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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Minimum till seeding knife
Stalk roll with oppositely tapering body and drivers
Flip-down chainsaw cutter
Selective bird feeder
Bird feeder
Folding garment hanger
Hangers for clothing and other items
Forehead clearing apparatus for hats, caps and related headwears
Insole with cushion insert
Disposable and non-disposable foot cap
Disposable combination toothbrush and dental floss holder
Spice rack
Surround sound positioning tower system and method
Bed with articulated barrier elements
Display device for coins, medals and medallions
Article support
Surgical apparatus with indicator
Needle with pre-loaded implant for snoring treatment
Tissue stabilization and ablation devices and methods
Insertion/deployment catheter system for intrafallopian contraception
Patient care bed with network
Device for distributing a fluid of the single dose or half dose type
Back and internal organ supportive belt
Automatic fire sprinkler having a variable orifice
Bag toss game target assemblies
Ice lighting device
Snowboard binding
Game board
Performing Operations; Transporting
Shut off valve assembly about a shaft of a device having an entry into a vessel
Device and method for manufacturing carbonated spring and carbonic water, control method for gas density applied thereto and membrane module
Humidifier for breathable gas apparatus
Process for preparing ground resin particles and apparatus for preparing the same
Dish washer and device for controlling washing water flow passage therein
Distribution of energy in a high frequency resonating wafer processing system
Device for the plastic deformation of work pieces
Split die for forming grooved workpiece
Methods for sequentially laminating rare earth permanent magnets with suflide-based dielectric layer
Device for applying balancing weights to vehicle wheels in wheel balancing machines
Composite lathe
Heat dissipating apparatus having micro-structure layer and method of fabricating the same
Ratchet screwdriver
Screw feeder adapter for a power screwdriver
Pneumatic tool having pressure release device
Mechanics chair with side tray
Dry shaving apparatus
Extruded cable structures and systems and methods for making the same
Base member, manufacturing method for electronic device, and electronic apparatus
Device for guiding a dressing on a cylinder of a printing press
System and methods for providing a head driving device
Image forming apparatus capable of printing disc and disc-printing unit for the image forming apparatus
Hybrid tire pressure monitoring system
Tire pressure maintenance device
System for hitching a trailer to a motor vehicle
Roll stabilizer for the chassis of a motor vehicle
Module for equipping a motor vehicle rear opening panel
Retractable top for a vehicle
Vehicle body structure
Paneling element for the roof of a vehicle interior
Adjustable cover element and adjustable vehicle roof for a convertible vehicle
Motor vehicle roof
Vehicle canister arranging structure
Pump unit and working vehicle
Resin side cover for automotive seat
Automotive seat with active back
Cushion venting design for out of position occupant protection
Airbag for rear-end collision and airbag apparatus for rear-end collision
Occupant protection system
Instrument panel having modular airbag door assembly
Control system for pressure drag reduction system
Bicycle carrier
Fluid control apparatus
Integral input shaft brake and disconnect apparatus
Control device and vehicle steering system including control device
Vertical idler adjuster for track type work machine
Support roller of crawler type traveling apparatus
Assembly comprising a bicycle fork and a headset on a bicycle frame and fork for one such assembly
Device for assisting an airplane in intercepting a segment of a flight path utilizing positional and ground speed indicators
System and method for reducing plasma induced communication disruption utilizing electrophilic injectant and sharp reentry vehicle nose shaping
Container guide for a container filling apparatus
Automated clipping packaging systems
Debris collecting bag and bag holder
Flexible bag for fluent material dispenser
Carton with dispenser
Feeder control system and method
Pin block for carpet gripping devices
Lifting apparatus
System for controlling chemical substance applicators
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Methods for forming lead zirconate titanate nanoparticles
Titanium material for solid polymer fuel cell separator use and method of production of same
Textiles; Paper
Composite hydroentangling nozzle strip and method for producing nonwoven fabrics therewith
Method of controlling a shoe washing process of a washing machine
Fixed Constructions
Tub overflow assembly
Adjustable anchoring system for a wall
Dwelling house with graduated flats
Safe room
Foundation shock eliminator
Operating device for a motor vehicle door lock
Surfboard lock
Curtain suspension device and a method of suspending curtains
Tool module connector for use in directional drilling
Actuator module to operate a downhole tool
Tubular stabbing protector and method
Device for simulataneously casing a hole while drilling
Stripper rubber insert assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compact actuator
Hydraulic valve-lash-adjusting element (HVA)
Rocker arm for an engine
Camshaft adjuster of an internal combustion engine
Fuel injector for an internal combustion engine
Method of using a combustion chamber for a gas turbine
Process for controlling the cooling air mass flow of a gas turbine set
Attachment system for ceramic combustor liner
Control method and apparatus for use in an alcohol fueled internal combustion engine
Method for ascertaining the position of a mobile closing element of an injection valve
Enhanced accuracy fuel metering system and method
Arrangement in fuel injection apparatus
Methods of operation for controlled temperature combustion engines using gasoline-like fuel, particularly multicylinder homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engines
Continuously lockable adjustment device
Selectable one-way torque transmitter with a friction torque transmitter actuator
Friction plate
Slip grip device
Expansion seal
Coiled tubing connector
Highly-efficient freezing apparatus and highly-efficient freezing method
Heat exchanger of ventilating system
Gun magazine with two-stage spring
Reticle for telescopic gunsight and method for using
Orientation data generation method, orientation sensor unit and portable electronic equipment
Sensor pad for controlling airbag deployment and associated support
Pressure sensor over-pressure protection
Distributed bandwidth control in a communication network
Method and system for compensated time stamping for time-sensitive network communications
Systems and methods for cooling an optic
3D auto-focusing camera module and 3D imaging method using same
Multi-phase DC-DC converter supplying power to load with plural power stages and information processing device including the same
Method and apparatus for integrated cable drop compensation of a power converter
Determining server write activity levels to use to adjust write cache size
Multiple slimbus controllers for slimbus components
Data management apparatus, communication control apparatus, and system including data management apparatus and communication control apparatus
Facilitating the sending of mail from a restricted communications network
Methods of establishing virtual circuits and of providing a virtual private network service through a shared network, and provider edge device for such network
Usage monitoring after rollover
Redirecting web content
Recording and/or reproducing apparatus and recording apparatus
Authenticating devices for communications
Control system for color lights
Secure display
Program guide system with advertisements
Smart card and method for manufacturing a smart card
Multi-tasking utility tool
Image processing device, image processing system and method for having computer perform image processing based on sub-block coding unit
Content interactivity gateway
System and method for collecting vehicle road-use and parking fees and for monitoring vehicular regulatory compliance
Secure system for electronic voting
Systems and methods for portable audio synthesis
System and method of providing generated speech via a network
Accurate radius and velocity measurement of tape transports
Tape friction measurement
Tape header format having efficient and robust codeword interleave designation (CWID) protection
Process for providing a magnetic recording transducer with enhanced pinning layer stability
Optimization of variable resistance memory cells
Methods and apparatus for soft data generation for memory devices based on performance factor adjustment
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Oxide superconducting coil, oxide-superconducting-coil assembly, and rotating machine
Dye-sensitized solar cell
Input device with gel containing chambers in key cap
Circuit breaker
Remote controlled interactive power switch
Switching apparatus for an electrical switching device
Electron emission device and X-ray generator including the same
UV-enhancer arrangement for use in a high-pressure gas discharge lamp
Systems and methods for implementing robust carbon nanotube-based field emitters
Crystallization annealing processes for production of CIGS and CZTS thin-films
Integrated circuit devices having features with reduced edge curvature and methods for manufacturing the same
Measurement device and method for vapour deposition applications
Substrate processing apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
Apparatus and method for forming a transparent conductive oxide layer over a substrate using a laser
Method for manufacturing light-emitting element, and light-emitting element
Thermoelectric devices having reduced thermal stress and contact resistance, and methods of forming and using the same
Dual three-dimensional (3D) resistor and methods of forming
Bonded epitaxial oxide structures for compound semiconductor on silicon substrates
Method for directly adhering two plates together, including a step of forming a temporary protective nitrogen
Modeling charge distribution on FinFET sidewalls
In-situ annealing for extending the lifetime of CMOS products
Bi-layer gate cap for self-aligned contact formation
Forming tunneling field-effect transistor with stacking fault and resulting device
Method and encapsulant for flip-chip assembly
Trench patterning with block first sidewall image transfer
Method for forming one or more vias through a semiconductor substrate and forming a redistribution layer on the semiconductor substrate
Nanowire capacitor for bidirectional operation
Method of forming a gated diode structure for eliminating RIE damage from cap removal
Structure and method to realize conformal doping in deep trench applications
Interconnect with titanium--oxide diffusion barrier
Flip-chip LED component built therein with a zener chip
Ball grid array package with laser vias and methods for making the same
Vertical electronic fuse
Semiconductor wafer and method of testing the same
Sputter and surface modification etch processing for metal patterning in integrated circuits
Barrier trench structure and methods of manufacture
Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
FinFET method comprising high-K dielectric
Organic light emitting device with a protective layer including at least one of a nano-clay and a graphite oxide formed on the anode
Extrinsic gettering on semiconductor devices
Gate encapsulation achieved by single-step deposition
Semiconductor device including a drift zone and a drift control zone
Gate-all-around field effect transistor structures and methods
Shift register memory and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated circuits including epitaxially grown strain-inducing fills doped with boron for improved robustness from delimination and methods for fabricating the same
Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
Compound semiconductor device on virtual substrate
Photovoltaic devices with enhanced efficiencies using high-aspect ratio nanostructures
Back-face protection sheet for solar cell module, and solar cell module using same
Lens element for distributing light with a uniform intensity distribution and lighting device comprised thereof
Light emitting device and manufacturing method for the same
Oscillation device and method for manufacturing oscillation device
Operation input device
Annular thermoacoustic energy converter
Semi-fluoroalkyl group substituted organic semiconductor polymer and organic thin film transistor including the same
Encapsulation for organic optoelectronic devices
Radiant heat plate for battery cell module and battery cell module having the same
Secondary battery
