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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Reducing the effects of vibrations in an electric power steering (EPS) system
Control device in a steering system of a vehicle
Alginate coating for sett treatment
Planting pot
Lettuce variety 45-140 RZ
Lettuce variety 81-90 RZ
Pet door with groomer and vacuum
Animal model of Krabbe's disease
Fish glove/mitt with integral netting
Herbicide compositions and methods for controlling growth of plants of the buckthorn family
Method for treatment of diseases
Device for providing liquid for a beverage machine and use thereof
Base medicinal liquid formulation for supporting the specific homeostatic acid-base balance of living tissue
Quad apparatus, method and system
Ventilating sheath for smoking article
Electronic cigarette
Hand held appliance
Drop-prevention tool harness for pistol-grip hand tools
Portable container system
Assembly storage rack
Modular cinema lounge chair
Net fixing structure of chair
Chair elbow rest cover member and chair having the same
Armrest extension device
Carrying device and method of using the same
Glass holder for individual glasses during their use
Single-handed food tray with advertising panel
Floor construction with variable grade of resilience
Brewing device with ground coffee quantity control and coffee machine comprising such a device
Kitchen device with suction foot
Manifold for a multiple viewing elements endoscope
Bronchoscope adapter and method
Method and device for securing body tissue
Tissue aperture securing and sealing apparatuses and related methods of use
Increased axial load carrying sheathed irrigating balloon catheter
Medical instrument
Disposable needle hair transplanter
Follicle punch for use with curled follicles
Patient-matched apparatus and methods for performing surgical procedures
Plate for osteosynthesis device and method of preassembling such device
Pedicle screw assembly
Dynamic force generation for bone repair
Method and system for trans-lamina spinal fixation
Bone fixation tool
System and method for detecting a fault in a capacitive return electrode for use in electrosurgery
Surgical instrument with end-effector assembly including three jaw members and methods of cutting tissue using same
Surgical instrument with end-effector assembly including three jaw members
Surgical instrument with end-effector assembly including three jaw members
Multiple electrode RF ablation catheter and method
Mechanical features of an eye imaging apparatus
Wireless telecommunications system adaptable for patient monitoring
Safety needle blood sampling devices and related methods
Detection and monitoring of atrial fibrillation
Analyte monitoring device and methods of use
Biopsy cavity marking device
Coil system and method for obtaining volumetric physiological measurements
Robotic system for SPECT imaging
Medical image display apparatus and X-ray diagnosis apparatus
Production method for radiation detection unit
Apparatus and method for aiding extremity ultrasonography
Distal protection systems and methods with pressure and ultrasound features
Occlusal canting identifying tool
Active vibration/noise control device
Three-dimensional attachment apparatus for hearing protection devices
Absorbent article comprising more than one stacked absorbent pad
Film encapsulated pelvic implant system and method
Vascular prosthesis
Intraocular lens injector
Stent with eased corner feature
Absorbent articles having a sensation aspect
Obstacle traversing wheelchair
Massaging devices
Hidden storage device for safely storing medications and separating daily dosages
Methods of treating ototoxicity
Carboxamide 4-[(4-pyridyl)amino] pryimidines for the treatment of hepatitis C
Drugs for treating diseases of cervical and/or lumbar vertebrae
Compositions and methods comprising serratia peptidase for inhibition and treatment of biofilms related to certain conditions
Method of restoring the incretin effect
Inhibition of inflammatory cytokine production by cholinergic agonists and vagus nerve stimulation
Solid state forms of a quinazoline derivative and its use as a BRAF inhibitor
Delivery system for delivery of a substance into the oral cavity
Crosslinked hydrogels and related method of preparation
Animal feed compositions and feed additives
Method for cannabinoid transdermal delivery
Probiotic controlling fungi and uses thereof
Cardio-protective agents from kiwifruits
Targeting PARP1 for treatment of TSC and cancers
Method and composition for treatment of dyslipidemia and other diseases
Method for suppressing malignant tumor metastasis
PCSK9 vaccine
Pseudomonas antigens and antigen combinations
Antigens and vaccines directed against human enteroviruses
Vitamin functionalized gel-forming block copolymers for biomedical applications
Water-swellable polymers
Hyaluronic acid-based drug delivery systems
Foaming warming cleanser
Multi-functional composition for cosmetic formulations
Inhaled surfactant-modified liposomal formulations providing both an immediate and sustained release profile
Compositions and methods for delivery of omeprazole plus acetylsalicylic acid
Dissolution aids for oral peptide delivery comprising a biguanide
Transdermal absorption sheet, and manufacturing method for the same
Reduction of implant infection via tunable stimulation of localized adaptive immune response
Wear resistant low friction coefficient surfaces for joint and bone replacement materials and devices
