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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Operator face shield for outdoor power equipment
Preformed decorative wrapper and methods of use thereof
Phenyl(oxy/thio)alkanol derivatives
Substituted imidazopyrimidines and triazolopyrimidines
Insect pest control method
Alarm wristwatch
Chainsaw chain organizer
Refrigerator turntable assembly
Combination classification shelf
Beach glass and cooperating caddy for storing or transporting
Portable, collapsible wind screen
Laundering machine and method
Device and method for bone imaging
Medical devices and methods for modulation of physiology using device-based surface chemistry
Compounds, compositions and methods for the treatment of amyloid diseases and synucleinopathies such as alzheimer's disease, type 2 diabetes, and parkinson's
Composition for controlling plant diseases and use thereof
Pyrazole or triazole compounds and their use for the manufacture of a medicament for treating somatic mutation related diseases
Methods for the treatment of metabolic disorders by a selective small molecule autotaxin inhibitor
Dithiolopyrrolones with therapeutic activity
Pyrazoline derivatives and their use as selective androgen receptor modulators
Aryl carboxamide derivatives as TTX-S blockers
Bridged heterocyclic compounds and methods of use
Imidazopyridines as a novel scaffold for multi-targeted kinase inhibition
Agent for drug clearance and accelerator for drug clearance
In situ bonds
Glucose-PEG conjugates for reducing glucose transport into a cell
Anti-CD98 antibody processes
Macrocyclic antiproliferation agents and methods of treatment
Compositions employing alternative reading frame polypeptides for the treatment of cancer and infectious disease
Composition for producing anti-amyloid beta peptide antibodies with D-peptides
Methods for treating psoriasis by administering an antibody which binds an epitope of the p40 subunit of IL-12 and/or IL-23
Humanized EGFR antibodies
Electrostatically bonded vesicle
System and method for generation of active species in a media by UV radiation
Tattoo needle stabilization device and method of use
Medical apparatus for atomizing water, gas, and liquid medication
Port with conduit wraparound feature
Medical non reusable syringes
Unipolar multipurpose electrode line and stimulation and defibrillation assembly
Point of care radioactive material stranding systems
Transfer resistant cosmetic
Machine for exercising the core muscles
Rehabilitation mechanism for hand and leg
Isolated curl machine and method of training therefor
Ski training device and method
Trampoline with elongate spring mount and bed with integral spring cover
Golf swing training machine
Ball pitching machine
Cross-country ski system provided with a direct bearing lateral surface
Card game with dealt card disclosure feature and kit
Slotted rod for a construction toy
Bubble-producing devices and toy marksman kit including same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for treatment of volatile organic compounds in air emissions produced during fermentation processes
Filter module and system having spirally wound membrane filters, and method for the production thereof
Systems and methods for mixing therapeutic agents before and/or during administration
Process for the production of carbon nanotubes in a fluidized bed
Catalyst composition and process for preparing linear alpha-olefins
Apparatus and method for coating substrates for analyte detection by means of an affinity assay method
Portable crushing apparatus
Module for a device generating at least one water curtain and corresponding device
Non-intrusive, low chatter pressure relief valve system
Self-cleaning nozzle for applying adhesive to a moving web
Process for producing a wax impregnated mesh pocket for a lacrosse stick
Directional control for dual brush robotic pool cleaners
Method and device for cleaning an intramedullary reamer
Method of washing anode slime from lead-bismuth alloy electrolysis
Operating method for introducing a product to be rolled into a roll stand of a roll mill, control device, data carrier, and roll mill for rolling a strip-type product to be rolled
Actuated material removal tool
Hand-held power tool with a quick-clamping device for a working element
Centrifugal collet for high speed operation
Low mass, low profile, force balanced Z-axis drilling apparatus with improved machine dynamics
Electroslag welding with alternating electrode weld parameters
Semi-automatic brazing device
Tool for clamping using sides of workpieces
Tool changer for machine tool
High impact shearing element
Hitch-coupling tool
IMD mold, injection molding apparatus having such an IMD mold and method for producing a film-decorated plastic part
Method of recycling a golf ball
Multilayer overlays and methods for applying multilayer overlays
Method of synthesis of high dispersed spherical Y or Nb doped lithium titanate oxide using titanium tetrachloride and lithium hydroxide
Dicing tape-integrated film for semiconductor back surface, and process for producing semiconductor device
Clamp mechanism and related printer
Liquid ejection head and image forming apparatus including the liquid ejection head
Three-dimensional ink-jet printing by home and office ink-jet printer
Document binder
Micro motion poppet valve assembly for delivery of ink with large pigment particles to a writing nib and writing instrument comprising same
Boron ionization for aluminum oxide etch enhancement
Spill containment floor with sealed floating fasteners and strengthened side rails for container
Vehicle drive device
Method for connecting two components of a vehicle seat
Vehicle seat
Energy absorption device with fibers embedded in a plastic material, and associated front face
Gas generating system with initiator sub-assembly
Dynamic brake
Hydraulic vehicle braking system, vehicle having such a braking system, and method for operating a hydraulic vehicle braking system
Portable work station
Roll container
Collapsible cart
Cart for high pressure gas tanks
Human propulsion system
Steerable track system
Electrical power steering apparatus
System with smart steering force feedback
Bicycle training handle
Frame of bicycle
Aerodynamic handlebar storage container
Personal vehicle frame and method of assembly
Quick release paddle force transfer seat and method of installation
Floating chair
Paddleboard storage and seat support assembly
Molly-type dock section connector
System and method for propelling a watercraft utilizing human power
Assembly using skeleton structure
Systems and methods for strapping a set of documents
Method for pressurizing containers with nitrogen
Internal liquid drainage and removal container liner
Reusable bottle cap
Corrugated container box and blank
One piece dispensing lid
Apparatus for deterring and detecting tampering with a bottleneck cap of a bottle and method for the same
Socket holder
Flashlight holder assembly
Perforated stand for chemical tank
Drop chute assembly for paper handling system
Grain auger protection system
Braking unit
Transmission device and transmission method for glass substrate
Dual modality container for storing and transporting frac sand and frac liquid
Cement silo loading system
Slide rail assembly, sheet feeder, and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for separating individual flat, bendable objects from the underside of a stack of such objects
Sheet conveying device
Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and control method
Device for winding up a thread
Elevator drive
Dispensing and housing apparatuses for hand sanitizer and other dispensable products
