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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Genes associated to sucrose content
Cotton fiber transcriptional factors
Chemically inducible expression of biosynthetic pathways
Bioartificial primarily vascularized tissue matrix, and bioartificial primarily vascularized tissue, method for the production and use of the same
Fungicidal mixtures based on prothioconazole and an insecticide
Variants of the major allergen Phl p 1 from timothy grass
Herbicide composition
Compositions and methods for the treatment of renal and cardiovascular disease
Stabilization of triphenylboron-pyridine
Method for reducing protein exudate on meat product
Closure medical device
Ultrasonic surgical system
Safety trocar assembly
Systems and methods for injecting flowable materials into bones
Methods and apparatus for sampling and analyzing body fluid
Method for manufacturing a dental prosthesis and an appliance for implantation thereof
Adjustable orthodontic apparatus
Device to deploy a resilient sleeve to constrict on body tissue
Minimal contact treatment device
Inflatable bifurcation stent
Coiled-sheet stent-graft with slidable exo-skeleton
Flexible, stretchable coiled-sheet stent
Sheaths for implantable fixation devices
Bone anchoring device
Warming apparatus with heater produced by PCB
Dialysis system having inductive heating
Treatment of breast cancer with a PARP inhibitor alone or in combination with anti-tumor agents
Method for treating a disease or condition responsive to opening of C1C-2 channel
Use of selective adenosine A.sub.1 receptor allosteric enhancers to manipulate angiogenesis
Compositions for treating amyloid associated diseases
Charge transport layers and organic electron devices comprising same
Biologically active methylene blue derivatives
TRPM-2 antisense therapy
Mammalian telomerase
Pharmaceutical composition for protecting neurons comprising extract of lithospermum erythrothizon SIEB. ET. Zucc or acetylshikonin isolated therefrom as an effective ingredient
Composition for treating a dermal anomaly
Compositions for eliciting an immune response against Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis
Use of cardiotrophin in liver diseases
Liquid, aqueous pharmaceutical compositions of factor VII polypeptides
Use of bromelain for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and for adjuvant therapy during wound healing processes
Mutant vesicular stomatitis viruses and uses thereof
Enhanced CTL epitope-containing HIV-1 reverse transcriptase polypeptides
Modified two-component gelation systems, methods of use and methods of manufacture
Metal complexes based on tetrathiol ligands and their use in nuclear medical diagnostics and endoradionuclide therapy and method for producing said metal complexes
Massaging bar soap
Cosmetic treatment for body-modelling with sun protection and modelling kit
Powdery composition for nasal administration
Adjustable length conversion adapter for dilatation catheters
Systems and methods employing a guidewire for positioning and stabilizing external instruments deployed within the body
Steerable device for introducing diagnostic and therapeutic apparatus into the body
Packaged product applicator or personal care applicator
Closed wound drainage system
Compact weight bench with lifting assistance
Training apparatus
Adjustable kettlebell
Adjustable dumbbell
Elliptical exercise equipment with stowable arms
Golf green repair device method and apparatus
Golf club with slope indicator
Concave martial arts platform with inclined constraint net
Billiard ball rack and use thereof
Motorized interactive figure
Toy helices having variable rates of movement
Illuminated toy building structures
Performing Operations; Transporting
Rotor unit of a centrifugal separator
Apparatus and method for cleaning, neutralizing carbon monoxide and recirculating exhaust air in a confined environment
Carbon dioxide flue gas sequestering mechanism
Sheet for treating gaseous ingredient and electroluminescent element employing the same
Process for reducing agent control in an exhaust gas aftertreatment system
Situ system and method for treating an oil and gas well drilling fluid
Method of concentrating fine particle dispersion and method of recovering fine particle
Ozone infection control device
Method and device for catalytic oxidation and reduction of gases and vapours by crystalline compounds of heavy metals and rare earths
Microfluidic mixing assembly
Process for producing probe carrier and apparatus thereof
Method for making probe support and apparatus used for the method
Method and apparatus of classifying fine particles
Effect paint
Method for the fabrication of conductive electronic features
Methods for transitioning a fluid meniscus to and from surfaces of a substrate
Lid operating mechanism for a drawer-type dishwasher
Clamping element for tool holders
Method and system for laser processing targets of different types on a workpiece
Substrate polishing metrology using interference signals
Micro-abrasive blasting devices with perturbation control
Method for making fog resistant thermoplastic articles and articles made therefrom
Method for producing recording medium, recording medium employing said method, and information recording and reproducing apparatus
Method for non-contact and diffuse curing exposure for making photopolymer nanoimprinting stamper
Molded gasket and method of making
Process of forming a microperforated polymeric film for sound absorption
Silicone-modified water-absorbing polymer particles and method for producing the same
Shaped absorbent pads
Lubricious coatings
Heat exchanger tubing by continuous extrusion
Conductive porous material, resin molding die employing the same, and method of preparing conductive porous material
Electromagnetic wave shielding filter
Pellets for Se encapsulation
Method for preparing ZnO nanocrystals directly on silicon substrate
Line head and an image forming apparatus using such a line head
Liquid drop discharge head and manufacture method thereof, micro device, ink-jet head, ink cartridge, and ink-jet printing device
Printer cartridge unifying thermal ribbon and transfer medium and thermal transfer printer employing the same
Line head and image forming device using the same
Line head and image forming apparatus incorporating the same
Adjustable tab divider
Image forming apparatus with thermal printing head and printing method thereof
Mechanism for opening a vent cover
Container for oversized cargo
Magnetic cover remover
Method and apparatus for an electric drive differential system
Captured shim head set for bicycles
Base for plastic container
Ceramic nanowires and a process for producing them by ion beam irradiation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for sequestration of carbon dioxide
Insulating target material, method of manufacturing insulating target material, insulating complex oxide film, and device
Inorganic matrix compositions and composites incorporating the matrix composition
High starch light weight gypsum wallboard
Fluid loss additive with improved rheological properties
Acylamide compounds having secretagogue or inducer activity of adiponectin
Multistage catalytic process for olefin etherification
Process for the purification of fluoromethyl 1,1,1,3,3,3-hexafluoroisopropyl ether (sevoflurane)
Arylcarbonylated detonation nanodiamonds
Method for producing graphite nanocatalysts having improved catalytic properties
Process for the preparation of acrylic acid comprising a partial oxidation of propane to propylene
Process for crystallization of Ramipril and preparation of a hydrated form thereof
Naphthalene derivatives
Amine salt of carbostyril derivative
Tocopherol derivatives and uses thereof
High-purity cycloaliphatic diepoxy compound and preparation process thereof
Trisoxetane compound, production process and optical waveguide therewith
Crystalline polymorphs of methanesulfonic acid addition salts of Imatinib
Organic compounds as agents for the treatment of aldosterone mediated conditions
Triazolopyrazine derivatives
Salts of clopidogrel and process for preparation
Tweak receptor
Modulation of diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 expression
Method on clinical applications in head neck cancer by using DSG3 molecule for predicting malignant degree of cancer, serving as a molecular target and using RNA jamming sequence on inhibition-specific of DSG3 expression
Compositions, devices and methods for treatment of huntington's disease through intracranial delivery of sirna
Extracellular serine protease
Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 193P1E1B useful in treatment and detection of cancer
Compositions and methods relating to elutable carbohydrate-binding proteins
Nucleotide vector, composition containing such vector, and vaccine for immunization against hepatitis
Chicken growth differentiation factor-8
Coating for controlled release of drugs from implantable medical devices
Method for carrying out a mass polymerization
Water-absorbent crosslinked polymers
Water-soluble polymers reduced in molecular weight, process for production thereof and usage thereof
Dendritic compound and use thereof
Terphenyl dihydroxy monomers containing fluorine and fluorinated poly(arylene ether sulfide)s
Method of producing encapsulation resins
Recycle of electrical equipment
Use of pyrimido[5,4-g]pteridines as shading component in color filter colorant compositions
Oxidation-stabilized CMP compositions and methods
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device
Drilling fluids containing biodegradable organophilic clay
Conductive cement formulation and application for use in wells
Cross-linking composition and method of use
Reduction of sulfur-containing gases during conversion of coal into metallurgical coke
Oxidatively regenerable adsorbents for sulfur removal
Manual transmission fluid made with lubricating base oil having high monocycloparaffins and low multicycloparaffins
Diesel fuel emulsion
Lubricating fluids with low traction characteristics
Water-stabilized antimicrobial organosilane products, compositions, and methods for using the same
Hybridization system using the control of pump and valves in closed system
Injecting Drosophila embryos
Biomolecule partition motifs and uses thereof
Floral development genes
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitors as plant growth regulators
Compositions isolated from forage grasses and methods for their use
Development and stratification of pine somatic embryos using a liquid system
Device for the regeneration of tissue, specifically bone regeneration by means of callus distraction
Oligoadenylate Synthetase (OAS)
Detection method for human pappilomavirus (HPV) and its application in cervical cancer
Assays for cancer patient monitoring based on levels of analyte components of the plasminogen activator system in body fluid samples
Method for the diagnosis of genetic diseases by molecular combing and diagnostic kit
Rapid genotyping analysis and the device thereof
Screening methods for biologically active ligands
Sensor device and testing method utilizing localized plasmon resonance
Pit furnace closing system
Process for diffusing titanium and nitride into a material having a generally compact, granular microstructure
Photosensitive dispersion with adjustable viscosity for the deposition of metal on an insulating substrate and use thereof
Method for manufacturing a composite material including copper foil and support layer
Textiles; Paper
Silanized carbon nanotubes and method for the production thereof
Fixed Constructions
Portable rumble strip
Floating barrier units
Method for placing reinforced concrete piling without utilizing a pile driver or an auger
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Device for coupling a plastic part and a body shell structure
Couplings for molten metal devices
Vacuum pump control device and vacuum device
Insert nut
Rotor supports and systems
Mounting system for modular frame components
Automatic transmission
Automated motor vehicle transmission and method of operating the same
V-belt type continuously variable transmission, saddle-ride type vehicle, and method of manufacturing the V-belt type continuously variable transmission
Shape evaluation method, shape evaluation device, and device having the shape evaluation device
Sensor-incorporated bearing assembly for wheels
Sagnac fourier transform spectrometer having improved resolution
Origin detection method for optical encoder
Hand held luggage scale case construction
System and method for determining at least one constituent in an ambient gas using a microsystem gas sensor
Monitoring apparatus
Coupling energy in a plasmon wave to an electron beam
Sensor assembly
High temperature pressure transducer employing a metal diaphragm
Measuring method and system for measuring particle size and shape of powdery or grain like particles
Optical passive device product identification apparatus and connectivity determination apparatus
Defect inspection system
Defect inspecting apparatus
Photonic crystal and waveguide sensor device
Method for measuring information transfer limit in transmission electron microscope, and transmission electron microscope using the same
Electrochemical sensor and method for continuous analyte monitoring
Method and apparatus for screening of polycondensation catalysts
Lambdoid bacteriophage vectors for expression of foreign proteins
Reagent container assembly and analyzer comprising such assembly
System and method for transitioning from a missile warning system to a fine tracking system in a directional infrared countermeasures system
Methods of testing fuse elements for memory devices
Semiconductor testing circuit and semiconductor testing method
Communication path monitoring system
Congestion control in a network
Method for managing service bandwidth by customer port and EPON system using the same
Segmented optical and electrical testing for photovoltaic devices
Position location using global positioning signals augmented by broadcast television signals
Wavelength-tunable light generator and optical coherence tomography device
Gamma-ray tracking method for pet systems
Radiation imaging apparatus, drive method and program of the radiation imaging apparatus
MRI system RF coil assembly with a birdcage transmit only coil and a pseudo-chain-link receive only coil array
Method of and apparatus for measuring tensor resistivity
Method of making a polarizer plate
Electrophoretic display sheet, electrophoretic display device, and electronic apparatus
Actuators, pumps, and optical scanners
Lens device for image magnification
Supporting mechanism
Light emitting module and light receiving module
Optical properties restoration apparatus, the restoration method, and an optical system used in the apparatus
Method for producing photonic crystals
Display device and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display module
Materials for promoting alignment of liquid crystals on SiO.sub.x and other substrates
Structure of a display panel
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
LCD comprising backlight and reflective polarizer on front panel
Liquid crystal display, method of manufacturing the same, and apparatus manufacturing the same
Method for manufacturing an electro-optic device and electro-optic device, and article therefor
Liquid crystal display and method of fabricating the same
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup method
Methods for etching devices used in lithography
Color image processing apparatus
Method and system for improving critical dimension uniformity
Modified nigrosine, its production method, and toner for developing electrostatic charge images using this modified nigrosine
Bias current compensation device and method
Dual reference current generation using a single external reference resistor
Monitor system
Keyboard connection configuration and electronic device
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and image forming apparatus
Printer driver with automatic template generation
Monochromic image processing system and method for background removal according to dynamic data
Method and apparatus for converting input color space into CMYK color space
Semiconductor device
System and method for common mode bias for high frequency buffers
Information processing apparatus and control method thereof, and program
Illumination system having a light-transmissive plate with surface-modification structures
Virtual shadow for physical object placed on surface
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding position interpolator
Effectively documenting irregularities in a responsive user's environment
Methods and systems for monitoring position and movement of human beings
Ultrasound simulator for craniosynostosis screening
Image display apparatus, three-dimensional image display apparatus, and three-dimensional image display system
Plasma display apparatus and driving method thereof
Plasma display device and driving method thereof
Plasma display and plasma display driver and method of driving plasma display
Plasma display device and method for driving a plasma display panel
Plasma display
SRAM core cell for light-emitting display
Emission driver for organic light emitting display device
Display apparatus
Display device and image erasing method
Electrophoretic display apparatus
Circuit for signal amplification and use of the same in active matrix devices
Anisometric texture synthesis
Method and system for wireless transmission
Driving method of three-dimensional display device
Stopper for keyboard-based musical instruments
Electronic keyboard instrument having a key driver
Electronic musical instrument
Modular structures facilitating aggregated and field-customized musical instruments
Hard disk drive adapted to prevent release of strain between voice coil motor and base
Structure to prevent deformation of magnetic disk device housing
Methods for multi-channel data detection phase locked loop frequency error combination
Repetitive feed-forward algorithm for self-servo-write PLL
Alternate cylinder table to improve adjacent track interference problem
Data storage device with data recovery process using fixed phase clocking for analog-to-digital conversion
Optimal synchronization mark/address mark construction
Magneto-resistive head having a stable response property without longitudinal biasing and method for manufacturing the same
Magnetoresistance effect element comprising nano-contact portion not more than a mean free path and magnetic head utilizing same
Method for manufacturing a magnetoresistive-effect device
Head holding member, disk device with the head holding member, and head holding method in the disk, device
Verification method and apparatus
Perpendicular magnetic recording system with patterned medium and manufacturing process for the medium
Magnetic recording disk having a transition zone
Recording medium with optional information and apparatus and methods for forming, recording, reproducing and controlling reproduction of the recording medium
Optical disk apparatus method for compensating recording power for the same
Ferroelectric recording medium comprising anisotropic conduction layer, recording apparatus comprising the same, and recording method of the same
Optical pickup and optical disc apparatus
Asymmetrical SRAM cell with 4 double-gate transistors
Thin film magnetic memory device capable of conducting stable data read and write operations
Semiconductor memory device
Method and system of analyzing failure in semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and system for determining element voltage selection control values for a storage device
Refreshing the content of a memory cell of a memory arrangement
Memory system, memory device, and output data strobe signal generating method
Signal masking method, signal masking circuit, and semiconductor integrated circuit
Negative voltage detection circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Device for writing data into memory and method thereof
Stabilised aluminium zirconium mixed oxide powder
Thick film conductive composition and process for use in the manufacture of semiconductor device
Configurable multiphase coupled magnetic structure
High voltage pulse type transformer with increased coupling coefficient through primary and secondary winding proximity
Signal transmission device
Vertically formed inductor and electronic device having the same
Hermetically sealed pressure switch with composite actuation mechanism
Starter including electromagnetic switch with protective cover for protecting terminals
Electron-emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
Display apparatus
Light emission device and display device provided with the same
Plasma display panel
Plasma display panel
Ion implantation ion source, system and method
Light source device
Field emission display device for uniform dispersion of electrons
Formation of solar cells with conductive barrier layers and foil substrates
Series interconnected optoelectronic device module assembly
Method for making light emitting diode chip package
Semiconductor device
Thin film transistor, method for manufacturing the same and film formation apparatus
Microstructure and manufacturing method thereof and microelectromechanical system
Method for adjusting a critical dimension in a high aspect ratio feature
High selectivity etching process for metal gate N/P patterning
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and laser processing apparatus
Manufacturing method of insulating film and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and fabrication process of semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of fabricating semiconductor device with reduced pitch
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Power module
Apparatus and method for semiconductor wafer bumping via injection molded solder
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method using an ink-jet method of the same
Semiconductor device power interconnect striping
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Plasma-enhanced cyclic layer deposition process for barrier layers
Semiconductor device having a second level of metallization formed over a first level with minimal damage to the first level and method
Vapor deposition of tungsten materials
Metal line pattern of semiconductor device and method of forming the same
Method and apparatus for wall film monitoring
Metal salicide formation having nitride liner to reduce silicide stringer and encroachment
Semiconductor device including solid state image pickup device, and portable electronic apparatus
High voltage deep trench capacitor
Semiconductor device manufacturing method and semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip packages and assemblies with chip carrier units
Buffer coating having a physical mixture of high toughness polymer and a low shrinkage polymer
Wiring board, electronic circuit board, electronic apparatus and manufacturing method of electronic circuit board
Semiconductor device, relay chip, and method for producing relay chip
Impurity doped UV protection layer
Display device, manufacturing method thereof, and television receiver
Pattern formed structure, method of forming pattern, device, electrooptical device and electronic equipment
Nitride semiconductor device
Integrated circuit, method for manufacturing an integrated circuit, memory cell array, memory module, and device
MOS transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Light emitting device having stacked multiple LEDS
Integrated circuit
Photoelectric conversion device and method of manufacturing the same
Solid state image sensor
Semiconductor memory device including a semiconductor film made of a material having a spontaneous polarization and method for fabricating the same
Curved capacitive membrane ultrasound transducer array
Piezoelectric element and manufacturing method thereof, electronic device, ink jet device
Electrostatic power generator cell and method of manufacture
Piezoelectric element driving circuit and pump device
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Organic EL light emitting display device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for forming an undercut region and electronic devices incorporating the same
Rechargeable battery
Molding a battery
Inertial pump for moving gases in a micro fuel cell
Catalyst for fuel cell, and membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell and fuel cell system including same
Mesoporous carbon composite, method of preparing the same, and fuel cell using the mesoporous carbon composite
Fuel cell system
Polymer electrolyte medium and direct methanol fuel cell
Wide band antenna
Broadband land mobile antenna
Radio frequency identification tag antenna for attaching to metal
Reflector antenna
Antenna system
Systems and methods for high frequency parallel transmissions
Battery connector
Electrical power delivery system and method of manufacturing same
U-shaped electrical connector spring devices and methods
Device for electrical connection of discontinuous conductors
Grounding bracket for use with cable connectors
Printed board with component mounting pin
Shielded connector
Laser diode assemblies
Piezo activated mode tracking system for widely tunable mode-hop-free external cavity mid-IR semiconductor lasers
Method and apparatus for fast pulse harmonic fiber laser
Surface emitting laser
Substrate holding system and exposure apparatus using the same
Vehicle-mounted electrical junction box
Adapter for use with vehicle-mounted electronics
Housing for accommodating electrical components
Wall flush mount supporting device for electric or electronic components
Static electricity prevention apparatus with handle cover of vehicle
Energy conditioning circuit arrangement for integrated circuit
Battery pack and method of manufacturing the same
Rotor for an electric machine
Permanent magnet unit for an electrical machine, a method of installing permanent magnet units and a rotor of an electrical machine
Electrical machine including axial connector assemblies and related methods
Oscillatory motors and devices incorporating them
Moving-magnet type linear motor
Linear or curved mobile motor and its radiator
Carbon brush holder
Motor having thrust system
Electrical machine
Method and device for driving rotating-body, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and computer program product
Method and arrangement in connection with motor fed with frequency converter provided with intermediate voltage circuit
Integrated skid with multiple-motor controller
IPM motor system and control method thereof
Motor controller and control method thereof
High frequency power amplifier
Hybrid class AB super follower
DC self-biased vacuum tube differential amplifier with grid-to-cathode over-voltage protection
Distributed amplifier and integrated circuit
Circuit arrangement and method for power regulation and amplifier arrangement
Feed-forward automatic-gain control amplifier (FFAGCA) for biomedical applications and an associated method
Methods and apparatus for programmably powering down structured application-specific integrated circuits
Duty cycle correction circuit for high-speed clock signals
High voltage tolerance emulation using voltage clamp for oxide stress protection
Radiation hardened CMOS master latch with redundant clock input circuits and design structure therefor
Circuit arrangement with interference protection
Delay locked loop in semiconductor memory device
Sample and hold circuit for a current mode pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Digital-to-analog converter with logarithmic selectable response and methods
Analog signal generator
Method and system of compressing and decompressing data
Method for providing service and rate negotiation in a mobile communication system
Automatic adaptive equalization method for high-speed serial transmission link
Data sampler including a first stage and a second stage
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Supporting hybrid automatic retransmission request in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing access radio access system
Method and apparatus for improving data transmission in router fabric cards through pseudo-synchronous data switching
Burst data reception method and apparatus in EPON
Multi-service ethernet-over-sonet silicon platform
Methodology for network port security
Method for enabling multipoint network services over a ring topology network
Dynamic selection of communication links in a mixed network
Method and apparatus to establish routes based on the trust scores of routers within an IP routing domain
System and method for communicating on a virtual ring in an internet protocol network
Apparatus and method for packet forwarding in layer 2 network
Terminal-to-terminal communication connection control method using IP transfer network
Method and apparatus for implementing IPSec engine in IXDP2851
Communication apparatus and method
Radio terminal and ad hoc communication method
Apparatus and method for sharing variables and resources in a multiprocessor routing node
Packet filtering apparatus, packet filtering method, and computer program product
Core network interoperability in a pico cell system
Channel allocating method for random access
Method and apparatus for preventing starvation in a slotted-ring network
Methods and apparatus to support dynamic allocation of traffic management resources in a network element
Forced bubble insertion scheme
Method and apparatus for routing a call in a packet-switched network
Method and control channel for uplink signaling in a communication system
Method and apparatus for a remote signaling and call processing in a telecommunications network
Method for transporting variable-length packets in temporal circuit frames
Document illumination apparatus, document reading apparatus and image forming apparatus permitting efficient cooling
Laser print apparatus with dual halftones
Printing method for determining color loss in a color printer, and a management print medium
Image processing device, image output device, terminal device, and image forming system and computer readable medium storing program thereof
Image sensing apparatus and method of acquiring traveling characteristics of light-shielding member
Variable-gain amplifier circuit and method of changing gain amplifier path
Fast imaging system calibration
Apparatus and method for resizing an image
Image signal generation unit, digital camera, and image signal generation method
Image processing apparatus and method for preferably correcting distortion aberration
Matching frame rates of a variable frame rate image signal with another image signal
Image sensing apparatus and method generating electronic mark data based on white balance detections
Imaging apparatus with auto-focus function
Image capturing apparatus performing filtering process with variable cut-off frequency
Photographic device and control method therefor
CMOS image sensor having wide dynamic range
Method of driving CCD type solid-state imaging device and solid-state imaging apparatus
Method for avoiding switch-over delays when changing channels in digital television transmission systems
DTV receiving system and method of processing DTV signal
Reconstructed frame caching
Digital security multimedia sensor
Digital camera comprising smear removal function
QoS control apparatus in multi-cell network system and method thereof
Method and system for reducing power consumption of a wireless transmit/receive unit
ROF link apparatus capable of stable TDD wireless service
Display apparatus with replaceable electroluminescent element
Starting fluorescent lamps with a voltage fed inverter
Method and system for eliminating DC bias on electrolytic capacitors and shutdown detecting circuit for current fed ballast
Micro powered warming container
Tamper evident portable memory housing and device
Notebook computer with tilting keyboard vent
Electronic apparatus
Heat dissipation module
Heat sink unit, circuit board unit, and electronic device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Automatic splaying picker finger
Libraries for accommodating cartridge storage media
CLV-type recordable optical disk and apparatus for recording information onto the optical disk
Disc cartridge integrally formed of transparent and non-transparent resin, and molding die therefor
Amplitude limitation in CDMA system
Method for transmitting two parallel channels using code division and an apparatus realizing the method
Dimensioning bandwidth and connection admission control for elastic traffic in high-speed communication networks
Resource estimation for variable bit rate data sources
ATM device and shaping method
Method of controlling path audit in switches
Apparatus for loop testing in a communication system
Non-conformance indicator for the guaranteed frame rate service
Dial up telephone conferencing system controlled by an online computer network
Regional programming in a direct broadcast satellite
Dynamic allocation of radio capacity in TDMA system
Device for generating multiple spreading sequences in reverse high speed data channels
Cellular radio system and a base station
Network-independent routing of communication signals
Method for optimizing acknowledge packet rate
Cross-platform server clustering using a network flow switch
Apparatus and method for setting A/C bits in token ring frames for switches
Packet retransmission eliminator
System for the regulation of information trains for packets
High bandwidth broadcast system having localized multicast access to broadcast content
Systems and methods for multiple voice data communication which includes interface cards including configurable clocks that are dynamically coupled to a TDS bus
Systems and methods for multiple mode voice and data communications using intelligently bridged TDM and packet buses and methods for performing telephony and data functions using the same
Adaption resource module and operating method therefor
Telecommunications system
Data communication method, electronic apparatus, and physical-layer-control integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of bandwidth to data with varying bit rates
Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus and data transmission control apparatus
System and method for modifying symbol duration for the efficient transmission of information in a time duplex noise environment
Splitterless multicarrier modem
Method and apparatus for detecting frame in data stream
Off-line broadband network interface
Generator for producing a high-frequency, low-noise signal
Laser oscillation apparatus
Monolithic laser diode array with one metalized sidewall
Semiconductor laser device with ridge structure
Group III-V nitride laser devices with cladding layers to suppress defects such as cracking
Surface-emitting laser and method of fabrication thereof
Microcavity surface emitting laser
Diode-pumped solid-state laser with an exchangeable pumping module
Splicing asymmetric reflective array for combining high power laser beams
Direct-spread-spectrum communication system
Method and architecture for correcting carrier frequency offset and spreading code timing offset in a direct sequence spread spectrum communication system
Modulated spread spectrum in RF identification systems method
Transmitting/receiving apparatus using a plurality of spreading codes
Data processor for generating spread codes
CDMA receiver
Digital base-band receiver with pipeline processor
Combined echo canceller and time domain equalizer
Data compression/expansion on a plurality of digital information signals
MPEG encoding technique for encoding web pages
Brightness-variation compensation method and coding/decoding apparatus for moving pictures
Motion vector detecting apparatus and method
Apparatus for image reproduction using motion estimation
Pixel data storage system for use in half-pel interpolation
Low level digital video decoder for HDTV having backward compatibility
Method and apparatus for selecting a quantization table for encoding a digital image
System and method for adjusting PCM data frames for robbed bit signaling in a telephone network
Method of timing recovery convergence monitoring in modems
Data detector and data detection method which measure and correct for phase differences between a sampling point and an optimal detection point
Digital transmitter with equalization
Network for eliminating DC offset in a received HDTV signal
Frequency control arrangement
Technique for detecting and treating robbed bit signaling in data communications
Clock reproduction circuit and data transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for time base recovery and processing
Elastic store for wireless communication systems
Lower reactor internals up-ending device
Command sequencer for a CT imaging system
Methods and apparatus for two-pass cone beam image reconstruction
Method for manufacturing a device, an exposure apparatus, and a method for manufacturing an exposure apparatus
High speed materials sorting using x-ray fluorescence
Artifact compensation system for matrix-addressed x-ray imaging panel
Soller slit and manufacturing method of the same
Multiple layer multileaf collimator
Image intensifier reticle system
Single-ended subscriber loop qualification for xDSL service
Digital control of a security system
Interfacing device to be used with a telephone system terminal for transmitting extended station information to a public safety answering point
Method and apparatus for facilitating speech barge-in in connection with voice recognition systems
Outgoing message selection based on caller identification and time/date constraints
Method for customizing and managing information in a voice mail system to facilitate call handling
Consolidated billing system and method for use in telephony networks
Apparatus and method for detecting focused overload
Telecommunication device
Method and apparatus for controlling characteristics of distributed telephone sets from a central telephone switch
Extended number portability database services
Method for communicating between a service switching exchange of a telecommunication network and service control facility
Telephony system command scheduler and precedent processor
Echo controlling apparatus of video conferencing system and control method using the same
Echo canceller employing dual-H architecture having improved double-talk detection
Speakerphone and microphone case for the same
Method and apparatus for multiple-iteration CMEA encryption and decryption for improved security for wireless telephone messages
Encrypting speech coder
System and method for synchronizing one time pad encryption keys for secure communication and access control
Method for digital data compression
Process for protecting an information item transmitted from a security element to a decoder and protection system using such a process
Protection of software against use without permit
Cryptographic communication process and apparatus
Encryption and authentication methods and apparatus for securing telephone communications
Custom character-coding compression for encoding and watermarking media content
Method and apparatus for secure group communications
Key recovery system and key recovery method
Noise canceling method and apparatus for the same
Microphone output limiter
Electret microphone circuit with low battery disable
Audio amplifier circuit and audio device using the circuit
Visual display means incorporating loudspeakers
Damped structural panel and method of making same
System and method for remote detection of hazardous vapors and aerosols
Method for confirming the integrity of an image transmitted with a loss
Audio or video steganography
Address recognizing method and mail processing apparatus
User modifiable land management zones for the variable application of substances thereto
System and method for determining ridge counts in fingerprint image processing
Methods and apparatus for reducing spectral artifacts in a computed tomograph system
Computer-aided diagnosis method and system
Process control using multiple detections
Sequential detection of web defects
Architecture for color space transformation to compensate for relative chip-to-chip spectral variations on a butted full-width array sensor bar
Image processing apparatus and methods
Color image data compressing apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of recognizing top and bottom of document image
Method and apparatus for identifying objects depicted in a videostream
Object boundary detection using a constrained viterbi search
Character processing apparatus and method therefor
Classification-driven thresholding of a normalized grayscale image
Image conversion between raster and block formats for compression and decompression
Coding apparatus
Method of and apparatus for compressing and encoding digitized moving picture signals
Information processing apparatus and method which selectively controls data encoding by monitoring amount of encoded data
Encoding method and apparatus
Method and device for the processing of data notably the compression and decompression of image data
Image registration method
Device and method for processing, image and device and method for encoding image
Image processor
Optical fiber polarization scrambler and operating parameter input method therefor
System and method for differential group delay compensation
Tunable optical filtering system using fiber-optic polarimetric interferometer
Large-channel-count programmable wavelength add-drop
Acousto-optic filter
Chirped optical fibre grating
Angled optic fiber unions and junctions for optic fiber conduits
Optical amplifier and optical transmission system
Optical fiber and optical transmission system including the same
Waveguide end face
Fiber optic cable pulling device
Optical switch module having a buffer device for minimizing a post welding shift
Reflective display
Dual fiber collimator optical variable attenuator
Optical waveguide
Optical element having an integral surface diffuser
Data signal recording and/or reproducing method and system operable with analog and/or digital data signals
Image forming apparatus using transfer roller having low resistance unevenness in circumferential direction
Constant displacement oil web system and method of operating the same
Image forming apparatus having prediction of development time and mode change
Color image forming apparatus with a cooling structure for cooling components therein
Transfer method for electrophotographic apparatus
Developing apparatus and process cartridge
Image-forming apparatus having a seal for a developer and a method for detecting a removal of the seal
Process cartridge with cleaning frame having reinforcing member
Method for attaching electrostatic photosensitive drum method for replacing electrophotographic photosensitive drum and process cartridge
Developing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Toner supply container and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Mechanical keying concept for refillable print cartridge/toner bottle strategy
Developing device having low turbulence developer flow
Developing apparatus including an AC voltage applying device
Fixing apparatus
Control of wrinkling in belt fuser by nip configuration
Image recording apparatus
Method of using input size determination for improvements in productivity and imaging
Apparatus and method for missing message reconciliation
Poor network coverage mapping
Communication terminal equipped with a press-to-talk switch for automatic transmission
Audio diaphragm mounting arrangements in radio telephone handsets
Method and apparatus for correcting distortion in a transmitter
Method and system for down-converting electromagnetic signals by sampling and integrating over apertures
Video signal recording and reproducing apparatus
Apparatus and method for effectively inhibiting unauthorized copying of picture signals which does not interfere with an authorized display thereof
Conditional access system for local storage device
Data recording apparatus and method for preventing illegal copying
Lens mechanism having a first gear portion and a second gear portion
Camera frame assembly having standby battery station
Image forming apparatus with expendable member and random number generator
Camera and film cartridge display setting apparatus
Photo film support device and magnetic head securing method for the same
Method and system for call screening
Method for detecting fraudulent use of a communications system
Method for common usage of mobile switching center (MSC)
System and method for measuring power and bit error rate on the up-link and down-link simultaneously
Performance monitor for antenna arrays
Method for CDMA handoff in the vicinity of highly sectorized cells
Multi-cell communication system and method for allocating a communication resource therein
System and method for adaptive thresholds for cell load sharing
Method and apparatus for determining the optimal number of analog and digital radios in a dual-mode wireless network
GPS assistance data for positioning of mobiles with built-in GPS
Systems and methods for locating remote terminals in radiocommunication systems
Telecommunication network which transmits the state of an occurrence of a non-call related service request associated with a network termination
System and method for dynamic overlap compensation in a simulcast network
Radio communication system
Antenna for the folding mobile telephones
Telephone docking station for personal digital assistant
Control interface protocol for telephone sets for a satellite telephone system
Portable radio signal transceiver and method of preventing disallowed use thereof
Accessory allowing hands-free operation of a cellular telephone
Electronic phone book dialing system combined with a vehicle-installed hand-free system of a cellular phone
Adapter for portable telephone usable as mobile telephone in vehicle
Transferring data in a fixed-site radio transceiver station by modulating power supply current
Plant control system
Control system for internal combustion engine
Process for selecting the traffic information transmitted by a traffic information center which concerns a route of a vehicle equipped with a terminal in a road network
Method and apparatus for the selection of traffic information for a motor vehicle
Parking space detection
Multi-dimensional route optimizer
Image processing method and apparatus and storing medium
Position based personal digital assistant
Navigation apparatus for a vehicle
Travel guide
Method and system for an interactive and real-time distributed navigation system
Confused-in-space stellar attitude acquisition using multiple star trackers
Method and apparatus for an automatic vehicle location, collision notification and synthetic voice
Method for automatic detection of planar heterogeneities crossing the stratification of an environment
System and method for real time reservoir management
Detection of ground roll cone
Nuclear receptor ligands and ligand binding domains
Sport monitoring apparatus for determining loft time, speed, power absorbed and other factors such as height
Method conducted in a computer for classification of a time series having a prescribable number of samples
Calibrating high resolution measurements
ROM data verification circuit
Method and apparatus for determining the speed and location of a vehicle
Surveying system with an inertial measuring device
Large signal model for a pseudomorphic heterojunction electron mobility transistor
Method and apparatus for providing a graphical user interface for simulating designs with analog and mixed signals
System and methods for frame-based augmentative communication having pragmatic parameters and navigational indicators
Speech decoding apparatus and speech decoding method using energy of excitation parameter
Noise suppression and channel equalization preprocessor for speech and speaker recognizers: method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for generating deterministic approximate weighted finite-state automata
Multitasking interactive voice user interface
Single distribution and mixed distribution model conversion in speech recognition method, apparatus, and computer readable medium
Phrase splicing and variable substitution using a trainable speech synthesizer
Voice quality compensation system for speech synthesis based on unit-selection speech database
Method and apparatus for providing notification of pre-established shorthand notation
Data network with voice verification means
Voice data processing control device and recording medium recording a control program for controlling voice data processing
Method and portable apparatus for performing spoken language translation
Speeding up audio without changing pitch by comparing dominant frequencies
Audio encoding apparatus and methods
Risk adjustment tools for analyzing patient electronic discharge records
Method and apparatus for providing choices for a facility
Methods and apparatus for electronically storing and retrieving value information on a portable card
Benefits tracking and correlation system for use with third-party enabling organizations
Collaborative recommendations using item-to-item similarity mappings
Mail-order shopping system, and DVD and adapter both for use in the mail-order shopping system
Facilitating electronic commerce through two-tiered electronic markets and auctions
Computer auction system
Apparatus and method for managing and possessing electronic money, management and possession medium and recording medium for recording electronic money management and possession program read by computer
Method for tracking software lineage
Computer-implemented value management tool for an asset intensive manufacturer
Classification apparatus
Technique for indexing data in a network
Index tuner for given workload
Skills database management system and method
Secondary index search
Method and apparatus for maintaining multi-instance database management systems with hierarchical inheritance and cross-hierarchy overrides
Bitmap segmentation
User-defined search using index exploitation
Method for scanning, analyzing and rating digital information content
Indexing and searching across multiple sorted arrays
Component transaction server for developing and deploying transaction- intensive business applications
Information routing
System and method for dynamic data-mining and on-line communication of customized information
Partially replicated distributed database with multiple levels of remote clients
User level accessing of low-level computer system operations.
Data storage apparatus, method, and medium with variable data storage structure
Persistence storage architecture
Performing operations on objects in a database system in a response to a request that specifies references that indicate where the objects reside
Random access information retrieval utilizing user-defined labels
System and method for using a relational database to enable the dynamic configuration of an application program
Link information management method
System and method for ensuring the integrity of stored data
System and method for dynamically viewing contents of a data file
Object oriented application program development framework mechanism
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for a client-server failure reporting process
Serial data transfer device
System for adding desirable function to a computer from a portable electronic data communication device to control the portable device connected thereto
Optical data storage fixed hard disk drive using stationary magneto-optical microhead array chips in place of flying-heads and rotary voice-coil actuators
Field upgradeable dynamic data exchanger server
Audio CD play subsystem capable for playing audio CDs in a CD-ROM drive during computer system is in power-off state
Universal serial bus controller with a direct memory access mode
Method and system for controlling data acquisition over an information bus
System for controlling data exchange between a host device and a processor
Apparatus for controlling data transfer operations between a memory and devices having respective latencies
High-throughput interface between a system memory controller and a peripheral device
Circuit card capable of switching between at least an N-bit mode of operation and an M-bit mode of operation
System architecture for remote access and control of environmental management
Multi-value logic device, bus system of multi-value logic devices connected with shared bus, and network system of information processors loaded with multi-value logic devices and connected with shared network
Method and system for optimizing of peripheral component interconnect PCI bus transfers
Removable mother/daughter peripheral card
Communications protocol for asynchronous memory card
Process control system using standard protocol control-of standard devices and non-standard devices
Isochronous data pipe for managing and manipulating a high-speed stream of isochronous data flowing between an application and a bus structure
Network system having a bridge that assigns identification numbers to buses connected as a tree and that reserves some identification numbers
Computer for encapsulating legacy data transport protocol for IEEE 1394 serial bus
High-frequency bus system
High speed peripheral interconnect apparatus, method and system
Interrupt events chaining
Two-level mini-block storage system for volume data sets
Reducing memory latency by not performing bank conflict checks on idle banks
