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Expired Patents Due to Failure to Pay Fees
Human Necessities
Teat rubber and milking cup with a ventilation nozzle
Air circulating litter box
Decoy anchor assembly
Collapsible buoyant sun shade
Yad including mezuzah casement
Cases and covers for handheld electronic devices
Curio cabinet with concealed gun rack
Mounting structure and method for the upright mounting of a decorative plate on a door of a household appliance
Medical guide element with diameter transition
Endoscopic imaging device and endoscope apparatus having a configuration to prevent condensation
Surgical hand access apparatus
Tissue excision device
Biopsy collection device and related methods
Friction compensation in a minimally invasive surgical apparatus
Systems and methods for removal of intravascular leads
Surgical apparatus and structure for applying sprayable wound treatment material
Gentle touch surgical stapler
Closure device and methods for making and using them
Closure device and methods for making and using them
Device for removal of intermaxillary fixation
Systems, devices and apparatuses for bony fixation and disk repair and replacement methods related thereto
Implant for treating a proximal fracture of the humerus
Coating on a medical substrate and a coated medical product
Apparatus for dimensioning circumference of cavity for introduction of a prosthetic implant
Spinal plate assemblies with backout protection cap and methods
Imaginary impedance process monitoring and intelligent shut-off
Electrosurgical device having floating-potential electrode and curvilinear profile
Surgical instrument support
System and method for tagging and detecting surgical implements
Systems and methods for noninvasively monitoring baroreflex response and nominal blood volume
Devices and methods for enhancing bone growth
Dental implant
Gastric band with supply tube check valve
Implantable devices for the treatment of incontinence and methods of using same
Bifurcation treatment system and methods
Two balloon staged stent expansion
Refractive intraocular implant lens and method
Cotyloid element of a hip prosthesis, and total hip prosthesis comprising same
Orthopedic device assembly with elements coupled by a retaining structure
Stent having helical elements
Extra-vascular wrapping for treating aneurysmatic aorta in conjunction with endovascular stent-graft and methods thereof
Ostomy undergarment
Dynamic cradle, especially for treating head and neck pain
Switched resonant ultrasonic power amplifier system
High temperature thermal therapy of breast cancer
Flow regulating implant, method of manufacture, and delivery device
Physical therapy system
Eye treatment apparatus
Patient medication IV delivery pump with wireless communication to a hospital information management system
Application of polymeric materials to screens to facilitate hemostasis and wound healing
Fault diagnosis in CPAP and NIPPV devices
Ventilator to tracheotomy tube coupling
Bubble-type nose cleaner
Medical device having segmented construction
Apparatus to prevent reperfusion injury
Mechanical clot treatment device with distal filter
Vascular device for emboli and thrombi removal and methods of use
Balloon catheter having coating
Systems and methods for steering catheters
Medical fluid injector having a thermo-mechanical drive
Bone-penetrating member for intraosseous infusion and aspiration devices
Intravenous catheter anchor system and method
Micro-organism-reducing device
Early suppression fast response fire protection sprinkler
Elastic exercising bar assembly that is operated in a swinging manner
Leg elevator system
Total body strengthening toning workstation and method of using same
Vehicle mounted multi-position resistance tube exercise apparatus
Golf club head with face insert
Metal wood golf club head
Enhanced wearable swing training apparatus
Card shuffler
Method and apparatus for planning and customizing a gaming experience
Game server, game machine under control of the server, and game control method executing return on judgment that cumulative credit consumption reaches upper limit
Monitoring a sports draft based on a need of a sports team and the best available player to meet that need
Gaming device having odds of winning which increase as a player's wager increases
Electronic gaming device with feedback
Electronic gaming platform having object oriented remote control
Systems, methods, and devices for monitoring card games, such as Baccarat
Tournament game system and tournament method
Configurable and stand-alone verification module
Performing Operations; Transporting
Feed distribution arrangement in a liquid treatment space
Apparatus, process and system for delivering fluid to a distillation column or reactor
Method for filtering molten aluminum and molten aluminum alloys
Filter arrangement; sealing system; and methods
Oxygen-permeable membrane and method for the production thereof
Ceramic porous membrane and ceramic filter
Micro reforming reactor for fuel cell and method of preparing the same
Reformer for fuel cell system and fuel cell system having the same
Reformed gas production method and reformed gas production apparatus
Coating apparatus including a glove part and a controller for stopping coating
Coating tool for applying a fluid film onto a substrate
Dishwasher with rotating zone wash sprayers
Closed chamber with fluid separation feature
Ultrasonic cleaning method and apparatus
