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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Settings control of an agricultural vehicle
Header transport for a crop harvesting machine
Mower deck with centrally located caster wheel
Combination string and blade trimmer head
Battery-operated compact riding rotary mower
Method of milking a dairy animal by means of a milking system
Pet tail sleeve system
Blade bait lure with barbed tail
Fishing pole with an adjustable length
Turkey tail fan support decoy
Garment with crotch part
Lacrosse glove
Windproof waterproof breathable seamed articles
Hat with ear warmer
Temple protection device for baseball pitchers
Boot having skin-exfoliating means therein
Boot machine-device
Tesla energy jewelry
Walking cane with retention and traction features
Color highlighting cosmetics container including a detachable makeup brush
Travel mouth cleaning device
Neck support device
Support surface assembly and tensioning method for a sleeping person
Collapsible heating apparatus
Disposable sanitary waste receptacle
High pressure extractor
Cleaning system
Multi-head dust mop
Surface treating appliance
Lid with a curved edge and domed air outlets for the collection of leaves with a blower/vacuum and the rejection of debris into a bag
Apparatus for measuring the neuro-magnetic field from a human brain and method for operating the same
Methods, systems, and associated implantable devices for dynamic monitoring of physiological and biological properties of tumors
Method for measuring the vessel diameter of optically accessible blood vessels
Metered dose inhaler spacer
Gas assisted re-breathing device
Connectors for connecting components of a breathing apparatus
Methods and systems for optimizing cardiac pacing intervals for various physiologic factors
Conductive polymer sheath on defibrillator shocking coils
Wound healing patch with guard electrodes
Systems and methods for communicating with implantable devices
Performing Operations; Transporting
Substrate coating device with control section that synchronizes substrate moving velocity and delivery pump
Beverage preparation machine and method for cleaning a beverage preparation machine
Flushness shims
Apparatus for cast-product production line
Method of casting damped part with insert
Stainless steel-and-amorphous alloy composite and method for manufacturing
Device, gutter, method for tilt-casting components made of light metal, and components cast therewith
Adsorption module and method of manufacturing the same
Methods of fabricating combination gear for stacked planetary gearset
Trim and flame robot end effector with optional automatic blade change feature
Specially configured and surface modified medical device with certain design features that utilize the intrinsic properties of tungsten, zirconium, tantalum and/or niobium
Multi-piece self pierce rivet die for improved die life
Automatically-configurable screwdriver assembly
Mechanized portable electric tool with two shafts
Blade set for hair clippers
Animal shearing machine
Punch press device
Cutter with laser generator that irradiates cutting position on workpiece to facilitate alignment of blade with cutting position
Thermoformable web joining apparatus
Transport equipment with a vehicle guided along a single traffic lane
Pneumatic tire with tread having wave shaped circumferential groove
Tire with annular band and supporting structure
Tire for heavy vehicles, with a crown reinforcement comprising at least one layer of circumferential reinforcing elements
Heat exchanger arrangement
Sunshade apparatus for vehicle
Multi-axis pivot assembly for control sticks and associated systems and methods
Tether clip
Coupling device for a semi-continuous composite rigging system
Floating support or vessel equipped with a device for detecting the movement of the free surface of a body of liquid
Dock-side cradle
Spar hull centerwell arrangement
Liquid-fuel storage vessel and vapor jet system using the same
Suspended delivery device and a container-filler installation including such devices
Sports memorabillia article and method for making the same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for making large diameter multicore optical waveguide
Textiles; Paper
Reed and weaving machine for weaving pattern formation in woven fabrics with additional pattern effects
Fixed Constructions
Pre-assembled collapsible walkway
Structure of traffic cone
Twist lock portable building footing
Hold down clip and wall system
Tile systems and methods of making and using same
Attic platform
Method of forming a wood board incorporating embedded sound attenuating elements and stiffening elements
Artificial stone
Remaining formwork for decoration, and wall surface structure of concrete structure
Building structure provided with vertical walls comprising a thermoplastic polymer
Building method using multi-storey panels
Building unit with temporary reinforcing members, unit building, and method for constructing unit building
Combination lock
Rotary shaft wire passage structure
Portable firearm safe
Slat rotation, slat winding and unwinding control device of window blind
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Compressed air energy storage system utilizing two-phase flow to facilitate heat exchange
Cooling system
Exhaust system
Seal assembly retention method
Valve lift device for a combustion engine
Engine for small vehicle
Cold start NO.sub.2 generation system
Exhaust purifying system for internal combustion engine
Exhaust treatment device with electric regeneration system
Exhaust system with a NO.sub.x sensor
Method for monitoring a regulated emission concentration in the exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine
Hydraulic servo-drive device and variable turbo-supercharger using the same
Cold start system for a motor vehicle
Cover member to engines
Exhaust gas system
Multi-phase engine stop position control
Bedplate assembly and method
Axial turbine
Evaporation fuel processing system and purging method therefor
Multi-mode air induction tuning duct
Method and device for controlling diesel engine
Starting device for combustion engine
Starting method and starting device for starting a combustion engine and/or driving a vehicle
Starter device for combustion engine, particularly of motor vehicle
Choke valve device
Inertia locking hidden pushpin
Gearbox housing assembly
Fill-up control valve device
Flexible hose structure with a interlaced reinforcement
Pipe clamping device
Rotisserie barbecue grill
Dehumidification/humidification device for vehicle
Refrigeration cycle apparatus
Electrocaloric heat transfer
Decompression device
Three phase fin surface cooler
Quick-detatchable handguard mechanism for firearms
Method and system for aligning a point of aim with a point of impact for a projectile device
Coupling device for explosives
Apparatus for marking guideline for transportation vehicle
Navigation system including a drive for reading out navigation data and a method for operating a navigation system
Method of timing a remarkable angular position of a sensor carried by a tire
Clamps and methods of using clamps to measure angular positions of components
Apparatus for three-dimensional measurements of physical characteristics within a data center
Relative pressure sensor
Method of manufacturing a molded sensor subassembly
Test rig for dynamic test assignments on internal combustion engines, and method for operating a test rig of this kind
Fault isolation in electronic returnless fuel system
System for detecting hydraulic fluid leaks
Apparatus and method for particle analysis
Ultrasonic transmitter and receiver with compliant membrane
Method and apparatus for ultrasonic testing
Triaxial cell for the testing of geomaterials in compression and in shear
Method of measuring micro- and nano-scale properties
Acceleration sensor module with attitude determining function
Fractional sampling of electrical energy
Semiconductor integrated circuit, test data generating device, LSI test device, and computer product
Fuser assembly having selectable fuser detack mechanism
Fixing device and image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with polishing roller that changes rotational direction during a polishing mode
Image forming apparatus and cleaning device
On-board device having apparatus for specifying operator
Maintaining a power budget
Circuit arrangement for activating a circuit block and method for the same
Enhanced RAID level 3
Device retry mechanisms for content distribution
Threat-resistant installer
Reducing false positive computer virus detections
System and method for distinguishing safe and potentially unsafe data during runtime processing
Remote maintenance system, monitoring center computer used for the same, monitoring system and method of communication for maintenance
Protected volume on a data storage device with dual operating systems and configurable access and encryption controls
Apparatus and method for managing stacks for efficient memory usage
Hierarchical systems and methods for performing storage operations in a computer network
Intrusion detection and prevention system
System and method for achieving reliable WORM storage using WMRM storage
Storage subsystem, storage system, and communication control method
Consistent information management among server devices
Regulating transmission rates
Memory control system and memory data fetching method
Method and apparatus for monitoring responses of configuration commands
Automated tool management in a multi-protocol environment
System and method for intelligent multimedia conference collaboration summarization
Effective policies and policy enforcement using characterization of flow content and content-independent flow information
Collected data providing apparatus and portable terminal for data collection
System and method for providing mobile information server and portable device therein
Method and apparatus for providing data management for a storage system coupled to a network
Method and apparatus for dynamically adjusting resources assigned to plurality of customers, for meeting service level agreements (SLAs) with minimal resources, and allowing common pools of resources to be used across plural customers on a demand basis
Network device
Group networking utilizing screening methods
Computer program product and system for managing virtual instances of a physical port attached to a network
Efficient data transfer between computers in a virtual NUMA system using RDMA
Reproducing apparatus, reproducing method, and reproducing program
Configurable geographic prefixes for global server load balancing
Dynamic browser-based industrial automation interface system and method
Methods and systems for automatically discovering information about a domain of a computing device
Multiplicity adjustment system and method
Product control system
Mail piece verification system
System and method for enabling parallel access to serially compressed files
Page information collection program, page information collection method, and page information collection apparatus
Method and system for deriving and matching local formatting in an electronic document
Sequencing control of simultaneously executed forbidden pairs of first and second functions on at least two interacting devices based on priority
Combiner training and evaluation with random data partition
Method for distributed tracking of approximate join size and related summaries
Software tool for training and testing a knowledge base
Data processing system for analysis of financial and non-financial value creation and value realization performance of a business enterprise for provisioning of real-time assurance reports
Numerical modeling of six-degree-freedom ship motion
System and methods for selecting content distribution
Method, system, and computer readable medium for providing audit support
Method for providing search results list based on importance information and system thereof
Error detection protocol
System and method for identity decisions and invalidation
Index compression
System and method for learning a weighted index to categorize objects
Converting hypertext character strings to links by attaching anchors extracted from existing link destination
Visual interface to indicate custom binning of items
Synchronization peer participant model
Nested conditional relations (NCR) model and algebra
System and method for performing a search and a browse on a query
Power supply circuit
System and method for managing the complexity of large enterprise architectures
Method and apparatus for designing integrated circuit
Super duplicate register removal
Integrated circuit designing device, integrated circuit designing method, and integrated circuit designing program
System and method for supporting performance prediction of a system having at least one external interactor
Floor reaction detector of legged mobile robot
Computation of sensitivity for resistivity measurements
Method of operating a lithographic processing machine, control system, lithographic apparatus, lithographic processing cell, and computer program
Methods of storing, aligning, and retrieving haplotype data
Data output apparatus
Power management for subscriber identity module
Printing system
Computer system security service
Recommendation aggregation for digest generation
Automatic mapping of pointing devices to multiple displays
Module-based operating apparatus and method for portable device
Navigation system for a multichannel digital television system
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Dynamic multilingual resource support for applications
Interactive entertainment system for presenting supplemental interactive content together with continuous video programs
Implementation of rigorous coupled wave analysis having improved efficiency for characterization
Print control operation system using icons
Enabling and disabling hotkeys
System and method for generating a customized workflow user interface
System and methodology providing coordinated and modular conveyor zone control
Configuration management database state model
Method and apparatus for formatting information within a directory tree structure into an encyclopedia-like entry
Method and system for e-commerce packages
Information processor and processing method, and information storage medium
Automatic digital music library builder
Article extraction
Peer-to-peer file sharing
Partitioning of data mining training set
Reassembling fragmented files or documents in a fragment order-independent manner
Database table recovery system
Method and apparatus for identifying and characterizing errant electronic files
Method for verifying configuration changes of network devices using digital signatures
Launching a secure kernel in a multiprocessor system
Automated concurrency configuration of multi-threaded programs
Linktime recognition of alternative implementations of programmed functionality
Generating efficient parallel code using partitioning, coalescing, and degenerative loop and guard removal
Structure cluster and method in programmable logic circuit
Method and apparatus for implementing work request lists
Task switching with a task containing code region to adjust priority
Synchronization of threads in a multithreaded computer program
Method and system for the objective quantification of fame
System for managing travel vouchers and method of same
RFID business process-decoupling of design and deployment time activities
System and method for charging for printing services rendered
Common carrier system
Customization of an online shopping experience
Services for recommending items to groups of users
System and method of providing recommendations
System and method for conducting online auctions
Administrative notes in network-based commerce facility
Method and system for balance transfer operations
System and method for account reconciliation
Systems and methods for facilitating commercial transactions between parties residing at remote locations
Bill payment optimization using a genetic algorithm
Charitable contribution system
Slip processing apparatus and slip processing system
System and method for renegotiating a financial instrument
Method and apparatus for providing a clean accounting close for a real-time billing system
Method, algorithm, and computer program for optimizing the performance of messages including advertisements in an interactive measurable medium
Security hardened disc drive
Malicious e-mail attack inversion filter
Method to suspend automatic repeat request (ARQ) reset
Medallion display apparatus for motorcycles
Recording and reproducing apparatus for use with optical recording medium having real-time, losslessly encoded data
Voice/music determining apparatus and method
Optical disc drive with mechanism to reduce tray vibration
Signal transmitting and receiving device and method of mobile communication system
Feed forward amplifier system and method using the pilot frequency from a positive feedback pilot generation and detection circuit to improve second loop convergence
High-frequency IC and GPS receiver
Multipass noise detecting apparatus and FM receiving apparatus
Oscillation controlling apparatus, recording medium having program recorded thereon, and channel selecting apparatus
Channel estimator and method for changing IIR filter coefficient depending on moving speed of mobile communication terminal
High frequency module
Semiconductor integrated circuit and a software radio device
Adaptive channel quality estimation algorithm to support link adaptation
Wireless communication system, terminal, and method for reporting status of terminal
Provision of location-based services utilizing user movement statistics
PoC system and method for distributing media data in PoC
Relay apparatus and relay method
Systems and methods for multi-element antenna arrays with aperture control shutters
Detection of media links in broadcast signals
Alternate radio channel selection adapted per user patterns
Digital radio feedback apparatuses, system, and methods
Mobile unit with fingerprint sensor and attachment structure
Content data supply system, content data supply apparatus and method, content data reproduction apparatus and method, and program
Adaptively changing application server processing power based on data volume
State reference
Remote administration of smart cards for secure access systems
Specifying security for an element by assigning a scaled value representative of the relative security thereof
Command and control communications system with sub-networks and interface devices
Enforcing alignment of approved changes and deployed changes in the software change life-cycle
Efficient revocation of receivers
Conditional access to digital rights management conversion
Diversely openable dual display type mobile communication terminal
Communication between a fixed network and a movable network with means for suspending operation of the moveable network
Transmitting and receiving system, transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus
Text message delivery features for an interactive wireless network
Emergency alert signaling method and digital television receiver
Method for delivering cable channels to handheld devices
System and method for local meta data insertion
Virtual channel table for a broadcast protocol and method of broadcasting and receiving broadcast signals using the same
Data output system, output control terminal, program to be applied to output control terminal, and data output method
Device and method for providing and displaying animated SMS messages
Lightweight content filtering system for mobile phones
Interference mitigation technique
Packet communication system with dual candidate sets for independent management of uplink and downlink transmissions
Method of manufacturing thermal head
Part mounting method
Method of shielding an electronic component from electromagnetic interference (EMI)
On the fly configuration of electronic device with attachable sub-modules
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Electronic floor display cleaning system and protective cover
Body fluid sampler
Personal carbon monoxide alarm device
Imaging a three-dimensional structure by confocal focussing an array of light beams
Cone-shaped lens having increased forward light intensity and kits incorporating such lenses
Polymeric articles having a lubricious coating and method for making the same
Performing Operations; Transporting
Wrench with tension meters
Transformers or inductors ("transductors") and antennas manufactured from conductive loaded resin-based materials
Engraving member
Method for generating and evaluating a sample engraving
Linefeed calibration method for a printer
Thermal print head alignment method and apparatus
Printing system
Intermediate transfer recording medium and process for producing the same
Modular power converter having fluid cooled support
Device for monitoring area around vehicle
Method and device for ascertaining the imminence of an unavoidable collision
Pitch alerting angle for enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS)
Hazard avoidance system
Reach type forklift truck
Vertical displacement device
Optical switching apparatus and method of assembling same
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Multilayered arrangement for electro-optical device
Magnetic recording head having a corrosion-protective layer of a metal salt of a perfluorinated polyether acid
Fixed Constructions
Drill string telemetry system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Optical device
Lighting element for liquid crystal display
Method and apparatus for monitoring operation of electrical household appliances
Thin-film inspection method and device
Method for measuring interference and apparatus for measuring interference
Method and apparatus for surface configuration measurement
Method and system for measuring the topography of a sample
Method and device for high-speed interferential microscopic imaging of an object
Method for absolute calibration of an interferometer
Modulation method for signal crosstalk mitigation in electrostatically driven devices
Provision of navigation information
Envelope functions for modulation spectroscopy
Optical encoder
Optical measurement apparatus and method for optical measurement
Wedged optical filter stack
Method for obtaining an approximate standard color definition for a sample color
Application of spectroscopic ellipsometry to in-situ real time fabrication of multiple layer alternating high/low refractive index filters
Non-etalon reflective wavelength locking optical sub-assembly and associated methods
Pressure switch with electrical correction signal for adjusting threshold values
Measurement of polarization-resolved optical scattering parameters
Method and apparatus for estimating chromatic dispersion in fibre bragg gratings
Apparatus and method for measuring decay in intensity of electromagnetic radiation in multipass spectrometry
Multi-channel optical detection system
Calibration as well as measurement on the same workpiece during fabrication
High performance fluorescent optical sensor
Inspection status display method
Inspecting apparatus of printed state or the like in flexible printed circuit board
Apparatus and method for determining information for aircraft
Micromechanical structure, in particular for an acceleration sensor
Advanced instrument packaging for electronic energy meter
Low voltage testing and illuminating device
Method for eliminating dummy objects short-range pulse radar sensors
Robust predictive deconvolution system and method
Radar device and method for operating a radar device
System and methods for obtaining ground conductivity information using GPR data
Refractive focusing element for spectroscopic ellipsometry
Durable nano-structured optical surface
Lens system and camera having the same
Lens assembly of camera
Zoom lens system
Zoom lens
Large zoom ratio, four-group zoom lens
Super wide-angle zoom lens system
Optical measuring device
Inverted microscope
Pattern forming member applied to sectioning image observation apparatus and sectioning image observation apparatus using them
Fluorescence observation apparatus
Apparatus and method for stabilizing an optical tube on a base
Calibration cell for micro-mirror drive circuit
MEMS driver
Apparatus and method for controlling polarization of an optical signal
Wavefront coded imaging systems
Monocentric autostereoscopic optical apparatus with a spherical gradient-index ball lens
Radiation conditioning system
Method and apparatus for stereoscopic image display
Three-dimensional representation method and an apparatus thereof
Lens array and method of making same
Directional diffuser
Diffraction optical element and transfer mold therefor
Optical low pass filter
Multi-barrier photonic heterostructures
Optical multilayer structure, optical switching device, and image display
Step-zoom lens
Control system for electrochromic devices
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display and thin film transistor array panel
Method for fabricating liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display
Tiled display
Display substrate and display device
Integrated spacer technology for LCOS light modulators
Display device
Liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Liquid crystal display device and defect repairing method for the same
Liquid crystal displays including organic passivation layer contacting a portion of the semiconductor layer between source and drain regions
Thin film transistor substrate for liquid crystal display (LCD) and method of manufacturing the same
Storage capacitor having a scattering effect and method of manufacturing the same
Liquid crystal display device having reduced optical pumping current and method of fabricating the same
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Reflective liquid crystal display device and fabricating method thereof
Electrochemical device
Portable electronic reading apparatus
Electrophoretic display device
Electro-optical device, electronic apparatus, method for forming a colored layer, and method for manufacturing the electro-optical device
Flexible micron-thin display device
Phase matched parametric light generation in monolithically integrated intersubband optical devices
Optical frequency conversion systems and methods
Lens sheet and rear projection screen including the same
Projection screen having elongated structures
Method and apparatus for amplitude filtering in the frequency plane of a lithographic projection system
Exposure apparatus and method
Electronic still camera and information recording appartus
Parallel link mechanism, exposure system and method of manufacturing the same, and method of manufacturing devices
Evaluation mask, focus measuring method and aberration measuring method
Lithographic apparatus and a measurement system
Exposure apparatus, maintenance method therefor, semiconductor device manufacturing method, and semiconductor manufacturing factory
System for managing replaceable modules in a digital printing apparatus
Information processing apparatus
Portable computer standing support structure
Support for a display screen
Input unit and information processing unit
Integrated drive panel for a computer case
Circuit board retaining brackets
Heat sink assembly
Fan device
Method of storing data in ferroelectric memory device
Method and apparatus for video underflow detection in a raster engine
Data transfer apparatus, method of controlling the same, and printing system
Determining means, terminal device, system and method for point label placement on a map
Method and system for generating hyperlinked physical copies of hyperlinked electronic documents
Computerized interactor systems and methods for providing same
Information processing apparatus, display control method and storage medium
Display-service providing system and image display apparatus
Optical image retrieval method
Display unit with touch panel and information processing method
Variable capacitance type input device
System and method of adjusting display characteristics of a displayable data file using an ergonomic computer input device
Amelioration of mouse button structure
Print system, printing method, and printer
Method for defining printer driver settings
Method and apparatus for performing a perspective projection in a graphics device of a computer graphics display system
System architecture for scan line non-linearity compensation in a ROS system
Circuit arrangement and method for deriving electrical power from an electromagnetic field
RFID device and method of forming
Enhanced magnetic field communication system
Face detecting camera and method
Printing control interface system and method with handwriting discrimination capability
System and method of secure touch screen input and display
User programmable primitive engine
Image processing apparatus and method of same
Parallel initialization path for rasterization engine
Anisotropic texture filtering method and apparatus using area coverage weight of sub-texel precision
Systems and methods for improving concept landscape visualizations as a data analysis tool
System and method for editing digital images using inductive image generation with cached state-specific image tiles
Image synthesizing apparatus
Data aware clustered architecture for an image generator
Rendering volumetric fog and other gaseous phenomena using an alpha channel
Method and apparatus for visualization of 3D voxel data using lit opacity volumes with shading
Extracting a depth map from known camera and model tracking data
Graphics texture processing methods, apparatus and computer program products using texture compression, block overlapping and/or texture filtering
Method and apparatus generating analysis mesh data, and computer product
Graphics processor, graphics card and graphics processing system
Dynamic tessellation of a base mesh
Method and apparatus for processing non-planar video graphics primitives
Method and apparatus for modeling and real-time rendering of surface detail
Graphics system configured to perform distortion correction
Method for compensating a digital image for light falloff while minimizing light balance change
Image processing method to reduce moire in image
Method and system for generating facial animation values based on a combination of visual and audio information
Gate entry system using short range radio communications with user terminal devices
Transmitter for surveillance camera, and surveillance system
Portable motion detector and alarm system and method
Method and apparatus for detecting loss and location of a portable communications device
Tobacco smoke detection system with tamper detection
Fluid flow detector
Aircraft flight risk measuring system and method of operation
Emergency vehicle traffic signal preemption system
Method and apparatus for processing video pictures
Method for driving plasma display panel and plasma display device
Active matrix organic electroluminescent display device and method of fabricating the same
Electrooptic device and electronic apparatus
Method for driving display device having digital memory for each pixel
Systems and methods for driving a display device
Pixel structure
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Erasing device for liquid crystal display image and liquid crystal display device including the same
Liquid crystal display and driving method thereof
Image display device and display driving method
Flat panel display device with reduced ripple interference resulting from ground current
Raised keys on a miniature keyboard
Socializing remote communication
Display module driving system and digital to analog converter for driving display
Methods for adjusting sharpness and brightness of digital image
Environment-Compliant image display system, image processing method, and information storage medium
Gray scale processing system and display device
System and method for displaying font in a wireless telephone
Apparatus and method for pixel conversion using multiple buffers
Multi-track speech synthesizer
Efficient hard disk drive energy recovery circuit and method and a hard disk drive incorporating the same
Triple push-pull optical tracking system
Reproduced signal evaluation apparatus and method, reproduction apparatus and method, and recording apparatus and method
System and method to determine the time domain equalized signal-to-noise ratio of a mass storage device
Method of reading magnetic information which is immunized against thermal asperities
Writing distinct servo patterns on individual transducers according to transducer read/write head characteristics in a data storage device
Magnetic transfer apparatus using a slave medium and a master carrier
Magnetic tape apparatus that duplicates data and stores the duplicated data in plural magnetic tape drives
Wide write head with thermal asperity detector and method of using the same
Disk device and seek control method
Magnetic recording and reproducing device
Rigid housing member for a data storage device with integrated contaminant adsorbent filter
Azimuthal transition layout for two-sided data storage tape
Method and device for varying resonant frequency of magnetic memory device
Electrically resistive heating device for data storage systems
Magnetic head having media heating device that is electrically connected to magnetic pole piece
Coil inductive writer having a low inductance and short yoke length
Magnetic head and magnetic reproducing apparatus
Magnetic head assembly having thin-film dummy patterns provided on surface of gimbal spring
Interconnection scheme for head arms of disk drive actuator
Head suspension for disk drive, and semi-finished suspension
Actuator for use with a disk drive having a coil assembly including a bobbin to aid in heat convection from the coil of the coil assembly
Head suspension for disk drive having a contact face to receive jig
Disk drive apparatus having a pivot for supporting a head assembly to allow free pivoting
Data read transducers for determining lateral position of a tape head with respect to longitudinal servo bands of magnetic tape
Matched filter detection for time based servo signals in a tape drive
Optical to magnetic alignment in magnetic tape system
Magnetic alignment marking of hard disks
Method and apparatus for increasing track density by adapting write fault gate to position error signal as it varies from ID to OD
Method and apparatus for head positioning control in disk drive
Redundant servo pattern stamper
Magnetic memory device
Magnetic memory, magnetic memory array, method for fabricating a magnetic memory, method for recording in a magnetic memory and method for reading out from a magnetic memory
Semiconductor memory device and methods of operation thereof
Semiconductor memory devices for outputting bit cell data without separate reference voltage generator and related methods of outputting bit cell data
Semiconductor memory device
Multilevel semiconductor memory device and method for driving the same as a neuron element in a neural network computer
Adaptive programming technique for a re-writable conductive memory device
Programmable microelectronic devices and methods of forming and programming same
Channel erase type nonvolatile semiconductor memory device and electronic card and electronic apparatus using the device
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Flash memory device with stable source line regardless of bit line coupling and loading effect
Non-volatile memory device with improved sequential programming speed
Highly compact non-volatile memory and method therefor with space-efficient data registers
Semiconductor with an improved read device and operational mode associated therewith
High density semiconductor memory cell and memory array using a single transistor and having variable gate oxide breakdown
MRAM array with segmented word and bit lines
Semiconductor memory device
Magnetic sensor, production process of the magnetic sensor and magnetic array suitable for the production process
Differential capacitor, differential antenna element, and differential resonator
Electronic component
Multilayered chip capacitor
Electrode material and capacitor
Structure and operating method for nonvolatile memory cell
Stacked 1T-nMTJ MRAM structure
Electronic device substrate assembly with multilayer impermeable barrier and method of making
DC-DC converter implemented in a land grid array package
Thermal interface structure for placement between a microelectronic component package and heat sink
Heat dissipation apparatus and method
CPU cooling using a heat pipe assembly
Integrated circuit stacking system and method
Integrated circuit having a thermally shielded electric resistor trace
Photoelectric conversion device
Solid-state camera including a charge coupled device
Capacitor with enhanced performance and method of manufacture
Semiconductor light emitting device
Ultra wideband antenna
Electronic equipment and antenna mounting printed-circuit board
Apparatus and method for enhancing low-frequency operation of mobile communication antennas
Broadband dipole antenna to be worn by a user and associated methods
Antenna arrangement
Antenna assembly with electrical connectors
Multifrequency antenna with reduced rear radiation and reception
Low-loss printed circuit board antenna structure and method of manufacture thereof
Universal antenna adapter
Helical antenna
Dipole feed arrangement for corner reflector antenna
Reflector and antenna system containing reflectors
Dual-polarized dipole antenna element
Reducing co-channel interference in satellite communications systems by antenna re-pointing
Apparatus and method for calibrating reception signal in mobile communication system
Remote access device having multiple inductive coil antenna
Electrical protection system
Overvoltage protection circuit
Power converter
Optimal control of wide conversion ratio switching converters
Synchronous rectifier
Multiple switch circuit with limited switch frequency
Synchronous rectifier circuit
Power supply control method
Power converter system
Voltage-mode drive for driving complex impedance loads
Adaptable remote control for electrical appliances having several functions to be controlled
Method and system for adjusting the step clock of a delta-sigma transformer and/or switched capacitor filter
Subliminal recording device
Analog to digital converter with a pulse delay circuit
Programmable input range ADC
Domino asynchronous successive approximation ADC
System and method for detecting when an external load is coupled to a video digital-to-analog converter
Methods and systems for digital dither
Method and circuit for reducing quantizer input/output swing in a sigma-delta modulator
Analog-to-digital conversion system with second order noise shaping and a single amplifier
Method and apparatus for modulating and demodulating digital data
Separation enhanced gray codes
Multibit delta-sigma modulator with variable-level quantizer
Method of context based adaptive binary arithmetic encoding with decoupled range re-normalization and bit insertion
Measuring response characteristics of an optical component
Analog-to-digital conversion of a radiocommunication signal
Wavelength division multiplexed optical communication system having reduced non-linear effects
Apparatus and method for decoding
Method and apparatus for efficient use of communication channels for remote telemetry
Glass mount for scanner
Document imaging system
Multi-beam optical scanning device, and image forming apparatus and color image forming apparatus using the same
Printer parameter compensation by a host camera
Wireless transfer of at least one digital image file between a first device and a second device
Polynomial based multi-level screening
Data converter, computer, and printer
Active pixel sensor with noise cancellation
Analog optical black clamping circuit for a charge coupled device having wide programmable gain range
Image sensor signal defect correction
Camera lens contamination detection and indication system and method
Imaging apparatus, and method and device for shake correction in imaging apparatus
Camera operating apparatus
Digital camera and a method for correcting dust images in the camera
Variable cable length compensator for video imaging systems
Image taking apparatus having focus control
Noise reduction circuit for CCD output signal
Automatic modulation and RF carrier level control of sync suppressed television signals
Language switching method and digital broadcast receiver using the method
Streaming content associated with a portion of a TV screen to a companion device
Controller for remotely controlling two or more controlled devices
Adaptive interlace-to-progressive scan conversion algorithm
Speaker detection and tracking using audiovisual data
Digital video signal interface module for transferring signals to a long distance
On the fly data transfer between RGB and YCrCb color spaces for DCT interface
Color reproduction correction circuit for color representation and a color display
Correction curve generating method, image processing method, image display unit, and storage medium
Method and system for performing PAL luma two line vertical combing
Telecommunications chassis and card
Method and apparatus for confirming control unit mount to non-conductive surface
Card guide that comprises card guide portions that serve to guide a circuit board into a chassis
Housing assembly having simplified circuit board assembly, retention, and electrical connection features
Heat-dissipating member, manufacturing method and installation method
Heat spreader for optical transceiver components
Method and apparatus for dissipating heat from an electronic device
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