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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
2-[(1H-pyrazole-4-ylmethyl)-sulfonyl]-oxazole-derivative, 2-[(1H-pyrazole-4-ylmethyl)-sulfanyl]-oxazole-derivatives, and chiral 2-[(1H-pyrazole-4-ymethyl)sulfinyl]oxazole derivatives, methods for the production thereof, and use thereof as herbicides and plant growth regulators
Polymerizable biomedical composition
Pesticide composition comprising propamocarb-hydrochloride and an insecticide active substance
Absorbent article having a dehydration indicator
Probe for fluid leak detection with specific distal part
Absorbent article comprising a thin film including an active agent
Anti-infective methods and systems for treating pathogen-induced disordered tissues
2-amino-2-phenyl-alkanol derivatives, their preparation and pharmaceutical compositions containing them
Oxazolidinone antibiotics
Nitrogenated fused ring derivative, pharmaceutical composition comprising the same, and use of the same for medical purposes
Tetrasubstituted benzenes
Organic compounds
Pyrido-pyrazine derivatives useful as herbicidal compounds
Substituted piperidino phenyloxazolidinones
Conjugated estrogen compositions, applicators, kits, and methods of making and use thereof
Reversible siRNA-based silencing of mutant and endogenous wild-type huntingtin gene and its application for the treatment of Huntington's disease
Treatment for obesity
Selective estrogen receptor modulators for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms
Performing Operations; Transporting
Composite adsorbent from natural raw material and using the same to remove heavy metal from industrial waste water
Preparation of cobalt-ruthenium fischer-tropsch catalysts
Nanoparticles including metal oxide having catalytic activity
EDM electrode guide
Methods and systems for thermal-based laser processing a multi-material device
Method for producing a welded connection for use in a corrosive environment
Vehicle environmental service system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Fullerene-based amino acids
Production method of (2E,6Z,8E)-N-isobutyl-2,6,8-decatrienamide (spilanthol), and food or drink, fragrance or cosmetic, or pharmaceutical comprising the same
Lactam-substituted dicarboxylic acids and use thereof
Method of preparing montelukast and intermediates used therein
Triazolothiadiazole inhibitor of c-Met protein kinase
Process for the preparation of tertiary N-allyl sterically hindered amines
Chromenone potassium channel blockers and uses thereof
Immunotoxin fusion proteins and means for expression thereof
Methods and compositions for reducing viral genome amounts in a target cell
BASB082 polynucleotides
Neurotrophic factors and methods of use thereof
Liquid phase peptide synthesis of KL-4 pulmonary surfactant
Protective-colloid-stabilized polymers in the form of their aqueous dispersions or of their water-redispersible powders
Stabilized medium and high voltage insulation composition
Color change cyanoacrylate adhesives
Liquid resin composition, semiconductor wafer having adhesive layer, semiconductor element having adhesive layer, semiconductor package, process for manufacturing semiconductor element and process for manufacturing semiconductor package
Grease composition and grease-enclosed bearing
Solvent system for microemulsion or protomicroemulsion and compositions using the solvent system
Composition for protection of glassware in dishwasher
Device for culture of cells or micro-organisms
Culture apparatus
Cell culture device
Regulation of heterologous recombinant protein expression in methylotrophic and methanotrophic bacteria
Enhancement of hybridoma fusion efficiencies through cell synchronization
Nucleic acids and proteins associated with galactomannan synthesis in coffee
Generation of plants with altered protein, fiber, or oil content
Generation of plants with altered protein, fiber, or oil content
Antibodies to lymphotoxin-.alpha.