Cushion with selectively variable softness/stiffness
Lamp with variable flickering frequency
Needle guard
Tri-ring syringe
Display assembly and dispensing device
Assembly for a drug delivery device and method of operating the same
Catheter securement devices
Cross-band communications in an implantable device
Flat capacitor for an implantable medical device
High density mapping catheter
Efficient external charger for an implantable medical device optimized for fast charging and constrained by an implant power dissipation limit
Method and system for connecting an impaired nervous system to a muscle or a group of muscles based on template matching and intelligent end points
Pulse detection apparatus, software, and methods using patient physiological signals
Integrated resuscitation
Flexible x-ray, detector with optical shape sensing
Radiation therapy treatment planning using regression
Joint structure of endless treadmill belt of treadmill
Switchably swingable spinning bike
Balance board
Metal wood club
Nets for collapsible sports goals
Bottle tossing game and method
Safer football helmet
Motor control and regulating device, especially for an electrically driven skateboard or longboard
Method and apparatus for a user-configurable athletic training apparatus
Game system with interactive show control
Gear-based mechanical puzzle
Orbiting bob toy having modular bobs with a recessed throughbore sheath and customizable weighting
Performing Operations; Transporting
Carboxylic functionalized magnetic nanocomposite
Preparation and use of magnetic polymer nanocomposites
Header for filtration membrane and filtration membrane module comprising the same
Method of producing composite for acid gas separation
Microporous membrane and manufacturing process therefor
Impregnation apparatus and impregnation method
Aerator device for, and method of, aerating a drinkable liquid
Method for producing powder from a granular, thermoplastic material and device for producing chips from a powdery, thermoplastic material
Process for the preparation of a catalyst support
Biological sample preservation tube with identification code and method for manufacturing the same
Dispensing head for a cosmetic product, associated device and method
Apparatus and method for producing aerosol and a focusing part
Impregnation device and impregnation method
Manufacture of well tools with matrix materials
Die casting machine shot sleeve with pour liner
Rapid tooling insert manufacture
Plastic-metal composite material and manufacturing method thereof
Floating and precision adjustable cutters for boring
Faucet thread cleaner
Plasma spraying apparatus
3D print apparatus and method utilizing friction stir welding
Method for cutting stainless steel with a fiber laser
Machine tool brake device
Spreading tool having a spreader portion with a cam profile and an associated method
Bar clamp with workpiece stabilization
Pneumatic actuator for dispensing surgical staples
Nail set
Vent manipulation system
Protective weapon
Device and method for cutting off an end section of a can blank
Coping saw
Tube insertion tool
Method and apparatus for preparing ceramic body segments
System and method to manufacture composite structures
Process for producing mono-rotomoulded articles prepared from blends comprising polyethylene
Actuator cooling apparatus and method
Method for manufacturing a fuel tank and fuel tank
Method for manufacturing an integrally-formed shoe having no machine sewing
Methods for formation of an ophthalmic lens with an insert utilizing voxel-based lithography techniques
Banner making machine
Method for the fabrication of a preform, preform and container
Method and device for separating workpiece consisting of carrier substrate and resin layer
Adhesive film remover
Apparatus and method for removing pressure adhesive labels from backing and affixing to target substrate
Method for adjusting printing head usage amount of 3D printer and control device
Printhead with a number of memristors and inverters
Liquid circulation device, liquid discharge device and liquid discharge method
Thermal transfer image receiving sheet and method for fabricating the same
Security document
Refill for stationery item, and stationery item comprising such a refill
Adjustable picture frame tool
Reinforcing structure of carbon fiber rim
Steel wire with high drawability having a carbon level by mass of between 0.05% inclusive and 0.4% exclusive
Tire with a radial or cross-ply carcass
Damping force control device for vehicle
Method of torque prediction for automotive air conditioning compressor
Siphoning-off guard
Running control device for electric vehicle
Regeneration control device, hybrid vehicle, regeneration control method, and computer program
Discharge ability estimating system, control system in vehicle incorporating discharge ability estimating system, and discharge ability estimating method
Hybrid drive system
Method for controlling braking of vehicle
Motor vehicle seat
Seat cover and vehicle seat
Trailer jack plunger pin release system
Foldable warning device having a plurality of indications
Seat belt system
Holder device, kit and method for supporting one or more long-barreled guns in a vehicle
Rooftop bike rack system
Vehicle with at least one multipurpose equipment item mounted on a winch and associated methods of use
Flat wiper blade assembly
Activation device for a parking brake
Apparatus and method for detecting abnormal air-fuel ratio variation among cylinders of multi-cylinder internal combustion engine
System and method for determining clutch gains in a transmission during a power downshift
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle and control method for hybrid vehicle
System and method of controlling vehicle driving
Self governed gear box
Speed control systems and methods for internal combustion engines
Stabilizing system for use with a reel cart and method for fabricating the same
Baby stroller
Steering device
Grill assembly and method of assembly thereof
Steering apparatus
Steering control apparatus
Steering system
Floating hitch and caster-trailer transport system
Load-leveling suspended hanger
System for transporting and installing wind turbines on the seafloor
Combination apparatus made of sacrificial anode material removably affixed to a shaft of a propeller of an engine of a water craft, the apparatus including removable and replaceable cutting blades
Fluid interface device and method
Inflatable airfoil system having reduced radar observability
Airplane fire detection system
Deep-drawing packaging machine
Method of robot assisted automated decal application on complex three dimensional surfaces
Tool storage device
Mobile storage systems
Fabric flower maker
Plastic beer keg
Container and cap for dispensing wipes
Prize packages containing math teaching tools and edible confectionery items
Protective cover for small land vehicles
Use of polylactic acid powders in the manufacturing of beverage filter fibers
Conveyor belt wear monitoring system
Paper conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Elevator system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Injectable hydrogels
Method and device for the treatment of a gas stream, in particular for the treatment of a natural gas stream
Tolerogenic dendritic cells, methods of producing the same, and uses thereof
Compositions and methods of using chondroitinase ABCI mutants
Continuous moldless fabrication of amorphous alloy pieces
Fixed Constructions
Merchandise display system
Cleanup production during sampling
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Refrigerant allocation between automotive HVAC and engine air/fuel cooling
Shoe with sound and light device
Systems and methods for abating waste methane
Controllable caliper
Mobile terminal and step length-calculating method
Path oracles for spatial networks
Navigational coordinate systems in conjunction with transports and/or mobile devices
Roadway travel data exchange network
Method for operating autonomous moving cleaning apparatus
Method and apparatus for reducing motor vehicle traffic flow instabilities and increasing vehicle throughput
System and method for simultaneously determining strain and temperature characteristics of an object
Apparatus and method for selectively restricting or disabling electronic device functionality
X-ray imaging apparatus
Method and apparatus of precisely measuring intensity profile of X-ray nanobeam
Method for real-time quantification of nucleic acids
Real-time power line rating
Controlling user-added boundary scan register with TAP of IP core
Equipment mounting frame
Tapered fiber bundle apparatus with monitoring capability
Pop-up flash assembly and camera including the same
Image blur correcting mechanism and imaging device
Lens apparatus including focus operation device and focus operation device
Aperture control device and camera
Image forming apparatus
Detachable unit and image forming apparatus
Electrification apparatus and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus
Electrostatographic apparatus having improved transport member
Image forming apparatus, control method, and control program
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus for forming a detection toner pattern
Charged particle generator, charging device, and image forming apparatus
Developing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Semiconductive roller, toner transport roller and electrophotographic apparatus
Developing device
Developing device and image forming apparatus
Methods and systems for establishing steady state adjusted release fluid rate before sheet processing at a fusing nip
Fixing device and image forming apparatus incorporating same
Image forming apparatus
Fixing device having a plurality of heat sources and a plurality of temperature detectors and image forming apparatus including same
Printer with wax management system
Media stripper, and fixing device and image forming apparatus employing same
Image-forming apparatus and method for controlling image-forming apparatus
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
System and method for operating an economizer cycle of an air conditioner
Systems and methods for controlling sensor-based data acquisition and signal processing in vehicles
Method and apparatus for power control
Method and system for demand response in a distribution network
Electric power supply system
Methods and apparatus for detecting the clearance of fault in shunt reactor compensated transmission lines
Memory device, board, liquid container, host device, and system
Semiconductor device for supplying power supply voltage to semiconductor device
Data retransmission method and wireless communication apparatus
Method and apparatus for N+1 packet level mesh protection
Network fault manager
Providing an on-die logic analyzer (ODLA) having reduced communications
Multiple page size segment encoding
Computer system for controlling backups using wide area network
Systems and methods for backing up storage volumes in a storage system
System and method of managing indexation of flash memory
Vouching for user account using social networking relationship
Method and apparatus for dynamic configuration of multiprocessor system
Power reduction system for an apparatus for high data rate signal transfer using a communication protocol
Scalable distributed memory and I/O multiprocessor system
Data transfer apparatus and image forming system
Sink device, source device and wireless transmission system
Combination non-volatile memory and input-output card with direct memory access
System and method for sensing of a nuclear quadrupole resonance
Low-complexity inverse transform computation method
Processor to execute shift right merge instructions
Client with standby server connection function and method thereof
Method and system for presenting information with multiple views
Out-of-band state machine
Method and system to detect a cached web page
Hybrid networking simple-connect setup using proxy device
Client computing system for and method of receiving cross-platform remote access to 3D graphics applications
Calendar event, notification and alert bar embedded within mail
Persisting contact information in mailbox
Handheld electronic device and associated method providing time data in a messaging environment
Method and apparatus for construction and aggregation of distributed computations
Communication device, host device, communication control method, and computer program product for transmitting file
Stateless-agentless system and method of managing data in a computing environment
System for high-speed low-latency inter-system communications via channel-to-channel adapters or similar devices
Method of processing distributed computing system
Content monitoring and control technology
Random next iteration for data update management
Order feed message stream integrity
System and method for attribute detection in user profile creation and update
Multimodal proximity detection
Resource allocation in computers
Network streaming of a video media from a media server to a media client
System and method for installing smart card applet
Migration control apparatus and migration control method
Method and apparatus for dynamic provisioning of an access control policy in a controller hub
Method for operating at least one virtual network on a substrate network and a virtual network environment
System and method for adaptively refreshing a web page
Monitoring state of health information for components
Count estimation via machine learning
Method and apparatus for machine learning using a random projection
System and method for creating variable data print samples for campaigns
Computer interface system
Method and system for assessing, managing, and monitoring information technology risk
Method for determining a criterion of the severity of an accident by means of an acceleration signal and a solid-borne sound signal
Detecting system for host vibration test and related method
System for maintaining unified access to SCADA and manufacturing execution system (MES) information
Ranking and vote scheduling using statistical confidence intervals
Rule based, proactive web browsing
Arrangement and method for protecting a power supply circuit component
Method for initializing the mass of a motor vehicle
Method for counting vectors in regular point networks
Method and apparatus for creating a language model and kana-kanji conversion
Method and system for managing a plurality of regulations, policies and risks
Method for visual asset replacement accounting for cost, copyright, and confidentiality requirements
Generating descriptions of matching resources based on the kind, quality, and relevance of available sources of information about the matching resources
Media recommendation and acquisition system
Creating and organizing events in an activity stream
Interpreting adjacent search terms based on a hierarchical relationship
Exploiting partitioning, grouping, and sorting in query optimization
Clustering queries for image search
Presenting search results based on user-customizable criteria
Query parsing for map search
Bonding model generation apparatus and bonding model generation method
Thermal-fluid-simulation analyzing apparatus
Method and system for forming high precision patterns using charged particle beam lithography
Fracture aware OPC
Optimization design method for the chassis structure of an electronic device based on mechanical, electrical and thermal three-field coupling
Layout method and system for multi-patterning integrated circuits
Hybrid electronic design system and reconfigurable connection matrix thereof
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Full crowd detent apparatus of wheel loader bucket
Method for providing a folded sheet structure
Micro-meter for electrical energy consumption
Traffic information generating method, traffic information generating apparatus, display, navigation system, and electronic control unit
Method for constructing inner codes for anti-collusion forensic code for watermarking digital content
Electronic device and controlling method of electronic device
Releasing decrypted digital content to an authenticated path
Method for securing the exchange of data between an external access unit and field device
Apparatus and method for detecting location of vehicle
Origination verification using execution transparent marker context
Detection method for detecting fraud
Detecting and handling vtable pointer corruption
Systems and methods for user polling
System and method of displaying a multimedia timeline
Storage device, host device, circuit board, liquid receptacle, and system
Automatic verification and anomaly detection in a representational state transfer (REST) application programming interface
Locking of an integrated circuit
Command portal for securely communicating and executing non-standard storage subsystem commands
Mobile terminal capable of controlling various operations using a multi-fingerprint-touch input and method of controlling the operation of the mobile terminal
Architecture for controlling a computer using hand gestures
Pressure-sensitive layering of displayed objects
Method for displaying web page and mobile terminal using the same
Method and apparatus for use in accessing content
Terminal and method of controlling windows thereof
Graphic-information flow method and system for visually analyzing patterns and relationships
Mobile terminal and method of controlling operation of the mobile terminal
Display device
Media processing system supporting automated personal channel construction based on user profile and pre-selection
System and method for interfacing interactive systems with social networks and media playback devices
Gesture-based selection
Virtual directory server changelog
Sheet processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium storing program
Storage tray populator and method for populating a storage tray with a plurality of biological sample containers
Method of controlling hybrid working machine and method of controlling pump output of hybrid working machine
Method of informing dealer service operation and customer of vehicle misfueling in non-flex fuel vehicles
Determining sort order by distance
Clustering system and method
Method of handling large volumes of synchrophasor measurments for real time event replay
Presenting comments from various sources
Meta-data for single development test environment
Method and apparatus for controlled braking in fixed guideway transportation systems
Method for optimizing the placement of check-in bags in aircraft
Method and apparatus providing optimistic locking of shared computer resources
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Pseudo-random bit sequence generator
Volumetric data exploration using multi-point input controls
Notebook computer for performing part of power-on self-test according to proximity sensor before displaying image after power switch is triggered
Method and system for selectively copying portions of a document contents in a computing system (smart copy and paste
Maintenance system, maintenance method and program for maintenance
Information processing apparatus and installation method
Input selection for automatic test suite generation
Program flow specification language and system
Inserting test scripts
Eliminating false-positive reports resulting from static analysis of computer software
Critical section ordering for multiple trace applications
Scheduler of reconfigurable array, method of scheduling commands, and computing apparatus
Imaging system
Software tool and method for updating a virtual appliance
Computer system and recording medium
Intelligent memory device with ASCII registers
System and method for integrated workflow scaling
Standalone software performance optimizer system for hybrid systems
Spreadsheet-based templates for supporting the systems engineering process
Method for simulating the behavior of an articulated set of bones
Method for preparing a processed virtual analysis plate
Apparatus and method for detecting locations of vehicle and obstacle
Image processing method and medium to extract a building region from an image
Pedestrian-crossing marking detecting method and pedestrian-crossing marking detecting device
Information processing apparatus, information processing method and program
Decoder-side region of interest video processing
Image processing apparatus and computer readable medium
Diagnosis assisting system, diagnosis assisting program and diagnosis assisting method
Clustering of forms from large-scale scanned-document collection
Ophthalmologic image display apparatus, ophthalmologic image display method, program, and storage medium
Target analysis apparatus, method and computer-readable medium
Systems and methods for identifying a scene-change/non-scene-change transition between frames
Automatic recognition of images
Using extracted image text
Extracting protobeams for cancer radiation therapy
Sound reproduction method and device
Image processing apparatus detecting quadrilateral region from picked-up image
Systems and methods for detecting anomalies from data
Image processing mask creating method, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having image processing mask creating program recorded thereon, image processing device, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium having image processing program recorded thereon
Device, method and program for generation and compression of super resolution video
Efficient MCMC sampling with implicit shape representations
Image encoding apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for coding image
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program
Image processing device, image processing method, image processing program and recording medium
Image binarization based on grey membership parameter of pixels
Information processing apparatus, line noise reduction processing method, and computer-readable storage medium
Extracting dimensions of quality from online user-generated content
System and method for labeling a content item based on a posterior probability distribution
Method and system for forecasting clinical pathways and resource requirements
Systems and methods for integration of travel and related services and operations
Services for enabling users to share information regarding E-commerce transactions
System and method for management and optimization of off-line advertising campaigns with a consumer call to action
Demand amalgamation for online auctions
Systems and methods for retail networking
System and method for placing orders
Method and system for generating certificates having unique ID data
Method and system for an advanced player in a network of multiple live video sources
Prepaid micropayments solution
Method and apparatus for improved electronic trading
Method for storing and reporting pharmacy data
Discovery of friends using social network graph properties
Determining reading levels of electronic books
Shift register circuit
Detecting data-write errors
Boiling water reactor
Power inductor encapsulated through injection molding
Integrated X-ray source having a multilayer total internal reflection optic device
Method and apparatus for creating or amplifying a laser by acoustic stimulation
Wavelength conversion light source, optical element and image display device
Plane waveguide type laser and display device
Ultraviolet laser
Intelligibility control using ambient noise detection
High-speed data reception circuitry and methods
Efficient reduction of local oscillator leakage
On-chip eye viewer architecture for highspeed transceivers
Rank-specific cyclic redundancy check
Digital mixing system with dual consoles and cascade engines
Base station
Adaptive equalizer and operating method thereof
Dynamic electromagnetic radiation emission control in wireless communication devices
Tunable microwave devices with auto-adjusting matching circuit
Automatic gain control circuit and automatic gain control method
Method and apparatus for interference suppression using a reduced-complexity joint detection
Multimodal phone data session management enhancement that alleviates dual transmission problems
Systems and methods for characterizing transmission lines using broadband signals in a multi-carrier DSL environment
Context adaptive directional intra prediction
Avionics equipment with optical contact and avionics system comprising such equipment
Optical relaying R-type and GR-type receiver system
Wireless station apparatus, wireless communication system, and wireless communication control method
Signal strength indication methods for use in wireless communication devices
Digitally programmable circuit for controlling an attenuator
Wireless communication system, wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
Method and apparatus of obtaining timing in a repeater
Communication system, service providing apparatus, resource management method and program
Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Device discovery on white space frequencies
Electronic equipment for a wireless communication system and method for operating an electronic equipment for a wireless communication system
Wireless communication throughput enhancement based on delayed channel gain information
Transmission mode adaptation in a wireless network
Communication apparatus and communication method therefor
Wireless charging of mobile device
Apparatus and methods of enhancing radio programming
Wireless multi-user audio system
Method and apparatus for selecting a channel filter for a communication system
Remoting of user/callee presence information in a UPNP network
Method and apparatus for transmitting packet in optical transport network
Distributed digital subscriber line access multiplexer
Simultaneous independent multi-beam analog beamformer
Synchronization method and device
Transmission system, transmitting device, receiving device, transmission method, and computer program
Method for ranging devices using code sequences in WLANs
Data transmission method according to radio resource allocation in multi-hop relay system
Passive optical network with partially-tuned lasers
System and method for securing wireless communications
Exponentiation method resistant against side-channel and safe-error attacks
Peak power suppressing circuit and communication device having the same
Bearing determination using signals transformed into frequency domain
Train communication system and train communication method
Apparatus for transmitting MAC PDU with a fragmentation and packing extended header and method thereof
High power pulse generator
Glitch mitigation in a radio receiver
Method and apparatus for improving throughput and error performance of rateless coding systems
Multimode transmitter apparatus
Receiving apparatus and receiving method
Decision feedback equalizing method and equalizer
Systems and methods for a transceiver to transmit or receive test information over a communication channel using multicarrier modulation
Access management system, access management method, access management server, cooperation server, and computer-readable medium
Method and service for securing a system networked to a cloud computing environment from malicious code attacks
Communication control apparatus, firewall apparatus, and data communication method
System and method for implementing content protection in a wireless digital system
Hybrid networking master passphrase
Data protecting device
Security management in a group based environment
Method for sharing and updating key using watermark
Hybrid networking simple-connect setup using forwarding device
Multi-modem device
Data communication system and receiving device
Device and method for estimating carrier frequency offset of OFDM signals transmitted and received through plurality of polarized antennas
Cryptographic encoding and decoding of secret data
Method and device for countering fault attacks
Method and apparatus for distributing a quantum key
Enhanced content management based on watermark extraction records
Dynamic seed and key generation from biometric indicia
Mobile communication terminal having a projection module for projecting images on a projection surface external to the mobile communication terminal
Holding device for a mobile telephone
Cradle for mobile phones
Mobile terminal with the function of wired communication
Mobile communication terminal apparatus
Measuring quality of experience in telecommunication system
Location method, device and system for secure user plane location enabled terminal
Method and system for restricted access configuration of access point base stations
Wireless network system
Proactive commands over secure channel between a mobile equipment and a UICC
Information communication device and system
Apparatus and method for eliminating an interference signal in a communication system
Method and system for remote control of a smart card
Terminal, chip and method for receiving an emergency broadcast message
Translation of fees for value added services in a communication network
Portable terminal, methods, programs and storage media for program startup management
Autonomous, non-interactive, context-based services for cellular phone
Mobile terminal apparatus
Call center services system and method
Image recording apparatus and image recording method
Series reminders and series recording from an interactive program guide
Service system and method of providing service in digital receiver thereof
System and method for summary collection and playing of scenes and recording medium thereof
Image signal processing apparatus, image signal processing method, and program
Upstream quality enhancement signal processing for resource constrained client devices
Time stamp creation and evaluation in media effect template
Moving picture playback device, control method for same, and storage medium
Method and apparatus for analysing image data to quantify prior blockbased processing of the data
Digital television system
Coding adaptive deblocking filter and method for use therewith
Direct mode module with motion flag precoding and methods for use therewith
Image encoding method, device thereof, and control program thereof
Method and system to improve the transport of compressed video data
Encoding and decoding of video data
Wireless video transmission device, wireless video reception device and wireless video communication system using same
Set top box resource allocation for executing a widget
Viewing and processing multispectral images
Method and apparatus for processing additional data in broadcast signal, method and apparatus for recording broadcast signal, and method and apparatus for reproducing recorded broadcasting signal
Method apparatus film and system for film viewing with apparatus location control
High amplitude loudspeaker
Battery compartment for condenser microphone
Hearing aid in which signal processing is controlled based on a correlation between multiple input signals
Hearing device with reduced acoustic wind sensitivity
Earphone with speaker facing away from earpiece and sound tube that communicates with spaces in front of and behind the speaker
Surface sound speaker
Wireless network coverage estimation using down-sampled crowd-sourced data
Efficient location discovery
Reducing time for call failure indication
Method and apparatus for executing location dependent application in a mobile handset
Method, apparatus, and system for wireless connection
Mobile communication method
Short-range wireless mobile terminal method and system
Sending measurement messages with updated channel quality measurement information
Method of initiating a hands-free conference call
Mobile terminal and multimedia messaging service notification message processing method
Supported feature override
Bluetooth mouse for fast switching linking objects
Method for improving call success rate and base station system thereof
Method for reporting channel quality information and system thereof
Mobile communication system, home radio base station, and operational frequency determination method
Access method and data frame structure for use in body area networks
Expired Patents Due To Time
Performing Operations; Transporting
Variable thickness tubular doorbeam
Fixed Constructions
Prestressed composite truss girder and construction method of the same
Tower monopole reinforcement
Bricklaying structure, bricklaying method, and brick manufacturing method
Collapsible concrete forms
Window well with increased in-ground stability
Frame member for electrical distribution cabinets
Device for the insertion and extraction of a plug-in module
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew