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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Substituted pyrrolopyrimidinylamino-benzothiazolones as MKNK kinase inhibitors
Modular enclosure
Window covering
Illuminated surgical retractor system and magnetically-controlled illumination device
Biological sample collection
Surgical staple
Insert for a tool for assembling a bone anchoring device and tool for assembling a bone anchoring device
Electro-mechanical intravascular device
Subcutaneous cavity marking device and method
Apparatus and method for X-ray imaging of breast
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Absorbent article
Absorbent article
Composition including dapsone for preventing or treating side effect of steroid in subject and use of the composition
Process for the preparation of and crystalline forms of optical enantiomers of modafinil
Composition and method for exterminating animal parasite
Substituted N-(2-arylamino)aryl sulfonamide-containing combinations
Substituted pyrrolo[2,3-b]pyrazines as serine/threonine kinase inhibitors
Substituted quinazolinones as HCV inhibitors
Cyclic depsipeptide compounds and their uses
Octapeptide compounds derived from somatostatin and the therapeutic use thereof
Neutralizing immunogen (NimIV) of rhinovirus and its uses for vaccine applications
Method for improving the production of influenza viruses and vaccine seeds
Anti-EFNA4 antibody-drug conjugates
FKBP-L and uses thereof
Method for manufacturing a cleansing and/or care article
Photoprotective compositions and films, and a preparation method
Diabetes regulator
Surgical device having indicia for cutting to size
Bladder wall drug delivery system
Blood feeding flow rate-controlling device and extracorporeal circulation device
Injection supporting device for a syringe and injection device
Implantable electric stimulation system and methods of making and using
Protective suit for use in a cooling chamber
Golf ball having an increased moment of inertia
Top loading headcovers and methods to manufacture top loading headcovers
Multi-position rolling and jumping toy
Variable-track rolling toy
Performing Operations; Transporting
Stable nano titania sols and a process for their production
Method for the production of silicon from silyl halides
Method for preparing hydrogenation catalyst and method for preparing diols from lactones using the hydrogenation catalyst
Carbon supported cobalt and molybdenum catalyst
Nanoparticle carrying method
Deodorizing material, process for manufacturing deodorizing material, and deodorizing device
Phosphine ligands for catalytic reactions
High efficiency and high precision microfluidic devices and methods
Apparatus for separating magnetic particles from liquids containing said particles, and an array of vessels suitable for use with such an apparatus
Method for modifying the surface energy of a solid
Method and rolling train for rolling a rolled stock produced in an ingot casting process, open- and/or closed-loop control device for a rolling train, machine-readable program code for an open- and/or closed-loop control device, and storage medium
Metal tape material and interconnector for solar module current collection
Vacuum or air casting using induction hot topping
Preform for manufacturing a metal foam
Process and apparatus for producing pressed articles
Method of manufacturing a stainless steel product
Hazardous waste treatment process
Method for producing a built hollow valve
Welding fixture
Chip discharging device of machine tool and machine tool equipped with the same
Electrical wrench
Power tool storage and package system
Skin guard for hair trimmer
Apparatus having scrap-guiding regions positioned on cutting assembly
Apparatus and method for producing plastics material pre-forms from a thermoplastic plastics material
Substrate and rubber composition and method of making the composition
Method of manufacturing translucent rigid substrate laminate and translucent rigid substrate bonding apparatus
Printhead cleaning assembly
Image forming apparatus providing continued processing in the event of sensor failure
Railroad wheel with wear resistant flange
Pneumatic tire
Power transmission apparatus for hybrid vehicle
Vehicle seat housing apparatus
Assist grip attachment structure
Vehicle cargo organiser
Cargo management system for use with motor vehicles
Actuator for brake fluid pressure control
Shift position detecting device
Manually propelled vehicle
Robotic systems having protrusions for use in starting positions and in use positions
Structure of headlight cowl
Relief valve for being arranged on an opening of a fuselage shell of an aircraft, fuselage part with such a relief valve and aircraft fuselage
Device for the transfer of fitting parts for container labelling
Flexible packages having multiple lines of weakness to facilitate opening
Device for closing an opening in a chamber wall
Conveyor for transporting powder, and a method for conveying powder
Image forming apparatus that ejects printed sheets from multiple trays at the same time
Sheet processing apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
Sheet conveying device and image forming apparatus capable of conveying a sheet absorbed with an electric charge
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Motorized height access device for tower cranes
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Production of crystalline sodium bicarbonate using CO.sub.2 recovered from another alkali production process
Adsorbent composite from natural raw materials to remove heavy metals from water
Ballast water treatment apparatus and ballast water management system
Solidifying sludge
Method for producing a foam composite element
Process for the production of chlorinated propenes
Method for producing monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Nonionic surfactant compositions
Substituted hydroxamic acids and uses thereof
Gas-to-liquid technology
Hydrogenation catalysts comprising a mixed oxide comprising a promoter metal
Process for producing ethanol using hydrogenation catalysts
Light-colored metal working additives
Process for preparing diacid compounds
Aromatic ring compound
Benzyl sulfonamide derivatives as RORc modulators
Substituted morpholines as modulators for the calcium sensing receptor
N-heteroaryl substituted aniline derivatives as HCV-antivirals
Compounds and compositions for targeting cancer stem cells
Substituted chroman derivatives, medicaments and use in therapy
Quinoline and cinnoline derivatives and their applications
Enhancer of Zeste Homolog 2 inhibitors
Pyridine derivatives as rearranged during transfection (RET) kinase inhibitors
7-azaindole-2,7-naphthyridine derivative for the treatment of tumours
Processes for the preparation of dipyridamole
Therapeutically active oxazoline derivatives
Process for preparing ceftaroline fosamil
Cobalt catalysts and their use for hydrosilylation and dehydrogenative silylation
Relaxin fusion polypeptides and uses thereof
Hydrogel forming material from byproduct pulp fines
Rubber material with barrier material made of cycloolefin copolymers
Friedel crafts alkylation of aromatics using vinyl terminated macromonomers
Ziegler-Natta catalysts doped with non-group IV metal chlorides
Procatalyst composition with alkoxypropyl ester internal electron donor and polymer from same
Procatalyst composition with alkoxyalkyl 2-propenoate internal electron donor and polymer from same
Dual cure system
Curable compositions and thermosets prepared therefrom
Packaging and labelling films
Cavity blocks
Phenol-free overbased alkaline earth metal carboxylate
Polycarbonate composition and heat shielding material made therefrom
Method for surface modification of a body
Masonry-treating agent
Optical film
Hydraulic fracturing proppant containing inorganic fibers
Lubricant for a plunger and production method thereof
Antioxidant composition and lubricating oil composition containing same
Yeast strain for lactic acid production by using pentose and hexose
Methods and compositions involving miRNA and miRNA inhibitor molecules
Treatment of pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase 1 (PYCR1) related diseases by inhibition of natural antisense transcript to PYCR1
Aptamer that recognizes peptide
Pneumovirus compositions and methods for using the same
Processes for producing polyunsaturated fatty acids in transgenic organisms
Polyunsaturated fatty acid production in heterologous organisms using PUFA polyketide synthase systems
Thermus scotoductus nucleic acid polymerases
Heat-stable carbonic anhydrases and their use
Strains and method for the production of methionine
Compositions for detecting Alicyclobacillus microorganisms
Laser cladding Fe--Cr alloy on downhole tools
Method of producing porous aluminum
Method of measuring vapor flux density
Textiles; Paper
Air-jet weaving machine having a compressed air supply device
Apparatus, system, and method for forming nanofibers and nanofiber webs
Washing machine
Method for automatically determining stickies in a recycled fibre process
Fixed Constructions
Jet regulator
Systems and methods for constructing temporary, re-locatable structures
Cylinder core for a cylinder for locks
Motor vehicle lock
Seat assembly for isolating fracture zones in a well
Process for the production of coated proppants
Cutting tool mounting assembly
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbomachine diaphragm ring with packing retainment apparatus
Compressor rotor
Cooled blade for a gas turbine
Method for removing a rotor bucket from a turbomachine rotor wheel
Variable valve device for internal combustion engine
Internal combustion engine having a direct injection system and having a port fuel injection system
System and methods for engine air path condensation management
Compressed air energy storage system having variable generation modes
Octane separation system and operating method
Post fuel injection of gaseous fuel to reduce exhaust emissions
Systems and methods for controlling ignition energy during exhaust stroke combustion of gaseous fuel to reduce turbo lag
Valve for metering fluid
Vehicle performing idling stop
Multi-stage reciprocating compressor
Control of subsea compressors
Balancing element and method for balancing a clutch
Caliper brake apparatus
Disc brake having a release spindle for the adjustment device
Beam-based nonlinear spring
Subsea remotely operated lifting shackle
Vehicle power transmission device
Multi-ratio transmission
Device and method for cooling an axle differential of a motor vehicle
Sealing element and a sealing system for hollow sections
Mechanical seal
Rotary cartridge seal with internal face-sealing surfaces
Ferrule with internal recess and cylindrical wall
Pressure tank system for a motor vehicle
Rail vehicle comprising a frost-protected water outlet pipe
Assembly securing arrangement
Power supply module, and lighting strip
Edge lit lighting assembly with spectrum adjuster
Refrigeration cycle device capable of efficiently varying capacity providing a first and a second compressing mechanism disposed in a hermetic container
Multipart roller
Electroshock device for monitoring target response
Interleaving angled hexagonal tile for flexible armor
Method for estimating the amount of an unconsumed part of a consumable using image of a roll
Measuring device
Through bias pole for IGMR speed sensing
Geolocation using high order statistics
Liquid level measuring device
Light-receiving module
Apparatus and a method for spectroscopic ellipsometry, in particular infrared spectroscopic ellipsometry
Fuel storage system and method for detecting a gas pressure therein
Magnetic torque sensor packaging for automatic transmissions
Microfluidic devices and methods
Kit containing sealing liquid for safety closures
Method and apparatus for analysis and sorting of polynucleotides based on size
Electrophoresis gel cassette
Method for inspecting a component on the basis of Barkhausen noises
Physical quantity sensor, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic apparatus
Current sensor
Methods and systems for prevention of data corruption
Touch sensor
Partial discharge sensor
Testing a processor assembly
Low-field NMR device for measuring the water content of solids and slurries
Scintillator panel and radiation detector including the same
Feedthrough assembly for electrically conductive winding
Position-sensitive gamma detectors
Microscope system, objective lens unit, and microscope main body
Electrowetting display device with a wall on a lower hydrophobicity area
Variable spectrum element
Video playing system
Lens control device and lens control method
Diffusion plate and backlight module having same
Spacer box extension kit and interbay cable management panel
Fiber connector and adapter
Alternate coupling of devices via multiple branches of a waveguide
Electro-optical device and electronic apparatus
Pico projector system and additional thermal dissipating method thereof
Exposure apparatus, exposure method, and method for producing device
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and supporting member
Developer supply container and image forming apparatus
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Lubricant supplying device, process cartridge and image forming apparatus
Cleaning apparatus for image carrier, image forming apparatus having the same, and method for cleaning image carrier
Method and automation system for replacing an existing control device in an automation system with a new control device and automation system designed for this purpose
System for predictively managing communication attributes of unmanned vehicles
Priority based application event control (PAEC) to reduce power consumption
Multi-mode touch input device
Circuit design for balanced logic stress
Mobile terminal, control method thereof, and program
Internal communication interconnect scalability
Dynamic control of reduced voltage state of graphics controller component of memory controller
Platform and processor power management
Method and apparatus for efficient store/restore of state information during a power state
Allocating machine check architecture banks
Synchronizing problem resolution task status using awareness of current state and transaction history
Data coherency model and protocol at cluster level
Methods and systems to avoid false negative results in bloom filters implemented in non-volatile data storage systems
Migrating and retrieving queued data in byte-addressable storage
Migrating and retrieving queued data in byte-addressable storage
Efficient and consistent para-virtual I/O system
Parallel memory migration
Memory object reference count management with improved scalability
Systems and methods for accessing cache memory
Dynamic reservations in a unified request queue
Selecting cache lists indicating tracks in a cache to process for demotion
Emulated message signaled interrupts in a virtualization environment
Method to emulate message signaled interrupts with multiple interrupt vectors
Intercomponent data communication
Creating a checkpoint for a software partition in an asynchronous input/output environment
Method for data throughput improvement in open core protocol based interconnection networks using dynamically selectable redundant shared link physical paths
MFENCE and LFENCE micro-architectural implementation method and system
Data readiness using initiator region last commit selection
Vehicle driving assist system
Rich content in a browser-based word processor
Providing multiple concurrent transactions on a single database schema using a single concurrent transaction database infrastructure
Mobile terminal and method of controlling the mobile terminal
Written language learning using an enhanced input method editor (IME)
Plural architecture master data management with supplemental attributes
Plural architecture master data management with supplemental attributes
Methods and systems for assessing excessive accessory listings in search results
Database query language gateway
Local mobile memo for non-interrupting link noting
User initiated replication in a synchronized object replication system
Optimizing database definitions for a new database
Reporting and summarizing metrics in sparse relationships on an OLTP database
Managing a portal application
Managing remote data replication
Information processing apparatus having page preview function, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
File history recording system, file history management system and file history recording method
Synchronization of off-line reports and off-line mobile content packages
Predicting a command in a command line interface
Generating differences for tuple attributes
Leveraging enterprise content
Mask error compensation by optical modeling calibration
Telemetry optimization in an implantable medical device system to achieve equal and maximal distances in bidirectional communications
Mobile robot, positioning system of mobile robot, and positioning method of mobile robot
Device, system and method of wirelessly delivering content
Method and apparatus for implementing a secure boot using multiple firmware sources
Authenticating cloud computing enabling secure services
Methods, devices and computer program supports for password generation and verification
Local service access within a web based application framework
Dynamic universal port mode assignment
Methods and controllers for affiliation managment
Multi-modal command display
Method for controlling two or three dimensional figure based on touch and apparatus thereof
Motion sensor
Touch sensor module and method of manufacturing the same
Touch sensing circuit and associated method
Touch panel and touch screen apparatus including the same
Touch display having proximity sensor electrode pair with each electrode formed on the top face of the display panel so as to overlap the display region
Input device, input control method, program and electronic apparatus
Touch panel and touch panel equipped display device
Electronic apparatus and method of controlling thereof
Dynamically displaying personalized content in an immersive environment
Providing online mapping with user selected preferences
Methods and apparatus for navagating data center using advanced visualization
Mobile terminal and display controlling method therein
Workspace creation and management for a computing desktop
Method and apparatus of providing a customized user interface
Integrated content guide for interactive selection of content and services on personal computer systems with multiple sources and multiple media presentation
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Data pasting method and apparatus
Method for presenting tactile sensation and device therefor
Method, system, and apparatus for re-conveying input/output operations utilizing a sequential-access data storage device secondary communication port
Page compression strategy for improved page out process
Mechanism for automatically disabling printer separator pages
Accessing objects in a service registry and repository
Use and enforcement of provenance and lineage constraints
Method of searching address book and portable communication device using the same
Unlimited retroactive data element dimension widening
Number squaring computer-implemented method and apparatus
Pump truck stability control system, control method, and pump truck
Shovel and method of controlling shovel
Recovering from a defective boot image
Speculative finish of instruction execution in a processor core
Caching optimized internal instructions in loop buffer
Method and apparatus of instruction scheduling using software pipelining
Testing of transaction tracking software
Enabling real-time operational environment conformity to an enterprise model
Enterprise wide software version recommendation
Enterprise wide software version recommendation
Dynamic code injection
Overlay identification of data processing target structure
Mobilize website using representational state transfer (REST) resources
Determining a method to inline using an actual footprint calculation
Apparatus and method for on-demand optimization of applications
Path-based congestion reduction in integrated circuit routing
Seal-based regulation for software deployment management
Intelligent inclusion/exclusion automation
Intelligent inclusion/exclusion automation
Techniques for dynamically assigning jobs to processors in a cluster based on inter-thread communications
Dynamically managing workload placements in virtualized environments based on current user globalization customization requests
Programmatic load-based management of processor population
Scheduling method and scheduling system for multi-core processor system
Information processing apparatus, computer product, and information processing method for multi-thread process
Pathological diagnosis results assessment system, pathological diagnosis results assessment method, and pathological diagnosis results assessment device
Method for presenting tactile sensation and device therefor
Method to graphically display a vehicle condition
Pull activated greeting cards and gift bags with motion and audio
Rotatable mobile electronic device and soft key input method
Positioning device and measuring device
High resistivity substrate final resistance test structure
Polymer electrolyte membrane composed of aromatic polymer membrane base and method for producing the same
Adjustable connector system for connection to a modular appliance
Power supply system for an electrical drive of a marine vessel
Dynamic position control for electronic components
Touch sensor
Imaging apparatus
Sensor device and method for producing a sensor device
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Light attenuating evaporative cooling pad
Very low pressure gas-fired overhead radiant heater with atmospheric primary air supply by means of a venturi
Poultry cage staging and filling method and apparatus
Device for releasing a volatile medium
Method of calling game using a diaphragm game call having an integral resonance chamber
Manufactured granular substrate and method for producing the same
Incense match
Volatile attractants for diabrotica species
Plant esterases for protecting plants and uses thereof
Pillow cutting extruder machine
Apparatus and method for carrying out a cleaning operation applied to the internal neck skin of slaughtered poultry
Stabilization of cooked meat and meat-vegetable compositions using whey from nisin-producing cultures and product thereof
Method for malting seeds
Whey treatment process for achieving high concentration of .alpha.-lactalbumin
Storage stable pan release coating and cleaner
Cotton candy making machine
Enzyme-resistant starch for reduced-calorie flour replacer
Biodegradable chewing gum bases including plasticized poly(D,L-lactic acid) and copolymers thereof
Frozen confectionery product and method of manufacture
Method for improving solubility of protein
Vegetable sausage analogues
Animal feed and production method thereof
Dog beverage
Breadcrumb coating for food products
Enzyme-rich sprouted food products with limited pH drop and methods of making same
Culinary product with creaming powder
Infant formula
Method for producing an animal feed or food item and a product produced according to said method
Method of constructing natural foliage model vegetation
Umbrella apparatus
Composition for dyeing keratin fibers with a cationic direct dye and a thickening polymer
Epilating device with pinching elements having a delaying element
Substance applying apparatus
Cosmetic applicator unit
Brush head of toothbrush
Craft work apparatus
Collapsible shelf unit
Computer keyboard enclosure with work surface
Modular cabinets with portable stand mount
Sleeves formed of polymeric materials having a texture or appearance simulating the texture or appearance of paper
Method for forming a nested rolled paper product
Pump-free dosing device for flowable media
Broom provided with a regulator for controlling the flow of floor cleaning and treatment products
Grill assembly of cyclone dust collecting apparatus for vacuum cleaner
Anatomical visualization system
Cervical sampler for pap smears
Endoscopic treatment instrument
System and method for sealing vascular penetrations with hemostatic gels
Method of applying a mixture of two liquid components as well as a device for carrying out the method
Tissue connector apparatus and methods
Anastomosis device having needle receiver for capturing the needle
Deformable scaffolding multicellular stent
Textured ligating band
Endovascular aneurysm embolization device
Multi-functional orthopedic surgical instrument and method of using same
System and kit for delivery of restorative materials
Lateral needle-less injection apparatus and method
Ultrasonic probe with low-friction bushings
Device for guiding a medical instrument
Method and apparatus for guiding needles
Method and apparatus for providing intra-pericardial access
Trocar assembly
Video-assistance for ultrasound guided needle biopsy
Method of using expandable cannula
Method and apparatus for spinal fixation
Adjustable bone stabilizing frame system
Surgical implant
Anterior transpedicular fixation system and method for maintaining a vertebral column
Instrument for the implant of a surgical plate for osteosynthesis
Selective delivery of cryogenic energy to intervertebral disc tissue and related methods of intradiscal hypothermia therapy
Loop structures for supporting diagnostic and therapeutic elements in contact with body tissue
Tissue sealing electrosurgery device and methods of sealing tissue
Method and apparatus for treating venous insufficiency
Tunneling instrument for port access multivessel coronary artery bypass surgery
Twin light laser
Rainbow laser
Safety guide for surgical placement of sharp instruments
Device for testing visual functions of the human eye
Device for determining the surface shape of biological tissue
Pupil measurement apparatus, refraction correction apparatus, and pupil measurement method
Ophthalmologic diagnostic apparatus
System and method for collecting and transmitting medical data
Guide wire with marker sleeve
Implantable analyte sensor
Method and system for monitoring and treating a patient
Arteriosclerosis evaluating apparatus
Medical diagnostic ultrasound catheter and method for position determination
Fully-swallowable endoscopic system
Test apparatus for determining a cervical acceleration injury
System of indicia for a medical device
Arrangement regulating depth of the puncture, used in the device for puncturing
Collection container assembly
Method and apparatus for mass-delivered movement rehabilitation
Ultrasound contrast agents and methods of making and using them
Apparatus and method for selectively optimizing an acoustic transducer
System and method for synchronized persistence with contrast agent imaging
Method for sterilizing conduits that convey fluid to medical instruments, especially dental instruments
Method for the manufacture of dental restorations
Dental milling instrument
Intraoral appliance, monitoring device and method of treating patient
Gingival retractor
Orthopedic cast and method of making the same
Multilayer compression stocking system and method
Transfer delay for increased access fluff capacity
Sanitary napkin with intergluteal strip
Pant-like absorbent garments having curved leg cuffs
Highly durable sanitary panty
Vapor swept diaper
Products, which products are absorbent or can act as supports for absorbent articles
Method for making an absorbent article having a low autoadhesion attachment means
Sling delivery system and method of use
Expandable cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure
Expandable cardiac harness for treating congestive heart failure
Balloon protector
Implantable intraluminal device
Intraluminal graft
Rapid exchange self-expanding stent delivery catheter system
Stent with controlled expansion
Multi-component endoluminal graft assembly, use thereof and method of implanting
Radially-expandable stent with controllable force profile
Stent with closed structure
Stent having cover with drug delivery capability
Procedures for introducing stents and stent-grafts
Stent having cover with drug delivery capability
Stent device and method
Methods and apparatus for treating aneurysms and arterio-venous fistulas
Prosthetic heart valve rotator tool
Altering heart valve leaflet attachment geometry to influence the location and magnitude of maximum loaded stress on the leaflet
Indicia for prosthetic device
Shaft for anchoring a hip joint prosthesis in the femur
Bone engaging prosthesis
Stem taper adapter
Spinal fusion implants and tools for insertion and revision
Intervertebral implant
Laterally expanding intervertebral fusion device
Systems and methods for placing materials into bone
Swing phase control for an artificial lower limb
Prosthetic pressure relief valve system
Urine collecting method and assembly for incontinent males
Device for transplanting a cornea on a patient's eye
System for increasing the accuracy and safety of ablative laser treatments
Electrically-actuated transfer seat
Light-protective container assembly and method of making same
Aerosol formulations of salmeterol xinafoate
Osmotic device containing pseudoephedrine and an H1 antagonist
Administration of oxazolidinones for transdermal delivery
Oral administration of therapeutic proteins
Methods of preventing immune-mediated abortion by inhibiting a CD28-mediated costimulatory signal
Long-term expression of erythropoietin and growth hormone by transforming muscle cells
System and method for treating kidney diseases in diabetic and non-diabetic patients
Method for treating a subject suffering from conditions associated with an extracellular zinc sphingomyelinase
Immunogenic conjugates comprising a group B meningococcal porin and an H. influenzae polysaccharide
Radionuclide labeling of vitamin B12 and coenzymes thereof
Herbal formulation which acts as an intestinal bowel soother
Methods and compositions for preventing anti-Gal production in xenograft recipients
Highly radioactive miniaturized ceremic strontium 90 radiation sources and method for the production thereof
Radiometal complexes of 2-pyrrolylthiones and their use as radiopharmaceuticals for imaging and therapy
Radioactive medical devices and methods of making radioactive medical devices
Non-precious dental alloy
Single-use impression tray having adhesive coatings
Nail cosmetics
Inhomogeneous silicas in dental care compositions
Antiperspirant products made from wet-milled anhydrous antiperspirant salts
Silicone based hair bleach compositions and related methods
Method of using optically-activated particles in cosmetic preparations
Aniline compound-containing hair dye composition and method of dyeing hair
Mono and dialkyl quats in hair conditioning compositions
Substantive hydrophobic cationic UV-absorbing compounds
Cosmetic and skin care sticks with high water contents
Topical composition comprising a substituted cosmetic bonding agent
Dual component bis-biguanide containing dentifrice of improved stability
Cosmetic composition comprising at least one nonionic amphiphilic associative polyurethane and at least one nonionic polymer with fatty chains
Reshapable hair styling composition comprising polyurethane dispersions
Semi-solid delivery vehicle and pharmaceutical compositions
Chewable product including active ingredient
Electrical apparatus for heating to a desired temperature for improved administration of pharmaceutically active compounds
Low-rigidity liposomal formulation
Compound capable of introducing at least one molecule into a cell
Sustained-release composition including amorphous polymer
Particle formation
Weight loss medication and method
Oral pharmaceutical dosage forms comprising a proton pump inhibitor and a NSAID
Pharmaceutical formulations
Methods utilizing stinging cells/capsules
Ketoprofen microgranules, method for preparing same and pharmaceutical compositions
Pulmonary delivery in treating disorders of the central nervous system
Process of controlling absorbency in collagen flakes
Disposable absorbent articles with improved adhesive for skin attachment
PVA sponge with low durometer skin silicone
Tissue pooling process
Adhesive for the gluing of biological tissues
Prevention of post surgical adhesions using a fibrin monomer sealant
Injectable intraocular accommodating lens
Coated ophthalmic and implantable devices and methods for producing same
Ceiling fan blade air freshener
Air purifier
Autotransfusion system and method
Method and apparatus for improving blood mixing in oxygenators
Prosthesis for continuous internal peritoneal dialysis and continuous method of providing peritoneal dialysis
Integrated heat exchanger/reservoir
Integrated system for cardiopulmonary bypass and related methods
Disposable cartridge for producing gas-enriched fluids
Non-invasive method for optimizing the respiration of atelectatic lungs
Controlled depth injection device and method
Catheter hub with detachable push device
Balloon actuated guide catheter
Balloon catheter and production method therefor
IV administration set identification system
Method and apparatus for diagnostic and therapeutic agent delivery
Guidewire compatible port and method for inserting same
Liquid medication delivery device and a method of delivering an intended dose
Ampoule for dispensing a substance or a mixture of a plurality of substances
Modular gas-pressured needle-less injector
Gas-pressured engine with valve
Device for administering an injectable product in doses
Single hand controlled dosage syringe
Right angle safety needle
Passive needle guard for syringes
Safety hypodermic syringe
Pancreatic secretion response to stimulation test protocol
Hardware/software lock secure linkage between algorithmic decision process and critical system function execution
Apparatus to treat esophageal sphincters
Whole body thermotherapy treatment apparatus
Ultrasound therapy
Systems and methods for steering a focused ultrasound array
Systems and methods for creating longer necrosed volumes using a phased array focused ultrasound system
Apparatus and method for training body movements in athletics
Adjustable tension exercise device
Adjustable stationary exercise bicycle
Variable stride elliptical exercise apparatus
Golf ball comprising a metal, ceramic, or composite mantle or inner layer
Golf ball
Golf ball
Ball for pitching machine
Non-slip inflatable sports ball
Game ball anti-theft device
Protective covering for a hockey stick blade
Multiple wall metal bat having independent outer wall and textured inner wall
Swing practicing apparatus
Equipment for practicing sport fencing
Exercise machine
Golf swing sway indicator and trainer
Golf club weight
Method and apparatus for concurrent display of cards in a playing hand and cards issued in previous playing hands
Rotary device for game machine and game machine with rotary device
Computer game
Video game apparatus and method with enhanced virtual camera control
Game system provided with message exchange function, game apparatus used in the game system, message exchange system, and computer readable storage medium
Gyroscopic toy
Posable plush toy figure
Toy airplane assembly having a microprocessor for assisting flight
Musical toy with a motor driven display
Performing Operations; Transporting
Apparatus and method for removing matter on a fluid surface of a tank
Multiple mode industrial process system and method
Gas-liquid separation membrane and production method thereof
Laminated modular water filter
Device for distributing a poly-phase mixture over a bed of a granular solid, comprising a porous jet disturber element
Method for stopping purifying column
Method for isolation of barely volatile organic compounds
Sieve filter for fluid conduits, especially for hydraulic pressure lines in internal combustion engines
Fixed media filter screen, screen protector, and CSO screen
Electrically conductive in-tank fuel filter
Water filter monitoring and indicating system
Sieve filter for fluid conduits, especially for hydraulic pressure lines in internal combustion engines
Cartridge dust collector
Cyclone and dust filter vacuum cleaner
Filtering system for removing combustion gases from an airflow
Hydrogen diffusion cell assembly with perforated output tube
Utilization of membranes and expander/compressors in gasification
Single spray level for flue gas desulfurization system with internal main feed headers
Catalyzed diesel particulate matter exhaust filter
Hybrid mounting system for pollution control devices
Carrier supporting mat for exhaust converter
Mobile floating water treatment vessel
Apparatus, system and method for separating liquids
MEMS elements with integrated porous membranes and method of making the same
Ion conducting membrane having high hardness and dimensional stability
Paint mixer
Agitator assembly
Doped, pyrogenically prepared oxides
Control device for a fuel reforming apparatus
Relieved support material for catalytic converter and the process of making the same
Atomic layer controlled deposition on particle surfaces
Large pore volume composite mineral oxide beads, their preparation and their applications for adsorption and chromatography
Monolithic composition having the capability of maintaining constant relative humidity in a package
UZM-5, UZM-5P and UZM-6: crystalline aluminosilicate zeolites and processes using the same
Catalyst body
Apparatus for photocatalytic reaction with and method for fixing photocatalyst
Method of detecting sample ions by continuous electrochemical regeneration of a stationary phase
Mixing apparatus
System for fluidized catalytic cracking of hydrocarbon molecules
Vial pack cover, vial pack kit, and method for forming the vial pack cover
Capillary electrokinesis based cellular assays
Reactor plate and method
Blood centrifuge with an enhanced internal drive assembly
Extracorporeal blood processing methods and apparatus
Coating booth for film
Portable spray booth
Apparatus and method for direct or indirect application of a liquid or pasty medium onto a traveling material web
Method and apparatus for applying highly viscous liquid to substrate
Coating process and composition for same
Method of surface treating or coating of materials
Method of producing nickel electrode for alkaline storage batteries
Protective reaction rinse for autodeposition coatings
Method of making molecularly doped composite polymer material
Method for applying a wear protection layer system having optical properties onto surfaces
Single disc vapor lubrication
Machine for applying coatings to stringers
Rotary ultrasonic bonder or processor capable of fixed gap operation
Method for servicing firefighter's turnout gear
Methyl ester-based chewing gum remover
Methods for removing particles from microelectronic structures
Molded pipeline pig with hardness variations
Well cleaning apparatus and method for its use
Method of forming a tubular blank into a structural component and die therefor
Method of manufacturing molds, dies or forming tools having a porous heat exchanging body support member having a defined porosity
Inoculant pellet for late inoculation of cast iron
Molding system with movable mold modules
Vessel for metallurgical purposes
Method of making precision metal spheres
Variable melting point solders and brazes
System for consolidating powders
Cutting tool of polycrystalline hard sintered material
Clamping device for clamping a rotating machine element and a balancing machine having comprising such a clamping device
Method and apparatus for manufacturing an aluminum clad product
Method and apparatus for splicing optical fibers
Flux for brazing difficult to wet metallic materials
Fastening structure including a bolt having a serration that is press-fit into a bolthole of a flange
Work table having tool counterbalancing means
Housing retrofit for vertical milling machine
Vibratory material removal system and method
Method for fabricating semiconductor device and processing apparatus for processing semiconductor device
Platen with lateral web tensioner
Method and apparatus for end point triggering with integrated steering
Dry polishing of intraocular lenses
Silicon wafer polishing holder and method of use thereof
Work piece carrier head for plating and polishing
Electro-chemical plating with reduced thickness and integration with chemical mechanical polisher into a single platform
Method and apparatus for wireless transfer of chemical-mechanical planarization measurements
Method for lapping and a lapping apparatus
Workpiece carrier with adjustable pressure zones and barriers
Article suitable for chemical mechanical planarization processes
Abrasive article suitable for modifying a semiconductor wafer
Wire cleaning system
Liquid crystal glass substrate, method of cutting the liquid crystal glass substrate, cutter for the liquid crystal glass substrate and display using the liquid crystal glass substrate
Media blasting apparatus and method to prevent gear pitting
Abrasive product and method of making the same
Apparatus for in-situ optical endpointing of web-format planarizing machines in mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Field controlled polishing apparatus
Pumping device
Optimized loin saw
Method and apparatus for applying low viscosity cyanoacrylate adhesive on wooden furniture
Self-feed wood bit
Method of making a permeable ceramic tile insulation
Mechanical embossing texture differentiation between chemically restricted areas and non-restricted areas
Method of operating a back-flow prevention apparatus
Extrusion die
Twin screw extruder, method of making aromatic polycarbonate using a twin screw extruder, and method of removing volatiles from an aromatic polycarbonate melt
Optically isotropic polycarbonate films and a method for the production thereof
Method for making extruded, oriented fiber
Molded articles of fiber-reinforced plastic
High-temperature, non-catalytic, infrared heater
Version with markings to show changes made
Method and device for shaping hollow bodies made of thermoplastic material
Deformation correcting method, cutting method, deformation correcting apparatus and cutting apparatus for sheet materials
Vacuum-assisted laminator and methods of using the same
Optical information recording medium and its manufacturing method and apparatus
Process and apparatus for the production of strip joint member
Three-dimensional object molding apparatus
Insulated foam board systems and methods of producing the same
Composite golf club head
Method for making parts in composite material with thermoplastic matrix
Method for making a fiber reinforced composite article and product
Molding of materials from graphite particles
Fill system with controller for monitoring use
Optical disc and method for manufacturing same
Apparatus for the manufacture of compacts
Adjustable folding station for cards
Process for heat treating bullets comprising two or more metals or alloys
Ballon made of synthetic resin and a method for manufacturing the ballon
Fuel permeation barrier fuel tank
Multilayered, coextruded, heat-stable deep-drawing foil for packaging
Optical film
Conformable multi-layer sheet materials
Process for the manufacture of an acoustically effective foil stack for a vehicle heat shield
Composite plastic sheet and process for making the same
Process for producing foamable composite polyolefin resin sheet and composite foam
Process for making elastically stretchable composite sheet
Carrier for decorative graphics and lettering
Emblem having a fastening structure
Production processes of printed substrate, electron-emitting element, electron source and image-forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Method for providing onsite, on-demand ear tag printing for livestock operations
Printer, printer control method, and medium for storing the control method
Ink with near infrared fluorophores and U.V. absorbers
Coating composition, preferably printing ink for security applications, method for producing a coating composition and use of glass ceramics
Ink-jet recording material and use of the same
Ink jet recording sheet
Ink-jet recording material
Method of producing a recording sheet containing inorganic particulates and a water-soluble resin
Procedure for the covering of editorial items
Loose leaf binding device
Core guide assembly for stationery article
Writing instrument
Method of building pneumatic tires with carcass anchored by bead wire reinforcing layer
Ventilation controlling apparatus
Front-rear axle driving torque transmission apparatus
Three-speed transfer case
Hydraulic shift transfer case with band brake and bi-directional clutch
Power transmission system of an automobile
Reaction control device
Lighting apparatus in a motor vehicle
Illuminated automobile wheels
Lighting device and display device using the lighting device
Information system for providing explanatory information on functional elements or controls in motor vehicles
Electrically adjustable exterior rear-view mirror
Consolidated exterior sideview mirror assembly incorporating an in-mold film process
Anti-skid control system for automotive vehicle
Device and method for detecting brake operating speed, and device and method for controlling the braking of vehicle
Rail road car with lading securement storage apparatus
Fixing structure between links and pins in crawler
Front derailleur mounting arrangement
Method of transporting and installing an offshore structure
Hydraulic watercraft lift
In-line cable retriever
Output shaft structure of personal watercraft
Banderole gluing apparatus and method
Sandbag with spring-like self-closing opening
Multilayer synthetic stopper
Package and dispensing actuator for multiple-component compositions
Insulated container with internal harness
Combination galvanic anode and wear plate for storage tanks
Apparatus for delivering large containers of goods, especially warehoused goods, to an out-processing station or transfer station
Bottle guide rails with air flow openings
Cart loading system
Variable spacing strand coating system and modular guide roller therefor
Positioning cradle for mine roof supports
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for manufacturing a membrane
Pulsed arc molecular beam process
Method of forming a ceramic article including silicon carbide
Abrasive grains consisting of polycrystalline alumina
Method for producing nanometer-sized ultrafine titanium dioxide
Trivalent and tetravalent mixed vanadium compound producing method and vanadium electrolyte producing method
Micronic pre-alloyed metal powder based on three-dimensional transition metal
Apparatus for treating water by means of an electric field
Tank batch electrochemical water treatment process
Electrocoagulation chamber and method
Method for simultaneous removal of arsenic and fluoride from aqueous solutions
Waste treatment method and apparatus with denitrification chamber
Apparatus for the treatment of waste water
Installation for vitrification of liquid radioactive wastes, cooled discharge unit and cooled induction melter for the installation
Method of making a 3-D structure using an erodable mask formed from a film having a composition that varies in its direction of thickness
Chlorosilane blends for treating silica
Composite structure with foamed cementitious layer
Recovery of cement kiln dust through precipitation of calcium sulfate using sulfuric acid solution
Silicic fertilizer and production method thereof
Garbage treatment apparatus
High energy propellant with reduced pollution
Process for producing a fuel component
Polymerizable liquid crystal compound having amido bond between two cyclic groups
Crosslinkable liquid crystalline compounds
Conjugates of sodium channel blockers and methods of using the same
Immunodominant human T-cell epitopes of hepatitis C virus
Vaccine against Lyme disease
Live vaccines against gram-negative pathogens, expressing heterologous O-antigens
Vaccine and antitoxin for treatment and prevention of C. difficile disease
Polypeptides from moraxella (branhamella) catarrhalis
Leishmania antigens for use in the therapy and diagnosis of leishmaniasis
Methods for identifying inhibitors of GADD45 polypeptide activity, and inhibitors of such activity
Antitoxins and methods for making antitoxins
Methods of treating thrombotic diseases with von Willebrand factor specific antibodies
Dextrinization of starch
Method and apparatus for obtaining marketing information through the playing of a maze based game
Process of making polyester pellets
Curable silicone elastomer and process of production thereof and method of bonding therewith
Aerosol solvent cement composition
Solvent bonding method for polyolefin materials
Process for preparing dyes and/or brightener formulations
Recording ink composition and ink-jet printing method using the same
Jet printing ink composition comprising oil phase emulsified in aqueous medium
Pseudo-plastic water based ink for ballpoint pen
Azo orange pigment composition
Sugar-based edible adhesives
Thermoplastic additives for hot melt adhesives based on non-thermoplastic hydrocarbon elastomers
Method of manufacturing a note poster
Stable interfaces between electrically conductive adhesives and metals
Quantum-splitting oxide-based phosphors and method of producing the same
Liquid-crystalline medium
Flame inhibiting and retarding chemical process and system for general use on multiple solid surfaces
Alkali metal-containing polishing system and method
Vegetable oil based dielectric fluid and methods of using same
Storable compositions and slurries and use of same for cementing oil and gas wells
Small scale high throughput biomass gasification system and method
Method for storing natural gas by adsorption and adsorbing agent for use therein
Process for manufacturing artificial firelogs
Inhibition of reflective ash build-up in coal-fired furnaces
Rolling apparatus having surface-treated rolling member
Defective CD4+T-cells that express active CD40-L
Apparatus and methods for recovering valuable metals
Method of heating molten aluminum in a crucible
Chromium-containing cemented tungsten carbide coated cutting insert
Microalloying of transition metal silicides by mechanical activation and field-activated reaction
Hard particles, wear resistant iron-based sintered alloy, method of producing wear resistant iron-based sintered alloy, valve seat, and cylinder head
Cast iron alloy and method of making the same
Method to produce grain-oriented electrical steel sheet having high magnetic flux density
Steel band with good forming properties and method for producing same
Method for producing brake disks for motor vehicles
Sintered material and composite sintered contact component
Process to improve 6XXX alloys by reducing altered density sites
Pretreatment process for a surface texturing process
Method and apparatus for smoothing thin conductive films by gas cluster ion beam
Apparatus for controlling the temperature of a gas distribution plate in a process reactor
Slide bearing device for roll immersed in continuous molten metal plating bath
Compound, non-chromium conversion coatings for aluminum alloys
Process for laser marking metal surfaces
Method for forming oxidation-passive layer, fluid-contacting part, and fluid feed/discharge system
Process for treating solid surface and substrate surface
Corrosion inhibiting composition
Method for electrolysis of water using a polytetrafluoroethylene supported membrane in electrolysis cells
Electric contact element for electrochemical deposition system and method
Multicomponent homogeneous alloys and method for making same
Method for fabricating bulk GaN single crystals
Highly spin-polarized chromium dioxide thin films prepared by CVD using chromyl chloride precursor
Textiles; Paper
Process for making load limiting yarn
Method of increasing the meltblown jet thermal core length via hot air entrainment
Method for dyeing fabric comprising elastomeric fiber
Ironing aid composition
Process for producing biokraft pulp from eucalyptus chips
Pressurized screen and process for removing contaminants from a fibrous paper suspension containing contaminants
Papermaking machine for forming tissue employing an air press
Method for conditioning paper and paperboard webs
Fixed Constructions
Modular trench drain system
Method and apparatus for compacting road shoulders
Rumble strip cutter
Manufacture of articulated, predominantly concrete mat
Telescoping tube and method for supporting surrounding walls of a shaft
Embankment dam and waterproofing method
Modular retaining wall system
System and method for preventing bluff erosion
Stormwater dispensing chamber
Manhole debris-catching system
Passive venting device
Flooring removal tool
Suppressing heat flux in insulating glass structures
Cable bolt with mixing delay device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Thermally compliant discourager seal
Article wall with interrupted ribbed heat transfer surface
Turbo-engine with an array of wall elements that can be cooled and method for cooling an array of wall elements
Airfoil for a turbine nozzle of a gas turbine engine and method of making same
Frame hub heating system
Electrically heated catalytic converter
Converter for a device for introducing ammonia into exhaust gas flow of internal combustion engine and method for filling converter
Exhaust system for watercraft
Engine control arrangement for watercraft
Idling speed control system for outboard motor
Negative intake pressure detection system in outboard motor
Wind turbine blade with a system for deicing and lightning protection
Bellows type pump or accumulator
Hydraulic motor system
Pump, in particular gear pump including ceramic gears and seal
Screw compressor having sealed low and high pressure bearing chambers
Electrically powered coolant pump
Semiautomatic electronic system for sensing and increasing liquid in a containment vessel to a predetermine level
Swirling compressor
Serial fan
Electrical fan having an oil retaining ring to prevent loss and evaporation of lubricant oil
Hydrodynamic machine
Molecular pump
Quarter turn panel fastener
Push-in fastener assembly with interfering element
Device for securing object to hollow post or pipe
Lock structure of spherical bearing and lock method thereof
Velocity variance reducing multiple bearing arrangement for impeller shaft of centrifugal supercharger
Ball bearing
Self-centring clutch bearing device
Damper mechanism
Belt for continuously variable transmission
Belt for continuously variable transmission
Power transmission belt
Toroidal continuously variable transmission
Transmission with non-coaxial output
Forward-reverse rotation device for a continuously variable transmission
Power transmission mechanism
Vehicle securing system
Kick down shift control apparatus of automatic transmission and method therefor
Method of controlling the transmission ratio of a continuously variable toroidal transmission
Oil pressure control apparatus of continuously variable transmission
Continuously variable transmission and control method therefor
Drive force control system for vehicle with infinite speed ratio continuously variable transmission
Ratchet tensioner with mechanism for locking and releasing a plunger
Blade tensioner having spring blade cantilevered from distal end of arm
Blade tensioner
Rechargeable LPG container for portable gas combustor
Lighting system and device
Apparatus for generating light effects
Lighting device
Spot light fixture with beam adjustment
Lamp assembly with selectively positionable bulb
Detachable lampshade for a lamp
Belt clip and mounting receptable, as for a flashlight
Flashlight with a connecting device for connecting lamp terminals of a lamp unit to a barrel and a battery unit
Illumination device
High efficient tubular light emitting cylinder
Optical flange for maintaining luminaire performance and smoothly coupling a lens to a reflector for enclosed luminaires
Marker lamp with picture frame optics
Luminaire system
Lighting string with extending lighting structure
Light guide panel for backlight
Surface light source device, display and light guide plate
Method for making a light-emitting panel
Anode gas burner for inert gas generation, method and apparatus
Regenerative afterburner
Lighter having a two-stage locking type safety switch
Pyrophorous ignition lighter
Warm tube mixing box
Mini-optics solar energy concentrator
Quench apparatus and method for the reformation of organic materials
Infrared camouflage device
Radio transmitter assembly for tracking an arrow
Infrared ray clinical thermometer
Method and apparatus for estimating vehicle brake rotor temperature
System and method for self-calibrating measurement
Shape memory alloy temperature sensor
Method for determining the temperature of a semiconductor chip and semiconductor chip with temperature measuring configuration
Optical-chemical sensor
Electrochemical sensor
Gas sensor
Electrochemical sensor for ascertaining gas concentrations in gases
One-piece harness and upper shield design and the method of making the same
Methods for estimating adsorption isotherms in electrochemical systems
Multiple capillary electrophoresis systems
Molecular imaging
Toner characterization cell
Thermoplastic rewelding process
Liquid separation column smart cartridge
Apparatus for testing liquid/reagent mixtures
Contact structure and production method thereof
Method of making antiparallel (AP) pinned spin valve sensor with specular reflection of conduction electrons
Micromachined apparatus for improved reflection of light
Head-up display simulator system
Image enhancement in a real image projection system, using on-axis reflectors, at least one of which is aspheric in shape
Dispersion shifted fiber for wavelength division multiplex fiber optic transmission systems
Miniature bend splice in optical fibers and method of forming same
Optical repeating device with monitoring function
Adapter for interconnecting optical fiber connectors
Sealed container for optical components and sealed feedthrough for optical fibers
Projection display device
Intraoral dental radiographic film packet with injection molded comfort-enhancing edge bead
Shutter device of camera
Cassette buffering within a minienvironment
Rod-shaped light guide and illuminating device incorporating rod-shaped light guide
Mechanical timepiece with stud adjustment mechanism
Portable computer with articulate base
Hard diskdrive rack assembly
Storage of application specific data in HTML
Process and system for providing a table view of a form layout for a database
Dispersed-type testing/measuring system and dispersed-type health care system
Electronic apparatus
Method and apparatus for displaying miniaturized graphical representations of documents for alternative viewing selection
Method and apparatus for organizing information in a computer system
Printing apparatus, printing system, print control method, and storage medium
High speed coin sorter having a reduced size
Multi-stage multi-bet game, gaming device and method
Player identification using biometric data in a gaming environment
Educational aid and method
Method for displaying toilet training materials and display kiosk using same
Globe base educational device
System and method for interactive giving tutorial information
Extended wrap label
Nitrogen -implanted, high carbon density overcoats for recording media
Compact disc shaping apparatus and method
Extensible/retractable and storable portable memory device
Method for reducing the radioactivity of metal part
Method of arranging multilayer passive electronic components
Method of and apparatus for manufacturing tantalum solid electrolytic capacitors
Apparatus and method for physical vapor deposition using an open top hollow cathode magnetron
Method of fabricating field emission arrays employing a hard mask to define column lines and another mask to define emitter tips and resistors
High intensity discharge lamps, arc tubes and methods of manufacture
Method for manufacturing electron source and image-forming apparatus
Apparatus and method for photoresist stripping
Method and device for arraying substrates and processing apparatus thereof
Method for fabricating semiconductor-mounting body and apparatus for fabricating semiconductor-mounting body
Article transfer apparatus
System for filling openings in semiconductor products
Contactless interconnection system
Wavelength-converting casting composition and white light-emitting semiconductor component
Method and system for manufacturing electronic packaging units
Method of forming superconducting composite article
Packaging method of electroluminescence devices
Method for producing electrodes using microscale or nanoscale materials obtained from hydrogendriven metallurgical reactions
Membrane electrode assemblies
Polymer electrolyte fuel cells system
Gas diffusion mat for fuel cells
Fuel cell system and method for operating the process
Method of water proofing a terminal connecting portion of sheathed wire
Apparatus for forming modular sockets using flexible interconnects and resulting structures
Connecting structure for a connector-flexible cable and flexible cable with perforated slits
Connector of the input/output type with grounded shielded cables and method of producing and of mounting such a connector
Multifunctional vehicle adapter
Method for manufacturing a holder
Voltage isolator connector device for printed circuit board assembly
Device for unlocking an electronic component that is insertible into a receiving device
Cable connector and kit for making a cable connector
Slider-equipped connector and connector
Half-fitting prevention connector
Electrical connector system and method having optical and/or cooling capability
Small form-factor pluggable transceiver cage
Electrical connector assembly with interlocking upper and lower shells
RJ modular connector having grounding mechanism
RJ modular connector having printed circuit board having conductive trace to balance electrical couplings between terminals
High density interconnection system
Electrical connector having integral noise suppressing device
Apparatus and methods for preventing cable-discharge damage to electronic equipment
Wiring adapter for connecting a remotely operable switching device to a control bus
Circuit breaker jumper assembly with snap-fit bus mounting
Rotating connector adapter with strain relief
Stacked connector assembly
Rotatable coupler for RF/UHF cables
Slip plate assembly and method for conductively supplying electrical current under rotational and translational force applications
Electrical component system with rotatable electrical contacts
Communication connector terminal and terminal block configuration
Electrical connector with offset keeper holders and associated methods
Circuit breaker jumper assembly having busses in a single plane
Diode-laser line-illuminating system
Multichannel optical transmitter
Wavelength division multiplexed optical solitons
Printing system and method, storage medium, and image processing apparatus and control method therefor
Reflection type image forming optical system and projector
Endoscope apparatus
Spectrally beam combined display system
Slot pinhole dual layout on a circuit board
Electrical connector assembly for printed circuit boards
Method for making an electrical circuit board
Porous power and ground planes for reduced PCB delamination and better reliability
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