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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Sod harvesting apparatus
Sprinkler assembly
Modular apparatus for protecting against insect attacks
Wood preservative composition
Nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compositions and their uses
Folding assembly
Suction-mountable display device having a periphery and a bend adjacent the periphery
Self-cleaning hair brush
Breakaway tray assembly
Boat storage and container unit
Slide rail
Device for fast displacement of the position in height of an internal shelf resting surface of an electrical household appliance, such as a refrigerator or freezer
Easel for supporting a flip chart or other display device with collapsible foldable legs
Bedstead assembly with a foldable support frame
Inflatable bed having air chambers inflatable individually by an electric air pump unit
Chair having grooves in each arm for receiving a sheet of fabric as a seat
Suspension system for a bird feeder
Method and device for cutting and coring materials in a hydrocutting apparatus
Apparatus for preparing meals
Culinary whisk
Squeegee device and system with integrated sponge elements
Upright vacuum cleaner
Tissue and fluid sampling device
Method and apparatus for objective electrophysiological assessment of visual function
Pneumatically powered surgical cutting and fastening instrument with a variable control of the actuating rate of firing with mechanical power assist
Apparatuses and methods for heart valve repair
Bone plate system and methods
Anterior cervical plate system having vertebral body engaging anchors and connecting plate
Ablation catheter
Laser induced liquid jet generating apparatus
Method for treating an asthma attack
Monochromatic multi-resolution corneal topography target
Magazine for annulary capillary lancets
Methods of determining concentration of glucose
Quantitative optoacoustic tomography with enhanced contrast
Ultrasonic signal processor for a hand held ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
Flywheel vibrator
Dental device for the investigation of the optical properties of tooth tissue
Method and workstation for generating virtual tooth models from three-dimensional tooth data
Applicator for dental compounds
Surgical stapling apparatus having a wound closure material applicator assembly
Aliphatically modified biodegradable block copolymers as thermogelling polymers
Helical stent design
Process for producing a stent for angioplasty
Process for producing rigid reticulated articles
Methods for treating defects and injuries of an intervertebral disc
Spit cup
EC SOD and cell transducing EC SOD and use thereof
Glucose dehydrogenase and process for producing the dehydrogenase
Effect of BST2 on inflammation
Method for identification of virulence determinants
Activatable clostridial toxins
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Binding molecules capable of neutralizing rabies virus and uses thereof
Genetically modified cells expressing a TGF beta inhibitor, the cells being lung cancer cells
Anaerobic bacterium as a drug for cancer gene therapy
System for, and method of, irradiating opposite sides or articles with optimal amounts of cumulative irradiation
Implantable catheter and method of using same
Nasal cavity dilator
Expandable fluoropolymer device for delivery of therapeutic agents and method of making
IV catheter introducer with retractable needle--continuation
Modular units for use in an injection device
Spring driven ophthalmic injection device with safety actuator lockout feature
Fluid pressure generating means
Vacuum assisted treatment of the skin
Aquatic exercise device
Exercise equipment apparatus and method of use in tractor-trailers with sleepers
Stationary exercise apparatus
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Inflatable play ball
Method of enhancing participant's performance in a sporting activity
Lottery poker game
Pneumatically powered billiard cue stick
System and method for applying lottery multipliers
Method and apparatus for playing video poker with a redraw function
Matching bonusing method using a player tracking card
Multi-track multi-vehicle interactive roller coaster
Multi-function yo-yo
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separating agent including polysaccharide derivative having a polycyclic structure
Fluid remediation system
Methods for treating water
Methods for treating water
Cyclonic vacuum cleaner
Thermal storage type gas treating apparatus
Exhaust gas-cleaning apparatus
Methods and systems for purifying gases
Dynamic mixer
Suspension arrangement for a boom lift assembly of an agricultural sprayer
Tumble breading system, and related method
Fiber reinforced resin assembly
Low temperature method of making a zinc oxide coated article and the coated article made thereby
Pigging system
Unit for washing containers
Powder for manufacturing precious metal products by free forming fabrication and products
Iron silicide powder and method for production thereof
Hand power tool with at least one handle
Undercut saw
Welding method
Method of forming controlled thickness resilient material lined stator
Column and bed of machine tool
Device for securing material plates, such as glass sheets, during the working thereof
Method for processing chamfering of eyeglass lens and apparatus for processing the same
Apparatus for processing chamfering of eyeglass lens
Universal key
Combination utility and sporting knife
Debris splitting grinder
Arrangement for improving the operational performance of cement mixing truck
Method of correcting shape of green tire and apparatus for carrying out the same
Flexible carrier mold
Casting mold for producing an optical semiconductor module
Process for making necked nonwoven webs having improved cross-directional uniformity
Closure cap with injection molded annular gasket and method of making same
Composite laminate and method of producing a composite laminate
Particulate metal alloy coating for providing corrosion protection
Composition suitable for single-sided, low-noise, stretch cling film and films made therefrom
Patterned, high surface area substrate with hydrophilic/hydrophobic contrast, and method of use
Adhesive tape-supplying device and tape-winding apparatus utilizing same
Stain-resistant flooring material
Emblem for securing to an article
Reactive dendrimers
Multifunctionally graded environmental barrier coatings for silicon-base ceramic components
Ceramic microarray spotting device for bioassay printing
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Protection device for an ink cartridge storage unit
Array type multi-pass inkjet printer and operating method thereof
Verification of prescription information with double side extended tab label and method of forming same
Media sheet
Drainable vehicle wheel and vehicle incorporating same
Light duty tire with silica-rich polyisoprene rubber based intermediate transition layer
Runflat tire
Hood airbag device for use in a vehicle
Method for determining a triggering decision for means of restraint of a motor vehicle
Lock apparatus of seat for vehicle
System and method for connecting attachments to a vehicle
Air belt apparatus for motor vehicle
Curtain air bag apparatus
Shoulder restraint attachment device
Central console for a vehicle
Light vehicle comprising a swing axle
Corner cap assembly for van-style truck body
Umbrella semi-trailer drag reducer
Electric power steering apparatus
Agricultural implement frame, track assembly and cart
Payload-carrying motor vehicle with tag axle having force relievable suspension
Vehicle steer axle assembly
Front wheel supporting structure
Submersible object with antifouling paint configuration
Buoyancy-based, underwater propulsion system and method
Aircraft flight control systems and methods
Aircraft engine assembly
Apparatuses and methods for sterilising and filling components of packaging units particularly bottles and/or caps
Carrier capable of hanging from a back of a container
Continuous breakdown hoists
Sheet processing apparatus
Sheet transporting device, and automatic document feeder and image forming apparatus provided with the same
Method for wireless control of vehicle lifting device
Elevator brake and brake control circuit
Elevator operation control device for selecting an operation control profile
Biomolecule chip and fabrication method thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods of making a polymer and ceramic composite
Optical adhesive composition and method for bonding optical component
Amplification of HIV-1 sequences for detection of sequences associated with drug-resistance mutations
Detection and diagnosis of smoking related cancers
Murine zcytor17 ligand polypeptides
Human monoclonal antibodies against human IL-4
Nanoparticles from chitosan
Production of spherical polyamide particles
Liquid crystalline medium and liquid crystal display
Capillary array and related methods
Xylitol synthesis mutant of xylose-utilizing zymomonas for ethanol production
Heparin-binding protein modified with heparan sulfate sugar chains, process for producing the same and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Method for the generation of genetically modified vertebrate precursor lymphocytes and use thereof for the production of heterologous binding proteins
Antibodies for identifying and/or isolating at least one cell population
Adenoviral vectors and uses thereof
Laccases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Amylases, nucleic acids encoding them and methods for making and using them
Process for the preparation of amides
Polypeptide variants
Ethanol production using xylitol synthesis mutant of xylose-utilizing zymomonas
Protein inhibitor of Ran activity and methods of use thereof
Control of TGF.beta. signaling by km23 superfamily members
MN/CA IX and cancer prognosis
Optically decodable microcarries, arrays and methods
Methods for diagnosing rheumatoid arthritis
Method for rapid detection and identification of bioagents
Method for preparing a DNA chip and use thereof
Method for predicting immune response to neoplastic disease based on mRNA expression profile in neoplastic cells and stimulated leukocytes
Circovirus sequences associated with piglet weight loss disease (PWD)
Steel for use in high strength pinion shaft and manufacturing method thereof
Platinum-palladium alloy
Controlled-grain-precious metal sputter targets
Method for making oxygen-reducing catalyst layers
Inductively coupled antenna and plasma processing apparatus using the same
Semiconductor film formation device
Exhaust apparatus configured to reduce particle contamination in a deposition system
Textiles; Paper
Method for functionalizing carbon nanotubes utilizing peroxides
Selvedge forming apparatus, weaving machine with a selvedge forming apparatus and method for forming a selvedge
Knitwear having open part in body tubular part, and method of knitting the same
Fire protection gate and correlated fire protection inset
Method and apparatus for forming variable loop pile over level cut loop pile tufts
Process for dyeing a textile web
Fixed Constructions
Method and installation for rehabilitating a ballast bed
Sensor module, wheel with sensor and tire/wheel assembly
Composite building panel
Back plate bracketing system
Pre-stressed concrete tower for wind power generators
Gutter cleaning apparatus
Awning assembly including drop-down shade
Maintenance platform
Trolley and parking system using the same
Door handle assembly
Vehicle door with selective full open positions
Method and device to clamp control lines to tubulars
Method to control the physical interface between two or more fluids
Silicate-based wellbore fluid and methods for stabilizing unconsolidated formations
Pressure relief actuated valves
Wellhead seal unit
Method for identification of novel anaerobic denitrifying bacteria utilizing petroleum components as sole carbon source
Arrangement for the admission of pressurized water to spray systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Methods and system for cooling integral turbine shround assemblies
Turbomachine blade
Variable valve gear for an internal combustion engine
Outer tube of exhaust system part
Portable gas powered internal combustion engine arrangement
Engine having axially opposed cylinders
Valvetrain control systems for internal combustion engines with different intake and exhaust leading modes
Alternative left/right bank EGR loop operation to improve fouling resistance during low mass flow engine mode
Spark control for improved engine operation
Means for delivery of flowable media, especially lubricants
Serial fan with a plurality of rotor vanes
Fluid operated rotary drive
Waterproof structure for portion where members are tightened with screw
Roller-type one-way clutch
Hydraulic control for a dual clutch transmission
Mount for equipment for conveying persons
Hydraulic control apparatus and hydraulic control method
Adjusting device for positioning a load
Motorcycle chain guide
Structural component, a shielding component in particular
Shift control device of vehicular automatic transmission
Hydraulic control apparatus and hydraulic control method for automatic transmission
Sprocket tooth profile for a roller or bush chain
Valve assembly including a torsion spring coupling a valve shaft and actuator shaft
Rotating bi-directional pneumatic gun
Self adjusting solenoid driver and method
Vented gas riser apparatus
Threaded joint for steel pipes
Flexible joint for cryogenic pipe
Cable routing device
Rotary transmission leadthrough provided with a gas return line
Stability support TV anti-tip device
Light emitting diode light engine
Backlight wedge with side mounted light source
Pulverized solid fuel nozzle assembly
Device and method for the combustion of granular, solid fuel
Socket enabled current delivery to a thermoelectric cooler to cool an in-substrate voltage regulator
Compressor and air conditioner
Heat dissipation device
Outer shell structure for a heat exchanger
Plate heat exchanger
Quick detach mount with latching assembly
Fire control system using a LIDAR (laser identification, detection and ranging) unit
Flow sensor element and its self-cleaning
System for detecting failures in fuel systems
Acoustic fluid level monitoring
Verification of scale calibration method and apparatus
Abnormality detection apparatus and method for oil level sensor
Weak refuel detection system and method for virtual flex fuel sensor system
System for determination of an analyte in a bodily fluid sample that includes an electroluminescent component
Automated identification of carbohydrates in mass spectra
Determination of total base number in marine engine lubricants by elements
Method of assessing the risk of atherosclerosis
Non-invasive marker for liver function and disease
Phosphorylated p68 RNA helicase as a marker for cancer and cancer metastasis
Wearable high resolution audio visual interface
Image display apparatus
Patterning process and resist composition
Polymerizable composition and planographic printing plate precursor using the same, alkali-soluble polyurethane resin, and process for producing diol compound
Image forming method
Toner for electrostatic image development and process for preparing the same
Positively chargeable developer
System and method for RFID-based printed media reading activity data acquisition and analysis
Method for making smart cards capable of operating with and without contact
Set of contactless smart tickets
Point-of-sale (POS) based laser scanning system providing six-sided 360 degree omni-directional bar code symbol scanning coverage at a POS station
Backlighting arrangement with semiconductor light sources arranged in light groups and lighting device
Two-sided illumination LED lens and LED module and LED two-sided illumination system using the same
Book shelf display device
Apparatus for manufacturing magnetic head slider
Conductive composition and conductive paste
Plasma densification method
Method for forming vias on printed circuit boards
Photodiode having increased proportion of light-sensitive area to light-insensitive area
Method of fabricating thin film transistor and organic electro-luminescent display device
Method of stimulating die circuitry and structure therefor
Resistance measurements of a helical coil
Semiconductor wafer with improved crack protection
Method of forming a gate dielectric
Polycrystalline SiGe Junctions for advanced devices
Formation and treatment of epitaxial layer containing silicon and carbon
Structure and assembly procedure for low stress thin die flip chip packages designed for low-K Si and thin core substrate
Method for preventing the formation of electrical shorts via contact ILD voids
Positive-intrinsic-negative (PIN)/negative-intrinsic-positive (NIP) diode
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Mobility enhancement by strained channel CMOSFET with single workfunction metal-gate and fabrication method thereof
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with recess gate transistor
Organic electroluminescent device and display
Separator for fuel battery
Micro fuel cell with an electrolytic membrane reinforced by an anchoring element and method for production of a micro fuel cell
Fuel cell unit and composite block of fuel cells
Compact fuel cell stack with current shunt
Fuel cell cogeneration system, method of operating
Adaptive anode nitrogen management control
Liquid fuel type fuel cell system and its operating method
Highly conductive ordered ion exchange membranes
Electrochemical cell stack assembly
Connector assembly having a compressive coupling member
Connector with storage function
Printed circuit board connection
Portable storage device
Current non-interruption bulb socket of lamp string
Method and device for manufacturing a noble metal armored electrode for a sparking plug
Communication terminal, communication apparatus, and communication system
Information processing system and communication method
Security enabled predictive mobile data caching
Segmented light guide
Mobile surveillance system using a prioritized wireless network communication method
Auto-generate emergency voice call based on sensor response and pre-entered data
Electronic device and method for acquiring biometric information thereof
Rapid indoor wireless signal fingerprint database creation through calibration of ray-tracing propagation model
Method and apparatus for switching modes
Anchor assisted communication channel hopping
Training sequence generation for wireless communication networks
Electronic device and method for providing call services for the same
Communication system, communication control system, communication apparatus, communication method, and connection program
Extended discontinuous reception (DRX) cycle length in wireless communication networks
MU-MIMO dynamic bandwidth selection
Transmissions for wearable devices
Resource allocation method of a wireless communication system and mechanism thereof
Access point mobility indication
Glass pane for collaborative electronic communication
Method and apparatus for content navigation in digital broadcast radio
Inter-subnet and intra-subnet roaming
Method and apparatus for configuring resources of random access channel in wireless communication system
Radio resource adaptation method and associated wireless communication devices
Wireless communication device
Lighting device and luminaire
Backlight module, curved-surface display device, and light source adjustment method for backlight module
Infrared light emitting diode control circuit
Method of fabricating a stent with features by blow molding
Induction heating apparatus
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Image search device
Organ-region-indication system incorporated in electronic endoscope system
Apparel having multiple alternative sensors and corresponding method
Performing Operations; Transporting
Output choke for D.C. welder and method of using same
Printing up to edges of printing paper without platen soiling
Image recording apparatus
Method and apparatus for printing high resolution images using multiple reflective spatial light modulators
Multi-beam light scanning optical system and image forming apparatus using same
Optical printing device
Correction table forming method and image forming apparatus
Apparatus for and a method of forming an image
Tape printing device
Automotive on-board antenna
Electronically-active vehicle gear-shift knob
LED warning signal light and light support
Lane tracking system employing redundant image sensing devices
Control system and method for onboard equipment
Anti-theft system for construction machines and method for managing construction machines
Smart occupant alarm system
System for protecting the loading space of vehicles
Methods and apparatus for airspace navigation
Deployable antenna reflector
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for forming metal line of liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal optical element and three-dimensional display system including the liquid crystal optical element
Electrochromic contrast plate
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Electrical instruments circuits
Information processing apparatus
Surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Multiple spot size optical profilometer, ellipsometer, reflectometer and scatterometer
Three dimensional sensor laser noise reduction method
Optical sensor module tester
Method and device for determining the level of a filling in a container
Measurement system for multiple optical components
Detection of discontinuities in a multimode optical fiber
Spatial filter source beam conditioning in ellipsometer and the like systems
Spectral imaging
Method and device for inspecting defect of sheet-shaped transparent body
High throughput inspection system and method for generating transmitted and/or reflected images
Carbon monoxide detector
Fiber measurement system
Monitoring system and method for wiring systems
LCD device having test contact pads
Providing controllable impedance at a reference plane in a circuit
Shared memory architecture in GPS signal processing
Adaptive glint reduction method and system
Passive moving object detection system and method using signals transmitted by a mobile telephone station
Method and apparatus for high resolution tracking via mono-pulse beam-forming in a communication system
Method and apparatus for determining location using a coarse position estimate
Sensor front-end with phase coding capability
Method and apparatus for LWD shear velocity measurement
Simplified antenna structures for logging tools
Laser microdissection system
Lens unit structure for SLR digital camera
Spatial light modulator, spatial light modulator array, image forming device and flat panel display
Projection exposure system for microlithography and method for generating microlithographic images
Configurable grating based on surface relief pattern for use as a variable optical attenuator
Calibrating voltage controllable optical components in communication systems
Liquid crystal display module and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Liquid crystal panel driving method, liquid crystal device, and electronic apparatus
Display device for D/A conversion using load capacitances of two lines
Liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display having wide viewing angle
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display device with particular terminal link lines and fabricating method thereof
LED backlighting system
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display with particular reflective switched states
Method of scattering fine particles, method of manufacturing liquid crystal display, apparatus for scattering fine particles, and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
LCD and method of manufacture thereof
LCD device having scanning lines and common lines
Array substrate for a liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display device and fabrication method thereof
Reflection-type liquid crystal display device and fabrication process thereof
Liquid crystal device
Lens mount apparatus for a high definition video camera
Image processing method and apparatus
Managing method of exposure apparatus, managing method of mask, exposure method, and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Projecting exposure apparatus
Method and apparatus for exposing a latent watermark on film
Master transport apparatus
Method and system for providing a printed image with a related sound
Camera for getting information upon three-dimensional shape
Method and apparatus for automatically capturing a plurality of images during a pan
Apparatus and system for correction based upon detecting a camera shaking
Image formation on heat-developable light-sensitive material and image forming apparatus
Color conversion device and method of manufacturing the same
Multiple exposure method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Holographic printer
Light emitting indicator drive circuit
Differential gain boosting
Voltage booster
Band-gap reference circuit with averaged current mirror offsets and method
Reference voltage circuit and method of generating a reference voltage
Voltage clamper capable of controlling a voltage drop according to an external input voltage
Reference voltage source, temperature sensor, temperature threshold detector, chip and corresponding system
Generator of graphics in computer system
Portable personal computing device with fully integrated projection display system
Method and apparatus for transferring data between data buses
Hardware extensions for image and video processing
Printer-incorporated electronic still camera
Position detector and position indicator therefor
Collaborative input system
Input processing method and input control apparatus
Display monitor has stand-alone mode and PC peripheral mode
Comparator circuits having non-complementary input structures
Halftone generation system and halftone generation method
Method and apparatus for detecting device support in a graphical user interface
Method and system for tracking items using a distributed infrastructure
Transponder and antenna
Digital camera apparatus with biometric capability
Image processing apparatus and method
Color transformation in 3D color space
System and method for registering multiple images with three-dimensional objects
Three-dimensional reconstruction method utilizing reprojective optimization
Method and apparatus for accelerating occlusion culling in a graphics computer
Image processing method and apparatus
Method of displaying a digital image
Subdivision operation and user interface for volume sculpting
Arrangement of entrance unit for protected areas
Key opening apparatus
Security device having multiple security detection features
Water activated release triggering mechanism
Operating status indication method and system
Portal announcing method and system
Device and method of monitoring grounding of personnel and equipment in ESD-sensitive areas
Sensor light device
System for detection of hazardous events
Method and apparatus for filtering non-essential messages in a disarmed security system
Image and audio data processing system
Security system
Device and method for transmitting data between a sensor and an analyser unit
Method of displaying multiple images formed from pixels
Display device
Liquid crystal display
Adapted pre-filtering for bit-line repeat algorithm
Contrast-adjustable panels and displays via organic light-emitting devices
Organic EL element drive circuit and organic EL display device
Pixel circuit for light emitting element
Color-enabled electrophoretic display and medium
Bias potential generating apparatus
Display device having an improved voltage level converter circuit
Liquid crystal display apparatus, image signal correction circuit, and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display device
Modified weighted bit planes for displaying grey levels on optical arrays
Fast readout of multiple digital bit planes for display of greyscale images
Computer peripheral input system with two input types and method of data communication for the same
Method and apparatus for drawing thick graphic primitives
System of LED drivers for driving display devices
Preserving gray colors
Display driver, display unit, and electronic instrument
Encoding method and apparatus, and decoding method and apparatus
Data modulation method, and recording and reproducing apparatuses and methods adopting the data modulation method
Protection-cover opening/closing mechanism for recording/playback apparatus
Integrated circuit with voltage divider and buffered capacitor
Current transformer having an amorphous fe-based core
Microminiature power converter
Self lead foil winding configuration for transformers and inductors
Stick-type ignition coil having improved structure against crack or dielectric discharge
Field adjustable phase shifting transformer
Low voltage composite mold
High current capacitors
Circuit breaker lug cover and gasket
Electromagnetic switch for starters
Micro electromechanical switches
Electromagnetic relay for low-voltage circuit breaker
Interlocking cassettes for dimensional stability
Miniature fuse
Optical inspection equipment for semiconductor wafers with precleaning
Electron beam exposure apparatus and semiconductor device manufacturing method
Simultaneous bi-directional signal transmission system and semiconductor device therefor
Semiconductor device with protective functions
Array of programmable cells with customized interconnections
Amplification type image pickup apparatus and method of controlling the amplification type image pickup apparatus
RF delay lines with variable composition fluidic dielectric
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Small nonreciprocal circuit element that can be easily wired
Continuously tunable resonant cavity
Coaxial cable antenna for communication with implanted medical devices
Device-carried antenna and method of affixing same
Antenna module assembly
Dual-element microstrip patch antenna for mitigating radio frequency interference
Log-periodic dipole antenna
Reflector for a mobile radio antenna
Reflector and sub-reflector adjustment using fluidic dielectrics
Semicircular radial antenna
Dual-polarized radiating assembly
Method of acquiring satellite attitude
Satellite receiver
Compact multiband antenna
Dual frequency band inverted-F antenna
Antenna and radio device using the same
Ground fault circuit interrupter against reverse connection error
Spark gap device
Lightning arrester device for low-voltage network
Apparatus and method of detecting ground fault of solar power generation system
OR-diode inductive load spike suppressor
High voltage supply circuit and a method of supplying high voltage
Integrated circuit with on-chip termination
Self-adjusting I-Q modulator system
Variable gain low noise amplifier and method
Multi-stage amplifier
Bypass switch topology for low-noise amplifiers
Linearizing LINC amplifiers using pre-distortion
Switched-capacitor, common-mode feedback circuit for a differential amplifier without tail current
Amplifier power control circuit
Method and system for improving amplifier efficiency
Self-biasing differential buffer with transmission-gate bias generator
FET band amplifier
Zero voltage class AB minimal delay output stage and method
Active-loop, spatially-combined amplifier
Variable gain amplifier for use in communications
Automatic gain control device and automatic gain control method
Micromechanical resonator having short support beams
Surface acoustic wave filter element, surface acoustic wave filter and communication device using the same
Level shifting and level shifting amplifier circuits
Programmable input/output block
FPGA architecture with mixed interconnect resources optimized for fast and low-power routing and methods of utilizing the same
One-level zero-current-state exclusive or (XOR) gate
Temperature compensated integrated circuits
Voltage level converter device
Pulse-width to voltage converter
Amplitude detection for controlling the decision instant for sampling as a data flow
Oscillation state discrimination circuit and oscillation control circuit adapted to oscillation circuit
High-speed and high-precision phase locked loop
Multi-band voltage controlled oscillator
Oscillation with multiple series circuits in parallel
Analog-to-digital converter
Computer program product for mismatched shaping of an oversampled converter
Analog/digital converting apparatus
Radio-frequency digital/analog converter system and method
Continuous time fourth order delta sigma analog-to-digital converter
Multi-thread parallel processing sigma-delta ADC
Methods and systems for synchronizing data streams
Fully integrated automatically-tuned RF and IF active bandpass filters
Transmission system
Modular electrotactile system and method
Optical signal processing system
Control system and user interface for network of input devices
Method to overlay a secondary communication channel onto an encoded primary communication channel
Home gateway server appliance
Method for dynamically lightening backlights of mobile communications terminal
Method and apparatus for reducing false hook detection
Color image reading apparatus
System and method for automatically detecting edges of scanned documents
Scanner with removable data storage media
Image formation system control method, image formation system, and storage medium
Image reading apparatus
Position-retaining method and system for a scanning system capable of copy and facsimile
Information processing apparatus and processing method therefor
Method and apparatus for controlling scanning velocity and amount of light for forming color image
Method of determining threshold arrangement for generating gradation image, and apparatus for generating gradation image data
Optical scanning method, optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Revised recapture camera and method
Solid-state image sensing apparatus with a relative positional light shift
Electro-optical device for the acquisition and processing of images
Imaging apparatus capable of adding together signal charges from pixels and reading out the added pixel signals
Anti motion blur display
Apparatus and method for deleting sawtooth wave
Electronic camera
Integrated internet/intranet camera
Digital camera with mode selecting device capable of displaying camera condition
Quantity-of-light adjusting apparatus
High speed film to digital conversion
Method, system and program product for augmenting an image of a scene with information about the scene
Scan conversion apparatus
Bi-directional communication system, display apparatus, base apparatus and bi-directional communication method
Video appliance, holding device, and manufacturing method of holding device
Video camera system with interchangeable lens assembly
Device for positioning and operating audio and video equipment
Signal processing apparatus and method
Method of and apparatus for processing a video image
Method and system for performing PAL chroma two-line vertical combing
Digital data exchange system
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