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Table of Contents

Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
X-CT scan system
Intermittent high-energy cardiac stimulation for therapeutic effect
System and method for determining atrioventicular pacing delay based on atrial repolarization
Detection of heart failure decompensation based on cumulative changes in sensor signals
Transdermal electrotransport delivery device including an antimicrobial compatible reservoir composition
Electrical stimulation of iliohypogastric nerve to alleviate chronic pelvic pain
Method for operating an implantable cardiac stimulator to set the atrial stimulation time interval dependent on the evoked response amplitude
Cardiac rhythm management system with user interface for threshold test
Capture verification with intrinsic response discrimination
Performing Operations; Transporting
Nozzle-based, vapor-phase, plume delivery structure for use in production of thin-film deposition layer
ROS Deskew Mechanism with linear actuator
Information recording apparatus and information recording method
Image forming apparatus, optical writing device, and housing molding method providing simple structure
Optical scan apparatus and image formation apparatus
Exposure device and image forming apparatus with supporting member for focusing lens and light emitting element array
Image forming apparatus and method with improved capabilities of correcting image magnification error
Sheet feeding mechanism with duplex print function and related printer
Tire-pressure control apparatus
Vehicle deceleration control device
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Fuel system diagnostics by analyzing engine cylinder pressure signal and crankshaft speed signal
System for measuring the image quality of an optical imaging system
Apparatus and method for determining an elevation of working tools based on a laser system
Method and apparatus for determining at least one optical property of an imaging optical system
Method and apparatus for simultaneously acquiring interferograms and method for solving the phase information
Method and apparatus for optical chassis measurement
Outside monitoring device for mobile robot
Mobile object location providing device and mobile object location providing system
Method and device for ensuring the safety of a low-altitude flight of an aircraft
Method and device for assisting a pilot of a follower aircraft during a patrol flight
Optoelectronic distance measuring device
Focused droplet nebulizer for evaporative light scattering detector
Optical measuring device and method, and nanoparticle measuring method and device
Mask-defect inspecting apparatus with movable focusing lens
Spectroscopic method and apparatus for identification of a substance using a tunable light source
Particle inspection apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Method for scattered radiation correction
Measuring device for process engineering and operating method for a measuring device
Method for the detection of an object and optoelectronic apparatus
Transmission optimization for application-level multicast
Radio communication system and method having a radio link control layer
Socket based passive server
Transmission control protocol (TCP) congestion control using transmission delay components
GPS based attitude reference system
Imaging optical system and image pickup apparatus using the same
Variable power optical system, imaging lens device and digital apparatus
Zoom lens and imaging apparatus incorporating the same
Chromatically corrected catadioptric objective and projection exposure apparatus including the same
Color electrowetting display (EWD) devices
Mirror support device and optical scanning apparatus adopting the same
Document illuminator with surface lens
2D-3D switchable autostereoscopic display apparatus
Fiber distribution hub with swing frame and wrap-around doors
Radius limiter and arrangement
System and method for low loss waveguide bends
Anti-EMI lens module
Adjustable optical mounting and method
Driving apparatus, optical system, exposure apparatus and device fabrication method
Compound lens and compound lens array
Display device using external light
Transflective display device having three primary color filters and an additional color filter from a complementary color system
Liquid crystal display device with revised mold corner
Optically compensatory film and polarizing plate and liquid crystal display using same
Liquid crystal display device and electronic apparatus
Multi-reflecting device and backlight unit and display device having multi-reflecting architecture
Liquid crystal display device with multiple alignment structures
Method of manufacturing array substrate for liquid crystal display device with gate pad terminal acting as etching mask
Imaging device with automatic control function of light for shooting
Window display system and window display method
Anti-shake apparatus
Image capturing apparatus with underwater image compensation and underwater flash compensation
Decoupled, multiple stage positioning system
Image capturing apparatus, control method thereof, program, and storage medium
Optical apparatus and manufacturing method of optical apparatus
Electronic apparatus, lighting apparatus and method of calculating electric quantity thereof
Image forming apparatus and uncurling device for image forming apparatus
Photosensitive body, image forming apparatus having the same and assembly method of photosensitive body
Power supply apparatus and image forming apparatus
Hybrid paper supply module and image forming apparatus equipped with such hybrid paper supply module, and also paper supply mechanism and image forming apparatus equipped with such paper supply mechanism
Developing unit having foldable handle and image forming apparatus having the same
Image forming apparatus and power transmission unit thereof
Image forming apparatus and developer supplying device to improve printing quality
Toner container, developer replenishing device, and image forming apparatus
Developing apparatus, process cartridge and magnetic sealing member
Image forming apparatus utilizing cylindrical toner particles
Image forming apparatus and method of determining transfer voltage thereof
Belt feeding device and image heating device with endless belt deviation control
Image forming apparatus with cleaning means and image forming method using the same
Drum unit with photosensitive drums for attachment with an image forming apparatus main body
Methods and systems for power system management
Automated lighting and building control system
Memory sharing arrangement for an integrated multiprocessor system
Micro-controller having USB control unit, MC unit and oscillating circuit commonly used by the USB control unit and the MC unit
Image-processing system, image-processing method, and computer readable storage medium
Wave flushing of cached writeback data to a storage array
Predicting out of memory conditions using soft references
File creation API
Temporally relevant data placement
Storage system with synchronized processing elements
System for automated reply to natural language input
URL based communication protocol from a client computer to a network device
Processing wrong side I/O commands
Main memory in a system with a memory controller configured to control access to non-volatile memory, and related technologies
Methods for main memory in a system with a memory controller configured to control access to non-volatile memory, and related technologies
Dynamic creation of low-level interfaces
Serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) and serial attached small computer system interface (SCSI) (SAS) bridging
Identifying events
Printer server, client terminal, image forming apparatus, print data generating method, and computer product
Image forming device having resolution compensation function and method thereof
Group intercom, delayed playback, and ad-hoc based communications system and method
System and method for providing asynchronous notifications using synchronous data sources
Method and system to secure a connection application for distribution to multiple end-users
Storage medium having a manageable file directory structure
Method and apparatus for interfacing an IM network from a network IM client to a remote interface device
Proximity as an aid to caching and secondary serving of data
Processing method for sensing data
Techniques for automatically detecting protocols in a computer network
Flow control for multi-hop networks
Web browser of wireless device having serialization manager for maintaining registry of converters that convert data into format compatible with user interface of the device
Methods of facilitating pipeline management, systems, and software
Embedded anti-virus scanner for a network adapter
System, method and computer program product for concurrent performance of video teleconference and delivery of multimedia presentation and archiving of same
Information recording device, information recording method, and information recording program
Media acquisition, processing and distribution system for the internet
Strategies for transforming markup content to code-bearing content for consumption by a receiving device
Electronic document policy compliance techniques
Internet/intranet-connected AC electrical box
Sensor net server for migrating or replacing sensor nodes
Technique for determining multi-path latency in multi-homed transport protocol
Method and apparatus for backward and forward compatibilty in device management
Quiescing and de-quiescing point-to-point links
Method for replacing a field device of automation technology
User based communication mode selection on a device capable of carrying out network communications
Dynamically configuring, allocating and deploying computing systems
Promotional portable music players
Use of primary and secondary indexes to facilitate aggregation of records of an OLAP data cube
Mortgage loan data collection method and apparatus for a financial planning originator and/or financial institution originator of a mortgage loan
Augmented dataset representation using a taxonomy which accounts for similarity and dissimilarity between each record in the dataset and a user's similarity-biased intuition
Searching queries using database partitioning
Rule processing method and apparatus providing automatic user input selections
Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and transmitting medium
Method and apparatus for representing and searching for an object using shape
Method for detecting a commercial in a video data stream by evaluating descriptor information
Segmentation of a data sequence
Indexing system and method for nearest neighbor searches in high dimensional data spaces
Simplified data signal support for diagramming environment languages
Method, device and system for displaying data of a machine control system
Optimized component selection for project completion
Drive train
Fuel control system of internal combustion engine
Line replaceable systems and methods
Method and system for controlling access in detail-in-context presentations
Method and apparatus for optimizing networking potential using a secured system for an online community
Content security layer providing long-term renewable security
Methods and computer program products for defining synchronous replication devices in a subchannel set other than subchannel set zero
Design method for a DMA-compatible peripheral
Information-processing system
Fabry-perot interferometric MEMS electromagnetic wave modulator with zero-electric field
Information processing system, remote maneuvering unit and method thereof, control unit and method thereof, program, and recording medium
Handwriting regions keyed to a data receptor
Image forming system with user authentication correlating user to department for accounting purposes
Print control apparatus, print control method and printer
Multiple function image formation device and method including master and sub-service functions
Print by reference service method
Printer and method of controlling the same
Image forming apparatus, information processing apparatus, image forming system, image position correcting method, recording media, and program
Secure restoration of data selected based on user-specified search criteria
Apparatus and method for controlling content access based on shared annotations for annotated users in a folksonomy scheme
Hash-based image identification
Loading data from a vertical database table into a horizontal database table
Identifying the items most relevant to a current query based on items selected in connection with similar queries
System and method for locating a document containing a selected number and displaying the number as it appears in the document
Efficient querying and paging in databases
Method and device for detecting air turbulence in the environment of an aircraft
Programmable data processor for a variable length encoder/decoder
Processor, compiler and compilation method
System and method for determining performance level capabilities in view of predetermined model criteria
System and method of subjective evaluation of a vehicle design within a virtual environment using a virtual reality
Component firmware integration in distributed systems
Data processing condition detector with table lookup
Supply chain management
Method, apparatus and computer program product for dynamically selecting compiled instructions
Income tax preparation system for traveling taxpayers
Virtual EPROM simulator apparatus
System and method for performing compound computational experiments
Identification document verification system
Registration apparatus, collation apparatus, image correction method and program
Biometric information obtaining apparatus
Pressure activated fingerprint input apparatus
Color to grayscale conversion method and apparatus utilizing a high pass filtered chrominance component
Automatic conversion of full color images to highlight color images
Method for dominant color setting of video region and data structure and method of confidence measure extraction
Steganographic encoding
Methods and systems for coding multiple dynamic range images
System and method for incremental and continuous data compression
Image processing apparatus and image processing method
Sharpness enhancement
System and method for producing a page using frames of a video stream
System and method for processing trip requests
Grain aeration systems and techniques
Method and apparatus for ordering goods, services and content over an internetwork using a virtual payment account
Strategy-driven methodology for reducing identity theft
Medium, method, and system for automatic bidding across multiple auction sites
Common carrier system
Real-time federated auctions and purchasing
Intelligent inventory applications and services
System and method for optimizing investments within an organization
Transaction switch and a method for use thereof
Method and system for simulating implied volatility surfaces for use in option pricing simulations
Method and system for using reward points to liquidate products
System, method and computer program product for performing a contingent claim valuation of a combination option
Decision aid
System and method for changing the view of a trading screen
Systems and methods for conducting derivative trades electronically
Validating financial accounts
Method and apparatus for modeling and executing deferred award instrument plan
Analyzing a credit counseling agency
Real time financial instrument image exchange system and method
Computer apparatus and method for performing financial transaction processing
System and method of providing current hotel daily rate and availability information and the like
Method and apparatus for arranging social meetings
Graphic color-pixel-based visual-analytic representations for datasets
Algorithm to enhance the contrast of a monochrome image
Article sales data processing apparatus
Radio frequency verification system and device
Fluidized bed technology for security enhancement
Systems and methods for storing and transferring personal data
Security system
RFID interface and applications thereof
Tamper respondent sensor and enclosure
Method of reducing sensor corrosion in absorbent articles
Radio communication apparatus
Methods and systems for remotely starting engines of vehicles
Display apparatus and electronic device
Display device and color filter substrate
Method of driving a transistor, a driving element using the same, and a display panel and a display apparatus having the driving element
Inserting transitions into a waveform that drives a display
Method for video enabled electronic commerce
Image display adjustment system and method
Methods and apparatus for rapid acoustic unit selection from a large speech corpus
Prosodic control rule generation method and apparatus, and speech synthesis method and apparatus
Document expansion in speech retrieval
Synchronizing parametric coding of spatial audio with externally provided downmix
Reproducing apparatus
Drive apparatus for performing a sequential recording and reproduction on a write-once recording medium, and method of reproducing same
Data protection based on system vibration modes
Disk drive employing coarse position feedback from mechanical position sensor to improve format efficiency
Data recording method, data recording apparatus, and data recording program
Base for data storage device with parallelism mounting features
Magneto-resistance effect element having free layer including magnetostriction reduction layer and thin-film magnetic head
Magnetoresistance element employing Heusler alloy as magnetic layer
Servo track writer arm positioning device
Substrate for magnetic recording medium, magnetic recording medium, and magnetic recording apparatus
Optical information recording method, optical information recording device, and optical information recording medium
Rewritable phase-change optical recording medium
Non-volatile memory structure
Memory sensing and latching circuit
Shift register and liquid crystal display (LCD)
Sequence of current pulses for depinning magnetic domain walls
Programmable ROM
Semiconductor memory and system
Programmable power down scheme for embedded memory block
Method and device of irradiation of logs with x-ray as a phytosanitary treatment
Doped ceramic powder for use in forming capacitor anodes
Sintered anode pellet treated with a surfactant for use in an electrolytic capacitor
Internal digital TV antennas for hand-held telecommunications device
Integrated coupler
Amplifier device for an antenna operable in at least one mode
Antenna system and a method in connection with an antenna
Apparatus and method of generating laser beam
Optical fiber gain medium with modal discrimination of amplification
Surface emitting laser device and production method
Electronic assembly for switching electric power
Method and apparatus to improve regulation of a power supply
Method and apparatus for fault detection in a switching power supply
Method and apparatus for providing high speed, low EMI switching circuits
Data modulator based on Gaussian minimum shift keying (GMSK) modulation and data transmitter including the same
Offset controllable spread spectrum clock generator apparatus
Digital wireless receiver
Skew-correcting apparatus using external communications element
Flash converter differential reference ladder auto-zero circuit
Dual data weighted average dynamic element matching in analog-to-digital converters
Generation method of a variable analogue signal generated by a PWM signal and system generating such a signal
Balanced rotator conversion of serialized data
Method and apparatus for transmitting watermark data bits using a spread spectrum, and for regaining watermark data bits embedded in a spread spectrum
Speech support system for a vehicle
Managing system clocks to reduce RFI
Method and apparatus for transmission of signals
Sound processing system for configuration of audio signals in a vehicle
Method for transmitting a character message from mobile communication terminal
Dense-tap transversal filter with elementary coefficients
Apparatus and method for interference cancellation in wireless mobile stations operating concurrently on two or more air interfaces
Dual inductor circuit for multi-band wireless communication device
Optical transmission method and device
Optical transponder
Optical amplifier
Method for designing optical network, and computer readable medium
Method and procedure for self discovery of small office or home interior structure by means of acoustic sensing and profiling
System and method for the reacquisition of a gated pilot
Selectively adaptable far-end echo cancellation in a packet voice system
Floor control templates for use in push-to-talk applications
Communication terminal apparatus and base station apparatus
Providing talk burst authority in group communication system supporting PTT service
Method of translating protocol at translator, method of providing protocol translation information at translation server, and address translation server
Method for receiving data of mobile terminal and apparatus thereof
Content providing mobile terminal and method
Method for data transmission
High-speed cell search system for CDMA
Apparatus and method for controlling wireless terminal
Technique for video broadcasting in wireless LAN
Method and apparatus for network routing between a tactical network and a satellite network
Method and apparatus for automatic load-balancing on a multi-segment network
Arbiter for multiple mutually exclusive vectors
Wide area peer-to-peer synching in a decentralized environment
Programmable pseudo virtual lanes for fibre channel systems
Wireless mobile phone with content processing
System and method for handling network overload
Indoor radio transmission method for parallel radio transmission of digital data substreams and a mobile radio transmission system
Out of band flow control
High-throughput communication system, communication terminal, session relay, and communication protocol
Using a connected wireless computer as a conduit for a disconnected wireless computer
Cascading configuration using one or more configuration trees
Combined pipelined classification and address search method and apparatus for switching environments
Apparatus and method for packet scheduling
Translating native medium access control (MAC) addresses to hierarchical MAC addresses and their use
Arrangement in a router for distributing a routing rule used to generate routes based on a pattern of a received packet
Method for stamping any ethernet frames in conjunction with standard ethernet
Method, system, and computer program product for ethernet virtualization using an elastic FIFO memory to facilitate flow of broadcast traffic to virtual hosts
Method of generating and managing connection identifiers for supporting multicast for each group in IPv6-based wireless network and network interface using the method
System and method for efficient broadcast of information over a network
System and method for controlling a telecom network
Interface switch for use with fibre channel fabrics in storage area networks
Network data routing protection cycles for automatic protection switching
Method for reordering and reassembling data packets in a network
Taxonomy based multiple ant colony optimization approach for routing in mobile ad hoc networks
Packet distribution system, PAN registration device, PAN control device, packet transfer device, and packet distribution method
First-arrival learning method, relay apparatus, and computer product
Voice integrated VOIP system
Rogue access point detection
Apparatus and method for transmission/reception
Recording medium, content player, content player method, and computer program
Deskewing method and apparatus, and data reception apparatus using the deskewing method and apparatus
Wireless communications devices, methods of processing a wireless communication signal, wireless communication synchronization methods and a radio frequency identification device communication method
Accelerating Diffie-Hellman key-exchange protocol with zero-biased exponent windowing
Method and apparatus for distributing group data in a tunneled encrypted virtual private network
Cryptographic method and devices for facilitating calculations during transactions
Steganographic method and device
Media receiving apparatus, media system having the same, and control methods thereof
Radio device, transmission and reception directivity control method and transmission and reception directivity control program
Database programs for handheld devices
System for improving overall battery life of a GSM communication device
Sliding mechanism for slide-type portable electronic device
Multiple mode RF transceiver and antenna structure
Remote computer system and related equipment diagnostics using data gathered over a telephone channel
Methods and systems for enabling a reply call to a voice mail message
Restrict restore function for network service providers
Power line communication device and method
Image processing device
Creating multiple threshold matrices to be used in error diffused multilevel halftoning
Method and apparatus for interpolation of interlaced CMYG color format
Image capturing apparatus, control method and program thereof, and storage medium
Imaging device analysis methods, imaging device analysis systems, and articles of manufacture
Image manipulation method for camera
Digital camera
Portable terminal and communication system controllable by remote mail
Image capturing apparatus
Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus, and digital photographing apparatus using the method
Imaging device having a blur-correction function
Method for solid-state imaging device with overlapping signal charge transfer processes
Method and apparatus for sizing an image on a display
Animated display calibration method and apparatus
Method for automatically reducing stored data in a surveillance system
Method and system for motion estimation using chrominance information
Efficient use of a render cache
Image processing of DCT-based video sequences in compressed domain
Multiple partial encryption
Protection of data on media recording disks
Shading compensation device, shading compensation value calculation device and imaging device
Subwoofer with cascaded array of drivers arranged with staggered spacing
Eyeglasses with hearing enhanced and other audio signal-generating capabilities
Apparatus, system and method for transferring an active call between wireless communication networks
System for supporting consecutive and distributed subcarrier channels in OFDMA networks
Portable electronic device employing sliding mechanism
Fastening support assembly
Semiconductor module and inverter device
Electronic components, systems and apparatus with air flow devices
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Method and apparatus for providing training information regarding a pet
Motility analysis within a gastrointestinal tract
Hyperbaric resuscitation system and method
Determination of pH including hemoglobin correction
Normalization method for a chronically implanted optical sensor
Method and apparatus for determining analyte concentration using phase and magnitude detection of a radiation transfer function
Motion measuring device
Apparatus and method for positioning and delivering a therapeutic tool to the inside of a heart
Method and apparatus for picking up auditory evoked potentials
Methods for processing electrocardiac signals having superimposed complexes
Apparatus for positioning and marking a location of an EMG electrode
Patient bed support for an open MRI system
Method of acquiring an image of a non-dermatoglyphic zone of the skin or of a zone of the hair by means of acquisition apparatus including a non-optical sensor
Image pasting using geometry measurement and a flat-panel detector
X-ray image diagnostic device, and x-ray image data correcting method
Methods and apparatus for artifact reduction in computed tomography imaging systems
Beam hardening post-processing method and X-ray CT apparatus
X-ray computed tomography apparatus
Medical imaging examination facility
Dental and orthopedic densitometry modeling system and method
Microwave medical treatment apparatus and method
System and method of treating stuttering by neuromodulation
Indocyanine green (ICG) compositions and related methods of use
Method and apparatus for shunting induced currents in an electrical lead
Stylet feature for resisting perforation of an implantable lead
Electrode for a medical implant
Ultrasound echogenic cardiac lead
Method and apparatus for electrical stimulation
Neurostimulator involving stimulation strategies and process for using it
Method and circuit for monitoring an oscillator in a medical implant
Method and apparatus for avoiding unwanted sensing in a cardiac rhythm management device
Method of utilizing an external defibrillator by replacing its electrodes
Performing Operations; Transporting
Pulsed volume control of a magnetic ringer
Method of processing a semiconductor wafer
Mobile phone hand-free holder
System including an alternate power source for a modem-capable computer
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Optical fiber for transmitting ultraviolet ray, optical fiber probe, and method of manufacturing the optical fiber probe
Low water peak optical waveguide fiber
Optical fiber and evaluation method thereof
Textiles; Paper
System and method for communication between machine controllers
Embroidery data producing device and embroidery data producing program stored in a computer readable medium
Fixed Constructions
Formation evaluation through azimuthal measurements
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Panel made of a highly insulated electrothermal fabric
Rapid response electric heat exchanger
Remote temperature/strain fiber optic sensing system with embedded sensor
Wavelength tuning mechanism
Optical tomography of small objects using parallel ray illumination and post-specimen optical magnification
System for identifying clusters in scatter plots using smoothed polygons with optimal boundaries
Method and apparatus for detecting radiation
Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy with second harmonic guide light
Device for detecting foreign substances in a thread
Inspecting method and apparatus for repeated micro-miniature patterns
Method and apparatus for transmitting information about a target object between a prescanner and a CT scanner
Method and apparatus for automated detection of peaks in spectroscopic data
System for detecting spurious network traffic
Redundant packet selection and manipulation in wireless communications systems
Transmission apparatus, order wire transmission system and order wire monitoring method
Multi-pair transceiver decoder system with low computation slicer
Plural circuit selection using role reversing control inputs
Estimating the location of a mobile unit based on the elimination of improbable locations
Video microscopy method
MEMS based over-the-air optical data transmission system
Optical element and illuminator and projection display device
Optical coupler having evanescent coupling region
High index-step grating fabrication using a regrowth-over-dielectric process
Tunable dispersion compensating bandwidth device for fiber optics system
Optical fiber thermal compensation device
Method for transferring a large number of fiber ends into a specified position
Waveguide-to-semiconductor device coupler
Electrically controllable integrated optical cross-connect
Methods for controlling positions of the guided modes of the photonic crystal waveguides
Optical communication device and laminated optical communication module
Planar optical waveguide and method of manufacturing the same
Lens-integrated optical fiber and production method thereof, optical module, and optical transmission apparatus
Planar lightwave wavelength device using moveable mirrors
Miniature magneto-optic fiber optical switch
Off axis optical signal redirection architectures
Fiber optic connector tray system
Fiber optic multi-port organizer
Optical fiber photoelectric sensor unit
Cable management panel with sliding drawer and methods
Connector housing having a sliding tray with a hingeable portion
Light scanning and recording apparatus
Distance measuring device
Lens barrel and image taking apparatus
Image sensing apparatus
Photometric device and camera
Apparatus and methods for multiple view angle stereoscopic radiography
Image forming apparatus that obtains user information
Control device and method for monitoring wear parts for printers and copiers
Method, device, system and recording medium for detecting improper cartridge, and cartridge
Job information display apparatus, job execution apparatus, job instruction apparatus and job processing system
Image forming apparatus, a developer leakage preventing member for using the same and a method for shipping/transporting an image forming apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image carrier cartridge having multiple image carriers
Image forming apparatus for preventing the adhesion of discharge products in a charger thereby preventing image defects
Image forming apparatus and method of sensing amount of remaining developer in image forming apparatus
Toner supply container and image forming apparatus
Image heating apparatus with flexible sleeve and flange members in contact with the sleeve
Image forming apparatus and control method for the same
Image forming apparatus
Adaptive value generating apparatus, adaptive procedure control program, and adaptive value generating program
Method of controlling an automatic machine
Object model for network policy management
Method of selecting signals compatible
Feature implementation in a real time stamp distribution system
Wireless display system, method and computer program media therefor
Memory system that measures power consumption
Apparatus and method for generating memory access signals, and memory accessed using said signals
Method and system for searching for images based on color and shape of a selected image
Method and apparatus for encoding video hyperlinks
CAD system, CAD cooperative system, CAD data managing method, and storage medium
Method for error proofing body shop component selection
Substrate apparatus calibration and synchronization procedure
Customized prosthesis and method of designing and manufacturing a customized prosthesis by utilizing computed tomography data
Device and method for carrying out the decentralized production of desired products from different starting materials, and an automated process system
Method for migrating a base chip key from one computer system to another
Apparatus and method for scoreboard control with dynamic visual indicators
Cellular phone allowing a hand-written character to be entered on the back
Visualization supplemented wireless mobile telephony
Innovation information management model
RFID tag having combined battery and passive power source
Data processing device for switching between terminal mode and RF mode with a digital circuit
Data-processing device and method of operating said device
Locating regions in a target image using color matching, luminance pattern matching and hue plane pattern matching
Method for motion classification using switching linear dynamic systems models
Method and system for selecting and designing eyeglass frames
Method and apparatus for performing scale-invariant gesture recognition
Image distortion compensation technique and apparatus
Method and apparatus for efficient determination of recognition parameters
Color image compression via spectral decorrelation and elimination of spatial redundancy
Circuitry for determining median of image portions
Information processing method and apparatus
Pose-invariant face recognition system and process
Method for recognizing objects in an image pixel plane
Document search and retrieval apparatus, recording medium and program
Parts list system which generates and manages a parts list simply and effectively
Method and device for inserting and decoding a watermark in digital data
Image processor
Versatile cone-beam imaging apparatus and method
Rapid computer modeling of faces for animation
Image processing system
Image compression and restoring method for binary images
Preventing green non-uniformity in image sensors
Fast gamma correction method for image reading apparatus
Interactive computer-aided diagnosis method and system for assisting diagnosis of lung nodules in digital volumetric medical images
Machine vision-based singulation verification system and method
Locating point of interest in an impaired image
Image analyzing method for detecting significant changes in a time sequence of images
Electronic device
Device and method for transforming digital signal
System and process for automatically determining optimal image compression methods for reducing file size
MPEG-4 binary shape transmission
Method for image coding by rate-distortion adaptive zerotree-based residual vector quantization and system for effecting same
Apparatus and method of encoding/decoding a coded block pattern
Method and apparatus for motion vector field encoding
Fast matching systems and methods for personal identification
Noise cancellation device, engine-noise cancellation device, and noise cancellation method
Location-based services
Steganographic encoding and decoding of auxiliary codes in media signals
Audio signal time scale modification
Digital signal processing device and method, digital signal processing system
Digital phase lock loop circuit
Method and circuit for transmitting a data-modulated high-frequency data signal from a transmitter to a receiver having a simplified receiver architecture
Method and apparatus for signal processing and recording medium
Digital video recording/playback system with entry point processing function
Method and apparatus for reproducing ciphered data
Information recording medium and information recording device
Semiconductor memory device
Semiconductor storage and its refreshing method
Semiconductor memory device and electronic device for activation control of word lines in a semiconductor memory device
Synchronous semiconductor device having constant data output time regardless of bit organization, and method of adjusting data output time
Semiconductor memory device with reduced chip area and improved redundancy efficency
Method and circuit for precise timing of signals in an embedded DRAM array
Method for detecting and preventing tampering with one-time programmable digital devices
Latency control circuit and method of latency control
Semiconductor memory device
Method and apparatus for off boundary memory access
Nuclear reactor
Pressurized water reactor shutdown method
X-ray source
Laser irradiation method, laser irradiation apparatus, and semiconductor device
Portable terminal device
Portable telephone apparatus that can attain directivity of antenna which optimizes reception state from base station
Telephone line isolation device and method of use
Solid state laser amplifier
Planar laser
Compact ultra fast laser
Optical pump device with several output channels and use of same in an amplifier device
Surface catalyst infra red laser
Laser oscillator
Optical devices
Multimode light generating module, semiconductor laser apparatus, and optical fiber amplifier
Semiconductor laser with lateral current conduction and method for fabricating the semiconductor laser
Semiconductor optical component
Low crosstalk optical gain medium and method for forming same
Splice protection sleeve
Crystal-less oscillator transceiver
Digital transmitter system and method
Phase comparator circuit
High-frequency signal transmission apparatus and electronic tuner using the same
Transconductance stage and device for communication by Hertzian channel equipped with such a stage
Electronically programmable multimode circuit
Audio dynamics processing control system
Low-power programmable digital filter
Circuit configuration for the offset compensation of a signal
Adaptive filter having a small circuit scale with a low power consumption and tap-coefficients updating method of adaptive filter
Unconditionally stable on-chip filter and applications thereof
Interleaved finite impulse response filter
Phase error cancellation circuit and method for fractional frequency dividers and circuits incorporating same
Apparatus and method for coding/decoding
Coding method and apparatus for reducing number of state transition paths in a communication system
Reduced crossmodulation operation of a multimode communication device
Direct conversion transceiver capable of reducing DC offset using multichip module
Scheduled audio mode for modem speaker
Transceiver-processor building block for electronic radio systems
Method of determining an acquisition indicator bit in a communication system
Processing for improved performance and reduced pilot
Method and system for deriving dynamic data clocks from PN codes
Method for receiving or sending messages
Interference signal canceling apparatus and interference signal canceling method
Optical switch having a autorestoration feature for switching from a backup optical path to a primary optical path
Extended range infrared communication (ERIC) for an infrared associated (IrDA) compliant portable device
Optical source generator for wavelength division multiplexing optical communication systems
Methods of signal substitution for maintenance of amplifier saturation
Method and apparatus for the spectrally efficient encoding and decoding of discrete data into and from analog waveforms
Double-talk and path change detection using a matrix of correlation coefficients
Echo cancellation through auxiliary-vector filtering
Adaptive hybrid for a digital subscriber line analog front end
Delay insertion for echo cancellation, with echo supression, in a communication network
Method and apparatus for providing wireless diagnostics, authentication, and redundancy of wired circuitry
Transmit power control method and transmit power control system suitable to mobile communications
Image information input/output device and control system for the same using mobile device
Apparatus and method for controlling transmission power in a mobile communication system
Method and system for closed loop power control in wireless systems
System and method for link adaptation in communication systems
Protection method for forward power saturation in CDMA communication system and its power control apparatus
Diversity reception device outputting maximized C/N ratio of synthesized signal
Digital broadcast system using satellite direct broadcast and terrestrial repeater
Communications system
Beam hopping self addressed packet switched communication system with multiple beam array antenna
CDMA receiver having a searcher intermittently operable
Method and apparatus for providing power control for CDMA dispatch services
Method and apparatus for expanding cell coverage in mobile communication system
Method and apparatus for automotive radio time shifting personalized to multiple drivers
Structure for preventing intermodulation interference in satellite transmission
Method and apparatus for discriminating multipath and pulse noise distortions in radio receivers
Two-way audio/video conferencing system
System and method for communicating digital information using time-and-frequency-bounded base functions
Wireless computer network including a mobile appliance containing a single chip transceiver
Gain equalization in DWDM networks
Transport system with tunable channel spacing DWDM
Network transceiver for extending the bandwidth of optical fiber-based network infrastructure
Synchronizing clocks across a communication link
Time management of information distributed on K-bytes in SDH frames
Apparatus and method for managing variable-sized data slots within a time division multiple access frame
Methods and apparatuses for serial transfer of SONET framed data between components of a SONET system
Method and apparatus for providing virtual point to point connections in a network
10 Gigabit ethernet mappings for a common LAN/WAN PMD interface with a simple universal physical medium dependent interface
ATM cell conversion circuit and ATM cell conversion method
Time slot interchanger (TSI) and method for a telecommunications node
Rate one coding and decoding methods and systems
Method for determining loss rate or a loss curve of a video source or multimedia traffic
Turbo coding for fast fading channels
System and method for maximizing capacity in a telecommunications system
Method of multiple-antenna wireless communication using space-time codes
Call admission control method and apparatus for cellular systems
Method and apparatus for multiplexing voice over ATM or IP data communication channels
Method and apparatus for managing quality of service in network devices
Optimizing use of statistics counters
Message format and flow control for replacement of the packet control driver/packet interface dual port RAM communication
Method and apparatus for determining a layer 2 path in a switched network
System and method for time-based scheduling
Jitter reduction of voice packets in a packet-based network
Data storage access through switched fabric
Method and apparatus for bit level network data multiplexing
PHY signal control device and method for selectively generating a specific warning data
Method and apparatus for transmitting data in a linear-type or ring-type network
Method and system for transmitting isochronous voice in a wireless network
State information and routing table updates in large scale data networks
Method and apparatus for scheduling forward link data transmissions in CDMA/HDR networks
Apparatus for filtering inter-node communication in a data processing system
Method and apparatus for hardware forwarding of LAN frames over ATM networks
Label request packet transmission method, packet transfer network and method thereof, and packet transfer device
Method for controlling service levels over packet based networks
Method and apparatus for providing differentiated services using a multi-level queuing mechanism
Tuple-based lookup scheme for packet switching node
Scheduler method and device in a switch
Methods and arrangements for establishing a group collaboration session utilizing multiple multicast distribution trees
Selective networking method for mobile ad hoc networks
Communication system, a communication device and a method for performing communication
Method for radio access bearer reconfiguration in a communications system
Flow integrity for path transitioning data switch
Method and system for providing services in communications networks
Method and system for transmitting data between a receiver and a transmitter
Method and device for assigning cell data units to sequential storage positions of data frames using a pointer position estimation
Switching arrangement and method
Internet-activated callback service
Multi-pass interference reduction in a GSM communication system
Method and apparatus for suppressing co-channel interference in a receiver
Mechanism for OFDM equalizer tap initialization using an adaptive algorithm
Method and apparatus for reducing impulse noise in a signal processing system
Method and apparatus for transmitting data from an analogue modem to a digital modem through an analogue channel
Apparatus for and method of converting soft symbol information to soft bit information
Data rate calibration for asynchronous serial communications
Receiving apparatus and method for digital multi-carrier transmission
Digital subscriber line communicating system
Method and system for tiered digital television terrestrial broadcasting services using multi-bit-stream frequency interleaved OFDM
Modulator, demodulator, and transmission system for use in OFDM transmission
Demodulation of multiple-carrier phase-modulated signals
Variable rate modulator
Security module
Communication node for enabling internetworking of network using request/response based data transfer and network using non-request/response based data transfer
System and method for providing transformation of multi-protocol packets in a data stream
System and method for measuring sample arrival rates on an asynchronous transport network
Method and apparatus for dynamic allocation of private address space based upon domain name service queries
Mobile IP communication scheme for supporting mobile computer move over different address spaces
System and method for providing access to resources using a fabric switch
Systems and method for phase multiplexing in assigning frequency channels for a wireless communication network
CMOS receiver for simultaneous bi-directional links
Method for synchronous encryption over a communication medium
Circuit and software for generating a stream cipher
Wireless phone forwarding based on phone location
Mobile communication terminal with control section for one-way communication
Microphone/earpiece device for a mobile telephone, telephone exchange or the like
Operation method of portable phone to change mode using dial key and apparatus for the same
Apparatus and method to use a conventional telephone set to make telephone calls on a packet network
System and method to detect privacy screening
Text-to-speech and MIDI ringing tone for communications devices
Apparatus and method for future transmission of device-independent messages
Portable radio terminal with infrared communication function and communication method for portable radio terminal
Arrangement for using a number of modifiable settings
Method for storing and reproducing a voice message in a mobile telephone
Folding communication terminal having two displays
Communication terminal device, holds melody sensing method, incoming melody playing and information storing medium
Portable terminal
Wireless telephonic communication system and method
Method and system for administering multiple messages over a public switched telephone network
Dynamically configured voice mail system
OFDM receiving apparatus, OFDM transmission apparatus and OFDM communication method
Ground key detection circuit and method for interference-resistant detection of the activation of a ground key for telephones
Apparatus and method or searching for PN sequence phase in multi-carrier CDMA mobile communication system
Method for measuring network performance parity
Method and system for conditionally routing calls
Method and system for sending an emergency call from a mobile terminal to the nearby emergency institution
Routing method for a call to a mobile telephone via global location register
Enhanced directory assistance service providing individual or group directories
Outbound call center
Homezone call forwarding service method
Gateway system having a redundant structure of media gateway controllers
Methods and systems for providing database node access control functionality in a communications network routing node
Image-capturing device
Versatile communication device with a facsimile function and a telephone function
Apparatus and methods for automatically adjusting images on edge-disturbed output media
Loose gray-scale template matching for image processing of anti-aliased lines
Reflected or transmitted light scanner and image processing method for scanned-in image samples
Color cross reference selection system and method
Image data processing with color modification
Apparatus and method of eliminating vestigial sideband pilot tone in vestigial sideband/quadrature amplitude modulation system
Systems and methods for selecting a macroblock mode in a video encoder
Resolution-scalable video compression
Video bit scrambling
Selectable depacketizer architecture
System and method for remultiplexing of a filtered transport stream with new content in real-time
MPEG re-multiplexer having multiple inputs and multiple outputs
Efficiency FGST framework employing higher quality reference frames
System and associated method for transcoding discrete cosine transform coded signals
Efficiency FGST framework employing higher quality reference frames
Device and method for motion-compensated recursive filtering of video images
Apparatus and method for MPEG decoding using dynamic frequency and voltage scaling
Buffer management in variable bit-rate compression systems
Effective error recovery method using packet loss rate of networks in realtime video transfer system
Insulation strip for a pots splitter card
Method and apparatus for regenerating optical signals in an all-optical cross-connect switch
Bit-rate-independent optical cross-connect device in optical transmission system
Optical path switching device
Method of optimizing equipment utilization in telecommunication access network
Apparatus for a mobile communication system for providing an ATM-based switching and routing connecting scheme
Bypass control system based upon NMS control in ATM exchanger
Process for transmitting a telephone number of a desired subscriber, and directory enquiries facility terminal for this purpose
Method and device for detecting an interference condition
System for dynamic time division multiple access to allow its proper functioning in a radio frequency or wireless network
Communication system and method for quality-based call admission control and scheduling
Method and arrangement for transferring information in a packet radio service
Method of selecting length of time of inactivity on a channel dedicated to a user terminal to be detected for the channel to be released, and a corresponding network for radio telecommunications
Information delivery management apparatus, system, and method
Using call establishment signaling to request data
Method, apparatus and system for notifying a user of a portable wireless device
Method and system for routing of short messages in a telecommunication system
Communications of signaling in a mobile communications system with reduced interference
Message access for radio telecommunications system
Method for the automated analysis of a mobile radio telephone system
Method and a mobile station for configuring a base station
Method for communication traffic load balancing between cells of a communication system
Mobile telecommunications systems
Apparatus for call admission control based on transmission power of base station
Method for soft and softer handover in time division duplex code division multiple access (TDD-CDMA) networks
Prioritization of searching by a remote unit in a wireless communication system
Vertical roaming in wireless networks through improved quality of service measures
Mobile location estimation in a wireless communication system
Method for controlling an intersystem link transfer
Control node handover in radio access network
Method and system for controlling access of a subscriber station to a wireless system
Apparatus and method for hard handoff of data packet transmissions
Method and apparatus for a talkgroup call in a wireless communication system
Speaker for vehicle
Lay-in ceiling speaker
Capacitive transducer
Harmonic amplifier and corresponding electro-acoustic transducer
Sound reproducing system
Headphone system
Sound enhancement for mobile phones and other products producing personalized audio for users
Speaker apparatus
X-ray generator
X-ray imaging apparatus
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