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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Device for hitching a tool, such as an agricultural tool, onto a hauling system of a vehicle such as an agricultural tractor
Production of electricity from plants
Plant management system and plant management method
Protective pet leg sleeves
Device for retrieving fish
Fungicidal pyrazole mixtures
Articles and methods for administering CO.sub.2 into plants
Industrial batter and breading machine
Electrical food preparation device comprising a working tool that removably engages on a drive mechanism
Tobacco chewing gum formulation
Tobacco leaf grinder with bowl adapter attachment
Swaddle configured blanket
Hair extension device
Hard hat safety line systems
Footwear soles with computer controlled configurable structures
Holster strap
Modular organization system and means of interconnection and support
Comfort device, in particular for a railway vehicle, comprising a perfected removable table
Flexible substrate assembly and associated furniture using the same
Portable electronic baby chair/highchair
Self-deploying merchandise displays
Paint frame adapted for disassembly and storage
Nested cookware assembly
Pressure cooker
Salad spinner
Portable urinal device
Broom and dustpan
Vacuum cleaner with motor cooling
Articulating surgical instruments and method of deploying the same
Surgical instrument holder
Devices and methods for continuous surgical suturing
Fasteners, deployment systems, and methods for ophthalmic tissue closure and fixation of ophthalmic prostheses and other uses
Circumferential vertebral column fixation system
System and method for a physiochemical scalpel to eliminate biologic tissue over-resection and induce tissue healing
Apparatus, system and method for providing laser steering and focusing for incision, excision and ablation of tissue in minimally-invasive surgery
Portable device and method of communicating medical data information
Device for determing airway obstructions
Sensing vector selection in a cardiac stimulus device with postural assessment
System for transcutaneous monitoring of intracranial pressure
Placeable sensor and method of using same
Biological information detection sensor feeding apparatus
Image processing apparatus, ultrasonic apparatus including the same and method of controlling the same
Eye imaging apparatus and systems
Surgical headlight systems and methods for use
Pen-like dispenser for a dental material
Teeth bleaching apparatus
Apparatus and method for manufacturing absorbent articles
Method for spinal adjustment using hinged spinal insert device
Spacer for spinal implant
Spinal intervertebral implant
Systems and methods for providing a femoral component
Ostomy garment
Wheelchair injury-prevention guard
Medical apparatus for heating a heating volume defined by a surface
Nipple-shaped pacifier kit
Systems and devices for controlling delivery of breast milk supplementation
Nutritional supplement compositions containing C60-fullerene-phytonutrient-triglyceride complexes for sub-cellular phytonutrient delivery
Methods and compositions using AMPK activators for pharmacological prevention of chronic pain
Disintegrant free composition of Cinacalcet
Compositions and methods for inhibiting intimal hyperplasia
Ophthalmic lens, intraocular lens, and ophthalmic lens package having ophthalmic lens
Tetrahydroisoquinolin-1-one derivative or salt thereof
Sublingual fentanyl spray
Method for improving interstitial flow
Extended release formulation of a direct thrombin inhibitor
Substituted pyridazines for the treatment of pain
Anti-ulcerative colitis compound
Hydrochloride salt of((1S,2S,4R)-4-{4-[(1S)-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-ylamino]-7H-pyrrolo[2,3-D- ]pyrimidin-7-YL}-2-hydroxycyclopentyl) methyl sulfamate
Chromone oxime derivative and its use as allosteric modulator of metabotropic glutamate receptors
Fused imidazole compounds
Pharmaceutical composition having improved content uniformity
Oncolytic adenoviruses for cancer treatment
Compositions, uses and methods for making them
Natural composition
Methods and compositions for treatment of Pompe disease
Sensation-improving agent
Neuropeptide Y-derived peptides
Modulators and methods of use
Poly-N-acetyl glucosamine (PNAG/dPNAG)-binding peptides and methods of use thereof
Multifunctional metal nanoparticles having a polydopamine-based surface and methods of making and using the same
Vaginal preparation for the diagnosis of human female uterotubal patency and function for the purpose of fertilization of gametes
Spect radionuclide-labeled trimeric cycle RGD peptide, preparation method thereof and imaging method thereof
Kit for whitening a body surface of a user, related method and process
Cosmetic composition containing COPA
Compositions and methods of tumor treatment utilizing nanoparticles
Immune cells modified by transient transfection of RNA
Non-fouling, anti-microbial, anti-thrombogenic graft compositions
Dialysis bloodline set and method of use
Color identification for drug delivery system
Pivoting quick release for a patient interface device
Tunneling system
Multilayered device for controlled topical delivery of therapeutic agents to the skin
Rotatable electrical connectors
Medicament guiding assembly for a drug delivery device
System and method for introducing tissue stimulation lead into patient using real-time coupling efficiency measurements
Safety railcar
Multifunctional exercise machines
Workstation apparatus and method with converging treadmills
Rowing force and rowing performance monitoring device
Rope climbing apparatus
Real time physical reality immersive experiences having gamification of actions taken in physical reality
Handheld spinner toy with stationery item
Portable playmat with inflatable elements
Performing Operations; Transporting
Lubricant and fuel dispersants and methods of preparation thereof
Replenishing urease in dialysis systems using a urease introducer
Filter apparatus for a liquid vessel, in particular for aqueous urea solution
Water filtration device for purifying water
Installation of correct filter cartridge in fluid filter assembly before allowing assembly to be completed
Swing adsorber and process cycle for fluid separations
Hair color (or dye) storage, dispensing and measurement (or measuring) system
Mixing device with operating element and pressure pump for mixing polymethylmethacrylate bone cement
Tin dioxide nanoparticles synthesis apparatus and tin dioxide nanoparticles process production
Method of producing propylene and ethylene with a core-shell ZSM catalyst
Method of making palladium nanoparticles
Friction stir welding tool and a method of fabricating the same
Multi-functional shower
Roof membrane bonding plate marking tool
Process for making pad for localized increase of friction
Antimicrobial PHT coatings
Process for the manufacturing of decorative boards
Rotational assembly method and apparatus
Vibration absorption cutter holder
Method and apparatus for locating and drilling a hole in a composite
Deburring tool
Cutting insert and milling tool
Machine for machining a moving object
Method for dressing a multithread grinding worm
Method of joining heat-treatable aluminum alloy members by friction stir welding
Clamping apparatus for a level
Coupling unit and method for inserting a support fitted with a hygroscopic pad in a base during the manufacture of a disposable cartridge for an electronic cigarette
Adaptable integrated wrench system
Pliers for a hose clamp
Pneumatic nail gun capable of striking nails in automatic mode
Tool combination
Elastic corrugated pipe single-acting cylinder-driven mechanical gripper with series-connection loose-leaf hinge framework
Robotic apparatus and associated method
Sheet cutter
Die-cutting scrap removal device
Shaft-hub assembly
Toothed mixing for screw extruders
Positive displacement molding of plastic parts
Structural foam and manufacture thereof
Mold for producing three-dimensional items
Bimodal polyethylene for injection stretch blow moulding applications
Three-dimensional printing apparatus
Clean release, stretch releasable tape
Multilayer film and interlayer film for laminated glass therefrom
Sonotrode and anvil energy director grids for narrow/complex ultrasonic welds of improved durability
Package formed with a stepped sonotrode/anvil combination having energy director grids for narrow ultrasonic welds of improved durability
Method and device for fitting inserts by bonding by way of controlled polymerization
Honeycomb assembly and packaging system
Dampening apparatus for printer and printer having the same
Printing apparatus, printing method, and non-transitory recording medium
Roll of pre-printed stamp label stock and method of manufacturing a roll of pre-printed stamp label stock
Trailer hitch lock for gooseneck trailers
Jack lock
Vehicle heat pump with defrosting mode
Thermal management systems and methods
Cross bracket for aircraft cabin air supply system
Protecting device of battery for electrical automobile
Device for controlling the flow rate of a flow of air for a motor vehicle
Method for ensuring functional reliability in electromobility by means of digital certificates
Device for controlling electric automobile
Device for holding and securing electronic cigarettes in a motor vehicle
Adjustable truckbed with extendable ramp
Scissor lift platform
Folding boat hauler system
Cell phone texting external monitoring apparatus and method
Side-view vehicle mirror
Panel arrangement for a motor vehicle
Providing a boost voltage with a transient operation
Vehicular panel and wiring structure for vehicle
Bumper module
Increase of the compressibility of a bumper beam
Side panel arrangement for a vehicle and vehicle with the side panel arrangement
Curtain airbag and curtain airbag device
Seat belt retractor and seat belt apparatus
Vehicle security system
Portable apparatuses for mounting a personal electronic device and methods for use thereof
Method for manufacturing a windshield wiper blade
Device and method for braking and vehicle using same
System and method for propulsion system control
Railcar collision energy absorbing device and railcar
Steering wheel adaptive mass dampening system
Tonneau cover with two sets of folding legs
Control apparatus and control method of on-vehicle electronic equipment
Bicycle mountable storage container
Transportation vehicle
Marine cargo loader and handrail apparatus
Sealing arrangement for an underwater mountable thruster of a marine vessel
Flapping wing aerial vehicles
Replaceable power modules on aerial vehicles
Local electronic environmental detection device
Packing method and packing machine for producing a slide-open package of tobacco articles with a hinged lid
Self closing and opening filling needle, needle holder, filler and method
Packing equipment with two restraining members
Trash bag caddy
Apparatus and method of forming a shipping unit from a plurality of boxes containing components
Degradable bearing pallet and preparation method thereof
Packages having separable sealing features and methods of manufacturing
Paint circulation system
System, method and apparatus for destacking stacked articles
Method and apparatus for intermodal container handling
Apparatus and method for loading material used in the manufacture of absorbent articles
Sheet conveyance apparatus and sheet conveyance method
Large diameter lay-flat hose spool apparatus and method
Paper sheet conveyance device and image forming apparatus
Handrail drive for an escalator or a moving walkway
Nodal point pressure-equalising device of steel rope sets for elevator
Machine, system, and method for filling container with pourable product
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Articles and methods for administering CO.sub.2 into plants
Method of fabricating array of nanoparticle clusters using thermal transformation of sublimable liquid crystal film
Method for producing nickel sulfide and hydrometallurgical method for nickel oxide ore
Borosilicate nanoparticles and method for making the same
Methods of separating a glass web
Method for preparing support of molecular sieve membrane
Methods of reducing ignition sensitivity of energetic materials
Method for purifying fluorinated hydrocarbon compound
Metformin derivatives
Process for preparing cyclic alpha-keto alcohols from cyclic alpha-keto enols
Direct anti-markovnikov addition of acids to alkenes
Process for hydrogenation of benzenepolycarboxylic acids and derivatives thereof
Method of manufacturing BHCD and derivatives thereof
Method for preparing pentachloropyridine by utilizing DCTF rectifying short steaming residues
Hydrate of 2-isopropoxy-5-methyl-4-(piperidin-4-yl) aniline dihydrochloride, preparation method and use of the same
Method of synthesizing (E)-1,2-di(pyridin-2-yl) ethene-1,2-diol
Uracil derivatives as AXL and c-MET kinase inhibitors
Nitrogenated heterocyclic compound
Epoxidation using peroxygenase
3-substituted carbonyl-naphtho[2,3-B]furane derivative or pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof
Thiol-X click foldamers for polymer affinity and catalysis libraries
Lipid-based platinum-N-heterocyclic carbene compounds and nanoparticles
Multi-sensor array compound and methods of use thereof
Method for producing siloxanes from alkali salts of silanols
KLK4 inhibitors
Methods for nucleic acid manipulation
Monomeric avidin-like proteins with stable biotin binding ability
Mycobacterium tuberculosis porins and toxins and related methods
Neutralizing molecules to influenza viruses
Humanized anti-Tn-MUC1 antibodies and their conjugates
Nanobody against begomoviruses
RSV G protein specific antibodies
Method of treatment of chlamydial infections with selected EGFR inhibitors
Construction of new variants of dextransucrase DSR-S by genetic engineering
Colored cross-linkable polycarbonate compositions
Polymer solution concentrator machine and devolatilization process
Aqueous coating composition, aqueous coating material kit and article having coated film
Cyclic acetal, cyclic ketal diamines epoxy curing agents and degradable polymers and composites based thereon
Functionalized polymer
Batch process for preparing polyamides
Method for manufacturing fibrous particles of polylactic acid resin, colloid composition for forming foam sheet, foam sheet, and method for manufacturing foam sheet
Controlled release granule with water resistant coating
Process for preparing a stable aqueous dispersion of polyamide-imide which is free of carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic substances, and application to coatings
Additive for aqueous coating material for imparting distinctness of image to coating film
Composition of hydrophilic painted surface
Phosphor-containing identification substance and method for producing the same
Corrosion inhibitors
Fuels hydrocracking with dewaxing of fuel products
System and process for combusting coal and beneficiated organic-carbon-containing feedstock
Method and machine for the production of low emission biomass fuel composition from waste materials
Method for producing vitamin E-enriched, especially tocotrienol-enriched, compositions from natural oils
(6Z)-non-6-enenitrile as a fragrance and flavor material
Detergent composition
Nucleic acid nanoparticles and uses therefor
Control of pests in plants
Polypeptides having cellulolytic enhancing activity and polynucleotides encoding same
Processing paper feedstocks
Heat-resistant isoamylase
Enhancing ingredients for protein production from various cells
Prediction and prophylactic treatment of type 1 diabetes
Method and tool for hardening a hollow profile of a steel workpiece
Compositions of particles comprising rare-earth oxides in a metal alloy matrix and related methods
High rate deposition systems and processes for forming hermetic barrier layers
Electrochemical method for producing pure-oxygen gas and oxygen-lean gas from oxygen-containing gas mixtures
Chemical vapor deposition flow inlet elements and methods
Textiles; Paper
Bulked continuous filaments with trilobal cross-section and round central void and spinneret plates producing filament
Use of a surfactant composition for the hydrophilic finishing of textile fibers and textile products manufactured therefrom
Fixed Constructions
Earth working apparatus
Hydrant device with vacuum breaking function
Automatic water-saving device for faucet
Dual-discharge tank for toilets
Toilet seal
Modular fence tent
Lock arrangement
Door handle assembly for an automobile
Apparatus and method for hold open feature in a latch
Window regulator and method of producing window regulator
Multiple pane
Foldable walkway
Centralising device and method therefor
Method and device for activating and deactivating a GS-tool
Composite fracture plug and associated methods
Locking apparatus
Downhole apparatus and method
Flow resistant packing element system for composite plug
Wireline fluid blasting tool and method
Low dosage kinetic hydrate inhibitors for natural gas production systems
Internal polymeric breaker for viscoelastic surfactant-based fluids
Power integrated system and method for drilling rig and oil/gas production equipment
Method and apparatus for treating a well
Crush-resistant proppant particulates for use in subterranean formation operations
Natural gas apparatus and method for in-situ processing
Penetrating a subterranean formation
Apparatus and methods for underground structures and construction thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Gas turbine and mounting method
Method for operating a turbomachine, wherein an efficiency characteristic value of a stage is determined, and turbomachine having a device for carrying out the method
Bladed disc
Control system and method for biomass power plant
Thermodynamic system in a vehicle
Apparatus for recovering energy from water
Variable valve mechanism
Helmholtz damper for gas turbine with cooling air flow
Exhaust system
Method and apparatus for decreasing fuel comsumption during particulate filter generation
Method and apparatus for regenerating a lean NOx trap in a turbocharged internal combustion engine
Methods and systems for exhaust gas heat recovery
Engine cooling system
Engine system with rotatable intake port
EGR valve assembly
Momentum driven fuel injection of steam and fuel vapor for compression ignition engines
Ball bearing, in particular piston rod ball bearing and piston rod with ball bearing
Methods and systems for boost control
Control device and control method for internal combustion engine
Differential thermodynamic machine with a cycle of eight thermodynamic transformations, and control method
Fuel vapor processing apparatus
Method of operating an internal combustion engine having a turbocharger
Method for operating a piezo injector
System comprising a vertical turbine with flow guides
Rotating system for a wind turbine
Wind turbine tower cable positioning device
Turbine driven by wind or motor and method for generating electricity
Airflow power installations
Micro pumps
Intake pressure control system
Rotating body, rotating body material, and method of manufacturing rotating body
Fan and fan module
Cylinder apparatus
Air curtain device
Insert and method for anchoring in a cored panel
Machine structural member with nesting linear slides
Split boot with zipper closure
Pendulum crank bumper
Multi-speed dual clutch transmission
Double-clutch gearbox of countershaft design
Gearbox for vehicles and vehicles comprising such a gearbox
Scavenger pump seal and radial shaft seal assembly therewith
Seal protection system
Laying device and method for laying a pipeline on the bed of a body of water
Quick connector with safely locking function
Demountable adjustable coupling system
Leveling hunting stand system
Multi-mode portable illumination device
Lighting device and corresponding mounting housing, kit and method
Light source assembly, and headlamp and vehicle having the same
Light source unit with light emitting module, sealing part and lens part
Light flux control member, light-emitting device, and illumination device
LED kit
Bulb lamp structure having a bulb housing, heat dissipater and inlet and outlet ventilation holes formed in seat and upper portion of bulb housing
Vehicular lamp
Method and apparatus for a light collection and projection system
Fire tube boiler system with ion transport membranes
Sealpot and method for controlling a solids flow rate therethrough
System and method for controlling one or more process parameters associated with a combustion process
Method and system for igniter health monitoring in a gas turbine engine
Electric water heater
On-door ice maker cooling
Modular cooler shelf and method of use
Method and apparatus for increasing argon recovery in a cryogenic air separation unit integrated with a pressure swing adsorption system
Hand dryer
Mobile removable hearth for furnace and transporter
Handgun display stand
Bow holder apparatus
Firearm with handguard
Vertical forward grip
Apparatus for determining gauge profile for flat rolled material
Inspection path display
Reference signal filter for interferometric system
Water depth detection for vehicle navigation
Instrument encasing systems
Miniature differential pressure flow sensor
Relocatable/replaceable pad for accurate vehicle occupant weight measurement
Trolley case capable of displaying weight in a static state consisting of a weighing transducer affixed to the caster
Multifunctional infrared module
Thermowell extension
Transistor temperature sensing
Microfabricated pressure transducer
Small volume sampling device
Particle analysis apparatus, observation apparatus, particle analysis program and particle analysis method
System and method for analyzing blood cell
Method and apparatus for non-compressed evaluation of tissue specimens
Methods and underwater bases for using autonomous underwater vehicle for marine seismic surveys
Objective optical system
Robotic systems and methods in prediction and presentation of resource availability
Ducted rotor unmanned aerial vehicles
Single phase line switch
Information processing device, power supply control method and storage medium
System and method for dynamically controlling a plurality of cores in a multicore central processing unit based on temperature
Method and apparatus for reducing signal edge jitter in an output signal from a numerically controlled oscillator
Method and system for precise temperature and timebase PPM error estimation using multiple timebases
Device and method for preventing lost synchronization
Method, apparatus and system to save processor state for efficient transition between processor power states
Memory device, display device equipped with memory device, drive method for memory device, and drive method for display device
Method and device for reading and writing a memory card
Method and system for providing coordinated checkpointing to a group of independent computer applications
User interface based malware detection
Failed process reporting
Controlling memory operations using a driver and flash memory type tables
Digital rights management engine systems and methods
Storage system and operation method of a storage system
Frequency and migration based re-parsing
Computer system and control method therefor
Increasing functionality of a reader-writer lock
Virtual memory management apparatus and memory management apparatus
Chip having register to store value that represents adjustment to reference voltage
Networked video devices
Lookup engine with pipelined access, speculative add and lock-in-hit function
Origin request with peer fulfillment
Providing guest users network access based on information read from a credit card or other object
Distributed computing system having leader signaled agents to execute task after data acquisition completion
Interactive television framework utilizing program-synchronous triggers and standard messaging and presence-detection protocols
Systems and methods for providing electronic document services
Data routing in a content distribution network for mobility delivery
Method and system for managing session information in a mobile communication system and apparatus therefor
System and method for providing instant communication based customer support services using voice recognition
Method and apparatus for providing a web page to a call member
Method and system of remote diagnostic, control and information collection using a dynamic linked library of multiple formats and multiple protocols with restriction on protocol
Geographic recommendation online search system
Method and system for e-mail enhancement
Web client data conversion for synthetic environment interaction
Bandwidth and topology management device for home networks
Context transfer and common IP address for DHCP proxy solution in WiMAX
Automated segmentation and processing of web site traffic data over a rolling window of time
Device centric controls for a device controlled through a web portal
Method of transmitting electronic mail messages
Image hosting for cross-platform display over a communication network
Instruction system, method, and recording control apparatus
Method and system for providing network monitoring, security event collection apparatus and service abnormality detection apparatus for network monitoring
Redirection of multimedia content between receiver devices associated with a user
Dynamic bandwidth adjustment for browsing or streaming activity in a wireless network based on prediction of user behavior when interacting with mobile applications
Reactive monitoring of guests in a hypervisor environment
Hard zoning on NPIV proxy/NPV devices
Method and system for automatically transitioning of configuration settings among computer systems
Interactive interface for object search
Method and device for synthesis of network traffic
Personalized campaign planner
Information processing apparatus computer readable medium, and information processing method for maintaining consistency between stored target document information and a formed image
System and method for executing queries
Enterprise data as office content
Method for sorting a defined set of comments
Method for producing at least one application description
Validating legitimacy of a social security number or other identifier
Digital filter and method of determining its coefficients
Processing web pages based on content quality
System and method for computerized psychological content analysis of computer and media generated communications to produce communications management support, indications and warnings of dangerous behavior, assessment of media images, and personnel selection support
Personalized transliteration interface
Deleting content in a distributed computing environment
Method and system of mapreduce implementations on indexed datasets in a distributed database environment
Higher efficiency storage replication using compression
Systems and methods for massive structured data management over cloud aware distributed file system
Managing document workflow
Method and system for searching a wide area network
Object based image retrieval
System and method for generating automatic user interface for arbitrarily complex or large databases
Scheduler for search engine crawler
Re-establishing traceability
Phone assisted `photographic memory`
Automatic updating of content included in research documents
Adapting a context-independent relevance function for identifying relevant search results
Synchronization of advertisment display updates with user revisitation rates
Method of implementing timing engineering change order
Trench silicide mask generation using designated trench transfer and trench block regions
Layout fixing guideline system for double patterning odd cycle violations
Method and system for implementing parallel execution in a computing system and in a circuit simulator
Support device of three-dimensional integrated circuit and method thereof
System and method for occupancy estimation
Method and device using productivity index in drill guidance for drilling slanted water injection wells
Flexible method of user authentication
Providing subscribed media content to portable media player devices associated with subscribers
Methods and apparatus for detecting unwanted traffic in one or more packet networks utilizing string analysis
Reliable software product validation and activation with redundant security
Authentication management services
Application selection using current detection intelligence
Redistribution of rights-managed content and technique for encouraging same
Computer security system and method
Digital social network trust propagation
Wagering game with encryption and authentication
Information sharing device, information sharing method and information sharing system
Event scheduling
Management component transport protocol interconnect filtering and routing
Expectation assisted text messaging
Digital television signal, digital television receiver, and method of processing digital television signal
User interfaces and systems and methods for user interfaces
Verification of data read in memory
Mobile terminal and method of operating the same
Accessing predictive data
Method and apparatus for source-synchronous capture using a first-in-first-out unit
Context sensitive television menu
Graphical user interfaces for supporting collaborative generation of life stories
Method and mobile terminal device for mapping a virtual user input interface to a physical user input interface
Mobile terminal to display a plurality of graphic user interfaces
Immersive mode for a web browser
Methods and systems for defragmenting virtual machine prefetch data on physical storage
Data mining across multiple social platforms
System and method for optimizing vehicle settings
System and method for retrieving and displaying search results without navigating from a currently displayed window
Method for social search
Exposing common metadata in digital images
Method and system for adaptive prefetching
Transaction data representations using an adjacency matrix
Case search system, case database, case search apparatus, case search method, and program
Data synchronization system and data synchronization method
Protecting computers using an identity-based router
Systems and methods for automatically detecting and preventing phishing attacks
Compression system and method for accelerating sparse matrix computations
Multi-mode data card and calibrating method thereof
Use of a helper thread to asynchronously compute incoming data
System and method for in-vivo multi-path analysis of binary software
System and method of software execution path identification
Automatic region-based verification of garbage collectors
Method of providing partially isolated execution environment for multiple applications and digital information apparatus using the same
Flexible access control for a virtual computer device, virtual computer system, and virtual computer program, and method for controlling the same
Alignment of microarchitectural conditions
Highly scalable cost based SLA-aware scheduling for cloud services
System and method for providing evidence of the physical presence of virtual machines
Method for dynamically freeing computer resources
System and apparatus for modeling the behavior of a drilling assembly
Time and space scaled S-model for turbulent fluid flow simulations
System and method for determining characteristics of power cables using distributed temperature sensing systems
Learning method of neural network circuit
Evaluating an item based on user reputation information
Methods and apparatus to construct histogram and wavelet synopses for probabilistic data
Healthcare privacy violation detection and investigation system and method
System, method, and apparatus for supply chain management
Imaging device information system and method
Data logger
Method and system for providing user tailored service using social network service
Instant availabililty of electronically transferred funds
Apparatus and method for providing product location information to customers in a store
Computer system and method for proving an on-line mall
Generating customized disincentive marketing content for a customer based on customer risk assessment
Spiral listing of items
Secure coupon distribution
Method and system for a hand-held device initiated search, purchase and delivery
Monetary distribution of behavioral demographics and fan-supported distribution of commercial content
Integrated and synchronized cross platform delivery system
System for pause ads
Systems and methods for assets, personnel, and travel information and risk management
Method, computer system, and stored program for accumulating descriptive profile data along with source information for use in targeting third-party advertisements
System and method for displaying market information and order placement in an electronic trading environment
Transforming data for rendering an insurability decision
Method and system for trading options
Methods and systems for directing and executing certified trading interests
Method of and system for making purchases over a computer network
Student venture management
Card-present on-line transactions
Automated trading system
Automated linked order processing
Printing control method, apparatus and storage medium therefor, and printing system
Payroll receipt using a trustee account systems and methods
Color detection for tiered billing in copy and print jobs
Secure mailbox and a mailbox application in a connected user device
Non-transitory computer-readable, detection method, and detection device
Medical device comprising a visual and an audio alarm signal generator
Script compliance and quality assurance based on speech recognition and duration of interaction
Method and apparatus for speech segmentation
Control center for a voice controlled wireless communication device system
Method for emotion communication between emotion signal sensing device and emotion service providing device
Disk drive having a rotatable lid and a disk insertion opening
CNT metal composite material, and method for producing same
Packing box, electronic assembly and opening method of electronic assembly
Flowable gapfill using solvents
Power/data outlet adjustable seat bracket
Plug-in bulb coupling structure
Systems and methods for reducing pulsed laser beam profile non-uniformities for laser annealing
DC-DC converter for implantable medical devices
System and method including modified bit-interleaved coded modulation with fractional secondary coding
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing symbol diversity combiner for burst interference mitigation
System and method for evaluating audience reaction to a data stream
Authenticating method and mobile terminal for code division multiple access (CDMA) evolution to packet data optimized (EVDO) network
Applying security policy based on behaviorally-derived user risk profiles
Dynamic content preference and behavior sharing between computing devices
Wirelessly accessing broadband services using intelligent cards
Generating log with location and accelerometer history
Incorporating network connection security levels into firewall rules
Statistical message classifier
Method and apparatus to enhance security and/or surveillance information in a communication network
Integrated service identity for different types of information exchange services
Radio communication apparatus and radio communication method
System and method for performing a management operation
System and method for variable length encryption
Authentication of a server by a client to prevent fraudulent user interfaces
File format for media distribution and presentation
Using web based information to select television programs
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Client-server based interactive television guide with server recording
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Differentiated PSIP table update interval technology
Remote controller with multimedia content display and control method thereof
Video slate device
Information providing system using video tracking
Digital broadcasting system and method of processing data in digital broadcasting system
Cloud-based cross-platform video display
In-transit electronic media with location-based content
Inherited communication management apparatus and method of managing inherited communication
Implementation method and system for a media-on-demand frame-spanning playing mode in a peer-to-peer network
Plug and play fiber distribution hub
Memory association to folder information
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Knock-on sweep structure and tools therefor
Apparatus and system for synchronized application of one or more materials to a surface from a vehicle and control of a vehicle mounted variable position snow removal device
Variable angle powered work implement
Combine harvester with a spreader having independent spread width control
Crop discharge spout arrangement of an agricultural harvesting machine
Weed removal device
Flow control for irrigation machines
Irrigation system peripheral communications using valve control wires
System and method for processing meat
Method and apparatus of removing dead poultry from a poultry house
Spool for a fishing reel
Fuel dispensing and containment assembly
Method of preparing a bird for grilling and resulting bird product
Method for reducing viscosity of mechanically separated meats and ground meats
Helmet and headwear misting system
Telescoping hand held pole
Collapsible bar assembly for supporting a secondary bag on wheeled luggage
Suitcase with stair roller and brake
Razor blade holder
Device for receiving and dispensing a coatable material
Sportsmen's utility bucket cover apparatus and method
Book support apparatus
Basket frame
Telescoping slide assembly
Gauge mounting assembly
Oil-less rivet system for a reclining chair mechanism
Foldable chair with safety locks
Adjustable head support
Chair backrest
Power lumbar mechanism
Universal high chair
Rotatable child safety seat
Infant support structure and method of using the same
Baby bottle holder
Methods and apparatus for anchoring a retractable netting system
Ribbon curling and shredding device
Fiber holder
Board storage and display device
Thermal preservation insert for food storage container
Packaging and shipping arrangement for a three-piece shower and tub surround
Method and apparatus for supporting a thin, rigid panel
Nozzle and aspirator with nozzle
Endoscope apparatus allocating functions of switches by endoscope
Endoscopic device for locomotion through the gastro-intestinal tract
Capsule endoscope
Gastrointestinal lavage system
Self propelled device having a magnetohydrodynamic propulsion system
Laparoscopic illumination apparatus and method
Apparatus and methods for cardiac surgery
Package for dispensing and storing of surgical medical devices and methods related thereto
Full thickness resectioning device
Access member and a system for catheterization of the urinary bladder through an artificial or a natural canal in a user, and a method of replacing such an access member
Device and method for monitoring aqueous flow within the eye
Eye viewing device for large field viewing
Implantable continuous intraocular pressure sensor
Electronic ear thermometer with multiple measurement and memory function
Rapid non-invasive blood pressure measuring device
Method and apparatus for non-invasively evaluating endothelial activity in a patient
Method and system of determining cardiac contractility
Electrophysiology mapping system
Auditory therapy system for impacting the nervous system of a living organism
Capsule type endoscope
Devices for physiological fluid sampling and methods of using the same
Method for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate with a pump-less mechanical compression apparatus
Acoustic sensor array for non-invasive detection of coronary artery disease
Multiple level transmitter and method of transmitting
Method and apparatus for monitoring haemodynamic function
Automatic volume measurements: an application for 3D ultrasound
Cheek, lip and tongue shield
Orthodontic bracket
Growth factor releasing biofunctional dental implant
Aesthetically improved side panels for disposable garments and methods of making the same
Three dimensional profiling of an elastic hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive to provide areas of differential tension
Combination tampon/panty shield
Ellipitcal applicator system
Controlled shutter, with variable section
Dental bridge assembly and binding agents therefor
Method and apparatus for preparing microparticles using in-line solvent extraction
Medical device including tube having a braid and an expanded coil
Manufacturing medical devices by vapor deposition
Vehicle air freshener
Scent strip
Guide for selectively receiving a wick in a dispenser for a volatile liquid
Method and apparatus for controlling medical fluid pressure
Indicating device
Methods and apparatus for imparting curves in elongated medical catheters
Wing-like needle protector
Method and device for treating inter alia the cervix
Apparatus and method for controlling contrast enhanced imaging procedures
Apparatus for holding and operating one or more syringes
Syringe insertion system
Magnetotherapeutic device with bio-ceramic fibers
Bend and stretch abdominal and lower back exercise machine
Controllable load apparatus
Foldable trampoline
Boyancy resistance exercise system
Hockey weight training device
Abdominal exercise machine
Exercise device for improving head, neck, and spinal alignment
Crosstraining exercise device
Dumbbell lifting apparatus
Combined exerciser and therapist table
Aerodynamic pattern for a golf ball
Golf ball
Golf ball having a high moment of inertia
Golf ball with three dimple types
Golf club head with high center of gravity
Wood golf club head designed to describe the optimum trajectory of a golf ball
Golf swing training aid
Base of golf club bag
Apparatus for carrying golf clubs
Golf course flag retention device
Divot repair tool for golfers
Golf putting device
Method for manufacturing shaft of stick, and shaft
Golf putting training device
Training aid for golfers
Golf swing training apparatus
Quick chipping set
Golf instruction apparatus and method
Golf putting and chipping training devices
Universal role playing game elevation indicator system
Collapsible batting cage
Concave playing surfaces
Lean-induced steerable wheel assembly
Rotary ski slope
Snowboard binding
Adjustable strap for a binding
Pool cue having attachable weight
Match three numbers game of chance
Automatic card dispensing unit with display capability
Information processing system comprising a plurality of operation terminal devices and an information processing device
Method for controlling a terminal display and a terminal
Client-server system
Method of playing a poker-type wagering game with multiple betting options
Tile-based board game
Combination role playing and dice throwing board game
Gaming device providing pay table information for a symbol through selection of the symbol
Toy vehicle with enhanced jumping capability
Aquatic game device
Cord guided frisbee
Empennage assembly and attachment mechanism for a model airplane
Toy animal with simulated respiration
Programmable toy with communication means
Omnidirectional toy manipulator
Performing Operations; Transporting
Screen assembly for a shale shaker
Method for removing surface deposits of concentrated collected particles
Cover slip mixing apparatus
Fluidizer for a substance
Acoustic ejection of fluids from a plurality of reservoirs
Acoustic assessment of fluids in a plurality of reservoirs
Zero-clearance cutting systems
Twin-shaft comminutor having dissimilar sized cutters
Method and a device for the separation of particles
Centrifuge for phase separation
Centrifugal separator in particular for fluidized bed reactor device
Automatic dispensing cap for squeezable bottle
Pressure compensating orifice for control of nitrous oxide delivery
Dispensing pump for a fluid product
Non-leaking non-dripping liquid jet pump
Fluid or powdery product dispensing device
Faucet spray head assembly
Liquid scanner nozzle and method
Valve closure for spray gun reservoir
Hand-held fluid dispenser system and method of operating hand-held fluid dispenser systems
Dispensing apparatus
Expressing or dispensing device for a coaxial cartridge
Smart screening machine
Multiple-port evaporation control septum
Tray carrier with ultraphobic surfaces
Soil aerating machine
Rheoforming apparatus
Device and a method for continuous casting
Metal molding method and apparatus
Multiple-slide die-casting system
Method and apparatus for manufacturing supercharger rotor
Safety block device for use in a press device
Tool holder for a tool, especially a boring, milling or grinding tool, which can be rotated about a rotational axis
Sheet metal hole cutter
Autonomous power interface for modifying limited rotation speed of a machine
Cutting insert for camshaft milling cutters
Throwaway tip and throwaway-type cutting tool
Illumination means for a chainsaw
Surform file holder with tensioning adjustment
Chamfer hob and method of use thereof
Honing wheel having internal gearing
Junction box and soldering method for printed circuit board of the junction box
Diffusion bonding method for microchannel plates
Methods of manufacturing diffusion bonded products and products manufactured by such methods
Apparatus and method for connecting pipes during underwater pipe-laying
Quick change adaptor for rotary machines
Method and apparatus for global die thinning and polishing of flip-chip packaged integrated circuits
Substrate retainer wear detection method and apparatus
Method and apparatus for cutting semiconductor wafers
Fluid bearing slide assembly for workpiece polishing
Porous material air bearing platen for chemical mechanical planarization
Method and apparatus for controlling CMP pad surface finish
Abrasive machine and method of abrading work piece
Polishing system with in-line and in-situ metrology
Slurry delivery arm
Method and apparatus of sealing wafer backside for full-face electrochemical plating
Method of predicting plate lapping properties to improve slider fabrication yield
Grinding tool, and method and apparatus for inspection conditions of grinding surface of the same
Polishing apparatus
Device for processing component part contours
Quick position clamp and vise
Magazine assembly for fastening tool
Nail stapler nozzle
Nail lockout assembly
Fuel cell adapter system for combustion tools
Setting tool
Pneumatic percussive tool with a movement frequency controlled idling position
Striking tool
Power tool provided with a locking mechanism
Fluid operated gripper
Adjustable wood processing device and method of adjusting the same
Bonding machine for lamellar pieces of wood to be joined to a board and method for pressing lamellar pieces of wood to boards
Form with displaceable vibratory panel
Apparatus for breaking up solid objects
Assembly of a drive shaft with the cutting head hub of a submersible granulator
Locking unit of a three-plate injection-molding machine
Applicator attachment
Electroformed adhesive laminated tooling surface with precision structured interfaces
Three-dimensional non-woven filter
Method of reducing the wall thickness of a PTFE tube and product formed thereby
Molding apparatus for toric contact lenses
Storing method and storing apparatus for elongated plastic deformation member
Connecting rod bearing shell or bushing or main bearing shell
Laminating machine
Carrier tape
Liquid ejecting device
Mechanism for passing rigid medium under image-forming mechanism
Retrofit printer tray riser
Printing apparatus and method
Method and apparatus for increasing inkjet printing speed
Method of reducing printing defects in an ink jet printer
Image recording method and apparatus
Thermal bend actuator with spatial thermal pattern
Method of operating an ink jet printhead within a predetermined temperature range
Counter-bore of a fluid ejection device
Support member with core and shell
Fluid injection head structure
Slotted substrate and method of making
Surface characteristic apparatus and method
Power distribution for inkjet printheads
Nozzle arrangement with an electrically heated actuator
Method for selecting a servicing routine for servicing of an inkjet print head using date-time-stamp technique
Image forming apparatus and its control method
Image formation apparatus and control method thereof
Method for maintaining inkjet chip of an inkjet device
Method of servicing a pen when mounted in a printing device
Ink cartridge and recording device
Ink cartridge and vacuum-packaging product containing the same
Custom color inkjet printing system
Printer and method therefor adapted to sense data uniquely associated with a consumable loaded into the printer
Container for printing fluid material
Printing methods and apparatus for multi-pass printing
Phase change ink imaging component with polymer hybrid layer
Fluid ejecting actuator for multiple nozzles of a printhead
Image recording apparatus, image recording method, storage medium which stores computer-readable program and the same program
Hand-held, freestanding, double-sided electronic keyboard
Method and apparatus for producing a selectable gloss finish on ink jet prints
Take-out menu storage folder
Composite writing utensil
Roll-on applicator
Vehicle wheel spoke termination
Wheel support bearing assembly
Metering device for sand spreading devices, especially for rail vehicles
Venting plug for vehicle hub cap
Pneumatic tire
Expandable spindle plug assembly for use with automatic tire inflation systems
Runflat tire having crown-reinforcing insert extending into the sidewalls
Tire for a vehicle wheel capable of withstanding the load at low pressure or zero pressure
Fuel cell powered chassis mobile electrical source and method of use thereof
Suspension system for bicycles
Automotive rear suspension system
Auxiliary windshield sun visor
Water shield with integrated 3-D mirror seal
Energy absorbing front frame structure for a vehicle
Open-air pickup truck
Top for a convertible vehicle
Integrated fuel tank and complementary counterweight
Axle driving apparatus
Cooling structure for a continuous variation transmission system of an all-terrain vehicle
Wedge fork clutch actuator for driveline clutches
Engine control tilt switch for motorcycles
Control device for hybrid vehicle
Dynamotor of hybrid vehicle, and method of control thereof
Conductor rail fish-plate
Bus seat belt system
Rotation lock mechanism for aircraft seat
Portable elbow support
Vehicle seat
Overhead storage assembly
Apparatus for mounting a frac blender on a transport vehicle
Tailgate dual mode hinge with integrated checker
Towing carriage
Room expansion system
Top-loading container and cover assembly for collecting, storing, handling, and transporting bulk materials
Selectively removable tie-down anchor
Gate for securing loads in trucks
Mirror mounting assembly for controlling vibration of a mirror
Extendable rearview mirror
Energy absorber with crash cans
Frontal air bag system
Occupant arresting device
Air bag tether construction
Device and method for covering an airbag
Occupant leg protection system
Steering input devices for steer-by-wire systems
Vehicle with an airbag device connected to interior fittings
Trailer hitch protectors and methods
Hood structure of motor vehicle
Apparatus for use on a safety belt system for restraining the movement of an occupant or child seat
Safety device for a comfortable seat
Vehicle anti-rollover system
Retractable vehicle step
Collapsible trunk cargo organizer
Bicycle carrier
Method and an assembly for braking a selectively moveable assembly having a controllably varying amount of self energization
Universal wheel locking system
Vehicle hydraulic braking system with an active simulator
Slackless drawbar assembly using an improved ball and race connection assembly
Vehicle restraint system for a child
Hand truck
Baby stroller with engageable locking device
Baby carriage
Vehicle body structure
Vehicle mud flap
Integrated mud flap weight
Structural reinforcement system for automotive vehicles
Skin for a motor vehicle
Concrete mixing truck anti-rollover system
Motor vehicle steering device
Steering control apparatus
Steering apparatus and method for automotive vehicle
Electric power steering apparatus
Electric power steering apparatus
Freestanding self-propelled device for moving objects
Car body part and method of its production
Belt conveyor system with carrier plate
Golf club rack for motorcycle
Rear lighting device for motorcycles
Braking force input system
Folding wheelchair
Flying craft tethered to powered water vehicle
Personal water transport assembly
Rolling heel, forward facing rowing system
Shift interrupt system
Isolated motor pan for watercraft
Powered ventilator
Carbon brake wear for aircraft
Biomimetic mechanism for micro aircraft
Integrated and/or modular high-speed aircraft
Hooking strut of an engine under the wing unit of an aircraft
Spacecraft window assembly
Squeezable beverage bottle
Refillable bottle and system of reuse
Packaging container and method of manufacturing the same
Portable storage container
Method for manufacturing a re-sealable bag closure
Method for making bags comprising slider-actuated closure profiles, manufacturing machine and resulting bags
Fastener closure arrangement for flexible packages
Reclosable package having film that curls or bends away from slider
Synthetic-resin screw cap
Reusable lid with date indicating device
Lip actuated valve closure for a drinking bottle
Interlocking stackable box
Minor-end loading carton
Tamper evident closure
Three piece basket carrier
Blister pack display holder
Collapsible storage container
Universal computer packaging cushion
Container for welding wire
Button cell battery pack with air access channel
Package for storing discs
Disk positioning structure for a disk case
Straddle carrier
Bag with elastic strip and method of making the same
Adjustable collapsible refuse funnel
Discharge chute for concrete
Sorter conveyor
Self-cleaning conveyor roller
Chain with pins equipped with lubricating cartridges and cartridge for said chain
Vertical lift assembly
Transfer unit for containers
Pneumatic transport air shifter
Paper cassette for image forming apparatus
Tire for skew reducing roller
Interface surface having coded data with predetermined pattern
Document folding apparatus
Booklet maker with flexible gate upstream of crease rolls
Sheet folding apparatus with rounded fold blade
Device and process for removing the defective end portions from yarn on a package fed to an automatic winder
Apparatus for tying knot and method thereof
Emergency power supply device for lift systems
Hook attachment device
Manual marine winch with lead in webbing strap
Method of opening a box
Direct flow tap for dispensing drinks, provided with improved devices for stopping the operating handle
Temperature controlled dispensing device
Sealant/adhesive gun
Tank for service stations
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for reducing nitrogen oxides in combustion gas from combustion furnace
Vacuum insulating material and device using the same
Photochromic bis-naphthopyran compounds and methods for their manufacture
Multi-piece golf ball
Water base ink for ink-jet recording
Planarizing solutions including abrasive elements, and methods for manufacturing and using such planarizing solutions
Method and system for minimizing circulating fluid return losses during drilling of a well bore
Permeable cement composition and method for preparing the same
Methods for controlling screenouts
Support for a part to be subjected to heat treatment in an oven, and a method of heat treating a metal part
Heat-resistant electronic systems and circuit boards
Textiles; Paper
Refiner control method and system
Screening apparatus with slot ring moveable in axial direction
Fixed Constructions
Hot-in-place asphalt recycling machine and process
Tactile detectable warning ramps for pedestrian pathways
Paving block
Soil nailing system
Systems and methods for connecting reinforcing mesh to wall panels
Metal sheet pile
Blade for working machine, and construction and earth-moving machine with the blade
Buddy's adjustable height workhorse
Adjustable keyboard support assembly method of use
Automated post driver
Vehicle subassembly
Knocked-down, rigid, sheathed, gate frame
Screening arrangement
Non-pull cord blind structure
Folding blind structure
Automatic wind-up screen device
Downhole tool and method for fracturing a subterranean well formation
Bit head retaining system and method of installing a bit head in a percussion drill
Electrically sequenced tractor
Pipe running tool
Fully recoverable drilling control pod
Backpressure adapter pin and methods of use
Shear activated inflation fluid system for inflatable packers
Apparatus and methods for tubular makeup interlock
Communicating with a tool
Method and equipment for controlling operation of rock drilling apparatus
Portable groundwater sampling system
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Rotary apparatus
Scroll compressor
Sealing of steam turbine nozzle hook leakages using a braided rope seal
Turbine blade with sealing element
Flow guide component with enhanced cooling
Spanwisely variable density pedestal array
Method and apparatus for controlling steam turbine inlet flow to limit shell and rotor thermal stress
Compound valve assembly for controlling high and low oil flow and pressure
Method and apparatus for attaching a resonance chamber to an air induction component
Exhaust system for small watercraft and personal watercraft
Exhaust gas system
Determining the temperature of an exhaust gas sensor by means of calibrated internal resistance measurement
Apparatus and method for combined generation of heat and electricity
Integrated engine compartment component and air intake system
Needle alignment fuel injector
Combustion gas seal for injector and sealing structure with the combustion gas seal
Fuel injection valve
Injection valve comprising an optimized surface geometry between a nozzle body and a retaining nut
Carburetor arrangement of a portable handheld work apparatus
Airflow guiding structure for a heat-dissipating fan
Wind power installation with multiple blade adjusting devices
Variable displacement compressors
Dynamotor driven compressor and method for controlling the same
Pump control system
Wet-type rotor pump
Fan with increased air flow
Cooling fan with reinforced blade
Control system for I.C. engine driven blower
Cabinet connector
Ground washer
Bearing with integrated mounting features
Slider of linear guideway
Rolling guide apparatus and roller connecting body
Recirculating rolling element cartridge for linear motion bearing assembly
Hydrodynamic bearing, spindle motor and hard disk drive
Dynamic pressure bearing device
Bearing arrangement for a shaft
System and method for mounting a shaft within a hollow member
Releasable locking mechanisms
Hydrodynamic thrust bearing
Transmission with a rattle-free connection between the clutch basket and the driving disc
Dog-clutch coupling device
Oneway clutch apparatus
Method of controlling a motor vehicle with an automated clutch device
Brake head positioner
Pressure-medium operated spring-pressure brake
Electromechanical wheel brake device
Electric parking brake mechanism
Vibration damper, in particular for a helicopter rotor
Shock absorbing and magnetic levitating cushion
Silent drive chain assembly having flexible links
Multiple gearing switch device
Hydrokinetic coupling apparatus, in particular for motor vehicles
Piston coupling mechanism, lockup device for a fluid-type torque transmission device, elastic coupling mechanism, and spring installation method for an elastic coupling mechanism
Compact vehicle transmission
Drive axle assembly with insert
Method for controlling gear definition in an automated stepped gearbox
Speed control system for wheeled hydraulic traveling vehicle
Method for controlling a continuously variable transmission
Vehicle transmission system with coast controls
Two-shot unified chain tensioner arm or guide
Valve seal with pressure relief channels and expansion voids
Boot with O-ring seal
Proportional solenoid valve
Stem connector assembly
Spanner for a ball valve
Valve stem seal assembly
Ball valve with retractable seals and method of replacement thereof
Corrugated plastic pipe sections having flanged ends and structurally tight joints thereof
High-pressure hose with adhesively bonded hose coupling which can be post-assembled
Subea pipeline blockage remediation method
Turntable device and optical apparatus
Machine shoe for the support of machines and a method
Plastic pedestal with a height adjustment function
Drip containment and conveyance system
Monitoring of ultra-high purity product storage tanks during transportation
Shutter assembly for a luminaire
Lighting apparatus and method
Triangular light assembly with flashing and non-flashing lights
Work surface lighting
Modular light assembly for decorative lights
Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Apparatus for conditioning air
Gas burner
High-heat transfer low-NO.sub.x combustion system
Method and device for adjusting air ratio
Ignition gun with safety switch
Ignition operating mechanism for slide type lighters
Cold box lid
Snow making method and apparatus
Drip-proof inset
Apparatus for transfer of heat energy between a body surface and heat transfer fluid
Heat transport apparatus
Heat pipe type heat dissipation device
Corrugated fin
Hybrid type cooling tower
Lateral plate surface cooled heat exchanger
Compact high efficiency clam shell heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Heat exchanger
Unitary broadhead blade unit
Medical thermometer and method for producing medical thermometer
System for calibrating thermometers
Temperature-expansion indicator for siding panels
Spring element for use in an apparatus for attaching to a semiconductor and a method of making
Semiconductor device testing contactor having a circuit-side contact piece and test-board-side contact piece
Coaxial cable for overvoltage protection
Light consolidating system
Liquid transmissive filter having anisotropic properties and method of fabrication
Reflecting mirror
Method and apparatus for heating fusion spliced portion of optical fibers and optical fiber array
Holding structures for optical elements of an optical connector
Optical module for high-speed bidirectional transceiver
Stub having an optical fiber
Optical coupling unit and method for inserting optical wave guides into an optical coupling unit
Method and system for optical packaging
Anchor for fiber optic cable
Easy-to-assemble eyeglasses
Rotationally stabilized contact lenses
Multi-faceted detachable magnetic hinge system
Back light for liquid crystal display
Compact work light with high illumination uniformity
Data projector apparatus
Mechanism for the transmission of axial and rotative movements between two offset axles
Method and apparatus for manufacturing an expandable slotted tube
Mixer valve
Portable apparatus for scientific identification of an individual
Keyboard with improved lateral region
Keyboard with interleaved computer components
Power wheelchair
Method for improved characterization of single-pass bi-directional printers
Noncontact type IC card and system thereof
Electronic card connector
Electrical connector
Decoding algorithm for laser scanning bar code readers
Method and apparatus for associating identification and personal data for multiple magnetic stripe cards or other sources
Endoscopic tutorial system for urology
On-line system for printing postal indicia on custom sized envelopes
System and layout for proper printing of netstamps and other labels
Transport mechanism and method for a mailing machine
Gaming device having bonus game with multiple moving objects within partitionable channels
Paper identification counter and paper identification and counting method
Gaming machine having dynamic bonus feature
Enhanced interaction for casino gaming random sequences
Gaming machine with visual and audio indicia changed over time
Dynamic configuration of gaming system
System and method for automatically initiating game play on an electronic gaming device
Gaming method, device, and system including adventure bonus game
Gaming device having varying risk player selections
Method and system for training traders
Flag or umbrella support pole
Collapsible display system
Film wrapped containers and processes for the production and marketing thereof
Field rebuildable low frequency loudspeaker driver having a removable diaphragm assembly, parts kit and method for rebuilding a loudspeaker driver in the field
Tape path roller guide and method for making
Disk alignment apparatus and method for patterned media production
Magnetic tape cartridge
Storage container for recorded media
Disc case
Shock absorbing connector
Data system
Objective lens for high-density optical focusing and an optical disk in an optical pickup
Push-on and twist gauge mounting bracket
Low cross talk and impedance controlled electrical connector with solder masses
Neck cleaning method for a CRT
Semiconductor workpiece apparatus
Tower heat sink with sintered grooved wick
Heat dissipation device
Flexible compliant interconnect assembly
LED lamp configured to minimize image contrast
Chromium black light shield
Battery connecting member and method of mounting it to a battery
Board-to-board power connector for a projection device
Universal serial bus electrical connector
Mini secure digital card connector
Electrical connector and liquid crystal display device employing the same
Cable connector assembly with cable holder
Electrical connector connecting with cables
Electrical connector with elastomeric element and restrainer member to offset relaxation of the elastomer
Axial compression electrical connector
Fuel injector connector
Cable assembly with internal circuit modules
Loadbreak connector assembly which prevents switching flashover
Methods and apparatus for securing a cable connector to a device
Electronic interconnect for PDA/cell phone
Fool-proof mechanism for memory card
Electrical connector with connector position assurance and ridge stabilized seal cover
Electrical card connector having an improved grounding contact
Electrical connector with anti-mismating arrangement
Receptacle for extension cord
Modular plug-in electrical wiring system
Connector for plural mating connectors having different shapes of interfaces
Microswitch connector
Device for connecting a unit with a connection terminal to a support
Assembly and method for connecting electrical medical components
Foldable electrical plug connector
Electrical device with mechanism to prevent separation of the electrical receptacle housing
Universal bus bar connector with multi-pitch threaded hole
Double "E" electrical distribution block
Connector, molding method therefor and molding apparatus therefor
Connector and connector assembly
Advanced patch panel
EMT rain-tight compression fittings
Holder for a powered device
Modular electronic systems for vehicles
Image processing system, projector, program, information storage medium and image processing method
Projection type display device
Projection type display device
Laser image projector
Light source system
Method of forming a patterned phosphor structure for an electroluminescent laminate
Control structure fastened with the housing of an electronic device for regulating a cooler of the electronic device
Land grid array connector assembly with pick-up cap
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