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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Generation of plants with altered oil content
Enlargement and new use of soybean endosperm tissue
Methods and compositions for synthesis of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in plants
Genetically modified mouse lacking diacylglycerol acyltransferase-1 (DGAT-1) activity
Transgenic nonhuman mammal representing the pathologic conditions of human rheumatoid arthritis
Method of preparing soft tissue for a biological scaffold by lyophilizing, heating and elastase treatment
Methods and devices for separating liquid components
Pyridine ketones with herbicidal effect
Soluble ErbB3 and treatment of cancer
3-.beta.-D-ribofuranosylthiazolo[4,5-d]pyrimidine nucleosides and uses thereof
Quinolizinone compound and use thereof as HIV integrase inhibitor
Cleaning tool
Deformable and conformable wound protecting apparatus and its method of application
Nonwoven fabrics and their manufacture and use
Absorbent article with reinforced absorbent structure
Catamenial device
Quinoline-2-one derivatives for the treatment of airways diseases
Vitamin K for prevention and treatment of skin rash secondary to anti-EGFR therapy
Methods of treating tardive dyskinesia and other movement disorders
Compositions and methods for inhibition of phospholipase A2 mediated inflammation
Alpha crystalline form of strontium ranelate
Methods and compositions for the treatment and prevention of tumors, tumor-related disorders and cachexia
Deuterium-enriched atorvastatin
Perfected process for the preparation of stable nitroxide radicals
1,3,5-trisubstituted 4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazole derivatives having CB1-antagonistic activity
Heteroaryl and benzyl amide compounds
Peptide deformylase inhibitors
Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of novel dicationic "reversed amidines"
N-(heteroaryl)-1-heteroarylalkyl-1H-indole-2-carboxamide derivatives, preparation and therapeutic use thereof
Compositions and methods for reducing the risk of epileptic occurrence and/or for treatment of seizure disorders
Form of S-omeprazole
Method of enhancing cellular production of molecular chaperone, hydroxylamine derivatives useful for enhancing the chaperone production and the preparation thereof
Alkene piperidine derivatives as antiviral agents
Compounds and methods for inhibiting the interaction of BCL proteins with binding partners
Method of treating dry eye disorders
Urokinase inhibitors
Inhibitors of serine proteases, particularly HCV NS3-NS4A protease
Alpha amino acid derivatives-inhibitors of leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Hydroxypyrimidinone derivatives having inhibitory activity against HIV integrase
(1,10b-dihydro-2-(aminoalkyl-phenyl)-5H-pyrazolo[1,5 C][1,3]benzoxazin-5-yl)phenyl methanone derivatives as HIV viral replication inhibitors
Crystal forms of olanzapine and processes for their preparation
Transnasal anticonvulsive pharmaceutical composition
Non-irritating compositions containing zinc salts
Calcium/sodium salt of inositol tripyrophosphate as an allosteric effector of hemoglobin
Methods for increasing in vivo efficacy of oligonucleotides and inhibiting inflammation in mammals
Nucleosides or nucleotides having novel unnatural bases and use thereof
Hsp70 peptide stimulating natural killer (NK) cell activity and uses thereof
Antifungal peptides and methods of use thereof
Human thrombospondin polypeptide
Use of calcitonin and calcitonin-like peptides to treat and prevent multiple sclerosis
Peptides for activation and inhibition of .delta.PKC
Compounds that bind to P185 and methods of using the same
Methods for promoting erythropoiesis
Isozyme-specific antagonists of protein kinase C
Antimicrobial peptides
Proaerolysin containing protease activation sequences and methods of use for treatment of prostate cancer
Method for in vivo regulation of cardiac muscle contractility
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for demulsifying
Thin film support substrate for use in hydrogen production filter and production method of hydrogen production filter
Transfer vessel between flash tank and purge column
Microwave spent catalyst decoking method
Exhaust gas purifying catalyst, metal oxide particle and production process thereof
Method and catalyst for producing a crude product with minimal hydrogen uptake
Single step decomposition and activation of noble metal complexes on catalytic supports
Hot-melting machine with rotatable worktable
Self-assembly of peptide-amphiphile nanofibers under physiological conditions
Release sheets and methods of making the same
Anti-slip roofing underlayment
Inductively heatable components
Flash-spun sheet material
Method of coating the surface of an inorganic powder and a coated inorganic powder manufactured using the same
Particles having a functional multilayered structure
Solder foams, nano-porous solders, foamed-solder bumps in chip packages, methods of assembling same, and systems containing same
Label film for deep drawing methods
Thermally conducting foam interface materials
Laminated absorbent product with increased strength in defined areas
Multi-layer coatings for substrates
Optical polarizing films
Plasticizer-resistant pressure-sensitive adhesive composition and adhesive article
Water contact indicator
CMC with multiple matrix phases separated by diffusion barrier
Leather decorative laminate
Thermal transfer receiving sheet, production method thereof and image forming method using the sheet
Coupling compounds and their uses in rubber compositions and tires
Energy storage system for powering vehicle electric user devices
Liquid crystal dispensing apparatus having confirming function for remaining amount of liquid crystal and method for measuring the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Functional graphene-rubber nanocomposites
Optical glass, preform for precision press molding and method of manufacturing thereof, optical element and method of manufacturing thereof
Composition for dielectric layer of plasma display panel and plasma display panel including the same
Metallophthalocyanine mixed crystal and phthalocyanine pigment containing the same
Alkylaromatics production
Stable no-delivering compounds
Polycationic compounds and uses thereof
5-Substituted-2-phenylamino benzamides as MEK inhibitors
Process for the production of liquid, storage-stable organic isocyanates with a low colour index having carbodiimide- and/or uretone imine groups
Hydrogen recovery from hydrocarbon synthesis processes
Substituted N-aryl benzamides and related compounds for treatment of amyloid diseases and synucleinopathies
Process for production of alcohol compound
Curcumin-Resveratrol hybrid molecule
Microchannel apparatus comprising structured walls, chemical processes, methods of making formaldehyde
Integrated chemical processes for industrial utilization of seed oils
Process for producing 2-(phenyl methyl thio)-3-pyridine carboxylic acid
Inhibitors of the GPIb-vWF interaction, their preparation and use
Method for obtaining a pharmaceutically active compound, synthesis intermediates thereof and methods for obtaining them
3,4-disubstituted 1H-pyrazole compounds and their use as cyclin dependent kinase and glycogen synthase kinase-3 modulators
Vinca derivatives
Energetic ionic salts
Tetrazole based linear polymers
Disubstituted cucurbiturils and preparing method thereof
3-(2-acylamino-1-hydroxyethyl)-morpholine derivatives and their use as bace inhibitors
Processes for preparing tetrahydropyran-4-one and pyran-4-one
Cyclic amide derivative, and its production and use
Compounds and compositions as protein kinase inhibitors
Crystalline N-(4-(4-ammoniumthieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-5-yl)phenyl)-N'-(2-fluoro-5-(trifl- uoromethyl)phenyl)urea benzenesulfonate
Crystalline N-(4-(4-aminothieno[2,3-d]pyrimidin-5-yl)phenyl)-N'-(2-fluoro-5-(trifluor- omethyl)phenyl)urea ethanolate
Thieno-[2,3-d]pyrimidine and thieno-pyridazine compounds and methods of use
Method for the production of heteroleptic ortho-metallated organometallic compounds
Degradable macromolecular magnetic resonance imaging contrast agents and methods thereof
Fluorochemical compounds having pendent silyl groups
Process for the preparation of vinyl- or allyl-containing compounds
Universal linker compositions for the release or transfer of chemical agents from a polynucleotide
Pharmaceutical composition for treating cancer
siRNA targeting interleukin-1 receptor-associated kinase 4 (IRAK4)
Antisense modulation of CD40 expression
siRNA targeting KRAS
Nucleic acid-based logic circuits
Isolated nucleic acids for mutant mammalian Nav 1 proteins
Compositions and methods for drought tolerance
Nucleic acids encoding T2R, a novel family of taste receptors
Prognostic indicators of canine lymphoid neoplasia using tumor-derived plasma DNA
Compositions and methods for detecting Atopobium vaginae
Method for preparing peritoneal dialysate
Isolation of immunoglobulins
OsK1 derivatives
Minimalist bZIP proteins and uses thereof
Use of SERP-1 as an antiplatelet agent
Peptide useful in immunomodulation
Amyloid specific binding peptides and detecting abeta peptide
T-bet compositions and methods of use thereof
Fibroblast growth factor (FGF23) polypeptides
Polypeptides having antimicrobial activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Anti-myostatin antibodies
PH dependent adhesive peptides
Conotoxin analogues and methods for synthesis of intramolecular dicarba bridge-containing peptides
Bead for enantiomeric isomer resolution and process for producing the same
Cure system composition and a method for curing chlorinated elastomer compositions
Tubular polymerization reactors and polymers made therein
Fouling prevention in polymerization reactors
Low gel chromium catalysis
Entrapped .beta.-cyclodextrin polymer and a method of preparing the same
Catalytic epoxidation and hydroxylation of olefin/diene copolymers
Methods for the purification of polymers
Gap fill materials and bottom anti-reflective coatings comprising hyperbranched polymers
Distortional matrix of epoxy resin and diamine
Method for processing polyester waste
Bonding compositions
Use of dialkyl carbonates as solvents for expanded polystyrene
Process for producing porous spherical polyamide particle
Hybrid polymer light-emitting devices
Non-halogen flame-retardant resin composition
Aqueous emulsion resin compositions
Polyoxymethylene homopolymers and copolymers, and production and use thereof
Hydrocarbon-terminated polyether-polyamide block copolymers and uses thereof
Multi-arm cyclic or cubic siloxane-based formulations for drug delivery
UV-curable ink-jet ink, electronic circuit board, electronic component and display device
Flocculant composition and method for manufacturing the same
3, 6-diphenylcarbazole compound and organic electroluminescent device
Method for reducing the viscosity of viscous fluids
Electrostatic aerosol compositions
Additive for increasing the density of a fluid for casing annulus pressure control
Synthetic lubricant additive with micro lubrication technology to be used with a broad range of synthetic or miner host lubricants from automotive, trucking, marine, heavy industry to turbines including, gas, jet and steam
Water-soluble pouch comprising a detergent composition
Method for cleaning hard surfaces using a composition comprising a colloidal silica sol
Detergent made use of fermentation technology and production method thereof
Integrated microfluidic control employing programmable tactile actuators
Angled reaction vessel
Container for carrying out and monitoring biological processes
Method for the preparation of an evolved microorganism for the creation or the modification of metabolic pathways
Methods and compositions for identifying peptide modulators of cell surface receptors
Formaldehyde dehydrogenase genes from methylotrophic yeasts
Bacterial consortium NBC2000 and method for biologically treating endocrine disrupters using the NBC2000
Melanoma antigens and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Plant promoter and uses therefor
Molecular markers of plant embryogenesis
Hexose oxidase-encoding DNAs and methods of use thereof
Peptide extension for enhancement of transgene expression in chloroplasts
MEG1 endosperm-specific promoters and genes
Weed controller metabolism proteins, genes thereof and use of the same
Inhibitors of plant peptide deformylase for use as broad-spectrum herbicides and methods for identifying the same
Methods and compositions for expanding T regulatory cells
Methods of obtaining neural stem cells
Graft prosthesis devices containing renal capsule collagen
Methods and reagents for treating glucose metabolic disorders
Regulatable growth of filamentous fungi
Hybrid proteins of active-site serine .beta.-lactamase
Method for producing .beta.-hydroxy amino acid and enzyme used therefor
Prognostic tests for development of dermal stretch marks and implications for the preventive treatment thereof
Complexity management of genomic DNA
Device and method for high-throughput quantification of mRNA from whole blood
Antibodies to interleukin-like epithelial-mesenchymal transition inducer (ILEI)
Human E3.alpha. ubiquitin ligase family
Process for producing carotenoid compound
Histone deacetylase and methods of use thereof
Method for identifying terpene synthase
Method for selectively staining chitin-containing organisms
Human lysosomal protein and methods of its use
Method for identifying acetyltransferase substrates
2'-terminator related pyrophosphorolysis activated polymerization
System for detecting polynucleotides
Method for detecting reaction product of nucleic acid synthesis
Method for assaying flowing media for microbial toxins
Direct quantification of ribosome inactivating protein
Cell cycle reporting cell line
Competitive regulation of hepcidin mRNA by soluble and cell-associated hemojuvelin
Hybridization method
High throughput genome specific molecular markers for erucic acid content genes in Brassica napus
Cell culture and method for screening for a compound useful in the treatment or prevention of hepatic cirrhosis
Predicting post-treatment survival in cancer patients with microRNAs
Method for the surveillance for biological, chemical and radiological agents
Use of islet 1 as a marker for isolating or generating stem cells
Adipogenic adenoviruses as a biomarker for disease
Genetic indicators of tobacco consumption
Processing solution for forming hexavalent chromium free and corrosion resistant conversion film on zinc or zinc alloy plating layers, hexavalent chromium free and corrosion resistant conversion film, method for forming the same
Fixed Constructions
Method of insulating a subsea structure
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Generator-starter system for a multi-shaft engine
Hybrid working machine
Emergency pitch drive unit for a wind turbine
Method for preparing solid materials comprising immobilized proteorhodopsin
Machine with a position-sensing system
System for adjusting a light source by sensing ambient illumination
Negative refractive index device for generating terahertz or microwave radiation and method of operation thereof
Detecting apparatus, and detecting method
Heating-control isolation-diode temperature-compensation
Product inspection system and a method for implementing same that incorporates a correction factor
Solid-state radiation image detector
System for analysis of explosives
Devices and methods for analyte detection using distorted liquid crystals
Methods and apparatus for sorting cells using an optical switch in a microfluidic channel network
Reagent composition for the analysis of residual white blood cells in leuko-reduced blood banking products
Molecular modification assays
Methods for diagnosis and treatment of epithelial-derived cancers
Random homozygous gene perturbation to enhance antibody production
Amplification of enzymatic reactions for use with an enthalpy array
Tumor markers for ovarian cancer diagnosis
Methods for the detection and monitoring of congestive heart failure
Peptides and their utility in modulation of behavior of cells expressing .alpha.3.beta.1 integrins
Methods and uses of antibodies in the purification of interferon
Mycobacterial proteins as early antigens for serodiagnosis and vaccines
Detection of secreted aspartyl proteases from Candida species
Compositions and methods for diagnosing patients with acute atherosclerotic syndrome
Method of amplifying ATP and use thereof
In-vivo monitoring of circulating apoptotic cells
Preventives/remedies for myeloma tumor and method of diagnosing the same
Speed indication for pump condition monitoring
Speed measurement for an electrical permanent-magnet synchronous machine
Sequential equivalent--time sampling with an asynchronous reference clock
Current measuring device
Apparatus for extending the bandwidth of a spectrum analyzer
Micromechanical sensor having an analyzer circuit
Apparatus and method for communications testing
Sensor apparatus
Cable detection method and apparatus
Partial discharge detection device
System and method for determining a position of a single phase fault to ground in a feeder line
Arrangement of fill unit elements in an integrated circuit interconnect layer
Tester for RF devices
Attachment apparatus, test head, and electronic device test system
Driving chip package, display device including the same, and method of testing driving chip package
Radiation detector, radiation detector element, and radiation imaging apparatus
Positron emission tomography module
Detector for aiborne alpha partice radiation
Omni-directional solid-state thermal neutron detector
Method for generating high resolution MRI image and recording medium thereof
Method for the acquisition of data relating to multi-dimensional NMR spectra by means of frequency-dependent convolution
Magnetic resonance imaging system
Method of determining a radial profile of a formation parameter indicative of formation treatment efficiency
Elliptical polarizers, tags and identification systems using frequency selective surfaces
Method and system for manufacturing a reticle using character projection lithography
Structure of a lithography mask
Resist composition and patterning process using the same
Immersion fluids for lithography
Composition for coating over a photoresist pattern
Water soluble resin composition and method for pattern formation using the same
Color image forming developer, color image forming method, and color image forming device
Imaging member
Diphenyl amine derivative, production method therefor and electrophotographic photoconductor
Electrophotographic photosensitive member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic apparatus
Toner for developing electrostatic latent image and method of manufacturing same, electrostatic latent image developer, cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Process for producing toner, and toner
Electrostatic image developer, process cartridge, and image forming apparatus
Control system for window lifters of a motor vehicle
Protection architecture for multi-lamp system
Power supply system for motherboard
Non-isolated bus converters with voltage divider topology
Low-noise DC/DC converter with controlled diode conduction
Power management unit for use in portable applications
Method and apparatus for controlling the maximum output power of a power converter
Circuits for sharing self-timed logic
Method of processing postal articles for making up and separating delivery rounds
Wearable electronic device
Electronic musical instrument with direct print interface
Recording or playback apparatus and musical piece detecting apparatus
Method for generating audio data and user terminal and record medium using the same
Musical fitness computer
Leakage compensation for sample and hold devices
Method and apparatus allowing simultaneous direct observation and electronic capture of scintillation images in an electron microscope
Superconducting composite
Transmission cable
Mounting of an operation key within an operation panel
Dial controller
Member for push-button switch and method of manufacturing the same
Micromachined mechanical switch
Microswitch with a first actuated portion and a second contact portion
Housing for a pyromechanical disconnecting device with integrated ignition element
Button assembly
Integrated lighting control panel with analog inputs/outputs
Power supply control signal generating circuit
White light emitting organic electroluminescent element and lighting device
Electro-optical device having an EL layer over a plurality of pixels
Method for manufacturing light emitting device comprising reflective film
Composition for preparing electron emission source, method for preparing electron emission source using the composition, and electron emission source
Display panel film having a black layer and a reflective layer
Electron beam apparatus and method of manufacturing semiconductor device using the apparatus
Multiplex data acquisition modes for ion mobility-mass spectrometry
Lamp socket with improved heat conduction
Lighting unit
System and method for routing supply voltages or other signals between side-by-side die and a lead frame for system in a package (SIP) devices
Solid-state image sensor and imaging system
Ferroelectric capacitor and ferroelectric memory with Ir-Ru alloy electrode and method of manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating active layer of thin film transistor
Method of fabricating CMOS image sensor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device and manufacture method thereof
Heat dissipating package structure and method for fabricating the same
Nanoparticle patterning process
Method for manufacturing semiconductor sensor
Semiconductor light emitting device
Method of manufacturing an inkjet head through the anodic bonding of silicon members
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
ZnO based semiconductor device manufacture method
Method of optimizing sidewall spacer size for silicide proximity with in-situ clean
Method of fabricating a high-voltage transistor with an extended drain structure
Method for manufacturing a thin film transistor including forming impurity regions by diagonal doping
Raised source and drain process with disposable spacers
Method for surfaced-passivated zinc-oxide
Method of carbon nanotube modification
Methods for depositing tungsten layers employing atomic layer deposition techniques
Layered chip package and method of manufacturing same
Solder contacts and methods of forming same
High power MCM package with improved planarity and heat dissipation
Low dielectric (low k) barrier films with oxygen doping by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD)
Semiconductor device having multiple wiring layers and method of producing the same
Floating gate process methodology
Pattern forming method and pattern forming system
Precise positioning apparatus
Method to create super secondary grain growth in narrow trenches
Method for reclaiming semiconductor package
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Methods and apparatus for high-density chip connectivity
Substrate release methods and apparatuses
Localized temperature control during rapid thermal anneal
Method of making three dimensional NAND memory
Method for manufacturing SiC semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Tri-gate patterning using dual layer gate stack
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
Semiconductor memory device
Compliant integrated circuit package substrate
Package in package (PiP)
Sealing a controller
Multichip package, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
Multi-functional metal shield case and method for making the same
Encapsulation component for integrated micro electromechanical system comprising first and second covers
Heat dissipation plate and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device packages with substrates for redistributing semiconductor device electrodes
Electric circuit module with improved heat dissipation characteristics using a fixing tool for fixing an electric apparatus to a heat sink
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Forming ultra dense 3-D interconnect structures
Integrated circuit and seed layers
Circuit device, a method for manufacturing a circuit device, and a semiconductor module
Circuit structure and process thereof
Package for receiving electronic parts, and electronic device and mounting structure thereof
Stress absorption layer and cylinder solder joint method and apparatus
Semiconductor chip package
High-gain bipolar junction transistor compatible with complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) process and method for fabricating the same
Image forming state detection device
Wide dynamic range image sensor
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device with irradiation of single crystal semiconductor layer in an inert atmosphere
High voltage power MOSFET having low on-resistance
Modular bipolar-CMOS-DMOS analog integrated circuit and power transistor technology
Photodiodes and image sensors including the same
Integrated DRAM process/structure using contact pillars
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method of the same
Shallow trench isolation structure for semiconductor device
Method for reducing silicide defects in integrated circuits
Ultra high density phase change memory having improved emitter contacts, improved GST cell reliability and highly matched UHD GST cells using column mirco-trench strips
Memory device
Semiconductor component containing compound of aluminum, gallium, indium, arsenic, and antimony has mesa structure whose sides have passivation layer of compound of aluminum, gallium, arsenic, and antimony
Polychromatic LED's and related semiconductor devices
Hetero junction field effect transistor and method of fabricating the same
Nitride-based semiconductor device with reduced leakage current
Lipid nanotube or nanowire sensor
Method of making p-channel and n-channel MIS transistors using single film formation of TaC
Programming and erasing structure for a floating gate memory cell and method of making
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-layer structure with a transparent gate
Hybrid metal fully silicided (FUSI) gate
Fin field effect transistors including oxidation barrier layers
Method for producing a vertical field effect transistor
Magnetic transistor structure
Multi-scale cantilever structures having nano sized holes and method of preparing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
LCD with increased pixel opening sizes
Diamond-like carbon electronic devices and methods of manufacture
Photo detecting apparatus comprising a current control element
Solid-state image sensing apparatus and fabrication method thereof
Image sensor with embedded photodiode region and manufacturing method for same
Light emitting diode and light emitting diode device including the light emitting diode element and method for manufacturing the light emitting diode
Combined information display and information input device
Ultrasonic probe
Piezoelectric device
Piezoelectric resonant element and piezoelectric resonator using the same
Reducing stress gradients within piezoelectric actuators
Piezoelectric actuator and method for manufacturing piezoelectric actuator
Quartz crystal device
Nanotube films and articles
Integrated circuit including vertical diode
Light emitting element and light emitting device and method of manufacturing light emitting element
Light emitting element, light emitting device, and electronic apparatus
White organic electroluminescence device
Electrochemical element
Fuel cell based rechargable power pack system and associated methods for controlling same
Direct carbon fueled solid oxide fuel cell or high temperature battery
Oxidation facilitator
System and method for controlling a rechargeable battery
Laminated film and secondary battery comprising the same
Fuel cell stack
Solid oxide fuel cell
Separator and fuel cell using thereof
Fuel cell with humidifier
Fuel cell having coolant inlet and outlet buffers on a first and second side
Fuel cells cartridge and electric apparatus having built-in fuel cell
Fuel cell system and fuel cartridge having fuel buffer module
Fuel cell system
Catalytic dehydrogenation of amine borane complexes
Electrolyte membrane for fuel cell having hollow inorganic fine particles
Proton-conducting polymer membrane comprising sulfonic acid-containing polyazoles, and use thereof in fuel cells
Printed circuit board having vias
Cross-over of conductive interconnects and a method of crossing conductive interconnects
Cable holder unit and electronic device
Assembly structure
Electric wire bracket for solar cells
Electronic device and method of accessing inside of electronic device
Grid interconnection device, grid interconnection system and transfer trip system
Power sampling systems and methods
Headset charging cradle
Battery charger with USB connector and cable storage recess
Secondary battery module
Electric power controller for vehicle mounting
Linear motor with integrated guidance
Thermal to electrical energy converter
Electrical machine having a cooling jacket
Brushless motor
Motor and disc drive with motor
Method and device for an actuator motor including an air-actuated brake device
Multifunction integrated portable power and utility apparatus
Voltage to current converter
Concentrating type solar collection and daylighting system within glazed building envelopes
Fan driving system with safe driving current switching
Position detecting device and synchronous motor driving device using the same
Vehicle seat, in particular a motor-vehicle seat
Sub-micron high input voltage tolerant input output (I/O) circuit
Clock multiplier and clock generator having the same
Termination switching based on data rate
Memory module and method having improved signal routing topology
Transceiver having an adjustable terminating network for a control device
Complementary energy path adiabatic logic
Dynamically controlled output multiplexer circuits in a programmable integrated circuit
Circuits for fanning out data in a programmable self-timed integrated circuit
Flexible adder circuits with fast carry chain circuitry
Single electron based flexible multi-functional logic circuit and the transistor thereof
Reset signal filter
PLL circuit
Group control type fluorescent, LED and/or halide lighting control system
Circuit arrangement and method for the operation of a high-pressure gas discharge lamp
Discharge-lamp lighting apparatus
Transformer wiring method and apparatus for fluorescent lighting
Thermal and high magnetic field treatment of materials and associated apparatus
Optical trapping with a semiconductor
Generic patterned conductor for customizable electronic devices
Ceramic multilayer substrate
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Optical system
System and method for dynamic generation of a single user interface for displaying and entry of medical imaging configuration data
Radiographic imaging system and method
PCI radiation image processing apparatus
X-ray system and method to determine the effective skin input dose in x-ray examinations
Methods, apparatus, and computer readable mediums for performing perfusion studies
Collimator assembly having multi-piece components
Method and apparatus and computer program product for determining an abort criterion during acquisition of 2D images of a 3D subject
Methods and apparatus for motion compensation in image reconstruction
Method of and system for decreasing x-ray exposure times in full field digital mammography
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stamp detecting device, stamp detecting method, letter processing apparatus and letter processing method
Hard imaging device vapor removal systems, hard imaging devices, and hard imaging methods
Color image forming apparatus, tandem type color image forming apparatus, and process cartridge for color image forming apparatus
Peer-to-peer control and decision making system
Reel to reel manufacturing line
Image forming apparatus
Piano MEMs micromirror
Capacitor and method of manufacturing the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Niobium powder, niobium sintered body and capacitor using the sintered body
Method and apparatus for reading reporter labeled beads
Direct current load breaking contact point constitution and switching mechanism therewith
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Driving force receiving member and driving mechanism
Micro-channel heat exchangers and spreaders
Wavelength dispersive XRF system using focusing optic for excitation and a focusing monochromator for collection
Method and apparatus for an output packet organizer
Semiconductor device with reduced terminal input capacitance
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect head, magneto-resistance transducer system, and magnetic storage system
Data message bit synchronization and local time correction methods and architectures
Sounding device for showing its location on a fish detector
Methods and systems for acquiring seismic data
Optical element, optical head and signal reproducing method
Electronic imaging apparatus
Imaging lens device
Image-formation lens system, and imaging system using the same
Zoom lens and photographing apparatus having the same
E-field-modulated bistable molecular mechanical device
Rod integrator holder and projection type image display apparatus having the rod integrator holder
Compensation and/or variation of wafer level produced lenses and resultant structures
Variable optical element, optical unit, and image capturing device
Fiber optic brush light detector and method
Wavelength separation devices incorporating multi-barrier photonic heterostructures
High density integrated optical chip with low index difference waveguide functions
Waveguides with optical monitoring
Traverse Bragg resonance lasers and amplifiers and method of operating the same
Optical waveguiding apparatus having reduced crossover losses
Y-branched optical waveguide and multi-stage optical power splitter using the same
Undersea branching unit for an undersea optical transmission system
Variable optical delay lines and methods for making same
Optical device permitting passive alignment of lens element
Thermo-optical switch using coated microsphere resonators
Direct space-to-time pulse shaper and optical word generator
Closed loop alignment system for fiber optic cross-connect switches
Microfluidic pump system for chemical or biological agents
Switch for the optical switching of a light path
Optical switch and optical switch device
Variable optical attenuator having waveguides and MEMS actuator
Optical module used in high frequency band optical communication system
Optical waveguide board and optical module
Optical fiber coupling system
Beam shaping and practical methods of reducing loss associated with mating external sources and optics to thin silicon waveguides
Optical element-mounting substrate and method of producing the same
Optical path-changing connector
Semiconductor laser module and Raman amplifier
Bidirectional optical communication device and bidirectional optical communication apparatus
Cassette for coiling optical fibers
Mount for use in optical fiber hydrophone array
Optical fiber cables
Fiber optic security sensor and system with integrated secure data transmission and power cables
Cable trough cover
Optical device
Objective lens system
Split redundant trunk architecture using passive splitters and path switching
Method and apparatus for generating a pulse width modulated signal and optical attenuator controlled by a pulse width modulated signal
Control method and control apparatus of optical device
Optically-controlled switch and optically-controlled optical switching method using dispersion curve shifting
Radiographic apparatus
Accessory for recycling paper
Image reading apparatus, image reading method and original transport apparatus
Image formation apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image formation control method
Device and method for measuring image density
Method and apparatus for reassembling a toner cartridge
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus with belt, plural sensitized bodies, and belt positioning mechanism
Developing device
Toner container, print process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Toner supply container, image formation unit and image forming apparatus
Toner-supplementing device and toner-agitating member
Sealing member for toner cartridge
Fine particle storage container and fine particle storage product, toner storage container and toner storage product, and toner supplying device
Developing device conveying toner using a traveling-wave electric field and image forming apparatus using same
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image formation method for amplifying differences in potential for image and non-image sections of photo sensor
Fuser release agent fluid management system
Image heating device, image forming apparatus, image copying machine, and method for controlling temperature
Image-forming apparatus and image-forming method
Process cartridge, electrophotographic image forming apparatus and fixing method of electrical contact part
Process cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Timepiece with a date mechanism comprising two superposed date rings
Portable programmable medical alert device
Electronic timepiece including rotary weight and antenna
Analogue electronic watch having a device for resetting the time following a power shortage
Semiconductor integrated circuit having voltage-down circuit regulator and charge sharing
Method and apparatus for generating random permutations
Modular audio-visual device
Computer module housing
Docking station
Circuit board mounting methods
PCI card retaining device with integrated airflow guide
Apparatus and method for a cooling solution fastening assembly
Bist for parallel testing of on chip memory
Memory module with magnetoresistive elements and a method of reading data from in-row and in-column directions
System and method for source defined packet routing
Speaker embedded with oral setup tutorial
Method and apparatus for resetable memory and design approach for same
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing system and recording medium
System and method for third party recovery of encryption certificates in a public key infrastructure
Multi-line distributed modem
Communication systems, components, and methods operative with programmable wireless devices
Card connector
Mask correction for photolithographic processes
Incorporating camera effects into existing video sequences
Segmentation of text lines in digitized images
Wave image compression
Address reading method
System and method for transferring electronic information
Voucher redemption in mobile networks
Robust blind watermarking method in wavelet DC components
Methods, data, and systems to warp an image
Transcoding scheme for assistance in image transformations
Video coding and video decoding apparatus
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium
Calculating noise from multiple digital images having a common noise source
Visual attention system
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and recording medium recorded with image processing program to process image taking into consideration difference in image pickup condition using AAM
Method and system for tag detection and tracking in MRI tagged images
Image data coding apparatus and image data server
Decoding method and apparatus and recording method and apparatus for moving picture data
Enhanced compression of gray-level images
Method of varying the bit rate of the data stream of coded video pictures
Process and device for coding images according to the MPEG standard for the insetting of imagettes
Variable length decoder for decoding digitally encoded video signals
Emergency call device and method for controlling emergency call
Relay for personal interpreter
Recording medium and information storage apparatus
Optical recording medium/system with heat-dissipating and light reflecting layers
Disc cartridge and disc recording and/or reproducing apparatus
Variable data recording/reproducing control apparatus and method of an optical recording system
Phase correction circuit for a disk reproduction device
Disc head slider with sub-ambient pressure cavity bottom surfaces of differing depths
Calibration method for slice level of zero cross signal and method of producing track-crossing signal
Signal processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Low attention recording, with particular application to social recording
Disk drive
Disk drive including a base assembly having a flex-to-board edge connector
Magnetic head and magnetic disk drive
Process for planarizing patterned metal structures for magnetic thin film heads
Three terminal magnetic head having a magnetic semiconductor and a tunnel magnetoresistive film and magnetic recording apparatus including the head
Magnetoresistive sensor with overlapping lead layers including alpha tantalum and conductive layers
Spin valve with thermally stable pinned layer structure having ruthenium oxide specular reflecting layer
Suspension for disc drive and manufacturing method therefor
Precise positioning actuator for head element, head gimbal assembly with the actuator and disk drive apparatus with the head gimbal assembly
Rotating recording medium and slider of thin-film magnetic head device
Magnetic disk device and magnetic head slider
Method for detecting an unbalanced disk in an optical disk reading device
Information storage medium having updatable control information and recording and/or reproducing method thereof
Information recording medium, information reproduction apparatus, and information recording apparatus
Waveform equalizer for a reproduction signal obtained by reproducing marks and non-marks recorded on a recording medium
Optical disk device, semiconductor integrated circuit, pickup control method and vibration component detection method
Optical head
Apparatus and method for controlling optical recording power in an optical drive
Light source for optical head
Optical disk apparatus
Optical recording medium having dual information surfaces
Optical recording medium having dual information surfaces
Information recording medium
Optical information recording medium, recording/reproducing apparatus and recording /reproducing method for the same, and method for manufacturing optical information recording medium
Optical recording medium and stamper for manufacturing the same
Method to improve cache capacity of SOI and bulk
Magnetic memory
Magnetic device having shaped ferromagnetic film
Ferroelectric-type nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Ferroelectric memory device and read control method thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and bit line capacitance adjusting method using the device
Semiconductor device
Random access memory cell having reduced current leakage and having a pass transistor control gate formed in a trench
DRAM with refresh control function
Programming method for non volatile multilevel memory cells and corresponding programming circuit
Nonvolatile data storage circuit using ferroelectric capacitors
Audio and/or video data recording and reproducing apparatus and method of same
Priority encoder for successive encoding of multiple matches in a CAM
Nonvolatile memory having a trap layer
Method and system for efficiently reading and programming of dual cell memory elements
Ramp source hot-hole programming for trap based non-volatile memory devices
Method and circuit configuration for digitizing a signal in an input buffer of a DRAM device
Method of erasing a flash memory cell
EEPROM memory protected against the effects from a breakdown of an access transistor
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and method of writing data therein
Non-volatile memory erase circuitry
Semiconductor memory device for improving redundancy efficiency
Memory circuit with dynamic redundancy
Reconfigurable memory arrays
Semiconductor memory device having a hierarchical I/O structure
256 Meg dynamic random access memory
Semiconductor memory circuit
Semiconductor apparatus
First-in, first-out buffer system in an integrated circuit
Reducing sub-threshold leakage in a memory array
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Systems for programmable memory using silicided poly-silicon fuses
Apparatus and method for a current limiting bleeder device shared by columns of different memory arrays
Method and apparatus for reducing write power consumption in random access memories
Flash array implementation with local and global bit lines
Semiconductor memory device having duty cycle correction circuit and interpolation circuit interpolating clock signal in the semiconductor memory device
Temperature compensated T-RAM memory device and method
Memory device and method having low-power, high write latency mode and high-power, low write latency mode and/or independently selectable write latency
Asynchronous, high-bandwidth memory component using calibrated timing elements
Yield and speed enhancement of semiconductor integrated circuits using post fabrication transistor mismatch compensation circuitry
Semiconductor memory device
Boiling water reactor fuel assembly
Core configuration for a nuclear reactor
Radiation diaphragm for an X-ray apparatus
Radiological image sensing system for a scanning x-ray generator
Apparatus for reducing echoes and noises in telephone
Thin-film magnetic head having auxiliary layer disposed under portions of two conductive layers of thin-film coil connected to each other
Metal-insulator-metal capacitor structure
Ceramic multilayer capacitor array
Frequency-controlled load driver for an electromechanical system
Fuse box
Device and method for charge removal from dielectric surfaces
Test structure for detecting bridging of DRAM capacitors
Heat sink assembly with fixing mechanism
Printed circuit board arrangement
ESD protection of noise decoupling capacitors
AC adaptor integral-type household-power-line coupler
Method of making channel-aligned resonator devices
Two-dimensional laser diode array light-emitting device
System and method for fabricating efficient semiconductor lasers via use of precursors having a direct bond between a group III atom and a nitrogen atom
Method for switching audio signals and the device of the same
Switchgear conductors and connections therefore
Disk drive monitoring a supply current to protect motor driver circuits
Power supply device preventing inrush current
Method and device for bonding AC utilities and HFC access networks for surge mitigation
Contactless electrical energy transmission system having a primary side current feedback control and soft-switched secondary side rectifier
Brushless DC motor and circuit for controlling the same
Intelligent power module
Programmable soft-start control for charge pump
Electric-power supply with rectifier
Loosely coupled parallel resonant converter
Output resistance modulation in power converters
Method of controlling half-controlled rectifier, and rectifier structure
Method and apparatus for plurality signal generation
Digital automatic gain control
Phase detector and phase locked loop circuit
Method for recovering a clock signal in a telecommunications system and circuit thereof
Computing the full path metric in viterbi decoding
Cordless telephone and method for selecting communication channel thereof
Frequency hopping spread spectrum system with high sensitivity tracking and synchronization for frequency unstable signals
Orthogonalized spatial multiplexing for wireless communication
Adaptive array antenna-based CDMA receiver that can find the weight vectors with a reduced amount of calculations
Support of multiuser detection in the downlink
Configurable multimode despreader for spread spectrum applications
W-CDMA transmission rate estimation method and device
Cosite interference rejection system using an optical approach
Measurement of optical power in optical fiber networks
Free-space optical communications using holographic conjugation
Return path transmitter having a closed laser control loop that is employed in a hybrid fiber / coax transmission
Distributed optical amplifying apparatus, optical communication station, optical communication system, and optical fiber cable
Wavelength division multiplexing optical communication system and wavelength division multiplexing optical communication method
Interference cancellation receiver for high-speed communication systems
Acquisition of a continuous-phase modulation waveform
Method and apparatus for determining characteristics of components of a communication channel
Apparatus of a digital echo canceller and method therefor
Method and apparatus for acknowledging a reception of a data packet in a CDMA communication system
Method to select dynamically between MACs of network device depending on network topology
Method for allocating and controlling downlink power in a telecommunication system
System and method for data transmission from multiple wireless base transceiver stations to a subscriber unit
Apparatus and method for determining use/nonuse of transmit diversity by P-CCPCH in an NB-TDD CDMA mobile communication system
Internet over satellite apparatus
Time slot allocation control based on temperature in a radio transceiver
Dualized time/frequency generation apparatus in CDMA system
Apparatus and method for providing separate forward dedicated and shared control channels in a communications system
System and method for reducing adjacent channel interference (ACI) in a multicarrier modulation system
Method and apparatus for free-space optical communication without eletro-optical conversion
Optical systems including add drop devices and methods
Bidirectional add/drop multiplexer
Packet handler of audio data by isochronous mode
Apparatus and method for designing a network
T1/E1 framer array
Multiple services emulation over a single network service
Method and apparatus for converting data packets between a higher bandwidth network and a lower bandwidth network
Countermeasure threat emulator and method
Packet size control technique
Multichannel communications link receiver having parallel optical components
Method and system for energy based frame rate determination
Systems and methods for communicating spread spectrum signals using variable signal constellations
Apparatus, method and system for correlated noise reduction in a trellis coded environment
Recovery following process or system failure
Activation of multiple xDSL modems with implicit channel probe
System and method for accessing the internet on a per-time-unit basis
Method of detecting non-responsive network flows
Determining connection information for a network
Arrangement for controlling learning of layer 3 network addresses in a network switch
Method and apparatus for restricting the assignment of VLANs
Hot standby access point
Method for creating self-built customer hierarchies
Method and apparatus for communicating in a distributed multiple access wireless communication system
Beacon packet having traffic indicator flag
Spanning tree with protocol for bypassing port state transition timers
Packet processing apparatus, and packet processing method
Virtual local area network system capable of sending tag frames
Virtual subscriber network
ATM switch with rate-limiting congestion control
Apparatus and method for optical communication protection
Multi-mode scheduler, apparatus including multi-mode scheduler and multi-mode scheduling method
Cell processing method and apparatus in an asynchronous transfer mode switch
Packet transfer device and packet transfer method adaptive to a large number of input ports
Method and system for emulating a single router in a switch stack
Method and system for minimizing the connection set up time in high speed packet switching networks
Method of decoding uplink status flags for RT-EGPRS users
Methods and systems for fast binary network address lookups using parent node information stored in routing table entries
Port aggregation load balancing
Quality of service based transitioning between alternate transport paths
Gateway system for voice communication and controlling method thereof
System for networked component address and logical network formation and maintenance
Multimedia interface for a communications network
Relaxed, more optimum training for modems and the like
Apparatus and method for substantially eliminating a near-channel interfering amplitude modulated signal
Zero value-detecting circuit
Precoding circuit and precoding-mulitplexing circuit for realizing very high transmission rate in optical fiber communication
Automatic modulation type discrimination apparatus and automatic modulation type discrimination method capable of discriminating plural kinds of modulation types
Adaptive control system for interference rejections in a wireless communications system
Transferring transmission control protocol packets
Methods for efficient early protocol detection
Qualified priority queue scheduler
Method and apparatus for dynamically allocating resources in a communication system
Method of generating charging identifier in internet one number link you (ONLY) service
System and method for data communication
Mobile IP communication scheme using dynamic address allocation protocol
White and yellow page multimedia service
System and method for communicating audio data signals via an audio communications medium
Multi-band modem
Network communication system
Device for recovering burst-mode optical clock
Split-key key-agreement protocol
Method and apparatus for providing bus-encrypted copy protection key to an unsecured bus
Controlling voice communications over a data network
System and method for voicemail message certification and reply using a temporary voicemail service
Common mobility management protocol for multimedia applications, systems and services
Wireless communication system capable of changing dynamically charge rate and wireless communication unit usable therewith
Power control apparatus of public telecommunication terminal
Replenishment of pre-paid wireless telephone accounts using short message service (SMS)
Subscriber line interface circuitry
Handset identifier using support vector machines
Method for recognizing an off-hook condition on a single subscriber line with two terminal devices
On demand call re-termination
System for positioning staff in office
Contact routing system and method
Method and system for automatic contact distribution utilizing presence detection
Multiple client remote agent network method
Echo canceller
Method and apparatus for digital near-end echo/near-end crosstalk cancellation with adaptive correlation
Detecting small amounts of color in an image
Buzz reduction circuit and TV/VCR combo using the same
Video encoder with embedded scene change and 3:2 pull-down detections
Transcoding multimedia data shuttle and archive
Motion estimation using predetermined pixel patterns and subpatterns
Methods and apparatus for constructing a program association table when reducing multiplexed data streams
Initialization method for an entertainment and communications network
Image processing apparatus
Area expansion apparatus, area expansion method, and area expansion program
Brightness-variation compensation method and coding/decoding apparatus for moving pictures
Video capture device and method of sending high quality video over a low data rate link
Method of transcoding encoded video data and apparatus which transcodes encoded video data
Method and apparatus for RGB color conversion that can be used in conjunction with lossless and lossy image compression
Circuit for switching optical paths
Optical layer multicasting using a single sub-carrier header and a multicast switch with active header insertion
Method and system for transmission and modification of intelligent network parameters
Method and apparatus for detecting errors in a backplane frame
Method for transmitting packet-oriented information via a time-division-multiplex-oriented radio link
Fragmentation processing device and fragmentation processing apparatus using thereof
Methods for establishing control signaling at link start-up
Context switching system and method for implementing a high speed link (HSL) in a network element
ATM network system and method for allocating VPI for user devices
Internet web site with audio interconnect and automatic call distributor
Photonic switch using time-slot interchange
Technique for enhanced information assistance call routing
Apparatus, and associated method, for performing packet zone timing operations at a mobile node operable in a packet radio communication system
Method and apparatus for control of a subscriber identity module in a data communication system
Method for improving the security of authentication procedures in digital mobile radio telephone systems
Closed headphones with transducer system
Method for controlling the dynamic range of a hearing aid, and method to manufacture different hearing aids, and a hearing aid
Method and device for signal separation of a mixed signal
Universal four-channel surround sound speaker system for multimedia computer audio sub-systems
Piston-type panel-form loudspeaker
Planar-magnetic speakers with secondary magnetic structure
Surround sound field reproduction system and surround sound field reproduction method
Single stage PFC and power converter unit
Systems and methods for connecting an electronic apparatus to a backplane
Capacitor for dram connector
Disk drive system for a data storage system
Electronic chassis and housing having an integrated forced air cooling system
Universal heat sink retention module frame
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