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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Plant support system
Plant container
Plant growth lighting device and method
Sugar and lipid metabolism regulators in plants II
Monomanuel electric fishing rod and reel
Fishing rig and method of assembling same
Insect trap with improved glueboard mounting, retention, and removal assembly
Domestic animal parasite-repellent device
Antifolate compounds for the treatment of melanoma
Alcoholic injury mitigating agent
Onion peeling device
Interchangeable scent cartridge system
Device for smoking cessation and use of such a device
Athletic wear with hidden pockets
Safety helmet, in particular for cyclists
Integrated illumination part and lead frame of umbrella
Umbrella slide
Mobile device case having tension elements
Picnic organizer package bagging system
Carrying case for a mobile electronic device
Folding bedside table
Balance chair
Public seating system with interchangeable and replaceable modular web-design seats and backs
Baby restraining article
Expandable rack and shelves
Party plate
Biodegradable toys and methods of making same
Modular cooking and steaming system
Tea cup and method of manufacturing a tea cup
Infuser cup
Extraction device for immersion beverage primary liquid
Frothing device for an espresso machine
Rotary beater and kitchen appliance for use with a rotary beater
Mobile assembly with screen for plant training
Vacuum cleaner comprising a dust-bag-housing made of paper
Reattachment of tissue to base tissue
Surgical stapler
Method and apparatus for delivering bone cement
Plasma head for tissue welding
High-frequency surgical device
Visual function testing device
Multi-color overlay system for processing and displaying electrocardiac signals
Neurophysiological dry sensor
Medical diagnostic imaging apparatus
Catheter systems and methods of use
Tear-resistant dental dams
Patterned implant and method
Patterned sling implant and method
Needle targeting apparatus for implanted device
Systems, devices, and methods including a stand-up wheel chair having automatic stability control
Methods of delivering stable topical drug compositions
Polypeptide protracting tags
Methods of treating a Flaviviridae family viral infection and compositions for treating a Flaviviridae family viral infection
Combination pharmaceutical agents as inhibitors of HCV replication
Alprostadil for treatment of premature ejaculation
D-tagatose-based compositions and methods for preventing and treating atherosclerosis, metabolic syndrome, and symptoms thereof
Combination therapy for breast cancer
Arabinoxylo-oligosaccharides useful against gastrointestinal infections
Pharmaceutical compositions of active agents and cationic dextran polymer derivatives
Topical formulations containing palm pollen
Pharmacological treatment of aortic aneurysm development
Recombinant HIV-1 envelope proteins comprising stabilizing two-cysteine mini-domains in gp41
Marek's disease virus vaccine compositions and methods of using thereof
Repairing Bruch's membrane with hydrogels
ErbB-2 receptor targeting peptide
HER2 binding peptides labeled with aluminium-[18] fluoride complexed by NOTA
Topical skin care formulations
Compositions and methods for therapeutic delivery with frozen particles
Process for making gastroretentive dosage forms
Lipidomimetic compounds and uses thereof
Emetic embedded capsule
Fine particle diffusion device
Bladder drug eluting device
Device for passively removing a target component from blood or lymph of a vertebrate subject
Needle assembly
Method and apparatus for regulating glucose level
Basketball player training device
Exercise device
Wrist exercise device
Push-pass technique and system for training soccer players
Golf club handle training aid
Apparatus for handling playing cards and method of use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Methods and systems for positioning a laser beam spot relative to a semiconductor integrated circuit using a processing target as a metrology target
Process for laser scribing
Control device of work positioning apparatus
Method and arrangement for control of the printing of a thermotransfer printing device
Reminder device for eliciting behavioral response in a vehicle
Remote control system
Foldable electric wheelchair
Support method, design support apparatus, and storage medium
Dispenser for hand sanitizer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for producing triphenylene compound and crystal obtained by the process
Isoxazoline derivatives as antiparasitic agents
Heterocyclic urea compounds
Use of Pol III promoters for controlled expression of therapeutic proteins
Seed-preferred promoter from Sorghum kafirin gene
Bone delivery device
Fixed Constructions
Anchor sheet positioning and connection system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for harvesting energy from ocean waves
Solar and wind energy converter
Furniture assembly
Convertible illuminated band for helmet
High-performance extended target temperature containers
Method for assigning a delay time to electronic delay detonators
Distance measuring device
Base module for a motion sensor
Guidance system for manually guided vehicles
Generating images according to points of intersection for integer multiples of a sample-time distance
Multi-variable regression for metrology
Evaluation device of optical writing device and evaluation method thereof
Systems and methods to determine elastic properties of materials
Method and its apparatus for inspecting defects
X-ray imaging apparatus
Fiducial marker for correlating images
Chemical impedance detectors for fluid analyzers
Radio communication system, least significant station, and intermediate station
Data link fault tolerance
Packaged die heater
Apparatus for creating test pattern and calculating fault coverage or the like and method for creating test pattern and calculating fault coverage or the like
Digital reliability monitor having autonomic repair and notification capability
Self-monitoring switch
Automatic switchable low threshold current power supply
Apparatus and method for measuring moving distance in mobile communication system
Cellular augmented radar/laser detector
Method for the spectrometric photon dosimetry for X-ray and gamma radiation
Skin contamination dosimeter
Methods for determining in situ the viscosity of heavy oil
High magnification compact zoom lens
Display method and display device
Light quantity control device
Structure for pattern formation, method for pattern formation, and application thereof
Illuminating apparatus and surface inspection system using illuminating apparatus
Multi-focal intraocular lens system and methods
Projection lens system and projection type display apparatus using the same
Bias controller
Color filter with perpendicular optical retardation and liquid crystal display device
Vertically-aligned (VA) liquid crystal display device
Display element
Scanning device and scanning type optical apparatus
4D light field cameras
Actuator and anti-vibration camera module using same
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method utilizing a datapath having a balanced calculation load
Lithography mask, rewritable mask, process for manufacturing a mask, device for processing a substrate, lithographic system and a semiconductor device
Optical system and method for illumination of reflective spatial light modulators in maskless lithography
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus configured to correct positional error of a written image
Method and apparatus for performing color plane
Image recording apparatus having a lower fixing temperature
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Remaining amount of developer detection device, development device, process unit, and image forming apparatus
Development device and image forming apparatus
Pre-exposure and curing of photo-sensitive material for optical data storage
Ringing mechanism
Apparatus and method for controlling an ammonia production system
Automation control system having device scripting
Unmanned device interaction methods and systems
Method for operating a calculating unit and signal for processing in a calculating unit
Observed-object detection apparatus and observed-object detection method
Method and system for controlling stability of electric power system
Voltage regulation system
Compensation techniques for reducing power consumption in digital circuitry
Storage device
Power management in wireless network
Saving power in a computer system
Power-supply control device that controls power supply timing to circuit elements
Method of achieving high reliability of network boot computer system
Pressure sensing systems for sports, and associated methods
Method and apparatus for virtual network attached storage remote migration
Software event recording and analysis system and method of use thereof
Multi-bit error correction scheme in multi-level memory storage system
Asynchronous remote copy system and control method for the same
Storage apparatus and data writing method
Method for reducing number of writes in a cache memory
Method and apparatus for controlling a primary operating system and an appliance operating system on the same machine
Information usage control system, information usage control device and method, and computer readable medium
Memory system and method for operating a memory system
Interface for extending functionality of memory cards
Multi-channel flash module with plane-interleaved sequential ECC writes and background recycling to restricted-write flash chips
Reconfigurable memory module and method
Cache using perfect hash function
Method and system for validating a security marking
Method and computer for supporting construction of backup configuration
Non-volatile hard disk drive cache system and method
Systems for implementing SDRAM controllers, and buses adapted to include advanced high performance bus features
Image processing controller and image forming apparatus
Management of storage and retrieval of data labels in random access memory
Automotive air conditioner and method and apparatus for controlling automotive air conditioner
Method for creating a garment
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer program product
Method and apparatus for image registration for image processing
Method of and system for transmitting messaging service messages between two telecommunications system using different message structures
Real-time interactive system and method for making and updating changes to infrastructure data
Session multiplex protocol
Method and system for transparent TCP offload (TTO) with a user space library
Automated system and method for delivery of messages and processing of message responses
System and method for communicating between servers using a multi-server platform
System and method for virtual server migration across networks using DNS and route triangulation
Browser based web conferencing employing layering to display screen updates
Method, system, and program for forwarding messages between nodes
Systems, apparatus and methods for managing networking devices
Intelligent human-machine interface
Playback apparatus, playback method, and computer program
Method for analyzing operation of a machine
Controller for partially observable systems
Fact-based object merging
Generating image-based reflowable files for rendering on various sized displays
Communication terminals with a tap determination circuit
Multivariate detection of transient regions in a process control system
System and method for calculating taxes and multi-currency pricing
Automatic clustering of tokens from a corpus for grammar acquisition
Script compliance and quality assurance using speech recognition
Computer program product and computer system for language-enhanced programming tools
Fast and efficient method for deleting very large files from a filesystem
Compressed data storage to provide recent and summary data
Apparatus and methods for displaying and determining dependency relationships among subsystems in a computer software system
Method, system, and apparatus for file server resource division
Accessible content reputation lookup
Application processing method, and intermediation server device
Moving records between partitions
Generic non-volatile service layer
Pattern-producing method for semiconductor device
Structure for dynamic latch state saving device and protocol
Circuit design data conversion apparatus, circuit design data conversion method, and computer product
Method and system for routing of integrated circuit design
Place-and-route layout method with same footprint cells
Fuel efficiency display device for fuel cell vehicle, and fuel efficiency displaying method for fuel cell vehicle
Apparatus for monitoring the maintenance of systems in a nuclear power plant
System and method for manufacturing uniquely decorated components
Automated material handling system and method
Engine control system and vehicle including the same
Data outputting method, data outputting apparatus, data reproducing method, data reproducing apparatus, data recording method, data recording apparatus, and record medium
Method and apparatus for enabling highlighter services for visitors to web pages
Apparatus and method for direct memory access in a hub-based memory system
Method and system for sharing images over a communication network between multiple users
Interfacing a device driver with an application using a virtual driver interface and a strategy
Light emitting device and method for driving thereof
Method and system and program storage device for storing oilfield related data in a computer database and displaying a field data handbook on a computer display screen
Image forming apparatus and method for faster rendering of monochromatic scan lines
Time multiplexed image data decompression circuit
Storage system, storage controller and data compression method
Bounded sub-optimal problem solving
System and method for employing a grid index for location and precision encoding
Document search method and document search apparatus that use a combination of index-type search and scan-type search
Method, system, and software for correcting uniform resource locators
Systems and methods for processing queries
Configuration-parametric query optimization
Information processing apparatus, data communication apparatus, control methods therefor, address management system, and program
Information retrieval systems and methods that use user-defined lists to identify related offerings
Method for a secure information transfer
Compliance validator for restricted network access control
Power optimized replay of blocked operations in a pipilined architecture
Automatic alternating bootable storage devices between different kinds of boot files
Computer system and method for executing port communications without interrupting the receiving computer
Computer system with dual basic input output system and operation method thereof
System, method and computer program product for translating storage elements
Limiting entries in load reorder queue searched for snoop check to between snoop peril and tail pointers
Generating web service without coding logic with a programming language
Hierarchically scoped resettable variables in graphical modeling environments
System and method of interactive situation simulation
Image processing apparatus, information processing apparatus, and information output method
Security system entry control
Imaging apparatus, imaging method, program and recording medium
Moving-state determining device
Endoscopic system with spectral image forming circuit
Image display apparatus and computer-readable image display program storage medium
Method, computer system and CT system for determining a motion field and for motion-compensated reconstruction using said motion field
Biometrics based on locally consistent features
Image inspection method and image inspection apparatus employing the same
System and method for detecting and matching anatomical structures using appearance and shape
Vehicle and lane mark recognition apparatus
Method, system, and program product for presenting electronic surveillance data
System and method for identifying and labeling fields of text associated with scanned business documents
Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and program
Method and apparatus for encoding image
Method, apparatus and storage medium for detecting cardio, thoracic and diaphragm borders
Method and apparatus for targeted event networking
Environmental compliance certification
Method and apparatus for planning, monitoring and illustrating multiple tasks based on user defined criteria and predictive ability
Automated on-line business bandwidth planning methodology
Method and system for real time margin calculation
Software-based commerce engine deployed in video game environment
System and method for managing and evaluating network commodities purchasing
Method and system for pricing and marketing financial products
Credit event referenced asset that minimizes an investor's risk of loss of principal
System for effecting the payment of paper and electronic financial instruments received at a payment facility
System and method for providing optimized medical order sets
Image processing device, image processing method, and image processing program for reconstructing data
Mixture model for motion lines in a virtual reality environment
Method and apparatus for remote health monitoring and providing health related information
Board game
Radio frequency animal tracking system
Photo sensitive device
Operation abnormality detector of electronic modules, particularly a card reader in a self-serving bank machine
Supervised and unsupervised seat folding
Policing machine incorporating randomization of rate threshold
Communication system, child system and control method thereof, and storage medium
Transmitting error correction information
Devices for use by deaf and/or blind people
Plasma display device
Method for driving a gas electric discharge device
Display substrate and display device having the same
Active matrix type display apparatus
Liquid crystal display driving circuit and method thereof
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Configurable imaging system
Operation device for vehicle
Methods and systems for efficient white balance and gamma control
Slide-out information display
Universal input device and system
System and method for evolving music tracks
System and method for independently recognizing and selecting actions and objects in a speech recognition system
Methods, systems, and computer program products for spoken language grammar evaluation
Apparatus and method for processing an audio signal using linear prediction
Optical disc device
Method and apparatus for recording
Methods for forming micro-texture on an air bearing surface of a magnetic read/write slider and a magnetic read/write slider with micro-texture
Disk recording/reproducing apparatus and disk recording method
Recording medium, method of recording identification information thereof, and recording/reproducing method thereof
Holographic storage medium, and apparatus for recording/reproducing data on/from the holographic storage medium
Image reader
Optical disk apparatus and starting method thereof
Optical disc apparatus and offset adjustment method thereof
Optical data storage medium, apparatus and method for scanning such a medium
Active protection device for resistive random access memory (RRAM) formation
Ferroelectric memory device
Structure and method for improving storage latch susceptibility to single event upsets
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory
Predictive programming in non-volatile memory
Methods, devices, and systems for experiencing reduced unequal testing degradation
Current cancellation for non-volatile memory
Semiconductor device and information processing system
Radiation-shielding material using hydrogen-filled glass microspheres
Ion implanting apparatus
Data cable with striated jacket
Inductive conductivity sensor
Moisture-proof push-button switch module
Key structure
Interrupting chamber having two compression chambers
Pressure switch employing silicon on insulator (SOI) technology
Side-open outlet box arrangement
Cathode screen adapted to a compact fluorescent lamp
Inner coating of lamp vessels, such as discharge vessels of gas discharge lamps
Plasma display panel
Field emission X-ray apparatus, methods, and systems
Light string with improved shunt system
Using coulomb forces to form 3-D reconfigurable antenna structures
Forming thick metal interconnect structures for integrated circuits
Glass cap molding package, manufacturing method thereof and camera module
Stacking packages with alignment elements
Heatsink structure for solid-state image sensor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor apparatus
Metal-resin-boned structured body and resin-encapsulated semiconductor device, and fabrication method for them
Electronic device package and electronic equipment
Semiconductor package and method for manufacturing semiconductor package
High surface area aluminum bond pad for through-wafer connections to an electronic package
Lead frame having a die stage smaller than a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device using the same
Method of packaging and interconnection of integrated circuits
Semiconductor packages having electromagnetic interference-shielding function, manufacturing method thereof and jig
Formation of columnar application specific circuitry using a columnar programmable device
Integrated circuit system employing stress memorization transfer
Method for fabrication of a semiconductor device and structure
Phase change random access memory and semiconductor device
Thin-film transistor and thin-film diode having amorphous-oxide semiconductor layer
Semiconductor light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Flexible column die interconnects and structures including same
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with depletion region
Semiconductor device with semi-insulating substrate portions
High-voltage vertical transistor with a varied width silicon pillar
MOSFET and production method of semiconductor device
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing same
Front electrode for use in photovoltaic device and method of making same
Polarized semiconductor light emitting device with light guiding portions formed within
Semiconductor device, and power source and processor provided with the same
Heating apparatus comprising a thermoelectric module
Piezoelectric element
Low power floating body memory cell based on low bandgap material quantum well
Dye for photoelectric device and photoelectric device comprising the dye
Signal splitter
Communication apparatus
Smart chaff
Microwave lens
Beamforming apparatus and method for multi-antenna system
Multi-channel thinned TR module architecture
Laser pump cavity
Monolithic semiconductor laser
Surface-emitting laser
Semiconductor light emitting device
Systems and methods for protecting peripheral devices from surges
Neutralization apparatus having minute electrode ion generation element
Temperature protection device for electronic converters and related method
Overheat protection circuit
High voltage tolerance circuit
Device for protecting a speed controller against overcurrent
PWM DC steady-state output circuit
Motor rotor and manufacturing method thereof
Voice coil motor module
Three dimensional motor generator system
Method and apparatus to reduce audio frequencies in a switching power supply
Pulse width modulator with two-way integrator
Voltage source inverter and medium voltage pre-charge circuit therefor
System and method for a user-selectable tinted window panel apparatus
Control apparatus of power conversion system
Method for operation of a three-phase rotating electrical machine, and an apparatus for carrying out the method
Audio signal processing method and apparatus
Digitally controlled CML buffer
Sampler blocker protected against switching parasites
Frequency dividing device
Buffer for driving capacitive load
Switched-capacitor circuit relating to summing and integration algorithms
High boosting-ratio/low-switching-delay level shifter
Phase locked loop circuit and integrated circuit for the same
Method and system for variable resolution data conversion in a receiver
Element-selecting method capable of reducing toggle rate of digital to analog converter and module thereof
Apparatus and method of lossless coding and decoding
Amplifying a transmit signal using a fractional power amplifier
Pin mounting of camera module in a radio communication terminal
Method and system for an analog zero-IF interface for GSM receivers
Charge sampling filter circuit and charge sampling method
Method and system for dividing single PoC group session
Synchronization codes for wireless communication
Infrared remote control module and portable electronic device using same
Robustly stabilizing laser systems
Signal processing circuit for rotation detector and method for detecting rotation of object
Determining a bit error rate (BER) using interpolation and superposition
Transmitting/receiving method, transmitter/receiver, and recording medium therefor
Apparatus and method for integrating wireless field devices with a wired protocol in a process control system
Reconfigurable wireless communications device and radio
Distributed systems and methods to measure and process sport motions
Methods and apparatus for providing an extended-local area system based on short messaging service
On demand, network radio and broadcast method
Information processing apparatus and method and computer program
User identification using Bluetooth and audio ranging
Apparatus and method for generating signal according to IFDMA, and apparatus for receiving signal
Speed calculation system
Reference sequence construction for fast cell search
Method and device for transmitting data
System and method for adaptive frame size management in a wireless multihop network
Methods and apparatus for enhancing wireless data network telephony including a personal router in a client
Method for preventing unnecessary retransmission due to delayed transmission in wireless network and communication device using the same
Method, apparatus, and system for idle state definition for power management
Log-antilog circuit and method for producing an up-converted and amplified transmission signal
Signal component demultiplexing apparatus, filter apparatus, receiving apparatus, communication apparatus, and communication method
System and method providing overload control in next generation networks
Methods and systems for load-adaptive backoff for WiMAX ranging
Dynamic adaptation of MAC-layer retransmission value
Radio communication method and radio base station apparatus based on variable TTI length control
Network proxy with asymmetric connection connectivity
Multi-staged services policing
Communication apparatus and communication method
Routing/switching on a heterogeneous network
Method and apparatus for data traffic smoothing
System and method of transferring communications between networks
Scheduling token-controlled data transmissions in communication networks
Device network interface
Local area network of serial intelligent cells
Translator for IP networks, network system using the translator, and IP network coupling method therefor
Communication systems
Method of link word synchronization
Signal generator with signal tracking
Protection of the distribution of digital documents in a peer to peer network
Method, apparatus, and computer program for managing access to documents
Method and apparatus of synchronizing complementary multi-media effects in a wireless communication device
Wireless terminals with integrated high speed serial communication hinges
Slide module and mobile terminal having the same
Wireless LAN device and communication mode switching method
Mobile communication and/or gaming terminal
Febrile convulsion alarm
System, method, and computer program product for calculating a rate of an electronic message utilizing an identifier of an associated session
Wireless user based notification system
System and method for generating revenue from a classified advertisement wireless messaging service
User-assisted programmable appliance control
Disambiguating ambiguous characters
Network element and method of mapping address information
Telephone control device, telephone control method, telephone control program, telephone terminal, telephone calling method, telephone calling program and telephone control system
Facsimile methods, apparatuses and systems
Image processing apparatus having card reader for applying effects stored on a card to a stored image
Intelligent light source with synchronization with a digital camera
Semiconductor element, method of driving semiconductor element and solid imaging apparatus
Resolution enhancing method and apparatus of video
System for mounting camera on bow
Image detecting module
Image signal processing system
Contents recording system and contents recording method
Apparatus and method for processing and displaying pictures
Shared logic for decoding and deinterlacing of compressed video
Systems and methods for improved data transmission
Video game system using pre-generated motion vectors
Bedside video communication system
Method and apparatus for compressing and decompressing data, and computer product
Hardware module for adding functionality to television
Method and apparatus for information exchange in an interactive communication system using tv broadcast information
Communication control apparatus
Speaker unit
Multichannel spectral mapping audio apparatus and method
Determining per sector received power level
Transport efficiency optimization for mobile IPV6
Wireless protocol converter
Sub-segment based transport layer protocol for wireless medium
Roaming gateway enabling location based services (LBS) roaming for user plane in CDMA networks without requiring use of a mobile positioning center (MPC)
Mobile computer with unattended online content processing
Method and apparatus for multi-radio traffic arbitration in wireless communication protocols
Paint remover for use with a heat gun
Radiation imaging apparatus, control method thereof, and radiation imaging system using radiation imaging apparatus
Electrical high field/high voltage unit and method of manufacturing same
Electronic device
Computer case
Electronic device with flip module having low height
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Product and method for improving avian health
Absorbent, deodorizing, hygienic animal bedding composition and method of manufacture
Protein skimmer
Human xenografts for microbicide testing and anatomical modeling
Shape stabilized erythrocytes
Gel formulation
Pesticide compositions
High performance silver (I,III) oxide antimicrobial textile articles
Antimicrobial treatment of polymers
Antimicrobial and antiviral compositions containing an oxidizing species
Method of inactivating pathogens
IL-12 production inhibitor
Fungicide mixtures based on amide compounds and morpholine or piperidine derivatives
Antimicrobial detergent composition
Rosellinia subiculata ATCC 74386 and fungus ATCC 74387 for producing sordarin compounds for fungi control
Synergistic herbicidal agents based on leaf herbicides containing phosphorus, imidazolinones and hormone weed killers
Acidic aqueous chlorite teat dip providing shelf life sanitizing capacity and tissue protection
Sprayable disinfecting compositions and processes for disinfecting surfaces therewith
Adduct having an acidic solution of sparingly-soluble group IIA complexes
Fabric protectant against pests
Scoopable dough and products resulting therefrom
Edible collagen casing
Production of oil encapsulated minerals and vitamins in a glassy matrix
Low-fat snacks having improved eating qualities and dough compositions used to prepare low-fat fabricated snacks
Multi-colored aerated confectionery products
Ice confection
Manufacture of a frozen food product
Pet food composition and method
Method of reducing cholesterol in chicken eggs
Boiled rice food capable of being distributed and sold at low temperature
Tomato products with increased fruity flavor
Brassica vegetable composition and method for manufacture of same
Oral composition
Elemental nutritional products
Nutritional intervention composition for enhancing and extending satiety
Composition for increasing bone density
Method for generating chlorine dioxide
Oxygen absorber
Process for preparing gel beads as food additives
Method for making curled decorative grass
Composition for the direct dyeing of keratin fibres with a cationic direct dye and a polyol and/or a polyol ether
Hair removal device with disc, vibration, and light assemblies
Water softener device for reducing water hardness having a resins exhaustion sensor and manufacturing method thereof
Dirt cup assembly for vacuum cleaner
Data filing system for endoscope
Biopsy system
Method for inserting spinal implants and for securing a guard to the spine
Method and apparatus for closing a subcutaneous tissue opening
Device and method for suturing blood vessels and the like
Suture anchor
Movable ligating band dispenser
Drill guide and plate attachment mechanism for orthopedic plating
Rasp for use in spine surgery
Expandable atherectomy burr
Method of using a clot capture coil
Methods and systems for treating ischemia
Handle for a medical instrument
Balanced ultrasonic blade including a plurality of balance asymmetries
Methods and apparatus for removing veins
Surgical instrument with a continuous hollow channel for a further instrument
Apparatus for treating body tissue with ultrasound
Powered surgical handpiece with suction conduit including a stepped valve to regulate flow through the suction conduit
Adjustable surgical dilator
Adjustable spinal tether
System apparatus and method for closing severed bone or tissue of a patient
Cannulated internally threaded bone screw and reduction driver device
Method and apparatus for treating intervertebral disks
Method for monitoring revascularization treatment using pre-pmr data and post-pmr data
Method and apparatus for stimulating nerve regeneration
Electrosurgical apparatus with stable coagulation
Electrosurgical cutting tool
Electromagnetic and laser treatment and cooling device
Medical skin-marking device
Method and apparatus for performing minimally invasive surgical procedures
Transdermal perfusion of fluids
Intensity controllable hand-held surgical light
Animal vital signs monitoring system
Method and system for sensing activity and measuring work performed by an individual
Method and apparatus for enhancing patient compliance during inspiration measurements
Method and apparatus for cough sound analysis
Detection of imd contact and alignment based on changes in frequency response characteristics
Phototherapy methods and systems
Catheter insertion device with retractable needle
Medical ultrasonic imaging method with improved ultrasonic contrast agent specificity
Three-dimensional ultrasound diagnosis based on contrast echo technique
User controlled destructive waveform routine for ultrasound systems
Intuitive user interface and control circuitry including linear distance measurement and user localization in a portable ultrasound diagnostic device
Medicial diagnostic ultrasound system and method
Ultrasonic measuring device for determining bone density and structure
Ultrasonic image processing method and examination system for displaying an ultrasonic composite image sequence of an artery
Substance delivery device
Direct drive movement of body constituent
Wound treatment apparatus with a heater adhesively joined to bandage
Absorbent pad dressing frame delivery system
Anatomically shaped disposable absorbent article with high lobe resiliency
Absorbent article with surface structure
Disposable diaper
Absorbent article containment liner and assembly thereof
Method for forming an absorbent structure
Method and apparatus for crosslinking individualized cellulose fibers
Absorbent article with skin treatment means
Bundles of fibers useful for moving liquids at high fluxes and acquisition/distribution structures that use the bundles
Wet-resilient webs and disposable articles made therewith
Absorbent article having an improved diffusion property
Absorbent articles having a liquid swellable material coated breathable backsheet
Hiatal hernia repair patch and method for using the same
External vibratory exercising device for pelvic muscles
Vena cava filter
Removable blood filter
Composite intraluminal prostheses
Bifurcated axially flexible stent
Bifurcated stent with improved side branch aperture and method of making same
Expandable graft
Method of securing a graft using a graft fixation device
Adjustable universal implant blank for modifying corneal curvature and methods of modifying corneal curvature therewith
Process for producing flexible sheets from demineralized, elongate, bone particles
Implantable prosthesis with bone engaging ribs
Plug for a modular orthopaedic implant and method for assembly
Shoulder joint endoprosthesis
Implant for treating ailments of a joint or a bone
Hip-joint endoprosthesis system
Apparatus for fusing adjacent bone structures
Interbody fusion device with anti-rotation features
Method of distracting vertebral bones
System for stabilizing the vertebral column including deployment instruments and variable expansion inserts therefor
Expandable interbody fusion cage and method for insertion
Artificial ankle joint and prosthetic devices formed therewith
Truss body joint brace
Upper body support
Masculine brace
Heat exchange catheter having heat exchange surface formed of metal foil
Cooling system for therapeutic catheter
Eye positioner
Controllable liquid crystal matrix mask particularly suited for performing ophthamological surgery, a laser system with said mask and a method of using the same
Head flexion mechanism for chiropractic table
Intrabuccal stretcher
Massaging appliance
Compression garment for selective application for treatment of lymphedema and related illnesses manifested at various locations of the body
Double-sided baby pacifier
Oral composition with abrasive mixture of chalk and carbide
Use of a composition
Method for the treatment of lymphedema using guaifenesin
Compositions and methods for reducing or controlling blood cholesterol, lipoproteins, triglycerides and atherosclerosis
Tramadol multiple unit formulations
Xanthine-containing compositions for oral administration and uses related thereto
Method for using 2-aryloxyalkylaminobenzoxazoles and 2-aryloxyalkylaminobenzothiazoles as H3 antagonists
Methods and compositions for treating disorders, using optically pure (+) zopiclone
Enantiomers of 1[(4-chloro-phenyl) phenylmethyl]-4-[(4-methylphenyl) sulfony]piperazine
Fortified rice bran food product and method for promoting cardiovascular health
Method for the treatment of psoriasis and genital warts
Use of desoxypeganine in the treatment of Alzheimer's dementia
Semi-solid aqueous preparations for oral applications of toltrazuril sulphone
Inhibitors of anthrax lethal factor activity
Process and composition for temporarily suppressing pain
Use of estramustine phosphate in the treatment of bone metastasis
Use of exogenous .beta.-adrenergic receptor and .beta.-adrenergic receptor kinase gene constructs to enhance myocardial function
9-amino-14-membered macrolides derived from leucomycins
Method of promoting mucosal hydration with certain uridine, adenine and cytidine diphosphates and analogs thereof
Enhanced SPF UV-sunscreen/tricontanyl PVP photoprotecting (sprayable) formulations
Preparation protecting skin from mechanical irritation
Method and non-gelling composition for inhibiting post-surgical adhesions
Prevention of primary and metastatic neoplastic diseases with GP96-peptide complexes
Adenovirus vectors specific for cells expressing androgen receptor and methods of use thereof
Adenoviral vector encoding anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 gene and uses thereof
Anti-sense p21 k-ras
Method of treating rhabdomyolysis by administering hepatocyte growth factor
Cancer treatment method
Therapeutic preparations for inhalation
Pharmaceutical formulations for IGF/IGFBP
Modulating angiogenesis
Activated protein C formulations
Pharmaceutical compositions
Synthetic chimeric fimbrin peptides
Method of detecting a pathogen using a virus
Process for making human papillomavirus virus-like particles with improved properties
Mutant enterotoxin effective as a non-toxic adjuvant
Use of interferon (IFN)-.alpha.8 and -.alpha.14 as vaccine adjuvants
Combination treatment for depression
Combination effective for the treatment of impotence
Marine bacterial strain of the genus vibrio, water-soluble polysaccharides produced by said strain and their uses
Drug complexes
Hydroxyapatite-targeting poly (ethylene glycol) and related polymers
Covalent polar lipid conjugates with neurologically active compounds for targeting
Luciferases, fluorescent proteins, nucleic acids encoding the luciferases and fluorescent proteins and the use thereof in diagnostics, high throughput screening and novelty items
Active ingredient combinations or adducts of biotin and/or biotin derivatives and cyclodextrins and use of such active ingredient combinations in cosmetic preparations
Process for preparing beclomethasone dipropionate freon.RTM. clathrate
Cytotoxic agents comprising taxanes and their therapeutic use
Pharmaceutical composition of the intercellular adhesion molecule ICAM-1 for use in anti-viral prophylactic therapy
Chemical compounds
Delivery system for gene therapy to the brain
Process for therapeutic treatment of proliferative diseases
Acne treatment compositions
Cosmetic skin conditioning compositions containing high performing retinyl esters
Anti-plaque emulsions and products containing same
Light-stable cosmetic formulation containing butylmethoxydibenzoylmethane
Emollient for cuticle treatment and delivery system therefore
Method for obtaining photostable sunscreen compositions
Oligomeric diarylbutadienes
Substituted 2-aminoalky-1,4-diaminobenzene compounds and oxidation dye precursor compositions containing same
Dental anti-hypersensitivity composition and method
Antimicrobial cleansing compositions containing 2-pyrrolidone-5-carboxylic acid
Compositions and methods for treating superficial fungal infections
BPN' variants having decreased adsorption and increased hydrolysis wherein one or more loop regions are substituted
Enhanced SPF sunscreen (sprayable) formulations comprising interpolymers of PVP/dimethiconylacrylate/polycarbamyl/polyglycol ester
Underarm products with water lock component
Aqueous carrier systems for water-insoluble aromatic polymers
Emulsifier-free finely disperse systems of the water-in-oil type
Shampoo compositions
Use of a hybrid polymeric material for coating keratinous materials
Baldness cosmetic and method of application
Herbal deodorant
Device and method for treating ophthalmic diseases
Nasal delivery of apomorphine
Device and method for treating urinary incontinence in females
Process of manufacturing compositions comprising cyclodextrin
Aerosol formulations for buccal and pulmonary application
Self-emulsifying compositions for drugs poorly soluble in water
Liposome formulation of 5 .beta. steroids
Lipid-containing compositions and uses thereof
Porous particles comprising excipients for deep lung delivery
Hydrogel-forming sustained-release preparation
Use of N-vinyllactam-or-N-vinylamine-containing copolymers as matrix for producing solid pharmaceutical and cosmetic presentations
Transdermal or topical plaster system with a polyacrylate matrix with improved physical properties
Hydrophilic fiber and non-woven fabric, and processed non-woven products made therefrom
Method for the cold sterilization of a tunnel-type oven for pharmaceutical use, and oven for carrying out said method
Packaging system and method for packaging a sterilizable item to be flash sterilized
Water treatment system with an inductively coupled ballast
Cleaning wipe comprising 2 bromo-2 nitropropane-1,3 diol
Instrument bracket for use with a sterilizable tray
Biological indicator for sterilization processes with double buffer system
Compositions, processes and methods of improving the wear resistance of prosthetic medical devices
Prosthetic vascular graft
Injectable and swellable microspheres for dermal augmentation
Method of producing a reactive coating by after-glow plasma polymerization
Antibiotic hydrophilic polymer coating
Shaped bodies for use as implants in human medicine and method for the production of such shaped bodies
Connecting device for medical purposes
Medical irrigation pump and system
Medical fluid infusion and aspiration
Multi lumen catheter shaft
IMA dissection device
Garment for securing and exposing a peritoneal dialysis catheter and catheter exit site
Method of using a safety shield assembly and related combinations thereof
Intravascular systems for corporeal cooling
Polymeric implements for torque transmission
Methods and implantable devices and systems for long term delivery of a pharmaceutical agent
Method and composition for removing adhesive bandages
Instrument for implanting sensors and solid materials in a subcutaneous location and method thereof
Methods and apparatus for disinfecting subcutaneously implanted devices
Suction catheter system
Butterfly anchor for an infusion set
Needle holder positioning structure for a safety syringe
Ultrasound treatment of varicose veins
Submersible system for ultrasonic treatment
Perfluoroalkyl-substituted amino acid oligomers or polymers and their use as foam stabilizers in aqueous fire-fighting-foam agents and as oil repellent paper and textile finishes
Pollution remedial composition and method
System and method for implementing rehabilitation protocols for an orthopedic restraining device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Permanently radially compressed column
Chromatography apparatus
Paint strainer for use with paint sprayers
Device and method for distilling water
Apparatus for the purification of organic compounds containing readily-blocking substances and process thereof
Fuel pump module and method for installing the same
Twist and lock filter housing with anti-rotation stop
Metal filter for high temperature applications
Mobile granular bed filtration apparatus for hot gas conditioning
Method for separating condensable substances from gases or gas mixtures
Gas recovering apparatus
Sampling material for a carbonyl compound in a gas
Hydrogen purification
Adsorption apparatus
Method for removing acid gas components from gases
Method for controlling the production of ammonia from urea for NOx scrubbing
Composite catalyst composition for inhibiting generation of dioxin
Method of cleaning industrial waste gases
Flow control module for RO water treatment system
Apparatus for treating wastewater from a chemical-mechanical polishing process used in chip fabrication
Enhanced electro-deposition device and method
Electric deionizing apparatus and process for deionization using the same
Method and apparatus for separating mixtures of organic and aqueous liquid phases
Method of preparing hollow fiber-type separation membrane from high density polyethylene
Laminated microporous diffuser
Multi-through hole testing plate for high throughput screening
Forming slurry of reactive components and continuously feeding into continuous reactor
Solid phase sequencing of double-stranded nucleic acids
Electrically conducting polymer reaction vessels
Apparatus for self-propagating high temperature synthesis
Residence time providing module/apparatus
Process for granule production
Oxygen-selective adsorbents
Monolith adsorbents for air separation processes
Process for modifying the metal ion sorption capacity of a medium
Catalysts for oxidative dehydrogenation
Catalyst for hydrotreating hydrocarbon feeds in a fixed bed reactor
Hydrotreating catalyst for hydrotreating hydrocarbon oils
Process for preparing aluminum fluoride
One-step synthesis of double metal cyanides
Hydrocarbon hydrogenation catalyst and process
Iron, cobalt and/or nickel containing ALPO bound SAPO molecular sieve catalyst for producing olefins
Lewis acid catalyst composition
Honeycomb body made of sheet-metal layers of different initial materials
Multilayer structure and process for producing the same
Impregnating process for the application of active composition to structured supports or monoliths
Process for generating hydrogen-rich gas
Process for the elution of fluorinated emulsifiers
Apparatus for generation of pure hydrogen for use with fuel cells
Multi-well array with adjustable plenum
Microtitre chemical reaction system
Fluid handling apparatus for an automated analyzer
Self-contained system and method for testing for fecal occult blood
Process and apparatus for removing particles from high purity gas systems
Apparatus and method for separating a mixture of a less dense liquid and a more dense liquid
Strippable stencilling tape and it use
Coating apparatus and method of coating
System and method for coating substrates using ink jet technology
Method and apparatus for coating vented brake rotors
Method for spin coating a high viscosity liquid on a wafer
Method for powder-coating
Method of chemically coating fasteners having improved penetration and withdrawal resistance
Repair coating process of multilayer coating films
Electrical connection system for ultrasonic receiver array
Method and apparatus for removing polymeric coatings from optical fiber
Yeast compositions for converting bio-available phosphorus in a culture medium to intracellular phosphorus
Method for surface processing of a continuously cast steel product and device therefor
Method of producing a road wheel for a track vehicle
Process for producing inorganic mold
Synthesis of nanostructured composite particles using a polyol process
Powder composition
Passivating etchants for metallic particles
Method of manufacturing porous sheet, porous metal sheet manufactured by method, and electrode for battery
Method of repairing a defective portion in an electronic device
Substrate retainer
CMP system for polishing semiconductor wafers and related method
Electrical appliance with battery holder
Removable grip for ultrasound probe
Object separating apparatus and method, and method of manufacturing semiconductor substrate
Continuous steel strip for twin presses and method for producing the same
Organic lens molds in inorganic glass and novel inorganic glasses
Method for recycling pet flakes
Mini-ball insertion mechanism for forming golf ball cores
Paper substrates for use in integrated circuit packaging molding processes
Continuous molded electronic circuits
Highly conductive molding compounds for use as fuel cell plates and the resulting products
Method of making fused film plastic parts and parts made by such methods
Method using manifold system having flow control
Band element for pneumatic tire and method of making same
Belts having overlapping end sections
Method for joining polyolefin pipes and treatment for the joining
Method of resin sealing a gap between a semiconductor chip and a substrate
Composites joined with z-pin reinforcement
Cushioning conversion machine, method and product
Method for forming a score in a strip of laminate
Graded reactive element containing aluminide coatings for improved high temperature performance and method for producing
Method for producing Nb-Sn compound superconducting wire precursor and wire
Flexible printed board and method of manufacturing same
Ink like or cream-like exothermic composition, exothermic device made thereof and manufacturing method of exothermic device
Thermographic material with adhesion-promoting layer and method of making
N-methylol-based polyacrylic dispersion and polyalkyleneimine adhesives for film laminating
Laminated packaging material, method of manufacturing of said laminated material and packaging containers produced therefrom
Nonwoven fabric with high CD elongation and method of making same
Reactive silicone/alkyleneimine barrier laminating adhesives having bis-silane additives
Multilayer film
Elastic fibers, fabrics and articles fabricated therefrom
Halogen-free, printable, multilayered shrink films and articles encapsulated therein
Composite metal-coated polyester films with barrier properties
Process for the preparation of a magnetic dispersion for magnetic recording media and magnetic recording media produced therewith
Package reclosure system and method
Conductive antireflective coatings and methods of producing same
Pre-packaging relaxation for laminated elastic webs
Chopped fiberglass laminate for automotive headliners and method of fabrication
Transferrable compliant fibrous thermal interface
Thermally sensitive coating compositions containing mixed diazo novolaks useful for lithographic elements
Quality control method for a planographic printing plate
Method for manufacturing a liquid discharge head
Image-forming substrate and image-forming system using same
Optical diffraction biosensor
Ink jet recording material
Ink jet recording sheet and method for producing the same
Ink jet recording sheet
Image receiving sheet for thermal transfer recording and laser thermal transfer recording method
Concentrated dampening solution with an improved anti-staining activity for printing with a lithographic printing plate obtained according to the silver salt diffusion transfer process
Method of manufacturing tamper evident holographic devices
Cling films having a microreplicated topography and methods of making and using same
Method of manufacturing carpet for automobiles having a three-dimensional shape
Method of forming a return flange on an automotive trim component
Process and apparatus for the production of labeled plastic bottles
Polyester stretch blow bottle and production thereof
Cold seal package and method for making the same
Microwave coffee roasting devices
Vertical membrane storage system and method of storing liquids using the same
Corona discharge treatment roller and surface finishing process
Method for producing a micromechanical structure and a micromechanical structure
Gas phase silicon etching with bromine trifluoride
Process flow for ARS mover using selenidation wafer bonding before processing a media side of a rotor wafer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Hydrothermal conversion of Y-zeolite using alkaline earth cations
Process for producing a predetermined cesium compound
Use of dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid or salt as a scale inhibitor
Aluminum-zirconium antiperspirant salts with high peak 5 al content
Waste water treatment method and apparatus
Electrochemical reduction of nitrate in the presence of an amide
Apparatus for electrically producing deionized water
Defluoridation of waste water
Gasification of biosludge
Bast medium biological reactor treatment system for remediation and odor suppression of organic waste streams
Preparation of mineral matrices by cold crucible induction melting
Low loss glass ceramic composition with modifiable dielectric constant
Method of improving field emission efficiency for fabricating carbon nanotube field emitters
Method for preparing transparent conductive thin film by rapid thermal annealing method
Polyolefin fiber-reinforced composites using a fiber coating composition compatible with romp catalysts
Glass composition and ion exchange strengthened glass article produced from same
Large photosensitivity in lead silicate glasses
Ultraviolet/infrared absorbent low transmittance glass
Joint compound and method of making same
Hydration modifying agent for mortar or concrete with limited shrinkage
Mn-Zn ferrite and production process thereof
Low loss ferrites
Oxide bronze compositions and textured articles manufactured in accordance therewith
Separator for fuel cells
Method for controlling a carbon baking furnace
Silicon carbide and process for its production
Slurry and method for producing refractory boride bodies and coatings for aluminium electrowinning cell apparatus
Method for manufacturing molded articles from a ceramic composite structure
Method for manufacturing powdered raw material for dielectric ceramic
Calcium zirconate/magnesia porous composites and their fabrication process
Joint body of ceramic member and metal member and method of producing the same
Foliar phosphate fertilizers
Gas generant manufacture
Smoke-generating composition based on colophony derivatives
Method for introduction of reporter groups into bacterial lipopolysaccharide-derived carbohydrates and the subsequent coupling of such derivatives onto solid surfaces
Cationic cross-bonded starch with stable and tailor-made viscosity
Selective neurokinin antagonists
Thio derivatives of sordarin as antifungal agents
Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal shutter
N-substituted perfluoroalkylated pyrrolidines and process for making them
Process for recovering N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone
Compounds which inhibit leukocyte adhesion mediated by VLA-4
Substituted O6-benzyl-8-aza-guanines
Fluorine-containing benzothiazoles, and their use in liquid-crystalline mixtures
IL-8 receptor antagonists
Indane or dihydroindole derivatives
5,6-dihydro-napth[1,2-d]-imidazole, napth[1,2-d]imidazole, and chromane[3,4-d]imidazole derivatives
Use of dihydropyrimidines as medicaments, and novel substances
Cyclothiocarbamate derivatives as progesterone receptor modulators
Heterocyclically substituted benzamides and their use
Benzonaphthyridine-N-oxides comprising a PDE3 and PDE4 inhibiting activity
Aminoalkyl substituted pyrrolo[3,2-e] pyridine and pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyrimidine derivatives: modulators of CRF1 receptors
Camptothecin tetracyclic analogues, preparation, method, applications as medicines and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Trans cyclopentanyl purine analogs useful as immunosuppressants
2 .beta.-substituted-6-alkylidene penicillanic acid derivatives as .beta.-lactamase inhibitors
Methods for encoding and sorting in vitro translated proteins
Method for helper virus-free packaging of a gene vector DNA
Cold -adapted equine influenza viruses
Process for the expression and production of the recombinant growth factor protein (BEGF) derived from BEAN 58058 virus (BEV)
Chimeric viral proteins
Protease regulator screening assay
Method for secretory production of human growth hormone
Nucleic acid encoding the major outer membrane protein of the causative agent of human granulocytic ehrlichiosis and peptides encoded thereby
Compounds for treatment of infectious and immune system disorders and methods for their use
Polynucleotide functionally coding for the LHP protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, its biologically active derivative fragments, as well as methods using the same
Methods of ex-vivo expansion of hematopoietic cells using multivariant IL-3 hematopoiesis chimera proteins
Gene and uses therefor
Protease-activated receptor PAR4 ZCHEMR2
Gene encoding an invertebrate .alpha.1 calcium channel subunit
Activated forms of notch and methods based thereon
DNA encoding neospora dihydrofolate reductase-thymidylate synthase
Methods of treating a pathology or a fibrotic condition by administering decorin
Human NKX-6.1 polypeptide-encoding nucleotide sequences
Semaphorin genes (I)
Bak promoter expression system
Methods for identifying compounds that modulate HIF-1.alpha.
Adeno-associated virus vectors
Adenovirus-medicated gene transfer to cardiac and vascular smooth muscle
Ribozyme treatment of diseases or conditions related to levels of intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (CAM-1)
Compositions and methods for inhibiting human immunodeficiency virus infection by down-regulating human cellular genes
Polynucleotides encoding a novel neuronal cell growth factor
Immunomodulating compounds comprising d-isomers of amino acids
Stimulation of cell proliferation by glycosylated cystatin C
Nucleic acids and polypeptides
Methods for alleviating symptoms associated with diabetes and diabetic neuropathy comprising administration of low levels of antibodies
Immortal cell line derived from grouper Epinephelus coioides and its application therein
IL8 inhibitors
Lipid kinase
Enzyme-mediated synthesis of peptidomimetics
Rapid quantitative measurement of soluble fibrin in opaque body fluids
High purity maltose process and products
Process for the preparation of immunodulatory polysaccharides from aloe
Unsaturated nitrogenous compounds as electron donors for use with ziegler-natta catalysts
Multi-stage irradiation process for production of acrylic based adhesives and adhesives made thereby
Rheology stabilizer for high-temperature high-pressure high-mineralized degree drilling fluids
Polymers, resist compositions and patterning process
Co-mingled polyurethane-polyvinyl ester polymer compositions and laminates
Thickenable vinyl ester resin compositions
Nitrogen doped carbon-coated effect pigments and their manufacture
Liquid catalyst for crosslinking with an amino resin
Method and system for low temperature cure of automotive refinish coatings
Species modification in macrocyclic polyester oligomers, and compositions prepared thereby
Block copolymers from macrocyclic oligoesters and dihydroxyl-functionalized polymers
Optical media demetallization process
Polyester film
Process for coating thermoplastic substrates with a coating composition containing a non-aggressive solvent
Polyolefin/ionomer blend for improved properties in extruded foam products
Process for producing porous polymer materials
Zinc sulphide pigment
Flame retardant resin composition, and insulating electric wire, tube, heat-shrinkable tube, flat cable, and DC high-tension electric wire all made of the composition
Polypropylene resin composition and non-stretched film thereof
Electric cable coated with polyolefin and polymer with ester and epoxy groups
Elatomeric laminates and composites
Polymer blends and tapes therefrom
Process for producing highly concentrated pigment presscakes
Delaminated sedimentary mica
Color ink composition for graphic art ink jet image printers
Inkjet ink and other ink compositions containing cyclic amides
Ink-jet recording ink, ink color set, and ink-jet recording method
Setting composition and ink, paint and adhesive containing the same composition
Insulated wire
Cationic electrodeposition paint composition
Process for electrocoating bulk articles
Chemical-mechanical abrasive composition and method
Method of forming a copper-containing metal interconnect using a chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurry
Multilayer adhesive tape
Adhesive tape based on a binder-consolidated web
Particulate fluorescent substance
Rare earth doped halophosphate phosphor
Method of manufacturing semiconductor devices, etching compositions for manufacturing semiconductor devices, and semiconductor devices made using this method
Monostable ferroelectric liquid crystal display apparatus
Liquid-crystalline medium
Composition for polishing a semiconductor device and process for manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
Deicing solution
Well treatment fluids comprising chelating agents
Polyanhydride photochromic coating composition and photochromic articles
Treatment process for resins or organic compounds, or waste plastics containing them
Simplified ebullated-bed process with enhanced reactor kinetics
Process for producing gasoline with an improved octane number
Hydrate inhibition
Coal reforming process and apparatus therefor
Polyol and complex esters for use with, in particular, fluorinated refrigerants
Hydraulic and gear lubricants
Functional fluids
High temperature lubricant composition
Method for preparing fabric softening compositions
Method to reduce polish initiation time in a polish process
Floor cleaning wipe comprising 5-bromo-5-nitro-dioxan
Alkaline detergent containing mixed organic and inorganic sequestrants resulting in improved soil removal
Detergent compositions
Dryer pearls
.alpha.-amylase mutants
Dryer sheet process
Low pressure-accelerated particle gene gun
Methods and compositions for producing full length cDNA libraries
Antisense inhibition of transforming growth factor-.beta. expression
Use of codon-varied oligonucleotide synthesis for synthetic shuffling
Antisense inhibitor of RECQL4 expression
Process for site-directed integration of multiple copies of a gene in a mould
Polynucleotides encoding aminomethyltransferases
Vectors for gene mutagenesis and gene discovery
Regulable gene expression in gram-positive bacteria
Human pancreatic epithelial progenitor cells and methods of isolation and use thereof
Derivation of pluripotential embryonic cell lines from ungulate species
Human nucleic acid methylases
Isolated human drug-metabolizing proteins, nucleic acid molecules encoding human drug-metabolizing proteins, and uses thereof
Motor proteins and methods for their use
Protein phosphatase
CSAPTP protein molecules and uses therefor
cDNA sequence of mouse brain sialidase gene
Human lysozyme gene, its encoding polypeptide and the method preparing for them
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human protease proteins, and uses thereof
Polypeptides having L-asparaginase activity
Isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding human synthase proteins, and uses thereof
Polynucleotides encoding a type V adenylyl cyclase
Method for producing biotin
Method of reverse transcription
Method for producing shikimic acid
Apparatus for automatic measuring of water toxicity
Bacteria and bacteriophage detection using immobilized enzyme substrates
Identification of novel antimicrobial agents using metabolic oxidation-reduction indicator dyes
Comparative phenotype analysis for assessment of biologically active compounds such as antimicrobials
Method for testing the toxicity of chemical substances using gastropods
Method for detecting and/or quantifying a hapten in a homogeneous phase and device for implementation thereof
Method for screening a test compound for potential as an immunosuppressive drug candidate
Methods of identifying an agent which modulates period and doubletime protein interaction
Methods of identifying nucleic acid sequences using polycations
Method for the determination of homocysteine
Method for predicting risk of developing chronic pulmonary emphysema
Cryptosporidium detection method
Use of LNA in mass spectrometry
Method of classifying a thyroid carcinoma using differential gene expression
Method and apparatus for DNA sequencing
Capacity affinity sensor
Method for detecting chemical interactions between naturally occurring biological analyte molecules that are non-identical binding partners
Non-oriented magnetic steel sheet having low iron loss and high magnetic flux density and manufacturing method therefor
Method of operating a copper smelting furnace
Metals removal from spent salts
Oxy-fuel combustion system and uses therefor
Replaceable drain electroslag guide
Sintered compact and method of producing the same
Process for preparing aligned in-situ two phase single crystal composites of titanium-niobium alloys
Corrosion-resistant zinc alloy powder and method of manufacturing
Weatherable steel material
Cast B2-phase iron-aluminum alloys with improved fluidity
Iron-based alloy for internal combustion engine valve seat inserts
Process of treating a stainless steel matrix
Copper alloy and process for obtaining same
Method of applying a hard-facing material to a substrate
Method for coating foil comprised of nickel or nickel alloy
Cathode mounting system for cathodic arc cathodes
Method and apparatus for magnetron sputtering
Collimated sputter deposition monitor using sheet resistance
Collimated sputter deposition monitor using sheet resistance
Thin film disk with barrier layer
Electrically insulating sealing structure and its method of use in a semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Vault-shaped target and magnetron having both distributed and localized magnets
Thick adherent dielectric films on plastic substrates and method for depositing same
Manufacture of target for use in magnetron sputtering of nickel and like magnetic metals for forming metallization films having consistent uniformity through life
Film removal employing a remote plasma source
CVD apparatus and CVD method
Diamond coated cutting tools and method of manufacture
Cutting tool with multilayer, wear-resistant coating
Apparatus and method for forming an oxynitride insulating layer on a semiconductor wafer
Method for depositing a silicon oxide film
Method for making a carbon doped oxide dielectric material
Method of fabricating a MOS device
Gas processing apparatus baffle member, and gas processing method
Apparatus for aligning a wafer
Systems and methods for epitaxial processing of a semiconductor substrate
Apparatus and method for forming a deposited film on a substrate
Chemical vapor deposition method for amorphous silicon and resulting film
Plasma processing method
Method for the CVD deposition of a low residual halogen content multi-layered titanium nitride film having a combined thickness greater than 1000 .ANG.
Solution for forming nickel metal thin film and method of forming nickel metal thin film using the said solution
Method of electroless plating copper on nitride barrier
Manufacturing computer systems with fine line circuitized substrates
Method for producing a strip-like metal composite by high temperature dip coating
Zinc-comprising-plated high tension steel sheet
Process of treating metallic surfaces
Thermal spray forming of a composite material having a particle-reinforced matrix
Method for forming nitrogen-rich silicon oxide-based dielectric materials
Method of manufacturing electronic components
Drained cathode aluminium electrowinning cell with alumina distribution
Slow consumable non-carbon metal-based anodes for aluminium production cells
Method and device for controlling the movement of a feeding and breaking chisel in an aluminum production cell
Low temperature aluminum reduction cell using hollow cathode
Non-aqueous electrolytes for anodizing
Electrodeposition painting systems and methods
Masking techniques for metal plating
Plating bath and method for electroplating tin-zinc alloys
Clamshell apparatus for electrochemically treating semiconductor wafers
Cathodic photoresist stripping process
Material for raising single crystal SiC and method of preparing single crystal SiC
Domed wafer reactor vessel window with reduced stress at atmospheric and above atmospheric pressures
Semiconductor wafer including a dot mark of a peculiar shape and method of forming the dot mark
Method for making an optical waveguide substrate
Method and a system for sealing an epitaxial silicon layer on a substrate
Process for fabricating article having substantial three-dimensional order
Textiles; Paper
Melt spun fibers from blends of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) and poly(tetrafluoroethylene-co-perfluoro-alkylvinyl ether)
Electrically-conductive para-aramid pulp
Process of making cellulose based fiber
Production of fibre
Plant and process for coating a multi-sided mineral fiber element
Processes for coating sewing thread
Fiber having durable hydrophilicity and fabrics using the same
Enzyme treatment to enhance wettability and absorbancy of textiles
Method for distributing chemicals through a fibrous material using low-headspace dielectric heating
Feeding cellulose material to a treatment vessel
Process for preparing a paper web
Suction roll seal strip with wear indicator
Method to reduce the adhesion of a damp fibrous material web to a rotating roll
Papermachine clothing
Sizing composition and a method of sizing
Procedure for adding a filler into a pulp based on cellulose fibers
Abrasion resistant coatings
Fixed Constructions
Portable rainwater collecting and purifying system
Structural metal framing member
Low-flammability shingle
Vacuum IG window unit with fiber spacers
Glass panel
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Drive train with rigidity dependent on rotational speed
Silent chain
Power transmission belt and method for fabricating the same
Shaft coupling structure with speed change function
Drive system for an inverse kinematics device
Continuously variable transmission and method of controlling the same
Speed change controller for infinite speed ratio transmission
Vacuum thermal insulator
Methods and circuits for mask-alignment detection
Apparatus and method for determining weight loss of a heated material
Micro-machined calorimetric biosensors
Headspace sampling and monitoring systems and methods
Method for the simultaneous demonstration of various opportunistic pathogens
Staining apparatus for preparation of tissue specimens placed on microscope slides
Fluorometric control of aromatic oxygen scavengers in a boiler system
System and method for optical chemical sensing
Mercury selective electrode
Electrodes for the measurement of analytes in small sample volumes
Electrochemical sensor
Compact cell clamp for slab gel plate assembly
Means for detecting and measuring the concentration of acetylene dissolved in a fluid
Galvanic-cell gas sensor
Parallel high-performance liquid chromatography with post-separation treatment
Displacement chemical regeneration method and apparatus
Indicator device
Methods and devices for measuring total polar compounds in degrading oils
Aldehyde test strip
Apparatus and method for monitoring internal combustion exhaust
Device having diarrhea diagnostic panel
Device and method for cytology slide preparation
Device and method for integrated diagnostics with multiple independent flow paths
Device and method for obtaining clinically significant analyte ratios
Methods for identifying pharmacologicals for the treatment of heart failure
Prediction of wound healing by urinary nitrate assay
Method of producing contact structure
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device using redundancy technique
Method for determining silicone concentrations
Diagnostic ultrasound imaging method and system with improved frame rate
Ultrasonic diagnostic imaging system with scanhead elevation beamforming
System and method for adaptive beamformer apodization
Aperture configurations for medical diagnostic ultrasound
Microstructure array, and apparatus and method for forming the microstructure array, and a mold for fabricating a microstructure array
Conductive color filter, method for manufacturing the same, and liquid crystal display element
Manufacturing method of polarization conversion elements
Integrated hybrid optoelectronic devices
Method for the formation of a thin optical crystal layer overlying a low dielectric constant substrate
Method for preventing corrosion of metal lines
Method of preventing electrical shorts
Electro-optical device and method for driving the same
Multilayer silver halide photographic material and process for preparing the same
Photosensitive silver halide element with increased photosensitivity
Method for reducing the dye stain in photographic elements
Heat-developable light-sensitive element
Photothermographic element with reduced woodgrain interference patterns
Protective epoxy overcoat for imaging elements
Scratch resistant-water resistant overcoat for photographic systems
Conductive and roughening layer
Photographic label suitable for packaging
Color switchable photographic display image
Color photographic silver halide material
Multi-part photographic color developing composition and methods of manufacture and use
Pellicle with a filter and method for production thereof
Method of making a multi-level reticle using bi-level photoresist, including a phase-shifted multi-level reticle
Method and system for varying the transmission of an attenuated phase shift mask
Plasma resistant composition and use thereof
Positive photosensitive resin composition, process for producing pattern and electronic parts
Method for selectively exposing a light pattern to a photosensitive work surface
Photolithographic apparatus composed of coater/developer and a plurality of steppers in parallel connected thereto
Method of aligning lithographically printed product layers using non-zero overlay targets
Lithographic method utilizing a phase-shifting mask
Reticle having an interleave kerf
Phase shifting circuit manufacture method and apparatus
Border modification for proximity effect correction in lithography
Substrate heating method
Methods and materials for selective modification of photopatterned polymer films
Process for the collective removal of resist material and side wall protective film
Toner, method of producing toner, and image forming method using toner
Polymerization toner and process for producing the same
Process for controlling body weight
Information seal
Image-recording medium, method for forming image-recording medium, method and apparatus for reading data
Magnetic display device
Forming preformed images in organic electroluminescent devices
Marker assembly
Magneto-optical recording medium
Method for preparing magnetic head
Magnetic head and magnetic disk device using the same
Extrusion coating method
Data storage medium containing polyestercarbonate
Information recording medium
Magneto-resistance effect element, magneto-resistance effect memory cell, MRAM and method for performing information write to or read from the magneto-resistance effect memory cell
Conductive paste and printed wiring board using the same
Field emission display having reduced optical sensitivity and method
Electron-beam exposure method utilizing specific alignment mask selection
Method for the operation of an electron beam
Sputter etching chamber with improved uniformity
Process device
Method of applying a coating solution to a substrate surface using a rotary coater
Etching method and etching apparatus method for manufacturing semiconductor device and semiconductor device
Methods of forming semiconductor structure
Process and apparatus for improved module assembly using shape memory alloy springs
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device having low dielectric constant insulating film, wafer processing equipment and wafer storing box used in this method
Process for producing solid image pickup device and solid image pickup device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device having memory cell transistors
Method for manufacturing semiconductor memory devices
Process for annealing semiconductors and/or integrated circuits
Method of manufacturing a very deep STI (shallow trench isolation)
Increasing programming silicide process window by forming native oxide film on amourphous Si after metal etching
Combined preanneal/oxidation step using rapid thermal processing
Method of forming crown-type MIM capacitor integrated with the CU damascene process
Method for reducing surface oxide in polysilicon processing
Process for fabricating a self-aligned double-polysilicon bipolar transistor
Apparatus for applying viscous materials to a lead frame
Chemical mechanical polishing using magnetic force
Method of making a support circuit for a semiconductor chip assembly
Semiconductor structure useful in a self-aligned contact etch and method for making same
Microelectronic package comprising tin copper solder bump interconnections and method for forming same
Method for pre-STI-CMP planarization using poly-si thermal oxidation
Method for achieving copper fill of high aspect ratio interconnect features
Post CU CMP polishing for reduced defects
Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
Method for reducing soft error rates in semiconductor devices
High speed and low parasitic capacitance semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Semiconductor structure having a doped conductive layer
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Metal gate with CVD amorphous silicon layer and a barrier layer for CMOS devices and method of making with a replacement gate process
Method of patterning lead zirconium titanate and barium strontium titanate
Selectivity oxide-to-oxynitride etch process using a fluorine containing gas, an inert gas and a weak oxidant
Methods to form electronic devices
Method for fabricating a capacitor having a tantalum oxide dielectrics in a semiconductor device
Hafnium nitride gate dielectric
Tri-layer process for forming TFT matrix of LCD with reduced masking steps
Method to control the channel length of a vertical transistor by first forming channel using selective epi and source/drain using implantation
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Transistor having an improved gate structure and method of construction
Selective salicide process by reformation of silicon nitride sidewall spacers
Method and structure for creating high density buried contact for use with SOI processes for high performance logic
Disposable spacer and method of forming and using same
Method for forming variable-K gate dielectric
Method for fabricating a thin film transistor with silicon oxynitride film and silicon nitride channel passivation film for preventing a back channel effect
MOSFET device
MOSFET device fabrication method capable of allowing application of self-aligned contact process while maintaining metal gate to have uniform thickness
Method of producing a semiconductor device comprising a cleaning process for removing silicon-containing material
Method of monitoring the temperature of a rapid thermal anneal process in semiconductor manufacturing and a test wafer for use in this method
Method for mounting an integrated circuit having reduced thermal stresses between a bond pad and a metallic contact
Process for producing semiconductor chip
Trench isolation method for semiconductor integrated circuit
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
Method of forming a device separation region
Method for fabrication semiconductor device having trench isolation structure
Methods of forming insulative plugs and oxide plug forming methods
Fabrication method and structure of a flash memory
Bi-layer resist process for dual damascene
Local interconnect structures and methods for making the same
Method for forming a TiN layer on top of a metal silicide layer in a semiconductor structure and structure formed
Method of copper barrier layer formation
NH3/N2-plasma treatment to prevent organic ILD degradation
Low dielectric constant materials for copper damascene
Semiconductor device manufacturing method for preventing electrical shorts between lower and upper interconnection layers
Method for manufacturing a copper interconnection with an aluminum oxide-conductive layer stack barrier layer in semiconductor memory device
Two phase chemical/mechanical polishing process for tungsten layers
Fabrication method of a semiconductor device
Method of forming a metal wiring in a semiconductor device
Nitrogen treatment of a metal nitride/metal stack
Method of degassing low k dielectric for metal deposition
Method for forming storage node contact plug of DRAM (dynamic random access memory)
Method for making an interconnect layer and a semiconductor device including the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Interconnection structure and method for fabricating same
Semiconductor device
Silicon nitride and silicon dioxide gate insulator transistors and method of forming same in a hybrid integrated circuit
Method of forming a semiconductor device with multiple thickness gate dielectric layers
Method of forming MOS transistor
Method of fabricating semiconductor device
Process for fabricating a aligned LDD transistor
Method for forming mixed high voltage (HV/LV) transistors for CMOS devices using controlled gate depletion
Method for fabricating a MOS transistor of an embedded memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit and method for manufacturing the same
Method of fabricating a DRAM cell configuration
Process for making embedded DRAM circuits having capacitor under bit-line (CUB)
Method for improving bit line to capacitor electrical failures on DRAM circuits using a wet etch-back to improve the bit-line-to-capacitor overlay margins
Source drain implant during ONO formation for improved isolation of SONOS devices
Method for fabricating a non-volatile memory with a shallow junction
Method for forming a protection device with slope laterals
Semiconductor memory device and process for manufacturing the same
Re-oxidation approach to improve peripheral gate oxide integrity in a tunnel nitride oxidation process
Bonding layer method in a semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor package on a leadframe
Method of using optical proximity effects to create electrically blown fuses with sub-critical dimension neck downs
Silicide agglomeration poly fuse device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device, semiconductor integrated circuit wiring method, and cell arranging method
Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
Method of fabricating integrated circuits having transistors and further semiconductor elements
Dynamic random access memory cell and method for fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device using anti-reflective layer and self-aligned contact technique and semiconductor device manufactured thereby
Method for manufacturing a flash memory with split gate cells
Process for fabricating high density memory cells using a polysilicon hard mask
Semiconductor device having a plurality of resistive paths
Method of fabricating a trenched flash memory cell
Split gate flash memory with virtual ground array structure and method of fabricating the same
Fabrication of test field effect transistor structure
Method of producing a semiconductor device
Method of manufacturing semiconductor device with a tunnel diode
Method of forming semiconductor structure
Method for fabricating CMOS transistors having matching characteristics and apparatus formed thereby
Processing of oxide superconductors
Performance of oxide dispersion strengthened superconductor composites
Organic electroluminescence element
Organic luminescence device
Electrical energy generation
Non-aqueous electrolyte and lithium secondary battery using the same
Storage life enhancement in lithium-sulfur batteries
Non-aqueous electrolytic secondary cell
Air mover for a battery utilizing a variable volume enclosure
Bottom seals in air depolarized electrochemical cells
Zinc/air cell
Electrical distribution system for composite battery stand and composite battery stand incorporating the same
Alkaline electrolyte secondary electric cell
Electrode compositions with high coulombic efficiencies
Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary cell, negative electrode therefor, and method of producing negative electrode
Negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery having the negative electrode
Carbon-carbon composite as an anode for lithium secondary non-aqueous electrochemical cells
Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
Pasted positive electrode and process for its production
Method for producing a battery cell having notched layers
Method and tool for producing bipolar plates
Fuel-cell engine stream conditioning system
Methanol tailgas combustor control method
Fuel cell and polymer electrolyte membrane
Water recovery, primarily in the cathode side, of a proton exchange membrane fuel cell
Fuel electrode-supported tubular solid oxide fuel cell and method of manufacturing the same
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