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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Cooking method
Platelet preservation composition containing eptifibatide, a reversible factor IIa inhibitor and a hemoglobin oxygen carrier
Cold storage of modified platelets
Regulating expression of transient receptor potential channel genes
Use of difructose anhydride-containing composition
Synthesis of high molecular weight iron-saccharidic complexes
Compositions for treating materials and methods of treating same
Closed loop gastric restriction devices and methods
Articulated surgical probe and method for use
Apparatus and method for attaching a graft ligament to a bone
Fixation device for surgical repair
Provisional bone plate
Automated cryogenic skin treatment
Portable optical ablation system
System and method for continuous non-invasive glucose monitoring
Trending of systolic murmur intensity for monitoring cardiac disease with implantable device
Heart simulator
Ultrasound imaging transducer array for synthetic aperture
Device for regeneration of articular cartilage and other tissue
Implantable prosthetic device for connection to a fluid flow pathway of a patient
Method and apparatus for the treatment of the intervertebral disc annulus
Intervertebral disk prosthesis
Methods of manufacturing fluid reservoirs for penile implant devices
Tocopherol and tocotrienol aerosols
Indolone-acetamide derivatives, processes for preparing them and their uses
Inhibitors of isoprenylcysteine carboxyl methyltransferase
Antibiotics comprising bis(1-aryl-5-tetrazoly1)methane derivatives
Systemic inflammatory markers as diagnostic tools in the prevention of atherosclerotic diseases and as tools to aid in the selection of agents to be used for the prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic disease
Buprenorphine derivatives and uses thereof
Pyridazine derivatives and their use as therapeutic agents
Method for obtaining a natural mixture of conjugated equine estrogens
Salts of isophosphoramide mustard and analogs thereof as anti-tumor agents
Granular preparations for oral administration
Carbonyl-functionalized thiophene compounds and related device structures
Anti-TSG101 antibodies and their uses for treatment of viral infections
Aqueous external preparation for scalp
Inhibition of wet type age related macular degeneration (AMD) by adiponectin or acrp 30
Method of inhibiting inflammation in a mammal by administering Bcl protein
Protein formulations for use at elevated temperatures
Methods and compositions for decreasing T-cell activity
Cysteine variants of interferon-gamma
Unitary combinations of FSH and hCG
Therapeutic applications for C-peptide
Self-assembling nanoparticle drug delivery system
Prevention and treatment of amyloidgenic disease
Degradable poly(ethylene glycol) hydrogels with controlled half-life and precursors therefor
Delayed release dosage form
Portable equipment for administration of fluids into tissues and tumors by convection enhanced delivery technique
Replaceable supplies for IV fluid delivery systems
Cosmetic hair preparation
Method for enhancing effects of colorants and conditioners
Resistance apparatus for a waist-twisting exerciser
Method of pre-tensioning a resistance exercise band
Indoor exercise cycle with tilt function
Child exercise seat
Apparatus and method for exercising abdominal muscles
Compound abdominal device
Method and apparatus for assistive energy type golf club
Golf club
Golf putter
Over-molded runner for a lacrosse pocket
Hand accessory
Lottery method and system
Entertainment device using cards
Magnetic speaker sound module and balloon with weighted side
Performing Operations; Transporting
Titanium composition for water treatment and method
Filter media with improved conductivity
Multi-throat air filter
Diesel particulate control
Gas separation membrane
Method and apparatus for the removal of carbon dioxide from a gas stream
Gasification apparatus
Apparatus and method for producing carbon nanotubes
System for providing compressed substantially oxygen-free exhaust gas
Systems and methods for inducing swirl in particles
Method of treating a ceramic discharge vessel
Fully automated paste dispense process for dispensing small dots and lines
Multi-port pumping system for substrate processing chambers
Electrode and method for electrochemically machining a workpiece
Method of grooving or counter-beveling the periphery of an ophthalmic lens
Copper CMP slurry composition
Preservative compositions for wood products
Method of forming cellular material
Polarized lens and method of making polarized lens
Temperature control method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for activating the binder on a semi-finished fiber preform by direct heating of carbon fibers through an applied electrical voltage
Patterned linoleum sheeting
Synthetic resin preform to be biaxially stretched and blow molded into a bottle
Magnesium alloy compound type thermal metal material
Coating composition of oil and organofunctional silane, and tire cord coated therewith
Coating liquid, titanium oxide film formed by coating liquid, and forming method thereof
Covering element comprising a sound absorbing element
Coated cutting inserts
Method of cleaning a surface of a cobalt-containing material, method of forming an opening to a cobalt-containing material, semiconductor processing method of forming an integrated circuit comprising a copper-containing conductive line, and a cobalt-containing film cleaning solution
Integrated system and method of battery cooling for a hybrid or fuel cell vehicle
Powertrain and method of controlling the same
Microfluidic rotary flow reactor matrix
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Nanotube growth and device formation
Manufacturing method of electrophoretic display sheet, manufacturing method of electrophoretic display device, electrophoretic display device, and electronic apparatus
Solid hydrogen source compounds and method for generating hydrogen
Bifunctional compound containing amino group and diaminedithiol ligand and manufacturing method thereof
Enantiomers of amino-phenyl-acetic acid octadec-9-(Z) enyl ester, their salts and their uses
Inkjet ink comprising gallium naphthalocyanine dye
Amino oxazine derivatives
Ratiometric fluorescent chemosensor for selective detection of Hg (II) ions
Bibenzothiophene derivatives
Raloxifene acid addition salts and/or solvates thereof, improved method for purification of said raloxifene acid addition salts and/or solvates thereof and pharmaceutical compositions comprising these
Light-driven rotary molecular motors
Method of making a synthetic alkylaryl sulfonate
RNAi probes targeting cancer-related proteins
Methods for analyzing methylated CpG islands and GC rich regions
Production of crystalline short chain amylose
Aqueous treatment compositions and polymers for use therein
Oxylamino group-containing compound and polymer
Superabsorbent polymer made from acrylic acid
Method for producing phosphoric acid ester-based polymer
Chain growth reaction process
Crosslinkable sulfonated copolymer and fuel cell including polymeric composition of the same
Photocurable polymers for ophthalmic applications
Antireflection coating composition
Thermally curable composite resin composition, prepreg, composite film and laminated material for circuit having the same
Cure system for halogenated elastomer compositions, a curable halogenated elastomer composition, and a method for curing halogenated elastomer compositions
Recycled thermoplastic compositions
Fluorine-free trisiloxane surfactant compositions for use in coatings and printing ink compositions
Water-based adhesive curing process and associated apparatus
Homogenous synthetic mud-to-cement cementing glasses
Enhanced thermo-oxidative stability thermal interface compositions and use thereof in microelectronics assembly
Endoscope cleaning method and washing machine
Automated, field-portable system for conducting toxicity measurements in water, soils, and sediments
Endotoxin binding by lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria
High affinity nucleic acid ligands of complement system proteins
Chimeric nucleic acids encoding polypeptides comprising TNF alpha, CD70 and FAS ligand domains
Immune potentiating compositions of cancer cells
Perhydrolase providing improved peracid stability
Process for producing ethanol
Transformed cell with enhanced sensitivity to antifungal compound and use thereof
Labels for electronic detection of individual molecules and methods for their detection
Methods and compositions for detecting colon cancers
Methods of analyzing chromosomal translocations using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)
Assays based on detection of photobleaching reaction products from dye catalytic complex
Stable hybrid
Method for rapid purification of nucleic acids for subsequent analysis by mass spectrometry by solution capture
Mammalian genes involved in infection
Sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor gene, SPPR
Human endogenous retrovirus K102 with foamy-virus-like properties and uses thereof
Apparatus for improved azimuthal thermal uniformity of a substrate
Deposition apparatus
Magnesium coating solution and method for preparing the same
Enhanced magnetic plating method
Nuclear magnetic resonance assembly of chemical entities using advanced antenna probes
Textiles; Paper
Optical film, method for producing the same and polarizing plate using the same
Filtration and recovery system
Paper treating agent comprising a silicone composition
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Bearing material coated slide member and method for manufacturing the same
Filament wound composite shaft
Continuously variable transmission
Bicycle rear derailleur
Device with .pi.-conjugated metal complex immobilized substrate in aqueous electrolyte
Electrodic bridge
Detecting hypocalcemia using bovine nose sweat
Nanotube device and method of fabrication
Stable water-soluble polyethylenimine conjugates and methods of use thereof
Human p51 genes and gene products thereof
Curable composition and planographic printing plate precursor
Liquid crystal display device
Adhesion layer for thin film magnetic recording medium
Glass for chemical strengthening, substrate for information recording media and information recording media
Method for producing an HTSC strip
Method for connecting electrodes having apertures
Method for manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
Method to make electrical contact to a bonded face of a photovoltaic cell
Method for forming a film with a graded bandgap by deposition of an amorphous material from a plasma
Single scan irradiation for crystallization of thin films
Method for fabricating an inorganic nanocomposite
Deposition of group III-nitrides on Ge
Methods of forming nickel sulfide film on a semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Flexible substrate with electronic devices formed thereon
Method for etching high dielectric constant materials
Multiple nitrogen plasma treatments for thin SiON dielectrics
Mass production method of semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method of electronic device
Transistors having asymmetric strained source/drain portions
Methods of patterning photoresist, and methods of forming semiconductor constructions
Method and apparatus for manufacturing electronic integrated circuit chip
Multilayered through via
Method, structure and design structure for customizing history effects of soi circuits
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Battery pack
Structure of thin battery covered by outer packaging film, battery pack, and method for manufacturing battery pack
Separator for direct methanol fuel cell
Sulfonyl grafted heterocycle materials for proton conducting electrolytes
Direct oxidation fuel cell
Cathode materials for secondary (rechargeable) lithium batteries
Valve having valve element displaced by at least one of a movement of a diaphragm and a movement of an actuator, and fuel cell using the valve
Fuel cell in which proton conductive gel is used and manufacturing method thereof, and electric power generation method
Hybrid/electric vehicle charge handle latch mechanism
Plug detachment prevention structure
Electronic apparatus
Low profile cable assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Inbred corn plant 3323 and seeds thereof
Biocide material and method of preparation of said material
Method of repelling insects
Substituted cycloalkenes and their use as microbices, especially as fungicides
Oxime compounds, their use, and intermediates for their production
Wrinkling modifiers
Use of 3-(2,4,6-trimethylphenyl)-4-neopentylcarbonyloxy-5,5- tetramethylene-.DELTA.3-dihydrofuran-2-one for controlling the white fly
2-methoxyimino-2-(pyridinyloxymethyl) phenyl acetamides with (derivatised) hydroxyalkyl derivatives on the pyridine ring
Substituted phenyluracils
Dihydrotriazolone derivatives as pesticides
Polymer stabilization
Fungicidal mixtures
Agents for controlling plant pests
Agents for combating plant pests
Method and device for cooking and vacuum packing of mussels with microwaves
Compounds having protected hydroxy groups
Composition for molding biodegradable plastic, biodegradable plastic obtained therefrom, method of molding the same, and use of biodegradable plastic
Lotion heating system
Kitchen appliance with a cooktop receptacle provided in a work surface
Convertible rotisserie and grill
Weighing machine
Absorbent article having improved fluid acquisition performance
Layered absorbent structure with a zoned basis weight and a heterogeneous layer region
Reduced odor absorbent article and method
Pharmaceutical compositions for ulcer
Use of PDE 4-specific inhibitors to reduce the severity of a bacterial infection after a respiratory viral infection
Treatment of skin damage using olive oil polyphenols
Use of retinoids to treat high blood pressure and other cardiovascular disease
6-methoxy-2-naphthylacetic acid prodrugs
SR-BI and ApoE knockout animals and use thereof as models for atherosclerosis and heart attack
Process for preparing prodrugs of benzenesulfonamide-containing cox-2 inhibitors
Method of treating headaches by enhancing the effectiveness of the human immune system
Use of fumaric acid derivatives
Heteroatom-interrupted analogs of 15-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid and methods of use
Treatment for alzheimer's disease
Dosing regimens for lasofoxifene
Pyrazole compounds
Adenosine A3 receptor antagonists
Methods of inhibiting autoimmune diseases
Useful form of anhydrous paroxetine hydrochloride
Guanidinylamino heterocycle compounds useful as .alpha.-2 adrenoceptor agonists
19-nor-cholane steroids as neurochemical initiators of change in human hypothalamic function
Ibuprofen-aspirin and hydroxymethylacylfulvene analogs
Dialysis solutions and methods
Methods of treatment comprising administration of Substance P
Modulation of nitric oxide production
Endogenous nitric oxide synthesis under conditions of low oxygen tension
Use of RAR antagonists as modulators of hormone mediated processes
Compositions for the treatment of ARDS or IRDS containing 3-(cycloproplymethoxy)-N-(3,5-dichloro-4-pyridinyl)-4-(difluoromethoxy) benzamide and lung surfactant
Arylhydantoin derivatives and uses thereof
Antihistamine leukotriene combinations
Poly(ethylene glycol) derivatives with proximal reactive groups
Cyanine dyes and synthesis methods thereof
Fatty acid analogs for diagnosis of coronary artery disease
Reactive systems from polymerizable monomers which comprise peroxides and stabilized alkylboron compounds
Glass ionomer cement
Agent for preventing and treating skin diseases
Quaternary ammonium compounds and process for preparing and using same
Aqueous organopolysiloxane emulsion and method for the preparation thereof
Active topical skin protectants using polymer coated metal alloys
Water-soluble or water-swellable crosslinked copolymers
Controlled release oral dosage for suitable for oral administration
Low foam n-alkyltartarimide and n-alkylmalimide wetting agents
Pharmaceutical carrier formulation
Pressure sensitive adhesive composition
Non-elastomeric polyurethane compositions
Malleable paste with high molecular weight buffered carrier for filling bone defects
Polyurethane and polyurea biomaterials for use in medical devices
Polyurethane and polyurea biomaterials for use in medical devices
Method for preparing silicones with arylalkyl function(s) by hydrosilylation
Methods for treatment and disposal of regulated medical waste
Performing Operations; Transporting
.alpha.,.beta., .beta.-trifluorostyrene-based composite membranes
Aerogel thin film formation from multi-solvent systems
Preparation of aldols using a microstructured reaction system
Infrared evaluation of the stoichiometric ratio of dihydric phenol to diarylcarbonate during production of polycarbonates
Preparation of disazo condensation pigments in microreactors
Method for producing alkali metal alcoholates
Fluoroalkene-nucleophile adducts for analysis and removal of fluoroalkenes
Chiral stationary phases for enantiomers separation and their preparation
Process for the preparation of styrenes
Process for the acylation of aromatic compounds using a reusable solid catalyst comprising indium halide
Process for obtaining pentafluoroethane by chlorotetrafluoroethane dismutation
Catalyst and processes for the selective hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds in hydrocarbon streams
Mazzite supported catalyst
Monocyclopentadienyl complexes of chromium, molybdenum or tungsten
Device and method for the regeneration of mixed ion exchange resin beds
Vapor phase oxidation of propylene to acrolein
Liquid pressure transfer ink, liquid pressure transfer film, liquid pressure transfer product and liquid pressure transfer method
Method and apparatus for treating interior cylindrical surfaces and ablating surface material thereon
Wire electrical discharge machining apparatus
Printer hammer tip and method for making
Reflow soldering apparatus
Apparatus, system, and related method for sensing a characteristic of a workpiece in an automated process
Laser processing device
Optical system and apparatus for laser heat treatment and method for producing semiconductor devices by using the same
Laser micro-machining of seamed belts
Device and method for processing substrates
Slag collection and removal system for a heavy duty laser-equipped machine tool
Process and unit for the mig welding of aluminum and its alloys
Method and apparatus for leveling and shielding a stud gun and operator
Structures of polymers made from single site catalysts
Coating composition and optical recording medium
Nano-particle preparation and applications
Structure for mounting stoke switches
Cable reel structure
Arrangement with device for aligning two adjacent parts
Strong early seed-specific gene regulatory region
D-wing deployable solar array
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing dispersant for powdery hydraulic composition
Production of hydrofluoroalkanes
Method for preparing aromatic carboxylic acids, aromatic aldehydes, and aromatic alcohols
Method for production of aromatic fluorine compound
Process for the preparation of 3-aminomethyl-3,5,5-trimethylcyclohexylamine
Process for producing iodinated aromatic compounds
Method of catalytically removing a protective group containing an allyl group using a reducing agent
Process for preparing 1,2-diamino compounds
Process for the VCM production
Process for the continuous manufacturing of dialkylaminoalkyl (METH) acrylates having a critical order of steps
O-aminophenolcarboxylic acid and o-aminothiophenolcarboxylic acid
Method for producing (S,S)-N,N'-ethylenediaminedisuccinic acid, analogous compounds or salts thereof
Method for making amides
Method of producing oxazolidinones, the use thereof and oxazolidinones
Process for racemization of n-acylamino acids by means of transition metal catalysts
Radiation-curable compound derived from a hydroxyalkylamide
Compound bearing an urethane linkage, which is an addict of ricinoleic esters and an isocynate, useful as a plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and a process for preparing such compound
Intermediates for (R)-3(4-bromobenzyl)-1-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)-5-iodo-3-methyl-1-H-imidazo[1, 2-a]imidazol-2-one
Method for production of high-purity monoethylene glycol
2-hydroxy-3--(4-hydroxy-3-sulfonamidophenyl)--propylamines useful as beta 3 adrenergic agonists
Prodrugs of aspartyl protease inhibitors
Substituted benzamides, their production and their use as cysteine protease inhibitors
Synthesis of sulfoxides via selective oxidation of sulfides with a perborate or a percarbonate
Diacyl-substituted guanidines, a process for their preparation, their use as medicine or diagnostic aid, and medicine containing them
.alpha.-hydroxy, -amino, and halo derivatives of .beta.-sulfonyl hydroxamic acids as matrix metallopropteinases inhibitors
Treatment of ditertiarydodecyldisulfide with ammonium hydroxide for color removal
Process for a phenylthiobutyl-isoquinoline and intermediates therefor
LTA4 hydrolase inhibitors
Process for catalytic hydroxylation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Preparation of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers by acid-activated catalytic conversion of methanol with formaldehyde formed by dehydrogenation of methanol
Process for producing glyceryl ether
Process for preparing an alkylcyclohexanol alkylene oxide adduct
Fluorovinyl ether cure site monomers and fluoroelastomer copolymer compositions thereof
Hydroformylation of conjugated dienes to alkenals using phosphonite ligands
Process for the preparation of sorbic acid
Preparation of aliphatic .alpha., .omega.-dicarboxylic acids
Process for the preparation of fluorogenic phenolic compounds
Fluorinated alkanoic acid purification process
3-heteroatom substituted and two carbon homologs of 15-HETE and methods of use
Process for metathesis of olefins in the presence of a stabilizing agent of the catalyst
Preparation of (meth) acrylates
Mixture of diesters of adipic or phthalic acid with isomers of nonanols
Method for producing 2-fluoro-isobutyric acid esters
Method for reprocessing reaction mixtures containing diaryl carbonate
Monomer having diol structure, polymer thereof, and negative photoresist composition and pattern forming method using the same
Composition and method containing products extracted from Commiphora sp. for prevention and treatment of abnormal cell growth and proliferation in inflammation, neoplasia and cardiovascular disease
Process for preparing retiferol derivatives
Carbapenem derivatives and a preparation method thereof
Melatonin derivatives and medicine containing same
Compounds and methods for modulation of estrogen receptors
Pharmaceutical agents for the treatment of emesis
Process for the preparation of (-)cis-3-hydroxy-1-methyl-4-(2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl)piperidine
Pyridine derivative and its complex
Method for producing a heterocyclic nitrile
Pyridones and their use as modulators of serine hydrolase enzymes
Use of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid amides in the treatment of drug addiction and in particular of alcoholism
Process for preparing ethyl 3-(2,5,6-trihalopyridin-3-yl)-3-oxopropionate from 2,5,6-trihalo-3-cyanopyridine
Synthesis of pharmaceutically useful pyridine derivatives
Process for producing quinolinecarbaldehyde
Cationic lipids
Imidazole compounds
Local anesthetic compounds
Triazine compounds and their use
Oxazole compounds as prostaglandin e2 agonists or antagonists
Process for preparing 3-(1-hydroxyphenyl-1-alkoximinomethyl)dioxazines
Thiazolidone-2 derivatives, 4-diketone substituted, method for obtaining them and pharmaceutical compositions containing same
Naphthyl compounds, intermediates, processes, compositions, and methods
Process for the preparation of 10-deacetylbaccatin III
Crystalline forms of (3S-trans)-2-[3,4-dihydro-4-hydroxy-3-(phenylmethyl)-2H-1-benzopyran-7-yl] -4-(trifluoromethyl)-benzoic acid
Glucocorticoid receptor antagonists for treatment of diabetes
Methods for the preparation of 4-hydroxy benzothiophene
Process for preparing pyridinemethanol compounds
Process for preparing imidazoquinolinamines
Substituted aryl or heteroarylamides having retinoid-like biological activity
Indole derivatives as 5-HT1 agonists
Amino heterocycles useful as pharmaceutical agents
PDE IV inhibiting amides, compositions and methods of treatment
Benzimidazole derivatives
Disubstituted pyrazolines and triazolines as factor Xa inhibitors
Piperidine derivatives having effects on serotonin related systems
3-pyridyloxymethyl heterocyclic ether compounds useful in controlling chemical synaptic transmission
Powder coating of carboxyl polyester or (poly)methacrylate and cycloaliphatic polyepoxide
5,11-dihydrobenzo[b,e][1,4]oxazepine derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions containing the same
Farnesyl transferase inhibitors having a piperidine structure and process for preparation thereof
Cribrostatins 3-5
Benzoquinolizidine and benzoindolizidine derivatives and therapeutic uses thereof
Crystal modification A of 8-cyano-1-cyclopropyl-7-(is,6s-2,8-diazabicyclo[4.3. 0]nonan-8-yl)-6-fluoro-1,4-dihydro-4-oxo-3-quinolinecarboxylic acid
Substituted (1,3-bis(cyclohexylmethyl)-1,2,3,6-tetrahydro-2,6-dioxo-9h-purin-8-yl) phenyl derivatives, their preparation and their use in the treatment of inflammatory conditions and immune disorders
Process for the production of purine derivatives
Thienopyridine derivatives, their intermediates and production thereof
Compounds formed from two or three antibiotics and their processes of preparation
Compounds having an ionic structure used as constituent of an olefin polymerization catalyst
Intermediate for the synthesis of prostaglandins
Phosphate derivatives as immunoregulatory agents
Process for the preparation of phosphonite compounds
Methods and compositions for the manufacture of highly potent anthracycline-based antitumor agents
Erythromycins and process for their preparation
Process for preparing 6-o-substituted erythromycin derivatives
Vinylating of pyrimidine derivatives
Materials for the production of nanometer structures and use thereof
2-methyl-(4-O-(2-amino-2-deoxy-.beta.-glucopyranosyl)-1,2-dideoxy-.alpha.-g lucopyrano}(2,1-D)-2-oxazoline and its salt, 50% deacetylated chitin or its oligosaccharide and salt thereof
Testosterone derivative
20-substituted steroids
Non-estrogenic estradiol derivative compounds with anti-oxidative activity
Steroid sulfatase inhibitors and methods for making and using the same
Method of separating prions from biological materials
Method for producing chimeric polypeptides
Synthesis, deprotection, analysis and purification for RNA and ribozymes
VMP-like sequences of pathogenic borrelia
Transferrin receptor of moraxella
Essential bacterial genes and their use
Reduced pigment gene of carrot and its use
Nucleic acids encoding sucrose-binding proteins
Gene promoter sequences and uses thereof
Methods for protein purification using aqueous two-phase extraction
Human dopamine receptor and uses
DNA encoding a human histamine receptor of the H3 subtype
Mammalian pro-apoptotic Bok genes and their uses
Suppressors of death domains
Bone morphogenetic protein-11 (BMP-11) compositions
Conjugates of opioids and endogenous carriers
Fluorescene--activating antisera and IgG fraction therefrom
Human chimeric antibody specific for the ganglioside GD3
Peptidomimetic efflux pump inhibitors
Peptido-mimetic compounds containing RGD sequence useful as integrin inhibitors
Magnesium dichloride-alcohol adducts, process for their preparation and catalyst components obtained therefrom
Gas phase olefin polymerization process
Molded resin articles
Process for the polymerization of olefins in the gas phase
Process for preparing polypropylene
Curable resin composition
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polymers
Porphyrin-nucleus introduced polymers
Process for modifying polypropylene with maleic anhydride
Graft copolymer of syndiotactic styrene copolymer
Living radical graft copolymerization of vinyl monomers initiated from the structural defects of polyvinylchloride
Flame retardant polycarbonate resin composition
Rosin-fatty acid vinylic polyamide polymer supported latices
Water-soluble block copolymers comprising a hydrophilic block and a hydrophobic block
Process and apparatus for continuous manufacture of elastomer-modified monovinylaromatic compounds
Low molecular weight high-cis polybutadienes and their use in high molecular weight-low molecular weight high-cis polybutadiene blends
Low-swelling, macroporous polymer-supported reagents for organic synthesis and purification
Aqueous coating agent, preparation of the same and use thereof for multi-layered lacquering
Waterborne primer with improved chip resistance
Blocked oligomeric isocyanates, their production and use
Aliphatic polyurea prepolymers, compositions and methods
Blocked polyisocyanates, a process for their preparation, and their use
Composition of epoxy, urethane polyacrylate and polyamine
Curing catalyst, resin composition, resin-sealed semiconductor device and coating material
Process for producing polyester with coated titanium dioxide
Process for preparing branched aromatic polycarbonates
Microcellular polyurethane elastomer, and method of producing the same
Electrodepositable coating from gelled epoxy-polyester and amine
Silane-functionalized polyether composition
Description curable composition
Process for preparing polyarlethers
Method of preparing a poly (arylene ether) and a poly (arylene ether) prepared thereby
Process for the manufacture of low molecular weight polyphenylene ether resins
Process for the production of nylon 6
Oxyallyl pendent benzazole polymeric materials
Menthanol extraction of polar organic compounds and modifier compounds from poly(arylene sulfide) polymer and oligomer streams
Process for the manufacture of low odor dimethicone copolyol compounds
Method for producing suspension of crosslinked silicone particles
Pulse continuous curing of poly(arylene sulfide) polymers
Crosslinkable elastic copolymer composition
Water soluble rapid prototyping support and mold material
Compositions for reduced food adhesion
Non-extractable polymeric metal salt useful in catalyzing oxygen scavenging
Flame retardant thermoplastic elastomer film composition
Thermoplastic vulcanizates and process for making the same
Polyethylene compositions having improved mechanical properties and improved processability in the melted state
Method of making elastic articles having improved heat-resistance
Method for producing thermoplastic synthetic moulding compounds
Polymers and positive resist compositions
Novolak cyanate blends
Hardener for epoxy molding compounds
Composition of polyester sulfonate salt ionomer, polyamide and polyepoxide
Anthraquinone colorants for inks
Cationic aminoanthraquinones, their use for dyeing keratinous fibers, dyeing compositions containing them and methods of dyeing
Acrylic polymer compositions with crystalline side chains and processes for their preparation
Coating of carboxyl (meth)acrylic copolymer or polyester and urea anti-sag agent prepared in polyepoxide
Polyester resin for powder coating
One-part organopolysiloxane rubber composition for use as a protection coating
Radiation-curing compositions
Low-acid ethylene copolymers for improving the adhesion of LDPE to aluminum foil in extrusion coating
Making an olefin product from an oxygenate
Inbred maize line 2070BT
Maize RS81 promoter and methods for use thereof
Transgenic models of inflammatory disease
System for in vitro transposition
DNA fragment encoding a protein involved in fatty aldehyde decarbonylase activity, recombinant molecules comprising said fragment and a method for obtaining transformed bacterial cells and plants
Isolated human kinase proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human kinase proteins, and uses thereof
Rapid infrared heating of a surface
Green compact electrode for discharge surface treatment
Heat treatment apparatus having a thin light-transmitting window
Fixed Constructions
Drape sensor
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Induction heating roller apparatus
Steam generator
Method and apparatus for compensating for varying water conductivity in a direct electrode water heating vaporizer
Pyrolytic self-cleaning oven
Baking oven with temperature sensor
Method and furnace for microwave sintering of nuclear fuel
Reducing motion artifacts by joining partial images in multiple scans
Conveyor scale
Combination weighing apparatus
Light detection circuit of an electronic device
Detector constructed from fabric having planes with differing conductance
Nucleic acids encoding KSP, a kinesin motor protein
Heating apparatus for splice protector with separate heating conductor patterns
Cable, in particular underwater cable
Alignment apparatus of the substrate for LCD
1-naphthol compound and method for preparing compound having acidic proton using the same
Laminated housing for a portable hand held device
Threshold comparator
Compact stand for musical instrument
Method and system for automatically tuning a stringed instrument
Method for recognizing and selecting a tone sequence, particularly a piece of music
Effector apparatus in electronic musical instrument
Method and apparatus for storing audio data
Equipment and process for music digitalization storage, access, and listening
Multilayer insulated wire and transformer using the same
Electrical contact arm assembly for a circuit breaker
Water proof and dust proof structure of key switch device
Switch for a pop-up/sliding roof
Handle assembly for enabling electrical product to work
Circuit breaker terminal connector
Handle operating assembly for an electric disconnect switch
Interlock for use in an electric motor handle and contactor combination
Microelectronic connections with liquid conductive elements
Terminal structure to which an electronic component is to be bonded
Integrated thin-film solar battery and method of manufacturing the same
Photoelectric transducer
Photodetector and device employing the photodetector for converting an optical signal into an electrical signal
Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing method thereof
Solar cell having multi-quantum well layers transitioning from small to large band gaps and method of manufacture therefor
Solar cell module, solar cell-bearing roof and solar cell power generation system
Solar cell panel
Protection device and method of determining exposure temperature
Terminal processing method and structure for shield cable
Screening device having a low overall height for electromagnetically screened metal housing
Termination coupling for mineral insulated cable
Horizontally positioned, encapsulated high-voltage circuit breaker
Snap-fit protective holding assembly for electrical cables and entry tool therefor
Wiring duct system hinge arrangement
Wireway system having a pivotable cover
Receptacle for enclosing low-voltage electronic devices in a wall
Opening mechanism for electrical outlet box
Image detection member and assembly of image detection members
Flat resistance for heating a cooking plate
Interruptible variable frequency power supply and load matching circuit, and method of design
Method and structure for reducing power noise
Apparatus and method for printed circuit board repair
Flexible board made by joining two pieces through an adhesive film
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