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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Modular greening device for facades, walls or the like
Device for preventing cribbing or sucking in horses
Fishing lure
Electronic carpenter bee trap
Cigarette with smoke constituent attenuator
Cigarette butt receptacle device
Necktie with three or more parts in sight and knot with two or more fabric films
Apparatus for continuously manufacturing fastener stringer
Protective helmet
Shock absorbing footwear construction
Packaging and dispensing system for wrapped product
Childproof package having pairs of latch arrangements
Collapsible structure
Mattress wrap set
Infant changing pad
Disposable container with deformable brim
Wound elevation protection and prevention device
Self-propelled cleaning robot
Upright vacuum cleaner
Method for safely and efficiently navigating magnetic devices in the body
Toothbrush with enhanced cleaning effects
Dispensing device
Therapeutic medical appliance delivery and method of use
System and method for moderating a therapy delivered during sleep using physiologic data acquired during non-sleep
Removable lung reduction devices, systems, and methods
Randomized initial condition hybrid games
Performing Operations; Transporting
Waveform generator for microdeposition control system
Angle rod screen design
Systems and methods for glass recycling at a beneficiator and/or a material recovery facility
Ultrasonic cleaning method and device
Method and apparatus for bending a blade member
Punching machine with spring-supported work support
Method and apparatus for flat tube roll forming and flat tube formed thereby
Hybrid composite journal bearing and manufacturing method thereof
Method for securing frame halves of a frame assembly with a clip structure
Plate-shaped workpiece positioning structure for hot press forming
Method for assembling rolling bearing device
Manufacture method of power transmission chain and a power-transmission-chain manufacturing apparatus employed by the manufacture method
Production method for permanent magnet, and production device for permanent magnet
Keyless chuck with automatic and manual locking
Method for tightening a threaded fastener to clamp a thread-clamped member
Methods of forming a needle and hub assembly for automatic injectors
Installation device and installation method for piston ring
Apparatus for supplying and press-fitting part to work
Method and tool head for machining optically active surfaces, particularly surfaces of progressive spectacle lenses, which are symmetrical in pairs
Device and method for making a screwed connection between a first component and at least one further component
Sterile handle covers
Movable machinery, including pavement working apparatus and methods of making
Manufacturing a permanent magnet module
Label printer and applicator
Metal-laminated polyimide substrate, and method for production thereof
Optical fiber stripping methods and apparatus
Film pasting device
Pneumatic tire having buttress part
Valve stem with an adjustable tire pressure detector
Device for repairing a tubeless mounted assembly for cycles
Actuating device for a vehicle transmission
Bicycle component mounting structure
Unmanned device utilization methods and systems
Manufacturing method for packaging electronic products in a band-shaped package
Barrel jacket
Waste bin apparatus
Built-in tip for a bag and method of making same
Dispenser pump
Flexible panel pitcher with curved divider
Sealing and reopening device for opened aluminum beverage cans
Removable cap assembly with a sealing ring and stopper lock
Tank cap
Collapsible cheese container
Package assembly with cross-shaped retaining member
Consumable packaging for clear-binders
Package with security features
Sachet constructions
Dispenser assembly for a fluid dispensing receptacle and method of assembling same
Workpiece presentment to a processing device
Working vehicle
Portable container and dispenser for kegged beer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Stabilizied bioactive peptides and methods of identification, synthesis and use
Fixed Constructions
Engine control device for work vehicle
Non-loadbearing wall system in an existing building prior to concrete slab
Multilayer articles having acoustical absorbance properties and methods of making and using the same
Floor panels with edge connectors
Skylight system
Spacer arrangement with fusable connector for insulating glass units
Support system for stair treads
Transparent acoustical laminate wall system and method of forming same
Precast concrete panels for basement walls
Dial mechanism for a combination lock
Gate multi-locking apparatus
Ladder stabilizer
Superabrasive compact with selected interface and rotary drill bit including same
Thermally stable polycrystalline ultra-hard constructions
Latch assembly for wellbore operations
Wellhead seal unit
Apparatus for reducing water production in gas wells
Method and composition for enhancing coverage and displacement of treatment fluids into subterranean formations
Drilling methods utilizing independently deployable multiple tubular strings
Vibrational apparatus
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Sealing arrangement for relatively movable parts and device including such a sealing arrangement
Variable geometry exhaust cooler
Device for reducing particles of an exhaust gas, exhaust gas purification system and vehicle having the device or the system
Device for regulating an air flow for engine cooling
Internal combustion engine and method with improved combustion chamber
Integrated charge air and EGR valve
EGR pulse attenuation
Fuel nozzle for a gas turbine engine and method for fabricating the same
Gas turbine equipment utilizing high humidity
Cylinder head
Integrated exhaust manifold and cylinder head gasket
Catalytically activated transient decomposition propulsion system
Closed crankcase ventilation apparatus
Reforming of GTL for marine applications
Control device of high-pressure fuel pump of internal combustion engine
Fuel injection valve attaching structure in engine for small-sized vehicle
Microfluidic devices with separable actuation and fluid-bearing modules
Microfluidic valve apparatuses with separable actuation and fluid-bearing modules
Dual armature device for transmitting the movement to fans for cooling the engine of motor vehicles
Transmission having a coaxial lubricant pump
Frictionally guided radial one-way clutch
Method and apparatus for controlling a motor vehicle clutch
Damping force adjustable fluid pressure shock absorber
Clutch attached to an outer rim of a torque converter
Gear change control system of automatic transmission
Toilet bowl overflow prevention and water conservation system and method
Integrated jet fluid level shutoff sensor and fuel tank vent for vehicles
Bypass valve for internal combustion engines
Auto tracking antenna platform
Method and apparatus for sampling lubricant
Suspended liquid hydrogen storage tank
Edge lighted backlight unit for liquid crystal display device
Illumination device with at least one main emission surface having a stepped surface configured to reflect light in multiple directions
Illumination device, illumination equipment, and display device
Fuel-burning furnace with a chute that ejects material from the combustion chamber by force of the loading of fuel
Predictive capacity systems and methods for commercial refrigeration
Ejector-type refrigerant cycle device
Thermoelectric device providing dual heat transfers for internal thermal zone in a hard disk drive
Air conditioning controller
Ice storage and bagging system
Cold carbonation and cold syrup system for beverage dispenser with remote tower
Method and apparatus for cooling electronic components
Cabinet for an air handler unit
RAM fan system for an aircraft environmental control system
Heat exchanger, light source apparatus, and projector
Integrated firearm security lock
Mounting assembly with adjustable spring tension
Measurement apparatus
Method and apparatus for measuring electrical properties in torsional resonance mode
Process condition sensing wafer and data analysis system
Torque sensor with alignment system
Camshaft and crankshaft position correlation simulation methods and systems
Combined surface inspection using multiple scanners
Terahertz wave measuring device
Beam alignment method and electron microscope
Radio frequency identification monitoring of stents
Technique and apparatus for detecting and monitoring internal defect conditions of mud pumps
Ruggedized soil sampler for rough terrain sampling with row cleaning capability
Method for testing abrasion resistance of a test specimen
Device for detection of a partial pressure and method for its operation
Measuring circulating therapeutic antibody, antigen and antigen/antibody complexes using ELISA assays
Method and apparatus for inspecting a workpiece with angularly offset ultrasonic signals
Apparatus for detecting malfunction of relay
Device, arrangement, and method for measuring a current intensity in a primary conductor through which current flows
Capacitive sensor, method for reading out a capacitive sensor field and method for producing a capacitive sensor field
Resistance based method and system to assess vehicle component integrity
Apparatus for multicast broadcast multimedia services over a single frequency network
Reducing power requirements and switching during logic built-in-self-test and scan test
Reducing power requirements and switching during logic built-in-self-test and scan test
Electronic devices
Radiofrequency coils
Magnetic lensing for beta emission imaging
Remote sensing to derive calibrated power measurements
Object detection device
Coupling device for seismic sensors
Electrowetting element and liquid
Electrowetting display device with stable display states
Faster state transitioning for continuous adjustable 3Deeps filter spectacles using multi-layered variable tint materials
Light diffusion sheet for organic electroluminescent element and organic electroluminescent panel
Wearable image display system
Combined-wave (multiplexing) laser beam source
Multi-channel optical subassembly and method of manufacturing the same
Transmitter and receiver for direct communication of multiple optical wavelengths via an optical link
Lens barrel and imaging device
Eyeglass positioning device
Insect screen attached to sunglasses by magnets
Liquid crystal display device
Conductive interface for a light adjustment sheet
Transparent thin film, process for manufacturing a film, and spatial phase modulator
Supplemental flash system
Lens carrier, method for manufacturing a lens carrier, device for manufacturing a lens carrier, and camera system
Projector, projector monitoring system, and projector monitoring method
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus with switching rotational direction of developer carrier in correspondence with inner temperature
Misattachment prevention device for image forming unit, image forming unit and image forming apparatus
Controlling a process with sensor information
Robot cleaner and controlling method thereof
Self positioning system and autonomously mobile device using the same
Low-dropout linear regulator with super transconductance structure
Mind-controlled virtual assistant on a smartphone device
Latch and spring assembly
Electronic equipment cabinet
Cable cassette apparatus
Method and system for delayed write scanning for detecting computer malwares
Internet-based diagnostic assistant for device analysis
In-line backup power source incorporating communication capability
Capacity register file
Adjusting an operation of a computer using generated correct dependency metadata
Multi-layer integrated unequal error protection with optimal parameter determination for video quality granularity-oriented transmissions
Natural language based capturing of user interface interactions
Using hardware performance counters to detect stale memory objects
Reconstruct drive for dynamic resizing
Storage management apparatus, storage apparatus management method, and computer-readable recording medium
Semiconductor device including circuit configured to be in resting state
Cache device and semiconductor device including a tag memory storing absence, compression and write state information
Addressing recent strings with ring buffer
Efficient enforcement of command execution order in solid state drives
Method and apparatus of real-time retimer delay measurement
Using memory cache for a race free interrupt scheme without the use of "read clear" registers
Preventing software thread blocking due to interrupts
Accessing method for accessing hybrid hard-disk drive
Notifying original state listeners of events in a domain model
Methods, and computer program products for constraining a communication exchange
Server infrastructure for digital plaque displaying certificates, updates and status
Message presentation management in a social networking environment
Determination of a user context and sending of a third party proposition
Communication control device and communication control method
System and methods for accelerated data storage and retrieval
Estimation of missed information
Mobile application daily user engagement scores and user profiles
System and method for managing media content
Dynamic e-mail chain participant manager
Network segmentation
Reconfiguring a streaming application to reduce latency mismatches
Framework for network technology agnostic multi-cloud elastic extension and isolation
System, method, and computer program product for automatically capturing configuration information for a plurality of computer components, such as a converged infrastructure
Unsupervised, supervised and reinforced learning via spiking computation
System and method for automatically filling out forms
Search system and search method
Data model augmentation
System and method for displaying, connecting and analyzing data in an online collaborative webpage
Method for obtaining music data, earphone and music player
Method and apparatus for controlling cursor in portable device
Data store synchronization utilizing synchronization logs
Anticipatory query completion by pattern detection
Extractive query-focused multi-document summarization
Context based access path selection
Machine learning of response selection to structured data input
Generating data format description language schema
Generating search results for people
Distributed deduplication in a distributed system of hybrid storage and compute nodes
Resolving an initialization order of static objects
Generating responses to electronic communications with a question answering system
Multi-level compression for storing data in a data store
Event log system
Interactive weather advisory system
Methods for estimating formation pressure
Guide pattern data correcting method, pattern forming method, and computer readable record medium
Automatic ranking of design parameter significance for fast and accurate CAE-based design space exploration using parameter sensitivity feedback
Scoring a population of examples using a model
Method, system and computer readable medium for managing design updates in a manufacturing execution system
Tiered application permissions
Performance of image forming functions based on encrypted data stored in volatile memory
Keyboard device
Systems and methods for device authentication
Detecting generation of virtual machine authentication
Dynamic patching for diversity-based software security
Systems and methods for providing dynamic file system awareness on storage devices
Secure mobile phone document storage application
Method and apparatus for securely saving and restoring the state of a computing platform
System and method for improved security for a processor in a portable computing device (PCD)
Preventing software thread blocking due to interrupts
Adaptive polling of information from a device
Unified computing device interface for assembly of a plurality of types of digital content for transmission to a plurality of target destinations
Touch sensitive device with stylus support
Control input apparatus
Input device for detecting a manual actuation
Correcting for parallax in electronic displays
Touch panels with dynamic zooming and low profile bezels
Tomographic processing for touch detection
Touch substrate, touch display panel and touch display apparatus having the same, and fabricating method thereof
Touch window and display including the same
One-handed zoom
Mobile terminal and method for controlling the same
Image sharing device, apparatus, and method
Systems and methods for haptic message transmission
System and method for content size adjustment
Data storage apparatus, data control apparatus, and data control method
Determination of a read voltage to be applied to a page based on read voltages of other pages
Selective copying of track data through peer-to-peer remote copy
Image processor acquiring image log, and computer-readable non-transitory recording medium storing program for image processor
Electronic document display
Visual focus-aware techniques for visualizing display changes
Method for writing display data, display apparatus and mobile terminal including the display apparatus
Methods and systems relating to ranking functions for multiple domains
Recording medium, search method, and information processing apparatus
Determination of data partition
Encoding of security codes
Accuracy-conserving floating-point value aggregation
Accuracy-conserving floating-point value aggregation
Selectively blocking branch prediction for a predetermined number of instructions
Data flow programming of computing apparatus with vector estimation-based graph partitioning
Device, method, and system for installing and managing applications in a handheld device
Technologies for dynamically managing data bus bandwidth usage of virtual machines in a network device
Method and system for managing and linking software applications
Transponder key testing device and method of testing a transponder key
Face recognition system and face recognition method
Correction of imaging methods in a magnetic resonance device
Systems and methods for individual identification and authorization utilizing conformable electronics
Medical image processing apparatus, method, and program
Image processing device and electronic system including the same
Encoding device, decoding device, and image processing device
Image processing apparatus and method, and electronic equipment
Methods and apparatus for model-based visual descriptors compression
Authentication method and system
Transform for a neurosynaptic core circuit
Method for feedback submission resolution
System and methods for the selection, monitoring and compensation of mentors for at-risk people
System to optimize the mailing of construction notices, legal notices, and other documents based on batches and/or deadline determinations
System and method for managing message campaign data
Methods and systems for auto expanding vendor selection
Microsites architecture
Enhanced shopping and merchandising methodology
Reverse brand sorting tools for interest-graph driven personalization
Systems and methods for identifying household users of electronic screen devices
Systems and methods for providing a customizable spreadsheet application interface for an electronic trading system
Real-time probability determination based on technical indicators in a financial instrument environment
Systems and methods for remote patient monitoring and storage and forwarding of patient information
Integrated infrastructure graphs
Digital map rendering method
Test system and test method
Underwater 3D image reconstruction utilizing triple wavelength dispersion and camera system thereof
Games of chance
Prepaid interleaved wagering system
Radio base station
Networked electrostatic discharge measurement
Safety care system
Inertial haptic actuators having a cantilevered beam and a smart material
Systems and methods for delivering sensory input during a dream state
Vehicle mountable display device
Method and device for obtaining mura compensation value, and display panel
Display panel
Image processing apparatus, source device, image processing system, image processing method, and program for combining images
Switching video streams for a display without a visible interruption
Airflow indicator for wind musical instruments
Systems and methods for speech processing comprising adjustment of high frequency attack and release times
Listening to the frontend
Process for aligning a disc member on a rotatable hub
Information processing device and information processing method
Methods and systems for customizing immersive media content
Asynchronous asymmetry compensation for data read from a storage medium
Magnetic medium having multilayered servo layer and method of forming the same
Personal assistant computing system monitoring
Supported radiation protective garment
Isotope-specific separation and vitrification
Methods and systems for imaging bulk motional velocities in plasmas
Hybrid conductor core
Electrical connection element for fastening, in particular soldering, to a glass pane, and ribbon litz wire mixed braid
Power receiving device and wireless power supply system
Charged particle beam apparatus
System and method for matrix-coating samples for mass spectrometry
Duel mode ion mobility spectrometer
Time-of-flight mass spectrometer
Method of manufacturing substrates with feedthrough electrodes for inkjet heads and method of manufacturing inkjet heads
Metal bonding pads for packaging applications
Porous tin oxide films
Apparatus and methods for backside passivation
Spacer for trench epitaxial structures
Integrated circuit structure including laterally recessed source/drain epitaxial region and method of forming same
Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
Method for forming a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device
Fully differential output swing for analog array based charge mode readout used in a CMOS image sensor
Semiconductor device and electronic device
Cross-coupled transistor circuit defined on two gate electrode tracks
Method to form thicker erase gate poly superflash NVM
Imaging device and electronic device using three dimentional (3D) integration
Display panel and information processing device
Electronic device and manufacturing method for same
Transistor and semiconductor device
Semiconductor device
Thyristor memory cell with assist device
Semiconductor memory device having pillars on a peripheral region and method of manufacturing the same
Embedded bottom metal contact formed by a self-aligned contact process for vertical transistors
Antifuse with backfilled terminals
Self-aligned spacer for cut-last transistor fabrication
Preserving the seed layer on STI edge and improving the epitaxial growth
Pole-mounted power generation systems, structures and processes
Light emitting device
Optoelectronic component
Surface-mountable optoelectronic component and method for producing a surface-mountable optoelectronic component
Method for producing dielectric film, method for producing piezoelectric element, method for producing liquid-jet head, dielectric film, piezoelectric element, and liquid-jet apparatus
Metal resistors having nitridized dielectric surface layers and nitridized metal surface layers
Light-emitting element, light-emitting device, electronic device, lighting device, and heterocyclic compound
Light emitting apparatus with light absorbing layer
Charging circuit for charging a capacitor
Cell block
Anode material for secondary battery and method of preparing the same
Single component sulfur-based cathodes for lithium and lithium-ion batteries
Reverse osmosis membranes made with PFSA ionomer and ePTFE
Resonator and optical sensor using the same for detecting a beating signal caused by interference of two output beams from first and second resonators
Holder and antenna fixing device using the same
Antenna device and electronic appliance having the same
Antenna sensor
Antenna device and method for manufacturing same
Wireless local area network antenna for a metal housing
Integrated electrical connector
Plug connector having at least one displacement insulation contact offset relative to a spring or blade contact element
Electrical circuit jumper cable assembly for testing
Structure of switchgear with arc eliminator
Movable raceway
Busbar and method of manufacturing the same
System, method, and apparatus for grid location
Modular electronics system with interfacing interchangeable components
Power transmitting communication unit
Wireless communication controlled battery charging station
Power supply control device, battery device, power supply system, and power supply control method
Enhanced wireless power charging system
Winding structure of a stator and electric machinery using the stator
Electric machine with a cooling device, and method for producing said machine
PWM controller with programmable switching frequency for PSR/SSR flyback converter
Electric power conversion circuit
Hybrid boost-bypass function in two-stage converter
Method of operating a brushed commutator motor of an adjusting drive, and adjusting drive
Power supply circuit and image forming apparatus
Phase shifter
Integrated level translator and latch for fence architecture
PSoC architecture
Generating molecular encoding information for data storage
Display cover mounting
Methods and devices for mitigating interference with FHSS signals
Electronic device with wireless power transfer and reduced power consumption
Systems and methods for transmitting routable optical energy packets
Wireless communication system, baseband processing device, and wireless device
Power transmitting device, power receiving device, power supply system, and power supply method
User equipment and base station
Method of selecting receive antennas for MIMO systems
Mobile station
Systems and methods for causing a stunt switcher to run a bug-removal DVE
Method and device for decoding reception signal in wireless communication system
Transport functions virtualization for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM)-based optical networks
Wireless data system that associates internet protocol ports with quality-of-service for user applications
Fault tolerance for authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) functionality
Messaging content and ad insertion in channels, group chats, and social networks
Automatic membership in social networks based on current location information
Channel estimation for wireless systems without matrix inversion
Computer program product and apparatus for multi-path remediation
Group membership block chain
Communication control device and method of controlling communication control device for determining whether non-standard communication is possible based on non-standard communication information representing whether each of three types of non-standard communication is possible
System, method and computer program product for performing one or more maintenance tasks on a remotely located computer connected to a server computer via a data network
System and method for an integrity focused authentication service
Mobile trusted module (MTM)-based short message service security system and method thereof
Personal point of sale
Managing a storage array using client-side services
Secure messaging with disposable keys
Device and method for discontinuous hashing of digital data
Theme applying method and electronic device for performing the same
System, apparatus, and method for proximity detection
Methods, systems, and products for monitoring service usage
Method of printing user form document, image forming apparatus using the method, and computer-readable recording medium
Image processing apparatus, method of controlling image processing apparatus, and non-transitory recording medium
Method of building stereoscopic model with kalman filtering
Image process apparatus
Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program
Method and apparatus to perform correlation-based entropy removal from quantized still images or quantized time-varying video sequences in transform
Method and apparatus of candidate generation for single sample mode in video coding
Time series data encoding apparatus, method, and program, and time series data re-encoding apparatus, method, and program
System and method for engaging a person in the presence of ambient audio
Methods and apparatus to provide voice communication error notifications
Terahertz imaging device, and method of eliminating interference patterns from terahertz image
Mobile terminal for providing partial attribute changes of camera preview image and method for controlling the same
Epipolar plane single-pulse indirect TOF imaging for automotives
Light shielding members for solid state image capturing apparatus, camera module and electronic device
System and method for image stitching
Image pickup apparatus and image pickup system with point image intensity distribution calculation
Photoelectric conversion device having a plurality of photoelectric conversion units and a plurality of charge holding units, and imaging system
Omnidirectional camera with multiple processors and/or multiple sensors connected to each processor
Multimedia stream processing system
Electronic device for generating video data
Mobile terminal and control method thereof
Visual cues for managing image capture
Video-production system with social-media features
Facial gesture recognition and video analysis tool
Electronic apparatus, recording medium and electronic apparatus system
System for identifying content and determining viewership thereof and associated methods
Method and system for content distribution
Method and apparatus for wide-band imaging based on narrow-band image data
Discharge lamp lighting device, light source device, and image formation device
Audio speaker protection systems
Acoustic tube and narrow directional microphone using the same
Frequency modulated microphone system
Method of manufacturing an ear plug device with embedded venting grooves formed in its outer surface
Portable auxiliary unit for mobile audio player
Headsets with external speakers with predetermined shapes and designs
Microphone joint
Mobile device equipped with mobile network congestion recognition to make intelligent decisions regarding connecting to an operator network for optimized user experience
Method and device for realizing data transmission
Methods for handling a connection status
Automatic seamless context sharing across multiple devices
Measurement configuration processing method and device
Method and apparatus for transmitting signal from device-to-device terminal in wireless communication system
Wireless communication method and wireless communication device
Smart group mobility positioning and sharing
Dynamically updating the location of mobile wireless repeaters
Method for transiting status of network node upon request of user equipment in multi-radio access technology environment, and apparatus therefor
Mobile communication method and radio base station
Backhaul traffic reliability in unlicensed bands using spectrum sensing and channel reservation
Systems and methods for scheduling wireless transmissions based on service provider
Methods and apparatus for reducing resource contention
Method for establishing millimetric wave radio communication link and terminal device
Home interior monitoring system and communication control method
Limiting access to service providers based on the network traffic load of a wireless access point
Skip RX during SBS transmission
Lighting device and luminaire
Light driving apparatus and light control system
Electronic device and electronic circuit board thereof
Capacitive microaccelerometers and fabrication methods
Method for production of a semiconductor component
Method for applying viscous medium on a substrate
Method of producing an electronic component
Multilayer wiring substrate
Rack sidecar for additional IT equipment and cable management
Single ended cooling module rows and assemblies for thermal management of in-line memory modules
Expired Patents Due To Time
Torso/waist sling
Infant mitten with teething surface
Hook attachment device
Luminous welt
Trash bag holder
Bottle opener ring
Jewelry channel
Sport jersey window flag
Portable ramp with pad and stabilizers
Pair of motorcycle handle bar risers
Golf bike
Motorcycle swing-arm
Grill for an automobile
Vehicle side view mirror
Skid plate
Light emitting diode (LED)
Light emitting diode
Light emitting diode
Heat sink
Heat sink
Loudspeaker unit
Speaker grille
Multi-media recorder
Pushbutton for printer with copying and facsimile functions
Media device
Computer display
Keyboard having keys arranged in alphabetical order
Pen mouse
Combination scanner, and camera
Scanner with a stand
Input tower for a community communication hub kiosk
Communication device
Handheld wireless videoconferencing device
Mobile phone
Consumer electronic product
Audio-visual device for cars
Portable wireless telephone
Wireless mobile telephone
Optical disc recording reproduction apparatus
Cellular phone
Icon for the display screen of a cellulary communicative electronic device
Icon for the display screen of a cellulary communicative electronic device
Pop-up window for a touch-based user interface for an image processing machine
Icon for the display screen of a cellulary communicative electronic device
Traveling body for construction machine
Traveling working machine
Vacuum cleaner
Upright vacuum cleaner handle portion
Sewing machine
Router table
Drill bit blade
Linear actuator
Housing for a high speed nutcracking apparatus having improved accessibility
Image forming apparatus
Stored tripod
Digital camera
Digital camera
Eyewear mount with round bridge recess
Microscope with tripod base
Eyewear mount with square bridge recess
Bug viewer
Rattlesnake maraca
Printer ribbon cassette
Printer ribbon cassette
Envelope mail sorter
Filing folder
Fastener for file
Ballpoint pen
Pocket pen
Glitter pencil having multi-colored shreds of glitters
Kiosk for automatic teller machines
Sign frame
Display device
Removable transparent protective anti-graffiti road sign cover
Pop-up toy
Head and neck design for screaming rubber chicken
Fashion doll head
Combined baseball tee and holder
Golf club head
Golf club head cover
Golf club back cavity
Inflatable towable vehicle
Exercising device including a resilient ball confined within a frame
Weightlifting footrest
Keel for a waterfowl decoy
Fishing lure
Fishing rod handle
Combination fluid transfer apparatus, container, and support
Dispensing head
Grip for a sanitary faucet
Hand-held shower
Faucet handle
Fixed showerhead
Faucet handle
Hand-held shower
Tub mixer
Sanitary faucet
Faucet base
Novelty potty chair
Fireplace frame
Ceiling fan motor housing
Fan wheel with hub fastener
Air cleaner
Air freshener
Dual-fan heat dissipator
Textured fan housing
Pulse wave measuring instrument with a sphygmomanometer
Handle for a dental water jet
Medical instrument
Insert for piezoelectric bone surgery
Handle for surgical instrument
Tongue cleaner with pivotably foldable handle
I.V. shoe
Frame of window/door shutter (I)
Cover for rail attachment
Cover for rail attachment
Round post cap
Paving or border brick
Hex tile
Construction concrete block
House facade
Fiberglass pool
Solar powered flashlight
Lighting device
Fluorescent tube
Fluorescent lamp
Fluorescent tube
Volatile emitting lantern
Enclosed concave frosted drop opal lens trim
Coke bottle light
Chandler lamp
Vehicle tail lamp
Lighting fixture
Teddy bear lighter
Cigarette mini-pack shell and slide
Soap arrangement
Stimulation device
Hair fastening device
Depilatory device tip
Feed port for bird feeder
Horse saddle and tack storage/carrier box
Fireman's crematory urn
Burial urn containing a transparent material with laser-induced images
Heart-shaped keepsake urn
Cremation urn with motorcycle gas tank shape
Human Necessities
Dampening apparatus
Arrangement for the movement of a working unit
Method and system for concentrating chemical granules around a planted seed
Mowing blades having an impact energy absorbing structure
Separation hood for a cotton harvester
Fruit harvester including telescoping boom and related methods
Electric drive mower with trailed auxiliary power source
Change of grade connector
Arbor stake
Apple tree named `UEB 3264/2`
Hybrid tea rose plant named `Zaryellow`
Climbing rose plant named `POULyc005`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Kiko`
Prunus plant named `VSV-1`
European plum named `92-95-99`
Heuchera plant named `Gypsy Dancer`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Fall`
Shrub rose plant named `Meiglise`
Chrysanthemum plant named `Nirvana Improved`
Hosta plant named `Grand marquee`
Clematis plant named `Vanso`
Mini Impatiens plant named `Fify Litesal`
Variety of Sanvitalia plant named `Sumsan 01`
Nephrolepis plant named `Nr. 20`
Device for and a method of milking an animal, a device for monitoring an animal
Pet toilet
Choke collar for animals
System for moving feeders and/or drinkers within a livestock house
Drinking through and method of converting same
Method for treating hatching eggs and method for hatching eggs
Rearing fly larvae and animals in space for waste recycling and food supplying
Tension measured fishing line bite detector alarm
Weight adjustable rodent trap
Method for detecting moisture level in apparatus for treating and preparing food and related food treatment and preparation apparatus
Concentric bundt cake pan
Apparatus for making chocolate articles on a conveyor web
Method for cooling meals and stirring device embodied as heat exchanger
Protective sports helmet having a two-piece face cage
Jewelry distribution and display combination and kit
Garment adapted for label attachment
Wrist band construction for balloons
Methods and devices for applying hair extensions
Shroud plate attachment
Cap with adjustable sunglasses
Pivotal counter assembly for a shoe
Reinforcement for a boot, in particular a sports boot, more specifically a cross-country ski boot, and a boot having such a reinforcement
Orthopedic shoe appliance and method
Athletic shoe with inflatable tongue
Lace securing and adjusting device
Shoelace fastener
Two-stroke machine for making buttons having coplanar shell flanges
Multi-function clamp
Christmas light storage table
Conversion kit for turning a cross-legged folding cot into a tiered cot
Lounge chair with body-accommodating openings
Bed frame
Siderail mounting assembly
Seat cushion
Wheel chair accessible crib
Carpet trimmer and tucker
Sink and faucet support assembly
Drain plug
Clip-on training urinal
Orbital floor treatment device
Mobile cleaning robot for floors
Portable golf club washer
Article washing apparatus
Wet-dry vacuum cleaner with securely nestable tool holder and basket
Sensing device and method for measuring features in a fluid
Mask free delivery of oxygen and ventilatory monitoring
Powered toothbrush
Toothbrush with movable head sections for enhanced oral care
Disposable plug for warming the inner ear
Earplug and apparatus with the earplugs
Child safety restraining device for use where a child is seated
Headwear for use by a sleep apnea patient
Removable eyewear member
Disposable fluid control island
Patient transfer device
Device for enabling persons with paresis of lower limps to walk
Bag-valve resuscitation for treatment of hypotention, head trauma, and cardiac arrest
Method of assembling an actuating mechanism for a fluid pressurizing device
Reinforced bowler's finger support
Structure of a music box of a play bed
Performing Operations; Transporting
Method for convertion of heat
Method and apparatus for forming an inlet and outlet face of a catalyst support
Method for conducting an integrity test of filter elements
Load sensing system
Eyeglass cleaning station
Rinsing lid for wet bench
Method and apparatus for wet-cleaning substrate
System for use of land fills and recyclable materials
Method for collecting a foam resin from a housing of a refrigerator
Dynamic tapered extrusion system
Roll formed staple-in awning frame and method
Shaped metal panels and forming same by shot peening
Hydraulic forming process, hydraulic forming device and metal separator for a fuel cell formed by hydraulic forming process
Double nut tensioner assembly for pre-stretched tie rods
Apparatus and method of correcting deformation of gas turbine blade
Method and apparatus for fastening steel framing by crimping
Production device, especially a bending press, and method for operating said production device
Method and apparatus for connecting two or more components by rivets
Material stock advancing apparatus and method
Portable plastic pipe cutter beveller system
Hand machine tool comprising two cutting disks, which rotate counter and immediately adjacent to one another, and means for chucking the cutting disks for a hand machine tool of this type
Method and apparatus for stabilizing a workpiece
Combination utility knife
Method for manufacturing an ink discharge port of an ink jet recording head
Method for covering a flower pot and floral grouping
Work pallet
Method and apparatus for supplying process liquid for machine tool
Elongated ratchet handle
Backup tong with swing arms
One hand pipe wrench
Cleanout cap wrench
Engaging recess for sockets
Cable wrench
Bicycle crank axle bolt
Impact wrench having an improved anvil to square driver transition
Reciprocal-movement power tool
Tool for applying clips
Transmission assembly tools
Tool for facilitating the removal and replacement of engine valve stem springs and seals
Pair of scissors comprising a gear transmission mechanism to work a movable jaw thereof
Auxiliary part for an electric shaver
Tool device for rotary knives
Package opening cutter
Tablet conveying apparatus and tablet cutting apparatus
Zoned stretching of a web
Structure reinforcing method, structure-reinforcing reinforcing fiber yarn-containing material, reinforcing structure material and reinforced structure
Heaten platen-type press
Printing press, layered formation and making method thereof, and printing plate and making method thereof
Embossing tool
Method and system for compensating the vibrations of rotating components
Web fed printing machine having pasting-related misregistration eliminating apparatus
Overspray guard for a screen printing machine
Sheet-fed printing press
System and method for print screen tonal control and compensation
Method and apparatus for electromagnetic drying of printed media
Method of forming a printhead using a silicon on insulator substrate
Method of making a multi-layer micro-electromechanical electrostatic actuator for producing drop-on-demand liquid emission devices
Method of making instrument panel for vehicles
Methods for making slip resistant file folders
Wheel assembly for a stroller
Tire parameter sensing system having a magnetically conductive rim and an associated method
Transmitter of tire condition monitoring apparatus
Material transfer device and method
Vehicular cooling system using air conditioner refrigerant
Air-conditioner of construction machinery
Guide system for guiding window glass of vehicle
Weather strip for motor vehicle
Power transfer unit
Traction drive
Wiper assembly with arm head locking member
Surface effect ship advancements
Method for detaching towable device from ski lift and detaching member
Battery box for railway vehicle
Swim lift platform
Deck attached mounting apparatus for boarding ladder
Inner lid attaching structure for a personal watercraft
Floating structure having anchor lines comprising damping means
Mooring robot
Multi-functional sailboard
Ventilator for covers for boats and other vehicles
Thrust vectoring and variable exhaust area for jet engine nozzle
Lavatory unit for aircraft
Turbocharger control system and propeller control system by stepper motor
Automatic fish feeding apparatus
Package wrapping method and apparatus
Packaging line and method for packaging separate products in a continuous manner
Filling apparatus
Method for closing slider-operated zipper on filled reclosable pouch
Apparatus for sealing a load placed on a pallet
Pallet scuffing apparatus
Top and foldable end frame assembly for pallet container
Plastic pallet
Metal and plastic pallet assembly
Method and apparatus for inserting sliders during automated manufacture of reclosable bags
Electrical assembly including an electrical tie
Methods for making breaching bubble mechanisms for easily opening a sealed package
Containers for packaging glass substrates
Blast attenuation container
Shortening the flap of paper following a supply-roll change
Belt drive
Elevator entrance sill structure and installation method
Fluid transfer boom with coaxial fluid ducts
Capacitive acceleration sensor
Vibrating beam accelerometer two-wafer fabrication process
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Method for the manufacture of a quartz glass preform for an optical fiber
Method for elongating a cylinder of silica glass
Method and apparatus for heat treatment of glass material and natural materials specifically of volcanic origin
Sight glass and low temperature method of manufacturing the same
Process for producing 3-amino-2-oxo-1-halogenopropane derivatives
Measurement marking, scribing and scoring device
Apparatus for waste gasification
Corrosion-resistant structure incorporating zinc or zinc-alloy plated lead or lead-alloy wires and method of making same
Textiles; Paper
Rotating dobby for weaving loom and weaving loom equipped with such a dobby
Needleloom, weaving method, and textile articles formed thereby
Method and apparatus for reducing weft waste in a gripper weaving loom
Method for inserting synthetic fibers into a surface, as well as a device for carrying out the same
Device for linking door to case in drum type washing machine and method for assembling the same
Recessed box assembly for a dryer exhaust hose
Method for controlling drying of a web-formed material
Fixed Constructions
Self-erecting device with debris collecting feature
Two stage snowthrower with impeller housing bypass
Connector assembly for mounting an implement to a prime mover
Hydraulic actuator control
Lavatory with sensor
Length adjustable composite stud
Vented furring strip
Structural member
Method and apparatus for screening guttering
Non-cellular adhesive for composite roof structure
Concrete filled pole
Hunter concealment system
Beach towel stake
Foldable spa cover and lift unit
Hydraulic/pneumatic apparatus
Catastrophic event survival structure and method of manufacture
Vehicle door lock apparatus
Mortise lock status indicator
Door reinforcement system
Double pivot concealed hinge
Window sash position maintainer
Double hung window having combined pushdown surface and keeper
Door closing mechanism
Pneumatically-powered mine door installation with hydraulic checking system
Turnstile device
Pocket door assembly
Fixing element for laminated glass and an assembly comprising a fixing element that is anchored in a plate-type multi-layer body
Straight connection piece for hollow profiles which are used as spacers for insulation glass panes
Automatic breakout wrench with floating gripping dies
Acoustic doppler downhole fluid flow measurement
Method and apparatus for downhole fluid characterization using flexural mechanical resonators
Constant-head soil permeameter for determining the hydraulic conductivity of earthen materials at a wide range of depths
Lysimeter apparatus
Method for determining properties of formation fluids
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Controllable combustion method and device
Variable displacement engine
Bleed-off device in a bypass turbojet
Ambient energy fueled mechanical and electric power plant (AEFMEPP)
Internal combustion engine
Computer readable storage medium for use with engine having variable valve actuator
Control method for electro-hydraulic control valves over temperature range
Variable valve-stroke controls
Automatic compression release mechanism including feature to prevent unintentional disablement during engine shutdown
Multi-piece valve for reciprocating piston engines
Variable spring force intake valve assembly
Electromagnetically driven valve control apparatus and method
Automatic additive replenishment system for IC engine lubricating oil
Combustion resonator
Method for reducing particle emissions containing carbon of diesel motors and corresponding system
Method for removing nitrogen oxides and particulates from the lean exhaust gas of an internal combustion engine and exhaust gas emission system
Removing nitrogen oxides during a lean-burn engine cold start
Temperature management of catalyst system for a variable displacement engine
Oil cooling system to provide enhanced thermal control for combustion engines
Proportional valve
Air intake arrangement an internal combustion engine
Rotary piston motor
Indirectly heated gas turbine control system
Supercharged open cycle gas turbine engine
System and method for controlling water injection in a turbine engine
Spray nozzle grid configuration for gas turbine inlet misting system
Supercharger for internal combustion engine
Control apparatus for internal combustion engine having motor-driven supercharger
Starting an engine with electromechanical valves
System and method for improved engine position sensing
Valve timing control for marine engine
Fuel driveability index detection
Method and device for controlling the drive unit of a motor vehicle
Method for the production of a one-piece piston for an internal combustion engine
Cooling channel cover for a one-piece piston of an internal combustion engine
Piston for an internal combustion engine
Engine cylinder head cover and assembly method thereof
Propulsion device, in particular for a rocket
Vacuum generating method and device including a charge valve and electronic control
Air flow-twisting device on an air inlet system of internal combustion engine
Auxiliary fuel dispensing system
Fuel injection device with a pressure booster
Fuel injection apparatus and control method thereof
Flow meter
Engine starter having starter motor
Hand held power tool
Aircraft with shape memory alloys for retractable landing gear
Hydraulic control arrangement
Hydraulic powered arm system with float control
High strength hook, in particular for elastic cable
Method of repairing a throttle valve cable assembly
Method for reducing seizure in a cageless ball bearing which is exposed to foreign particles
Central release device for a hydraulic clutch actuation system
Ball screw apparatus
Ventilated clutch having exhaust hub
Lubricating system for an automatic transmission
Transmission shift control for selecting forward, reverse, neutral and park, and method of operation of the same
Locking device
Bore seal telescopic hoist
Check valve
Modular surface mount manifold
Emergency gas and electricity shutoff apparatus and control system
Cylindrical seal for refrigerant tube connector
Breakaway coupling with flapper valve
Grease supply confirming device and method
Heat exchanging type boiler
Blowdown heat recovery
Solid fuel boiler and method of operating combustion apparatus
Grate furnace
Fuel control mechanism and associated method of use
Device for producing a rotating flow
Hydrocarbon gas flow rate adjusting method and apparatus
Annular combustion chambers for a gas turbine and gas turbine
Oven assembly with slides
Exhaust heat recovery system
Supplemental water heater tank and system
Vapor compression system with bypass/economizer circuits
Refrigerating device
Cooling apparatus and a thermostat with the apparatus installed therein
Systems and methods for closed system cooling
Cooling system with evaporators distributed in series
Refrigerating and air-conditioning system
Cryocooler system with frequency modulating mechanical resonator
Ice tray driving device, and automatic ice making machine using the same
Cooling system
Thermal energy storage system
Drying machine
Forced air circulation for centrifugal pellet dryer
Electronic firearm and process for controlling an electronic firearm
Locking assembly for firearm simulators
Archery bow accessory mounting system and method
Arrow support device for archery bow
Bow sight with vertically aligned pins
Adhesive bead height measuring system
High-precision cog system measuring instrument
Adjustable probe
Apparatus for producing a reference plane
Phase-locked mechanical resonator pair and its application in micromachined vibration gyroscope
Semiconductor mechanical sensor
Static pressure calculation from dynamic pressure for rotary air-data system and methodology therefor
Sensor head apparatus
Vortex flow pickup
Acoustic flow meter in the form of a valve key
Apparatus for measuring flow amount
Solid state illuminator for bi-colored ported water level gauges
Level switch with verification capability
Impedance level meter for liquids in tanks
Apparatus and methods for sensing fluid levels
Sensing device for measuring volume, position, or mass of matter
Device for establishing and/or monitoring a predetermined fill level in a container
Encapsulated float and method for making same
Load detecting device for a vehicular seat
Semiconductor dynamic quantity sensor
Apparatus and methods for heat loss pressure measurement
Engine cylinder pressure sensor
Isolation technique for pressure sensing structure
Oscillatory type pressure sensor
Pressure sensor and manufacturing method of pressure sensor
Spindle test apparatus and method
Methods of measuring pressure of hydraulic fluid, methods of evaluating soundness and hydraulic drive devices for carrying out the methods
Method for affinity viscosimetry and viscosimetric sensor
Digital viscometer with frictionless bearing
Device for measuring viscosity and/or density
Humidity sensor element containing polyphenylsulfone
Acoustic inspection device
Method of rating brittleness of coating substance and device for implementing the brittleness rating method
Phased array ultrasonic reference block
Load test machine
Method and device for evaluating a liquid dosing process
Automatic sample analyzer and its components
Inertia sensor
Micromachined capacitive lateral accelerometer device and monolithic, three-axis accelerometer having same
Method of measuring fluid flow
Image forming device
Pressure regulator
Gas circulating-processing apparatus
Pattern selection method and apparatus
Method of making at least one suspension load beam for an actuator assembly of a disk drive
Printing sleeve noise reducer
Feedwater control system considering pressure drop of feedwater control valve in nuclear power plant and control method therefor
Method of manufacturing a common mode choke coil
Method for manufacturing multilayer ceramic substrates
Chamber wafer detection
Substrate holding device, substrate processing apparatus, and method of releasing substrate
Method of manufacturing a metal-ceramic circuit board
Method of making an electronic contact
Method to generate electrical current using a plurality of masses attached to piezoceramic supports
Method for fabricating a filament affixed trace within an electronic device
Methods of fabricating electromagnetic meta-materials
Electrical connector wire trim and press apparatus
Method of connecting raceways with or without a fitting base
Protective sheath having a longitudinal strip made of flexible material, and method of manufacturing such a sheath
Drive device for a motor vehicle sunroof
Method of manufacturing stator coil of rotary electric machine
Method of manufacturing a stator core
Method of making an electric motor stator assembly having a novel winding arrangement
Electronic component mounting method
Device for fitting substrates with electric components
Methods of manufacturing board having throughholes filled with resin and multi-layered printed wiring board using the board
Filling equipment and method for filling fluidized material
Arrangement for liquid cooling an electrical assembly using assisted flow
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