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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method for breeding Brassica rapa plant having self-compatibility
Measuring shirt
System for airborne bacterial sample collection and analysis
Organogels and emulsions for biological and non-biological applications
Stable GLP-1 based GLP-1/glucagon receptor co-agonists
Neurocalcin delta inhibitors and therapeutic and non-therapeutic uses thereof
Perfume compositions
Cellulose cyanoacrylate and method of employment
Gaming device having multiple interacting independently operable wheels
Performing Operations; Transporting
Devices and methods for storing, processing, and delivering a processed liquid
Laser-induced dissociative stitching (LDS) for synthesis of carbon and carbon based nanocomposites
Method for producing peroxymonosulfuric acid and apparatus for continuously producing peroxymonosulfuric acid
Systems and methods for the use of Fischer-Tropsch tail gas in a gas to liquid process
Sand cleaning vehicle and a method of cleaning sand using the same
Method of machining sealing surface
Turbomachine rotor blade milling machine system and method of field repairing a turbomachine rotor blade
System, apparatus, and method for monitored thermal spraying
Method of forming a sealed joint between a tubular article and a sheet article
Adjustable brake pad spreader
Tire holding apparatus and tire inspection system provided with said tire holding apparatus
Lighting device having switches exposed through corresponding holes formed on housing
Portable collision warning apparatus
Interior exterior moving designs
Track system for an escalator or moving walkway
Multi-purpose emergency services strap
Accurate position tracking for motorized lifting device
Motorized lifting device with mounting flanges
Drum for a motorized lifting/pulling device
Snatch block with soft hinge
Tube fitment for use with a valve fitment for dispensing fluids
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Ferrocene catalyzed method for preparing carbon nanotubes
Green synthesis of reduced graphene oxide using Nigella sativa seed extract
Fluidized bed reactor and method for producing granular polysilicon
Production of lithium hydroxide
Method and apparatus for skimming a floating liquid from a body of water
Adsorption of aromatic hydrocarbons from water using metal oxide impregnated carbon nanotubes
Wastewater treatment compositions
Method of strengthening glass by plasma induced ion exchanges in connection with tin baths, and articles made according to the same
Biodegradable fertilizer
Process for producing hydrofluoroolefin
Process and apparatus for the production of higher alcohols
Synthesis and antimicrobial use of a trithiocarbonate derivative
Method and apparatus for concentration and crystallization of fermentable carboxylic acids
Aniline derivative, pharmaceutical composition containing same, and use thereof
Acid-free quaternized nitrogen compounds and use thereof as additives in fuels and lubricants
Process for fluorinating compounds
Processes for the preparation of pesticidal compounds
Pesticidally active heterocyclic derivatives with sulphur containing substituents
Process for preparing organic esters
1 H-pyrazole and 4,5-disubstituted thiazole inhibitors of SYK
Processes for making ponatinib and intermediates thereof
Pyrimidone derivatives and their use in the treatment, amelioration or prevention of a viral disease
Quorum sensing inhibitors
Multi-dimensional networks
Compositions and methods for treating cancer with aberrant lipogenic signaling
Catalyst for poly(lactide) synthesis and uses thereof
Method for producing liquid high-purity sugar derivative-modified silicone or composition thereof
Amine compound and organic electroluminescent element
Methods for reducing aggregate levels in protein preparations by treatment with thio-heterocyclic cations
Protein purification methods
DC-STAMP antibodies
Antibodies against human CSF-1R and uses thereof
Process for the polymerization of propylene
Curing agent for epoxy resins
Method of producing polymer microparticles
Methods and compounds for producing nylon 6,6
Polythiophene derivative, method for producing same, positive electrode active material for secondary batteries, and secondary battery
Polyvinyl acetal film and uses thereof
Physical colorants for plastics based on the Christiansen effect
Binder for a self polishing antifouling coating
Tablet having dry-ink film on surface thereof, and ink for inkjet printer
Ink, ink stored container, inkjet recording apparatus, and recorded matter
Repulpable adhesives
Sealant, method for producing bezel-less liquid crystal display, and bezel-less liquid crystal display produced by the same
Quantum dot article with improved edge ingress
Lighting apparatus
Crude oil stabilization and recovery
Water soluble unit dose article comprising an aversive agent
Rapid drying cleaning solution
Templates, libraries, kits and methods for generating molecules
Chimeric nucleic acid molecules with non-AUG translation initiation sequences and uses thereof
Method for collecting biological material and device for collecting biological material
Method for measuring bone loss rate
Medium used for blood sample collection and transport
Non-natural nucleosides as theranostic agents
DNA sequencing detection field effect transistor
Companion diagnostics for cancer and screening methods to identify companion diagnostics for cancer based on splicing variants
Method for detection of Legionella bacteria employing purified antigen-specific antibodies
Stimulus-sensitive microparticles and methods of use
