prevention or the treatment of blood coagulation disorders
Soft tissue and bone augmentation and bulking utilizing muscle-derived progenitor cells, compositions and treatments thereof
Ointment for healing burns and wounds
Adenocarcinoma specific antibody SAM-6, and uses thereof
Hybrid prokaryotic-eukaryotic tubulins and use thereof
Method for producing dendritic cells
Protein composition for inducing an immune response in a vertebrate comprising a plurality of protein variants covering the heterogeneity of a single antigen, AMA1
Immunogenic LHRH compositions and methods relating thereto
Method for treating pathologies associated with hypoxia using MIF inhibitors
Proteins and methods for modulating cell activity
APOE immunotherapy
PlGF-1 assay and kits and components thereof
Method for the preparation of molecular complexes
Gene delivery system and methods of use
Antimicrobial compositions containing essential oils
Water oil-in-water emulsion
Capsule whose envelope is separately imperceptible during the topical use thereof
Targeted delivery to human diseases and disorders
Encapsulation of oxidatively unstable compounds
Coating composition comprising polydextrose, process for preparing same and use of coating ingestible solid forms
Microspheres for active embolization
Catheter device
Catheter assembly
Magnetically-targeted treatment for cardiac disorders
Infusion flow regulator, infusion flow regulating set, and infusion flow regulating method
Non-aqueous dentifrice composition with bioacceptable and bioactive glass and methods of use and manufacture thereof
External skin agent comprising modified clay for preventing inflammation
Exercise attachment for a shoe and method of use
Football throwing teaching assembly
Pivoting twin arm support for free weights
Exercise apparatus for mobility recovery and slimming
Adaptive exercise device
Elliptical exercise apparatus
Gym equipment or machine for improved mechanical neuromuscular stimulation
Dual core golf ball having positive-hardness-gradient thermoplastic inner core and shallow negative-hardness-gradient outer core layer
Discus training device
Random data generation
Gun handle attachment for game controller
Photographing device having game function
Method and apparatus for football board game
System and method for using draft position information to aid player selection in a fantasy league draft
Portable cockpit yoke assembly for mounting on a radio controlled transmitter used with a model airplane
Connection and illumination apparatus for a levitating system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for removing solute from a solid solute-bearing product
Solvent extraction system for plutonium colloids and other oxide nano-particles
Analysis of polymeric scale inhibitors
Device and method for treating or cleaning sample material, in particular nucleic acids
Flexible free-standing ultrathin or thin protein membrane, its fabrication method and application
Sorbent bodies comprising activated carbon, processes for making them, and their use
Flange with integral electrically conductive seal and seal arrangement
Hollow ceramic fibers, precursors for manufacture thereof utilizing pore formers, methods of making the same, and methods of using the same
Reduction-oxidation furnace for making phosphorus by thermal process
Hybrid photocatalysts, the method of their synthesis and use
Microwell covers for microplates
Rotatable support elements for stents
Methods of coating an implantable device
Controlling thickness uniformity and interfaces in stacks
Semiconductor processing method
Use of cuttings vessel for tank cleaning
Method for manufacturing a hot press-formed member
Coated cutting tool for metal cutting applications generating high temperatures
Method of making a grinding disk and a grinding disk
Methods of fabricating thermally-stable polycrystalline diamond elements and compacts
Transparent conductive films containing carbon nanotubes and touch panel
Method for producing a part using a depostion technique
Stabilizers for ceramic body extrusion
Method and apparatus for locating and drilling a hole in a composite
Apparatus and method for producing two-sided patterned web in registration
Method for manufacturing a plastic fuel tank comprising a built-in neck
Obtaining melt viscosity stability of polyoxymethylene compositions
Oil well pipe with threaded joint
Method and apparatus for stretch blow molding a container
Apparatus and plant for the stretch blow moulding of plastics material pre-forms and use of a ceramic component
Fiber reinforced composite stents
Production, forming, bonding, joining and repair systems for composite and metal components
Method for fabricating display device
Packaging for lipophilic materials
Coated article and method for making said article
Process for surface treating iron-based alloy and article
Composite glazing having films containing softening agents having low tendency to creep
Blended fluorosilicone release materials
Composite and methods of making and using the same
Films having switchable reflectivity
Method of manufacturing an electrophoretic display device
Method of making a resilient floor tile
Fluoroalkylsilanated mesoporous metal oxide particles and methods of preparation thereof
