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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Method and computer program for reconciling, building, and replenishing cash drawers with coins
Computer-aided-design of skeletal implants
Blind adaptive filter extraction of fetal electrocardiogram signal estimate
Electrode system
Method and system for marker localization
Method and apparatus for administration of contrast agents for use in magnetic resonance arteriography
System and method for automatic shape registration and instrument tracking
Non-invasive systems and methods for the determination of cardiac injury using a characterizing portion of a voxel histogram
System and method of obtaining images and spectra of intracavity structures using 3.0 Tesla magnetic resonance systems
Apparatus and method for non-invasive and minimally-invasive sensing of parameters relating to blood
Methods and compositions to reduce scattering of light during therapeutic and diagnostic imaging procedures
Distal assembly for a medical device
Systems and methods for monitoring a patient's neurological disease state
Electrical stimulation combined with a biologic to increase osteogenesis
Lead assembly and methods including a push tube
Implantable medical device having pre-implant exoskeleton
Digestive organ retention device
Systems for fitting a cochlear implant to a patient
Electrotherapy device and method
Adaptive baroreflex stimulation therapy for disordered breathing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Physical modeling system for constructing and controlling articulated forms with motorized joints
Vehicle physical quantity estimation apparatus and storage medium having stored thereon computer program relating to the apparatus
Vehicle damping force control with roll angle and pitch angle
Method for operating a hybrid drive and device for carrying out said method
Booklet loading apparatus, post-treatment apparatus, and image forming system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method for real-time estimation of engine combustion parameters from vibratory signals
Offset detection of acceleration sensor and navigation system
Traveling condition determination device
Automatic parasitic echo storage
Oil temperature prediction and vehicle protection
Internet-based system for monitoring vehicles
Method of inhibitor design and identification using a 3-D structure of human peptide deformylase
Physiogenomic method for predicting clinical outcomes of treatments in patients
Home energy use indicator
Apparatus, system, and method for error assessment over a communication link
Method and apparatus for unifying self-test with scan-test during prototype debug and production test
BIST scan path parts with test generator and compactor circuitry
Scan cells with minimized shoot-through and scan chains and integrated circuits using the same
Line frequency synchronization
Aircraft cockpit display device for information concerning surrounding traffic
Providing increased number of measurements and deeper depth of investigation from existing resistivity tool hardware
Optical waveguide feedthrough assembly
Waveguide device
Resin composition for optical materials, resin film for optical material, and optical waveguide
Multimode optical fiber for high rate LAN, method for manufacturing the same, and test bed thereof
Bending waveguide, method of fabricating the bending waveguide, light delivery module employing the bending waveguide, and heat assisted magnetic recording head employing the bending waveguide
Method and apparatus for high speed silicon optical modulation using PN diode
Manufacturing method of opto-electric hybrid board and opto-electric hybrid board obtained thereby
Optical waveguide device and light outputting module
Connectored optical fiber sheet and manufacturing method thereof
System and method for providing large scale, automated, fiber-optic, cross-connection
Digital single-lens reflex camera
MEMS device having support structures configured to minimize stress-related deformation and methods for fabricating same
Focusing device and image-capturing device provided with the same
Intelligent red eye removal
Camera with external flash unit
Pop-up module for electronic device
Camera having an image blur reducing function and rotation means
Shake detecting apparatus, shake correcting apparatus and image pickup apparatus
Lens barrel and digital camera
Target-image position detecting apparatus, method and program for controlling said apparatus
Image forming apparatus and storage thereof
Cover structure for scan device
Image forming apparatus
Printing apparatus
Method of using biased charging/transfer roller as in-situ voltmeter and photoreceptor thickness detector and method of adjusting xerographic process with results
Multi-color printing system and method for high toner pile height printing
Image forming apparatus which displays a setting screen
Process and apparatus for installing original drive gear on a laser printer toner cartridge drum
Image forming apparatus
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and process cartridge
Cleaning device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with toner container attachable in plural directions
Image forming apparatus with a developer feed device having a developer transport body for transporting developer
Image forming apparatus and secondary transfer roller cleaning method of the image forming apparatus
Fixing device with temperature compensating uniforming section and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus having fixing device with air separator that separates recording material from a heating member
Fixing apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus controlling a droplet size of a fixing solution
Image forming apparatus with an open-close cover
Process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Method of setting control data in an active vibration isolation control system and a control method thereof
Method of injecting plurality of spacecraft into different orbits individually
Vehicle state determination integrity
Electrical power generator with adaptive coupling
Method of and system for evaluating tactile sensations of car seat covers using statistical recursive and artificial neural network models
Bus having a dynamic timing bridge
Information processing apparatus and program for causing computer to execute power control method
Determining optimal power down of a system while indexes are being rebuilt
Method and apparatus of high-speed input sampling
Technique to create link determinism
Print engine having authentication device for preventing multi-word memory writing upon power drop
Transport-neutral in-order delivery in a distributed system
Multi-directional fault detection system
Maintenance system, method of controlling maintenance system, server, record medium in which program used for server is recorded, computer and record medium in which program used for computer is recorded
Preventive recovery from adjacent track interference
Method of recording/reproducing digital data and apparatus for same
Method and system for managing resources during system initialization and startup
Backup system with continuous data protection
Method and apparatus for lockstep processing on a fixed-latency interconnect
Single command payload transfers block of security functions to a storage device
Tamper-resistant trusted Java virtual machine and method of using the same
Information recording apparatus, information reproducing apparatus, and information distribution system
Arrangement and method for update of configuration cache data
Address assigning method, disk drive, and data writing method
Disk formatter and methods for use therewith
Resource use management device, resource use management system, and control method for a resource use management device
Storage system and storage control method comprising router and switch communication with RAID modules
Multi-memory device system and method for managing a lifetime thereof
Method for manipulating state machine storage in a small memory space
Method and system for a recursive security protocol for digital copyright control
Method and system for providing media content over a computer network
Storage system comprising power saving function
Portable media encoder
Method and circuit for adjusting a self-refresh rate to maintain dynamic data at low supply voltages
Method for controlling a memory access
Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling binary state devices using a memory device
USB host controller with memory for transfer descriptors
Managing PCI express devices during recovery operations
Data transmission system for linking multiple exercise facilities
Information processing device and method, and program
System for transmitting data utilizing multiple communication applications simultaneously in response to user request without specifying recipient's communication information
Method for transmitting messages in a network
Method and apparatus for media data transmission
Large-scale network management using distributed autonomous agents
Electronic message delivery using a virtual gateway approach
System and method for recognizing offloaded packets
Systems and methods for conducting internet content usage experiments
Semantic information network (SION)
Multiple storage class distributed nametags for locating items in a distributed computing system
System and method for referencing AV data accumulated in AV server
Method and system for operating applications for remote terminal devices
System and method for accessing and operating personal computers remotely
Network interconnection apparatus, network node apparatus, and packet transfer method for high speed, large capacity inter-network communication
System and method for providing and displaying information content
Customized item cover
Method and apparatus for communicating during automated data processing
Distributed network query
Method and system for automatically cloning IT resource structures
Contact center data visualization system and method
Hybrid industrial networked computer system
Method and apparatus for efficiently searching and selecting preferred content from a plurality of active multimedia streams
Protocol for managing information
System and method for interacting with data using visual surrogates
Context aware computing devices and methods
Method and system for classifying information available on a computer network
Online predicate checking for distributed systems
Methods, tools, and interfaces for the dynamic assignment of people to groups to enable enhanced communication and collaboration
Method for connection acceptance control and rapid determination of optimal multi-media content delivery over networks
Systems and methods for managing electronic communications using various negotiation techniques
Optimizing network resources usage within an administrative boundary
Method and apparatus for automatically establishing bi-directional line-switched rings in telecommunication networks
IP address allocation method
Device management method for device management system
System and method for managing IT assets
Minimizing message processing latency in a communication network
Managed redundant enterprise basic input/output system store update
Method and system for iSCSI boot in which an iSCSI client loads boot code from a host bus adapter and/or network interface card
Injecting addresses to enable OAM functions
Systems and methods for diagnosing a biological specimen using probabilities
Long-term memory neural network modeling memory-chaining functions of the brain wherein a pointer holds information about mutually related neurons and neurons are classified hierarchically by degree of activation
Delivery rule for customer leads response system and method
Mobile medication storage and dispensing apparatus
Apparatus and method for managing audio data and recording apparatus
Meter tape with location indicator used for unique identification
Surrogate hashing
Organizing a collection of objects
Liquid handling system with electronic information storage
Automatic drug dispenser and drug feeder
Audio system employing multiple mobile devices in concert
Secure communications equipment for processing data packets according to the send mechanism
Monitoring complex data feeds through ensemble testing
Data summarization method and apparatus
Visibly distinguishing portions of compound words
Method and apparatus to bind media with metadata using standard metadata headers
Difference control for generating and displaying a difference result set from the result sets of a plurality of search engines
Use of browser cookies to store structured data
File search method and system therefor
Method and system for supply chain product and process development collaboration
Multi-level search
Searching documents using a dimensional database
Method and apparatus for applying a parametric search methodology to a directory tree database format
Management of redundant objects in storage systems
Dynamic sitemap creation
System and method for calendar-based anomalous access detection
System having secure access between IC entities
Indication of exclusive items in a result set
Information processing technique relating to relation between users and documents
Presentation of differences between multiple searches
Integrated user interface
System and method for providing a virtual binding for a worm storage system on rewritable media
Assessing author authority and blog influence
Data management apparatus
Using constraint-based heuristics to satisfice static software partitioning and allocation of heterogeneous distributed systems
System simulation using multi-tasking computer code
Method and apparatus for using rotational movement amount of mobile device and computer-readable recording medium for storing computer program
Method for testing and controlling workflows in a clinical system and/or components thereof
Managing procurement risk
System and method for batch process control with diverse distributed control system protocols
Systems and methods for user control of vehicular transmission shift points
Method and device for the production of a three-dimensional multi-material component by means of ink-jet-type printing
Method for inputting a password in a mobile communication terminal
Digital application operating according to aggregation of plurality of licenses
Method for selecting an operating mode automatically
Method and system for rate adaptation
Hardware oriented target-side native command queuing tag management
Mass storage device with near field communications
Security execution context for a database management system
System and method for automated construction, retrieval and display of multiple level visual indexes
Comment faces
Method and system of providing access to a virtual storage device
Control device of vehicle
Search results clustering in tabbed browsers
Product-sum operation circuit and method
Method and system for file retrieval using image virtual file system
Method and apparatus for supporting log analysis
System and method for archiving digital media
Techniques for selectively performing searches against data and providing search results
Modeling sequence and time series data in predictive analytics
Determining logically-related sub-strings of a string
Distributing permission information via a metadirectory
Method and system for monitoring domain name registrations
World modeling using a relationship network with communication channels to entities
Integrated search engine devices that utilize hierarchical memories containing b-trees and span prefix masks to support longest prefix match search operations
Authoring tools, including content-driven treetables, for fluid text
Generating a relation diagram of data files
Product design support method and system
Method and device for securing the reading of a memory
User authentication method for a remote control apparatus and a remote control apparatus
Microprocessor with integrated high speed memory
Methods and systems for encoding and protecting data using digital signature and watermarking techniques
Updating the system management information of a computer system
State machine based filtering of non-dominant branches to use a modified gshare scheme
Substrate processing apparatus and substrate housing method
Apparatus and method of simulating the movement of elements through a region of 3D space
Prediction method of near field photolithography line fabrication using by the combination of taguchi method and neural network
Method for retargeting images
Method for simple hardware implementation of JPEG size limiter
Image encoder, image decoder, image encoding method, and image decoding method
Adaptive directional edge-preserving false contour filtering
Method, medium, and system encoding/decoding image data
Image processing apparatus and its method
Image matching system, program, and image matching method
Enforcement process for correction of hardware and software defects
Extreme capacity management in an electronic marketplace environment
Contactless-chip-initiated transaction system
Check authorization system and method
User terminal and wireless item-based credit card authorization servers, systems, methods and computer program products
Account linking with privacy keys
Shared royalty platform for content royalty management
Determining the effectiveness of internet advertising
Methods for distributions of digital files
Selection set evaluation device and sale management device
Demand aggregation system
Motion picture theater and associated promotion
Debit purchasing of stored value card for use by and/or delivery to others
System and method for changing order priority levels in an electronic trading environment
Index participation notes securitized by options contracts
Apparatus and method for providing transaction services
Life insurance cooperative
Electronic securities marketplace having integration with order management systems
System and method for delaying payment processing for biometrically-initiated financial transactions
Trading orders with decaying reserves
System for anonymity electronic commerce having crediting function and method
Validating apparatus for use with a pair of integrated circuits
Managing and evaluating procurement risk
Computer system for controlling a system of managing fluctuating cash flows
System, method and computer program product for determining a minimum asset value for exercising a contingent claim of an option
Financial analysis system interface
System, method and computer program product for determining a minimum asset value for exercising a contingent claim of an option
Internet-based financial vehicles
Anonymous information system, information registering device and information storing device
Computer controlled auction system
Method and system for discount debit card
Installation and method for trading in inflation
Exchange trading of mutual funds or other portfolio basket products
Systems and methods for customizing mortgage characteristics
Method and apparatus for issuing and managing gift certificates
Method and system of check presentation
Anti-fraud presentation instruments, systems and methods
Variable account data information system and method
Transaction tracking, managing, assessment, and auditing data processing system and network
Adaptive hybrid ARQ systems with BCJR decoding
Collision detection sensor
Wireless subscriber loyalty system and method
Method and apparatus for speech decoding by evaluating a noise level based on gain information
Method and apparatus for speech encoding by evaluating a noise level based on gain information
Method and system for recognizing phoneme in speech signal
Method and apparatus for speech decoding based on a parameter of the adaptive code vector
Information retrieving method and apparatus
Broadcast router having a serial digital audio data stream decoder
Methods and apparatus for a memory device with self-healing reference bits
Low-power receiver decoding
Method and system for forward error correction
Apparatus and method for decoding burst in an OFDMA mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for estimating local oscillator frequency for GPS receivers
Wireless communication device and data interface
Variable pricing based on system load
Method for in-band signaling of data over digital wireless telecommunications networks
Techniques for adaptive interference cancellation
Wavelength division multiplexing transmission system, wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus and method for controlling wavelength division multiplexing transmission apparatus
Method and apparatus for alleviating slope-induced impairments to chirped optical signals propagating in an optical transmission system
Coherent phase-shift-keying
Optical communication system having enhanced spectral efficiency using electronic signal processing
Optical receiver
Mobile assisted downlink beamforming with antenna weight feedback
Gain control in a multiple RF transceiver integrated circuit
Apparatus and method for selecting an antenna in a digital broadcast receiving terminal
Method for allocating a communication right, communication conference session server and communication conference session server arrangement
Method and system for securely communicating information using multiple RF carriers
Communication system and method, and information processing apparatus and method
Handling talk burst denials in group communication system supporting PTT service
Wireless communication system using surface acoustic wave (SAW) second harmonic techniques
Mobile terminal and method for providing user interface using received terrestrial digital broadcasting data
Apparatus and method for editing a received video and audio signal in a mobile terminal
Multi switching architecture and method in optical burst switching network
Optical code division multiplexing transmission/reception method and optical code division multiplexing transmission/reception device
Content use management system, content playback apparatus, content use management method, content playback method, and computer program including system date/time information validation
Reducing information reception delays
Automated, internet-based secure digital certificate distribution and maintenance
Advanced stream format (ASF) data stream header object protection
Chain of trust processing
Method and apparatus to authenticate base and subscriber stations and secure sessions for broadband wireless networks
Image processing apparatus and its method
Session ticket authentication scheme
Method and apparatus for protecting information and privacy
System and method for preventing delivery of unsolicited and undesired electronic messages by key generation and comparison
Mobile station with satellite antenna
Terminal device for a bi-directional radio relay link
Asynchronous power management methods and systems for wireless networks
Method of transmit beamforming for multicasting in a wireless communication system
Cellular phone
Mobile telephone
Personal digital assistant with slide mechanism
Mobile communication terminal and communication control method
Method and system for demarcating a portion of a media file as a ringtone
Termination routing based on LNP redirection
Wireless communication method
Method for transmitting message of mobile terminal
Display control for cellular phone
Mobile phone with expanded telephone directory
Sliding device for portable terminal
Earphone jack for eliminating power noise in mobile communication terminal, and operating method thereof
Interrogate-response communication system with privacy indication
Wireless communication system, base station, packet control function apparatus, node apparatus and accounting server
Method and apparatus for delivering advertisements to mobile users
Image display system, image reproducing apparatus, digital television apparatus, image display method, and storage medium
Apparatus and method for extracting representative still images from MPEG video
Method of and system for recording image information and method of and system for encoding image information
Randomly accessible visual information recording medium and recording method, and reproducing device and reproducing method
Randomly accessible visual information recording medium and recording method, and reproducing device and reproducing method
Randomly accessible visual information recording medium and recording method, and reproducing device and reproducing method
Randomly accessible visual information recording medium and recording method, and reproducing device and reproducing method
Randomly accessible visual information recording medium and recording method, and reproducing device and reproducing method
Digital video recorder
Method and system for displaying multiple media content instances during a single viewing session
GSM/UMTS emulator
Calibration method to achieve reciprocity of bidirectional communication channels
GPS assistance messages in cellular communications networks and methods therefor
Method and system for sending location coded images over a wireless network
Radio device testing system
Method of transmitting and receiving broadcasting information by utilizing a cell broadcasting service in a mobile telecommunication system
Asynchronous response system with acknowledge
Mobility voice messaging
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Electric convection oven
High speed cooking oven having an air impingement heater with an improved orifice configuration
Rotor of rotating electric machine
Ceiling and floor mounted surgical robot set-up arms
Radiation detection device and system, and scintillator panel provided to the same
Personal warming systems and apparatuses for use in hospitals and other settings, and associated methods of manufacture and use
Performing Operations; Transporting
Ion trap array-based systems and methods for chemical analysis
Laser-driven cleaning using reactive gases
Method and apparatus for electrical discharge machining of a workpiece
Small hole electrical discharge machining method and small hole electrical discharge machining apparatus and electrode inserting method and electrode inserting apparatus
Methods and apparatus for fabricating a turbine engine blade
Sensor system for sensing movement
Wire loop, semiconductor device having same, wire bonding method and wire bonding apparatus
Apparatus and method using fractionated irradiation to harden metal
Aluminum metal-core weld wire and method for forming the same
Method and apparatus for arc welding with wire heat control
Screw air compressor for a welder
Method and apparatus for welding with a trigger hold
Method for positioning a welding bolt and bolt welding head
Power tools
Driving device and image forming device
Drive mechanisms for small electric appliances
Fiber-reinforced microactuator
Diagnostic method for an electric drive assembly
Self-powered wireless switch
Diesel-electric locomotive and traction grouping composed of at least two diesel-electric locomotives
Incremental seal wire activation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Deposition method of insulating layers having low dielectric constant of semiconductor device, a thin film transistor substrate using the same and a method of manufacturing the same
Method of surface texturizing
Method and device for plasma treatment of moving metal substrates
Textiles; Paper
Method of irradiating organic materials
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Dual motor configuration with primary brushless motor and secondary integrated speed control motor
Slip-inducing rotation starting exciter for turbine generator
Wave energy converters utilizing pressure differences
Hydropower generation apparatus and method
Variable speed wind turbine having a passive grid side rectifier with scalar power control and dependent pitch control
Fan baffle
Method and apparatus of detecting disturbances in a centrifugal pump
Stator assembly
Magnetic levitation motor
Active balance system and vibration balanced machine
Piezoelectric bender with increased activating force, and valve using same
Method and configuration for driving a thrust body by a bidirectional linear solenoid drive
Apparatus for blocking ambient air of electrodeless lighting system and waveguide thereof
Ceramic igniters with sealed electrical contact portion
Menu driven control system for a cooking appliance
Minimized cross-section sensor package
Optical position transducer
Capacitance type sensor
Method and device for fiber-optical measuring systems
Semiconductor sensor having a diffused resistor
Semiconductor chip, terahertz electromagnetic-wave device, and method of manufacturing these
Remotely deployed optical fiber circulator
Imaging X-ray detector based on direct conversion
Ultimate analyzer, scanning transmission electron microscope and ultimate analysis method
Electron microscope, method for operating the same, and computer-readable medium
Ion mobility sensor
Sensors and probes for mapping electromagnetic fields
Quantification method and system for corrosion and damage assessment
Methods and apparatus for testing continuity of electrical paths through connectors of circuit assemblies
Method and apparatus for measuring voltage of battery module of electric vehicle
Method and apparatus for measuring on-chip power supply integrity
Method and system for determining transistor degradation mechanisms
Electrical circuit tracing and identifying apparatus and method
High speed channel selector switch
Electronic battery tester cable
NMR probe circuit for generating close frequency resonances
Magnetic resonance imaging device and gradient magnetic field coil used for it
Matrix coil for generating a variable magnetic field
Coil system for an MR apparatus and an MR apparatus provided with such a coil system
Method and apparatus for enhanced fat saturation during MRI
Sequence preconditioning for ultra-fast magnetic resonance imaging
CT detector having a segmented optical coupler and method of manufacturing same
Low temperature, bump-bonded radiation imaging device
Apparatus and methods for reducing borehole current effects
Fluid flow properties from acoustically stimulated NMR
Image reader and image processor having a light source forming trapezoid-shaped illuminance distribution in sub-scanning direction
In-phase RF drive of Mach-Zehnder modulator push-pull electrodes by using coupled quantum well optical active region
In-plane switching mode active matrix type liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Organic electroluminescent device adapted for assembly function
Radiation source, lithographic apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Gas flushing system for use in lithographic apparatus
Parabolic control of the duty cycle of a pulse width modulated signal
Positioning device
Programmable AC power switch
FET current regulation of LEDs
Bandgap reference circuit
Reference voltage generator for hysteresis circuit
Voltage regulator with reduced open-loop static gain
Voltage slicer and method
Voltage regulator with improved load regulation using adaptive biasing
High performance FET with laterally thin extension
Metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) bandgap voltage reference circuit
Optically generated isolated feedback stabilized bias
Driver circuit for a vacuum fluorescence display
Apparatus and method for driving plasma display panel
Electronic circuit, method of driving electronic circuit, electronic device, electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Optical sensor heads exhibiting regularity in optical characteristics and optical sensor system using the same
Hydrodynamic gas bearing
Method and system for providing a magnetic memory having a wrapped write line
Semiconductor storage device
Timing method and apparatus for integrated circuit device
Flash memory device
Fowler-Nordheim block alterable EEPROM memory cell
Output driving circuit for maintaining I/O signal duty ratios
Ion implanting apparatus
Tunneling emitters
Luminescent device and process of manufacturing the same
Plasma display panel utilizing carbon nanotubes and method of manufacturing the front panel of the plasma display panel
Microwave powered lamphead having external shutter
Deflection yoke having short-circuited coil in convergence yoke portion
Glass panel for color television picture tube
Electron emitting device, electron source, and image forming apparatus
Color cathode ray tube
Charged particle beam instrument
Electron microscope
Image sensor having a photosensitive chip mounted to a metal sheet
Microstrip gas chamber
Time-of-flight mass analyzer with multiple flight paths
Planar fluorescent lamp having particular electrode structure
Flat multi-spectral light source
Structure and method for field emitter tips
Semiconductor device whose semiconductor chip has chamfered backside surface edges and method of manufacturing the same
Method of forming lattice-matched structure on silicon and structure formed thereby
Semiconductor solid phase epitaxy damage control method and integrated circuit produced thereby
Controlling the characteristics of implanter ion-beams
Electronic component device and manufacturing method therefor
Leadless plastic chip carrier with etch back pad singulation
Field-effect transistor, and integrated circuit device and switching circuit using the same
Display device and manufacturing method of the same
Active matrix type organic light emitting diode device and thin film transistor thereof
Semiconductor component and method of manufacture
Semiconductor structure with substantially etched oxynitride defects protruding therefrom
Interconnection structure and interconnection structure formation method
Hetero-bipolar transistor having the base interconnection provided on the normal mesa surface of the collector mesa
Selective solder bump application
Substrate for semiconductor package
Semiconductor package
Method of making a semiconductor transistor
Semiconductor alignment aid
High surface area capacitors and intermediate storage poly structures formed during fabrication thereof
Barrier material
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device production system
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device comprising plurality of semiconductor areas having the same top surface and different film thicknesses and manufacturing method for the same
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of manufacturing the same
Process for direct integration of a thin-film silicon p-n junction diode with a magnetic tunnel junction
Semiconductor memory with gate at least partially located in recess defined in vertically oriented semiconductor layer
Electrostatic discharge protection circuit of non-gated diode and fabrication method thereof
Field-shielded SOI-MOS structure free from floating body effect, and method of fabrication therefor
Semiconductor device and its manufacturing method
CMOS thin film transistor
Spacer with passive components for use in multi-chip modules
Electronic device and leadframe and methods for producing the electronic device and the leadframe
Heat sink material and method of manufacturing the heat sink material
Multi-chip module packaging device using flip-chip bonding technology
Thin film transistors, liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus using the same
Electronic package and method of forming
Flip chip ball grid array package
Semiconductor device, semiconductor module and hard disk
Electromagnetic noise shielding in semiconductor packages using caged interconnect structures
Semiconductor package having a thermally and electrically connected heatspreader
Integrated circuit die having a copper contact and method therefor
Semiconductor device with bumps on electrode pads oriented in given direction
Substrate structure capable of reducing package singular stress
Tablet comprising epoxy resin composition
Semiconductor device with improved heatsink structure
Ultra wideband BGA
Power module having a heat sink
Semiconductor connection substrate
Semiconductor component having test contacts
Wafer interposer assembly
Porous low-k dielectric interconnects with improved adhesion produced by partial burnout of surface porogens
Multi-substrate layer semiconductor packages and method for making same
Memory cell for modification of default register values in an integrated circuit chip
Electrically-programmable integrated circuit fuses and sensing circuits
Method of bonding a semiconductor die without an ESD circuit and a separate ESD circuit to an external lead, and a semiconductor device made thereby
Substrate pump ESD protection for silicon-on-insulator technologies
Semiconductor stacked multi-package module having inverted second package and electrically shielded first package
Electronic circuit unit suitable for miniaturization
ESD protection apparatus and method for dual-polarity input pad
Semiconductor device equipped with fuel cell and method for producing the same
High performance SCR-like BJT ESD protection structure
Large value, compact, high yielding integrated circuit capacitors
Flash EEPROM with function bit by bit erasing
Color image sensor on transparent substrate and method for making same
Back illuminated photodiode array and method of manufacturing the same
Display system including functional layers and electronic device having same
Light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Light emitting device
Organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
OLED display with photosensor
Actively driven organic EL device and manufacturing method thereof
LDMOS with guard ring (of same type as drain) surrounding the drain
Tunnel junctions for long-wavelength VCSELs
Display having differing element sizes to improve efficiency, luminance, chromaticity, and lifetime
RF circuits including transistors having strained material layers
Semiconductor device including a predetermined film formed at a border between dielectric films
High performance, integrated, MOS-type semiconductor device and related manufacturing process
Power devices and methods for manufacturing the same
Recessed tunnel oxide profile for improved reliability in NAND devices
Power transistor structure with non-uniform metal widths
Power semiconductor device
Compound semiconductor high frequency switch device
Emitter turn-off thyristors (ETO)
Negative differential resistance load element
Semiconductor component
II-VI compound semiconductor crystal
Light emitting devices with enhanced luminous efficiency
Method for fabricating fiducials for passive alignment of opto-electronic devices
Self cooling piezo actuator for high temperature applications
Cell driving type actuator and method for manufacturing the same
Stacked electro-mechanical energy conversion element and method of manufacturing the same
Electrostrictive compound actuator
Ultrasonic motor having integrated electrodes and manufacturing method of the same
Method of manufacturing a piezoelectric/electrostrictive device
Forming tapered lower electrode phase-change memories
Field effect transistor using vanadium dioxide layer as channel material and method of manufacturing the field effect transistor
Organic electroluminescent device and method for producing the same
Plasma encapsulation for electronic and microelectronic components such as organic light emitting diodes
Sealing for OLED devices
Filter network combining non-superconducting and superconducting filters
High bandwidth oscilloscope probe with replaceable cable
Wear indicator
Commutating rotary switch
Commutating device for small-sized motor and manufacturing method therefor
Method and system for turning on an optical radiation source
Magnetically shielded flourescent lamp ballast case
Integrated circuit comprising a voltage generator and a circuit limiting the voltage supplied by the voltage generator
Method of driving a servo motor with a built-in drive circuit
Method and apparatus for measuring the impedance of an electrical energy supply system
Selectively activated electrochemical cell system
High efficiency lighting system
Ferroelectric transformer-free uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems and methods for communications signal distribution systems
Rotating electric machine and cooling structure for rotating electric machine
Method of installation of a laminated stator core stack in the motor casing
Electric machine and method of assembling the same
Permanent magnet rotor and magnet cradle
Armature and method for producing an armature
Automotive alternator
Squirrel-cage rotor for an asynchronous induction motor
Electrical power-generating device
Electric rotating machine and electromagnetic machine and apparatus
Automotive alternator
Rotor assembly for dynamo electric machines
Stepping motor
Resolver I/O terminal structure and method of connecting resolver thereby
Electric motor
Multiple radial/axial surfaces to enhance fluid bearing performance
Electric motor having a reverse air flow cooling system
Soft start techniques for control loops that regulate DC/DC converters
Method and circuit for optimizing power efficiency in a DC-DC converter
Method for increasing the input voltage of an integrated circuit with a two-stage charge pump, and integrated circuit
Digital control system and method for switched mode power supply
Control method and system for motor
Control for electric motor in vehicles
Control apparatus for synchronous motor
Motor drive circuit and method with frequency setting and correcting functions
Brushless direct current monophase motor drive circuit
Motor driver
Control system for a shifting mechanism with a DC motor
Generator stator voltage control through DC chopper
Apparatus and method for improved chopping mixer
Sensor signal output circuit
Techniques for dynamically selecting phases of oscillator signals
Method and apparatus for interface signaling using single-ended and differential data signals
Signal-level converter
Semiconductor device
Integrated Schottky transistor logic configuration
Structures and methods of testing interconnect structures in programmable logic devices
Systems and methods of performing duty cycle control
Buffer circuit, buffer tree, and semiconductor device
DC offset cancellation circuit, differential amplification circuit with DC offset cancellation circuit, photo-electric pulse conversion circuit, pulse shaping circuit, and pulse generation circuit
Clock gated power supply noise compensation
Synchronous mirror delay circuit with adjustable locking range
Device and high speed receiver including such a device
Variable electronic shutter in CMOS imager with improved anti smearing techniques
Solid state imaging device, method of making the same and imaging unit including the same
Heating unit with temperature sensor
Joint heat
Electronic power control for cooktop heaters
Circuit arrangement
Method and apparatus for controlling lighting based on user behavior
Decorative lights with at least one commonly controlled set of color-controllable multi-color LEDs for selectable holiday color schemes
Emergency lighting function illumination appliance
Illumination management system
Circuit arrangement and method for starting and operating discharge lamps
Electronic ballast using cut and save technology
Method for operating fluorescent lamps and ballast
Image heating apparatus
Induction heating roller apparatus and image formation apparatus
Laser-produced plasma EUV light source with isolated plasma
Tips and contact members having ridges for use in a contact start plasma arc torch
Main arc ignition device and main arc ignition control method of plasma cutting machine
Plasma processing apparatus for monitoring and storing lifetime usage data of a plurality of interchangeable parts
3-grid neutral beam source used for etching semiconductor device
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