Effect of HBV on clinical outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma cancer patients
Method of protecting metal from corrosion using plant derived anti-corrosion agent
Plating apparatus and plating method
Heat treatment method and heat treatment device for single crystal sapphire
Textiles; Paper
Laundry treating apparatus with liquid spraying function
Accommodating device for a removable filter in a domestic appliance
Fixed Constructions
Method for forming a surface around an embedded conduit
Road finisher with heated tamper bar
Attachment for clearance of worksites
Wind screens for photovoltaic arrays and methods thereof
Road guide post
Unmanned mobile device and relative method for treating a snow covered surface, and in particular of glaciers
Earth removal and sand mining system and method
Gate valve downspout diverter for rainwater collection
Fire barrier for wall sheathing materials
Fastening arrangements for a metal roof
Rooftop rainwater drainage assembly
Treepod assembly
Static hinge disabler
Window covering and sensors to reduce convection
Symmetrical seal
Joints comprising carbon nanoforests
Method and apparatus for elevating the tapered stress joint or flex joint of an SCR above the water
Gripper assembly for downhole tools
Diamond switching devices, systems and methods
Device for cleaning water wells
Wellbore screen
Gas lift valve with mixed bellows and floating constant volume fluid chamber
Electric fracturing of a reservoir
System and a method of recovering and processing a hydrocarbon mixture from a subterranean formation
Plow bit assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine exhaust cylinder/ turbine exhaust manifold bolted part span turbine exhaust flaps
Impingement baffle for a gas turbine engine and gas turbine engine
Jet engine comprising a device for spraying oil
Heat shield with centering features
Power generation system for internal combustion engine
Blade features for turbocharger wheel
Ventilation system for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust emission control system of internal combustion engine
System and method of purifying exhaust gas
Ebullient cooling device
Gas turbine engine with multiple electric generators
Turbo-charging system of an engine
Combustion instability control method
System for a mechanical conversion of an internal combustion engine of 4 strokes into 8 strokes
Method for controlling variable oil pressure to a piston squirter based on piston temperature
Launcher stage comprising a temporary support structure for temporarily supporting nozzle sections allowing access to the core of the engine
Engine control valve in a motor vehicle
Fuel pump with quiet rotating suction valve
Engine automatic stop/restart device
Ignition plug and plasma generation device
Systems and methods for EGR control
Control device for spark ignition type internal combustion engine
Fuel injection pump
Hydraulic pump with integrated clutch
Geometry for the compensation of axial gaps arising in electric pumps
Fan motor lead wire protection member
Shroud device of a jet engine
Low power and low noise fan-scroll with multiple split incoming air-streams
Mechanical energy harvesting devices and methods
Systems and methods for selective control of fuel tanks
Coupling joint
Disc brake system
Caliper housing having a mass damper
Disc brake having a bidirectional wear adjustment device and bidirectional wear adjustment device
Power transmission interrupting device and limited-slip differential
Shroud assembly
Hydraulic control system for vehicles
Attachment for air valve
Dual cartridge temperature control valve
Device for connecting or filling and method
Arrow tail lamp
Light source module
Lighting module and housing
Light bulb with a motor
Lighting device with optical reflector, luminaire having such lighting device and method of manufacturing a compact optical reflector
Track lighting system
Methods and apparatus for adjusting a lighting parameter in a light management system based on user action
Reduced glare LED light device
Textile optics--solution for robust flexible light treatment pads
Lighting module comprising a diode
Lightguide and light source incorporating same
Methods and apparatus for providing improved display components
Vehicle lamp
Furnace cooling by steam and air injection
Superheated steam treatment apparatus
Pyrolysis-combustion dual-bed system for eliminating contamination by combustion of high-sodium coal
Furnaces and methods of reducing heat degrading of metal heating coils of furnaces
Resonators with interchangeable metering tubes for gas turbine engines
Heating tile
Solar energy collector and/or concentrator, and thermal energy storage and retrieval system including the same
Purging apparatus
System for regulating temperature of water within a food, ice, beverage cooler, or the like
Method and device for recovering high-pressure oxygen and high-pressure nitrogen
Hand dryer
System and method for removing moisture from water laden structures
Heat exchanger assembly
Heat exchanger
Conversion kit with a rail system for a paintball marker having a hinged portion
Fire control group with multiple user-selectable trigger profiles
Rotating connector for connecting the lower receiver of a rifle to the butt stock
Device with multiple selectable less-lethal options
Device for non-lethal immobilization of threats
Method of producing an explosive emulsion composition
Angle bisector gauge
Laser-based coordinate measuring device and laser-based method for measuring coordinates
Proactive re-routing of vehicles to control traffic flow
Systems and methods for generating signature ambient sounds and maps thereof
Method for creating uniformity compensation look-up table
Tunable photo-detector device
Immersion device for an optical fiber for measuring the temperature of a melt
Arrangement for measuring a force or a torque on a machine element
Sampling point for a particle detector
System and assessment of reflective objects along a roadway
Method and system of measuring semiconductor device and method of fabricating semiconductor device using the same
Rapid microwave phase detection with a solid state device
Flow cell as well as a system and a method for analysing a fluid
Method for determining pore volume characteristics and porous materials' matrix thermal conductivity
Induction thermography method
Magnetohydrodynamic microfluidic systems including modified electrodes and methods of using the same
Oil content measurement device
Anti-TNF induced apoptosis (ATIA) diagnostic markers and therapies
Diffraction based biosensor containing two diffractive gratings
Composition, device, and method for detecting olmesartan and improving compliance in treating hypertension
Methods and compositions for detecting coagulation inhibitors
Probe head assemblies, components thereof, test systems including the same, and methods of operating the same
Self-contained electrical meter arrangement with isolated electrical meter power supply
Transmitter, integrated circuit, detection section and method for testing integrated circuit
System and method for analyzing electronic devices having opposing thermal components
Monitoring circuit for detecting a switching state of an electrical switching contact and method therefor
Multiple shot magnetic resonance imaging with ghosting stability correction
Mobile terminal and positioning satellites selecting method thereof
Mobile robot and sound source position estimation system
On-die electric cosmic ray detector
Methods and systems of retrieving seismic data by a data server
Electrowetting device
Deformable lens
Display module assembly and an electronic device using the same
Dual-sided pepper's ghost illusion
Mask plate, method for manufacturing color film substrate and color film substrate
Multi-fiber ferrule and optical connector including the same
Optical module with electromagnetic absorption
Accessory for eyewear
Liquid crystal display
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal device
Optical mounting device
Rear projection display screen and device
Measuring apparatus and method, processing apparatus and method, pattern forming apparatus and method, exposure apparatus and method, and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Photomask and method of forming the same and methods of manufacturing electronic device and display device using the photomask
Image forming apparatus for controlling intensity of light irradiating intermediate transfer body
Carrier for developing electrostatic latent images, two-component developer, image forming apparatus, toner storing unit, and supplemental developer
Systems and methods for generating control logic
Antenna positioning system
System and method for facilitating optimization of cooling efficiency of a data center
Device for detecting amount of pedal operation
Universal and automated monte carlo method code for uncertainty propagation in metrology databases
Method of scanning codes and processing data with handheld scanning jacket
Optical detection of bending motions of a flexible display
Monitor Assembly
Drive array
Fan assembly for a computer system as well as holding device for a fan assembly
Adaptive power multiplexing with a power distribution network
Circuits and methods providing voltage adjustment as processor cores become active based on an observed number of ring oscillator clock ticks
System level thermal management
Using spanning tree protocol to determine a layer 2 topology of an ethernet type network
Test case generation for uncovered code paths
Apparatus and method of data sequencing
Memory management in secure enclaves
Energy-efficient dynamic dram cache sizing via selective refresh of a cache in a dram
Simultaneous edge toggling immunity circuit for multi-mode bus
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Image processing apparatus, image processing system, information processing method, and storage medium, for supporting document workflows
System and method for creating and navigating a linear hypermedia resource program
Selection of communication channel based on channel selection data
Notifying a user about a previous conversation
System and method for piggybacking routing information in interests in a content centric network
Determining feature unavailability
Historical summarization in a process control environment
Method and device for sharing a playlist at a dedicated media player device
Communication information detecting device and communication information detecting method
System and method for augmenting duplexed replicated computing
Method of adaptively deploying cache positioned at subscriber network, and system therefor
Disseminating commands from a DMS server to fielded devices using an extendable command architecture
Network resource monitoring and measurement system and method
Data updating method, device for vehicle diagnosing apparatus and vehicle diagnosing apparatus
Utilizing reallocation via a decentralized, or distributed, agreement protocol (DAP) for storage unit (SU) replacement
Data sanitization and normalization and geocoding methods
System and method for analyzing and validating oil and gas well production data
Method and apparatus for extensibility of user interface binding definitions
System and method for managing data using a spreadsheet model
Constructing a data adaptor in an enterprise server data ingestion environment
Method of searching and generating a relevant search string
Apparatus and method for supporting visualization of connection relationship
Optimized query ordering for file path indexing in a content repository
Method and system for collecting and analyzing time-series data
Interactive format manipulation and replication
Methods and apparatus for optimizing resource utilization in distributed storage systems
Comparison of anonymized data
Systems and methods for data brick creation and use
Adaptive search refinement
System and method for identifying trending topics in a social network
Method and apparatus for providing a scalable service platform using a network cache
Early analysis and mitigation of self-heating in design flows
Generic design rule checking (DRC) test case extraction
Decoupled parallel meshing in computer aided design
Communication device, control system, and communication method
Information processing device, information processing system, and information processing method
User interface for control of personal information privacy
Methods and systems for assessing and remediating online servers with minimal impact
System for transparent authentication across installed applications
Data card verification system
Threat-aware provisioning and governance
Techniques for enabling co-existence of multiple security measures
Head mounted display and method for controlling the same
Gaze tracking system
Shape changing device
Filtering stylus strokes
Photosensitive array substrate, method for driving the same, optical touch screen and display device
Compensation for nonlinear variation of gap capacitance with displacement
Touch screen apparatus
Customizing haptic effects on an end user device
Digital device and method of controlling therefor
Method for providing a graphical user interface for an electronic transaction with a handheld touch screen device
Storage control device, storage system and method of controlling a storage device
Parity stripe lock engine
Mass storage system and method of storing mass data
Command tunneling in a hybrid data storage device
Recording medium, information processing apparatus, and information processing method
System and method for creating an opinion and behavioral data economy
Parallel I/O write processing for use in clustered file systems having cache storage
Semiconductor device, device, and electronic device
System on chip and verification method thereof
Generating and managing applications using any number of different platforms
Graphic performance measurement system
Testing and repair of a hardware accelerator image in a programmable logic circuit
Methods and systems for anomaly detection
Computer platform for development and deployment of sensor-driven vehicle telemetry applications and services
Binary translation for multi-processor and multi-core platforms
Placement of input / output adapter cards in a server
Placement of input / output adapter cards in a server
Relaxing transaction serializability with statement-based data replication
Systems and methods for synchronizing the kinematics of uncoupled, dissimilar rotational systems
Information processing apparatus, method of controlling the same, and storage medium for performing operations based on whether an externally-attached device is connected
System for capturing a coded image
Optical accessory for attachment to mobile device
Method and system for processing image content for enabling high dynamic range (UHD) output thereof and computer-readable medium comprising UHD content created using same
Organ detection and segmentation
Apparatus and method for global optimization
Apparatus and method for supporting computer aided diagnosis
Manipulation of a respiratory model via adjustment of parameters associated with model images
Facial feature location using symmetry line
Image processing apparatus, method, and recording medium for processing images using different filters
Systems and methods for identifying a video aspect-ratio frame attribute
Reading device and reading method for fingerprint sensor
Match engine for detection of multi-pattern rules
Evaluating service providers using a social network
Authentication and payment system and method using mobile communication terminal
System and method for managing message campaign data
System and method for managing message campaign data
Apparatus and method for providing product location information to customers in a store
Finding predictive cross-category search queries for behavioral targeting
Online multimedia advertising
Systems and methods for multiplier-adjusted lean levels for trading strategies
Allowing guest of hospitality establishment to utilize multiple guest devices to access network service
Facilitating passenger to manage airline reservation within electronic message
System and method for modifying virtual objects in a virtual environment in response to user interactions
Image analysis methods for plated through hole reliability
Image generation device that acquires images based on a periodic variation of an anatomical structure
Method and device for detecting the location and magnitude of a leak in a pipe measuring aberrant electromagnetic radiation from within a pipe
Apparatus and method for providing a task reminder based on user location
Wireless patient care system and method
Device array locks and keys
Communications platform for facilitating efficient container transport
Traffic accident occurrence notification system using LED display lamps
Material detection on a road
System and method for effective communication of location and other information about automobiles
Active colonoscopy training model and method of using the same
Nameplate assembly for a bag
Apparatus for the display of embedded information
System and method for providing views of virtual content in an augmented reality environment
Display device and control method therefor
Control device, display device, and method of controlling display device
Visual collaboration interface
Efficient display processing with pre-fetching
Percussion instrument strainer and tuning system
Method for creating preview track and apparatus using the same
System and method for dynamically interacting with a mobile communication device by series of similar sequential barge in signals to interrupt audio playback
Audio signal encoding and decoding based on human auditory perception eigenfunction model in Hilbert space
Method for coding pulse vectors using statistical properties
Tunnel valve magnetic tape head for multichannel tape recording
Pulse-stretcher clock generator circuit for high speed memory subsystems
Semiconductor device including transistor with back gate, and memory device including the semiconductor device
Offset-printing method for three-dimensional printed memory with multiple bits-per-cell
Offset-printing method for three-dimensional package
Storage device
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device adapted to store a multi-valued data in a single memory cell
Wire for electric fencing lines and electric fencing lines made from such wires
System and method for protecting a downhole cable
Hybrid fluoropolymer composition
Sensor device for monitoring the state of a lubricant and method for producing said sensor device
Method for estimating depth of latent scratches in SiC substrates
Chemical supply unit capable of automatically replacing a canister and a substrate treatment apparatus having the same
Systems and methods for fabricating single-crystalline diamond membranes
Selective etching of amorphous silicon over epitaxial silicon
Test pattern layout for test photomask and method for evaluating critical dimension changes
Method for depositing a diffusion barrier layer and a metal conductive layer
Method and IC structure for increasing pitch between gates
Wimpy device by selective laser annealing
Forming arsenide-based complementary logic on a single substrate
Package method including forming electrical paths through a mold layer
Encapsulation material for light emitting diodes
Method and device of pop stacking for preventing bridging of interposer solder balls
Forming horizontal bipolar junction transistor compatible with nanosheets
Semiconductor device having fin active regions and method of fabricating the same
Integrated shielding and decoupling capacitor structure
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Thin film transistor and method for manufacturing the same, array substrate, and electronic apparatus
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Fin patterns with varying spacing without fin cut
Germanium dual-fin field effect transistor
Non-overlapped-extension-implantation nonvolatile memory device capable of being treated with anti-fuse operation
Bulk to silicon on insulator device
Semiconductor device, module, and electronic device
Solar cell module and solar cell module manufacturing method
Solar apparatus and method of fabricating the same
Optoelectronic component and method of producing same
Thermoelectric converter element, method of manufacturing thermoelectric converter element, and thermoelectric conversion method
Method for forming a superconducting connection structure and superconducting connection structure
Tunable on-chip nanosheet resistor
Bipolar li-ion battery with improved leaktightness and associated method of production
Carbonaceous material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery anode, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery anode, non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery, and vehicle
Ion-conducting solid-state separator
Hydrogen fuel cartridge with spring loaded valve
Self-supplied hydrogen fuel cell system and working method thereof
Redox systems
Systems and methods for mode suppression in a cavity
Circular array of ridged waveguide horns
Quick connect magnetic interface products and methods
SMT connection of rigid and flexible printed circuit boards
Electrical box, electrical switch and electrical plug-in mechanism
Power cord locking system having a locking unit coupled to a wall and having an u-shaped channel for positioning the power cord
Coaxial connector splice
Magnetic automobile vehicle device and multifunctional module thereof
Dual connector system having a securing anchor
Method of manufacturing an electrode for vapor deposition
Power bank, power bank system and method thereof
Dual wall input for network attached storage device
Method for data transmission from a transmitter to a receiver in an AC power supply system, and apparatus for data transmission with AC power supply systems
Reactive power compensation apparatus and control method thereof
Power interchange system, power transmitting/receiving device, power interchange method, and program
Energy intake apparatus for a motor vehicle that can be operated electrically and method for operating an energy intake apparatus for a motor vehicle that can be operated electrically
Actuation device for a clutch device
Low axial force permanent magnet machine and magnet assembly for permanent magnet machine
Fluid dynamic bearing device and motor provided with same
DC field gradient motor
Multi-directional air cooling of a motor using radially mounted fan and axial/circumferential cooling fins
Cooling device for an electric motor
System and method for a switched-mode power supply
Cross regulation circuit for multiple outputs and cross regulation method thereof
Correlation-evading commutated-element direct-current current transformer
Assembly for an ultrasonic motor
Motor controller
Active control system for a variable electromotive-force generator with applications to wind turbines, ships, and hybrid vehicles
Voltage level detecting device, motor driving apparatus, motor driving system, and method for detecting voltage level
Method of optimizing CMOS IDAC linearity performance using golden ratio
Sequence detection
Signal coding for improved spectral quality
Method for automatically adjusting a tunable passive antenna and a tuning unit, and apparatus for radio communication using this method
Bracket-type wireless charger
Electronic apparatus
Remote controlled device and a remote control for controlling multiple remote controlled devices
Optical transmission device, optical modulator, and bias control method
Systems and methods for reducing transmission interference
Wireless joint and wireless microphone having same
Multi-channel decoder architecture
Systems and methods for pilot signal and control data retransmission
Time offset validation of components with independent silicon clocks
Scalable generation of inter-autonomous system traffic relations
Method and system for detecting slow page load
Layer 3 convergence for EVPN link failure
Switching device for routing packets through a network
Hub based clearing house for interoperability of distinct unified communications systems
Systems and methods for a reconfigurable order-constrained switch network
Methods and apparatus for a distributed Fibre Channel control plane
On-line signal event detection and identification method and apparatus
System and method for applying adaptive frequency-domain RLS DFE for uplink SC-FDMA
Method and apparatus of iterative channel tracking for MIMO-OFDM system
Digital detection method
Information processing system and user authentication method
System and method for characterizing security entities in a computing environment
Systems and methods to circumvent advertisement blocking on the internet
Video conference application for detecting conference presenters by search parameters of facial or voice features, dynamically or manually configuring presentation templates based on the search parameters and altering the templates to a slideshow
Policy block creation with context-sensitive policy line classification
Method of using server, server reservation control apparatus and program storage medium
Enhanced firewall and method for securing internet communications
DDOS protection infrastructures using IP sharing across wide area networks
System and method of notifying mobile devices to complete transactions
Anonymous solicitation of a response to a user-associated question
Accountable content stores for information centric networks
In-building location security and privacy
Interference measurement pilot tones
Transmitting device, receiving device and transmitting/receiving system
Dark bits to reduce physically unclonable function error rates
Systems and methods for acquiring, accessing, and analyzing investigative information
System for providing remote expertise
Systems and methods for using caller data to set an operational mode of a phone switch
Method and apparatus for managing conference calls
System and method for providing a descriptor for a location to a recipient
Image forming apparatus, storage medium, and color conversion method
Method for reproducing image information, and autostereoscopic screen
Method and apparatus for motion vector predictor derivation
Media-broadcasting system with broadcast schedule simulation feature
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, program, and information processing system
Interpolated video tagging
Electronic device, control method, and non-transitory storage medium for image correction responsive to environment change
Interfaces for item search
Decoder, receiver, and electronic device
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
System and method for simultaneously broadcasting multiple media-components
System and a method for disocluded region coding in a multiview video data stream
Fast processing and encryption method and system for compressed video
IPTV system, an application server and a related location agent
Image transmission system and image transmission method
Use of nonreflective separator between lenses striking a single optical sensor to reduce peripheral interference
Method of enhanced alignment of two means of projection
Alignments for a projection system with a shaped projection screen using alignment content
Multi-compartment traveling kit for audio-visual systems
Loudspeaker having passive heat dissipation assembly
MEMS microphone
Vacuum testing of audio devices
Unidirectional dynamic microphone unit
Platform for geo-fence social media
Systems, devices and methods for accurately tracking workers and assets
Method and system for MTC event management
Automated messaging
Leader and follower management system for wearable devices
E911 positioning via background signal tracking
Expired Patents Due To Time
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of manufacturing connecting rods
Apparatus for removing attached die
Method of manufacturing an anilox roller for a flexographic printing press
Method of wiring for motorcycles
Method and apparatus for manufacturing coaxial cable with composite inner conductor
Method of fabricating flexible circuits for integrated circuit interconnections
Method of detecting position of rotation axis of suction nozzle
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew