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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Apparatus for continuous weight monitoring of beehives
Universal adjustable sling type seat
Moving head dough press
Reclining chair with two positions of repose
Vehicle seat cover
Configurable underseat storage feature
Adjustable accessory bracket assembly
Electronic gadget holder for automobiles and tripods
Supporting structure for electronic device
Adjustable, retractable ceiling and wall hanging system
Methods and apparatus for transesophageal microaccess surgery
Endoscope-equipped puncture balloon
Capsule camera with variable illumination of the surrounding tissue
Surgical retractor extensions
Surgical retention port and method of use
Device for shaping object with a profile of at least a partial sphere
Minimally invasive mitral valve repair method and apparatus
Shield for surgical stapler and method of use
Cutting balloon assembly and method of manufacturing thereof
Method and apparatus for resecting and replacing an aortic valve
Easily implantable and stable nail-fastener for skeletal fixation and method
Drive tool for orthopedic screws
Bone implant and systems that controllably releases silver
Polymer composites for biomedical applications and methods of making
Static visual field scanning apparatus
Ophthalmic apparatus, ophthalmic system, processing apparatus, and blood flow velocity calculation method
Modulation and analysis of cerebral perfusion in epilepsy and other neurological disorders
Methods and apparatus for ultrasound imaging
Medical handpiece for dispensing filling material
Arrangement for increasing the stress resistance of implants and one such implant
Inverse standing gathers for an absorbent article
Absorbent article with side gathers
Methods for deploying stents in bifurcations
Air-operated speech aid
Marking template for installing a custom replacement device for resurfacing a femur and associated installation method
Spinal implant device
Orthopedic device
Wrap for applying thermal therapy to a body part
Visually aligning dispensing unit
Adjustable wheelchair handrim with movable friction band
Cartridge system for delivery of medicament
Centrifugal pump apparatus
Balloon catheter
Surgical instrument and method for improving a crestal sinus lift
Apparatus and method for controlling insulin infusion with state variable feedback
Method and apparatus for sutureless injectable retinal detachment sponge implantation
Method of using a syringe
Device delivering medicines by transpalpebral electrophoresis
Visually aligning dispensing unit
Shunt device and method for treating ocular disorders
Syringe for sequential expression of different liquids
Catheter fixation device
Apparatus and method for stimulating hair growth
Light therapy platform system
Method and apparatus for reaching from outside an upper level of a tall structure
Inert gas injection to help control or extinguish coal fires
Exercise device
Snow glide board, in particular ski
Apportionment of pay out of casino game with escrow
Picture game
Zone dependent payout percentage
Game processing server apparatus and recording medium
Game of chance ensuring a single winner
Novelty beverages straw
Systems and methods for prize discovery games
Mobile for infant support structure
Performing Operations; Transporting
Polydisperse compositions and methods for eliminating volatile organic compounds
Distillation apparatus
Sequential filter pack for fluids
Crude treatment system
Momentum transfer using liquid injection
Membrane based apparatus for measurement of volatile particles
Hollow ceramic fibers, precursors for manufacture thereof utilizing nanoparticles, methods of making the same, and methods of using the same
Generator of oxygen-rich water
Systems and methods for solar-thermal gasification of biomass
Method and device for the separation of fine particles from granulate-type bulk materials in a pipeline
Robotic wash monitor system
Pool cleaning device
Composite concrete article and method of manufacture thereof
Wear detection system for a cutting nozzle on a cutting torch for cutting steel workpieces
Head gimbal assembly carrier with adjustable protective bar
Jig for surface treatment
Horizontal machining center
Pneumatic motor unit with integrated voltage generating means
Methods of forming polycrystalline compacts
Removably supporting mechanism for workpiece holding device and workpiece holding device replacement and support apparatus
Evidence collection device
Actuation system
Impulse generator, hydraulic impulse tool and method for producing impulses
Impact tool
Pattern forming method and pattern forming apparatus in which a substrate and a mold are aligned in an in-plane direction
Injection molding tool with embedded induction heater
Extruder and process for preparing a mixture of polymer and diluent
Method for manufacturing liquid crystal panel
Coated thermoplastic articles with removable coating
Image processing device, printing device, and medium having recorded image processing program
System and method for monitoring a web member and applying tension to the web member
Ink jet inks containing nanodiamond black colorants
Inkjet recording ink and ink cartridge
Piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus
Piezoelectric element, piezoelectric actuator, liquid ejecting head and liquid ejecting apparatus
Piezoelectric element, liquid ejecting head, and liquid ejecting apparatus
Functional liquid deposition using continuous liquid
Liquid discharge head
Method of producing substrate for liquid ejection head
Droplet ejection apparatus
Nozzle surface cleaning apparatus and method, and inkjet recording apparatus
Ink remaining amount detecting device, method for detecting ink remaining amount, and ink jet printing apparatus
Inductive heater for a solid ink reservoir
Image forming apparatus including recording head for ejecting droplets
Printing apparatus, printing method, and program
Inkjet printer with enhanced deinkability
Printer vacuum unit mechanism
Liquid ejecting apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Job change scrap reduction
Product security pattern based on simultaneous color contrast
Plasma source design
Collapsible shelf and dolly system
Vehicle wheel end assemblies with hub bearing seals
Automatic tractor hitch system for trailing implements
Sliding roof system
Adjustable floating seat
Assembly for a lighting and/or signalling device of an automotive vehicle
Motor vehicle with water box cover
Deployable footrest assembly
Head protecting airbag device
Embarking and/or disembarking extension having braking means
Power lock assembly for vehicle roof rack
Brake device for a motor vehicle having a pressure accumulator
Hybrid power drive apparatus
Method for use of hydraulically or electrically controlled solenoids under failed on conditions
Power transmission unit
Coast stop vehicle and control method thereof
Manual downshift control method for automatic transmission
Method of controlling transmission of vehicle
Collapsible wheeled stretcher
Device for steering a toboggan
Inner protective frame for wheel wells
Variable geometry aerodynamic fairing for reducing base drag of tractor trailers
Vehicle comprising at least two axles, the wheels of which are parallel
Connection of a fuselage to an aircraft wing
Aerodynamic profile with a reversibly deformable contour for aircraft, in particular for rotary wing aircraft
Overhead luggage compartment
Passive control of ice shedding
Deployable space boom using bi-stable tape spring mechanism
Cartridge system having a device for synchronising two fluid flows
Folding box for receiving a group of containers
Fluid material dispensing kit including a pouch and a dispensing case
Reclosable rigid container assembly
Carton with top gusset
Device made from foldable planar material for forming compartments for receiving containers, template for forming the device and packaging formed by the device
Double pizza box
Cutting method to prevent interlocking of adjacent panels
Portable containers for zip ties
System and method for dispensing a predetermined amount of a fluid
Apparatus for the supply of products
Sorting device
Sheet feed unit and image forming apparatus including same
Recording apparatus and roll paper lifting device
Servo edge pressing paper feeding device
Sheet supply device and image forming apparatus
Sheet processing device, image forming system, and sheet processing method
Sheet folding apparatus
Countertop automatic foam soap dispenser
Multiple channel single spike for a liquid dispensing system
Sterile lubricant dispensing apparatus
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method to produce methane rich fuel gas from carbonaceous feedstocks using a steam hydrogasification reactor and a water gas shift reactor
Crystal growth in solution under static conditions
Foaming agent
Process and system for recovering oil from tar sands using microwave energy
Method for the producing alpha-1, 6-branched alpha-1, 4-glucans from sucrose
Azo compound and salt thereof, and dye-containing polarizing film comprising the compound or salt
Oxycarbonitride phosphors and light emitting devices using the same
Closed loop solvent extraction process for oil sands
Method for manufacturing molten iron
Electrolyzer, electrodes used therefor, and electrolysis method
Liquid dielectrophoretic device and method for controllably transporting a liquid using the same
Textiles; Paper
Method for preparing high water-absorption and anti-bacterial gamma polyglutamic acid fibers
Antimicrobial tennis ball
Raw Paper
Method of preparing a treated article and treated article formed therefrom
Fixed Constructions
Vibratory compacting roller machine and operator control therefor
Method of waterproofing a containment sump
Blade control system, construction machine and blade control method
Precast pervious concrete
Subterranean tool with multiple release capabilities
Downhole tool with cones and slips
Safety mechanism for blowout preventer
Heatable material for well operations
Hybrid cement set-on-command compositions and methods of use
Electric submersible pumping system for dewatering gas wells
Gravel pack assembly for bottom up/toe-to-heel packing
Explosive well tool firing head
Mining methods and equipment
Conveyor system for continuous surface mining
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine engine with angled and radial supports
Turbine blade with near wall cooling channels
Rotor for an axial-throughflow turbomachine and moving blade for such a rotor
Pump device for the hydraulic actuation of a valve
Accessory for a fan
Apparatus and process for rotor creep monitoring
Composite non-wood flooring threaded fastener
Ball joint
Zero radial play idler arm bracket bearing
Wheel bearing device
Sliding member and manufacturing method thereof
Split cage for rolling bearing
Rolling element cage
Rolling bearing
Axle bearing system
Friction damper for a transmission clutch
Fixed-type constant velocity universal joint
Device for transmitting torques for a drive train of a motor vehicle
Passive mechanical launch device
Thrust generator and disk brake
Hydrodynamic retarder
Damper device
Liquid sealed vibration isolating device
Colloidal damper
Transmission device
Automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission apparatus and air conditioning system having the same
Latching clutch valve control system
Vehicle transmission having continuously variable gear ratios
Vehicle power output device
Control system for electronic range selection in a dual clutch transmission and for a differential in a transmission
AWD vehicle with active disconnect coupling having multi-stage ball ramp
Coast stop vehicle and coast stop method
Chain transmission apparatus
Oil control ring
Valve for controlling a flow of a fluid through a fluid channel, system and multiple-way valve
Hose connecting method and connector arrangement
Illumination device capable of being controlled by blow
Light bar structure and display device
Lamp and use of a lamp
Display and illumination units used as part of a building
Utility light kit for attachment to the top of a ladder
Water resistant lighting fixture
Illuminating device with light guiding frame
Light assembly
Lighting apparatus
Apparatus and method for pathway or similar lighting
Backlight unit, display device, and electronic device
Light emitting panel assemblies
Lighting assembly
Surface light-emitting device and display device
Lamp unit
Inkjet ink composition containing anti-kogation agents
Thermostat diagnostic apparatus
Sliding mirror system
Optical adapter
Image projection device
Flip watch bezel
Air conditioner and controlling method thereof
Adjustable stenographic keyboard device and method for electronically adjusting key depth sensitivity
Method for identifying the georgrapic location of a router
Arrangement, apparatus, and associated method, for providing stored data in secured form for purposes of identification and informational storage
Light pipe illumination system and method
Data exchange using streamed barcodes
Vending machine-integrated table
Display of notifications to members of a gaming group
Gaming apparatus and method for providing game
Method and program product for weighing food items
System and method that provide a self-contained demonstration
Musical instrument stand
Method of manufacturing anti-counterfeit ink and anti-counterfeit tag and method of manufacturing the same
Ink composition
Through-hole forming method and inkjet head
Edge protection seal for bonded substrates
Dry-etch for silicon-and-carbon-containing films
Conductive reinforcing material, negative electrode material and negative electrode
Heat shrink joining of battery cell components
Conductive assembly having a clamp structure
Connecting terminal structure, manufacturing method of the same and socket
Card connector
Electric terminal for leading a conductor through a wall
Safety connection electrical systems and methods
Antenna interface having a socket with two coaxial cables and a mating plug with two piston contactors supported by a flexible membrane
Wiring box and method of mounting the same
Implantable auditory stimulation system and method with offset implanted microphones
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
System and method for improved queuing, service-time, and capacity in drive-through operations
Performing Operations; Transporting
Enhanced pad design for substrate
Handling device, especially for positioning a test head on a testing device
Sensor for power clamp arm
Method and apparatus for molding, module electronic devices and a module electronic device molded thereby
DC motor control method and apparatus
Multi-sheet article having removable portions comprising magnetized material
Tire air pressure detection device for detecting air pressure based on vehicle speed signal
Motor vehicle occupancy and high temperature alarm module
Customizable low fuel indicator system
Method and apparatus for object detection and ranging
Key system
Vehicle surveillance system
Wiper control apparatus and wiper control method
Micromechanical device and method of manufacture thereof
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Molecular structures comprising single wall carbon nanotubes
Glass, method for its production, and FED device
Electrically conducting organic compound and electronic device
Display device
Gas discharge lamp for dielectrically impeded discharges comprising a blue phosphor
Chemical vapor deposition of titanium
Nitride semiconductor growth method, nitride semiconductor substrate and nitride semiconductor device
Semiconductor base and its manufacturing method, and semiconductor crystal manufacturing method
Textiles; Paper
Washing machine with brushless commutating drive motor
Fixed Constructions
Movable barrier operator multi-technique excess force avoidance apparatus and method
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piezoelectric actuator
Advanced aerodynamic control system for a high output wind turbine
Wind turbine having sensor elements mounted on rotor blades
Electroactive polymers transducers and actuators
Brushless motor and hermetic compressor assembly including the same motor
Downhole compressor system with a feedback sensor
Metallic photonic box and its fabrication techniques
Magnetic position sensor apparatus and method
Angle transducer
Meter unit having magnetic pointer position detector
Magnetic position detecting device
Giant magnetoresistance based nanopositioner encoder
Capacitive sensor systems and methods with increased resolution and automatic calibration
Circuit configuration for a capacitive sensor
Contact hole standard test device, method of forming the same, method of testing contact hole, method and apparatus for measuring a thickness of a film, and method of testing a wafer
Electrical impedance tomography
Unheated planar sensor element for determining the concentration of a gas component in a gas mixture
Non-fluid acoustic coupling
Hand mounted testing meter
High fidelity electrical probe
Enhanced cost effective method for high current measurements
Sensor output processing device having self-diagnosis function
Error correction by selective modulation
Device, ammeter and motor vehicle
Comparator circuit
Apparatus for metering at least one type of electrical power over a predetermined range of service voltages
Near field probe
Apparatus and methods for non-destructive inspection using microwave sensing
Method and apparatus for tracing a line
Integrated circuits for testing an active matrix display array
Test pad array for contact resistance measuring of ACF bonds on a liquid crystal display panel
Efficient diagnosis of faulty distributorless and hybrid ignition systems
Method and apparatus for testing a micro electromechanical device
Method of testing for short circuits between adjacent input/output pins of an integrated circuit
Top plate release mechanism
Apparatus and method for monitoring and predicting failures in system interconnect
Pin electronics interface circuit
Timing generator, semiconductor test apparatus, and timing generating method
Battery charge indicator such as for an implantable medical device
Detecting field from different ignition coils using adjustable probe
Switchable transmit array coil
Apparatus and method for magnetic resonance measurements in an interior volume
Gradient coil apparatus and method of assembly thereof
Systems and methods for manipulating changes in phase encodes
Method of fabricating thin film transistor array
Optical property normalization for a transparent electrical device
Motion controlling
Load sensing voltage regulator for PLL/DLL architectures
Circuits and methods for providing multiple phase switching regulators which employ the input capacitor voltage signal for current sensing
Voltage regulator with switch-on protection circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Mobility proportion current generator, and bias generator and amplifier using the same
Constant-voltage circuit
System and method to establish an adjustable on-chip impedance
Frequency signal enabling apparatus and method thereof
Noise-proof bus circuit
Data transmission system
Modeling miller effect in static timing analysis
Methods and circuitry for implementing first-in first-out structure
Programmable logic device with a memory-based finite state machine
Method and apparatus for varying signals transmitted by a tag
Computerized system for the management of personnel response time in a restaurant
Vehicle key system
Trade-in battery system
Method and apparatus for detection of a location of an event
Reprogrammable remote sensor monitoring system
System and method for creating an adjusted alarm time
Apparatuses for providing uniform electron beams from field emission displays
Spindle motor with an electro-conductive connection between the bearing system and the baseplate or flange
Transfer function for track average amplitude prediction
High speed sense amplifier for memory output
Circuit for generating a data strobe signal used in a double data rate synchronous semiconductor device
Enhanced protection for input buffers of low-voltage flash memories
On die voltage regulator
Mn-Zn based ferrite, magnetic core for transformer and transformer
Multi-layer symmetric inductor
High-frequency coil device and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated inductor having magnetic layer
Packaging techniques for a high-density power converter
Coil filter and method for manufacturing the same
Resin composition and ignition coil device using the same
Coil-embedded dust core and method for manufacturing the same
Dust core
Method for increasing the operating frequency of a magnetic circuit and corresponding magnetic circuit
Magnets with varying magnetization direction and method of making such magnets
Switch architecture using MEMS switches and solid state switches in parallel
Electromagnet and actuating mechanism for switch device, using thereof
Electromagnetic relay
Mechanism for ensuring bimetallic plate to be deformed without barrier
Fast engage, slow release electrical actuator
Overload/open-phase tripping device for circuit breaker
Doped field-emitter
Quantum device
Plasma display panel having electrode with first and second portions
Plasma display panel having specifically spaced holes formed in the electrodes
Plasma display panel and manufacturing method thereof
Plasma display apparatus
Glass bulb for cathode ray tube
Cathode ray tube
Field emission display utilizing a cathode frame-type gate
Short arc ultra-high pressure discharge lamp
Long-life high-pressure discharge lamp and lamp unit using same
Semiconductor thin-film manufacturing method, semiconductor device manufacturing method, semiconductor device, integrated circuit, electro-optical device, and electronic appliance
Interconnect structures incorporating low-k dielectric barrier films
Semiconductor device and method of manufacture thereof, circuit board, and electronic instrument
Torch bump
Semiconductor device in which a plurality of electronic components are combined with each other
Variable cross-section plated mushroom with stud for bumping
Semiconductor with contact contacting diffusion adjacent gate electrode
Semiconductor package and method of preparing same
Mask-ROM process and device to prevent punch through using a halo implant process
Silicon-rich low thermal budget silicon nitride for integrated circuits
Flip-chip image sensor packages and methods of fabrication
Semiconductor device and process for producing the same
Thinned, strengthened semiconductor substrates and packages including same
Structure and method of forming a bipolar transistor having a void between emitter and extrinsic base
Semiconductor device connecting structure, liquid crystal display unit based on the same connecting structure, and electronic apparatus using the same display unit
Flip-chip package with underfill dam for stress control
Semiconductor module and mounting method for same
Semiconductor device structure
Termination structure for a semiconductor device
Interconnect structure with an enlarged air gaps disposed between conductive structures or surrounding a conductive structure within the same
Memory cell array
Semiconductor storage device and its manufacturing method
Non-volatile semiconductor memory device and method of fabricating thereof
Semiconductor device formed in semiconductor layer on insulating film
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-layer dielectric and method of forming same
Techniques for triple and quadruple damascene fabrication
Semiconductor device for power MOS transistor module
Compound filled in lead IC packaging product
High frequency semiconductor module, high frequency semiconductor device and manufacturing method for the same
Integrated circuit package and method of manufacturing the integrated circuit package
Semiconductor device and method for designing the same
Semiconductor device capable of adjusting input resistance without changing input terminal capacitance
Impedance matched electrical interconnect using dielectric compounds
Electronic module with a semiconductor chip which has flexible chip contacts, and method for producing the electronic module
Self-coplanarity bumping shape for flip chip
Solder pads for improving reliability of a package
Special contact points for accessing internal circuitry of an integrated circuit
Slot design for metal interconnects
Low data line capacitance image sensor array using air-gap metal crossover
Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
Semiconductor wafer device having separated conductive patterns in peripheral area and its manufacture method
Assemblies having stacked semiconductor chips and methods of making same
Magnetic shielding for magnetic random access memory card
IC package, optical transmitter, and optical receiver
Circuit arrangement with semiconductor elements arranged in chips
Power module
Wideband gap having a low on-resistance and having a high avalanche capability
Cascaded diode structure with deep N-well and method for making the same
Fuse structures, methods of making and using the same, and integrated circuits including the same
Dynamic bus repeater with improved noise tolerance
Electroluminescence display device
Self-emitting display apparatus having variable light emission area
Semiconductor laser module and semiconductor laser apparatus
Semiconductor equipment
MOS ESD CDM clamp with integral substrate injection guardring and method for fabrication
Package structure of solid-state image sensor
Semiconductor device having an angled compensation implant and method of manufacture therefor
Double gate MOS transistors
Body contact MOSFET
Double gate field effect transistor with diamond film
Vertical NROM and methods for making thereof
Equipment for communication system and semiconductor integrated circuit device
Flash EEPROM unit cell and memory array architecture including the same
Bipolar transistor, for voltage controlled oscillator using a capacitance adjustment line
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor memory cell
Integrated trim structure utilizing dynamic doping
Field-effect-controllable semiconductor component and method for producing the semiconductor component
Semiconductor device, semiconductor gate array, electro-optical device, and electronic equipment
Light-emitting diode and a method for its manufacture
Semiconductor light emitting element and semiconductor light emitting device
Group III-V nitride semiconductor light-emitting device which allows for efficient injection of electrons into an active layer
LED Lamp
Semiconductor device with coated semiconductor chip
Inertial rotation device
Ultrasonic lead screw motor
Film forming apparatus and method of manufacturing light emitting device
Dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication apparatus
Two-port isolator and method for evaluating it
Transmission line, resonator, filter, duplexer, and communication apparatus
Self-aligned transition between a transmission line and a module
High frequency dielectric ceramic composition, dielectric resonator, dielectric filter, dielectric duplexer, and communication device
Electric arc discharge protection device
Power-window jamming preventing apparatus
Robust controller for controlling a UPS in unbalanced operation
Current control method and apparatus for active power filters
Electric socket control device
Battery state monitoring circuit and battery device
Battery charger
Charging apparatus of bicycle dynamo
Rotary electric machine for vehicle and control device thereof
Electric power converting device
Fastening structure for securing stator of motor
Permanent magnet rotor and brushless motor
High-speed rotor
Brushless permanent magnet machine with reduced cogging and torque ripple and method of producing the same
Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Electric drive
Electrical machine having a stator winding with a plurality of filars
Rotary electric machine having partially .DELTA.-connected stator winding
Grounding and clamping member for stator coil
Electric machine
Coreless motor
Microenergy device for producing mechanically modulated microenergy output from digital microenergy input
Electric drive unit
Air-cooled motor
PWM-based DC-DC converter with assured dead time control exhibiting no shoot-through current and independent of type of FET used
Power control system startup method and circuit
System and method for integrating a digital core with a switch mode power supply
Micromachined moving device controlled by a varying--amplitude AC drive signal
Synchronous motor control device and method of correcting deviation in rotational position of synchronous motor
Method in connection with sensorless induction motors
Phase-saving lowpass filters for drive control in conjunction with a high level of control dynamics
Inverter device
Motor control system for dynamically changing motor energization current waveform profiles
Circuit using current limiting to reduce power consumption of actuator with DC brush motor
Decoupling of cross coupling for floating reference frame controllers for sensorless control of synchronous machines
Parallel connected double-phase full-wave brushless dc motor
Single coil, direct current permanent magnet brushless motor with voltage boost
Motor driving device and motor driving method
Method and apparatus for driving a brushless DC motor
Method for commutating an electronically commutated DC motor, and motor for carrying out said method
Generating device including magneto generator
Circular geometry oscillators
Transmitter including a composite amplifier
Feedforward amplifier, communication apparatus, feedforward amplification method, program and medium
Amplifier and method for canceling nonlinearity in amplifier
High frequency power amplifier
Amplifying circuit for transmitter capable of reducing noise
D-class signal amplification circuit
Analog signal interpolation
Differential amplifier circuit with common mode output voltage regulation
Microwave power amplifier
Supplying a ramp voltage to an amplifier
Method and apparatus for exponential gain variations with a linearly varying input code
Delayed tap signal generating circuit for controlling delay by interpolating two input clocks
Forming film bulk acoustic resonator filters
Methods and apparatus for an improved discrete LC filter
MEMS resonator and method of making same
Surface acoustic wave device having excellent balancing characteristics between balanced terminals and a communication device using the same
Surface acoustic wave device
Surface acoustic wave filter
Device for controlling high and low levels of a voltage-controlled power switch
Level shift circuit having control circuits for high speed, area saving and power saving
Adaptive threshold logic circuit
Low leakage Ioff and overvoltage Ioz circuit
High-to-low level shifter
Dynamic node keeper system and method
Integrated circuits with reduced standby power consumption
Integrated circuit output driver circuitry with programmable preemphasis
Interconnection network for a field programmable gate array
Methods and systems for generating interim voltage supplies
Pulse width control circuit controlling pulse width of output light
Methods and apparatus for duty cycle control
Method and circuit for compensating MOSFET capacitance variations in integrated circuits
Hysteresis circuit used in comparator
High speed phase locked loop
Low switching power limited switch dynamic logic
Level-shifter circuit properly operable with low voltage input
Accurate voltage comparator with voltage-to-current converters for both reference and input voltages
Variation of effective filter capacitance in phase lock loop circuit loop filters
DLL circuit
Circuitry to reduce PLL lock acquisition time
Phase locked loop circuit with an unlock detection circuit and a switch
PLL frequency synthesizer using charge pump
Method and apparatus for tuning RF integrated LC filters
Testing a transceiver
Concurrent phase communication in TWACS
Electrodeless fluorescent lamp
Method and system of driving a CCFL
Modular lamp controller
Printed wiring board for controlling signal transmission using paired inductance and capacitance
Innovative solder ball pad structure to ease design rule, methods of fabricating same and substrates, electronic device assemblies and systems employing same
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew