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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Connector and method of use thereof
Undergarment with pocket
Ski boot providing longitudinal torsion
Bedding assembly
Cleaning apparatus
Lithography apparatus including display unit for updating data and article manufacturing method using same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for simultaneously cleaning the front side and back side of a wafer
Method for fabricating an exterior part of a camera
Connectors and methods for manufacturing connectors
Die bond system
Method of reconditioning a turbine blade
Method of fabricating a multi-piece board
Multi-position locking tool
Hot press device and multi-layered printed board press method
Lay out line
Pump unit and hydrostatic transmission
Load control circuit in a motor vehicle control device
Method and device for packing products in films and film-packed product
Horse blanket
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of manufacturing a graphene-containing electrolyte
Solar cell sealing film and solar cell using the sealing film
Fixed Constructions
Method of installing a hydroelectric turbine generator
Modular stage prop
Electric cylinder for actuating a door lock and a cylinder door lock
Full overlay hinge with three-dimensional mechanical adjustment and top pins
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with exhaust-gas turbocharger and secondary air injection
Chemical liquid supplying apparatus
Wire protective insert sleeve for electrical switches, receptacles and junction boxes
Exchange and/or scavenging device for a circuit comprising at least one hydraulic motor
Pipe shut-off device and apparatus having same for the emergency supply of coolant to the fuel rods arranged in the reactor vessel of a nuclear power plant
Rylene monoimide derivatives and use thereof as photosensitizers in solar cells and photodetectors
Compact, high-efficiency thermoelectric systems
Fan assembly for refrigerator
Column system and process for producing same
Archery laser arrow
Probing pin and probe system equipped therewith
Route navigation for optimal mobile coverage
Gas measuring device and method with compensation of disturbances
Inter-frame gap controller, traffic transmitter, transmission apparatus and inter-frame gap control method
Contact resistance test structure and method suitable for three-dimensional integrated circuits
Lens structure and method of producing and displaying a three dimensional image
Photoelectric converting module
Mobile terminal device, time control method, and timer control program
Unmanned vehicle simulation system
Wide bandwidth resonant global clock distribution
Electronic device having foldable cover
Determining false alarms in an IT application
Low density parity check decoding with early termination based on nonzero-circulant flags
Promotion of performance parameters in distributed data processing environment
Edge caching using HTTP headers
Safety arrangement
Utilization-aware low-overhead link-width modulation for power reduction in interconnects
Administering connection identifiers for collective operations in a parallel computer
Securisation of a remote executable code using a footprint of the computer recipient
Session management technique
SVC-L2 VPNs: flexible on demand switched MPLS/IP layer-2 VPNs for ethernet SVC, ATM and frame relay
Information security method and appparatus
Adaptive media sharing
System and method of monitoring, control and configuration of security and lifestyle devices
Method for automated generation of minimal partitioning of a process specification for supporting its distributed execution
Mechanism to divert an IP flow over a non-IP transport
Business intelligence-infused smart retransmission processing
Path selection method and control server
Peer to peer localization for content in a distributed hash table
Token-based flow control of messages in a parallel computer
Method and device for network traffic manipulation
Managing method and apparatus for servicing contents provided by content provider
Determining an obverse weight
Vehicle management system
Content volume throttling in feed aggregators
System and method for analyzing GIS data to improve operation and monitoring of water distribution networks
Minimization of surprisal context data through application of customized surprisal context filters
Method and system for user and reference ranking in a database
Adaptive customized presentation of business intelligence information
Automated business process modeling
Adaptive customized presentation of business intelligence information
Publishing and subscribing to calendar events information via categorical mapping methodology
Component part search system with public and private communities
Identifying reroutable data columns in an ETL process
Apparatus and method for recommending information, and non-transitory computer readable medium thereof
Mobile terminal to recommend a short message recipient
Generating test benches for pre-silicon validation of retimed complex IC designs against a reference design
Methodology for nanoscale technology based mixed-signal system design
Clock tree construction across clock domains
Thermally aware pin assignment and device placement
Mesh planes with alternating spaces for multi-layered ceramic packages
Real-time traffic prediction and/or estimation using GPS data with low sampling rates
Facilitating application development using protected components
Multi electro-biometric user recognition
Secure access computer system
Password generation and recall
Method and system for distributed control of user privacy preferences
Computing system with privacy mechanism and method of operation thereof
Parallelizeable integrity-aware encryption technique
Removable memory cartridge and docking station compatible with media drive expansion slots
Electronic book building system and method
Non-linear interactive video navigation
Methods for interacting with and manipulating information and systems thereof
Automated scrolling of browser content and automated activation of browser links
Method for navigating within a search result obtained by means of a search engine
Behaviometric signature authentication system and method
Securing sensitive data for cloud computing
Multi-identity for secure file sharing
Systems and methods for regulatory compliance with qualified systems
Framework and repository for analysis of software products
Tool-independent automated testing of software
Integrating compiler warnings into a debug session
Multiple project areas in a development environment
Computer program testing
System and method for managing data transfer from a data center including bandwidth limits and a flex parameter indicating bandwidth variation between data transfer periods
Scheduling discrete event simulation
Power supply control device and image forming apparatus
Shopping apparatus and methods
Decoupled contactless bi-directional systems and methods
Identifying regions of text to merge in a natural image or video frame
Entropy coding method using an index mapping table, and image-encoding/decoding apparatus and method using said entropy coding method
Multi layered image enhancement technique
Method and system for document authentication using Krawtchouk decomposition of image patches for image comparison
Robust image based edge detection
Supervised and semi-supervised online boosting algorithm in machine learning framework
Method and apparatus for inferring logical dependencies between random processes
Calendaring system for managing follow-up appointments
Time tracking system and method of user
Personalized customer shopping experience
Extracting enterprise information through analysis of provenance data
Stereoscopic image processing device and stereoscopic image processing method
Image resampling by frequency unwrapping
Stereo matching by census transform and support weight cost aggregation
Remotely actuated door lock
Systems and methods for spectral authentication of a feature of a document
System and method for group tracking
Portable terminal having haptic module with a hinge part supporting a touch pad
Monitoring objects in motion along a static route using sensory detection devices
Emergency vehicle alert system and method
Interactive electronic book
Backlightmodule, assembly method and assembly fixture for backlightmodule
Hands free holding assembly
Apparatus for evaluating optical properties of three-dimensional display, and method for evaluating optical properties of three-dimensional display
Semiconductor display device correcting system and correcting method of semiconductor display device
Guitar neck adjustment
Multi channel digital wind instrument
Base for tablet computer providing input/ouput modules
System, method and program product for providing automatic speech recognition (ASR) in a shared resource environment
Voice user interface with personality
Method for writing file on tape medium that can be read at high speed
Storage cartridge and cartridge drive
Magnetic recording head having quilted-type coating
Repeated runout (RRO) zero phase start (ZPS)
Method for manufacturing a magnetic tape head using an ink mask formed by printing
Magnetoresistive sensor for a magnetic storage system read head, and fabrication method thereof
Tape storage system
Semiconductor memory device having ray detector, and electronic device including the same, and operating method thereof
Reduced complexity reliability computations for flash memories
Memory device refresh
Semiconductor device including a sense amplifier
Dynamic cascode-managed high-voltage word-line driver circuit
Method and apparatus for clock power saving in multiport latch arrays
Modular refrigeration unit health monitoring
Nanostructured target for isotope production
Apparatus and methods for high-resolution electron beam imaging
Nickel nanoparticle, method of preparing the same, and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
Conductive rubber component and method for mounting same
Conductive paste for inner electrode and multilayer ceramic electronic component having the same
Permanent magnet and manufacturing method thereof
Implementing adjustable size ferrite core for EMI cable noise suppression
Energy storage cell and energy storage module
Electronic fuse cell and array
Electromagnetic actuator
Lockable manually-operated actuator for electrical switching devices
Internal induction lamp with protected mercury amalgam
Illumination system and operation method thereof
Brazed X-ray tube anode
Image quality adjusting method, non-transitory computer-readable recording medium, and electron microscope
Automatic filtering of SEM images
Mounting system for sealing and aligning the burner of the lamp at the centre of its base
Method of manufacturing an electrode for a gas discharge lamp
High light transmission, low sheet resistance layer for photovoltaic devices
Method of manufacturing light absorbing layer for solar cell using selenization process under element selenium vapor ambience and thermal treatment apparatus for manufacturing light absorbing layer
Thermally assisted MRAM with a multilayer encapsulant for low thermal conductivity
Chemical vapor deposition with elevated temperature gas injection
Heterogeneous integration of group III nitride on silicon for advanced integrated circuits
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Methods for etching dielectric materials in the fabrication of integrated circuits
Floating gates and methods of formation
Electrostatic discharge resistant diodes
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device
Double density semiconductor fins and method of fabrication
Method and an apparatus for forming electrically conductive vias in a substrate, an automated robot-based manufacturing system, a component comprising a substrate with via holes, and an interposer device
Non-lithographic hole pattern formation
Local tailoring of fingers in multi-finger fin field effect transistors
Cyclical physical vapor deposition of dielectric layers
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Laser-ablating mechanical and security features for security documents
Random local metal cap layer formation for improved integrated circuit reliability
Corrosion/etching protection in integration circuit fabrications
Semiconductor device comprising a die seal having an integrated alignment mark
Semiconductor device and fabrication process thereof
Laminating system, IC sheet, scroll of IC sheet, and method for manufacturing IC chip
Trench capacitor with spacer-less fabrication process
MOSFET with recessed channel film and abrupt junctions
Method for forming a semiconductor device and semiconductor device structures
Semiconductor light converting construction
Solar blind ultra violet (UV) detector and fabrication methods of the same
Organic electroluminescent device and light emitting apparatus
Strip-shaped gate tunneling field effect transistor with double-diffusion and a preparation method thereof
HEMT semiconductor device
Varistor in base for MEMS microphones
Solar cell and method of manufacturing solar cell
Radiation detector with defective pixels prevention structure
OLED devices comprising hollow objects
Compression volume compensation
Optimized thermoelectric module for operation in peltier mode or in seebeck mode
Haptic module using piezoelectric element
Multilayer organic device
Protective coatings for metal alloys and methods incorporating the same
Portable power source apparatus capable of holding circular cylindrical batteries
Graphene hybrid structures for energy storage applications
Fixed oxide fuel cell
Supply assembly for coupling to a fuel cell device and fuel cell system having the supply assembly
Semiconductor device
Apparatus and method for a variable-ratio rotationally-polarized high power industrial microwave feed network
Radio apparatus and antenna device
Adaptive impedance matching circuit and method for matching for duplex operation standards
Dipole strength clip
Junction box fitting for marine cables
Electrical connector structure
Power adapter with plug member stowable in housing
Electrical brackets for fluorescent bulb
Press bond terminal
Connector terminal
Coaxial angled adapter
Method for producing wiring harness, and wiring harness
Connection terminal
Laser diode stack assembly and method of manufacturing
Tunable laser and photoacoustic device including the same
Electrical junction box
Tool for removing a smoke detector cover
Energy conditioning circuit arrangement for integrated circuit
System for power distribution and communication
Apparatus for transmitting/receiving energy using a resonance structure in an energy system
Method and system for distributing energy
Battery management system
Method of manufacturing a rotor for an electric motor for a washing machine
High efficiency DC/DC converter with high conversion ratio
Resonant circuit with constant current characteristics
Motor drive apparatus and vehicle with the same mounted thereon
Motor control apparatus
Electric motor control system and communication method
Systems and methods to provide compensated feedback phase information
Differential amplifier circuit having plural current mirror circuits
High frequency power amplifier
Quadrature gain and phase imbalance correction
Bias current circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit
Delay locked loop and semiconductor apparatus
Phase comparison circuit and data receiving unit
System, apparatus and method to improve analog-to-digital converter output
Reconstructive error recovery procedure (ERP) using reserved buffer
Error correction device, error correction method and computer program product
Transmission and detection in multiple-antenna transmission systems
Transmitter warm-up using dummy frame generation
Communication system and method for transmitting and receiving signals
Method and device for sending data in passive optical network
Testing an optical network
Signal transmission and reception system, installation method of the system, and plant applied with the system
Access Points selection apparatus and methods
Methods and apparatus for sire-based DLTPC rejection
Apparatus and method of ULTPC rejection threshold optimization in WCDMA for power control algorithm 2
Methods and apparatus for identifying and/or selecting channels
Method and system for a mesh network of satellite reception assemblies
Wireless communication using beam forming and diversity
Apparatus and method for detecting proximate devices
Method and system for determining a time synchronization offset between radio base stations
Scheduling in a two-tier network
Method and system for quality of service support for Ethernet multiservice interworking over multiprotocol label switching
RFI mitigation using burst timing
Port membership table partitioning
Method and apparatus for determining bandwidth-consuming frame flows in a network
Method and apparatus for requesting and sharing network performance information (NPI)
Communication apparatus
Border gateway protocol extended community attribute for layer-2 and layer-3 virtual private networks
Updating zone information in a distributed switch of data forwarders
Method and apparatus for growing next generation network using modular design
Scheduling of up-link transmissions of a wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for data transmission in home networks
Method and apparatus for synchronizing AAL2 path states
Methods and apparatus for linked-list circular buffer management
Distributed network subnet
Method and system for Ethernet congestion management
Dynamic prioritized fair share scheduling scheme in over-subscribed port scenario
Transmitter diversity with a passive mixer network
Radio communication apparatus and signal processing method
Method for performing wireless communication between user equipment and base station in a wireless communication system supporting first user equipment using single frequency band and second user equipment using multiple frequency bands
Multi-identity for secure file sharing
Policy management of multiple security domains
Communication system, femtocell base station, authentication apparatus, communication method, and recording medium
Managing data file transmission
Method and apparatus of securely processing data for file backup, de-duplication, and restoration
Secure lookup
Compact security device with transaction risk level approval capability
System and method for adaptive in-network time alignment for envelope tracking power amplifier
Evaluation of voice communications
Notification infrastructure for sending device-specific wireless notifications
Vehicular apparatus, mobile phone, and instrument coordination system
Recovery of DTMF tones in the presence of periodic interference and obstruction
Method and apparatus for detection of patterns and edges with un-calibrated devices
3D image pickup optical apparatus and 3D image pickup apparatus
Image processing apparatus for generating an image for three-dimensional display
Stereoscopic image display device
System and method in a broadband receiver for efficiently receiving and processing signals
System to identify a user of television services by using biometrics
Enabling the integration of a three hundred and sixty degree panoramic camera within a mobile device case
Portable hand-held device for deblurring sensed images
Autofocus camera system and control method thereof
Video output apparatus and video input determination method
Noise-cancelling image sensors
Combination of recorded program index and EPG
Source device and sink device and method of transmitting and receiving multimedia service and related data
Method and system of media programming to provide an integrated entertainment experience
Mirror system and method for acquiring biometric data
Security monitoring system with image comparison of monitored location
Method for transmitting mini-messages and associated device
System and method for collecting data using a wireless communication channel
Mobile terminal
Sonic projector system
Operation of a noise cancellation device
Methods, apparatus and systems for individualizing audio, music and speech adaptively, intelligently and interactively
Electroacoustic transducing device
Transmitting device, receiving device, wireless communication system and method for controlling wireless communication system
Method and system for dual-mode rate control in a wireless communication system
Method and system for dynamic AMPDU duration control in a wireless communication system
Providing for mobility for flexible bandwidth carrier systems
RLC Data transmission control based on UE memory capacity
Mobile control device and handover control method
Network architecture
Method and apparatus for engaging in a service or activity using an ad-hoc mesh network
Dynamic selection of early-RX duration during network sleep operation
Apparatus and method for updating SLPID of a terminal operating in sleep mode in a broadband wireless communications system
Method for determining transmission power for transmitting uplink signals between terminals in a wireless communication system that supports terminal-to-terminal communication, and apparatus therefor
Wireless data transmission including assist signals
Method and device for transmitting control information in a wireless communication system
Communication link termination indication signal method and apparatus
Method for usage of VPLMN infrastructure by an HPLMN to terminate an IMS session set up for a roaming user
Communication apparatus, control method for communication apparatus, and program
Formable helical wire heating coil assembly
Light emitting diode load driving apparatus
Current balancing circuits for light-emitting-diode-based illumination systems
Toroidal transformer transistor driver for electrical ballast
Control circuit and control method of light emitting device circuit
Power control system and method for providing an optimal power level to a designated light assembly
Discharge lamp operating apparatus
Circuit and method for monitoring and reporting the remaining useful life of an LED module
LCD device and a transforming circuit thereof
System and method for plasma generation
Method and system for improving alignment precision of parts in MEMS
Sidewalls of electroplated copper interconnects
Mobile terminal
Apparatus and method for use in assembly of a portable apparatus
Thermal interface members for removable electronic devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Sandal upper
Footwear sole
Shoe sole
Sole for cross-country boot
Footwear sole
Shoe sole
Orthotic insert
Portion of a shoe upper
Portion of a shoe upper
Side element of a shoe upper
Snap hook for a luggage case
Rifle holster worn over a shoulder
Electrical tester pouch
Tool holder
Carrying case for portable phone and pager
Storage and carrying bag with rectangular carrying box
Caddy for tools
Cleaner with a telescoping water wheel
Toothbrush handle
Toothbrush handle
Embossed tissue sheet
Child booster seat
Folding seat
Site furniture
Towel bar
Compartmented frame
Wire wreath holder
Wave form shoe rack
Air curtain merchandiser with curved front
Table leg structure
Hammock frame
Chair base
Chair control housing
Office chair
Chair portion
Rocking chair
Card holder
Picture display apparatus
Waterbed rail cushion
Rocking horse plant holder
Drinking mug
Cooler with radio
Cooler and dispenser for upright water bottles
Coffee machine
Portable barbecue grill
Corn utensil
Pan handle
External surface configuration for the front panel of an over the range microwave oven
Combined barbecue grill and cart with louvered side panels
Cleaver knife
Chopper knife
Filet knife
Spice grinder
Dust pan with wear reducing members
Nut cracker
Handle primarily for kitchen utensils
Modular wine rack
Food cutter
Paint bucket
Paint brush holder
Lid for a drinking container
Utility lighter
Grip for pneumatic hand tool
Pin lock
Folding knife
Handle of precision screwdriver
Tool handle
Swirl spindle
Heat gun with positioning stand therefor
Culinary knife maintenance and sharpening steel
Pulley for boats
Cable hanger
Picture hanger
Adjustable wrench head
Strap wrench
Handle for a closure element
Grip for handle bar
Magnetic fastener
Quick-connect mechanism
Steel coil sidewall guard
Bottle portion
Vertical collapsible container
Bottle portion
Bottle base
Fluid container
Wipes container
Disposable food tray
Bottle closure
Device holder for a package
Earring cuff pad
Shipping carton and product tray
Squared side door receptacle with flat ribbed top
Vial for spirit level device
Receiver of an electrical circuit tracing device
Measuring cup
Vane anemometer
Parental monitor and receiver
Electronic compass face
Finger ring
Money holder
Round planter
Hanging plant brace
Switch plate
Christmas ornament
Shopping cart
Wheelbarrow with selective auxiliary electric power assist
Wheeled tool container
Telescoping jack
Wide tire tread
Motor vehicle wheel front face
Wheel for a motor vehicle
Tire rim
Vehicle wheel
Portion of vehicle cowl hood
Steering wheel
Wheel flare for a sport utility vehicle
Motorcycle instrument cover
Automotive wheel
Running boards
Battery charger
Retractable block heater cord
Surface mount package
Plug connector
Electrical connector
Electrical wiring box
Insulated cable connector
Connector for printed circuit boards
Remote controller
Electrical connector
Remote controller
Speaker box
Wall-mounted audio speaker
Inkjet printer
Computer mouse
Inkjet printer
Cable dock module with sync button for a PDA device
Data card
Project engineering of industrial controls icon for a portion of a computer screen
Wearable computer
Set of icons for an electrosurgical tissue recovery instrument
Portion of a data transfer machine for electronic computers
Portion of a data transfer machine for electronic computers
Front cover for a handset
Display area and key array for a handset
Cordless phone and base
Telephone set
Enclosure for electronic circuitry
Karaoke machine
Trolling motor propulsion unit support shaft
Adjuster wheel
Housing for a blower/vacuum
Body of vacuum cleaner
Liquid filament dispensing nozzle
Robotic controller
Pendant mounted surveillance camera housing
Monitor display
Eyeglasses frame with front-folding overlapping temples
Printing head for printer
Printing head for printer
Ink tank for printer
Connected cards
Photo frame with memo holder
Ring binder mechanism fastener
Ring binder housing cover
Combination stylus and pen
Writing instrument
Ball-point pen
Container assembly for brush-on adhesive
Container for brush-on adhesive
U-turn symbol
Label holder
Product container
Tissue box cover with corrugated frames
Interactive kiosk
Tissue box cover with fluted corners
Tissue box cover with inset frames
Paint color display cards
Protective cover with light for handheld electronic game
Leisure car for children
Toy robot
Putter head
Golf putting training aid
Golf club head
Golf club putter head
Gun rest
Fish-shaped base for a fly tying vise
Fishing rod holder
Spring-loaded fishing rod holder
Water sprinkling device
Faucet set
Tub/shower control knob
Hand shower
Faucet set
Deck-mount water outlet spout
Shower head
Faucet knob
Lever handle
Hose clamp
Faucet handle
Sleeve for tube fitting
Dual-handled faucet
Wall-mount spout
Wall-mount spout
Swivel spout
Toilet seat and cover combination
Ventilated toilet seat
Electrical evaporator with switch for volatile materials
Cooling device
Reduced handle profile ventilator
Electric fan
Ceiling fan blade iron
Resilient chewing device
Core form
Needle protecting device
Diagnostic test card
Test tube rack
Safety syringe
Implantable therapeutic substance delivery device
Surface pattern for disposable absorbent article
Exterior surface of a fence rail
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Window component extrusion
Block for a flowerbed
Block for a flower bed
Heart vase monument
PVC screen enclosure
Cleat system
Pallett storage rack entrance wall
Interior illuminated lamp in the shape of a pterodactyl
Wooden lamp stand
Pendent lamp
Lamp housing
Pendent lamp
Pendent lamp
Electric lamp
Vehicle warning light
Outboard motor and stern drive unit cavitation plate light
Video game accessory light
Solar-powered outdoor light
Solar powered outdoor light
Solar powered lamp
Wall fixture mounting base
Lamp support arm
Column for a lighting fixture
Hanging rods unit for lamp
Lamp support arm
Lighting fixture backplate
Lamp support arm
Lamp support arm
Lamp support arm
Cigarette lighter
Liquid and lotion applicator
Palm-held liquid and lotion applicator
Ponytail flag
Decorative hair barrette
Wrist support with ring and strap fastening system
Saddle for children
Gripping surface for an English stirrup
Flying pet toy
Human Necessities
Cutting blade for vegetation trimming device
Decorative assembly for a floral grouping
Plant pot with transplanting facilitator
Support for cultivating plant and method of growing plant
Aster plant named `Cassandra`
Bouvardia plant named `Royal Janette`
Plum tree named `Crimson Glo`
New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Serenity`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckadin`
Petunia plant named `MP20`
`Harry Black Gala cultivar`
Ornithogalum plant named `Chesapeake Starlight`
Euphorbia plant named `Jessie`
Carnation plant named `Sunflor Surprise`
Rose plant named `Tanrostax`
Cherry tree named `Glenred`
Poinsettia plant named `Duecowi`
Poinsettia plant named `Jacaimee`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Predemera`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckahab`
Clematis plant named `EVIrin`
Poinsettia plant named `Eckadire`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Regal Yonashville`
Kalanchoe plant named `Forever Maxi Pink`
Azalea plant named `Sweet Sixteen`
Impatiens plant named `TiLip`
Fishing lure
Fishing rod holder
Fishing tackle box with line winder
Clothing protector
Restraining device and method of its use to assist in breast feeding
Harness-suspenders combination
Weight distributing knee pad
Heavy duty work glove
Protective glove
Glove for baseball
Necktie knot cover
Garment lining system characterized by localized performance properties
Head towel wrap
Protective headgear comprising a headband and a semi-rigid support to protect a back region of a user's head
Reversible shoe
Boot with strapping to restrain movement of foot
Variable ratio control shoe with automatic tying and untying shoelace
Shoelace anglet
Buckle with smooth tongue insertion mechanism
Waterproof slide fastener and manufacturing method thereof
Slide fastener chain, method and apparatus for forming end thereof
Neck strip for holding a hair cutting cape securely and trapping cut hair and method of using same
Connector for the removable connection of a neck strap to a pair of binoculars
Computationally efficient modular multiplication method and apparatus
Napper's head rest and alarm
Connecting device for furniture
Furniture devices and methods
Gap filler for bed
Interactive blanket and pillow for children
Picture frame
Memorial cross marker
Pot cover with preset folds
Unitary pillow sham
Bedding ensemble
Blanket and stuffed toy combination
Clip type kitchen peeling tool
Remote controlled stopper device
Outdoor portable sink with plumbing connection
Wall mounted bath brush
Back washing device
Floor surface cleaning machine
Cleaning implement
Lint roller assembly
Central vacuum hose storage
Device to align and mount a workpiece on a holding device
Magnetic determination of position and orientation
Arthroscopic measuring device
Eye protection device
Rescue apparatus and method of use
Maternity patient support
Anesthesia pillow
Apparatus and method for extending an object
Device for moving patients
Cantilevered mobile bed/chair apparatus for safety patient transfer
Hidden air jet with unidirectional flow mechanism and air massage system including at least one of these jets
Diving mask with lenses and method of fabricating the same
Stabilized sized golf glove
Grip-enhancing glove
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems and methods for processing workpieces
Method for producing a one-part vehicle wheel
Method of forming a hub with blind bore
Crimping die employing powered chuck
Method for automatic fastening machines
Clamping member disassembling device and attachment structure thereof, as well as clamping member disassembling method and production system using the method
Method of manufacturing connecting rod
Method of manufacturing spindle components
Part elevator having a transfer bar with CAM follower and slot
Registration mechanism and method
Glow plug pulling device
Piston ring compressor tool system
Device for removing formlockingly anchored dowels
Tool handle connection system and apparatus, and methods of making and using same
Folding knife with blade locking mechanism
Folding knife with open position lock
Hair cutting device
Portable knife sheath and method of using the same
Knife-and-sheath combination with positive knife-to-sheath lock and multiple attachments points
Electrical metal cutting device
Lightweight chain saw bar
Method for convectively heating permeable material
Method for fabricating a print engine chassis for supporting an imaging drum and printhead translation assembly
Pencil sharpener having a pencil limiting device
Drawing compass
Spindle mounted marking device for CNC machines
Painter's tool
Engine-gearbox unit for adjustment devices in motor vehicles
Windscreen wiper
Wiper blade for automobile glass panels
Side brush assembly for vehicle cleaning apparatus
Automatic decking and automatic fastening system
Adjusting a sliding door
Emergency exit system for aircraft or other vehicle
Automatic hatch cover for bulk carriers
Sample warper, warping method and group of warped yarns
Coupling device
Textiles; Paper
Yarn relaxation-heating method and apparatus therefor
Method and system for isolating water pressure from an appliance
Fluid supply and reservoir for a clothes refreshing appliance
Physical-chemical scale reducing device with flake disintegrating grid for a pressing iron
Fixed Constructions
Faucet thermal monitoring system
Gutter shield
Knockdown portable toilet
Door stop which is integrated with a door hinge
Tilting hinge
Window lift mechanism
Dual safety-edge for an overhead door
Removable mullion assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method of modifying cooled turbine components
Arrangement for heating air supplied to a carburetor of a snow thrower engine
Adhesive mounted device clip
Method for forming a lubricant coating on a hydrodynamic bearing apparatus by electrode positioning
Support assembly for a rotating shaft
Thermal expansion valve
Method and forming element for producing a press connection between a fitting and a pipe and being inserted into the reception of the fitting
Gun barrel rifling
Apparatus for securing an object to an individual
One-piece synthetic undercarriage
Method and apparatus for calibration of no-compensation and universal wheel adapters utilized in vehicle wheel alignment procedures
Method and apparatus for a line based, two-dimensional characterization of a three-dimensional surface
Articulated anchor for measuring tapes
Gauge block
High speed acquisition and calculation of dimensional variables with vibration and skew error reduction
Mountable centering element and arrangement for measuring, or determining the position of a hole or a bolt
Method and apparatus for measuring dimensional rough stone blocks
Line transfer instrument
Slope block
Low-hysteresis coupling method for angular-position and torque sensor
Manufacturing method of a rotation sensor
System and method for high-level test planning for layout
Network link tester device configured to selectively and automatically couple to a network transmit pair line or a node transmit pair line of a LAN port and determine available operational modes
Method of and apparatus for processing photographic photosensitive film
Flowable compositions and use in filling vias and plated through-holes
Programmable timer & methods for scheduling time slices executed by a controller circuit
Clock system for multiple component system including module clocks for safety margin of data transfers among processing modules
Methods for improving the efficiency of clock gating within low power clock trees
Automated placement of signal distribution to diminish skew among same capacitance targets in integrated circuits
Event initiation bus and associated fault protection for a telecommunications device
Method and apparatus for disabling power-on in a system requiring add-in modules
Method and system for transferring delta difference data to a storage device
Error correction using reliability values for data matrix
Method and apparatus for fault tolerant execution of computer programs
Method and apparatus for the automatic configuration of strapping options on a circuit board assembly
Method of detecting systemic fault conditions in an intelligent electronic device
Distributed processor system having status voting mechanism of each processor by all other processors and method therefor
Snapshot copy facility for a data storage system permitting continued host read/write access
Commit controlling scheme for transaction processing in system utilizing check point/roll back scheme
Architecture for vital data management in a multi-module machine and process for implementing an architecture of this type
Method of checking data integrity for a RAID 1 system
Remote diagnostic system for diagnosing devices connected to a plurality of terminals
Method and apparatus for low latency network performance monitoring
Thread control system and method in a computer system
Method and apparatus for debugging of optimized code using emulation
System and method for testing computer software
Methods, systems, and articles of manufacture for analyzing performance of application programs
Data transfer scheme for efficiently moving data through a high latency media access channel
Method for data storage organization
Memory device operable with a small-capacity buffer memory and having a flash memory
Method and apparatus for providing and maximizing concurrent operations in a shared memory system which includes display memory
Method and apparatus for accommodating irregular memory write word widths
Cache memory store buffer
Layered local cache with imprecise reload mechanism
Method and apparatus for altering data length to zero to maintain cache coherency
Optimized configurable scheme for demand based resource sharing of request queues in a cache controller
System for reducing the number of requests presented to a main memory in a memory storage system employing a directory-based caching scheme
Methods and apparatus for improving system performance with a shared cache memory
Method and apparatus for updating data stored in plural storage means in an information processing system
Memory control apparatus and method for storing data in a selected cache memory based on whether a group or slot number is odd or even
Paged memory management system within a run-time environment
Software-controlled cache memory compartmentalization
Method and apparatus for efficiently managing caches with non-power-of-two congruence classes
Method of cache management to store information in particular regions of the cache according to information-type
Method of cache management to dynamically update information-type dependent cache policies
Hot plug subsystem for processor based electrical machine
Multimedia data storage system and method for operating a media server as a cache device and controlling a volume of data in the media server based on user-defined parameters
Method and system for providing computer storage access with quality of service guarantees
Method and apparatus adaptable to a standard game port of a personal computer for interfacing an external HSP modem, a joystick and a MIDI interface
Data streamer
Multiport memory architecture with direct data flow
System for combining requests associated with one or more memory locations that are collectively associated with a single cache line to furnish a single memory operation
Host adapter for combining I/O completion reports and method of using the same
Methods and apparatuses for managing multiple direct memory access channels
Arbitration protocol for peer-to-peer communication in synchronous systems
Communication system and method for interfacing differing communication standards
Method and apparatus for interfacing isochronous communication systems
Method and apparatus for facilitating AC-link communications between a controller and a slow peripheral of a codec
Method and apparatus for performing high bandwidth low latency programmed I/O writes by passing tokens
System bus with a variable width selectivity configurable at initialization
PCMCIA compatible memory card with serial communication interface
Reflected-wave bus termination
Apparatus and method for multiplexing bi-directional data onto a low pin count bus between a host CPU and co-processor
Method for routing I/O data in a multiprocessor system having a non-uniform memory access architecture
System and method for accelerating web site access and processing utilizing a computer system incorporating reconfigurable processors operating under a single operating system image
Method for programming an FPGA and implementing an FPGA interconnect
System and method for searching an associative memory utilizing first and second hash functions
Data management system with shortcut migration via efficient automatic reconnection to previously migrated copy
Method and apparatus for constraint graph based layout compaction for integrated circuits
Two moment RC delay metric for performance optimization
System and method for evaluating a very large scale integrated circuit for potential design errors
Method for extracting inductance parameters from a circuit design
Method for modifying placement of components of an integrated circuit by analyzing resources of adjacent components
Methods of making hard macro cell using timing interval
Activation path simulation equipment and activation path simulation method
Method of changing logic circuit portion into gated clock portion and recording medium storing a program for carrying out the method
Pattern forming method
System and method of transmission using coplanar bond wires
Authentication and authorization mechanisms for Fortezza passwords
Disk block allocation optimization methodology with accommodation for file system cluster size greater than operating system memory page size
Fast access to buffer circuits
Disk array apparatus that avoids premature declarations of faults
Transmission of status information by a selected one of multiple transfer modes based on the cause for sending the status information
High-throughput interface between a system memory controller and a peripheral device
Unload counter adjust logic for a receiver buffer
FIFO with random re-read support and its application
FIFO memory system and method with improved determination of full and empty conditions and amount of data stored
Method and apparatus for coupling signals across different clock domains, and memory device and computer system using same
Binary counter with low power consumption
Narrow Wallace multiplier
Fast 16-B early termination implementation for 32-B multiply-accumulate unit
Encryption processor with shared memory interconnect
Address generating circuit
Security for platform-independent device drivers
Cell phones with instruction pre-fetch buffers allocated to low bit address ranges and having validating flags
Data processing unit with interface for sharing registers by a processor and a coprocessor
Microprocessor having a DSP and a CPU and a decoder discriminating between DSP-type instructions and CUP-type instructions
System and method for handling load and/or store operations in a superscalar microprocessor
Method and apparatus for programming by use of event-driven-type function blocks and program recording medium storing a program for executing the method
Object oriented framework mechanism for multi-target source code processing
Apparatus and method for visual construction simplification
Computing system which implements recording and playback of semantic commands
System and method for patching an installed application program
Object-oriented system, method and article of manufacture for a client-server graphical user interface (#9) framework in an interprise computing framework system
Method for quickly booting a computer system
Apparatus for savings system configuration information to shorten computer system initialization time
Symbol for automatically renaming symbols in files during the compiling of the files
Computer operating system using compressed ROM image in RAM
Method and apparatus for allocating stack slots
Methods and apparatus for scheduling parallel processors
Method and apparatus for balancing workloads among paths in a multi-path computer system based on the state of previous I/O operations
Virtual processing network enabler
Method of executing mobile objects and recording medium storing mobile objects
Telecommunications job scheduling
Animated virtual agent displaying apparatus, method for displaying a virtual agent, and medium for storing instructions for displaying a virtual agent
Customized web browsing and marketing software with local events statistics database
Method and system for providing a customized media list
Methods, apparatus, and computer program product for data transfer using a scatter-gather list
Automatic rotation of digit location in devices used in passwords
Advertising kiosk
Device that will enable the decoration on a music box to sway front and back while it moves up and down
Picture frame with sound and motion producing means
System and method for digitally marking a file
Universal smart merge/demerge tool
Hard sectoring circuit and method for a rotating disk data storage device
Apparatus for recording a count signal in a fixed location regardless of transport velocity of record carrier
Method for assembling base and main board assembly for hard drive disk
Manufacturing method for magnetoresistive head having an antiferromagnetic layer of PTMN
Method for protecting magnetic read/write transducers against electrostatic discharge during disk drive manufacturing
Emulating one tape protocol of flash memory to a different type protocol of flash memory
Location based timing scheme in memory design
Synchronous semiconductor memory including register for storing data input and output mode information
Coil component and manufacturing method for the same
Inherently robust repair process for thin film circuitry using UV laser
Method and system for semiconductor testing using yield correlation between global and class parameters
Semiconductor circuit design methods employing spacing constraints
Coaxial cable tool
Slitting and shaving tool for messengered cable
Apparatus for fastening wire of electronic device
Low phase jitter clock signal generation circuit
Error detecting device and method
Error protection method and error protection device
Arrangements of base transceiver stations of an area-covering network
Signal distribution system and method based on bus arrangement
Method and apparatus for suppressing interrupts in a high-speed network environment
Pre test electronic mail process
Method, apparatus and article of manufacture for accessing electronic messages
Method for accessing a network using programmed I/O in a paged, multi-tasking computer
Method and system for distributed queues in a multimedia network with proxies
Generalizing data streams to overcome differences in word length and byte order
Common interface for handling exception interface name with additional prefix and suffix for handling exceptions in environment services patterns
Method and apparatus for on-line chatting
Data transfer method in system including multiple pieces of equipment and system for such method
Methods and systems for securely delivering electronic mail to hosts having dynamic IP addresses
IP network for accomodating mobile users with incompatible network addressing
Method and apparatus for providing VCR-like "trick mode" functions for viewing distributed video data
Accounting in an image transmission system based on a transmission mode and an accounting mode based on the transmission mode
Processor management method of mobile communication home location register (HLR) system
Circuit board holding apparatus and circuit board hold releasing method
Electronic component-mounting apparatus and component-feeding device therefor
Method for producing conductor interconnect with dendrites
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