Process of producing a fermentation product
Fixed Constructions
Safety device for power window, opening/closing control method and plate-glass processing method
Position detecting system and position detecting method using an evaluation function
Non-astigmatic imaging with matched pairs of spherically bent reflectors
Remote sensing system and electronic apparatus having same
Luminescent glass element, producing method thereof and luminescing method thereof
Luminescent glass element, producing method thereof and luminescing method thereof
Tuberculosis diagnostic test
Method of processing a biological and/or chemical sample
Current sensor arrangement for measurement of currents in a primary conductor
Method for determining the layer thickness of a TBC coating of at least one blade of a non-positive-displacement machine, a corresponding TBC layer thickness measuring device for carrying out the method and use of the method and the TBC layer thickness measuring device
Electrical testing apparatus with a tilt adjusting arrangement for testing an electrical test sample and electrical testing method
Genetic algorithm enhancement of radar system survivability
Apparatus and method for determining axis deviation of radar
Amplified radiation damping for MR imaging and spectroscopy
Method of calibrating a wavelength-modulation spectroscopy apparatus using a first, second, and third gas to determine temperature values to calculate concentrations of an analyte in a gas
Colored composition, color filter and manufacturing method thereof
Method for manufacturing array board for display device
Curable composition, negative type color filter and method of producing the same
Organic photoreceptor and image forming apparatus
Polymerized toner and method of producing the same
Toner, developer, toner container, process cartridge, image forming apparatus, and image forming method
Method for producing resinous particles
Application of mRNA for use as a therapeutic agent for tumorous diseases
Portable motion detector and alarm system and method
Portable motion detector and alarm system and method
Acceleration-based theft detection system for portable electronic devices
Liquid crystal display device for improving color washout effect
Method for driving liquid crystal display apparatus
Display device and display method
Collimator with attachment mechanism and system
Electrical microfilament to circuit interface
3-electrode surge protective device
Luminous keyboard assembly
Scanning electron microscope
Display device with prism layer
Integrated pod optical bench design
Method of controlling coherent synchroton radiation-driven degradation of beam quality during bunch length compression
Mass spectrometry substrate and mass spectrometry method
System and method for determining three-dimensional information from photoemission intensity data
Manufacturing method of semiconductor device having memory element with protective film
Mechanical quantity sensor and method of manufacturing the same
SOI substrate and manufacturing method thereof
Method for producing a field-emitter array with controlled apex sharpness
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device or apparatus, and apparatus for manufacturing the same
Forming and training processes for resistance-change memory cell
Method of reducing contamination by providing a removable polymer protection film during microstructure processing
Back-illuminated type imaging device and fabrication method thereof
Method for integrated circuit fabrication using pitch multiplication
Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Group III-V compound semiconductor based heterojunction bipolar transistors with various collector profiles on a common wafer
Stress enhanced transistor devices and methods of making
Methods for fabricating semiconductor devices having local contacts
Method of producing a microelectromechanical (MEMS) sensor device
Method for manufacturing SOI substrate and method for manufacturing semiconductor device
Nanomesh SRAM cell
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Article and panel comprising semiconductor chips, casting mold and methods of producing the same
Remote plasma processing of interface surfaces
Semiconductor packaging structure having conductive gel to package semiconductor device
Semiconductor device with electrostatic protection device
High density stable static random access memory
Micro electro-mechanical system packaging and interconnect
Optical-powered flexible photonic bandgap sensor device
High hole mobility p-channel Ge transistor structure on Si substrate
Field effect device including recessed and aligned germanium containing channel
Flash memory device with a plurality of source plates
Double-gate semiconductor device with gate contacts formed adjacent sidewalls of a fin
Photosensitive semiconductor component
Light emitting device
Light emitting device package and method for fabricating the same
Organic thin film transistor device and organic thin film light-emitting transistor
Organic semiconductor transistor, method of producing the same, and electronic device
Method of producing thermoelectric conversion element
Polysilicon emitter BJT access device for PCRAM
Fabrication methods for electronic devices with via through holes and thin film transistor devices
Method for manufacturing flexible semiconductor substrate
Rechargeable battery
Battery holding mechanism and portable electronic device using the same
Negative electrode for lithium secondary cell and lithium secondary cell
Aromatic hydrocarbon based proton exchange membrane and direct methanol fuel cell using same
Thermal management system for high-temperature fuel cell
Fuel cell system and fuel control method
Apparatuses and methods for coupling a signal to and/or from a cable
Dual band antenna
Corona ignition device and method for its manufacture
Battery pack with an automatic current regulation and charging method for the same
Rotor of permanent magnet rotary machine and manufacturing method of rotor
Electric motor
Motor with rotor-mounted control circuitry
Linear motor having a slidable element
Solar cell module and method for its production
Electric power supply device
Apparatus motor control method
Slew rate edge enhancer
Variable-gain low noise amplifier
Harmonic suppression device
Configurable input port of an electronic computer of a motor vehicle
Electrical circuit and ring oscillator circuit including even-number inverters
Resolution enhancing analog-to-digital conversion
Using multi-level pulse width modulated signal for real time noise cancellation
Bitcount determination for iterative signal coding
Method for using a mobile control device
Information processing apparatus, method, and program
Submersible hand warmer
Light source device, image display apparatus, and method of generating time-division color-separated light
Method and driving unit for driving a gas-discharge lamp
System for controlling light in dependence of time-of-flight signal
Induction lamp with brightness adjustment capability
Driving circuit for driving light emitting diodes and dimmer
Elevated microwave heating construct
Susceptor assembly for use in a microwave oven
Sealing material and mounting method using the sealing material
Embedded wiring board and a manufacturing method thereof
Ceramic electronic component and method for manufacturing the same
Electrical switchgear cabinet
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Methods for identifying transgenic plants using morphological markers
Use of drosophila melanogaster as a model for screening psychostimulant plant materials
Water absorbable cloth member for surgical operation purposes
Method of making pattern for decorative piece
System and method for warming premature infant feedings
Counter-top electric cooker having a safety shut-off switch
Bandage for the ankle joint
Absorbent articles with molded cellulosic webs
Method and apparatus for indicating the conditions in an absorbent article
First aid adhesive plaster
Absorbent, absorbing product based thereon, and water-absorbing resin
Ultrasonic resonator
Circuits and methods for electron-beam control
Performing Operations; Transporting
Integrated paper pulp and process machinery having integrated drive and control and methods of use thereof
Cycloidal mass spectrometer with time of flight characteristics and associated method
On-line measurement of absorbed electron beam dosage in irradiated product
Process for preparing a 1,3-alkandiol from 3-hydroxyester
Molecular weight-enlarged ligands for asymmetric, homogeneously soluble hydrogenation catalysts, process for the production thereof and use
Repair apparatus for a vehicle
Molten metal pouring control system and method
Method of laser polishing surfaces on a head suspension assembly
Control apparatus for a three-dimensional laser working machine and three-dimensional laser working machine
Laser etching method
Method for combining a golf club head and a ball striking plate
Method and device for machining components
Mobile device for automatic pipe welding
Arc stray controlling welding apparatus
Method and apparatus for welding with restrike
Electronic device encapsulated directly on a substrate
Molded stiffener for flexible circuit molding
Method and device for selective laser sintering
Small engine vehicle including a generator
Auxiliary drive and automobile equipped with the same
Hybrid vehicle control apparatus
Seat load measuring device
Combined detent plunger and moving contact
Driver identification system
Moisture sensor utilizing stereo imaging with an image sensor
Engine pump unit
Microelectricalmechanical system (MEMS) electrical isolator with reduced sensitivity to inertial noise
Process for manufacture of micro electromechanical devices having high electrical isolation
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Photosonolysis for decomposition of toxics in water
Glass for covering electrodes and plasma display panel
Removable of polar contaminants from aromatic feedstocks
Method for producing isopropyl chloride via liquid-phase hydrochlorination of propylene
Process for preparing 1,3-alkanediols from 3-hydroxyesters
Process for producing aromatic ring alkylated phenols
Preparation of optically active .alpha.-hydroxyethers
Process for the hydroformylation of olefinically unsaturated compounds in a non-aqueous ionic solvent
Production of dibenzosuberenone derivatives by catalytic dehydrogenation
Method for carbonylation of lower aliphatic alcohols using tin promoted iridium catalyst
Process for improving the stability and/or preventing the deactivation of the catalyst during the manufacture of acetic acid and/or of methyl acetate
Process for preparing malonic diesters in a reactor with internal heat exchangers
Method for esterifying (meth)acrylic acid with an alkanol
Polyalkylene glycol compositions for enhanced aromatic extraction
Process for producing phenyl-alkanes using an adsorptive separation section
Process for the epoxidation of olefins
Production of 5-methylbutyrolactone from levulinic acid
Monocylopentadienyl transition metal olefin polymerization catalysts
Rheologically active urea urethane compounds
Epoxy resin composition to seal semiconductors and resin-sealed semiconductor device
Reworkable and thermally conductive adhesive and use thereof
Process for producing polyalkylene carbonates
Polytetrafluoroethylene coating material for laser marking
Apparatus for RF active compositions used in adhesion, bonding, and coating
Phosphor and display device or light source using the same
Red light emitting long afterglow photoluminescence phosphor and afterglow lamp thereof
Thioaluminate phosphor material with a gadolinium co-activator
Effecting virus resistance in plants through the use of negative strand RNAs
Inducible promoters
Cytokinin oxidase
Nucleic acid molecules from plants coding enzymes which participate in the starch synthesis
Nucleotide sequence encoding soybean vestitone reductase
Genetic materials for transmission into maize
Color picture tube shadow mask material
Apparatus for in-situ thickness and stoichiometry measurement of thin films
Laser heating apparatus
Methods and devices using group III nitride compound semiconductor
Fixed Constructions
Method and apparatus for heating a submarine pipeline
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Piezoelectric actuator drive circuit and fuel injection system
Protection arrangement for natural energy power generation systems
Vehicular rotational apparatus
Rotary pump with bearing wear indicator
Rotation shaft support structure of motor
Magnetic bearing apparatus and vacuum pump having magnetic bearing apparatus
Magnetic bearing control device
Magnetic bearing structure
Magnetic levitation rotating machine
Motor synchronous excitation brake
Vibratory excitor apparatus and method
Lamp rod assembled device for assembling inserting rod into wire box
Furnace for microwave sintering of nuclear fuel
Edge detecting apparatus having a control device which selectively operates the light emitting elements
Linear position transducer with primary and secondary windings and a movable induction coupling element
Rotary encoder
Displacement information detection apparatus
Scale with use reminder and weight change messages
Light arrangement for vision systems
Semiconductor device having heat detecting element and insulating cavity and method of manufacturing thereof
Radiation detector with remote temperature reference
High temperature piezoelectric sensor
Method for remote detection of trace contaminants
Surface defect tester
Apparatus and method for automated indexing of a nuclear gauge
Inventory control
Semiconductor integrated circuit
X-ray detecting device and fabricating method thereof
Scintillation camera having multiple fields of view
Light scanning optical system that includes confocal condensing system
Pixel mirror based stage lighting system
Light deflecting electric motor with oscillation preventing means
Projection TV
Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
Image reading apparatus
Optimized curvilinear variable axis lens doublet for charged particle beam projection system
Imaging stabilization apparatus and method for high-performance optical systems
Semiconductor package and method of preparing same
Buffer layer for charge storage radiation detector
Hand-held electric appliance power-saving switch control mechanism
Method for producing contact chip cards with a low-cost dielectric
Apparatus and method for optical pattern detection
Vocal training device
Electroluminescence display unit and method of fabricating the same
Display apparatus and display method
Pumping circuit and flat panel display device
Keyboard device for electronic keyboard musical instrument
Cymbal system
Underwater broadband acoustic transducer
High speed spindle motor
Microactuator device with a countermeasure for particles on a cut face thereof
Piezoelectric actuator set for head assembly
Memory cell array having ferroelectric capacitors, method of fabricating the same, and ferroelectric memory device.
Memory card
Optically readable ferroelectric memory cell
Probe opening forming apparatus and near-field optical microscope using the same
Containment and transportation of decommissioned nuclear reactor pressure vessels and the like
Radiation shield device and method
Multi-lens type electrostatic lens, electron beam exposure apparatus and charged beam applied apparatus using the lens, and device manufacturing method using these apparatuses
Beam delivery system
Charged particle beam irradiation apparatus
Scanning unit and scanning microscope having the same
Electron holography microscope
Wall feedthrough
Lead wire for oxygen sensor
Dome switch
Control device for a contactor, comprising a transmitter, and a transmitter for this device
Circuit breaker lockout device
Interlock for a circuit breaker
Thin-film electron emitter device having multi-layered electron emission areas
Electron-emitting device, electron source, and image-forming apparatus
Thermal dispersing system of a plasma display device
Inductive output tube with multi-staged depressed collector having improved efficiency
Flat-panel display having spacer with rough face for inhibiting secondary electron escape
Electron gun for cathode ray tube
Electron gun assembly for a color cathode ray tube
Multi-bend cathode ray tube
Deflection yoke for braun tube and fabrication method thereof
Ion implantation system
Scanning electronic beam apparatus
Charged particle beam system and chamber of charged particle beam system
Electron optics for multi-beam electron beam lithography tool
Method and device for ion implanting
Method for controlling etch uniformity
Multi dynode device and hybrid detector apparatus for mass spectrometry
Electron ionization ion source
Modified ion source targets for use in liquid maldi MS
Method and system for mass spectroscopy
Self-aligned ion guide construction
Carrier device having a carrier surface with an opening for connecting with grooves
Metal halide lamp with ceramic discharge vessel
Resonator for microwave lighting apparatus and manufacturing method thereof
Multi-zone resistive heater
Semiconductor device and a semiconductor integrated circuit
RuSixOy-containing adhesion layers and process for fabricating the same
Ferroelectric memory device and method of fabricating the same
Metal gate electrode stack with a passivating metal nitride layer
Electrostatic discharge protection device
Packaged integrated circuit and method therefor
Semiconductor device and flat electrodes
Nonvolatile memory structures and fabrication methods
Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Packaged die on PCB with heat sink encapsulant
120 degree bump placement layout for an integrated circuit power grid
High-frequency integrated inductive winding
Vertical read-only memory and fabrication thereof
Semiconductor device with sidewall spacers and elevated source/drain region
Field effect transistor semiconductor and method for manufacturing the same
Ferroelectric semiconductor memory device and a fabrication process thereof
Organic thin film transistor with siloxane polymer interface
Supporting control gate connection on a package using additional bumps
Chip carrier, semiconductor package and fabricating method thereof
Wafer support fixture composed of silicon
Stress relief bend useful in an integrated circuit redistribution patch
Ceramics joint structure and method of producing the same
Reduced substrate capacitance high performance SOI process
Semiconductor device having a trench isolation structure
Structure for a selective epitaxial HBT emitter
Multi-layered gate for a CMOS imager
Integrated circuit devices having contact and container structures
Method for making closely spaced capacitors with reduced parasitic capacitance on a dynamic random access memory (DRAM) device
Semiconductor memory device including magneto resistive element
Tapered floating gate with nitride spacers to prevent reverse tunneling during programming in a split gate flash
Semiconductor device and a method of manufacturing the same
Semiconductor device with capacitor and process for manufacturing the device
Semiconductor device having a fuse and a fabrication process thereof
Metal line and method of suppressing void formation therein
Semiconductor device and semiconductor device assembly
Electric or electronic component and method of manufacturing such a component
Resin-encapsulated semiconductor apparatus and process for its fabrication
Multi-layer structure having a thermal interface with low contact resistance between a microelectronic component package and a heat sink
Thermal performance in flip chip/integral heat spreader packages using low modulus thermal interface material
Structure for reducing die corner and edge stresses in microelectronic packages
Clip heat sink assembly
Method of forming a test insert for interfacing a device containing contact bumps with a test substrate
Assembly with connecting structure
Interposer and method of making same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor module using the same
Electronic package with stacked connections and method for making same
Semiconductor device and semiconductor chip for use therein
Pad layout and lead layout in semiconductor device having a center circuit
MOSFET device with multiple gate contacts offset from gate contact area and over source area
Semiconductor device
Apparatus for implementing selected functionality on an integrated circuit device
Interconnect structures containing stress adjustment cap layer
Repairable multi-chip package and high-density memory card having the package
High density stackable and flexible substrate-based semiconductor device modules
Semiconductor device utilizing alignment marks for globally aligning the front and back sides of a semiconductor substrate
Multilayer semiconductor wiring structure with reduced alignment mark area
Semiconductor device and method of isolating circuit regions
Array of light emitting devices with extended lifetime and high luminescence
Semiconductor device
Semiconductor chip, semiconductor device, methods of fabricating thereof, circuit board and electronic device
Semiconductor package for multiple high power transistors
Multichip LED package with in-package quantitative and spectral sensing capability and digital signal output
Photocell array sensor for projectile position detection
Low substrate-noise electrostatic discharge protection circuits with bi-directional silicon diodes
Semiconductor memory device
Gate array with border element
Gate array architecture using elevated metal levels for customization
Display unit and method of fabricating the same
Low noise and high yield data line structure for imager
CMOS image sensor with on-chip pattern recognition
Solid state imager
CMOS imager with discharge path to suppress reset noise
Electro-luminescent display and a method of manufacturing the same
Optical device carrier
Insulated gate semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
Nonvolatile memory cell and method for producing the memory cell
Use of high-K dielectric material for ONO and tunnel oxide to improve floating gate flash memory coupling
High voltage component and method for making same
Electrically erasable programmable logic device
High breakdown voltage semiconductor device
High voltage semiconductor device capable of increasing a switching speed
Low power tunneling metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) device
Surface PIN device
Field effect transistor structure for driving inductive loads
EDMOS device having a lattice type drift region
Field-effect-controllable semiconductor configuration with a laterally extending channel zone
Power generation equipment using sunlight
Solar battery module, replacement solar cell, and method of replacing solar cell
Photovoltaic array
Side-face incidence type photo detector
Solar cell having a front-mounted bypass diode
Light-emitting diode
Light-emitting semiconductor element
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Semiconductor light-emitting device
Light emitting semiconductor device with GaInNAs active layer and GaAs spacer layers
Light-emitting system with alicyclic epoxy sealing member
Thermoelectric element, method of fabricating the same, and thermoelectric module employing the same
Integrated charge and voltage mode drive circuit for piezo actuators used in mass data storage devices, or the like
Circuit for the dynamic control of ceramic solid-state actuators
Piezoelectric actuator
Conveying means and method
Film bulk acoustic resonator and method for fabrication thereof
Protective shield to prevent shorting in polymer battery
Circuit board and electronic equipment using the same
Plane commutator, method for producing the same and conductor blank and carbon disk for using to produce the same
Nitride semiconductor laser device and optical pickup apparatus therewith
Gas filled switching electric discharge tube
Spark plug and mounting structure of the same
Ignition system
Prewired electrical apparatus having quick connect components
Modular power distribution system
Battery charger pocket apparatus for receiving multiple battery
Battery charger with sequential charging
Automatic conditioning of battery in battery-powered apparatus
Charging device capable of dynamically adjusting charging power
Electronic device with a power generator
System and method to maintain charge of vehicle battery using light energy
D.C. PM motor and generator with a stator core assembly formed of pressure shaped processed ferromagnetic particles
Rotary electric motor having axially aligned stator poles and/or rotor poles
Stagnant rotating prevention and safety control device for a main shaft
DC motor brush card assembly having attaching structures and multiple choke coils with elongated portions
Vehicle AC generator
Motor gear box
Rotary electric machine
Apparatus and method of powering light source
Brushless motor
Machine with cup-shaped armature and air gap
Commutator for electric rotary machine and manufacturing method thereof
Lead-wire arrangement of vehicle AC generator
Re-entrant spaceblock configuration for enhancing cavity flow in rotor endwinding of electric power generator
Star connected rotor
Electrical power generation system utilizing an electrically superconductive coil
Non-circular, flat motor
PM motor and generator with a vertical stator core assembly formed of pressure shaped processed ferromagnetic particles
Axle tube structure for a motor
Liquid cooled alternator having finned stator sleeve
Rotary electric machine having stator coolant passage means
High temperature super-conducting coils supported by an iron core rotor
Automotive alternator
Circuit assembly for doubling the voltage of a battery
Control circuit for use with switch power converter
Method and apparatus for compensating for device dynamics by adjusting inverter carrier frequency
Surface acoustic wave device and manufacturing method therefor
Analog pre-processor with improved input common mode range
Electrically heated blanket
Electroluminescence fiber
Electro-luminescent backlighting circuit with multilayer piezoelectric transformer
Electroluminescent device and method for producing the same
Chip-in-glass fluorescent display device
Lighting control circuit including LED for detecting exposure to radiation
Energy storage device
Rotating arc plasma jet and method of use for chemical synthesis and chemical by-products abatements
Arrangement relating to conductor carriers and methods for the manufacture of such carriers
Printed circuit board having a pair of grooves extending the entire length
Enhanced flex cable
UHF ground interconnects
Flexible printed circuit board and manufacturing method
Method for making a contactless chip card
Connector apparatus, and associated method, formed of material exhibiting physical-memory characteristics
Circuit board and display device using the same and electronic equipment
Circuit board
Assembly and method for retaining circuit board assembly components
Controlling device for a heat-dissipating system
Trademarks Expired Due to Failure to Renew