Bulk amorphous alloy sheet forming processes
Cutter-tooling assembly
Helical broach for roughing
Internal broaching tool
Grinding wheel and method
Abrasive products with splice marks and automated splice detection
Polishing pad for endpoint detection and related methods
Honing apparatus
Double-side polishing apparatus and method for polishing both sides of wafer
Polishing material having polishing particles and method for making the same
Tolerance ring and assembly with deformable projections
Device for attaching a mould base on a medium
Apparatus for producing three-dimensional shaped product
Fine structure formation apparatus
Process for the production of packaging material for electronic component cases
System for bifolding an absorbent article
Apparatus for producing elastomeric nonwoven laminates
Cutting device and tape printing apparatus equipped therewith
Sublimation printing processes and fabric pretreatment compositions for ink jet printing onto arbitrary fabrics
Method to refresh the ink in nozzles of an inkjet print head in an inkjet printing apparatus
Liquid supplying and collecting apparatus
Method for filling liquid-discharge-head cartridge with liquid, and method and apparatus for manufacturing liquid-discharge-head cartridge
Solid inkjet drum maintenance unit (DMU) employing adjustable blade cam in order to control the oil rate
Carriage with capping surface for inkjet printhead
Inkjet printer and bubble reducing method for inkjet printer
Image forming device and method for controlling discharge of ink droplets based on sensor detection
Managing project information with a hand-propelled device
Leak-proof art instrument
Tire comprising a high grip tread
Enclosed decoupling stabilizer
Mobile product retail system and methods thereof
Back-up power for controlling an access opening in a body of a vehicle
Upper roller assembly for a sliding vehicle closure
Device for closing off an opening prepared in the roof of a vehicle, provided with a sealing barrier and a drain for draining water towards the exterior
Cooling air guide device for a motor vehicle
Power plant
Self frequency ramping alternating current wheel motor system for hybrid vehicles
Hybrid vehicle cooling apparatus
Connecting devices
Sillboard arrangement of a motor vehicle body
Multiple activated dumping roll-off container
Method and system for controlling vehicle braking
Device for moving large containers
Steering device
Structural joint for a commercial vehicle frame and a frame made with a structural joint
Oscillating undercarriage, in particular for a drilling device
Pitch adjusting mechanism for bicycle saddle
Angle adjustment device for bicycle saddle
Bicycle brake
Long mission tethered aerostat and method of accomplishing
Aircraft cabin lighting system and kit therefor
Aerodynamically controlled grapple assembly
Receiver with valves
Plastic bottle with a champagne base and production method thereof
Container for holding food and drinks
Lotion bottle
Blank, apparatus and method for constructing container
Security seal
Resealable packaging
Refuse container
Refuse container
Slide valve for dry goods
Cap assembly having storage chamber for secondary material with inseparable working member
Device for scattering bulk material
Conveying system having endless drive medium and conveying method
Torsional tensioning device
Device and method for grouping packages
Apparatus for manufacturing solar cells and process for operating such apparatus
Agitating device for a grain bin discharge opening
System and method for inline cutting and stacking of sheets for formation of books
System and method for continuously manufacturing liquid crystal display device
System for calculating spine jacket width
Sheet-stacking apparatus and image-forming apparatus
Robotic gripper
Dispenser lockout mechanism
Beverage dispenser
Chemistry; Metallurgy
Slow releasing device for gaseous chlorine dioxide and method for making same
Process for the recovery of a concentrated carbon dioxide stream
Copper chloride/copper bromide disinfector for swimming pools and control method thereof
Process for electrocoagulation fluid treatment
Stirrers for minimizing erosion of refractory metal vessels in a glass making system
Polyhydroxyfunctional polysiloxane as anti-adhesive and dirt-repellant additives
Method for warm swaging Al-Mg alloy parts
Grain refiners for steel-manufacturing methods and use
High strength hot rolled steel sheet excellent in bore expanding workability and method for production thereof
Thermalizing gas injectors for generating increased precursor gas, material deposition systems including such injectors, and related methods
Processing apparatus
Systems for forming semiconductor materials by atomic layer deposition
Electrolysis anode
Process for regenerating alkali metal hydroxides by electrochemical means
Alkaline zinc-nickel bath
Electrolysis chamber
Textiles; Paper
Bleached fiber product production method, apparatus to be used therefor, and bleached fiber product produced thereby
Fixed Constructions
Self-cleaning delineator
Tire georeinforcing system
Door with mount and lock structures for mission critical enclosures
Sterilization cassette
Door lock assembly with inertia lock
Bottom-hole assembly, and a method and system for transmitting data from a bottom-hole assembly
Equipment for drilling secant holes
Control line running system
Supercritical pentane as an extractant for oil shale
Variable thickness insulated conductors
Multi-sleeve plunger for plunger lift system
Electromagnetic based system and method for enhancing subsurface recovery of fluid within a permeable formation
Method and apparatus for in situ extraction of bitumen or very heavy oil
In situ recovery from a hydrocarbon containing formation
Structurally stand-alone FRAC liner system and method of use thereof
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Reciprocating compressor with rotary valve
Infinitely variable motion control (IVMC) for river turbines
Switchable pressure supply device comprising a passive auxiliary pressure accumulator
Continuous variable valve lift apparatus
Method and device for controlling a hydraulic actuator
Fluid filter
Silencing equipment for electric devices
Exhaust muffler
Rotary internal combustion engine
Opposed piston, compression ignition engine with single-side mounted crankshafts and crossheads
Power control device
Internal combustion engine with a cylinder block and a cylinder head
Fuel pressure regulation system
Plasma apparatus using a valve
Variable-diameter rotor with centrifugal forces compensation mechanism
Pump apparatus, systems and methods
Vertical flow cage and method of use
Fuel supply unit for a motor vehicle
Rotary compressor
Blower fan unit
Base stand with drawer
Nail gun magazine for stacked fasteners
Connecting flange, particularly for an electric terminal
Rolling bearing
Torsional vibration damper and spindle
Torque coupling assembly
Caliper assembly for disc brake system
Brake assembly or clutch unit for a motor vehicle
Clutch mechanism with overload protection
Vibration isolating apparatus
Stop damper
Omni-wheel based driving device with enhanced main wheel structure
Multiplexed fluid control circuit
Variable ratio power-split hybrid transmission
Clamping device for a cutting member
Vehicle control system and vehicle control method
Oil seal assembly
Valve control apparatus
Pinch clamp
Suction line coupling for emergency vehicles
Mounting device for a retractable display
Longitudinal adjustment mechanism for seats
Water scavenging system
Smart safety glove, wristband and method
Illuminated electrical enclosure lid
Securing device for connecting reflector to adjustment unit of vehicle headlight
Light emitting diode display module set and washing device comprising the same
Decorative candle and method
Drive mechanism for a down draft vent system
Positive air pressure isolation system
Heater with catalyst and combustion zone
Water heater with temporary capacity increase
Spiral heat exchanger
Airsoft gun
Pneumatic firing device for a paint ball gun
Ball launcher
Single cam compound bow
Measuring device
System and method for detecting an unexpected medium or a change of medium sensed by a thermistor
Test strip comprising patterned electrodes
Structured surface articles containing geometric structures with compound faces and methods for making same
Optical connector
Eyewear frame including visor
Rim-locker for spectacle frame
Control of myopia using contact lenses
Car theater system using rear projection
3D interaction for mobile device
Focal plane shutter and optical apparatus
Volume flow regulating valve for a hydraulic system for controlling a belt-driven conical-pulley transmission
Wagering game with player banking of positive expectation situations
System and method for synthetic commodity and synthetic legal tender creation
Mobile device financial transactions
Apparatus and method for reading symbol information
Paper money processor
M-commerce virtual cash system, method, and apparatus
Surgical error prevention system
Obstacle device for vehicle driving experience
X-ray imaging apparatus
Connector and terminal arrangement member
Modular interface communications with a storage cartridge
Connector with short-circuiting terminal
Method of producing a spark gap for an electrode support using sacrificial material
Expired Patents Due To Time
Human Necessities
Personal defense device
Performing Operations; Transporting
Systems and methods for analyzing mixtures using fluorescense
Reading dry chemical arrays
Information measuring apparatus using a fine channel device
Molded coupling lens
Method and device for managing printing product resources available in a printer
Image forming apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
Image formation method and apparatus
Laser imaging apparatus
Image forming apparatus capable of saving consumption of toner without deterioration of printing quality and method thereof
Printhead pressure relief mechanism
Electronic camera
Communication control apparatus and method
Apparatus of monitoring motor vehicle's electric power and method thereof
Inflatable structure, array antenna with inflatable structure, and deployment method for inflatable structure
Machine and process for making and applying documents to objects
Image fixing apparatus
MEMS structure with raised electrodes
Surface micromachined optical system with reinforced mirror microstructure
Chemistry; Metallurgy
System and method for obtaining spin and mechanical twist data during optical fiber draw
Optical isolators and methods of manufacture
Electrochromic polymers and polymer electrochromic devices
Fixed Constructions
On-board control system and method for vehicles
Mechanical Engineering; Lighting; Heating; Weapons; Blasting
Tamper indicating bolt
Lighting panel for a display
Surface light source device of side light type and liquid crystal display
Backlight for a color LCD
Direct view display with lenticular lens for improved brightness and wide viewing angle
Image display device
Apparatus for integrated monitoring of wafers and for process control in the semiconductor manufacturing and a method for use thereof
Confocal imaging system having a divided retroreflector
Automated optical measurement apparatus and method
Multiple-pass interferometry
Shearographic imaging machine with archive memory for animation data and air handling system
Ground surveillance system
Optical displacement-measuring apparatus
Device and method for cursor motion control calibration and object selection
Input device and detection device using resistance type strain sensor element
Low-noise spectroscopic ellipsometer
Sensor assembly and method for measuring nitrogen dioxide
Sorting grain during harvesting
Analytical method and apparatus for blood using near infrared spectroscopy
Measuring method and apparatus using attenuation in total internal reflection
Spectrophotometric and nephelometric detection unit
Imaging system for luminescence assays
Method and device utilizing plasma source for real-time gas sampling
Apparatus for inspecting display panel and method for inspecting the same
Apparatus and method for determining existence range of foreign substance
System and method for inspecting semiconductor wafers
Measurement icons for digital oscilloscopes
Scatterometry structure with embedded ring oscillator, and methods of using same
Method for using signal frequency change to differentially resolve long baseline interferometer measurements
Event driven video tracking system
Anti-reflection film, polarizing plate comprising the same, and image display device using the anti-reflection film or the polarizing plate
Retrofocus wide-angle lens
Lens systems for projection televisions
High zoom ratio lens
Magnetic optical element holder and microscope assembly including same
Bow adjustment in an optical scanning system by adjusting the curvature of a cylindrical mirror
Micro-optical switch and method for manufacturing the same
Optical apparatus
Differentially-driven MEMS spatial light modulator
Scanning optical device and image forming apparatus
Adjusting imaging position of optical beam spot in main and sub-scanning directions by individually and/or collectively adjusting position(s) of temperature-compensating lens(es)
Focus-position compensator
Portable image display
Planar diffractive relay
Display device
High efficiency electromagnetic beam projector, and systems and methods for implementation thereof
Polarization beam splitter
Method and device for the three-dimensional representation of information with viewer movement compensation
Method of scanning information-bearing elements
Optical element, metal die, and cutting tool
Optical system having a diffractive optical element, and optical apparatus
Optical device for making light converge
Optical device for dispersion compensation
Optical etalons and methods of making and using them
Optical waveguide path, manufacturing method and coupling method of the same, and optical waveguide path coupling structure
Retro-reflective fiber optic interleaver
Tunable optical device using a scanning MEMS mirror
Optical signal performance monitoring apparatus and method in multi-channel optical transmission system
Three-port optical polarization combiner
Raman amplification optical fiber, optical fiber coil, raman amplifier, and optical communication system
Composite optical component and its manufacturing method
Arrangement for securing a mount of an optical element
Lens barrel
Optical device for filtering and sensing
Resonance type optical modulator using symmetric or asymmetric electrode
Electro-optical device, method of driving electro-optical device, and electronic apparatus
Electro-optic despeckling modulator and method of use
Optical sheet, polarizer and liquid-crystal display device
Reflective liquid-crystal display
Reflective display
Liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal display having light pipe illumination
Liquid crystal display panel avoiding display unevenness and manufacturing method
Liquid crystal display with a Fresnel lens reflective layer
Dual-display liquid crystal display
Reflection liquid crystal display and reflection liquid crystal display provided with built-in touch panel and comprising the same
System and method for efficient illumination in color projection displays
Polarized exposure for web manufacture
Liquid crystal device, projection display device and, manufacturing method for substrate for liquid crystal device
Liquid crystal display device having particular alignment treatments
Method for manufacturing electrooptical device and apparatus for manufacturing the same, electrooptical device and electronic appliances
Apparatus for exhausting the liquid crystal from a liquid crystal display device having heaters mounted on the surface of the jigs
Seal pattern for liquid crystal display device and method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device having the same
Array substrate for IPS mode liquid crystal display device and fabricating method for the same
Array substrate for IPS mode liquid crystal display device and method for fabricating the same
In-plane switching mode liquid crystal display
Display device having connecting pads crossing a spare line
Protection circuit and method from electrostatic discharge of TFT-LCD
Multi-domain liquid crystal display device
Pixel structure of thin-film transistor liquid crystal display including storage capacitor formed under signal line
Liquid crystal display devices having pixel and transparent conductive electrodes contacting drain electrodes and methods of fabricating related liquid crystal display devices
Liquid crystal display and manufacturing method of same
Liquid crystal display having liquid crystal cell gap variation
Liquid crystal display device operating in a vertically aligned mode of liquid crystal molecules
Display, method for driving the same, and portable terminal
Electrochemical device
Systems and methods for altering the propagation of optical signals within optical media
High average power scaling of optical parametric amplification through cascaded difference-frequency generators
Variable transmission focal mask for lens heating compensation
Sensor device
Image formation on heat-developable light-sensitive material and image forming apparatus
Optical projection lens system
Method and device for holding optical member, optical device, exposure apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Lithographic projection apparatus and device manufacturing method
Lithographic apparatus, device manufacturing method, and device manufacturing thereby
Gas replacement method and apparatus, and exposure method and apparatus
Positioning device and exposure apparatus including the same
Semiconductor manufacturing apparatus and method
Exposure method and apparatus, and device manufacturing method
Illumination device for projection system and method for fabricating
Exposure apparatus, device manufacturing method, semiconductor manufacturing factory, and exposure apparatus maintenance method
Segmented power strip for an automated robotic device and method for joining same
Tablet computer housing and method of construction
Hinge device installed between a rotatable panel and a computing module
Wireless module for notebook
Backlight system architecture for mobile display system
Portable computer system incorporating a rear projection display
Multiframe rendering of video data on a general purpose computer
Digital device configuration and method
Image processing apparatus and method, and storage medium therefor
Image processing method, image processing apparatus, and recording medium
Information processing apparatus
I/O node for a computer system including an integrated graphics engine
Generating media output during BIOS boot-up
Management of presentation time in a digital media presentation system with variable rate presentation capability
Computer method and system for reconciling disparate data archival mediums
Method and component for navigating a hierarchical user interface representation
Dynamically autoconfigured feature browser for a communication terminal
Supplying notifications related to supply and consumption of user context data
Coordinate inputting/detecting apparatus, method and computer program product designed to precisely recognize a designating state of a designating device designating a position
Trackball units
Resistance film type touch panel with short circuit preventing structure
Seamless mouse
UI with graphics-assisted voice control system
Printer host machine, print command generation device, and storage medium having a program stored therein
Extending type of display apparatus and display system using the same
Synchronization of vertical retrace for multiple participating graphics computers
Methods and systems for synchronizing skin properties
Printing a code on a product
Image forming apparatus, image forming method, and storage medium storing computer readable program therein
Image forming apparatus having copy mode and printer mode
Image forming apparatus
Method and apparatus for image forming capable of effectively generating pixel clock pulses
Method and system for identifying and displaying information that is new or has been updated in a place
Automated, hosted prepress applications
Calendar display apparatus, calendar display method and computer program product
System and method for providing spatially distributed device interaction
Method of scaling face image with spectacle frame image through computer
Method and apparatus for automatically displaying dynamic images as a sequence of still frames arranged in a predetermined order
Circular graphical user interfaces
Parameter circular buffers
Two-dimensional buffer pages using bit-field addressing
Smart erasure brush
Auxiliary active region determination for line width generation in regionalized rasterizer displays
Digital video processing
System and method for efficiently rendering a jitter enhanced graphical image
Apparatus and method for accessing vertex data
Image processing apparatus
Method and apparatus for optimized distortion correction for add-on graphics for real time video
Method and apparatus for processing pixel rasterization in three-dimensional rendering processor
System, method and computer program product for global rendering
Anti-aliased, textured, geocentric and layered fog graphics display method and apparatus
Shadow rendering system and method
Systems and methods for simulating frames of complex virtual environments
Forming method for structuring polygonal mesh data and apparatus, and storage medium
Modeling 3D objects with opacity hulls
Video system with dual mode imaging
Image lens distortion correcting method
Digital still camera system and method
Object detection sensor
Sleepy alarm system activated by heart pulse meter
Controller and control method for liquid-crystal display panel, and liquid-crystal display device
Method and apparatus for providing a gray level in a plasma display panel
Plasma display and method of driving the same
Image display apparatus for writing display information with reduced electric consumption
Plasma display panel and driving method thereof
Image display device
Liquid crystal display device having a gray-scale voltage selector circuit
Electro-optical panel, method for driving the same, electro-optical device, and electronic equipment
Drive circuit
Display apparatus and driving method therefor
Triodic rectifier switch
Liquid crystal display apparatus and driving method for the liquid crystal display apparatus
Image sticking measurement method for liquid crystal display device
Absolute and relative coordinate based format description system and method
Antialiasing method using barycentric coordinates applied to lines
Simulating gestures of a pointing device using a stylus and providing feedback thereto
Display of ink for hand entered characters
Method and apparatus for rendering video data
Apparatus for providing an electronic display with selectable viewing orientations
Method and system for color clipping for extremely bright images
Mechanism for clipping RGB value during integer transfer
Apparatus and method for distributed memory control in a graphics processing system
Method and system for operating a combination unified memory and graphics controller
Electronic color display instrument and method
Method and apparatus for providing linear position (LPOS) estimations
Tape guide device
Disk drive with disks having different disk stiffness, thickness and material combinations
Method and apparatus for determining operational spindle rotation rate in a disk drive
Disk drive having a connection-blocking device for use with a serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) power receptacle
Apparatus for information recording and reproducing
Method and apparatus to detect and manage servo sectors with defect on servo pattern area in hard disk drives
Pivot bearing cartridge including ball bearing set and magnet element for ball bearing set pre-loading
Tape running apparatus, motor board, and capstan motor
16:9 aspect ratio and anamorphic image processing
Method and apparatus for providing write current optimization
Thermal insulator for protecting a storage tape in a tape drive
Hard disk drive having air pumping groove
Disk drive with efficient coil temperature estimation
Perpendicular recording write head having a recessed magnetic adjunct pole and method of making the same
Perpendicular writer with laminated main pole
Thin film magnetic head having inductive write portion features that provide high recording field strength
Magnetic head having an antistripping layer for preventing a magnetic layer from stripping
Magnetic field sensor utilizing anomalous hall effect magnetic film
Current-perpendicular-to-plane spin valve reader with reduced scattering of majority spin electrons
Spin-valve magnetic transducing element and magnetic head having free layer with negative magnetostriction
Tunneling barrier material for a magnetic recording head
Magnetoresistive-effect device and method for manufacturing the same
Method and apparatus to distinguish effects of adjacent track encroachment from head thermal movement
Limiter structure with reduced vertical extent for low profile disk drive suspensions
Magnetic head device having suspension with microactuator bonded thereto
Active damping of two-stage actuator system in a disc drive
Device for suppressing magnetic noise of dual-layered disk in a disk drive
Magnetic head device with microactuator fine motion device having electrode section molded out of resin
Diffraction-based monitoring of a patterned magnetic recording medium
Magnetic recording and reproducing method and magnetic recording medium employed for the same
Contact magnetic transfer of servo pattern to rigid perpendicular magnetic recording disk
Cylindrical magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing the same
Objective lens driver
Column voltage control for write
Semiconductor device with non-volatile memory and random access memory
Method and article for concentrating fields at sense layers
Method and article for concentrating fields at sense layers
Nonvolatile memory device with configuration switching the number of memory cells used for one-bit data storage
Magnetoresistive film, method of manufacturing magnetoresistive film, and memory using magnetoresistive film
Thin-film magnetic memory device suppressing parasitic capacitance applied to data line or the like
MRAM configuration
Magnetoresistive memory devices and assemblies; and methods of storing and retrieving information
Thin film magnetic memory device realizing both high-speed data reading operation and stable operation
Methods of increasing write selectivity in an MRAM
Complementary bit PCRAM sense amplifier and method of operation
Ferromagnetic resonance switching for magnetic random access memory
Memory device capable of calibration and calibration methods therefor
Memory device capable of calibration and calibration methods therefor
Ferroelectric memory device and a method for driving the same
Junction-isolated depletion mode ferroelectric memory devices
Ferroelectric memory device and method of manufacturing the same
Structure and method for programmable and non-volatile analog signal storage for a precision voltage reference
Redundant array architecture for word replacement in CAM
Semiconductor device
Non-volatile memory read circuit with end of life simulation
Nonvolatile semiconductor memory device
Read-only memory with reduced loading value
Power reduction in CMOS imagers by trimming of master current reference
Apparatus and method for generating a write current for a magnetic memory cell
Selection of memory cells in data storage devices
Word line decoder in nand type flash memory device
Surge protector
Solid electrolytic capacitor
Electrolysis solution for electrolytic capacitors
Electrochemical capacitor having double electrical layer
Tantalum-carbon hybrid capacitor with activated carbon
Adaptive correlation of pattern resist structures using optical metrology
Electronic device
Protection circuit of field effect transistor and semiconductor device
Clipping device with a negative resistance
Communication line surge protecting system
Vehicle roof mount antenna
Reception antenna system
Electronic apparatus and antenna installation method
Wireless terminal
Feed network for simultaneous generation of narrow and wide beams with a rotational-symmetric antenna
Antenna with near-field radiation control
Wideband conical spiral antenna
Helical antenna
High efficiency slot fed microstrip antenna having an improved stub
Modular mobile terminal for satellite communication
Slot spiral miniaturized antenna
Method and apparatus for information modulation for impulse radios
Dual band single feed dipole antenna and method of making the same
Tunable antenna system
Stagger tuned meanderline loaded antenna
Extended bandwidth semiconductor optical amplifier
Multichannel laser transmitter suitable for wavelength-division multiplexing applications
Ion generating apparatus
Dynamic air ionizer and method
Current sense circuit
Method for detecting and identifying shorted thyristors
Charge/discharge protection circuit
Dual input AC/DC power converter having a programmable peripheral power hub module
Semiconductor apparatus, power converter and automobile
Electro adhesion device
Input switching circuit for a television tuner immune to interference due to FM broadcasting signal
Optical communication system
Three-dimensional image system
Method for conducting a contest using a network
Operation guidance display processing system and method
Image forming apparatus, its controlling method, and storage medium
Image recording apparatus and image reading apparatus connectable to the image recording apparatus
Portable scanning apparatus
Image forming apparatus
Image capture and printing device
Print system and reorder sheet used to the same
Method and system for scanning images in a photo kiosk
Light beam scanning apparatus and image forming apparatus
Imaging device with media clamp
Image processing apparatus for performing pseudo-halftone processing and image processing method
Color electrophotographic apparatus and method of processing an image produced thereby
Halftone printing with dither matrices generated by using cluster filters
Image reading device
Method and apparatus for converting non-printable color values to printable color values
Color image reproduction of scenes with preferential color mapping
Distance detecting device and a method for distance detection
Methods and apparatus for information capture and steroscopic display of panoramic images
Apparatus for driving liquid crystal shutter glasses and spatial transmission signal transmitting apparatus for liquid crystal shutter glasses
Image pickup apparatus
Photosensor array with decreased scan time for decreased optical sampling rates
Signal processing apparatus
System and method for recording management data for management of solid-state electronic image sensing device, and system and method for sensing management data
Image display system
Optical black and offset correction in CCD signal processing
Gamma correction using double mapping with ratiometrically-related segments of two different ratios
Lens supporting device
Photographing system with improved time setting
Dual ported memory for digital image sensor
Uncooled focal plane array sensor
CMOS image sensor having a pixel array in a wider dynamic range
Methods and apparatus for providing video still frame and video capture features from interlaced video signals
Television signal receiver
Image processing apparatus and method and signal switching output device
Multi-format video processing
Visual telephone unit and visual telephone system therewith
Method of enhancing streaming media content
Multi-function image and video capture device for use in an endoscopic camera system
Frame switcher and method of switching, digital camera and monitoring system
Video processing apparatus for performing address generation and control, and method therefor
Color linear image sensor device with shutter function for charges in photodetectors and method of manufacturing the same
Television receiver image processing using display of different image quality adjusted images
Digital camera and dirt position detecting method for digital camera
Auto white balancing apparatus and method
Correction curve generating method, image processing method, image display unit, and storage medium
Sound and vision system
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