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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Methods and means for the manufacturing of hyaluronan
Beverage capsule with an opening system
Thermosetting furan resin composition and furan resin laminated body using the same
Method and system for guided shielding of a patient volume from ultrasound energy
Method of drying bioabsorbable coating over stents
Simplified spine testing device
Protective vaccine based on Staphylococcus aureus SA2493 protein
Figure trimmer
Performing Operations; Transporting
Distillation method and structured packing
Analysis of molecular contamination in vacuum environments
Process for hydrodesulphuration of gasoline cuts using a catalyst based on heteropolyanions trapped in a mesostructured silica support
Catalyst and method of manufacture
Container having gas scrubber insert for automated clinical analyzer
Method of breaking down biological material
Check valve for spray nozzle and nozzle tube
Coating composition and coating film forming method
Methods for preparing multilayer composites using calendered films and products produced from same
Method for the microdeformation of the front face of a thin part by modifying the rear face or the periphery of the part
Microwave applicator
Hydromechanical drawing process and machine
Forming tool with punch
Riveting device and riveting method
Cooling of chill molds using baffles
Method of manufacturing a hydrogen storage device
Methods of manufacturing sheet film forming rolls
Welding and cutting laser displacement compensation system
Polishing pad conditioning system including suction
Methods to repair worn or eroded PDC cutters, cutters so repaired, and use of repaired PDC cutters in drill bits or other tools
Abrasive article and method of forming
Autonomous mobile robot confinement system
Table insert for circular saw
Extrusion-molding device and method for producing molded body using same
Wire harness, wire harness manufacturing method and wire harness manufacturing apparatus
Method for processing thermoplastic films, thermoforming system, film supply station, film strip, use, and laminated part
Method for forming a structural component of an aircraft or spacecraft, and forming device
Composite fuel tank support
In-line gift card personalization and packaging process
Hotmelt adhesives having an extended open time
Liquid-ejection head and image forming apparatus
Intaglio printing ink
Marking compound
Printable coating
Plastic film for printing by dye diffusion thermal transfer printing
Laser erasing apparatus and laser erasing method
Method and device for exchanging an adhesive application roller
Method for etching organic film
Hub unit
Charging apparatus and electric vehicle including the same
Seat lock apparatus
Accessory system of a vehicle
Vehicle interior trim panel
Vehicle carrier system
Module and method pertaining to mode choice when determining reference values
Holding arrangement for an entry area of a rail vehicle and method for assembling the holding arrangement
Deflector with frame rail follower and guide on deflector end
Sorb energy management crossmember
Stowable floor assembly for package delivery vehicles
Mooring cleat with open design for non-threaded entry
Polar vessel having a derrick
Device for transferring stacks of blister packs
Easy open closure with improved pressure performance
Package, method for manufacturing package and packaged food product
Clog-resistant closures for adhesive containers
Dispenser with variable-volume storage chamber, one-way valve, and manually-depressible actuator
Accumulation pallet conveyor, for recirculating a plurality of pallets in an endless horizontal carousel, and method for controlling this conveyor
Gripper, a conveying installation and a method for the operation of such a conveying installation
Image forming apparatus configured to modify a bookbinding operation based on a maximum number of bindable sheets, image forming method, computer program product, and storage medium having recorded the computer program product configured to perform same
Sheet conveying device, image forming apparatus, sheet thickness detection system
Enhanced computer rack having an integrated lift rail and/or tool design
Heavy lifting apparatus and method
Method of assembling a crane and coupling section, telescopic boom and crane
Battery powered forklift
Valve for liquids
Re-sealable container
Mixing device for a discharge unit
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing tetrafluoroborate
Method and arrangement for creating bevels on the edges of flat glass
Process for producing amine compounds
Method and systems for processing lignin during hydrothermal digestion of cellulosic biomass solids while producing a monohydric alcohol feed
Process for the synthesis of tetrafluoroethanesulfonic acid
Method for synthesising biobased unsaturated acids
Oxidisable pyridine derivatives, their preparation and use as anti-alzheimer agents
Difluoromethyl-nicotinic-tetrahydronaphthyl carboxamides as fungicides
Preparation of bendamustine and its salts
Bis-(triazinylamino)-stilbene derivatives
Fluoro monomers, oligomers, and polymers for inks and organic electronic devices
Process and intermediates for the production of furan-2,5-dicarboxylic acid or derivatives thereof
Molecular layer deposition using reduction process
Non-enzymatic synthesis of O-acetyl-ADP-ribose and analogues thereof
Gene overexpressed in cancer
Polymer composition with saliva labile aversive agent
Production method for vinyl ether polymer
Photocromic composition
Branched polyamide with different blocks
Highly dielectric elastomer molded body and electronic component material for high frequency use
Nanoparticle phosphor and method for manufacturing the same, semiconductor nanoparticle phosphor and light emitting element containing semiconductor nanoparticle phosphor, wavelength converter and light emitting device
Compositions and methods for completing subterranean wells
Methods, strains, and compositions useful for microbially enhanced oil recovery: Arcobacter clade 1
Method of making protease that decomposes proteins recalcitrant to proteolysis with Streptomyces
Method for culture of corneal endothelial cells, process for production of corneal endothelial cell sheet for transplantation purposes, and culture kit for corneal endothelial cells
Methods for digestion of cellulosic biomass solids in the presence of a phenolic solvent generated in situ from lignin
Method for detecting and quantifying rare mutations/polymorphisms
Methods for detecting target analytes and enzymatic reactions
Fast results hybrid capture assay and associated strategically truncated probes
Compositions comprising at least one compound containing a carbamoyl sulfonate group and use of the same as tanning agents
Method for treating waste gases from plants for pig iron production
Electric arc furnace dust recycling apparatus and method
Demagnetization of magnetic media by C doping for HDD patterned media application
Thin film forming method
Manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus of a group III nitride crystal, utilizing a melt containing a group III metal, an alkali metal, and nitrogen
Textiles; Paper
Canvas with a textured appearance
Fixed Constructions
Shovel, and method for controlling shovel
Modular construction system, construction element, coupling element, end element and tool for use in such a construction system
Manufacture and method for forming structures and the structures resulting therefrom
Fluorinated polyurethane composition
Hinge device and housing
Prehung fire door unit with one or two swing door leaf or leaves
Core sampling apparatus and container transfer apparatus
Multi chip modules for downhole equipment
Apparatus and method for anchor bolt grouting
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Waste heat power generator
Camshaft phaser
Axial-piston engine with a compressor stage, and with an engine-oil circuit and a pressure-oil circuit as well as method for operation of such an axial-piston engine
Urea solution after-treatment system, and method and controller for warning of urea solution state using touch
Exhaust gas turbocharger housing
Vehicle control device
Fuel tank pressure relief valve cleaning
Fuel supply apparatus for GDI engine having reduced pressure pulsation
Laser-induced spark ignition for an internal combustion engine
Oil injection device for variable-speed scroll refrigeration compressor
Blade of a turbomachine
Duplex bearing device
Transmission hydraulic retarder control system and method of operating
Transmission hydraulic retarder control system and method of operating
Elevator brake device including permanent magnet bias to apply a braking force
Method for terminating a rope
Transfer case sprocket idler gear actuation
Differential device
Inverted tooth chain and sprocket drive system with reduced meshing impact
Ramped filter vessel
Reeling apparatus for coiling tubes
Pressure reducing valve
Systems and apparatus for inhibiting a compressed pipe liner from retreating into a host pipe
Release tool for quick connector
Bracket for supporting electronic device
LED street light
LED lamp
Luminous flux control member, light emission device, and illumination device
Cooling device for a super conductor and super conducting synchronous machine
Heat medium heating device and vehicle air conditioner including the same
Heat dissipation device and semiconductor device
Handheld anti-riot device
Handheld cellular apparatus for volume estimation
Control system
Free-space optically accessed acoustically modulated retro-reflector arrays
Lamp systems and methods for generating ultraviolet light
Device and method for measuring temperature of heat-treated workpiece
Sensitive material for bolometric detection
Human body detecting system
Temperature and pressure monitoring system of sealed derrick structure
Power assembly test stand system and method
Device for detecting solids
Chromophores for the detection of volatile organic compounds
Sample-holding carrier and fluorescence detection device using same
Method for measuring reaction rate of reactive mesogen
Calibration system and method of using mid-IR laser measure and monitor exhaust pollutant
Heterojunction nanopore for sequencing
Heterojunction nanopore for sequencing
Electrophoresis gel cassette and a method of filling an electrophoresis gel cassette
Method of water treatment
Nanocomposite oil sensors for downhole hydrocarbon detection
Methods and compositions for the treatment of .beta.-thalassemia
Apparatus for data signal transmission through power connection
Cancellation of secondary reverse reflections in a very-fast transmission line pulse system
Mechanical wear, wipe and stroke measurement system for circuit breakers
Method of dynamically compensating for magnetic field heterogeneity in magnetic resonance imaging
Systems and methods to test and/or recover magnetic sensors with ESD or other damage
Geiger-Muller counter tube and radiation measurement apparatus
Systems and methods for electromagnetic detection of a formation anomaly from a near bit location while drilling
Feedthrough assembly for well-logging tool
System comprising a plurality of object detection modules
Method of manufacturing a support plate
Self-forming diffraction gratings
Methods and systems for distributing fiber optic telecommunications services to local area
Device for non-linear signal conversion by four-wave mixing
Optical coupling element and optical-electrical converting module having same
Device for an optical-fiber connection
Fiber optic cable systems and methods to prevent hydrogen ingress
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device comprising a warm-up configuration and a normal configuration, motorcycle including same, and method of using same
Sheet-stapling apparatus that staples center-fold sheets by staple, and image-forming system using the same
Toner-density calculating method, reflective optical sensor, reflective optical sensor device, and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and image forming method
Image forming apparatus
Process cartridge
Illumination arrangement for a timepiece
Method for remotely managing an environmental control and monitoring device
Numerical control apparatus and production system
Travel-restricted area setting system for unmanned traveling vehicle and computer program for setting travel-restricted area of unmanned traveling vehicle
Odor generator
Portable apparatus and determination method
Data processing apparatus and power saving control method when transiting to a power saving state
Detachable displays
Supporting structure and portable electronic device employing same
Data center in a rack
Restricting clock signal delivery based on activity in a processor
Methods for improved DMX512 communication while maintaining backwards compatibility
System and method for accessing a data object stored in a distributed storage network
Testing tools for devices
Predictive alert threshold determination tool
Adopting an existing automation script to a new framework
Decompression apparatus and decompression method
Dynamic memory page policy
Modification of prefetch depth based on high latency event
Adaptive hierarchical cache policy in a microprocessor
Secure reservation mode for logical unit numbers and persistent reservations
Reducing interference through controlled data access
Universal network interface device
Method and apparatus for latency reduction
Shared receive queue allocation for network on a chip communication
Method to accelerate message signaled interrupt processing
Slave device, master device, communication system, and communication method
Scalable computing array
Selecting subsets of participants in electronic message threads
Enhancing HTTP caching by allowing content sharing of data blocks across resources identified by different uniform resource locators
Support for multiple component editions
User influenced asynchronous module definition loader
Displaying handwritten strokes on a device according to a determined stroke direction matching the present direction of inclination of the device
Context based synonym filtering for natural language processing systems
Management of updates in a database system
Selecting pages implementing leaf nodes and internal nodes of a data set index for reuse
Source code search engine
Using access count of the remote site to optimize file transfer order for asynchronous replication
Methods and apparatus for multimedia creation
Method and system for a user-defined field type
Management of updates in a database system
State driven mobile search
System and method for question answering by reformulating word problems
System and method for preferred services in nomadic environments
Computer-aided extraction of semantics from keywords to confirm match of buyer offers to seller bids
Critical region identification
Modeling multi-patterning variability with statistical timing
Methods for retargeting vias and for fabricating semiconductor devices with retargeted vias
Shared channel masks in on-product test compression system
Method and apparatus for performing integrated circuit layout verification
Immunity to inline charging damage in circuit designs
Display for pump
Barcode authentication for resource requests
Timing of password change requirements based on ambient intelligence
System for automatically collecting and analyzing crash dumps
Technologies for managing security threats to a computing system utilizing user interactions
Deceptive indicia notification in a communications interaction
Stateful data geofencing
Method, a device and a computer program support for execution of encrypted computer code
Architecture for shared content consumption interactions
Technologies for remotely controlling a computing device via a wearable computing device
Information processing apparatus and information processing method
Electronic apparatus, method of controlling electronic apparatus and computer-readable recording medium
System and methods for determining keyboard input in the presence of multiple contact points
Tablet stylus with presentation interaction functionality
Display device
Method for divided scanning of touch panel
Multi-touch detection in a touch system
Control of coordinate input apparatus based on light distribution and moving amounts of sensor units
Optical touch sensor
Method and apparatus for outputting display data based on a touch operation on a touch panel
Core service build / deployment for hierarchical database
Mobile terminal and method of controlling applications of the same
Configuration of a physical control unit to support multiple logical control units for different tape drive types in a mainframe native tape attachment storage system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program
Image processing apparatus that improves efficiency of post processing, control method for image processing apparatus that improves efficiency of post processing, and storage medium for storing instructions for image processing apparatus that improves efficiency of post processing
Performing predecode-time optimized instructions in conjunction with predecode time optimized instruction sequence caching
Cross-pipe serialization for multi-pipeline processor
Asynchronous lookahead hierarchical branch prediction
Processor for executing wide operand operations using a control register and a results register
Calculating confidence values for source code based on availability of experts
Program subset execution and debug
Testing of transaction tracking software
Software testing optimizer
Graphical model for test case viewing, editing, and reporting
Hitless software upgrades
Apparatus having check unit to check progress status of software installation of apparatus identified by identification information stored in external storage, control method for apparatus, and storage medium
Information processing method, information processing apparatus, recording medium, and system
Generating map task output with version information during map task execution and executing reduce tasks using the output including version information
Interruption of chip component managing tasks
Lock spin wait operation for multi-threaded applications in a multi-core computing environment
Method for prioritizing tasks queued at a server system
Material point method modeling in oil and gas reservoirs
Solar powered RFID tags and method of manufacture therefore
Machine-readable symbols
System for the detection of customer media comprising an RF transceiver in a public transport conveyance
Facilitating legal approval of digital images
System and method for seat occupancy detection from ceiling mounted camera using robust adaptive threshold criteria
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Image processing device, image processing method, and imaging device
Image-quality improvement method, apparatus, and recording medium
Self-position and self-orientation based on externally received position information, sensor data, and markers
Systems and methods for ergonomic measurement
Incomplete patterns
Probability mapping system
Method and apparatus for operating a finite state machine
Real-time appointment of enterprise mobile agents in response to customer requests
Enabling secure transactions between spoken web sites
System, method, and computer program for automatically resolving non-sufficient funds (NSF) errors in a network
Virtual world construction
Method and apparatus for detecting occlusion in an augmented reality display
Garment simulation using thread and data level parallelism
Physical access request authorization
Mobile terminal
Target identification for sending content from a mobile device
Masking partial text data in digital document
Pixel driven by multiple control signals and organic light emitting display device using the same
Display circuit incorporating data feedback loop
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Drive device and display device
Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
Display method and electronic device thereof
Drive control device, display device including the same, and drive control method
Lithographic apparatus with actuator to compensate acoustic vibration
Apparatus and method of reproducing audio data using low power
Adaptive spatial classifier for multi-microphone systems
Semiconductor device having a memory and calibration circuit that adjusts output buffer impedance dependent upon auto-refresh commands
Semiconductor device including plural chips stacked to each other
Negative bitline write assist circuit and method for operating the same
Core catcher
Terminal-fitted wire, terminal-fitted wire manufacturing method and corrosion resistant member
Method of preparing transition metal pnictide magnetocaloric material, transition metal pnictide magnetocaloric material, and device including the same
Electromagnetic contactor manufacturing method
Method for producing electrolytic capacitors from valve metal powders
Solid electrochemical supercapacitor
Touch panel
Liquid MEMS component responsive to pressure
Operating device or vacuum switch
Contact device and electromagnetic contactor using the same
Electric lamp and manufacture method therefor
Tall relaxed high percentage silicon germanium fins on insulator
Crack stopping structure in wafer level packaging (WLP)
Silicon substrates with doped surface contacts formed from doped silicon based inks and corresponding processes
Method of forming a semiconductor structure including a plurality of fins and an alignment/overlay mark
Electromigration-resistant lead-free solder interconnect structures
Method to make gate-to-body contact to release plasma induced charging
Silicide formation on a wafer
Method for forming interconnects
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
FinFET structures having silicon germanium and silicon fins
Methods for forming interconnect layers having tight pitch interconnect structures
Method of utilizing trench silicide in a gate cross-couple construct
Thermal interface material handling for thermal control of an electronic component under test
Electronic device
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit interconnect crack monitor circuit
Static random-access memory (SRAM) array
Fabrication of a deep trench memory cell
Memory device and method of fabricating the same
Solid-state image sensing device and method for manufacturing the same
Buffer layer deposition for thin-film solar cells
Interference suppression for switched mode power supply
Methods and apparatus for improved DMX512 communication
Systems and methods for account recovery using a platform attestation credential
System and method for enrolling in a biometric system
Identifying devices in a topology of devices for audio/video streaming
Image processing device and image processing method
Wireless testing system and method for controlling the same
Server-based mobile device regional candidate position fix mode selection
Methods and systems for assisting positioning determination of a mobile device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Cleaning tool
Anti-tipping container
Ice and snow remover
Detail scraper
Two-handed scraper
Winch tensioner bracket
Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Glass door for clothes drying machine
Color ink stick for solid ink printer
High profile jewel logo
Cosmetic dispensing machine
Multiple pocket label holder
Display apparatus
Toy water gun
Stackable washer tossing game
Toy figurine
Image input apparatus for an electronic game machine
Toy figurine
Board game for teaching DNA concepts
Backgammon or jacquet game board
Push-pull rattle toy
Golf club head
Colored baseball base
Stackable golf tee shroud
Portable pushups exercise device
Ball hitting tee
Golf putter
Golf club head cover with integral aperatures therefor
Golf club shaft having structural taper and integral insert-adapter with extension shaft-sleeve therefor
Board game
Lower receiver
Fly swatting device
Long pistol nozzle
Race car sprinkler
Filter cartridge
Multiple shower head set
Body fat analyzer
Tiered daily syringe dispenser with side medicine holder
Intra-ocular pressure measurement device
Infusion pump
Push button
Medicament delivery device
Head band for supporting a nasal cannula
Medical tubing holder and organizer
Orthopedic bone plate
Dispenser, in particular for a foamed sclerosing agent
Solar stepping stone
Decorative landscape edge block
Landscaping block
Decorative yard pond interlocking edging segment
House facade
Telescoping ladder leg extender having mated toothed elements and self-leveling foot for uneven terrain
Pivot flashlight
Lighting fixture
Flashlight multi-tool
Bowl lamp
Fluorescent lamp
Night light
Lighting device
Fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent lamp
Automobile ceiling light
Cigarette pack
Electronic shaver
Electric razor
Electric shaver
Nose trimmer
Electric trimmer
Clipper handle
Tweezer for unwanted hair
Massage device with hand shape
Hair dryer
Container for a cosmetic product
Applicator for a motorized appliance
Batting helmet
Rawhide chew bone
House shaped litter box with removable peak roof
Nautical mailbox
Human Necessities
Working tool with replaceable working bit
Core processor
Planter coulter apparatus with mechanical overload protection
Aqueous base inoculant composition for seeds, coated seeds and method for storing the composition
Grain unloading assembly
Hand-operated lawn mower with motor
Self-propelled harvesting machine, especially a pick-up chopper
Structure for reliably feeding and spreading net wrap material, of a width greater than the width of a round baler chamber, so as to cover opposite end segments of a bale located in the chamber
Modular roof covering system
Horticultural drainage method and system
Method of containing a botanical item with a sleeve
Verbena plant named `Sunmaref TP-SAP`
Petunia plant named `Sunrove`
Lotus vine plant named `TiGo`
Select Myrobalan tree `RI-1`
Alstroemeria plant named `Staprisusa`
Hop plant named "VGXP01"
Cotinus plant named `Kolcot`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supalight`
Alstroemeria plant named `Stapridani`
Chrysanthemum plant named `MN95-105-6`
Argyranthemum plant named `Supamarg`
Zorro zoysiagrass
Alstroemeria plant named `Zanissa`
Geranium plant named `Carol`
Horse feeder
Stackable pet shelter
Interlocking collar element apparatus and method
Modular cage
Precision medication dispenser
Shark repellent system
Trolling spoon with exchangeable color patterns
Spool for spinning reel
Case for fishing pole and lures
Environmental insect control apparatus
Spraying apparatus for agricultural chemicals
Apparatus for application of liquid used in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, use of such an apparatus, and a method of its manufacturing
Ground surface non-edible foraging matrix configurations for arthropod control
Above ground non-edible foraging matrix configurations for arthropod control
Board for rolling dough
Reduced ignition propensity smoking article
Smoking cessation apparatus and method
Ashtray apparatus
Simple simulated cigarette
Sock system
Water resistant protective garment for fire fighters
Wrap closure and fit system of footwear
Footwear sole and arch strapping system
Magnetic strap fastener
Safety buckle for child seats and the like
Beaded chain connector
Portable sunshade
Electric hair treatment appliance
Nail clippers
Stencil for applying a cosmetic product and method of manufacture
Load transfer and stabilization system for backpacks
Backpack and improved load-carrying system therefor
Golf rack bag
Versatile strap for retaining objects
Holder for articles which attaches to a belt and a pants belt loop and method of use
Electronically timed toothbrush system
Broom with variable stiffness bristles and bristle cleaning device
Cable organizer for attachment to an edge of a table
Shelf supporting bracket
Reclining chair
Supported hypo/hyperthermia pad
Collapsible chair with solid arm rest and tensioned seat
Head restraint
Footrest for a chair
Storage apparatus that attaches to a vehicle seat
Rack merchandising system
Apparatus and methods of forming a display case door and frame
Apparatus and methods of forming a display case door and frame
Holder assembly for tubular containers
Coin collecting storage system
Cup assembly with retaining mechanism
Floating beverage holder
Crank operated fruit and vegetable cutting and squeezing device
Steam table pan
Two step puncturing and venting of single serve filter cartridge in a beverage brewer
Self-heating hot beverage serving urn and method
Cooking apparatus
Barbeque grill with retractable ventilation system
Easy loading dispenser
Spring-loaded paper towel track adapter for a recessed paper towel dispenser
Flexible dust mop
System and process for drying a shoe
Safe disposal of surgical sponges
Measurement apparatus and method
Frilly dental floss
Stents for choanal atresia
Caster block and wheel lock for wheelchair
Orthotic walker
Apparatus and method for dispensing medication
Ultra fine dead sea mineral compound and method of manufacture
Sinterable lithium disilicate glass ceramic
Systems and methods for aerosolizing pharmaceutical formulations
Precise administration of a medicated aerosol via the lungs
Adjustable oropharyngeal airway apparatus
Automatic ventilator water trap evacuator
Mouth piece for inhalation therapy units
Rope brake
Emergency escape pulley structure
Integrated physiologic sensor system
Instrumented firefighter's nozzle and method
Golf bag with club separator
Identifying golf balls
In-line roller skates having quick-release axle system with safety retaining pin mechanism
Betting bystander method and apparatus
Amusement ride
Unique display kit and method for creating unique displays
Performing Operations; Transporting
Screen assembly for vibratory separators
Multi-layer screen and downhole completion method
Plasma reforming and partial oxidation of hydrocarbon fuel vapor to produce synthesis gas and/or hydrogen gas
Process for reducing pollutants from the exhaust of a diesel engine
Air drive system
Amplitude attenuation of time-variant properties of fluid streams
Tubular oven
Method and apparatus for crushing material
System and method for controlling particle flow distribution between the outlets of a classifier
Refiner plate steam management system
Low elevation coal processing plant
Shower head
Spray gumming unit
Aquavision fountains pot
High volume sprinkler automated arc changer
Metered output hot melt adhesive dispensing system with return isolation loop
Pulsating vibration air generation means
Automated transaction machine system
Device for removal of trimmings in the production of rolls of web material
Flatness measuring roller
Roll grooving apparatus
Tool support and locking device in sheet metal bending brakes
Transmission mechanism for spring winding machine
Method of manufacturing a crown-shaped component
Apparatus for automated peening of tenons connecting turbine buckets and cover plates
Radius configuration of a strand guide of a vertical bending caster
Bevel locking system for a sliding compound miter saw
Two-position quick-change saw
Jig for hand cutting dovetail joints
Apparatus and method for removing a soldered device from a printed circuit board
Solder ball attaching system and method
Quick change precisor
Wire bonding apparatus
Method and apparatus for welding two work pieces
Method and apparatus for estimating quality of lead-free solder material and process and system for flow soldering
Apparatus and method for ball release
Weld fixture and method for repairing annular components
Pallet system
Combination tool for robot assisted assembly
Crank drive for returning work pieces
Saw cutting guide
Media control valve
Handle for a hand tool, especially a screwdriver grip
Fastener starter tool
Power tools
Pool cover installation bar
Process of detaching an automotive control arm
Multi-purpose vehicle tool
Flywheel operated tool
Foldable worktable
Apparatus and method for cutting gel and other sheet materials
Punching system
Method for punching brittle material and punching die to be used therefor
Sheet post-processing apparatus
Flexible liner for a concrete container
Dual-cutting method devoid of useless strokes
Film on a surface of a mold used during semiconductor device fabrication
Method of altering the drive mechanism of a mechanical press
Die stamping method and die stamping device
Method for controlling a chill roll system
Sheet-fed offset printing process and sheet-fed offset printing machine
Sheet-fed rotary printing press
Device for processing printing defects detected in a printing machine
Continuous medium printing apparatus
Printing apparatus with adjustable dot creation timings
Printhead assembly with minimized interconnections to an inkjet printhead
Nozzle chamber having reinforced paddle
Fluid controlling apparatus
Thermal inkjet printer having enhanced heat removal capability and method of assembling the printer
Reserving ink for printer servicing purposes
Method and device for transferring book blocks into a transport device belonging to a bookbinding machine
Magnetic write/erase binder
Combined detachable filing wallet devices
Drawing tool
Module for transferring mailpieces between a folding/inserting machine and a franking machine
One pass combination of traditional and multi-axis material carving machine
Pneumatic tire having tread including inboard side area and outboard side area
Pressure indicating device for a tire
Method of improving steering performance robustness utilizing stiffness non-uniformity in tire/wheel
Swivel wheel assembly with adjustable shock absorption
Air cushion suspension assembly for use with over the road trucks
Shock absorber
Steerable independent air suspension system
Thermoelectric heat exchanger
Heating and ventilating apparatus for a motor vehicle with selective control in different zones of the cabin
Silencer for rear mounted bus air conditioner
Vehicle air conditioner that operates during engine stops
Ejector circuit
Method of installing a windsheild
Self-deploying vehicle cover with undercarriage tightening
Modular retainer clip assembly for use in an automobile
Clip for mounting article
Tonneau cover securing mechanism having spring latch
Fuel filling system
Fuel tank for a motor vehicle
Fuel tank
Motor assisting apparatus for vehicle
Electric coolant pump control strategy for hybrid electric vehicles
Quick disconnect for an integrated drive unit
Seat shell for juvenile vehicle seat
Seat back of a vehicle seat with a seat back frame in the form of a pressed piece of sheet iron
Head restraint assembly
Container with movable bulkheads
Sewage system for vehicles
Junction box
Collision deformation sensor using a source of wave energy for use in the crush zone of a vehicle
Airbag module and arrangement and method thereof in a vehicle
Gas bag module
Gas generation via indirect ignition
Gas generating device for air bag and air bag inflating method
Vehicle pillar structure
Safety module having a trigger sensor
Wiper device
Vehicle wiper device with installation positioning mechanism
Implement jack lock-out device
Fixed disc brake caliper with pad wear compensator
Master cylinder
Hydraulic brake device
Brake by wire electrical system architecture with multiple power sources and circuit protection
Anti-vibration brake system
Collision mitigation by braking system
Braking torque control apparatus and method
Elevated cableway system
Tray and dolly assembly
Stroller device
Structural reinforcement member for wheel well
Thin section sidewall assemblies for vans and trailers
Gas saver air foil stabilizer
Undercarriage of a crawler-type vehicle
Steering knuckle
Brake apparatus for a bicycle and bicycle comprising this apparatus
Suspension fork having reserved arch
Towing device for bicycle
Wheeled personal mobility devices with collapsible wheel axle assemblies and integrated steering and propulsion linkages
High speed drag reducing ventilation for marine vessel hulls
Towed acoustic source array system for marine applications
Extendable deck or room for a watercraft
SCUBA diver fairing
Method and apparatus for neutralization of mines and obstacles
Exhaust mixer and apparatus using same
Bearing structure with reduced tip vortex
Autonomous stratospheric airship
Wing airfoil
Ring-wing aircraft
Convertible aircraft with tilting rotors
Inflatable flying body for the rescue descent of a person
Aircraft engine mount with single thrust link
Spacecraft thermal shock suppression system
Inertial sensor for the mounting and checking of an inertial reference in a satellite
Unwinding apparatus
Process and apparatus for producing (cigarette) packs
Pressurized container and method of filling it
Tray lift mechanism
Method for packaging an elongated item
Re-configurable pallet for use in automated manufacturing or material handling
Rapid flow fitment
Touch free dispenser
Inflatable container
Stopper for forming a gas-tight seal for a variety of bottles
Coiled tie-down devices
Sample packet label and related method of manufacture
Packaging device for protecting a trigger-operated dispenser
Collapsible bag for dispensing liquids and method
Sheet material dispenser packaging
System comprising both a receptacle and apparatus enabling it to be filled with compressed air
Aerosol valve
Flat collapsible cover for a produce container
Bin Carrier attachment for a portable waste container
Method and device for conveying unit loads
Drive station for a chain scraper conveyor for mining operations
Conveyor system
Method and device for part transportation
High speed baggage diverter
Safety device
Take-up reel, veneer reeling apparatus, tape feeding unit for veneer roll, veneer roll unwinding apparatus and a production method for laminated wood
Air bearing system with an air cylinder web dancer system or idler rolls
Document recycle and payout device
Paper-separating mechanism
Sheet feeder and sheet feeding method for plate-shaped members
Vacuum-assist friction belt for sheet feeder
Device for holding the top sheet of a stack of sheets
Device and method for determining a signature lap
Apparatus for providing gap control for a high-speed check feeder
Shallow wellway moving walk
Winching apparatus
Scissor jack
Automatic bar
Wine or champagne preservation and dispensing apparatus
Stopper for wine or champagne preservation and dispensing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for producing fused silica and doped fused silica glass
Process and device for cutting through films in laminated glass
Control for an I.S. machine
Infrared, glass polarizer and method
Modifying reagents and modified organic media for plant culture
Rocket motor insulation containing hydrophobic particles
R 22 replacement refrigerant
Preventing flow through subterranean zones
In Situ thermal processing of a coal formation to produce a condensate
Cleaning efficiency improvement in a high density plasma process chamber using thermally hot gas
Transpiration cooling of rocket engines
Textiles; Paper
Method of spinning-in yarn on an operating unit of a rotor spinning machine and a device for carrying out the method
Fire resistant corespun yarn and fabric comprising same
Method of imaging woven textile fabric
Foldable ironing board
Fixed Constructions
Isotropically articulating fence post and gate system
Land anchor
Excavator arm assembly with integral quick coupler
Neutral override for servo controlled hydrostatic units
Waste and overflow system for a bathtub
Blocks and walls constructed therewith
Hanger assembly
Device for forming an enclosure
Screening arrangement and method for installation of such in a curb for a skylight
Aerodynamic roof edges
Lit-up marking device for steps and grandstands
Flooring panel or wall panel and use thereof
Serrated hand tool for plaster application over a surface joint
Inflatable work shelter
Coverable above-ground pool
Pivot latch
Anti-theft equipment locking cover
Removable core cylinder lock
Spring mounting arrangement for a sash window counterbalance arrangement
Window opening mechanism
Door hinge
Door support system
Window opening and closing assembly
Closet hiding place
Fire rated door and fire rated window
Methods and devices for simultaneous application of end sealant and sash sealant
Retractable safety cage
Expandable drill bit
Earth-boring bit with wear-resistant shirttail
Three dimensional steerable system and method for steering bit to drill borehole
Method of dynamically controlling bottom hole circulation pressure in a wellbore
Sand control seal for subsurface safety valve
Screened boot basket/filter
Down hole motors and methods for their operation
Fluid-driven alternator having an internal impeller
Radially expandable tubular connection
Method for heating subterranean formation, particularly for heating reservoir fluids in near well bore zone
Design method for drillout bi-center bits
Steering apparatus
Conical bit penetrator pocket protector for earth displacement equipment
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fluid actuated generator
Variable rate pump
Simplification of engine core removal for maintenance of gas turbine engine
Hot oil integrated with heat recovery steam generator and method of operation
High power density combined cycle power plant system
Switching element for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
Combustion control system for diesel engine
Crankcase ventilation system for a hydrogen fueled engine
Spiral fin/tube heat exchanger
Muffler shell filling process and muffler filled with fibrous material
Passive turbulence control assembly and a method for creating turbulence
Small engine fuel injection system
Rotary engine
Adiabatic internal combustion engine with regenerator and hot air ignition
Advanced multi pressure mode gas turbine
Energy conversion method and system with enhanced heat engine
Diesel engine control
Fuel supply system of internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine fuel injection apparatus and control method thereof
Partitioning of a governor fuel output into three separate fuel quantities in a stable manner
Ferrous pistons for diesel engines having EGR coating
External combustion engine
Hybrid high temperature fuel cell volume expansion heat engine
Rocket propulsion system
Mounting bracket for solenoid valve
Fluid delivery line geometry optimization
Follower assembly with retainer clip for unit injector
Thrust device, fuel injection valve having such a device, and method for manufacturing a thrust transfer element
Modular fuel injector having a surface treatment on an impact surface of an electromagnetic actuator and having a lift set sleeve
Decentralized pumping system
Hybrid actuator
Unitary multi-flow connection
Method for measuring oscillation frequency of a fluid jet in a fluidic oscillator
Expansion type clamping band characterized by simplified design and ease of use
Carabiner for use with strap
Pull cable system
Sealing washer
Piston assembly for hydraulically actuated friction coupling
Electromagnetic clutch control system
Clutch operating system and a hydraulic mechanism used in the same
Rotational imbalance compensator
Screw actuator comprising a multi-purpose sleeve, and brake calliper
Rotary seal with relief angle for controlled tipping
Gasket-lined rupture panel
Fire prevention safety device for gas meters
Cylinder valve and bayonet check-filter with excess-flow protection feature
Hopper tee mounting assembly
Rotatable stopcock for a male coupling having a offset connecting piece
Dispensing apparatus with in-line actuator
Lock structure for ammonia nurse tank valve units
Method for precise electric actuator control with reduced repositioning
Fuel hose connection structure and fuel hose
Flexible collapse-resistant and length-stable vaccum hose
Plane light source unit
Low emissions combustor for a gas turbine engine
Bellows type outer crossfire tube
Central heating radiators
Divider wall for a room air conditioner
Twinning interface control box kit for twinned fan coils in dual heat pump or AC system
Ventilation arrangement for buildings
Water heater unit
Solar oven having a multiple zone concentrator
Accumulator assembly having a reversing valve and a heat pump system thereof
Absorption solution conditioner
Falling film evaporator with a two-phase flow distributor
Active refrigerant circuit using condenser fan of an inactive circuit
Suction line heat exchanger storage tank for transcritical cycles
Volumetric ice dispensing and measuring device
Deterministic refrigerator defrost method and apparatus
Heating, ventilation and/or air-conditioning device including a thermal loop equipped with an evaporator
Positioning structure for heat dissipating fins
Gas entry cone
Heat-exchange module for a motor vehicle
Ergonomic gas operated gun barrel and method of shortening a gas operated gun
Firearm magazine with improved bolt catch actuator
Firearm barrel change apparatus
Laser sighting device
Turret for a combat unit
Pneumatic time delayed bowstring release
Weapon accessory mounting apparatus
Method and apparatus for positioning a shaped charge
Shotgun adapter for use to school different gauge shells
Bounding anti-tank/anti-vehicle weapon
Micromachined strain sensor
Laser level
Electronic azimuth meter and electronic time piece having electronic azimuth meter
Timed window ultrasonic gas meter with nose cone
High purity coriolis mass flow controller
Liquid level and weight sensor
Filling level gage
Digital conversion adapter for magnetically coupled level meters
Allocating mechanism for a weighing apparatus
Load sensor, load sensor unit and insertion detection device
Structure or construction for mounting a pressure detector
Pressure sensors
Exhaust gas component measuring apparatus
Gas sensor having protector and protection cap
Total impurity monitor for gases
Tube non-destructive testing probe drive elevator and contamination containment system
Method and apparatus for evaluating damage of metal material
Method and apparatus to conduct ultrasonic flaw detection for multi-layered structure
Multi-axial strain testing apparatus
Portable gas detector and its cradle
Process for determining the acidity of a washing solution for fibers
Sealed test chamber for module IC handler
Method of forming a continuous free layer spin valve sensor with patterned exchange underlayer stabilization
Integrated ocean bottom towed array for four-component seismic data acquisition
Optical scanner and image forming apparatus
Proportional pressure control valve
Method for collecting data from electronic voting units
Hinge for a rotatably connected cover
Finger-mounted readers with low power radio frequency communications
Multi-function network card
Force feedback apparatus and method
System and method for printing application and printer independent bar codes
Module for IC card, IC card, and method for manufacturing module for IC card
Communication method of IC card reader/writer
Magnetic stripe bridge
Optical assembly for barcode scanner
Reading method and reader for an optical code
Bar code reader with an integrated scanning component module mountable on printed circuit board
Automatically-activated hand-supportable laser scanning bar code symbol reading system with data transmission activation switch
Physical presence digital authentication system
Method and apparatus for casting a vote from home on elections
Automated transaction machine for use by a merchant and a customer
Coin discriminating and distributing mechanism
Apparatus for dispensing change
Apparatus for installing an alarm sensor to a corner wall
Method of installing an alarm sensor to a corner wall
Handheld merchandise scanner device
Page-turning apparatus and page-turning method
Exit sign with rotatable lighting heads
Fold-up sign panel assembly
Magnetic tape cassette
Magnetic tape cassette
Method of making double tunnel junction with magnetoresistance enhancement layer
Pointer instrument
Method and device for crimping composite electrical insulators
Method of producing chip thermistors
System of reducing water spotting and oxide growth on a semiconductor structure
Wheel and conveyor system for transporting semiconductor wafers
Method and apparatus for application of adhesive tape to semiconductor devices
Structure for assembling a heat sink assembly
Solar cell-bearing roof and method for installing solar cell-bearing roof
Mercury-containing copper oxide superconductor and method of producing same
End-processed coaxial cable structures and methods for producing the same
Permanent magnet motor flux rings
Recording apparatus and recording position correcting method
Proofing data file generated by target printer facility
Method of bypassing vocoders in digital mobile communication system
Yoke structure of a speaker diaphragm
Method for manufacturing piezoelectric oscillator
Process to manufacturing tight tolerance embedded elements for printed circuit boards
Printed circuit board comprising embedded capacitor and method of same
Method of mounting electronic components and apparatus therefor
Component mounter and mounting method
Component recognizing method and apparatus
Component alignment methods
Method of manufacturing a flexible circuit compression connector
Method and apparatus in a production line
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