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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Portable electrocardiogram
Method and device for carrying out optical pick up
Optical determination of ph and glucose
Method for correcting x-ray scatter in projection radiography and computer tomography
Active retina implant with a multiplicity of pixel elements
Method and system for determining lead position for optimized cardiac resynchronization therapy hemodynamics
Bradycardia pacing in a subcutaneous device
Guided atrial anti-tachycardia pacing for implanted cardiac stimulation
One piece header assembly for an implantable medical device
Self-diagnostic method and system for implantable cardiac device
Systems and methods for indicating aberrant behavior detected by an implanted medical device
Implantable medical device programming apparatus having a graphical user interface
Performing Operations; Transporting
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus using the same
Method and device for the detection of the separation of an electronic module from a vehicle to which it is mounted
Wheel position detecting device that verifies accuracy of detection using trigger signal reception strength and tire air pressure detecting device including the same
Driver workload-based vehicle stability enhancement control
Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information
Belt unit installed apparatus, image forming apparatus having the same, and method of installing/removing belt unit
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for evaluating elastic mechanical properties of a transversely isotropic formation
Methods and systems for determining a critical dimension and overlay of a specimen
Alignment and alignment marks
Method for correcting disturbances in a level sensor light path
Optical displacement meter, optical displacement measuring method, optical displacement measuring program, computer-readable recording medium, and device that records the program
Method for displaying map information
Curve warning system
Methods and systems for displaying assistance messages to aircraft operators
Method and apparatus for determining position and orientation
Optical sensor device for detecting wetting
Method and device to quantify active carrier profiles in ultra-shallow semiconductor structures
Method for synchronising an emitter and a detector in a computed tomography scanner
Method and apparatus to couple a module to a management controller on an interconnect
High availability transport protocol method and apparatus
Load distribution between nodes in communication networks
Method and apparatus for configuring plurality of devices on printed circuit board into desired test port configuration
Method of updating the clock bias between a GSM network BTS and GPS Satellites
Receiver for radio positioning signals
Sub-salt reflection tomography and imaging by walkaway VSP survey
Process and system for three-dimensional urban modeling
Anamorphic prisms
Electronic paper display device, manufacturing method and driving method thereof
Optical elements made from ceramics comprising one or more oxides of Y, Sc, in and/or lanthanide elements and mapping optics including the optical elements
Anti-glare film, method for manufacturing the same, and display device using the same
Low profile fiber distribution hub
Environmentally stable component assembly
Lens module and lens barrel
Piezoelectric movement of a lens
Projection objective and method for optimizing a system aperture stop of a projection objective
Refractive projection objective for immersion lithography
Electro-optic modulation
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display with a barrier formed of TFT materials
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
High-resolution autostereoscopic display
Liquid crystal display device
Display device using light source and external light and having display unit hinged with main body
Patterned vertically aligned liquid crystal display
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Optical modulator
Imaging device performing focus adjustment based on human face information
Focus adjustment device, imaging device and focus adjustment method
Digital camera
Photographic device with image generation function
Camera with waterproof function
Apparatus and method for recovering fluid for immersion lithography
Gamut mapping by controlling minimum and maximum color changes
Image forming apparatus with a fog controller
Sheet transport apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and damper
Color image forming method and color image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Developer cartridge, developing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with toner container locking lever
Power supply control of an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with cleaning device for removing remaining toner from outer surface of the intermediate transfer
Fixing device of image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with transferring member to transfer toner image onto the recording medium
Fixing device and image forming apparatus having the same
Fixing device and image forming apparatus including fixing device
Fixing device and image forming apparatus equipped with the same
Cleanerless image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus and recovery roller
Image forming apparatus
Method and automation system for operation and/or observing at least one field device
Protection process and control system for a gas turbine
Charge pump circuit and nonvolatile memory
Internal voltage generator
Temperature and process-stable magnetic field sensor bias current source
Reference voltage generating circuit
Providing a deterministic idle time window for an idle state of a device
Foldable electronic device
Protocol and interface between a LAN on motherboard (LOM) and a powered device (PD) for a personal computing device (PCD)
System and method for managing group policy backup
Device, system and method of generating a hardware-verification test case
Saving and retrieving data based on symmetric key encryption
Pointguard: method and system for protecting programs against pointer corruption attacks
Job analysis
Method and apparatus for accessing a virtualized storage volume using a pre-loaded volume map
Design structure for forwarding store data to loads in a pipelined processor
Chips providing single and consolidated commands
Variable caching policy system and method
Method and apparatus for mapping one catalog into another catalog
Executing unmanaged content in a managed execution environment
Method and system for an extensible caching framework
Non-blocking address switch with shallow per agent queues
SDRAM memory device with an embedded NAND flash controller
Memory-based fast fourier transform device
Data generating device capable of appending different watermarks to corresponding pages
Domain name acquisition and management system and method
Electronic item management and archival system and method of operating the same
Device, method and program product for data transmission management
Method and device for implementation of a firewall application for communication data
Linking sounds and emoticons
Group communication system based on presence information and client device
Shortcut sets for controlled environments
Source indicators for elements of an aggregate media collection in a media sharing system
System and method for descriptor-based discovery of network document processing devices
Methods and apparatus for local network address acquisition, analysis and substitution
Networked computing using objects
System and method to facilitate translation of communications between entities over a network
System, computer program product and method for storing information in an application service provider
System and method for utilizing asynchronous client server communication objects
Automated tagging of syndication data feeds
Device management system and device management command scheduling method thereof
Data reporting using distribution estimation
Method and system for securing network access to data stored in a data storage system
Computer program, method, and apparatus for managing reservation of it resources
Apparatus for aiding construction of storage area network system and method therefor
Global view of service areas/local view of service needs
Repacking procedure for streaming packet switched services
Device authentication apparatus device authentication method information processing apparatus information processing method and computer program
Information processing apparatus, client terminal, setting content changing method, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
Method and apparatus for determining the variable dependency
Smart tray for dispensing medicaments
Replay apparatus and content evaluation method
Program controlled stirrer and method for the operation thereof
Signal processing apparatus
Multi-disciplinary information engine for total ownership cost estimation of complex systems
Forward chaining and identifying rule dependencies and rule triggering side effects in terms of data objects accessed by rules in a ruleset
System and method for video processing
Tax scorecard reporting system
System and method for indicating previous document source information for current document fields
Writing assistance using machine translation techniques
Method, system and message structure for electronically exchanging medical information
Apparatus and method for translating Japanese into Chinese using a thesaurus and similarity measurements, and computer program therefor
Dialog supporting apparatus that selects similar dialog histories for utterance prediction
Weather information in a calendar
Method of encapsulating information in a database, an encapsulated database for use in a communication system and a method by which a database mediates an instant message in the system
Signal processing apparatus and method thereof
Method and apparatus for maintaining relationships between parts in a package
Efficient computer file backup system and method
Portable electronic device filtering
Grouping multimedia and streaming media search results
Alternative search query processing in a term bidding system
Finding text on a web page
Method and system for generating map data and information delivery apparatus
Systems and methods for constructing multi-layer topological models of computer networks
Parameter identification for field devices used in automation technology
Guided wave pipeline inspection system with enhanced focusing capability
Optimisation of the design of a component
TM leveling methods
Hybrid vehicle and control method of hybrid vehicle
Abnormality diagnostic device and abnormality diagnostic method for air-fuel ratio sensor
Lead molecule cross-reaction prediction and optimization system
C4NP servo controlled solder fill head
Method and system for managing software licenses and reducing unauthorized use of software
Automatically filling a drive table
Domain-based application functionality
Integrated instrument driver network
Method and apparatus for auto-protocol discrimination between fibre channel, SAS and SATA devices
Wireless-interface module and electronic apparatus
Apparatus and program product for storing fibre channel information on an infiniband administration database
Input output control apparatus with a plurality of ports and single protocol processing circuit
High-definition multimedia interface receiver/transmitter chipset
Liquid crystal display device
Coordinates input system, coordinates input method, coordinates input program, and computer-readable storage medium
Image recording system and program
Digital copying machine and image data transfer method in digital copying machine
Incremental-click analysis of keyword searching
Risk-modulated proactive data migration for maximizing utility in storage systems
System and method to perform data indexing in a transaction processing environment
Extended environment data structure for distributed digital assets over a multi-tier computer network
Method and system for agent exchange-based materials handling
Document management system, document management method, and recording medium storing program for document management
Cellular phone configured with off-board device capabilities and starter/charger and battery testing capabilities
Acceleration/deceleration induced real-time identification of maximum tire-road friction coefficient
Method and system for extracting consistent disjoint set membership from multiple inconsistent data sources
Information processing and, content distribution apparatus method, and program with conversion identification information
Query-based text summarization
Communication system and method, information processing terminal and method, and information processing device and method
Random number generator and generation method
Method to change USB device descriptors from host to emulate a new device
Method for enhancing production allocation in an integrated reservoir and surface flow system
Method and system for biometric image assembly from multiple partial biometric frame scans
Method and device for visualizing a sequence of tomographic image data records
Method and system for detection of undesirable images
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and computer product
Image processing apparatus and method, recording medium, and program
Dominant motion analysis
Writing guide for a free-form document editor
Processing architecture for automatic image registration
Method and system for rapid object recall within images
Image compression and decompression method capable of encoding and decoding pixel data based on a color conversion method
Method for decoding transform coefficients corresponding to an image
Method for compressing an image
Adaptive quantizer
Method and system for digital image enhancement
Method and apparatus for detection using gradient-weighted and/or distance-weighted graph cuts
Image dominant line determination and use
Check authorization system and method
Method of enhancing electronic communications with contextually relevant content
Communication service method and communication apparatus thereof
System and method for generating and displaying messages associated with negotiated orders
Common carrier system
Information terminal apparatus
User interface for an electronic trading system
Factor risk model based system, method, and computer program product for generating risk forecasts
Systems and methods for managing client accounts
Pay yourself first system
Computerized system and method for an automated payment process
Apparatus, system, and method for an asset-backed purchase card
Method and system for graphically differentiating user preferred securities from one another
System, method and computer program product for performing a contingent claim valuation of a multi-stage option
Auction method, auction system, and program product therefor
Trader order preservation in trading system
Optimization of timing for data collection and analysis in advanced patient management system
Pen-based 3D drawing system with 3D mirror symmetric curve drawing
Method and apparatus for generating on-screen display using 3D graphics
Modeling reflections within an image sequence
Modeling variable illumination in an image sequence
Method for constructing a triangular mesh surface of a point cloud
Method for tracking and dispensing medical items
Automatic empty carrier storage, retrieval and distribution system
Method and system for providing tracking services to locate an asset
Microstrip antenna for RFID device
Information management system, method, program and recording medium
Wireless asset monitoring and security system
Optical system and element for detecting ice and water
Christmas tree alerting device
Notification of channel descriptor transmission for a mobile station in idle or sleep mode in a wireless access system
Biometric information transmitter
Organic electro-luminescence display apparatus
Display apparatus and driving device for displaying
Image display device capable of shifting a data line destination
Method and apparatus for producing composite images which contain virtual objects
Method and computer-readable medium for generating graphics having a finite number of dynamically sized and positioned shapes
Timing of speech recognition over lossy transmission systems
Stationary-tones interference cancellation
Interleaving of information into compressed digital audio streams
Control device, control method, recording device and recording method for recording real-time and non-real time data on recording medium
Adjustment method of optimum write power and optical write/retrieval device
Ramp for polyoxmethylene resin hard disk drive
Limiter structure with reduced vertical extent for low profile disk drive suspensions
Air bearing surface with shallow center channel
Optical disc identification apparatus and method of identifying optical disc
Memory device including a programmable resistance element
Method of testing PRAM device
Indirect measurement of negative margin voltages in endurance testing of EEPROM cells
Self-referenced match-line sense amplifier for content addressable memories
Media player with non-volatile memory
Semiconductor memory device
Memory device with reduced standby power consumption and method for operating same
High speed DRAM architecture with uniform access latency
Half-select compliant memory cell precharge circuit
Extended synchronized clock
Double data rate-single data rate input block and method for using same
Control unit
Coded linear magnet arrays in two dimensions
System and method for attachment of objects
System and method for separating attached field emission structures
Method for defining field emission structures using non-regular patterns
High flux X-ray target and assembly
Fractal antennas and fractal resonators
Semiconductor device
Communication system and communication apparatus
Solid state laser with beam path conditioning
Semiconductor laser having protruding portion
Laser-diode pumped solid-state laser apparatus, optical scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus and display apparatus
High power laser diode array comprising at least one high power diode laser and laser light source comprising the same
Power distribution panel with modular elements
Pump controller system and method
Power semiconductor module with reduced parasitic inductance
Compensating quantity-providing circuit, stress-compensating circuit, stress-compensated circuit, apparatus for providing a compensating quantity, method for providing a compensating quantity and ring oscillator
Enhanced polar modulator for transmitter
Method and apparatus for creating phase modulation in edge-sensitive signals
Method and apparatus for selecting a subset of modeled impairment correlation terms for use in received signal processing
Simplified channel and interference estimation with dedicated pilot tones for OFDMA
Frequency modulation-frequency shift keying demodulator
Packet detection, synchronization, and frequency offset estimation
Systems and methods of RF power transmission, modulation, and amplification, including embodiments for extending RF transmission bandwidth
Process, voltage and temperature control for high-speed, low-power fixed and variable gain amplifiers based on MOSFET resistors
Pulse width modulation regulator system with automatically switching pulse skipping mode
Semiconductor device and driving method thereof
Clock selection circuit and synthesizer
PLL circuit and semiconductor device
Calibration device and method thereof for pipelined analog-to-digital converter
Analog to digital converter using asynchronous pulse technology
D/A conversion circuit and semiconductor device
Data structure management for lossless data compression
Scalable encoding and/or decoding method and apparatus
Estimation of a signal-to-interference plus noise ratio at the output of an OFDM CDMA receiver
L1/L2 GPS receiver
Method for multiple-access interference suppression for MC-CDMA by frequency domain oversampling
System and method of detecting burst noise and minimizing the effect of burst noise
Apparatus, system and method capable of integrating a cellular phone stack in an extended firmware interface (EFI) layer
Timing generator and methods thereof
Video encoding and video/audio/data multiplexing device
Optical transmission system, optical receiver, and its gain adjustment method
Open-path/free-space optical communication system and method using reflected or backscattered light
Optical DQPSK receiver apparatus
Optical network design method and storage medium for storing design program
Optical modulator
Automatic selection of the performance monitoring based on client type
Optical surge suppressive type optical amplifier
Multi-transceiver system and methods of compensating offset frequency
System and method for transmitting data in a communication network
Time correlation of signal power to distortion characteristics
Method and system for bandwidth optimization in a communication network
Reducing interference with a multiple format channel in a communication system
Mobile station apparatus and transmission power control method for the same apparatus
Mobile communication system, radio base station, transmission power control method used therein, and program thereof
Multiplexing of real time services and non-real time services for OFDM systems
DTV transmitting system and method of processing data in DTV transmitting system
Relay Server for SIP/RTP messages with buffer management
Communication processing system, packet processing load balancing device and packet processing load balancing method therefor
Technique for efficiently avoiding transient routing disturbances in link state routing protocols with link state packet fragmentation
Method and apparatus for simply configuring a subscriber appliance for performing a service controlled by a separate service provider
Cell search method for orthogonal frequency division multiplexing based cellular communication system
Optical switching transmission system with timing correction
Optical network terminal power failure management
Voice over internet protocol marker insertion
Communication system bandwidth reservation management
Method and system for adapatively obtaining bandwidth allocation requests
Call setup pacing in computer networks
Serial ethernet device-to-device interconnection
Synchronized UWB piconets for simultaneously operating piconet performance
Star pattern partial encryption method
Mobile communications networks
Method for determining a network topology in an apparatus for processing physical documents, such as postal items
Selection of transmission media in an ad-hoc network based upon approximate predicted information utility
Scalable virtual private local area network service
Data transmission method and terminal used for data transmission method
Method, system, and computer program product for high performance bonding resequencing
Token passing data transfer mechanism for reservation based protocols
Management device, management method, computer readable medium and computer data signal
Telecommunications system and method for forwarding messages based upon subscriber identification information
Method and apparatus for gigabit packet assignment for multithreaded packet processing
Ethernet-based broadband communication channel methods and systems
Unified distributed architecture for a multi-point video conference and interactive broadcast systems
Method of selecting demodulation scheme and digital broadcast receiver using the same
LDPC encoder and encoder and method thereof
Method for exchanging data packets between two service providers of a radiotelephony transmission system
Secure resource access
Method, system and receiver in receiving a multi-carrier transmission
Inter-device adaptable interfacing clock skewing
System and method for executing preamble detection, symbol timing recovery, and frequency offset estimation
Phase rotator for delay locked loop based SerDes
System and method for providing identity hiding in a shared key authentication protocol
Local authentication of mobile subscribers outside their home systems
Trusted storage systems and methods
Method of cryptographic synchronization
Virtual distributed security system
Private routing control numbers
Variable configuration apparatus
Policy based information lifecycle management
Method and apparatus for security in a wireless network
"Always-on" telemetry system and method
Wireless communication apparatus, wireless communication network and software upgrading method
Enhanced call pickup
Method and system for driving an indicating element on a terminal
Wired, wireless, infrared, and powerline audio entertainment systems
Communication terminal
Light-channeling apparatus and method
Optical device with movable optical module
Document camera and document camera system
Methods and apparatuses for changing driving sequence to output charge coupled device signal
Image reading apparatus and image forming machine provided with the same
Apparatus and method for enhancing device-adaptive color
Method and apparatus for manufacturing color image pickup device including a random array pattern and a regular array pattern
Solid-state imaging apparatus using an amplification-type MOS sensor
Pixel-data line buffer approach having variable sampling patterns
Camera with framing means
Image capturing apparatus, electronic apparatus, display method, and program
Image photographing device and release device
Image processing device that removes motion blur from an image and method of removing motion blur from an image
Distance-measuring device installed in camera
Pixel structure
Automatic video detector
Reception system for multiple-tuner television enabling to automatically connect each tuner to at least an antenna, whatever the number of antennae it comprises
Camera control device
Methods and apparatuses for reproducing subtitle streams from a recording medium
Image processing apparatus, method thereof, and recording medium
Stream converter
Arbitrary-resolution, extreme-quality video codec
Slice mask and moat pattern partial encryption
Time division partial encryption
Partial encryption
Prediction intra-mode selection in an encoder
Apparatus to synchronize change cycle of external light and associated methodology
Image pickup apparatus and image processing method
Image signal processing device, digital camera and computer program product for processing image signal
Packet transmission system, wireless basestation, and route optimization for packet transmission
Clip state display method, clip state display apparatus, and clip state display program
Shielding housing for a condenser microphone
Method and apparatus for location determination using mini-beacons
Data acquisition system and mobile terminal
Smart inter-technology handover control
Controlling handover between different packet networks by using common primitive messages to manage QoS
Method of registering a mobile node in a foreign network in a mobile IP environment and mobile IP network by omitting agent discovery
Scanning neighboring base stations in wireless access system
System for establishing data transmission path between mobile phone terminals
IP mobility mechanism for a packet radio network
Support tabs for protecting a circuit board from applied forces
Electronic device
Electronic control apparatus
Circuit device, circuit module, and outdoor unit
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and device for image display
Operation microscope apparatus
Method and system for predictive physiological gating
Methods and apparatus for image reconstruction in distributed x-ray source CT systems
Method for computed tomography of a periodically moving object to be examined, and a CT unit for carrying out this method
X-ray data collecting apparatus and X-ray CT apparatus
Acoustic sensor using curved piezoelectric film
Optimal configuration of photon and electron multileaf collimators in mixed beam radiotherapy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Spark management method and device
Electrochemical capacitor and method for its preparation
Optical alignment system for power tool
Grounded isolation system
Magnetoresistance effect element, its manufacturing method, magnetic reproducing element and magnetic memory
Scanning optical system
Scanning optical system
Vehicle window providing multiple operator viewing angles
Short wire length wire-winding box
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sensor isolation system
Optical functional sheet
Heatsink device and method
Non-destructive method of measuring the thickness of a semiconductor wafer
Apparatus and methods for optically monitoring thickness
Apparatus for measuring film thickness formed on object, apparatus and method of measuring spectral reflectance of object, and apparatus and method of inspecting foreign material on object
Positioning device for RAM testing system
Method and apparatus for generating structural pattern illumination
Small-beam lateral-shear interferometer
Laser scanner with amplitude and phase detection
Monolithically integrated semiconductor unidirectional ring laser rotation sensor/gyroscope
Systems and methods for absolute positioning using repeated quasi-random pattern
Wavemeter having two interference elements
Measuring system for measuring performance of imaging optical system
Device for inline measurement laser pulses and measuring method by photoacoustic spectroscopy
System and method enabling simultaneous investigation of sample with two beams of electromagnetic radiation
Inspection device and system for inspecting foreign matters in a liquid filled transparent container
Vehicle mounted inspection systems and methods
Analyzing apparatus and analyzing method
Pole measuring method
X-ray fluorescence spectrometric system and a program for use therein
Call trace on a packet switched network
Method and system for determining a relative position of a device on a network
Magnetic field sensor utilizing anomalous hall effect magnetic film
Process for detecting mobiles objects by means of passive underwater buoys
Mapping radio-frequency noise in an ultra-wideband communication system
Scanning device
Highly reflective optical components
Hybrid lens with high numerical aperture
Projection lens
Cylindrical grooved cam for lens driving
Zoom lens system, and image pick-up system using the same
Telescope, telescope tube and telescope mount for supporting a telescope tube
Active border pixels for digital micromirror device
Device and method for changing the stress-induced birefringence and/or the thickness of an optical component
Emissive image display apparatus
Digital micromirror device and method of driving digital micromirror device
Optically controlled device, method of controlling the optically controlled device, spatial light modulator, and projector
Scanning optical system
Optical scanner and image formation apparatus
Transmission device for a two dimensional image display module to display an image in the module
Dual lamp projection system
Diffractive optical element and optical system having the same
Panoramic viewing device
Calibration for optical filter
Customer interface module
Dynamic alignment of optical fibers to optical circuit devices such as planar lightwave circuits
Optical module and method for manufacturing optical module
Molecular architecture for molecular electro-optical transistor and switch
Electrically controllable device with variable optical and/or energy properties
Projection television screen
Image data processing method, image data print apparatus, record medium recording image data processing program
Overlay target and measurement method using reference and sub-grids
Method of measuring overlay
High rep-rate laser with improved electrodes
Method of measuring alignment of a substrate with respect to a reference alignment mark
Clock regulation scheme for varying loads
Ergonomic hand held display
Portable computer having a latch apparatus
Portable computer and portable docking station arrangement
Support having adjustable width
Device for fastening adapter cards at a positioning frame of computer case
Panel for computer enclosure and method for forming same
Mounting and grounding assembly for circuit board mounted parallel to chassis bottom
Information processing apparatus, mode control method and storage medium
Memory module, memory chip, and memory system
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and distribution media
Network-based intercom system and method for simulating a hardware based dedicated intercom system
Apparatus and method for delivery of ringing and voice calls through a workstation
Light beam deflecting apparatus, image forming apparatus utilizing the same and drive method therefor
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
System and process for bootstrap initialization of nonparametric color models
Gesture activated home appliance
Interactive electronic ordering for telecommunications products and services
Machine vision system and method for estimating and tracking facial pose
Video encoder and/or decoder
Moving picture coding control apparatus, and coding control database generating apparatus
Method and apparatus for image coding
External perimeter monitoring system
Process and device for detecting fires based on image analysis
Fast-sleep configuration for CDMA slotted mode
Bi-directional shift register control circuit
Process for controlling the capstan in a video tape recorder (VTR)
Tape system with adjustable wrap angles and method for adjusting tape wrap angle
Self-monitoring and self-healing of frequency specific position errors in a data storage device
Optical recording medium including a wobbled groove with address information recorded on the land region adjacent the groove
Recording/reproducing apparatus
Information recording device which handles a plurality of recording surfaces and information recording method which handles a plurality of recording surfaces
Method and apparatus for enhanced data channel performance using read sample buffering
Method and apparatus for channel equalization with a digital FIR filter using a pseudo random sequence
Recording medium for storing defect management information for recording real time data, defect managing method therefor, and real time data recording method
Determining repeatable runout cancellation information using PES information generated during self servo-writing operations
Disk drive rotary actuator assembly having a constrained layer damper attached to a flat actuator coil
Optical disk device with improved track jump features
Magnetic storage device having a head suspension supporting a head slider
Method and apparatus for recovering load/unload zone real estate on data storage media in data storage devices to increase a data storage capacity thereof
Reel lock mechanism of tape cassette, and tape cassette
Information recording medium and reproducing apparatus therefor
Virtual jukebox
Rotation recording apparatus and method of inspection thereof
Disk drive device
System and method for data recording
Mounting system for disk drive having a rotary actuator
Windage suppression device and associated method for a retractable air flow control
Method and apparatus for creating a format identification block on a magnetic tape
Tape head with thin support surface and method of manufacture
Thin-film magnetic head and method of manufacturing same
Spin-valve head containing closed-flux-structure domain control films
Spin valve having copper oxide spacer layer with specified coupling field strength between multi-layer free and pinned layer structures
Magnetoresistance effect element, magnetic head and magnetic recording and/or reproducing system
Recording/reproducing separated type head with heat radiating structure
Apparatus and method employed in disk drive to enable single signal line to be used for transmission of both read and control signals
Disc drive suspension having features enabling relative positioning of load beam and flexure
Patterned media having offset tracks
Magnetic disk storage apparatus and method for controlling magnetic disk storage apparatus
Robust triple-mode compensator for hard disk drives with dynamic friction
Matching peak velocities of acceleration and deceleration seek profiles in a disc drive
Method and apparatus for measuring the back EMF of a disc drive VCM
System and method for a three-piece design of a magnetic head assembly
Contacting point damping method between flex circuit and pivot housing
Head-track alignment
Tape servo information with superimposed data information providing servo band identification
Method and apparatus for fine position adjustment using phase in a servo track writer for disk drives
Repeatable runout (RRO) compensation methods and apparatus for data storage devices
Reducing effects of rotational vibration in disk drive
Reducing actuator arm oscillation during settle mode in a disc drive servo system
Positioning control for read and/or write head
Slider having a textured air bearing surface, head stack assembly and disk drive using same
Thin film magnetic head having conductive pad including insulating protective layers
Head slider having convergent channel features with side opening
Method, system, program, and storage cartridge for storing data in a storage medium
Digital focus servo system with a sliding notch filter
PRML detector having a viterbi decoder outputting temporary judgement results
Recording device and method of detecting tracking error signal and wobble signal of a wobbled track of an optical disk
Information recording medium, information reproduction apparatus, and information reproduction method
System and method for detecting tracking error
Optical pickup projecting two laser beams from apparently approximated light-emitting points
Method of optimal power calibration
Optical disk unit for recording or reproducing information
Optical pickup apparatus having an improved holographic unit, and optical disk drive including the same
Optical pickup device
Semiconductor laser and associated drive circuit substrate
Memory device and method of operating same
Non-volatile, high-density integrated circuit memory
Magnetic random access memory with stacked toggle memory cells
Magnetic memory device
Selecting a magnetic memory cell write current
Nonvolatile memory cell and nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method for operating a ferroelectric of electret memory device, and a device of this kind
Non-destructive readout
Semiconductor memory device performing reliable data sensing
Variable resistance memory and method for sensing same
Semiconductor device
Integrated circuit memory device including delay locked loop circuit and delay locked loop control circuit and method of controlling delay locked loop circuit
Semiconductor memory with address decoding unit, and address loading method
Semiconductor memory device with reduced data access time
Circuit and method for programming charge storage memory cells
Non-volatile semiconductor memory
Programming and erasing methods for a non-volatile memory cell
Multi-bank content addressable memory (CAM) devices having segment-based priority resolution circuits therein and methods operating same
Reducing signal swing in a match detection circuit
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Re-recordable data storage medium utilizing conduction barrier
Integrated NAND and nor-type flash memory device and method of using the same
Programming of a flash memory cell
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device with a ROM block settable in the write or erase inhibit mode
Semiconductor memory device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device having a write control circuit
Programming flash memory via a boundary scan register
Flash memory with fast boot block access
Neighbor effect cancellation in memory array architecture
Antifuse option for row repair
Memory device and method of storing fail addresses of a memory cell
Memory card enabling simplified test process and memory card test method
Semiconductor memory
Semiconductor device
High reliability triple redundant latch with voting logic on each storage node
Duty ratio detecting apparatus with small return time
Semiconductor integrated circuit provided with semiconductor memory circuit having redundancy function and method for transferring address data
Asynchronously resettable decoder for a semiconductor memory
Data storage device and method of forming the same
Current sensing method and apparatus particularly useful for a memory array of cells having diode-like characteristics
Iron control in BWR's with sacrificial electrodes
Decoupling capacitor
Separator for electric double-layer capacitor, electric double-layer capacitor, and manufacturing method of separator for electric double-layer capacitor
ALCI with reset lockout and independent trip
X-ray generating apparatus having an emitter formed on a semiconductor structure
Semiconductor memory having storage cells storing multiple bits and a method of driving the same
Semiconductor memory device including MOS transistors each having a floating gate and a control gate
Method and apparatus for removing heat from a circuit
Chipset cooling device of video graphic adapter card
Selectable decoupling capacitors for integrated circuit and methods of use
Writing to ferroelectric memory devices
Optical communication systems and optical amplifiers employing periodic combiners and methods
System and method for automatic recovery from a control loop failure
Laser containing a distributed gain medium
Multiple wavelength pulsed source
Tapered laser rods as a means of minimizing the path length of trapped barrel mode rays
Laser oscillation method and laser device
Stable and high speed full range laser wavelength tuning with reduced group delay and temperature variation compensation
Integrated semiconductor laser and waveguide device
Manufacturable sampled grating mirrors
Semiconductor laser device
Optical transmitter modules
Multi-wavelength semiconductor lasers
Modular power distribution unit, module for the power distribution unit, and method of using the same
Reverse wiring detect in circuit interrupting devices
Directional comparison distance relay system
Dual input AC and DC power supply having a programmable DC output utilizing a modular programmable feedback loop
Inverter controlled generator apparatus
Apparatus and method for a voltage booster with improved voltage regulator efficiency
Device and method of commutation control for an isolated boost converter
Power supply and method for generating switching signal for turning on/off switching element of converter unit constituting power supply
Sigma-delta modulation inverter with programmable waveform output
Methods and controllers for suppressing DC magnetic deflection of transformer
Compact digital timing recovery circuits, devices, systems and processes
Digital tuner
xDSL class C-AB driver
Digital predistortion system for linearizing a power amplifier
Broadband driver circuit
Apparatus for improving intermodulation distortion characteristics in a CDMA mobile terminal
Rate and acceleration limiting filter and method for processing digital signals
State machine, counter and related method for gating redundant triggering clocks according to initial state
Clock-pulse supply unit
Delay locked loop "ACTIVE Command" reactor
Source synchronous receiver link initialization and input floating control by clock detection and DLL lock detection
Apparatus and method for counting high-speed early/late pulses from a high speed phase detector using a pulse accumulator
Method and an arrangement relating to mobile radio systems with the possibility of switching channel coding schemes
Direct digitally tunable microwave oscillators and filters
Wideband digital radio with transmit modulation cancellation
Apparatus, system and method for flip modulation in an impulse radio communications system
Baseband signal converter for a wideband impulse radio receiver
Interference-signal removing apparatus
Generalized two-stage data estimation
ROM-based PN generation for wireless communication
Method of compensating frequency error in communication system and apparatus for the same
L-band optical amplifier
Method for transmitting additional optical signals in the s+band
Scanning procedure for EDGE compact system
Echo detection and monitoring
Method, arrangement and apparatus for telecommunications
Power-controlled random access
Communication system and a receiver for use in the system
Diversity receiver with joint phase locked loop filter
Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation
Determining the position of a constant frequency interval in a telecommunication signal
Apparatus and method for trellis encoding data for transmission in digital data transmission systems
Method and apparatus for controlling gain level of a supplemental channel in a CDMA communication system
Apparatus and method for allocating Walsh codes in CDMA communication system having variable rate channel structure
Apparatus and method for reporting service load to mobile station in mobile telecommunication system
Method and system for comparison-based prioritized bit rate conversion
Adaptive rate shaping to prevent overflow
Apparatus and method for determining byte gain and loss adjustments in a SONET/SDH network element
Method of testing a network device through a medium independent interface (MII)
Transparent port for high rate networking
Method and device for converting an STM-1 signal into a sub-STM-1 signal and vice-versa in radio transmission
Method and apparatus for providing packet based and distributed xDSL communications
Communications method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for synchronization of high-bit-rate digital subscriber line signals
OFDM communication apparatus
Resource aware session adaptation system and method for enhancing network throughput
Transmitter apparatus and receiver apparatus and base station making use of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing and spectrum spreading
Method and apparatus for variable frame size radiolink protocol based on channel condition estimation
Transmission scheme within a communication system
Communication device and communication control method using lower layer data transmission order control at upper layer
Application specific traffic optimization in a wireless link
Determining phase jitter and packet inter-arrival jitter between network end points
System and method for advertising using data network telephone connections
Homing and controlling IP telephones
Loop back testing for multi-protocol hybrid networks
Method for improving efficiency in a time sharing network
Optimizing buffer latency in a streamed packet delivery session
Multifunction interface facility connecting wideband multiple access subscriber loops with various networks
Data source, data conversion device, inverse data conversion device, auxiliary data file generation device, reception method, medium and information aggregate
Method and protocol for a medium access control layer for local area networks with multiple-priority traffic
Method and apparatus for transporting ATM cell traffic over IP networks
Method and apparatus for guaranteeing data transfer rates and enforcing conformance with traffic profiles in a packet network
Electronic device connection resource management
Mechanism for efficient scheduling of communication flows
Random early discard for cell-switched data switch
Multiple instance spanning tree protocol
Quality of service differentiation in wireless networks
Management of downlink TBF in an EGPRS and in a GPRS mobile station using final block indicator and relative reserved block period field
System and method for providing wireless application protocol service through internet
CDMA communication system and channel estimating method used in the same
Ghost eliminating equalizer
Equalizer for communication over noisy channels
Leakage nulling receiver correlator structure and method for ultra wide bandwidth communication system
Skew correction apparatus
System for manintaining inter-packet gaps in cascade transmission system for packet-based data
System and method for multi-symbol interfacing
System and method for positioning pulses in time using a code that provides spectral shaping
Method and system for carrier recovery
Method and apparatus for multi-user transmission
Method of and apparatus for performing modulation
Phase discriminator with a phase compensation circuit
End to end real-time encrypting process of a mobile commerce WAP data transmission section and the module of the same
Signaling method for internet telephony
Method of supporting small group multicast in mobile IP
Data structures for efficient processing of IP fragmentation and reassembly
Method and apparatus for selectively accelerating network communications
Multi-purpose bridge for wireless communications
Wireless gateway, and associated method, for a packet radio communication system
Mobile communication system with packet effectively transmitted and control method for the same
Device for data communications between wireless application protocol terminal and wireless application server, and method thereof
Data link layer switch with multicast capability
Virtual private networks and methods for their operation
System and method for providing a congestion optimized address resolution protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks
Method of and an arrangement for providing telecommunications service to a user in a data network
Method and apparatus for coordinating multi-point to point communications in a multi-tone data transmission system
Spread spectrum clocking tolerant receivers
Circuit and method for implementing the advanced encryption standard block cipher algorithm in a system having a plurality of channels
System and method for protecting data files by periodically refreshing a decryption key
Verifiable anonymous channel
Method and apparatus for personalized conference and hands-free telephony using audio beaming
Telecommunications network having a switch equipped with an IVR provisioning/monitoring system
Connection controller for setting-up a media path between a terminal and an audio source
Device for and method of outputting data on display section of portable telephone
Multiplexing and demultiplexing of narrowband and broadband services in a transmission connection
Low power signal detection
Apparatus and method for visually representing events in calls handled by an automated response system
Methods and systems for providing usage pattern service for telecommunications customers
Method of providing intra-company two way voice communications over a data network
Telephone service method and telephone service apparatus
System and method for issuing customer credits for information assistance services
IP call forward profile
Switching device and method for parallel connection of subscriber terminal devices
Method, apparatus, and computer readable media for minimizing the risk of fraudulent access to call center resources
IP based telephone system
Method and apparatus for echo cancellation
Document reading apparatus which prevents a discrepancy between the reading results obtained in different reading modes
Method and apparatus for positioning a scanning starting point of an image scanning apparatus
Locking device for a movable module of an apparatus
Fax transmission over congested or corrupted wideband network, or narrowband network, using ECM error block flow control
Recognizing film and video objects occuring in parallel in single television signal fields
Separating device and method and signal receiving device and method
Optical viewer instrument with photographing function
Recorder for recording copy of production on the basis of copy attribute embedded as electronic watermark in the production, reproducing device for reproducing recorded copy, recorded medium, recording method, and reproducing method
Apparatus and method for compressing video information
Method and system for providing content-specific conditional access to digital content
Representing entitlements to service in a conditional access system
Transmission system, transmitter and receiver
Method and apparatus for compressing image information
Frame compression using radix approximation
Method of describing object region data, apparatus for generating object region data, video processing method, and video processing apparatus
Method and decoder for processing a digital video signal
Motion video signal encoder and encoding method
Rate control apparatus and method for real-time video communication
Shaping control method and shaping control apparatus
Apparatus and method for delay bound weighted round robin cell scheduling in asynchronous transfer mode switch
Connection of a computer to a telephone exchange
Apportioning bandwidth capacity in communication switching systems
System and method for servicing calls originating via the internet
Method and apparatus for controlling forward link power during an intergenerational soft handoff in a CDMA communication system
Dynamic quality of service reservation in a mobile communications network
Method of transmitting one text message to many receivers
Monopole low frequency test woofer
Microphone for a listening device having a reduced humidity coefficient
Digital hearing aid system
Multi-channel audio surround sound from front located loudspeakers
Loudspeaker set with elastic adapter
Mute apparatus and mute method
Audio system with a phase adjustment circuit
Integrated device providing overcurrent and overvoltage protection and common-mode filtering to data bus interface
Structure of gold fingers
Low profile circuit device for liquid crystal display and method for manufacturing the same
Electronic control device and manufacturing method for the same
Processor casing with radiation structure
Mounting apparatus for motherboard
Apparatus for holding cards in a computer and method of using same
Apparatus for cooling heat generating components within a computer system enclosure
Insert module with permeable separation unit adapted for cooling requirement
Compact, high efficiency, high isolation power amplifier
Printed wiring board
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