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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Dominant negative mutant KRP protein protection of active cyclin-CDK complex inhibition by wild-type KRP
Metabolic regulators
Melon variety NUN 1101
Use of unsaturated sphingosine compounds as chemotherapeutic agents for the treatment of cancer
Polylactides compositions and uses thereof
Biologically active macrolides, compositions, and uses thereof
Pesticidal composition and method for controlling pest
Insecticidal compositions with disinfectant
Precut adhesive body support articles and support system
Synergistic enhancement of calcium propionate
Non-steroidal compounds for androgen receptor modulation
Oxadiazole fused heterocyclic derivatives useful for the treatment of multiple sclerosis
Compounds that are useful for improving pharmacokinetics
Cycloalkylamine substituted isoquinolone derivatives
Treating xerophthalmia with norketotifen
(4-chloro-2-fluoro-N-(2-fluorophenyl)-5-[(8aR)-hexahydropyrrolo-[1,2-a]pyr- azin-2(1H)-ylcarbonyl]-benzenesulfonamide, and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof
PI3 kinase inhibitors
Pyrazolopyrimidine derivatives
6,7-dihydro-[1,3,4]thiadiazolo-[3,2-a][1,3]diazepin derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same as hypnotic or anesthetic agent and method for their preparation
Dipeptoid prodrugs and the use thereof
Storage-stable, functionally intact fibrinogen
Pegylated albumin and uses thereof
Agent and methods for reducing inflammatory markers
Use of a ghrelin agonist to improve the catabolic effects of glucocorticoid treatment
Kinase inhibitors and uses thereof
BMP-7 for use in treating neointimal hyperplasia
Polypeptides targeting vascular endothelial growth factor receptor-2 and .alpha.v.beta.3 integrin
Synthesis of lipoamide-grafted high molecular compound and method therefor
Chimeric natriuretic polypeptides with unique pharmacologic profiles
Use of mutated antithrombins for treating or preventing coagulation disorders
Oligodeoxynucleotide and its use to induce an immune response
Pharmaceutical composition including an HIF-2 alpha inhibitor as an active ingredient for preventing or treating arthritis
Bioactive bone cement and method for the production thereof
Method and apparatus for melody recognition
Performing Operations; Transporting
Spinning cell device for fast standardization in laser ablation inductively coupled plasma spectrometry
Method for producing an oil binding agent
Catalysts for hydrocarbon oxidation
Method of oxidation utilizing a gliding electric arc
Solid state circuit breaker
Steam plasma torch
MIG welded joint between aluminum and steel members and MIG welding process
Method of controlling arc welding in a tandem arc welding system
Prepregs and cured in place solid surfaces prepared therefrom
Parking barricate device with sensing vehicle
Warning triangle structure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Crystallized glass with negative coefficient of thermal expansion and method for manufacturing the same
Oligomerisation of olefins with zeolite catalyst
Dilute ethylene alkylation of benzene
Method for preparing higher ethanolamines
Preparation of polyisocyanates having isocyanurate groups and their use
Protease inhibitors
Process for producing optically active 4-chloro-3-hydroxybutanal compound
Alkylation of aromatic substrates and transalkylation process
Synthetic methods for spiro-oxindole compounds
Amide derivatives bearing a cyclopropylaminoacarbonyl substituent useful as cytokine inhibitors
Nucleic acid detections and methods of their use
Hydrate forms of 1,2,4-triazole, processes for manufacture thereof, and compositions thereof
Process for improving the selectivity of an EO catalyst
Process for improving the selectivity of an EO catalyst
Process for the preparation of prostaglandin analogues
No-carrier-added nucleophilic [F-18] fluorination of aromatic compounds
Pyruvate kinase M2 modulators, therapeutic compositions and related methods of use
Methods of preparing factor xa inhibitors and salts thereof
Synthesis of intermediate anilino methyl esters used in the production of synthetic opioid analgesics
Macrocyclic inhibitors of hepatitis C virus
Light-emitting material comprising orthometalated iridium complex, light-emitting device, high efficiency red light-emitting device, and novel iridium complex
Saturated N-heterocyclic carbene-ligand metal complex derivatives, preparing method thereof, and preparing method of silane compound by hydrosilylation reaction using the same as catalyst
Process for producing siloxane copolymers with urethane-sulphonamido linking groups
Method of producing a bran product
Property effecting and/or property exhibiting compositions for therapeutic and diagnostic uses
Mucin antigen vaccine
RNA sequence-specific mediators of RNA interference
Saccharide-containing protein conjugates and uses thereof
Method for preparing 1,6:2,3-dianhydro-.beta.-D-mannopyranose
Transformation of sugar cane
Anti-tumor drug, medicament, composition, and use thereof
Coating compositions comprising non-ionic surfactant exhibiting reduced fingerprint visibility
Method for the homogeneously catalyzed production of terminal group-capped polyethers
Polymerization initiator for living radical polymerization
Method for making comb polymers by drying then functionalization of the meth(acrylic)polymer backbone, resulting polymers and uses thereof
Processes for producing hexamethylenediamine (HMD), adiponitrile (ADN), adipamide (ADM) and derivatives thereof
Polymer precursor, high transparency polyimide precursor, polymer compound, resin composition and article using thereof
Polyphenyl sulfone ketone copolymers
Polyolefin member and method of manufacturing
Use of cyclic carbonates in epoxy resin compositions
High T.sub.g epoxy systems for composite applications
Aqueous ink, ink jet recording method, ink cartridge, recording unit and ink jet recording apparatus
Antifouling coating composition including a metal-containing copolymer, 4,5-dichloro-2-N-octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one, and metal-pyrithione compound and using thereof
Composite particles and method of forming
Lubrication kit and small electronic device using the same
Multi-purpose cleaner
Plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive system for use with flowing fluids
Wind generator with water float sail
Turbine having counter-rotating armature and field
Device and method for measuring scattering of radiation
System and method for providing electromagnetic imaging through magnetoquasistatic sensing
Magnetic field measuring device
Encoder and interferometer that generate M-phase signals by multiplying N-phase signals by M coefficient sets, where N is not less than 6 and M is not smaller than 2
Determination of beam parameters for asymmetrical photon beams
Portable radiographic detector exterior battery latch and methods for using the same
Optical detector suitable for use in light curtains
Radiation image capturing device and radiation image capturing method
Single terahertz wave time-waveform measuring device
Separation of doping density and minority carrier lifetime in photoluminescence measurements on semiconductor materials
Capacitance detection in electrochemical assay with improved response
Apparatus for measuring a radius of a workpiece
Touch panel sensor
Sensor probe and methods of assembling same
Display device having repair and detect structure
Semiconductor device and operation monitoring method for semiconductor device
Driving method and method for measuring feed through voltage of electrophoretic display
Method and system for testing an electric circuit
Wind turbine bird strike prevention system method and apparatus
Radar device and target detection method
Ultra low power global navigation satellite system (GNSS) receiver operation
Muon monitoring system for charged particle radiation therapy
Radiation image capturing system and method of adjusting same
Positive magnetic resonance imaging contrast methods and apparatus using chemical exchange saturation transfer
Method and apparatus for sensing the presence of explosives, contraband and other molecules using nuclear quadrupole resonance
Contact lenses
Methods, systems and apparatus for controlling third harmonic voltage when operating a multi-phase machine in an overmodulation region
Charge pump circuit and method thereof
High-voltage startup circuit
Switching control circuit for fixed-on-time power conversion system
Active filtering device for a power supply
Tool length measuring method and tool length measuring device
System and method for tracking a controller
Panic device with local alarm and distal signaling capability
Methods, systems, devices and computer program products for transmitting medical information from mobile personal medical devices
Alarm unit
Hand wash and sanitation device
Radar based systems and methods for detecting a fallen person
Marine fuel system with overfill alert
Automatically controlled lighting device, and an installation including a plurality of such devices
Easy to use and intuitive user interface for a remote control
Industrial instrument and machine tool control
Radiation protection device
Transformer coil and transformer with passive cooling
Two-stage switch for surgical device
Switch module
Switch with locking mechanism
Full-color active matrix organic light emitting display with hybrid
Solid-state imaging device and method of adjusting reference voltage
Specific phase range for ion injection into ion trap device
Transformer and lamp base element, lamp base, and discharge lamp having such a lamp base
Storage node, phase change memory device and methods of operating and fabricating the same
Apparatus and method for improving the intensity profile of a beam image used to process a substrate
Charge compensation semiconductor device
Substrate processing method
Semiconductor device and structure
Apparatus and method for FinFETs
Semiconductor devices with replacement gate structures having conductive contacts positioned therebetween
Variable resistive element, method for producing the same, and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device including the variable resistive element
Apparatus comprising a first transistor including a channel in a fin and a second transistor including a channel in a fin
Circuit board structure and packaging structure comprising the circuit board structure
Enhanced diffusion barrier for interconnect structures
Identification mechanism for semiconductor device die
Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
Test circuitry coupled to embedded circuit input/output unconnected to pads
Lead frame having a flag with in-plane and out-of-plane mold locking features
Stacked structure with a voltage boosting supply circuit
Electronic device protected against electro static discharge
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit including cross-coupled transistors having gate electrodes formed within gate level feature layout channels with gate contact position specifications
Integrated circuit including cross-coupled transistors having gate electrodes formed within gate level feature layout channels with outer positioned gate contacts
Wireless chip and electronic device having wireless chip
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory
Compton camera
Systems, methods and apparatus of a low conductance silicon micro-leak for mass spectrometer inlet
Display unit
Substrate strip plate structure for semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device having lateral diode
Semiconductor device and fabricating method of the same
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Magnetic storage element and magnetic memory
Collapsed mode capacitive sensor
Conduction element, manufacturing method thereof, wiring element, information input device, display device, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Multi-segment photovoltaic power converter with a center portion
Dopant applicator system and method of applying vaporized doping compositions to PV solar wafers
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Surface acoustic wave sensor system
Variable resistance memory devices
Bipolar multistate nonvolatile memory
Thin film transistor and method for producing the same
LED lighting systems with phosphor subassemblies, and/or methods of making the same
Electromagnetic coupler and information communication device including same
Antenna system
Planar inverted F antenna
Electrical cogeneration system and method
Dynamic power management system and method
Voltage conversion circuit and charging device employing the same
Method and apparatus to harness keyboard strokes and mouse movement to charge an electrical storage device
Charging station
Electric motor with permanent magnet excitation
Electric motor and magnet transmission for motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for local oscillation distribution
Discharge lamp system for constant power control and controlling method of the same
Switching control circuit
AC motor control device and AC motor driving system
Methods and apparatuses for elimination of torque pulsation in doubly fed induction generators using the field reconstruction method
Power converting device for hybrid
Power generator utilizing intermittent fluid flow
Divider circuit and semiconductor device using the same
Polar modulation transmission circuit and polar modulation transmission method
Power amplifier device
Low passive inter-modulation capacitor
MEMS resonator devices
Driver circuit for driving a row of switch elements such as light emitting thyristors, drive apparatus incorporating the driver circuit, and image forming apparatus
Common mode voltage control
MOSFET with temperature sense facility
Wireless remote detectors systems and methods
Relaxation oscillator having a supply voltage independent output frequency
Temperature-corrected frequency control with crystal oscillators for initial frequency acquisition
Digital phase locked loop
Frequency difference calculation circuit, a satellite signal receiving apparatus and frequency difference calculation method
Multi-variable multi-wire interconnect
Methods for encoding and decoding data
LED driving circuit and short-circuit protection circuit
Light source apparatus, discharge lamp driving method, and projector
LED lighting device, illuminating device and power supply therefore having a normally-on type switching element
Electronic ballast
Method and system for increasing the lifespan of a plasma
Accelerator having acceleration channels formed between covalently bonded chips
Anisotropically conductive member and method for producing the same
Electronic apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Footwear with separable upper and sole structure
Air cushion shoe for indoor exercise
Insole with arch spring
Sports shoe
Resilient, all-surface soles for footwear
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for generating gas to a processing chamber
Textiles; Paper
Drying rack for a laundry dryer
Fixed Constructions
System for controlling movement of a work machine arm
Tool kit for installing roofing or siding materials
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Hydraulic circuit of excavating and slewing working vehicle
Rotary movement converting mechanism and measuring instrument
Sizing tag
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew