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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Ripper and winch assemblies for a bulldozer crawler tractor
Method of measuring polyphenol antioxidants in sorghum and other plant matter and method of selection of specific sorghum varieties for extrusion purposes
Polymeric composition and a method for preparation thereof
Electronic device support for vehicles
Cooling and/or freezing device
Vehicular seat slide device
Locking device
Vertically rotating chair assembly
Creation of long-lived singlet states of gases and their use as inhalable MRI contrast agents
Systems and methods for multimedia tactile augmentation
Pro-neurogenic compounds
Tau imaging probe
Compositions and methods for introduction of macromolecules into cells
Epitope-scaffold immunogens against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)
Humanized anti-CD22 antibody
Fragrance delivery product
Handle weighted bat and assembly process
Sports swing trainer
Heteromorphic attachment and system used in laser gunfight game
Card-handling device and method of operation
Performing Operations; Transporting
Liquid-liquid separator interface detection system and polymerization process utilizing the same
Fluid-forwarding sludge-discharge device for settlement basin
Synergized PGM close-coupled catalysts for TWC applications
Wet scrubber nozzle system and method of use for cleaning a process gas
Gas separation membrane, gas separation module, gas separation apparatus, and gas separation method
Volumetric pressure exchanger for a seawater desalination plant and desalination plant
Electrochemical water softening system
Fluid purification device with flexible housing
Ion exchange membranes containing inorganic particles
Slurry mixer gate having enhanced extractor ports
Refrigerator appliance
Processing biomass and petroleum containing materials
Method and structures for processing materials
Process for preparing absorbent material for apolar compounds or mixtures
Zinc-based nanohybrids, devices and methods thereof
Modified poly (styrene-co-maleic anhydride) and uses thereof
Carbon dioxide conversion system
Steam methane reforming reactor of shell and tube type with cylindrical slots
Point of care medical device for detecting infectious diseases
Device and method for transport and storage
Dispensing head
Roll for molten metal plating bath and method for manufacturing the same
Fluid transport media
Method of manufacturing transparent conductive film, the transparent conductive film, element and transparent conductive substrate using the film, as well as device using the substrate
Cleaning tool for collection member, particle detector, and manufacturing method for cleaning tool for collection member
Method for obtaining a solid product comprising cremated ashes and a wax in a vessel, a product obtained by means of the method and a case containing said product
System and method for hydrostatic backward extrusion
Casting/rolling installation and method for dismantling and installing rolls in a reducing stand of the casting/rolling installation
Apparatus and method for preparing a sample from components internal to a tire
Method for removing matrix from a composite material using a laser
Implant device and method for manufacture
Tire mounting method
Tire mounting apparatus
Five-axis machining apparatus
Tumbled, polished, vibrated broken tempered glass pieces
Processing method
Method of processing tempered glass
Nozzle and device for high-speed generation of uniform nanoparticles
Installation device
Picktip having non-planar topography
Hammering device
Biaxial foldout tool with multiple tools on a side and a rotational stop
Detection of movable ground areas of a robot's environment using a transducer array
Multi-headed safety razor
Hand tool for punching sheet material
Automatic chainsaw tensioning device
Debris catching apparatus for a concrete mixer
Air-cooled belt splicer
Extrusion-to-sheet production line and method
Propylene polymer with improved processability in thermoforming
Fine concavo-convex structure product, heat-reactive resist material for dry etching, mold manufacturing method and mold
Aqueous emulsion resin for producing memory foam and method for manufacturing memory foam product
Blue-ray photocuring 3D printing pen
Mold insert for improved heat transfer
Method for forming stratified rubber article with variable cure rate
Press machine
Biomass pellet and method of producing same
Core shell rubber modified solid epoxy resins
Surface conforming activatable adhesive bodies and methods of making same
Layered semi-finished product and method for producing it
Digital printing device for the dynamic printing of a statically printed substrate web and reel-fed printing press
Printing plate holding apparatus
Printheads having memories formed thereon
Printing apparatus
Moving apparatus
Speed typing apparatus
Bookbinding device having a glue cartridge and, a glue cartridge receiving unit
Compressible traction device
Unique adjustable trailer-locking system, having unique quick-size-release, quick-size-assembly, and quick-size-switch trailer lock for securely locking hitch-ball receivers of all standardized sizes, and for eliminating cavities inside hitch-ball receivers to prevent crowbar-insertion trailer theft
Method and apparatus for the reduction of washer fluid odor in the passenger compartment of a vehicle
Hybrid vehicle split exhaust system with exhaust driven electric machine and A/C compressor
Automobile cover
Vehicle sun visor having an exposed positioning assembly
Work vehicle
Positive acknowledgement method that information is received
Drive device for a vehicle and vehicle comprising the drive device
Wireless energy transfer antennas and energy charging systems
Power cut off device
Regenerative braking control method of hybrid vehicle
Seat slide device
Seat height adjustment module and arrangement for adjusting the height of a seat
Convertible tailgate cover and seat
Vehicle console to seat gap blocker assembly
Hood for a motor vehicle body
Method of mounting a wind turbine
Alleviating rear window noise apparatus
Smartphone-based vehicle control methods
Vehicle cargo area package tray storage system
Stake hole assembly for device attachment
Combination bike rack and step assembly for a vehicle
Wiper blade assembly
Locking stabilizer jack
Swing-down jack with plurality of detent locks
Parking device
Method and apparatus for operating a braking device, braking device
Method for determining a vehicle reference speed and vehicle controller having such a method
Method for regulating a drive train of a motor vehicle
Method for operating a motor vehicle with a dual clutch transmission and control unit for carrying out the method
Mechanical lift seat and installation equipped with this seat
Rail vehicle comprising an inner tank
Railcar positioning system for curved track
Water collection system for a pickup truck
Electric power steering apparatus
Surfboard fin attachment structure and surfboard
Water sports towing vessel and method
Marine lifting apparatus
Multi-functional powerhouse tug and barge (PTB) system employed in an articulated tug and barge system and associated use thereof
Powered surfboard for preserving energy of a surfer during paddling
Structural blank
Propeller incorporating a secondary propulsion system
Shaft made of fiber composite material with fireproof bulkhead feedthrough
Modular indexing for aircraft interior
Lift propulsion and stabilizing system and procedure for vertical take-off and landing aircraft
Aircraft structure comprising a skin panel
Highly integrated inner structure of a torsion box of an aircraft lifting surface
Set of stackable tool boxes
Container for storing small items and related methods
Repulpable corrugated box with styrene-acrylic copolymer and hydrogenated triglyceride coating
Vented storage container
Packages and methods of packaging glass sheets
Container for storing liquids
Combination trash liner storage and trash receptacle
U-shaped board unscrambler
Material transport carriage
Sheet post-processing apparatus and image forming system
Sheet feeder, image forming apparatus incorporating the sheet feeder, and method of removing discharge products in the image forming apparatus
Sheet conveying apparatus and image forming apparatus
Method and arrangement for monitoring the operating condition of a reading device in a transport system
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Halogenated polysilane and plasma-chemical process for producing the same
Process for pure carbon production
Hydromagnetic desalination cell, brine desalination system, and method of desalinating brine water using the desalination cell
Three-dimensional micro-channel structure
Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using fungi
Systems and methods of glass cutting by inducing pulsed laser perforations into glass articles
Expanded lightweight aggregate made from glass or pumice
Pesticidal compositions and processes related thereto
Antagonists of the glucagon receptor
Method for synthesising esters
Methods and intermediates useful for the preparation of alpha-branched aryl phthalimides and alpha-branched aryl amines
Process for the synthesis of 3-methyl-pyridine
Antibacterial agents
Enzalutamide polymorphic forms and its preparation
Small molecule inhibitors of PI3-kinase signaling
Methods of treating an overweight or obese subject
Chiral fluorinating reagents
Synthesis of thienothiophenes
Thienopyrimidine compounds
Selective glycosidase inhibitors and uses thereof
Metathesis catalysts and methods thereof
Substituted zirconocenes catalysts and methods of use in polymerization reactions
Transcription factor decoys, compositions and methods
Harvesting and purification or perfusion yielder (HAPPY) device
Peptide having 5 linked CTL epitopes
Variants of hepatitis B virus with resistance to anti-viral nucleoside agents and applications thereof
Hepatitis B viral variants with reduced susceptibility to nucleoside analogs and uses thereof
Peptide having affinity for silicon nitride (Si.sub.3N.sub.4), and use therefor
Polymer modifying agent composition, modified polymer, rubber composition and tire
Photoisomerizing polymers
Photopolymer resin dual initiation wavelengths for 3D printing
Aqueous dispersions of polyurethane resins based on rosin
Microcapillary films and foams suitable for capillary action fluid transport
Effect of modified graphene and microwave irradiation on the mechanical and thermal properties of P(S-co-MMA)/graphene nanocomposites
Low VOC solventborne dispersion compositions for tinting solvent-based coatings
Emulsified polyol acrylate polymeric emulsion breakers
Colorized micron sized free flowing fillers
Self-renewing hydrophilic organic coatings
Waterproofing agent composition and method of preparing the same
Reactive roofing adhesive
Alignment film, method for preparing the same and liquid crystal display device comprising the same
Optically isotropic liquid crystal medium and optical device
Method for chemical destroying of magnetic data carriers
Process for producing mineral oil using surfactants based on a mixture of C32 guerbet-, C34 guerbet-, C36 guerbet-containing alkyl alkoxylates
Bitumen droplets coalescence
Method for producing high quality biodiesel fuel
Nano-dispersions of carbonaceous material in water as the basis of fuel related technologies and methods of making same
Coal inactivation processing apparatus
Method for enhancing oil production from grain
Culture vessel and method of growing cells in culture vessel
Yeast having improved productivity and method of producing product
mda-9/syntenin promoter to image and treat metastatic cancer cells
High throughput screen for biologically active polypeptides
Down-regulation of auxin responsive genes for improved plant performance
Variants of glycoside hydrolases
Composition and method for in-system priming microfluidic devices
Multiplex methylation-specific amplification systems and methods
Method for producing high-purity nickel sulfate
Electroless copper plating compositions
Device for disinfecting water by means of anodic oxidation
Textiles; Paper
Process for producing purified polysaccharide fibers, purified polysaccharide fibers and tires
Command device for a knitting machine
Washing machine
Laundry treatment apparatus
Polyurethanes derived from non-fluorinated or partially fluorinated polymers
Fixed Constructions
Limited view dynamic message sign for traffic information
Recreational vehicle winterizing coupling
Toilet night light
Architectural panels including elongated thermoplastic members
Panels for framing and constructing a building structure
Node structures for lattice frames
Above ground pool
Device and method for automatically laterally storing a motor vehicle in a storing device
FER locking system for sliding windows
Device for removing rotating head rubbers from drill pipe
Tool for use on exit side of bore and method of use thereof
Abandonment cap and method of sealing production wells
Use of elastomers to produce gels for treating a wellbore
Downhole tools with ball trap
Surface modification agent to prolong scale inhibitor lifetime
In situ hydrocarbon recovery using distributed flow control devices for enhancing temperature conformance
Methods for treating siliciclastic hydrocarbon-bearing formations with fluorinated amine oxides
Method of fracturing a subterranean formation with use flowback aids
Distributed acoustic sensing gauge length effect mitigation
Cutting tool assembly including retainer sleeve with retention member
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Stator component with segmented inner ring for a turbomachine
Turbine blade with cooling arrangement
Adjustable transition support and method of using the same
Device for controlling a working fluid in a closed circuit operating according to the Rankine cycle, and method using said device
Heat utilization in ORC systems
Cam carrier assembly for an internal combustion engine
Blow-by gas recirculation apparatus
Constant fresh air crankcase ventilation
Control device for internal combustion engine
Twin scroll turbocharger in a variable displacement engine
Applications of oxy-fuel combustion technology into gas turbine combustors and ion transport membrane reactors
Method for controlling fuel pressure for a LPG engine
Internal combustion engine having a fuel supply system for stop-and-go operation
Pump and common rail fuel injection system
Hydraulic wave energy converter
Low profile ocean pump array generation station
Pitch bearing with a gear segment in a wind turbine
Wind turbine
Wind turbine system for generating electrical power
Compressor mounting system
Heat dissipation device
Pump casing
Claw pump with relief space
Motor and pump assembly for mounting in a vehicle seat
Control valve apparatus of power shovel
Oil hydraulic cylinder and spindle thereof
Adhesive joint and adhesion process
Screw with a screw head which has a drive
Fasteners with dual skin depth washers
Tensioning roller or winder device and method of manufacture
Friction clutch
Linear sensor
Fluid pressure control device for power shovel
Internal combustion engine with centrifugal pendulum device, and method for producing the centrifugal pendulum device of such an internal combustion engine
Friction transmission belt
Kinetic energy recovery and hydraulic drive for vehicles
Differential having light weight bevel gearing
System and method for automatically shifting a vehicle
Continuously variable transmission with direction selection mechanism
Seal system including water management feature
Center flow pressure relief valve
Rotationally driven poppet valve
Screw connection device for fluid lines, in particular for motor vehicle fluid lines
Buried pipeline repair system
Duct assemblies with internally bolted expansion joint
Hose coupling
Machine arrangement
LNG tank
Light-emitting device and method for compensating chromaticity of light-emitting device
LED light source for headlamp
Automotive daytime running lights
Illumination system for safety helmet
Explosion-proof lamp cable gland
Device for attenuating electromagnetic disturbances, and motor vehicle light module equipped with such a device
Light guide and lighting assembly with array of rotated micro-optical elements
Solar power system
System for co-firing cleaned coal and beneficiated organic-carbon-containing feedstock in a coal combustion apparatus
Current gated electrode for applying an electric field to a flame
Electrically stabilized burner
Glow plug
Method and apparatus for heating a stored liquid
Magnetocaloric refrigerator
Thermoelectric compressed air and/or inert gas dryer
System and method for preventing absorbent crystallization in a continuously operating solar-powered absorption cooling system with hybrid storage
Expansion valve
Reefer container and power supply system for reefer container
Air conditioning control system for controlling outside air control and return air control of air conditioning system
Nested heat transfer system
Entrochemical energy transfer system and a process for obtaining work from environmental thermal energy
Drying device for hollow fiber membrane
Ceramic coated automotive heat exchanger components
Water storage vessel assembly with coil support member
Baffle and baffle inserter for a tube with slots having sidewalls
Pivotal handle for archery bow
Concealed holster assembly
Ammunition for providing a multilayer flowering upon impact
General use of a strapless pallet
Multiple measurement channel detector circuit for interferometers
Angular velocity sensor
Systems, methods, and apparatus for providing indoor navigation using optical floor sensors
Creating route based on image analysis or reasoning
Sensor output change detection
Sensor capable of sensing shear force
Supporting apparatus and torsion test measuring device using same
Combustion pressure sensor and method of manufacturing the same
Combustion ratio calculating method for exhaust gas heating apparatus
Leakage detection device and fluid controller including same
Airborne-substance detection device and cartridge used in same
Measurement of serum lipoproteins
Measurement of serum lipoproteins
Deflecting prism and measuring assembly
Imaging by attenuated total reflectance (ATR)
Measurement of lactic acid in biological fluids
Inspection method for bearing part and inspection apparatus for bearing part
Cross sectional depth composition generation utilizing scanning electron microscopy
PM detection apparatus
Method for evaluation testing of material for internal combustion engine
Expression of isoform 202 of ERCC1 for predicting response to cancer chemotherapy
RBM3 in bladder cancer
Micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) device
Acceleration sensor
Method and system for magnetic resonance imaging using nitrogen-vacancy centers
Non-permanent termination structure for microprobe measurements
Manufacturing method for current sensor and current sensor
Touch detection device, touch detection system and touch detection method
Capacitance measurement device and electronic device thereof
Detection of and response to second leakage detection circuit
Semiconductor wafer probing system including pressure sensing and control unit
Smart handler resource distribution system
Magnetic sensors
Emergency, security, and accessibility apparatus and methods
Systems and methods for readout of event-driven pixels
Long-distance transmission of light in a scintillator-based radiation detector
Gain stabilization of radiation detectors via spectrum analysis
Imaging zoom lens system
Magnification viewer lens
Three-dimensional image display device
Systems, methods, and apparatus for production coatings of low-emissivity glass including a ternary alloy
Method of manufacturing polarizing plate
All-optical logic gates using nonlinear elements--claim set V
Methods and apparatus for an ophthalmic lens with functional insert layers
Spectacle attachment that provides protection
Actively modulated plasmonic devices
Electric privacy glass and resin used therein
Display device and manufacturing method thereof
Rear projection display screen and device
Projection apparatus
Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
Onium compounds and methods of synthesis thereof
Compositions and methods for pattern treatment
Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and storage medium performing toner amount adjustment
Semiconductive roller
Optical writing device, image forming device, optical writing control method, and computer program product
Curling detection device, image forming apparatus, curling detection method, image adjustment method, recording medium storing a curling detection program, and recording medium storing an image adjustment program
Toner conveyance device and image forming apparatus
Methods and apparatus for coherent holographic data channels
Low volume precision bellows
Method and apparatus for visually authenticating photos
Electrical actuator system for adjustable furniture with control box having ports in opposing walls
System and method for temperature compensation of measurement machine
Ground water air conditioning systems and associated methods
Methods and control systems of resistance adjustment of resistors
Information processing apparatus capable of correcting time-of-day management function, control method therefor, and storage medium
Wearable device
Compact folding architecture for head mounted device
Method, apparatus, and system for improving inter-chip and single-wire communication for a serial interface
Electronic device and method for changing a working state of the electronic device
Device capable of presenting startup UI, method of presenting the same, and non-transitory computer readable medium storing presentation program
Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including power and performance balancing between multiple processing elements and/or a communication bus
PC power monitoring
System and method for reliable non-blocking messaging for multi-process application replication
Recovery after data loss in a reliable distributed computing system
Method of starting up device, device and computer readable medium
Eliminate corrupted portions of cache during runtime
Method, apparatus and software for managing the generation of process events by a software process
Stack pattern breakpoint in COBOL
Software testing coverage
Stack pattern breakpoint in COBOL
Semiconductor device
Shared memory in a secure processing environment
Sharing TLB mappings between contexts
Stored data with temporal proximity analysis for very large scale data with very low built in latency
Storage apparatus and data storage method
Single-stage arbiter/scheduler for a memory system comprising a volatile memory and a shared cache
Page replacement algorithms for use with solid-state drives
System and method for thread scheduling on reconfigurable processor cores
Addressing auto address assignment and auto-routing in NAND memory network
Managing cache coherence for memory caches
Managing cache coherence for memory caches
Virtual storage instrumentation for real time analytics
Storage device and motherboard able to support the storage device
Method, devices and systems for dynamic multimedia data flow control for thermal power budgeting
Internet interface and integration language system and method
Intelligent rendering of webpages
Generating production server load activity for a test server
System and method of posting coded messages on social networks
Transductive lasso for high-dimensional data regression problems
Smarter electronic reader
Generating query refinements using query components
Music system managing method
Plane media product supporting interactive interconnected system
Control path power adjustment for chip design
Identity based connected services
Managing streams of tuples
Generating and partitioning polynomials
Pattern identification and correction of document misinterpretations in a natural language processing system
Confidence weighting of complex relationships in unstructured data
Predicting interest of a user of a social networking service in a content item
Engagement summary generation
Synchronization of client machines with a content management system repository
Handling information source ingestion in a question answering system
Managing record location lookup caching in a relational database
Context-based notifications in multi-application based systems
Automatic comparison of enterprise profile analytics
Object placement apparatus, object placement method and program
Managing related digital content
Generation and use of delta index
Normalization of confidence thresholds in federated environments
Extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) job creation using business term stage
Database system and database management method
Mobile device and method for concurrently processing content according to multiple playlists
Document classification and characterization
Timing constraints formulation for highly replicated design modules
Timing constraints formulation for highly replicated design modules
Verification environments utilizing hardware description languages
Optimizing placement of circuit resources using a globally accessible placement memory
Intra-run design decision process for circuit synthesis
RAS evaluation for circuit element
Device and method for verifying CNC production accuracy
Thermal model optimisation
Method and system for authenticating and monitoring home health interactions
Continuous content identification of broadcast content
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Implementing and processing extent granularity authorization mechanism in CAPI adapters
Customer load of field programmable gate arrays
Hardware independent imaging method
Storage management in hybrid drives
Display device, in particular for motor vehicle
Device, method, and storage medium storing program with control for terminating a program
Hand-held electronic device
Mobile terminal and display control method
Touch panel device and touch panel driving method
Remote sensing touchscreen
Apparatus and method for displaying thumbnails
Generating a user interface for activating multiple applications
Overlay maps for navigation of intraoral images
Gesture based document editor
Storage system and storage control method
Data communication system, slave, and master
Detachable detection and warning system for an aircraft
Providing auto-focus for a search field in a user interface
Database auditing for bulk operations
Determining criticality of a SQL statement
Reducing fragmentation in compressed journal storage
Reducing fragmentation in compressed journal storage
Efficient distribution and selection of storage media in a storage medium library
System and method for monitoring driving behavior of a driver
Live initialization of a boot device
Detecting cross-talk on processor links
Collecting transactional execution characteristics during transactional execution
Software testing optimizer
Progress metric for combinatorial models
Hardware-based edge profiling
Unified user element information provisioning
Assertions based on recently changed code
Assertions based on recently changed code
Defect detection using test cases generated from test models
Testing application internal modules with instrumentation
Techniques for testing software
Probationary software tests
Automated validation of the appearance of graphical user interfaces
Computing program equivalence based on a hierarchy of program semantics and related canonical representations
Integrating data transform test with data transform tool
System and method for analyzing software application in view of entry points
Determining test case efficiency
Development supporting system
Automated creation of executable workflow
Method for defining alias sets
Information processing apparatus including bridges that connect virtual machines and physical devices, and control method thereof
Spice circuit model for twinaxial cable
Administering virtual machines in a distributed computing environment
Processing of long running processes
Dynamic timeout period adjustment of service requests
Variable configurations for workload distribution across multiple sites
Assigning levels of pools of resources to a super process having sub-processes
Managing a free list of resources to decrease control complexity and reduce power consumption
Printer, method, and program for printing Arabic characters
Security element for sensitive documents and a sensitive document
Package structure
File searching system and file searching method thereof
Apparatus and method for correcting susceptibility artefacts in a magnetic resonance image
Individual verification apparatus, individual verification method and computer-readable recording medium
Protection case for electronic device and fingerprint input method
Image processing apparatus for dividing an image based on markers, method thereof and program therefor
Flesh color detection condition determining apparatus, and flesh color detection condition determining method
Accurately determining the position and orientation of each of a plurality of identical recognition target objects in a search target image
Discovering object pathways in a camera network
Biometric authentication using the eye
Computing hierarchical computations for computer vision calculations
Automatic access control system for controlling access to a physical object or admission to a physical object and method
Debugging code using a question and answer system based on documentation and code change records
System and method for network visualization and plan review
Electronic device and electronic system
Electrowetting element with non-switchable color filter
Information processing device including head mounted display
Input device set and composite input device set
Information processing apparatus, method for controlling the same and program
Detection of data corruption in a data processing device
Selective error coding
Aggregator for a switch rack system
Multi-faced component-based electromechanical device
Method and apparatus for single chamber treatment
Vibrating generating device
Supramolecular polymers derived from perylene-diimides
Wearable electronic device
Broadband wavelength-swept light source system and apparatus employing the same
Pultruded or extruded cross arm structures for utility poles
Method for recommending short-cuts in order to ease and fasten navigating within navigation topology
System and method for automated alerts in anticipation of inappropriate communication
Revocation of mobile device communication control privileges
Glow plug
Energy storage for PV water heater
Illumination system for mobile dispensing devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Tarpaulin deployment device
Spinning reel rotor
Insect repellant assembly
Automated loading devices and associated methods used to straddle load elongated product onto a receiving member
Antimicrobial bra
LED flashlight with switch separate from panel
Interlocking closure device
Traction splint
Storage case having soft intraocular lens folding function
Footwear pack
Ladder carrying device
Belt clip apparatus for portable electronic device
Fabric lotion applicator
Portable conversion washing device for automobiles
Toothbrush usage monitoring system
Brush head and method of manufacturing such a brush head
Computer armrest
Modular rack for compact discs
Swing having seat units with tiltable backrests
Chair construction
Convertible inflatable furnishing
Chair with pivotable back
Seat connection mechanism
Article dispensing apparatus
Wooden shoe rack construction
Ambidextrous merchandise fixture and method of displaying merchandise therefrom
Beverage container holder and lighting arrangement having selectively activated light source
Container for blender
Toothbrush holder and a method for assuring the hygiene of a toothbrush holder and for adapting a toothbrush holder to provide assurance of its hygiene
Dispensing lid
Fixed-spool toilet paper dispenser with removable outer bracket and method
Single hand, paper towel dispenser
Dish rack for dishwasher
Washable cloth vacuum cleaner filter bag having a resealable opening for emptying vacuumed debris
Automated complete exercise system
Endoscope valve assembly and method
Endoscopic system and method for positioning an indwelling tube
Apparatus and method for the collection of interstitial fluids
Temperature indicator and insulator for powered surgical instruments
Reinforced absorbable medical sealing device
Methods and tools for accessing an anatomic space
Surgical suturing instrument and method of use
Surgical stapling instrument incorporating an articulation joint for a firing bar track
Sutureless closure and deployment system for connecting blood vessels
Completely resorbable connective tissue distraction devices and techniques
Rotary device for fixing spinal column under treatment
Instrumentation for stabilizing certain vertebrae of the spine
Bone fracture support implant with non-metal spacers
Implant for osteosyntheses
Cryosurgical fluid supply
Cryotherapy methods for treating vessel dissections and side branch occlusion
Method and apparatus for cryosurgery
Method and device to treat vulnerable plaque
Electrosurgical cutting tool
Surgical method and apparatus for positioning a diagnostic or therapeutic element within the body
Robotic apparatus
Light source for ophthalmic use
Wavefront-generated custom ophthalmic surfaces
Eye tracking employing a retro-reflective disk
Method and apparatus for remote physical contact
Portable handheld hearing screening device and method with internet access and link to hearing screening database
Augmentation-index measuring apparatus
Portable device for collecting information about living body, and system and method for collecting information about living body
inertial orientation tracker having automatic drift compensation using an at rest sensor for tracking parts of a human body
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
Method and device for producing a helper signal
Device for examining a subject capable of marking a boundary range for insertion/retraction of an insertion/retraction member that is inserted in and retracted from the subject
Ultrasonic tomograph
Medical or dental-medical treatment instrument having a filter element
System and method for positioning teeth
Interactive dental restorative network
Orthodontic bracket holder
Epoxy resin bonding pad for a ceramic orthodontic appliance
Tool and method for adjusting orthodontic expansion screws
Dental implant and tool and method for effecting a dental restoration using the same
Mold compound ejection tip for dentistry
Disposable absorbent article having barrier means, and method of its manufacture
Elastic absorbent article
Therapeutic pad
Absorbent article having liquid handling member which collapses under high pressures
Applicator for insertion of cargo into a body cavity
Distensible sling for urinary incontinence
Stent delivery system
Self-expanding intravascular device with protector members
Graft vessel preparation device and methods for using the same
Stent with ring architecture and axially displaced connector segments
Flexible vascular inducing implants and methods
Radially expandable stented tubular PTFE grafts
Biasing element for intraocular lens system
Small incision lens
Driver tool with multiple drive gear layers for heart prosthesis fasteners
Annuloplasty band and method
Molded surgical implant and method
Radiation and melt treated ultra high molecular weight polyethylene prosthetic devices
Femur end implant
Device, system and method for separation of modular orthopaedic elements
Cooling system for indwelling heat exchange catheter
Device and method for the increase of ocular elasticity and prevention of macular degeneration
Method and apparatus for alignment of intracorneal inlay
Method of conveniently thwarting infant amblyopia after cataract removal
Glare blocking device
Security wheelchair
Warm air massager
Gradient sequential compression system for preventing deep vein thrombosis
Amino acid composition for hemodialysis
Orthodontic modeling filler material and method
Ternary alloy and apparatus thereof
Medical devices having full or partial polymer coatings and their methods of manufacture
Methods and apparatus for localized delivery of scented aerosols
Dialysis liquid preparing apparatus
Method and system for colloid exchange therapy
Bolus tip design for a multi-lumen catheter
Bubble humidifier with improved diffuser and pressure relief device
Catheter anchoring system
Indwelling needle
Medical device with shield having a retractable needle
Method for stabilizing balloon during dilation
Intravascular occlusion balloon catheter
Textured and/or marked balloon for stent delivery
Low profile catheter for emboli protection
Linear actuator and a medical delivery device comprising such linear actuator
Pressure/force computer controlled drug delivery system with exit pressure control
Magnetic field therapy
Delivery system and method for interstitial radiotherapy using hollow seeds
Fire apparatus monitor
Tumbling toy
Exercise apparatus for simulating skating movement
Hip rotation training device
Adjustable hand grip exerciser
Rear safety foot rest of a treadmill
Treadmill deck with cushioned sides
Exercise apparatus with elliptical stepping motion
Golf ball
Golf ball with multi-layered core
Multi-piece solid golf ball
Two-piece solid golf ball
Golf balls and methods of manufacturing the same
Golf swing tracking device
Putter grip and method
Joint optionally usable to form a jointed golf club
Combination carrying strap and support stand
Hand-held ball hitting training device
Base anchoring assembly
Training device for boxing
Golf practicing device having automatic restoring function
Height adjustable golf practicing device
Combined bar code and scantron indicia scheme for golf score card and including handicap update capabilities
Modular water play structure
Easily adjusted skate
Conductive wheel
Longitudinally adjustable mount for a snowboard binding
Device for adjusting the position of a binding for securing a boot to a gliding board
Dedicated wireless digital video dics (DVD) controller for video game consoles
Game keyboard device
Exercise assisting method and apparatus implementing such method
Video game in which player sets control values
Game machine, game processing method and information storage medium
Memory device, controller, and electronic device
Fishing board game
Dice game apparatus and methods for using same
Radio-controlled two-wheeled vehicle toy
Remote-controlled tractor trailer toy
Stuffed toy with replaceable play-stimulation item
Motion-generating illuminated inflatable decoration
Simulated eye for toys
Replaceable faceplates for peripheral devices
Double layer blocks capable of turning endlessly
Performing Operations; Transporting
Filter cartridge with strap and method
Pressure liquid filtration with ultrasonic bridging prevention
Method for distilling (meth) acrylic acid solution
Apparatus for filtering impurities out of fluid
Composite biosorbent for treatment of waste aqueous system(s) containing heavy metals
Dust collector with assembly of cylindrical and hexahedral bag filter
Spin-on desiccant cartridge with integral oil removal filter
Polymeric hydrogen diffusion barrier, high-pressure storage tank so equipped, method of fabricating a storage tank and method of preventing hydrogen diffusion
Mixing and reducing machine with an upward conveying mixing blade
Mixing, aeration or oxygenating method and apparatus
Automated cement mixing system
Compact plasma reactor
Material for chromatography
Threaded closure
Compositions for removing hydrocarbons and halogenated hydrocarbons from contaminated environments
Automated radionuclide separation system and method
Delivery system for liquid catalysts
Method and installation for guiding material in a single essentially predetermined stream
Retractable rod screens
Closed loop cyclonic mill, and method and apparatus for drying and fiberizing material
Methods of controlling the density and thermal properties of bulk materials
Sprayer controller and method
Liquid sealing arrangements for replaceable liquid reservoirs
Device for dispensing particulate matter and system using the same
Method and apparatus for digital printing
Method and arrangement in a drive device of a rod coating station
Ultrasonic horn assembly with fused stack components
Pyrolysis plant for refuse and method for screening solid residues
Sort system and method utilizing instructions to direct placement and provide feedback
Method for gasket removal
Large roll dispenser
Extraction of pollutants from underground water
Method for phytomining of nickel, cobalt and other metals from soil
Tool-exchanging device for presses
Method of fastening a tool in a tool holder
Casting having an enhanced heat transfer, surface, and mold and pattern for forming same
Casting process and product
Cutting insert for turning
Power tool having a quick-release chuck assembly
Hand tool with electronic depth stop
Tubular hole cutter
Method of controlling solder deposition utilizing two fluxes and preform
Wire bonding device and wire bonding method
Method for clamping and wire-bonding the leads of a lead frame one set at a time
Ultrasonic horn mount
Friction stir welding method
Honeycomb structure molding die having narrow slit grooves with recesses and protrusions
Soldering iron with heat pipe
Method and apparatus for cutting steel to reduce slag adherence
Connector for connecting welding torch
Methods of assembling airfoils to turbine components and assemblies thereof
Numerically controlled machine tool
Cam-type automatic tool-exchanging apparatus having shutter driving mechanism
Locating assembly having an extendable clamping finger
Method for lathing a lens
Optical lens coating
Method and apparatus for planarizing a microelectronic substrate with a tilted planarizing surface
Concrete grinder apparatus
Rotary mower blade sharpener
Sharpening device for rotating cutting tools and machine employing said device
Universal coupling for machine tool
Carrier heads, planarizing machines and methods for mechanical or chemical-mechanical planarization of microelectronic-device substrate assemblies
Wafer carrier, wafer carrier components, and CMP system for polishing a semiconductor topography
Method and apparatus for wireless transfer of chemical-mechanical planarization measurements
Tire uniformity machine grindstone
Abrasive article having a window system for polishing wafers, and methods
Supporting disk for a surface grinding wheel and surface grinding wheel
Grinding machine tool support
Punch and manufacturing method for recessed head fastener
Panel removal tool
Fastener driving tool having pressurized power source
Fastener tool having auxiliary fuel cell metering valve stem seal adaptor
Trim-type fastener driving tool
Anti-oxidant battery contacts for fastener-driving tool
Quick tool coupler adapted to a sliding hammer
Tool box
Punch with punch elements in adjustable positions
Operating substance tank, especially for a portable handheld work apparatus
Telescoping form
Use of waste carpet as filler
Method for manufacturing preforms for polymer optical fibers
Method and apparatus for performing continuous motion intermittent ultrasonic sealing
Method and system for production of fibrous composite prototypes using acoustic manipulation in stereolithography
Method of manufacturing sealant-containing tires, and sealant-containing tire
Plastic eyeglass lenses
Tinted contact lens and method for making same
Methods of making coated articles by sputtering silver in oxygen inclusive atmosphere
Method and apparatus for die cutting and making laminate articles
Angle-bar arrangement for web-processing rotary presses
Ink jet printer, ink jet head, and image forming method
Active vacuum roller and method for advancing media
Recording-medium conveying device conveying a recording medium on a conveying belt charged with a positive charge and a negative charge alternately
Printer for accommodating varying page thicknesses
Printing methods and apparatus for reducing banding due to paper transport
Recording apparatus
Printer media tray and method of using same
Inkjet printer, drive method and drive device for same
Inkjet head
Fluid ejection device
Liquid discharge head and liquid discharge apparatus
Thermal bend actuator and control circuitry for a micro-electromechanical device
Ink jet heater chip and method therefor
Inkjet recording head with minimal ink drop ejecting capability
Power distribution architecture for inkjet heater chip
Inkjet print head and method for making the same
Ink jet apparatus and waste liquid absorbing method
Method and device for printing with error or fault correction
Method of cleaning printhead in inkjet printer
Multi-color, multi-speed printing apparatus
Submersible ink source regulator for an inkjet printer
Ink-jet printing apparatus and ink cartridge
Methods and systems for a configurable print cartridge
Ink cartridge storage structure and method
Ink jet recording apparatus
Ink housing device reliably preventing ink leakage
Ink set comprising dark yellow ink composition
Ink-jet printing apparatus
Interleaving apparatus and methods for radial printing
Fluid ejector apparatus and methods
Micro-electromechanical fluid ejection device having a chamber that is volumetrically altered for fluid ejection
Method of manufacturing a micro-electromechanical fluid ejecting device
Ink supply arrangement for a printing mechanism of a wide format pagewidth inkjet printer
Keyboard that incorporates a printing mechanism
Material handler apparatus
Document security method utilizing microdrop combinatorics, ink set and ink composition used therein, and product formed
Ink-jet recording method
Pretreatment liquid for recording material and image recording method using the pretreatment liquid
Heat-setting label sheet
Heat transfer cover films
Security document with a perforation pattern
Applicator for applying nail polish remover
Instrument for highlighting
Mounting for vehicular road wheel
Trailer coupling
Mount for a piston-cylinder assembly
Method and device for controlling the suspension performance in vehicles having hydropneumatic suspension devices and highly variable axle-load ratios
Vehicle suspension with a dock height holding device
Inside/outside air switching device for vehicular air conditioning unit
Air distribution system for ventilated seat
Anti-rattle valve feature for a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) assembly
Windshield for all-terrain vehicle
Automotive body side impact control system
Retractable roof for vehicle, comprising three longitudinal elements
One piece plastic water management system for sunroof
Motor vehicle with a closeable roof opening
Drive device for motor vehicle sliding sunroofs
Load floor latch
Motor vehicle retractable roof with pivoting elements
Hardtop vehicle roof movable between closed and open positions
Convertible vehicle
Wind protection device for an open motor vehicle
Safety device for a remotely-activated power supplying system of a manual transmission vehicle
Catch hook for a backrest adjustment armature in the seats of motor vehicles
Reclining device for a seat
Two-stage protective car seat cover for child and infant safety chairs
Vertically and horizontally split midgate assembly
Vehicle seat recline and impact control mechanism
Seat latching assembly
Device for supporting the head and neck of a passenger while a passenger is sleeping in a vehicle
Car headrest cover for protecting and beautifying headrest
Seat back structure of vehicle seat
Drawer apparatus in vehicle
Hitch-mounted cycle rack
Truck body hinge assembly
Modular reconfigurable vehicle rack system
Searchlight and controller therefore
Night vision imaging system (NVIS) compliant instrument panel component
Vehicle combination light with integrated accessory light for illumination
Apparatus for watching around vehicle
Adjustable frame for retaining hand truck on vehicular body
RV sewage line stabilizing device
Motor vehicle bumper and motor vehicle
Occupant protection apparatus for a vehicle
Glove box for vehicle
Airbag device
Gas bag restraining device
Occupant restraint system
Hybrid gas generator
Single loop, four-point shoulder and lap belt system
Seat belt retractot with hydraulic load limiting
Device for the fixation of dimensionally stable suitcases
Device for fixing the hub of an arm of a windscreen wiper
Cylinder for automatic transmission
Sealing insert, especially for a piston in the hydraulic braking system of a motor vehicle
Integrated air dryer module for vehicle air brake
Electromagnetic valve support
Dunnage bar pivot assembly
Methods and apparatus for truck hunting determination
Drywall cart
Vehicle hardtop carrier
Body structure of motor vehicles
Composite plug with mesh substrate for use during vehicle manufacture and method of manufacturing the same
Reinforcing frame structure for a vehicle roof
Vehicle closure body structure and related method
Vehicle wheel shield for air control
Structural reinforcement system having modular segmented characteristics
Articulating adjustable resistance suspension seat
Suspension system
Shock absorbing device for a bicycle
Transmission system for cycle type vehicle
Floating stability device for offshore platform
Flying ski
Child's safety swimwear
Urethane flotation device
Pneumatically operated inlet water valve
Method of installing an engine
Snap-in window assembly and method
Control device and method for emergency opening of an aircraft evacuation door
Aircraft landing gear having an independent low-noise fairing system
Wing structure of airplane
Geometric morphing wing with layers
Rapidly-convertible roadable aircraft
