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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus and method for adjusting tension of a harrowing chain
Trimmer with cutting height adjustment
Bale handling implement
Animal toileting system and method
Method and apparatus for the automatic identification of birds by their vocalizations
Fishing lure
Fishing strike indicator
Extrusion processing of high meat quantity feeds using preconditioner with hot air input
Head mounted device and head mounted system
Sports boot with articulated upper cuff to provide a position for walking
Fitting system for securing a panel to a wall or ceiling
High burst zipper assembly for large reclosable packages
Contact lens storage case
Hair styling tool, system and method of use
Toothbrush with elastomer filled flexible head
Forwardly movable motor vehicle seat
Vehicle seat lift structure
Task chair
Salon chair having movable foot rest
Combined shoe rack
Ceiling mounted lift for a multi-purpose projector
Toeboard clamp system
Method and apparatus for calibration-free eye tracking
Self-ligating orthodontic bracket assembly
Adhesive condom and deployment
Apparatus for continuous collection of human waste products and method for incontinence management
Myoelectrically activated respiratory leak sealing
Split tube belay device
Automatic fire extinguishing system for an existing Christmas tree and associated method
Article including a strap for retaining or tightening a foot or a boot
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method and apparatus for digesting sludge
Detachable aromatic nebulizing diffuser
Apparatus and method for applying coatings to a surface
Liquid application device and ink jet recording apparatus
Press working method and press working apparatus
Flexible roller assembly
Vertical spinner
Method of roll-forming an automotive support member
Apparatus and method for manufacturing foam parts
Synchronous apparatus
Method for tightening a screwed joint on a component in an automated manner, and suitable industrial robot system
Apparatus for moving and positioning objects to be press laminated
Plumbing tool
Screw fastener
Guard for filament-type trimmer for protection while trimming vegetation
Method for cutting off glass panes from a continuously produced glass sheet
Medication dispensing method and apparatus
Support shoe for a reciprocating saw
Post cure rotational stations
Retainer for overmolded electrical circuit
Screw press with radial gate valve and supported screw shaft
Apparatus and method for fabricating bonded substrate
Adjustable delivery web conversion apparatus and method
Light irradiation apparatus and injet printer
Liquid ejection head, liquid ejection apparatus and method of manufacturing liquid ejection head
Inkjet print head
Ink jet recording head and ink jet recording apparatus
Method for setting the relative speed between a print head and a recording medium in a thermotransfer printing device
Ink stick with electronically-readable memory device
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet printing method
Ejection status determining method for inkjet printing head
Stencil printing apparatus
Unique label for indentification or security system
Towel / fabric clip
Sealing structure of a rotation unit and air conditioning apparatus having the same
Attachments to sliding doors and vehicles including same
Locomotive-radiator-cooling-fan tankhead assembly
Vehicle seat assembly capable of performing an easy entry function and memory return
Reclining device for seats in vehicles
Vehicle seat stabilization system and a stabilization device
Vehicle seating system including seat mounted reversible pelvic bolster
Vehicle trailer apparatus
Tie-down for wheelchairs
Airbag device and steering wheel
Inflatable airbag cushion assemblies with modified throat portions
Airbag module for motor vehicle
Safety belt system for a motor vehicle
Vehicle leveling apparatus
Hydraulic brake lever assembly
Connection between the roof cross-member and the upper center pillar reinforcement of a motor vehicle
Articulated vehicle stabilization system
Spherical armored mobile platform
Motorcycle frame having integral fuel tank and airbox
Bicycle front fork assembly
Power assisted electric bicycle
Method and device for supporting the take-off rotation of an aircraft
Package unbundling system
Bag formed by a set of detachable bags
Waste disposal device with self-closing lid
Building design of a container-drum
Drainage apparatus for a sump of a floating roof tank
Transportable pick-up conveyor
Method and device for the selective processing of printed products
Stackable tippet spool
Self-contained self-elevating platform lift
Filling valve having a three-position valve rod
Fuel dispensing unit with gas sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Microprism and microrod lenses, method for the production thereof
Textiles; Paper
Apparatus and method for sensing vibration of washing machine
Washing machine and method for controlling the same
Fixed Constructions
Safety device for motorized access passageways
Apparatus for cleaning synthetic grass
Post-puller and method
Gazebo structure
Standardized compression bar system for a braced front construction
Deployable triangular truss beam with orthogonally-hinged folding diagonals
Gate latch
Wheel suspension mechanism
Wind abatement system
Rail assembly for a glass door
Suspended anchored climbing device with safety features
Downhole cable gripping/shearing device
Cover assembly for flanges and other tubular members
Process and apparatus for release and recovery of methane from methane hydrates
Method and system for fracturing subsurface formations during the drilling thereof
Technique and apparatus to deploy a cement plug in a well
Expandable earth boring apparatus using impregnated and matrix materials for enlarging a borehole
Mining and demolition tool
Rotary cutting pick
Plastic rock-bolt or dowel
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Water hydraulic machine
Powder metal scroll hub joint
Magnetic field enhanced metal fuel combustion
Valve drive for an internal combustion engine
Exhaust purification system for internal combustion engine
Multi-stroke variable displacement engine
Fragmentor for bird ingestible gas turbine engine
Exhaust gas recirculation control system
Wind turbine with improved cooling
Portable wave-swash and coastal-wind energy harvester
Wind energy converter, a wind turbine foundation, a method and use of a wind turbine foundation
Braided wind turbine blades and method of making same
Systems and methods for improving drivetrain efficiency for compressed gas energy storage
Thermal sprayed bearing shells for connecting rod
Multi-plate centrifugal clutch and vehicle equipped with the same
System for cooling a disc brake rotor and collecting brake pad waste
Helical gear sets
Dispensing head for air pump
Tubing configuration and sealing method for high pressure tubing on high pressure fuel systems
Differential pitch hammerless connection with hydraulic driving mechanism
Heat dissipation
Bracket assembly
Versatile illumination system
Recessed sealed lighting fixture
Reflector window for use in a light lamp
Modular lighting system and lighting arrangement
Semiconductor light-emitting apparatus integrated with heat-conducting/dissipating module
Thermal module assembly
Thermal dispersing structure for LED or SMD LED lights
Street lamp emitting filtered light
Light emitting panel assemblies
LED-edgelit light guide fixture having LED receiving grooves
Temporary emergency headlight for vehicles
Boiler and method for controlling air and fuel ratio using air pressure sensor
Superalloy mortar tube
Physics C flow sensor
Multiphase flowmeter using a combination of pressure differentials and ultrasound doppler readings
Arrangement for the non-contact measurement of torque
Sensor unit for the measurment of a variable in a medium
Method to test for a leak in a fuel tank system
Inspection apparatus and inspection method using electromagnetic wave
Leakage current reduction system and method
Area optimized edge-triggered flip-flop for high-speed memory dominated design
Semiconductor test management system and method
Minimize carbonization of developer liquid
System for loading configuration data into a configuration word register by independently loading a plurality of configuration blocks through a plurality of configuration inputs
Transaction-based power management in a computer system
Blade server performance management method and system
Fault-tolerant architecture for in-circuit programming
Securing method of data transfer and data transfer system provided therewith
Method and device for non-destructively recovering data in a data processing system
Automatic classification of event data
Fault tolerant multi-node computing system for parallel-running a program under different environments
Method for recovering data from a redundant storage object
Systems and methods for preventing unauthorized use of digital content
Unified program for simultaneously displaying graphically-editable graphics presentation and linguistically-editable linguistic definition of the graphics presentation and for synchronizing the graphics presentation and the linguistic definition to one another
Automatic configuration of equipment software
Interactively comparing records in a database
Notification method and notification device
Sharing, managing and communicating information over a computer network
Method and apparatus for generic search interface across document types
System and method for generating optimized binary representation of an object tree
High level synthesis method for semiconductor integrated circuit
Integrated circuit design and testing
Method for reducing the evaluation outlay in the monitoring of layout changes for semiconductor chips
Method for providing memory cells capable of allowing multiple variations of metal level assignments for bitlines and wordlines
Optimizing dynamic power characteristics of an integrated circuit chip
Methods, systems and media for managing functional verification of a parameterizable design
System, method and computer program product for a firewall summary interface
Parameter evaluation system
Change detection in a graphical user interface
Message passing in a graphical user interface
Method and apparatus for vending a containerized liquid product utilizing an automatic self-service refill system
Methods and apparatus for self describing devices
Multiprocessor system having a plurality of control programs stored in a continuous range of addresses of a common memory and having identification registers each corresponding to a processor and containing data used in deriving a starting address of a CPU-linked interrupt handler program to be executed by the corresponding processor
Data structure used for skeleton function of a class in a skeleton code creation tool
Transaction redirection mechanism for handling late specification changes and design errors
System and method for generating data sets for testing embedded systems
Method and system for recording program information in the event of a failure
Arbitrary and expandable high-precision datatype and method of processing
Method and system for storing pending changes to data
Startup system and method using boot code
Object connectivity through loosely coupled publish and subscribe events
Most used programs list
System and method for personalizing a card
Systems, methods, and computer program products for mitigating signal noise at a wireless smart device reader
Near infrared ink security feature
Bar code device
System, method, and computer program product for determining a price utilizing a pattern oriented rule implemented table
Surgical-training device and method of manufacturing the same
Recirculating levitated beads fountain display apparatus
Cable markers for use in close quarters
Method for joining components with shape memory alloys
Method of manufacturing a magnetic write head for perpendicular magnetic recording
Content addressable memory with error detection
Bulk-scaffolded hydrogen storage and releasing materials and methods for preparing and using same
First connector, second connector, and electrical connecting device
Burn-in socket with plated contacts
Electrical connector having datum block facilitating precise alignment
Pivoting connector
Spark ignition device for internal combustion engine
Parallel decoding of a BCH encoded signal
Error detection and correction in a CAM
Recording and reproducing apparatus, signal decoding circuit, error correction method and iterative decoder
Method for dynamic selection for secure and firewall friendly communication protocols between multiple distributed modules
Authenticating concealed private data while maintaining concealment
Apparatus and method for storing and distributing encrypted digital content and functionality suite associated therewith
Promotion server using video on demand channel
Seamless switching between different playback speeds of time-scale modified data streams
Method of forming an electrical heating element
Multilayer printed circuit board and method for manufacturing same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Device for the measurement of moisture of harvested crop
Method and apparatus for inspecting cigarette heads
Rotary brush device and vacuum cleaner using the same
Expandable MRI receiving coil
MRI apparatus
Fluid analyzer with tube connector verifier
Ionization chamber for ion beams and method for monitoring the intensity of an ion beam
Device for measuring the velocity of a magnetically receptive object
Level/position sensor and related electronic circuitry for interactive toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Mass spectrometry of solution and apparatus therefor
Sol solution and method for film formation
Fluid nozzle system and method in an emitted energy system for photolithography
Transducer array using multi-layered elements and a method of manufacture thereof
Article delivery system
Method for sorting integrated circuit devices
Method for forming a semiconductor device having a semiconductor film with a height difference
Wafer positioner with planar motor and mag-lev fine stage
Timing ruler or timing disk and process for its manufacture
Combined suction cup and isolated sensor
Outflow element for vehicles, in particular, motor vehicles
Method for standardizing the pane position of a vehicle window lifter actuated by external force
Engine control circuit for a lawn tractor
Power output apparatus, hybrid vehicle equipped with the same and method for controlling operating point of engine
Battery voltage measurement apparatus
Low power supervisor controller
Method for capacitive object recognition in vehicles
Alarm mechanism
Device and method for sensing an object or a person in the interior of a vehicle
Agent apparatus
Motorcycle safety and lock reminder system
Keyless security entry control method for motor vehicles
Uninsured and/or stolen vehicle tracking system
Moisture sensor with digital signal processing filtering
Commutation system for torque ripple minimization
System for monitoring airport equipments utilizing power-line carrier
Radiation-based contactless position reference system and method for elevators
Chemistry; Metallurgy
CRT bulb glass containing PbO and Fe2O3
Waveform shaping device
Scintillator crystals and their applications and manufacturing process
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for determining the location of underground objects during a digging operation
Apparatus and method for a machine stability system for an articulated work machine
Motor vehicle door lock and process for its control
Electronic locking device
Permanent optical sensor downhole fluid analysis systems
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Starting system and method for a microturbine power generation unit
Addressable diode isolated thin film array
Drive system
Airfoil ventilation system for a building and the like
Ceramic sheathed-type glow plug
Glow plug and spark plug, and manufacturing method therefor
Electronic message delivery system utilizable in the monitoring of remote equipment and method of same
Semiconductor package with internal heat spreader
Apparatus for judging whether bump height is proper or not
Capacitive distance sensor
System and method of land marking
Vibration gyroscope
Vibrator, vibratory gyroscope, and vibration adjusting method
Detecting a low performance takeoff condition for aircraft for use with ground proximity warning systems
Encoder using polarized filters
Optoelectronic path-, angle- or rotation-measuring device
Propane level monitor assembly
Target locking system for electron beam lithography
Optical amplifier control unit, optical amplification apparatus, and transmission system
Solar blind-UVC photochromic detector and method for calibration
Bolometer type infrared sensor with material having hysterisis
Process for manufacture of sensors, and sensor so made, particularly a temperature sensor
Structure and fabrication process for an improved high temperature sensor
Device for temperature determination and process for manufacturing such a device
Use of carbon nanotubes as chemical sensors by incorporation of fluorescent molecules within the tube
Apparatus and methods for capturing defect data
Glass inspection system including bright field and dark field illumination
Illumination for inspecting surfaces of articles
System and method for detecting cracks in a tooth by ultrasonically exciting and thermally imaging the tooth
Microfabricated AC impedance sensor
Sensing unit provided with separated detection light guiding
Method and apparatus for making measurements of accumulations of magnetically susceptible particles combined with analytes
Load board socket adapter and interface method
Circuitry testing substrates
Electrical contactor for automatic testing of chips including RF chips
Electrical contact assembly
Test interconnect for semiconductor components having bumped and planar contacts
Automatic probe identification system
Test interconnect for bumped semiconductor components and method of fabrication
Membrane probing system with local contact scrub
Method and system for providing an automated switching box for testing of integrated circuit devices
Inductive sensor for measuring a current in a conductor
High current measurement system incorporating an air-core transducer
RMS-DC converter having gain stages with variable weighting coefficients
Low-voltage detecting circuit
Screening method for a multi-layered ceramic capacitor
Cable continuity tester and tracer
Method for detecting short-circuit conditions and device which uses this method
Cable loss correction of distance to fault and time domain reflectometer measurements
Characterization of a semiconductor/dielectric interface by photocurrent measurements
ICT test fixture for fine pitch testing
PC card clamping device for automated test fixture
Electric device testing apparatus and electric device testing method
Integrated semiconductor device with wafer-level burn-in circuit and function decision method of wafer-level burn-in circuit
Method for delay line linearity testing
SOI pass gate leakage monitor
Semiconductor device test circuit
Methods and circuits for precise edge placement of test signals
Data retention registers
Auxiliary battery test and alarm system for telecommunication equipment
Battery state monitoring circuit and battery device
Passive solid-state magnetic field sensors and applications therefor
Cooled NMR probe head with uniform temperature control of the sample
Radio frequency coil for open magnetic resonance imaging system
Method for prescribing a reference quantity for a gradient field
Low noise MRI scanner
Estimate of transversal motion of the NMR tool during logging
Method and system to determine physical properties
Position detection system integrated into mobile terminal
Satellite navigation receiver and method
Global positioning method, terminal, and system
Method of processing multipath navigation signals in a receiver having a plurality of antennas
Methods and systems for monitoring multiple channels in a very high frequency omni-directional range receiver
Method for checking an fm/cw type radio altimeter, and radio altimeter designed for the implementation of this method
Integrator for radar return signals with high acceleration uncertainty
Single receiver wireless tracking system
Hexagonal-annulus phased array antenna for radar wind profiling on moving platforms
Obstruction detection method for vehicle
Cargo sensing system and method
Detection of emissions from commercial electronic devices that include an amplitude modulation component
Antenna data compression using multi-dipole antenna
Rotating doppler receiver
Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and method
Information terminal with positioning function, positioning system, method of positioning, storage medium, and computer program product
A-scan ISAR target recognition system and method
Method and device for the alignment of an automobile radar
X-ray detector shape
Flat panel x-ray imager with gain layer
Active-matrix substrate, two-dimensional image detector having the same, and pixel defect correcting method of two-dimensional image detector
Planar image detector for electromagnetic radiation, particularly X-rays
Interactive method and apparatus for locating and identifying utilities
Inductive detection sensor head for buried ferrous and non-ferrous electrically conducting objects
Infrared chopper using binary diffractive optics
Method and apparatus to correct for thermally-induced wavefront distortion in crystal rods
Diffusion barrier spikes for III-V structures
Electro-optical device and method for driving the same
CR reader with vertical scanning
Particle-optical apparatus and process for the particle-optical production of microstructures
Exposure method and scanning-type exposure apparatus
Backup method of microcomputer used in case of stoppage of operation, backup unit of microcomputer, and control unit for controlling power window for automobile use
Actuator position control with inductive sensing
Control method for NC machine tool
System for determining the position of an object with respect to a magnetic field sources
Linear two quadrant voltage regulator
Electronic control circuit
Voltage generating circuit and reference voltage source circuit employing field effect transistors
Circuit and method for multi-phase alignment
Method of controlling a clock signal and circuit for controlling a clock signal
Phase-locked loop or delay-locked loop circuitry for programmable logic devices
Keyboard and thereof input method
Coordinate input pen, and electronic board, coordinate input system and electronic board system using the coordinate input pen
Semiconductor device with circuit for adjusting input/output terminal capacitance
Analog multiplying circuit and variable gain amplifying circuit
Charge pump type voltage booster circuit
Crystal lattice quantum computer
Railcar maintenance management system
Toll collection system and its communication method
Garage door security device
Method and apparatus for processing paper money
Air controlled sensor
System and method for monitoring and controlling remote devices
Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods
Smoke alarm device
Two wire sensor device
Integrated circuits for testing a display array
AC plasma display device
Gray scale display reference voltage generating circuit capable of changing gamma correction characteristic and LCD drive unit employing the same
Motor and disc assembly for computer hard drive
Method and apparatus for spinning a multiphase motor for a disk drive system from an inactive state
Magnetic field characteristics evaluation apparatus and magnetic field characteristics measuring method
Signal processing circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit converting AC signal using two voltage reference values
Optical device
Low consumption voltage boost device
Sample-and-hold circuit and A/D converter
Using a timing strobe for synchronization and validation in a digital logic device
Dynamic sense amplifier for low-power applications
Clock generating circuit for compensation of delay difference using closed loop analog synchronous mirror delay structure
Clock generation circuit, control method of clock generation circuit, clock reproducing circuit, semiconductor memory device, and dynamic random access memory
Integrated memory
Hyperbaric hydrothermal atomic force microscope
Scanner system and piezoelectric micro-inching mechansim used in scanning probe microscope
Product irradiation device and method of irradiating products using the same
Method and apparatus for providing a variable inductor on a semiconductor chip
Apparatus for wireless transfer of power to a rotating element
Vacuum circuit-breaker, vacuum bulb for use therein, and electrodes thereof
Pushbutton switch
Pressure sensitive direction switches
Spring powered electrical switching apparatus with anti-rollover cam
Hybrid circuit breaker
Hybrid circuit breaker
Ground fault circuit interrupter
Coplanar-type plasma panel with improved matrix structure arrangement
Hollow cathode type color PDP
Vacuum field transistor
Magnetron having choke structures with a gap spacing therebetween
Crossed-field amplifier with multipactor suppression
Tensioned shadow mask and color cathode ray tube adopting the same
Color cathode ray tube having an improved shadow mask
Color cathode ray tube with curved shadow mask having central recessed portions
Electron emission device with picture element array
Wide-angle deflection color cathode ray tube with a reduced dynamic focus voltage
Cathode-ray tube
Seamless electron transfer for multiple-gun direct view CRTS
System for enhanced vision employing an improved image intensifier with an unfilmed microchannel plate
Method and apparatus for adjusting a charged particle beam of a beam optical system
Charge amplifier with bias compensation
Simultaneous heating and exposure of reticle with pattern placement correction
Charged particle beam projection lithography with variable beam shaping
Methods and apparatus for adjusting beam parallelism in ion implanters
Plasma generator
System and method for calibrating time-of-flight mass spectra
Cold-end device of a low-pressure mercury vapor discharge lamp
Short-arc discharge lamp
Electrode for discharge lamps
Selfballasted fluorescent lamp having specified tube geometry, luminous flux, lamp efficiency and power requirements
Dielectric barrier discharge lamp
Method of mounting semiconductor chip
Plasma damage protection cell using floating N/P/N and P/N/P structure
Niobium-near noble metal contact structures for integrated circuits
Integrated circuit capacitor
Bumpless flip chip assembly with strips-in-via and plating
Semiconductor device adapted for mounting on a substrate
Semiconductor device having chamfered silicide layer and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Method for fabricating semiconductor components with high aspect ratio features
Ball grid array type semiconductor package having a flexible substrate
Wire bonding method, semiconductor device, circuit board, electronic instrument and wire bonding device
Multiphase low dielectric constant material and method of deposition
High quality factor, integrated inductor and production method thereof
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of forming a semiconductor device
Heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) with three-dimensional base contact
Self-aligned dual-base semiconductor process and structure incorporating multiple bipolar device types
Article comprising a dielectric material of ZR-Ge-Ti-O or Hf-Ge-Ti-O and method of making the same
Thin film transistor
Low dielectric constant sidewall spacer using notch gate process
Insulated gate semiconductor device and process for fabricating the same
Method and apparatus for controlling a workpiece in a vacuum chamber
Integrated circuit device providing isolation between adjacent regions
Method for making shallow trenches for isolation
Shallow trench isolation on a silicon substrate using nitrogen implant into the side wall
Dual trench isolation for a phase-change memory cell and method of making same
Silicon-on-insulator (SOI) substrate, method for fabricating SOI substrate and SOI MOSFET using the SOI substrate
Semiconductor structure having a planar junction termination with high breakdown voltage and low parasitic capacitance
Thin film metal barrier for electrical interconnections
Capacitor for semiconductor devices
Interlayer dielectric with a composite dielectric stack
Wiring structure of a semiconductor integrated circuit and a method of forming the wiring structure
Super-halo formation in FETs
Semiconductor memory device with reduced orientation-dependent oxidation in trench structures
Memory cell with a stacked capacitor
Process for the manufacturing of an electrically programmable non-volatile memory device
Semiconductor package with metal pads
Vertically mountable interposer, assembly and method
Semiconductor apparatus and frame used for fabricating the same
Eddy current limiting thermal plate
Dual-sided chip package without a die pad
Lead frame used for the fabrication of semiconductor packages and semiconductor package fabricated using the same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device mounting interconnection board
Making semiconductor devices having stacked dies with biased back surfaces
Semiconductor device having improved electrical characteristics and method of producing the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit having an improved grounding structure
Raised tungsten plug antifuse and fabrication processes
Die power distribution system
Semiconductor device having first and second chips
Internal probe pads for failure analysis
Semiconductor base material having fine dot mark
Integrated circuit chip package with test points
Semiconductor elements for semiconductor device
CSP stacking technology using rigid/flex construction
Semiconductor device
Charged device model electrostatic discharge protection for integrated circuits
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with reduced line resistance and method of manufacturing
Method of forming dynamic random access memory circuitry and dynamic random access memory
Compact trench capacitor memory cell with body contact
Semiconductor device having gate-gate, drain-drain, and drain-gate connecting layers and method of fabricating the same
One-time UV-programmable non-volatile semiconductor memory and method of programming such a semiconductor memory
Non-volatile memory cell with silicided contacts
Flash memory cell with vertically oriented channel
Vertical gate transistors in pass transistor programmable logic arrays
Charge coupled devices including charge signal amplifiers therein
Active devices using threads
Layered dielectric on silicon carbide semiconductor structures
Emitter ballast resistor with enhanced body effect to improve the short circuit withstand capability of power devices
Image sensor structure and manufacturing process therefor
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device with barrier and insulating films
Ferroelectric device with bismuth tantalate capping layer and method of making same
Nonvolatile memory
Structure and method for improved isolation in trench storage cells
Method for creating thick oxide on the bottom surface of a trench structure in silicon
Semiconductor structures with trench contacts
Semiconductor-on-insulator transistor with recessed source and drain
PD-SOI substrate with suppressed floating body effect and method for its fabrication
Power MOS transistor
Reversed source-drain mosgated device
Semiconductor devices which utilize low K dielectrics
Semiconductor device and method of using the same
Avalanche photodiode
Optical semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Photodiode and photodiode module
Semiconductor photonic device
Apparatus and method for driving an ultrasonic motor to reduce rise response time
Control device for vibration type motor and apparatus using thereof
Multilayer piezoelectric component
Double bimorph electromechanical element
Actuator utilizing piezoelectric transducer
Electrostrictive actuator using ferroelectric single crystal
Organic electroluminescence layer with oligomer hole injection layer
Battery module structure for improving cooling efficiency for electric vehicle
Battery discriminating method, dry cell battery pack, and electronic device
Broadband high data rate analog and digital communication link
Monolithic LC resonator and monolithic LC filter with tubular inductor
Substrate-type non-reciprocal circuit element and integrated circuit having multiple ground surface electrodes and co-planar electrical interface
Directional coupler
Method and apparatus for automatically adjusting the characteristics of a dielectric filter
Junction structure of dielectric strip nonradiative dielectric waveguide and millimeter-wave transmitting/receiving apparatus
Three-level semiconductor balun and method for creating the same
Circuit to test the working of at least one antenna
Multiple filter
Rotor slip ring and method of coil to slip ring termination
Method for electronic surveillance and control of the opening and closing procedure for electrically operated units
Cordless power transmission system, power transmission terminal and electrical appliance
Method and device for balancing charges of a plurality of series-connected battery cells
Pressure-based battery charging
Method and system for extending battery life by monitoring temperature during charging
Battery pack
Serial stage power supply combination for emergency auxiliary charging apparatus
Hybrid electrical machine with axial flux magnet
Electric motor rotor and a method for producing an electric motor rotor
Rotor of synchronous motor
Multi-stator motor with independent stator circuits
Multi-pole electric machine including flat winding for generator fields
Monophase electromechanical transducer, in particular of the horological type, and electromechanical device including at least one such transducer
Single-bearing permanent-magnet motor
Drum-type motor with inner gear
Permanent magnet rotor cooling system and method
Heat dissipating collar for motor
Device for removing noise in AC power waveform
Charge-pump circuit and control method thereof
DC-to-DC converter and electronic device using the same
DC/DC converter including control means for controlling multiple outputs using separate switching cycles for each output
Board mountable power supply module with multi-function control pin
Battery charger
Coordinated switching in a multiple switching regulator system to lower peak current load
Bi-directional DC/DC converter and control method therefor
Frequency control of linear motors
Oscillating circuit
Apparatus and method for reducing phase noise in oscillator circuits
Push-pull arrangement
Microwave amplifier
Method and apparatus for improving the efficiency of power amplifiers, operating under a large peak-to-average ratio
Inductor-less RF/IF CMOS buffer for 50.OMEGA. off-chip load driving
Current mirror compensation system for power amplifiers
Semiconductor circuit in which distortion caused by change in ambient temperature is compensated
Method of anomalous offset detection and a corresponding circuit
Audio amplifier with transformerless power supply
Slew rate boost circuitry and method
Variable gain amplifier
Multiport amplifier with a number of amplifier elements other than 2
Variable gain amplifier circuit and gain control method
Surface acoustic wave device having a package including a conductive cap that is coated with sealing material
Differential conversion circuit with a larger coupling capacitor than resonator capacitor
Laminated LC filter with coplanar input/output capacitor patterns and coupling capacitor patterns
Programmable RC filter
Piezoelectric resonator
Piezoelectric resonator
Surface acoustic wave resonator filter
Surface acoustic wave filter, duplexer and communication apparatus with combined substrate and number of finger pairs reducing pass band ripples
Surface acoustic wave device
Electronic component
High voltage level shifter for switching high voltage in non-volatile memory intergrated circuits
MOS output driver circuit with linear I/V characteristics
Adjustable output driver circuit
Low voltage reset circuit device that is not influenced by temperature and manufacturing process
Switching element, stage and system
High-speed output driver
Temperature compensated slew rate control circuit
Programmable line driver
Differential level shifting buffer
Semiconductor integrated circuit having logical operation function
Fully dynamic logic network circuits
Clocked differential cascode voltage switch with pass gate logic
CPLD scalable and array architecture
Edge-triggered latch with symmetric complementary pass-transistor logic data path
Edge triggered latch with symmetrical paths from clock to data outputs
Deflection circuits coupled via a filter
Programmable logic device having amplitude and phase modulation communication
Non linear circuit for open load control in low-side driver type circuits
Loop filter and method for generating a control signal in phase-locked loop circuits
Delay locked loop incorporating a ring type delay and counting elements
Delay lock loop with wide frequency range capability
Two stage analog-to-digital conversion with second stage offset correction
AD converter circuit
Fully differential flash A/D converter
Semiconductor integrated circuit apparatus for performing DA/AD conversion with high accuracy using a potential distribution of a string resistor
Code independent charge transfer scheme for switched-capacitor digital-to-analog converter
Segmentation mechanism for a block encoder and method for encoding with a block encoder
Channel encoding device and method for communication system
Continuous time delta-sigma modulator
Delta-sigma modulator for power amplification of audio signals
Decimal to binary coder/decoder
Parallel to serial converter
Battery capacity indication circuit and indication method thereof, and battery-operated electronic device and cellular communication terminal apparatus comprising the indication circuit
Signal selecting circuit
Encoder within a communication system that avoids encoded DC accumulation and can use coding violations to synchronize a decoder and detect transmission errors
FSK receiver
High speed scanner using multiple sensing devices
Method and apparatus for scanning a detector array in an x-ray imaging system
Amplification type solid states imaging device output circuit capable of stably operating at a low voltage
Data stream conversion apparatus and method, variable length coded data stream generation apparatus and method, and camera system
Method for controlling digital dynamic convergence and system thereof
Method and system for exciting an azimuthal acoustic and longitudinal acoustic combination mode
Unsaturating transformer, an electronic ballast using the transformer, and a self-ballasted
Electronic ballast with cross-coupled outputs
Lighting circuit for an electric discharge lamp
Discharge lamp lighting device of high startability with high pulse voltage
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Holding apparatus, transferring apparatus, image taking system, and image taking method
Method of increasing bus performance to reduce signal propagation delay and achieve incident wave switching
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew