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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Adjustable convergence panels for discharging residue from a combine harvester
Romaine lettuce PYB 1595
Promoter sequence obtained from rice and methods of use
Mixtures of fructose, sucrose and lactose as a low-calorie bulk sweetener with reduced glycemic index
Tool insertion device for use in minimally invasive surgery
Medical wireless imaging device
Apparatus and method for minimally invasive total joint replacement
Surgical biting punch
Spinal fixation device with internal drive structure
Method for analysis of single pulse pressure waves
Power saving techniques for continuous heart rate monitoring
Cardiac sensing and detection using subcutaneous ECG signals and heart sounds
Physiological monitoring garment
Combining tomographic images in situ with direct vision using a holographic optical element
Absorbable implantable vaso-occlusive member
Endoprosthesis having foot extensions
Adjustable, remote-controllable orthopaedic prosthesis and associated method
Walking assistance device
Massaging appliance
Use of (R)--ibuprofen methanesulfonamide and salts thereof in the treatment and prevention of rejection reactions of transplanted organs
Crystal forms of substituted phenylalkanoic acids and process for producing the same
Substituted 1,4,8-triazaspiro[4,5]decan-2-one compounds
Triazolopyrimidine derivatives as glycogen synthase kinase 3 inhibitors
Preparation for the prevention and/or treatment of vascular disorders
Genetic inhibition by double-stranded RNA
Personal product compositions comprising structured benefit agent premix or delivery vehicle and providing enhanced deposition of hydrophilic benefit agent
Treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS)
Elastin digest compositions and methods utilizing same
Rationally designed heparinases derived from heparinase I and II and methods of sequencing therewith
Method of producing recombinant DNA molecules
Methods of increasing delivery of active agents to brain comprising administering receptor associated protein (RAP) fragments conjugated to active agents
Production and use of novel peptide-based agents with bispecific antibodies
Immunogen adherence inhibitor directed to lactic acid producing organisms and method of making and using it
Method of treatment of an infection in an animal with GM-CSF cysteine muteins in the proximal region to helix A
Materials leading to improved dental composites and dental composites made therefrom
Pharmaceutical dosage form bearing pregnancy-friendly indicia
Transdermal therapeutic system with a highly effective neuroleptic agent
Method and device for PD cyclers
Catheter with controllable stiffness and method for operating a selective stiffening catheter
Condensed azepines as vasopressin agonists
Dyeing composition comprising at least one oxidation dye and at least one polymer comprising an acrylamide, dialkyldiallylammonium halide and vinylcarboxylic acid, with a high content of acrylamide
Dyeing composition comprising at least one oxidation dye and at least one amphoteric polymer comprising acrylamide, dialkyldiallylammonium halide and a high level of vinylcarboxylic acid
Stride adjustment mechanism
Ball mark repair tool and method of use thereof
Apparatus and method for indicating a golf ball's position on the field of play
Tennis training aid
Video gaming system with wild card system and bonus system
Pose detection method, video game apparatus, pose detection program, and computer-readable medium containing computer program
Method and apparatus for providing real-time machine learning to computer-controlled agents used in video games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method of modifying surface of material
Method and device for separation of sulphur dioxide from a gas
Method of manufacturing membranes and the resulting membranes
Compact chemical reactor with reactor frame
Adsorbents, process for the production thereof and use thereof
Catalytically active amorphous porous solid and process for its preparation
Olefin epoxidation process, a catalyst for use in the process, a carrier for use in preparing the catalyst, and a process for preparing the carrier
Apparatus for coating engine valves with protective coatings and curing the coatings using infrared radiation
Method of positioning patterns from block copolymer self-assembly
Process and coating plant of containers
Device and process for cleaning electrified contact rail insulators for rail rapid transit systems
Semiconductor electrochemical etching processes employing closed loop control
Method and apparatus for remotely monitoring properties of gases and plasmas
Laser irradiation method and apparatus
Packaging material and packaging container
Multilayered package with barrier properties
Adhesive article, composite article, and methods of making the same
Electrodeposition coating composition, coating method and coated article
Pressure lamination method for forming composite ePTFE/textile and ePTFE/stent/textile prostheses
Anti-dazzling film
Surface modification of porous metal substrates using cold spray
Bonded hybrid structure
Sealing porous dielectric materials
Silicone coating compositions and coated articles
Optical media printing using a vibration signal
Wireless sensor system and bearing assembly equipped with the same
Modular electrical harness for military vehicles adapted with the multiple integrated laser engagement system
Removable seat sensing system
Vehicle light control apparatus, system and method
Ambient noise controlled buzzer answerback
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Titanium oxide and alumina alkali metal compositions
Structured catalyst for POX reforming of gasoline for fuel-cell powered vehicles applications and a method of preparing the same
Process for preparing detergent builder Zeolite-A from Kimberlite tailings
Modified layered metallosilicate material and production process thereof
Method for stabilisation of metallic mercury using sulphur
Water reforming method and water reformer
Optical glass for precision press molding, preform for precision press molding, and process for the production thereof
Frits and obscuration enamels for automotive applications
Grouting material
Ceramic material and laminated ceramic condenser comprised thereof
Process for preparing (S)- alpha-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl-(S)-2-(4-chlorophenyl)-isovalerate
Apparatus and process for optimising the circulation of a suspension in a facility comprising a three-phase reactor
Methods for synthesis of prodrugs from 1-acyl-alkyl derivatives and compositions thereof
Method for preparing polymethoxymethylal
Palm-based hydroxy fatty acid
2-pyridinylethylbenzamide derivatives
Method for preparing derivatives of 3-hydroxypicolinic acid
Inhibitors of fatty acid amide hydrolase
Ligands for metals and improved metal-catalyzed processes based thereon
Immunomodulatory compounds and methods of use thereof
Morning glory-derived anticancer agents, and novel ipomoeassin compounds
Method of determining a chemotherapeutic regimen based on ERCC1 and TS expression
Nucleic acid encoding dendritic cell co-stimulatory molecules
Molecular conjugates comprising human monoclonal antibodies to dendritic cells
Production of isotactic and regiorandom polypropylene based polymer and block copolymers
Method of directing grafting by controlling the location of high vinyl segments in a polymer
Interface-directed branched polymer transports and methods for producing same
Wax emulsion for emulsion aggregation toner
Perfluorocarbon ionomer membrane with high proton conductivity and preparation thereof
Process of producing foamed molding from expanded polypropylene resin beads and process of producing expanded polypropylene resin beads
Encapsulant of epoxy or cyanate ester resin, reactive flexibilizer and thermoplastic
Water- and oil-repellent composition and process for production thereof
Thermoplastic elastomer composition having moderate cure state
Anti-scratch coating composition containing anisotropic particles, a corresponding coated substrate and its application in ophthalmic optics
Ink suitable for printing smart card and process for producing a printed smart card with such an ink
Aqueous inorganic expandable refractory composition and refractory board comprising the same
Polymerizable liquid crystal composition
Liquid-crystal medium
Oil composition for lubricating an EGR equipped diesel engine and an EGR equipped diesel engine comprising same
Method and device for digitally upgrading textile
Culture chamber
Sample support
Glass-immobilized, protein-acrylamide copolymer and method of making thereof
Oxidation-resistant ribonuclease inhibitor
Compositions and methods for generating skin
Use of TGF beta superfamily antagonists to make dopaminergic neurons from embryonic stem cells
Compositions and methods for enhancement of major histocompatibility complex class I restricted antigen presentation
Human cord blood derived unrestricted somatic stem cells (USSC)
Modified factor VIII
Automated process for detecting the presence of a target nucleic acid in a sample
Automated process for detecting the presence of a target nucleic acid in a sample
Compositions and methods for detecting target microorganisms in a sample
Luciferase and methods for measuring intracellular ATP using the same
Method of detecting reaction of DNA and DNA-binding protein
Mannitol and glucitol derivatives
Methods of capturing, detecting and quantifying RNA:DNA hybrids and a modified RNase H useful therein
Method for thiosulfate leaching of precious metal-containing materials
Methods and apparatuses for producing metallic compositions via reduction of metal halides
Sputtering target and method/apparatus for cooling the target
Semiconductor processing apparatus and method
Selectively accelerated plating of metal features
Fixed Constructions
Tamper resistant locking cap for utility poles and method
Flux barrier type synchronous reluctance motor and rotor thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Educational electrical generation kit
Nested disc pack coupling
Epicyclic gear
Hydraulic control apparatus for automatic transmission
Method of detecting and preventing tie-up during a double transition up-shift
Step-wise intensity control of a solid state lighting system
Purification works for thermal power plant
Rotation angle using orthogonal magnetic sensing elements in close proximity to each other
System for verifying the accuracy of lens holder attachment, lens attachment stage, and lens processing system
System and method for controlling tube thickness
Ladar stream formatting and processing method
Scale-factor stabilized solid-state laser gyroscope
Device and method for monitoring solid-state detectors
Electronic balance
Detector array and cross-talk linearity connection
Spectrally stabilized broadband optical source
Long wavelength engineered fluorescent proteins
Gas sensor
System for the internal qualitative and quantitative validation of marker indices
Cantilever sensors and transducers
Homogeneous enzyme immunoassay for simultaneous detection of multiple analytes
White blood cell functional assay
Assay to detect a binding partner
Method of evaluating a subject for risk or predisposition of reduced renal function over time
Electronics method for the detection of analytes
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and test method therefor
Method and apparatus for ground bounce and power supply bounce detection
Differential measurement probe having a ground clip system for the probing tips
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device and semiconductor device corresponding to loop back test
Evaluation method using a TEG, a method of manufacturing a semiconductor device having the TEG, an element substrate and a panel having the TEG, a program for controlling dosage and a computer-readable recording medium recording the program
Correlation processor for receiver
Sensor and system for sensing an electron beam
b-value optimization for diffusion weighted magnetic resonance imaging
Tunable micro-aspherical lens and manufacturing method thereof
Lens, method of manufacturing the lens, and camera having the lens
Zoom lens system
Electronic image pickup apparatus using zoom lens system
Microscope system having a controlling unit for switching between a plurality of observation states
Microscope objective system
Device for setting the divergence and/or convergence of a light beam
Optical films for directing light towards active areas of displays
Optical scanning device and image forming apparatus using the same
Optical scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Optical lens and semiconductor laser apparatus
Image display
Lens barrel cam mechanism and method of manufacturing rotary member for use with cam mechanism
Apparatuses and methods for forming assemblies
Display and device including same
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing the same
Common electrode on substrate having non-depressed surface portion overlapping opening in pixel electrode on opposite substrate and depressed portion partially overlapping edge of the pixel electrode
Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Contact structure
Electro-optical device and manufacturing method thereof, electronic apparatus, and capacitor
Reflection type projecting screen, front projector system, and multi-vision projector system
Polarizing photolithography system
Mask for exposing an alignment mark, and method and computer program for designing the mask
Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head, and liquid discharge head
Lithographic printing plate precursors with mercapto-functionalized free-radical polymerizable monomers
Printed circuit board printing system and method using liquid electrophotographic printing
Photoconductors with silanol-containing photogenerating layer
Polyester containing member
Resin particle liquid dispersion for electrostatic image developing toner, production process of the liquid dispersion, electrostatic image developing toner, production process of the toner, electrostatic image developer and image forming method
Toner for electrostatic charge development, method for manufacturing the toner, and method for forming an image
Method of controlling stepping motor, apparatus for controlling stepping motor, and printer
Controlling apparatus for controlling a plurality of LED strings and related light modules
Voltage converter and semiconductor integrated circuit
System and method for image pattern printing on objects
System and method for automatically routing and storing coded information and displaying an interaction device
Method for editing a printed page
Image input/output system, image-processing method and printer driver
Information management apparatus, information output system, portable terminal, and information outputting method
Gaming device and method of operation thereof
Mobile device-enabled secure release of print jobs using parallel decryption
Logic circuit
Quantitative measure of a video interface
Energy-saving control in image processing apparatus
Finger identification apparatus
Data editing program, data editing method, data editing apparatus and storage medium
Method for reducing transport delay in an image generator
System, method, and computer program product for general environment mapping
Portal barrier movement alarm
Sequenced antenna array for determining where gaming chips with embedded RFID tags are located on a blackjack, poker or other gaming table and for myriad other RFID applications
Marker for mechanically resonant article surveillance system
Adaptive radio frequency identification control algorithm
Noncontact tag and method for producing the same
ID label, ID tag, and ID card
Rain sensor with capacitive-inclusive circuit
Differential pressure measuring probe with bottoming indicator
Method and apparatus for detecting severity of water leaks
Ad-hoc network routing protocol including the use of forward and reverse multi-point relay (MPR) spanning tree routes
Method and system to calculate an approximate location of a mobile station in a recurrent route
Musical information display apparatus, musical information display method, and program for implementing the method
Method of driving electroluminescent device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device and method of driving the same
Impulse driving method and apparatus for LCD
Texture map editing
Haptic feedback device with button forces
Vibrotactile haptic feedback devices
Multiple display monitor
Color management with tiered caching scheme
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Control apparatus and method for image display
Steel wire and manufacturing method therefor
Bass drum with compliant resonant head
Electronic musical instrument having tuning device
Decoder with energization control circuit
Spiral servo patterns with absolute reference point
System for delivery of a tracer in fluid transport systems and use thereof
Correction lens system for a particle beam projection device
Non-halogenous insulated wire and a wiring harness
Extended drive plate rotary handle
Movable contact and push switch using the same
Light emitting device including multiple light emitting layers
Fluorescent material having two layer structure and light emitting apparatus employing the same
Control system for fluorescent light fixture
Workpiece handling scan arm for ion implantation system
High-resolution auger electron spectrometer
Process for producing an epitalixal layer of galium nitride
Systems and methods of actuating MEMS display elements
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
Manufacturing method for semiconductor device
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Active matrix substrate, manufacturing method thereof, electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Chemical mechanical polishing method
Forming of trenches or wells having different destinations in a semiconductor substrate
Material for electronic device and process for producing the same
Self-aligned pitch reduction
Capacitor in semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Process of forming an electronic device including a doped semiconductor layer
Integrated circuit arrangement with low-resistance contacts and method for production thereof
Semiconductor device, electronic apparatus, method of manufacturing semiconductor device, and method of manufacturing electronic apparatus
Methods of making lateral junction field effect transistors using selective epitaxial growth
Method of semiconductor thin film crystallization and semiconductor device fabrication
Low temperature solder metallurgy and process for packaging applications and structures formed thereby
Apparatus and method for high density multi-chip structures
Method of forming gate stack for semiconductor electronic device
Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
Plasma processes for depositing low dielectric constant films
Resin composition, heat-resistant resin paste and semiconductor device using these and method of preparing the same
Manufacturing process for chip package without core
CMOS image sensor and method for manufacturing the same
Method for creating narrow trenches in dielectric materials
Process for forming an electronic device including semiconductor layers having different stresses
Integrated circuit package and method of making the same
Interconnect including a pliable surface and use thereof
Process for making a semiconductor device having a roughened surface
Semiconductor device, method of manufacturing the same, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Rewiring substrate strip with several semiconductor component positions
Protection element and method of manufacture
Method and system for increasing signal-to-noise ratio in microbolometer arrays
3D camera
Method of preparing active silicon regions for CMOS or other devices
Method for forming a mixed voltage circuit having complementary devices
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method of the same
High performance tapered varactor
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Semiconductor device with a capacitor
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Organic light emitting device
Die seal with reduced noise coupling
Micro or below scale multi-layered heterostructure
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Solar cell device
Fin PIN diode
Semiconductor integrated circuit device and manufacturing method thereof
Active region spacer for semiconductor devices and method to form the same
Metal-semiconductor contact, semiconductor component, integrated circuit arrangement and method
MOSFETs comprising source/drain recesses with slanted sidewall surfaces, and methods for fabricating the same
Asymmetric floating gate NAND flash memory
Nonvolatile memory cell comprising a reduced height vertical diode
Semiconductor device
Method for fabricating group III nitride compound semiconductors and group III nitride compound semiconductor devices
Field effect transistor including two group III-V compound semiconductor layers
Semiconductor element, organic transistor, light-emitting device, and electronic device
Light emitting diodes and display apparatuses using the same
Piezoelectric actuator, method for manufacturing piezoelectric actuator, and liquid transporting apparatus
Ferroelectric energy generator, system, and method
Storage device with reversible resistance change elements
Optimized solid electrolyte for programmable metallization cell devices and structures
Phase change material with filament electrode
Coating liquid for forming organic layered film, method of manufacturing field effect transistor, and field effect transistor
Organic electroluminescent device
Organic light emitting element and light emitting device using the same
Rechargeable lithium ion battery
Control of RH conditions in electrochemical conversion assembly
Reconfigurable antenna using addressable pixel pistons
Electromagnetic interference suppressor, antenna device and electronic information transmitting apparatus
Divided spring arm
Connection structure and signal transmission cable
Motor vehicle AC generator having substantially identical rates of wear of the generator brushes
Modular wiring device
Power system using multiple battery pack types
Individual control circuit and method of multiple power output
Method and system of managing power distribution in switch based circuits
Rechargeable lithium battery protection device
Permanent magnet rotary motor
Electrical induction machine and primary part
Dynamoelectric machine and manufacturing method therefor
Rotor for a switched reluctance machine
Two-stage eutectic metal brushes
Electrical machine with commutator rotor
Vehicle drive system including a rotating electric machine and vehicle incorporating the same
Automotive alternator with rotary magnetic fluctuation suppressor
System and process for utilizing back electromotive force in disk drives
Electric drive fuel control system and method
Method and apparatus for controlling motor
Control and power module for a rotating electric machine
Automatic voltage switching for generator voltage change
Harmonic rejection tuner with adjustable resonators
Voltage driver circuit
Semiconductor device
Scannable flip-flop with non-volatile storage element and method
Receiver of high speed digital interface
Focal plane array with serial, variable bit width analog to digital converter
Extension of accuracy of a flash ADC by 1-bit through interpolation of comparator outputs
Pipelined analog-to-digital converter having interleaved sample-and-hold circuits coupled in common
Analog to digital converter with dynamically reconfigurable conversion resolution
Electronic circuit for the analog-to-digital conversion of an analog input signal
High performance renormalization for binary arithmetic video coding
Front-end method for NICAM encoding
Method and system for generating high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) codewords using a TMDS encoder/decoder
Systems and methods for glare removal using polarized filtering in document scanning
Image reading apparatus
Image scanner and image scanning method
Image forming apparatus and image reading apparatus
Recording apparatus and recording method
Image processing method and device using dither matrixes with size and density being inversely related to a unit images distance to the center of the dither matrix
Image sensing/playback apparatus, image data processing method, and data processing method
Motion blur correction
Mobile communication terminal with integrated photographic apparatus and method for operating the same
Camera phone using multiple lenses and image sensors to provide an extended zoom range
Image sensing apparatus
Two-dimensional navigation of multiplexed channels in a digital video distribution system
Method and decoder for composing a scene
Detecting progressive video
Method, apparatus and computer program product for synchronizing separate compressed video and text streams to provide closed captioning and instant messaging integration with video conferencing
Vehicular vision system
Fraud identification and recovery system
System and method for validating radio frequency identification tags
Home security system
Method of thermal treatment of components
Electric heating module for heating air flow, in particular in automobiles
Heating element with a plurality of heating sections
Electronic ballast with improved inverter startup circuit
Ballast with filament heating and ignition control
Ballast with socket-to-fixture voltage limiting
Substrate structure and method for manufacturing the same
Expired Patents Due To Time
Food product having an interlaced strand appearance
Pet chew with 6 buttons
Pet chew with 2 buttons
Pet chew with 4 buttons
Candy brush for a confectionery product
Wand-shaped food product
Curved body of cheese made of curved precut slices of cheese
Hospital gown
Performance up type, ankle length stars & stripes sports pants
Sole for footwear
Shoe sole
Vehicle styled athletic shoe
Boots for motorcycling
Portion of a shoe outsole
Zipper pull
Shoe heel
Tool accessory case
Food carrier
Multi-function key chain
Storage container
Cargo belt or band
Packaging container
Carrying case
Storage container
Umbrella assembly
Head stock of a golf bag
Plastic bag holder
Brush handle
Massage chair
Folding, padded portable seat with curved back, bleacher hooks and snap strap
Flat foot chair
Shower seat
Sectional sofa
Cart cabinet
Case for an optical disk and memory card
Magazine rack
Merchandise display base
Mini-basket stand
Bar implement stand
Shower organizer with center cavity area and liquid dispenser
Towel rack
Game table display rack
Time-out box
Towel stand
Display tray
Plate rack
Computer table
Audio/video stand with pivotable support frame
Tubular part for furniture
Modular furniture component
Base stand for a seat
Airliner tray table with an advertisement window
Shelf divider
Modular furniture component
Modular furniture component
Modular furniture component
Apparatus for framing and hanging a sheet-like display item
Apparatus for framing and hanging a sheet-like display item
Apparatus for framing and hanging a sheet-like display item
Slat for venetian blind
Neck towel for absorbing perspiration
Disposable plate
Disposable plate
Glass bowl
Child's cup and lid with spout
Disposable dish
Modular grate arrangement for five burner gas cooking appliance
Flatware utensil
Cork extractor
Leg for chafing dish
Snowshoe shaped bottle opener
Can opener
Bottle opener
Scaled digging bar
Shovel tip
Saw handle
Double hook with mounting plate
Curtain ring
End view of a rail for a window shade
Deep socket wrench
Leafy ball finial
Printed circuit board daughter board support
Butterfly shaped carabiner
Universal one-hook fitting for raising and lowering heavy objects
Single hook with mounting plate
Door handleset
Window lock
Bolt on keeper
Key having triangular bow
Automobile key
Flush mount entry key pad
Computer lock
Combination lock
Combined lock with storage device
Half-moon shaped snow guard
Snack food container
Molded bottle
Hexagonal carton
Single serving canned meat container
Bottle cap
Lid for a drinking can
Display package for a tool bit
Digital alarm clock
Square watch with diamonds
Lubricant dispense meter
Notched edge carpenter square design
Wrist watch
Finger ring with expansible shank
Article of jewelry
Gem setting
Plush teddy bear vase
Watering system
Automobile body
Pick up truck
Cabin for pedal-driven vehicle
Shock absorbing rear suspension for wheelchair
Tread portion of an automobile tire
Vehicle wheel
Exterior of vehicle hood
Surface configuration of a hood for a vehicle
Motorcycle muffler
Vehicle wheel
Engine hood for automobiles
Portion of a vehicle interior
Disk wheel cover
Skulls pedal cover set for vehicles
Motorcycle muffler
Automotive wheel
Brake shoe for a bicycle
Fairing trim piece for an over the highway truck
Fender extension for an over the highway truck
Front face of a wheel
Air spoiler
Vehicle side lining
Air spoiler
Two step oval bar for vehicle
End stanchion for vehicular tubular side rail
Surface configuration of a rear bumper for a vehicle
Spoiler for an over the highway truck
Jet airplane
Battery charger housing
Locking terminator and port cap
Light controller with lens
Electrical plug
Voltage regulator
Electrical switch
Connector for optical wiring
Light-emitting diode
Light-emitting diode
Locking terminator and port cap
Locking terminator and port cap
Combined video tape recorder and disk player
Video disk player
Memory control equipment for computers
IC card reader and writer
Memory control equipment for computer
Edge terminal device
Liquid crystal display
Portable information terminal
Liquid crystal display
Desktop personal computer
Computer enclosure
Personal computer
Mobile telephone
Cellular phone
Mobile phone
Mobile phone
Dispenser for a continuous roll of plastic bags or similar article
Tissue container
Liquid dispenser
Food battering/breading device
Human Necessities
Surgical system
Method and apparatus for determining a neck movement pattern
Method for producing an individually made, implant-supported tooth replacement
Performing Operations; Transporting
Procedure and apparatus for the optimization of reactive gas mixtures
Method and apparatus for providing a simulation of a welding process using integrated models
System and processes for performing quick changeovers on assembly lines
Method and device for detecting a detached tire
Tire condition estimating apparatus and method
Method and device for controlling the limiting of the speed of a vehicle
Control module for providing access, monitoring vehicles states, and control of a vehicle
Determination of vehicle payload condition
Method and apparatus of monitoring a railroad hump yard
Remote control system for locomotives
Vehicle steering angle position determination method
Vehicle control device with power steering device
Interactive device network registration protocol
Network publishing authorization protocol
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Expert system for analysis of DNA sequencing electropherograms
Method for assaying clustered DNA damages
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Microprocessor-based control system for gas turbine electric powerplant
Method of analyzing vibration in a transmission belt and an apparatus and program useable to perform the method
Magnetic sensor system for fast-response, high resolution, high accuracy, three-dimensional position measurements
Method and apparatus for signal extraction in an electronic sensor
Direct modification of DGPS information with inertial measurement data
Vehicle activity tracking
PDA systems, functional data, and methods for generating a route
System, method and computer program product for point-to-point voice-enabled driving directions
Airport map display system and data interchange method
Position encoder using statistically biased pseudorandom sequence
Data collection methods and apparatus with parasitic correction
Flow calculation system
Cyclic time averaging for machine monitoring
Methods and apparatus for thermal management of an integrated circuit die
Method of instant estimation of a load motor inertia
Method and system for detection of hydrocarbon species in a gas
Portable data collector and analyzer: apparatus and method
System, method, and computer software product for specifying a scanning area of a substrate
Trim balancing of second-order non-linearity in double ended tuning fork resonators
Method, system, and computer-readable medium for sensorless measurement of induction machine rotor bar pass frequency
Integrated circuit device characterization
Microelectronic transient power generator for power system validation
Integrated circuit with self-test circuit
Method for optimizing test development for digital circuits
Arrangement and method of testing an integrated circuit
Method and apparatus for vector processing
Program conversion system
Single-pass methods for generating test patterns for combinational circuits
Timing verification checking value extracting method
Method and apparatus for testing semiconductor devices
Circuit and method for monitoring battery state of charge
Integrated airborne transponder and collision avoidance system
Mapping reservoir rocks using frequency spectral broadening and the presence of the slow-wave
Relative range camera calibration
Pattern data generation system, method and program for pattern data generation, reticle fabricating method, and semiconductor device manufacturing method using the pattern data
Operation data accumulation and transmission device, operation management device, and operation management system
Fabrication method of semiconductor integrated circuit device
Process control device and process control method
System and method of flexibly sorting and unloading finished parts during part manufacturing process
Secure data processing method
Data processing system having memory including mode register
Cache and DMA with a global valid bit
Processor reset and instruction fetches
Compute element
System for determining intrinsic safety status of the combination of a communication device and a battery
Basic cell for N-dimensional self-healing arrays
Controlled take over of services by remaining nodes of clustered computing system
System and method for remediating a computer
Multi-threaded random access storage device qualification tool
Process for reconfiguring an information processing system upon detection of a component failure
Digital multifunction relay
System and method for allocating logic analyzer hardware resources
Mechanism for reliable update of virtual disk device mappings without corrupting data
Remote data copy using a prospective suspend command
Method, apparatus, and computer program product for deconfiguring a processor
Storing in a reserved memory location data indicative of a stack location which stores the entry point of a dynamically loaded file
Platform independent memory image analysis architecture for debugging a computer program
Storage controller configured to select unused regions of a storage device for data storage according to head position
System and method for customizing cached data
Method for directly writing data into optic disk
Method and apparatus for mask and/or counter address registers readback on the address bus in synchronous single and multi-port memories
Embedded DRAM cache memory and method having reduced latency
Node controller for performing cache coherence control and memory-shared multiprocessor system
Content-based, transparent sharing of memory units
Plug-in equipped updateable firmware
Optimizing data transfer performance through partial write command purging in a disc drive
Method and apparatus for multi-core processor integrated circuit having functional elements configurable as core elements and as system device elements
Embedded DRAM cache
Data storage array method and system
Scheme to detect correct plug-in function modules in computers
Method and apparatus for providing a view of an electronic mail message
Bridge for coupling digital signal processor to on-chip bus as slave
Automatic detection and installation of client peripheral devices by a server
Method for enabling an optical drive to self-test analog audio signal paths when no disc is present
DIP switch configuration for increased usability with multiple cards
Apparatus and method for transmitting data
Apparatus function change system having an apparatus service center containing customer information and setting information for a reconfigurable chip
System and method for controlling multi-bank embedded DRAM
Method and apparatus for synchronous data transfers in a memory device with selectable data or address paths
Apparatus and method for activation of a digital signal processor in an idle mode for interprocessor transfer of signal groups in a digital signal processing unit
Method, system, and program for handling interrupt requests
Computer peripheral apparatus and a computer readable medium having a program for controlling the computer peripheral apparatus
Storage router and method for providing virtual local storage
Integrated circuit having arbitrated switching between busses
Memory access device allowing simultaneous access
Dynamically characterizing computer system performance by varying multiple input variables simultaneously
Performance logging solution
Bi-directional signal converter
Distributed network traffic load balancing technique implemented without gateway router
Emulating a persistent connection using http
Preparation for network interface recognition of network packet portion with declarative notation for field thereof and constraint therefor
Enterprise network analyzer host controller/agent interface system and method
Automatic feature selection system for data containing missing values
Medical cabinet with adjustable drawers
Method of using control models for data compression
Efficient model order reduction via multi-point moment matching
Method and apparatus for modeling a web server
Real-time method for bit-reversal of large size arrays
Method of statistical binning for reliability selection
Document pagination based on hard breaks and active formatting tags
Retrieving documents transitively linked to an initial document
Collaborative computer-based production system including annotation, versioning and remote interaction
Creating a summary having sentences with the highest weight, and lowest length
Method and system for providing alternatives for text derived from stochastic input sources
Dictionary management method and apparatus
Method and system for the storage and retrieval of web-based education materials
Client-server multitasking
System and method for retrieving registry data
Method for efficient query execution using dynamic queries in database environments
Database processing method and apparatus, and medium for recording processing program thereof
Method and system for prioritized downloading of embedded web objects
Methods and system for browsing large text files
System, method and program for augmenting information retrieval in a client/server network using client-side searching
System and method for maintaining a user's state within a database table and for accommodating null values
Method and apparatus for providing extended file attributes in an extended attribute namespace
Integrated service platform
Information processing apparatus for processing a photographed image of a person
Multimedia description scheme having weight information and method for displaying multimedia
Information management technique
Real time sessions in an analytic application
Multiple-editor authoring of multimedia documents including real-time video and time-insensitive media
Method and system for web-based analysis of drug adverse effects
Automated planning method
Methodology for determining the placement of decoupling capacitors in a power distribution system
Interactive floor planner apparatus for circuit blocks
Placement of clock objects under constraints
Method and apparatus for automatic layout of circuit structures
Construction of a technology library for use in an electronic design automation system that converts the technology library into non-linear, gain-based models for estimating circuit delay
Method and apparatus to perform resistance and capacitance (RC) parameter customization for better timing closure results in physical synthesis and optimization
Method for determining a matched routing arrangement for semiconductor devices
Boolean gate definition
Method and system for integrated circuit design and diagnosis
Method and system for a timing based logic entry
Use of coupling capacitance to balance skew in a network
Bond program verification system
Printed board designing apparatus, printed board designing method, and recording medium on which control program for printed board design is recorded
Sorting a group of integrated circuit devices for those devices requiring special testing
Clinical-examination-numerical-data-processing system and recording medium for diagnostic program using the system
Method and apparatus using integrated metrology data for pre-process and post-process control
Method for enhancing knowledge discovered from biological data using a learning machine
Control device for emergency stop in semiconductor manufacturing system
Tamper resistance with pseudo-random binary sequence program interlocks
Methods and apparatus for secure content distribution
Protection of data during transfer
Method and system for authenticating a network user
System and method for facilitating use of commodity I/O components in a legacy hardware system
Dequeuing from a host adapter two-dimensional queue
Efficient method to obtain device addresses from devices on a bus
System and method for performing a synchronization operation for multiple devices in a computer system
Interface for microprocessors and network facilities
Modular disc drive architecture
Information processing apparatus and communication path selection method
Apparatus and method in a network interface device for determining data availability in a random access memory
Status monitoring system
Method for generating numerical values indicative of frequencies of selected features in objects, and a computer system implementing the method
Method, data processing system and computer program for comparing floating point numbers
Sense-amp based adder with source follower evaluation tree
Synchronized server parameter database
Method of automatically instituting secure, safe libraries and functions when exposing a system to potential system attacks
Instruction address generation and tracking in a pipelined processor
Data processor and data transfer method
Computer system implementing a multi-threaded stride prediction read ahead algorithm
Instruction control apparatus and method using micro program
Method and apparatus to reduce penalty of microcode lookup
Interstream control and communications for multi-streaming digital processors
System and method for managing a suite of data management tools
Building business objects and business software applications using dynamic object definitions of ingrediential objects
Anti-virus toolbar system and method for use with a network browser
Java classes comprising an application program interface for platform integration derived from a common codebase
Geometric display tools and methods for the visual specification, design automation, and control of adaptive real systems
Determining update availability via set intersection over a sub-optimal pathway
Method of rewriting program in a flash microcomputer
Safety net paradigm for managing two computer execution modes
Method, system, and apparatus to improve performance of multi-threaded computer programs
Infiniband work and completion queue management via head and tail circular buffers with indirect work queue entries
Mechanism and apparatus for web-based searching of URI-addressable repositories in a distributed computing environment
Automation system uses resource manager and resource agents to automatically start and stop programs in a computer network
Method and apparatus for administering a server having a subsystem in communication with an event channel
System and method for allocating and using arrays in a shared-memory digital computer system
Integrated onboard maintenance documentation with a central maintenance system
Multiple recipe merge with feedback
Method for determining the equivalency index of products, processes, and services
Time and work tracker for servers
Method for controlling reutilization of data space in virtual tape system
Managing account database in ABDS system
Member information registration method and system, and member verification method and system
System and method for microbilling using a trust management system
Addressing message gates in a distributed computing environment
Apparatus for data copyright management system
Methods and apparatus for facilitating data communications between a data storage device and an information-processing apparatus
System for retrieving information based on position of communication terminal
Vehicle environment monitoring system
Method and system for allocating aircraft arrival/departure slot times
Method and system for evaluating the performance of an instructor of an electronic course
Message management system
Automatically retraining a speech recognition system
Acoustic modeling using a two-level decision tree in a speech recognition system
Method and system for generating squeezed acoustic models for specialized speech recognizer
Complexity resource manager for multi-channel speech processing
Network based speech transcription that maintains dynamic templates
Phoneme-delta based speech compression
Reducing memory requirements of a codebook vector search
Disk drive apparatus
Disk cartridge
File management method, program therefore, recording medium containing the program, and file management apparatus for performing the method
Recording media unit
Data storage medium with stepped winding core
Semiconductor memory card, data reading apparatus, and data reading/reproducing apparatus
System and method for programming non-volatile memory
Semiconductor memory device allowing reduction of I/O terminals
Method and apparatus for flash voltage detection and lockout
Semiconductor integrated circuit device
Method and system for fast data access using a memory array
Devices and methods for detecting orientation and shape of an object
Method of controlling bond process quality by measuring wire bond features
Apparatus and method for characterizing features at small dimensions
System and method to improve IC fabrication through selective fusing
Decoder and method of decoding block codes
System and method for generating low density parity check codes using bit-filling
Bit error position estimation in data decoder
High spread highly randomized generatable interleavers
Two-band transmitter-receiver with dual radiation device
Radio communication apparatus
Information distribution and processing system
Virtual network displaying system
System and method for logging computer event data and physical components of a complex distributed system
Method and apparatus to facilitate fast network management protocol replies in large tables
System and method for dynamic generation and clean-up of event correlation circuit
Method of providing a virtual private network service through a shared network, and provider edge device for such network
Address release method, and common buffering device for ATM switching system which employs the same method
Automatic rate adaptation system in a local area network
Network routing using a driver that is registered with both operating system and network processor
State processor for pattern matching in a network monitor device
Multi-service network switch with policy based routing
Communications system and method with emulated-LAN assignment capabilities
Method and apparatus for preventing a denial of service (DOS) attack by selectively throttling TCP/IP requests
Packet flooding defense system
System and method for delivery of dynamically scalable audio/video content over a network
Method and apparatus for dissemination of rich media
DSP interface for packet processing
Resource sharing on the internet via the HTTP
Method and apparatus for providing a policy-driven intrusion detection system
Real-time audio/video communication method for use on the internet and device therefor
Interface for a security coprocessor
System for collecting, analyzing, and reporting high volume multi-web server usage
Information and control console for use with a network gateway interface
System and method for reducing network traffic between two computing devices
Information input/output system, information input/output method, recording medium of recording information transmitting/receiving program, and image forming apparatus
Methods and apparatus for managing middleware service in a distributed system
Portable information communication terminal apparatus
Terminal to execute a terminal application
Cellular phone terminal
Method and apparatus for language translation using registered databases
Multi-standard enhanced inband data receiver
Communication controlling method, communication controlling system and communication controlling apparatus
Data conversion method and apparatus
Selective capture and storage of A/V objects in an interactive multimedia system
Method and apparatus for searching recorded digital data streams using packet arrival time information
High-frequency module and mobile communication apparatus using the same
Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving dynamic configuration parameters in a third generation cellular telephone network
Single extender card method and system for troubleshooting a personal computer
Electric-circuit board assembling line, electric-circuit board producing method and electric-circuit board assembling line controlling program
Socket for receiving a single-chip video controller and circuit board containing the same
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