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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Wireless sprinkler control
Conex box antenna mount
Methods of determining efficacy of treatments of diseases of the bowel
Dehydrated mash potato product and process
Coin storage and display device
Fastening device
Temperature-stabilized storage containers with directed access
Device, system and method for selective activation of in vivo sensors
Providing haptic feedback to the handle of a tool
Bone fixation assembly
Lancet removal tool
Medical instrument for punching out tissue
Longitudinal member for use in spinal or trauma surgery and stabilization device with such a longitudinal member
Spine distraction implant and method
Tissue surface treatment apparatus and method
Liquid infusion apparatus for radiofrequency tissue ablation
Systems, devices, and methods including infection-fighting and monitoring shunts
Medicament admixing system
Method for analyzing tear film thermograph of contactless tear film thermal imager
Tissue penetration device
Correlation of alternative site blood and interstitial fluid glucose concentrations to venous glucose concentration
Ultrasonic signal processor for a hand held ultrasonic diagnostic instrument
Puncture adaptor, ultrasonic probe for puncture, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus for puncture, method for detecting angle of puncture needle
Dermal composition for controlling drug flux comprising two acrylic adhesive polymers having different functionalities and different solubility parameters
Disposable diaper
Multilayer balloon for bifurcated stent delivery and methods of making and using the same
Trial intervertebral distraction spacers
Delivery system for medical devices
Moderating the effect of endotoxins
Lipases and uses thereof
Proteins with repetitive Bacterial-Ig-like (Big) domains present in Leptospira species
Imaging, diagnosis and treatment of disease
Gastric antacid
Method of performing hemofiltration
Embolic protection device
Method and apparatus for delivering an agent to a kidney
Module for a medication injection device
Illuminator for photodynamic therapy
Plasma generator and method of generating plasma using the same
Golf club head
Apparatus for correcting golf pose
Gaming machine
Interactive modular tile system
Performing Operations; Transporting
Membrane treatment apparatus
Counter top water filtration system
Device for dewatering a hydraulic fluid
Polynorbornene pervaporation membrane films, preparation and use thereof
Air cleaner assembly for small engine
Method of processing gas phase molecules by gas-liquid contact
Method of processing molecules with a gas-liquid contactor
Radial flow reactor with movable supports
Dryer for air suspension for vehicle
Membrane production method
Process for the production of hydrogen with a thermally-integrated desulfurization unit
Device for classifying particles and method for classifying particles
System and method for locating sparks in electrostatic precipitators
Packaging and applicator device
Method for the production of a layer of organic material
Method of forming metal wiring and metal wiring formed using the same
Method for manufacturing printed circuit board using imprinting
Evaluation of particulate material
Atmosphere exchange method
Extending storage time of removed plasma chamber components prior to cleaning thereof
Bearing having improved consume resistivity and manufacturing method thereof
Servo motor for actuating a mandrel while extruding helical teeth
Rotational-flow spray nozzle and process of using same
Jig pallet
Cutting machine
Spectacle lens edging method
Panels-off coating process and carrier utilizing panel rotation
Interchangeable support system for multi-component injection molds
Tire forming mold
Filter element with sealing and method of producing the filter element
Injection molding of part having nonuniform thickness
Molding apparatus
Multilayer thermal barrier coating
Resin composition, insulating sheet with base, prepreg, multilayer printed wiring board and semiconductor device
Glass-ceramic plate and method for making same
Pre-assembled hip, ridge or rake shingle
Manufacturing apparatus of absorbent article and manufacturing method of absorbent article
Structured resin systems with high thermal conductivity fillers
Coated cutting tool for metal cutting applications generating high temperatures
Glass fiber-treating agent and glass fiber-treating composition
Printing control method and apparatus
Recording apparatus that forms ink receiving layer(s) on an intermediate transfer body and recording method thereof
Image forming method and image forming apparatus
Method of manufacturing liquid discharge head
Printhead assembly
Liquid droplet discharge apparatus
Inkjet recording apparatus
Inkjet printer
Droplet ejection apparatus and image forming apparatus
Recording apparatus
Ink jet printing method and mist-reduction-condition setting apparatus
Process and device for ink quality control
Inkjet recording apparatus and inkjet recording method
Print control apparatus that controls printing device performing printing on print sheet having tab
Recording apparatus and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing a recording program
Process for fabricating ultra-narrow dimension magnetic sensor
Spoke wheel assembled without tension or compression
Self-pumping ride level control system
Vehicle door
Automotive vehicle door seal
Vehicle window/garnish assembly and seal design therefor
Roll restrictor system for an automotive powertrain
Exhaust pipe structure of vehicle and vehicle
Arrangement structure for canister of saddle type vehicle
Cargo access and retention system for a passenger vehicle
Shock-absorber assembly and corresponding motor vehicle
Fascia energy absorber, bumper system and process
Restraint system for a seat belt device
Power output apparatus, vehicle equipped with power output apparatus, and control method of power output apparatus
Method for controlling a vehicle drive train comprising two cooling circuits
Modular system and production process for motor vehicles
Automatic mooring line brake
Food container
Lid and container
Apparatus and method for the separation of flat articles with wear compensation
Pick roller retraction in a carriage printer
Pick roller retraction method in a carriage printer
Media stopper method for a printing system
Device for maintaining a yarn in a spooler
Foam dispenser having selectively pressurized cartridge
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Luminescent glass element, producing method thereof and luminescing method thereof
Process for the manufacture of bio-release fertilizers of zinc-iron-manganese, iron-manganese-copper and zinc-iron manganese-copper
Ink set for ink jet, ink jet coloring process and colored product for outdoor
Bubble separation to remove haze and improve filterability of lube base stocks
Process for improving the lubricating properties of base oils using a Fischer-Tropsch derived bottoms
Quench tank water circulation loop
Gas coupler for substrate processing chamber
Plasma stabilization method and plasma apparatus
Methods and composition for cleaning a heat transfer system having an aluminum component
Combinatorial approach to the development of cleaning formulations for wet removal of high dose implant photoresist
Method for aligning microscopic structures and substrate having microscopic structures aligned, as well as integrated circuit apparatus and display element
Textiles; Paper
Catheter having a coextruded fluoropolymer layer
Process for crystalline explosives containing halogenated wax binders
Fixed Constructions
Thermally stable pointed diamond with increased impact resistance
System and method for opening a window in a casing string for multilateral wellbore construction
Method for treating well bore within a subterranean formation
Coiled tubing deployed single phase fluid sampling apparatus and method for use of same
Rotatable cutting tool with through coolant
Shield cap for a shield-type mining support
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Turbine unit for refrigerating/cooling air cycle
Turbine vane with high temperature capable skins
Turbine blade
Blade closing key system for a turbine engine
Muffler system for noise abatement and ice control
Pump assembly and tappet therefor
Use of a thermal barrier coating for a housing of a steam turbine, and a steam turbine
Impeller and cooling fan incorporating the same
Lockable fastener assembly
Wheel support bearing assembly
Fluid dynamic bearing device
Locking device for a start-stop operation of a starter generator
Multi-gap magnetorheological fluid clutch
Multiple disk clutch
Mechanical brake
Fixedly connected pad retaining spring for a brake pad
Cable operated drum brakes
Variable damping-force damper and manufacturing method of the same
Differential apparatus for vehicle and assembling method thereof
Hydraulic braking circuit
Longitudinal adjustment apparatus for a vehicle seat
Auxiliary lubrication unit for lubricant introduction devices
Light-emitting product
Lighting device utilizing a light emitting diode disposed within a tubular lens
Organic light emitting diode products
Flasher support structure
Lighting apparatus
Input/output device for display apparatus
Method of manufacturing inkjet printhead
Modular microfluidic system
Method of determining the nucleotide sequence of Oligonucleotides and DNA molecules
Method and apparatus for programmable fluidic processing
Vertical cable management system with ribcage structure
Mirror for an automobile
Projector apparatus
Electrophotographic belt and electrophotographic apparatus
Method and apparatus for providing a lottery
Automatic remote acquisition system for determining the configuration of an installation
System and method for producing and arranging sheet material for use in a mailpiece inserter
Physical credentials and related methods
Banknote handling machine
Secure merchandising system
Method for the production of powder composite cores and powder composite core
Method of fabricating planar light source
Quinoxaline derivative, and light emitting element, light emitting device and electronic appliance using the same
Battery pack
Connectors and assemblies having a plurality of moveable mating arrays
Fluidproof connector
Electrical connector
Card edge connector having less resonance
Conductive hook and loop attachment with metal scrim layer for a printed circuit board
Contact structure and forming method thereof and connecting structure thereof
Lead plate with a mounting portion being heavier than its joint portion
Thin film compositionally stratified multi-layer heterostructure for temperature insensitive low dielectric loss and enhanced tunability OTM communications devices and methods for fabrication thereof
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Lightning protection for irrigation controls
Magnetic head handling glove
MRI apparatus
Interface unit between a user and an electronic device
Operating device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Device for the nondestructive testing of especially hot bar shaped rolling material
Multi-beam scanning apparatus
In-line holographic mask for micromachining
Method and apparatus for optical endpoint detection during chemical mechanical polishing
Input device for injection molding machine
Method and apparatus for producing a thermal transfer print by means of a tape-like transfer film
Printer device
Permanent heat activated printing process
Image forming apparatus having a plurality of writing electrodes
Exposure device including pre-deflection optical system
Thermal color printer
Method of switching print modes of printing device
Method and device for calibrating an imaging apparatus having multiple imaging outputs
Image sensing apparatus including a microcontroller
Electrically moving apparatus for moving a movable member
Method and device for controlling the distance from a vehicle to a preceding vehicle
Auxiliary power conversion by phase-controlled rectification
Power supply for electrochromic mirrors in high voltage automotive power systems
Emergency informing terminal, emergency informing system, and method for controlling emergency informing terminal
Security system for a vehicle and method of operating same
Mounting assembly for mounting antenna to vehicle
Wiper control system and method for controlling wiper
Protective device for an electric steering system
Diver's information display device
Lightweight, compactly deployable support structure with telescoping members
Drive system for digitizing scanning apparatus
Device for use with a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) optical device and a method of manufacture therefor
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for automatic prevention of vertical streaks by selectively applying gains to the output signals of optical sensor elements
Pipeline mapping and interrupter therefor
Fixed Constructions
Arrangement for controlling access of persons, and access terminal
Tracking the positional relationship between a boring tool and one or more buried lines using a composite magnetic signal
Underground battery vault system for communications applications
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Capacitor system for a vehicle
DIS ignition signal processing for automotive engine analyzer
Stage apparatus capable of suppressing rolling of a vibration isolation table
Capacitive oil level sensor for vehicular drive axles
Method of controlling preheating power and mechanism for providing preheating
Tamper resistant temperature controller for a gas-fired heating device
Radio frequency wave and optical beam steerer combination
Short pulse automatic ranging anti-ship missile fuze
System for the initiation of rounds of individually delayed detonators
Optical measurement arrangement, in particular for layer thickness measurement
Cell thickness detection method, cell thickness control system, and manufacturing method for liquid crystal device
Method and apparatus for scanning lumber and other objects
Method and system for isolated coupling
Optical coherence tomography apparatus using optical-waveguide structure which reduces pulse width of low-coherence light
Method and apparatus of graphical display of information
Ring laser gyroscope with offset aperture
Surveying instrument having a sighting telescope and a phase-difference detection type focus detection device therefor
Proximity sensor resistant to environmental effects
Utility meter pit lid mounted antenna antenna assembly and method
Optical potentiometer
Event-recording devices with identification codes
System and method for measuring the quality of an illumination field from a laser line illumination system
Compact birefringent spectrometer
Technique for combined spectral, power, and polarization monitoring
Compact transform spectrometer based on sampling a standing wave
Battery operated temperature warning sensor
Platinum temperature sensor and method for producing same
Device for measurement of the spectral reflectance and process for measurement of the spectral reflectance
On-line Sagnac interferometric distributed fiber-optic leakage detection device
High numerical aperture flow cytometer and method of using same
Elastic fine tube, its production process and particle analyzer using the elastic fine tube
Spectral deconvolution of fluorescent markers
Acoustic resonance frequency locked photoacoustic spectrometer
Spectroplarimetric reflectometer
Sample inspection system
Spray plume characterization system
Method of identifying film stacks based upon optical properties
Scanning fluorescent systems for various diagnostic
Torch glassware for use with inductively coupled plasma-optical emission spectrometer
Method and apparatus for visually inspecting transparent body and translucent body
Laser beam inspection apparatus
Sensing device for the non-destructive evaluation of steel structures or components
Device and method of simultaneously measuring the light scattering from multiple liquid samples containing polymers and/or colloids
Optical speed sensing system
Compliant probe apparatus
High frequency probe for examining electric characteristics of devices
Probing device and manufacturing method thereof, as well as testing apparatus and manufacturing method of semiconductor with use thereof
Mechanism for clamping device interface board to peripheral
Apparatus and method of protecting a probe card during a sort sequence
Electricity meter
Wireless alternating current phasing voltmeter
Current measurement circuit
Measuring power supply stability
Method and circuit for measuring a current
Dual differential input comparators with integrated phase detector
Apparatus and method for measuring and monitoring complexpermittivity of materials
Apparatus and method for detecting electromagnetic wave source, and method for analyzing the same
Method for diagnosing insulation degradation in underground cable
Methods and apparatus for bi-directional signaling
Contactor of the device for testing semiconductor device
Method and apparatus for controlling the power and heat output in a device testing system
Semiconductor integrated circuit and testing method thereof
Semiconductor probe station
Electrical circuit with a testing device for testing the quality of electronic connections in the electrical circuit
Laser intrusive technique for locating specific integrated circuit current paths
Compare path bandwith control for high performance automatic test systems
Reduced cost, high speed integrated circuit test arrangement
Semiconductor device testing method and system employing trace data
Differential difference amplifier for amplifying small signals close to zero volts
Magnetic head measuring apparatus and measuring method applied to the same apparatus
Probe head for an NMR spectrometer
Magnet arrangement comprising a superconducting magnet coil system and a magnetic field shaping device for high-resolution magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Motion correction of magnetic resonance images using phase difference of two orthogonal acquisitions
Method and apparatus for locating the source of an unknown signal
Determining wireless device locations
Apparatus for detecting signal
HF radar
Monopulse phased array system
Miniature laser tracker
Range-finder, three-dimensional measuring method and light source apparatus
Code-multiplexed read-out for ladar systems
Passive tracking system and method
Precise positioning system for mobile GPS users
Method for defining the error of reference time and an electronic device
Low cost transmitter with calibration means for use in position measurement systems
Radar system for detecting a target and controlling the scanning unit
Radar detector
Method of detecting interference conditions of a radar device and a radar device
Electronic marker locator system and method
Ground penetrating radar with audible output
Optical arrangement for deflecting a light beam, particularly in two substantially mutually perpendicular directions and confocal scanning microscope
Aligning device for assembling microsystems
Micro-electromechanical system
Blazed micro-mechanical light modulator and array thereof
Display device with eyepiece assembly and display on opto-mechanical support
Image stabilizing system
Optical head device and a diffraction element suitable for the device, and a method of manufacturing the diffraction element and the optical head device
Electrochromic mirror with high corrosion resistant film
Mach-Zehnder modulator with individually optimized couplers for optical splitting at the input and optical combining at the output
Magneto-optic switching element comprising a faraday rotator
Sunlight viewable color liquid crystal display using diffractive color separation microlenses
Reflection-type color liquid crystal display device and manufacturing method thereof
Liquid crystal display device
Method of scattering fine spacers method of manufacturing liquid crystal display, apparatus for scattering fine spacers with electrostatic control and confinement, and liquid crystal display
Liquid crystal display apparatus
Display element, writing method and writing apparatus
Liquid crystal display having repair lines and methods of repairing the same
Liquid crystal device, liquid crystal device manufacturing method and electronic apparatus
Liquid crystal display and fabricating method thereof
Liquid crystal display element
Optical device having reverse mode holographic PDLC and front light guide
Light modulator, light source using the light modulator, display apparatus using the light modulator, and method for driving the light modulator
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal display device
Liquid crystal device
Electrooptical displays with multilayer structure achieved by varying rates of polymerization and/or phase separation during the course of polymerization
Electro-optical device
Method and apparatus for modulating unpolarized light
Rear-projection type screen
Oscillation mechanism in exposure apparatus
Defective pixel compensation method
Optical exposure method, device manufacturing method and lithographic projection apparatus
Movable support in a vacuum chamber and its application in lithographic projection apparatuses
Projection exposure method and apparatus
Devices and methods for compensating for tilting of a leveling table in a microlithography apparatus
User interface comprising hue shift control for color printing
Color image forming method and apparatus for precisely positioning image of first and second colors
Input display device and method for switching the processing functions displayed in a plurality of display areas
System and method for creating and displaying representations of holographic images
Optical element and manufacturing method thereof
Holographic stereogram preparation apparatus
Self-initialized soft start for Miller compensated regulators
Low power wide swing current mirror
MOS type reference voltage generator having improved startup capabilities
CMOS sub-bandgap reference with an operating supply voltage less than the bandgap
Joy stick
Multidirectional input device
Electronic circuit with clock generating circuit
Circuits and methods for generating internal clock signal of intermediate phase relative to external clock
Selectively relocatable and universal interface module with circuitry for a display screen
Fan control circuit
Electrical time constant compensation method for switched, voltage-mode driver circuit
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Event notification system
Method and apparatus for characterization of electronic circuitry
Pocket-sized user interface for internet browser terminals and the like
Apparatus and method for indexing into an electronic document to locate a page or a graphical image
Method and apparatus for formatting digital images in accordance with user-selected communications standard
Method and apparatus for producing, controlling and displaying menus
Pointing device and information processing apparatus
Pointing device having rotational sensing mechanisms
Network printer and network printing method
Interface card for coupling a computer to an external device
Apparatus and method for document scheduling in order to improve the productivity of a networked printer
System and method for symbolically displaying printer status information
Switched-capacitor circuits with reduced distortion
Low noise analog multiplier utilizing nonlinear local feedback elements
Apparatus and method to configure a device, such as a printer, over a network
Holographic label with a radio frequency transponder
System for multi-standard RFID tags
Method, system and program for specifying an electronic menu with food preferences from a personal storage device
Method and apparatus for controlling multiple displays from a drawing surface
System and method for estimating the rendering cost for images
Visibility calculations for 3d computer graphics
3D graphics rendering system for performing Z value clamping in near-Z range to maximize scene resolution of visually important Z components
Asynchronous multilevel texture pipeline
Method and apparatus for preparing a perspective view of an approximately spherical surface portion
Process for generating a computer image of a three-dimensional object provided with a special-effect coating
Dynamic depth-of-field emulation based on eye-tracking
Computer readable program product, method of image processing and image processing system
Display device with improved representation of the shades of grey
Moving picture coding apparatus and TV phone using the same
Non-contact chip lock and battery-free key thereof
Keyless entry system for vehicles in particular
Ingress-egress monitoring system
Apparatus and method for providing weather and other alerts
Central alarm computer for video security system
Piezoelectric siren driver circuit
Compound acoustic actuator drive circuit and portable information terminal
Traffic control method for multiple intersections
Broadcasting type information providing system and travel environment information collecting device
Method of determining radio frequency link reliability in an aircraft tracking system
Rewritable display sheet, image forming apparatus for displaying image on rewritable display sheet, and image displaying method
Actuated film display device
Drive device for a light-emitting panel, and a portable terminal device including a light-emitting panel
Method and apparatus for independent control of brightness and color balance in display and illumination systems
Display brightness control method and apparatus for conserving battery power
Display apparatus having functions of displaying video signals as enlarged/thinned pictures
Plasma display apparatus
Apparatus for recovering energy using magnetic coupled inductor in plasma display panel driving system and method for designing the same
Active matrix light emitting diode pixel structure and concomitant method
Display apparatus
EL display device and driving method thereof
Image display device and image display method
Defective pixel compensation system and display device using the system
Graphic interface device and method in digital TV
Display device with self-adjusting control parameters
Editing device and editing method
Electrical antifuse with external capacitance
Charge transfer device having three pixel rows arranged adjacently to each other
Voltage translator
Sense amplifiers having gain control circuits therein that inhibit signal oscillations
Positive temperature coefficient thermistor
Common mode/differential mode choke
Tuning circuit
Pot-core components for planar mounting and method of manufacturing the same
Integrated DC link choke and method for suppressing common-mode voltage in a motor drive
Choke coil
Safety switch
Glass keyboard, and method for producing a glass keyboard
Key switch and keyboard
Switch with adjustable spring
Multiple pole fused disconnect
Radio frequency powered switch
Flat panel display device having planar field emission source
High brightness microwave lamp
Microwave package
Double triggering mechanism for achieving faster turn-on
High frequency power amplifier module, and wireless communications system
Link fuse
Package substrate interconnect layout for providing bandpass/lowpass filtering
Hybrid multi-pole gain zero filter element
Injector device for a microwave filter unit using dielectric resonators, and a filter unit including the device
Filter with an electrically tunable resonator
Retractable antenna assembly
Stubby loop antenna with common feed point
Integral antenna and radio system
GPS conformal antenna having a parasitic element
Electrically small aperture antennae with field minimization
Device for transmitting and/or receiving signals
Antenna transducer assembly, and an associated method therefor
Antenna for use with radio device
Chip antenna
Eight-element anti-jam aircraft GPS antennas
System and method for feeding multiple broadcast antennas utilizing a single feed line
Adaptive weight calculation preprocessor
Monopole slot antenna
Table tap and monitor system using table tap
Cable connector assembly with an equalization circuit board
Optical amplifier with two directional pumping
High efficiency raman amplifier
Gas filled switching electric discharge tube
Method for detecting current transformer saturation
Power lock device safe power source output/input
DC motor rotation detecting apparatus and DC motor rotation control apparatus
Snubber circuit
Low ripple scalable DC-to-DC converter circuit
Switched power supply with voltage regulator having PWM with hysteretic loop controller and method for operating and using same
Voltage conversion circuit and semiconductor integrated circuit device provided therewith
Electrical power supply converter
Voltage independent PWM base frequency generating method
System and method for adaptively balancing quadrature modulators for vestigial-sideband generation
Linear envelope tracking RF power amplifier with adaptive analog signal processing
Full output matching apparatus of a microwave doherty amplifier
Power supply circuit for transmitter
Two-stage amplifier
Configurable power amplifier and bias control
Linear transconductance amplifier
Multi-level receiver circuit with digital output using a variable offset comparator
High output swing comparator stage
Tail current node equalization for a variable offset amplifier
Operational amplifier having large output current with low supply voltage
Differential comparator with offset correction
RF amplifier
Method for designing a filter system
Slew rate at buffers by isolating predriver from driver
Semiconductor integrated circuit
Output circuit for adjusting output voltage slew rate
Pass gate multiplexer circuit with reduced susceptibility to single event upsets
Self-latching H-bridge system and apparatus
Inverter circuit having an improved slew rate
Method and device for symmetrical slew rate calibration
Method and apparatus for a low power, multi-mode GTL I/O buffer utilizing midrail I/O buffer pad clamping
Method and apparatus for gain compensation and control in low voltage differential signaling applications
Programmable multi-standard I/O architecture for FPGAs
Structures and methods for distributing high-fanout signals in FPGAs using carry multiplexers
Digital variable clock divider
Oscillator and current source
Complementary signal generation circuit
Semiconductor memory and holding device
Master/dual-slave D type flip-flop
Arbitrator with no metastable voltage levels on output
Voltage level shifter and display device
Clocked half-rail differential logic
Power-up logic reference circuit and related method
Low-current compliance stack using nondeterministically biased Zener strings
Differential pair with high output signal crossover
Phase blender and multi-phase generator using the same
Signal amplitude comparator
System and method for threshold bias offset voltage cancellation in a comparator
Ultra high speed clocked analog latch
Return to zero and sampling pulse generating circuits and method for direct digital up conversion
Microcontroller available for remote transmission
Apparatus for analogue information transfer
System and method for wide dynamic range clock recovery
Frequency locked loop speed up
Fast locking phase frequency detector
Phase locked loop circuits, systems, and methods
Phase controlled oscillator
VCO circuit with wide output frequency range and PLL circuit with the VCO circuit
Digital-to-analog converter using pseudo-random sequences and a method for using the same
Capacitor mismatch independent gain stage for differential pipeline analog to digital converters
Structure for adjusting gain in a flash analog to digital converter
Electron beam excited superconducting analog-to-digital converter
Capacitive flash analog to digital converter
Analog to digital converter using asynchronously swept thermometer codes
Resistor string DAC with current source LSBs
Reducing output capacitance of digital-to-time domain converter for very high frequency digital waveform synthesis
Method and/or apparatus for implementing constraint codes with low error propagation
16B/20B encoder
Area efficient, sequential gray code to thermometer code decoder
Light space-transmission device
Enabler of large raman gain on small effective area fibers
Pump assembly employing coupled radiation sources for multiple fibers
Optical amplification systems and methods
Control of the level of the signal produced by a transceiver coupled to a power distribution line
Remodulating channel selectors for WDM optical communication systems
Transparently partitioned communication bus for multi-port bridge for a local area network
Single ended interconnect systems
Low supply voltage differential signal driver
Variable data width operation in multi-gigabit transceivers on a programmable logic device
Caller-ID demodulation apparatus and method using multiple thresholds
Tandem image forming system
Image processing system and computer-readable recording medium
Electronic facsimile document transportation system utilizing local exchange carriers and a wide-area network
Facsimile apparatus
Print data adaptation means for a thermal printer
Digital camera capable of printing captured images in various sizes
Digital camera adapted to reproduce an original image and a thumbnail image
Printer system and method of reproducing an image
Black point adjustment based on image background
Method and apparatus for calibrating projector-camera system
Image pickup apparatus for controlling the discharge of information charges in the image pickup apparatus
Linear image sensor
Image display apparatus and contour detecting circuit provided therein
Pixel correction system and method for CMOS imagers
Image acquisition device removing distortion in image signals
Mismatch-independent reset sensing for CMOS area array sensors
Distortion-free imaging device having curved photosensor
Housing for closed circuit television camera
Display apparatus and electronic camera
Image pickup apparatus having image signal state adjusting means a response characteristic of which is controlled in accordance with image magnification rate
Automatic exposure control apparatus
Auxiliary amplifier selection circuit for a CCD camera
Solid-state image device
De-interlacing image signals
Serial digital interface system transmission/reception method and device therefor
Apparatus and method for avoiding invalid camera positioning in a video conference
Amusement ride camera system for shooting pictures
Analog video network system
Method for controlling a digital television metrology equipment
Color connecting apparatus for a video camera
Communication unit position detecting system and recoding medium storing recorded communication unit position detecting program
Optical microphone/sensor
String of electrically powered ornaments
Discharge lamp lighting circuit for a plurality of discharge lamps
Discharge lamp lighting circuit
Discharge-lamp lighting circuit
Ballast control IC with power factor correction
Multi-stage cavity cyclotron resonance accelerators
Parallel plate buried capacitor
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