Method for engaging a probe and drogue for aerial refueling
Light for an aircraft
Deployable inflatable boom and methods for packaging and deploying a deployable inflatable boom
Positive lock quick release pin
Method of making a dunnage platform
Assembly having slider mounted inside zipper for reclosable packaging
Tamper evident slider package
Unitary bulk container for use with internal bag
Compressed fabric display product
Protective packaging structure for shock sensitive products and co-packaged accessories therefor
Base plate support for anti-blast cargo container
Low profile deadman and method for shipping the same with a tank
Low profile rod clamp
Method and apparatus for automatic pick up of hosiery articles from a container
Method and apparatus for the pneumatic conveying of fine bulk material
Sheet inverter
Web winding method and apparatus and contact roller thereof
Expanding mandrel
Sheet processing apparatus and image forming system having the same
Banknote release and storage apparatus
Rolled sheet material dispenser with protected sheet cutting means
Bobbin creel for textile machines and actuating valve for adjusting such a bobbin creel
Sheet conveying apparatus for image information processor
Sheet feeding device
Detectable spool and associated hub
Hose reel with a sprinkler
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Membrane and use thereof
High purity fine metal powders and methods to produce such powder
Carbon dioxide enhanced complex-adsorption process for metal or metalloid removal from water
Water purification system and method
Method and system for cleaning semiconductor elements
Method and apparatus for aerating wastewater
Bioreactor for treating wastewater
Process for treating industrial wastewaters
Refrigeration shelf and method of making the same
Pulverulent ash composition as a portland cement substitute for improving concrete products and method
Fine particle of aluminum hydroxide for filling resin and resin composition using the same
Organic pigment dispersion for coloring building materials
Apparatus and method for manufacturing organic EL display device
Non-toxic composition for priming mixture for small caliber arms ammunition
Paving compositions and methods for their use
Bipolar quasi-divided electrolysis cells
Process for patching canals and ditches with a non-sagging polyurethane composition
Stabilizer for asphalt emulsion
Emulsion of a colloidal clay and water slurry in a bitumen cutback
Color ink-jet inks having improved decap without affecting color-to-black bleed control
Aqueous ink-jet inks for printing on commercial offset coated media
Ink for oil-based ball pen
Ballpoint pen oil-based ink composition and ballpoint pens
Polishing compound and method for polishing substrate
Aqueous dispersion for chemical mechanical polishing
Stop-leak composition for internal combustion engines
Process and apparatus for treating solid fuel materials
Fuel composition
Paraffin dispersants with a lubricity effect for distillates of petroleum products
Aqueous fuel formulation for reduced deposit formation on engine system components
Gas-expanded liquids, methods of use thereof, and systems using gas-expanded liquids for cleaning integrated circuits
Steel product and method for manufacturing
Method and apparatus for using a pre-jel for producing self-reducing agglomerates
Process for the production of high surface area tantalum and/or niobium powders
Alpha-beta Ti-Ai-V-Mo-Fe alloy
Sputtering target and methods of making and using same
Ferritic stainless steel sheet for fuel tank and fuel pipe
Method of manufacturing a fibre reinforced metal component
Cylindrical target and its production method
Non-thermionic sputter material transport device, methods of use, and materials produced thereby
Operating a magnetron sputter reactor in two modes
Apparatus for the synthesis of layers, coatings or films
Methods, complexes, and systems for forming metal-containing films on semiconductor structures
Cleaning gases and etching gases
Plasma processing apparatus
Method for depositing in particular crystalline layers, gas-admission element and device for carrying out the method
Screw for a plastics processing machine, and method of regenerating a screw
Hydrogen generating cell with cathode
High temperature lighting bulb shield
Method and apparatus for producing single crystal, substrate for growing single crystal and method for heating single crystal
Method for low temperature photonic crystal structures
Textiles; Paper
Combination module feeder and cleaner for cotton gin
Fabric comprising nonwoven elements for use in the manufacture of tissue products having visually discernable background texture regions bordered by curvilinear decorative elements and method thereof
Doctor blade holder
Fixed Constructions
Concrete railroad tie turnout assembly
Cushioned surface structure and methods for making the same
Twin discharge conveyor for a truck mounted spreader system
Anti-rotational traffic channeling device
Apparatus for guiding the legs of a lift boat
Erosion control and bulkhead apparatus
Actuator apparatus
Spout converter
Siding board for clapboard boarding and a clapboard boarding structure
Swing bolt lock with improved tamper resistance and method of operation
Latching mechanism for a vehicle
Protective wear sleeve having tapered lock and retainer
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Actuated brush seal
Seal structure, turbine having the same, and leak-preventing seal system for rotating shaft
Turbine blade (bucket) health monitoring and prognosis using neural network based diagnostic techniques in conjunction with pyrometer signals
Root notched turbine blade
Steam turbine bucket flowpath
Rod and groove for sealing or adjusting axial location of turbine parts and methods of use
Cam bracket
Gas turbine and method of operating a gas turbine
Longer stroke control valve and actuator
Double concentric inlet tube for setting armature/needle lift and method of manufacturing same
Method for adjusting the valve lift of an injection valve
Injection valve with single disc turbulence generation
Fuel injection valve
Variable displacement compressor
Compressor with single shaft support
Variable capacity air conditioning compressor with improved crankcase oil retention
Laminated devices and methods of making same
Fuel metering unit
Gear pump with a drive and a hydraulic tank
Structure for reducing noise and vibration of scroll compressor
Discharge porting for screw compressor with tangential flow guide cusp
Fan in which motor yoke is mounted on a motor shaft by caulking or spot welding
High-pressure misting fan
Vapor evacuation device
Locking fastener
Load cell for securing electronic components
Compliant foil-fluid bearing support arrangement
Sealing device for rolling bearings
Viscous liquid vibration damping composition
Multi-speed power transmission
Contact pressure regulation system
Metal gasket
Unibody valve and techniques for making same for a purge control device
Circumferential sealing diaphragm valve
Metering and flow control valve
Pneumatic valve
Diaphragm valve
Concentric pipe joint restraint
Quick-connecting coupler for hoses, pipes and faucets
LED light module for vehicles
Do-it-yourself lampshade kit
Light source device and projector utilizing the same
Weighted flashlight
Reflector/refractor light control luminaire
Spread illuminating apparatus
Liquid atomizing nozzle
Combustion apparatus
Programmable thermostat including a feature for providing a running total for the cost of energy consumed during a given period for heating and/or cooling a conditioned space
Gas lighter
Infrared heating assembly
Vent assembly
Apparatus for venting rooms with exhaust fans
Method and apparatus for analyzing the end face of a multifiber ferrule
Temperature measuring method and apparatus
Calorimeter and manufacturing method thereof
Temperature measurement of an electronic device
Mechanism for removing probe cover from a thermometer probe
In-situ standard for temperature indicating labels
Method and arrangement for acoustically determining a fluid temperature
Device for sensing temperature of an electronic chip
Mass production of cross-section TEM samples by focused ion beam deposition and anisotropic etching
Methods for manufacturing a microstructured sensor
Gas-detecting element and gas-detecting device comprising same
Methods for conducting electrophoretic analysis
Dynamic coating with linear polymer mixture for electrophoresis
Effluent collection apparatus and method
Method for fabricating microstructures with deep anisotropic etching of thick silicon wafers
Method for manufacturing a spin valve film and a method of manufacturing a magnetoresistance-effect type magnetic head
Arrangement for storing and transporting at least one optical component
Optical apparatus which uses a virtually imaged phased array to produce chromatic dispersion
Planar laser illumination and imaging (PLIIM) systems
Vibration and shock absorbing mounting assembly for a retroreflector assembly
Pinhole disk laminate and a process for producing the same
Production of aiming spot with enhanced visibility in electro-optical readers for reading indicia
Pluggable transceiver module having release mechanism
Optical fiber coupling unit and optical waveguide arrangement, and method of producing an optical fiber coupling unit
Optical waveguide ferrule and method of making an optical waveguide ferrule
Mechanically constrained connection
Process for fabricating a photonics package and for aligning an optical fiber with a photodetector surface during fabrication of such a package
Optical interconnect structure, system and transceiver including the structure, and method of forming the same
Light generating module
Encapsulated optical fiber end-coupled device
Channel or pipe system, method for sanitizing a channel or pipe system and for installing a cable or a reserve conduit and device for installing a cable or a reserve conduit
Turning mirror
Removable lens frame mounted to an eyewear platform
Interchangeable lens eyeglass system with interchangeable nosepiece
Hinge for eyewear
Polarized lens of plastic lamination and the production method of the same
Aberration correction spectacle lens
Flat ophthalmic lens synthesized from its specifications
Methods for generating a progressive surface and for production of multifocal progressive lenses
Ion exchange waveguides and methods of fabrication
Method and apparatus for manufacturing optical resin substrate, method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid crystal display element using it, and liquid crystal display device using it
Device for adapting a projector to different lamps
Camera frame assembly having independently back-pivoting drive hub for impact shutter
Film magazine
Method and system for self-service film processing
Equipment for fabricating a semiconductor product
Expandable port replicator for computer underside docking
Connecting structure of card, card, and computer system
Computer system control via interface surface with coded marks
Tissue and implant product supply system and method
Reader and system for noncontact type information storage medium
Memory card connector
Card connecting unit provided with loading mechanism
Apparatus and method to avoid detecting output motion and media movement
Data distribution mechanism in the form of ink dots on cards
Mass-production compound contactless electromagnetic induced identification code IC
Memory card with write protection switch
Contactless smart card with an antenna support and a chip support made of fibrous material
Multiple account banking system and method
Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding information in a non-visible manner
Medical pathways rapid triage system
Method and system of usage charging by presentation of a personalized electronic storage device at an access point to a facility
Banknote store with a rotatable structure having banknote-storing regions
Coin counting device
Passing examination system & passing examination method
Method, apparatus, and system for providing a player with opportunities to win a feature event award
Gaming machine with interacting symbols on symbol array
Apparatus and method of operating a gaming device having a central game and a plurality of peripheral games
Gaming device having a destination pursuit bonus scheme with advance and setback conditions
Coin-type IC car reader/writer
Smart card customizing system
Method and apparatus for automatic cashing of a negotiable instrument
Cognitive matching skill learning aid and related methods
Method and blank for providing a customizable decorative structure
Ergonomic motion and athletic activity monitoring and training system and method
Simulator apparatus with at least two degrees of freedom of movement for an instrument
Computer-implemented method of and system for teaching an untrained observer to evaluate a gemstone
Tube container with an integral panel for carrying a label
Selectively adjustable label
Method for packing tape on a spool without tape edge wear
Onboard multiphase electronic lapping guide design for MR heads
High frequency wave heated plasma mass filter
Quartz arc tube for a metal halide lamp and method of making same
Vacuum processing system for producing components
Method for producing image-forming apparatus, and image-forming apparatus produced using the production method
Planarization method using anisotropic wet etching
Two-stage etching process
Insulating film forming method and insulating film forming apparatus
Wafer temperature control apparatus and method
Apparatus and method for edge bead removal
Semiconductor device with gold bumps, and method and apparatus of producing the same
LED stack manufacturing method and its structure thereof
Sealing method and apparatus for a fuel cell stack
Fuel reforming system and stopping method thereof
Metal shielding mask structure for a connector having an antenna
Combined terminal fitting
Cable assembly module with compressive connector
Male contact
Electrical connector jack
Electrical contact for LGA socket connector
Connector device and drive device using connector device
Electrical connection assembly
Concentric plug
Safety protective cover for socket receptacles
Modular jack assembly
Electrical plug connector with spring tension clamp
Joining structure for junction box and electrical component connector block
Differential signal connector assembly with improved retention capabilities
Shield cable connector with latch lock system
Self-locating connector
Cable end connector assembly having pull mechanism
Locking socket structure
Split-type connector
Connector and a connector assembly
Cable end connector assembly having relatively simple structure and improved terminal structure
Shielded electrical connector
Intelligent connecting plug for a data bus
Squib connector assembly
Axial adjustable connector shorting assembly
Switch in smart card connector
Modulated connector
Two-conductor cable and phone plug assembly
Electrical connector
Adapters, computer systems, and methods that utilize a signal pass-through
Wireless electrical connection for components mounted on a movable truck bed
Connecting hub assembly having universal joint
Electrical adapter with a foldable housing cross-reference to related application
Electrical outlet box with secure quick connect and release features
Elongated elastomeric connector and method
RJ type coaxial cable connector
Connector for coaxial cable
Securing device for immobilizing plural electric wires
String to tube or cable connector for pulling tubes or cables through ducts
Universal connector for securing bus bars to electrical equipment
Method for producing thin bulk acoustic resonators (FBARs) with different frequencies on the same substrate by subtracting method and apparatus embodying the method
Linear light source device for image reading
Inkjet proofing with matched color and screen resolution
Printing apparatus and color adjusting method
Image sensor array readout for simplified image compression
Projection-type display device
Projection system having low astigmatism
Hearing aid design
Active matrix organic light emitting diode display and fabrication method of the same
Interconnection system with improved high frequency performance
Bridge clip with reinforced stiffener
Electrical connecting element and method of producing the same
Surface mount interconnect and device including same
Method and system for sensing IC package orientation in sockets
Method and system for sensing the status of a ZIF socket lever
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