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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Simplified, toolless pick-up tine mounting
Coated glove with multiple material layers
Pulse oximetry relational alarm system for early recognition of instability and catastrophic occurrences
X-ray CT apparatus, X-ray detector and method of manufacturing X-ray detector
Toothbrush and attachment therefor
Methods and devices for reducing the detection of inappropriate physiologic signals to reduce misdiagnosis of normal rhythms as tachyarrhythmias
Self adjusting optimal waveforms
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for manufacturing a plastic fuel tank
Thermal processing system and method of using
Active vibration absorber and method
Motor vehicle door
Vehicle windshield wiper system
Breech loader chutes for packaging systems
Textiles; Paper
Multilayer structured spun yarn, process for producing the same, and, fabricated from the yarn, heat-resistant fabric and heat-resistant protective suit
Fixed Constructions
Window regulator
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Engine-off ammonia vapor management system and method
Exhaust emission purification controller of internal combustion engine
Control system for internal combustion engine
Control device for internal combustion engine
Condensation type dryer
Dryer and method of controlling the same
Data-providing service system
Point search apparatus and in-vehicle navigation apparatus
Car navigation system
Method and system for determining a track record of a moving object
Method and apparatus for the measurement of the acoustic impedance
System, medium, and control method for a computer
Method of calculating the amount of work done by an internal combustion engine
Measurement of the maximum adhesion coefficient by measuring stress in a bead of a tire
Computerized tomographic imaging system
Method and apparatus for simultaneous emission and transmission spect using oblique line sources
Method and system for multi-user channel allocation for a multi-channel analyzer
Method and apparatus for improved routing in connectionless networks
Loop-back method for measuring the interface timing of semiconductor devices with the aid of signatures and/or parity methods
Cable management panel with rear entry
Fiber optic sensor and sensing system for hydrocarbon flow
Two-dimensional photonic crystal slab having three-dimensional local structure
Apparatus and method of compensating for wavelength dispersion of optical transmission line
Reflector arrangement
Light applicator and method for producing a diffuser
Optical switches
Optical switch
Optical modulator
Backlight compensation using threshold detection
Image tracking control algorithm
Nanostructure-based solid state charging device
Image forming apparatus using a toner container and a process cartridge
Image forming apparatus with conveyance speed control based in part on loop detection
Dimensional reduction using data matching in high dimensional space
Method and apparatus for on-demand power management
Device and method for scrambling data by means of address lines
Output system, printing system, printing device management device and printing device, print instruction program, printing device management program and printing device control program, and printing method
Method for retrieving reliability data in a system
System and method for self-diagnosing system crashes
Identify indicators in a data processing system
System and method of preventing a web browser plug-in module from generating a failure
Proactive driver response to an operating system if a drive is removed from a RAID configuration
Method and apparatus for data recovery system using storage based journaling
False path detection program
Diagnostic tool with ethernet capability
Method and system for adaptive interleaving
Method and system for adaptive interleaving
Switching method of data replication mode
Storage subsystem that connects fibre channel and supports online backup
Method and system for assisting in backups and restore operation over different channels
Methods and apparatus for dynamic instruction controlled reconfigurable register file
System and methods for an overlay disk and cache using portable flash memory
Method and system for managing images over a communication network
Combined buffer for snoop, store merging, load miss, and writeback operations
System and method for managing images over a communication network
Application server component that notifies one or more communication devices of one or more invitations to join communication session
Method and system for DMA optimization in host bus adapters
Inter-integrated circuit bus router for providing increased security
Method and system of providing a dynamic sampling plan for integrated metrology
Common text framework
Electronic document versioning method and updated document supply method using version number based on XML
Method and system for tracking entities in a computer network
System and method of enhancing web server throughput in single and multiple processor systems
Hypertext displaying apparatus and hypertext displaying program
General dependency model for invalidating cache entries
Distributed policy model for access control
Information transmission system
Component cost estimation system, component cost estimation method, cost standard data providing system, cost standard data providing method, recording medium, and computer data signal
Parallel predictive compression and access of a sequential list of executable instructions
Efficient implementation of a filter
Method and apparatus for summarizing multiple documents using a subsumption model
Linguistically intelligent text compression
System and method for performing analysis on word variants
Dynamically assigning a survey to a respondent
Network communication with client-forced authentication
Policy based system management
Method and apparatus for component plan analysis under uncertainty
Method and apparatus for pre-tabulating sub-networks
Design verification method for programmable logic design
Trace equivalence identification through structural isomorphism detection with on the fly logic writing
Method for performing verification of logic circuits
Method and apparatus for characterizing arrays using cell-based timing elements
Electronic circuit designing method apparatus for designing an electronic circuit, and storage medium for storing an electronic circuit designing method
Method and apparatus for storing routes for groups of related net configurations
Memory efficient array transposition via multi pass tiling
Method and apparatus for detecting fractures using frequency data derived from seismic data
Quantum mechanical model-based system and method for global optimization
Method, device, and computer product for creating height-limited-area information, and method of manufacturing three-dimensional structure
Method and system for securing a computer system
Methods and apparatus for event handling
System and method of providing multiple installation actions
Method for managing objects created in a directory service
Virtual environment capture
Noisy operating system user interface
Wheel grip factor estimating apparatus and vehicle motion control apparatus
Lumbar support and control device for a lumber support and method for controlling a lumbar support of a motor vehicle
Method for simulating conveyance of medium
Method and system for manufacturing integrated circuits meeting special customer requirements with multiple subcontractors in remote locations
Method and system for referencing, archiving and retrieving symbolically linked information
Prefix processing technique for faster IP routing
Enhanced shared secret provisioning protocol
Method and apparatus for controlling a user's pc through a broadcast communication to archive information in the user's pc
System and method for assessing a procurement and accounts payable system
System and method for providing a health model for software
Method, system, and software for mapping and displaying process objects at different levels of abstraction
Test automation stack layering
Allocating lower priority interrupt for processing to slave processor via master processor currently processing higher priority interrupt through special interrupt among processors
Efficient construction of pruned SSA form
Image processing apparatus, method and program able to infer the color space of image data
Position and orientation estimating method and apparatus
System and method for image and video segmentation by anisotropic kernel mean shift
Collusion resistant desynchronization for digital video fingerprinting
Method for segmentation of IVUS image sequences
Method and system for wavelet based detection of colon polyps
Method and system for fast normalized cross-correlation between an image and a Gaussian for detecting spherical structures
Method for branch selection for probe alignment
Method and apparatus for storing bitplanes of coefficients in a reduced size memory
Method and system of image segmentation using regression clustering
Serial storage of ink and its properties
Handwriting layout analysis of freeform digital ink input
Method for controlling interpolation direction and related device
Method and device for selecting data in a communication network
Method of and computer system for executing area-division and compression of document image
Automatic method of identifying image subregions for reuse during datastream transmission
Integrated circuit input/output interface with empirically determined delay matching
Red eye compensation method, image processing apparatus and method for implementing the red eye compensation method, as well as printing method and printer
"Don't care" pixel interpolation
Discrete wavelet transform unit and method for adaptively encoding still image based on energy of each block
Apparatus and method for allowing images to correspond to each other and program therefor
Image block classification based on entropy of differences
Secure tax meter and certified service provider center for collecting sales and/or use taxes on sales that are made via the internet and/or catalog
System and method for networked loyalty program
System and method for networked loyalty program
System and method for conducting electronic commerce
Automated sales support device
Method and system for restricting the usage of payment accounts
System and method for displaying messages using a messages table
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method of reducing a blocking artifact when coding moving picture
Method and apparatus for performing plan-based dialog
Code excited linear prediction speech decoder and method thereof
Speech coding apparatus and speech decoding apparatus
Optical disk drive
Pickup unit homing mechanism for a disk drive unit
Active termination control
Aligning device for fuel elements of a pressurized water reactor
Micro beam collimator for high resolution XRD investigations with conventional diffractometers
Method for manufacturing pencil cores
Composite coating for improved wear resistance for x-ray tube bearings
Method for making a piezoceramic device
Method of manufacturing printed circuit board having metal bump
Arrangement for locking the screws of electric terminals
Laser annealing apparatus and annealing method of semiconductor thin film using the same
Surface-emitting type semiconductor laser
Erroneous phase lock detection circuit
Digital phase locked circuit capable of dealing with input clock signal provided in burst fashion
Intercommunicating apparatus for duplex system capable of detecting failure thereof
Error correction process and mechanism
Iterative method of decoding a received signal
Method and apparatus for a low-density parity-check decoder
Reduced complexity soft value generation for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) joint detection generalized RAKE (JD-GRAKE) receivers
Transmission system with high frequency stability
System and method for detecting Radio Frequency signals over a range of powers
Impairment compensation sequence for communication
Optical transmission equipment
Estimation of single-to-noise ratio by processing measured error vector magnitude
Directed flood of push-to-talk announce message
Multipoint gating control block in an Ethernet passive optical network and method therefor
Optical transmitter and passive optical network using the same
Control apparatus and control method of optical signal exchanger
MIMO transmission system in a radio communications network
Transport stream dejitterer
Asymmetric bandwidth allocation
Systems and methods for goodput guarantee through adaptive fair queuing
Voice packets in IP network
System and method for wireless broadcast of multimedia files to vehicles
Group security
Data error detection and mitigation systems and supporting method and apparatus
Method of designing interleavers for multiple-encoder MIMO OFDM systems
Communications network with routing tables for establishing a path without failure by avoiding unreachable nodes
Method for integration of a packet-oriented network into a communication system
Method and apparatus for determining shared broadcast domains of network switches, ports and interfaces
Allocating bandwidth using resilient packet ring (RPR) fairness mechanism
Method and apparatus to estimate collision rate parameter
Adaptive signal weighting system
Fractional local peak detection and mitigation for PAR reduction
Clock drift compensation method for remote communications
Data communication method and data communication device and semiconductor device
Data communication method and data communication device and semiconductor device
System and method for managing copyrighted electronic media
Apparatus, methods and computer programs for controlling performance of operations within a data processing system or network
Privacy management of personal data
Mobile phone with wireless camera detection
Mobile communication device and accessory therefor
Mobile station body comprised of stacked elements
Telephone apparatus for stabilizing call in no power operation mode and method for controlling the same
Portable wireless apparatus
Multi-function general purpose transceiver
Method of configuring an in-vehicle telematics unit
Communication system employing a personal assistant server and a personal assistant terminal
Method and apparatus for providing expanded telecommunications service
Program recording and viewing reservation system and method thereof
Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the same
Disc access processor processing a result of accessing a disc and method thereof
Digital video segment identification
Method and apparatus for providing information about a real-world space
System and method for delay reduction via automatic target packet transmission
Dual-mesh network and communication system for emergency services personnel
Systems and methods for transmitting global positioning system information from a wireless communication system base station
Location tracing system for mobile telecommunication terminal and method thereof
Mobile content delivery system
Hearing device system and method for manufacturing such device
Transmission imager
Rework soldering jig
Printed wiring board and method for manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Apparatus for detecting impurities in material and detecting method therefor
Body fluid sampler
Device for verifying the accuracy of a spectral analyzer
Method and apparatus for medical image display for surgical tool planning and navigation in clinical environments
Method and apparatus for recording medical objects, in particular for recording models of prepared teeth
Glare shielding device of welding helmet and method of controlling the same
Erase scheme for non-volatile memory
Circumferential antenna for an implantable medical device
Image generation device and information storage medium
Dual axis articulated electronic input device
Method of control of playback of motion and program product and game system for same
Performing Operations; Transporting
In-situ real-time monitoring technique and apparatus for endpoint detection of thin films during chemical/mechanical polishing planarization
Magnetic holding device
Method of manufacturing lens cap for transistor outline package
Integrated camera circuit including image sensor, image processing, and printer drive circuits
Recording apparatus and method of controlling recording apparatus
Thermal head and method of manufacturing the same
Thermal printer capable of performing error diffusion
Image processing apparatus with conduit tube and blower
Method and apparatus for printing high resolution images using reflective LCD modulators
Producing visual images
Engraver and method for focusing and measuring areas on a workpiece engraved by the engraver
Method for determining vehicle status variables
Optical sensor for an adjustable vehicle seating system
Proximity switch and vehicle rearview mirror assembly incorporating the same and having a transparent housing
Replacement led lamp assembly and modulated power intensity for light source
Method and device for diagnosing a brake switch
Methods and apparatus for providing a multi-stop micromirror
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Sensor for performing surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Electroconductive device having supercooled liquid crystal layer
Fixed Constructions
Measurement-while-drilling acoustic system employing multiple, segmented transmitters and receivers
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Oil pressure warning system for outboard motor
Monitoring installation
In-ground pipeline monitoring
Constant-temperature liquid circulating device having a proportional valve based predictive system for pre-estimating a need for maintenance
Method and apparatus for combined measurement of surface non-uniformity index of refraction variation and thickness variation
Measuring apparatus and measuring method
Method and apparatus for determining feature characteristics using scatterometry
Exposure apparatus with interferometer
Electronic navigation system and method
Accurate stepmeter for location-based services
Distance measuring apparatus
Multi-function optical system
Device for determining the fill level of a filling substance in a container
Multi-point light measuring system
Spectral bandwidth calibration of an optical spectrum analyzer
Spectroscopic image input system
Simultaneous double grating spectrometer with solid-state sensors or photomultiplier tubes
Device for simultaneously detecting several spectral ranges of a light beam
Method and device for the colorimetric measurement of a colored surface
Strain gauge
Light wavelength dispersion measuring apparatus and light wavelength dispersion measuring method
System for measuring wavelength dispersion of optical fiber
Apparatus and method for measuring the chromatic dispersion of an optical transmission link
Method and apparatus for dispersion measurement
Distortion measuring apparatus and distortion measuring method using this apparatus
Inspection system for optical components
Method of and apparatus for qualitative analysis
Apparatus and method for light profile microscopy
Surface inspection tool using a parabolic mirror
Method for inspecting a reticle
Digital meter for use of current and voltage
Integrated circuit
Method and device to correct a variation in bearing measurement
Proximity measuring apparatus
System and method for detecting an intruder using impulse radio technology
Bistatic radar system using transmitters in mid-earth orbit
Method for generating and analyzing radar pulses as well as a radar sensor
Sensor array having a pulse echo radar
Beam width display method and system
Beam elevation display method and system
Self-calibrating electronic distance measurement instrument
Arrangement and method for simultaneous measurement of the speed as well as the surface shape of moving objects
Combination RFID and GPS functionality on intelligent label
Support request processing system using GPS data for locating a person requesting a support
Location data dissemination and reception for entities having short-range receivers
Police activity transponder utilizing a vehicle interface
Multibeam radar sensor with a fixing device for a focusing body
Vehicle-onboard signal processing device and vehicle-onboard radar system
Dual common channel cross-track system (U)
Telecentric optical system
Illumination apparatus and projection exposure apparatus
Zoom lens system, and image pickup system using the same
Laser scanning microscope with single wavelength excitation
Microlensing particles and applications
Systems and methods for increasing illumination density within a field of view of an imaging system
Sunspotter solar telescope
Methods and apparatus for providing color images from monochromatic night vision and other electro-optical viewing devices
Sports binocular visor assembly and method
Stereo endoscope
Collapsible magnifying device, system and method
Modulation of light out of the focal plane in a light modulator based projection system
Surface micro-planarization for enhanced optical efficiency and pixel performance in SLM devices
Laser scanning apparatus, image forming apparatus, and method for starting laser scanning apparatus
Objective lens and optical pickup apparatus
Virtual display system and method
Color separation prisms having solid-state imagers mounted thereon and camera employing same
Method and device for displaying simulated 3D space as an image
Optical structure and method for producing the same
Method and computer aided apparatus for aligning large density fiber arrays
Phase conjugating structure for mode matching in super luminescent diode cavities
Wavelength-cyclic communication network and wavelength-cyclic modules
System and method for narrow channel spaced dense wavelength division multiplexing/demultiplexing
Shutter for fiber optic systems
Adjusting apparatus and method for its adjustment
Apparatus and a method for automatically focusing on a subject
Gimballed optical mount
Arrangement of plural imaging devices
Switchable interleaved channel separator devices and systems
Apparatus and method for controlling optical gain profiles in a temperature independent manner
Method and apparatus for controlling an electrochromic device
Liquid crystal display unit for camera, including message bearing medium, back light source, and protective cover
Liquid-crystal display device and electronic equipment
Transflective liquid crystal display device having reflective electrode with a light-transmitting hole, situated below a transparent electrode
Reflection type liquid crystal device, manufacturing method therefor, and projection display system
Repairable thin film transistor matrix substrate and method of repairing the substrate
Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Vertical alignment mode liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display and method for producing the same
Liquid crystal display having a dummy source pad and method for manufacturing the same
Electrically addressable display system with alignment reference features and process for forming same
Liquid crystal display device having particular pixel electrodes
Ultraviolet stabilizing materials having a solublizing moiety
Total internal reflection light modulating microstructure devices
Laser frequency converter with automatic phase matching adjustment
Optical regeneration and wavelength conversion using semiconductor optical amplifier based interferometers
Image forming apparatus and registration correcting method of the image forming apparatus
Lithographic projection apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufactured thereby
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and device manufacturing method
Projection exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method which compensate for a change in optical performance of a projection optical system
Apparatus for removing photoresist edge beads from thin film substrates
Reversed, double-helical bellows seal
User interface for use in a multifunctional display (MFD)
System and method for producing and displaying a one-step, edge-lit hologram
Process for holography involving skip-sorted hologram storage
Image processing method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for detecting deviation of automobile from lane
Phase technique for active damping in a servo-controlled actuator
Power supply circuit stably supplying power supply potential even to load consuming rapidly changing current and semiconductor memory device with same
Voltage regulating circuit, in particular for semiconductor memories
Method and apparatus for improving current matching in an electronic circuit
Dynamic random access memory boosted voltage supply
Clock receiver circuit for on-die salphasic clocking
Method and apparatus for entering data using a virtual input device
System and method of providing a programmable clock architecture for an advanced microcontroller
Method and apparatus for synchronous data transfers in a memory device with selectable data or address paths
System and method for load balancing in a multi-channel graphics system
Tape drive unit and recording medium
Method and system for distributed, dynamic generation of graphics files
Focus control device that moves a focus in a GUI screen
Graphical user interface for in-vivo imaging
Systems, methods and graphical user interfaces for controlling tone reproduction curves of image capture and forming devices
Scheme for presentation of multiple print-job modification elements in a printing software user interface
Print model that allows direct job submission to physical printer objects while preserving job defaulting, validation and scheduling
Image forming machine-computer interface system
Method and apparatus to improve system concurrency for a job using a set of commonly shared resources such that a specific resource is used only for a portion of the job
Method and system for addressing graphics data for efficient data access
Information display system for scheduling the utilization of a facility
Auto-ranging current integration circuit
Directional navigation within a graphical user interface
Circuit and method for displaying images using multisamples of non-uniform color resolution
PNP multiplier
Switched capacitor integrator having very low power and low distortion and noise
Communication scheme for imaging systems including printers with intelligent options
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and program storage medium
Image processing system and image forming apparatus
Method and system for specification of data-presentation variability data via scaleable interface
Group based computer use system
Data-processing arrangement for processing different types of data
Multi-function USB video capture chip using bufferless data compression
Image rendering technique
System and method for the exchange of CAD data
Method and apparatus for computing a computer graphics image of a textured surface
Apparatus and method for fragment operations in a 3D-graphics pipeline
Method and system for improved per-pixel shading in a computer graphics system
System and method for the adaptive mapping of matrix data to sets of polygons
Compression of animated geometry using a hierarchical level of detail coder
Method and apparatus for displaying and manipulating multiple geometric constraints of a mechanical design
Apparatus and method for image data interpolation and medium on which image data interpolation program is recorded
Apparatus for quantizing a digital image by using an error diffusion coefficient and threshold modulation in zigzag quantization
System and method for determining structure and motion from two-dimensional images for multi-resolution object modeling
Method and apparatus for video graphics antialiasing using a single sample frame buffer and associated sample memory
Apparatus and method for compressing image data received from image sensor having bayer pattern
Management system for construction machines
Computerized system for automatically monitoring processing of objects
Facility and method for tracking physical assets
Method and system for effecting a security system upon multiple portable information devices
System and method for monitoring behavior patterns
Miniature message module
Apparatus and method for providing alarm synchronization among multiple alarm devices
Solid state light with controlled light output
Emergency vehicle alert system
Wrong runway alert system and method
Apparatus, manufacturing method and driving method of plasma display panel
Method of driving plasma display panel
Method of and unit for displaying an image in sub-fields
Method of operating a plasma addressed liquid crystal display device to reduce sputtering
Driving method and driving device of liquid crystal panel
Active matrix type electro-optical device and method of driving the same
Plasma address display apparatus
Display apparatus having a liquid crystal device with separated first and second thin film transistors
Driving circuit for electrooptical device, electrooptical device, and electronic apparatus
Apparatus and method for transmitting data
Keyboard having buttons positioned for operation by heel of hand
Antialiasing method for computer graphics
Eye-tap for electronic newsgathering, documentary video, photojournalism, and personal safety
Touch-pad cover protecting against wear, spills and abuse
Method and apparatus for correcting opacity values in a rendering pipeline
Method and apparatus for controlling tint in a digital color display system
System for displaying multiple images and display method therefor
Method and mechanism of automatic video buffer flipping and display sequence management
Redundant compression techniques for transmitting data over degraded communication links and/or storing data on media subject to degradation
Method for buckler rotation test
Embedded programmable filter for disk drive velocity control
Disc cartridge shutter opening mechanism including a guide member, an operating member and a transmission member
Gray code detection for a disk drive system
Cartridge library apparatus having an inner door to close an opening of the apparatus body
Saw tooth actuator for a disc drive
Thin film magnetic head
Method of making thin film magnetic head having upper auxillary magnetic pole of accurately set thickness
Thin film magnetic head providing an essentially warp-free upper shield layer and floating magnetic head using the same
Top spin valve heads for ultra-high recording density
Disc drive head supporting mechanism having power supply pads for an integrated circuit which are of a greater area than signal/control junction pads
Suspension and head gimbal assembly with the suspension
Servo pattern recording method and system
Magnetic disk apparatus
Determining seek times
Disk drive with feed-forward control path that receives a reference position signal to apply a feed-forward command effort at a rate greater than a servo sampling rate
Moving coil micro actuator with reduced rotor mass
Voice coil motor force constant calibration method and apparatus
Buried servo patterned media
Method and apparatus for writing servo pattern
Disk drive with adaptive control path that produces an adaptive control effort based on a characterized deviation between actual and modeled plant response
Magnetic disk apparatus
Thin film magnetic memory device with memory cells including a tunnel magnetic resistive element
Magnetic material memory and information reproducing method of the same
Semiconductor memory and method for driving the same
Semiconductor device having memory cells coupled to read and write data lines
Circuit and method for refreshing memory cells in a DRAM
Semiconductor memory device
Current leakage reduction for loaded bit-lines in on-chip memory structures
Pipelined content addressable memory with read only element encoding scheme
Content-addressable memory device
Flash memory array partitioning architectures
Nonvolatile memory circuit for recording multiple bit information
Method and apparatus for processing commands in a queue coupled to a system or memory
Semiconductor integrated circuit and nonvolatile memory element
Current source component with process tracking characteristics for compact programmed Vt distribution of flash EPROM
Ascending staircase read technique for a multilevel cell NAND flash memory device
Non-volatile memory with block erase
EEPROM array and method for operation thereof
Method of programming non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Combination erase waveform to reduce oxide trapping centers generation rate of flash EEPROM
Non-volatile memory having a control mini-array
Non-volatile memory having a control mini-array
Flash memory having separate read and write paths
Filter to remove noise coupling into a sensitive circuit node
Sampling processing device and imaging apparatus using it
Weak bit testing
Regulator circuit for independent adjustment of pumps in multiple modes of operation
Boosting circuit of semiconductor memory device
Booster circuit for raising voltage by sequentially transferring charges from input terminals of booster units to output terminals thereof in response to clock signals having different phases
Non-volatile memory device with built-in laser indicator
Method and system for configuring integrated systems on a chip
Semiconductor memory devices and methods including coupling and/or floating isolation control signal lines
Circuit configuration with a memory array
Diode-based multiplexer
Ceramic electronic component
Surge arrester
Inductor and method for manufacturing same
Reverse dome switch
Rubber membrane used in a computer keyboard
Rotary switch mechanism
Circuit provided with a protective function
Auxiliary switch block
Circuit breaker including two circuit breaker mechanisms and an operating handle
Thick film circuit with fuse
Full-range high voltage current limiting fuse
Exhaust control device for use with circuit interrupter
System and method for sampling an AC switch
Capacitor over plug structure
Semiconductor device having a capacitor element
Starter device for normally off FETs
Solid-state image pickup device in-layer lens with antireflection film with intermediate index of refraction
High performance dielectric ceramic filter
Radio frequency filter of combline structure having frequency cut-off circuit and method for implementing the same
Radio frequency/microwave/millimeterwave filter
Filter apparatus, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Center electrode assembly, nonreciprocal circuit device, and communication apparatus
Method of manufacturing inner conductor of resonator, and inner conductor of resonator
Transmission line, integrated circuit, and transmitter receiver
RF/IF signal distribution network utilizing broadside coupled stripline
Mobile transmission antenna
Multi-band compact tunable directional antenna for wireless communication devices
Antenna-electrode structure and communication apparatus having the same
Antenna structure and communication apparatus including the same
Optical semiconductor hermetic sealing package, optical semiconductor module and optical fiber amplifier
Optical combiner
Input/output filtering system having tri-mode over-voltage protection and disconnect circuit for audio/video systems
Apparatus and method for a discharge interrupt circuit that can operate at a low supply voltage
Protective device against fault currents for protection against fire
Smart trip transformer
Control system including rectifier and method for controlling rectifier bridge by disabling gating of semiconductor device based upon heat sink or junction temperature
Field bus arrangement with a field bus distributor
Dual isolated power supply inputs
Power supply starting system
Method and system for limiting in rush current of a power supply filter
Isolation circuit for providing isolation from a switch of a welding power supply
Method and apparatus for driving switching element in power converter
Radiation synthesizer receive and transmit systems
Voltage generator
Voltage controlled oscillator with a transistor and a frequency variable resonant circuit
Modulated RF pulse waveform generation method and device
Voltage buffer for large gate loads with rail-to-rail operation and preferable use in LDO's
Equalization of a transmission line signal using a variable offset comparator
Feedback-type amplifier circuit and driver circuit
Pulsed signal transition delay adjusting circuit
High performance switched-capacitor filter for oversampling Sigma-Delta digital to analog converters
Adaptive drive circuit for zero-voltage and low-voltage switches
Semiconductor device including a surge protecting circuit
Method and device for disconnecting a cascode circuit with voltage-controlled semiconductor switches
Unit consisting of a proximity switch and a cable terminal part and a process for its manufacture
Low voltage, high speed CMOS CML latch and MUX devices
Voltage level shifter
Synchronous data serialization circuit
Calibration technique for delay locked loop leakage current
Variable lock window for a phase locked loop
Fractional integration and proportional multiplier control to achieve desired loop dynamics
Digital television receiver and timing recovering apparatus and method therefor
Phase-locked loop circuit of fractional frequency-dividing type
Voltage controlled oscillator with jitter correction
Tuning circuit for a YIG oscillator
Atomic frequency standard and system having improved long term aging
Data-directed scrambler for noise-shaping mixed-signal converters with an arbitrary number of quantization levels
Clamp circuit for a semiconductor integrated circuit device
Precise differential voltage interpolation analog-to-digital converter having double interpolation using nonlinear resistors
D/A converter circuit and semiconductor device
Information additive code generator and decoder for communication systems
Method and system for sampling a signal using analog-to-digital converters
Sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter having improved reference multiplexer
DC balanced 7B/8B, 9B/10B, and partitioned DC balanced 12B/14B, 17B/20B, and 16B/18B transmission codes
Data compression method and apparatus utilizing cascaded character tables
(N-1)/n current reduction scheme in a n-to-one parallel-to-serial conversion
Optical amplifier having various control circuitry
Control methods for a metro optical amplifier
Methods and systems for high performance, wide bandwidth optical communication systems using Raman amplification
Method and system for controlling amplifier power in an optical communications network
Powerfeed for a submarine communications system
Power-line coupler having a circuit breaker form or a panelboard employing the same
Apparatus and method for upgrading the capacity of wavelength division multiplexed optical networks
Variable optical delay
Algorithm for finding the eye crossing level of a multilevel signal
Email capable fax machine and methods for using the same
Cordless facsimile system with telephone answering function and method for controlling the same
Apparatus and method of performing a facsimile transmission through local area network
Installation for increasing a scanning range of a scanner along an axial direction of a light source
Image reading device, image reading method, and image forming system
Flat panel illuminator active transparency adapter
Method and system for routing incoming files
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, memory medium storing program readable by information processing apparatus, and print control system
Method for degrading grayscale images using error-diffusion based approaches
Image processing apparatus and method for matching the color appearance between a material color and a light source color
Luminance correction for color scanning using a measured and derived luminance value
Process for making stereoscopic images which are congruent with viewer space
Solid state image pickup device driving method, measurement method and measurement apparatus
Electronic pan tilt zoom video camera with adaptive edge sharpening filter
Reducing dark current noise in an imaging system
Correction apparatus and method for imaging signals and video camera
Hood device for an image pickup apparatus
Methods and apparatus for variable frame rate image capture
Image sensor having a margin area, located between effective pixel and optical black areas, which does not contribute to final image
Video output stage with self-regulating beam current limiting
Projection panel assembly, projection apparatus, and production method thereof
Data recording method
Deinterlacing method for video signals based on edge-directional interpolation
Deinterlacing apparatus
Telescopic reconstruction of facial features from a speech pattern
Method and apparatus for controlling a remote video camera in a video conferencing system
Apparatus and method for efficient memory utilization in an electronic system
Macroblock tiling format for motion compensation
Apparatus and method for detecting synchronizing signal of digital TV
Method of processing signals and apparatus for signal processing
Devices and methods for processing digital image data compatible with a television receiver
Coding device and method, decoding device and method, and recording medium
Frame structure
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew