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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Tool for rapid loading of line onto a fishing reel
Method of determining that an organ is not suitable for transplantation and using it for testing substances
Pest-impervious packaging material and pest-control composition
Compositions and methods for alleviating hypertension or preventing a rise in blood pressure
Cystatin C as an antagonist of TGF-.beta. and methods related thereto
3-deoxyglucosone and skin
Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of Huntingtin gene
Methods of gene transfer to astrocytes with mokola virus pseudotyped lentivirus vectors
Imidazo[1,2-C]pyrimidinylacetic acid derivatives
Composition for effectively suppressing the growth of prostate cancer cell, suppressing the prostatic hyperplasia and its preparation method
Slow-cooking method and oven
Three-dimensional collar shape retaining hanger
Stackable blow molded cabinet
Composite tub body for a dishwasher
Telescopic guide for drawers and similar furniture components extendable from a body of furniture
Drawer type receiving device of a refrigerator
Collapsible support frame for furniture
Backrest for chair
Vehicle seat system
Child seat, ventilation portion structure of article and cover of article comprising the ventilation portion structure, and article for child
Foldable stand for display device
Apparatus for increasing the number of utility slots in an awning tube utility track
Container securing device
Retractable treatment instrument for endoscope
Electronic endoscope
Apparatus for simultaneously collecting exocervical and endocervical samples
Balloon dissecting instruments
Foot plate fixation
Device for guiding surgical sewing material to a needle
Occlusion device with flexible polymeric connector
Bearing plate for use in fracture fixation having a spherical bearing hole with yielding expandability
Spine distraction implant and method
Method for indirectly ablating tissue using implanted electrode device
Cervical dilation measurement apparatus
Apparatus and method for ultrasonic diagnostic imaging
Medical system for examination or treatment
Intraoral device
Catheter support for stent delivery
Material for producing a support bandage
Disposable absorbent article having interactive graphics
Disposable diaper
Insert for absorbent article having a feces retaining layer and spacer element
Expandable devices and methods for tissue expansion, regeneration and fixation
Draining bodily fluid
Intraluminal stent delivery system, and method of treating a vascular condition
Medical devices and methods of making the same
Poly(ester amide) filler blends for modulation of coating properties
Method and apparatus for the treatment of the intervertebral disc annulus
Method of reducing spinal implant migration
Prosthetic disc and vertebral body replacement device having pyrolytic carbon bearing members
Total knee arthroplasty through shortened incision
Devices and methods for treatment of skin conditions
Molded sheet
Methods compositions and articles of manufacture for modulating bone growth
Modified retinoid compounds and their uses
Dimer poly-quaternary ester compounds
Modulators (inhibitors/activators) of histone acetyltransferases
GPR40 agonists
Immunosuppressant compounds and compositions
Crystal modifications of 1-(2,6-difluorobenzyl)-1H-1, 2,3-triazole-4-carboxamide
Quinuclidine derivatives and medicinal compositions containing the same
Pharmaceutical compounds
Indoles are cannabinoid receptor ligands
Compositions for the treatment of metabolic disorders
Topical treatment of prevention of ocular infections
1-substituted-7-(.beta.-D-glycopyranosyloxy)(aza)indole compound and pharmaceutical containing the same
Method for inducing an anti-tumor and anti-cachexia immune response in mammals
Modified vitamin K-dependent polypeptides
Nutritional composition and method for increasing creatine uptake and retention in skeletal muscle, increasing muscle mass and strength, increasing exercise capacity and for aiding recovery following exercise
Methods and compositions for healing and repair of articular cartilage
Methods of eliciting or boosting a cellular immune response
Activatable clostridial toxins
Antibodies for inhibiting blood coagulation and methods of use thereof
Antibodies to IL-17 polypeptides and therapeutic uses thereof
Tumor models employing green fluorescent protein
Liposomal assembly for therapeutic and/or diagnostic use
Organ arrest, protection and preservation
Opioid agonist/antagonist combinations
Polymeric formulations for drug delivery
Implantable and sealable medical device for unidirectional delivery of therapeutic agents to tissues
Device and method for sterilization
System and method for manipulating sleep architecture by sub-awakening non-intrusive stimulations
Intravascular devices, retrieval systems, and corresponding methods
Method of inserting double-Y-shaped catheter with attachable hubs
Intracardiac cell delivery and cell transplantation
Apparatus and method of monitoring a vascular access of a patient subjected to an extracorporeal blood treatment
Seal structures for wet/dry automatic injectors
Vascular coupling device
One-way injector with continuously charged spring energy store
Dispenser for dental compositions
Needleless injection device and cartridges
Long-term indwelling medical devices containing slow-releasing antimicrobial agents and having a surfactant surface
Impedance pump used in bypass grafts
Working method by focused ion beam and focused ion beam working apparatus
Therapeutic device
Variable stride exercise device
Thermoplastic core having a hardness gradient formed from a gradient-initiating solution
Panel of a ball for a ball game, a ball, and methods of making the same
Wood-type golf club head
Iron-type golf club head
Golf club head
Vertically curved face putter with multiple horizontal contact facets
Lacrosse head with increased strength and playability characteristics
System and method for bonding an acrylic surface to a frame
Golf club face assistance device
Device for practicing putting with magnetic and electromagnetic ball return
Flexible foot-board for jumping devices
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Recursive team-oriented chess-like game for entertainment and training
System and method for an alterable storage media in a gaming machine
Method and apparatus for displaying player tracking information on an electronic gaming machine display
Method and system for video poker
Pneumatic jumping toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filler used for separating optical isomers and process for separating optical isomers with the filler
Filter cartridge with crush ribs
Integrated mobile resource system
Methods of treating water
Particulate matter accumulation amount detection apparatus and method
Vacuum cleaner with a removable cyclone array
Integrally-layered polymeric membranes and method of use
Seal ring holder for membrane element and membrane element
Low-density, high r-value translucent nanocrystallites
Apparatus for producing nano-particles of molybdenum oxide
Electrostatic coalescer device and use of the device
Catalyst carrier and fuel cell using the same
Catalyst composition, its preparation and use
Catalyst composition for use in a lean NO.sub.x trap and method of using
Rheological additive
Reformer module
Containers for reading and handling diagnostic reagents and methods of using the same
Liquid delivery apparatus and liquid delivery method
Crusher block assembly for particulate size reduction system
Method and apparatus for treating materials or mixtures of materials
Low profile attachment for emitting water
Water discharging apparatus
Dispensing member for a fluid product, dispenser comprising such a dispensing member and use of such a dispensing member
Device for constructing modular water spray configurations
Electrostatic coating spray gun
Method for coating stents
Device and method for coating
Back-illuminated image sensor and method of fabricating the same
Method of manufacturing superconducting wire
Dispenser rinse system for a drawer-type dishwasher
Cleaning compositions containing water soluble magnesium compounds and methods of using them
Washer and decontaminator with lid control
Device for production of a tube
Drill chuck
Solder repairing apparatus and method of repairing solder
Multi-electrode plasma system and method for thermal spraying
Apparatus and method for laser engraveable printing plates
Energy efficient, laser-based method and system for processing target material
Welded structure having excellent resistance to brittle crack propagation and welding method therefor
Process and device for soldering in the vapor phase
Gripping device for a robot or a gantry loader
Method and device for producing thin wafers from a film of active ingredients
Tensioning installation for the frameworks of pre-tensioned architectural elements
Surface-treated metallic material, method of surface treating therefor and resin coated metallic material, metal can and can lid
Wide optical film and method for producing the same
Multilayer braze-able sheet
Method for manufacturing polarizing plate, polarizing plate, optical film and image viewing display
Laminating adhesives containing polyurethane and epoxide resin
Optical disk
Laminated sheet
Resin coated metal foil, metal clad laminate, printed wiring board using them, and manufacturing method thereof
Multilayer ceramic substrate
Conductive emulsion for preparing surface for powder coating
Inkjet drawing method and inkjet drawing device
Printer print engine with cradled cartridge unit
Image recording apparatus
Printhead reservoir with filter external to jet fluid path
Ink-jet recording device and ink cartridge
Droplet ejection apparatus and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink-jet recording apparatus
Image processing device, calibration table generator, image processing method, program product, and test pattern
Liquid jet apparatus and driving method for liquid jet apparatus
Methods and apparatus for handheld printing with optical positioning
Handheld printing with reference indicia
Photopolymerizable composition
Image transfer on a colored base
Gloss coated multifunctional printing paper
Punching and binding system and elements thereof
Ring binder mechanism with dual pivot locking elements
Fluid applicator assembly
Rim and spoke connection on a spoked wheel for a bicycle
Sliding door for a motor vehicle
Vehicle, driving system, and control methods of the same
Power feed control circuit for on-vehicle electronic control apparatuses
Vehicle seat assembly and method for use thereof
Energy-absorbing device for a vehicle seat
Device for protecting an inflatable element
Air bag with volume-filling mechanical structure
Spool tensioning device for airbag installation
Retractable supplemental inflatable restraint system for vehicle head rest
Airbag system
Airbag device
Twist resistant head side airbag
Seat belt apparatus
Adjustable rear load floor for a hybrid vehicle
Combination secondary master cylinder and brake pedal compliance device for automotive braking system
Driving device and power output apparatus equipped with driving device
Gearbox actuation system and method for adjusting a gearbox actuation system
Structural or chassis component for a motor vehicle, and method of making such a structural or chassis component
Vehicle body structure
Reinforced composite mechanical component, and method for making same
Aerial delivery system
Carton with handle
Pressure control device for maintaining a constant predetermined pressure in a container
Fluid dispenser and locking mechanism
Cluster box mail delivery unit having security features
Sheet feeding device with governing, elevating, and restraining tilting-tray parts
Manual feed trays and image forming apparatus
Sheet carrying device, document carrying device, image forming apparatus, and sheet carrying method
Sheet-conveying device
Feeder assembly employing vertical sheet registration
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Process for recovering isolated uranium from spent nuclear fuel using a highly alkaline carbonate solution
Method for processing waste copper liquid to produce high copper content sludge
Method of generating fluorine gas using coruscative reaction
Process for producing acid adduct salt of polyacidic base compound
N-oxides as prodrugs of piperazine and piperidine derivatives
3,4-dihydro-2h-benzo[1,4]oxazine and thiazine derivatives as CETP inhibitors
Phenanthroline derivative and light emitting element and light emitting device using the same
Seven-membered heterocyclic carbenes and their metal complexes
Substituted hexahydropyrazino [1,2-A] pyrimidine-4,7-dione derivatives, process for their preparation and their use as medicaments
Intermediate compound for the production of .beta.-lactamase-resistant cephalosporin ester compounds and salts thereof
Fluoroalkyl carbinol generating silane surface treatment agents
Compositions and methods for siRNA inhibition of angiogenesis
Altered superantigen toxins
Molecular design of thermostable alcohol dehydrogenase for synthesis for chiral aromatic alcohols
Apo-2 receptor polypeptides
Dispersant viscosity modifiers based on diene-containing polymers
Method of manufacturing vinylidene difluoride and trifluoroethylene-based dielectric copolymers
Catalytic process for preparing (meth)acrylates from N-hydroxyalkylated lactams
System and method for reducing fouling in a reactor
Shear thinning ethylene/.alpha.-olefin interpolymers and their preparation
Moleculary imprinted polymers for extraction of components from foodstruffs
Polyester polyols containing secondary alcohol groups and their use in making polyurethanes such as flexible polyurethane foams
Photoactive materials
Supramolecular polymers
Flame-retardant resin composition, production method of the same and molding method of the same
Cellulose solutions in ionic liquids
Fibrous blend and method of making
Screw cap composition
Screw cap composition
Blends of EPDM and metallocene plastomers for wire and cable applications
Use of thermoplastic elastomers in a composition and compositions thereof
Black-colored poly(arylene ether)polystyrene compositions, articles, and methods
Gallium naphthalocyanine dye
Water-based inks for ink-jet printing
Method and composition for improving performance of aqueous and polymer based fluids at high temperatures
Variable density fluids and methods of use in subterranean formations
Method and drilling fluid systems and lost circulation pills adapted to maintain the particle size distribution of component latex particles before and after freezing of the latex particles in the presence of water
Invert emulsion drilling fluid systems comprising an emulsified aqueous phase comprising dispersed integral latex particles
Methods for producing a crude product
Methods of denitrogenating diesel fuel
Process for sulfur adsorption using copper-containing catalyst
Method for processing hydrocarbon pyrolysis effluent
Methods and agents for cleaning and disinfecting fragile medical appliances
Bioreactor for generating uniform shear stress distribution
Culturing apparatus
Nucleic acid sequences having gene transcription regulatory qualities
Optimized T-DNA transfer and vectors therefor
Cell compositions useful for cell-based FRET assays for clostridial toxins
Hydrogel composition for cell culture apparatus T cell proliferation agent, method for producing activated T cells, and uses thereof
Apo-2 receptor polynucleotides
Isolated xylanase gene with mutations and site-specific mutagenesis method thereof
Method and system for measuring the penetration of drugs and other substances into tissue
Methods for recombinant peptide production
Antibodies against SARS-CoV and methods of use thereof
C-type lectin fold as a scaffold for massive sequence variation
Method for identifying the sequence of one or more variant nucleotides in a nucleic acid molecule
Detection of chemical ligation using fluorescence quenching leaving groups
Detection of microsatellite instability and its use in diagnosis of tumors
Differential expression of molecules associated with acute stroke
.DELTA.12 desaturase gene suitable for altering levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in oleaginous yeasts
PRO polypeptides for diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosis
Fatliquoring agents for the flame-retardant treatment of leather
Method to produce steel sheet excellent in workability
High burring, high strength steel sheet excellent in softening resistance of weld heat affected zone and method of production of same
Cast, heat-resistant austenitic stainless steels having reduced alloying element content
Stainless steel for high-pressure hydrogen gas
Coater having interrupted conveyor system
Method for the passivation of metal surfaces with polymers containing acid groups
Textiles; Paper
Microfiber core mop yarn and method for producing same
Wet type friction member
Methods of using heterogeneous cleaning compositions
Fixed Constructions
Apparatus for controlling movement of flowable particulate material
Manhole insert and tether locking apparatus and method
Multi-media interactive play system
Door lock having an unlocking mechanism for simultaneously unlatching latch-bolt and deadbolt mechanisms
Lock mechanism
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vibration-isolating fixing mechanism for fan frame
Snorkel tube for a gas turbine engine
Cooling system and method for wind turbine components
Vortex generators on rotor blades to delay an onset of large oscillatory pitching moments and increase maximum lift
Centrifugal fan
Power control system and method
Measuring device
Apparatus and methods for handling rotor blades
Bearingless floating wind turbine
Wind turbine assemblies and slip ring assemblies for wind blade pitch control motors
Linear compressor
Blood pump apparatus
Fluid handling apparatus and method of handling a fluid
Hub to shaft connection
Bracing arrangement with overload protection
Composite matrix fastener apparatus, system and method
Bearing apparatus for a wheel of vehicle
Device and method for inserting an articulation pin for a chain particularly for bicycles
8-speed transmission
Transmission structure for an electrically operated bicycle
Automatic transmission
Decoupling element impervious to liquid fluids
Pedestal stand for a laundry treatment machine
Vehicle lamp
Control of a heating and cooling system for a multi-level space
Cavitation reaction apparatus
Metal plate for producing flat tube, flat tube and process for producing the flat tube
Folding control surface assembly and vehicle incorporating same
Optical tweezers
Method and device for locating the right or left position of a wheel of a vehicle
Hydraulic weight-measuring apparatus and method
Microprocessor based automatically dimmable eye protection device with interruption prevention
Scanning electron microscope and calibration of image distortion
Method and device for imaging an interior of a turbid medium using an amplification factor selected from an estimate of expected electrical signal strength
Method and apparatus for analyzing bioprocess fluids
Electromotive force computing device and state of charge estimating device
Battery management system with predictive failure analysis
Test apparatus
Kits and methods for evaluating hair
Device and methods for detecting an analyte in a sample
Methods of assessing endothelial dysfunction using acute transient responses following fat administration
Melanoma antigens and their use in diagnostic and therapeutic methods
Clamp meter for measuring consumption of current and power of electrical product
Methods and systems for detecting a capacitance using switched charge transfer techniques
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Probe method, prober, and electrode reducing/plasma-etching processing mechanism
Detector for precursive detection of electrical arc
Integrated circuit with improved test capability via reduced pin count
Magnetic field sensor circuit with common-mode voltage nulling
Magnetic film sensor having a magnetic film for generating a magnetostriction and a depressed insulating layer
Radiological imaging apparatus and positron emission tomographic apparatus
Reduced edge effect detector
Magnetic resonance device and method for energizing receiving units
Optical information detecting method, optical head, and optical disc apparatus utilizing plural photodetectors
Exterior mirror element with integral wide angle portion
Double mold optocouplers
Watchband eyeglasses
High visual acuity contact lenses
Transverse electric-field type liquid crystal display device, process of manufacturing the same, and scan-exposing device
Camera module and method for forming the camera module
Digital planetarium apparatus
Lighting device and projector
System and method for measuring and analyzing lithographic parameters and determining optimal process corrections
Dye-containing resist composition and color filter using same
Photosensitive composition and pattern forming method using the same
Method for manufacturing conductive pattern forming body
Toner for developing a latent electrostatic image, image-forming method, image-forming apparatus and process cartridge using the same
Toner, developer, image developer and image forming apparatus
Method of counting drive motor rotations, and memory modules, storage media, and motor and vehicle apparatuses utilizing same
Voltage supply interface with current sensitivity and reduced series resistance
Methods and devices for low noise current source with dynamic power distribution
Proximity payment card with printed indication of switch location
Transaction terminal including imaging module
Handheld electronic book reader device having dual displays
Magnetic ink character reading apparatus
Automated transaction machine
Individualized security document
Folding bar chimes
Intonated nut with locking mechanism for musical string instruments
Appliance audio notification device
Tone processing apparatus and method
Automatic rendition style determining apparatus and method
Multilayer film-coated substrate and process for its production
Extractor for an microcolumn, an alignment method for an extractor aperture to an electron emitter, and a measuring method and an alignment method using thereof
Method for producing conductive film and light-sensitive material for conductive film production
Device switch actuation
Image forming apparatus
Light emitting device and method for manufacturing the same
Light emitting device fabrication method
Lamp provided with external electrode section having different configuration than emitter section and backlight incorporating the lamp for use in liquid crystal displays
Increasing the discharge arc diffuseness in mercury-free discharge lamps
Elevated temperature RF ion source
High density plasma source
Photoelectric conversion device, image sensor, and method of manufacturing a photoelectric conversion device
Fabricating process of a chip package structure
Method of manufacturing silicon optoelectronic device, silicon optoelectronic device manufactured by the method, and image input and/or output apparatus using the silicon optoelectronic device
Method for manufacturing a light-emitting diode having high heat-dissipating efficiency
Method for bonding wafers to produce stacked integrated circuits
Manufacturing method of photoelectric conversion device
Photoelectric conversion device and image pickup system with photoelectric conversion device
Bit-erasing architecture for seek-scan probe (SSP) memory storage
Method of preparing electrode
Semiconductor device having a sensor chip, and method for producing the same
Method for the production of a buried stop zone in a semiconductor component and semiconductor component comprising a buried stop zone
Method for sawing a wafer and method for manufacturing a semiconductor package by using a multiple-type tape
Plasma etching method
Additive printed mask process and structures produced thereby
Method for depositing nanolaminate thin films on sensitive surfaces
Method of manufacturing semiconductor integrated circuit device
Fabricating method of non-volatile memory cell
Method of manufacturing group III Nitride Transistor
Method of manufacturing a semiconductor element and semiconductor element
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device
Methods and systems for low interfacial oxide contact between barrier and copper metallization
Silicide interconnect structure
Methods for depositing tungsten after surface treatment
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
Capacitor structure used for flash memory
Stacked die package with stud spacers
Metal programmable logic and multiple function pin interface
Semiconductor chip assembly with welded metal pillar and enlarged plated contact terminal
Light source module and lighting device for a vehicle
Sensor device having stopper for limitting displacement
Semiconductor device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device package
Stacked synchronous buck converter
Semiconductor component including compensation zones and discharge structures for the compensation zones
Semiconductor device
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup unit
Low-cost high-performance planar back-gate CMOS
Photoelectric conversion device, solid-state imaging device and manufacturing method of solid-state imaging device
High-frequency switch
Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacture thereof
Nitride semiconductor device
Conductive interconnects along the edge of a microelectronic device
Semiconductor device and method for producing it
Embedded cache memory in image sensors
Nanowire structures and electrical devices
Structure and method for making high density MOSFET circuits with different height contact lines
Silicon germanium heterojunction bipolar transistor structure and method
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device having a diode for a rectifier circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Optical sensor including photoconductive material and carbon nanotube
Semiconductor device
Light emitting element structure using nitride bulk single crystal layer
Surface mount light emitting apparatus
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Light strips for lighting and backlighting applications
Electronic device including a field effect transistor having an organic semiconductor channel
Ferroelectric Durability
Piezoelectric ceramic and method for making the same, and piezoelectric resonator and method for making the same
Reversibly-activated nanostructured battery
Fuel cell separator plate coating
Flow shifting coolant during freeze start-up to promote stack durability and fast start-up
Electrochemical cell having container with embedded positive electrode current collector
Fuel cell arrangement and method of manufacturing a fuel cell arrangement
Gasket with sheet-shaped member and a gasket mainbody mounted to a mounting member
Manufacturing method of lamination body of electrolytic body and particle, lamination body of electrolytic body and particle, electrochemical element, fuel battery, and portable machine
Flow control for multiple stacks
Method for providing back-pressure for a fuel cell stack
Water blocking layer and wicking reservoir for PEMFC
Receptacle for electrical connectors
Electrical connector with matched coupling
Card edge connector and method of manufacturing the same
High frequency connector assembly
Multilayer printed circuit board and method of manufacturing same
Plug connector having a secondary lock for an electrical plug connection
Method of manufacturing THHN electrical cable, and resulting product, with reduced required installation pulling force
Connector structure
Method and apparatus for managing charge/discharge current of on-vehicle battery to control on-vehicle generator in consideration of offset of charge/discharge current
Auxiliary electric power supply for vehicle and charger/discharger for vehicle
Slow-speed direct-drive generator
Transient energy systems and methods for use of the same
Electric machine and stator provided for same
Control of electrical machines
Timing control circuit, timing generation system, timing control method and semiconductor memory device
High voltage switch with reduced voltage stress at output stage
Pulse generation circuit and UWB communication device
Level shifter concept for fast level transient design
Nanoparticle generator
Driver system and method for multiple cold-cathode fluorescent lamps and/or external-electrode fluorescent lamps
Discharge lamp ballast apparatus
Induction cooking mat for maintaining temperature in food and drink
Frozen food package and method of use
X-ray device
Multilayer substrate with built-in-chip-type electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
Convenient and safe receptacle/switch and terminal block
Resin coated metal foil, metal clad laminate, printed wiring board using them, and manufacturing method thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Conveyer-belt sushi control system capable of controlling amount of sushi
Multispectral/hyperspectral medical instrument
Sensor for transcutaneous measurement of vascular access blood flow
Ischemia detection
Signal evaluation method for detecting QRS complexes in electrocardiogram signals
Atrial fibrillation detection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for determining pregnancy possibility
System and method for generating gating signals for a magnetic resonance imaging system
System for confocal imaging within dermal tissue
Process, system, and kit for evaluating the relief of the skin with a substrate
Method and system for imaging the dynamics of scattering medium
Optical high speed rotary joint
Method and apparatus for securing and/or identifying a link to a percutaneous probe
Electrode for His bundle stimulation
Respiratory control by means of neuro-electrical coded signals
Independent therapy programs in an implantable medical device
Osteogenesis stimulator with digital signal processing
Physically active patch, methods of manufacturing same and its use
Nonpenetrating electroporation device
System and method for providing recovery from muscle denervation
Capture verification for cardiac resynchronization pacing optimization
Method and apparatus for detecting static magnetic fields
AC/DC multi-axis accelerometer for determining patient activity and body position
Multi-site cardiac stimulation device for controlling inter-chamber stimulation delay
Sympathetic nerve stimulator and/or pacemaker
Pacemaker with determination of the dependency of cardiac output on the AV-delay
Subcutaneous electrode for transthoracic conduction with low-profile installation appendage and method of doing same
Method of recharging battery for an implantable medical device
Active implantable medical device of the defibrillator/cardiovertor type with sophisticated management of ventricular tachycardias
Adaptive proximity sensing
Performing Operations; Transporting
Metal sheet part bending order and bending die proposing device and proposing method
Production of smart dies and molds using direct metal deposition
Compensating for cable drag forces in high precision stages
Method and apparatus of detecting tool abnormality in a machine tool
Apparatus and methods for detecting transitions of wafer surface properties in chemical mechanical polishing for process status and control
Detecting the clutch state during engine drag torque regulation
Transmission control system
Slow speed consist control by independently controlling each locomotive
Paper guide and electrophotographic forming apparatus having the same
Textiles; Paper
Textile machine with multiple work stations and a machine bus for communication
Embroidery data processing apparatus
Fixed Constructions
Controller system for downhole applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Vehicle control system
Device and method of controlling a drive unit
Impulse monitoring system: apparatus and method
Signal processor for use in electronic compass
Navigation system
Navigation system, data server, traveling route establishing method and information providing method
Car navigation system and car navigation control method
Device and method for system and process supervision in a magneto-inductive sensor
Multi-application data display
Soil measuring instrument, soil measurement assisting device and method, recorded medium on which a program is recorded, recorded medium on which data is recorded, application amount controller, application amount determining device, method for them, and farm working determination assisting system
Inspection equipment
Method for automatic alignment of metering system for a clinical analyzer
System and method for remote identification of energy consumption systems and components
Animated graphical object notification system
Frequency domain reflectometry system for baselining and mapping of wires and cables
Method and system for increasing reliability of data packet transmission against impulsive noise in powerline communication systems
Access control device and testing method
Integrated circuit testing method and system
Testing unit and self-evaluating device
Position detection system integrated into mobile terminal
Mobile station and its program
Positioning systems and methods
Registration of nuclear medicine images
Method and apparatus for interferometry, spectral analysis, and three-dimensional holographic imaging of hydrocarbon accumulations and buried objects
Smooth contouring software for generating geophysical data having less artifacts
Airborne based monitoring
Sensor arrays having light-powered transducers
Method and apparatus for reproducing sepia-tone images
Display arrangement for fading optical information into an observer's field of view
Variable attenuator optical add/drop devices
Dispersion compensating fiber and dispersion compensating fiber module
Optical module
Multiple viewing angle cover having integral light pipe
Optical mode converter
Optical switch having photonic crystal structure
Multi-pass, arcuate bent waveguide, high power super luminescent diode
Optical transmission module and optical communication system using the same
Method of making photonic devices with SOG interlayer
Planar lightwave circuit and optical circuit
Parallel multiwavelength optical subassembly
Optical spectrum monitor
Using a transversal Filter to compensate for dispersion
Combination wavelength multiplexer and wavelength stabilizer
Tunable chromatic dispersion compensator
Adjustable dispersion compensator with few mode fibers and switchable mode converters
Method and apparatus for MEMS optical switching using rotating mirrors
2-D optical switch with lens mount
Optical interconnection apparatus
Adjustable positioning mechanism
Optical coupling apparatus and method
Optical transceiver, connector, substrate unit, optical transmitter, optical receiver, and semiconductor device
Cable management panel with sliding drawer
High density fiber optic cable
Telecommunication cable including optical fiber module
Camera including cam member for interlocking image-taking optical system and view finder optical system of the camera
Focus detection device
Polymer waveguide devices incorporating electro-optically active polymer clads
Corporate feed for 40 GHz modulators and method for use of the same
Polarization-stabilized all-optical switch
Non-linear photonic switch and method of making the same
Shooting apparatus and lens barrel
Optical viewing system and adaptor therefor
Method of providing photofinishing credit
Method of determining the distance of projection points on the surface of a printing form
Image forming apparatus capable of delivering tab sheets
Method and apparatus for forming image
Spacing member, process cartridge, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including the same
Image forming apparatus and program for controlling image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Waste toner collecting device, and image forming apparatus including the waste toner collecting device
Sealing system for a developing cartridge
Developer charging unit, developing device, image-forming apparatus, and computer system
Image heating apparatus having a limiting member
Duplex image forming apparatus with control of heat supplied by fixing member
Image formation apparatus and developer collection vessel used therewith
Image forming apparatus having selectively removable image processing and toner modules
Image forming apparatus
Method for tuning PID controllers applicable to nonlinear systems
Pattern recognition adaptive controller
Predictive diagnostic system in a programmable automaton
Method for operating automation control equipment applications
Method and a system for evaluating whether a signal is suitable for feed-forward control
Method for avoiding irregular shutoff of production equipment and system for avoiding irregular shutoff
Identification of atypical flight patterns
Click based trading with market depth display
System and method for processing and tracking telecommunications service orders
Method, apparatus and program for quantitative competition and recording medium having recorded thereon the program
System and method for efficiently generating models for targeting products and promotions using classification method by choosing points to be labeled
Sales method and system for selling tangible and intangible products
Method of pricing application software
Configuring and purchasing imaging devices
Method of optimizing market and institutional risks in foreign exchange hedging
Terminal device and real-time clock control method therefor enabling preservation of clock/calendar information and high information readout speed
Controller for monitoring temperature
Method and apparatus for power management of graphics processors and subsystems that allow the subsystems to respond to accesses when subsystems are idle
Micro-controller having USB control unit, MC unit and oscillating circuit commonly used by the USB control unit and the MC unit
Method and system with adaptive data transfer policy based on a power state of a computing device
Computer system and method of controlling standby mode thereof
Memory power management using prefetch buffers
Data transformation for the reduction of power and noise in CMOS structures
Logical restores of physically backed up data
Field replaceable storage array
ECC circuit-containing semiconductor memory device and method of testing the same
Hardware assisted communication between processors
Remote mirroring in a switched environment
Storage system with data prefetch function
Method and system for consistent cluster operational data in a server cluster using a quorum of replicas
Fault tolerant storage system having an interconnection fabric that also carries network traffic
Method for controlling managing computer, medium for storing control program, and managing computer
Interactive virtual library system for expeditiously providing automatic updates of user-desired information from content providers, at least one of which is commercial, to users
Apparatus and method for controlling access to a service over a communications system
Performance monitor and method therefor
Memory co-processor for a multi-tasking system
System for storing block allocation information on multiple snapshots
Incremental backup of a data volume
Method, system, and program for performing an input/output operation with respect to a logical storage device
Dynamically adaptive buffer mechanism
System and method for restoring a file system from backups in the presence of deletions
System and method for raid striping
Address conversion unit for memory device
Controlling access to a primary memory
System and method for linear object reallocation in place
Cache-line reuse-buffer
Method and system for data element change across multiple instances of data base cache
Bandwidth allocation for a data path
Distributed memory module cache
Apparatus and method to form one or more premigration aggregates comprising a plurality of least recently accessed virtual volumes
Associative memory system with a multi-digit incrementable validity counter
Microprocessor preventing erroneous writing to control register
Method and apparatus for managing access to a service processor
Method and apparatus for managing access to memory
Method and apparatus for networked backup storage
Apparatus and method for online data migration with remote copy
System for early packet steering and FIFO-based management with priority buffer support
Virtual processor through USB
Method for providing digital contents with offering access incentive
Use of bus hold to prevent bus contention between high speed processor and slow peripheral
Method and computer device with different criticality
Multi-chip module smart controller
Memory latency and bandwidth optimizations
Control chip for accelerating memory access and method of operating the same
Universal serial bus transaction processing tasks scheduling method for computer system, involves assigning transaction to periodic queue head list with faster polling interval
Apparatus for flushing slave transactions from resetting masters of a data bus
Device and process for acquisition of measurements using a digital communication bus, particularly used during aircraft tests
Flash memory management method
Electronic meeting center
Distributed universal communication module for facilitating delivery of network services to one or more devices communicating over multiple transport facilities
System for managing an exchange of questions and answers through an expert answer web site
Computer and control method thereof
Data processing apparatus and data processing method
Virtual channels and corresponding buffer allocations for deadlock-free computer system operation
Method and computer system for managing data exchanges among a plurality of network nodes in a managed packet network
World Wide Web access for voice mail and page
Method of providing duplicate original file copies of a searched topic from multiple file types derived from the web
Methods and systems for managing network infrastructure change including obtaining approval for the network infrastructure changes
System and method for automatically configuring a client device
Hardware/software management, purchasing and optimization system
System and method for implementing quality control rules formulated in accordance with a quality control rule grammar
Method and apparatus for authoring of customizable multimedia documents
Method and apparatus for facilitating accurate automated processing of data
Systems, methods, and computer program products to optimize serialization when porting code to IBM S/390 UNIX system services from a UNIX system
Method for computing fast Fourier transform and inverse fast Fourier transform
Apparatus and method for processing natural language
Non-repudiable translation of electronic documents
Translation system and a multifunction computer, particularly for treating texts and translation on paper
Method of superposing molecular structures of compounds
Audio information provision system
Access to server resources from heterogeneous platforms
Database processing method, apparatus for implementing same, and medium containing processing program therefor
Method, storage medium and system for electronically viewing multi-page document while preserving appearance of printed pages
Reduce database monitor workload by employing predictive query threshold
Tracking usage of resources of a database system
Method and apparatus for data storage and retrieval
Categorization based on record linkage theory
System and method for indexing recordings of observed and assessed phenomena using pre-defined measurement items
Polyarchical data indexing and automatically generated hierarchical data indexing paths
Concurrent file across at a target file server during migration of file systems between file servers using a network file system access protocol
Data processing system and method and storage medium storing data processing program
System and method for accessing information in a replicated database
Universal task management system, method and product for automatically managing remote workers, including automatically training the workers
Presentation builder
System and method of using e-mail centered internet interaction
Peer-to-peer file sharing
System and method for comparing and representing similarity between documents using a drag and drop GUI within a dynamically generated list of document identifiers
Conflict resolution for collaborative work system
Method and apparatus for re-formatting web pages
System and method for creating a clinical resume
Image server synchronization
Web collaboration through synchronization
Image encrypting method, image encrypting device, recording medium on which image encrypting procedures are recorded, and recording medium on which encrypted image file is recorded
Methods, data structures, and systems for processing media data streams
Method and system for finite element modeling and simulation of enhanced magnetoresistance in thin film semiconductors with metallic inclusions
Design of an application specific processor (ASP)
Method for determining signals in mixed signal systems
System and method for determining the desired decoupling components for a power distribution system having a voltage regulator module
Quality control and support method for analyzer
Method and apparatus for controlling process target values based on manufacturing metrics
Flash memory program and erase operations
System and method of processing a data signal
Method of permitting group access to electronically stored images and transaction card used in the method
Automatic recognition of locator die in partial wafermap process
Test driver selection
Technique for securely storing data within a memory
Gateway system and recording medium
Using trusted communication channel to combat user name/password theft
Force-feedback input device
Dequeuing from a host adapter two-dimensional queue
Method and system for indicating document traversal direction in a hyper linked navigation system
Array-based extensible document storage format
Apparatus and method for graphically displaying a vector simultaneously along with the numerical values of its vector components
Disk storage system having an electronic circuit mounted on the surface of the disk and control method thereof
System for retrieving and printing network documents
Java-based data access object
System for determining the mapping of logical objects in a data storage system
Query modification analysis
Method and apparatus for generating and utilizing qualifiers and qualified taxonomy tables
Creating ensembles of decision trees through sampling
Content management system and methodology employing a tree-based table hierarchy which accomodates opening a dynamically variable number of cursors therefor
System and method for preventing automated crawler access to web-based data sources using a dynamic data transcoding scheme
Stability control system having loading information
Method and apparatus for human vehicle interface
Apparatus and method for providing higher radix redundant digit lookup tables for recoding and compressing function values
Statistical guardband methodology
Parallel counter and a multiplication logic circuit
Renaming apparatus and processor
Hybrid branch prediction using a global selection counter and a prediction method comparison table
Processor for managing latest speculation states and efficiently reusing reorder buffer entries
Managing load and store operations using a storage management unit with data flow architecture
Method and system for using internal FIFO RAM to improve system boot times
Method, system, and computer program product for computer-aided detection of nodules with three dimensional shape enhancement filters
Client version advertisement service for overriding default client version properties
Computer-Based lecture recording and reproducing method
Method and system for updating software with smaller patch files
Method and system for allowing code to be securely initialized in a computer
Reconfiguring memory to reduce boot time
Apparatus and method for transferring information between platforms
Multichannel synchronized communication
Method and apparatus for delaying interfering accesses from other threads during transactional program execution
Method, apparatus, program and recording medium for memory access serialization and lock management
Processor with multiple-thread, vertically-threaded pipeline
Mechanism for enabling session information to be shared across multiple processes
Method and apparatus for sequentially profiling and solving problems in space mission analysis
Portable terminal apparatus and related information management system and method with concurrent position detection and information collection
Transponder interrogators, radio frequency identification device communication systems, transponder interrogator communication methods, and radio frequency identification device communication methods
Arrangement for and method of expediting transactions based on a customer's proximity to the transactions
Automatic currency processing system
Left hand right hand invariant dynamic finger positioning guide
Implementation and uses of XsRGB
Image encoding method and apparatus
Image processing device and program product
System and method for capturing non-audible information for processing
Adaptive bit rate control for rate reduction of MPEG coded video
Diagnosis oriented lossy compression of medical images
Method for contour extraction for object representation
System and method for automatic recognition of formations in moving target indication data
System and method for aligning images
Method and apparatus for automatically determining salient features for object classification
System and method for on-line adaptive prediction using dynamic management of multiple sub-models
System and method for controlling inclusion of email content
Method and communication system for enhancing international travel preparedness within an organization
Transport vehicle capacity maximization logistics system and method of same
Communication system with wireless electronic mail or messaging integrated and/or associated with application program residing on remote computing device
Motion dispatch system
Method and apparatus for facilitating an anonymous information system and anonymous service transactions
Network service user authentication system
Method and apparatus for making secure electronic payments
ABDS system and verification status for authenticating entity access
Method and system for selecting and purchasing media advertising
Method and system for distributing and reconciling electronic promotions
Reorder-assistance functionality levels
Automated customer support system
System for syndication of insurance
Electronic legal research ordering and pricing method of defining and valuing electronic legal research instructions and electronically ordering and pricing legal research
System and method for product evaluation
Digital content distribution
Product design process and product design apparatus
Memory rental service system in intelligent authentication unit
Method and apparatus for a credibility reporting system to augment an online exchange
Loan modeller method and apparatus
Digital computer system and methods for a synthetic investment and risk management fund
Money-transfer techniques
Data apparatus and method having DMA circuitry to efficiently transfer multivalued bit-plane data
Method and apparatus for processing information of an object
Make-up and fashion accessory display and marketing system and method
Apparatus and method for efficiently increasing the spatial resolution of images
Process for processing images to automatically extract semantic features
Interactive frame segmentation with dynamic programming
Multiresolution based method for removing noise from digital images
Method of enhancing the tone scale of a digital image to extend the linear response range without amplifying noise
Image coding apparatus
Method of limiting key usage in a postage metering system that produces cryptographically secured indicium
Method and apparatus for a modular postage accounting system
Digital coin-based postage meter
Scalable, fraud resistant graphical payment indicia
Program writable IC card and method thereof
Methods for matching, selecting, narrowcasting, and/or classifying based on rights management and/or other information
Fully functional remote control editor and emulator
Hand held device having a browser application
System and method for reducing memory latency during read requests
Mobile tracking device for transportation industry
Learning support message distribution program
Remote communication system and method
Method and apparatus for processing an input speech signal during presentation of an output audio signal
Character information receiving apparatus
Automatic dynamic speech recognition vocabulary based on external sources of information
Speech recognition apparatus and method using two opposite words
Method and system for semantic speech recognition
Speech recognition using microphone antenna array
Voice recognition system
Speech command input recognition system for interactive computer display with speech controlled display of recognized commands
Coding based on spectral content of a speech signal
Suppression system of background noise of speech signals and the method thereof
Methods and systems for prefilling a buffer in streaming data applications
System and method for play while recording processing
Recording medium for storing real time recording/reproduction information, method and apparatus for recording and reproducing in real time, and file operating method using the same
Optical disk, optical disk recording and reproducing apparatus, method for recording, reproducing and deleting data on optical disk, and information processing system
Method and apparatus for detecting local features of video, and recording medium storing the method
Method and apparatus for recording manufacturer information and for determining whether the manufacturer information is effective
Removable hard drive assembly, computer with a removable hard disk drive, method of initializing and operating a removable hard drive
DRAM power management
Tri-stating output buffer during initialization of synchronous memory
Multi-bank memory accesses using posted writes
Automated wafer defect inspection system and a process of performing such inspection
Substrate processing apparatus, operation method thereof and program
High-frequency module and radio device using the same
Adaptive cancellation of fixed interferers
Amplifying optical fiber, optical fiber amplifier and optical transmission system
Optical fiber heating module
Method and apparatus for wavelength switching of a laser source
Electrical power transmission
Battery charger system and method for providing detailed battery status and charging method information
Anti-demodulator circuit, filtering device and demodulator circuit
Mixing apparatus
Anti-aliased clipping by band-limited modulation with step functions
Integrated RF signal level detector usable for automatic power level control
Programmable filter architecture
Pin diode circuit arrangement
Circuit configuration for receiving at least two digital signals
Method and system for accelerating ethernet checksums
Error detection system for a FIFO memory
CRC calculation system and method for a packet arriving on an n-byte wide bus
Node processors for use in parity check decoders
Wireless radio telephone apparatus
Method and device for digital-to-RF conversion
Optical power transient monitor
Mobile communication network system using digital optical link
Optical level control method
Method for preventing lasing in an optical ring network
Power control in spread spectrum communications systems
Satellite carrier measurement system and method
Systems and methods for reducing satellite feeder link bandwidth/carriers in cellular satellite systems
Method for synchronizing data between mobile terminal and computer
Methods and apparatuses for measuring frequencies of basestations in cellular networks using mobile GPS receivers
Wireless interactive transaction system
Optical communication system using 4 wavelength add/drop type wavelength division multiplexing
Wireless communication system with interference compensation
Communication terminal apparatus, base station, and method of radio communication
Static end to end retransmit apparatus and method
Failure detector for communication network in automobile
Pattern matching in communications network where first memory stores set of patterns, and second memory stores mask data identifying patterns in the first memory
High performance digital loop diagnostic technology
Network device interface for digitally interfacing data channels to a controller via a network
Transmission apparatus and method for multimedia service in mobile communication system
Methods and arrangements for short range wireless communication
Transmitting information given constrained resources
Single sign-on system and single sign-on method for a web site and recording medium
Channel-specific file system views in a private network using a public-network infrastructure
Authentication and protection for IP application protocols based on 3GPP IMS procedures
System and method for multiple virtual private network authentication schemes
Method and system for temporary network identity
System, computer product and method for interfacing with a private communication portal from a wireless device
TCP offload device that load balances and fails-over between aggregated ports having different MAC addresses
Method and system for caching HTTP data transported with socks data in IP datagrams
Customer navigation system and customer navigation method
Method and apparatus for hierarchical software distribution packages including composite packages
Object oriented editor for creating world wide web documents
Socket extensions for redundancy
Distributed information system and protocol for affixing electronic signatures and authenticating documents
Method and apparatus for minimizing inconsistency between data sources in a web content distribution system
Method and apparatus for establishing and sharing a virtual change notification list among a plurality of peer nodes
Auto-detection of duplex mismatch on an ethernet
Method of downloading of data to an MPEG receiver/decoder and MPEG transmission system for implementing the same
System, method and article of manufacture for a cryptographic key infrastructure for networked devices
Continuous verification system
Apparatus and method for opening a cover of a mobile phone
System and method of transcoding a telephone number from a web page
Apparatus and method for managing a mobile phone answering mode and outgoing message based on a location of the mobile phone
Mobile telephone with local communication option
Method of automatically changing a calling mode of telephone as timer setting changes
Portable communication device
Telecommunication device with improved call-priority notification function and method of notification of call-priority
Apparatus for conducting a conference call between a wireless line and a land line using customer premise equipment
Method and apparatus for charging of communications services
Contact center management
Methods and apparatus for an image transfer object
Image processing method and apparatus
Method and device for reducing image by palette modification
Image sensing apparatus, shading correction method, program, and storage medium
Electronic program guide with graphic program listings
Digital video storage and replay system
Method of indexing and searching images of text in video
Method for providing database security
Decoding of digital data
Apparatus and method for encoding/decoding image frame
Switch for an optical transmission network using wavelength division multiplexing
Method for processing authentication failed/authorization denied subscribers by intelligent network
Route planning system for mobile telecommunications
System and method for dynamically adjusting cell sectorization
Method and apparatus for dropping and reacquiring a dispatch channel
Mobile radio communication system
Method for push-to-listen remote monitoring
Wireless communication with a mobile asset employing dynamic configuration of a software defined radio
Mobile communication service control system and mobile communication service control method
Maintaining association in a communications network
Handover method (roaming) for mobile terminal devices
Connection management for dual mode access terminals in a radio network
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