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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Product for use in agriculture or horticulture
Control system for stopping or reversing movement of an irrigation system
Methods and media formulations for large-scale and efficient micropropagation of bio-energy grasses
Method, feed cart and system for feeding of fur animals
Fungicidal pyrimidine compounds
Chitooligosaccharides and methods for use in enhancing corn growth
Container-packed black coffee beverage
Systems and methods for floreting broccoli
Inflatable mannequin and method of manufacturing the same
Sports glove with gripping power
Multistructural support system for a sole in a running shoe
Cleat attachment system
Body balance device
Shotgun shell jewelry and method therefor
Umbrella case and method of connecting umbrella to a handle
Cosmetic applicator
Gym locker organizer bag
Dual chambered body scrubber with pump apparatus
Device for ensuring smooth and tight fit of sheet over mattress
Seating furniture with independently free-swinging seat and backrest
Adjustable shelving unit
Mounted display case
Domestic appliance with an electronic safety system and a mechanical locking system and method for operating a domestic appliance
Cleaning tool
Locking system for a dishwasher
Multi-directional distractor
Hair modification using converging light
Tympanic probe cover
Method and apparatus for determination of bone fracture risk using raman spectroscopy
Signal processing apparatus
Advanced convergence for multiple iterative algorithm
Device for externally marking the location of organs on skin during a cat scan
Computed radiography positioning method and system
Low-splash reducing implement for dental applications
Article comprising a flipped leg hoop and process for the manufacturing of such articles
Dryness indicator for an absorbent article
Wearable article with outwardmost layer of multicomponent fiber nonwoven providing enhanced mechanical features
Methods and devices for arytenoid repositioning
Cup sheath to prevent soft tissue impingement
Knee implants having hydromagnetic joints
Limb volume accommodation in people with limb amputation
Method and apparatus for treating obesity and controlling weight gain using self-expanding intragastric devices
Methods and apparatus for treating or deterring injuries to or disorders of the brain or spinal cord of a subject
Insecticidal arylpyrrolines
Compounds and methods for treating multiple sclerosis
Alprostadil and lidocaine treatment of premature ejaculation
Extract of Asplenium nidus L
Herbal formulation for wound healing
Use of an agent that restores tissue perfusion and oxygenation
Molecules interfering with binding of calbindin to inositol monophosphatase for the treatment of mood disorders
Pharmaceutical compound
Vaccine comprising lactobacilli for treating prostate inflammation and benign prostate hyperplasias
Methods of inducing an immune response with compositions comprising a Neisseria meningitidis 741 protein
Fatty acid-salicylate conjugates with enhanced therapeutic properties
Thiol-ene click chemistry for drug conjugates
Compositions and methods for delivery of frozen particle adhesives
Precision-guided nanoparticle systems for drug delivery
Filter coating composition and method
Method and apparatus for disinfecting and/or self-sterilizing a stethoscope using plasma energy
Dry powder inhaler
Medicament-containing dispenser provided with a display for presenting indicia to a user
Mouthpiece device of electronic cigarette
Respiratory interface with flexing faceplate
Dual medicament carpule for dental syringes
Stimulation lead, stimulation system, and method for limiting MRI-induced current in a stimulation lead
Method and apparatus for pacing during revascularization
Interconnected electrode assembly for a lead connector and method therefor
Rotating irradiation therapy apparatus
Antiperspirant aerosol composition
Public building and school evacuation system
Jump rope
Volumetric weight system for enhancing fitness
Half-pipe trampoline
Resistance training device and method of use
Total body exercise device
Assembly including a gliding board and a device for retaining an article of footwear
Game controller, game machine, and game system using the game controller
Performing Operations; Transporting
Water desalination system
Cavitation reactor within resonator
Mixing apparatus for producing a mixture composed of at least three components
Highly branched polymers as cross-linking agents in microcapsule wall
Integrated vacuum resid to chemicals conversion process
Spray gun, spray application apparatus, and spray application method
Electrode assembly for electro-hydraulic forming process
Manipulating surface topology of BMG feedstock
Device for machining workpieces
Method for assembling, joining parts made of SiC-based materials by non-reactive brazing with addition of a reinforcement, brazing compositions and joint and assembly obtained by said method
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and image forming program product
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus
Tire inflation pressure detection system
Digital satellite receiver controller
Anti-theft system and method
Vehicle steering apparatus
Bodyboard with hull and planar sections
Isolation box for protecting reading material
Particle pump methods and devices
Automated method and device for cleaning of blended ice machine
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Alpha, beta-unsaturated imines
Carbon dioxide absorbing solution
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vehicle-mounted engine control apparatus
Power generator and method for generating power
Method and apparatus for manual-mode shifting using voice commands in automobile transmissions
Lighted lid for beverage container
Optimizing sensitivity of optical metrology measurements
Optical spectrum analyzer with continuously rotating tunable filter
Circular birefringence refractometer: method and apparatus for measuring optical activity
Evaluation device for control system, validation device used in evaluation device, method for evaluating control system, and computer program used therein
Electromagnetic imaging method and device
Method and apparatus for measuring otoacoustic emission
Body motion detection device, body motion detection method, and body motion detection program
Physical quantity sensor and physical quantity measuring method
Sealing ring with a pulsar ring for a rotary encoder
Method and system for determining a network structure or layout of at least a part of an electricity transport network
Circuit for detecting bonding defect in multi-bonding wire
Test circuit for use in a semiconductor apparatus
Limiting transmission rate of data
Systems and methods for correlation of burst events among data streams
Method for detecting the condition of a lamp for heating blank bodies made of thermoplastic material and heating installation arranged for use thereof
Frame multiplexing device
Mechanical decoupling of a probe card assembly to improve thermal response
Variable delay circuit, timing generator and semiconductor testing apparatus
Cascode current sensor for discrete power semiconductor devices
Built-in self testing circuit with fault diagnostic capability
Supply current based testing of CMOS output stages
Methods and systems for evaluating permanent magnet motors
Metric and self-calibration for an automatic, surveillance-based change detection system operating on noisy imagery
Positioning method, computer program, positioning device, and electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for optimizing magnetic signals and detecting casing and resistivity
Five-lens image lens system
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus including the same
Zoom lens
Zoom lens and optical apparatus including the same
Techniques for steering an optical beam
Observation device and binoculars
Vehicular linear sensor system
Two frequency resonantly excited MEMS mirror for diode-laser marker
Large-angle agile laser beam steering apparatus and method
Polarization beam splitter and polarization conversion element
Optical chassis, camera having an optical chassis, and associated methods
Space diversity optical receiver and system and method using the same
Lens barrel and camera
Optical modulation element unit, projection optical unit, and image projection apparatus
Manufacturing method of liquid crystal panel and deuterium, hydrogen deuteride, or tritium treatment of alignment film
Image forming apparatus
Liquid crystal displays and manufacturing methods thereof
Image pickup apparatus
Lens apparatus and camera system
Screen of projector
Exposure apparatus, measurement method, stabilization method, and device fabrication method
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Polarization rotator and a crystalline-quartz plate for use in an optical imaging system
Imaging apparatus
Method and device for creating pictures
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for speed change detection based on a latent image pattern
Image forming apparatus for determining a sheet size, an image forming method for determining a sheet size and a computer program product thereof
Cleaning unit, image forming apparatus using the same, and cleaner
Image forming apparatus having a function of predicting device deterioration based on a plurality of types of operation control information
Image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus
Fixing device, image forming apparatus, and fixing method having an expanding/contracting contacting member
Cleaning device, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Medication regimen communicator apparatus and method
Duty cycle measurement circuit for measuring and maintaining balanced clock duty cycle
Operation instructing system, method for instructing operation, and operation instructing apparatus
Supervisory control and data acquisition system for energy extracting vessel navigation
Control method for cooling an industrial plant
Method and apparatus for operating a wind turbine during a loss of communication
Intermediate potential generation circuit
Method, system, and apparatus for rerouting interrupts in a multi-core processor
Display device having guides linking buttons to display information
Preventing write corruption in a raid array
Method and apparatus to maintain data integrity in disk cache memory during and after periods of cache inaccessibility
System and method for preserving processor memory during power loss
Computer chip set having on board wireless interfaces to support test operations
State testing device and methods thereof
Method and system for analyzing time series data
Method and system for encryption-based design obfuscation for an integrated circuit
Mechanism for profiling program software running on a processor
Techniques for creating checkpoints
System and method for performing transactional processing in a striped volume set
Partial way hint line replacement algorithm for a snoop filter
Continuous feedback-controlled deployment of message transforms in a distributed messaging system
Method for controlling storage device controller, storage device controller, and program
Real-time activity monitoring and reporting
Apparatus and methods using intelligent wake mechanisms
Systems, methods and computer program products for displaying content on multiple display screens using handheld wireless communicators
System core for transferring data between an external device and memory
Electronically tagged printed matter, image forming device, image forming method, and image forming program, as well as computer readable recording medium on which the program is recorded
Method for estimating the longitudinal speed of a motor vehicle
Image forming apparatus and image forming system
Adaptive integrated circuitry with heterogeneous and reconfigurable matrices of diverse and adaptive computational units having fixed, application specific computational elements
Apparatus and method for modifying an initial event queue for extending an XML processor's feature set
Detecting network topology when negotiating IPsec security associations that involve network address translation
E-mail management system, mail server, forwarding method and medium
System and method for granting deposit-contingent e-mailing rights
Providing kiosk service offerings in a personal area network
Apparatus and method for supporting connection establishment in an offload of network protocol processing
Using a variable identity pipe for constrained delegation and connection pooling
Method and apparatus for reducing spam on peer-to-peer networks
Method and apparatus for communicating during automated data processing
Intergrated service management system
Monitoring systems and methods that incorporate instant messaging
Processing requests in virtual computing environments
Automated provisioning system
System and method for network management
Method for providing trusted time in a computing platform
Efficient complex multiplication and fast fourier transform (FFT) implementation on the ManArray architecture
Methods for performing extended table lookups using SIMD vector permutation instructions that support out-of-range index values
Browser session overview
System and method for detecting inappropriate content in virtual worlds
Control apparatus and method for automatic transmission
Remote witness testing system
Analyzing information technology systems using collaborative intelligence data anonimity
System architecture and process for seamless adaptation to context aware behavior models
Method and apparatus for inverse discrete cosine transform
Converting dependency grammars to efficiently parsable context-free grammars
System and method for employing patterning process statistics for ground rules waivers and optimization
System and method for remote monitoring and controlling of facility energy consumption
Method and system for discovery and modification of data cluster and synonyms
Ranking oriented query clustering and applications
Method of providing context specific recipes in a semiconductor facility by defining product categories
System and method for file system mandatory access control
Indexing using contiguous, non-overlapping ranges
Relationship modeling
System and method for selling a product multiple times during the life of the product
Method and system for evaluating timing in an integrated circuit
Method, apparatus and program for creating a power pin model of a semiconductor integrated circuit
Via structure to improve routing of wires within an integrated circuit
Floorplanning apparatus and computer readable recording medium storing floorplanning program
VLSI artwork legalization for hierarchical designs with multiple grid constraints
Method for forming a semiconductor device using optical proximity correction for the optical lithography
Design structure for compensating for variances of a buried resistor in an integrated circuit
Methods and systems for synchronizing a control signal of a slave follower with a master source
Predicting wafer failure using learned probability
Multidimensional process window optimization in semiconductor manufacturing
Link setting system suitable for map matching, method and program thereof
Performing automatically authorized programmatic transactions
Method and equipment for encrypting/decrypting physical characteristic information, and identification system utilizing the physical characteristic information
Method and apparatus for detecting port scans with fake source address
Information processing apparatus, information processing system, and recording medium
Signal input system sets video output based on format of video signal according to voltage value of received format signal
Buffer management device, buffer management method, and integrated circuit for buffer management
Apparatus and method for switching channels in a digital broadcasting system
Method and apparatus for touchless calibration
Print apparatus, control method thereof, and print system
Methods and systems for inventory management
System, method, and computer program product for analyzing and decomposing a plurality of rules into a plurality of contexts
Method and system for replacing data in a structured design template
Method and apparatus for performing a depth-first join in a database
Automated generation, performance monitoring, and evolution of keywords in a paid listing campaign
Automated tool for human assisted mining and capturing of precise results
System and method for defining and implementing policies in a database system
Method and apparatus for decompression of block compressed data
Division with rectangular multiplier supporting multiple precisions and operand types
Hypervisor runtime integrity support
Servo device auto-booted upon power supply recovery and method thereof
Data processor
Methods and apparatus storing expanded width instructions in a VLIW memory deferred execution
System and program for assisting the creation of automatic sampler control program
Techniques for instantiating and configuring projects
Dynamic parser
System and method for importing a configured data set into a target set
Compiler method for employing multiple autonomous synergistic processors to simultaneously operate on longer vectors of data
Systems and methods for processing message subscriptions using pre-compiled code-blocks for efficient expression evaluation
Limiting guest execution
Delivery expert system and method
Information processing apparatus and printer driver
System and method for authenticated and privacy preserving biometric identification systems
Method for identity verification
Method and apparatus for manufacturing diamond shaped chips
Color transforming method
Diffusion bases methods for segmentation and clustering
Portable storage apparatus with integral biometric-based access control system
Handwriting style data input via keys
Image processing apparatus, computer readable medium and computer data signal
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program product thereof
System and method for on-the-fly segmentations for image deformations
Method, apparatus and computer program for halftoning digital images
Image coding device and method thereof and image decoding device and method thereof
Image data restoration apparatus, imaging apparatus, image data restoration method and computer readable medium storing image data restoration program
Method and apparatus for short range motion adaptive noise reduction
Liquid-crystal-driving image processing circuit, liquid-crystal-driving image processing method, and liquid crystal display apparatus
Extracting multiple identifiers from audio and video content
Image monitoring system
Pre-normalization data classification
Non-overlap region based automatic global alignment for ring camera image mosaic
Performing automatically authorized programmatic transactions
Automatic product price payment counter
Global compliance system
On-line system for buyer seller matching and negotiation
Systems and methods for facilitating transactions
Systems and methods for allocating an amount between transaction accounts
Systems and methods for establishing an allocation of an amount between transaction accounts
Apparatus and method for processing a check, and a computer-readable recording medium storing a check processing control program
Social choice determination systems and methods
Redirection of deliveries
Stereoscopic image display method
Transmission of data to emergency response personnel
Wireless tag and electrically conductive pipe having wireless tag
Communication system, transmission device and method thereof, and reception device and method thereof
System and methods for high rate hardware-accelerated network protocol processing
Weather information notification apparatus and program storage medium
Article of footwear with interactive system
Signal line driver circuit, light emitting device and driving method thereof
Liquid crystal display device, driving apparatus thereof and driving method thereof
Display device having a timing controller
Drive circuit of display device and method for driving the display device
Input pen storage
Configurable imaging system
Cost effective rendering for 3D displays
Display apparatus capable of modifying image data for improved display
Method for controlling a display screen, in particular a plasma display screen, and device for same
Speech-to-speech generation system and method
Method and apparatus for labelling speech
Method and apparatus for enrollment and evaluation of speaker authentification
Method of operating a speech recognition system
Speech recognition apparatus, speech recognition method and recording medium having speech recognition software program recorded thereon
Apparatus and method of encoding and decoding audio signal
Method for high quality audio transcoding
Method and system of building a grammar rule with baseforms generated dynamically from user utterances
Brushless motor, and disk drive equipped with the same
Storage apparatus and control method therefor
Master calibration channel for a multichannel tape drive
Using readback signals to estimate radial location on a rotating storage device
Disk drive head stack assembly with clip for mounting a flex cable
Servo band identification and initial skew estimation in drives having flangeless rollers and systems thereof
Disk drive computing data center off-track from repeatable runout of write servo track and read servo track
Optical disc playback device
System and method for generating an output signal indicating a specific area on an optical disc utilizing an adjustable specific time
Radiation sensors and single-event-effects suppression devices
Magnetic floating gate memory
Electronic device, method of manufacturing the same, and storage device
Programmable device
Leakage compensation circuit for Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) cells
Comparing data representations to stored patterns
Nonvolatile memory
Encoding and decoding to reduce switching of flash memory transistors
Data storage device using magnetic domain wall movement and method of operating the same
Semiconductor memory device and refresh control method
Semiconductor device including nonvolatile memory
Memory device using a common write word line and a common read bit line
Multiphase inductor and filter assemblies using bundled bus bars with magnetic core material rings
Methods and systems for wireless energy and data transmission
Drive control method and unit for micro machine device
Internal intelligence for remote operated relay
Diamond electron source having carbon-terminated structure
Light-emitting apparatus
Cement for bonding an aluminum nitride arc tube body to a molybdenum electrode support, articles made therefrom, and methods for making same
Image display element including electrode terminal free from contact inhibiting factor
Packaging structure of SIP and a manufacturing method thereof
Piezoelectric device having a ferroelectric film including a ferroelectric material
Portable terminal apparatus with TV function and TV antenna with function as input pen
Integrated waveguide antenna and array
Electronic device having helical resilient member serving as electric inductance element
Method of detecting fault extinction during a three-phase autoreclosing cycle in an AC transmission line
Antistatic apparatus
System and method of determining maximum power point tracking for a solar power inverter
Modular battery system having battery monitoring and data collection capability
Battery module
Method of making integrated stator, brushless direct-current motor of radial core type double rotor structure using the integrated stator, and method of making the same
Permanent-magnet switched-flux machine
Magnet rotor, electromagnetic drive device and light quantity adjustment device using the magnet rotor
Fuel/electric drive system
Ultrasonic motor driving method and ultrasonic motor
Controller for AC rotary machine
Method for controlling an electrical door drive
Digital proportional integral loop filter
Forwarded clock filtering
Frequency divider using an injection-locking-range enhancement technique
Receiver apparatus
Fractional-type phase-locked loop circuit with compensation of phase errors
Distortion compensating amplifier and front-end distortion compensation amplifying device
Integrated power amplifiers for use in wireless communication devices
Electronic dispersion compensation utilizing interleaved architecture and channel identification for assisting timing recovery
Interference suppression processing unit and a method of suppressing interference in wireless data communication
Bulk acoustic wave resonator filter
Impedance matching circuit and method
Method of and structure for recovering gain in a bipolar transistor
Receiver to match delay for single ended and differential signals
Single supply pass gate level converter for multiple supply voltage system
Timing loop based on analog to digital converter output and method of use
Method and apparatus to update parameter of error frame
Electronic data flash card with bose, ray-chaudhuri, hocquenghem (BCH) error detection/correction
Digital television transmitter/receiver and method of processing data in digital television transmitter/receiver
Data decoding apparatus and method in a communication system
Truncation for three-level digital amplifier
Memory efficient indexing for disk-based compression
Multi-bin CABAC bypass bin decoder
Signal processing arrangement comprising a filter
System and method for adjusting multiple control loops using common criteria
Mixer gain calibration method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for content delivery to devices
Receiver sensitivity for transceiver having diversity architecture
Multi-mode radio with interference cancellation circuit
Weighted open loop power control transmitter
Preamplifier and optical receiving apparatus using the same
Fiber optic network adjustment
PON system and optical network unit
Driver circuit and test apparatus
Generated set top calibration patterns in manufacturing
Relaying system and method with partner relays and selective transmission
Method and apparatus for satellite digital audio
Downlink acquisition
High performance gigabit passive optical network
Method and apparatus for synchronized channel transmission
Control for admission to a data network for providing service quality
Apparatus and method for multimedia data transmission and reception in cable network using broadband and physical layer frame structure
High bandwidth data transport system
Device and method for interfacing to advanced switching platform
System and method for securing a personalized indicium assigned to a mobile communications device
Means and method for ciphering and transmitting data in integrated networks
Password protocols using XZ-elliptic curve cryptography
XZ-elliptic curve cryptography with secret key embedding
Apparatus and methods for including codes in audio signals
Apparatus and method for CINR estimation in a wireless communication system
Joint estimation apparatus of channel and frequency offset based on multiband-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing and thereof
Modulation and demodulation apparatuses and methods for wired/wireless communication system
Adaptive radio/modulation apparatus, receiver apparatus, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
Method and device using a backup communication path to transmit excess traffic
Network scheduler for selectively supporting work conserving mode and network scheduling method thereof
Test apparatus, test method, waveform generator and waveform generating method
Marking determining device and related method
System and method for obtaining network link state information from sequential distance vector routing tables
Circulating switch
Dynamic media access control (MAC) address assignment
High resiliency network intrastructure
Method and system for overload control
Router, network comprising a router, method for routing data in a network
System and method for supporting multiple voice channels
Communication apparatus and control method of the same
Advanced single-chip USB-to-ethernet controller with a dual-PHY mode capacity for ethernet PHY or USB-to-rev-MII bridging
Digital compensation for nonlinearities in a polar transmitter
Communication semiconductor integrated circuit, radio communication system, and adjustment method of gain and offset
Setting a transmission power level for a mobile unit
Method and system for adaptive timing recovery
Methods and systems for transmission of multiple modulated signals over wireless networks
Power adaptive channel estimation for a multi-path receiving
Method and system for a delta quantizer for MIMO pre-coders with finite rate channel state information feedback
Content providing system, user system, tracing system, apparatus, method and program
Terminal communication system
Clock and data recovery circuit having wide phase margin
Measuring a horizontal eye opening during system operation
System and method for distributing protected information
Content distribution system and tracking system
Methods and apparatus for initialization vector pressing
Factoring based modular exponentiation
System for tracking end-user electronic content usage
Wireless communication terminal, method of displaying application and computer program product
Method and apparatus for gradual application of a hitless monitoring access to a communications circuit employing a guided transmission media
Method and system for providing enhanced call waiting and caller identification
Allocation of internet protocol (IP) multimedia subsystem (IMS) charges
Method and computer readable medium for geographic agent routing
Portable device for convergence and automation solution
Broadcast receiving system, broadcast receiving method, relay apparatus, mobile station, and control program therefor
Method for handling incoming calls directed to a virtual communication service subscriber via a guest PBX
Image scanning apparatus and shading correction method
Image reading apparatus, image reading method and image reading program
Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method, system and computer-readable medium for detecting pulldown sequence from input interlaced images device
Imaging apparatuses, image data processing methods, and articles of manufacture
Circuit for processing a time-discrete analog signal and image sensor
Solid-state image pickup device and method for driving the same in a number of modes
Image pickup device
Image pickup and reproducing apparatus
Image pickup apparatus having battery display which accounts for image capturing mode or setting status
Digital camera having interconnected image processing units
System for adapting device standards after manufacture
Imaging apparatus and method for controlling exposure by determining backlight situations and detecting a face
Program guide displaying method, apparatus and computer program
Imaging apparatus
Content reproduction apparatus
System and method for bad weave detection for inverse telecine
Method and apparatus for conversion of video formats to 120 Hz 4 to 1 interlaced formats
Reduced memory and bandwidth motion adaptive video deinterlacing
Advertisement monitoring system
Method and apparatus for video encoding and decoding, and recording medium having recorded thereon a program for implementing the method
Video picture information delivering apparatus and receiving apparatus
Providing multimedia on demand in a near on demand environment
Method for sending image data from camera to cctv network
Camera connectible to CCTV network
Image pickup apparatus and method using visible light and infrared
Image information processing apparatus and image information processing program
User control for hearing prostheses
Loudspeaker stand and mount for a loudspeaker stand
Ultra-wideband radios for time-of-flight-ranging and network position estimation
Methods and apparatus for flexible forward-link and reverse-link handoffs
Multi-tier wireless home mesh network with a secure network discovery protocol
Method, system and short message service center for getting user equipment information through short messages
Methods and systems for broadcasting QoS information to assist admission control in wireless communication systems
Apparatus and method for performing handover using compressed information in broadband wireless access communication system
Timeslot duration in TDMA-based MAC for VOIP over wireless
Portable personal server device with biometric user authentication
Wireless base station, mobile station, radio communication system, and radio communication method
Fast transitioning resource negotiation
Device, method and medium providing customized audio tours
Antenna system
Controlling and managing access to multiple networks
Light emitting device and electronic equipment using the same
Power efficient data center
Electronic device
Image processing apparatus with heat dissipating structure
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Yield monitor for forage crops
Method for quantitating organic peracid using catalase
Reversible weighted float
Anti-microbial power coating
Production of semiochemical emitters having a controlled emission speed which are based on inorganic molecular sieves
Cosmetic compositions containing substituted sulfonamide derivatives
Liquid biocidal composition of a formaldehyde adduct and an isothiazolone and method of use
Adamantane derivative and aqueous disinfectant
Massive bodies for producing highly converted solutions of chlorine dioxde
Method for treatment with an antibacterial and antiseptic mixture
Symptomatic relief of allergic reactions
Domestic fowl eggs having a high content of highly unsaturated fatty acid, their production process and their use
Human desaturase gene and uses thereof
Tea product
Edible cake decorations
Confectionery product made of protein and carbohydrate materials present in a relative weight ratio higher than 1
Printed decorations for pastry
Food product and method of preparation
Frozen dessert products and method of production
Compositions containing phosphate and xanthan gum variants
Seaweed supplement diet for enhancing immune response in mammals and poultry
Bulk animal feeds containing conjugated linoleic acid
Enzyme preparations and process for producing noodles
Dough compositions used to prepare reduced and low-calorie snacks
Process for producing expandable pellets
Process for the preparation of flavoring compositions and use of these compositions in bakery products
Synergistic combination of sweeteners including D-tagatose
Method and composition for improving the aftertaste of sucrose
Dietary supplement containing glycerol ester of conjugated linoleic acid and rosemary extract containing carnosic acid
Effervescent granules with delayed effervescent effect
Garment having breast enhancement features
Underwire assembly for brassieres and the like
Fall-away brassiere
Breathable film layer compositions
Foot position trainer apparatus
Continuous molding of fastener products with a mold belt
Use of a combination of two cationic dyes for the direct dyeing of keratin fibers
Method of attaching plastic parts to a container
Soil sensing system for a dishwasher
Filter assembly for a vacuum cleaner
Cyclone dust collecting apparatus for a vacuum cleaner
Hand-held, portable camera for producing video images of an object
Endoscopic surgical procedures and endoscopic apparatus comprising segmented fiber optic cables
Intubation system
Urethra surgical device
Adjustable vaginal speculum light
Lateral wall retractor vaginal speculum
Method for using a surgical biopsy system with remote control for selecting and operational mode
Biopsy instrument with tissue marking element
Combined vessel dissection and transection device and method
Suture locking device
Suture welding device
Method of producing a surgical implant
Devices for forming and/or maintaining connections between adjacent anatomical conduits
Occluding device and method of use
Enhanced surface area spinal fusion devices
Apparatus and methods for performing percutaneous myocardial revascularization and stimulating angiogenesis using autologous materials
High output therapeutic ultrasound transducer
Multifunctional curved blade for use with an ultrasonic surgical instrument
Device for extraction of tissue or the like
Apparatus and method for guiding placement of a minimally invasive surgical instrument
Tissue mapping injection device
Self-retaining surgical access instrument
Device for making hydro-microabrasions on human tissue
Skin abrasion device
Transverse connector
Connection device for osteosynthesis
Intervertebral retrieval device
Cryosurgical fluid supply
Electro-cautery catherer
Bipolar electrosurgical handpiece for treating tissue
System for electrosurgical treatment of submucosal tissue
Surgical device for performing face-lifting using electromagnetic radiation
Systems and methods for promoting tissue growth
Fiberoptic-guided interstitial seed manual applicator and cartridge
Articulated apparatus for telemanipulator system
Composite guidewire
Tonometric measuring head and measuring method
Blood pressure monitor and pulse wave detection apparatus
Method and arrangement for measuring venous pressure
Method and apparatus for more precisely determined mean left atrial pressure
Implantable acoustic bio-sensing system and method
Intravaginal device for electrically stimulating and/or for sensing electrical activity of muscles and/or nerves defining and surrounding the intravaginal cavity
Endoscope shape detecting apparatus wherein form detecting processing is controlled according to connection state of magnetic field generating means
Apparatus and method for removing a pocket of air from a blood pump
Method for direct diagnosis and treatment of pain of muscular origin
Process for non-invasively determining the dimensions of a lesion
Thermal and stress mapping of body lumens
Lancet assembly
Device for fastening in the cranial bone and a kit comprising such device
Coupling medium for high-power ultrasound
Medical ultrasonic imaging system with three-state ultrasonic pulse and improved pulse generator
Stabilizing acoustic coupler for limb densitometry
Ear cleaning device
Extension indicators
Absorbent article having cushion layer
Water-decomposable absorbent article
Absorbent article fastening device
Process for making a garment with refastenable sides and butt seams
Process for making a garment with dual refastenable lap seams
Method for applying elastic to a moving web
Applicator for tampons
Applicator for tampons
Waist belt for absorbent articles
Absorbent interlabial device having an integrally formed tab
Disposable absorbent articles having translational operative members
Artificial urinary sphincter
Implantable esophageal sphincter apparatus for gastroesophageal reflux disease and method
Soft tissue augmentation material
Methods and apparatus for reinforcement of the heart ventricles
Embolic protection device
Intracranial stent and method of use
Method and apparatus for intraluminally implanting an endovascular aortic graft
Expandable intraluminal endoprosthesis
Stent delivery system
Fully sheathed balloon expandable stent delivery system
Flexible vascular inducing implants
Transplantable recellularized and reendothelialized vascular tissue graft
Stent securement by balloon modification
Expandable stents and method for making same
Controlled porosity 3-D fabric breast prosthesis
Fabrication of an intraocular lens
Middle ear implant
Torsion heart valve
Partially demineralized cortical bone constructs
Mold for uniform pressing of substrate side faces, and artificial bone of titanium alloy having high biological affinity
Joint prosthesis assembly and method for installing same
Process of making an articulating bearing surface
Anterior lumbar interbody fusion cage with locking plate
Modular trial instrument with interlock mechanism
Foot orthosis
Deodorizing implement for an ostomy pouch
Absorbent thermal bag
Method and system treating heart malady such as cardiac arrest and heart attack using hypothermia
System and method for removing cataract or other cells in an eye using water jet and suction
Spherical massager
Hand held percussive massager with adjustable nodes
Device for magnetic focus radiation medical treatment
Hula hoop
Process for the production of tablets and tablets
Cosmetic composition including at least one silicone-grafted polymer and at least one polysiloxane-polyoxyalkylene linear block copolymer
Hair coloring compositions
Local anesthetic methods and kits
Calcilytic compounds
Non-arrhythmogenic metabolite of oxybutynin
Organic compounds
Steroid-containing cataplasms and process for producing the same
Functional improvements in Fahr disease
Compositions for treating Escherichia coli urinary tract infections
Use of hyperbranched polymers and dendrimers comprising a particular group as film-forming agent, film-forming compositions comprising same and use particularly in cosmetics and pharmaceutics
Breathing gas mixture containing perfluorocarbons
Device and process for cell capture and recovery
Treatment of stress and preconditioning against stress
Keratin-based tissue engineering scaffold
Prophylactic and therapeutic method
Adenovirus vectors containing heterologous transcription regulatory elements and methods of using same
Method for reducing angiogenesis by administration of a scatter factor inhibitor
Growth factor homolog ZVEGF3
Method for administering insulin
Method for inhibiting angiogenesis and tumors with the isolated NC1 .alpha.6 chain monomer of type IV collagen
Use of bacterial phage associated lysing enzymes for treating dermatological infections
Methods of treating diseased cells
Active immunization using a siderophore receptor protein
Recombinant envelope vaccine against flavivirus infection
Enhancement of B cell activation and immunoglobulin secretion by co-stimulation of receptors for antigen and EBV Gp350/220
Dendritic cell receptor
Processes of making north american ginseng fractions, products containing them, and use as immunomodulators
Creams containing vitamin D3 derivatives
Pectin compositions and methods of use for improved delivery of drugs to mucosal surfaces
Biodegradable sustained-release alginate gels
Delivery of poly(ethylene glycol)-modified molecules from degradable hydrogels
Anti-idiotypic antibody which induces an immune response against a glycosphingolipid and use thereof
Measurement of gastric emptying using stable isotopes
Cosmetic compositions containing creatine, carnitine, and/or pyruvic acid
Impression material composition and process for preparing impression material with the same, impression material, and method of impression with the same
Antiperspirant salts, and methods of their preparation
Ionic tooth polishing agent
Pigment in thin flakes and a method for manufacturing the same
Exfoliating scrub with niacinamide
Low VOC methyl acetate hair sprays
Dry emollient composition composing mono-unsaturated jojoba esters
Hair treatment compositions
High SPF nontacky/nongreasy UV-photoprotecting compositions comprising particulates of MMA crosspolymers
Hair conditioning compositions comprising one or more dibasic amino acids
Oxidation hair dyeing agent composition
Non-staining topical iodine composition and method
Whitening anti-plaque and anti-tartar low abrasivity tooth paste
Film coated microbeads containing active compounds and method of making the same
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one film-forming polymer
Cosmetic compositions comprising at least one polymer with specific characteristics and at least one thickening polymer
Hand cleanser
Use of fats to replace silicone in cosmetic and/or pharmaceutical preparations
Cosmetic composition containing solid organic particles coated with a cationic polymer
Transparent scented solid cosmetic composition
Hair care compositions which provide hair body and which comprise elastomeric resinous materials
Biodegradable vehicle and filler
Cancer cell growth suppressor and cell differentiation inducer and method for manufacturing the same
O/W emulsion composition
Throat soothing compositions
Chewable product
Methods for targeting drug delivery to the upper and/or lower gastrointestinal tract
Edible coating composition
Pharmaceutical capsules comprising a cyclosporin
Treatment of and/or prophylaxis against brain and spinal cord injury
Pharmaceutical gel and aerosol formulations and methods to administer the same to skin and mucosal surfaces
Limiting the presence of microorganisms using polymer-bound metal-containing compositions
Sterilizing gas compositions of ethylene oxide, pentafluoroethane and heptafluoropropane
High refractive index silicone for use in intraocular lenses
Compositions for regenerating tissue that has deteriorated, and methods for using such compositions
Anion exchange materials and processes
Method and apparatus for ozone generation and contaminant decomposition
Mechanism and method for monitoring dual lumen body fluid suction system
Apparatus and method for generation of a protective sleeve against infections for an artificial lead
Non-newtonian fluid spray applicator and method
Fuel injection nozzle and method of use
Valved over-the-wire catheter
Device and method for treatment of surface infections with nitric oxide
Medical syringe
Disposable injection device designed to be pre-filled
Safety syringe
Safety syringe with a needle sleeve lock
Hypodermic syringe with selectively retractable needle
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic treatment of reflex sympathetic dystrophy
Method and apparatus for medical procedures using high-intensity focused ultrasound
Anti-cancer compounds
Cleaning composition containing naturally-derived components
Levitating exercise wand
Tennis training device
Height-adjustable mechanism for a running frame of a treadmill
Exercise assembly
Method of molding a golf ball
Golf ball
Solid golf ball
Octahedron ball game device and method of using the same
Racket with lengthened longitudinal strings
Golf club shaft with suppressed vibration modes
Golf club hosel interface having bendable section for customizing lie and face angles
Golf club head with non-metallic filled cavity
Golf clubheads correcting distance loss due to mishits
Metal/wood bat
Governed performance hard shell bat
Collapsible/portable soccer goal
Adjustable wheel engagement assembly for basketball goal systems
Inflatable balloon assembly
Martial arts training bag
Golf swing training system
Golf swing training club
System and method for measuring a golfer's ball striking parameters
Golf swing and ball flight recording system
Fairness evaluation system about judgment of referees and management of coaching staffs in a sports game via internet
Protector pad
Video game system using radar picture
Security systems for use in gaming tables and methods therefor
Ride simulation system
Animated toy doll and scooter assembly
Finger-operated toy bicycle
Toy system
Multiple component activatable mechanism and toys containing such mechanisms
Methods and apparatus for amusing young children
Building toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for controllably conducting a solution, obtained from liquid-liquid extraction of two solutions and mixed into dispersion, to a wide settler
Fully automatic plating wax removing device and method thereof
Apparatus to separate gas from a liquid flow
Purifier for separating liquids and solids
Transmission filter with laser welded housing components
Method to separate ethanol from a solution containing sulfuric acid and ethanol
Water filtering kit
Filter element with porous nickel-based alloy substrate and metal oxide membrane
Plate venturi for a dust collector filter cleaning system
Method and apparatus for preventing reactive vapor backstreaming and backstreaming induced deposition
Argon/oxygen selective X-zeolite
Indoor air quality gas phase return air cleaner
Thermal swing adsorption process
Method of treating symptoms of panic attacks
Induced natural convection thermal cycling device
Composite filter element
Vapor-adsorbent filter for reducing evaporative fuel emissions, and method of using same
Method and process for drying gas
Pollution control device
Method for removing hydrogen sulfide from gas streams
Air filter assembly for low temperature catalytic processes
Method for removing nitrogen oxides from exhaust gas
Device for obtaining a desalinated solution
Contaminated sediment excavator for subsurface sediment removal
Methods of running and washing spiral wound membrane module
Fluorinated resins having a surface with high wettability
Polysulfone-base hollow-fiber hemocathartic membrane and processes for the production thereof
Automated liquid manufacturing system
Chemical method of making a suspension, emulsion or dispersion of pyrithione particles
Matrix storage and dispensing system
Burner-feed multi-zone molten metal syngas generator
Solid chloride absorbent
Method for concentrating, removing, and separating selected ions from source solutions using particulate solid supports functionalized with polyhydroxypyridinone ligands
Membrane process for the production of hydrogen peroxide by non-hazardous direct oxidation of hydrogen by oxygen using a novel hydrophobic composite Pd-membrane catalyst
Apparatus for synthesis of multiple organic compounds with pinch valve block
Device for the deionization of substances that are not stable at acidic pH
Apparatus for controlling reaction temperatures
Apparatus and method for trapping bead based reagents within microfluidic analysis systems
Diagnostic assay device
Method of detecting microorganisms utilizing transparent sample container
Miniaturized thermal cycler
Reagent handling system and configurable vial carrier for use therein
Cartridge and system for storing and dispensing of reagents
Analytical system and method
Fluorinated electret
Micro-flow system for particle separation and analysis
Cuttings dryer for removing liquid from a slurry
Looking ring for a centrifugal separator
Centrifugal separator arrangement for powder coating recovery system and methods
Device for applying a coating substance to a continuous paper web
Apparatus and method for processing a substrate
Method for producing multi-layer paint coatings
Surface improving process
Method of conserving waterlogged materials
Coating method and coating apparatus
Process for coating substrates
Tube scraper
Substrate washing method
Wafer cleaning apparatus
Fume hood for large containers
Cleaning apparatus
Multi-step flow cleaning method and multi-step flow cleaning apparatus
Method for treating brass
Spring electrical connectors for a megasonic cleaning system
Advanced inorganic solid-chemical composition and methods for anaerobic bioremediation
Online roll grinding method and online roll grinding apparatus
Sprocket with dog gear
Method and apparatus for making a thixotropic metal slurry
Metal matrix composite and piston using the same
Method, device and plant for cleaning irregular pieces consisting of different materials
Method and apparatus for feeding magnetic powder and method for manufacturing magnet
Method and apparatus for producing compact of rare earth alloy powder and rare earth magnet
Apparatus and method for making an electrical component
Nitrogen-containing metal powder, production process thereof, and porous sintered body and solid electrolytic capacitor using the metal powder
Fluxing agents
Extrusion die and method
Grinding spindle unit with magnetic drive
Method and apparatus for making a cutting tool having a flute
Device for Grinding of Card Clothings
Method and apparatus for grinding workpieces with precision work performed at the same time as the grinding
Off-concentric polishing system design
Apparatus and buffing element for uniformly reconditioning digital recording discs
Surface treatment in a fabrication of a multilayered chip component
Directional flow control valve with recirculation for chemical-mechanical polishing slurries
Apparatus and methods for substantial planarization of solder bumps
Fixed abrasive polishing pad
Apparatus for and method of polishing workpiece
System and method of defect optimization for chemical mechanical planarization of polysilicon
Point-of-use fluid regulating system for use in the chemical-mechanical planarization of semiconductor wafers
CMP process involving frequency analysis-based monitoring
Planarization apparatus and method
Carrier head with a compressible film
Method for integration optimization by chemical mechanical planarization end-pointing technique
Tire uniformity machine grinder
Apparatus and method for chamfering wafer
Planarization apparatus
Method for mechanochemical treatment of a material
Blasting apparatus with a dual structure deflector
Curl-resistant, antislip abrasive backing and paper
Abrasive brush
Dresser for polishing cloth and method for manufacturing such dresser and polishing apparatus
Diamond-containing stratified composite material and method of manufacturing the same
Sanding pad for manually operatable grinder
Wood composite prepared with a B-stageable resin
Production method of ceramic moldings
Flexible graphite article and method of manufacture
Methods of manufacturing granular compositions
Automotive window having a masking border and process for producing an automotive window panel masking border
Process for producing holographic material
Process of manufacturing rotationally symmetrical articles
Process of making magnetic recording disk
Extraction method for a casting mold or press mold
Decorative components having an elastomeric outer surface and methods of making such components
Single-step method of manufacturing a silicone tube manifold
Fluid compression of injection molded plastic materials
Nozzle touch apparatus for injection molding machine
Thermoplastic foam extrusion
Jewel orifice nozzle
Blow-molded foam and process for producing the same
Injection stretch blow molding method
Formed polyethylene terephthalate polarizing film for incorporation in optical-grade plastic parts
Method and apparatus for production of labels
Ultrasonic method of fabricating a thermosetting matrix fiber-reinforced composite structure and the product thereof
Cover with adhesive preform and method for applying same
Process for treatment of contact lenses
Embossed film having controlled tear
Cushioning conversion machine
Copper alloy with a golden visual appearance
Ceramic heat barrier coating having low thermal conductivity, and process for the deposition of said coating
Transparent acoustical and mechanical barrier
Process for laminating laminated glazing assemblies
Compositions based on polyolefins and low-melting-point polyamides
Moistureproofing film and electroluminescent device
Ink-jet recording sheet
Ink jet recording sheet
Saponified ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer and laminate
Multilayer golf ball with filled inner layer having dual core, liquid core, or wound core
Aminoplast resin photochromic coating composition and photochromic articles
Diamond cross section synthetic turf filament
Dry adhesive
Method of making a multiple layer nonwoven mat
Foam plank laminate
Composite textile fabric having moisture management
Pressure sensitive ink jet media for digital printing
Multicomponent structures having improved adhesion
Microelectronic piezoelectric structure and method of forming the same
Organic shell blank and method for making same
Method of attaching a group to a pigment
Recording material and recording method
Flexible, multilayered transfer tape
Formulations of positive films
Transfer printing process
Optical recording medium and method of manufacturing the same
Acid-generating composition and recording material using the same
Erasable recording material capable of inputting additional information written thereon and information recording system and information recording method using the recording material
Antistatic composition and method of using same
Heat-bondable ink-jet recording medium
Light fastness of inkjet images by adding salts into inkjet inks and print media
Recording sheet and process for producing it
Ink-imprintable release coatings, and pressure sensitive adhesive constructions
Method of cleaning a printing form and cleaning fluid therefor
System for automatically producing letters having multiple page capability
Method for manufacturing a thin metal film with embossed pattern
Rotary distribution chamber for selective distribution of a fluid
Air inlet for a heating or air conditioning installation in an motor vehicle
Three mode differential
Drive train assembly for a motor vehicle, and method for controlling the operation thereof
Water management system for electrochemical engine
Abrasion resistant air bag
Folding method for the gas bag of a side gas bag
Driving device
Dynamic track tension adjuster
Continuously variable transmission
Remote operating ballast filter for vessels
Body board having flexible propulsion extensions
Underwater diving buoyancy compensator jacket with quick-release valves which can be operated simultaneously
Ribbon drive propulsion system and method
Water board, and method of water boarding
Electronic control system for boats
Drive system
Arrangement and method for turning a propulsion unit
Outboard propeller drive system for watercraft
Lightning protection for electrically conductive or insulating skin and core for honeycomb structure
Variably printed tape and system for printing and applying tape onto surfaces
Splicing tape, splicing method and assembly comprising the splicing tape
Propulsion system for contoured film and method of use
Method for forming a flip chip pressure sensor die package
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for operating a methanol reforming system
Apparatus and methods for storing and releasing hydrogen
Device for storing compressed gas
Staged catalytic ammonia decomposition in integrated gasification combined cycle systems
Preparing method of silica slurry for wafer polishing
Synthesis of aluminosilicates via cofeeding an alkali metal aluminate and sodium silicate and cofeeding apparatus therefor
Method for reducing metal ion content in a chemical compound with a dipole moment
Synthesis of alumina acetate monohydrate salt sol fibers and uses thereof
Particles for non-magnetic undercoat layer of magnetic recording medium, method thereof and magnetic recording medium
High-density acicular hematite particles, non-magnetic undercoat layer and magnetic recording medium
Water purification system and method including dispensed volume sensing and control
Elixir for inducing high-speed settlement of precipatates
Process for removal of dissolved components from solution
Child proof chlorine dispenser with a three dimensional ornament
Water circulation apparatus system and method
Closed system for rearing aquatic life
Method for forming planar microlens and planar microlens obtained thereby
Lost glass process used in making display
Silicone compositions, methods of making and using VOC free, non-flammable creams, pastes and powders to render nonporous surfaces water, soil and stain repellent
Glazing provided with a low-emissivity multilayer stack
Silver film incorporating protective insoluble metallic salt precipitate
Method for controlling refractive index of silica glass
Method for curing optical fiber coating material
Process for producing briquetted and pressed granular material and use thereof
Method for producing oxide type ceramic sintered body
Densification of porous bodies
Articles comprising highly crystalline graphite and method for their preparation
Implanatation process for improving ceramic resistance to corrosion
Method of coating materials and materials formed thereby
Extrudable black body decoy flare compositions
Electrochemical activation of organic disulfides for electrophilic substitution
Method for the stereoselective production of grignard compounds and use thereof
Method of manufacturing a soft hearing aid
Method for determining a base sequence of a nucleotide strand
Conductive metal-containing nucleic acids
Swine hepatitis E virus and uses thereof
Method and reagent for inhibiting herpes simplex virus replication
Encapsidation cell lines and expression vectors for transcomplementation of defective retroviral vectors
Viral vectors having chimeric envelope proteins containing the IgG-binding domain of protein A
Combinatorial polypeptide antigens
Protective recombinant Haemophilus influenzae high molecular weight proteins
Polynucleotides encoding staphylcoccal FAB I enoyl-ACP reductase
RATC from Streptococcus pneumoniae
Antigenic protein originating in malassezia
Processes of screening for an antimycotic agent
Tryparedoxin, expression plasmid, process of production, method of use, test kit, and pharmaceutical composition
Mutations in the KCNE1 gene encoding human mink which cause arrhythmia susceptibility thereby establishing KCNE1 as an LQT gene
Gene encoding organic anion transporter
Morphogenic proteins
Mammalian growth factor nucleic acids, vectors, and host cells
Polynucleotide encoding TIE-2 ligand-4
Macaca cynomolgus IL 18
Non-human animal interferons
Chimeric gene using the gene or cDNA of insulin, specially for the gene therapy of diabetes
Delayed rectifier potassium channel subunit
Beta subunits of Slo family potassium channels
Methods of screening modulators of opioid receptor activity
Steroid hormone binding protein
Hybrid peptides modulate the immune response
Method of inhibiting HIV infection with CD44 and anti-CD44 antibodies
Methods of inhibiting locomotor damage following spinal cord injury with .alpha. D-specific antibodies
Sensitive bioassay for detecting agonists of the aryl hydrocarbon receptor
Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of breast cancer
Embryonic stem cells capable of differentiating into desired cell lines
Cystatin B mutants
Human choline acetyltransferase
Sequence and method for genetic engineering of proteins with cell membrane translocating activity
Photocurable resin composition and method of optically forming three-dimensional shape
Pressure-sensitive adhesive composition, process for the preparation thereof and pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets
Resist composition
Water soluble polymer and photoresist composition containing the same
Photosensitive resin composition and color filter
Epoxide/amine based aqueous coating agents and use thereof in multicoat lacquers
Resin composition of polyepoxide and polyisocyanate, prepreg, and metallic foil laminate
Process for flexible cellular material preparation
Phosphorus-containing polymer having phenolic units and uses thereof
Matte finish powder
Surface treatments for articles and vehicles
Flame retardant molding compositions
Liquid crystal polyester resin composition and molded article
High density polyethylene films with improved barrier properties
Anti-reflective coating compositions comprising polymerized aminoplasts
High speed melt-spinning of fibers
Process for the continuous drowning of perylene melt
Red acid dyes for injet printing and paper dyeing
Process for manufacturing pigments
Nanosize metal oxide particles for producing transparent metal oxide colloids and ceramers
Microemulsion techniques for ink jet inks
Ink compositions
Polyacrylics containing pendant acetoacetonate moieties
Pigment preparation with modified colophony resins
Silane-based, coating compositions, coated articles obtained therefrom and methods of using same
Coating compositions containing highly structured macromolecules
Process for forming polyimide composite electro-deposited film
Solventless plasticizer-resistant vinyl electrical tape
Non-fogging adhesive tape
Tank bottom restoration process
Chemical mechanical polishing slurry useful for copper substrates
Method for improving the efficiency of absorption heat pumps using a crystallization-inhibiting additive
Refrigerant and heat transfer fluid additive
Method to produce lube basestock
Corrosion inhibition during transport of water and a hydrocarbon through a pipeline
Methods of treating synthetic fibers
Photoresist stripper composition and method for stripping photoresist using the same
Disposable bioreactor for culturing microorganisms and cells
Transparent sample container
Method and apparatus for cultivating a cell or tissue
High-yield dual-buffered bacterial growth medium
Biallelic markers derived from genomic regions carrying genes involved in arachidonic acid metabolism
Gene conversion as a tool for the construction of recombinant industrial filamentous fungi
Method of obtaining compositions
Derived tyrosine hydroxylase gene expression system
Inducible expression system
Amino alcohol dehydrogenase converts keto alcohol to amino alcohol and amino alcohol to keto alcohol
Antibodies to polypeptides having prenylcysteine carboxyl methlytransferase activity or inhibiting activity
Polynucleotides encoding human cyclin-dependent kinase (hPFTAIRE)
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Specific pancreatic lipase inhibitors and their applications
Alkaliphilic and thermophilic microorganisms and enzymes obtained therefrom
Caspase-14, an apoptotic protease, nucleic acids encoding and methods of use
Human aspartic proteases
Preparation of 2-aminomuconate from 2-aminophenol by coupled enzymatic dioxygenation and dehydrogenation reactions
Substances KF-1040 and process for producing of the same
Method for the oxidation of substituted trimethylcyclohexenyl compounds with bacteria of the family Streptomycetaceae
Method for the production of 1,3-propanediol by recombinant organisms comprising genes for vitamin B12 transport
Self assembly of sensor membranes
Multi-channel plate
Assay of peroxidase activity
Method of determining Alzheimer's disease risk using apolipoprotein E4 genotype analysis in combination with decreased estrogen levels
Method and apparatus for identifying, classifying, or quantifying protein sequences in a sample without sequencing
Isolated CYP3A4 nucleic acid molecules and detection methods
Method, apparatus and kits for sequencing of nucleic acids using multiple dyes
Binary probe and clamp composition and methods for a target hybridization detection
Triple helix recognition of DNA
P53-induced apoptosis
Methods for detecting Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia chaffeensis in vertebrate and invertebrate hosts
Amplification of chromosomal DNA in situ
PCR-based identification of Eimeria species and strains
Diagnostic applications of perlecan domain I splice variants
Replica amplification of nucleic acid arrays
Drug screens for regulators of the expression of the obese gene
Process for melting ashes, slags or glass
Metallic iron containing slag
Metal refining method using differing refining oxygen sequence
Method for injecting gases into a metallurgical tank
Method for refining molten steel and apparatus therefor
Method and apparatus for monitoring work heating temperature in flame hardening
Rapid infrared heating of a surface
Process and device for hardening a rail
Processes for the recovery of copper from aqueous solutions containing nitrate ions
Dust control
Electromagnetic steel sheet and process for producing the same
Method for producing a grain-oriented electrical steel sheet excellent in magnetic properties
Ferritic steel sheet excellent at strain rate sensitivity of the flow stress, and automobile utilizing it
Magnetic glassy alloys for high frequency applications
Method for preparing Ag-ZnO electric contact material and electric contact material produced thereby
Surface preparation of a substrate for thin film metallization
Modified boron containing coating for improved wear and pitting resistance
Process for formation of a coating on a substrate
Conical sputtering target
Heated and cooled vacuum chamber shield
Method to produce masking
Method for in-situ, post deposition surface passivation of a chemical vapor deposited film
Heating element for use in a hot filament chemical vapor deposition chamber
Diamond-like-carbon coated aramid fibers having improved mechanical properties
Group III-V compound semiconductor, and semiconductor device using the compound semiconductor
Film forming method and manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Chemical vapor deposition apparatus for manufacturing semiconductor devices, its driving method, and method of optimizing recipe of cleaning process for process chamber
Gas feeding system for chemical vapor deposition reactor and method of controlling the same
Gas distribution apparatus for semiconductor processing
Plasma processing apparatus
Protective coating by high rate arc plasma deposition
Methods for crystallizing metallic oxide dielectric films at low temperature
Method of making semiconductor supercapacitor system and articles produced therefrom
Thin film of perovskite type manganese oxide process for producing the same thin film and an infrared sensing element using the same thin film
Non-chromated oxide coating for aluminum substrates
Isomolybdate conversion coatings
Dense vertically cracked thermal barrier coating process to facilitate post-coat surface finishing
Method for separating layers from articles
Process for the preliminary treatment of a metallic workpiece before coating
Hydrogen generation by electrolysis of aqueous organic solutions
Method of electrodepositing metal on electrically conducting particles
Process for copper-plating a wafer using an anode having an iridium oxide coating
Method and apparatus for supplying electricity uniformly to a workpiece
Method of copper electroplating
Simultaneous electroplating of both sides of a dual-sided substrate
Process and device for electrolytic polishing of surgical needles
Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
Jet system for spherical shape devices
Method for growing a semiconductor crystal from a semiconductor melt
Process for the preparation of non-oxygen precipitating Czochralski silicon wafers
Carbon fiber reinforced carbon composite and useful as components for pulling single crystal apparatus
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor wafer
Textiles; Paper
Process of making a microfibrillated article
Microfibers and method of making
Method for making textile products
Textile yarn slashing system
Ink compositions for ink jet textile printing
Method of making a vessel assembly for handling comminuted cellulosic fibrous material
Process for increasing the water retention capacity in fibrous webs
Process for bleaching chemical pulp simultaneously with chlorine dioxide, peroxide and a reaction catalyst
Method of bleaching recycled papers with hydrogen peroxide stabilized with a methylolhydantoin
Headbox of a paper/board machine by whose means the basis weight of the web can be regulated
Wet crepe, impingement-air dry process for making absorbent sheet
Compressed absorbent fibrous structures
Former-press section in a paper machine and method for transfer of the web from the former to the press section
Roll having a composite cover
Doctor arrangement for roll presses
Method of increasing retention and drainage in papermaking using high molecular weight water-soluble anionic or nonionic dispersion polymers
Opacifier for alkaline paper
Soft absorbent tissue
Increased hydrophobic stability of a softening compound
Fixed Constructions
Multiple plumbing vent apparatus
Method and an apparatus for the manufacture of a bituminous coating sheet and such coating sheet
Producing electrical energy from natural gas using a solid oxide fuel cell
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Measuring arrangement and method for monitoring the operability of a soot filter
Cleaning arrangement of a sieve
Apparatus for increasing vehicle drive power source output upon accelerator redal operation during vehicle coasting with automatic transmission in released state
Contact device used in heat-dissipating device for hot swap
Spherical swivel with elastomeric positioning device
Constant-velocity universal joint of a tripod type
Fixed type constant velocity joint and assembling method therefor
Friction material
Silent chain
Belt for continuously variable transmission
Power transmission belt and method for fabricating the same
Traction distributing apparatus for motor vehicle
Differential locking assembly
Low-play planetary gear mechanism
Integrated heat exchange circuit for an axle
Control apparatus for automatic transmission of vehicle
Hydraulic circuit for toroidal continuous variable transmission
Shift control apparatus for continuously variable transmission of motor vehicle
Hydrogen fuel replenishment system
Acoustic wind band
Structure of turbine exhauster
Wall curb for HVAC system
Slot outlet arrangement for air screen installations
Combustion air security vent
Water-cooled roll
Tamper-proof identification of solid objects
Exhaust gas temperature sensing on the outside surface of the oxygen sensor
Emollient compositions with polyethylene beads
Oxygen monitor
Sampling method and method for cleaning sampling apparatus
SPR sensor cell and immunoassay apparatus using the same
Optochemical sensor
Stabilization and amplification of electrochemiluminescence signals
Method for characterization of microelectronic feature quality
Polymeric compositions for ion-selective electrodes
Oxygen concentration detector
Method to detect and analyze tight-binding ligands in complex biological samples using capillary electrophoresis and mass spectrometry
Chemical sensor and coating for same
Integrated monolithic microfabricated electrospray and liquid chromatography system and method
Meso sniffer: a device and method for active gas sampling using alternating flow
Stabilized test composition, device and method for the determination of cyanuric acid in water
Evaluation apparatus for cleanliness of metal and method thereof
health examination card for family use and it's interpreter
Fluorescence polarization method
Biosensors utilizing ligand induced conformation changes
Immunoassay method of HIV-1p24 antigen and reagent therefor
Method for measuring antithrombin activity
Method for determining coagulation parameters
Thermal and fluidic cycling device for nucleic acid hybridization
System and method for dispensing solution to a multi-well container
Method and apparatus for monitoring a selected group of fuel cells of a high-temperature fuel cell stack
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with high frame rate synthetic transmit focus
Medical ultrasonic imaging with adaptive synthesis and compounding
Method for generating an anti-reflection coating for a laser diode
Method for producing an optical module
Silver halide emulsion and silver halide color photographic material
Photothermographic element
Method of processing silver halide color photographic lightsensitive material
Method for processing a photographic element comprising a simultaneously coated protective overcoat
Photographic recording material
Processing method providing cold blue-black image tone for black-and-white materials having silver halide grain emulsions
Method of forming an improved attenuated phase-shifting photomask
Method of manufacturing photomask, photomask, and method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Photosensitive composition
Ultraviolet-curable type photo solder resist ink
Overlay target design method with pitch determination to minimize impact of lens aberrations
Method for reducing photolithographic steps in a semiconductor interconnect process
Edge rinse apparatus and edge rinse method
Resist developer
Photoacid generators, photoresists containing the same, and method of undergoing a photoacid-catalyzed reaction in a resin system using the same
Composition and method for removing resist and etching residues using hydroxylazmmonium carboxylates
Electrophotographic toner and image forming method using the toner
Image formation method, electrophotographic toners, and printed matter
Single-layer type electrophotosensitive material and image forming apparatus using the same
Semiconducting member, functional member for electrophotography, and process cartridge
Electrophotographic photoconductor containing fluorenyl-azine derivatives and triarylamine in transport layer
Electrophotographic photoreceptor and image forming method and apparatus using the photoreceptor
Process for producing electrophotographic photosensitive member
Method of producing toner by way of dispersion polymerization for use in developing latent electrostatic images
Toner for electrophotography
Toners with sulfonated polyester-amine resins
Toner and method for producing the same
Process for forming toners containing isoindoline yellow pigment
Process and apparatus for obtaining ink dispersions by subjecting the liquid inks to an ultrasonic or sonic signal
Volume hologram laminate
Method and apparatus for verifying semiconductor integrated circuit
Card connector
Method for providing incentive to play gaming devices connected by a network to a host computer
Method for marking items for identification
Label with booklet
Nested label
Magnetic modifiable sign
Method of manufacturing thin film magnetic head
Zinc enhanced hard disk media
Magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording medium with a nialru seedlayer
Semiconductor ceramic and semiconductor ceramic device
Magnetic mixture
Electrode for field control
Magnetic data-storage targets and method for preparation
Composite film for capacitor, method for manufacturing the same, and base film therefor
Method of arranging multilayer passive electronic components
Method and structure for limiting emission current in field emission devices
Gripping multi-level structure
Shadow mask for color CRT
Devices for reducing deflection aberrations in charged-particle-beam optical systems and microlithography apparatus comprising same, and related methods
Plasma etching system
Inductively coupled ring-plasma source apparatus for processing gases and materials and method thereof
Planar magnetron sputtering apparatus
Plasma reactor cooled ceiling with an array of thermally isolated plasma heated mini-gas distribution plates
HF-Plasma coating chamber or PECVD coating chamber, its use and method of plating CDs using the chamber
Method of carrying out plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
Method to identify a surface-bound molecule
Temperature and humidity controlled processing system
Method for eliminating a static electricity on a semiconductor wafer
Inspection of defects on the circumference of semiconductor wafers
Method and structure for baking a wafer
Thermoplastic adhesive preform for heat sink attachment
Method and apparatus for enhancing chamber cleaning
Plasma processing method and apparatus
Method for suppressing boron penetrating gate dielectric layer by pulsed nitrogen plasma doping
Method of forming a lower storage node of a capacitor
Process for fabricating capacitor
Cleaning method for semiconductor substrate and cleaning solution
Semiconductor wafer processing method and semiconductor wafers produced by the same
Dielectric etch process reducing striations and maintaining critical dimensions
Semiconductor arrangement having capacitive structure and manufacture thereof
Semiconductor device production method
Method for enhancing etch selectivity of metal silicide film to polysilicon film, and method for etching stacked film of metal silicide film and polysilicon film
Funnel shaped structure in polysilicon and method of making
Process for fabricating an integrated circuit device having a capacitor with an electrode formed at a high aspect ratio
Inverted MOSFET process
Semiconductor fabrication process
Method for doping a semiconductor device through a mask
Process for making planarized silicon fin device
Trench DMOS transistor structure having a low resistance path to a drain contact located on an upper surface
Method of forming L-shaped nitride spacers
Method for fabricating ultra short channel PMOSFET with buried source/drain junctions and self-aligned silicide
Method of producing ceramic multilayer substrate
Wafer-scale assembly of chip-size packages
Method of forming a self aligned contact opening
Substrate structure for semiconductor package and manufacturing method thereof
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Method of improving the profile angle between narrow and wide features
Simplified method to reduce or eliminate STI oxide divots
Method of selectively depositing a metal layer in an opening in a dielectric layer by forming a metal-deposition-prevention layer around the opening of the dielectric layer
Planarized Cu cleaning for reduced defects
Method and apparatus of forming a sputtered doped seed layer
Methods of forming resistors
Methodology of removing misplaced encapsulant for attachment of heat sinks in a chip on board package
Method of fabricating flip chip IC packages with heat spreaders in strip format
Repair method for broken or missing microcircuit package terminal lead
Buried ground plane for high performance system modules
Method of fabricating a cylindrical capacitor storage node having HSG silicon on inner wall thereof in a semiconductor device
Gate electrode in a semiconductor device and method for forming thereof
Thin film transistor and manufacturing method therefor
Selective removal of a metal oxide dielectric
Double SOI device with recess etch and epitaxy
Method for fabricating an emitter-base junction for a gallium nitride bipolar transistor
Recrystallization method of polysilicon film in thin film transistor
Field effect transistor having doped gate with prevention of contamination from the gate during implantation
Method of manufacturing liquid crystal display panel by poly-crystallizing amorphous silicon film using both a laser and lamp lights
ILD planarization method
Method for forming a dielectric
Oxidative conditioning method for metal oxide layer and applications thereof
PB substituted perovskites for thin films dielectrics
Resin mold electric part and producing method therefor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for forming high quality multiple thickness oxide layers by reducing descum induced defects
Method of fabricating memory cell with trench capacitor and vertical transistor
Method of fabricating memory device and logic device on the same chip
Method and apparatus for providing low-GIDL dual workfunction gate doping with borderless diffusion contact
Memory cell for EEPROM devices, and corresponding fabricating process
Method of manufacturing a display unit of a flat display panel having a wide viewing angle
Extension of shallow trench isolation by ion implantation
Substrate and method for manufacturing the same
Methods of manufacturing integrated circuit devices in which a spin on glass insulation layer is dissolved so as to recess the spin on glass insulation layer from the upper surface of a pattern
Method of improving electromigration resistance of capped Cu
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Implanted conductor and methods of making
Method of forming source and drain regions for CMOS devices
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method for increasing the effective well doping in a MOSFET as the gate length decreases
Method of forming a system on chip (SOC) with nitride read only memory (NROM)
Method of minimizing package-shift effects in integrated circuits by using a thick metallic overcoat
Stereolithographic methods for fabricating hermetic semiconductor device packages and semiconductor devices including stereolithographically fabricated hermetic packages
Method for manufacturing a chip scale package having slits formed on a substrate
Double-side thermally conductive adhesive tape for plastic-packaged electronic components
Methods of forming drop-in heat spreader plastic ball grid array (PBGA) packages
Power module package having insulator type heat sink attached to rear surface of lead frame and manufacturing method thereof
Treatment solution for reducing adhesive resin bleed
Method and structure to reduce the damage associated with programming electrical fuses
Method and apparatus for marking microelectronic dies and microelectronic devices
Organic opto-electronic devices and method for making the same
Fabrication of molecular electronic circuit by imprinting
Method and apparatus for reducing process-induced charge buildup
Integrated circuit capacitor and method
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and process for manufacture the same
DRAM and MOS transistor manufacturing
Method of fabricating a SRAM device
8 bit per cell non-volatile semiconductor memory structure utilizing trench technology and dielectric floating gate
Method of forming a well isolation bipolar transistor
Method of forming a gate oxide layer with an improved ability to resist the process damage
Apparatus and method for independent threshold voltage control of memory cell and select gate in a split-EEPROM
Memory cell having an ONO film with an ONO sidewall and method of fabricating same
Single-layer-electrode type two-phase charge coupled device having smooth charge transfer
Two-pole SMT miniature housing for semiconductor components and method for the manufacture thereof
Method for fabricating piezoelectric/electrostrictive thick film using seeding layer
Electroluminescent device
EL display device and method of manufacturing the same
Battery valve and battery using the same
Electrolyte for a lithium secondary battery
Rechargeable battery including an inorganic anode
Catalyst equipped vapor communicating multi-cell valve regulated lead-acid battery
Lithium secondary battery
Battery plug with collecting element for condensed gases
Separator for a high energy rechargeable lithium battery
Apparatus and method for fabricating a microbattery
Sealed cell
Battery pack
Method for forming encapsulated lithium electrodes having glass protective layers
Method of manufacturing secondary battery negative electrode
Method of making a nickel hydroxide material
Anode material for lithium secondary battery, process for production thereof, and lithium secondary battery
Electrode tab for a nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method of forming the same
Electrode structural body, rechargeable battery provided with said electrode structural body, and rechargeable battery
Membrane electrode assemblies
Fuel electrode for solid electrolyte fuel cells and a method of manufacturing the electrode
Direct antifreeze cooled fuel cell power plant
Fuel cell battery with afterburning at the periphery of a cell stack
Connector having a rotary actuator engaged with a contact in a direction parallel to a sheet-like object connected to the connector
FPC connector with positioning actuator
Socket assembly
Zero insertion force connector
Waterproof structure for connector
Cable assembly with molded stress relief and method for making the same
Cable connector
Electrical connector having an improved latch mechanism
Modular connectors with detachable line status indicators
I/O connector having an internal horizontal PCB
Insulation displacement contact for use with fine wires
Connector for coaxial cables with thin-walled outer cable conductor
DIN rail attachment method and apparatus
Adjustable monolithic multi-wavelength laser arrays
High power single mode laser and method of fabrication
Method of making an improved polymeric immersion heating element with skeletal support and optional heat transfer fins
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