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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Optical device
System, device and method for determining the concentration of an analyte
Separation of a subcutaneous cardiac signal from a plurality of composite signals
Biopsy and sampling needle antennas for magnetic resonance imaging-guided biopsies
Method for probabilistically classifying tissue in vitro and in vivo using fluorescence spectroscopy
Combined panoramic and computed tomography photographing apparatus
Single-use medical device
Electrical lead body including an in-line hermetic electronic package and implantable medical device using the same
Managing medical data of an active implantable device such as a pacemaker, defibrillator, cardiovertor and/or multisite device for a cardiologist
Wireless electric modulation of sympathetic nervous system
Method and system for nodal rhythm detection and treatment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Vehicular collision object determining system
Active adaptation of vehicle restraints for enhanced performance robustness
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Chipped engine control unit system having copy protected and selectable multiple control programs
Flame simulator for use in an electric heater
Exposure apparatus with interferometer
Time-resolved photogrammetric measurement of wheel position values
Dynamic light scattering measurement apparatus using phase modulation interference method
Optical system and optical apparatus capable of switching between optical coherence tomography observation and optical coherence microscopy observation
Optical sensor arrangement
System and method for controlling an engine in a vehicle
Method of making a standard tool for calibrating stress analysis measuring devices and a set of the standard tools
Alignment target to be measured with multiple polarization states
In-situ X-ray diffraction system using sources and detectors at fixed angular positions
Analysis apparatus, analysis program product and computer readable recording medium having analysis program recorded thereon
System and method for calculating real-time voltage stability risk index in power system using time series data
High available method for border gateway protocol version 4
Loop diagnosis system and method for disk array apparatuses
Method and system for geophysical data acquisition on an airship
Ring zonal phase correction lens and optical system and optical head device
Zoom lens and image pickup apparatus having the same
Zoom optical system and imaging apparatus using the same
Device for equalizing the back foci of objective and camera
Collapsible lens barrel and imaging device
Illumination apparatus for microscope and image processing apparatus using the same
Gregorian optical system with non-linear optical technology for protection against intense optical transients
Photonic MEMS and structures
Particle use for image display media, image display panel using the particles, and image display device
Multi-beam scanning device and image forming apparatus using the scanning device
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
High frequency test fixture
Optical return loss measurement
Fiber bundles and methods of making fiber bundles
Display element and display device using the same
On-substrate microlens to couple an off-substrate light emitter and/or receiver with an on-substrate optical device
Mode converter device using omnidirectional reflectors
Lens barrel assembly and assembling method therefor
Light modulation device and optical display device, and light modulation method and image display method
Polymer phase modulator
Liquid crystal display device having small picture frame region
Color twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
Imaging system
Auto focus camera, lens apparatus and camera system with a vibration motor drive
Exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Load lock chamber, processing system
Exposure apparatus
System for management of both pre-show and feature presentation content within a theatre
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Full-width array sensing of two-dimensional residual mass structure to enable mitigation of specific defects
Image forming apparatus
Shield for charging device in xerographic printing device having enhanced voltage and current uniformity
Electrophotographic toner regulating member with induced strain outside elastic response region
Developing device and image formation device
Image forming device
Operation-assisting system and operation-assisting computer program
Replacing-type upper cover plate structure of notebook computer
Autonomic data assurance applied to complex data-intensive software processes by means of pattern recognition
Communications between modules of a computing apparatus
Using a genetic algorithm to select a subset of quality metrics as input to a disk drive failure prediction algorithm
System and method for correlating and diagnosing system component performance data
Tracking cells for a memory system
Method of maintaining a plurality of snapshots, server apparatus and storage apparatus
Input data selection for content addressable memory
Storage control system
Systems and methods for the efficient reading of data in a server system
Persistent snapshot management system
Persistent snapshot methods
Cache memory, processing unit, data processing system and method for assuming a selected invalid coherency state based upon a request source
Multi-channel serial advanced technology attachment control system and control card thereof
Clock switching circuit for a hot plug
CPU-containing LSI, and optical disk device and LSI device with the same
System and method for dynamic browser management of web site
Method for merging rendering intents, hints, or tags
Image reading apparatus, image forming system, image reading method, and program therefor
Print server apparatus, print job reservation management method, reservation job generation method and memory medium
Progressive streaming media rendering
Network system including data socket components for accessing internet semaphores
Reconfigurable multidimensional array processor allowing runtime reconfiguration of selected individual array cells
Suspension and reinstatement of reference handles
Method and apparatus for controlling network traffic
Method and apparatus for classifying Java remote method invocation transport traffic
Job network setup method, job network execution method, job management system, management terminal and program
Sharing gateway resources across multi-pop networks
Methods and apparatus for providing context switching between software tasks with reconfigurable control
Associative search engine
Methods and systems for providing random access to structured media content
Method for collectively receiving at high voltage and distributing at low voltage, and collective housing using same
Filter processing apparatus and method
Device for inputting names into navigation system and a corresponding navigation system for motor vehicles
Left-corner chart parsing
Storage system
Method and system for assessing and planning business operations utilizing rule-based statistical modeling
Identifier vocabulary data access method and system
Configurable input buffer
Unicode normalization
Method and system for selective compilation of instrumentation entities into a simulation model of a digital design
Mechanism for estimating and controlling di/dt-induced power supply voltage variations
Short-circuit detecting circuit device
Blended torque estimation for automatic transmission systems
Method and apparatus for scheduling work in a fabrication facility
Acceleration limiting for a vehicle
Data representation relating to a non-sampled workpiece
Equipment identification, tracking and failure analysis process
Method of examining foreign matter derived from living body
Method to measure the activation state of signaling pathways in cells
Methods, systems and data structures for assigning categories to electronic mail
Systems and methods for automatic assignment of identification codes to devices
Mechanism for generating a virtual identifier
Data storage device with full access by all users
Switching interfaces in external disk drives
Apparatus and method for storage processing through scalable port processors
Remote printing systems and methods for portable digital devices
Method and system for providing a user-customized electronic book
Question-answering method and question-answering apparatus
Calendar heap system and method for efficient sorting
Apparatus for monitoring operator vibration for earth moving machinery with operation cab
Optimum power efficient shifting algorithm for schedulers
Mechanism to control hardware interrupt acknowledgement in a virtual machine system
Multiprocessor computer architecture incorporating a plurality of memory algorithm processors in the memory subsystem
Method for simulating a mechatronic system
Recording medium, printer control method, and printer control system
Multimedia/secure digital cards and adapters for interfacing using voltage levels to determine host types and methods of operating
Method of video coding images comprising address information
Method and device for determining a total minutiae template from a plurality of partial minutiae templates
Mark for visual inspection upon assembling a display
Device, system, and method for identifying living bodies and renewing registration data
System and method for automated symbolic recognition including logical symbols
Scaling images for display
Encoding and decoding method and apparatus using plus and/or minus rounding of images
Data compression and decompression techniques for programmable circuits
Page background detection and neutrality on scanned documents
Image retrieval apparatus and image retrieving method
Foot shape information distributing network system
Systems and methods for modeling credit risks of publicly traded companies
Invention in finance
Fraud detection based on call attempt velocity on terminating number
Electronic software license with software product installer identifier
Pre-sale data broadcast system and method
Integrated aircraft flight dynamics prediction and simulation
System and method for voice transmission over network protocols
Speech recognition with feedback from natural language processing for adaptation of acoustic model
Method of and apparatus for improving productivity of human reviewers of automatically transcribed documents generated by media conversion systems
Thermally assisted recording of magnetic using an in-gap optical resonant cavity
Recording medium and apparatus for protecting copyrighted digital data
Method for preventing data loss in a hard disk drive by projecting reduction in helium concentration using insitu non-repeatable runout
Built in full speed nonreturn to zero test method and apparatus for a data storage device controller
Reproducing method, reproducing apparatus, recording and reproducing apparatus, and magnetic recording medium
Controller for data recorder
Domain wall free shields of MR sensors
Repeatable ESD protection utilizing a process for unshorting a first shorting material between electrical pads and reshorting by recreating the short
Magnetoresistive head
Method and apparatus for providing a free layer having higher saturation field capability and optimum sensitivity
Method for formatting a magnetic recording disk with patterned nondata islands of alternating polarity
Disk head stability system
System and method of recording and reproducing information
Address information recording device and recording method and reproducing device and reproducing method
Shock detector for optical disc recorders and shock-proof recording method using shock signal
Bit cell of organic memory
Writing to ferroelectric memory devices
Flash memory architecture for optimizing performance of memory having multi-level memory cells
Structure of a split-gate memory cell
Integrated semiconductor memory with redundant memory cells replaceable for either true or complementary defective memory cells
Programmable memory access parameters
Memory cell driver circuits
Image display device and the driver circuit thereof
Ceramic structure, method for manufacturing ceramic structure, and nonreciprocal circuit device
X-ray tube
Optical amplifier
Fabry-perot laser generating mode-locked channel and method for fabricating the same
Broadband light source
Ionic flow generator for thermal management
Armoured station element articulated to the ground
System and method for remotely detecting and locating faults in a power system
Passive power filter circuit
Current balancing circuit
Signal distribution to a plurality of circuit units
Detection of the zero crossing of an A.C. voltage
Forward link time delay for distributed antenna system
Method and system for frequency up-conversion
Method for steering smart antenna beams for a WLAN using signal and link quality metrics
Tuning signal generator and method thereof
Strap pendant with input buttons on strap for controlling attached portable devices
Transceiving filter and communication device
Using a low frequency timer to restore timing to a high frequency timer
Closed loop feedback in MIMO systems
Variable-length decoding apparatus and decoding method
Coding system and its method, coding device and its method, decoding device and its method, recording device and its method, and reproducing device and its method
Code channel allocations in a wireless communications system
RAKE receiver device
Method and apparatus for measurement and identification of co-channel interfering transmitters
Tuner for reception of a broadband radio frequency signal
Method and radio system for digital signal transmission
Method and apparatus for improving transmit antenna weight tracking using channel correlations in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for estimation of frequency offset in wireless communications
Bit level diversity combining for COFDM system
Pulsing the transmit mode for reducing the power when redundancy is involved in transmission
CDMA communication system with pilot power control unit
Multicast control systems and methods for dynamic, adaptive time, bandwidth,frequency, and satellite allocations
Load balancing in a network
Integrated customer web station for web based call management
High capacity optical node
Scalable and exchangeable erbium doped fiber amplifier for DWDM
Resource arbitration in accordance with a masked request vector
Demodulation of multi-user, multi-protocol data in a reconfigurable datapath
Systems and methods for handling packet fragmentation
Efficient stream cipher system and method
Method and apparatus for reducing ratio of peak power to average power of multi-carrier signals
Reduced complexity channel estimation for wireless communication systems
Using shadow Mcast/Bcast/Dlf counter and free pointer counter to balance unicast and Mcast/Bcast/Dlf frame ratio
Incremental compilation for classification and filtering rules
Configurable packet processor
Backplane interface adapter
Facilitating arbitration via information associated with groups of requesters
Method for selecting an outstation using a control center in a transmission system
Intelligent routing switching system
Methods and systems for providing wide-band voice service via a telephone switch system
Translation loop modulator
Start-up automatic frequency control (AFC) method and apparatus
Chip blanking and processing in SCDMA to mitigate impulse and burst noise and/or distortion
Flexible method and apparatus for encoding and decoding signals using a time division multiple frequency scheme
Timing estimation in an OFDM receiver
Method for performing turbo decoding in mobile communication system
Device for point compression for Jacobians of hyperelliptic curves
Apparatus for encryption and decryption, capable of use in encryption and decryption of advanced encryption standard
Method of supporting voice-band modem-to-modem calls in a wireless communication system
Vertical dynamic beam-forming
Coupling device for interfacing power amplifier and antenna in differential mode
Method and system for providing communication services for hearing-impaired parties
Wireless call information transfer
System and method for dithering with reduced memory
Calibration mechanism for an optical module of a sheet-fed scanner
Display apparatus displaying certain data without a program clock reference
Liquid crystal television receiver and liquid crystal display apparatus
Information processing apparatus and method, program, and recording medium
Motion vector search apparatus and method
Reconfigurable computing based multi-standard video codec
Apparatus and method for controlling transmission antenna arrays for a high speed physical downlink shared channel in a mobile communication system
mSCTP based handover of a mobile device between non-intersecting networks
Distributed radar detection for WLAN
Radio channel allocation for national security and emergency preparedness calls
Method for changing mobile subscriber service plan
Queuing far/far service requests in wireless network
Mobile communicating system, and a mobile terminal, an information center and a storage medium used therein
Seamless handoff system and method
System and method for generating message reference number for a mobile communication station
Method and system for mobile communications
Method and apparatus for adjusting power in a communication system for a channel used for power control for reverse feedback channels
Mobile communication system
Method for provisioning a telematics units
Soft hand-off in cellular mobile communications networks
Apparatus and method for reporting quality of downlink channel in W-CDMA communication systems supporting HSDPA
System and method for processing multimedia packets for a network
Vessel hull transducer modular mounting system
Device for actuating a membrane and a vehicle comprising a device for actuating a membrane
Generating separate analog audio programs from a digital link
Minimization of cooling air preheat for maximum packaging density
Case for portable terminal using color liquid crystal
Receptacle for a central processing unit
Torsion spring force and vertical shear pin retention of heat sink to CPU
High brightness LED apparatus with an integrated heat sink
Power electronics component
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Dual-liquid ornament having exclusive magnetic floating body driving mechanism
Performing selected optical measurements with optical coherence domain reflectometry
EKG driven CT image reconstruction for cardiac imaging
Method and apparatus for detecting and measuring conditions affecting color
Transient thermal marking of objects
Motion analysis system
X-ray computed tomography apparatus with correction for beam hardening
Scanning densitometry system with adjustable X-ray tube current
Computed tomography method
Method using post-patient radiation monitor to verify entrance radiation and dose in a radiation therapy machine
Whole-body radiotherapy device with multiple radioactive sources
Continuously pumped miniature X-ray emitting device and system for in-situ radiation treatment
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for controlling power supplied to an electrostatic device
Hydrophone for use in a downhole tool
Electrical ground fault protection circuit
In-situ automated contactless thickness measurement for wafer thinning
Method of manufacturing flat plate microlens and flat plate microlens
Capacitive element driving apparatus
Thermal printer
Tachograph having a shallow, installable housing
Ink sheet type-printing apparatus
Transformer assembling method, transformer, transformer-mounted substrate, power supply unit having transformer-mounted substrate, and recording apparatus including power supply unit
Self-powered tire revolution counter
Device for changing the passage of light through a window, especially through the transparent cover of a motor vehicle roof
Thermally enhanced microcircuit package and method of forming same
Optical beam steering switching system
Electronic device including multiple capacitance value MEMS capacitor and associated methods
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Dielectric ceramics, multilayer ceramic electric parts and method for the manufacture thereof
Method and apparatus for recovering metal values from liquid slag an baghouse dust of an electric arc furnace
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Ignition apparatus having built-in noise suppression
Electrical power transmission system
Jet pump slip joint seal
LCD Screen
Digital video teleconferencing camera system having a base
UV-absorbing filter and optical apparatus incorporating the same
Explosive scabbling of structural materials
Stage positioning device
Device for detecting optical position
Method and apparatus for angle measurement or to define angular location of an object
Three-dimensional image capturing device
Compact light integration interface
System for assisting customers in selecting an optimum color cosmetic product
Aberration measuring method, aberration measuring system and aberration measuring mask
Variable field angle and test pattern spatial frequency system for testing a lens
Apparatus for the measurement or visual matching of the color or color effects of surfaces
Imaging of superficial biological tissue layers using polarized light
Method of quantifying visual uniformity of planar objects
Defect inspection apparatus
Pulsed neutron elemental on-line material analyzer
Linear prediction of structure factors in x-ray crystallography
System and method for reducing phase ambiguity of crystal structure factors
X-ray fluorescence analyzing apparatus
Laser doppler velocimeter with high immunity to phase noise
Cable length and quality indicator
Semiconductor sensor for optically measuring polarization rotation of optical wavefronts using rare earth iron garnets
Small capacitance change detection device
Tapered anechoic chamber
Method and apparatus for providing asynchronous memory functions for bi-directional traffic in a switch platform
Circuit for bipolar transistor stress and qualification
Superconducting magnetic device
Method for producing a 3D image
Radar system for determining optical visual range
Method and system for mapping and tracking information from a plurality of remote stations
Image reproducing method and image data managing method
Method for time lapse reservoir monitoring
Image capture lens and image capture apparatus
Zoom lens system
High zoom ratio lens
Optical apparatus
Scanning confocal microscope
Laser microscope
Microscope, transillumination condenser therefor, and optical element slider
Objective changing-over apparatus
Microelectromechanically tunable, confocal, vertical cavity surface emitting laser and fabry-perot filter
Device for deviating electromagnetic rays or radiation beams in the optical spectral domain
Three Dimensional imaging system
Light modulator with two mirror sets
Laser scanning apparatus
Space-variant brightness control for see-through displays
Directional reflection screen and display system using the same
Parallax barrier, display, passive polarization modulating optical element and method of making such an element
Resin-molded optical element and method for manufacturing the same
Total internal reflection prismatically interleaved reflective film display screen
Device and method for recording an interference pattern in a photosensitive medium
Strain-stabilized birefringent crystal
System for the production of a dynamic image for display
Piezo-actuator based optical add/drop module
Fiber distribution shelf assembly for a fiber administration system having integral line tracing capabilities
Apparatus for preventing leakage of light in zoom lens barrel
Bioptic lens cover and protector
Waveplate polarization rotator
Opto-electric conversion semiconductor device
Transflective display device
Optical logic device and optical memory device
LCD with polymer spacers
Liquid crystal display device and electronic device including same
Liquid crystal display device and plasma-addressed display using the same
Display device comprising a scanning window
Display device having a light emitting element
Display apparatus
Liquid crystal light modulating element
Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) display pixel with multiple storage capacitors
LCD and projection type display using three metalization layers and black layer
Liquid crystal display device and associated fabrication method
Double cell liquid crystal
Liquid crystal display device
Electrochromic device
Dynamic diffractive optical transform
Optical wavelength converter
Method and apparatus for printing on a photosensitive material using a liquid crystal display
Exposure system
Exposure apparatus
Illumination system particularly for microlithography
Method and device for exposing both sides of a sheet
Capacitive pointing stick apparatus with floating conductive cone for symbol manipulation in a graphical user interface
Modular mechanism for movable display
Keyboard with interior stiffening ribs
Display and input device and display and input system
Extended functionally remote control system and method therefore
Notebook computer
Readily attachable and removable faceplates for a computer housing
Screwless disk drive frame positioning structure
Cooling device, cooling method, and electronic apparatus
Low profile high density rack mountable enclosure with superior cooling and highly accessible re-configurable components
External attached heat sink fold out
Arrangement and method relating to communications systems
Multi-level cache controller
Storage device for reliably maintaining data in a reproducible state for a long period of time
Method and apparatus for margining error rate of multi-drop data buses
Hot pluggable printed circuit board insulating system and method
Adjustable I/O timing from externally applied voltage
Data structure, method and apparatus providing efficient retrieval of data from a segmented information stream
Method and system for redirecting web page requests on a TCP/IP network
Method for automatic partitioning of node-weighted, edge-constrained graphs
Method and apparatus for eyetrack--mediated downloading
Graphical user interface and method for displaying hierarchically structured information
Method of conveying a relationship between objects in a scene
Information cursors
Printer apparatus, printer system and control method therefor
Method of reproducing image data in network projector system, and network projector system
Line-quadrupler in home theater uses line-doubler of AV-part and scaler in graphics controller of PC-part
Virtual space communication system, three-dimensional image display method, and apparatus therefor
System and method for transfer of an interlaced video signal over a data bus for use by a non-interlace video signal device
Interactive image generation method and apparatus utilizing a determination of the visual point position of an operator
Apparatus for bit operational process
Shell extensions for an operating system
Secondary user interface
System and method for combining local and remote windows into a single desktop environment
Method and apparatus for image scaling during printing
Multibit screening of print documents in a PDL environment
Facsimile apparatus and print control method
Print data processing method and apparatus
System and method for transmitting messages, in particular for updating data recorded in electronic labels
Disposable electronic chip device and process of manufacture
Method of forwarding electronic mail and a mailing system
Topography of software notes
Video conferencing on existing UTP infrastructure
Method for encoding bits in a signal
Method and apparatus for supporting texture patterns larger than supported natively by a graphics chip
Method and apparatus for logical zooming of a directed graph
Method and system for simultaneously displaying the throughput on multiple busses
Synchronizing graphics texture management in a computer system using threads
Three-dimensional virtual reality space display processing apparatus, a three-dimensional virtual reality space display processing method, and an information providing medium
Multiple processor visibility search system and method
Method and apparatus for clipping a function
System for rapidly performing scan conversion with anti-aliasing upon outline fonts and other graphic elements
Computer graphics system having per pixel fog blending
Method for rendering shadows with blended transparency without producing visual artifacts in real time applications
Apparatus and method for transmitting graphical representations
Image processing method image processing unit and recording medium recording integrated shaping model data and image processing program to be used thereof
Method for determining tiles in a computer display that are covered by a graphics primitive
Image producing system for three-dimensional pieces
Method of and device for forming X-ray images
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmission medium
Methods and apparatus for compensating for view aliasing artifacts
Process for dynamic monitoring of changes to deformable media, and prediction of changes thereof
Motion vector detection method, motion vector detection apparatus, and data storage media
Method and a apparatus for controlling a bit rate of picture data, and a storage medium which stores a program for controlling the bit rate
Force feedback device including flexure member between actuator and user object
Vehicle simulator having head-up display
Panel for displaying messages by light spots
Freestanding electronic presentation system
Alignment of cathode ray tube displays using a video graphics controller
Multiple-tone display system
LCD driving circuitry with reduced number of control signals
Active matrix devices
Data signal line driving circuit and image display apparatus
Flat display unit
Monitor status information storage and display
System and method for accessing object capabilities in a graphical program
Nonintrusive call notification method and system using content-specific information
Magnetic lens, magnetic reproducing element, reproducing apparatus and reproducing method
Self calibrating embedded stripe based timing tracking servo system for helical recorders
Loading/threading mechanism of cartridge magnetic tape apparatus
Disc clamp mechanism for disc apparatus
Floppy disk drive which prevents contact between a disk cartridge and magnetic heads until the disk cartridge is loaded from a loading portion to a recording/reproducing portion
Chucking device for disc drive
Device for reading from or writing to recording media in disc form exhibiting unbalance
Disk driving method and disk drive
Data recording apparatus and method, data playback apparatus and method, and optical disc
Decision based time-varying equalizers
Information reproduction apparatus, information recording apparatus, and reference mark detection circuit
Storage media reading system
Airflow assisted ramp loading and unloading of sliders in hard disk drives
Disc cartridge with improved shutter slide operation
Cartridge for an information recording medium
Tape cassette and tape cassette fabricating method
Apparatus for recording a continuous information stream in available gaps between pre-recorded portions of a recording track, record carrier so recorded, and apparatus for reading such record carrier
Transmitting and recording method, reproducing method, and reproducing apparatus of information and its recording medium
Representing data in a scripting tool
Method of estimating the clearance between a read/write transducer head and a magnetic recording medium
Information recording or information recording/reproducing device
Ergonomic safety assist mechanism for handling micro-sized computer hard disk drives
Disc reproducing apparatus
Magnetic disk, magnetic recording and reproducing method and magnetic disk unit
Silicon carbide substrate for forming magnetic head
Top spin valve sensor that has an iridium manganese (IrMn) pinning layer and an iridium manganese oxide (IrMnO) seed layer
Single domain state laminated thin film structure
Head slider supporting device, disk device and suspension
Disk unit having a head suspension
Coarse and fine positioning device employing a single driving mechanism
Disk drive with high speed read/write capability
Method and apparatus for a real and positional optimization of a storage disk data zone
Repeatable runout compensation using a learning algorithm with scheduled parameters
Optical recording method
Optical disc apparatus and method thereof
Optical disk and a recording/reproduction apparatus using multiple address block groups shifted oppositely with multiple address blocks and clock synchronization
Optical disk, optical disk drive apparatus, and optical disk tracking method
Optical recording medium, media tracking method and recording/reproducing apparatus
Optical disk unit
Near-field optical recording/reading apparatus
Optical pickup device
Optical head
Optical pickup device
Light transmission device and apparatus including light transmission device
Light-pick-up device and light source unit incorporated in the same
Optical recording disc capable of preventing illegal copy
Optical recording medium manufacturing master recording apparatus
Combining RAM and ROM into a single memory array
Magnetic field element having a biasing magnetic layer structure
Ferroelectric memory device having an internal supply voltage, which is lower than the external supply voltage, supplied to the memory cells
Methods of reading and writing data from/ on semiconductor memory device, and method for driving the device
Memory cell configuration
Semiconductor memory having dual port cell supporting hidden refresh
Dynamic memory circuit with automatic refresh function
DRAM refresh timing adjustment device, system and method
Dynamic random access memory with low power consumption
Integrated circuit containing a number of subcircuits
Semiconductor memory device capable of efficient memory cell select operation with reduced element count
Integrated circuit memory devices having selectable column addressing and methods of operating same
Semiconductor memory device and memory system for improving bus efficiency
Magnetic memory device
Read/write eight-slot CAM with interleaving
Nonvolatile memory, cell array thereof, and method for sensing data therefrom
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, production and operation method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, memory module, storage device and the method for repairing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Redundancy architecture and method for non-volatile storage
Non-volatile memory with peak current noise reduction
Apparatus and method for programming voltage protection in a non-volatile memory system
Semiconductor device
Read circuit of nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Negative voltage regulation
Method of programming a non-volatile memory cell using a substrate bias
Non-volatile memory, method of manufacture, and method of programming
Active terminate command in synchronous flash memory
Erasing device and method for flash memory
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Method and device for refreshing the memory content of a memory cell of a read-only memory
Threshold voltage compacting for non-volatile semiconductor memory designs
Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
Via code Mask ROM
Enabling circuit for output devices in electronic memories
Redundancy mapping in a multichip semiconductor package
System and method for providing row redundancy with no timing penalty for built-in-self-repair (BISR) in high density memories
Semiconductor memory device and method of repairing same
Integrated memory having memory cells and reference cells
Nonvolatile memory and high speed memory test method
Semiconductor memory device and method of testing the same
High speed access compatible memory module
Die architecture accommodating high-speed semiconductor devices
Semiconductor memory device having dummy cells around memory cells for serving as compensating capacitor and power supply system incorporated therein
Directional coupling memory module
Method of reducing standby current during power down mode
Clock generating circuit ensuring a wide lock-allowing frequency range and allowing reduction in layout area as well as a semiconductor device provided with the same
Variable equilibrate voltage circuit for paired digit lines
Arrangement of bitline boosting capacitor in semiconductor memory device
Electrical and/or electronic system integrated with an isolating device and method that isolates a functional module
Stabilized direct sensing memory architecture
Double-edged clocked storage device and method
Synchronous semiconductor memory device allowing control of operation mode in accordance with operation conditions of a system
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for adjusting characteristics of the same
Multiple memory bank command for synchronous DRAMs
Recording apparatus and method, reproducing apparatus and method, and recording medium
Making storage/transport container for radioactive material
Apparatus for guiding X-rays
X-ray apparatus including a filter with filter elements having an adjustable absorptivity
Anti-scatter grid, method, and apparatus for forming same
Large surface area x-ray tube window and window cooling plenum
Multi-layered inductor array
Inductance element
Linear coil acoustic noise inhibiting
Flat-coil actuator having coil embedded in linkage
Capacitor comprising a BCZT dielectric
Interface for auxiliaries used with plug-in base
Circuit interrupter with secure base and terminal connection
Magnetic release system for a circuit breaker
Circuit interrupting device with reverse wiring protection
Current limiting circuit breaker with positive temperature coefficient resistivity (PTC) element and insertable insulating object
Mounting lugs providing reduced microphonic interaction
X-ray tube having improved focal spot control
Capacitive element
Microwave to millimeter wave frequency substrate interface
Ferroelectric capacitor
Thermally enhanced chip scale package
Vapor chamber system for cooling mobile computing systems
Fuse relay junction block for use in automobiles
Electrostatic discharge circuit having power-up and power-down protection
Fuse programming circuit for programming fuses
Ferroelectric random access memory (FeRAM) having storage capacitors with different coercive voltages
Glass antenna for side windshield of automotive vehicle
Cellular telephone antenna array
Expansion card for wireless data transmission and antenna structure for the same
Ionic shield for devices that emit radiation
Low profile antenna radome element with rib reinforcements
Primary radiator having a shorter dielectric plate
Primary radiator suitable for size reduction and preventing deterioration of cross polarization characteristic
Electrically-small low Q radiator structure and method of producing EM waves therewith
Antenna with double-band electronic scanning, with active microwave reflector
Circularly polarized wave antenna device
Tunable PIFA antenna
Contrawound antenna
Single element antenna apparatus
Shielded housing for electronic circuit or components
All-optical gain controlled L-band EDFA structure with reduced four-wave mixing cross-talk
Laser amplification system
High-power external-cavity optically-pumped semiconductor lasers
Device for wavefront correction in an ultra high power laser
Method and device for encoding data into high speed optical train
Tunable external cavity diode laser
Edge-emitting semiconductor laser having asymmetric interference filters
Earth protection device sensitive to arc currents, trip device and circuit breaker comprising such a device
Frequency-selective circuit protection arrangements
System and method for providing surge, short, and reverse polarity connection protection
Residual current device
Electromagnetic actuator with function detecting position of driven member
Transient current suppression circuitry for reducing noise of battery floating across input of voltage polarity switch
Output feedback and under-voltage detection system that senses an input current representing a voltage input
Power conversion apparatus utilizing soft switching resonant snubber circuitry
Noise-cut filter
High-efficiency, low noise, inductorless step-down DC/DC converter
Power electronic circuits with ripple current cancellation
Miniature, high voltage, low ripple, high efficiency, high reliability, DC to DC converter
Control circuit for paralleling power supplies and method of operation thereof
Drive circuits for microelectromechanical systems devices
Reducing voltage transients across a MOSFET in a synchronous rectifier in a DC/DC converter
LLC converter includes a current variation detector for correcting a frequency adjusting control signal of an included difference detector
Circuit arrangement
Control system adapted to control operation of an ac/dc converter
Rectifying circuit and control method therefor
Control device for electric power translating device
Correlator with serial-parallel partition
Frequency demodulation apparatus and method
Electric noise absorber and method for its assembly with a cable
Method of tuning thin film resonator filters by removing or adding piezoelectric material
Surface acoustic wave resonator, surface acoustic wave device, and communication device using shear horizontal waves
Active snubber circuit with controllable DV/DT
Gate oxide protection method
Signal transmission circuit and semiconductor memory using the same
Implementation method for adaptive equalizer in CMOS
Method and apparatus for a digitally controlled constant current source for phase adjustment of a synthesized clock
Soft and hard sequence detection in ISI memory channels
Efficient metric memory configuration for a Viterbi decoder
Device and method for coding information and device and method for decoding coded information
Decoding chip streams
Code-multiplexing communication apparatus
Optical amplifying device
Wide-band optical fiber amplifier and amplifying method thereof
System for reducing the influence of polarization mode dispersion in high-speed fiber optic transmission channels
Device for adding and dropping optical signals
Integrated dual-wavelength transceiver
Laser communications link
Method and apparatus for estimating an error rate in a digital communication system
Adaptive power margin for hard handoffs in code division multiple access based systems
Data communication device and method for mobile communication system with dedicated control channel
Method for TDMA transmission on a plurality of carrier frequencies, corresponding signal and receiver
Throttler for rapid start-up of a broadcast automation system
Method in a telecommunication system
Recognition and utilization of auxiliary error control transmissions
System for improved transmission of acknowledgements within a packet data network
Reliable internet facsimile protocol
Alternate use of data packet fields to convey information
Dynamically scaleable conference system
Method to establish a home network on multiple physical layers
Method and apparatus for routing server redundancy in a network having carrier scale internetworking
Process and apparatus for the operation of virtual private networks on a common data packet communication network
Load balancing mechanism for a translational bridge environment
Method and apparatus for managing congestion within an internetwork using window adaptation
Restriction of source address look-ups in network
Method and management of communications over media of finite bandwidth
Dynamic weighted round robin queuing
Forwarding database cache
Reservation of connections in a communications network
Method for scheduling time slots in a communications network channel to support on-going video transmissions
Multiplexed asynchronous serial communication systems methods and computer program products
Message processing method, device, system and recording medium
Buffer controller incorporated in asynchronous transfer mode network for changing transmission cell rate depending on duration of congestion and method for controlling thereof
Cell transfer rate control apparatus and method
Inter-class schedulers utilizing statistical priority guaranteed queuing and generic cell-rate algorithm priority guaranteed queuing
Two-component bandwidth scheduler having application in multi-class digital communications systems
Link-level flow control method for an ATM server
Virtual port scheduler
Method and system for filter based message processing in a unified messaging system
Internet facsimile apparatus, network system having the same, and method of controlling the same
Method of designing an equalizer
Self-optimizing channel equalization and detection
Stepwise adaptive finite impulse response filter for spread spectrum radio
Apparatus and method for adjusting an input gain and comparator threshold value within an access identifier interval on a telephone line medium
Method and apparatus for implementing enhanced multiple modulus conversion techniques in a signal point mapping context
Data transmission method and apparatus
Integrated circuit for receiving a data stream
Digital gaussian frequency shift keying modulator
Digital satellite broadcasting receive in which loop bandwidth of PLL circuit is changed at the time of centering
Digital audio broadcast receiver and tuning method thereof
Carrier phase derived symbol timing
Multicarrier transmission system for irregular transmission of data blocks
Multi-carrier transmission systems
Packet-based trunking
Method and apparatus for supporting header suppression and multiple microflows in a network
Voice internet transmission system
Spread spectrum receiver
Method and apparatus for bit synchronization in optical communication and networking systems
Phase processor for data pattern correlator
Apparatus and method for future transmission of device-independent messages
Answering system for a communication device
Automated telephone line test apparatus with intelligent diagnostic function
User interface for sorting photographs on a digital camera
Interactive hardcopy re-sampling without re-scanning
Control apparatus for avoiding equipment abnormality
Apparatus for scanning a written or printed matter
Method of processing data in various applications
Facsimile apparatus with function for communication with plural partners using public switched telephone network adaptor, local area network adaptor and integrated services digital network adaptor
Image forming apparatus for detecting full of file buffer
Apparatus and a method for indicating a call charge on a display of a facsimile device
Facsimile apparatus having V.8 protocol facility and facsimile communication method
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image processing apparatus having plural image processors and apparatus which merges data to be input and output to the image processors
Laser exposure unit including plural laser beam sources differing in wavelengths
Interpolation of greyscale levels
Method and system for calibrating digital cameras
Method and apparatus for generating an HDTV signal for use in demonstrating an HDTV receiver
Mitigation of multipath using ultra wideband DTV overlay signal
Technique for minimizing decision feedback equalizer wordlength in the presence of a DC component
Digital broadcast signal processing apparatus and method in which channel interference by analog broadcast is prevented
Effects recall between mix/effects banks
Video switching and mix/effecting equipment
Display master control
Recording medium for protecting copyrighted data
System and data format for communicating data between a video decoder and a peripheral device
Image pickup apparatus and system
Video assisted program environment
Automated video person tracking system
Digital optical transmitter with compression
Transport packet distribution system and method using local header
Bandwidth scaling of a compressed video stream
Code amount control device and encoding apparatus using the same
Harmonic measurement of blockiness in video signals
Video signal compressing method and apparatus, and compressed data multiplexing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for motion estimation using block matching
Method and apparatus for advanced encoder system
Method and apparatus for using a receiver model to multiplex variable-rate bit streams having timing constraints
Method and apparatus for modifying tables of data
Projection televisions with holographic screens having center to edge variations
Filtering video signals containing chrominance information
Automatic white balance adjusting circuit in color image display
Image packet communications system
ATM network time management method
Low-overhead service specific convergence layer for voice and telephony over packet-based systems
Internet telephone service
Communication system with two stage multiplexing
Method related to GPRS (general packet radio service) system providing packet switched connections
High speed data communication system and method
Base station synchronization for handover in a hybrid GSM/CDMA network
Method for sharing an associated control channel of mobile station user in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for enabling multimedia calls using session initiation protocol
Radioelectronic unit
Multi-chip ball grid array IC packages
Circuit board with an electronic component and a method for producing a connection between the circuit board and the component
Universal retaining mechanism and holder thereof
Card guide and method of guiding circuit boards
Processor arrangement and thermal interface
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