System and method of altering temperature of an electrical energy storage device or an electrochemical energy generation device using microchannels
Secondary battery
Lithium polymer battery
Battery shell of electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
Fuel cell system with regeneration of electrode activity during start or stop
Method and apparatus for enhancing power density of direct liquid fuel cells
Baluns, a fine balance and impedance adjustment module, a multi-layer transmission line, and transmission line NMR probes using same
Radio communication apparatus and current reducing method
Making contact in a force-optimized manner between electrical loads and printed circuit boards
Electrical connector
Electrical connector having a ground contact with a solder portion and a pair of grounding contact portions
Electrical connector
High speed RJ45 connector having magnetic module
USB plural protocol connector system
Dual-direction connector and method for cable system
Front plug for a PLC module
Method for making conductive circuits using powdered metals
Apparatus and method to enable precision and fast laser frequency tuning
Strain modulated nanostructures for optoelectronic devices and associated systems and methods
Short-circuit prevention in an RF spark plug
Multifunctional and configurable wall plates
Fuel cell stack
Voltage scale-down circuit
Converter for HVDC transmission and reactive power compensation
Charging system
Battery pack, method of measuring voltage of the battery pack, and energy storage system including the battery pack
Capacitor charging circuit with low sub-threshold transistor leakage current
Stator core slot and pole piece arrangement for stator structure of a rotary electric machine
Inverter device
Systems and methods for detecting islanding conditions in grid-tied inverters
DC-DC converter
Method and apparatus for controlling TRIAC dimmable device
Inverter control system
Electric power steering device
Solar energy collection system
Spur detection, cancellation and tracking in a wireless signal receiver
Clock data recovery circuit, data reception apparatus, and data transmission and reception system
Automatic volume reduction
Running-linked sound producing device
Integrated transformer with multiple transformation ratios
Piezoelectric vibrating piece, piezoelectric vibrator, oscillator, electronic device, and radio-controlled timepiece
Capacitive switch having high accuracy
Signal distribution networks and related methods
Systems and methods for efficient low density parity check (LDPC) decoding
Chirp communications
Transmitter harmonic cancellation for carrier aggregation/multiband operation
World-wide, wide-band, low-latency, mobile internet and system therefor
Fiber optic network adjustment
Optical amplifier with feedback to obtain set gain and gain tilt
Robustly stabilizing laser systems
Method and apparatus for adjusting rise-over-thermal threshold
Method and system for calibrating a multi-mode, multi-standard transmitter and receiver
System and method for partitioning DSL vector cancellation
Frequency tracking for a FMR transmitter
Method and system for presence detection in a communication system
Precoding processing method, base station, and communications system
Low complexity maximum likelihood detection of concatenated space codes for wireless applications
Active network system for wireless computer networks
Methods and apparatus for polarization diversity with portable devices via wavefront muxing techniques
Mobile terminal and broadcast controlling method thereof
Packet communication system, communication method and program
Symmetrical latency with TDM circuit emulated service
OPU frame generating device and OPU frame test device
Adaptive uplink/downlink timeslot assignment in a hybrid wireless time division multiple access/code division multiple access communication system
Method for transmitting resource allocation information in a wireless mobile communication system that supports a plurality of communication modes
Profile-based packet rate adaptation for wireless systems
Mixed mapping for rate compatible trellis coded modulation
Method for transmitting/receiving control channel in multicell cooperative wireless communication system and device therefor
Failure analysis device, and system and method for same
Client based congestion control mechanism
Medium for storing packet conversion program, packet conversion apparatus and packet conversion method
Communication device, method for controlling the communication device, and communication system
Priority data transmission using Fibre Channel over Ethernet
Method of channel estimation and a channel estimator
Communication devices and methods for signal detection
Validating a certificate chain in a dispersed storage network
Information processing apparatus, computer-readable recording medium, and control method
Method and apparatus for determining a cooperative terminal
Differential timing transfer over synchronous ethernet using digital frequency generators and control word signaling
Overhead adjustment scheme for passive optical networks
System, method, and program for information management
Wrist-worn mobile telephone
Mobile terminal with sealing structure
Portable electronic device
Dynamic service class upgrades in data networks
System and method for blocking unauthorized outgoing call on a communication network
Offloading call processing and call hosting for a small group call to a client device
Non-linear VDR residual quantizer
Image coding apparatus and image coding method
Three-dimensional display system, display and method of controlling backlight of three-dimensional display
Camera module testing device
Color measurement and correction of multiple display devices
Forensics in multi-channel media content
Adaptive joint source and channel coding scheme for H.264 video multicasting over wireless networks
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer-readable storage device
Television lens apparatus
Apparatus for adjusting autofocus using luminance correction and method of controlling the same
Image signal processing apparatus and method thereof in mobile communications terminal
Multi-camera system and method of calibrating the multi-camera system
Solid state imaging device and method of manufacturing the same
Methods for transmitting and receiving audiovisual content
Method and system of image capture based on logarithmic conversion
Enhanced program viewing method
Multi-platform digital television
Display control device, display control method, display control program, computer-readable recording medium, recording/playback device equipped with abovementioned display control device, speech output device, and recording/playback device equipped with speech output device
Apparatus and method for distributing audio and video content using existing network wiring
Light-based detection for acoustic applications
Implantable microphone
Positioning using observer-based time-of-arrival measurements
Central wireless network selection and monitoring for mobile client terminals
Wireless communication device, wireless communication method and communication control program
Control apparatus, control method, and mobile communication system
Mobile terminal and method of managing and performing data communication using the same
Correlation based cell search and measurement for LTE and LTE-A
Prioritizing time critical data for transmission during power limited state in DC-HSUPA operation
Carrier detection and parallel GSM cell search in multimode terminals
Methods of transmitting and receiving data in mobile transmission system
Apparatus and method for enabling communication on a supplemental channel in a GSM wireless communication network
Method and apparatus for supporting dynamic and distributed mobility management
Macro-femto inter-cell interference mitigation
Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data in a wireless communication system
Apparatus and method for supporting E-MBS service in multicarrier system
Method, device, and system for transmitting packet switched services
Method for communicating in a network and radio stations associated
Correlating media types of emergency communication requests
Method and apparatus of providing a proximity-based service for public safety with one or more user equipments out of the cellular network coverage
System acquisition at a mobile device
Method for restricting the cell access of a terminal in a wireless communication system, and apparatus therefor
Automatic selection of coordinating functionality in a hybrid communication network
Method for operation in idle mode for M2M communication, and device using same
Discontinuous reception (DRX) based mechanisms for connection setup
Power control in LTE-advanced heterogeneous networks
Method for reconfiguring time alignment timer
Base station, radio communication system, and communication method
Reducing spectrum interference between wireless networks
Method and device for assigning a cell to a wireless communication apparatus, and corresponding apparatus
Methods and apparatus for controlling quality of service parameters in a radio network
Techniques for enabling compatibility of ultra wideband devices
Method and device for downlink confirmation response data transmission resource allocation in a wireless communication system
Distributed load control the mobile communication network
Generating a search set of television white space channels based on location information
Communicating with two nodes with overlapping frames
Device, system, and method for fast network entry for wireless devices in idle mode
Femtocell access control
LED driving apparatus having holding current circuit and operating method thereof
Bi-level dimming controller for LED light fixture
LED driver and protection circuit for output short conditions
Systems and methods for altering and coordinating illumination characteristics
Dimmer system and method
Process for manufacturing elementary electrochemical cells for energy- or hydrogen-producing electrochemical systems, in particular of SOFC and HTE type
Multilayer wiring substrate
Surface mount captive screw ferrule for PCB
Cooling system for electric vehicle and control method thereof
Inverter with enclosure
Disassemblable electronic assembly with leak-inhibiting coolant capillaries
Power electronic system and method of assembly
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cleaning pad
Article holder
Casting for a fixture
Stand and storage console
Chair control lever
Music stand cover
Modular stone-surfaced laminate
Self storing blanket
Self storing blanket
Frozen beverage dispensing machine
Cooking utensil handle
Knob for raising the cover of a cooking vessel
Barbeque grill cover
Child's cutlery set
Slicer knife
Drink caddy
Stocking container for clothing
Laundry hamper
Bottle cap opener
Pruning device
Screw driving tool
Ball keeper
Container dome
Watch case
Magnetic compass
Electricity measuring instrument
Transmitter of an electrical circuit tracing device
Fiberoptic network tester
Radar reflector
pH and temperature meter
Module for multi-function equipment
Electronic weighing scale
Trim gauge
Flow meter end fitting with integral tube connector
Positioning tool for an electric box
Illuminated vehicle display unit
Three dimensional folding Christmas tree
Hanging sphere
Flag with 51 stars
Flag with 51 stars
Decorative serving cart
Golf cart
Truck supplementary oil filter mounting bracket
Track vehicle windshield wiper arm
Space ship
Tread of a tire
Automobile tire
Truck cab
Step bumper hitch
Drive unit for a golf trolley
Rear bumper for an automobile
Steering wheel incorporating signal light actuating buttons and an associated digital display indicating number of settable flashes of the signal lights
Caliper body of disk brake for vehicle
Sport utility sliding door
Rim for bicycle wheel
Faceted wheel cap
Fuel cell system enclosure
Electric coupler for batteries
Electric coupler for batteries
Connector for printed circuit boards
Electrical connector
Surface mount package
Electrical connector
Electrical connector
Electrical connecting plug
Co-axial cable connector
Tap housing
Knurled sleeve for co-axial cable connector in open position
Speaker housing
Speaker housing
Scroll bar for a binaural hearing aid device computer display
Document printer
Inkjet printer
Floppy disk drive
Computer monitor
Server face plate
User interface for computer display
Remote control
Roof mount antenna
Multimedia terminal
Back cover for a handset
Portable telephone
Radio frequency radiation shield unit for wireless telephones
Trolling motor mount
Lens barrier for a camera
Microscope slide clip
Safety glasses
Electronic calculator
Electronic calculator
Electronic calculator
Ink paper pack
Ink cartridge
Home plate magnet
Ergonomic writing instrument
Tissue box cover with recessed faces
Tissue box cover with trapezoidal faces
Tissue box cover with corner grooves
Tissue box cover with raised faces
Ring toss game
Information storage cartridge for electronic game machine
Video game accessory
Video game accessory
Video game accessory and stand
Vehicle shaped teaching toy
Multiple component putter head
Golf club head
Marker for golf balls
Air inflatable trampoline
Portable exerciser device
Gun stock
Trigger block
Fishing rod support
Tubular fishing tool
Shower filter housing
Spray nozzle for a fire protection system
Short sprinkler
Valve handle
Socket of pipe coupling
Bracket for shower head
Paper towel dispenser
Water-saving device for toilet tank
Viscous liquid dispenser
Soaking tub
Air cleaner cover
Toilet ventilator and ducting
Fan pedestal
Ventilation faceplate
Satseconds indicator for a pulse oximeter display panel
Diagnostic test card
Infusion pump cartridge
Leg support appliance
Roll-up floor tile
Surface ornamentation for a door window
Roof panel
Crash barrier
Cover for a containerized candle
Handheld spotlight
Wooden lamp stand
Wooden lamp stand
Light fixture
Wooden lamp stand
Solar powered outdoor light
Light bulb
Smoking article container
Hair dryer
Diffuser for a hair dryer
Razor handle
Razor handle
Container for a cosmetic product
Inflatable suite with attached life-saving devices
Lacrosse glove
Protective pad for use with shoulder straps
Human Necessities
Machine for sowing individual seed grains
Lawnmower-attached edge trimmer apparatus
Twisted trimmer line
Raiseable mower deck
Mower with combined steering and brake levers
Enclosed lawnmower having air flow control
Vine support with snap-in cross arm
Self contained stump grinder
Mounting for tree harvester head
Lopping apparatus having stowable blades and associated method
Drilling apparatus for filled pots during movement
Tag placement apparatus
Device for enhancing photosynthesis
Containerized, multi-season raised-bed garden kit
Osteospermum plant named `Bamba`
Compact floribunda rose variety `POULpeacy`
Thunbergia plant named `Daniella`
Peach tree named: `Sweet Crest`
Begonia plant named `Genie`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Orange Yodanville`
Lantana plant named `Robmornpin`
Hibiscus plant named `Cool Wind`
Bidens plant named `Peters Goldteppich`
Verbena plant named `Balwilapi`
Curcuma plant named `Thai Beauty`
Spathiphyllum plant named `Florida Beauty`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Yodanville`
Ficus plant named `GRU FI9801`
Ficus plant named `Eclipse`
Peach tree named `August Princess`
Lantana plant named `Sonset`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Lucky Suerte`
Anthurium plant named `VR 110`
Dahlia plant named `Melody Bolero`
Primula plant named `Prinic`
Teat cup assembly
Wood based product for forming poultry bedding
Drinking apparatus for pets
Pet bed
Pet restraint device and method of making thereof
Machine for cleaning, disinfection and deparasitation of animals
Bi-directional, manufacturable, lift-generating mesh bar
Pigtail fastener
Fish hook holder
System for applying a chemical to vegetation
Collapsible hunter's blind
Machine for preparing food products
Methods for heat-shocking fresh produce and for cooling such produce to a desired temperature, and moisture content
Self-contained liquid storage, delivery, and automatic fill apparatus and method
Apparatus for freezing liquids into large blocks
Modular apparatus for cooling and freezing of a food product on a moving substrate
Tobacco separator
Safety ashtray
Novelty tank top
Infant carrier covering
Process for manufacturing shirts with raglan sleeves
Selectively padded wetsuit garment
Neck and spine protection apparatus
Travelers' comfort--wearable arm support
Magnetic closure for items of clothing
Covering for a portion of a human head
Insole for shoes designed to increase a therapeutic effect based on reflex zone therapy
Breathing shoes
Removably mountable cleat
Button replacement device
Hook assembly used for waist-adjusting mechanism of garment and garment having waist-adjusting mechanism
Hook assembly used for waist-adjusting mechanism of garment and garment having waist-adjusting mechanism
Method of making a heart-shaped diamond
Rotation stopper for opening and closing plates in center fixing device of band-shaped ornament
Money clip
Pull rod of luggage
Pneumatic hair-conditioner system
Applicator for applying a product, and method of using applicator to transfer products onto a surface
Decorative economical reversible fashion accessory
Dentifrice dispensing electrical toothbrush with snap-on dual brush unit
Motorized brush
Monofilament bristle assemblies and methods of making brushes using same
Brush for cleaning golf equipment
Variable workstation furniture system having a furniture frame comprised of columns and foot extensions
Height adjustable table
Modular table system with cable management
Mobile workstation
Suspended storage structure
Sofa and bed combination
Counterbalance table
Multi-leg telescopic linear actuator
Seat supporting table for a barber or beauty chair and hair washer with the seat supporting table
Casket bed
Mattress incorporating tourmaline
Floor support for bassinet mounted in a play yard
Collapsible play yard
Support pillows with handles and methods for their use
Thematic character pillow with recreational sleep enhancing accessories
Food preserving systems
Garment hanger positioning and locking device
Draught excluder for fastening doormats
Ornamental display for achievement awards
System for securely and removably attaching a food processing adapter to a food processing and juicing unit
Toaster cover
Automatically operable lid for a vacuum waste receptacle
Water-proof joint for tub surround
Vacuum system for pre-wash removal of food/grease materials in dishwasher facilities
Foot mat
Portable dust collection system for collection of wood floor sanding dust
Dual filter wet/dry hand-held vacuum cleaner
Edge cleaning apparatus for a vacuum cleaner
Stool collecting apparatus
Methods and systems for treating ischemia
Anterior support device
Enhanced ventilation waveform device
Multiplexed phase detector
Mobile veterinary treatment prep table
Bandage for relief and massage
Autogenous cell patch cardio myoplasty and advanced muscle graft implantation system
Patient immobilization system
Female standing urination cone
Portable soaking and bath pan for treating perineal wounds
Pacifier cord retracting device
Metering device
Defective capsule removing mechanism
Method of recycling disk recording medium and apparatus for recovering metal reflective film
Hair relaxer compositions utilizing cation exchange compositions
Spacer for use with a metered dose inhaler
Inhalation device
Pulmonary drug delivery device
Flow sensing device
Oxygen delivery cannula retainer, cannula with retainers assembly, and method for retaining cannulas
Respiratory mask with adjustable exhaust vent
Aerosol medication delivery apparatus and system
Method and apparatus for delivering humidified air to a face mask
Single-use syringe
Gas mask structure
Portable multi-function system for testing protective devices
Monitoring device for a container
Air supply pressure regulator with supply tank pressure gauge and air supply port
Outer casing for a hydraulic cylinder
Weighting system for a golf club head
Golf club cover retaining device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for determination of chromatographic media parameters in packed beds of hydrophobic polymer particles
Cooking apparatus with grease removal system
Methods and apparatus for determining the location of a shaft within a vessel
Bulk chemical delivery system
Method for producing a nozzle plate
Web processing with electrostatic moistening
Method of cleaning a semiconductor fabricating apparatus
Method and apparatus for metal container manufacture
Flow-forming method and apparatus
Punch assembly for forming a base in a metal beverage can
Method and device for producing leadthroughs on hollow profiles
Process for making a fluid-tight connection between a tube and a plate-shaped part
Roll-forming machine
Method of bending small diameter metal pipe and its apparatus
Bending machine for bending threadlike material such as tubes, rods profiles or metal wire
Flexible vandal-resistant panels
Tool controlling apparatus
Printing press cylinder having metal foam interior and method of making
Tube scraping device
Cutting apparatus for window covering and methods therefor
Tool gauge
Automatically sharpenable saw chain
Method for making an article assembly with a brazed joint and brazed assembly and preform
Method of making a combustion chamber liner
Apparatus for assembling parts
Method for repairing a coated article
Device, in particular a work table for a projector
Coolant passage connecting apparatus for a machine tool
System for cooling and washing a part formed in a metal forming machine
Protective sheath for saw teeth of a handsaw
Fillet rolling support roller
Rasping level
Ratchet wrench having easily assembling structure
Box end wrench
Frost proof sill cock extraction tool
Ratchet screwdriver
Ratchet wrench
Tooling component for camshaft removal and installation
Pressing pincer
Compact installation tool
Apparatus for removing and replacing coil springs and fasteners
Light-weight striking tool
Tool handle for storing bits
Device arranged at the end of a handle
Folding knife with safety for blade
Knife having a warning structure
Fastening strap scissors
Hairdressing scissor assembly
Hair-cutting tool
Safety razor
In-line razor device with twin pivoting heads
Interchangeable blade cordless electric knife
Cutting knife for cutting through adhesive beads on glass panes of vehicles
Roofing tool system and method
Cutting mechanism with floating spring-biased blade
Formwork for prefabricated concrete parts
Non-slip floor covering and process for producing it
Rotary die cutting cover
Non-return valve
Method of manufacturing and handling parts for a packaging container
Apparatus and method for registering articles during a web processing operation
Portable electropressing apparatus
Press having a plunger adjusting system, particularly for massive forming
Repair pressure applicator
Laminator assembly having a pressure roller with a perforated layer and a belt for a laminator
System for folding and tabbing sheets
Laminator assembly having an endless two ply or half-lap belt
Apparatus for clamping plates to external drum devices, based on movable clamps
Print screen frame assembly and method of making
Sheet guide unit for sheet-fed press
Retractable inking/coating apparatus having ferris movement between printing units
Printing apparatus for detecting and controlling an amount of ink solvent impregnated into a blanket
Printing and quilting method and apparatus
Rotary type stencil printing machine
Method of producing a newspaper
See-thru engineering instrument
Manual imprinter for transferring the image of a relief formation to a writing surface
Painting apparatus
Dual chalk line device
Pneumatic tire having generally rounded footprint shape
Pneumatic tire having multiple element bead assembly
Method for allocating tire pressure control devices to wheel positions in a tire pressure control system of a motor vehicle
Vehicle for traveling through hostile environments
Fan control system and method for simultaneous heat transfer application and engine enclosure ventilation
Expansion valve
Filling device for motor vehicle air-conditioning systems
Control valve and method for controlling an air-conditioning system
Ambient humidity compensation method for a vehicle climate control system
Air conditioner with internal heat exchanger and method of making same
Moveable window unit having a noise reduction system
Fuel feeding apparatus
Shifting device for a manual gear transmission
Apparatus and method of purification of exhaust emission of internal combustion engine
Foldable trailerable building
Flexible structural barrier
Fluid actuator for hinged vehicle safety devices
Lock for tractor trailer landing gear
Tire clamp for immobilizing a vehicle
Starting and locking/unlocking device for motor vehicle
Vehicle clutch locking device
Wheel cleaner
Device for connecting a wiper blade to a wiper arm
Hydraulic brake master cylinder with controlled center port valve gap and method of assembly
Hydraulic pressure brake device for vehicles
Liquid reservoir
Brake fluid pressure generating apparatus
Dual operating system for controlling a brake
Powered pushing unit
Machine for transport of passengers and cargo
Front section of a railway car
Suspension system for a railway repair machine
Closed channel structural member having internal reinforcement for vehicle body and frame assembly
Steering gear for motor vehicle
Sliding shoe fairlead with an integrated chain stopper
Mooring and flowline system
LNG load transfer system
High speed hybrid marine vessel
Float switch activation assembly
Boat fender
Swim mask with floating air-suction device
River craft with outboard seat
Pawley sailboat and rigging design
Watercraft ventilation system
Cooling air arrangement for a heat exchanger of an aircraft air conditioning unit
Apparatus for depositing groups of edgewise standing, flat items into containers
Wheel balancer with lateral force variation measurement
Compact disk labeling systems
Disposable and reusable spacer rack, and method of using same
Mailable assemblage with flexible appendages and method of fabrication
Packaging system for mixing and dispensing multicomponent products
Marker setting device and marker
Chain tension monitoring apparatus and method
Sheet receiving apparatus in sheet-fed rotary printing press
Applicator for transferring a transfer tape to a substrate surface
Method for the pneumatic splicing of threads or yarns containing an elastomer and device for performing said splicing
Fuel dispensing system
Treeless and gulletless saddle and method of making the same
Shock absorbing anatomically sculptured saddle seat
Machine for installing flexible covers on seat cushions having sliding stanchion carriage for closely following the contour of the seat cushion
Acceleration sensor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing glass product
Device for dividing laminated glass
Method of making an optical fiber by placing different core tablets into a cladding tube
Rotary drill bit design method
Stable organic biostimulant useful in agricultural, horticulture and microbial processes and methods of producing same
Ring roller for hide splitting process
Method and treatment device for the cooling of highly heated metal components
Process for forming copper containing components providing water effluent with lowered copper concentrations
Method of applying a particle-embedded coating to a substrate
Plasma CVD apparatus and plasma processing method
Ion flow forming method and apparatus
Apparatus and method for regenerating etchant solution containing metal compound
Textiles; Paper
Process for the electrochemical production of a carbon-containing material whose surface is modified with organic groups, and use of the modified material
Method for controlling the profile of a non-woven lap and related production installation
Method and apparatus for blending textile fibers
Top roller unit for a drafting apparatus of a spinning machine
Embroidering sewing machine
Combination closed-circuit washer and drier
Chemical dispensing system
Automatic laundry aid dispenser for washing machine
Variable wet flow resistance drying apparatus, and process of drying a web therewith
Apparatus for covering a metal roll core with a polymeric material, preferably a high performance thermoplastic material
Fixed Constructions
Overfilled, precast skewed arch bridge
Prefabricated concrete wall system
Apparatus for backfilling
Excavator bucket with retractable scarifier
Base edge protection assembly for an implement of a work machine
Device for attaching and detaching a counterweight of construction machine
Actuating arrangement with interlock to prevent unintended actuation when in a non-operating position
Frontal loader
Skewed dipper
Method and apparatus for preventing ice formation in water towers
Top mount plumbing fixture
Plumbing fixture supply assembly
Pressurized plunger apparatus
Cleansing and freshening unit intended for suspension from a rim of a toilet bowl
Reinforced panel arch for soft-covered buildings and the like
Poured concrete wall insulation
Room enclosure comprised or prefabricated elements such as outer walls, partitions and intermediate floors or the like and a method for the assembly thereof
Section fixable to an anchoring base
Method of caps fabricating rigid section bars to be articulated manually
Roof curb installation tool
Support plate made of a foil-like plastic material for a plate-lined floor structure or wall
Template for scribbing electrical box openings for old work
Lap siding hanger
Apparatus and method for placing elevated concrete slabs
Antenna support structure with palm tree skirt
Double-walled underground tornado shelter with connection means on the flanges of upper and lower hemispherical halves
Lock protection
Combination lock
Motorized security locking system
Drive device for locking and unlocking a lock with conditional opening
Security grille locking system
Window stay and window construction equipped with window stay
Releasable vertical lift overhead door
Sliding glass door track engagement and method
Door closer
Flush glazed door
Door rail system
Rubber core spacer with central cord
Fire resistant door edge construction comprising a stile with groove, high density strip in the groove, an intumescent strip seal, covered by an edge lipping
Door gap finger guard
Retractable doorway gate device
Method of diminishing the cross section of an opening of a hollow device located in a flow pipe
Measurement of propagating acoustic waves in compliant pipes
Method and apparatus for controlled small-charge blasting by decoupled explosive
Sealing device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Internal combustion engine with drive shaft propelled by sliding motion
Rotary actuator with cushion mechanism
High efficiency turbine
Exhaust gas turbocharger
Building, or other self-supporting structure, incorporating multi-stage system for energy generation
Decompressor for four-stroke cycle engine
Offset tappet assembly
Switchable support element
Variable performance valve train having three-dimensional cam
Oil filter mounting arrangement for a motorcycle engine
Crankcase bypass system with oil scavenging device
Engine oiling distribution system for purging air and method of use
Control apparatus for direct injection engine
Super diesel apparatus
Three-way solenoid valve for actuating flow control valves in a temperature control system
Piston head
Engine conversions
Fuel injected internal combustion engine with reduced squish factor
Induction device for an internal combustion engine
Rotary piston charger
Air compressor for charging an internal combustion engine
In-tank water control
Support for an accessory of an internal combustion engine and method of making same
VCT controls integrated into front cover of engine
Fuel injection system for outboard motor
Air compressor assembly with bearing pocket
Ramjet engine for power generation
Gas and steam turbine plant
Compensating voltage controller system
System and method for disabling cylinders in an internal combustion engine
Integrated motor and controller for turbochargers, EGR valves and the like
Exhaust gas recirculation device and control method thereof
Control strategy for turbocharged engine having variable valve actuation apparatus
Regulation method for fuel injection system
Method and system for preventing reverse running of internal combustion engine
Method and apparatus for controlling lean operation of an internal combustion engine
Air-fuel ratio control apparatus
Method and apparatus for charging at least one capacitive control element
Control system and method for operating an internal combustion engine
Multi-energy system
Thrust reverser
Constant pressure mechanism of probe
Pressure balancing metering subassembly for use with a modular EGR valve
Fuel weathering method for vehicle evaporative emission system
Method of fuel injector assembly
Fuel supply device
Control mechanism with actuator employing shape memory alloy and method for adjusting servo control of the control mechanism
Ordinary temperature heat engine
Shoe for swash-plate type compressor
Bearing device for swash plate type compressors
Fluidic device
Position detecting device for hydraulic cylinder, and industrial vehicle equipped with the position detecting device
Cable assembly having an interlocking device and an adjustment device
Driving cam of geneva mechanism
Method for creating a gear assembly
Transmission structural unit
Gearshift lever with locking bar
Transmission shift control method
Method and apparatus for determining if brush seals are defective
Flame-retardant pressure equalizing valve
Partial stroke testing system
Hose fitting and die for preparation
Freezer head for pipe freezing devices
Tank filling apparatus and method
Exhaust heat recovery boiler
Waste heat boiler for cooling hot syngas
Gas-fired heaters with burners having a substantially sealed combustion chamber
Dual fuel nozzle
Incineration apparatus and method which suppress generation of dioxins
Combustion chamber for gas turbines
Fire starting apparatus
Combined burner and grate
Flow regulation fitting
Positive pressure heat pump system and method
Motor baffle
Air cooling/heating apparatus
Fluid heater coil configuration and fabrication method
Variable speed drive chiller system
Air conditioner
Electro-adsorption chiller: a miniaturized cooling cycle with applications from microelectronics to conventional air-conditioning
Operation control method for air conditioning system and air conditioning system
Pulse tube refrigerator
Ice-making machine and ice-making method
Air circulation system for a chamber
Process and unit for the production of a fluid enriched in oxygen by cryogenic distillation
Backstrap module configured to receive components and circuitry of a firearm capable of firing non-impact fired ammunition
Digit support
Protective device for deployable fins of artillery projectiles
Linear ignition system
Pulley alignment tool
Method for the pneumatic measurement of lengths
Method of calibrating a scanning system
Method for determining a lateral and/or angular offset between two rotatable parts
Axle measuring device and method
Method for determination of surface texture
Integrated marker and tape measure
Dual-axis static and dynamic force characterization device
Measuring instrument
Piezo-electric stretching detector and method for measuring stretching phenomena using such a detector
Vehicle abnormality diagnosis system
Device and process for installation of encoder receiver transmitter on a gas meter
Device useful for measuring the flow rate of cryogenic liquids flowing through a tube
Vortex flow meter
Inertial flow sensor and method
Ultrasonic flow velocity measuring apparatus
Heating resistor type air flow rate measuring apparatus
Apparatus for determining a physical variable of a liquid or solid medium
Method and apparatus for determining the level of particulate material in a particulate material collection vessel
Liquid level indicator
Method and device for continuous gravimetric assaying
Time-temperature integrating indicator device with barrier material
Snap-fit sensing apparatus
Process for manufacturing a microsystem with a flexible membrane for a pressure sensor
Portable on-board system for measuring vehicle exhaust particulate emissions
Leak detection system
Steering column impact test process and apparatus
Apparatus and process for aerosol size measurement at varying gas flow rates
Apparatus and method for determining porosity
Impaction substrate and methods of use
Heater patterns for planar gas sensors
Method of identifying a gas and associated apparatus
Ferromagnetic particle sensor
Materials breakthrough monitoring sensor system
Process for verifying the effectiveness of drilling fluids in stabilizing oil well walls
Assessment of the condition of fruit and vegetables
Low metalization creep sensor
Method for calibrating sensitivity of acceleration sensor
Apparatus and method for automatically changing the probe head in a four-point probe system
Slide mount
Two out of three voting solenoid arrangement
Combination of an automatic tire inflation system and anti-locking braking system
Automated vehicle parking system for a plurality of remote parking facilities
Three-messages sign having internal light source illumination
Method of personalizing message tags for footwear
Decoration system
Shelf-mount sign system
Method of manufacturing a magnetic head including a read head with read track width defining layer that planarizes the write gap layer of a write head
Head gimbal assembly, test device and slider for use therewith
Scanning probe microscope
Method and apparatus for breaching and venting sealed inner containers within a drum
Track sliding facilitating method and device for a wire stranding machine
Variable resistor
Fuse holder
Device and process for liquid treatment of wafer-shaped articles
Nozzle for rinsing the backside of a semiconductor wafer
Treatment apparatus
Impurity processing apparatus and method for cleaning impurity processing apparatus
Method for joining an integrated circuit
Pressure exchanging compressor-expander and methods of use
Method of manufacturing insulation displacement contact dimple
Method of attaching a plug cap to a spark plug
Method for high voltage powerline repair
Production of multilayer circuit board
High-frequency circuit board and method of producing the same
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