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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Electronic cigarette and method for supplying constant power therein
Hydroponic planting tower with horizontal grow platform
Vertical grow lights with frame mounts
Aquarium vacuum
Kneading device for post-working of a product
Electric roaster and smoker
Ethylene removal agent
Process for the preparation of human milk fat substitutes
Kelp chip manufacturing method
Method of making a tobacco product
Atomization assembly and electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette
Control circuit, electronic cigarette and method for controlling electronic cigarette
Electronic cigarette provided with accumulated E-liquid removal function, and method therefor
Electronic cigarette
Retainable collar stay
Surgical glove tape
Fashion accessory for attachment to pants to prevent holes in shirts
Button for fastening fabrics
Flexible foot-leg-thigh-hip jewelery
Modular military ribbon holder assembly
Cane for self-defense
Hand held appliance
Portable wig and cap drying stand for use with portable hairdryer
Syringe-type cosmetic container
Hair brush with hair product-dispensing handle
Toothbrush head with a portion of bristles disposed in an outward leaning angle
Bedding holder and associated method of installation
Method and apparatus for supporting normal functions of blood circulatory systems over long periods of sitting
Baby handling device
Drinking vessel monitor
Cooling and sterilizing spoon
Artificial evergreen tree
Hot water dispenser adapter device
Method, device and capsule for brewing a beverage
Self-combusting ignition device
Device for securing elongate article
Body drying system
Drip tray
Electronic endoscope device having temperature control
Bone implants for the treatment of infection
Bioresorbable detachable tip design for adhesive-based extravascular closure device
Transdermal delivery assembly
System and method for dynamic vertebral stabilization
Configured and sized cannula
Closure for open-headed medical implant
Integrated cement delivery system for bone augmentation procedures and methods
Intramedullary resection guide and methods
Retinal illumination system
Device for determining a condition of an organ and method of operating the same
Measurement apparatus for physiological parameters
Anchoring guidewire and methods for use
Realtime biofeedback mechanism and data presentation for knee injury rehabilitation monitoring and a soft real time intelligent system thereof
Systems, methods, and devices for removing prospective motion correction from medical imaging scans
Thoracic or intracardiac impedance detection with automatic vector selection
Breath pacing device and method for packing the respiratory activity of a subject
Disposable oximeter device
Protecting mechanism for blood sampling device
Accurate radiographic calibration using multiple images
Heart rate detection method and device using heart sound acquired from auscultation positions
Temperature distribution determining apparatus
Articulating robotic probes
Vibrating toothbrush
Resilient intravaginal device
Braided scaffolds
Sealed distal end prosthesis insertion bag
Intraocular lens
Covered stents with degradable barbs
Preventing human infant occipital plagiocephaly
Wearable toilet seat
Method of brain activation
Systems, methods and apparatus for differential air pressure devices
Baby bottle assembly
In vivo sperm selection for treating male infertility
Fibrin wafer/disc as a biological carrier for sustained delivery of curcumin
Methods and compositions for treating infection
Therapeutic approaches for treating Parkinson's disease
Linear guanidine derivatives, methods of preparation and uses thereof
Therapeutic/ preventive agent containing coumarin derivative as active ingredient
Use of phospho-Akt as a biomarker of drug response
Compositions and methods for treating rebound erythema associated with topical alpha-adrenergic agonists
Combination treatment comprising administration of 2-amino-3,5,5-trifluoro-3,4,5,6-tetrahydropyridines
Methods of treating PR-positive, luminal A breast cancer with PI3K inhibitor, pictilisib
Malodor neutralizing composition
Hairpin mRNA elements and methods for the regulation of protein translation
Inhibition of hypoxia-inducible factor activity with carica papaya extracts
Method of making an Ajwa date-based treatment for snake envenomation
Flibanserin for the treatment of urinary incontinence and related diseases
Acylated glucagon analogues
Fibrinogen preparations enriched in fibrinogen with an extended alpha chain
Synthetic linear apelin mimetics for the treatment of heart failure
Vectors for molecule delivery to CD11b expressing cells
M.tuberculosis vaccines
Low, immune enhancing, dose mtor inhibitors and uses thereof
Periodontal regeneration composition and method of using same
Tolerogenic synthetic nanocarriers for generating CD8+ regulatory T cells
X-ray imaging contrast media with low iodine concentration and X-ray imaging process
Neutralised cationic polymer, composition containing said polymer and a cosmetic treatment method
Dentifrice compositions containing extracts of Nigella sativa and related methods
Ready to use biodegradable and biocompatible artificial skin substitute and a method of preparation thereof
Orally disintegrable tablet
Container for washing sterilization, transportation and sterile storage of articles
Occlusion detection
Dispense interface for an ejection device
Enteral feeding connector and assembly
Gastrointestinal electrical stimulation
RF activated AIMD telemetry transceiver
Implantable cardiac monitor upgradeable to pacemaker or cardiac resynchronization device
System and method for diagnosing and treating cardiac arrhythmia
Abrasive resistant garment
Remote overhead anchor
Multifunctional training and workout harness
Reverse deadlift apparatus
Lift-assist device
Exercising bicycle
Portable Abs exercise device
Monitoring performance and generating feedback with athletic-performance models
Hinged batting tee base
Helmet training aid
Alterable token devices
Suspended cable transportation vehicle and system
Radio controller system and method for remote devices
Connectable element for creating chains and spatial structures
Performing Operations; Transporting
Fuel filter for diesel engine
Additive carrier for spin on filters
Carbon dioxide concentration-controlling device and electronic apparatus
Carbon dioxide recovery apparatus and carbon dioxide recovery method
Acidic-gas separation module
Corrosion resistant abatement system
Limestone supply device and air pollution control system
Purification of carbon dioxide streams
Memrane filtration device having an improved design
Thin film composite forward osmosis membranes with performance enhancing layers
Method and device for producing composition having disperse phase dispersed in continuous phase
Method for using a swing-type mixing device and a mixing device
Core-shell particles with catalytic activity
Catalyst carrier and method for producing the same
Catalyst coating and process for the conversion of oxygenates to olefins
Slot-die coating method and apparatus
Disposable nozzle for an applicator for applying resin to the inside of a pre-creased garment or a piece of fabric
End cap seaming apparatus and method for seaming an end cap
Multiple pressure casting mold and molded product manufacturing method using same
Power saw having a dual stage gear train
Method for manufacturing electronic device
Dust collection system
Machine tool including chip conveyor
Torque-transmitting, locking instrument holder and method for operating the instrument holder
Anti-disengagement structure of a tool head for a fastener
Robotic finger
Corrugated paperboard cutting control apparatus and corrugated paperboard cutting control method
Cutting apparatus
Cutting device
Methods and systems for making a three-dimensional object
Injection molding apparatus for manufacturing hollow objects, in particular plastic preforms, resp. containers and method therefor
Cap manufacture methods and apparatus
Actuator cooling apparatus and method
Container for a pressurized beverage, in particular beer, and method of filling a container with a pressurized beverage
Powder recycling system
Method for making a carbon fiber wheel rim
Screw press
Double-paper-roll printing device
Printer apparatus
Reinforced bias- or radial-carcass tire
Self-inflating pumping mechanism
Vehicle thermal management system and control method for the same
Mounting structure for in-tank oil cooler and radiator
Removable automobile awning
Manual transmission driving assistant
System and method for validating adaptive cruise control operations
In-vehicle instrument operating apparatus
Electric vehicle control device
Truck bucket door with a warning device
Object attaching system
Energy absorbing system for conflicting regulatory requirements for vehicle bumpers
Seatback side and base material for seatback side
Sensor data anomaly detector
Adjustable grip size for curved or straight grip
Seal assembly
Viscous dampers for steering columns of motor vehicles
Suspension arrangements for vehicles
Steering system for three-wheeled vehicle
Bicycle seat cushion lifting and adjusting device
Bicycle bottom bracket
Anti-bird cover for a watercraft
Paired helically indented methods and systems for VIV suppression of drilling riser buoyancy module for fluid submerged cylinders
Apparatus and method for powering a vessel with wind
Pontoon shields
Methods and components for wing-to-fuselage integration
Flight control system and aircraft comprising it
Crash-resistant aircraft and crash-resistant control method
Labelling device, labelling system and method for affixing a label to a product
Dowel and pallet using dowel
Case for tobacco products
Vacuum lid
Container for articles
Pill dispenser
Non-entry tank cleaning
Method and arrangement for feeding fine-grained matter to a concentrate or matte burner of a suspension smelting furnace
Unloading device featuring vacuum suction
Plate support body and conveyance apparatus
Elevator system
Adaptation of a front winch device on a vehicle to raise a load to the rear of a vehicle
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for mass production of phosphoric acid with rotary kiln
Synthesis of SAPO-18 and the catalytic applications thereof
Method of cleaning a compact wastewater concentrator
Dissolved air flotation system
Method for removing dye compounds from an aqueous sample using a functionalized asphaltene
System and method for wastewater treatment
Scale inhibitor, scale-inhibiting device using the same, and scale-inhibiting system
Atmospheric water harvester
Method and apparatus for selectable energy storage partitioned capacitor
Piston for internal combustion engine and method for manufacturing piston
Nitride-based controlled-release fertilizers and process for making same
Catalyst, and method for producing oxidation product
Compounds useful for the treatment of metabolic disorders and synthesis of the same
Dimethylbenzoic acid compounds
Ketene imine compound, polyester film, back sheet for solar cell module, and solar cell module
Ribociclib intermediate and preparation method therefor
Organic compounds and electronic device comprising an organic layer comprising the organic compounds
3-aminocarbazole compound, pharmaceutical composition containing it and preparation method therefor
Potent non-urea inhibitors of soluble epoxide hydrolase
Quinazolinone and isoquinolinone derivative
5-hydroxymethylfurfural production using a multi-fluorinated alcohol compound
Developing potent urate transporter inhibitors: compounds designed for their uricosuric action
Most effective process for base-free preparation of ketone intermediates usable for manufacture of nebivolol
Revaprazan hydrochloride polymorphs and preparation method therefor
Process for the preparation of 3-(3-chloro-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)pyridine
Method for producing fused heterocyclic compound
Method for preparing Palbociclib
Compounds alpha v beta 6 integrin antagonists
Production method of imidazole derivatives
Group 4 metal element-containing compound, method of preparing the same, precursor composition including the same for depositing film, and method of depositing film using the same
Near-infrared quenching group
Plasma-assisted organofunctionalization of silicon tetrahalides or organohalosilanes
Precise delivery of therapeutic agents to cell mitochondria for anti-cancer therapy
Markers for prenatal diagnosis and monitoring
Method for treating a disease originated from receptor activation by EREG and TGF.alpha.
Polynucleotides encoding anti-Notch1 NRR antibody polypeptides
Method of reducing blood glucose by administering RON agonists
Curable composition
Betaine-based shape memory polymer and preparation method thereof
Fluororubber molded article
Rubber composition for tire, and pneumatic tire
Molding material, prepreg, fiber-reinforced composite material, fiber-reinforced composite material laminate, and process for production of fiber-reinforced molding base material
Polymer composition having photoalignable group, liquid crystal alignment film formed of the polymer composition, and optical device having phase difference plate formed of the liquid crystal alignment film
Fire-protection composition and use thereof
Aqueous adhesive composition based on polyaldehyde and 2,2',4,4'-tetrahydroxydiphenyl sulphide
Adhesive formulations for carpets
Transparent adhesive sheet
Method for producing pressure-sensitive adhesive layer-carrying optical film
Compositions, articles, and methods for down-converting light and other applications
Polyurethane-based UV absorber
High-temperature cross-linking deep-well drilling fluid and preparation method thereof
Cement compositions and methods utilizing nano-hydraulic cement
Method for removing thiophene from diesel fuel with a graphene oxide adsorbent
Pulverized coal gasification furnace with multi-level feeding of high speed circulating gasification agent and gasification method
Fuel separation method
Method of producing modified coal, and modified coal
Fast dissolving solid detergent
Copolymers containing siloxane groups as soil-releasing agents
Enzyme-containing washing or cleaning composition comprising calcium nitrate
Systems and methods for anaerobic digestion and collection of products
Phage microarray profiling of the humoral response to disease
Synthetic genes and genetic constructs
RNA interference agent, method for producing same, and use therefor
Constructs containing multiple expression cassettes for cancer therapy
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Methods for control of flux in metabolic pathways through enzyme relocation
Compositions and cell-based methods for monitoring the activity of a Dengue Virus protease
Method of detecting heat-resistant fungus
Compositions and methods for detection and discrimination of influenza viruses
Method for the hydrolysis of pelletizable biomasses using hydrohalic acids
Systems and methods for improved metal recovery using ammonia leaching
Monazite and apatite paragenetic ore enrichment method
Titanium-alloy substrate
Fluxing method to reverse the adverse effects of aluminum impurities in nickel-based glass-forming alloys
Species controlled chemical vapor deposition
Photoelectrochemical cell, system and process for light-driven production of hydrogen and oxygen with a photoelectrochemical cell, and process for producing the photoelectrochemical cell
Method to produce metal matrix nanocomposite
Power supplying member and high-speed plating machine provided with the same
Holding device and high-speed plating machine provided with the same
Textiles; Paper
Method for manufacturing a composite fiber and a non-woven substrate
Polyurethane fiber
Method for the production of lignin-containing precursor fibres and also carbon fibres
Hybrid heat dryer
Electric iron with ultraviolet steam disinfection function
Integrating the production of carboxylated cellulose nanofibrils and cellulose nanocrystals using recyclable organic acids
Method for delignifying and bleaching pulp
Structured block copolymers
Fixed Constructions
Pavement slab
Animal waste removal and disposal tool
Earth anchor and construction method therefor
Lightweight steel construction
Shape-morphing space frame apparatus using linear bistable elements
Termite shield
Structural support beam
Open stair case with center uncut stringer
Modular system
Cables lift system for vertical pre-stressing
Variable shape frame using extendable arm
Double lever latch device
Window vent stop with flexible side engagement pieces
Access control device for persons or device for counting persons designed as a turnstile
Tension device
Tapered spline connection for drill pipe, casing, and tubing
Expansion cone for downhole tool
Plant extracted oil based polyepoxy resin composition for improved performance of natural sand placed in fracture
System and method for detecting vibrations using an opto-analytical device
System for remotely monitoring a tensioner and providing an alarm for anticipated failure and maintenance
System for remotely monitoring a site for anticipated failure and maintenance with a plurality of controls
Method for remotely monitoring a site for anticipated failure and maintenance with a plurality of controls
Rock wall closure detection apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reactive turbine apparatus
Device and method for recovering waste heat energy and a utility vehicle
Waste heat recovery system and method of operating the same
Component of a valve drive of an internal combustion engine
System for controlling valve opening/closing timing
Multi-step sliding cam actuators for internal combustion engine assembly
Exhaust after-treatment device conversion efficiency optimization
Exhaust gas control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Engine system and control apparatus and control method for engine system
Compressor assembly having a diffuser ring with tabs
Boost system including turbo and hybrid drive supercharger
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine
Rotary directional pressure engine
Drive train and wind power plant with a drive train
Power transmission including silica-coated metal particle
Vapor cracking catalyst, preparation method thereof, and combustion method of hydrogen obtained by vapor cracking
Ventilation inlet
Fuel supply control device for internal combustion engine and fuel vapor processing method
Method and system for engine control
Cylinder head gasket
Positive crankcase ventilation gas diversion system
Variable-area poppet nozzle actuator
Pump assembly and a propulsion system
Direct injection fuel pump
System and method for converting energy from water waves
Fastening rotor blades to the hub of wind turbines
Claw pump
Hydraulic ram liquid suction pump apparatus and methods
Variable displacement pump
Hermetic compressor having enlarged suction inlet
Electric blower operable to provide combustion air to a fire
Fan assembly
Contra-flow strips, contra-flow seal segments, and methods for inhibiting leakage
Variable-geometry exhaust turbine
Sheet and rod attachment apparatus and system
Reducer with double-clutch structure
Rotor-integrated separating clutch with two-stage clutch transmission
Two-stage clutch
Clutch actuation device
Position force controlled actuator
Hydrodynamic machine
Impact energy absorber
Ball type continuously variable transmission/infinitely variable transmission
Off-highway continuously variable planetary-based multimode transmission including infinite variable transmission and direct continuously variable transmission
Method for controlling a hydraulic-medium supply system of an automatic transmission
Automatic shift apparatus and method for determining transmission abnormal gear speed
Hydraulic control device for automatic transmission and control method therefor
Control apparatus for vehicle equipped with continuously variable transmission
Driving force transmission system for engine
Integrated pressure relief valve for hydraulic tensioner
Flexibly engaged continuously variable transmission gearbox
Piston ring
Piston ring and its production method
Water and energy saving thermostatic valve
Vent valve and method of use
Fill valve switch
Fluid discharge valve
Corrosion resistant coating for process gas control valve
Electromagnet of an electromagnetically actuated fluid valve
Releasable, threadless conduit connector for liquid manifold
Air tight sealing support clip for attaching fluid-carrying tube to substrate
Hose clamp
Lining hose for renovating fluid-bearing pipe systems
Household appliance with control height adjustment mechanism
Toilet lid light
Electrically conductive FLASKLIGHT
Daylighting system
Integrally formed heat sink and lamp housing for vehicle lamp assembly
Lighting apparatus and automobile including the same
Bubble lamp structure for qusai air bubble flow
Low NO.sub.x gas burners with carryover ignition
Infinitely variable injector for improved SNCR performance
Greywater heat recovery with warm side agitation
Energy-saved smart safety cooling/warming wind apparatus for the four seasons
Methods and systems for desiccant air conditioning
Outdoor unit for air-conditioning apparatus
Device designed to maximize the efficiency and minimize the consumption of both, water and energy, in the utilization of hot water
Pulse width modulation with discharge to suction bypass
Device and method for automatically producing clear ice, and refrigerator featuring such a device
Shelf assembly and refrigeration appliance having the same
System for steam treatment of textiles
Apparatus and method for processing final effluent and palm by-products discharged from palm oil milling process
Tunnel burner including a perforated flame holder
Heat exchanger on a fossil fuel processing assembly
Ambidextrous charging handle
Firearm recoil absorber
Sight assembly for firearms
Measurement method and measurement apparatus
Device and method for exerting a torque on an object
Method for adjusting navigation frame, navigation apparatus and recording medium
Fuel-saving path planning navigation system and fuel-saving path planning method thereof
System and method for multiple aircraft lifting a common payload
Method for estimating the characteristic parameters of a cryogenic tank, in particular the geometric parameters of the tank
Nanowire-based detector
Control unit, in particular for a hybrid vehicle, having an electric drive and an internal combustion engine, and a method for operating a hybrid vehicle
Microcantilever-based gas sensor employing two simultaneous physical sensing modes
Closed-loop feedback-driven neuromodulation
Measurement of the surface potential of a material
Zero thermal expansion, low heat transfer, variable temperature sample assembly for probe microscopy
Phase imbalance monitoring apparatus, amplitude imbalance monitoring apparatus, and apparatus using the same
Multiple excitation capacitance polling for enhanced electronic capacitance tomography
Implementing enhanced pseudo random pattern generators with hierarchical linear feedback shift registers (LFSRs)
Sheet thickness measurement apparatus
Wireless network using signal strength to detect the movement of a mobile device
Process for generating spatially continuous wind profiles from wind profiler measurements
Solar heat collecting apparatus and solar heat collecting method
Promoting green initiatives in hotels
Finding a called party
MES with embedded repeatable segment requirements
Control and optimization system and method for chemical looping processes
Robot system and control method thereof
Automatic guided vehicle sensor system and method of using same
Management computer, computer system including the same, and method for providing allocating plan for it equipment
Grid optimization resource dispatch scheduling
Device and method for monitoring a signal emitter comprising a light-emitting diode in a light-signal system
Signal processing apparatus and control method thereof
Electronic apparatus, clock apparatus, and clock control apparatus
Verifiable date stamp across multiple time zones
Method and system for mitigating impact of malfunction in actual load determination on peak load management
Power management circuit using two configuration signals to control the power modes of two circuit modules using two crosslinked multiplexers and a level shifter
Access point rotation for sharing power load
Firmware assisted error handling scheme
Error identification
Cross-layer system architecture design
Downloading a disk image from a server with a reduced corruption window
Cache coherency protocol in a data processing system
Computing system, method of controlling the same, and system management unit which plan a data migration according to a computation job execution schedule
Incoming bus traffic storage system
Control method for disk array apparatus and disk array apparatus
System and method of managing metadata
Device and method for memory addressing
Data management system and method using nonvolatile and volatile memories and linked lists to sequentially store data records of different category types
Low-power audio decoding and playback using cached images
Data modification based on matching bit patterns
Interleaving data across corresponding storage groups
Systems and methods for power-on user authentication
Transparent input / output switching between synchronously mirrored storage volumes
Processing method for reprioritizing software application tasks
Multicore processor system and multicore processor
Bus system and bridge circuit connecting bus system and connection apparatus
Mechanism for facilitating dynamic multi-mode memory packages in memory systems
Method and system for content driven electronic messaging
Installation of server-stored disk image on client
Social networking system capable of providing location-based notifications
Method and system for directly targeting and blasting messages to automatically identified entities on social media
Notification of waiting voicemail messages between different types of communication networks
System and method for content access control
Bridged distributed device control over multiple transports method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for adaptive network heartbeat message for TCP channel
Methods and systems for managing authentication
System and method to secure communications over a public network
Information system having computer and storage apparatus coupled to network
Wireless networking selection techniques
Group communication sessions between session participants communicating via two or more different contact protocols within a wireless communications system
Retrieving data from a server
Point coordinator delegation in a wireless network
Method and apparatus for managing communication exchanges
Apparatus, system, and method for communicating to a network through a virtual domain
Method and apparatus for autonomous peer discovery and enhancing link reliability for wireless peer direct links
Method of data synchronization
System and method for acceleration of a secure transmission over satellite
Information-provision control method, information reproduction system, information-provision apparatus, information reproduction apparatus and information-presentation control program
Method and apparatus for inter-zone restoration
Providing dynamically shared cloud accounts
Operations and maintenance architecture for multiprotocol distributed system
Automated determination of root cause
Method and system for dynamic task selection suitable for mapping external inputs and internal goals toward actions that solve problems or elicit rewards
System and methodology for the storage and manipulation of documents
System and method for automatically producing haptic events from a digital audio file
Data de-duplication in a dispersed storage network utilizing data characterization
Preventing inappropriate data transfers based on reputation scores
Evaluating recommendations
Method, system and computer program product for automatic generation of Bayesian networks from system reliability models
Information processing apparatus for displaying document information, its processing method, and storage medium
Objects having usage rules that exist outside of the document in which the object is used
Level control system for a vehicle, and method for operating a level control system for a vehicle
Flexible remote data mirroring
4X4 transform for media coding
Robust wrappers for web extraction
Systems and methods for natural language processing including morphological analysis, lemmatizing, spell checking and grammar checking
Systems and methods for managing a complex lexicon comprising multiword expressions and multiword inflection templates
Optimized data stream management system
In-vehicle media playback device
Accessing entities of data access layer
Generating configuration files
Method of analyzing data traffic in a telecommunication network
Product normalization
Replica based load balancing in multitenant databases
Personalizing sponsored search advertising layout using user behavior history
Method and apparatus for obtaining recommendations from trusted sources
Context-based filtering of search results
Hash collision reduction system
Sizing content recommendation system
Recording medium for generation program for connection of printed circuit boards, generation method for connection of printed circuit boards, and generation apparatus for connection of printed circuit boards
Optimization-based simulated annealing for integrated circuit placement
System for reducing leakage power of electronic circuit
MEMS modeling system and method
Automation equipment control system
Shuttle strategy for vehicles with electronically controlled transmissions and engines
Method for calibrating frequency of g.sub.m-C filter and devices using the method
Driving support system
Apparatus and method for robot control
Obstacle following sensor scheme for a mobile robot
Internal combustion engine control device
Traffic congestion resolution and driving assistance system and method
Methods for threshold determination in multiplexed assays
Cryptographic security using fuzzy credentials for device and server communications
Systems and methods for preventing data remanence in memory
Microcontroller configured for external memory decryption
Data transmission system and data communication device
Method and apparatus for switching the main/standby single board
Method and apparatus for generating moving picture clip and/or displaying content file list, and recording medium storing program for executing the method
Delegating a poll operation to another device
Method and apparatus for gesture manipulation across multiple devices
Communications device, electronic apparatus, information processing system, application executing method, and recording medium
DBS feature extension architecture
Image display apparatus and method of controlling the same via progress bars
Elastic canvas visual effects in user interface
Graphical user interface system for allowing management of a media item playlist based on a preference scoring system
Reduced complexity user interface
Three dimensional icon stacks
Switch apparatus storing information indicating access of hosts to virtual storage areas
Systems and method for facilitating the synchronization of data on multiple user computers
System, method and computer program product for partially synchronous and partially asynchronous mounts/unmounts in a media library
Personalized search result ranking
Correlating categories of attributes of contents with classification elements
Query specific fusion for image retrieval
System and methods and user interface for searching documents based on conceptual association
Method and device for security loading a memory and an associated memory
Mediation processing method, mediation apparatus and system
Origin and custody of copies from a stored electronic record verified page by page
Matrix operations in an integrated circuit device
System and method for evaluating nuclear reactor fueling plan
Single instruction for specifying and saving a subset of registers, specifying a pointer to a work-monitoring function to be executed after waking, and entering a low-power mode
Process for installing a computer image and joining a computer to a directory based on a unique identifier associated with an end-user
Memory access consolidation for SIMD processing elements using transaction identifiers
Multimode accessible storage facility
Method and apparatus for incremental analysis of one or more properties of a program
Parallel software testing based on a normalized configuration
Software probe minimization
Model driven deployment of composite applications
Runtime component hosting
System and method for establishing rules for filtering insignificant events for analysis of software program
Use of execution flow shape to allow aggregate data reporting with full context in an application manager
Optimizing symbol manipulation language-based executable applications for distributed execution
Method and device for code obfuscation
Virtual machines for aircraft network data processing systems
Static timing analysis with design-specific on chip variation de-rating factors
Framework for domain-specific run-time environment acceleration using virtualization technology
Power-optimized interrupt delivery
Constraint-conscious optimal scheduling for cloud infrastructures
Program and information processing apparatus determining an execution order of sequentially executing processes on a target information based on possibilities of success of execution
Virtual-machine-based application-service provision of front-end versions of back-end applications
Programmable event-driven yield mechanism
Vehicle motor temperature determination
Analogy based workflow identification
Systems and methods for optimizing microgrid capacity and storage investment under environmental regulations
Condition state monitor and medication manager
Medical value index
System and method for managing and evaluating network commodities purchasing
Systems and methods for facilitating secure transactions
Merchandise and geographic information matching system, associate apparatus and method
Robust optimization of bulk gas distribution
Systems and methods for scoring documents
Apparatus, systems and methods for online, multi-parcel, multi-carrier, multi-service enterprise parcel shipping management
Method and apparatus for deploying high-volume listings in a network trading platform
Method and system for pooling, securitizing, and trading global dividend and interest tax reclaim assets
Communication system and information processing method
Systems and methods for stochastically using electric vehicles as mobile energy storage
Invoiceless trading and settlement method and system
Method for transferring encrypted useful data objects
Dynamic patient positioning system
Smart luggage system
Contextual activation of pharmaceuticals through wearable devices
Percussion instrument
Voice integration platform
Smartphone-based methods and systems
Speech recognition for premature enunciation
Speech recognition system interactive agent
System and method of speech compression using an inter frame parameter correlation
Remote copy system and remote copy control method
Method for suppressing corrosion in plant and plant
Method for compensating a low-frequency disturbance force of a rotor by means of active magnetic bearings, active magnetic bearing having a compensation control circuit for performing the compensation, and use of the magnetic bearing
Tail-biting convolutional decoder and decoding method
Controlling a receiver
Pre-loading data
Passive RF devices that communicate using a wireless network protocol
Communication device, communication history display method, and computer-readable recording medium recorded with communication history display program
Radio base station, radio resource allocation method and radio communication system
Modem signaling using speech components over a voice channel of a wireless communication system
System and method to initiate a mobile data communication utilizing a trigger system
Systems and methods for authenticating and protecting the integrity of data streams and other data
Cross-connected, server-based, IP-connected, point-to-point connectivity
Detecting fraudulent activity by analysis of information requests
Cloud computing method and system
User authentication system and method for encryption and decryption
Method of mutual authentication between a communication interface and a host processor of an NFC chipset
Event triggered pairing of wireless communication devices based on time measurements
Method and apparatus for antenna selection and power control in a multiple input multiple output wireless communication system
Method and apparatus for controlling a skin texture surface on a device
Mobile terminal
Radio terminal apparatus, communication system, and method of controlling radio terminal apparatus
Method and apparatus for pre-caching in a telecommunication system
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
System and method for targeting data processing system(s) with data
Dynamically configurable IP based wireless devices and networks
System and method of transmitting a message to a caller
System and method for sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server
Method and apparatus for controlling information available from content distribution points
Program guide apparatus
Digital broadcast receiver and reception method
Method and system for managing program in word service of video program
Increasing pay-per-use media credit associated with guest room in response to notification message tracking usage of service offered by hospitality establishment
System and method for distribution of picture objects
Flexible interface for secure input of pin code
Correlation of tuned channel information with internet web addresses
System for enabling video-based interactive applications
Cross-platform video display
Cross-platform video display
Method for generating authorization key and method for negotiating authorization in communication system based on frequency overlay
Maintaining an IP connection in a mobile network
Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, information processing device, information processing method, and program
Method and system for providing one or more location-based services using the location-of-interest of an electronic journal
Avoiding excessive signaling during wireless terminal toggling
GSM rescue handover utilizing adaptive multirate half-rate
Telephone messaging privacy
Utilizing one or more search windows to capture both an earliest-received signal and a strongest received signal
Method, device and system for accessing mobile device user information
Method and apparatus for data transmission based on coordinated multiple point transmission
Systems and methods for classifying user equipment and selecting tracking areas
Converged dialog in hybrid mobile applications
Implementing method and system for terminal communications, and implementing method for terminal location update
Telecommunication system for automatically locating by network connection and selectively delivering calls to mobile client devices
Method, system, terminal and network side for triggering terminal response
Fast signaling services for E-UTRAN based wireless systems
Management of preemptable communications resources
Method of transmitting user message, terminal and base station using the method
Method and apparatus for constrained hopping of downlink reference signals
Garment with heating elements
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Hose constraint for planter apparatus
Combination drop and broadcast spreader
Method and apparatus for improving the efficiency of a John Deere vacuum planter
Vibration damping assembly
Sprinkler valve wiring apparatus and method
Compact pedigrees showing heritable traits for many individuals
Collapsible shade for feeder assembly
Scalable fish rearing raceway system
Aquatic farm
Spinning reel
Fishing reel
Cryostorage method and device
Cooking vessel
Heat-dissipation device
Portable universal cart
Crutch support system
Suitcase with foldable chair
Tank carrier apparatus
Cosmetic case
Sling for carrying objects
Balanced pack
Table and mounting combination
Table with integral receiving members
Laundry stand
Door with self-retaining knob
Refrigerator contents viewing system
Shock absorber and mounting system for a drawer slide
Computer enclosure with locking bar
Chair having novel tilt control mechanism
Combined tension and back stop function for seating unit
Connector for adjacent seating units
Foldable bench
Tray system for a seat apparatus
Refrigerating open showcase
Vinyl siding bracket and method of installation
Combination suspension rack
Shelf rail clip and shelf display system
Holder for an electronic device
Mounting apparatus
Storage system
Lockable fishing rod rack
Unitary molded clip for jewelry
Folding photo case
Drinking vessels with removable cooling devices
Device to allow physically limited persons to put on or remove socks
Automatic gloving apparatus
Hanger and size marker and assembly thereof
Rotary spreader beam II
Feature disablement controlled brewer
Bamboo grid for broiler
Safety rail for scaffolding
Silencer for vacuum cleaner
Transducer mounting assembly
Remotely controllable system for positioning on a patient an observation/intervention device
Device for measuring aberration refraction of the eye
Stethoscope with removable light assembly
Electric toothbrush
Baby teeth collector box with pillow toothbox
Suction-fitted mouthguard
Method and device for generating a multi-component compound
Mechanical device with simulated skin substrate
Method for surgically restoring coronary blood vessels
Locking drawer
Support fixture for setting a fractured distal radius
Casket transporting apparatus
Wheelchair and structural elements therefore
Transfer device, transfer device assembly, and accommodating device thereof
Modified crutch with three mode lower leg/foot support
Lyophilization method and apparatus for producing particles
Spacer or actuator for inertial removal of the non-respirable fraction of medicinal aerosols
Housing for an inhaler
Method and apparatus for providing positive airway pressure to a patient
Multi-mode tubing product and method
Motion sickness treatment apparatus and method
Unidirectional valve appliance
Fluid delivery system and method
Syringe pump
Protective mask drinking tube coupling device and method of use
Pet tethering apparatus
Tossing game
Portable bean bag toss game assembly
Skateboard axle assembly
Skate with removable blade
Adjustable frame assembly for skates
Billiard ball rack
Bonus card game method
Video game system auxiliary cover system
Board game
Dispensing system including a coin dispenser and a printer
Method of playing a dice wagering game
Performing Operations; Transporting
Dispensing assembly with dynamic mixer
Combination of air refresher and electronic appliance holding device
Method for generating and circulating a foam in an installation and system for application of this method
Dispensing canister
Apparatus for removing frangible objects from a container
Acoustic control of the composition and/or volume of fluid in a reservoir
Multiple pipette and method of using the same
Dynamic tramp iron relief system
Refining segment and a refining apparatus comprising a refining disc with such refining segment
Orifice body with mixing chamber for abrasive water jet cutting
Assembly for packaging and dispensing a product, especially in the form of a sample
Gripping device for flexible bag dispenser
Aerosol dispensing device
Wobbling sprinkler head
Adjustable needle foot for dispensing system
Method for cleaning plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition chamber using very high frequency energy
Drilling head
Slurry tank autocleaner
Method of forming a trailer receiver tube using hollow forward extrusion
Method and apparatus for forming container bodies
Method and apparatus for forming a threaded hole in a hydroformed part
Swaging technology
Tube flaring machine
Curved building panel with stress-reducing apertures
Apparatus and method for roll forming shaped members
Tube-bending device
Metal plate rocker arm and method of manufacturing the metal plate rocker arm
Method and apparatus for cold forging a trailer hitch receiving housing
Method for casting objects with an improved riser arrangement
Continuous casting ingot mould
Method and apparatus for centrifugal casting of metal
Reduction casting method
Method and apparatus for low pressure aluminum foam casting
Submerged entry nozzle and method for maintaining a quiet casting mold
Laser-based jaw setting device
Quick change endform tool cartridge
Gear reducing collet nut assembly
Roller shade cutting machine
Roofing saw with locking mechanism and removable bearing support
Circular saw blade
Method for making a heat exchanger with soldered plates and resulting heat exchanger
Bonding method and bonding apparatus
System for and method of manufacturing gravure printing plates
Device for ultrasonic weld seam testing of longitudinally welded pipes for longitudinal and transversal errors
Controlling mechanism of pneumatic tool
Device for supporting ductwork during installation
Power tool work table
Tool revolver
Construction board
Pneumatic device with cushioning mechanism
Pneumatic processing machine having automatic stop at the end of a machining cycle
Wood plug trimmer guide
Traveling car
Method for producing a high pressure fuel reservoir
Diamond circular saw blade
Adjustable spanner having a torque detection function
Drive for automated assembly
Portable pipe tong and method of use
Adjustable socket
Connecting shaft device for screws
Swing clamp
Suspension device for a tool handle
Locking clamp
Palm operated nail ejector
Nailer having positioning effect
Double-headed tent stake driver and puller
Pneumatic tool
Apparatus and method for using a lightweight portable air/gas power supply
Cutting apparatus
Device for patterning an optical element
Method for producing airbags
Slicing-machine drive
Brittle material breaking apparatus
Gaming device and method
Portable handheld article dispenser having an ergonomic snug grip body
Blade angle adjustment device for a stone cutter
Method for sawing wafers employing multiple indexing techniques for multiple die dimensions and dicing apparatus
Tile positioning device for a tile cutting machine
Device for regulating the flow rate and/or the pressure of a fluid
Method and apparatus for production of a cast component
Punch press
Transverse direction zipper applicator and method
Post singulation die separation apparatus and method for bulk feeding operation
Devices and methods for manufacturing packaging materials
Rotary head pad printer
Heated media deflector
Phase change ink imaging component with Q-resin layer
Imaging using a coagulable ink on an intermediate member
On-demand inkjet printer and drive method and drive circuit for same
Inkjet printhead assembly having very high drop rate generation
Printing apparatus and method
Flushing position controller incorporated in ink-jet recording apparatus and flushing method used for the same
Image recording apparatus and method for recording an image on a recording medium
Print characters selector of printing endless band in printer and printer of printing endless bands
Combined ablation and exposure system and method
System and method for forming a pattern on plain or holographic metallized film and hot stamp foil
Desktop bible carrying case
Multi-compartment storage device
Pen integrated with a card reader
Wrist support device
Hydraulic wheel system
Adhesive patterns for vehicle wheel assemblies
Extensional hubcap docking structure
Tire with rubber sidewall containing trans polybutadiene and brominated copolymer
Tire wheel assembly
Tire reinforcing arrangement
Tire condition monitoring apparatus
Tire monitoring system
Tire air pressure monitoring device and pneumatic tire having the tire air pressure monitoring device
Tire bead breaking tool
Hitch tongue integrated safety fastener for ball and socket hitch
Trailer coupling for a work vehicle
Trailer hitch coupling kit
Trailer frame
Integrated motor
Method for determining the pressure present in the interior space of an air spring for a motor vehicle and apparatus for carrying out the method
Automotive camber adjust mechanism
Arrangement of cooling apparatus
Heat exchanger of an auxiliary heater
Vehicle air conditioner
Undermount transport temperature control unit
Aerodynamic guiding arrangements for vehicles
Door sealing assembly
Attachment structure of weather strip for motor vehicle
Vehicle sliding door with extended travel
Releasable header for vehicle soft tops
Garment for occupants of personal recreation vehicles
Covering for a clamp of a folding top
Fuel routing apparatus for a vehicular fuel tank, and fuel tank incorporating same
Attaching structure for valve device
Flapper type fill tube check valve
Hydraulic four-wheel driving apparatus
Transfer case with multi-gear transfer mechanism
Differential limiting control apparatus for vehicle
Method for regulating the speed of a motor vehicle
Instrument-panel mounting system
Exhaust gas driven generation of electric power and altitude compensation in vehicles including hybrid electric vehicles
Control apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Control system for hybrid vehicle
Capacity indicating device and method thereof
Adjustable frame with seat for a truck bed
Vehicle child seat attachment structure
Safety seat for children
Vehicle seat having a fold and tumble support assembly
Articulated base with guide track for fold-in-floor vehicle seat
Console box
Seat structure
Compact container holder
Hopper closure assembly and method of using same
Truck tent
Vehicle slide out assembly actuating mechanism and method of operation
Overhead airbag having an external side cushion panel
Vehicular door trim having a molded-in substrate fastener
Shock absorbing device
Bumper having a hollow section and mounting brackets attached to it
Modular grill
Front assembly for heavy goods vehicles
Hall effect sensor assembly
Satellite sensor housing
Measurement device and seating arrangement
Occupant restraint system including side airbag with vent hole
Apparatus and method for controlling an inflatable cushion
Air bag restraint including selectively operable venting elements
Air bag system in scooter type vehicle
Air bag assembly with door support
Passenger air bag module with cover coupling mechanism
Gas generator and restraint system for a vehicle
Buckle tensioner
Steering lock apparatus
Disposable car fast food box
Quick release assembly for securing a tool box to a pickup bed
Gimbaled pad support
Reaction device for brake booster
Integrated train electrical and pneumatic brakes
Method for establishing the relationship between actuator position and actuator tensioning force
Road surface friction coefficient estimating method, signal multiplex transmission method and signal multiplex transmission device
Support structure and method for supporting a hydraulic unit of a brake system on a vehicle body, and hydraulic unit arrangement for a vehicle brake system
Automotive braking method and devices for carrying out said method
Conveyance system
Drive unit for a motor vehicle with curved teeth coupling
Window assembly with release mechanism
Train maintenance automating system
Convertible ski-supported vehicle
Convertible toy wagon
Stroller assembly and stroller accessory
Energy absorbing system for a vehicle steering column
Steered vehicle
Vehicle body frame structure
Structural reinforcement member and method of use therefor
Trailer cover
Retractable auxiliary tailgate
Truck tailgate aileron
Electric steering system with mechanical back-up device
Hydraulic fluid control device for a hydraulic power-assisted steering system
Articulated pendulum steering system
Detachable gooseneck trailer hitch
Elastic-bodied crawler
Vehicle framing system for plurality of vehicle body styles
Bottle holder for cycles or objects
Apparatus for harnessing wind to drive a bicycle
Layout structure of the fuel pump of a motorcycle
Bicycle frame with rear passive suspension
Human-powered, ride-on vehicle
Rear axle for motorcycles having a transmission cardan shaft
Apparatus for controlling first and second bicycle transmissions
Multi-hull surface vessel with drag reduction on lateral hulls
Sailboat with offset boom
Gunwale clamp, attachments, and support structures
Dock swivel step
Control system for positioning of marine seismic streamers
Boat boarding device
Boat stairs bracket
Boat bow access ladder for trailer
System for transferring oil from an offshore platform to a tanker
Mooring arrangement
Vortex-assisted pressure control at inlet of underwater launch system
Rear grip apparatus for a personal watercraft
Save a ski
Buckle for kites and the like
Manual hydrofoil and spar truss assembly for wind powered watercraft
Mooring pad for watercraft
Second stage swivel regulator
Maneuvering of submerged waterjet propelled sea craft
Cycloidal VTOL UAV
Apparatus for aerial rearmament of aircraft
Modular overhead privacy system
Device for closing parachute packs
Self-locating fastening assembly and method for integrating a monument within an aircraft
Reusable launch system
Sandbag filling system
Method for offloading and storage of liquefied compressed natural gas
Automated ice bagging apparatus and methods
Strapping machine automatically adjusting the strap tension
Reclosable package and methods for block cheese and other products that do not slide well
Packaging system
Helium balloon kit
Method and apparatus for carbonating bottled liquid with minimum oxygen entrainment
Packaging machine and method
Label-pasting method, label-pasting device, material sheet of labels, and label
Apparatus and method for transferring a label portion from a label assembly onto an object
Stackable plastic container
Oval-shaped tube closure
Container closure system having a cap removable with less than a 45 degree twist
Cup-shaped receptacle and lid
Non-refillable valve device
Dispensing cap for liquid container
Toggle-action dispensing closure, package and method of making
Collapsible bulk material container
Box convertible to a display container and method of making same
Beverage cup lid with a condiment addition well
Tamper evident vial cap and integrity assurance method
Paint brush cover
Nozzle of fluid container and fluid container having the nozzle
Hollow plastic bottle including vacuum panels
Pizza delivery box
Multi-pack packaging sleeve
Disc storage box storing two discs
Fuel oil tank with evacuation channel
Modular conveying assembly with stub mounted in-line rollers
Self-cleaning oscillating conveyor for deburring, dedusting and the onward transport of small parts
Lubrication device
Tape reel flange having an effective zero taper
Transport device for sheet or web material
Friction sheet feeding machine with reversible driven retard roller
Multipurpose cable handling trailer system
Sheet conveying device, image forming apparatus and method for conveying sheet
Hose reel
Pilot device
Method for lifting and transporting a heavy load using a fly-jib
Active-over-passive coordinated motion winch
Drop tube assembly
Microstructure with movable mass
Surface-micromachined absolute pressure sensor and a method for manufacturing thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method for water pasteurization and power generation
Textiles; Paper
Thread-supplying device for textile machines
Latch needle
Variable pattern making jig for a quilting machine
Quilting table for a sewing machine
Thread tension adjustment device of multi-needle sewing machine
Anchoring and design placement device for home embroidery machines
Frame movement command devices for embroidery machine
Washing machine with a drain pump
Drainage control device for washing machines
System for feeding combustion air in a soda recovery boiler
Fixed Constructions
Cable guardrail release system
Canine waste receptacle
Ice maker and a method of making ice
Automated article covering method and apparatus
Rail installation and adapter therefor
Roof scaffold support
Intermediate scaffold member join
Tool for releasing a locking cylinder
Locking device for a meter socket
Lock for a sliding door or gate
Motor vehicle doorlock with combined central locking and opening actuator
Drawer interlocking mechanism
Cable lock structure
Theft prevention device for information-stored disk
Cross connecting stop apparatus and method
Door latch
Vertically retractable door system for a stamping press
Support arm assembly for a safe lid
Vertically and horizontally swinging gate
Roman style shade
Insulated glass window blind
Cordless venetian blind structure
System and method for developing and recycling drilling fluids
Ground drilling machine
Well plug additive, well plug treatment fluid made therefrom, and method of plugging a well
Method for selectively treating two producing intervals in a single trip
Method for making a well for removing fluid from a desired subterranean formation
In situ thermal processing of a hydrocarbon containing formation via backproducing through a heater well
Apparatus and method for treating an interval of a wellbore
Run in cover for downhole expandable screen
Profiled encapsulation for use with instrumented expandable tubular completions
Riser pipe gas separator for well pump
Pressure sensor insert for a downhole tool
Rotary contact structures and cutting elements
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Planetary piston rotary engine
Device for a non-hermetic seal
Sealing system for gas turbine
Variable turbine cooling flow system
Variable geometry turbine
Anti-score plates
Steam engine
Valve timing adjusting apparatus
Apparatus and method for maintaining controlled orientation of a roller lifter follower used in conjunction with a variable phased lifter
Cylinder valve operating system for internal combustion engine
Variable CAM timing (VCT) system having modifications to increase CAM torsionals for engines having limited inherent torsionals
Method and apparatus for actuating a cam phaser
Fail-safe control apparatus for internal combustion engine equipped with variable valve characteristic mechanism and method thereof
Electromagnetic brake cooling structure of phase variable device in car engine
Windage tray with improved captured nut
Device for noise structuring in a motor vehicle
Exhaust gas purifying system
Air fuel ratio control apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Radiator cap with pressure valve
Coolant pump cavitation suppressor
Compression ignition type internal combustion engine
Two-stroke engine
Wing structure of air swirling device for internal combustion engine
Internal EGR cooler
Scavenging system for intermittent linear motor
Engine's cylinder having a layer coated with nano-gold and nano-titanium to the inner wall thereof
Two cycle engine having minimal lubrication
Microgenerator of electrical energy
Multi-spool turbogenerator system and control method
Rotating pulse detonation system for a gas turbine engine
Rotor inlet temperature control for turbo machine
Throttle valve opening and closing device
Starting method of an LPI engine in partial cool-down state
Engine control system for internal combustion engines
System and method for improving VCT closed-loop response at low cam torque frequency
Internal combustion engine controller
Method for reacting to knock event in an internal combustion engine
Combustion control device and method for engine
Control device of internal combustion engine
Evaporative emission control system and method
Engine control device
Engine controller for a vehicle including an automatic centrifugal clutch
Fuel injection system of internal combustion engine
Gasket embedding an ion sensor
Ancillary unit drive adapter
Cylinder block for an internal combustion engine
Carburetor arrangement for an internal combustion engine
Diagnostic apparatus and method for an evaporative control system including an integrated pressure management apparatus
Liquid depth sensing system with liquid identification capability
Fuel injection valve
Pressure-controlled double-acting high-pressure injector
Electromagnetic fuel injector for an internal combustion engine with a monolithic tubular member
Fuel injection valve
Air/fuel ratio control system for gaseous fueled engines
Starter having pinion-rotation-restricting member for use in automotive vehicle
Starter having small diameter front housing for installation from transmission side
Internal combustion engine ignition apparatus
Capacitor discharge ignition
Valve apparatus for hermetic compressor
Method for determining the current filling level of a liquid in a container
Device for circulating sealing gas for mechanical dry seals of a centrifugal compressor at times when the machine is stationary and pressurized
Multistage compression type rotary compressor and cooling device
Linear actuator
Rapid-actuated suction cup device
Low chamfer angled torque tube end fitting metal
Wet multiplate clutch
Power transmission device for a four-wheel drive vehicle
Protective covers
Flow sharing priority circuit for open circuit systems with several actuators per pump
One-way clutch
Disk brake lining with protective lip
Brake assembly and a method for braking a vehicle or another selectively movable assembly
Hydraulic antivibration support
Leadscrew mechanical drive with differential leadscrew follower structure
Seal for ball screw and ball screw utilizing same
Power transmission device
Locking device with transmission gears
Torque converter
Train housing for pseudo-planetary kinematic transmission
Automatic shift knob actuator
Gate change unit for an automatic gearbox
Bellows seal
Valve seal assembly
Packing case for cooling compressors and other machinery
Mechanical sealing device
Windback labyrinth seal that accommodates a pressure differential for rotating shafts
Method for installing a protective gaiter around a joint
Valve body of an on-off valve and a method for manufacturing the same
Multiple port valve
Scavenger valve assembly
Solenoid-operated valve
Field configurable shut-off valve
Gate valve apparatus
Balanced-plug cage style control valve and bonnet seal assembly
Solenoid valve assembly for controlling gas supply
Linear valve actuator
Low power DC solenoid valve
Ferromagnetic/fluid valve actuator
Flow control device
Flow control valves
Antifreezing guard for pipes
Manual opening apparatus for a normally-closed valve
Sealing arrangement
Swivel fitting
Clamp cover
Connector with fluid line installation indicator
Quick-release fitting assembly
Sound jacket for noise reduction in refrigeration apparatus
Fiber reinforced composite liner for lining an existing conduit and method of manufacture
Reactor water isolation devices
Sleeves for use in systems for supporting platform-like objects on casters and posts
Camera support and control device
Apparatus and method for determining a liquid level in a steam drum
Methods and apparatus for washing gas turbine engine combustors
Mobile furnace and method of facilitating removal of material from workpieces
Refuse burning container
System and method of processing solid waste
Combustor containing fuel nozzle
Gas turbine combustor having staged burners with dissimilar mixing passage geometries
Combustor system for an expendable gas turbine engine
Attachment system for coupling combustor liners to a carrier of a turbine combustor
Fire surround
Radiant energy source systems, devices, and methods capturing, controlling, or recycling gas flows
Air conditioning system
Arrangement of burner and heat exchanger, and air-heating apparatus
Solar central receiver with inboard headers
Boosted air source heat pump
Closed loop direct expansion heating and cooling system with auxiliary refrigerant pump
Method and arrangement for defrosting a vapor compression system
Apparatus and method for utilizing recirculated heat to cause refrigeration
Apparatus for the return of lubricant for a refrigeration machine
Ejector decompression device
Portable monoblock air conditioner
Cooling system with isolation valve
Operation control device for cooling apparatus
Time division multi-cycle type cooling apparatus and method for controlling the same
Stirling refrigerator
Dual function condensate drain trap for negative or positive pressure air handling unit
Multi-functional beverage storage rack for a refrigerator
Refrigerated vending machine exploiting expanded temperature variance during power-conservation mode
Cooling vest system
Cryogenic process for increased recovery of hydrogen
Insulated sub-surface liquid line direct expansion heat exchange unit with liquid trap
Two stage indirect evaporative cooling system
Heat exchanger
Stirling engine having platelet heat exchanging elements
Core structure of heat exchanger
Rebound attenuation device for automatic firearms
Method for manufacturing ribbed archery bow limb portions and the ribbed archery bow limb portions produced thereby
Bow press
Protective device for a field apparatus
System and method for a flameless tracer / marker for ammunition housing multiple projectiles utilizing chemlucent chemicals
Tandem warhead
System for sensing a sample
Tuning fork vibration gyro
Permanent magnet flowmeter with noncircular sensing passage
Doppler ultrasonic flowmeter
Measuring head for an ultrasonic flowmeter
Apparatus and method for pressure fluctuation insensitive mass flow control
Large volume fire service water meter
Device for measuring the amplitude of the tip of an oscillating capillary
Method and apparatus for determining coolant temperature rationally in a motor vehicle
Magnetostrictive strain sensor with hall effect
Pressure transmitter
Apparatus and method for determining pressure and vacuum
Device for in-line measurement of properties of fluid flows in pipeline systems
Pressure sensing apparatus
Combustion condition detection apparatus for an internal combustion engine
Sensor top hat cover apparatus and method
Measuring pressure exerted by a rigid surface
Pressure sensor having diaphragm
Dynamic calibrator
Method for testing the function of an electrohydraulically controlled automatic transmission
Wide range dynamic rheometer
Viscometer sag test shoe
System and processes for particulate analysis
Chemical agent detector
Filler detection method and filler detection device
Panel bending and testing device
Method and apparatus for fatigue testing
Apparatus for measuring the weight of small items
Device and method for determining the rotary orientation of a motor through use of a resolver signal derived from the rotary orientation
Acquisition method and device for seismic exploration of a geologic formation by permanent receivers set on the sea bottom
Formation testing while drilling data compression
Reflective type light valve projection device
Stereoscopic image display apparatus and stereoscopic image display system
Vibration reduction in electro-optical readers
Invisible multifocal lens
Progressive-power lens
Dual complementary two-color optics which enables a user to see true neutral color, with improved shading design and shadow detail
Eyeglasses having magnetically coupled primary lens frame and auxiliary frame
Pressure reducer
Foot or hand operated control
Control apparatus for an agricultural machine
Pass-code identification device and pass-code identification method
Method and apparatus for coupon management and redemption
Optical scan module, optical scanner, optical scan method, image generator and image reader
Dual mode credit card based payment technique
Micro bar code and recognition system and method thereof
Method and apparatus to prevent reporting multiple reads of optical coded items
Vehicle heating and cooling system
Avoiding bill being extracted apparatus
Apparatus for providing multi-spectral light for an image projection system
Water supply system for a fuel cell
Satellite antenna holder
Frame kit to accommodate multiple host processing system connector interfaces
Drogue having biased end opening
Configurable valve-electrical box for underground conduit system to distribute water to landscaping
Module to control a rotating output shaft and a module to change a driving condition of a vehicle
Image processing system, projector, program, information storage medium and image processing method
Image processing system, projector, program, information storage medium and image processing method
Outdoor cabinet for electrical components
Protective acoustic cover assembly
Extension cabinet for electrical systems and method
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