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Melt stabilization and vapor-phase synthesis of cesium germanium halides
Methods to sequester hydrocarbons and to protect a medium from hydrocarbon contamination
Gas generator
Transition metal catalysts for C--O hydrogenolysis and hydrodeoxygenation
Estrogen receptor ligands and methods of use thereof
Gasification system and method
Process for producing ethanol using a molar excess of hydrogen
Chemisorption of ethyl acetate during hydrogenation of acetic acid to ethanol
Process for recovering ethanol
Methods, compounds, and compositions for delivering 1,3-propanedisulfonic acid
Polymorphs of N-malonyl-bis(N'-methyl-N'-thiobenzoylhydrazide)
Catalysts and methods for alcohol dehydration
Crystalline form of a drug
Method for manufacturing 4-benzyl-1-methyl-6-oxabicyclo[3,2,0]heptane derivative and method for manufacturing azole derivative
Method for producing 4'-ethynyl d4T
Indirubin derivative having highly selective cytotoxicity for malignant tumors
Compounds for porous films in light-emitting devices
Heterocyclic acrylamides and their use as pharmaceuticals
Regioselective acylation of rapamycin at the C-42 position
Methods and compositions involving miRNA and miRNA inhibitor molecules
Broad spectrum ErbB ligand binding molecules and methods for preparing and using them
Disease-related biomarkers specific to Florida hybrid bunch and muscadine grape, and uses thereof
PEGylated insulin lispro compounds
Oxidant resistant apolipoprotein A-1 and mimetic peptides
Method of detecting and treating tuberous sclerosis complex associated disorders
Nonnatural collagen-like protein and use thereof
Inhibitors against endosomal/lysosomal enzymes
Method for manufacturing a gold core/insulator shell nanostructure using a novel peptide
Paints and coatings containing cyclodextrin additives
Methods for making adhesives
Rubber composition and runflat tire
Polyureas made from aminocrotonates
Polymer concrete composition
Flame retarded extruded polystyrene foams
Propylene copolymers for adhesive applications
Hot melt ink composition, method for preparing a hot melt ink composition and use thereof
Phase change ink components and methods of making the same
Powder containing a polyoxymethylene polymer for coating metallic substrates
High flow liquid crystalline polymer composition
Completion fluid
Tar recovery from gasification of a carbonaceous feedstock
High temperature froth underwash in an oil sand bitumen extraction separation vessel
Hydrocarbon fluid compatible micronized polymers
SU-8 nano-composites with improved tribological and mechanical properties
Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase genes
Defense peptides against fungal infection and method of their use
Fluorescent substrate for detection of enzymatic activity of nitrile-related enzyme
Magnetic bead quantum dot nanoparticle assay
Method for producing lead-free copper--bismuth alloys and ingots useful for same
Sputtering target having amorphous and microcrystalline portions and method of producing same
In-situ sputtering apparatus
Securing of shadow mask and substrate on susceptor of deposition apparatus
Substrate provided with metal nanostructure on surface thereof and method of producing the same
Textiles; Paper
Bobbin thread monitor
Washing machine
Apparatus for use in laundering garments having cups and methods therefor
Material for use with a capacitive touch screen
Fixed Constructions
System for fixing a rail and guide plate for such a system
Method and apparatus for lifting of a mass of water
Tire georeinforcing system
Machine with a swivel and wireless control below the swivel
Backfilling attachment for skid steer machine
Water skimmer apparatus and method for removing water from a water containment system
Device for clearing a drain
Method and apparatus for distributing granules on a roof
Intermediate divider within an exterior wall unit
Key plug for a key-programmable cylinder lock and key-removable lock core
Apparatus and method for solar heat gain reduction in a window assembly
Hanging caddy
Foldable composite tubular structure
Preload and centralizing device for milling subterranean barrier valves
Multiple annulus universal monitoring and pressure relief assembly for subsea well completion systems and method of using same
Independent guide string hanger
Casing relief valve
UCG channel
Perforated electrical conductors for treating subsurface formations
High collapse resistance solid expandable technology
Pipe conveyed extendable well logging tool with protector
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Progressive cavity hydraulic machine
Toroidal heat exchanger
Turbine blade
Flue gas purifying device
Heat-shielding film and method of forming the same
Nacelle for turbojet engine
Control device for internal combustion engine
Air intake apparatus for internal combustion engine
Portable hydroelectric kinetic energy conversion device
Development of a new tower cabling
Wind turbine blade
Safety device for preventing delivery of fuel to a motor vehicle with a running engine
Autonomous sump pump system
Methods and devices for optimizing heat transfer within a compression and/or expansion device
Flow regulating device
Element modular furniture system
Panel fastener with hold-down ring
Clip for attaching EA member, and EA member
Self-retracting hook device
Method of manufacturing a tubular mechanical link rod and link rod obtained using such a method
Axial coupling with compensated forces
Hydraulic system and control logic for collection and recovery of energy in a double actuator arrangement
Brake disc using different materials
Bearing isolator assembly
Apparatus and method for internal repair of conduits
Apparatus and method for elevating and supporting an air flow measuring device
Electronic simulation candle
LED lamp
Alignment base for elongated lighting fixture
Dual-use light fixture having AC and DC LEDs
System and method for providing LED tube lights with integrated sensors
Display and projection device
Backlight unit for display device and driving method thereof
Lean-rich burner
Pyrolytic gas processor and tire conversion system therefrom
Thermochemical system having a modular connection
Charging device for cooling system
Low refrigerant volume condenser for hydrocarbon refrigerant and ice making machine using same
Moisture control system for an appliance and method for controlling moisture within an appliance
Paintball gun barrel structure
Indoor long range shooting gallery
Dynamically stressed armor
Target launching machine
Optical coherence tomography apparatus and method
Device for measuring the positioning of a microactuator
Inertial sensor for detecting angular velocity
Method and apparatus for sensing based on route bias
Measurement device
Multifunctional bubble level
Rotating fluid measurement device and method
Array temperature sensing method and system
Fluorescence measuring apparatus and fluorescence measuring method
Method of determining a concentration of nitrate
System, components, and methods for detecting moisture
Method and installation for ultrasound inspection of butt-welding of two transverse ends of two metal strips
Absorbent paper and use thereof for breast cancer detection
Diagnosing fetal chromosomal aneuploidy using massively parallel genomic sequencing
Methods and compositions for prostate cancer metastasis
Systems and methods for determining antibody-mediated risk index
Device for analising a radiating material using a microprobe
Method for height control for single electron tunneling force spectroscopy and dynamic tunneling force microscopy
Inert gas delivery system for electrical inspection apparatus
Measurement of depth and energy of buried trap states in dielectric films by single electron tunneling force spectroscopy
Embedded photon emission calibration (EPEC)
Method for locating short circuit in an overhead power transmission line by unsynchronized measurements at both ends thereof
Detection processing for NQR system
Combinational nuclear quadrupole resonance (NQR) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) apparatus with linear frequency chirp detected signals
Multi-channel reception system
Scintillator pixel array with reduced cross talk
Detector element, radiation detector and medical device containing the detector elements, and method for producing a detector element
Method and apparatus for detecting buried objects
Well-logging apparatus including azimuthally-spaced, noble gas-based detectors
Liquid lens package structure
Fast pinhole changer for confocal microscopy or spatial filter
Autostereoscopic display device based on parallax barrier
Methods for fabricating retroreflector tooling and retroreflective microstructures and devices thereof
Multicore fiber
Method, apparatus and optical interconnect manufactured by 3D printing
Array substrate and liquid crystal display panel
Method for electrophoresis in liquid crystals
Direct-light backlight module and liquid crystal display device
Display panel having a pixel arrangement that provides a broad color gamut, and display apparatus having the same
Electrochromic device
Video camera motion stabilizing device
Laser projection device
Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) multilayer defect compensation and EUV masks
Imprint method
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus, sensing method, and recording medium
Image forming apparatus that makes FPOT (first print out time) appropriate in accordance with time taken to expand image information and to reduce deterioration of consumable items
Blower control device, blower control method, and computer-readable recording medium
Shut-off member of a pressure reducing valve of a pressure regulator device, and pressure regulator device having such shut-off member
Method for automatically controlling a pipe network
Remote access and administration of device content, with device power optimization, using HTTP protocol
Method and apparatus for providing stackable hard-disk drive carrier using pull-out drawers
Discovering thermal relationships in data processing environments
Minimizing power consumption for fixed-frequency processing unit operation
Computer product, writing control method, writing control apparatus, and system
Techniques for managing pinned memory
System and method for handling data access
Allocating cache for use as a dedicated local storage
Storage control apparatus and storage method therefor
Storage apparatus and data management method
Lightweight observable values for multiple grids
Management of multiple software images with shared memory blocks
Multi-threaded system for performing atomic binary translations
Optimal volume placement across remote replication relationships
Accessing additional memory space with multiple processors
Compressed memory page selection based on a population count of a dataset
Multi-core processor system, control program, and control method
Method and apparatus for dynamically adapting a printing appliance to a printer
Method and system for conducting intensive multitask and multiflow calculation in real-time
Serialization of access to data in multi-mainframe computing environments
Fencing data transfers in a parallel active messaging interface of a parallel computer
Extending the capability of computing devices by using dynamically scalable external resources
Device operability enhancement with alternative device utilization
Efficient communication of producer/consumer buffer status
Distributed data scalable adaptive map-reduce framework
Creating, updating, saving, and propagating customized views of table and grid information
System utilizing light signals with wavelengths approximately beyond human sensitive light spectrum
System and method for audio sample rate conversion
Part-of-speech tagging using latent analogy
Electronic document source ingestion for natural language processing systems
Insertion of translation in displayed text consisting of grammatical variations pertaining to gender, number and tense
Systems and methods for compressing database objects
Generation of synthetic context frameworks for dimensionally constrained hierarchical synthetic context-based objects
Identifying database triggers
Relationship discovery in business analytics
File system extended attribute support in an operating system with restricted extended attributes
System and method for making user generated audio content on the spoken web navigable by community tagging
Interaction-based management of contact entries
Web browser accessible search engine that identifies search result maxima through user search flow and result content comparison
Web browser accessible search engine with statistics gathering persistence
Information processing apparatus having file system consistency recovery function, and control method and storage medium therefor
Thick and thin data volume management
Real-time identification of data candidates for classification based compression
Database system and program
Method of making a helmet
System and method for determining longitudinal moments in one-way joist floors
Dynamically limiting energy consumed by cooling apparatus
System and method for detecting accidental peripheral device disconnection
Scalable event-driven system
Heuristics for 3D and 6D touch gesture touch parameter calculations for high-dimensional touch parameter (HDTP) user interfaces
Electronic device having a display displaying a symbol indicating execution of a function
User interface and methods
Systems and methods for voltage gradient sensor devices
Displaying mnemonic abbreviations for commands
Information-processing apparatus and programs used in information-processing apparatus
Protection of former primary volumes in a synchronous replication relationship
Image forming apparatus, customization control method and recording medium
Method, system, and program product for using analysis views to identify data synchronization problems between databases
Systems and methods for efficient data storage for content management systems
Allowing updates to database objects
On-demand generation of correlated collections of mashable data from distributed, non-homogeneous data sources
Real-time identification of data candidates for classification based compression
Database table format conversion based on user data access patterns in a networked computing environment
System and method to automatically configure a component of the system
Navigation of faceted data
Merging compressed data arrays
Damping of power train oscillations
Method and apparatus for efficient programmable cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
Execute at commit state update instructions, apparatus, methods, and systems
Program code library searching and selection in a networked computing environment
Adaptive shrinking software
Modularized customization of a model in a model driven development environment
Object replacement method, system and computer program product
Declarative configuration and execution of card content management operations for trusted service manager
Methods and systems for linking objects across a mixed computer environment
Vectorization in an optimizing compiler
System and method to map defect reduction data to organizational maturity profiles for defect projection modeling
Exception declaration refactoring to reduce memory footprint
Unified optimistic and pessimistic concurrency control for a software transactional memory (STM) system
Selective constant complexity dismissal in task scheduling
Predicting resource requirements for a computer application
Determining the processing order of a plurality of events
Visualizing fluid flow in subsurface reservoirs
Printing apparatus, control method thereof, and storage medium for performing duplex printing
Anomalous railway component detection
Identifying common data objects representing solutions to a problem in different disciplines
Panel inspection method and apparatus
Devices, systems, and methods for reinforcing a traffic control assembly
Perspective tracking system
Backlight module and liquid display devices with the same
Handheld device with a user interface
Feedback mechanism
Patient device with separate user interface
Acoustic sound reflector
Memory chip for converting data received from controller controlling reading and writing of data
Dial operation device for vehicle
Apparatus for diagnosing relay contact of electric vehicle and method thereof
Bulk nano-ribbon and/or nano-porous structures for thermoelectric devices and methods for making the same
Sun tracking device and solar cell system
Optical device for semiconductor based lamp
Pulse-echo acoustic transducer
Method of manufacturing piezoelectric vibration reed, piezoelectric vibration reed, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic instrument, and radio time piece
Light extraction transparent substrate for organic EL element, and organic EL element using the same
Method and apparatus for radome and reflector dish interconnection
Electric vehicle charging apparatus, electric vehicle charging system including the same, and electric vehicle charging method
Micro-electro-mechanical motion transducer
Portable device for generating electric power
Rack system and a method for processing manufactured products
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Lawn shaker
Wheel track scraper for irrigation systems
Combine header transport trailer
Hitch manifold system
Method of cleaning products to which dirt adheres
Cutting device for a cutting machine
Pedal lift system for lawn tractor mower deck
Multiple string lawnmower
Lawn rake having replacement tines
Automated farm turnout
Glazing with variable absorbing power
Apparatus for milking an animal
Teat cup liner for milking machine
Remote controlled gate assembly
Pet carrier
Vehicle safety restraint for canines
Kit for the construction of a subterranean shelter for animals
Quick release bracket for animal feeding devices
Pet brush with hair removal feature
Pet toy
Method of monitoring animal feeding behavior
Method and apparatus for selectively classifying poultry eggs
Pet feeding system with storage compartment
Timed control feeder for animals
Collapsible feeder
Fishing rod handle warmer
Structure of artificial fish bait organizer
Cooling device and its cooling method
System and method for processing citrus fruit with enhanced oil recovery and juice quality
Method and apparatus for making cigarettes with composite filters
Multipurpose garment
Back protection shield
Face mask structure
Water mist cooling system
Interchangeable jewelry item
Pinless articulated band
Small card and money holder with security means
Card holder and display
Wallet identification card holder
Hair curling disc
Hair fastener
Hands-free portable towelette dispenser apparatus
Straps to convert a cooler to be carried as a backpack
Mascara brush, container, and method
Drawer for standardized furniture unit
Arm and plate support self-feeding device
Counterline systems
Cabinet frame
Support for electronic devices
Rack having stackable configuration
Wall-mounted locking system for firearms
Adjustable furniture unit
Convertible table system
Support base for household appliances
Shelf assembly
Step-up stool
Spring body
Assistive mobility device
Lightweight suspension panel for vehicle seats
Electronic control system for a variable support mechanism
Retail product display system
Dispenser for disposable cups
Can food dispenser
Food and drink conveying system
Frost shield for refrigerated cabinet
Self-centering device for a rotating display
Expandable display apparatus and methods
Product display
Modular display system
Apparatus and method for operating a checkout system having a number of port expander devices associated therewith
Method of operating checkout system having modular construction
Napkin holding device
Collapsible garment hanger
Glove donning and doffing arrangement
Portable cutter for cut tree stand
Waffle maker with cooking temperature control
Apparatus for automatically frying foodstuff
Device for heating a liquid, and deep-frying vessel with such a device
Meal tray with chemical heating and cooling
Baby bottle warmer
Plug structure for drinking container
Convection cooking system for roasting poultry
Integrated vent and fluid transfer fitment
Device for visually indicating the status of the washing cycle of a dishwasher with opening of the door thereof
Compact machine for the treatment of cord fabrics, in particular for dyeing
Process for producing a distal end support member of an endoscopic treatment tool
Innominate osteotomy
Health care kiosk with handicapped accessible seat
Ear plug and method of manufacturing an ear plug
Belt and method for increasing comfort and reducing back pain while lying down
Anti-snoring device
Wheel transmission for mobility vehicle
Wheelchair frame
Wheeled conveyance
Method of use of monomeric insulin as a means for improving the reproducibility of inhaled insulin
Hyperpolarized noble gas extraction methods, masking methods, and associated transport containers
Aerosol inhaler device
Dry powder inhaler
Methods and apparatus for aerosolizing a substance
Apparatus for the discharge of an atomized liquid medium in partial strokes of different length
Nasal applicator and a dispenser device including such an applicator
Sleep apnea treatment apparatus
Resuscitator regulator with carbon dioxide detector
Combined oxygen regulator and conservation device
Airway device with provision for coupling to an introducer
Nasal breathing mask
Medical valve
Marine portable chemical applicator
Golf ball retriever
Club divider of golf bag
Low profile golf bag stand system
Ball pitching apparatus
Rollable sports base
Inline skateboard
Truck for a skateboard
Motorized skate
Safety binding for a snowboard
Method and apparatus for playing a wagering game
Apparatus and method of playing a strategy game
Simulated football board game
Pregnancy and childbirth educational board game
Poker game
Toy vehicle track
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid chromatographic method and system
Dual fabrication liquid circulatory system for an electric discharge fabrication machine
Plastic filtration unit bonded by an L-shaped plastic melt
Biological fluid filter
Compact volatile organic compound removal system
Vapor-compression evaporative air conditioning systems and components
Emissions control
Exhaust gas recirculation mixer apparatus and method
Structured packing for heat exchange and mass transfer
Portable glovebox and filtration system
Flotation separation of valuable minerals
Sprayer gun having hand grip positioning device
Methods and devices for dispensing a product and for selectively varying a concentration of the dispensed products
Media dispenser with integrally formed, separable and complementary nozzle parts
Foam dispensing device
Discharge apparatus for media
Ultrasonic height control of fountain features
Apparatus for separating plastic bags from cans and/or bottles
Mobile supermarket trolley washer
Simplified method for cleaning silicon wafers after application of laser marks
RV holding tank connector and method
Apparatus for measuring the strip flatness
Process and device for producing pipes as per the UOE process
Method and apparatus for stacking ankle plates to permit free, sliding, lateral displacement of plates
Automated collar-forming drill mechanism
Coiling method and coiling apparatus for a metal foil
Bending and hemming method and apparatus
Bending machine
Easy-open can lid superior in can openability and process for production thereof
Method of and apparatus for blanking elements of belt for continuously variable transmission
Rocker joint pin for chain, and method and apparatus for producing the rocker joint pin
Method of making precision casting using thixotropic materials
Investment cast stainless steel marine propeller
Independently positioned graphite insert casting mold
Strand pulling-off method and curved continuous casting plant for carrying out the method
Quick-change mechanism for a tie bar
Piston of internal combustion engine and method of producing same
Process and device for producing a brake drum or brake disc
Casting systems and methods with auxiliary cooling onto a liquidus portion of a casting
Process and apparatus for producing metallic glass
Active brazing solder for brazing alumina-ceramic parts
Method of making drill-chuck jaw with hard-metal inserts
Tile saw
Venetian blind cutting machine
Dust collection system for compound miter saw
Saw blade tooth form and method therefor
System and method for forming stable solder bonds
Machine for wave soldering of tinning
Heat exchanger and brazing method
Feed unit for moving parts
Bonding of dissimilar metals
Utilize ultrasonic energy to reduce the initial contact forces in known-good-die or permanent contact systems
Solder ball placement apparatus
Solder bump forming method and apparatus
Pipe fitting apparatus and method
Electrode wire feeder for an arc welding system
Non-contact workpiece holder using vortex chuck with central gas flow
Axial displacement mechanism
Drive motor mount for clamshell lathe
Target-lens-shape measuring device, and eyeglass-lens processing apparatus having the same
Quick change jaw system
Support device for exhaust pipe tips
Chain wrench
Strap wrench for driving tubular members
Screwdriver device
Universal power tool
Reaction cam
Installation tool for deformable head fasteners
Workpiece transfer support apparatus
Clamping cylinder actuator
Chuck with position detecting function
Apparatus for the mechanical treatment of workpieces
Parallel grip plier
Safety device for pneumatic nailers
Socket hand grip device
Insulating composite hollow shaft tool
Material handling device
Gripper with enhanced opening range
Method and tool for repairing seams in sheet materials
Circular tool for cutting rolls of paper and similar
Process and apparatus for cutting a running material web
Engine driven hand-operated tool
Method to prevent or reduce formation of magnetism in two adjacently located saw blades rotating in opposed directions, and a device for utilization of the method
Multi-speed surface planer and method of manufacture thereof
Wood planing machine with a tightening unit
Monolithic stud form for concrete wall production
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions
Water shield having integrated wiring
Method and apparatus for degating plastic members from a runner
Method for making permeable film
Conveyor belting with reinforcing fabric formed from three interlaced layers
Vacuum-assisted bulk particulate packaging system
Method and apparatus for measuring the length of a waste log and/or weight of waste log while compacting and transferring the waste log for transport
Method of manufacturing recloseable packages
Apparatus for the manufacture of nonwoven webs and laminates
Method of controlling image resolution on a substrate
Heat-sensitive imaging element for making lithographic printing plates comprising polymer particles with a specific particle size
Drive for a printing press with a plurality of printing units
Device and method for supporting and tensioning a silk screen
Infra-red forced air dryer and extractor
Clamping device having plurality of plate spring elements
Inking unit
Method and apparatus for feeding printing ink to inking units of printing machines
Thermal head and ink transfer printer using same
Permanent images produced by use of highly selective electrostatic transfer of dry clear toner to areas contacted by ink
Inkjet printing method and device
Printer and method adapted to reduce variability in ejected ink droplet volume
Ink jet recording method and ink jet recorder
Electrostatic ink jet recording apparatus
Electrical waveform for satellite suppression
Restriction within fluid cavity of fluid drop ejector
Fluid pump, ink jet print head utilizing the same, and method of pumping fluid
Ink jet printhead having a moving nozzle with an externally arranged actuator
Ink jet nozzle assembly including a fluidic seal
Wide-array inkjet printhead assembly with internal electrical routing system
Four color modular printhead system
Ink jet recording head and inkjet recording apparatus
Inkjet print head and method of manufacturing the same
Reference datums for inkjet printhead assembly
Ink jet fault tolerance using extra ink dots
Constant pressure ink reservoir for an ink jet printer
Ink pressure adjustment device for inkjet pen
Ink cartridge and a method for sealing an aperture provided for such cartridge
Image forming apparatus determining presence/absence of ink while moving ink cartridge
Method for determining the number of normal imprints implementable with a remaining ink quantity and arrangement for the implementation of the method
Printing apparatus, method of printing, and recording medium
Ink jet image forming method and ink jet image forming device
Stencil printer and information storage medium storing therein software for controlling the stencil printer
Printer with a plurality of print drums
Method and stencil for extruding material on a substrate
Method for making corrections on planographic printing plates
Sheet stacker with aligning/conveying rollers and image forming apparatus using the same
Value-bearing document with window
Bicycle wheel with V-shaped spokes
Bicycle wheel rim capable of preventing disengagement of bicycle tire therefrom
Protective coating for the tire sidewalls
Tire and vulcanized rubber including elongated cells
Pneumatic tire having at least four sipes
Pneumatic tire having specified bead structure
Coupling assembly
Fluid flow valve with variable flow rate
Pneumatic tire
Aircraft tire
Trailer hitch assembly with multiple receivers
Self-centering trailer hitch
Automotive suspension system for increasing roll safety
Front axle air suspension
Liquid-encapsulated damper mount
Staggered independent suspension
Air suspension apparatus
Semi-active anti-roll system
Control arrangement for vehicle suspension system
Vehicle air conditioner and manufacturing method thereof
Air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle
Method and apparatus for warming intake air to an internal combustion engine
Air conditioner for a vehicle
4 zone heating or air conditioning unit for a motor vehicle
Compressor control system and method
Refrigerant cycle system
Rear window shade
Auto sun buffer zone
Securing structure of auxiliary equipment for vehicle
Mounting assembly for vehicle sunshade and method for installing same in a vehicle
Power-driven shutter assembly
Tailgate mounting structure
Motor vehicle roof guide rail
Device for moving a part, especially in a motor vehicle, said device having an adjusting mechanism
Device for adjusting the cover of a sunroof of an automobile
Sunroof apparatus
Motor vehicle foldable canopy
Locking sunshade system
Latch, lock and hinge system for use with closures such as tonneau covers
Transmission structure of gearbox of electrically actuated car
Hydrostatic transaxle
End side holding device for a vent pipe of a fuel tank and method of making same
Charge pump manifold for hydrostatic transmissions and integrated hydrostatic transaxles
Compensation system for electronic compass
Vehicle equipment console
Catalyst temperature control device for hybrid vehicle
Dual-countershaft twin-clutch automated transmission with bi-directional clutches
Adaptive demagnetization compensation for a motor in an electric or partially electric motor vehicle
Power line for an electric vehicle
Seat with seat sensor
Safety arrangement in a motor vehicle
Slide rail for a vehicle seat
Disrattling a hand lever for releasing the latch mechanism of a back rest
Stowable support system
Armrest for a motor vehicle seat
Car seat with lighting
Mount for assist grip
Holder for a beverage container in a motor vehicle
Container holding assembly
Arcade game assembly
Vehicle with slide-out room
Energy absorbing bumper
Device for controlling expansion of an air bag apparatus
Vehicle head restraint device
Bunk restraint
A-pillar structure for a vehicle
Energy absorber securing structure and method
Underground roll over protection structure
Inflatable curtain
Dual volume air bag with vent
Airbag system for a motor vehicle
Side collision damping arrangement for a vehicle
Air bag system with quick disconnect coupling
Bumper structure for automobile
Seat belt release mechanism
Seat belt retractor
Anti-theft wheel locking apparatus
Key interlock mechanism for column automatic-transmission operating device
Storage compartment for a container, especially in a motor vehicle
Golf bag and accessory support apparatus for a vehicle
Vehicle roof top luggage holder
Ladder rack for hi bay vans
Vehicle mounted hand truck carrier
Bag and bicycle rack
Parking brake control
Magnet valve, in particular for a slip-controlled hydraulic vehicle brake system
Method and device for controlling a vehicle
Locomotive parking brake
Road surface friction measuring method and device therefor
Pressure control device
Control device for antilock brake device
Arrangement and methods for avoiding rollovers when braking or accelerating motor vehicles
Installation for conveying persons
Adjusting system for railroad turnout switch points
Electrically operated railroad switch machine
Contactless point detection system for railroad switch
Front cradle for a vehicle
Body structure in floor section of vehicle
Steering column tether strap
Construction for fastening members together
Rack and pinion steering gear with spring and relief pocket
Truck tailgate locking device
Spare tire lock and lug wrench placement device
Arrangement for storing a spare tire
Secondary latch for a tire carrier
Electric power steering device
Torque sensor and steering column provided with such a sensor
Rotary slide set for a hydraulic steering arrangement
Fuel-efficient tractor-trailer system
Fifth wheel locking device
Portable motorcycle trailer
Remote control type vehicular trunk
Article storing structure for scooter type vehicle
Bicycle-used flow deflecting article cabinet
Connecting structure of vehicle body constituting member in vehicle or the like
Vibration reducing device for bicycles
Rear wheel suspension system of motorcycle
Folding and positioning device of scooter
Wake enhancement assembly
Floating loading hose
Modularized unmanned marine surface vehicle
Bow mounted system and method for jet-propelling a submarine or torpedo through water
Open-trough kayak leeboard kit
Stratospheric airship
Subfloor structure of an aircraft airframe
Interface pallet system
Controllable vortex generator
Stiffness de-coupled skid landing gear
Method and device for reducing vibrations
Air cycle machine and air conditioning system using the same
Systems and methods for modifying ice adhesion strength
Device for discharging hot air for a jet engine air inlet cowl, with a deicing circuit
Apparatus for reducing noise in the jet engine
Systems and methods for using airborne communication nodes
Packaging method
Timing controller and packaging machine incorporating same
Tote bins
Method for the manufacture of a laser-precut pack and pack
Coupon inserter for hinge lid pack
Needle useful in the dispensing of plastic fasteners and method of manufacturing said needle
Labeling apparatus with enhanced bellows including flexible coil tube and associated method
Laminating device for consecutively laminating plural sheets
Self-opening can
Top lid for beverage cans with opener integrated sanitary cover
Container, such as a food or beverage container, lubrication method
Edge seal closure
Dispensing valve
Collapsible box
Gable top container with pull tab
Side loading storage box
Packaging assembly, and related method, for shipping and displaying a plurality of products
Accessory condiment container for drinking cup
Display package
Battery package
Packaged product with a foil wrapper having a perforation for opening the foil wrapper
Straw with plug
Sewing pin dispensing device
Envelope assembly having offset tearable lines
Method and apparatus for enhancing evacuation of bulk material shipper bags
Paper chute
Transport apparatus for an information-bearing article, especially a card
Conveyor section
Conveyor bracket
Convertible conveyor bed and method
Cam-lock segmental impact idler
Device for separating from each other a plurality of articles which are in contact with each other
Method and device in winding of a web
Web transporting method and apparatus
Signature slowdown apparatus
Signature hopper loader apparatus and method
Sheet tray of image forming apparatus
Apparatus for manipulating a bobbin at a winding machine
Replenishment arrangements for automated teller machines
Method and apparatus for configuring elevator controls
Conveyor device
Elevator information communication system
Auxiliary device for displacing a payload receptacle of an elevator and device for monitoring the position and the movement of a cage in a shaft of an elevator
Jacket-assembly and method for protecting hydraulic elevator jacks
Overhead conveying device and overhead conveying vehicle
Hoist apparatus
Removable adapter for facilitating vehicle lifting with a hydraulic floor jack
Bag lifting frame retainers
Pallet puller arrangement
Centering device for corkscrew
Programmable liquid dispensing device with user readable indicators
Filler unit for automatically topping up a container with liquid
Method and apparatus for safely riding an animal
Micromachined fluidic coupler and method of making the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method and device for packaging carbon dioxide snow in a plastic film
Method for producing cones of picture tubes and device for carrying out this method
Method for heating glass sheets to be tempered or heat-strengthened
Bushing including a terminal ear
Method for making fibers having cores with non-circular cross-sections
Process for producing glass substrate for information recording medium and process for producing recording medium using said glass substrate
Pyrotechnic compositions and uses therefore
Method for manufacturing crystalline superfine silk powder
Refrigerating device utilizing carbon dioxide as a refrigerant
Pressurized cleaning of developer dispenser nozzles
Noise suppression drilling system
Chemical vapor deposition system
Hot wire chemical vapor deposition method and apparatus using graphite hot rods
Plasma processing device and plasma processing method
System for continuous treatment of steel strip
Textiles; Paper
Cellulose fiber for tire
Synthetic knit fabric having superior wicking and moisture management properties
Sewing machine with a ventilation wheel and a rotation speed sensor attached to an electric motor
Introduced in washing machines
Laundry drying rack
Fixed Constructions
Elongated covering member of extruded plastic suitable for flooring, decking, seating, and like uses
Prefabricated railway track system
Self-restoring highway crash attenuator
Bumper for columns and corners
Elements and method for retaining wall structures
Pile systems and methods
Radially compressed elastic rope
Communication system for surveying instrument
Construction machine with muffler cooling vent
Ambient temperature shape memory alloy actuator
Positive displacement hydrant with water discharge path from reservoir
Hydromagnetic valve for toilets
Methods and apparatus for attaching a cantilevered beam to a building
Modular building panels and method of constructing walls from the same
Seismic-resistant beam-to-column moment connection
Grooved construction lumber for constructing lumber structures
Joint material and execution method thereof
Foundation flashing for use in building construction
Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) composite structural system for decks, docks, boardwalks, walkways, spa decks, hot tub decks and gazebos and components therefore and method of making same
Method of roof reinforcement against hurricanes
Cladding system and panel for use in such system
Connector plate
Block window system with border frame
Base sheet for retrofitting existing roofing
Gutter cleaning tool
Roof membrane attachment system
Method of texturing drywall corner bead and wall adjacent the corner bead
Panel attachment system
Device for fixing facing slabs
Dovetail siding and corner block attachment method
Cable support apparatus
Multi-colored co-extruded corner guard
Corner box
Collapsible voting booth
Swivelling lever control that can be locked after being swivelled inwards and for closing switchboard cabinet doors or the like
Latch detector for automotive door locks
Key assembly for vehicle ignition locks
Flat-key lock
Latch mechanism for electronic locks
Vehicle door latch
Motor-vehicle door latch
Deck apparatus equipped with a lock mechanism
Portable equipment security device
Truck lid holder for vehicles
Muzzle door latch for static and dynamic conditions
Latch mechanism
Retractable safety mechanism for a cabinet
Stiffeners for automotive vehicle closures
Method of making window frame components having various end using applications
Casement frame for a window
Frame cladding for the thermal insulation of windows
Barrier arrangement
Display unit
Folding step stool
Apparatus for securing ladder to building structure
Rock drilling tool with improved conveying
Rock bit face seal having lubrication gap
Underreaming rotary drill
Pipe racking system track over
Electro-hydraulically controlled tractor
Process and apparatus for coupled electromagnetic and acoustic stimulation of crude oil reservoirs using pulsed power electrohydraulic and electromagnetic discharge
Control system for deep set subsurface valves
Flow through bypass tubing plug
Sand removal and device retrieval tool
Drilling motor that operates pursuant to the Moineau principle for drilling deep holes
Methods and apparatus for completing wells in unconsolidated subterranean zones
Instrument for surveying the depth and volume of oil and brine in a static fluid column of an oil well
Apparatus and method for formation testing while drilling using combined absolute and differential pressure measurement
Subsurface measurement apparatus, system, and process for improved well drilling, control, and production
Steerable modular drilling assembly
Active gauge cutting structure for earth boring drill bits
Multilateral well drilling and reentry system and method
Drill bit assembly for releasably retaining a drill bit cutter
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sealing strip
Gas turbine and method of cooling a turbine stage
Valve-operating device with breather system in engine
System for driving and controlling CAM for internal combustion engine
Switchable flat or roller tappet
Device for changing the control timing of the gas exchange valves of an internal combustion engine, in particular a hydraulic camshaft adjustment device of the rotary piston type
Method for controlling the final position of a gas exchange valve actuated by an electromagnetic actuator in an internal combustion piston engine
Electromagnetically-powered valve operating apparatus of automotive internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic actuator for the control of the valves of an internal combustion engine
Electromagnetic actuator of an improved type for controlling the valves of an internal-combustion engine
System for controlling electromagnetically actuated valve
Oil drain and sight gauge for internal combustion engine
System and method for heating vehicle fluids
Exhaust gas control mechanism for a two-stroke engine
Method of evaluating deteriorated state of catalytic converter for purifying exhaust gas
Method for improved performance of an engine emission control system
Method and system for NOx reduction
Built-up airgap-insulated exhaust manifold of a motor vehicle and method for producing it
Equalization vessel for vehicular compact cooling systems
Internal combustion engine with variable compression ratio
Fuel gas feeding system
Controlled self-ignition combustion process and associated four-stroke engine with transfer line between cylinders and dedicated value
Engine balance apparatus and accessory drive device
Outboard motor
Intake manifold of outboard motor
Dual fuel compression ignition engine
Variable nozzle turbine control strategy
Diagnostic method of determining causes of faults in the formation of an air/fuel mixture for an internal combustion engine
Thermal-type airflow meter, intake air system for an internal combustion engine, and control system for the same
Duct system with throttle valve
Throttle body insert for intake manifold
Cylinder head for a water-cooled internal combustion engine
High pressure fuel reservoir
Actuators for pump-nozzle-injection elements or injection pumps for internal combustion engines
Pressure booster for a fuel injection system for internal combustion engines
Inlet throttle pump assembly for diesel engine and method
Valve for controlling fluids
Fuel injector mounting arrangement
Fuel injection valve
Cylinder injection type internal combustion engine, control method for internal combustion engine, and fuel injection valve
Fuel injection nozzle for an internal combustion engine
Small engine fuel injection system
Internal combustion engines
Knock control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Method and device for converting thermal energy and device with the thermal energy converting device
Method and system of indirect-pressurization of natural gas
Hot gas bypass control for centrifugal chillers
Apparatus for conserving thermal energy in a central heating system
Valve arrangement having individual electrical valve connection modules
Hydraulic valve arrangement with locking function
Pilot operated directional control valve having position detecting function
Heat dissipating voice coil activated valves
Display device
Rodless cylinder
Linear guide unit
Clutch for a motor vehicle
Synchronizing device in a vehicle gearbox
Clutch assembly of automatic transmission
Lubrication structure of electro-magnetic clutch
Spot-type disc brake for an automotive vehicle
Shock and vibration damping pad and system
Load bearing apparatus for use with fluid power systems
Vibration-isolating apparatus
Internal combustion engine including a means of reducing cyclic disturbances for low-speed running
Damper and valve
Magnetorheological fluid devices exhibiting settling stability
Twin clutch automated transaxle
Automatic transmission
Transmission for vehicle
Dual countershaft twin clutch automated transmission
Transmission unit
Maneuvering device
Hydrostatic vehicle drive with control device and control device for hydrostatic drives
Metal cylinder head gasket with compressibility adjusting slits
Liquid seal structure
Reverse seal
Mechanical seals
Compact drive shaft floating seal system
Robust hydrodynamic brush seal
Piston sealing ring assembly
Mixing valve with graduated temperature modulation
Inline check valve
Vacuum system with a vacuum plate valve
Valve, unit, assembly and system
Valve with manual activation
Adjustable gate valve assembly for vacuum chamber
Flexible hose length control system, exhaust system application, and manufacturing method
Fitting for use with corrugated tubing
Cable supporting apparatus
Cable management ring
Releasable quick coupling for metal pipes
Unions for double-wall tubes and dies therefor
Process solution supplying apparatus and fluid passageway opening-closing valve device for process solution supplying apparatus
Deformable plug for use with reduced diameter end shafts
Pipeline lateral packer and felt combinations and methods therefor
Method for resin activation in pipeline repair
Pipe crawler apparatus
Lifting apparatus, particularly for lighting fittings and not, for shooting studios
Material for the controlled vaporization of a liquid cryogen
Illuminated magnified CD rack
Steam generator with at least partially double-walled evaporation tank
Method and plant for heating a liquid medium
Bulkhead for dual fuel industrial and aeroengine gas turbines
Combustion type heater
Cooling system for reducing particles pollution
Low NOx emission combustion liner with circumferentially angled film cooling holes
Retainer segment for swirler assembly
Device for connection of a nozzle of a pre-mixing chamber of a gas turbine, to a housing of the pre-mixing chamber
Slim cooker hood casing
Hydraulic supply assembly and installation equipped with same
Heating system
Portable air conditioner
Apparatus and method for clearing air conditioning drain lines
Air conditioner and controller for active dehumidification while using ambient air to prevent overcooling
Space conditioning system with outdoor air and refrigerant heat control of dehumidification of an enclosed space
Air conditioner having oxygen enriching device
Evaporative humidifier
Water heater apparatus
Aqua-ammonia absorption system generator with split vapor/liquid feed
Refrigeration system having a refrigeration cycle which provides optimized consumption
Self-retaining adsorbent unit
Refrigerant recycling system with automatic detection of optional vacuum pump
Refrigerant conditioning system
Cryocooler motor with split return iron
Automatic ice maker
Methods for increasing efficiency in multiple-temperature forced-air refrigeration systems
Electronic refrigeration control system
Cold insulated cabinet
Refrigerator mullion
Nested cooler system
Device for introducing CO2 snow into containers in order to cool the content of said containers or to cool the containers themselves
Cryogenic industrial gas refrigeration system
Device and method for separating substances by cryogenic distillation
High temperature industrial furnace roof structure
Heat-pipe having woven-wired wick and method for manufacturing the same
Nucleate boiling surface
Heat exchanger having selectively compliant end sheet
Heat exchanger having tube joined to core plate and method of manufacturing the same
Submarine horizontal launch tactom capsule
Environmentally safe projectable targets
Blank cartridge for self loading guns
Method and device for correcting the predetermined disaggregation time of a spin-stabilized programmable projectile
Apparatus for ascertaining a rotation rate and for performing a self-test
Method and apparatus for controlling the discharge of concrete from a concrete hose
Measuring and dispensing device
Vehicle liquid level gauge
Device for measuring a fill level of a liquid in a container
Low friction piston for gas flow calibration systems
Pressure sensor system and method of excitation for a pressure sensor
Strain gauge
Vehicle side impact test apparatus
Apparatus for the method of testing vehicle
Strength tester for automobile door handle
Method and apparatus for detecting leaks in vehicles
Leak detector
Multiple sensor in-line container inspection apparatus and method
Venturi-based gas sampling manifold
Viscosity sensor and regulator for continuously controlling a quenching bath
Environmentally friendly ultra-high sensitivity liquid penetrant inspection process and system
Method and system for measuring anisotropic material properties
Apparatus for testing rolling contact fatigue resistance of materials with possible interruptions
Fast temperature programmed gas chromatograph
Method and measuring arrangement for measuring gas content of fluid
Chemical sample treatment system and cassette, and methods for effecting multistep treatment processes
Active acoustic phased array antenna system
Measuring equipment
Permanent magnet rotary accelerometer
Bore location system having mapping capability
Weather forecasting system
Polygonal mirror unit, optical scanning apparatus and bar code reader
Device for removing a protective layer from an optical waveguide
Apparatus for storing auxiliary add-in cards for a portable electronic system
High frequency masking of embedded digital data to improve appearance
Recognition system for identification-card singularity
Optical scanner with controller subsystem
Printable microwave images for data encoding
Billing/clearing house system and method for an overloaded card
Object control and tracking system with zonal transition detection
Hidden information on a document for authentication
Automatic pill dispenser
System and method for overloading an existing card
Method for managing and updating overloaded cards
Off-line credit card transaction system and method for vending machines
Device to facilitate the performance of cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Workspace display
Flag holder bracket for sign stand
Tape reel for minimizing print through
Data disc storage case
Optical fiber cable management apparatus
Method and installation of cable mill for producing a cable at least partially untwisted
Ignition coil assembly
Method and apparatus for removing carbon contamination in a sub-atmospheric charged particle beam lithography system
Self-aligning cylindrical mandrel assembly and wafer preparation apparatus including the same
Sample processing apparatus and method
Semiconductor manufacturing facility, semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method
Apparatus and method of separating sample and substrate fabrication method
Electronic device workpiece carriers
Lead-frame-based chip-scale package and method of manufacturing the same
Air rectification blades
Socket coil-on-plug retainer
Cable guide
Mount structure of communication equipment
Mounting bracket for an electronic device
Specialized tool adapted for a process for manufacture and interconnection between adjoining printed wiring boards
Forced convection cooling system for electronic equipment
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