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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Agricultural traction system with cable and hoists
Method for producing rooted cutting of pinaceae tree
Compressed packaged articles and methods of making, transporting, shipping and using same
Animal feeder
Leash and collar for animal control
Inner cover for bee hive
Electromechanical valve for the pneumatic actuation of a device of an internal combustion engine
Tenderizing machine for tenderizing pieces of meat
Apparatus for measuring the internal fit of footwear
Post bracket and post support structure incorporating the same
Packaging for disposable soft contact lenses
Apparatus for card arrangement
Interlocking brushes
Pivoting mechanical applicator
Stokes litter victim harness
Positioning device and method of use
Vertically elevated foldable frame
Linking mechanism
Height adjustable pillow
Seating furniture and fitting for same
Holding clip for a rain sensor
Tea pot with one-way valve
Food moisturizer apparatus and method
Gravy pitcher
Soaking basin having disposable liner and support frame
Liquid application device
System and method for the non-contacting measurements of the eye
System and method for characterizing the optical quality and the pseudo-accommodation range of multifocal means used for correcting visual defects
Handheld computing device for administering a gaze nystagmus test
Patient table comprising a positioning system and method of using such a patient table
Dental floss dispenser and method of operation thereof
Apparatus for manufacturing composite sheet of absorbent article
Methods for treating allergy
Rotary cassette system for dry powder inhaler
Hypoxic aircraft fire prevention system with advanced hypoxic generator
Golf ball having relationships among the densities of various layers
Golf club head
Multi-use golf device
Driving board for golf training
Skate shoe apparatus and method of manufacture
Non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing game program, and game system
Method of providing a player interface in a gaming system
Method and system for playing a networked bingo game
Video game where players compete to occupy areas
System and method of vehicle competition with enhanced ghosting features
Distributed secrets for validation of gaming transactions
Methods, apparatuses and computer program products for using near field communication to implement games and applications on devices
Toy vehicle
Customizable locking magnetic play set
Performing Operations; Transporting
Housing directed buoyant force pump
Mixer assembly and method for flow control in a mixer assembly
Bottle shredder having a bottle shaped housing
Non pressure compensated drip irrigation emitter with multiflow facility
Nozzle assembly and methods related thereto
Sifting screen
Servo-controlled three axis wire straightening device
Method and device for producing a pipe
Casting roll for a two-roll casting device and two-roll casting device
Method for processing, in particular casting, a material, casting mould for carrying out the method and articles produced by the method or in the casting mould
Cutting insert with flexibility aperture and cutting tool therefor
Device for centering wafers
Joint with first and second members with a joining layer located therebetween containing Sn metal and another metallic material; methods for forming the same joint
Diesel piston with bi-metallic dome
Tile spacer punch device
Dust collecting case and cutting machine equipped therewith
Dust shroud for a grinder
Hand held machine for grinding and like operations
Grinding wheel
Media recycling apparatus and process for wet media blast operations
Dental sharpening device
Portable hand held miter clamp device
Stage structure for operation in vacuum
Hydraulic wrench extension
Spherical transmission joint
Escalator or moving walkway with a soffit plate
Device for forming tablets by constant volume compaction
Mold for making a membrane for use with a flow control system for a micropump
Apparatus for forming pattern using laser
Detecting an unsecured state of a mandrel
Printing machine
Method of compensating for vibration-induced circumferential register errors in a sheet-fed printing press and sheet-fed printing press carrying out the method
Mounting accessory for personal electronics
Printable automatic paper belt-rolling reader (PB reader)
Methods for radiation curable gel ink leveling and direct-to-substrate digital radiation curable gel ink printing, apparatus and systems having pressure member with hydrophobic surface
Device for holding and carrying along a substrate to be printed on and a printing machine
Image forming device
Ink supply device and image forming apparatus
Inkjet printing method with enhanced deinkability
Feeding apparatus and recording apparatus
Printed drop density reconfiguration
Head cleaning device, image forming apparatus, and head cleaning method
Printing fluids including a humectant
Heater configuration for a melting device with non-uniform thermal load
Combination ink status and key arrangement for ink supply
Liquid supply method
System and method for preserving edges while enabling inkjet correction within an interior of an image
Thermal indicators
Method of manufacturing liquid ejecting head, liquid ejecting apparatus, and method of manufacturing piezoelectric element
System and method for process direction registration of inkjets in a printer operating with a high speed image receiving surface
Weather based humidity adjustment of printhead maintenance
Liquid ejection apparatus and control method thereof
Image forming apparatus and drive-voltage generating circuit
Inkjet printhead and printing apparatus
Inkjet printing device and method for printing multi-colored images
System and method for controlling dewpoint in a print zone within an inkjet printer
Automobile wheel
Run-flat tire having an additional sidewall reinforcement
Reinforcement comprising two reinforcing materials and tire comprising such a reinforcement
Motor vehicle
Door frame for vehicle
Fixture for a component and a fixture mount
Portable golf cart cover
Mounting structure of handle switch device
Structure of high-strength vehicle body member
Electronic parking brake and method for controlling an electronic parking brake
Multi-section cargo cover
Built-in movable pallet for container
Airbag module and method for controlling gas therein
Devices for passenger protection systems of a vehicle
Storage system for passenger vehicle
Hydraulic booster vented input rod with poppet
Fuzzy logic based brake control
Methods and systems for assisted direct start control
Method for carrying out an emergency braking procedure in a vehicle
Air duct system for vehicles, in particular for rail vehicles for passenger traffic
Shopping cart
Utility truck base reinforcement and method of manufacture
Foldable, removable, reversible stroller seat
Load bearing panel member
Protective device for vehicle wiper assembly
Robotic platform
Stair climbing wheel with multiple configurations
Apparatus for lowering drag on a moving nautical vessel
Technologies for aiding line handling
Assembly mechanism comprising a tension anchor and corresponding method for a rotor system of an axial turbo engine
Multi-element airfoil system
Aircraft flap actuator assembly
Engine mounting structure for aircraft having a beam spreader connected at four points
Filling assembly for metering powder and method for operating such a filling assembly
Method and device for recovering puncture repair liquid
Watering can
Squeeze tube
Housing for an electronic device
Door assembly for ice storage bin
Collapsible container for holding liquids or objects
Metering device for dispensing a dose of pressurized fluid
Collection receptacles fo gases
Water storage assembly
Detachable adjustable hopper for use with a portable grain auger
Workpiece feeding apparatus
Image forming apparatus and post-processing method
Unstacker device for unstacking flat articles, with detection of their traces
Roll paper supply mechanism and roll paper printer
Base frame for a lifting apparatus having removable support members
Utility carryall for utility, skid steer and industrial tractors
Mounted bladder for storage tank
Filling system
Y-cross mixers and fluid systems including the same
Textiles; Paper
Method and device for controlling sewing patterns of a sewing machine
Washing machine
Handheld ironing device
Fixed Constructions
Rail web damping to reduce sound on rail lines
Railway rail fastening apparatus
Slab based modular building system
Transition strip for floor panel and method of installation, replacement, and repair using the same
Acoustic panel and method of forming
Apparatus for manufacturing a metal framing member
Slat wall systems
Single whaler-backed form support bracket system
Load-resisting truss segments for buildings
Grave marker assembly
Container-type system booth for an indoor/outdoor exhibition or event
Grain silo lid
Active fire-blocking wind deflector
Door management system for field service and delivery personnel
Motorcycle stand with locking mechanism
Polycrystalline compacts having differing regions therein, cutting elements and earth-boring tools including such compacts, and methods of forming such compacts
Emulsion-based cleaning composition for oilfield applications
Process for producing mineral oil from underground formations
Hydraulic geofracture energy storage system
High pressure hydrocarbon fracturing on demand method and related process
Drill bit gauge pad control
Fluid flow measuring device and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Blade for a gas turbine
Blade retention at a compressor rectifier stage for impact resistance
Turbocharger having fastening elements for fastening vane bearing rings of a variable turbine geometry VTG
Mechanical variable timing device that adjusts the pivot point at which a rocker arm pivots
Exhaust apparatus of internal combustion engine
Exhaust flow divider
System for purifying exhaust gas and method for controlling the same
Treatment of cold start engine exhaust
Exhaust emission control device for internal combustion engine and NOx purification catalyst deterioration determination method
Turbo screen
Method for adapting a lean NOx trap in an exhaust system of a motor vehicle
Electrically heated particulate filter embedded heater design
Catalyst temperature control device
Method for heating a metering valve in an SCR system for the exhaust gas aftertreatment of an internal combustion engine
Engine for portable working machine
Intake and exhaust chambers
Engine with supercharger
Sealing arrangement between a variable-nozzle assembly and a turbine housing of a turbocharger
Rotary type internal combustion engine
Engine assembly including multiple bore center pitch dimensions
Opposed-piston, opposed-cylinder engine with collinear cylinders
Method for use with annular gas turbine engine component
Aerodynamic pylon fuel injector system for combustors
Engine starting for engine having adjustable valve operation and port fuel injection
Humidity and fuel alcohol content estimation
Supercharger with continuously variable drive system
Injector element which maintains a constant mean spray angle and optimum pressure drop during throttling by varying the geometry of tangential inlets
Noise attenuator and vehicle air intake duct provided therewith
Method of starting an internal combustion engine, device and controller
Internal combustion engine automatic-stop/restart control system
Method and control device for starting an internal combustion engine comprising a heating device for heating a coolant
Pumping arrangement
Fluid level control mechanism
Counter-rotating axial flow fan
Fan and propeller performance enhancements using outsized gurney flaps
Wind power plant having multiple construction sections
Circumferential guide for rolling bodies, and linear guide unit equipped therewith
Wheel bearing apparatus incorporated with a rotational speed detecting apparatus
Multi-row rolling bearing
Methods and systems for an engine
Active vibration isolating support apparatus and method for controlling the same
Torque fluctuation absorber
Chain, and method for manufacturing a chain
Reciprocating lever transmission
Breakaway drive system
Multi-speed transmission
Planetary gear train of automatic transmission for vehicles
Auxiliary transmission oil pump integration
Carrier with center backbone and dual lateral cases
AWD vehicle with active disconnect coupling having controlled lubrication
Precompressed sealing tape
Seal arrangement, especially for high pressure applications, preferably for use in CO.sub.2 compressors
Nozzle of a valve
Check valve
Dynamic self-checking interlock monitoring system
Rotary valve position indicator device and method for indicating the position of a rotary valve
Method of abandoning an underwater pipeline on the bed of a body of water
Composite tubing
Expansion coupling system
Connection device
Object support column
Set of slides for vehicle seats and vehicle seat including such a set of slides
Bonding structure of metal member and composite-material member
Light module
Illumination alert apparatus structure having cap for use in switch control
Sealed LED light fixture for use in food processing applications
Integrated power outage lighting system controller
LED lighting systems comprising modules and components that perform multiple operational functions
Lighting apparatus
Lighting device
Light module and module type lighting device
LED light bar
Light unit with light guiding device
Edge-lit luminaire
Gas burner for a cooktop
Water heater and method of operating
LNG (liquefied natural gas) and LIN (liquid nitrogen) in transit refrigeration heat exchange system
Magneto-caloric heat pump with the use of a cascade of magneto-caloric materials
Methods, devices and systems for extraction of thermal energy from a heat conducting metal conduit
Dispenser unit for positioning in refrigerator doors of different designs
Firearm cooling apparatuses and methods
Crossbow setting device
Firearm with a rotating pistol
Interface and a method for mounting together a piece of equipment and a rotary drive source in a rotorcraft power plant
Writing guide
Vibratory gyroscope utilizing a frequency-based measurement and providing a frequency output
Angular velocity sensor
Meter illumination device
Expandable/retractable thermocouple
Diagnosis device and diagnosis method for fan coupling device
Detecting leaks in a fluid cooling system by sensing for a drop of fluid pressure in the system
Nondestructive residential inspection method and apparatus
Device and method for inspecting a corner radius
Combined acoustic excitation and standoff chemical sensing for the remote detection of buried explosive charges
Ultrasonic sensor
High-capacity wide-range variable rotational rate vane testing device
High-capacity wide-range variable rotational rate vane testing device
High-capacity wide-range variable rotational rate vane testing device
Vibration member driving circuit
Retro-reflective article
Optical fiber end processing method and optical fiber end processing apparatus and optical fiber end
Optical fiber and composite inorganic ferrule assemblies and methods
Apparatus and method for aligning optical transports in a ferrule
Accessory for reflecting an image from a display screen of a portable electronic device
Protective eyewear systems and methods for vision enhancements
Camera lens cover for cell-phone case
Restricting blade, light quantity adjusting device, optical apparatus, and method for manufacturing restricting blade
Two-phase detached escapement mechanism for oscillators and related systems
Process and device for fastening a glass to a bezel
Methods and apparatus for physical layer security of a network communications link
High reliability system, redundant construction control method, and program
Methods and apparatus for providing linear erasure codes
Information processing device, interface controller initializing method and program
Method and system for concurrent error identification in resource scheduling
Method and device for questioning a plurality of computerized devices
Log analysis system, method and apparatus
Cross-platform event engine
System sending behavior modification hint to client to suggest alternative servers based on operating conditions of current server
Switchable RFID card reader antenna
Categorization of summarized information
Film thickness predicting program, recording medium, film thickness predicting apparatus, and film thickness predicting method
Information processor and information processing system
Systems and methods for creating and managing graphical user interface lists
Method and system for exposing nested data in a computer-generated document in a transparent manner
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, information processing program for performing output setup to device apparatus, and memory medium storing such program therein
Control method for digital image processing apparatus for convenient movement mode and digital image processing apparatus using the method
Program recording medium recorded with facsimile driver program
Method and system for creating temporary visual indicia
Display controller, display control method, mobile terminal device, and display control program
Systems and methods for improving radio frequency signal reception
Secure media path methods, systems, and architectures
Controlling access to name service for a domain name system
Method and apparatus for registering auto-configured network addresses based on connection authentication
Layered software development and implementation using files
Runtime component hosting
Update system capable of updating software
Disambiguation in dynamic binary translation
Durable RFID tag
RFID tag
Methods, systems and computer program products for electronic identification card creation and transfer during communications
Cross marketing between an entity's loyalty point program and a different loyalty program of a commerce partner
Barcode device
System and method of loading a transaction card and processing repayment on a mobile device
Adjustable dispenser for cups and other cup-shaped articles
Real-time interactive wagering on event outcomes
Method and system for providing real time sports betting information
Game of chance utilizing wheels with parlay and progressive jackpot options
Network virus activity detecting system, method, and program, and storage medium storing said program
Drug-free method and system for reduction of lactic acid while training athletes using ph balancing
Device for simulating variable lung compliance
Robotic device for use in image-guided robot assisted surgical training
Comprehension instruction system and method
Support device for rollable graphical display
Device for sampling biological tissue for the identification of animals
Multi-sheet advertising system
Automatic locking guitar holding rack
Recording medium having spare area for defect management and information on defect management, and method of allocating spare area and method of managing defects
Heat exchange for a thermoelectric thin film element
Lighting device and method for manufacturing the same
External connector for solid insulated load break switchgear
Motor programming tool
Integrated connector apparatus and methods
Terminal structure of connector and connector port incorporating same
Weather-resistant cable connector, electrical modules and weather-resistant assemblies thereof
Apparatus and method for controlling operation of compressor
Method and apparatus for recovery of particular bits of a frame
Apparatus and method capable of a unified quasi-cyclic low-density parity-check structure for variable code rates and sizes
Apparatus and method for a collision-free parallel turbo decoder in a software-defined radio system
Defect sensing Viterbi based detector
Data receiving apparatus having digital contents copy protection function and method for controlling the same
Method of manufacturing printed wiring board
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for capacitively sensing pests
Endoscope apparatus
Electronic endoscope selector and electronic endoscope system
Vehicle acceleration/de-acceleration warning light system
Gaming machine having a protective member covering drive unit and at least a portion of the light emission means
Methods and apparatus for transforming three-dimensional objects in video games
Wireless interactive doll-houses and playsets therefor
Performing Operations; Transporting
Disposable optical cuvette cartridge with low fluorescence material
Probe card assembly for contacting a device with raised contact elements
Method for detecting and identifying defects in a laser beam weld seam
Apparatus and method of measuring optical properties of diffractive optical element
Antenna and method for manufacturing the same
Method for providing access to an extended color gamut digital image and providing payment therefor
Printable substrate having controllable thickness and method of making and using the same
Method for driving paper-feeding stepping motor in thermal printer
Image forming device and recording intermediate belt mounting jig
Alignment mechanism for direct marking printheads and a method for aligning printheads in a printer
Imaging device for printing form
Hard copy system including rewritable media
Remote tire pressure monitoring system
Transmitter for tire condition monitoring apparatus and the tire condition monitoring apparatus
Passenger detecting apparatus for vehicle
Method for the classification of an occupancy status of a vehicle seat
Device for actuating a plurality of electric motors
Method for locking a motor vehicle in a keyless manner
Security system
Keyless remote door locking system
Car control system and vehicle remote control system
Handlebar mounted remote transmitter controller unit for door operator
Process and device for aiding the piloting of an aircraft
Methods and apparatus for transportation vehicle security monitoring
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Scattering monitor in optical fiber drawing systems
Compensation films for LCDs
Optical compensatory sheet having optically anisotropic layer formed from liquid crystal molecules
Method for joining a jacket element and a core element together
Fixed Constructions
Method and device for controlling blockage of a parking space for a vehicle
Motor vehicle door lock with an electromechanical central locking system drive
Downhole telemetry and control system using orthogonal frequency division multiplexing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Starter motor
Electromagnetic switch of engine starter
Multiple system for inspecting the operation of an ignition system in vehicles
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method and device manufactured thereby
Amplitude-detecting method and circuit
Magnetic detector
Sensor arrangement for application to at least one data item
Position sensor with resistive element
Data transmitting/receiving method and device for encoder
High-speed electromechanical shutter for imaging spectrographs
Multi-station RF thermometer and alarm system
Temperature sensor and method for detecting trip temperature of a temperature sensor
Method for measuring refractive power and apparatus therefor
Combined analyzing apparatus
Oil quality sensor
Method and apparatus for measuring eccentricity in a optical fiber
Detector for magnetizable material using amplitude and phase discrimination
Bare die carrier
Shielded integrated circuit probe
Tip and tip assembly for a signal probe
Contact probe and probe device
Interface device an interface between testing equipment and an integrated circuit
Probe module and a testing apparatus
High voltage interface module
Sensing services and sensing circuits
High frequency differential power amplifier
Method, apparatus, and article of manufacture for characterizing a device and predicting electrical behavior of the device in a circuit
Resistor value detection circuit
Method and circuit employing current sensing to read a sensor
Built-in jitter measurement circuit for voltage controlled oscillator and phase locked loop
Apparatus and method for testing electronic component
Method for detection of a shielding fault in a multiwire cable
Testing electrical integrity of electrically heated subsea pipelines
Hybrid type sensor for detecting high frequency partial discharge
Non-invasive, low pin count test circuits and methods
Non-contact mobile charge measurement with leakage band-bending and dipole correction
Method and apparatus for inspecting printed circuit boards
Integrated circuit with test pad structure and method of testing
Parallel testing of integrated circuits
Solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance probe
Reception device for a magnetic resonance tomography installation, having a phase shift-compensating amplifier
Magnetic coil former
Systems and methods for fabricating pole pieces for magnetic resonance imaging systems
Magnetic pole magnet device using the magnetic pole, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
Method for optimizing the k-space trajectories in the location encoding of a magnetic resonance tomography apparatus
Supersensitive nuclear magnetic resonance micro imaging apparatus
Rain versus target discrimination for doppler radars
Distance measuring method and image input device with distance measuring function
Object detecting method and object detector
Main beam alignment verification for tracking antennas
Method and apparatus for forming a dynamic model to locate position of a satellite receiver
Millimeter wave radar
Electromagnetic impulse survey apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for a quadrupole transmitter for directionally sensitive induction tool
NMR tool for making formation evaluation measurements using gradient echoes
Passive ranging techniques in borehole surveying
Method and apparatus for determining the presence and orientation of a fraction in an earth formation
Method for obtaining multi-dimensional proton density distributions from a system of nuclear spins
Millimeter wave imaging system
Scanned beam display
Laser scanning control apparatus
Vibration proof adapter
Anti-aliasing low-pass blur filter for reducing artifacts in imaging apparatus
Self-shadowing MEM structures
Image pickup apparatus and power supply control method therefor
Liquid display device having a plurality of fixing pieces on corners of its panel module
Liquid crystal display apparatus containing image sensor and process for producing the same
Liquid crystal display having domain dividers
Transmissive and reflective type liquid crystal display
Vehicle LCD with an illuminated control panel
Liquid crystal display device with particular smoothed insulating layer and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal panel with isolation wall structure and its producing method
In-plane switching liquid crystal display with compensation film
Liquid crystal display device of an in-plane switching mode including a black matrix layer
Liquid crystal display device implementing improved electrical lines and the fabricating method
Flat panel display unit and method of repairing defects in its line pattern
Liquid crystal display having terminals arranged for securing connection to driving circuit
Method for driving a liquid crystal display device
Time piece with power generation function
Flat panel display device
Cholesteric liquid crystal color filter layer and manufacturing method thereof
Array substrate for transflective LCD device and method of fabricating the same
Liquid crystal display device and method of fabricating the same
Image display system
Reflective liquid crystal display lithography system
Lithographic apparatus, computer program, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Exposure method and apparatus with vibration-preventative control
Active damping apparatus, exposure apparatus and device manufacturing method
Image forming apparatus and light amount correction method
System and method for driving LCD displays
In-vehicle apparatus and service providing system
Voltage generating circuit
Potential generating circuit capable of correctly controlling output potential
Delay producing method, delay adjusting method based on the same, and delay producing circuit and delay adjusting circuit applied with them
Electronic device having pivotal display and stereo speakers
Apparatus and method for reducing the memory traffic of a graphics rendering system
Image forming method and apparatus which can perform output operation suitable for received image and communication apparatus using the same
Interactive system for analyzing biological samples and processing related information and the use thereof
Face and environment sensing watch
Method and apparatus for facilitating personal attention via wireless links
Two-axis ball-based cursor control apparatus with tactile feedback
Graphical user interface for searches
Magnetic sensor with pointing control circuit
Newton ring prevention film and touch panel
Input device and pointer control method
Pen-shaped coordinate pointing device
Hand-held pointing device
Plane plate vibration device and switch employing the same
Data communications apparatus for resuming data transfer after interruption
Multi-function unit, server and network system having multi-function unit
Combining a plurality of images and transforming an image having associated meta-data
Specialized programmable logic region with low-power mode
3-D graphics chip with embedded DRAM buffers
Unit tracking and notification in a graphical drug model editor
Electrostatic capacity detection apparatus and fingerprint crosscheck apparatus using the same
Image reading device and method of the same
Sorting data based on data attributes for display in multiple display windows
System for visualizing massive web transaction data sets without overlapping
Method and apparatus for orientating a character stroke
Electronic comic viewing apparatus and method and recording medium
Graphics system with embedded frame buffer having reconfigurable pixel formats
Method and system for improving color quality of three-dimensional rendered images
System and method for mapping textures onto surfaces of computer-generated objects
Methods and apparatus for culling sorted, back facing graphics data
Three-dimensional object surface shape modeling apparatus, method and program
Dynamic range compression of output channel data of an image sensor
Personal digital assistant key for an electronic lock
Methods and devices for testing the color fastness of imprinted objects
Method of perimeter barrier monitoring and systems formed for that purpose
Thermal imaging paper laminate
Smart cable for design of high density metallic cross connect systems
System and method for management of resources in emergency situations
Toilet annunciator
Apparatus and method for preventing a picture from being taken by flash photography
Traffic signal control method
Virtual rumble strip
Self rotating display spherical device
Display device and image displaying method
Method for generating uniform luminosity for displaying contents of organic light emitting diode
Display device and method of displaying an image
Apparatus and system for abstract visual representation of audio signals
Method and device for driving plasma display panel
Image display unit for and method of displaying pixels and image display apparatus comprising such a display unit
Pixel driving circuit of an organic light emitting diode display panel
Pixel circuit for active matrix of current driving device
Electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus and display driver IC using the same
Liquid crystal display
Active matrix display panel and image display device adapting same
Liquid crystal display method and liquid crystal display device improving motion picture display grade
Overdrive system and method of operating overdrive system
Driver having a storage device, electro-optical device using the driver, and electronic apparatus
Display, portable device, and substrate
Notification mechanisms on a control device
Projecting images on a sphere
Keycap for displaying a plurality of indicia
System and method for display device characterization, calibration, and verification
Method for determining color space of an image
Image display method and image display unit
Cache invalidation method and apparatus for a graphics processing system
Transmission circuit and manufacture method for the same
Sampling/holding method and circuit
Integrated circuit that can be externally tested through a normal signal output pin
Method for testing an integrated circuit with an external potential applied to a signal output pin
Memory control device and method
Pixel array with indirectly associated memory
Display device for a camera
High-voltage variable resistor
Magnetic actuator
Inverted-F ferroelectric antenna
High frequency apparatus
Retarding electron beams in multiple electron beam pattern generation
Apparatus for manipulating magnetic fields
Method for manufacturing a substrate and a display device
Contactor having conductive particles in a hole as a contact electrode
On-chip inductor having a square geometry and high Q factor and method of manufacture thereof
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Absolute value calculating element for converting AC signals into DC signals
Balanced microwave connector and transition using a coaxial structure
High-frequency circuit device, resonator, filter, duplexer, and high-frequency circuit apparatus
High-frequency device
Variable cut off attenuator for rectangular wave-guides
S/N enhancer
Conductor-within-a-via microwave launch
Insulator to attach an element of an antenna to the boom or mast thereof
Antenna for a central locking system of an automotive vehicle
Method for fabrication of miniature lightweight antennas
Broadband waveguide horn antenna and method of feeding an antenna structure
Multi-band coaxial ring-focus antenna with co-located subreflectors
Multi-band antenna system supporting multiple communication services
Device for reducing the signature of hot exhausting gases
Satellite antenna installation tool
Semi-automatic satellite locator system
Conformal electronic scanning array
Dual-band dual-polarized antenna array
Internal multiband antenna
Wideband printed monopole antenna
Antenna and wireless apparatus
Glass antenna system for vehicles
Interlaced multiband antenna arrays
Integral structure including an antenna and a shielding cover and wireless module thereof
Plate dipole antenna
Reception of protection commands in a remote tripping device
Magnetic field production system, and configuration for wire-free supply of a large number of sensors and/or actuators using a magnetic field production system
Device and method of quadrature oscillation
System and method for dead-band determination for rotational frequency detectors
Low bias current/temperature compensation current mirror for linear power amplifier
Dual mode power amplifier having a common controller
Systems and methods of dynamic bias switching for radio frequency power amplifiers
High-frequency power amplifier having differential inputs
Switched-mode power amplifier integrally performing power combining
Charge injection reduction technique in single and multi-reference switching amplifiers
Class D amplifier
Audio amplifier
Efficient, switched linear signal driver
Cathode-coupled pentode valve amplifier with servo offset controlled push-pull output stage
Translinear amplifier
Amplifier circuit with common mode feedback
High speed high current gain operational amplifier
Resistor tuning network and method for tuning a resistor in an electronic circuit
Filter having parasitic inductance cancellation
Branching filter package
Longitudinal double-mode saw filter utilizing electrode finger phase weighting
Surface acoustic wave device, electronic component using the device, and composite module
System and method for transmission-line termination by signal cancellation, and applications thereof
Power-up signal generator in semiconductor device
Current-controlled CMOS logic family
Method and apparatus for implementing power control in multi-voltage I/O circuits
Programmable I/O buffer
Single event hardening of null convention logic circuits
Driver circuit and method for operating a driver circuit
Methods and apparatus for active termination of high-frequency signals
Digital logic devices with extremely skewed trip points and reset circuitry for rapidly propagating signal edges
Device and system having self-terminated driver and active terminator for high speed interface
Address decoder for programmable logic device
Versatile logic element and logic array block
Method and apparatus of memory clearing with monitoring RAM memory cells in a field programmable gated array
Sense amplifier based voltage comparator
Level shelter, semiconductor integrated circuit and information processing system
Single-transistor-clocked flip-flop
Offset, delay and parasitically immune resister-capacitor (RC) tracking loop and method of using same
Method and apparatus for operating a field-effect transistor (FET) pair
Circuit configuration for regenerating clock signals
Processor with dual-deadtime pulse width modulation generator
Analog signal conditioning circuit having feedback offset cancellation
Apparatus and method for suppressing jitter within a clock signal generator
Frequency locked loop with improved stability using binary rate multiplier circuits
Frequency multiplier with phase comparator
Clock synchronizing apparatus and method using frequency dependent variable delay
Information processing apparatus with clock generating circuit and information processing apparatus with clock delaying circuit
Method and apparatus for reducing lock time in dual charge-pump phase-locked loops
Shuffler apparatus and related dynamic element matching technique for linearization of unit-element digital-to-analog converters
Gradient insensitive split-core digital to analog converter
Code-controlled voltage divider
Amplifier linearization using delta-sigma predistortion
Ultrasonic signal acquisition in the digital beamformer
System and method for balancing capacitively coupled signal lines
Method and system for gray-coding counting
Variable-length decoding apparatus and method, computer program, and computer-readable storage medium
Generating and searching compressed data
Serializer and method of serializing parallel data into serial data stream
Methods and apparatus for offset chirp modulation
Method and apparatus for wireless communication between electronic devices
Adaptive beamforming apparatus and method
Output buffer circuit with control circuit for modifying supply voltage and transistor size
Programmable peaking receiver and method
Data communication system
Contact sheet file-generating digital camera
Digital imaging system
Image communicating method, facsimile type electronic mail apparatus and facsimile apparatus
Image processing apparatus
Rendering images utilizing adaptive error diffusion
Image processing apparatus
Row driver circuit for a sensor including a shared row-reset bus and a charge pump boosting circuit
Image input apparatus employing read region size determination
Apparatus for converting analog image data into digital image data in CMOS image sensor
Method and apparatus using the Bresenham algorithm to synthesize a composite SYNC signal
Ghost cancellation reference signal with bessel chirps and PN sequences, and TV receiver using such signal
Image pickup apparatus, method and computer program procduct in which a decision to finish a displayed image is made and/or and a kept displayed image is processed
Integrated motion-still capture system with indexing capability
Digital camera with low memory usage
Method and apparatus for correcting distortion aberration in position and density in digital image by using distortion aberration characteristic
Focusing aid for camera
Electronic endoscope
Video processing apparatus and method
Analog video monitoring system using a plurality of phase locked CMOS image sensors
Imaging apparatus and method of the same
Multiplexed video signal interface signal, system and method
Method and system for downloading and storing interactive device content using the horizontal overscan portion of a video signal
Automated online broadcasting system and method using an omni-directional camera system for viewing meetings over a computer network
Realistic replication of a live performance at remote locations
Camera signal processing device and camera signal processing method
Telecommunications installation
Transcoding media content from a personal video recorder for a portable device
Beam current limiting circuit for use in a video projector
Adaptive video scaler
Apparatus and method for resource arbitration
Method and system for locating a portable medical device
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