Information processing system
Method and apparatus for efficient software updating
Method and apparatus for providing a memory with write enable information
Memory control providing controllable rate of refresh operations
Method and apparatus for ultra high-speed formatting of a disk drive volume
Device sequencing and placement protection using a digital signature
Method and apparatus to reduce system bus latency on a cache miss with address acknowledgments
Algorithm for cache replacement
Method and system for providing an eviction protocol within a non-uniform memory access system
Store to load forwarding using a dependency link file
Method and system in a distributed shared-memory data processing system for determining utilization of nodes by each executed thread
Control apparatus for random access memories
Method for writing data into data storage units
Priority encoding for FIFO memory devices that interface multiple ports to a data receiving device
Access time measurement circuit and method
Variable length pipeline with parallel functional units
Continuously sliding window method and apparatus for sharing single-ported memory banks between two agents
Reverse TLB for providing branch target address in a microprocessor having a physically-tagged cache
Memory manager for multi-media apparatus and method therefor
Secure computing device including operating system stored in non-relocatable page of memory
Translation lookaside buffer with virtual address conflict prevention
Central processing unit compatible with bank register CPU
High speed four-to-two carry save adder
Alignment and ordering of vector elements for single instruction multiple data processing
Register scoreboarding to support overlapped execution of vector memory reference instructions in a vector processor
Intermediate-grain reconfigurable processing device
Method and system in an information processing system for efficient maintenance of copies of values stored within registers
Information processing apparatus
Physical rename register for efficiently storing floating point, integer, condition code, and multimedia values
Program controller for switching between first program and second program
Computer architecture capable of execution of general purpose multiple instructions
Method and apparatus for increasing throughput when accessing registers by using multi-bit scoreboarding with a bypass control unit
Apparatus and method for facilitating out-of-order execution of load instructions
System and method for permitting out-of-order execution of load instructions
Conversion between packed floating point data and packed 32-bit integer data in different architectural registers
Method for autonomous configuration of peer devices
Probabilistic signature scheme
Authentication system for electronic data objects to be opened to public, and storage medium
Computer security system
Method and system for securing, managing or optimizing a personal computer
Method and apparatus for displaying information and information recording medium having information displaying means
ACPI sleep control
Information processing apparatus to control bus latency
Split transaction I/O bus with pre-specified timing protocols to synchronously transmit packets between devices over multiple cycles
Clock enable generation, synchronization, and distribution
Glitchless clock switch
Method and apparatus for providing failure detection and recovery with predetermined replication style for distributed applications in a network
Apparatus and methods for inband protocol correction in distributed object networking
System-managed rebuild of coupling facility structures
Direct storage of recovery plan file on remote server for disaster recovery and storage management thereof
File system filter driver apparatus and method
Method and circuit for safeguarding CMOS RAM data in a computer system at low battery power
Method and apparatus for selecting stimulus locations during limited access circuit test
System and method for automatically categorizing and characterizing data derived from a computer-based system
Deep trace memory system for a protocol analyzer
Bit error measurement circuit
System and method for selectively recovering areas on a disc marked as unuseable
Semiconductor memory, memory device, and memory card
JTAG boundary scan cell with enhanced testability feature
Circuit and method for testing an integrated circuit
Turbo code termination
Data ordering for cache data transfer
Data transfer network on a computer chip using a re-configurable path multiple ring topology
Multi-power supply integrated circuit evaluation system and method of operating the same
Multi-phase data/clock recovery circuitry and methods for implementing same
System and method for eliminating effects of parasitic bipolar transistor action in dynamic logic using setup time determination
Boundary-scan cells with improved timing characteristics
Detailed grid point layout using a massively parallel logic including an emulator/simulator paradigm
Method for placement of clock buffers in a clock distribution system
Method for analyzing capacity of parallel processing systems
Visualization in a modular software system
Object oriented monitor displaying interactions among objects in square matrix with an object designated in first column and additional column(s) for interacting objects
Method and system for executing instructions in an application-specific microprocessor
Computer program product for enabling the construction of dialogs for commands and templates
Methods, systems and computer program products for secure firmware updates
Remote program downloading system and apparatus
Method and system for custom computer software installation using rule-based installation engine and simplified script computer program
Addressable CATV end-user payment collection management system
Digital broadcasting system and digital broadcasting method
Methods and systems for presenting program schedule information corresponding to a day selection
Programmable entertainment system having back-channel capabilities
Tunable pass filter cable television control
Decoder for a software-implemented end-to-end scalable video delivery system
Custom-fitted batter''s lower leg protector
Disposable underarm garment shield
Tennis glove
Headband apparatus and method of making
Hunting hood
Splash proof urinal deodorant receptacle
Decorative accessory unit for a swimming pool
Automatic hair washer
Breakaway drain cover
System for the fixation of side panels on a bathtub support structure and the like
Adjustable floor drain apparatus
Waterbed mattress system for recreational vehicles
Bed support mechanism
Multi-axis planar mechanism for a positioner patient platform
Mechanism for generating wave motion
Methods and apparatus for automatic patient positioning
Method and apparatus combining pacifier, pacifier holder and swaddling blanket for extended pacification of infants
Diaper changing station with prerecorded voice instructions
Mattress or cushion structure
Inflatable cushioning device with manifold system
Method and arrangement for computer-assisted determination of clusters for the recognition of foaming in a washing machine as well as method and arrangement for recognizing foaming in a washing machine
Detergent injection systems for carbon dioxide cleaning apparatus
Apparatus for allowing wheeled negotiation of an obstacle
Automated apparatus for cleaning golf balls
Post CMP clean brush with torque monitor
Surface cleaning apparatus
Grip washer
Wipe pads with superior solids removal ability using sub-micron filaments
Monofilament bristle assemblies and methods of making brushes using same
Apparatus for cleaning an optical fiber splicer electrode
Waste remover
Automatic pane cleaning system
Bagless vacuum cleaner
Duct cleaning device
Hinged bracket to guide and restrict movements of objects that are normally vertically supported
Three link, plural axes hinge system for upward rotational and translational opening of a closure panel
Method of operating a card and a card flat for carrying out the method
Reef maker
Band clamp
Face finished fabrics containing immobilized fibers
Modular burial vault
Wing panel assembly
Nut removal tool
Hose preparation apparatus and method therefor
Electromagnetic flow sensor and assembly method
Method of making high-current coils
Device for detaching swaged components in a disc drive
Method of making a patterned magnetic recording head
Method for producing an electric resistor and a mechano-electric transducer
Handle tool used for a ZIF socket and an assembly comprising the handle tool and the ZIF socket
Production of low oxygen metal wire
Method of assembling a peripheral device printed circuit board package
Press fitting apparatus for manufacturing a wiring harness
Fabrication method of connector having internal switch
Process for manufacturing or repairing turbine engine or compressor components
Method of manufacturing a heat exchanger
Multi-purpose tool assembly
Portable saws having chip scattering prevention devices
Apparatus for measuring three-dimensional volumetric errors in multiaxis machine tool
Gage assembly and method
Head for the linear dimension checking of mechanical pieces
Digital cable extension transducer
Spin processing apparatus
Device for drying hair
Drying machine for shredded tobacco, in particular for rolls of expanded shredded tobacco
Method of drying copper foil and copper foil drying apparatus
Method of drying substrates and drying apparatus
Drying apparatus for the drying of bulk material
Combined pronation and supination control plantar insert for shoes
Orthotic assembly having stationary heel post and separate orthotic plate
Blade holder for a snow-clearing device
Manually adjustable snowplow apparatus
Adjustable snow plow shovel
Mulching unit for use in mulching apparatus
Sweeping assembly for excavating machines and the like
Tiltable implement for excavator machines and the like
Sheet stretching device
Perpetual calendar
Picture mounting device
Display device
Glass water ball with light emitting device
Diffusing screen with matte region
Decoration with a variable billboard
Aluminum stretcher frame system
Signage structure
Dual purpose label holder adapted for mounting on a cross bar or mounting plate of a merchandise display hook
Apparatus for grouping electronic price labels
Information tag
Method and apparatus for treating cardiac arrhythmia
Method and device for electronically controlling the beating of a heart
Method and apparatus for detecting and displaying P-wave and R-wave histograms for an implant medical device
Waveform normalization in a medical device
Implantable epicardial electrode
Inflatable cochlear electrode array and method of making same
Method and system of computing similar to a turing machine
Method for determination and optimization of an operating accuracy of a machine tool, a robot or the like
Adaptively configuring an audio interface according to selected audio output device
Apparatus for generating a numerical control command according to cut resistance value and cut torque value of machining simulation
Process and device for the control of draft in a drafting system for textile fiber material
Library for storing data-storage media and having a removable interface module
Client-server system, method and computer product for managing database driven insertion (DDI) and mail piece tracking (MPT) data
Legged moving robot
System for dynamically reconfigure wireless robot network
Computer based control system
System for reducing disaster damage
Control apparatus and method of control system having dead time
Spatial RAM for high precision data acquisition systems
GPS analytic redundancy for gyroscope failure detection
System and method for improving the accuracy of pressure altitude determinations in an inertial navigation system
Robust autonomous GPS time reference for space application
Gyrocompassing by intermittent GPS interferometry
Vehicle wheel vibration monitoring system
Method for determining the times when it will be necessary to change, or add to, the engine oil in a motor vehicle engine
Vehicle motion detection and recording method and apparatus
Speed-based disabling of functionality for automotive applications
Pneumatic suspension leveling system for vehicles
Controller for an electric power assisted steering system and an electric power assisted steering system
Apparatus and method for sensing a rearward facing child seat using beat frequency detection
Automotive occupancy sensor gray zone neural net conditioning process for airbag deployment systems
Body swing control apparatus for industrial vehicles
Method and apparatus for prescription application of products to an agricultural field
Method and apparatus for controlling a mobile machine during start-up
Vehicle and engine control system and method
Control system and method for a snow removal vehicle
Method and device for adjusting an amount of movement representing the vehicle motion
Road surface friction sensor and road surface friction coefficient detector, and vehicle antilock braking device
Device for controlling running behavior of vehicle by mathematical tire model with compensation for brake malfunction
Method and system for inserting code to conditionally incorporate a user interface component in an HTML document
Tagging related files in a document management system
Computerized document management system
Creating and saving multi-frame web pages
Hand-held data collection system with stylus input
Emptying packed data state during execution of packed data instructions
Flexibility enhancement to the modified fast convolution algorithm
Scheme for arithmetic operations in finite field and group operations over elliptic curves realizing improved computational speed
Complex switched capacitor filter and designing method for such a filter
Enhanced service platform with secure system and method for subscriber profile customization
Conference support system with user operation rights and control within the conference
Method for blocking all unwanted e-mail (SPAM) using a header-based password
Method of controlling printer information in a network environment
Architecture for network manager
Telecommunications switch management system
Full time network auxiliary for a network connected PC
System automatically maintaining client under control of client, and a recording medium therefor
Logging of transaction branch information for implementing presumed nothing and other protocols
Control in an intelligent network
Network filtering system
Apparatus and method for improving throughput on a data network
Method and apparatus to insert and extract data from a plurality of slots of data frames by using access table to identify network nodes and their slots for insertion and extraction data
Method and apparatus for providing confirmation notification for isochronous data
Onion routing network for securely moving data through communication networks
Indotracheal tube
Apparatus and method for evaluating cardiac functions
Catheter apparatus for treating arterial occlusions
Catheter calibration and usage monitoring system
Method and arrangement for locating a measurement and/or treatment catheter in a vessel or organ of a patient
Spiral scanning computed tomography apparatus, and method for operating same, for cardiac imaging
System and method for classifying cardiac complexes
Single complex electrogram display having a sensing threshold for an implantable medical device
Method and apparatus for recording an electroencephalogram during transcranial magnetic stimulation
Biofeedback device for an incontinent person
Apparatus and method for nerve conduction measurements with automatic setting of stimulus intensity
Electrically assisted transdermal method and apparatus for the treatment of erectile dysfunction
Human Necessities
Nasopharyngeal airway with reflectance pulse oximeter sensor
System for noninvasive hematocrit monitoring
Defibrillator with automated test load
Method of adjusting electrotherapy in response to an arrhythmia
Performing Operations; Transporting
Printing systems and methods
Method for detecting slippery surfaces and blocked vehicle wheels, automatic transmission implementing the method and vehicle equipped with same
Method for cruise control for a motor vehicle
Road surface condition determination system for automotive vehicles and anti-skid braking system having the same
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
One-piece plastic tank and temperature control system for a hot water dispenser
Water heater made of pressure-resistant plastic material
Fiber optic sensor with encoded microspheres
Antistatic viewfinder
Optical arrayed waveguide grating devices
Optical fiber switch circuit
Polymer gripping elements for optical fiber splicing
Splice closure universal grip block
Magnetic recording and regenerating unit for photographic film and camera
High-altitude compensation for a xerographic development system
Method and apparatus for hierarchical storage of data for efficient archiving and retrieval of data
Automated image fusion/alignment system and method
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Information recording medium, apparatus and method for recording or reproducing data thereof
Apparatus and methods for tuning bandpass filters
Look up mechanism and associated hash table for a network switch
Fast routing lookup system using complete prefix tree, bit vector, and pointers in a routing table for determining where to route IP datagrams
Receiver and method for demodulating reception signals
System and method for IP network address translation and IP filtering with dynamic address resolution
Method for electronically checking authenticity of document
Method and system for dynamically assigning features and users to wireline interfaces
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