Crystal film, crystal substrate, and semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing a liquid ejection head and liquid ejection head
Process for the manufacturing of surface elements with a structured top surface
Method of manufacturing nanoimprint stamp
Air vent
Control system and method for a dual clutch transmission
Method for introducing loading auxiliary means of transport device
Carbon nanotube plate layer and application thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of preparing bundle type silicon nanorod composite through electroless etching process using metal ions and anode active material for lithium secondary cells comprising the same
Process for producing porous object and apparatus therefor
Hydroxylation of icosahedral boron compounds
Anode device for an electro-flocculation cell
Non-sacrificial electrodes and/or coils for immersed wastewater treatment apparatus and methods
Process and plant for treating a water stream
Method for production of hydraulic binder
Settable compositions comprising wollastonite and pumice and methods of use
Intermetallic-containing composite bodies, and methods for making same
O/W wax dispersions and gypsum products obtainable from these
Cycylohexyl-mannitol diketal derivatives as vehicle modifiers and gelators
Phase change ink compositions comprising aromatic ethers
Phase change ink compositions containing lignosulfonate compounds
Phase change inks comprising linear primary alcohols
Bio-renewable fast crystallizing phase change inks
Method for producing aqueous compatible nanoparticles
Birefringent film, polarizing plate, image display, and aromatic polyester
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing and chemical mechanical polishing method
Method for resolving emulsions in enhanced oil recovery operations
Aviation gasoline for aircraft piston engines, preparation process thereof
Commingled coal and biomass slurries
Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates from polyols
Soybean transcription terminators and use in expression of transgenic genes in plants
Method for producing mast cells from pluripotent stem cells
Test kit comprising a culture instrument with a cell pattern and a gel suitable to embed cell pattern
Methods for producing autologous immune cells resistant to myeloid-derived suppressor cells effects
Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome vaccine based on isolate JA-142
Method for producing a cell capable of high-yield production of heteroproteins
Coliform detection process and kit for use therein
Smart packaging for detecting microorganisms
Mitochondrial enoyl coenzyme A hydratase 1 as marker for diagnosing stomach cancer
Method for releasing a product comprising chemical oxidation, method for detecting said product and uses thereof
Monitoring two dimensions of diabetes pathogenesis
Subcutaneous glucose electrode
pH-insensitive glucose indicator protein
Predicting graft rejection
Gene expression signature of genomic instability in breast cancer
Compositions, methods, and kits for identifying candidate molecules from encoded chemical libraries
Homogeneous titanium tungsten alloys produced by powder metal technology
Hard film, plastic working die, plastic working method, and target for hard film
Implant and method for producing the same
Liquid processing apparatus
Fuel production system
Method and electrode for defining and replicating structures in conducting materials
Textiles; Paper
Cellulosic product forming process and wet formed cellulosic product
Fixed Constructions
Device for catching rainwater
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine engine compressor variable stator vane arrangement
System for providing continuous lubrication to engine
Reverse cavity blade for a gas turbine engine
Wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant turbine blade
Method for controlling the power transmission in a drive train and drive train
Maintenance system of helical turbine
Scroll compressor including seal member and guide ring
Damping compressor and method for generating compressed air by damping a relative motion between an axle and a chassis of a vehicle
Liquid ring pump with liner
Heat exchanger for ESP motor
Sealing assembly for use in turbomachines and methods of assembling same
Pumping system for pumping liquid from a lower level to an operatively higher level
Damper pulley assembly having a safety device
Method and apparatus for melting metal
Methods and devices for sampling flowable materials
Composition for measuring the binding affinity between nucleic acid and test substance, and use thereof
Device and method for detecting redox reactions in solution
Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
Actinide ion sensor for pyroprocess monitoring
Mass spectrometer
Electronic methods for the detection of analytes
Automatic analyzer
Method for separation of immunoglobulin monomers
Markers for cancer detection
Method of identifying compounds that inhibit fertilization
Surface immobilised multilayer structure of vesicles
Methods of detecting chronic lymphocytic leukemia with Hsp90 and ZAP-70
Colored curable composition, color resist, ink-jet ink, color filter and method for producing the same, solid-state image pickup device, image display device, liquid crystal display, organic el display, and colorant compound and tautomer thereof
Liquid crystal display element, liquid crystal composition, aligning agent, method for producing liquid crystal display element, and use of liquid crystal composition
Colored curable composition, color filter, and method for producing color filter
Method and composition of a dual sensitive resist
Electrostatic charge image developing toner, electrostatic charge image developer, toner cartridge, developer cartridge, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Image forming method, image forming apparatus, and process cartridge
Additive for electrophotographic photoreceptor, electrophotographic photoreceptor, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Image holding member for image forming apparatus, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Liquid developer, developer cartridge, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Interface for a gaming machine
Apparatus and system for learning a foreign language
Geography based card game and method of play
Composite materials for wettable cathodes and use thereof for aluminum production
Fixing heater and manufacturing method thereof
Compositions comprising propylene-olefin-copolymer waxes and carbon black
Packaged semiconductor device with encapsulant embedding semiconductor chip that includes contact pads
MEMS wafer-level packaging
Method for manufacturing package structure with micro-electromechanical element
Method of manufacturing OLED-on-silicon
Microstructure, micromachine, and manufacturing method of microstructure and micromachine
High electron mobility transistor and method of manufacturing the same
Method of controlling amount of adsorbed carbon nanotubes and method of fabricating carbon nanotube device
Three-dimensional wafer stacking with vertical interconnects
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for reducing dielectric overetch when making contact to conductive features
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device having gate trench and manufacturing method thereof
Reacted layer for improving thickness uniformity of strained structures
Atomic layer deposition of zirconium oxide for forming resistive-switching materials
Support lines to prevent line collapse in arrays
Replacement gate electrode with multi-thickness conductive metallic nitride layers
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with improved on-resistance
Surface treatment method by using the NH.sub.3 plasma treatment to modify the sensing thin-film
Controlled electroplated solder bumps
Methods relating to intermetallic testing of bond integrity between bond pads and copper-containing bond wires
Method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device and mask for application of paste used therefor
Methods of forming pillars for memory cells using sequential sidewall patterning
Manufacturing method of a MOS transistor using a sidewall spacer
Leakage reduction in DRAM MIM capacitors
Nickel-silicide formation with differential Pt composition
Carbon nanotube plate and application thereof
Solid-state image pickup device and method for producing the same
Light-emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Battery cooling structure
Electric storage device
Pouch-type rechargeable battery and its method of manufacture
Solid catalysts and fuel cell employing the solid catalysts
Electrode including Si-containing material layer and porous film, and lithium battery employing the same
Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery including the same
Thickening agent for alkaline battery, and alkaline battery
Manufacture method for polymer electrolyte fuel, and polymer electrolyte fuel cell manufactured by the method
Solid oxide fuel cell device
Nanoengineered membrane-electrode assembly for high-temperature proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Vehicle-side connector
Connector for cash box
Connector plug having an LED activated by a user's touch
Connector device for building integrated photovoltaic device
Rotational connector device including a spacer disposed in an annular space formed between a rotor and a stator
Connectors for electrically active grid
Vehicle drive device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Personal cooling and heating system
Goods display cabinet
Performing Operations; Transporting
Chalk line with viewing window
Vehicle air conditioner with automatic control of main blower and sub-blower
Horizontal rotary compressor in a bus air conditioner
Optimized heat pump apparatus for regulating motor vehicle temperature
HVAC system with cooled dehydrator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vapor compression systems, expansion devices, flow-regulating members, and vehicles, and methods for using vapor compression systems
Apparatus and method for extracting cooling power from helium in a cooling system regenerator
Method and system for making ice by underwater supercooling release and low temperature water supply system comprising it
Ice maker fill tube assembly
Abnormality detecting device of auger-type ice making machine and abnormality detecting method thereof
Spirit level
Sensor positioning systems and methods
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew