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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Two-way door pet restriction device
Adjustable product display assembly
Frame that supports a housing
Reconfigurable child seat assembly for a juvenile product
Basket for refrigerator and mounting apparatus for the basket
Washing brush
Tissue retractor system
Two-mode bladeless trocar assembly
Suture trimmer
Surgical stapling apparatus
Injection port with extendable and retractable fasteners
Spinal stabilization implant and method of application
Microwave antenna assembly having a dielectric body portion with radial partitions of dielectric material
Electrosurgical instrument which reduces collateral damage to adjacent tissue
Thermal feedback systems and methods of using the same
Tissue penetration device
Brushhead assembly-handle interface arrangement for a droplet jet system for cleaning teeth
Anti-pop open macrofasteners
Interlabial pad
Manufacture of fine-grained material for use in medical devices
Endovascular grafting device
Stent delivery system
Intravascular stent and method of use
Stent graft assembly and method
Rotating stent delivery system for side branch access and protection and method of using same
Stretch resistant design for embolic coils with stabilization bead
Therapeutic device for the selective cytoreduction treatment of an obstruction in a natural lumen or passage of the human or animal body
Blood filtering device
Drug solution preparing kit
Mask and headgear connector
Elastomers, process for preparation, and uses thereof
Device and method for continuously shuffling and monitoring cards
Recording medium reproducing apparatus, recording medium reproducing method, and portable recording medium
Performing Operations; Transporting
Separation system and method
Portable water treatment system and apparatus
Process of making and using adsorbent to remove heavy metal from waste water
Method of minimizing aldehyde-based impurities in a process stream
Apparatus, systems and methods for sampling and conditioning a fluid
Maintaining lowered CO in a CO.sub.2 product stream in a process for treating synthesis gas
Method for treating ship ballast water with membrane
Corrugated criss-crossing packing structure
Recirculating grinding mill with external risers
Structure and method for handling magnetic particles in biological assays
System for processing magnetic particles
Electrostatically atomizing unit for use in a temperature-regulating appliance
Food breader
Roll for use in galvanizing pot
Multi-station dies for extruding teeth
Method of making a compensation shaft
Mold for the continuous casting of metal and a process for producing such a mold
Lightweight brake rotor and components with composite materials
Tube holder for a tube filling machine
Soldering entities to a monolithic metallic sheet
Slurryless mechanical planarization for substrate reclamation
Dismantling device
Rotation mechanism and robot using the same
Apparatus for the automatic trimming of printed products
Method and device for producing electrodes for batteries
Non-fibrous high modulus ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape for ballistic applications
Method and apparatus for molding roofing products with back gating
Apparatus for joining carcass ply
Method and device for producing a tread for a vehicle tire
Blanket for use in a cold-foil stamping process and cold-foil stamping device having a blanket
Method of manufacturing optical display unit and manufacturing system of optical display unit
Apparatus and method for supplying ribbons to a former
Moveable printing plate registration member
Liquid ejection head and manufacturing method of liquid ejection head
Manufacturing method of print head and print head
Liquid discharge head
Liquid ejecting apparatus and method for cleaning the same
Constant flow valve mechanism
Liquid container
Liquid application mechanism and inkjet recording apparatus
Printing apparatus and control method of the printing apparatus
Liquid application device and ink jet recording apparatus
Ink jet printing
Ink jet printing apparatus and ink jet priting method
Cover feeding device for a book binding machine
Pneumatic tire with tread having crown rib and middle ribs
Air-distribution system, with contactless activation of air outlets
Vehicle door with door beam
Arrangement for reinforcing a motor vehicle bumper
Layout structure for canister in vehicle
Electromagnetic synchronizer actuating system
Hubs incorporating a variable ratio transmission system
Arrangement of a component and of a drive element assigned to this component
LED lamp device
Vehicle console assemblies with cup holders and spill control features
Energy absorber device and method of forming same
Seat belt tensioner
Ignition module with multi-beam spring
Bicycle carrier with fork mount and universal crossbar clamp
Quick booster
Vehicular power transmission control apparatus
Reversible stroller handle
Vehicle door structure
Seal for a hole
Aerodynamic package for an automotive vehicle
Fifth wheel secondary lock
High velocity microbot
Watercraft with hull ventilation
Moving apparatus
Performance oriented pail
Closure edge protection via polymer coated metal
Multiple-biosensor article
Sheet-supplying device, image forming apparatus and image forming system using the same device
Sheet feeding apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and device for creating a unified printed product flow from two fed printed product flows
Arrangement for the timed processing of a printed product with the aid of a transfer device
Document transport apparatus
Sheet processing apparatus with improved productivity, image forming system and image forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for providing hydrogen at a high pressure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method of producing uniform light transmission fusion drawn glass
Magnetic material with cooling capacity, a method for the manufacturing thereof and use of such material
Furazane derivatives, preparation thereof and energetic compositions containing them
Colorant compound and ink including the colorant compound
Latent curing agent for epoxy resin and method for manufacturing the same
Process for extraction of bitumen from oilsands
Method of removing arsenic from hydrocarbons
Cemented carbide and method of making the same
Degradable compositions, apparatus comprising same, and method of use
Local heat treatment of aluminum panels
Modification of surfaces to increase the surface tension
Carbon nanotube device and method for making same
Fixed Constructions
Cast metal article and a method of its manufacture
Impregnated rotary bit
Aluminum riser assembly
System and method for low damage gravel packing
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine with a stator blade
Variable valve system of internal combustion engine
Hydraulic unit for a cylinder head of an internal combustion engine with hydraulically variable gas-exchange valve train
Chain saw
Fuel mixture combustion control method for a spark-ignition internal-combustion engine, notably a supercharged engine
Methods and systems for engine control
EGR control in HCCI engines
Baffle plate
Heated engine nose cone using spiral channels
Intake manifold
Fuel system with electrically-controllable mechanical pressure regulator
Fuel injector with piston restoring of a pressure intensifier piston
Gas assisted turbine seal
Valveless micropump
Motor-driven compressor
Airfoil structure shim
Component assembly comprising a sheet metal part and a nut element attached thereto and also a method for the manufacture of such a component assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing device
Radial roller bearing having hollow rollers
Roller bearing
Arrangement for operating a hydraulic device
Clutch and vehicle having clutch
Motorcycle with centrifugal clutch
Torque fluctuation absorbing apparatus
Active magneto-rheological spring assemblies and vehicle suspension systems incorporating the same
Dual-mass flywheel
Electronically controlled frequency dependent damping
Multi step transmission
Vehicle drive unit
Control system for an automatic transmission having multiple default modes
Mechanical seal device
Aspirator for a shower fitting
Solenoid valve
Regulator valve with locking system
Flow regulator device
Fastening element for a cable harness
Touch-sensitive lighted hand rail
LED lamp manufacturing method
Street lighting arrangement
Lighting device for display device and display device
Backlight module
Latent heat recovery-type water heater
Method for improving the slag quality of grate firing systems
Microarchitecture control for thermoelectric cooling
Method and systems for compact, micro-channel, laminar heat exchanging
Strain gauge rosette for internal stress measurement
Pressure type flow rate control reference and corrosion resistant pressure type flow rate controller used for the same
Sensor module with a housing which may be mounted on a wall
Collection medium and collection amount measuring apparatus, and measuring method, program, and recording medium of the same
Small volume in vitro analyte sensor and methods of making
Method of inspecting beverage bottles for contamination in a beverage bottle filling plant, a method of inspecting containers for contamination in a container filling plant, and an arrangement therefor
Method and apparatus for detecting foreign matter attached to peripheral edge of substrate, and storage medium
Engine start device
Biosensors and methods of making
Microfabricated liquid junction reference electrode
Method of correcting NO.sub.x sensor and NO.sub.x-sensing device
Column press for quality analysis
PDA based system for managing treatment of a patient health condition
Vacuum control system and vacuum control method
Water control fixture having a failed closed bypass valve
Medium processing device and method of controlling the same
Merchandise security tag for an article of merchandise
Error detecting apparatus and method, and computer program
Infrared emitter comprising an opaque reflector and production thereof
Crystallographically-oriented ceramic
Board terminal
Connector and device including the same
Connector assembly having two connectors capable of movement in differing directions
Combo electrical connector
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Herbicide tolerant Brassica juncea and method of production
Soybean variety 94B54
Soybean variety 95B97
Soybean variety 94B24
Soybean variety 96B51
PI 3-kinase fusion mutants and uses thereof
Tomato nucleic acid encoding protein that confers resistance to aphids and nematodes and plants transformed therewith
Device for displacing furniture
Griddle plate with infrared heating element
Linear actuator control structure
Absorbent articles with wicking barrier cuffs
Synthesis of functional human hemoglobin and other proteins in erythroid tissues of transgenic non-human mammals
Apparatus for and method of treating a fluid
Hermetically sealed ultraviolet light source
Differential conductivity hemodynamic monitor
Method for monitoring the irradiation control unit of an ion-beam therapy system
Quality assurance device for a medical linear accelerator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Process and apparatus for continuous-feed all-isotope separation in microgravity using solar power
Organic halogen compound decomposing device and operation control method therefor, and organic halogen compound decomposing method
Microwave heating apparatus
Method and apparatus for processing outgoing bulk mail
Plants capable of metabolizing drugs and use thereof
Electric discharge machine
Method of joining a sintered hard alloy member to a stainless steel member and method of making a cutting tool therefrom
Laser machining head
Substrate transfer system
Heater including heat dissipation resistor on substrate and image heating apparatus equipped with the heater
Surface light-emitting element and self-scanning type light-emitting device
Charging station for hybrid powered vehicles
Combined headlight/wiper switch
Electrical connection box
On-vehicle wiring harness and weight reduction method of the same
Circuit configuration consisting of a deployment element for a belt-tensioner and a belt operation sensor
Detector of stains on a transparent plate surface
Imaging rain sensor illumination positioning system
Process and apparatus for providing codings on (cigarette) packs
Method and apparatus for controlling release of hoisting motor brake in hoisting apparatus
Vehicle with running mechanism and lifting mechanism
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Phosphor material for plasma display panel, a plasma display panel and a method for producing a plasma display panel
Fluorescent thin film, preparation method, and EL panel
Phloem-loading-specific promoter
Transgenic plants expressing a MAPKKK protein kinase domain
Transgenic mouse model for degeneration of type II collagen in joints
Use of membrane properties to reduce residual stress in an interlayer region
Fixed Constructions
System and method for monitoring a reservoir and placing a borehole using a modified tubular
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Method and device for evaluating an ion current sensor signal in an internal combustion engine
Method and means for mounting a wind turbine on a tower
Motor fan control apparatus
Motor having a dynamic pressure bearing apparatus and a manufacturing method thereof
High flow rate transportable UHP gas supply system
Light emitting device with blue light LED and phosphor components
Microcombustor and combustion-based thermoelectric microgenerator
Precision-guided hypersonic projectile weapon system
Apparatus for generating electromagnetic radiation directed at certain targets
Control device for a joystick
Analog angle encoder having a single piece magnet assembly surrounding an air gap
Method for optically determining the position of a movement element and sensor for implementing the method
Optical power measurement in photonic integrated devices
Particle detection system and components thereof
Multiplexed fluorescent detection in microfluidic devices
Method for examining a specimen, and confocal scanning microscope
Workpiece inspecting device
Microwave sensor having improved sensitivity
Scanning microwave microscope capable of realizing high resolution and microwave resonator
Method and device for oil-in-water measurement
Capacitive sensor for detecting surface condensation
Diamond component with rear side contact and a method for the production thereof
Device for trapping at least one component of a chromatography flow in an LC/NMR environment
Microwave determination related to a material such as chloride found in a cement based composition
Method for determining the wood/bark ratio from a flow of wood material
Socket apparatus and method for removably mounting an electronic package
Tester apparatus for electronic components
Probe for bumps between printed wiring board and circuit component
Method and process of contact to a heat softened solder ball array
Deskew fixture
Measurement probe for detecting electrical signals in an integrated semiconductor circuit
Probe structure
Sensor probe for use in board inspection and manufacturing method thereof
Metering assembly
Sampling element controlled by photoconductive switch-generated sampling pulses and sampling device incorporating same
Non-contact detector for sensing a periodically varying magnetic field
Current measuring device
Signal detect circuit for high speed data receivers
Multiport automatic calibration device for a multiport test system
Apparatus and method for detection and measurement of environmental parameters
Digital method of measuring driver slew rates for reduced test time
Cable link integrity detector
Methods of forming apparatuses and a method of engaging electrically conductive test pads on a semiconductor substrate
Semiconductor testing apparatus
Method and device for automatic adjustment of printed circuit board conveying means in a test machine
Electromigration evaluation circuit
On-circuit board continuity tester
Semiconductor device inspecting apparatus
Semiconductor test apparatus with reduced power consumption and heat generation
Method and circuitry for controlling clocks of embedded blocks during logic bist test mode
System and method for intersample timing error reduction
Apparatus for detecting battery pack abnormality and method of detecting battery pack abnormality
High efficiency electronic load
Diffusion imaging of tissues
Simultaneous image refocusing
Process and system for measuring the distance of a moving body from a fixed part
Radiation sensor and dosimeter incorporating same
Imaging apparatus
Radiation detection apparatus and method
Method for selecting the operation of an optical detector and multimode optical detector
Resonant microcavity display
Active matrix substrate, electrooptical device, and method of producing active matrix substrate
Image signal generating method, apparatus and program
Computed radiography cassette with x-ray transmissive edges
Antireflective coating layer
Universal voltage fuser heater lamp
Multi stage circuits for providing a bandgap voltage reference less dependent on or independent of a resistor ratio
Universal USB charging accessory
Circuit for providing a minimum wake-up time in the wake-up logic circuits
Interconnection and input/output resources for programable logic integrated circuit devices
Lead frame for the installation of an integrated circuit in an injection-molded package
Finger squid qubit device
Infra-red wireless receiver with novel shielding and IR front end signal enhancement
Process of making acoustic devices
Fret for stringed instruments
Guitar bridge and tailpiece
Electronic tuning system and methods of using same
Class V flextensional transducer with directional beam patterns
Magnetic materials
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Simple 4T static ram cell for low power CMOS applications
Memory element with molecular or polymeric layers, memory cell, memory array, and smart card
Semiconductor non-volatile memory device having a NAND cell structure
Variable voltage source for a flash device operating from a power-supply-in-package (PSIP)
Configuration memory integrated circuit
Method for testing semiconductor integrated circuit device equipped with power make-up circuit used in burn-in test
Potential detecting circuit having wide operating margin and semiconductor device including the same
High-speed, low-power inter-chip transmission system
Unit dose syringe shield and measuring applicator
Multi-beam shaped beam lithography system
Electron beam irradiating apparatus
Charged-particle-beam microlithography apparatus and methods including shielding of the beam from extraneous magnetic fields
Suspension insulator
Nuclear spin control device
Integrated inductor in semiconductor manufacturing
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Microswitch module
Multi-directional switch and apparatus using the same
Low-noise key switch and keyboard thereof
Microrelay working parallel to the substrate
Module platform design for plug operated safety switch and circuit breaker
Organic light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
Display device using thin film cathode and its process
Electron source, image forming apparatus, and manufacture method for electron source
Display panel and display panel production method
Plasma display panel
Electron gun arrangements having closely spaced cathode and electrode and a vacuum seal
Cathode ray tube having an improved indirectly heated cathode structure
Tension mask frame assembly having a variable area for dummy bridges
Frame/mask structure for cathode ray tube
Mask for color picture tube
Method and apparatus for reducing vibrational energy in a tension focus mask
Fluorescent screen of color CRT and fabricating method thereof
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Cathode-ray tube apparatus
Cathode-ray tube
Funnel for color CRT
Panel of cathode ray tube
Package method for field emission display
Field-emission matrix display based on lateral electron reflections
Electrostatic manipulating apparatus
Pattern inspection method and apparatus using electron beam
Charged particle beam column
Method of controlling electrostatic lens and ion implantation apparatus
Ion implantation apparatus, ion generating apparatus and semiconductor manufacturing method with ion implantation processes
Mass spectrometry detector
Ion optical system for a mass spectrometer
Liquid chromatograph mass spectrometer
Method and apparatus for deflecting and focusing a charged particle stream
Gridless, focusing ion extraction device for a time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Cathode ray tube
CRT with neck and stem weld and method for manufacturing the same
Non-detachable structure of a lamp bulb and its lamp holder
Electrode shield for fluorescent lamp having a pair of spaced apart shield plates
Short arc type mercury discharge lamp with coil distanced from electrode
Short-arc lamp
High-pressure discharge lamp
Safety construction for tubular fluorescent lamp having spacer between electrode cover and inner surface of tube
Discharge lamp having spring
Discharge tube with interior and exterior electrodes
Plasma display panel and method of manufacturing the same
UV radiation source for densification of CVD carbon-doped silicon oxide films
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus
Enhancement of carrier concentration in As-containing layers
Transistor having a gate stick comprised of a metal, and a method of making same
High-performance MOS transistor of LDD structure having a gate insulating film with a nitride central portion and oxide end portions
Method for manufacturing a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
Method for metallization of a semiconductor substrate and related structure
Electrostatic discharge-protection semiconductor device
Controlling underfill flow locations on high density packages using physical trenches and dams
High integration density vertical capacitor structure and fabrication process
Wiring material and a semiconductor device having wiring using the material, and the manufacturing method
Semiconductor device using bumps, method for fabricating same, and method for forming bumps
Semiconductor device and method for producing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Compensation semiconductor component and method of fabricating the semiconductor component
Polysilicon thin film transistor used in a liquid crystal display and the fabricating method
SOI device with reversed stacked capacitor cell and body contact structure and method for fabricating the same
Device and method for thermally treating substrates
Fabrication of semiconductor devices with transition metal boride films as diffusion barriers
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory cell and method for fabricating the memory cell
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Buried digit line stack and process for making same
Ion implanter
Semiconductor tiling structure and method of formation
Design and process for a dual gate structure
Highly latchup-immune CMOS I/O structures
All-in-one disposable/permanent spacer elevated source/drain, self-aligned silicide CMOS
Grooved planar DRAM transfer device using buried pocket
High coupling split-gate transistor
Conductive line formed on integrated circuits
Semiconductor devices and fabrication thereof
Copper metallurgy in integrated circuits
Microelectronic device package with conductive elements and associated method of manufacture
Mask programmed ROM inviolable by reverse engineering inspections and method of fabrication
Semiconductor display devices and applications
EL display device having a pixel portion and a driver circuit
Module with bumps for connection and support
Electronic package and method therefor
Plastic ball grid array package with integral heatsink
Thin-film heat sink and method of manufacturing same
Chip-type semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for thermal management of integrated circuits
Semiconductor device with shock absorbing bond pad
Semiconductor device having a wire bond pad and method therefor
Lead frame with raised leads and plastic packaged semiconductor device using the same
Stacked circuit device and method for evaluating an integrated circuit substrate using the stacked circuit device
Semiconductor device
Structures to mechanically stabilize isolated top-level metal lines
Method for composing a dielectric layer within an interconnect structure of a multilayer semiconductor device
Device for monitoring substrate charging and method of fabricating same
System LSI chip having a logic part and a memory part
Multi-stage, high frequency, high power signal amplifier
Shielded semiconductor leadframe package
Sealed organic optoelectronic structures
Stackable semiconductor package having conductive layer and insulating layers
Vertical cache configuration
Electronic circuit device and hybrid integrated circuit with an ASIC and an FPGA
Display apparatus using organic electroluminescent element and manufacturing method thereof
Light-producing display having spaced apart tiles
Field effect transistor
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor device improved in ESD reliability
Breakdown improvement method and sturcture for lateral DMOS device
Ferroelectric transistor and memory cell configuration with the ferroelectric transistor
Tandem Si-Ge solar cell with improved conversion efficiency
Avalanche photodetector
Photovoltaic element, producing method therefor, and solar cell modules
Plastic packaging of LED arrays
High efficiency white light emitting diode
Light emitting diode with light conversion using scattering optical media
Scalable led with improved current spreading structures
Light emitting diodes with asymmetric resonance tunnelling
Light emitting semiconductor device with a surface-mounted and flip-chip package structure
Semiconductor light-emitting device with quantum well
Multilayer piezoelectric transformer
Solid-state excimer devices and processes for producing same
Organic electroluminescent device including charge transport buffer layer
Organic light emitting devices
Battery management circuit
Member for assembling radio wave absorber and method of producing radio wave absorber
Two-piece swaged center electrode assembly
Switch having stabilizing protrusions to facilitate mounting thereof
AC motors for driving vehicle closures
Power supply negative phase detecting circuit
Balanced modular power management system and method
Charge/discharge control circuit and a charging-type power-supply unit
Power system with plural parallel power supplies with at least one power supply in standby mode for energy efficiency
Power supplies for ECUs
Multiple flywheel energy storage system
Rotor for an electrical machine, and an electrical machine including such a rotor
Magneto generator
Automotive alternator and a method for manufacturing a stator therefor
Stator interconnect ring
Linear motor, driving and control system thereof and manufacturing method thereof
Voltage regulation system having an inductive current sensing element
Soft switching DC-to-DC converter and controlling method thereof
Power supply with magnetic reset of saturable amplifier
Odd harmonics reduction of phase angle controlled loads
PWM motor drive apparatus with increase of low speed capability
Processes and devices for monitoring the rotation of DC electric motors
Vehicular power generator control apparatus having maximum conduction rate limiting function
Integrated polyphase amplitude detector
Dynamic bias controller for power amplifier circuits
Method and system for automated current balance adjustment for parallel combined amplification elements
Signal dependent current controlled amplifier and method of performing same
Zero-overhead class G amplifier with threshold detection
Apparatus and method for controlling adaptive circuits
Low noise amplifier and imaging element using same
Modulation scheme for filterless switching amplifiers with reduced EMI
Bias circuit for class AB high frequency amplifiers
Differential amplifier offset adjustment
Method and circuit for trimming offset and temperature drift for operational amplifiers and voltage references
CMOS operational amplifier circuit
Variable gain circuit having external controls and a low supply voltage
Micro-wave power amplifier
Hybrid structure for distributed power amplifiers
Dual current mirror power amplifier bias control
Ultra-fast voltage drive
Failsafe interface circuit with extended drain devices
Logic architecture for single event upset immunity
Method for increasing the load capacity of full-rail differential logic
Field-programmable dynamic logic array
System and method for dynamic modification of integrated circuit functionality
2/3 full-speed divider using phase-switching technique
Precision oscillator circuits and methods with switched capacitor frequency control and frequency-setting resistor
Static logic compatible multiport latch
Flip-flop design
Signal voltage detection circuit
Adjustable capacitances for DLL loop and power supply noise filters
Non-linear phase detector
Integrated lighting and data communication apparatus
Deflection current modulation circuit
Device for determining the location of cooking utensils on a cooking hob comprising discrete distributed heating elements
System and method for illuminating light emitting diodes in a contact image sensor
Electronic ballast circuit
Illumination management system
Microwave oven including antenna for properly propagating microwaves oscillated by magnetron
Nozzle for plasma arc torch
Circuit board system with raised interconnects of conductive circuit traces
Multilayer build-up wiring board
Insulating resin composition for multilayer printed-wiring board
Electromagnetic interference shielding gasket
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew