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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Catnip enhanced cat scratcher
Cage for breeding hens and cocks
Food heating device
Machine for lung removal in poultry and method and use thereof
Method and apparatus for continuous curding
Devices and methods for securing a clothing strap
Cosmetic or dermatological treatment method and devices for application of such a method
Reading stand
Seat frame structure and method for a connecting seat and a seat frame
Splash and spill resistant insulating lid
Wire rack for mounting an iron on a wall
Drink shaker having breaking protrusions
Endoscope insertion assisting device, endoscope apparatus, medical treatment device and endoscope insertion method
Robotic medical instrument system
Endoscope system having rigid endoscope and wiper sheath
Methods and techniques to measure, map and correlate ocular micro-movement and ocular micro-tremor (OMT) signals with cognitive processing capabilities in ADD/ADHD individuals
Plasma incising device including disposable incising tips for performing surgical procedures
Magnetic force devices, systems, and methods for resisting tissue collapse within the pharyngeal conduit
Eye tonometry apparatus, systems and methods
Device to enable quick entry of caloric content
Blood rheology measuring apparatus
High-density lipoprotein coated medical devices
Method for producing bone substitution material
Method for forming a bioresorbable composite implant in a bone
Method and apparatus for performing a shoulder implant procedure
Artificial functional spinal unit system and method for use
Method of and apparatus for patella support
Pressureable compression wrap
Smoke evacuation system
Multifunction equipment
Air inlet for a baby bottle
Angiographic injector and injection method
Nozzle pore configuration for intrapulmonary delivery of aerosolized formulations
Filter device for embolic protection systems
Self furling umbrella frame for carotid filter
Emboli protection devices and related methods of use
Apparatus and method for the insertion of a medical device
Catheter introducer assembly having safety shielded needle
Automated implantation system for radioisotope seeds
Crushing squish ball
Isolated curl machine and method of training therefor
Putter with aiming arms
Infrared sensing launch monitor
Golf training device and hand placement gauging tool
Systems and methods for administering an exercise program
Body motion detection device capable of properly managing information on number of steps in walking exercise
Snowboard fixing device
Gaming machine
Bathtub whirlpool toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Partial load enabled falling film evaporator and method for operating a partial load
Method for recovering useful components from dyed polyester fiber
Device for treating a back-flushed fluid
Use of non-metallic load devices in liquid filters
Method for obtaining cyclododecatriene by evaporation
Fibrous aluminum titanate substrates and methods of forming the same
Macroscopically manipulable nanoscale devices made from nanotube assemblies
Authorized filter servicing and replacement
Device and process for separating wet paint overspray
Cooling and purification of gas streams
Continuous concentration system and method for volatile organic compounds using moving-bed reactor
Hydrogen separation membrane on a porous substrate
Turn-around scrubber
Method for removing ammonia nitrogen from solutions
Grid falling film devolatilizer
Hydrogen peroxide production in microchannel reactors
Fluidic device
Roller brush adaptable hand-held container having sidewall ramp portion
Method and device for screening out particles
Dishwasher with targeted sensing and washing
Fuel tank cleaning method
Methods of reducing greenhouse gases in landfills and coal mines
Methods for producing consolidated materials
Releasing instrument holder and method of operating the instrument holder
Printed circuit board machining apparatus
Vibration-reducing device for a scroll saw
Hybrid composite welded joint
Stage apparatus
Hand-held power tool with locking nut
Screwdriver handle having removable rotating cap
Method and device for producing electrospun fibers
Method of fabricating structure
Method and device for manufacturing a medical lead
Method for producing geogrid
Apparatus and method for producing a weld seam
Printing unit of a printing machine, a method for use thereof and a printing machine with a plurality of modules
Cartridge unit incorporating printhead and ink feed system
Print head having extended surface elements
Micro-fluid ejection devices having reduced input/output addressable heaters
Ink jet recording head substrate, and ink jet recording head including the substrate
Print engine pipeline subsystem of a printer controller
Device for cleaning out residual ink
Air filter for use with a liquid ink umbilical interface in a printer
Configuration for exchanging inkjet printing modules
Collapsing cover for printer and associated method
Liquid-ejecting head, liquid-ejecting device, liquid-ejecting method, and ejection medium for liquid-ejecting head
Ink-jet printer device and ink-jet printing method
Data interfacing apparatus of print head chip
Method and apparatus to detect print location error using print dots
Image forming device and label printer
Glue applicator for applying an adhesive to the spine or adjacent areas of a book block being conducted past the glue applicator in a transport direction
Ink cartridge structure for pens
Unit comprising at least one carrier and a wheel bearing
Tow bar having lunette ring head and fishtail-reducing cammed equiangularly-oriented tow bar legs
Motor vehicle operator identification and maximum speed limiter
Tow bar
Torsion beam suspension
Air spring/coil spring combination suspension system
Retractable vehicle top and combined package shelf and tonneau cover
Convertible top with in-folding side rails
Mounting structure for a part provided to an enclosure of an in-wheel motor
Hybrid driving apparatus with multistage transmission provided in power transmission path and control method thereof
Freeze protection for on-board vehicle emissions treatment system
Segway with golf improvements
Latch assembly for vehicle seat
Seating system for a vehicle
Moveable back panel for a vehicle seat
Vehicle for conveying passengers with a firewall
Device for securing a wheel of an upright motorcycle to a trailer
Power LED lighting assembly
Retractable rear view mirror
Brake booster supplied by an air conditioning circuit
Device for hunters and fishermen
Modified upper rear door hinge patch
Automotive inspection device
Multiple trim modulation system
Stabilizing chamber for use with a mobile offshore unit
Liquid crystal dropping apparatus for liquid crystal display device
Valve unit for filling machines
Sulfur loading apparatus
Bag with elastic support members
Welding wire package
System for securing a container within a mixing machine
Automated warehouse and method for controlling stacker crane in automated warehouse
Recording apparatus
Modular processing device as well as a construction kit for the construction of such a processing device
Acceleration sensor calibrated hoist positioning
Chemistry; Metallurgy
CO oxidation promoters for use in FCC processes
Method for preparing acidic solutions of activated silica for water treatment
Diamond-silicon carbide composite and method
Gas generating composition
Method and apparatus for ink jet printing on patterned substrate
Substrate having inkjet ink comprising naphthalocyanine dye disposed thereon
Persistent phosphor
Systems and methods of producing a crude product
Optimum process for selective hydrogenation/hydro-isomerization, aromatic saturation, gasoline, kerosene and diesel/distillate desulfurization (HDS). RHT-hydrogenationSM, RHT-HDSSM
Nanoparticles for soot reduction
Process and device for manufacturing free-flowing metal foam
Aluminum alloys for casting and aluminum alloy castings
Sputtering target material
Thermal stress-failure-resistant dielectric windows in vacuum processing systems
Film formation apparatus and method for semiconductor process
Cathodic protection
Electrocoating plant
Electrochemical deposition process for composite structures
Method for producing semiconductor wafer
Method for processing silicon powder to obtain silicon crystals
Apparatus and method for monitoring and controlling crystal growth
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and method for manufacturing resin-impregnated cured sheet, and apparatus and method for manufacturing carbonaceous material sheet
Dry-cleaning article, composition and methods
Forming fabrics for fiber webs
Fixed Constructions
Model railroad track connector
Molded sectional curb constructions in combination with paved roadways and method
Landscaping system
Method of preparing a foundation structure
Latch assembly and arrangement including a latch assembly
Garage door storage device
Method for assembling an underreaming tool
Method and apparatus to remove composite frac plugs from casings in oil and gas wells
Base for a drilling device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Wind turbine rotor blade with acoustic lining
Adjusting device for an internal combustion engine, in particular camshaft adjusting device
Crankcase, oil channel mold core for producing a crankcase and process for producing a crankcase
Controllable digital solid state cluster thrusters for rocket propulsion and gas generation
Exhaust gas recirculation apparatus
Fuel lance and assembly
Constant torque unloader system for a compressor
Fluid pressure circuit
Filling nozzle
Hydraulic system in motor vehicles
Multi-disc brake hub assembly with disc slide pins
Vacuum valve and closure plate for a vacuum valve
Tube interface and method of securing a first tube to a second tube
Seat structure for supporting an assembly from underneath
Assembly for fixing and connecting light bar lamp
Interchangeable illuminated ornament
Enclosure for housing a plurality of pixels of a graphical display
Illumination system for luminaires and display devices
Once-through boiler
Collapsible barbeque system
Cooking device
Torque arm assembly and method
Portable batting device and method
Camouflage and support assembly for a crossbow
Launching system for launching target and retrieval devices
Method for neutralizing explosives and electronics
Ink-jet recording method, ink-jet ink, ink-jet recording unit, ink cartridge for ink-jet recording and ink-jet recording apparatus
Infra-red thermal imaging of laser welded battery module enclosure components
Pressure detector and electronic apparatus having the same
Sample system for fluid samples
Cryogenic storage device comprising a transponder
Microfluidic device and method for concentration and lysis of cells or viruses
Liquid state detecting sensor
Optical transceiver with optical multiplexer on a flexible substrate
Electro-optical plug and receptacle
Projected image display unit
Display device and game machine
Blade drive device and optical equipment
Hand worn watch apparatus
System and method for RFID-based printed media reading activity data acquisition and analysis
Signaling labels and fluorescent ink compositions
Articles comprising high-electrical-conductivity nanocomposite material and method for fabricating same
Transparent conductor
Magnetorheological liquid
Aligner, wafer transferring device, and semiconductor production device
Contact housing and electrical contact device
Connector with a housing with a plurality of pin holes and connection pins extending from the housing
Lever-type connector
Connector with a connecting memer with a screw portion penetrating the insulators and terminals of two mating terminal housings
Heated connector for snow plow lighting system
Shielding connector
Electrical additional module for a service device, combination of the additional module with the service device, as well as an additional module set
Manufacturing method for ignition plug involves removing leading end portion of shell extended from end surface of insulator
Cable guide having a signaling instrument
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Spring canola (Brassica napus) variety "Nex 705"
Plants and seeds of corn variety I889291
Inbred corn plant 89AHD12 and seeds thereof
Inbred maize line PH3HH
Soybean cultivar 95765-14
Soybean cultivar 010014
Soybean cultivar 6167541382
Soybean cultivar 96-01862
Inbred corn line 6TR512
Ballistic transformation of C. elegans
Device and method for photoactivation
Pulsed light sterilization of drinking water and drinking water containers
Energy-harvesting device using electrostrictive polymers
Jewellery illumination
Molded assembly with heating element captured therein
Electric roaster
Apparatus and method for heated food delivery
Apparatus for selectively dissolving and removing material using ultra-high frequency ultrasound
Fluorescence observing apparatus
Tampon having improved early expansion characteristics
Disposable treatment article having a responsive system
Process for the preparation of fluvoxazmine maleate
Chemokine receptor antagonists and methods of use therefor
Site specific protein modification
Water permeable porous layer materials treated with surfactant-modified cyclodextrins
Flushable fibrous structures
Method for automatically creating dance patterns using audio signals
Performing Operations; Transporting
Combined supported liquid membrane/strip dispersion process for the removal and recovery of penicillin and organic acids
Apparatus and methods for cleaning and/or processing delicate parts
Process for the preparation of pentafluoroethane, fluorination catalysts and process for the preparation thereof
Zeolite-based catalyst material, the preparation thereof and the use thereof for the selective dehydrogenation of N-butane
Iron-based catalyst composition for producing oligomers of conjugated dienes
Melter tank for thermoplastic material and chassis for said tank
Method and device for detecting dirt as present on articles, for example eggs
Method and apparatus for marking containers using laser light
Surface roughness dependent methods of electric discharge machining and device thereof
Perforating machining method with laser beam
Method and apparatus for drilling holes with sub-wavelength pitch with laser
Method and apparatus using laser pulses to make an array of microcavity holes
Beam shaping and projection imaging with solid state UV Gaussian beam to form vias
Semiconductor laser high power amplifier system for materials processing
Electrode interface bonding
Device for welding cylindrical workpieces
Heat-shielding jacket
Semiconductor device with sloping sides, and electronic apparatus including semiconductor devices with sloping sides, modified for crack-free wire bonding
Vehicle window position sensor
Method and apparatus for operating a safety device for motor vehicles
Sensor device for detecting moisture on a window
Capacitive angle sensor, in particular for motor vehicle steering column
Method of forming a frame joint structure
Abuse-tolerant metallic packaging materials for microwave cooking
Device and method for automatic tension transducer calibration
Microfabricated structures with trench-isolation using bonded-substrates and cavities
Method and apparatus for stress pulsed release and actuation of micromechanical structures
Packaging micromechanical devices
Bonded substrate structures and method for fabricating bonded substrate structures
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Monolithic magnetic modules for integrated planar magnetic circuitry and process for manufacturing same
Modified catalyst and a method of using same for conversion of methanol into olefins
Preparation of propene and, if desired, 1-butene
Preparation of phosphonium salts
Process for the production of hydrocarbons with a high octane number by the selective dimerization of isobutene
Method for converting methane-containing gaseous hydrocarbon mixtures to liquid hydrocarbons
Method for the production of methylenedi(phenylamine and methylenedi(phenyl isocyanate)
Method for production of halogen-containing aromatic compound
Alpha-substitution of unprotected .beta.-amino ester compounds
Process for producing cyanobenzoic acid derivatives
Process for the synthesis of 1,3-diols
Synthesis of new polynitriles from cycloaliphatic vicinal primary diamines
Branched surfactant manufacture
Production method of citalopram, intermediate therefor and production method of the intermediate
Process for producing substituted arylpyrazoles
Process for producing hydroxyaromatic compound
Process for preparing 2-halogenated indan-1-ones
Method of producing cyclic, .alpha., .beta.-unsaturated ketones
Process for conducting an aldol condensation
Acid catalyzed isomerization of substituted diaryls
Process for the production of olefins
Methods of separating catalyst in solution from a reaction mixture produced by oxidation of cyclohexane to adipic acid
Methods of extracting catalyst from a reaction mixture in the oxidation of cyclohexane to adipic acid
Method for producing acrylic acid
Method for producing carboxylic acid chlorides
Process for separating and purifying eicosapentaenoic acid or its ester
Prevention of neutrophil recruitment
Process for the preparation of 2-(4-methylphenyl)-benzoic acid derivatives
Process for producing novel naphthyridine derivatives
8-alkyl-8-tricyclodecanyl (meth)acrylate and method of producing the same
Naphthyloxyalkyl(meth)acrylates with high refractive indices and low glass transition temperatures
Process for fractionating dibutene
Process for producing .epsilon.-caprolactam
Steroespecific preparation of chiral 1-aryl- and 1-heteroaryl-2-substituted ethyl-2-amines
Process for the preparation of ipidacrine or ipidacrine hydrochloride hydrate
Quinone derivatives
Method for producing 4-[2',5'-diamino-6'-halopyrimidine-4'-yl)amino]- cyclopent-2-enylmethanols
Process for the preparation of glycidylesters of branched carboxylic acids
Substituted oxygen alicyclic compounds, including methods for synthesis thereof
Highly pure phenothiazine compound, production method thereof, production method of intermediate therefor, and hydrate and novel crystal as starting materials for the intermediate
Pyrroloindoles, pyridoindoles and azepinoindoles as 5-ht2c agonists
Process for the preparation of 2-alkoxy-6-trifluoromethyl-N-([1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-c]pyrimidin-2-yl) benzenesulfonamides
Method for synthesizing porphyrin compounds
Triazolo-1,4-diazepine compounds and medicinal composition containing the same
Dipeptide derivatives
Process for making silanol stopped oligomeric materials
Magnetic separation for silicon-containing materials
Process for preparing silylorganomercaptans
Compositions and methods for treatment of Hepatitis C virus associated diseases
Intermediates for preparation of 16-ene-vitamin D derivatives
Polynucleotides encoding T-cell selective interleukin-4 agonists
Method and electric motor with rotational stator
Polynucleotide and polypeptide sequence of rabbit G-protein alpha 16
(3,4,7,8,9,10-hexahydro-6, 10 -6H-pyridazino [1,2-a] [1,2] diazepine-1-carboxylic-acid derivatives
Galactosylated hydroxyalkyl polysaccharides
Bridged metallocenes, preparation, use in catalytic systems
Method for producing stable, dilute, aqueous, emulsified peroxydicarbonates by homogenization
Stable isocyanate formulations
Current injection-type diamond ultraviolet light-emitting device
Photoinduced molecular switches
Method for purification and manipulation of nucleic acids using paramagnetic particles
Use of .beta.-glucosidase to enhance disease resistance and resistance to insects in crop plants
Maize L3 oleosin promoter
Promoter regulating circadian clock function and photoperiodism
Trans-activation of transcription from viral RNA
Use of plant fatty acyl hydroxylases to produce hydroxylated fatty acids and derivatives in plants
Debranching enzymes and DNA sequences coding them, suitable for changing the degree of branching of amylopectin starch in plants
Preparation of 6-.alpha.-hydroxy-7-deoxytaxanes using nocardioides luteus or a hydroxylase isolated therefrom
Apparatus having a titanium alloy layer
Fixed Constructions
Interior trunk lid mounted emergency trunk release
Head rail-mounted actuator for window coverings
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Integrated torque motor and throttle body
Engine timing measurement device with RPM and advance displays and flashlight function
High vacuum valve
Glow plug
Apparatus and method for heating a pressurized container
Method and apparatus for inspecting surface irregularities of transparent plate
Measuring device for contactless determination of an angle of rotation between a stator and a rotor
Method and apparatus for in-range fault detection of condition responsive sensor
Apparatus for measuring the position of a movable member
Increment transducer and absolute angle transducer means for redundant reliable angular position detection and detection method using same
Arrangement for measuring a relative linear position between an angle sensor and magnetic body
Arrangement for and method of detecting the angle of rotation of a rotatable element
Increased output variable reluctance sensor
Photo detector alignment device
Multi-range fiber-optic reflective displacement micrometer
Method and apparatus for weighing
Weighing device
Sun optical limitation illumination detector (SOLID)
Optical position sensor with threshold updated dynamically by interpolation between minimum and maximum levels of output signal
Surface state monitoring method and apparatus
Methods and apparatus for optimizing semiconductor inspection tools
Method and device for identification of a type of material in an object and utilization therefor
Hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductor structures and sensors based thereon
Combined fluid condition monitor and fluid level sensor
Power consumption reporting by an accessory of an electronic device
Ion mobility spectrometer
In-situ metalization monitoring using eddy current measurements during the process for removing the film
Apparatus and method for obtaining increased sensitivity, selectivity and dynamic range in property measurement using magnetometers
Giant magneto-impedance(GMI) spin rate sensor
BGA device positioner kit
Probe card with rigid base having apertures for testing semiconductor device, and semiconductor device test method using probe card
Method and apparatus of interconnecting with a system board
Semiconductor device tester and method of testing semiconductor device
Structure and method of testing failed or returned die to determine failure location and type
Hand held circuit and polarity tester
Test fixture for flip chip ball grid array circuits
Interconnect and system for testing bumped semiconductor components with on-board multiplex circuitry for expanding tester resources
Electrical system with capacitance tap and sensor for on-line monitoring the state of high-voltage insulation and remote monitoring device
Resistive bridge interface circuit
Method and apparatus for eliminating displacement current from current measurements in a plasma processing system
Method for instantaneous frequency measurement
Floating plate voltage monitor
Process for testing a semiconductor device
Method for diagnosing performance problems in cabling
Modular design for an integrated circuit testing apparatus
Method and apparatus for mounting a load board onto a test head
Probing method and probing system
Method for detecting carrier profile
Intergrated circuit integrity analysis as a function of magnetic field decay
Semiconductor device testing apparatus and semiconductor device testing system having a plurality of semiconductor device testing apparatus
CMOS integrated circuit and timing signal generator using same
Massive parallel semiconductor manufacturing test process
Apparatus for testing an integrated circuit in an oven during burn-in
Method, apparatus and computer readable recorded medium for secondary battery life evaluation
Smart fiber optic magnetometer
Method for evaluating signals of magnetoresistive sensors with high band width
Magnetic field sensor with ladder-type filter
MR bridge support
RF coil, magnetic resonance signal measuring apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Magnetic resonance transmission method supplying fraction of output signal to receiver and using intermediate signal as scanning signal
MRI magnet with vibration compensation
Method of determining the direction of application of gradient magnetic field for the detection of diffusive motion, method of measuring the diffusion coefficient, and MRI apparatus
Low energy radiation detector
Geiger-Mueller triode for sensing the direction of incident ionizing gamma radiation
Apparatus and method for image enhancement
Galvanometer unit
Infrared detector device of semiconductor material and manufacturing process thereof
Plasma addressed liquid crystal display with glass spacers
EL lamp with heater electrode
Semiconductor device with insulating and transparent original substrate
Display device
Silver halide photographic material and hydroxamic acid-based compounds used therefor
Method of positioning semiconductor wafer
Exposure apparatus and control method for correcting an exposure optical system on the basis of an estimated magnification variation
Charged-particle-beam projection-exposure methods and apparatus that selectively expose desired exposure units of a reticle pattern
Short-arc discharge lamp
Manufacturing process for semiconductor device, photomask, and manufacturing apparatus for semiconductor device
Oscillator that uses thermostatic oven
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for generating internal supply voltage
Regulating device for receiving a variable voltage and delivering a constant voltage and related methods
High impedance mirror scheme with enhanced compliance voltage
Circuit for generating a ramp signal between two temperature points of operation
Generation of a voltage proportional to temperature with accurate gain control
Clock driver circuit and method of routing clock interconnections
Electric appliance equipped with redundant battery enabled by main power supply
Device with security integrated circuit
On-demand microwave heating system and method
Apparatus and method of testing an organic light emitting diode array
OLED active driving system with current feedback
Stringed instrument workstation
Supporting the sound box of a stringed instrument with rods
Compensated nut for a stringed instrument
Playing multiple concurrent instances of musical segments
Method and apparatus for testing composite type magnetic head having a magnetoresistive element and an inductive element
Assembly suitable for reading/writing/erasing information on a media based on thermal coupling
Chain RAM and method for fabricating the same
Source and sink voltage regulator using one type of power transistor
Split-gate vertically oriented EEPROM device and process
Input circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit having the input circuit
Integrated circuit having provisions for remote storage of chip specific operating parameters
Near-field optical microscope
Device for varying the energy of a particle beam extracted from an accelerator
Charged-particle beam irradiation method and system
Dual purpose ribbon cable
Electrical, thin film termination
Switch device
Trip indicator including latch for a circuit breaker
Electrical circuit interrupter
Plasma display panel with varied thickness dielectric film
Cathode ray tube having an internal voltage-dividing resistor
Color selection mechanism and color cathode-ray tube
Shadow mask for cathode ray tube
Color cathode ray tube
Row electrode anodization
Lithography using multiple pass raster-shaped beam
Plasma processing method and plasma processing apparatus
Direct temperature control for a component of a substrate processing chamber
Wafer area pressure control
Direct current high-pressure glow discharges
Neon lamp production method and system
Barium light source method and apparatus
High frequency electrodeless compact fluorescent lamp
Plasma display panel and method for manufacturing the same
Plasma processing apparatus
Printed wiring board, IC card module using the same, and method for producing IC card module
Tantalum anodization for in-laid copper metallization capacitor
Integrated circuits having material within structural gaps
Semiconductor fabrication employing barrier atoms incorporated at the edges of a trench isolation structure
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuit having temporary conductive path structure and method for forming the same
Contact structure having a diffusion barrier
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Apparatus for a vertically accumulable semiconductor device with external leads secured by a positioning mechanism
Semiconductor package with heat sink having air vent
Semiconductor device having a semiconductor with bump electrodes
Method and apparatus for cylindrical semiconductor diodes
N-channel metal oxide semiconductor (NMOS) driver circuit and method of making same
Semiconductor device having fluorined insulating film and reduced fluorine at interconnection interfaces and method of manufacturing the same
Methods and arrangements for forming a single interpoly dielectric layer in a semiconductor device
Integrated circuit capacitors having composite titanium oxide and tantalum pentoxide dielectric layers therein
Dense multi-gated device design
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with self-aligned areas formed using a supplemental silicon overlayer
Bonded SOI for floating body and metal gettering control
Controlled gate length and gate profile semiconductor device
Check abnormal contact and via holes by electroplating method
Coated wafer holding pin
Electrostatic reticle chucks, charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods, and semiconductor-device manufacturing methods comprising same
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for forming the same
Circuit-incorporating light receiving device and method of fabricating the same
Semiconductor device with misaligned via hole
Selective copper alloy deposition
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Dual-RIE structure for via/line interconnections
Connection structure
Aluminum contact structure for integrated circuits
Copper conductive line with redundant liner and method of making
Semiconductor device with a dual damascene type via contact structure and method for the manufacture of same
Electrostatic discharge protection for salicided devices
Silicon on insulator logic circuit utilizing diode switching elements
Surface mount feedthrough
Method and an arrangement relating to chip carriers
Protective encapsulation for a phototransducer including a surfactant film
Semiconductor integrated circuit having semiconductor packages for mounting integrated circuit chips on both sides of a substrate
Electronic component having improved soldering performance and adhesion properties of the lead wires
Wafer level package incorporating dual stress buffer layers for I/O redistribution and method for fabrication
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device package and lead frame with die overhanging lead frame pad
Method of manufacturing flexible wiring board
Electronic package interconnect structure comprising lead-free solders
Plastic integrated circuit package and method and leadframe for making the package
Face-up semiconductor chip assemblies
Semiconductor device, lead-patterning substrate, and electronics device, and method for fabricating same
Semiconductor device having a porous buffer layer for semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
Electrical fuses for semiconductor devices
Sense FET having a selectable sense current ratio and method of manufacturing the same
Interconnection for integrated high voltage electronic devices
Coating of copper and silver air bridge structures
Highly integrated circuit including transmission lines which have excellent characteristics
Area array type semiconductor device
Over-voltage protection device for integrated circuits
Assembly of plurality of semiconductor devices
Three-dimensional multichip module
Semiconductor protective device and method for manufacturing same
Electrostatic discharge device and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Ferroelectric memory integrated circuit
Semiconductor memory device having sources connected to source lines
CMOS image sensor and a fabrication method for the same
Light receiving device with built-in circuit
Solid state imaging device for achieving enhanced zooming characteristics and method of making the same
CMOS/CCD line transfer imager with low dark current
Color electroluminescence display device
MOS-gated power device having segmented trench and extended doping zone and process for forming same
Lateral bipolar transistor
Trench MOSFET with integrated schottky device and process for its manufacture
Method and apparatus for measuring parameters of an electronic device
LVTSCR with a holding voltage that is greater than a DC bias voltage on a to-be-protected node
Superlattice infrared photodetector having front and rear blocking layers to enhance background limited performance
Silicon photoelectric conversion device, method of fabricating the same and method of processing the same
Semiconductor light emitting device capable of increasing light emitting efficiency
Epitaxial wafer and light emitting diode
Interior thermal radiation control for alkali metal thermal to electric conversion
Piezoelectric actuator
Method and unit for driving piezoelectric transformer used for controlling luminance of cold-cathode tube
Driving apparatus and method using electromechanical conversion elements
Ultrasonic motor and method for manufacturing the same
Surface modifying layers for organic thin film transistors
Non-degenerate wide bandgap semiconductors as injection layers and/or contact electrodes for organic electroluminescent devices
Method for producing an organic light emitting device (OLED) and OLED produced thereby
EL display device and manufacturing method thereof
Power supply unit
Tunable microwave devices
Attachment device with cap
Active mating connector
Method for arranging a busbar system and a busbar system
Power converter device
Sectional, modular orientable element for fairlead raceways
Field or factory installable padlock and sealing device
Bus bar wiring board and method of producing the same
Dc power regulator incorporating high power ac to dc converter with controllable dc voltage and method of use
Battery protector
Control circuit for the charging current of batteries at the end of the charging phase, especially for lithium batteries
Method and apparatus for manually reconditioning a battery without a switch
Method of updating the charging characteristics of a charging device and a battery
Battery charger and charging method
Temperature stabilized constant current source suitable for charging charge depleted battery with single power supply
Voltage control unit for vehicular AC generator
Fault tolerant maximum power tracking solar power system
Modular fault tolerant power distribution system
Automotive alternator
Vehicle AC generator
Synchronous motors and control circuits therefor
Linear motor with keyed mounting arrangement
Power generating system with physical energy to enhance output
Brushless AC generator
Revolving speed increasing apparatus
Magnetic motor
Linear/rotary actuator
Dc to DC converter method and circuitry
Phase failure detector for multi-phase switching regulators
Switching power supply having two or more DC outputs with switching circuit provided between the outputs
Sensorless control system for induction motor employing direct torque and flux regulation
Method and apparatus of improving the efficiency of an induction motor
Phase shifting network
Drive circuit of a three phase BLDC motor
Spindle motor driver circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit for motor control
Spread spectrum motor control circuit
Device for regulating a generator with a dedicated voltage transformer
Piezoelectric resonant component
Systems and methods for maintaining board signal integrity
Programmable logic integrated circuit devices with differential signaling capabilities
Low power programmable logic array assembly
Heterogeneous programmable gate array
Crosstalk reduction in constrained wiring assemblies
Stray light attenuating device
Method and apparatus for photographing radiation image and cassette for radiation detection
Infrared sensor temperature compensated response and offset correction
Electric heater assembly with in-line thermostat
Electronic power converter for triac based controller circuits
Magnetically shielded electrodeless light source
Energy converter having a control circuit
Electronic ballast for at least one low-pressure discharge lamp
Microwave oven with high-power output switching means
Damper apparatus for a microwave oven
Hood apparatus of ventilation hooded microwave oven
Inductional undulative EH-accelerator
Device for fitting of a target in isotope production
Partially cut multi-planar flexible printed circuit
Method of making higher impedance traces on a low impedance circuit board
Handling and mounting protection device
Watertight housing for electrical devices
Transparent electromagnetic radiation shield material
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